Ishqbaaz 29th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 29th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says I thought my brothers will surely understand me, they will support me without any question, I was wrong. Rudra hugs him and says I will support you, even Om will support. Om says if this decision has your happiness, I m with you. Some time before, Shivaye asks what do you want from me, there is enquiry on Tej and Shakti, our forty years’ business credibility is at stake, and you want me to forget all this and listen to my heart, my heart does not say anything to me. Rudra says it says, but you don’t listen. Shivaye asks really, what does my heart say. Rudra says Anika. Anika walks downstairs. Shivaye asks how did she come between this. Rudra says she did not come, you got her in between. Anika walks thinking of Shivaye’s words.

Shivaye says you both are mad, you both are

obsessed with her. Om says no, we are not obsessed, we are seeing what you don’t want to see and understand, you want to accept that Anika affects you a lot. She gets hurt thinking of his marriage. Om says notice it, her small things touch your heart. Shivaye recalls the party moment. Om says her presence affects you. Shivaye says it does not affect me, Mallika too said this ridiculous thing, you are repeating it, this is a good joke, just end this joke, once for all, there is nothing between me and her, she does not matter to me. Anika walks thinking…. Om asks really. Shivaye says really, she is ordinary employee whom Dadi had pity and gave work to do my wedding arrangements, she is not even qualified for that. Anika gets hurt thinking of him.

Shivaye asks whats her standard, whats her class, blood, family line, do you know anything, I don’t know, she is a cheap lower middle class girl, you both seriously think I will be interested in a girl wearing broken slipper, she has no class, she is roadside trash junk, such people don’t exist for me, I don’t think of them or talk about them, that girl is so lower than my level, where my sight does not reach. They all turn and see Anika at the door, she just entered. Shivaye gets shocked…… Om and Rudra see Shivaye. Om says you crossed all limits today Shivaye. Om and Rudra walk out.

Anika looks at Shivaye. She walks to him and says Pinky has sent these clothes for tomorrow, you choose one of these. She shows him the clothes one by one. He looks in her eyes and does not see the clothes. She shows the last one and says so did you decide. He says yes. She asks him to think once, don’t take wrong decision in hurry, what is your choice. He looks at her and says Yeh/this…..I like this…. Anika gets shaken and slips towards him. He holds her and music plays…… He says I like a lot, this is different too, but there is no class, I will go with that one….. He turns face away. She says fine, my work is over. He looks at her, still holding her hand. He realizes he is holding her hand and gets his hand away. O jaana…..plays…… She takes the other clothes. She starts leaving. He calls her out. She turns to see him. He says okay, I knew it. She leaves. O jaana….plays…….

Riddhima asks what will you guys tomorrow. Rudra says torn clothes and gets angry. Om signs whats it. Riddhima says look who is here. Riddhima congratulates Shivaye and asks what are you going to wear tomorrow. She calls Anika and says I m saying you, I should ask your boss. She asks Anika is this Shivaye’s clothes. Anika says yes. Riddhima asks Shivaye what is Tia wearing tomorrow. He says I don’t know. Riddhima says very good, you should not know, its unlucky to see bride in bridal dress before marriage, Anika what are you wearing tomorrow. Anika asks me. Riddhima says yes, you and Shivaye are important. Anika asks what. Riddhima says I mean you both are going to be stars, he is marrying and you are organizing, what are you wearing tomorrow. Anika says he decided so soon, I don’t know what to say, what to do and what to wear. Rudra and Soumya look on.

Soumya says I did not decide what to wear, will you help me out Riddhima. Riddhima says yes, even I did not decide, come lets go. They leave. Anika says I should also leave, there is much work. She turns and gets hurt by the table. Shivaye asks are you okay, whats your problem, can’t you take care, if you get hurt, what will happen of me. She looks at him. Om and Rudra too look at Shivaye. Shivaye says I mean, its much work, who will handle it, you should be careful. She says I don’t get afraid of little wounds. She goes. Shivaye goes to peel vegs. Om asks what are you doing. Shivaye says I have taken my decision, don’t start this again. Om says to be true, I m disappointed.

Shivaye says to be true, I m disappointed and hurt too, I felt my brothers will understand me and support me without any question, I was wrong. Rudra hugs Shivaye and says I will support you, even Om will support, right Om. Om says if this decision has your happiness, then we are with you. Shivaye thanks them and says if this marriage would create a crack between us, I would have broken. Om asks how can you think this, we can fight and argue, but there can never be any crack among us, never. Rudra cries. Shivaye asks what happened to you, why are you crying. Rudra says I m supporting you, but I m scared of Lady baba. Om laughs. They ask Rudra to shut up. Rudra says don’t worry, shock is new, I will be fine till tomorrow, I love you guys. He hugs them. Om and Shivaye say Rudra, your emotions are awkward.

Anika talks to Sahil and says I will get late, have food and do homework, don’t fight with Bua. Sahil says fine, I will fight less, take care. She ends call and goes to Dadi. She says Dadi, pandit ji made this items list, check once, are you fine Dadi. Dadi says don’t know, I was waiting for Billu’s marriage and did not know it would happen this way, Om says Billu is this house’s wall, I feel Billu has become stone while becoming the wall, he is not understanding that he should not do what he is doing.

Anika says I don’t know I have right to say or not, I feel Billu ji is doing this for this family’s happiness, I think family should do thing which has Billu ji’s happiness. Dadi says you are talking like Billu, you and Billu have one thing common, you both keep family before yourselves. Anika says no Dadi, there is nothing common between me and him. Dadi says maybe, but whatever it is, its equal, maybe you are right, we should do that which has Billu’s happiness, if marriage is happening, marriage should happen well, show me list. Anika shows list.

Shivaye talks on phone and says it will be big marriage event, press and media will be there. Pinky asks Shivaye to see the beautiful mandap. Shivaye sees the mandap and Anika. Dadi says say it, Anika has decorated a beautiful mandap. He says ya right.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Shaza


    |Registered Member

    frankly speaking the episode was very slow today …and a lil boring too … sad sad type 😔..Seems like Anika didn’t hear shivaye’s words. …..hope don’t stretch the one wedding day till much time …..actually after knowing that Vrushika left, feel like everything in ib is boring 😞..but liked the bro’s moment as always …and when shivaye said ” what if something happens to you , what would’ve happened to me 😉” ….waiting for the marraige drama to end fast ….

    • mishri

      Me tooo i loved that part nd wen om gestured it 2 rudra and shook his head i was nodding in agreement..he is soooo helpless..he sacrifices evrythng 4 his family…and im sure thyll drag d wedding…mst prbbly next week..nd i dnt want anika to cum 2 the wedding..shivaay should look 4 her atlst…shivaay should miss her..he should call to knw if shez ok…plzz anika shouldnt attend d wedding….

  2. Nandini

    Can someone clear my doubt did anika hear shivay hurting words or not ??? Pls reply mee I didnt watched ta episode I just read the episode and I am confused whether she heard all those or not!! Pls someone reply me

  3. sarita

    Omg seriously its becoming soo difficult to see anika like this😭😭i don’t knw when shivaye Is going to realize anika’s importance .hope this tia drama will end soon.becoz very imotional track is going on
    N shivaye should feel regret for his cheap words towards anika.he should be punished.

    • Shivu

      U r right shivaye should be punished and then only he should be allowed to unite with anika or better let him become shitia!!!

    • mishri

      He should atleast kneel down as a punishment😊 wen he cried in the kitchen it was more like hurt bcoz of his words before..m sure he is scccaaared dat anika might have heard him

  4. Sanju

    I hate this marriage of tia & shivaye. I want anika & shivaye to realise their love so this marriage drops out!! Tia’ s character I hate the most 😣

  5. Ridhima

    Very emotional painful episode …shivayye how can he say such words about anika … I am feeling sad 😢😢😢 for ishana …no ishana

  6. tamanna

    Shivaye said so much but anika did not react ! Now that’s what i call a mature girl ! ☺☺☺ She thinks that billu is no one to her atleast for now so why bother ??

  7. Alish

    Ohh…what an epi yr..I haven’t watched it yet but thnx amena…by upates I could imagine the scenario…loved the shivika scenes…this should not happen with Anika..hope this marraige would stop somehow..Scared by spoilers which states that riddhima is appearing good with Ishana at all..missing Ishakara..hope she will come back..😔

  8. Mikki

    Nice update . Btw what did shivaye mean when he said I knew it when anika was leaving after showing him the clothes ?

  9. Enasanjida

    Guyzz feeling so bad 😭😭😭 how can do that IB fan. 4nds i tried my best.. Instagram main -Gul mam ko request veja… Some ppl also requested.. But some Fan can’t say, they r take another name.. I want 2 see bring back vrushy.. But this type IB fan -they r say Vrushy quit the show so, we suggest our favourite actress name -sukriti kandpal, hiba nawab, karishma etc etc 😮😧😐. Ish typ ka fan ko kya bolo gaii.. Plzzx tell me, i can’t understand what can i say.
    & also Maina star plus ko vi mail kiya hain.

    • Priya15


      |Registered Member

      Leave those stupid people.. They don’t know how it hurts.. They just know to hurt some other people… If we said anything.. They l say Don’t spread negativity.. Faltu log.. U know Wt di.. They don’t know fans pain now.. They l know our pain when they l lose their fav like us.. Just don’t care abt them…

      • Enasanjida

        R8 .. Priya. Main inh logo ka msge kiya Fan ka power ka andaaza hain. EKDv not off air only 4 fan power then Kasan sai lead actress come back only 4 fan power. Seriously main itnaa try kar rahi hoon. But here another one -joh logh vrushy ko support karta tha woh logh vi start the name. Fan k power andaaza nahi hain. Try toh karai 1 week..

  10. Mayank Agrawal

    guys whats this shaadi ka mandap bhi saj chuka hai and media press news sabh log ko invitation de rha hai shivay now whats happened did really ishqbaaaz is gooing to be end on 100 th episode becz abh to lagta hai shaadi hokar he rhegi !!!

    • Angel

      I don’t think marriage will happen. Lol I am pretty sure that somehow Anika will uncover the CD’s truth. Probably that girl who committed suicide is an actress. After all, if the CD was planted by Gayatri then it can’t be real and that’s the only plausible reason I could think of.

  11. Tridha

    First of all priya di ur dp is awesome. It’s one of my favorite ishkara scene. Om hold ishana’s hand. Gave her the bangle. O sathiya music plays…….love ishkara a lot
    They are showing ridhima everyday. So it’s ridhkara. If not then why ridhima is being showed everyday that too in a positive role??
    Kunal kunal kunal his smile has magic. I was only seeing him. His charming killer smile. Loved the bromance Today after so many days.
    Guys don’t u think shivika has become a dard wala ishq just like ishkara. I mean shivika is like-jo na keh sake tom, jo na keh sake hum, kehni lagi donose vo khamoshiyaan. Isn’t it?? They are not understanding their love for each other. I think o sathiya should play during shivika scenes.

    • Priya15


      |Registered Member

      Tq sooooooooo much…But dear… Pls don’t compare my ishkara with some other pair… Om is not like shivay… Sooooooooo sry If it hurts u or some other shivika fan..But sry yr.. I don’t want my ishkara Ot be compared with anybody.. Jo na is only for ishkara.. Shivika ki epic song O jaana uske liye.. Pls don’t compare them dear.. Pls…

  12. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Today I m sooooooooo happy.. Bcoz tdy it was a fav ishkara scene of kunal telecasted… I know it was the fav of many…

    “Dil ki suno” waala epi… In telugu..

    Trust me I don’t know telugu.. But still saw it just to see the glimpse of ishkara together.. But I know.. Kitna din telugu Mei bhi dikhegi ishu.. Just 2 scenes to go. There also no ishana..

    But ya l watch that 2 scene.. As I just want to see a glimpse of my babies together…But still ishkara l be alive in my heart.. Nobody can take them away from my heart.. Don’t know y but that pair had done some magic in me… As I can’t afford to lose them by trying too…

    Pata nahi kya jaal Kiya tumne mujh par..
    Bhula nahi paa rahi hun..
    Keh rahi hun vaapas aao..
    Yeh jaan Kar bhi ki nahi ho payega..
    Par yeh dil hai toh pagal..
    Maan hi nahi rahi hai meri baat…


  13. Mona146


    |Registered Member

    I think anika has some special past where she belongs to a big family but does not want to use her surname for the same. I expect some krishnadasi kind of twist.

    • S.D.

      Could be but maybe she doesn’t know that. bcoz she is so confused abt her past as well. besides she is scared of the dark. could be bcoz something bad happened in the past. maybe thats y she gt separated frm her family.

  14. Richu


    |Registered Member

    Hello shaza haya priya shivu dhruv Bhai sat muku mukta piyuuuu abiha Manik Mary sunehri samyukta yazhu Maya mishri shahbana fatarjao Nikki roz rosu dhruvvv devga and everyone……….
    Missed u soooo muchhhhh…
    Luveeeeeee uuuuuu

  15. Stuti

    Loved today s epi a lot … Shivomru scenes after a long time …. Lovely bond between the brothers ….. Hated shivaay when he insulted anika still anika didn’t say sword …

  16. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Jo na keh sake tum
    Jo na keh sake hum
    Jo na keh sake tum
    Jo na keh sake hum

    Kehne lagi dono se woh
    O saathiya..
    Kehne lagi dono se woh
    O saathiya..

    Saathiya saathiya
    Saathiya saathiya….

    Baadlon mein
    Ghul na jaayein
    Hain jo naghme thehre thehre
    Do dilon mein jazb karle
    Saare jazbe gehre gehre

    Kal kya pata milna miley
    o Saathiya…
    Kal kya pata milna miley
    o Saathiya…

    Saathiya saathiya
    Saathiya saathiya..

    Milke tumse khush hoon lekin
    Dil hai phir bhi, uljha uljha
    Door kar de, paas aa kar
    Kal humein na koi lamha

    Pad jaaye na, dil pe kahin
    Gham ka nishaan o sathiya
    Pad jaaye na, dil pe kahin
    Gham ka nishan..
    O Saathiya….

    I was hearing this song now.. How soothing and amazing it is.. It has marked it’s own way in telly wood… 1k likes in YouTube… It proves the craziness of the fandom… This is one and only for ishkara.. It won’t suit some other pair.. I just hope Gul forget abt this song.. I can’t take it for some other pair.. It’s for ishkara and ishkara only..

    ENASANJIDA di.. Guessed it ryt that day… Anybody remember??? She said the song is so painful. I think ishana l die.. But di that’s Wat is wrong.. It wasn’t like ishana l die..It’s like killing ishkara.. Shayad gaana likhne vakth hi planed tha.. But we people couldn’t recognize. . Shayad ham log iss gaana ko lekar kuch zyada khush hogayi thi.. Toh pehchan nahi pai.. In that happiness.. We said tqs to Gul.. But still I say tqs for this song.. Kyunki yeh gaana sunu toh I get flashes of ishu scenes.. My ishkara power.. still ishkara Is alive in our heart.. .. Ab jab yeh gaana sun rahi thi.. Aisa Laga Tha ki it was written for fans of ishkara…

    Ishkara fans u l feel the same when u hear it… Kal kya Pata line made me cry….

    My bhai is asking y I m listening to the song as it makes me cry.. I just said ntng.. It’s needed…

    • Enasanjida

      Its good u have no any instagram account.. Here some1 give a video – which i see & remember those scenes .their dialog, both touch rain.. OMG. If u see, then i think u will definitely cry. Yeh scene dekhna k baad mujha rona aagaiya. 😭😭😭😭😭

    • mishri

      Priya di…were u the 1 who tld ishaana will die wen this song was first released?????i remember u tellng..i was telln my sisy too..anyway they killed her..

  17. ishika

    Damn u sso
    Ech dialog by shivika were a pin to my heart..imn I cant tke so much emotions
    Anika did hear evrythng bt didn’t react…i loved th fact😐…
    Slow claps nw r u satisfied wth ur so calld brains by thrashing hr lie this….he broke hr into svrl pieces tdy😒
    Dadi s rt they r equal…n evn if they arnt..anika is far abv sso fr sure😍

  18. Madhu

    Sry to interpret actually am a silent reader of FAN FICTION. Daily many new authors r updating new versions bt an obligations to tem. Try to cover all 3 pairs love Don specifically concentrate on one pair nd Al those stories r awesome. Keep rocking guys

  19. Suruchi

    again…again…agaiiiinnn RIDHIMA…. 🙁 🙁 :/ ab sach me dr lgne laga hy ki wo spoilrs sach na nikle…. :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( aj jab Ridhima ne Shivay ko hug kiya donno y mujhe Ishana ka wo dialg yaad a gy..”JETH JI to bura man gaye”… 🙂 🙂 🙂 hooww swweeetttt it was…!!!!!..miss u ISHANA..

  20. Kavinnilla

    The episode is too emotional.when anika stated him indirectly about his decision was awesome. Shivika and brothers scene was awesome.i think in precape dadi ask Shivya to tell about mandap which was decorated by anika. But he see anika and say nice.i think so if it is wrong sry . I am waiting for shivika by day I am becoming crazy about this serial and it’s ff

  21. neha

    Thanq Amena didi for quick, detailed update.

    Awesome epi!!!

    Yes Anika heard (i guess)because at the end when dadi says that they have one thing in common, she repeats Shivay’s line sadly and says that they have nothing in common; but cvs didnot clearly reveal the fact.

  22. Tridha


    |Registered Member

    Guys I got myself registered. But how will I change my dp. Help me. Because I don’t know how to do it. Help please.
    Good night. Please reply me. I’ll see it in morning. Help please.

    • Roz


      |Registered Member

      Tridha,,,click on ur name,,go to ur profile and choose the option edit profile,,,,seen on the right most side,,,click on the pro pic and choose the option change photo

  23. Kavinnilla

    And I am waiting for ff . daily 20 times I am checking it .the ff are : o jaana ,Ananya,gomes,sat,kamakshive,i can’t live without you and as I could imagine etc. some of the ff I read I missed to state its name.plz forgive me.I think so you people may see it and plz update it sooooon and I promise you that if I read I will comment you sure and plz update and i am waiting…..



    |Registered Member

    I m quiting this show now, i can’t tolerate more…

    Bye bye to all fans of ishqbaazz; now onwards i might not comment for ishqbaaz as i am fed up of this concept…

    May be i shall come back when might writers find good for everyone with full of justice.. till than bye bye

  25. Enasanjida

    I have already mail star plus. Do u think star plus open the mail & do something.?? Hopefully Vrushy bring back the show

  26. Abiha

    I just read the update… m thinking that may b anika heard but didn’t reacted bcz it is of no use…..70% chances…
    Or may b she didn’t heard anything …..30%chances…

  27. Abiha

    O’bro moment seems superb….shivika moment was mindblowing…..marriage should b cancelled but not hate forced marriage….plzzzzzzz….

  28. Ooshi Akbar

    want to say about ishkara
    om is a heart liking personality,nature and all ishana was little cute and naughty and was cute but this rhidhima is not acceptable plz do some thing don’t pair om with rhidhima

  29. Ooshi Akbar

    the single person in whom story i was specially interested is Om because he is the most sensitive,philosophical emotional and heart touching personality then y the cv’s did this with om y y y?

  30. akann

    I loved today’s episode. I agree it was pretty emotional and all. I especially enjoyed the Shivika scene after Shivay said those nasty things about Anika. Her silence was the biggest punishment she could have given for his behavior imo. Their chemistry was on point today. Also loved the brothers’ scene together.


    yesterday’s epis disclose one secret, that is, WHO was that intruder shown in epi 44. It is no secret for me now

  32. Sweetu

    Did anika not hear him.. m sure she did.. so why did nt utter one single word.. an I felt that when she was leaving shivaay called her an was about to say sorry. . But again his ego came in bet an he did nt say anything.
    Loved the brothers bonding again..hopefully they will always b together..
    The mandap looks so beautiful….but the comment was for anika..

    • Mayank Agrawal

      Guys i dont think ki anika abh kuch kar payegi becz kal shaadi hai and anika tayari mei lagi hui hai to how will she find out hte clues and anika ko to Tia pe bilkul doubt bhi nhi hai then why she even tries and even om and rudra or puri oberoi family ko TIa pe doubt nhi hai .i hope yeh shaadi hone ka baad tutegi becz presently to aisa kuch nhi lag rha


    Atleast, one thing is sure, that is TIA has no good intention for OBEROY’s family, and DIRECTOR never hide this truth from viewers by showing TIA supporting that INTRUDER.

    Any Director can never allow this type of charector on GAINING side and there by leaving a wrong message to the viewers and comman people.

    So it is for sure, TIA ‘s track will be ended this way or that way.

    Both Shivay and ANIKA nailed whole episode by their SUPER acting.
    Whatever they had in their heart for each other has reveled in their own way to each other keeping a dignity of a relation . How one can go along with both HATE and LOVE for his loved one is very well acted by NAKUL in his own style.

    Anika poured her all types of emotion in her words, action, eyes and in what not? Only person that is SAHIL knows her pain and feels her pain. and this time ANIKA could not hide her pain atleast from SAHIL.

    Atlast ANIKA enhence a new height to her relation with SHIVAY by decoration his marriage <ANDAP.

  34. Pradishma

    Loved today’s episode…
    Shivaye truly crossed all limits and used all sort of low level words, but still he talks of class…
    To be frank,i never got angry on shivaye but when he used strong insulting words for annika ,i just felt lots and lots of pain and sadness for Annika…The way she reacted while showing sherwani really filled me with despair..When Shivaye said ,i like this one but ther’s no class ,it was like my heart felt broken for Annika..
    Why Shivaye…You know well that u care for Annika but…
    Annika-Such a strong character…Her reactions and words were awesome…
    Each and Evry sentence and word from annika was Godddd,such emotional dialogues without much emotion..
    She requesting Shivaye to think once again regarding sherwani(indirectly about marriage), her way of answering Riddhima and Dadi…OH God !!!!!

    Heard Annika will find the girl who acted as committing suicide to be alive and will inform shivaye…Just wish Lady baba gets out of shivaye’s life.

    • Mukta

      Good Noon di…… howz u??? Sorry u asked me my opinion on 28 Sep episode but I read that comment at late night but I totally agree with u!!!!!!! U analyzed the episode veryyyyy well….. each n every point of urs satisfied me!!!!!!!

  35. Diya

    Rudra was the best . I found Anika’s emotions abrupt. There was never any attraction from her side until now. I did not think nakul Mehta was able to portray pain very well. I wish they had shown him more hurt at his own harsh words about Anika. Like Arnav used to each time he hurt Khushi. There was not enough expression of sorrow when Shivaay saw Anika standing there after he said all that about her. BTW, I think Anika heard all the trash and sadakchhaap stuff he said about her but decided to be quiet.
    I think Tia will not come for the wedding. She loves someone else and might elopewith him at the last minute!!😱
    I am not satisfied with episode directors. But hardly matters I guess.

    • Sweetu

      Ur so rite.. arnav used to portray his feelings very well.. the pain cld b seen on his face.. but here its not so.. he is least bothered that he has hurt her..

  36. Lila


    |Registered Member

    We need to start trending this hashtag #novrushynoishqbaaz seriously I can’t think of anyone opposite of Om. Ishkara were so good. I want vrushy as Ishana in ishqbaaz so guyz if u want Ishkara comment everywhere on Gul’s insta and anywhere else #novrushynoishqbaaz …. this might work. Ekta kapoor got worried and actually brought back kritika in kasam.

  37. Roz


    |Registered Member

    Awesome epi!!! loved ShivOmRu conversations and Shivika part was really superb!!! For me this is the best Shivika epi,,,,Don’t show Riddhimma frequently,,,,,,

  38. zara

    the episode was awesome. the acting of Anika and Shivaye- you can feel their pain but they decide to handle with dignity rather than outward pain. Luved the bros relationship, they argue but always remain bonded-so good to see. I hope to see more emotion fron Shivika as they realise they will not meet after this- OHHHH when Shivaye says if you get hurt then what will happen to me- therefore Shivaye gets his strength from her, when he sees her fall apart then he too wont be able to handle it. I want to see him cry when she cries.
    The trash and harsh words hurt Anika but in the end she knows that its not her, I think Anika is from a very well known and wealthy family where she chooses to live with Sahil. although she is broke, she doesnt want to go to her father for money thats why she is working but I hope her father comes in the last minute and saves Shivaye from marriage by offering the Company stock which Anika holds more than 50% of to Shivaye therefore he doesnt have to marry Tia and it solves background issues that Shivaye has with her, it should be Tia whose from Trash background. OHHHHH PLZZZ hope its something like this, but before her truth comes out Shivaye needs to show his love for Anika in front of everyone.HOPE U ALL AGREE***

    • Mukta

      Agree with u Zara!!!!!!! Shivika emotions n expressions were just priceless today n OBros moments were quite good…. I’m happy to see that OmRu still support Shivaay!!!!!!!! Loved it when Om said “Hum lad sakte hai, jhagad sakte par hamare beech kabhi darar nhi aa sakti!!!” Fabulous episode yar…….

  39. nikki

    Hai all ishqiues good morning to alll.

    Yeh shivay ko ho kya gaya hai why he is saying koon khandan bla bla bla…..
    I just hate it i think very soon shivay will realise anika s value in her life yaar lest hope.

    Bros scene was awesome and shivay says anika that thume kuch hua tho mera kya hoga was superb.

    • Mukta

      Good noon di….. how r u???
      I think di Shivaay is doing so for his family as Annika said to dadi…. whatever it is hope he realize it that he loves Annika n stops the marriage!!!!!!!!

  40. Mayank Agrawal

    Guys mainey dekh aap logo ko sabh ko doubt hai ki Anika ne shivay ki baat sun li thi ya nhi to for you all yes yes anika ne shivay ki baate sun li hai lekin producers ne uski reaction ussi time nhi dikhayi abh future mei dikhayenge shivay and anika dono ko vo baate yaad karte hue … becz in future anika says to shivay that aapne kaha tha na ki mai kooda hu roadside ka mai aapke level ki nhi hu isliye mai jaa rhi hu…and guys what about marriage >

  41. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Guys…. Yahan par request Kar Kar kuch nahi hone waala…

    Pls sign the petition.. Which link was given by shaza n strdy’s page.. Pls… Support ishkara now.. Pls guys..

    And send mail to this Id.. It’s ray of hope.. We can get positive rslt too…

    [email protected]

    Pls ishqbaazians help ishkara fans in this.. Just a mail may help us to change this… Just to it yr….

    And pls send them mail like.. We love ishana.. And ishkara we can’t see some other with om… Use polite words.. Bcoz harsh words may worsen the situation… If u r a hater of vrushika then pls don’t send them mail like REPLACE.. As they may avoid all fans request bcoz of it…

    Hope u people got it clear… One mail may change something..

    #DontEndEdkv.. #EDKVCANTEND.. #WantIshkaraBack…

  42. Richu


    |Registered Member

    Gud mrng ishkes……….

    Dil ki galion mei gum na ho
    Has yeah dosti humari kum na ho
    Yeah dua Bhai merit ki tum khush raho
    Kya pata kal ho na ho……

    How’s that!!!!😊😃😄just a trial…..

    Viase I’m feeling very bad for vrushu…..
    Don’t know what’s going on ingul khans head……..
    Mukta abiha sat Luna shivu muku dhruv Bhai Maya mishri diya shahbana roz rosu shaza haya priya Nikki Manik Mary sunehri samyukta yazhu Anusha nishuuuuuu renima disha piyuuu roz rosu
    [email protected] plzz don’t be soo upset..there r ups and downs in every serial….ishkara and vrushika fans will surely bring ishana back!!!!!!😉

    Fingers crossed…hope fr the best……
    Once again gud mrng….
    Have a nice day..

  43. Trisha

    O jaana…… khoya khoya😞😞 rahata hai …dil 💗dhadak ka khata💋hai ….tu hai meri jeena👫 ki bajaye…..o jana…..
    Isqh hai aashu😭isqh hai dagba😔 isqh junoonu hai 😡 hai rahat 😥hai ..isqh hai sharera 😇isqh hai dariya💖 isqh junoonu hai …shamat hai💑👫

  44. Trisha

    I dont think ishana story will be end bcoz ishana ka bhi kohi past tah use bataya bina thodina uska end hojayega u know guys om telling that he want that balance that balance can get him by ishana ……ishana character will not end but vrushika will replace …i think she bcom angry so she leave the show …this show dose nt take time reveled truth like other show just like ishana truth , shivaya think anika leacked that cd nd omru find the real culprite that truth ,roop stoling diamond that truth and many other …agar aur serial hota kitna khichta…. i thinks tia ka truth jaldi sab ka samna aayega ….nd that cd misteri also solve hojaya idont think shadi itni jaldi hogi shivaya shadi ko chodka cd ka mistry solve karaga

    • Mayank Agrawal

      trisha abh time kaha hai kal to shaadi ho rhi hai and bich mei shadi kyu chodega shivay kal he shaadi hai and i dont think vo shaadi ke liye mana karega becz as 36000 crore business deal is there and cd ka part to ek baar drop ho gaya hai cd kaha se bich mei aagayi shaadi ke ,


    As seen in comments, few one understand ANIKA is manipulative and is here to set her self instead of TIA. But it can not be so, she can not be manipulative, and even if she was manipulative, she could not able to earn the respect of all OBEROYs family members including MALLIKA ,SOUMYA as their guest. Her image is HIGH in the eye of MALLIKA’s husband even.

    She just can not walk a long along with any types of manipulative tricks. She has been portrayed as HONEST and OPEN HEARTED. so, in the coming epis /time, all of sudden something may reveal either to ANIKA or OM or RUDRA, which may lead them to a FACT that TIA is not a GIRL having good intentions for OBEROY family.

  46. MP

    Did really ishqbaaaz is gooing to be end on 100 th episode ?????? Plzzzz guys tell me. Is that true… Plzzz plzzz reply me..


    It consume times to hide a secret , but for revea;ation of secret, one second is enough, No one is here with malafied intention of breaking the SHIYAYE and TIA’s marriage, it will be happen in its own natural way, bcz SINS has to dive down with its own weight!

    • Mayank Agrawal

      yes correct 100% as there is no one who intentionally want s to break the marriage it happens in its natural way

  48. Sunehri


    |Registered Member

    Hey guys fatarajo renima di dhruv bhaiya mukta di aliya di shivani di mukti di priya di shahabana di haya di sujina di troyee di piyali dI abhiha di nitu di richu di and many ishqies how r u !?!? I guess good

    And coming to the episode it was nice but bit dragging … and shivaye .. how can a person be like that !?!? Well its a daily soap nothing to be taken seriously. . And guys I think someone is going to replace vrushika in ishaana’s role … well I guess the won’t stop her role abruptly …

    Anyways keep going ishqbaaz

    Sunehri mehta ♡

  49. Anju

    I think there is something about Anika which is not even reveled nw
    First clue was dat her nyt mare – saw a child who was taken away by a lady
    Next was she is scared of darkness
    Then shreay doubts dere is some connection btw her n d CD

    Today’s epi was so sad one I really liked shivay being concerned for Anika

    Can anyone tell me if dey know about Anika’s past

  50. maya


    Love the episode. Waiting..what will happen next!!!

    • mishri

      She doesnt????r u sure??yyyy???i wanted her 2 have heard….anyway maybe the boys thght she heard…shivaay has to apologize yaaaar..he kps repeating..

      • maya

        I want same. One thing I noticed when shivaay said “there is no class”(while selecting dress) was ANIKAS EXPRESSION!!!
        Expression says something!!

        By the way I m sure as SC confirmed by tweeting.

  51. shahabana

    Gd morning guyz. Episode is good but im disappointed with shivaye ,how he can talk like this about anika what he think of himself i never hated shivayes charecter before i know he rude arrogant then also i loved his charecter very much bcz he always stood for his family like a wall and he loves his family very much and he can do anything for them but today i just hated shivaye and myself for loved to this Charecter shivaye. Definitely omkara is right today shivaye crossed his limits disgusting i just hate it how he can say anika is road side junk he doesn’t remember she is a humenbeing he talks about class his words shows whats his class the stupid singh oberoi and about blood what kind of man he is everyones blood as same colour. I just wish someone hit that baagad billas head, he doesn’t deserves anika.always standard and money, money is important for live but money is not everything when will this stupid learn this. In today’s i just loved omru they where faintastic billu should learn something from them sometimes i just feels rudra is more meture than rudra, definitely if i could i just entered inside the tv and hitted that billus head. Im really cried for anika she is really faintastic

    • mishri

      Whoah shabana..u hate him nly 4 sumtym i hope..most probably he has to makeup 2 hr..i feel soo hurt 4 anika..she seems to be spkng thrgh a lump in her throat😢😢😢

    • shahabana

      Be mature piya everyone has their own choice everyone has their own faveriets, everyone has both positive and negetive sides no one in perfect thid show is perfect eg for that in this show they are not showing anyone like mr perfect or miss perfect i hope u got it

    • Nivedha

      Oh please piya
      We are worried here for ishkaara and you are happy.. And riddhima uhhhh hate her to the core (very irritating)

    • Priya15


      |Registered Member

      Oh just stop it.. If you love Anika then pls concentrate in loving… Don’t bother abt ishana…. Bahut tak chuki hun Aise cmnts Padkar…. U people r ridiculous…. Y can’t u people speak abt ur loved ones instead of hating the people… Really disgusting yr….. So pls love ur Anika stop speaking abt Our ishana… just remember one thing… If u don’t like someone u should ignore them that’s the better thing.. U shouldn’t speak abt them and make somebody else to get hurt…

      And ya.. U l know the pain of fans when u l go through it… I won’t wish that u should as bcoz I know how it hurts.. As I m gng through the situation.. I m going through it for two..So I know that pain..

      Isliye Agar aap ishkara fans ki saath iss crucial state par nahi le sakte ho.. Tho at least unhe aur hurt mat Karo.. At least in the circumstances of humanity…

      #EdkvCantEnd… #WantIshkaraBack

  52. Ash

    Guys im not sure if i must say this..but please stop bothering the ishqbaaz team in the name of vrushika..i love vrushika and i wanted ishkara too..but im sure there must be some reason why shes not in the show…and do u guys have any idea how vrushika might b feeling by this petition and stuff…she would definitely not be happy….shes a very positive person and she loves her fans…dont make her hate them…lets be positiveand hope that we see vrushika in a much better show…stop troubling gul and others…by doing this u ll just add to the pressure!!! Its a humble request not intended to hurt anybodys feelings …..#spreadlove #peace

  53. Tridha


    |Registered Member

    Even I thought she has not heard anything. If she had then she should have been hurt. And would have left the job.
    I have mailed star plus. They didn’t replied. I m thinking I’ll mail them everyday. I will make them mad by my mails😉😁
    Love u vrushika

  54. Tridha


    |Registered Member

    Thank you very much roz di for helping me. Love u. Stay blessed…
    Priya di sorry if I have hurt u. I was just joking. Even I can’t think about ishkara & o sathiya compare with other love stories. Of course ishkara is the best.
    Guys how is my dp???? It’s a vrunal pic. They look great together. Aren’t they???

  55. Shivani


    |Registered Member

    I think a new show is going to replace ishqbaaz .it is coming in october .no other slot are free .it’s promo has released about an army men life.8:30 would be replaced by chandra nandini.8:00 would be replaced by pardes main hae mera slot left

  56. Mukta

    Good Afternoon Ishqies!!!!!!! How r u all??? Hope everything is fine!!!!!!!!!

    Now coming to the episode………. I felt like crying after watching Shivika scenes….. how can Shivaay use such words for my queen Annika but I know he was trying to hide his feelings….. when will he realize his feelings that he loves his Pannika……. Annika n Shivaay’s expressions were just priceless…….. “Tumhe chot lag jati to mera kya hota?” This was like…. best dialogue of the episode…… n when Annika was asking for sherwani…. Shivaay said “Yeh”…. staring at Annika…… love the eye lock n their expression……. ShivOmRu moments were heart touching…….. precap….. Shivaay was mesmerized by the beauty of Annika, ignoring the mandap!!!!!!!!!!! Excited for today’s episode……

  57. Tridha


    |Registered Member

    Thanks to shaza di also. A bigwala thank u to give me the link of registration. Be happy.✋😁
    Good noon everyone. How r u all??? I know ishkara fans aren’t good just like me. But I still have hope that she will be back.

    • Mukta

      Good noon Tridha!!!!!! I’m good…. howz u?? U know, ur name reminds me of Tridha Choudhary, Swadheenta!!!!!! She is so lovely…… missing Dehleez also!!!!!!

    • Mukta

      Hii Mishri…. I’m here only……. actually a lil busy with studies!!!!!!! Moreover, I’ve commented but my comments r still in moderation!!!!!!!!!!! BTW how r u???

      • Mishri


        |Registered Member

        M gud di…we missed u..nd yh whrz reni di??nd u knw wat??nadi di was commnting in twitter…i wantd to txt felt bad…😢😢..dd any1 tel anythng bad to her???is she angry with us??

  58. Nivedha

    Extension.. Ya I also got news tat new shows r gonna come in star plus
    If you bring ishana …gul Khan then you ll get extension(otherwise all in vain)

    Good afternoon ishqbaazians

  59. Kiki


    |Registered Member

    Hi friends… Episode was good. I really admire Nakuul & Surbhi’s acting skill. Yeaterday I could feel their pain. I’m addicted to O jaana …. Really loved the bro moment. When Shivaay is going to realize everything? I hope for a positive twist. Actually I noted something in yesterday episode. In kitchen everyone knew that Shivaay’s decision is wrong except Riddhima. She is excited about this marriage. So I hope they won’t pair up Riddhima-Om. I hope so. I don’t want Riddhima for my Om

  60. Mukta

    Ishq mein adhoora sa
    Khwaab mein hai poora sa
    Dard hai ye sari umar ka…..
    O Jaana……..

    Such a lovely lyrics but so painful….. I cried when I heard it first!!!!!!!!! Live uhh Shivika…….

  61. Mukta

    Nazdeek hai dil ke,
    Phir kyun lage mil ke,
    Jaiso ho milon door wo……
    Jazba hai anjana,
    Mushkil hai samjhana,
    Apna hai ya hai gair wo…….
    Ishq mein adhoora sa,
    Rooh mein hai poora sa
    Dard hai ye sari umar ka……
    O JAANA……….

  62. Mayank Agrawal

    Guys according to latest spoilers during the marriage rituals of shivay and tia anika confesses her love and feeling for shivay by seeing this every one get shocked ,,,

    whats this …WE dont want to confess feelings by anika please do it by shivay…
    everything is wrong in the ishqbaaaz shivay ko confess karana chiye about feelings why 1stly by anika….guys who are in favour please leave your comment in reply box,,,,

    • Mishri


      |Registered Member

      Me tooayank..shivaay must admit i thnk she might confess coz maybe shell get to knw sumthng abt tia nd to hlp shivaay she will confess…and shivaay might feel happy from inside..thn ltr anika will tell i lied to save u…nd hell be hurt..hahaha..m thnkng too much ryt…😂😂😂

  63. shahabana

    Why u guyz are behind ishqbaaz guyz even i dnt wanted ishanas exit that doesnt mean show should end hope for best guyz after a long time got a good show like ishqbaaz but u guyz want show should end bcz vrushika is out, she can get a new show she is talented but we cnt get another show like ishqbaaz im fed up with this sas bahu dramaz and if new shows coming it doesn’t mean ishqbaaz should end there are many other bakwas show if they want to end and ishqbaaz trp is not that much low in statplus there are many other shows their trp is low i just told my pov if anyone is hurt then im sorry guyz i juat hurted by ur comments i just support u guyz for ishana but u guyz are always behind ishkbaaz ending i will must say if they will end this show then its their big foolishness bcz this is the only show left for youth

    • Shivani


      |Registered Member

      shahbana dear it’s not confirmed .you know na star plus they would not end yhm.sns yrkkh ssel mam .other two shows would replaced is sure

    • Mayank Agrawal

      i agree with you shabana but whats this yar yeh to bahut normal chije hai yeh bhi nhi jaante kya directors yeh kya kar rhe hai vo log pehle vrushika ki exit abh anika se confess karwa rhe hai love…whats this yar and kuch bhi clear nhi karte hai ki kya hua abhi tak jabh se episode shuru hua hai bahut saari baate hai jo smjh he nhi aayi ki kya hua tha and kisne kiya these directors and producers left them or forget them to clear up that…like kal anika ne shivay ki baat suni ya nhi kisi ko nhi pta, CD ki mystery nhi suljhi, Tej and shakti ka secret.. anikas past , Tias intruder …kuch nhi pata

    • Kiki


      |Registered Member

      I agree with u shahabana. I love Ishqbaaz a lot. I don’t want it to end. This is the best show. I hate those sas bahu serials.

      • Mukta

        Me too….. don’t want Ishqbaaz to end so soon……. and how can they end the show without completing 3 love stories??!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Roz


      |Registered Member

      yea really felt bad seeing cmnts abt ending the show,,,It’s true that Gul did a mistake,,,so all Vrushika fans are hurt,,,bt still there are many other Ishqbaaz/Om/Shivaaye/Shivika/Rumya,,,fans ,they will feel bad seeing negative comments abt their fav show,,

      ,I’m ShivOmRu fan and watching the show for 3 bros,,,,I really felt bad reading comments cursing the show to end soon,,,,,I knw it’s all Gul’s mistake,,,,I too felt bad for Ishu,,,bt I’m nt a crazy Vrushy fan as I hadn’t watched any of her previous show,,,maybe bcoz of that I won’t be able to understand their pain/anger fully,,,,,bt still plz dnt curse the show to end soon,,,,,This is the only show which I’m watching continously

  64. MP

    U r right mayank. I am in your favour. I also want first shivaye confess his love for anika. I hope this spoiler Will be fake.

  65. Richu


    |Registered Member

    Soooo now new serials will be replaced by and ones….😢😢😥😨😱
    Siya k ram- parades mei hai mera dil
    Humko tumse….- Chandra nandini

    Ishqbazzzzzz-😱😱😱😱😨😰😲😤plzzz don’t end the serial……what will I watch then
    No channel v…no sadda haq……no ishqbaazzz…….
    Noooooooooooooooo not only shivika there r more 2 Jodi’s………I think only one…roumya
    Well fr vrushika fans this serial has ended..
    What about us😱😱😱🙇😭

    Guyzzzzzzzz mukta shivu muku dhruv Bhai abiha sat Luna diya disha piyuuuu shaza haya priya Nikki Manik Mary sunehri samyukta yazhu Anusha nishuuuuuu renima shahbana nivedita mayank kiki mishri…….
    Plzzzz say …..
    Say that it is not true……..ishqbaaz cannot end yaar!!!!!!!!!

    • Sunehri


      |Registered Member

      Richu di what I can say is Gul Khan won’t end her shows so soon … So I guess ishqbaaz will run for more than 200+ episodes .. It won’t end now (in my POV)

  66. Mayank Agrawal

    Guys pplease yeh rumours failana band karo ki ishqbaaaz band ho rha hai after 100th episode please isse kaafi negativity failti hai and ya shabana is right for young youth yeh he ek serial hai acha aisa kuch bhi nhi hai ki ishqbaaaz 100th episode pe khaam ho rha hai aisa nhi hota hai and mai jaanta hu ki aap sabh fans ishana ki exit se naraaj ho lekin trust me bahut jaldi kuch na kuch solution nikal lenge CVS and vrushika nhi to koi na koi or replace kar lenge and aise apan logo ke kehne se serial nhi chalta hai bhot baate sochni padti hai future predictable overall ishqbaaz has a very good …

    please support guys please give TRPS again dont protest against ishqbaaaz its seriously very good serial…

  67. Enasanjida

    Guyz Backfire hoo gaya hain. Gul Mam ka account main negative cmnts vara thaa…. So, Mam say bla bla.. Means she is not interested & if fan kaam hoo gaya toh its good. Una negativity nahi chahiya. So fan toh una kaha vi hain. Fan ko blame karna bandh karo pehla. Kudh kaha rethinking then suddenly say no more.. Pehla apna fault dekhko. Some fan r very happy gul mam statement bcz they want 2 another person. I also cmnts -hum jaisi fan ka kya fault kya hain we want request u & also negative cmnts. But Gul mam not ans my cmnts. I think sabh kuch abh Star Plus chanel k haat main hain may (its last hope) Sufy baby kaun hain is she writter? Usna twitter main tweet kiya fan angry hoo gaya. Sorry 4nds main kaal taak try karogi. But i think its not hope. Mujha hope ka koi kiran nazar nahi aaraha hain. 😠😭😭 4nds any news tell me? Ishqbaaz not ending confirm news.

    • Priya15


      |Registered Member

      Wow glad that Gul tweeted… Di just post her tweet over here.. So that the people supporting her may know how rude she is..

  68. Sunehri


    |Registered Member

    Gul Khan won’t end her shows so soon .. Like if u say qubool hai it lost its charm after season 3 but Gul Khan was dragging that show finally that show came to an end …. So I guess she won’t end ishqbaaz so soon like others

  69. sunanda

    They will not end the serial.that the life fulfill of three jodies.
    Ishqbazz stoles many hearts.
    They will wont end ishqbazz soon shaza .even iam great fan of ishqbazz nd shivika

  70. sunanda

    Mayanak agarwal i agree in favour of u.bcoz if anika propose 2 shivay,the family will misunderstand anika that she trapped a rich guy.
    If shivayy proposes it will be new love story start in ishqbazz.
    I hope heartfully that shivayy want 2 express his feelings 2 anika

  71. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    @shivani di.. R u sure.. I don’t have any prb regarding.. N di u r speaking abt THAT KARGIL WAR SERIAL.. It’s amazing.. N I think it should be known by people.. In our country.. 75%of people don’t know Wt hpnd in KARGIL war…. So it l be a useful series.. I must say.. Star plus has come up with an awesome story after dehleez.. Hats off to sp… Dehleez ke Baath dekhne Ka laayak hoga… Fingers crossed…. I m proud of country.. Strdy surgical attack.. Unexpected.. But very needed..people even India knows how to attack without knowledge.. But the funny part is pak pm is saying he don’t want war btw India pak.. Haha.. It’s something strange to hear from him..

  72. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    @ENASANJIDA di.. S I have sent a mail di.. .

    @MISHRI di… Di… It’s not me its ENASANJIDA di.. Who felt it.. I explained the meaning to her at that time.. But now.. Ya she is ryt… They killed ishkara… #WantIshkaraEnd…

    @TRISHA di.. Di.. Can I pls know Nikita Sharma??? Why do u said her name???

  73. Tridha


    |Registered Member

    Yes, may be ishqbaaz is ending. I have told it before. They will show shivika marriage. Roumya love confession. And ridhkara is settled. So end of the story. But I will confirm the news soon. If it ends then this week or the next week will be its last week. Feeling bad. I had so many dreams about ishqbaaz & ishkara.
    Maya di I m also a big fan of tridha chowdhury. I m a fan of dahleez too. Her name is similar to mine. Actually my full name is troyee chowdhury. Tridha is also my name. Everyone call me by troyee. But I love the name tridha after hearing that it is freedom’s real name.

  74. shahabana

    Guyz plss chill ishqbaaz will not end and about trp its 10pm slot so trp is not too bad its good and giving comptetion rival show if they will bring any new show then also trp will not increase so i dnt think they will end show and i dntknw where did u guyz this type of rumors im not getting any news like show is ending so lets chill guyz show will not end if they will end it they they are mad bcz now ishqbaaz is biggest fandom

    • Mayank Agrawal

      yes guys its only the prank please ishqbaaaz is not ending and you all are shocked to hear that starting agreement is of 500 episodes and if directors and cast wants they will continue ..dont know how this rumour of ending spreads please guys co perate

  75. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    @SHAZA… Will u accompany me to kill that Sony TV… Dear they said lie.. So that fans won’t request them to not end edkv.. But the bitter truth is our edkv is ending yr….

    I m gonna kill them for sure… Wt they think of themselves.. Strdy fully they said no edkv is not ending.. But now they r saying it’s not like that… Pagal log. ..

  76. Maya

    Ishqbaaz is not ending. It’s going quit well otherwise. Dahleez on star plus was always suppose to be a finite series with 106 episodes or so and hence it ended as scheduled.
    I also waited for Ishana to be back but I think we should now stop this “bring back Ishana” thing and also stop blaming Gul Khan or the channel or anyone for this. It’s very simple guys that Ishana track didn’t go right and hence its better that it ended. Let’s not make assumptions like Gul didn’t want Vrushika to come back, she favours Shivaay and all that.
    I think the main reason was that getting a beautiful soul like Omkara who loves honesty and can’t tolerate lies for any reason. How will he marry Ishana. Omkara as a character has gained so much popularity for the way he is portrayed do you want him to end up with a Con girl or a thief for that matter. I think that was what Gul and the creatives found difficult to sort with the track so they ended it.
    The only thing now am not liking is that she’s suddenly showing Riddhima very understanding with Om that is wrong.
    Too much of Om and Riddhima will not be accepted by the fans as if Omkara could not be with Ishana as she was a con girl then Riddhima is even a bigger fraud whose actually using Oberoi name to get media attention.
    Am hoping she’s just keeping Riddhima for the time being and getting a new love
    track with a new girl for Omkara.
    Riddhimas truth should also be brought before Omkara. Gul should atleast now show Omkara and Riddhima breakup so atleast the fans will have some hope & look forward to the new girl in Oms life.
    I think we all fans should stop harrasing the producers and try and put the Ishana chapter behind and atleast put a request to bring in a new love track with a new girl for Omkara.
    Even Vrushika Mehta has put a similar request to her fans on her Instagram as to not to trouble the producers.

    • Mayank Agrawal

      absolutely yes please guys co perate and dont spread rumours because directors and producers ko apne se jyada chinta hai in baato ki ..apan ko fikar karne ki jarurat nhi hai,,,

    • Priya15


      |Registered Member

      I just want to say u one thing.. Ur explanation is really good.. But wt u said.. I mean u said… Ishana is full of lies and om hate lies… U asked the qn.. How l om marry ishana??

      Di.. That’s wt the track actually is…. That’s wt the main point in ishkara love… It’s something interesting.. U see they r opposite to each other… So it l be amazing to see opposite attracts love story.. That’s y we people say ishkara is unique….

      And cmng to Gul thinking.. Cant she think it before selecting ishana character??? She would have discussed abt it ryt??? Toh kya pehle unhe conning Ka meaning nahi Pata hai??? Ya phir just to show om’s love interest in the story she showed that con girl??? And nobody l take risk like that.. She would have thought it before selecting a pair…

      So sry to say.. Agar yahi Sach Mei Gul Ka pov hai.. Toh it doesn’t make any sense ..

  77. shahabana

    Ssel, mare angne me,namkaran,jaana na dil se door trp are very less so they will end anyone from this shows

  78. maya

    HE MUST BE LAUGHING ON US WHO STARTED this..’Ishqbaaz going off air’ !!

    Ishqbaaz goes off air or not ‘You’ must be going to ‘Hell’ for ‘lying’ !

    By the way Ishqbaaz is not going off air. Chill all fans!!

    • shahabana

      Frst mayank who spreaded ishkbaaz is ending then others also continued it i dntknw where they go this stupid news really guyz there is no any news about ishlbaaz is ending so chill guyz its just rumors


    It is clear cut that DIRECTOR is not wishing ANIKA to be a reason for breakup of SHITIYA and there by belittle the image of lead charector ANIKA. TIA’s break will take place only for the reason provided by TIA herself. Both are very well knows about each other feeling over each other, but ANIKA does not wish to build her LOVE EMPIRE by any types of manipulation initiated by herself. ANIKA’s feeling clearly can be seen during conversation between HER and SAHIL, while SHIYA’s feeling can also be seen during successive conversation with RUDRA and OM.

    So it can be presumed that TIA’s track shall be ENDED only by the reasons provided by TIA herself. The reveleation of her malafied purpose lying behind her marriage with shivay will take place in many possible ways . i.e some one person involved in conspirency will come in front to expose TIA or some person may be witness of some conversation regarding conspirency , or mau be some clue might have been left behind in OBEROY MANSION by any of conspirator.

    Director has many ways to expose TIA withing twisting the image of leading charector ANIKA, let her be the EXPOSER.

  80. shekhar

    One thing is final, TIA is herself a conspirator, and it has to be exposed, this day or that day. Director never ever tried to hide TIA as conspirator from viewers. Present scenetion may take turnaround at any time, depends on how much director is wishing to stretch it. But, I do not think turnaround will consume more than few epis. Past of TEJ & SHAKTI may be proved to be the ruling factor over whole story.

  81. Tridha


    |Registered Member

    Maya di I agree with u. But if they couldn’t solve the story then why wrote it. I mean if gul didn’t know what to do then why they showed ishkara. Why she named it “ishkara”. Why she told us to wait for 1 month. Can u feel We people who started loving ishana was how much broken when we heard the news that she won’t be back? We will never see her again? If she doesn’t know to do her job properly then why gave false hope to us? We ishkara fans have rights to scold her. Okay if not ishkara then why not a new girl for om. Why she is showing ridhima a “good girl” suddenly? She ended our favorite show when she ended ishkara. I m really sorry if I have hurted u. U r absolutely correct. U r saying right. But I can’t take it. I know vrushy won’t be back but that doesn’t mean I will lose hope. If I have to request gul everyday I’ll do it.
    I m sorry. Please don’t feel bad di.

    • Priya15


      |Registered Member

      I agree.. Ekta drags her series but I don’t think so she gives BIG disappointments to the fans… She gives disappointment but clears it soon.. Not like Gul..

      P. S. . It’s reply for my di.. Not bashing Gul..

  82. sunanda

    Shahabana iam a great fan 2 jana na dil se dur.soooo pls dont say any negative point about it.i hope that u understand me.
    U just casually about the low trp serials.but iam not ready 2 hear any negative point about jndsd

  83. neha

    I totally agree with you @SHAHABANA
    Let us not talk anymore about ending the show. Vrushika’s exit is bad but for one person we cannot overlook stupendous performances of other actors. If this show ends gul will start another show but we ishqbaaz fans will be at loss. Then only Saas bahu melodrama will be left for us.
    Let us criticise less and appreciate more.
    And SORRY If my words hurt anybody.

  84. Tridha


    |Registered Member

    Today rudra-anika will have a conversation. Om will say he will drop anika to home. Shivay will say I’ll drop her why u? Shivika will look at each other. Omru will think what is happening.Finally shivay drops her. He will say thank you to anika in the car. Their conversation will be like-kalke badse mere life mai bohot khalipan aa geya hai.
    -mera vi.
    I got a news that they are thinking niyati fatnani opposite om. Don’t know it is true or not.

  85. Maya

    Today’s title is ” Shivay says thank you to Anika”
    Will just give u a summary as I don’t want to leak today’s episode. But today’s episode was really good.
    Rudra Om and Priyanka thank Anika and gift her a dress. There is a Rudra and Anika emotional moment.
    Shivaay again goes to drop Anika home today and both have a heart to heart talk.
    Tiya feels guilty for forcing Shivaay to marry like this.
    Thank God no irritating Riddhima today. My blood now boils to see her with Omkara.

    • maya

      WHAT!!!!! “SHIVAAY says thank you to ANIKA”
      LoLoL(Thank God no irritating Riddhima today. My blood now boils to see her with Omkara)

      Thanks for the pre update.

  86. nikki

    Is ishqbaaz is ending say that it is not true yaar plz yaar i think it is a fake news it cant end like this yaar gul aise beech me nahi chode sakthi.

    Aur 2hours hai dekhne ko .

    Hai all ishqiues

  87. Maya

    @Tridha & Priya yes sweeties I completely agree that they made a mistake of writing this Ishana track and then not completing it. I think they didn’t realise it that Omkara as a character would evolve so beautifully and he would get so much appreciation. I think hats off to Kunal Jaisingh for his acting skills for bringing Omkaras emotional and intense side so beautifully which the girls have gone crazy about.
    You see I agree the creatives on there side have made a mistake in writing and executing Ishana track not realising that Omkara will get so much popularity. I
    think they tried for one month by giving Ishana a back seat ways to get this track write but they couldn’t as I think this track got messed up too much. Ishana got portrayed not only as a con girl but also a thief and only behind Omkara for money. Ishana also developed a negative image by playing tricks and trying to break Riddhima & Omkara. All these factors developed too much negativity so I think Gul Khan, creatives and the channel guys decided to end the track as it had gone beyond repair. I agree they made a mistake, gave us false hopes and now suddenly they showing Riddhima with Omkara being all nice and good which will enrage the fans further more.
    That is something wrong that they are doing trying to show Riddhima very nice with Omkara, showing them hugging and kissing. If Omkara didn’t deserve Ishana because she’s a Con girl then Riddhima is even a bigger fraud then Ishana who is just using his Oberoi name for getting media attention.
    Besides they should not show Riddhima with Omkara as then there is no love story only. Omkara and Riddhima already know each other for 3yrs, theres nothing new in there relationship to explore except for some hugs and kisses and emotional talks of space problem and Omkaras commitment problem, Riddhima will never be shy with him, theres no chemistry so Omkara will never get his
    With due respect to the character
    playing Riddhima ( Shireena Samybal) she can hardly act neither does she come out as a strong character.
    So we defiantly need a new girl opposite Omkara and they need to find a new love track for him.
    All am saying is now what has happened with the Ishana track let’s not harass them with that. The decision is made that she’s not coming back so let’s leave that and make an appeal to Gul Khan to get a new girl and new track for Omkara. A nice girl who maybe will be business woman just like Shivaay and the opposite of Omkara.
    She also like Shivaay doesn’t look at everything as Black or White but has grey side. She’s ambitious unlike Omkara and believes in making a lot of money ( not by conning people) just like Shivaay she’s little shrewd but at the same time shes good person and lives Omkara truely.
    Please hope they stop showing this Riddhima too much with him that’s really annoying .

  88. Nivedha

    What is my pov tat Ishana is a good opposite character because om is ideal believes in truth and can’t tolerate untruth
    Ishana can be a girl who can teach him tat life is something different from idealism and it is practical



  89. Mayank Agrawal

    GUYS i have heard the news now that Prinal Oberoi is appointed as opposite to Om did you remember her in pyar ka dard hai as a Kaira deewan..that girl

  90. shahabana

    Im really agree with u maya and about trp of jaana na dil se door i just told it ingeneral i dnt had any intension to hurt u and the guys who want ishqbaaz to end im finally telling u that the show is not ending im waiting for new grl in omkaras life and do whatever u want to do guyz definitely ishkbaaz is not ending and im not supporting gul khan but im supporting my favret show ishqbaaz love u ishqbaaz

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.