Ishqbaaz 29th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 29th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tia asks Anika why are you following me. Anika says on Karwachauth night, I have seen you hugging some guy. Tia recalls and gets worried. Anika asks who was that guy. Shivaye comes and looks on. Some time before, Anika coughs and Shivaye cares for her. He asks what the hell is wrong with you, are you mad, you invite new problem every time, you like problems, did you think if anything happened to you, what would I do. She looks at him. Music plays….. Rudra asks what would you do, tell.

Shivaye says just shut up, this is not joke Rudra, Anika’s life would have gone. He asks Anika not to say anything. She says I will say, this ice is melting by your anger. Shivaye says you like to do everything, stop this, and just sit back and don’t interfere when I m doing something, relax. He asks Om and

Rudra what were they doing here, I need an explanation. Tia comes and asks Shivaye baby is everything okay. Shivaye says yes kind of okay, if Tia did not call me then… Tia says I came spa, I felt I saw Rudra, he disappeared, I got worried and called you. Shivaye says I need an explanation. Om says we can discuss it later, Anika is not fine, lets take her home please. Shivaye agrees.

Priyanka asks Ranveer to drive slow, she gets dizzy by speeding car. He says fine and drives to some bridge place. She sees a girl walking infront of the car and cups her face. He stops the car and the girl goes. He asks are you fine. She says yes. He looks on.

Shivaye says Tia, I will call doctor and come. Tia says Anika, if you don’t mind, can I ask something. Anika says yes. Tia asks were you guys following me, Robin called and said Rudra was asking my whereabouts, when I saw Rudra, he has run away, you and Om were also there, tell me what is it, I know you are honest girl, I can see on your face, something about me is bothering you, tell me why were you following me. Anika says yes, we were following you. Tia asks but why. Anika says on Karwachauth night, I have seen you hugging some guy, we wanted to know who was that guy. Tia recalls. Shivaye ends call and comes to them.

Tia says I don’t know what are you saying, I m sure you have misunderstanding, maybe you have seen someone else. Anika says no, I have seen you. Tia says maybe I was hugging Shivaye baby, why will I hug anyone else, you did not eat anything and fainted, mind games happen, I feel bad you doubted on me, you took Om and Rudra, what is my respect left in would be inlaws now, I feel so small right now. Anika says matter is such… Shivaye says its baseless and unacceptable Anika.

Shivaye says I can’t believe you doubted on me, followed her and spied on her, you all should have shame. Tia says its okay, universe wanted to prove my innocence for once and all. Shivaye says its not okay, Om I did not expect this from you, leave these two. Om says actually… Anika stops Om and says its my mistake, maybe I have seen someone else, its not their mistake, I m sorry Tia. Tia says its okay Anika, you know I m so spiritual and big hearted, it does not matter. Anika leaves with Om and Rudra.

Shivaye says I m sorry from Omru’s side, I m so embarrassed. Tia says matter ended now. Tia gets a call. Shivaye says I can’t believe it, how can Om come in their words, you can answer call. She says bank people call again and again, Pinky wanted to discuss about jewelry, I will be with her. Inspector gives water bottle to Ranveer. Ranveer signs him to go. He asks Priyanka to have water. She thanks him. He holds her and asks is there anything you want to tell me, you can tell me the problem, I promise I will help. Om sees her missed call and calls back. She says yes, actually.

She gets Om’s call. He asks where are you, why did you not come home till now. She says driver got late to pick me, ACP Randhawa is dropping me. He asks what, where did he got you. She says outside college, he offered to drop me. He asks where are you, I will come to pick you. She says no, don’t come, I m on old bridge. He says its same place where that night…. What are you doing there. She says it was shortcut. He says whatever happens, don’t say anything to ACP, come home straight. She says fine and ends call. She looks at Ranveer.

Soumya comes home at night. Rudra says so much happiness, what type of parathas did Reyaan feed you on date, see time, is this time to come home. She says its none of your business. He says till you are in this house, you are my… I mean my family’s responsibility. She asks really. He says don’t forget I made you patch up with Reyaan. She says why are you saying then, I did not ask you to do patch up. He says I m not interested in you and Reyaan, I won’t even see him if he comes here. She says good for you, don’t bore me. Reyaan comes and greets them.

Rudra says its late night, you did not go home. Reyaan says I was parking car, how can I leave dropping Soumya outside. She gets a call and goes. Tia talks to someone/her BF and says I told you many times, don’t call me when I came to Oberoi mansion, cant you have patience, we were almost caught, Anika saw you in my car first time, then in Oberoi mansion and she has seen us on Karwachauth, I can’t ruin everything after getting close to destination, don’t make this difficult for me. She turns and sees Anika. Anika looks at her.

Reyaan smiles seeing Soumya talking on phone. Rudra asks what is it, you are seeing her like she is second best thing in the world after chocolate icecream. Reyaan says she is best than chocolate icecream for me. Rudra asks Soumya? Did you see her size? Reyaan calls him big idiot, don’t you find her cute, when she moves her hair back, she looks so cute. Rudra sees Soumya and says yes, she is very nice, she looks cute. Reyaan says her smile is cuter than Madhuri’s smile. Rudra says not more than Madhuri’s, but equally cute. Reyaan says her lips, when she bites her lips after mischief, she looks so good. Rudra looks on. Dil chahat……plays……….Soumya comes to them. She asks Rudra, why were you staring like this. Rudra murmurs everything is normal, don’t be scared. She says everything is normal, just you aren’t. He says what’s happening, what was I seeing, no this can’t happen, its a lie, I can’t do this.

Anika says I m sorry Tia, I really did a big mistake. Tia says its okay, if you are honestly saying sorry, universe will surely forgive you. Anika says you are very nice Tia. Tia gets relieved. Rudra says everything will get fine, its all normal. He gets Rumi’s call. She asks will you talk to your Devi like this. He says you…. And murmurs why did I answer her call. She asks why did you not answer my calls. He says I was resting. She says I know you were not resting, I called you to tell you to come home today evening to meet me. He says its not possible. She says don’t make me angry, don’t be late. She ends call. He says why does this happen with me always, her Divya Dhrishti…..

Shivaye says I m sorry again Tia. She says lets forget it, there is something bothering me, I know Anika is a very nice girl, since our marriage announcement, her behaviour got strange as if there is something in her heart, she is upset about something, she is not happy, but you know I m so sensitive and overthink, anyways good night. She leaves. He looks on.

Rudra comes to meet Rumi and calls her out. She comes to him and says you came Rudra Dev, come lie down. He asks what do you want to do. She says I want to give you darshan. He says I don’t want any darshan. She says its Devi’s wish, and pushes him to the wall. He says if Devi wants to give darshan, she will give darshan. He says I m feeling scared, let me go home. She says don’t be scared, you came in my Sharan, close your eyes and come with me. She gets close.

Om is lost in thoughts and puts red color on the sculpture clay. He recalls Ranveer’s words. Priyanka comes and says your hands have blood. Om sees the red color and gets shocked. Priyanka worries. Om cleans his hand with a cloth and rubs his hand. He recalls Priyanka and Ranveer’s words.

Rudra and Rumi are lying on the bed. A man/Rumi’s supposed father says sorry, I did not know darshan is happening here, I don’t wish to interfere in your privacy. He goes. Rudra says Rumi your dad has seen us together in your bed. Rumi says I m Devi, our lying down like this is not a sin, we have become husband and wife. Rudra gets shocked and asks what. She says husband and wife…..

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. nayana

    WHAT is this suspense? accident mystery on one side , tias unknown bf on other , romi’s psychoness is utter nonsense actually who is dead ? gayathri or unknown girl its a mixture rudra & soumya’s scenes were so nice at least reveal one mystery why this ACP is behind Priyanka ? IS he related 2 this anyone of the mystery?

  2. Tarini

    Anika surely heard tias conversation on phone.. nice episode rudys feelings for somya and when are they gona unfold the murder mystery and end this romis part… sumo is really cute… now shivay would be rude to anika for sure.. oh no not again..😭.. by the way happy diwali to all🎆🎇🎉.. gud nght

  3. Vaishali BBZ

    I want shivaye to start trusting Anika now.. I mean its high time.. He should have realised that Anika is never wrong and whatever she does is for his own well being..He should be a man and confess his love for Anika and throw that Lady baba out of his life..
    Coming to Om and Priyanka.. They r not progressing with their story.. First they brought Ishana in Om’s life and suddenly she disappeared without getting the mysteries around her being solved.. and now same is happening with Priyanka and ACP Randhawa..
    Now our very own Rudra has started falling for Soumya.. Im soo happy for them.. Although Reyaan tooblooks good but our rudra is a darling !! Waiting for the next part.. i dont want the writers to drag Tia and Gayatri’s story/case.. Pls bring someone for our Om.. He looks soo lonely..And pls bring more of Shivika and Rumya moments..😁😁😀

    • Divya

      Even I feel like that shivay have to trust anika she had always helped their family from harm …sorry I have commented here before but introduced myself.. I will introduce myself..Hi friends I’m Divya , final year architecture student n I’m from Kerala

  4. Bshama1239

    |Registered Member

    Oh gosh was an epi ….
    Hello my dear friends…
    Ayeshu ,nithu,shaza ,mukta,roz,diya,shahana,Veda,satvika etc the list is long…
    This suspense is killing me now …
    Rehaan & Rudra staring at Somo 😍😍
    Shivaay is impossible he can say sorry to tia but not anika..
    Waiting for the next I guess ranjhawa oberois ki band bajayega…

  5. Veda

    |Registered Member

    FINALLY…finally its clr dat TIA has sm hidden intentn…so da spoilr is true dat Tia vl try to shoot Anika …coz nw undoubtedly it cn b said dat she is a negatv charectr so she cn do nythng to reach to hr ‘makshad”…by hook or by crook…

    Romi is getng more irritatng day by day…😬😬.nd likely Saumya nd Rheyan r intentionally Comng closr to make Rudra fl jels …

    ACP is eithr relatd to dat grl or has a hidn enemty wid OBEROI family coz hs facial xprsns spk dat dis is nt only a profesnl goal fr hm..

    nndd our Shivay baby finly hs gained sm maturty…did nt wlk into angry avtaar,did nt thrw phn,did nt inslt Anika,jst scld dm..😊😊

    nd PLZZZZZZZ CVS do smthng wid my OM..I jst cnt c him in dis conditn..😢😢😢😭😭😭.he is sooo strsd out….

      • Veda

        |Registered Member

        yeah Shama..I’m n da same boat….1st dey made us miss ISHKAARA badly..dn da magicl BROMANCE lost its swtns nd nw OM strts palyng hide nd sk wid us….😢😢😢..I knw da 1st ld is SHIVIKA…so no offnce to gv dem da max priorty nd max scrn time bt OM dsrvs atleast mr scrn time dan TIA nd ROMI.. 😟😟


      In the epi in which ANIKA wished to say TIA’s secret in car while SHIVAAY went with her to drop at her home, ANIKA after returning back to her original CHARECTOR , cleared out that she was not trying to say anything like(LOVE FEELINGS) what SSO was thinking.
      In the back ground of this, and looking back at ANIKA’s attitude and her profile during her job in OM, SSO just can not take ANIKA’s doubt lightly, particularly when he found TIA ignoring someone’s call in his presence just after the moment ANIKA declared her DOUBTS.

      No man can think otherwise in such situation, its a different matter that in front of all he FAVORED TIA, but surely he started to think over what ANIKA said. SSO also might have marked, ANIKA bluntly said again against TIA’s arguments finding SSO behind herself, ” NO, I HAVR SEEN YOU I” ANIKA very well marked TIA ‘s face pale down and getting nervous.

      SSO also might have marked, how ANIKA stopped OM and how bluntly she came forward to him, and stopped SSO scolding OMRU and accepted whole responsibility of the issue happened. It is sure, SSO seems annoyed, but not that musch as before, and ANIKA left him in confusion.

      And , in my POV, in the way ANIKA was looking at TIA with piercing eyes just after the TIA finished her talks with her BF and turned back to ANIKA , ANIKA heard everything , but she pretended as she heard nothing. In my POV, ANIKA is wise enough to keep TIA in dark and apolised and praised her goodness.

      But TIA left OM with lot of confusion about ANIKA, and she will not take any risk now, and surely she will plan something against ANIKA. She very well know, if the story of intruder come in front, then she may not have any excuses for that and her EVIL PLAN may get end.

      • Veda

        |Registered Member

        yup..mst likely Anika hrd evrythng..she ws jst pretending to fl guilty, hr accent sounds more like taunting dan feeling guilty….

    • Saku

      I agree with u Veda di…i started watching this show for ishkara n suddenly all that happened…n now watching for omru….
      Evryone has a pair except om😭😭😢 plz brng someone for him😭😭😭

      • Veda

        |Registered Member

        rly Saku…I fl so sad to c him alone there,evn nw a day SHIVAY ND RUDRA r spndng less time wid hm…he has none around hm to share hs pains,hs worries,may nt directly bt indirectly…

    • Mishri

      |Registered Member

      Hehe yh..nd u knw how she took revenge…she made shivaay thnk dat anika loves him…z dat revenge????she hlpd shivika love story😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Sat

      |Registered Member

      I agree with you di they are not showing any romance in omkara life , but still we have some hope as Gul Khan promised for a new girl in his life

  6. Archiya

    I m getting bored now.. I was lesser interested in today epi n now I m least interested fr mon epi. They r simply dragging it
    Why is rumi eatin the screen space.. till wen will they carry on the rumi saga… giv some space to om instead
    An anika did hear tia.. she just pretended lik she did nt hear
    Tia very easily increased the doubt which shivay wss already hvin abt anika hvin feeling fr him
    I used to lik IB for its fastness. . But now its gng too slow just lik other serials.. wht do u guys think?


      Story may still be prolonged beyond your expectation even ! To reach at an END, SHIVIKA story may take many twist and may create many QUAKE in OM ! It seems , when a love story begin between a RICH and POOR, one does not have to find VILAIN outside! We found here a HEAD to TOE contradiction between DUO, and as of now we found only one COMMAN FACTOR, that is still UNDEFINED FEELINGS!
      Story seems is being stretched, but you should mark the changes taking place in the INTENSITY of feelings in SSO.


    |Registered Member

    Itne sare confusion ek sath..😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲
    1. Romi to pagal h, rudra kyu manta hai uski baat??
    2. Gayetri ki murder mystry
    3. Tia ka old boy frnd

    Akhir kb tk jhelna padega inko… end all this fast

  8. akann

    Rumya moments were fun. I love how they are such a corky and not just another cookie-cutter couple. also love the song they put for them in the background. suits them well!!
    Anika definitely heard Tia’s call and I am glad she didn’t confront her. I dont know is Shivay this naive or is he acting all naive with Tia’s intentions? i guess we have to wait and see. I liked how Shivay cared for Anika in the beginning. If he keeps his huge ego and arrogance aside, he is a very caring guy. BTW this Rumy is just so crazy!! she needs to be in a mental asylum. I don’t why Rudra is afraid of her. He needs to stand up to her.

  9. Shadia

    I need ANNIKA to come back to the person she wassssss 😭😭😭 just one small thing has made her whole life turn upside down that she doesn’t even know what the word smile means
    Please come back ANNIKA 😭😭😭

  10. DaSha

    Hello dear friends!

    This thing just came in to my mind. What if we are mistaken? We want Shivay and Anika be together now and forever, but we know it’s a long show to be (about 500 episodes).

    What if Shivay will marry Tia?
    What if Anika will leave the house and start new work?
    What if there will be another hero for her?
    What if she turns a successful woman ( not as rich as Shivay, but quite well settled)?
    What if once we see smth like “two years after” on our screens?
    What if Shivay will suffer everyday of his marriage while Anika will become a happy fiancée of another man (remember that story with bracelets Malika gave her? Want to see Shivay face when she puts them on for other man)?
    What if he will be the one to stop her wedding (after he gets divorce with Tia or she dies while bringing a baby)?
    What if she will have an accident and lose her memory, forget him and fall in love with someone else? (Want to see Shivay face when he realize that he is erased from her life?)
    What if …

    From one hand, show follows real timing the Olimpic games, festivals and etc., so we have feeling it happens now.

    From another hand, it’s for sure goes slowly and so many things to happen, sure there will be some marriages, lost/kidnapped babies, lost memory, some new relatives like Anika’s original family, broken relations and reunions, dark secrets and financial losses and lots of other things.

    What I want to tell is every time we see the show and want them to be together tomorrow we should remember it’s not going to happen, even if they will be together tomorrow something will happen the day after. So for sure everyone will find happiness and justice only at the end of the show 🙂

    No need to blame screenwriters or Gul Khan for taking so long to unite our heroes. They doing it all for our interest and I’m sure it’s going to be unexpected story 🙂 Let us just enjoy the show

    • Diyaa

      |Registered Member

      You have a very good point. Thus is not a movie but a TV show that has to go on for some time so complications have to be created.

      • DaSha

        Someone mentioned in our group comments that actors got contract signed for 500 episodes. Now it’s going to depend from ratings and etc.
        Once I had seen the show was stopped and all secrets revealed, marriage made in 1 day … 🙂

    • Enasanjida

      Hi dear. I agree wid . itz not movie itz serial but prblm is unexpected. itna vi unexpecpted nah karaii people not intersting so much. Already 5 months goo— there r lot of secret . but only expose Ishaana (bela-mala track) . & the biggest — people not cnctd feeling somehow boring. i think kuch missing hain. episode say good not amazing or excellent. Episode 1 sai serial dekh rahi hoon…. but always see this episode feeling missing. Avi 2-3 episode balancing hain.. but itz family show r8? thodaa family ko vi dekhaoo.. bohot bara show hain but prblm ish day 1 sai agaar serial k stor,couple (Shivika, Ishkara, Romya) balancing hotiii then no one demand ,no one ask,,, Ish tym Gul ka prdction chukh gaya hain.. yeh Ishqbaaz serial “IPKND” k tara nahi hoo paa raha hain. IPKND serial starting wise awesome. already Star PLus “Ek hazaro main meri behna hua tha ” serial balancing tha …also popular vi tha. This tym— everything is messy. Ishaana charater the widout any reason, thats the biggest ques, why r u promo the show Ishkara ??? 500 episode.. yup r8 or uski kaam vi hoo sakhta vi hain. Itna suspence , itna unexpected — no one intrested so much now. ..

      • DaSha

        Enasanjida, you are right, perhaps, it looks a bit massy because of all these couples? I mean too many leads 🙂 it’s hard to divide time between them equally.

  11. Diyaa

    |Registered Member

    In my opinion Anika heard Tia and will now work secretly to find clues. But that promo of her throwing flowers. That means Shivaay will blame her or insult her one more time at least. That’s why she is so angry in that scene. Tia us shown to be ultra clever and devious. Looks like she is trying to instigate Shivaay and poison his mind against Anika. And I think she will succeed consider what a duffer Shivaay Baby is.😅 The problem is that slow pace and prolonging Tia track may further drop TRPs.

    • DaSha

      Well, Diyaa, Shivay and Tia marriage has to take place in 2 weeks after Diwali. Today is Diwali. At least we know some dates now 🙂

      I’m almost sure this marriage will be cancelled in a very last moment. So we just have to wait a bit 🙂

      You know, I even think it could happen that Shivay will trust Anika this time, and try to figure out what was the story Tia is hiding. Anika was saving his life so many times, he can trust once, or at least he will have some doubts of Tia’s motives to marry him.

      Actually I wish he had some more nightmares when he losses Anika and wakes up. Just keep him going with understanding of himself. with understanding of himself.

  12. Trisha

    Today i can’t watch isqhbaaz bcoz i have gone to see another shivaya i mean #shivaya movie i think after reading ff romya Story is littlebit intersting and at last i want to say *Happy Dewali* to all of u isqhbaaz family members luv u all

  13. Diyaa

    |Registered Member

    One thing that’s bothering me…apni family ki into solid insult ke baad bhi this Reyan does not mind coming to Oberoi Mansion everyday. Or is he trying to take revenge through Soumya??

    • Shaza

      |Registered Member

      Yea ..I didn’t think abt it at all , u made me realize , he is so free with Roudra , after so much insult ..but how will he take revng through Soumya , Soumya is not an OBEROI na ?

      • Diyaa

        |Registered Member

        What if he is thinking of taking revenge by getting Rudy involved with Soumya who is maybe an orphan too ( and also there is still a possibility that Soumya is Anika’s actual younger sis). If so, Rudy willbe married to a girl who dies not gave high khaandaan. After all Reyaan was was Soumya’s BF so maybe he knows about her past. Hehe…me and my conspiracy theories😂 just keeps things interesting till the actual truth comes out.

  14. Fama

    |Registered Member

    hi ishqbaaz family
    I am actually a silent reader of Ishqbaaz and i have read many of your ffs.
    I would be happy if i could be a part of your family. Hope you will accept me

  15. Shiv

    Ishqbaaz is going without ishq last few episodes I felt going trackless … felt little disappointed 😔

  16. Luna

    |Registered Member

    I don’t understand how Rudra can be afraid of Romi??? How can he actually think that she’s a Devi??? If he really thinks that then he needs a mental checkup as his IQ is of a 5 year old kid….and Romi should be in a mental assylum along with her family bcoz she is’nt normal…how the hell can she even get an admission in college??? Don’t know what the CVs r smoking????

  17. Luna

    |Registered Member

    It’ll be really stupid if they will show Robin as Tia’s boyfriend. Then Shivaye’s obsession for family background will go for a toss. SSO is’nt that stupid to not check the family background of Tia when he keeps on chanting about these things day and night. Also Tia’s family being financially weak can’t be hidden from the Oberois and media, it would have become a news headline so that’s also not possible.

    • Sat

      |Registered Member

      How can Robin be her boyfriend.
      Coz Tia need not be so cautious then. She can simply say it is her brother and can have a hug.
      Not a big deal

  18. DaSha

    And now about the way the story goes:

    1. SHIVAY Lovely moment of being anxious about Anika. Did you noticed it’s not the first time he is so concerned? Remember when it was a gas attack next day he told OM “How could her life go if I was here?”, next time he told “What should I do if something happens to you” when she was showing him marriage clothes and hurt her knee. And today “if anything happen to you, what would I do”. I love it especially because he was not trying to deny it, this “Shut up Rudra” and that’s all.

    Tia’s words that there “is something in Anikas heart, and she is upset about something, and not happy…”
    + Shivay suspicions about Anika’s feelings towards him
    = he is going to try to figure it out.

    I’m almost sure he will try to discover Anika’s feeling by teasing her, asking if it’s OK for her to organize his wedding and staff like this.

    2. RUDRA He was in love so many times before! But it’s the first time girl is out of his standards. He feels something is wrong with him, that’s so nice he can see Shivay’s attachment to Anika, but completely denies his own. There was a video when he was staying in the bed, thinking he got sick and Sumo was taking care about him. When they finally get married? Hope it will happen before New year 🙂

    3. TIA If she is jealous, she hides it quite well from everybody and even from us. Only once when Shivay was hugging Anika by mistake she was furious. You remember her talk with her mom? She told: “we need this marriage and we cannot push Shivay not to loose this union”. To my mind it’s not important if Robin is her secret boyfriend or not. She wants something from her marriage, perhaps, money or power, but her family is rich enough (you can’t tell this from this little spa center) so her purpose should be something else. Revenge? Oberoi property? Reputation?

    It was a spoiler that Tia will hire someone to kill Anika, I think it’s very much alike. Actually if I were Tia I would have shoot Anika 50 episodes ago… She is a woman after all! She has to feel danger from Anika even like competitor for Shivay’s heart!

    4. OM, PRIYANKA, ACP RANDHAWA Well this story is a bit complicated to understand. Let me guess what it is:

    * Priyanka was taken or invited to the place where Gayatri was murdered, there is someone who tries to set her up. It could be Svetlana to do revenge for being out of Oberoi house or Roop spoiling her brothers life by disturbing youngest generation or someone we don’t know who plays the long game with Oberoi family (let’s call him/her Bad Guy)

    * Om came to take her from there, and he understands that if Police will figure out his or Priyanka presence at that place they will be in a big trouble.

    * ACP Randhava is an honest and ambitious officer, he suspects them and wants to find out what they hiding. So he had organized all this messages, drawings, leaves spoiled with a red color. Perhaps Ranveer has a strong impulse from his senior officer whom he trusts (and this officer might be not that honest as he is) to find something about Oberois at whatever cost.

    * Om and Priyanka playing a long game trying to find out who was setting them up. They can not tell everything to Police because they don’t trust it could help. Every time Gayatri has been arrested Police let her go, so they think that there could be someone from Police trying to harm their family.

    * They see all these evidence that someone is after them, but they need to play the game to keep “Bad Guy” believe he succeeded and can’t tell truth even to Ranveer.

    * For the same reasons they did not told anything to Shivay. He was just saved by Anika’s statement and it would be dangerous to involve him again.

    5. NEW HEROES Well, I might be mistaken, but I think we will have some new heroes in a short time. You remember Pinki was speaking with her aunt from Canada few episodes ago, inviting her and her family for Shivay wedding? Some spoilers say Om’s pair is going to be with a girl from abroad, who came to India with her parents… Sounds like it could be her 🙂 Though I still believe Ishana was awesome partner for Om.

    And I hope they will bring someone to be pair of Anika for a while. Just, you know, to cheer Shivay up and make him feel frustrated when he see another man paying attention to her. Because there are to threats from his brothers, he can trust them fully and they know his attachment for her.

  19. Luna

    |Registered Member

    This accident drama is actually ruining the character of Om….he always says that people should be honest and what the hell is he actually doing??? he accidently killed a girl is acceptable but hiding it from everyone is’nt going well with his character at all….

    And the girl playing Priyanka, her dialogue delivery is pathetic to say the least.

    btw is it just me or the girl whom Om killed accidentally really looks like Ishana.

    • Bshama1239

      |Registered Member

      Maybe she can be …. And I agree POV is correct and yaa the girl playing priyanka is subha rajput and Ishana is vrushika mehta..

    • Veda

      |Registered Member

      u r nt alone dr..I also noticd dat da grls’ structr resmbls to ISHANA bt it would nt hapnd coz as v all knw ISHANA track is ovr….

    • Roz

      |Registered Member

      Yup,,,Om’s character was an ideal one,,,I always thought that a person lyk Om can never be real as he always supported truth,,,,bt nw they manipulated his character,,,he used to say that when he has to choose b/w sach and his family he will choose sach…bt nw…….well we dnt knw wat actly happened,so can’t say much,,,,,,
      BTW Happy Diwali and great u got registered 😀

  20. Luna

    |Registered Member

    Happy diwali to all my ishqies!!!! may this diwali bring happiness and prosperity to u and all ur friends and family.

    Renima, don’t know whether u will read it or not as u r very busy nowadays, but I hope all ur personal issues get sorted out soon….take care of ur health dear….and sorry for not sending u the links, actually PM is’nt working and I don’t know why.

  21. Monika

    Hello. I m also a silent reader.
    Got to know a lot of stuff –
    1. Anika heard tia talking to someone in this episode only.
    2. Omru and anika will try to find evidences againt tia n will be shocked to know that Tia is their enemy.
    3.Meanwhile Tia will also know that anika knows her complete truth so she will hire a shooter to kill anika. But somehow SSO will come in between n save anika…. Now SSO will also wonder why was the shooter behind anika?
    4.The mystery man is ACP.
    5.Tia is basically gayatri’s daughter.(acc to a spoiler)
    6.Tia has joined hands with Acp to take revenge from oberois
    7.Tia is the main root of all the problems
    8. Acp will come to oberoi mansion n arrest om saying u r charged for gayatris’s murder
    Om will not let priyanka tell the whole story.
    9.Shivaye will take priyanka’s help to free om
    Priyanka will reveal a shocking truth that is she by mistake hit that gayatri n om is protecting her.
    Lot of mystery
    Getting the feeling of a detective… Anyways that’s it. Love u guys… I wish to be part of ishqbazians group…. Will comment sometime.
    The ffs are super awesome… I have read them all.

    • Bshama1239

      |Registered Member

      I may agree to all points but not gayatri murder part and let’s see what happens we all r expecting new lead though his past..

    • Mishri

      |Registered Member

      Point 4..nope di..i dnt thnk so..tia hugged dat man when acp was interrogating om rmmbr…??afr dat he went to prinku…moreover acp doesnot like rich ppl nd their no way he is joining tia..he for a fact knws day gayatris murder was not done by oberois..he told it…and pinku nd om always recall d accident NOT gayatrits i think thy hav nothng to do with it…othrs di..i admit dat i agree with u..

  22. Loveleen

    |Registered Member

    It has becm kind off baseless in a promo I saw dat rumya are getting married by mistake….till how long dey will drag d oder heroines of obreoi brothers ie. Tia rumi n ridhima….plz it’s high tym pair up d leads n worst fact is everyone’s fav omm doesn’t have a lead opposite to him…..I jus cnt believe omm cn do a accident n kill…m dead sure he will NVR do rash driving….m jus nt getting my idea of dis suspense…

  23. Saku

    First of all A VERY VERY HAPPY DIWALI to all the grp members💣🎆🎇🎉

    Ok coming to episode….it was nice…bui idk why but I feel like A CO has some hidden intentions..does not seems like he is
    investigating for Gayatri murder case I mean he is incharge of her case ryt then
    why targeting prinku???…

    Anika heard everything but jst prented that she had not heared anything…smart girl….

    Tia is such a drama queen…yeda banke peda khane walon maise hai😜😂

    Rudra is really dumbo…..jab use pata h ki rumi physco then why to afraid of her???….

    So many twist n confusing story…lets see whts nxt…

  24. chithra

    Iam quite unhappy vid this track. They r not focusing on main leads… Nd that rumi 😴😴😴😈😈… Oh god she is juss disgusting…not at all necessary… I dnt knw hw can a person so dumb like rudra clg student nd young stylish man hw he believe rumi nd scard of her this cvs lost their mind
    😁😁😈😈😈all nonsense.. Coming to SSO who speaks always abt background blood etc all those things he didnt even crosschecked tia nd her relations nd hw tia can hide her affair from Oberoi or media…. Another that murder track.. Simply dragging….

  25. Sat

    |Registered Member

    Good morning everyone
    Hope you all guys remember me
    It has been a week that I have commented here
    I missed you all guys
    Sorry can’t mention each and everyone by name as it is a long list. Sorry for that. But a big hello to all
    First of all happy Diwali to all✨✨🎇🎇🎉🎉🎊🎊🎆🎆🎀🎀
    Wishing you all a safe diwali.
    May this Diwali bring light in your lives and keep us happy always
    This time I am celebrating Eco friendly diwali
    Love you guys

      • Sat

        |Registered Member

        Recently I got a great recovery from my illness and now this idiot fever is bothering me. But anyways today is Sunday no school and no tuition, that’s why is m commenting.

    • Bshama1239

      |Registered Member

      Same to u dear have a khushiyo ki diwali n most importantly ecofriendly..
      May god fulfills all your desires…
      Apart from this I am not watching IB from yesterday but reading WU and I felt that IB time slot should be changed I mean @ 10 how they will get nice trp even though serial is interesting… Once a voting poll came for change of time afterwards no use of votes… Be4 that a voting poll came saying that u want ishkara or ridhkara we voted but no use… So my main point is humare votes ki koi value Nahi hai kya ? If we have to go as per CVS so what is the use of votes huh ???
      Do u all agree ????

      • Mishri

        |Registered Member

        Yup di…we jst vote…obviously the fans are setting us up..the people of the show will do it thr way..regardless we lyk it or no…nd the timing😤😤😤😤 commnts!!

    • Tridha

      |Registered Member

      Good morning to u also. Of course we remember u. Missed u yaar. And a very good thinking eco friendly diwali. Happy diwali to u.
      If u don’t mind I wanna ask u a question, should I call u di or vaiya??:-)

      • Sat

        |Registered Member

        I am a girl Yar and iam saying tenth, and no need to call me di if you are younger than me but I will call you di if you are older than me

      • Samyukta

        Me too sat iam also celebrating eco friendly diwali and sat and all have a very happy and safe diwali but I hope oberoi family shanti SE diwali manna sake bina koi problem ke ha ha

  26. shahabana

    Gd morning guys have a nc day and wishing a very happy Diwali guyz tc.
    Episode is really nc shivaye cares anika its really treat to watch he doesn’t admits but his action and so much care towards anika shows how much he loves her really loved shivika a lotz they where awsome.
    Rumya also stealed the show loved how rudra is staring sumo really sumo is soo cute and rudra gets jelousy seeing sumo with reyan.
    And im really not understanding what’s the secret of om-prinku-acp its intresting day by day. I think acp has a personal connection with om prinkus secret.
    And this tia she is instigating shivaye against anika i dntknw what this baagad billa will do now with anika i hope he dnt insult her again.
    And this rumi phsyco she is making me mad with her devi and drashan what a shityar this rumi and why this rudyy is afraid of that mental and precape i just want to hit that rumis head paagal kainki


    Now look at the situation in which TIA has been FIXED!

    No one can be sure except director, whether ANIKA did hear the convo between TIA and her MYSTERY MAN heard or not?

    Now , what are the option TIA has?
    Either She may believe, ANIKA did not hear!
    or She may believe she did hear!
    But the intention for which TIA is marrying with SHIVAAY, she just can not take the risk that ANIKA did not hear!
    She has only option left now, ANIKA DID HEAR HER CONVO WITH MYSTERY MAN!

    and TIA will definately plan against ANIKA to remove her from the picture, for which she already taken her first step while leaving OM saying SSO ” Something is going on in ANIKA MIND after getting know our marriage ceremony!”
    This mistake, which is now compulsary for TIA to do, will put this story then on right track!

  28. Shivani

    |Registered Member

    happy diwali and prosperous new year to mukta ,disha,aliya,misri,tridha,renima di,shaza,shama,sunheri,saku,samyukta,
    veda,yazhu,dhruv bhai ,richu ,mukta,dhruv,manik,rose,roz,dasha,mayank bhai,priya,kiki,luna,shahbana,sat,haya,
    and all new comers

  29. Veda

    |Registered Member

    yup..mst likely Anika hrd evrythng..she ws jst pretending to fl guilty, hr accent sounds more like taunting dan feeling guilty….


      She is not DUMB as PRIYANKA , and this struggling with life since long GIRL ANIKA took remarks TIA’s expression while SHIVAAY was with and when she was all alone with TIA! The way she was looking with piercing eyes at TIA. and with the expression she was walking down to TIA, described what is going on in ANIKA’s mind. And, if my assumption is right, TIA is also well aware of her PRETENDING SAYINGS!

      • Veda

        |Registered Member

        Ur predictions r alwys soo rationl nd use to make senses…I hv to say..☺
        Yes…I ovrlookd da point dat Tia might b aware of Anika’ s pretending saying too….

  30. Sat

    |Registered Member

    So guys coming to the episode

    The track is becoming more intense these days completely filled with suspense. Even though the romance is decreasing the storyline is being perfectly arranged and maintained without any flaws

    And coming to the track
    I feel it is going a bit slow
    I know it should be a bit slow as the serial should not end soon, it has a long way to go on.

    This track is somewhat becoming interesting.
    Both are completely confused and engrossed in each other. They don’t have a name for their relation but they know the meaning of it which they couldn’t express to each other. 😯😯😯
    Last time while shivaay is dropping annika on karvachaut day, he said that we can’t go further in this annika, I know what you are saying, but it is possible ate, he says some dialogs right
    Those dialogs really mean that he realised his love , he said that he knew , than why us he quite,he is a big business tycoon and can’t he stop his marriage, when he knows that he can’t be happy with Tia. My god, I am going mad and crazy thinking about shivaay’s attitude😤. Come on shivaay money, you can get that anytime but not your love, you are behaving like Ike a duffer rather than Rudy😟😟😟

    And rumya part
    Why this reyaan again. I know it would be a good jealousy track but when Rudy got to know that’s sowmya is a love angel, he would stop talking and sowmya should try to convince him. That would be a good line. And when rudra needs help to get rid of romi, he would go to sowmya and sowmya would help him. And again they would have a patch up, but why this reyaan again with his stupid mosquito documentaries.😜😜😜

    And om’s mystery
    What is going on behind Om. What is hanging him too much. He did it accidentally and he should have told his family about that, why is this hiding. But I have a strong feeling that that accident is not done by Om, but by prinku, which is making him nd her tensed. He hid the truth so that prinku should not be in trouble. Might be they were in the same car that time. And that’s why Om is frequently assuring prinku that he would take all the responsibility. 😱😱😱Oh my god, love the suspense presented by the ishqbaaz writers

    And Tia’s mystery man
    Tia is shown good sometimes and also bad sometimes. It is very difficult to judge her, she just turns every situation to her side, and bring out down cock and bull story poisoning shivaay’s mind
    And now only thing left is to unveil that man and Tia’s hidden motives marrying shivaay

    And shitia marriage
    I know the name itself is like shit😂😂😂
    I know it is not going to happen at any cost. Either the mystery mana nd Tia’s mystery will be unveiled or as randhawa said the real bombs will be after diwali, he might stop the marriage
    I just hate the concept where shivaay would marry Tia and get divorced after sometime regretting that he lost his ladylove, that would bring out a boring part as it is a common storyline😌😌. Even though everyone happy and everything fine would be always there in endings, some happinesses should also be in middle of the track

    And shivaay’s confusion is becoming more day by day as we can see today he was affected by Tia’s dialogue. I am sure he is going to enquire annika about her feelings for him, otherwise when will he get clarity about his fast beating heart, his dreams of annika huh😄😄😄😄
    And shivaay didn’t become the temperamental one yesterday, he just apologised to Tia and did nothing to annika, I am sure he is going to find out the truth as he know that Annka always hopes for his good.
    That is why he is calm. And the first part when he says what could I do, he was so lovely and caring that time😍😍😍😘😘😘

    And coming to the promo

    As shivaay proposes Tia that day, annika is completely angry on shivaay, but why will the children give flowers to annika addressing shivaay. It means shivaay is going to be kind to her or is trying to being out feelings in her by being friendly with her, but she doesn’t accept it and will always be rude to shivaay as she is deeply hurt with his decision.😤😤

    And rumya marriage why is it becoming late, come on CVS make it a bit fast, the promo is release long ago and still the marriage is not yet done why this much delay. Waiting for their intense track😃😃😃

    And om’s part is going good,as shown in the promo, his past is going to haunt him, and I know it is going to be revealed soon. For his past my heart is beating a lot just to know. CVS completely filled my brain with suspense😱😱😱

    Om’s pair
    My god really losing my patience, where is girl for Om, when will they introduce her, if not ishana, at least someone else, already deeply hurt by ishana quiting the show, and till now omkara’s partner is it yet shown or to the least no news of it.😭😭😭
    Please make it fast we are eagerly waiting for it😖😖

    So guys this my analysis of the present ishqbaaz track😃😃😃😃

    • Mishri

      |Registered Member

      True true true!!!!!shivaay thnks he cant blame anika cz atleast she z doing sumthng to stop the marriage…..he reallly needs to do sumthng…he cant sit thr nd watch evrythng being done..he has to jump into the picture..atleast anika should knw oms secret..shivaaay must undrstand dat anika is NOT obsessed with him..he thnks soo high abt himslf😂😂😂😂😂…poor guy..he should realize dat it is d othr way round….
      Watever said or done all these thngs r making he feeel mmooore 4 anika…he is gng to accept it sooon😍😍😍😍


      Look at the conversation made between RUDRA and SSO just before he PROPOSED TIA in absent of OM! and also took a look at the talks between OM and SSO in kitchen after KC over RIDHDHIMA ! You will find something FISHY there! SSO is never a CONFUSED man excepth with ANIKA! SSO is just walkin over the EDGE of SWORD!

      • DaSha

        Shekhar, you mean he is doing it all for Anika? To find out her feelings to him? And he already knows he loves her?

      • SHEKHAR

        No, it is something else. If you leave aside the ANIKA, think that SSO is very genious, shrewd, fond of solving any tedious problem, you will get reality of SSO.

        We are eagerly waiting for SHIVIKA moments at maximum extent in each episodes, but we forget what SHIVAAY we see in SHIVIKA moments is different than he is! Thats why I have wrote some where, SSO is walking over the edge of a SWORD!

    • DaSha

      Sat, sure there have to be some happiness in the middle 🙂 perhaps they will make all couples marriage in one day 🙂

      What I don’t understand why wold Shivay keep on going with his marriage with Tia if he already knows his feelings to Anika? I think he cares, but hi is not at the final point of realization yet.

      In Precap when children bring her flowers I think it’s somehow connected with wedding preparations. He refused to do something she asked for it and he asks for forgiving him. Or he could be bad with her because of jealousy and now ask to forgive him misunderstandings

      • SHEKHAR

        The wayflower bouqet handed over to ANIKA, and the way she throw it on seeing SSO, say a different story than you said!.

  31. Tridha

    |Registered Member

    @priya di, u have asked me who is in my dp. U know him. It’s virat kohli’s childhood picture.
    I don’t understand when it is day and when it is night in ishqbaaz.
    Precap is disgusting. How can rudra be so stupid? OMG did he spend the whole night with romi????

    • Sat

      |Registered Member

      Even I find that difficult, the day and night confusion
      Anyways all I bother is the storyline
      Just leave that time most of the time, in every serial, that confusion prevails

  32. Disha

    |Registered Member

    May This Diwali be as bright as ever.
    May this Diwali bring joy, health and wealth to you.
    May the festival of lights brighten up you.
    May this Diwali bring in u the most brightest and choicest happiness and love you have ever Wished for.
    May this Diwali bring you the utmost in peace and prosperity.
    May lights triumph over darkness.
    May peace transcend the earth.
    May the spirit of light illuminate the world.
    May the light that we celebrate at Diwali show us the way and lead us together on the path of peace and social harmony

  33. Sahana

    HW R U???
    GUYS.. ishqbaaz is nt evn in top 10 this week.. wts going on vid d trps!!
    I m tensed like hell😭😢

    • shahabana

      Helloo gd evng sahana happy Diwali u too dr.
      About trp dntwrryyar only sas bahu dramaz are in top10 bcz trp increases bcz trp aunties their % in trp is more than 60% so unfortunately they wont watch shows like ishqbaaz and another problem is time slot its 10pm so we cnt expect much trp and viewers of ishqbaaz is most of all youngsters so many are watching the show on online so the online trp of ishqbaaz is top along with kuch rang pyarka yeisa bi and yhm.
      So just chill and enjoy the show tc.

      • Sahana

        ty dea for ur concern 🙂 n yeah.. many of older people dnt watch this show.. rather they prefer watching saas bahu catfights n supernatural content which i hate to d core.. when indian television change??
        Bt v all vil always b ishqbaazians

  34. sri

    Thank you 😊 so much guys for u comments

    I wish 🌠 u all a happy 😊 and safe Diwali

    😊 😊 😊 😊

  35. Jdomadiya

    |Registered Member

    Hi everyone all your comments and the updates made me feel like joining you
    Seriously the show is so different from saas bahu serials and twists make it more interesting to watch
    Hope I can join you guys in this discussions P.S. Would like to know who else watched geet serial staring drashti dhami and gurmeet chaudhry

    • shahabana

      Helloo jdomadiya welcome to the ishqbaaz family and happy Diwali dr.
      Ya i too watched geetha thats an amazing show with fabulous cast like gurmeeth and drashti

    • Roz

      |Registered Member

      Halloo Jdomadiya,,,, 😀 ,,,I started watching hindi serials after Geet….So didn’t get chance to watch it,,,bt love Drashti and looking for her new serial,,”pardesh me he mera dil”

      • Shaza

        |Registered Member

        Roz di ,u can watch Geet on hotsar
        Note : in starting u will find it boring (firs 5-10 eps )but u can’t skip them cuz you’ll miss imp part …after that it’s rocking ..
        ..I’m sure you will like it ….
        it’s By Gul khan only …I watched it in my summer holidays that just finished ….awesome Chemistry between the leads starting from hate 😍✌🏻️

      • Roz

        |Registered Member

        Ofcourse dear,,,,i will watch it for sure,,,,coz there are many Geet fans here and I think it was one of the best serials of star one,,,,,will watch it in my hoidays,,,my exams will finish after december

    • Shaza

      |Registered Member

      Most welcome di ….I watched Geet , not when it was running on tv though ..cuz that Time I didn’t start watching serials ..I like that serial very much..I din like some starting ep ..but from when she left her house and started working in his office..the real fun begin …but later when they fell in love it became a lil boring and dramatic…but still I like it very much ..

  36. Roz

    |Registered Member

    Rumya part was cute,,,,,Rudy is getting jealous,he started falling for Soumya,,,…
    Shivaaye already has a doubt on Anika and nw Tia helped to increase his doubt,,,,
    Why this Prinku was going to tell everything to ACP when Om already told her not to talk with him,,,,

  37. Richu

    |Registered Member

    Guyzzz sry for being busy these days!!!

    HAPPY DIWALI my sweet n cute family members!!
    May this diwali bring lots of happiness and joy to u and ur family’s…

    With love
    Richanshi mishra👆💖💝

  38. nithu

    Hi guys… Hope u all enjoyed diwali well…
    Coming to the episode, I just want to say in between all the mysteries I liked Rumya part very much…

    • shahabana

      S sat i already got it and another news is there thats there is a pole voting for most entertaining jodi of the year and in this pole shivika are leading with maximum votes

    • Diyaa

      |Registered Member

      Thanks!! This guy is amazing and his real hairstyle is pretty attractive…His love for his bro is really endearing. Confirms that good temper and loving nature makes one even more attractive:)

  39. Shaza

    |Registered Member

    Why gush , how r u all ..Any of u here live in Dubai ? ..then I’m very jealous of u …I’m so much jealous that I can’t stop crying …Dubai just 1 hour far from and I can’t go ..actually I’m a mega big fan of Demi lovati ….I have her pics when u open my coubard and a book full of her song lyrics ….I’m like crazy abt her , can’t even sleep without hearing her songs ..with all the money I collected from a year all I buoyed is Demi loVato’s songs on iTunes …and now she is first time gonna come to gulf Dubai …and I visit Dubai usually cuz if my dads work ..concert on 3rd feb …and I thought I’d visit , and hit super duper exited …and after too much of dancing , I realized that in feb only my exams are starting 😭😭😭😭.( same date ) …then I can’t go ..even my dad agreed to take me cuz he know , how crazy I’m of her songs ….I know if u ppl live in Brazil small thing for u ( cuz he visit Brazil frequently ) ..but for me u can’t imagine how big thing it was .
    Any Lovatics (Demi’s fans ) here ? ,only u ppl can understand my dard maybe ..or any fans can understand ?
    Don’t ask me why in the hell IM writing it here ..just sharing my pain 😭😭😭😭


    One question , rathar it is a PUZZLE!

    (1) TIA has already either a BF/H and between them we all experienced a strong emotional bond which can be seen on her face atleast while she hugged him in OM garden during KC ceremony. And the way her BF/H took the risk to meet her two times in OM itself against TIA’s hesitation, it shows he has also a strong feeling for TIA.

    (2) We never found TIA is feeling GUILTY for her cheating on SHIVAAY!

    (3)She never strongly reacted against the BONDING going on between SSO and ANIKAm and even she did not fought with SSO for what he did with her(TIA) at the time of KC !

    (4) Why did she never utter a single word either to her inlaws or SSO when her wedding was postponed due to interruption of ANIKA?

    ( 5) Looking at the strong bonding between TIA and her BF/H, how both of them would have been over SHITIYA wedding?

    In the back ground of above 5 points, I would like to ask, If there was no reason to postpone the wedding, would TIA have been got married ?

    This is the big question.

    We are seeing, COUPLING of SHITIYA is getting delayed for this reason or that reason. First of all SHIVAAY got it delayed, then ANIKA interrupted, in between these two incidents, BIRD BLOOD DRIPPING happened.

    Why SHITIYA coupling is getting delayed and delayed ?


      read ‘…..would have been over SHITIYA wedding?’ as ‘would have been agreed over SHITIYA wedding?’

      • shahabana

        Shekhar for ur kind information its just an tv show its not real.
        And u are asking if shitiya marriage would not delayed or u will accept it or not then not at all bcz shivika are the pair not shitia and this is a tv show in sereals its all common that marriage gets delayed or cancelled. They want to make shivika as pair so they are just using tia. This same goes to rumi and reyan they are just using the charecters like rumi and reyan for making the couple rumya.
        and u are asking if a grl loves a man truely how she can ready to marry someone else i dntknw in real life but in tv shows it can happen sorry to say in real life also peaple uses relationships for their benifiets and humen psychology peaples are different front one to another so some can go any extent for their needs and i hope u are satisfied with my answer if u are not then im sorry.
        Why u are asking saku that before giving answer think twise she told what she understood and thought.
        Anyways gd evng

      • shekhar

        @shahabana mam, do not take me wrong, as it is just not like that I have a answer, and throw a question.
        situation is complicated and I just can not extract any output. Yes, this is a serial, and director can set whole story in any setup like a round in square and giving some flash back may inject any illogical solution in our mind.
        I m thinking on a logical solution and that is, at least two charectors are there who both are against SHITIA mrj, and both are deeply inter connected ande their connection is not exposed so far

    • Saku

      I think tia is not at all interested in SSO she is marrying him coz of her mom or for money..coz she nver had any problem with shivaye postponing marriage date or spending tym with anika….wht u thnk??

      • SHEKHAR

        Can you imagine for a girl having in deep love with some one else will be ready to get marry with other man , and that is with consent of her BF/H?

        My question is not that you referred, my question is that, If there was no problem, reason for postponing mrj, then she would have got marred with SSO?

        Please, before giving answer, think twice!

      • SHEKHAR

        more precisely, let me correct question,
        If there was no problem, reasons, TIA would have been got agreed to marry with SHIVAAY?

      • SHEKHAR

        Te be precise, let me correct the question, If there was no problems, reasons raised in anyway for postponing the mrj, then TIA would have been agreed to marry SSO?

      • Shaza

        |Registered Member

        Chill bro it’s just serial ..getting it too real !? it ur first Indian serial..??

        Coming to Tia and her bf ..I guess, maybe it’s just like …,Tia’s mom forced her in emotional way like she did in that marraige deal time …that she should marry Shivaye..and maybe her bf is not so rich a middle class type ..and her Mom is very much class concerned ….
        And here also 2 options ..either she didn’t tell he her mom due to fear of rejection.or she told and a lil drama and mom refused …and maybe so she tried to leave her bf even when she love him…for her mom’s sake but her bf is not ready to leave her ( like he came to Omantion and all ..

        Note : this is just a stupid guess , so pls don’t bash 😜…

  41. Disha

    |Registered Member

    May millions of lamps illuminate your life
    with endless joy,prosperity,health & wealth forever
    Wishing you and your family a very
    “HAPPY New year “🎉🎉🎊🎁

  42. Tridha

    |Registered Member

    Oh no om was gonna to take drugs. But prinku stopped him. He was soo scared. Can’t see him like this. .
    There was shivika handshake today. Om was very scared. He was going to take injection. Priyanka comes there and stops him. They share a emotional conversation, an emotional hug. Prinku calles randhawa. They go to meet ranveer. Ranveer talks to om about that night and then he interrogates prinku. And this romi and her madness just irritates me. She wants to make rudra her ‘vakt’. Priyanka wants to tell the truth to shivay but om says no. And maybe the girl is related to acp. Today’s dialogue made me feel like that
    Precap: om was taking drugs janvi sees him.

  43. Veda

    |Registered Member

    so dis wk starts wid a BANG…todays Epi is a mst watch…yesss…most of our predictn cm true,da grl is relatd to ACP..probably his sistr…
    today..only OM nd OM… (finllyyyyyy)…nd in Precap too…bt he is soo restls😢😢…drug..again..?!?!?!?! cant b hapnd..😢..nd likely da grl isn’t dead…is she gonna b OM’s ldy lead..?!?!!.fingr cross…

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..