Ishqbaaz 29th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 29th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika says I m not scared of you, I will not do which I should not. Shivaye says you have do it, and calls Sahil. She asks where is Sahil, let him go. He says fine, I will let him go. She shouts Sahil seeing a car blasting. Sometime before, Anika holds the bridal dress and cries recalling Shivaye’s words. Shivaye waits for her and says I m waiting Anika. She thinks what to do. He says I will count till 5, if you come outside, great, else I will come inside. He counts down. She gets up to change. Om comes and says Shivaye….. why are you counting. Shivaye says Tia is getting ready, there is little problem with the dress, I m just hurrying her up.

Om says you are so desperate to marry, not bad, everything is fine there, but people are eager, you missed awesome performance of Oberoi family.

Shivaye says I know, Tia is taking much time as its her marriage, you go, I will get Tia. Om says hurry and goes. Anika wears the bridal dress and looks at herself in the mirror. She says no, I can’t do this marriage. Shivaye says 5mins are over, I m coming inside. Anika jumps out of the window and runs. Shivaye enters the room and does not see her. He gets angry and thinks Anika you did not do this right.

Shivaye comes downstairs to the mandap area. He recalls Anika’s words and the slap. He sees everyone dancing happily. Dadi and Om see him and smile. Dadi asks where were you, do you have to marry or not. Shivaye says no, its not like that, I was ready, Tia was not ready, you asked both of us to come together. Dadi says you did not get her, where is she. He says she went to designer for alterations. Pinky asks why did Tia go, why did she not send Anika. Dadi says I sent Anika to her, where is she. He says she also went with Tia.

Ishqbaaz spoiler

Pinky asks why did they not call designer here. Shivaye says he could not come, so they went, why did you all stop. Rudra says we danced a lot, its groom’s turn now, come. Shivaye dances with them. Dadi hugs him. Lafzon ka yeh……plays…………. Shakti and Tej hug Shivaye. He looks all of them. Om and Rudra hug him. He gets thinking. Anika is seen running to some open place. Shivaye removes his pagdi and leaves. Anika runs. Few cars come in her way and block her. She tries to run. Shivaye comes there. He gets down the car and goes to her.

He says you think you can run away, I told you to change clothes and come, not to run away. She says I m not your servant to listen to you. He says I know to make you agree. She says I think, since Tia has run away, you got a shock, you are talking like mad, you maybe big businessman Shivaye, but I m not scared of you, I will not do what I should not. He says you have to do. She asks what will you do if I don’t agree, will you lift me and take me. He says it won’t be needed, you will sit in mandap yourself and marry me. She says dreams are seen at night, not in day, I will not do like you are thinking. He says you don’t know what can power and money do. She asks are you not tired of saying same dialogue. He says this time I will prove rather than saying. She asks him to show his servants, she does not want to see. He takes Sahil’s name and she stops. He gets his phone from the man.

She asks how did Sahil come in this. He says he is on phone, talk to him, come on. Anika talks to Sahil. Sahil is on the way and says great, you have sent a big car so that I come in Billu ji’s marriage, I got happy. He laughs. She asks where are you. Shivaye takes the phone. She asks where is my brother, please tell me. He says he is there and shows a car coming. He says he is in that car. He shows the cam video and says he looks happy, after all its his sister’s marriage. He stops her from going. She asks why are you doing this, don’t trouble Sahil. He says I don’t want to, you are forcing me. She asks am I? Its our matter, please let Sahil go. He asks are you sure, shall I let him go. She says please, he did not do anything. He says okay, I will let Sahil go, boom…..

The car blasts. Anika gets shocked and shouts Sahil. She cries and runs towards the car. Shivaye gets shocked and runs after her. He holds her hand and stops her. Anika screams and cries. She asks how can you do this, you killed my brother. She beats and pushes him. She asks how can you fall so low. He says stop it, nothing happened to Sahil, see this, Sahil is safe till I want. He shows Sahil on cam video and says if you want him to be fine, marry me. She asks how can you fall so low and beats him. He holds her hands and stops her. Kise puchun……plays………. She cries seeing him and drops her head on him. He holds her and cages her in his arms.

Shivaye and Anika go the mandap. He holds her hands and makes her put varmala in his neck. She cries. Everyone shower flowers. He fills sindoor in Anika’s hairline and makes her wear mangalsutra.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Mukta


    |Registered Member

    Thanks for the super fast update😊😊

    Hello Ishqies, howz everyone doing?? All okay???

    Today’s episode was superb!!!!! Last 5 mins were so emotional😭😭 I literally cried😭😭😭 how can Shivaay do so yar….. dara diya bechari Anika ko & Anika’s acting….. superb👌👌 sirf OBros ka brotherhood hi famous nhi h…. Anika-Sahil ki jodi bhi khidkitod hai ekdum👌👌 sach mein rula diya aaj toh😭😭😭

    • aahana

      Hey mukta m fine how r u?
      U were right atleast v both will comment on each others comments so dt v dont feel aone in d middle of d crowd.

    • Shiv

      Me too cried for last 5 minutes!! 😿Today’s surbi n nakul s acting omg never ever seen such A great acting in any serials or n movies recent days!!!excellent work !!!

    • Samyukta

      Hi mukta how are you I am eagerly waiting for today’s episode shivika marriage and today acting of shivaye and anika was fab

  2. Neeti


    |Registered Member

    Sorry every1 but I was laughing in the whole epi thinking how everybody is running bcz they didnt wanted to marry SSO. When Annika was hitting him, I was thinking “THE GREAT SSO NE KHAYI APNI HONE WALI BIBISE MAR!” hahahahaha it was very funny that every1 is running away from him. And the the moments wld have been more better if the guards were not there. I mean the guards were watching them, I didnt feel it r8. Sorry if I hurt any1 by my words

  3. indera sanichara

    I think the writers went out of line with this ephoside, so sorry for Anika I hope she get her revenge on him soon.

  4. Samaira20


    |Registered Member

    Oh god…. shivika scene were full of emotions…,hatred,care,intense,passion….the last hug was just awsum…..and the way shivaay ran after anika and he is consoles her was so awsum……I just don’t know should I hate him or love him after his behavior with anika…. sometimes rude sometimes caring….but track is gng amazing… excited for tomorrow…bit I didn’t got it…if shivaay had all the money and power then he should have found tia….why anika….????

    • DaSha

      Come on, Samaira20, you are asking the right question, but you already know the answer, and it’s another question: Did he want to find Tia?

    • Vijji

      He does not care about Tia a bit. So why will he look for her? He cares least about her. But even a little thing about Anika affects him.

      Once he is out of this khoon, khandaan then he will love her truly with his whole heart and he takes care of her like no one.

  5. shab khan

    I liked the last scene shivaay carrying anika in his arms it’s too touchy I jus love it .innaya episode paravaillai

  6. Lalli

    OMG lots of drama but one point of view shivay cares for Anika that’s all about to know and poor Anika feeling bad for her and little happy for marriage but little hate that going forced marriage and for only one day may be I think shivay won’t gave divorce to anika after knowing the truth of daksh’s plan and may he realize sorry to Anika and he accept her as a wife but our Anika won’t accepts it seems 😏 anyway its upto the Show makers and please bring a new entry for omkara and reveal the roumyas marriage and please show some priveer we miss them a Lott 😞

      • Angel

        Hello,my dear and only friend shahabana!
        R u sure?
        I cant believe this……….
        Its really a great news 4 me dear…..
        Thanx a lot 4 this kindness……
        Luv u a lot…….
        Please reply……

      • shahabana

        Helloo my dr frnd angel
        How r u dr?
        S what i wrote its true if u want u can check
        Love u too dr keep commenting

      • Sophie

        Hi Shahabana, how r u, i love reading ur commens. I just wanted to ask where do u find the trp chart? Because i tried looking for it and i cant find it?

      • shahabana

        Helloo sophie im very fn dr
        Actually i checks trp in facebook there is a page trp of indian sereals in facebook they updates both online and barc trps so im following that page
        And u can check it on indian tv sereals barc trp link

  7. Nithu


    |Registered Member

    MR.IZZAT SINGH OBEROI…what will happn to your izzat…whn..evry1 cms to know u married anikam..who has no bloodline status lineage…etc..
    N guys i have seen a spoiler where dadi n shivaye go to anika house…dadi will request her to come back to the mansion…as she is called O bahu…
    Anika…pls..dont melt…shivaye..shd feel his guilt…

  8. Kriti

    I am new here but i always read yiu commentsHate u shivay for this, story is getting boring anyways will daksh come back and then in anger tell shivay that to seprate arshi what he did and but they are still together or he will try to harm anika

  9. Veda


    |Registered Member

    I was literally spell bound fr 4 to 5 minutes after watching dis episode..Nd then the 1st thing I hv realised dat I’m proud of choosing ISHQBAAAZ over so many daily soaps…..

    Everyday I use to think NAKUL Nd SURBHI r at their best today, nothing can b better dan dis…bt nooo.. dey r continuing to prove me wrong by their “bestest dan da best”(a self-made term,no need to take it seriously😝) performance on da very next day… the way ANIKA breaksdown on SHIVAYE’s shoulder

    I couldn’t stare at the screen wen SHIVAYE was dancing wid da whole OF..oh my Goooood…..wat a terrible pain he was going through……😢😢😢… I went away frm my room to hide my teary eye frm my roommates…..
    How dey hv showed ANIKA’s escaping scene Nd da SHIVIKA confrontation part was epic…..!!!!!!…Nd I don want to say anything on NAKUL’s acting Nd expressions….no adjective can fit him today….he is MR. PERFECTIONIST of small screen…..!!!!!…..

    • aahana

      Girl u kno wt…u read my mind!!each n everyword u wtote was d exact translation of my reaction towards towards epi!!! M soo proud of ishqbaaz 🙂

      • Veda


        |Registered Member

        ND hi AHANA Nd AQUA…v r interacting fr da 1st’s always a pleasure to talk to new members here..😊😊😊.
        AHANA ..I rly felt proud fr IB yesterday…the portrayal of da scenes,da acting,da angles of camera,backgrnd music alllll had a level ….which is qt rare in so called daily soaps

      • Veda


        |Registered Member

        After going through all da comments I hv realised dat most of us couldn’t control our tears…and I thought to hide my tears as my rummys don’t know how much Im attached to IB… ☺☺☺

    • Samyukta

      Hi Veda how are you??? Hope you are fine and have a nice day and waiting for shivika marriage how can sso do like this to anika who has saved his life several times…. And where is daksh thank god he is out of this drama and eagerly waiting for shivika marriage and anika sahil ka rishta so sweet

      • Veda


        |Registered Member

        Good Morning SAMYUKTA… Yup I’m fine dr….I said on the previous page that SSO’s dis type of behavior is nt considerable bt justifiable…Anger Nd Pain hs maid him blind Nd furious…wait fr a while….SSO’s transition period vl start soon…

      • Veda


        |Registered Member

        And DAKSH hs went back as his mom met an accident…. luckily he is nt hr rt nw….nhi to SSO K shaadi mein band bajne k badle mein shaadi ki hi band baj jati…

    • shahabana

      Even i tooo say proudly that im a ishqbaazian….
      There is a good news VEDA gk mam comfirmed that oms lead will enter in december

    • Neeti


      |Registered Member

      I swear even I cried at the last 5 mins, yeah I laughed also, but thinking the bride running thing, but the breakdown was so painful, that’s why I made that part my dp….. the breakdown was the most important thing in the whole epi, I must say….. their superb acting!!!!! OMG!!! cant explain, it was so fantastic!!!!!! Nakuul and Surbhi mam was …. can’t explain, it was such an act!!!!!!!!! even I am proud of it, I think every1 too… the breakdown part…..

      • Veda


        |Registered Member

        Yes NEETI..the breakdown part was the most important…Nd wen SHIVAYE ran to stop ANIKA…those two scenes r da evidence of their intense love…. Nd their acting ……………………………………….

    • Sumi.SS


      |Registered Member

      Hi veda di..good evng..yeah nw a days I hv been watching only one show ishqbaaz..not intrstd in other shows..i rly try my best to cme out of ishqbaaz..but I faild..becz it’s one of the best shw..
      And di pinky is not quit ishqbaaz..I saw her pic in upcmng epi pho..

      • Veda


        |Registered Member

        Good evng dr….I was never addicted to any of daily soaps so far…wenevr a new shw use to start I watch it fr 10-15days(though nt in regular basis) Nd then quit….bt frm da very 1st episode ISHQBAAAZ has a different charm…da MAHARATI scene had something in it,that I startd to like the SHIVOMRU bond frm the core of my hrt..Nd eventually I fl fr OMKAARA so I couldn’t quit…😝😝😝😝.
        Nd now I just got addicted to IB Nd this IB family….bt y r u trying to cm out dr..??..plzz stay tuned……

  10. Dia

    Bechara Shivay kya dialogue mar raha tha paisa aur takat se sab kuch ho sakhta hai per ek biwi nehi mila!! Pehle Tia uske baad woh random girl after that Anika all the threes ran away from shivaay!!!😂😂. But the anika scene was very emotional😢

  11. Mouni


    |Registered Member

    today was full of emotion , shivaye’s cruelty was out of desperation , he saw his family and was afraid of the public humiliation they will face if the truth came out
    but his probleme is that he does not want to admit having feelings “love” for anika , he knows he has them but dont want to admit it even to himself , that’s why instead of looking for tia he sent his men looking for anika because deeply he wants her not tia
    but l dont think that anika will make his life eazy she wont forget / forgive what he did to her and even if dadi can persuade her to come back to the OM ( like in the new video ) she will probably avoide sso and ignore him completly and focus on her work that will be the best revenge because she will be with him in the same roof or probaby in the same room if dadi insists but he will not be able to reach her or talk to her even for a fight , that will make him go crazy as he wants her to be with him even if dont want to admit it yet and am pretty sure his bros will help him to win her back

    • Vijji

      Mouni, you spoke my heart. He did it out of desperation. He is Great Wall of SSO. He does not share his pain with anyone in the family. He wants to keep everyone happy in his family. His pain was visible during his dance with family when Anika ran away. So he just cannot get them humiliated in front of everyone.

      But as you said time will come when he really wants to talks to her, fight with her or do anything with her. He will go crazy with her silence.

  12. Neesha

    Last 15minutes were very nice Shivay looks worried when Anika ran towards car he was scared of may Anika get heart that’s why he ran behind her and I felt after that he was not so rude to her and may be he was also feeling bad for Anika but he has no other choice. He is so powerful but he did not even tried to find tia even once. Both stars acting was superb. After these all now if Shivay will accepted tia then it would be rubbish. If she will excuse as she got kidnapped he should atlist think that kidnapper will not ask her to change the clothes they will kidnap her ad it is. And after getting divorced on second day his family reputation will touch to the sky a what. I think he use all his power to bother Anika. Because whenever any problem came to Oberoi family his power was of no use always Anika came as his family’s saviour.

  13. swati

    Omg yr to good but i m sad i want ki unki atleast shivaye ki sari misundrstanding dur ho jati or ye serial Shadi k bad typical hindi shows type nhi hona chaiye kher i m happy that they r getting married. Nd i m also new one so i hope u will except me

  14. yakshi

    Shivaye ne pandrathu thapunu feel pandrapa unakunu yarum iruka matanga..Anika va believe pannu… She helped a lot to u..r u forgt tat al…

  15. Saira Barkat

    Hey guys, may i join you all? I am a silent reader but I want to comment now. May I?

    I am simply loving this wedding track. Due to some reason I am not able to watch the episodes. So these written updates are the only way for me to know about episodes. Thanks for the fast updates. But I think this wedding track is extended too much. As if they are trying to increase the number of episodes. Sorry as my first comment is mixed up with negativity.

    BTW, I read all your ffs and TBH.. I love your ffs more than the serial 😛 I am a silent reader since a long time. So all your ffs are highly appreciated by me. Plz continue all the ffs even if you don’t get enough comments. Cuz there are some readers like me who love the ffs but cannot comment.

  16. Colin

    The last few minutes were really good. The scene clearly shows how much Shivaay cares about Anika even though he is rude to her. Anika’s acting was superb… Eagerly awaiting tomorrow’s episode….

  17. Lax

    To start with Surbhi Surbhi Surbhi, U were amazing. The last scene was classic. That helpless feeling was performed with utmost conviction. I was literally shivering the last two minutes of the episode. Both performers Brilliant. And Shivikas chemistry – magical.. running short of words here. Yeh Ishqbaaaz hain ki Ishaqzaade..!!

    We know SSO is an extremist. He can go to any length for what he wants. But he is caring too. Am confused thinking who is the real one.!! Annika is weak n helpless today but she ll definitly rise from the ashes like a phoenix. Post wedding, hope writers won’t compromise on Annikas self respect. And Shivay, you better have a good reason for all that lame behaviour. His redemption may take time considering that CVs have to concentrate on other tracks now. The next intresting scene to look forward to post wedding is SAHIL- SSO meeting. As per Gul that’s gonna happen soon. So November 30 is Shivikas wedding date. Cant wait..!! Anyway I am loving this..
    P.S- that car blast reminded me of Rohit Shetty movies.

  18. fathima

    hello ishqbaazians. in today’s episode I just loved last 5 – 6 minutes where all the romantic drama took place. any ways shivaay still cares for anika when she ran towards the blasted car he ran after her to save her. may be there is a selfishness in him( bcoz he is not having more time to arrange another bride lol). but I loved it. anika is so sweet and how much she loves her step brother to save him she is going to get marry SSO…….. And thank you for quick update….

  19. Nithu


    |Registered Member much..i hated sso…till this moment …that..all went to drain…today shivika..scenes…stole my heart…trust me guys..i have watched the last 10 mins of the show 8 times today…loved it yaar…they nailed each and evry scene…

  20. 123

    the feel/essence of this touching love story has gone in vein. makers committed a big mistake by choosing this negative/hatred part. one thing is for sure, the truth will never be revealed. wat we will watch in the days to come is an unsatisfied and unjustified story line

  21. Diyaa


    |Registered Member

    Surbhis Chandana was fabulous today. The way she showed panic and then frustration. Nakuul was OK , not bad. Sorry, I don’t think his acting was out of the world but it was above average but it may be because that’s what he has been asked to do . I would like him to betray his pain and sadness at what he is doing when no other character can see him but viewers can. Instead of wedding , I would have liked to see Anika get too close to the burning car and getting seriously injured. Imagine how interesting the track would have gotten!

  22. DaSha

    Hello dear friends!
    I did not want to comment, but today episode made me to do it.
    It was awesome! Brilliant Anika! Increadible Shivay! I was afraid some of you are going ho hate him after, hopefully i’m wrong.

    By the way, not only Shivay was not looking for Tia, but also Anika did not even mentioned her engagement with Daskh as an argument to avoid marriage with Shivay.

  23. Tahima


    |Registered Member

    The ending of today’s episode was amazing but the rest of it not so much. IDK how much more they are making anika suffer but i feel like since anika is apart of the NAYI SOCH campaign on star plus they wont just allow anika to get mistreated like this. I really hope as we move on after the shivika marriage anika will win her respect and honour back and shivaay will be the one who gets a reality check. On the bright side surbhi and nakuull”s acting was absolutely amazing. I really think they have performed better than all the small screen actors but also out performed some of our Bollywood stars! just amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. DaSha

    And one more thing, I loved this tiny hidden allusions from script writers to the beginning of the series:

    Ep.#11 Anika in prison (she got there because Shivay called police when she came to his house to take the key), she refuses to eat and says: ‘I don’t care about myself, I only care about Sahil’
    Ep.#12 Shivay came to Anika in prison and she tells him: ‘If something happens to my brother because of you, I will never forget it’
    Ep.#144 Her only family and beloved brother is her life and soul, so she rushes to burning car with no cautions. Only because Shyvay stopped her she was not hurt. He knew how to blackmail her.

    Ep.#5 Shivay almost hit Anika with a car and stopped in a very last moment. Anika complains, and Shivay says: ‘You don’t even deserve to be override by this car’
    Ep.#11 Roop tries to kill Shivay and blows up his car, he was close to it.
    Ep.#144 Shivay blows up the car just to scare Anika.

    Ep.#7 Shivay comes from disco with Rudra and Om in a car and accidently overrides chocolate Anika bought for Sahil.
    Ep.#144 Sahil eats chocolate in the car.

    Ep.#7 Shivay tells Om about Anika: ‘If she has been hurt, she would have cry, if she had self respect she would have regret. They (people like she) don’t have emotions, they just want money’
    Ep.#144 Shivay gets all tears and emotions he could find

    Ep.#10-11Shyvay push Anika in to the pool, then comes to her and twists her arm, telling her she should apologize. In the evening she notice the trace of his hand on her arm, he sees the trace of her nails on his skin.
    First time ‘O janaa’
    Ep.#145 (I think so) He puts his trace with sundur at her head.

    Ep.#7 Rudra asked Anika to put the veil for the repetitions of ShiTia engagement, Shevay or his family had no idea, so they all get surprised when he opens the veil and they see her face. Pinki says: ‘O my Godess, what are you doing on the place of my daughter-in-law?!’
    Ep.#145 (I think so) Pinki will ask the same question…

  25. Aqua

    Hello Ishqbaazians, I am commenting after a veryyyyyyyyyyy long time. I am pretty sure most of guys have forgotten me by now.
    Anyway, I could not keep myself from commenting tonight. So here it goes…..

    I very much appreciate the writers’ creative ability to shock us to the core. It feels as though we, the audience is in for a roller coaster ride along with the characters.

    Yesterday, I felt so much anger over Shivay, I felt that one slap was not enough for his cruelty.

    Today, as I was watching the show, I could not help but to sympathize with him. He, the SHIVAY Singh OBEroy, loves his FAMILY over everything and for their love and happiness he is willing to cross all limits and all boundaries of morals set by society: be it sacrificing his love,Anika to marry more socially acceptable bride TIA for whom he feels nothing, or to marry a complete stranger to keep is family honor.

    We, the audience had naively thought yesterday was the lowest he could be , until he said BOOM and the car went up in the air!

    My heart sank for ANIKA’s hopelessness yesterday and today, when the thought of her brother being in that burning car. The minute second of a sister’s heartbreak felt an eternity.

    Next, when, Shivay sprinted towards her as she was heading towards the burning care, we got to see a rather caring, and protective Shivay Singh Oberoi which we have been used to, since last couple of months.

    And, of course the last part was just brilliant when he allowed Anika to vent her anger on him, and held her as she rested her head on his chest from the emotional exhaustion , gave us the audience the glimpses of the romantic Shivay.

    Shivay’s action cannot be justified but when you try to the see situation from his perspective you cannot help but to feel sympathy for a man who have decided to take the whole burden of keeping the harmony of his family up on his shoulder. The choices he makes to keep the balance, sometimes compels him to the cross the fine line between the human-self and the beast that he is capable of becoming. I am looking forward to discover more shades of SHIVAY SINGH OBEROi as long as the writers continues to keeps the storytelling interesting.

    Thanks 🙂

  26. Navz


    |Registered Member

    Today’s epi is soo nice. But I didn’t see it just read d episode here. Now I will see it in hotstar.s SSO is behaving so cruel these days. Bechari anika couldn’t do anything .but I feel little funny where no girl is ready to marry Shivay .3 girls ran from him.hattrick😂

  27. Archiya

    Looks like Amena knows v r super excited to comment these days so the update is fastest… thks fr tat
    I have been commentin frm past one mnth or so bt yest n day bfre yest the comments r just pouring in.. so many comments so fast
    Now comin to the everyone else said.. I love n hate shivay at the same time, he cares so much fr anika still he is hurting her, the last 5 mins no wrds to describe.. super best:) hve watched it so many times.
    The part were shivay dances wit his family, they have portrayed so well, the pain shivay was undergng n he did nt want his family to face the same pain, he wanted them to b happy.
    Nakul n surbhi hats off fr today’s epi

  28. Archiya

    I missed a few things in my prev comments..
    Anika wedding dress.. its so simple bt so beautiful,the skirt has this bloom lik a ball gown.. I saw in one of the videos wher anika said its a banarasi sadi.. bt so well converted
    The shots again so well taken, wen shivay was walkin towards his family upside down, so well taken.Then when all the cars were comin one by one to surround anika..

    • Vijji

      Archie’s, I agree with all your statements. Last 5 mins were superb and shivika rocked. As you said, they showed the pain he was undergoing so well.

      And coming to Anika’s dress, it was awesome. I liked her bridal dress a lot. It was looking so good when she was running in the ground and running for Sahil.

  29. Vijji

    I loved today’s episode. Shivika rocked today. Loved Shivaay the way he ran to save Anika. He still cares so much for her. He did not care when Tia left or the other girl left. But he is so adamant about marrying Anika. Yesterday lot of people were angry on Shivaay for the way he behaved with Anika. But I look at it this way. He shows each and every emotion to Anika only. I know it was cruel but when someone is angry, they don’t know what they are doing. He especially was angry and upset because of ONS because of Daksh. That whole anger that he was suppressing came out once.

  30. shahabana

    No words to explain ishqbaaz….faintastic superb show….watching the last 5 min i just started to cry….every moments of ishqbaaz special to me….once again surabhi and nakul nailed it…..thank u soo much to ishqbaaz and all ishqbaaz cast they are doing faintastic job

    • Veda


      |Registered Member

      Hi SHAHABANA…yup..da last 5 minute was an asset….. Nd u know wat..??..u deserve a jumbo dairy milk silk pack frm me, fr confirming OM ‘s lead’s news.😁 u dr..😘😘😘

      • shahabana

        Hellooo veda….dairy milk its my favret like ishqbaaz….love u tooo veda…now im thinkinking about who will be oms lead

    • Veda


      |Registered Member

      Yes…I’m wondering da same..who who who who who who….????!!???….who is da mooooooosstttt awaited one….

  31. tia

    Hi , I am new here, the episode is amazing full of emotions, l love the last part . And love your dp neeti. Thanks ammena for updating, and you guys are amazing…commenter.

  32. Lids


    |Registered Member

    I need help please. I just notice that they didn’t show the part of {Anika running to the car and shivaye running after her} in the US airing. It’s not fair that I’m not enjoying the full experience of the show. Know I’m worry that I haven’t seen every part of each episodes. So does anyone knows where I can get all the episodes with English subtitles. Thanks.

  33. Revathi

    Lovable episode…
    Shivaay annika u both r best forevr.
    Ishqbaaaz Ku full’a addict ayiten.. Thank u for Star plus channel to give us a awesome story.


    ( Its my interpretation of a charector SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROY , interpolation of two image of same person , and its is neither any affection for charector SSO nor my justification to what he did so far), so keep me away rom your hates atleast!!!

    And atlast he got heard those beautiful words, for which he was desperately waiting , rathar dying hard, more extremely, for which his whole being was taking breath still and still alive, and over more they were never uttered by her, ANIKA, and even though he got heard those beautiful words! Her palms along with her flat fingers when striked hard over his jowl with her all sobs, all pain,her deep sighs , soon his physical existence got shaken from toe to head! He would have been only person who understood the Echos of that slap striked over her left jowl a just moment before. His eyes glared for a short enough moment with sweet shock, but its muscles and nerves were being paralised for a long, long while making him unable to look at her.His all anger got evaporised now making him too cold enough to think, TIME FACTOR IS NOW IMPORTANT NOW, particularly when he has to solve two problem now asap!

    He knows, rathar his mind warned him against his heart. “That stubbon girl will not allow you to do what you badly required to do for your existence of your being on this earth”. He just shade his mask and throw away, and exposing out sleeping beast SSO, he just killed his heart feelings mercilessly, hold her arm firmly, dragged in her like beast in and throw her on the cot . He then looked at that girl with all his cruelity, and adding rudeness and all his now new born anger ordered her to get ready in 5 minuites
    ——-to be continue


      He threaten her, but failed to stop her from eloping! But he was SSO, with firm determination he just rendered a black shade to his mask, trapped her, and leaving all morality , and knowing that, neither his power nor his money can melt herm he staked her little bro, which was her only family, more precious than her own soul. As expected, her all strength, her all power, all her stamina got evaporized like camphor as it was never there. She sobbed, arggued, urged, but all in vain. She never ever found herself such helpless as she was today. THat her little brother was her soul, nothing was important more than him, not even her own existence even. She had to do it now what that beast and animalistic damn SSO was wishing for.

      You may hate him, you may abuse SSO, and also you may stop to see him ,
      but what he had done,
      in the name of family reputation,
      in the name of saving ANIKA,
      or for any odd reason,
      but I strongly believe(MY POV)
      what ever he had done was
      done only for him ,

      • Mishri


        |Registered Member

        I agree with ur last point shekar…he is not only doing dz 4 his reputation..he realized st anika dd not do anything lyk daksh said and hr LOVES her toouch..he is not using her BT the opportunity.. Maybe he knows at daadi and omru will not let him divorce her

  35. pragya

    Hi aqua….seeing u after a long time…..😍😍……actually I stopped commenting after u guys stopped……
    Any way I started commenting from yesterday only…….nice to see you here……

    And episode was fantabulous…..shiviika

    nailed it I don’t know what to say …..they are superb actors…….
    And today s analysis….
    Episode started with Anika crying 😢 holding the wedding dress 👗 and shivay counting the number was so awesome……ania running away…..and shivay knowing this… reaction was flawless……..when his mind was with family and Anika running from the marriage……he nailed with expression s……
    One thing guys when Tia ran he didn’t even have any emotions ….but when Anika ran he could not accept it…..its easy for a tycoon to get Tia back but he didn’t do……..
    And shivay didn’t use sahil at first instance..he used him at the last…this shows hevis not that much bad……and he didn’t tie sahil or tortured him ….he just showed that sahil Is under him….this clearly shows shivay does not want to hurt Anika more…….
    She ran towards car…..shivay came spontaneously to hold hrr …..he wanted her to be safe……..
    Last moment was like adorable…..

    Though Anika was strong and have mental strength….when ever she comes to the depth of fear 😱 and when Shivay is in and around she fell over his shoulders for relief…..and shivay to respond to the same……
    You remember…when first stalker attack she just held close to him as soon as she saw him…… In second…though the attack was deadly..daksh came to pat her but she stabilized her self m……
    Now here she fell over the person for relief…knowing that he is the sole reason for her tears…..the way she rested in shivays shoulder s said indirectly that even at the verge of full hatred she feels him as her counter part……and shivay responding back was fabulous……..
    Any way hope that at least they get married to day

    • Aqua

      Thanks. I agree with u too shivay was very upset when Anika left. And yes the last scene was so beautifully shot.. it is bit poetic 👩

      • Mishri


        |Registered Member

        Aqua di!!!!is it the aqua di who was here from June 27 and left us in btwnbtwn…d Nadi di tym??heyyyy r u da 1???if so remember meme..not welcome..WELCOME BACK HOME!!!

    • Vijji

      Pragya, you are right. Whenever Anika feels fear or scared, the only person she gives in is Shivaay. She feels relieved when he is with her. Even when she knew that Shivaay is the only reason for her forced marriage and brother’s kidnapping, she fell over his folder for relief.

  36. kriti

    June se nov tak Shivay ki mrg chal rhi ki love story start nhi story beech mei hi gayab.roop gayab,gayatri murder case,Acp ki sister ka case sb story incomplete.Shivay ko anika k character p doubt ho rha h.jitna acha serial tha utna bore kr rhe h.

  37. Sumi.SS


    |Registered Member

    Hi Guyzzz..hw r u al??yestrday epi was one of the best scenes in ishqbaaz emotional segment..Aftr long tym they were showed the entire OF was perfect shoot yarrr..did u guyzz saw Tej dance i nvr expct this frm him..its superbb..Pinky and shivay mnts r sooo cutee..the way he hugs prinku,somu,dadi,bros..and all he is not that muchhh bad..
    (too gooood))).dil bolee oberoiesss…
    Second part was vry wel dne by nakul and by day thy r reachng their peak of the acting levl…last 2 min scenes r the real INTENSE love of their herat they r soooo much attached to each othr…..becz of that only anika breaks down in shivay shldr and shivay also frcng anika fr mrge wth blind reasn…
    Eagerly waitng fr 2day epi..fnalyy shivika weddng😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
    In last 2 days lotzzz of people commenting here…count was incrsng day by day..thats vry great..this only their need also..entire ishqbaaz team wrkng really hard to reach the place in top10 shows..aprt frm trp bla bla fr us our ishqbaaz is best frvr..i wsh they wl take frst place..guyzz keep watching the show @10 them to reach their destiny..

    • shahabana

      Yes sumi and aqua its reached to more than 400 comments ones its reached more than 500 i think its may be 580 comments
      Nowadays so many ishquees are missing thats why comments are so less hope all will be back soon
      I can say comfifently that no any other tu wu page can got this much comments
      Ishqbaaz rockz

      • Aqua

        We have been waiting for shivika wedding since june lol. Our level of patience n love for them is so high lol.😁

        I want om’s to have a nice lady love too, his character got sidelined. 😢

  38. MP

    Nice episode n emotional tToo. When the car blast n anika shouts sahil n run towords car n sso also run too save anika it’s a best scenes. Last scense also good. Shahabana in previos page u said omkaras lead will enter in show. Have u any more information about lead?..

    • shahabana

      MP dr gk comfirmed in insta that oms lead will enter in octobor no more imformation is available dr if i will get any imformation i will share it here inshahallah

      • Uf

        Shahabana, December hain na aap octobar galthi se likha hai na.waise I hope ki uski entry december end hone se ho jaaye.shivika ki marriage november main hongi bol kar ab november end ho gayi aur marriage december first ho ra ha hai.i hope ki om ki love lady ki waiting January thak na ho jaaye.
        And thank you for the news.
        Thank you😊

  39. shivani

    I can’t stopmyself from commenting after today’s episode ,they are superb actors the way they have portrayed this scene I don’t have words I can just say marvellous .the expression of sso was watchable when anika ran towards car in a grief .shivay can’t put sahil in trouble ,he is just showing grievance regarding daksh bet ,he couldn’t digest that a person he love to the core slept with someone .he doesn’t want to listen his intuition .he once knew that anika can’t do this ,moreover he is confined by his thoughts of blood,family lineage etc bullshit .had he ever questioned himself why he is not angry at tia ????answer is simple he doesn’ want to marry her ,why he ran after anikq rather than richa ???
    the answer is as simple as that he doesn’t to marry her bcoz of his love towards anika.he won’t accept that anika is perfect for him
    anyone remember me???

  40. Renimarenju


    |Registered Member

    Hello my dashing sizzling ishqies…..
    enasanjida, nivedha, ishika, ridhima, shivika, meena, mary,archiya,athiraappu,aiswarya,razna, pragya,pradishma,ooshi,dil,sat,kat,jazz,nelka,navi,mukti,dhruvv,maanik,jarra,krits,nikki,anu,
    clincy,chithraand other ishqies…… How Are You All ?????????

    Lot of work guys….and am just tired……but happy that finally december has reached and when it will end i will get leave for one week….and…..i will be in my home town mangalore…

    And ishqies…..just now i got a break and i just watch the episode……on hotstar now only…

    Shivika wedding……i don’t know how i should react after watching this episode….how sso can
    be so rude to anika….actually i waited 4 shivka wedding a lot….but not in this way….. i felt
    so bad for anika…..a bold girl…..which i really loved in this serial…..who is now forced to marry
    sso …….i know for sake of saahil….she will do it…..but i just don’t want a forced wedding…..
    infact i can’t see tears in anika’s eyes….sso is really “stone singh oberoi” only……. his money,
    power, authority, lineage, status……and his great oberoi family…… for them he will go to any
    extent…..that i can understand….but threatening anika in this way….seems he has forgot all those favor anika did to him and his family……i want takkar ke ishqbaaz……not an ishqbaaz just by supressing a person’s emotions and over ruling it……feels it as just a battle only……not an
    ishq…….takkar ke ishqbaaz…..i really love to remind again that open challenge episode….in which he offered blank Anika….but he didn’t expected Anika’s entry to his own home as his wedding planner…..that’s the takkar….which was beautiffuly conveyed when she said “mein aapke diye huye cheque ke paise aap hi ke shaadi mein kharch kar rahi hoon ssoji”
    and she just did the signature step of shivaay leaving shocked to every one….. And i want some thing like that ….on this very particular moment…..and i think….it will happen after the wedding only……i mean to say…..when sso will order her to leave the oberoi mansion….i guess anika will say……….some thing which will be so sharp like a knife and it may stab his heart….. and i will love to say anika’s way “raita phaila diya”……am waiting for that moment….and i guess many of you love to say it……am i right ?????

    As acting wise shivaay….i mean nakul did his best and hats off to his performance……

    Bye….ishqies….want to say more…..but break is over guys….watch ishqbaaz and keep ishq @ ur hearts….love u ishqies….

    • Aqua


      Don’t worry Anika is a tigress🐯, she is wounded now, but will jump back with a full force very soon, as long as the writers don’t drag it too long with the wedding😎

    • shahabana

      Hellooo renima
      Dntworry dr if he is sso she is anika….she wont leave him easily…everything will be takkarka

  41. Mishri


    |Registered Member

    Heeeeeyyyyy!!every1every1is alive!!yippeeee…MUKTA finally registered eh????and ishqbaaz…!!!whoaaaaah aaawwwwwsssum..m lovn it…shivaay is helpless can’t hate him..BTW awsum acting by surbhi..and lovely show!!!
    And all new is mishri and m of d legends of TU..he he..kiddng..I welcome u all..and u guyz r my friends already!!!!love u commenting guyz.

    • shahabana

      Look at this who is back mishriii… iam dreaming….missed ur comments dr..
      Welcome back to ib family….keep commenting dr

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.