Ishqbaaz 29th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Rudra and Bhavya get married

Ishqbaaz 29th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pinky scolds Shwetlana. Shwetlana says you keep complaining about Tej and Jhanvi all the time, when you are asked to go against them, you lose courage, your husband is just busy in praying. She says Om, my ex fiance, even if we didn’t had a relation, we have become relatives today. Veer and Soumya smile. Shwetlana says what did you say, Shivaye never loes, say thanks to me, I taught you even this, its first defeat, not the last one, oh Shivaye baby, how will you fix everything now, sorry you can’t make everything fine, because Rudra’s superhero brother is a superzero now, what happened, why aren’t you saying anything, I hope you haven’t lost your voice by shock. Soumya says he is speechless because of his lovely wife, if Anika wasn’t there to help, our plan would have failed. Pinky and Jhanvi

ask Anika is she with them. Soumya says Anika got emotional, I will tell them, these three brothers knew about me and kidnapped me, but thanks to Anika, she has stolen the key from Shivaye and freed me, how can I forget, she helped us in kidnapping Bhavya, I m sure she wouldn’t get out of that shock that Anika did this with her, any ways thanks, come on. She hugs Anika.

Shivaye checks his phone. Anika cries and says Shivaye, I wanted to say this… He says don’t say anything. She goes to Shwetlana and says tell me what should I do. Shwetlana says don’t worry, we Kapoors will see your destruction. Shivaye says your wish won’t be fulfilled, you will be getting ruined, right Om. Om and Shivaye laugh. Veer, Soumya, and Roop get shocked. Everyone looks on. Roop says I think they have gone mad. Shivaye asks why are you crying Anika, why are you all worried, Rudy got married. Om asks Gauri to distribute sweets. Shivaye asks Khanna to play dhol. Shivom dance. Om asks Gauri to dance, its Rudra’s marriage. Shivaye says chill, Rudy got married. Om asks Jhanvi to dance. Soumya asks what are they doing. Shwetlana says they have lost their minds. Shivaye asks Tej to dance. Tej says stop it, what nonsense. Shivom laugh. Shwetlana says I like your spirit, who dances on own destruction. Shivaye says we are celebrating your defeat. Shwetlana asks what do you want to say. He says your sister’s mu dikhai happened, why don’t you do your Jiju’s mu dikhai. They get the groom. Shivaye gets Soumya and asks are you ready for mu dikhai. He removes sehra. They see someone and get shocked. Shivaye says Soumya don’t think you got married, we Oberois don’t stoop so low, this actor was paid to play this role. They all get shocked. Soumya throws the garlands angrily. Anika and everyone clap and laugh. Shwetlana asks who the hell are you. Shivaye says you are from girl’s family, he is Soumya’s husband. Gauri says it means Rudy didn’t marry Soumya. Tia says I told you its impossible to defeat Shivaye, but you didn’t listen to me, and see what happened with Soumya. Veer thinks how did this happen. Tej asks where are Rudra and Bhavya. Om calls out Rudy.

Rudra comes dancing. Jashan-e-ishq…..plays….. Everyone smiles. Bhavya comes in doli. Veer, Roop, Soumya and Shwetlana get shocked. Rudra holds Bhavya’s hand and gets her out. They dance. Soumya gets angry. Everyone claps. Everyone say Dil bole Oberois. Shivom and Gauri hug Rudra and Bhavya. Shivaye says Rudra and Bhavya got married. Om says that’s why we asked you to dance. Anika cries and hugs Rudra and Bhavya. She says please forgive me, I had to kidnap you to save Shivaye’s life. Bhavya says no, Shivaye could find me because of you. Anika asks how. Shivaye says I will tell later, let the newly weds take elders’ blessings. Everyone blesses Rudra and Bhavya and hug. Om plays dhol. Duniya me kitni hai nafratein….plays….. They all surround Shwetlana and dance, while making fun of her. Shwetlana shouts enough, stop this celebration. Shivaye keeps the dhol down. He says so much anger, Dadi says you shouldn’t get angry on auspicious occasion, wait, have sweets, after all your sister and my brother got married today, forget the fight, its not imp, we offer sweets to even enemies. Everyone smiles. He feeds her sweets. Everyone claps. Rudra says just a min, you should offer sweets to the one who got married. Rudra says I couldn’t imagine we would get married on same day.

He introduces his wife Bhavya and asks Bhavya to feed sweets to her Sautan friend. Bhavya feeds laddoo to Soumya. They all clap. Rudra says but this is wrong, you didn’t introduce me to your handsome groom. The guy says I m Ram Narayan, pleased to meet you. Soumya says just shut up, I don’t believe this marriage. They all laugh. Shivaye says court will accept this marriage, Shwetlana has sent the recording to media. Soumya asks Shwetlana what shall I do now, how did this happen when we made perfect plan. Shivaye says I will tell you, we got to know you are switching bride, so we have switched the groom. Soumya asks how did you know its me instead Bhavya. Shivaye says I had some doubt, but when Anika showed me her mehendi, my suspicion got confirmed, oye oye was written in her mehendi, its our code word, we use it when there is any danger, I understood the bride is switched, I pretended like I didn’t see the mehendi, I then signed Om. Om says when Shivaye told me that we would need more flowers, I understood something is wrong, else why would Shivaye go instead of sending Khanna, that too to get flowers.

Shivaye says Om and I went to check Soumya, but we found Bhavya there. FB shows Shivaye telling Om that Anika tried to give him a hint that there is something wrong. They open the fridge and find Bhavya inside. Bhavya cries and shivers. She says Anika left me here. Shivaye says she has sent me to you. FB ends. Shivaye says you did one mistake to hide Bhavya at the same place, it was a good plan, but not original. Om says when it was confirmed that bride is switched, we made a plan to switch the groom. Shivaye says money can buy everything, even the groom. Om says we had cut the power supply. Shivaye says we took advantage of the darkness and switched the groom. FB shows Shivaye taking Rudra with him. Shivaye asks do you know what happened then. Rudra says Soumya got married to Ram Narayan and I got married to Bhavya.

Shivaye says whatever happened here, I have recorded everything, even your confession, now you will go to jail. Shwetlana switches on remote and suspend some bombs. She says you didn’t learn to lose, and I don’t accept defeat, I had already thought of it, if plan A fails, I will kill all of you. Shivaye gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. AshPri

    Hai Friends….
    DIL BOLE OBERIOS ?✨✨????????? Svetlana ka haar… Obros ka Jeet…??????????
    ShivOm laugh& Dance like mad…. Becoz they r happy wit Rudy’s marriage…?????? Choti jijju ka mu dikaye rasam…..?????? RAM SATHYA NARAYAN….
    Tia said correct… It s IMPOSSIBLE to defeat shivaay…. Today I love Tia…,????? Somu’s groom looks beautiful….?????????? Svetlana send those marriage videos to media…. Wat vl Kapoor sisters do now….
    ShivOm dance… SUPERB…..????????????????????????????? OF dance around Svetlana…. her expressions wowwwww….. Somu become cry baby????????
    Anika’s OYE OYE helps… but now all know their code word… No worries… SHIVIKA don’t need words to tell their feelings……??????????☺
    Whole Family celebrates RUVYA’S shaadi….?‍❤‍??‍❤‍??‍❤‍??‍❤‍? Precap: Bombs in OM…. ????

    1. Go AshPri Go.May many congratulations……?
      Yeah Oye Oye just rocked and Savetlana shocked?

    2. Go Aspri dear…Go
      Somu ke dulhe ko kya bana diya yarr..??
      Just hope that Saadi will be fake.

  2. Riana

    Hey Pagals…?
    It showed named as Rudra and Bhavya’s non showed marriage ??????????
    Precap- Svetlaannnaaaaaa ????????????????????
    Iski o my maaata honi Chahiye…I wish she only die in bomb blast…jab Dekho muh utha Kar aajati Hain…khudki insult karane !!!…
    Omg soumya’s wedding ram Narayan was epic but still not good…but Soumya is responsible for all this !!! Anyways waiting for next ????

    1. Hiiii Riana dear how are you…
      And yiu are enjoying in BEPANAH Family????
      I saw some old pkjians and ravvavians.
      Even my asthababy, pinku, fenil..
      All.are there..
      Sab ko mera hiiii boldena..
      Sutlu ka expert weird Scientific lab se ye nikla..kya??????

      1. Riana

        Accha bolungi hi…??
        Yah true…damn weird scientific lab…kabhibhi kuchbhi nikaalti hain ???

  3. Pushpa

    Hi luvlies..
    Superb episode today…
    I must say ..this svetlana has her own villain style i must say she is good…….
    But i told u na svetlana……this is shivaye singh oberoi….always wins .
    So Shivaye did saw anika’s mehendi….oye..oye.. just imagine if he didnt c the warning..wht would hv happened?? Rudy marrying soumya?????? Well whatever it is i didnt like the way she spoke…
    OMG ….. that dance by shivaye and Om going crazy celebrating their oberoi victory against kapoors was owsm…. great no control over their happiness…. when rudy came wt bhavya dancing tht was also beautiful.. but my little heart felt sorry for soumya in tears marrying that person [email protected]#@$###$ but she was evil tooo that i cant forgive ..
    Mr Shivaye Singh oberoi u just made my day again….. once again u saved yr family frm svety..
    Anika emotional performanc was owsm…. when soumya hugged her felt like throwing her out of OM… when she apologized to Shivaye….then when she hugged rudy& bhavya…u just know exactly hw to do it…..just beautiful….
    Precap….what???? Bomb!!!!!! Oh nooooooo…. shivaye………
    Stunning episode …….
    Gd nite gals..

    1. Hi Pu di,
      Your Shivaay was the hero like every time.He saved everything.Congratulations di.Savetlana’s OMM is done.Have heroic Shivaaylicious dreams?????????

  4. Wellwisher_aka_krishnai

    Wow…. what a lovely epi…. just loved Om aur Shivaya ka acting…..

    And the way Gauri taunted Shwetlana???

    Loved it…. Poor Anika felt so sad… but the way she hugged Rudy n Bhavya….. So emotional….

    The first half laughing too the core…

    Seriously Oberios rocked today…..

    Hi guys I am new here…. new this page… had been an silent reader for a long time…. Hope you would all accept me here…

    1. Banita

      Hloo Krishnai….
      WELCOME TO PKJ dr….
      Yeh first half part was hilarious…..

      1. Wellwisher_aka_krishnai

        Thanks for the welcome Banita…..☺

    2. Hello Wellwisher-aka-krishnai,
      Welcome to PKJ family with band-baja and lots of love.Glad that you broke your silence for commenting.Keep commenting and join us in spreading love.Looking forward to exchanging words.See you soon.Take care?

      1. Wellwisher_aka_krishnai

        Thanks for the welcome Luthfa…..? ya sure…. bit busy with my 12boards….. Will be frequent once my exams gets over……

      2. All the very best for your further exams?

    3. Hlw Wellwisher ..
      Welcome to our PKJ.
      Keep commenting and enjoy the fun.and support IB..

      1. Wellwisher_aka_krishnai

        Thanks for the welcome Arpita…..☺ and by the way PKJ stands for??? Sry don’t know its abbreviation…..?

    4. PKJ means Pagolon Ka Jhund… Name cradit goes to Lax di…
      BTW ADBOL for ur exms dr… Nd i m d same Banita only…

  5. Hey guys
    Oye oye rocks……As always…dil bole oberoi’s….I was just laughing after seeing omshiv dance…..OMG it was awesome. ……
    precap……Plan B has been executed by sweltana …….Now what……of course shivaye will save everyone including that bua ……….After all he is great wall of shivaye

    1. Hi Jeni,how are you?
      Yeah that part was looking very hilarious.Thank God Tej shouted or else it would stretch for a long time I think.Don’t know what will happen tomorrow.And dear,very soooooooo…..rry for not replying.I was busy.Thank you so very much for the compliment.Take care.Love you?

  6. Arpita6

    Hiiii mere khidkitod pagals. ..
    @Asthababy. .i can’t believe i can’t believe i can’t believe. .
    You are here … baby is here.
    Welcome back to your own nautanki you yarr soo much.

    ………Biluji akka Rahulji..Welcome back to yiu too.
    Come to episode.

    Full oon.mix feeling.
    ????????????????????Today in logo ne jitna dance kita na..sare dance reality show ki award inhe milni chahiye. ??????????????????????????actually i was gone mad.
    Sutlu is hell irritating but she says right about Senior oberois. Ye senior oberois kaand karte he fir juniors usse solve karte ge and ye log khade hoke sirf tana dete he.
    That is why i don’t like Senior oberois.
    So we were Right..OYE OYE the SAVIOUR ANNIKA KYA KHIDKITOD DIMAG LAGAYI HE ye code name mere thaa karke lagi he muumy kasam.
    1 saal pure gorahe he iss code ki starting karne ke liye

    Sab chantomai heFull.on Drama..Masti everything but just Sad that Our Sumo is Now A totally Vamp

    Sso said HUM ITNE GIRE HUE NAHI HE.that guy is here for acting as somu groom.
    Then Why Sso said Marriage is done..yarr our Somu deserves a good looking man not this Ram Narayan or whatever. ..

    Andha kanon ko Sso pe pura trust he .nahi. . . ????????.
    SWETLANA bcoz of your stupid revenge ….You destroyed soooo many lives you killed sooo many people…yiu destroyed your both sister lives and most imp your own Life yarr
    Stay away
    Seriously but today dance kuch jyada hogaya he..??.

    Precap- waiting waiting waiting
    And Annika’s choti is not there it means. ..NO KKR..hope it will happen. .
    I am laughing seeing pappu of sutlu and crying for seing my love angel like yhis.???????.
    AND MOST SHOCKING IS TRP..????????sseriously i didn’t expect this TRP..
    I thought IB will be out think last thrusday was episode was really very good..
    Chalo TRP toh acchi aayi.
    Harneet ji..
    Give us a good plot bahut saaadi saadi hogayi..
    Ok byy.

    1. Hi Arpita,
      Don’t know why I felt bad for Savetlana.Yeah Soumya deserves better than that.Hope khidkitode Anika will be back.Let’s see what happens next?

  7. Hello everyone
    As always shivaye rocked the episode. …..Happy to see anika back with her smile
    l missed it lot….
    precap. ……..shocking…..what’s next….

    1. Hi AFNA,How are you?
      I agree with you.Missed and missing khidkitode Anika a lot.Let’s see what happens today.Take care?

  8. Hi all. Actually I were a silent reader till now. But today I thought of commenting. Actually I began to watch IB due to one of its dubbed version. Today’s episode was just superb. I loved it. I was going on laughing seeing the ‘bird’s gone’ expression on the faces of the villains. The person to whom Soumya was wedded to is really funny(sorry if I hurt anyone). OMG! Bomb….Anyways I hope that the great wall of SSO will save himself and his family. OK so good night all…..

    1. Banita

      Hlo dr….
      Of course SSO will save his family as well as OM….

    2. Hi IB,
      Welcome to PKJ family with lots of love and your favourite flowers.Hope so that Shivaay is going to save everyone like every time.Let’s see what happens next.Take care?

    3. Hii IB dear..
      Keep.comenting and enjoy the fun

      You are right the man whom.suno married is really funny.
      Just sad that koi accha sa ladka de dete yarr.
      May be Reyan se hi saadi karwa dete..

  9. Banita

    Hlooo PKJ….
    This week TRP is 2.0 … Well , it quit impressive…. I thought trp 1.7 around hoga , but it’s 2.0 … Hope coming week it will increase more….
    Okk so now coming to epi ,
    It was hilarious…. Hahaha…. Can’t stop my laugh in d whole epi…
    Pasinalana told her confusion about Pinky…. Trust me my dr fav vamp me also can’t understand Pinky still now….
    Soumya told Anika bhabhi help her in this plan… Did they already know that she is Anika not KRR…!!!???
    Shivom was ROLF…. Hahahaha…… hahaha…. Poor Pasinalana…. Hahaha….
    Their pagolon wala dance step was too funny…. Hahaha…. Okk finally they stop becz of TSO…. Nd me also stop Banita stop laughing…. Hahahaha…
    So finally they did muh dikhai of Soumya’s dulha…. Feel bad for Somu not for Nafratbaaz….
    Ruvya’s grand entry…. Liked d entry scene… Well I don’t like Bhavya as Rudy’s bride , but still I couldn’t stop myself loving that entry scene….
    Now it’s time for celebration for Ishqbaaz’s…. Everyone tease Pasinalana…. It’s funny…. Specially Shakti , Pinky nd Rudy’s teasing part was hilarious…. Hahahaha….
    Revelation part , So Shivaay understand Anika’s hint nd planned everything soo soon…. But I can’t understand from where Veer got fridge’s duplicate key…. Okk leave it IB nd logic can never stay together…
    Ram Narayan…… Hahahaha……
    Nd they revaled that Anika helped them on it…. So I think now KRR’s chapter also end with d end of rudy’s wedding track….
    Precap – Again I m telling it Pasinalana , U r my most fav vamp ever…. U never stop impress me with ur flop ideas….
    GN PKJ….

    1. Trp is actually shocking for me.
      But as always IB proves something diff.
      Last week.except 1 episode i was quite dissapointed with track but if TRP is good then i am happy.
      Wanting some romantic moments between

      1. Banita

        Arpu… Me also shocked that time dr… Hope trp will increase more like this . If not more then at least a stable trp…

    2. Hi Bani,
      Actually trp was quite surprising for me too.Anyway,I want Anika to entry into OM like Bhavya as the bride of Shivaay in doli as well as proper Rikara marriage.Waiting for today’s episode.Take care?

  10. finally ishqbaaz win ,khidkithod epi??
    star utsav is chopping all scenes,shivika ka scene bhi aadhe me khatam khardiya
    btw from 31st shivika and rikara both will b there,may be they will show ib and dbo both in half an hour

  11. Journey of three sisters started with one mission and that was-Destroy the Oberois.Today one part of it gets ended with Rudra’s marriage.Confidence is good but overconfidence can’t go well with humans.Savetlana was and is trying to reach her goal but she always fails and behind her failure two persons are responsible.One is Shivaay Singh Oberoi and another one is Savetlana herself.Shivaay,the great wall is always ready to risk everything of him to save Oberoi family.In this process he never looks for his own interest.He just works relentlessly without waiting for any appreciation and praises.When he fails he blames himself and takes everything on him as amendment.His actions are selfless and reflect his love,only love for his family.When love is selfless,pure and intentions are positive everything falls into right place just like parts of missing puzzle with the help of personal patience,determination,courage and believing in self-worth that I can.Shivaay has everything abovementioned even Savetlana possess those except one thing-Selfless Love.She does love but her goals and herself.She has nothing to do with anyone or anything.She is self-oriented and very much selfish by nature.That’s why she didn’t hesitate kidnapping Tia’s little baby and torture Tia emotionally,her own sister.Her only motive is the destruction of the Oberois and she can do anything for that like Shivaay can do for his family.Her family is her revenge not humans.Today again she is defeated because of Shivaay,in front of his love for his family.Because of Anika,Shivaay’s life and love personified.Ultimately it is love that wins eventually and hatred has to bow down.Shivaay will continue winning with the help of true Love and Savetlana will fail every time because of Hatred…………………………….

    1. Oh Dr..I loved it
      It’s the diff btwn SSO nd svetlana

      1. Very happy to know that you loved it.Thank you so much for the compliment.Love you?

    2. Well done luthfa dear.
      You deserve Best writter ka award ..
      You words are always on point
      Kitni tarif karu yarr..thak gayi hun.
      Love yiu soo much.

      1. Best writer ka award?I don’t think I am eligible for it.But thank you so much for the consideration.Love you?

    3. Banita

      U r Superbbb Lu… No word to say about ur writing skill… Best analysis…
      Love U dr…

      1. Thank you so much for the compliment Bani.Love you?

  12. Hiiii everyone
    kyase ho sab? Hum epi dekh paye par lagta hai kafi funny tha or accha bhi with swetlana’s and somya’s chop. Waiting for tomorrow. Par marriage nai dekya kya??

    1. Thik he yarr tum kaise ho???
      No didn’t show Rubhya Saadi.

    2. Hi Ritu,
      How are you?I am good dear.Thank you very much.No dear it didn’t.Most probably will be showed in fb.Take care?

  13. Vidya Saraswathi

    Wow…… Today episode was so nice. ??????

  14. Ok,I didn’t like the way Soumya’s exposure was done.It could have been better.Cvs could go for other options too.I expected some seriousness but all went in vain.To make Ruvya couple cvs did whatever they want with Soumya.Thanks but no thanks from my side cvs,to show the defeat of evil like that.Rest was as expected except who would be the groom.Imagination and reality never match actually.Tomorrow,come soon?

    1. Agree completely.. and the consequences of Andafication will eventually’s a slow melting glacier of #Ishqbaaz love for many.

  15. But seriously I fear whether shivika will lose the best Jodi award to avneil.avneil is winning all polls

    1. Urmila dear.. compition is there..
      No prblm lets wait for the SPA…

    2. Yes Shivika might lose this year, because the positive mehnati fans who identify with sumo and won’t take sumo’s insult are not going to vote as enthusiastically this year.

      But yes if Gul ma’am is hell bent in buying some awards they might still win it.. except Surbhi?? and Saumya??? currently no one has been given enough material to shine this year..

      Of course Nox will win coz he is the gorgeous beauty that he is..??

  16. what an episode yaar shivom rock bua &veer face was Worth watching????shivika are so good in understanding each other ?????Ruvya entry is just wow

  17. How many will say didn’t fight SHIVIKA will come outside from bomb blast

  18. In this episode veer will. Also known defeating shivaay is not easy jab thak there brother’s and annika with him. And now gauri and BHAVYA is also there

  19. Don’t think I can watch IB anymore .Somehow I could not enjoy yesterdays show it showed that the obros are insensitive and sadistic.Sorry for hurting anyone it’s bcos I was hurt too much of this track.

    1. Agree 100% in the bid to glorify one bad decision, all IB is currently about just gorgeous fake people with no true inner core…

      It’s really an horrifying thought that people have stopped looking behind the mask of glossy beautiful people..So handsome hunks, beautiful women and glossy production values have become the standards for a TRP winner, instead of placing values on good thoughtful characters, well written plots and interesting stories..

      Anyways all Gulneet n such similar negative writers are doing is that they are driving the saner audiences to other media. Indian TV will become irrelevant in a few years. Thanks to the unimaginably sick stories..n people who can’t discern what garbage is being fed in a glossy shine.

  20. Shivika lover

    Do u guys know ibs online ranking??

    1. Hi IB online rating is 29.7.. It’s in 1st position..

      1. Banita

        Noo dii it’s wrong one… This is not of this week trp… I dont remember d exact rating , but ib is in 4th ya 5th position this week… Big fall for ib in online rating…

  21. Hi friends,Episode was ek dam khitkitod
    Those nafratbaaz kapoor sisters are born to lose with our ishqbaaz oberoi brothers
    Aaj veer,bua,sumo and svetlana asli pappu bangayi
    Again our shivika proved their bond to be the best. I loved when everyone made fun of svetlana,Her show off was intolerable
    Finally ruvya got married
    And the precap seems scary,but I hope that our obros and obahus will handle the situation nicely. And I wish svetlana and her gang get affected by their own plan.

    1. Hi Niya,
      Welcome to PKJ family.Sorry for the late housewarming as I was busy.Yeah Savetlana’s ego got crashed because of Shivaay.Finally marriage is over.Hope to see some romance between Shivika.Take care?

  22. Thank you for your warm welcome dearssss. Actually I don’t know to speak Hindi so much. But I’ll understand Hindi somewhat. And one more thing, I’ll be able to comment only for this one month of April and hopefully May(if I don’t have class). During working days I have to sleep at 10. So I won’t be able to watch . But I’ll try to comment. Anyways I can do it for atleast on month… I love you all so much……

    1. It’s absolutely fine dear.Do comment whenever you can manage.Study is very important.God bless you.Take care?

  23. Nikita_jai29

    It is entertaining episode.. But i feel bad for soumya…
    Good to know that Ib trp is risen…
    Luthfa dear.. You are nailing the page with your writing style…

  24. Hi Nikita,
    Me too yaar felt really bad for Soumya.And thank you sooooooo….much for the love.Love you.God bless you?

  25. Hi PKJ family?

  26. Hello everyone?

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