Ishqbaaz 29th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Dadi allows Anika to stay along

Ishqbaaz 29th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika sees Sahil’s mum keeping something and asks what are you doing. Sahil’s mum says nothing. Anika asks why are you tensed, what are you hiding in the trunk. She checks and finds some glass items. She says you have stolen this from Oberoi house. Sahil’s mum says its a big house, they won’t know about such a trivial thing. Anika says theft is theft, we may not have anything, but we have honesty, they trusted us and gave us a roof and job, you are doing this. Sahil’s mum says I will do what I feel right. Anika says I won’t let this happen. She goes to keep the things back. Lights get on. Shivaye sees her. He recalls and asks what are you doing in my house, answer me. Omru come. Shivaye asks how dare you step inside my house. Dadi and Priyanka come.

Priyanka says I got her, she is my friend

Anika, I told you my friend has a problem, I insisted her to stay here. He says when will you understand, a nobody doesn’t deserve to stay here. She says please, don’t insult my friend. Shivaye says you met her two days back and you are defending her. She says she saved my life. He says she intentionally fed you cashew dosa so that you fall sick, she saved you to become your friend and take advantage of the friendship. Anika says no, I didn’t know about her allergy. Priyanka says she is saying truth. He says every info about Oberois is available on net, I know people like her, its all a plan, she aggravated your allergy and took you to the hospital, she pretended to be good, you felt she is nice, she used you and you didn’t realize. Anika says its not like that.

Priyanka says I went to her home and got to know that her landlady made her out, so I got her here. He says such a perfect and calculated strategy, amazing, you believed what you wanted. Anika says sorry Priyanka, I should have not come here, we will leave right away. Priyanka says I won’t let you go anywhere at this time, sorry for this insult. He says I can’t believe you are apologizing to her.

Rudra says yes, she is a stranger for us, you still got her home. Priyanka says yes, because I trust Anika. Anika says sorry, don’t fight with your brothers because of me, I shall leave. Priyanka stops her. Shivaye stops Priyanka. Anika says its better if I leave. Dadi says you won’t leave, if Priyanka got you here, we will keep her word, you can stay here, Shivaye guest is like Lord, you can’t insult her, Priyanka’s friend will stay here with all the respect. She goes. Om says its really late, go and sleep, if you need anything, tell Khanna. Omru and Priyanka go. Shivaye says despite so much insult, you are still standing here, what type of person are you. He goes. Anika cries. Shivaye sees her crying. Khanna asks what are you doing here. Anika sees Shivaye. Shivaye says its my house, I can roam around anywhere. Khanna says you asked me to top up the fuel, its done. He goes.

Dadi says Khanna, do you know that girl. He says yes, she stays in my locality. She asks how is that girl, what do you know about her name, blood and family. He says I don’t know about her family, I just know that Anika and Gauri are orphans, they live with their aunt, Anika is a courageous and hardworking girl, she looks after her sister and aunt’s son also, she looks after the entire family. She asks what kind of lady is her aunt. He says she is bad, she curses Anika all the time, Anika is really nice. She says Priyanka is young, you are sensible and know everything about this family, even about Pinky and Shakti’s matter, I have hidden the truth from Shivaye too, he merely suspects it, till I get him the truth, he will just have a doubt, he doesn’t belief in marriage, when he knows that a lady is responsible for his parents’ death, he will lose faith in marriage, that lady trapped Shakti for money and spoilt Pinky and Shakti’s married life, else they would have been with us today, I get scared upon seeing people who have never seen much money, whose name and family we don’t know about, there are three young boys here, two young girls came to stay, I don’t want any obstacle in Shivaye’s marriage, history is repeating itself. Khanna says don’t worry about Anika, she is a very nice girl.

Its morning, Rudra says an international perfume is launching in India, guess who is the face of that perfume. Dadi says my grandson. He calls her genius. She blesses him. Om says its wrong, give us blessings first. Om and Shivaye take her blessings. Om says we cracked the big deal. Dadi says I think Laxmi stepped in the house today. Anika comes. Shivaye looks at her. Priyanka says thank God you are here, I was waiting for you, its my roka tomorrow, we have got to do much work, I have made a list, come with me. She takes Anika. Shivaye and Anika look at each other. Music plays…… Shivaye says I will make a video call and come. Priyanka says there is lot to do. Anika says relax, don’t worry and enjoy, I will manage, what are you going to wear.

Priyanka says my stylist didn’t send the dress, what if it doesn’t fit me. Anika says I will get your dress, I m going to my stall now, give me the list. Priyanka says yes, the file is in Dadi’s room, I will get it. She gets a call and says its my fiance’s call, get the file from Dadi’s room. Anika asks where is her room. Priyanka says go ahead and take left. Anika smiles and goes. She says maybe its this room. She gets inside and looks around. She touches the mirror and thinks why do I feel like I have come here before. She says I should just do my work, maybe its this file. She gets shocked seeing Shivaye. She thinks he had seen me crying last night. He thinks she saw that I was watching her cry. She thinks I should leave before he talks about it. He thinks it will be better that I pretend that I didn’t see her. She tries to go. He moves and comes in her way. Tu jaane na…..plays……… He moves aside. She goes.

Anika says somebody has sent us at the same place, same day and same time where we had met for the first time. Shivaye says and then, we met again. She asks will we have the same love again. He says its just that there would be a new story, Shivaye and Anika will be same, but not the story. They hold hands. Someone drags Anika away. Shivaye comes to the outhouse and switches on the lights. He gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Redux –
    In this track it is shown that Shivaay mom dad is dead. Shivaay ‘ s father was having extramarital affair. So pinky shoot him and killed herself also.
    Anika’ s mom run away with someone. It is not clear that whether her mom dad is alive or not. I think Anika and Gauri is step sis of sahil.

    Anika wants to marry Nikhil because she wants herself to get self respect.

    Shivaay wants to marry Tia because of deal.

    I don’t want to be judging this redux track. I am just saying the future story.

    I think when both Shivaay and Anika will fell for each other, then few people like Omru mom dad, Tia and her family will judge characters of Shivaay and Anika.
    People will judge characters of Shivaay and say that Shivaay has just become like his dad. Just like his dad Shivaay betrayed Tia, because Shivaay is already engaged to Tia when he will fall in love with Anika.

    Same will go with Anika. People will judge her character also, infact more than Shivaay.
    Of course Omru and Gauri – sahil will play brilliant role in the love story of shivika.

    It will be interesting to see that how they will start chemistry of Rikara and Ruvya. I really want some solid connections in them also just like shivika.

    In the redux, will they show love story of Prinku also??

    1. Banita

      Aate hi sixer maar dia….
      Well i don’t think Sahil will be Aniri’s step brother… Becz agar ase hota then Aniri’s chachi Sahil ko vi same type treat krti… So i dont think there is any change of this thing….
      I also want to see some good story for other couple also… It will be interesting…
      Let’s see what going on Gulneet’s mind…

    2. Rahul96 - aka billuji

      Dadi, just as I suspected, because of her bad experience she will also suspect Anika and Gauri. But even in old IB there was swetlana, but don’t know why CV changed her nature. Anyway it’s OK.
      In redux nature of dadi have also changed.

      I really want that Omru should play important role in uniting shivika.

      In old IB dadi played an important role in shivika marriage, don’t know what will happen now. I really want that Omru should play important role in uniting shivika.

      In Redux I am deeply missing oberoi moment and old nature of dadi.

    3. Go Rahul bhaiya Go .
      congo on being first.

    4. Congrats for being first

    5. Dhwani_Naidu

      Go Rahul bhaiya go!! Congrats for being first.. Welcome back bro!!

    6. Luthfa

      Go Rahul bhaiya Go.Congratulation on being first….?
      How are you?Welcome back to PKJ.Well,Redux just started so can’t tell what is going to happen or how.Have to wait for the story to unfold naturally.Take care.Happy weekend?

  2. JeevithaTK

    #2yrs of ib
    My answer to the my dear luthfa’s questions
    1. All the o’bro moments specially kitchen moments, arthi moments, o’bros with dadi….. They bond I wish every brothers Hv same bond… And sply the dialog SHUT UP RUDRU….
    2. The bond of brothers love of family and shivka Spl Jodi, anika different language…..
    3. Dadi: the advise she gives,the loving nature of dadi.
    Shivay: the way the love his brothers, protect them. This style of thadi, breaking the phone.. The way he manages his responsibility of his family…
    Om: his poems, advice he give to shivay…..
    Rudy: off course his comic sense, his childish character…..
    Anika: her Spl language, her self confidence, the way she take care of sahil..
    Soumya: her cuteness, the dialogue ACC TO THE SURVEY CONDUCTED BY….., the she lag for her brother…
    4. Favourite couple is all the three I mean shivka, Rikara, Rumya….
    I really miss Rumya the the cuteness in there bond. The way they tease each other fight… All tht..
    But all time favourite and 1st place goes to shivka : it’s something Spl in them they fight, keep nick names, thadibaaz, their understanding OMG I just love them….
    5. I like they thadi in both of them… They understanding each other in every surcumference…. They moments near pool side. During they fight. Tht moon side romance on they mehindi…. They dance while get to geather party. Wen shivay Hv eaten baag food…. Recently local avatar dance… Many more…
    6. Favourite track: Malika track, pari track, starting of ib…
    7. Favourite villian: female pinky nd swetlana, Male dakash nd veer…
    8. Favourite song : O Jana, satiya, o’bros song. BG song of om nd Rumya..
    9. I leant the value of family, the bond must be maintained BTW the family… Nt to involve 3 person btw the couple…. To handle the relationships…
    10. Delete is somu negative character…. Tht all the insults of anika during separation track sply by pinky..
    Change Ruvya to Rumya…..
    11. Likes bond of Shivomru, shivka, aniomru, shivay-sahil, Soumya-sahil. Aniru, dadishivomruanirisomu.. Pinku-Shivomru… Pinkuanisomu….
    Dislike too many of villians… Nd making somu villian.. Tc

    1. Banita

      Hlo Jeevi….
      It’s really nycc to read ur special exprience about IB…

    2. Hello……
      my dear Jeevi.
      Nice to read ur experience of Ishqbaaz.
      and i think answers of most of the questions are similar ,
      I mean we all have almost same answers for mostly questions.

    3. Super jeevi.. I miss old IB but in new I missed some favourite moments as u said like breaking fon, ani language… Oberoi moments

    4. Luthfa

      Hello Jeevi dear,how are you now?Hope you are recovering.Lots of healing wishes?
      Thank you soooooooo…..very much for sharing your experience.Just loved reading those.Get to recall many moment.Take care.Lots of love?

  3. Haloo everyone…commenting after so long here??does anyone remember me??

    1. Banita

      Hlo Shana…
      Yeh of course we remember U…
      HRU dr??

      1. Fyn dii??I am totally enjoying the current track of ishqbaaz redux…luv it????n he r u??all good??

    2. Hiiiii Shana .
      offcourse I remember u .
      ye bhi koi puch ne ki baat hai.
      Ok tell me how r u and where were u from such a long time?

      1. Actually I have been busy with my admissions n all procedures for that…???but now I am free …vl try commenting always..happy to seeu all remember r u dii??

    3. Hii shana..kaise ho??me too cmntng after long

    4. Luthfa

      Hello Shana,
      How are you?Welcome back to PKJ with lots of love and band-baja.Off course we remembered you.Take care.See you soon?

  4. Pushpa

    Totally redux….. im liking it
    Yes thg arrogant tadibazz SSO finally felt for Anika….. although he insulted her but when he saw her crying….. kuch kuch ho ra hai…..
    The old touching wala eyelocks trying to avoid chupka chupka liking also will be between them…. waiting yaar?..
    I luv this prinku … stand by Anika when shivaye insults her…. finally dadi decision mads akina to stay….but wht will happen when daksh misbehave wt anika will she believe anika ????v know this dakhs well how he will turn the story …. saw the precap inmgot goosebump … hope something will give hint to shivaye about dakhs 2rps behavior..

    Dadi talk im getting michi michi will she stop Anika Shivaye ishqbaaz ?? Dadi talking about naam khoon khandan…please dun cvs… v need tht positive ishqbaaz dadi so she can help Shivika find their lost love..

    Shivika moment in their room…. finally anika entered her room..the best scene today…Anila bumbp on Shivaye…. beautiful scene… trying to move but stuck shivaye ttying to look away but he cant……his senso meter sure will tell him something….

    Ishqbaaz it is but lers give shivika sometime to explore themself…..
    Gd nits gals..Monday kaap ayega its showtime wt dahks….

    1. Hello Pushpa di..
      me too felling michmichi from dadi’s naam …..khoobn……..khandaan talks.

    2. Banita

      Hlo diii….
      Yeh i also want our Ishbaazi dadi not NKK dadi…
      But… Yeh let’s give them sometime abhi toh start hua hain…

    3. Hii dii..hope u r fine
      loved ur cmnt…Yes yes pushpa dii..smthng is cooking btwn them

    4. Luthfa

      Hi Pu di,
      Everything will fall into place don’t worry.Let’s give some time to this Redux to tell its story at a proper pace.Waiting for Monday.Take care di.Happy weekend?

  5. So Daksh is back.. Waiting to see further.. ohhok weekend.. I hate weekends.. waiting for Monday.. no matter I criticize IB, I will always love you IB and miss you on weekends.. @Dost.. today am really on emotional mode..

    1. Luthfa

      Hey Dost,what happened yaar?Are you okay na?I am getting worried.Hope everything is fine.Lots of love and hugs from my side.Take care Dost.Love you???????

      1. Dhwani_Naidu

        Thank you dost for your concern.. love you.. Am okay now dost.. ??

      2. Dhwani_Naidu

        It’s about my school bestie dost.. Actually I had messaged you..

      3. Luthfa

        Thank God that everything is fine.I started worrying reading your comment.Very glad to hear that.Take care.Lots of love.Happy weekend?

    2. Hii Dhawni.
      ya daksh us back again with hus evil motives.
      me too hate weekends but what to do we have no other option except waiting.

      1. Dhwani_Naidu

        Hii Ishita!! Yeah dr.. have to wait.. Take care

    3. Banita

      Heyy Dhwani…
      HRU dr??
      Kya baat hain jo tumhe emotional kr dia..!!!!
      if u r not comfortable then *Bolna jaruri nahi hain*
      Btw i also miss ib on weekend…

      1. Dhwani_Naidu

        Hii Bani!! Am good yaar.. Long story short – my bestie no longer considers me as her bestfriend.. But am okay now yaar.. Thank you Bani for your concern… Love you..

    4. Hii dwani dr…i too miss ib badly..waiting for shivaay’s anger ..

      1. Dhwani_Naidu

        Haha same yaar.. me too waiting.. for shivaay’s anger, tadi and love too

  6. Nilash

    Hello TU vaasiyon, kaise ho sab???
    Here I am back to post mera review on aaj ka episode and to say hi to everyone.
    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…. to be true I am seriously enjoying this redux. So who else are enjoying it too???
    Aur who else are missing old characters??
    Aaj ke episode ka wo wala scene in which Annika di enters her room and touches her known things… uuuffffff I so wanted ki iss Mihir Awasthy me akal jaldi aaye, can’t wait to see Shivika together. 😛
    I know I am not Shivikan but wahi ek couple bacha hai IB me to aur kiska kya bolu batao.
    Aur Daadi… what do you all think? I am getting gut feeling ki daadi would be against Shivika love story, but Daadi tussi aisa na kariyo, hamara dil na toriyo.
    AUR TU vasiyon, missed you all so much re.
    Buh Bye, Good Night
    PIC/Bunny, see I am here today. SWAGAT NAI KAROGE HAMARA :p

    1. Hi Nilash Bhaiya /di(actually i am confused )
      Me too loving this redux .
      no…………….it should not be like ur gut felling bcoz
      if it is so then sara raita phel jayega ,jo mein seriously nhui chahti.

      1. Banita

        Dekh same thing also back with U my dr Nilash bhaiya ?????
        @Ishu she is a girl…

      2. Nilash

        Hehehehe… I am a girl dear, maybe your di.
        Haan wo to koi bhi nai chahta, let’s wait and watch

    2. Banita

      Finally my PIC is here….
      Of course main jarur SWAG KE SAATH SWAGAT karungi meri pyari ______ Ko…
      So from d side of regular PKJians
      ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????. Kele Ke Saath Swagat to my One Only Lovely ??
      This is d Best ever swagat I did anyone else till now ?????????????????????
      BTW about dadi , I don’t want to come on any conclusion about her rite now , but yeah I m also getting d same feeling…
      Once again WELCOME BACK PIC…

      1. Nilash

        Bas karo Chimpu 😛 itna achcha swagat bhi nai maanga tha, chal chor tujhe pareshaan karne me jo maza hai wo aur kahan baalike.
        Chal hum OM par hamla bolte hai, usse pehle uss Mihir Awasthy ka band bajate hai 😛
        Haayeeeee haaayyeeee thank you meri PIC rani

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Nilash,
      How are you?Welcome back to PKJ,your own family where you were a regular member,once upon a time.Take care.Happy weekend?

      1. Nilash

        Hi Luthfa, yeah those golden days. Happy weekend, though it ended 😛
        You too take care 🙂

  7. Banita

    Hlo PKJ…
    Our old dadi is backkk…
    D happiest person in my house to see dadi is my father… He wasn’t like d new one…. LOL…
    In this redux not Shivay , but dadi believe in NKK….
    Nd Khannaji also know everything about Shinky….
    Don’t know why , but i m getting strong feeling that Anika’s mother will be that lady who created problem between Shinky…. Nd when Shivay will know this he will forcefully marry her again…. Or may be there will be some MU in this…
    But sacchi mein i seriously don’t want a forcefull marriage between Shivika…
    Shivay saw Anika crying nd there created a soft corner for Anika in him… Same thing i want to see vice versa… I mean Anika to see Shivay’s weak point… Then we can say “Dard ne Bana Di Jodi”….
    Precap –
    Daksh Is Backkkkkkk….
    Now also he will be same old negative nature….
    Now I m waiting for our Pasinalana…. But of course it will be good if she will come after Daksh… I dont want to see two villian at d same time….
    GN PKJ…

    1. Hiiii………Banita di..
      how r u ?

      u know what di Me too think that lady who created problems between Shinky was Annika’s mom.
      but don’t know we are thinking in right direction or not.
      Lets see ,is it like that or not?

      1. Banita

        Hlo Ishu…
        I m good dr… Tu kesi hain???
        Yeh many of us r thinking same thing , but let’s see CVS kya sochte hain…

    2. hii bani..yes everyone is back..i am on cloud nine

      1. Banita

        Hey Sneha…
        I m also exciting for upcoming….

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Bani,
      Your Dad is also an IB fan?So good to know.Hehehehe…You are right.Dard ne bana di jodi.Let’s see,how their pain is going to unite them.Take care.Happy weekend?

      1. Banita

        No @Lu he is not a IB fan , but yeh he watch ib with me… Actually mostly many times my family watch with me , that’s why sometimes it’s get difficult to watch ib on tv for me like Shivika “Laal ishq” part nd…. LOL..
        Yeh let’s see kya hota hain…
        HAPPY SUNDAY to U too…

  8. Luthfa

    By the way Shivaay,you don’t understand what type of girl she is but no worries,you will get to know very soon.That day is not far when you would be the most desperate one to know who is Anika and what she does and how.Let me tell you one thing,the way you were emphasizing on Plan and Planning,it reminded me of Aajnabee film where Akshay Kumar used to say”Everything is Planning” and his this planning for everything got him into trouble eventually.Anyway,in this world whatever happens,happens for a specific reason.Perhaps you are not realizing it now but one day you are going to accept that,without planning and plotting,some things occur in our life and those change our life forever.You are blind to see this now owing to your family size ego(which is absolutely unnecessary)and it will take time as you belong to The Oberois who have the track record of understanding everything little later,being Tubelight by nature!And it’s the tradition of this world to break that person who is already broken etc.You are also broken but no one dares to break you rather you go on breaking other.But let me tell you a secret,in future you are going to break inside terribly seeing someone shedding one single drop of tear.You would experience earthquake/heartquake of beyond any Richter scale,mark my words.Get ready to feel the thunder and let me laugh wholeheartedly on your stunts which you have performed today and I think many more is on the way.All the very best…………………………..

    1. hiii…….Luthfa di…..
      how r u ?
      yes di u r absolutely right …….everything happens for a reason……..
      aur ek din aisa bhi aayega jab bina kisi planning or plotting k Annika Shivaye ki zindagi mein aayegi……..
      and that day is not so far……

      and thanx di ur questions gave me the chance to express my feelings so once again thanku so much.
      love u di.

      1. Luthfa

        Hello Ishita,
        I am good dear.Thank you so much.Hope you are doing khidkitode.Yes dear,we all are waiting for that day to come asap.And I read all your writings.Just loved to read them.You are most welcome dear.Take care.Love you too.Happy weekend?

    2. Banita

      Being tubelight in nature….!!!
      Hahaha…. LOL @Lu…
      Well it’s d only truth of OF…. First MU then LOVE…

      1. Luthfa

        Hehehe….That’s the tradition of the Oberois.What can we do?Let’s see what brings Shivika together.Take care.Happy weekend?

    3. Beautiful sayings Luthfa. Shivaay always understands Anika too late. Maybe that is what Anika is attracted to Shivaay’s quality. Nice analysis dear. Lots of love Lu

      1. Luthfa

        Sindhu di,
        Very much possible.I am waiting for their love story to commence.Hope some uniqueness is going to grace us.And thank you sooooooooo….very much for your appreciation di.Love you too.Happy weekend☺

    4. Hii luthfa dr..i missed u and ur fantabulous extra ordinary first i was not liking the redux..but now its good

      1. Luthfa

        Hello Sneha,
        How are you dear?Awwww….Thank you so much yaar.Give some more time to this Redux dear.You would definitely love it.Take care.Lots of love.Happy weekend?

  9. Hlo pkjians………
    So after celebrate 2yearsofib …today is MY BIRTHDAY …..!!!!!!!!!
    I am so happy to spent my birthday with you this page …this is my 17th birthday …..

    About today,s epi …
    As usual jaisa socha tha aisa hi hua …shivay ne anika ki izzat ki dhajia ura diya …thank god dadi finally kuch bola ..
    I am dissapointed with rudy’s behaviour i know it is casual to think like that ..rudy is right in his point ..but phir bhi i don’t like it ..
    When anika cried’s really hurt me ???
    This chachi is hell irritating ..?? i just hate her ..har bakt bas anika ko kosti rahti hai ….man to karta hai ki gala dawa do is churail chachi ki ..???
    At the last scean shivay looks cute ..i don’t know why he looks so innocent kuch pata nahi hai use …
    I also loved the BG music …mostly the emotionwala part ki ??? it’s so nice …

    Next week DAKSH will be back as tia’s brother and prinku ki would be husband …ab daksh hai to acha role to positive role to nahi hogi ..negetive hi hogi …ab daksh ko bhi jhelna parega …but in past he did a very good job as a negetive role .pura physico ki tarah tha …let’s see this time whatis gonna happen …but mainly daksh to anika ke sath kuch na kuch tarike se connect ho jayega …
    Ok ,,G8 guys ….love you all ..
    Miss many pkjians ..who are busy in their life …hope they will get time to come on this page …

    1. Happy birthday dear Tania.

      Every year an extra candle add on ur cake i wish that extra candle brings an extra happiness and extra prosperity in ur life .

      Love u dear .

      1. Thank you so much ishu …….??
        Love you 2..??

    2. Luthfa

      May you always smile like the most beautiful flower…
      May you always shine like the brightest star…
      May you always be happy…
      May God fulfill all your wishes…
      May Gof bless you with every possible success and love………Haapy Birthday To You…..Enjoy your this special day with all the love and smile.Lots of love and best wishes for your future??????????????

      1. Thank you ..luthfa …thank you so much.. ☺☺☺
        Love you …??

      2. Luthfa

        Oh I have done typing mistake.Actually I was so sleepy while writing it.I am really very sorry.Plz don’t take it otherwise.It’s not intentional.Take care.Love you too?

    3. JeevithaTK

      Hi Tania dear,
      Hru.. Wishing u many more happy returns of the day.????.. May u deserve all success and happiness nd joy in ur life. Have a great future… God bless u… Enjoy your day dear. Love u… Tc

      1. Hi ….jeevi ..
        I am fine yr are you ..
        Thank you so much for your wishes ….☺☺☺
        Love you 2 ..??yr …have a great weekend …

    4. Happy birthday Tania many many happy returns of the day dear.
      May God gives you the maturity and sense to choose right path in your life, which will play important role in upcoming life, relationships and career.
      May God gives you the strength to face the hardship of your life.
      May God gives you the power to handle the failure and rejection. Remember failure, if taken as a source of inspiration to do better next time, will always become first step to success.
      Dear Tania and everyone always remember that F. A. I. L stands for First Attempt In Learning.
      May God make you meet your lover, at correct time ( after your career). And you both understand, respect, be loyal to, trust, love each other and never leave each other in hard times of your love partner.
      May God, gives you the strength, maturity, sense to handle with any trouble, if any trouble comes.
      May God always keeps you away from addiction of bad things like TV, FB, Instagram, social media, drugs, smoking, etc.

      May God gives you the courage to do, what you want to become in your life ( doctor, model, artist, actress, entrepreneur, business woman, engineers, etc), even if you have to go against your parents.

      May God gives you right sense to choose career which you love.

      May God………………….

      1. Hi …..Rahul ….
        Omg …such an long wishes…
        Thank you yr …thank you so much ..
        Take care . ..☺☺☺

    5. Banita

      Yeh last time Daksh did a gr8 job as a negative character… Let’s what more blunder he will do this time…

      1. Heey ..Bani ..
        Thank you so much …???

    6. Tania hope you have great memories of this day and enjoy every moment of it. Keep positive

      1. Hi ,,,sindhu di…
        How are you …
        Thank you so much dii..
        And sorry ..actually i can’t reply you in past few days ..mai to kisiko bhi reply nehi di payi ..actually i am little bit busy ..with my clg admission ..counciling sorry everyone ..
        Once again thank you …love you di ???


      1. Hi sneha …how are you dr .
        All good na ..
        Thank you so much ☺☺☺.

  10. What if the other lady in Sakthi lifes was Anika & Gauri’s mother?!

    1. Even i thought that bit of it was line did Shivay anika ‘ll be step siblings na

    2. Luthfa

      Can’t tell right now di.But cvs can introduce any twist.Let’s see?

  11. Banita

    There was a scene when Anika entered Shivay’s room nd she felt like she know that room…. One thing i didn’t undestand in that part when Anika don’t remember Shivay , Shivay don’t remember Anika infact no one remember Aniriya nd vice versa then why they show that scene..!!!!!
    Whatever it is , but i really like Shivika’s small scene at last….

    1. Yes Banita I also don’t understand why show the room. If they both can’t remember things at all, then how can she remember the room which is inanimate thing.

      1. Banita

        Exactly dii…
        Pata nahi CVS ne kya soch kr dikhaya…!!!!!?

    2. Luthfa

      I think all these are happening because this AU is situated in the minds of Shivika.They are imagining everything in new form but the connection is still there.May be I am wrong.

      1. Banita

        Well may be @Lu , but i dont think ase kuch hain… Everything is changed , when they don’t remember eo then how will she remember that room….!!!?

  12. Hello……
    my dear Jeevi.
    Nice to read ur experience of Ishqbaaz.
    and i think answers of most of the questions are similar ,
    I mean we all have almost same answers for mostly questions.

  13. Agga4102

    I think so it will be Anika’s mom whom Shakti had affair with….

    1. Luthfa

      Let’s see,what is going to happen in true sense?

  14. Hi everyone.
    I am loving this redux .
    In todays episode it hurted me a lot when Shivaye insulted Annika without sny reason .
    and then it shocked me a lot when I heard that Dadi believes in Naam ……..khoon ………khandaan mentality.

    I think Shivaye felt bad seeing Annika crying .

    I liked that part when dadi ne kaha ki lagta hai ki aaj laxmi ji ne ghar mein kadam rakh diye aur wese hi Annika ki entry hoti hai.

    Oh…my mata ……..
    Priyanka’s love interest is Daksh .

    I am waiting for Rikara’s first meet after redux .

    Aayush bhaiya where are u ?
    and Arpita di I know u r busy with ur exams but i am missing u and ur comnent .
    Please come back as soon as ur
    exams get finished.

    Sindhu di I am fine (reply for the question which u asked in ur previous comment )
    and what about u ?

    OK bye .
    Good night
    take care

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Ishita,
      Hope you are doing great.For the time being everything is in scattering mode.We need to give some time to this Redux to unfold.Till then let’s enjoy.Take care.Happy weekend?

  15. at first a very very happy birthday to our beloved Ishqbazz…
    don’t get me wrong but personally I don’t like redux..
    cause after a lot of struggles we have got a sweet shivay from arrogant shivay…n I don’t think audience will wait for another 300 episode for their proper love story…..
    so please end this track…I fear because of it trp may be decrease if they drag it…..
    can any of friends know the duration of this track….???
    cause we have waited 2 years for their love story..
    do we have to wait another 2 or 1 year for shivika’s reunion….???
    n another question did the journey of our previous Shivika end with this track…???

    1. Dont lose hope dr..i dont think the previous shivika journey ends with this track…and even if it end the cvs will give us a more interesting story ahead…keep watching ib

    2. Luthfa

      It’s okay dear.But you can give it a try.Take care?

  16. hello friends…
    I think they are creating another version of ipkknd….
    any way I thought that dadi will give some lesson of love to shivay…but here everything is spoiled….
    she believes in nkk. now it will not so easy for shivika to unite…cause I think dadi won’t allow….
    don’t like this redux track….but still watch just to see how they shape up the track…
    already trp start decreasing….but let’s see the trp of next week…then we will understand how many people are interested in this track….
    cause ultimately trp decide everything in the end of the day….like show kitna din chalegi….
    and they are also not show any rikara n ruvya track….
    most of the audience say that this track is only for shivika…so do the makers think still rikara n ruvya fans will watch it…..
    sorry if I hurt any of the friends….

  17. I think this redux is more like iss pyaar ko kya naam doon.

  18. Mujhe ye redux part kuch samajh ni aara. Jb kahani nayi hai tou how could Anika feel that she has been in shivaay’s room before. :/ Also the sensometer? When they have met for the first time then how come it’s working? And I don’t think rikara and ruvya part will also come since shivika has been given the challenge by the mihir whether they would meet again. Feel like watching the old episodes all over again. Tou main yehi samjhu ki ishqbaaz has gone off-air now?

  19. :/ getting bored seriously.

  20. Hello hello PKJ family, have a good weekend. My dear love to Luthfa, banita Arpu, kadhambari Little jeevi shiny Ishita Tania sneha pushpa krishna omaira shivya aayush and many many more.

    Today’e Episode I love it. First of all shivaay’s very own tadi and insulting Anika. He really showed he is SSO. When Anika entered the house, Dadi says Laxmi has come. After all the insults Anika just smiles at everyone even shivaay. Oh wow shivaay could not take his eyes out of her until she left. How romantic! When Shivaay saw her crying, we can see a mini version of Soft Singh Oberoi. His heart has become soft and he must have felt bad to see her crying out. I think he may have wondered why she didnt’t fight with him at the hall but crying out here. At the hospital she stood equal and replied him angrily. Shivaay you are forgetting one thing. She can’t fight as she has much respect for prinku who saved her family out of the crisis and for sahil’s sake she has to bite her teeth as well as she was at his place and not her house where she can fight. She may not be fighting a rich man but she will definitely help his sister and maintain her dignity. That is the difference between the genuine rich and the genuine poor ones.

    Dadi when did you become so conerned about koon khandan etc… but this is redux and kalyani dadi is different now. She is more concerned about all this because of what happened to Shivaay’s parents. So a woman was responsible for the death of his parents. Now that is different and wonder how the cvs will develop this story. I am Glad it is a lot different from the old IB.

    Dhaksh is always the villain and always a woman molester. I wonder how Shivaay knows that there is something going on at the outhouse? Did he hear a noise? I can’t wait for Monday. But I do see there is a little spark between Shivika. Both really can’t take their eyes out.

    I absolutely love the background music score for shivika. Oh my I wonder who composed it. It simply too good and soothing to one’s ears.

    Have a great weekend everyone. Love to all?

    1. HII sindhu dii…sry for not replying to one of ur early cmnt…i wrote but it was deleted..missed u dr…i was a bit busy and was not interested with the redux at first..but now okay..loved ur long cmnt..nd yes diii..i too loved that bg..its so melodious
      oh so in the precap it was outhouse,..dont know maybe shivaay sensed too waiting for u too dr

    2. Banita

      Hlo Sindhu dii…
      First of al i really like ur comment on pre page about ur exprience with IB…
      Me also waiting for Shivay’s reaction when he will know d reality of daksh… But it will surely take some time…

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Sindhu di,
      I agree with you completely.This is Redux so everything is different.Shivika are attracting each other as they are soul mates.Story is progressing bit by bit.We just need some patience to watch.Anyway,very nice analysis di.Take care.Happy weekend?

  21. Guys..did u listen to wat shivaay said..all the small and big things abt oberois r available on net…so he intend to say thet priyanka’s allergy to nuts will be seen there..i literally laughed at it…nd anika was smiling at shivaay while entering to om next day…

    1. Even me that cracked me up for sure

    2. Luthfa

      Hehehe…..You are right.Even me too noticed it.You know na,Oberois are famous so aise famous logo ke saath aisa hota rehta hain!Anika’s smile was sweet?

  22. Riana

    Episode was really goood…Sab kuch thik tha….
    Ek scene ne sab badal diya…
    Why she felt that she came before into this room…
    I think this is very soon going to be fantasy kinda story !!!…
    Matlab kaise hosakta ye…Anika in redux is completely different ! But still she felt that the room is connected to her from before !! ???????????????
    The scene kept me SHATTERED !!!…
    Ye sirf redux nahi lag raha…
    There’s something more to it ??????
    Shivika scenes are always good ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Waiting for some different scenes too…
    Omg precap mein DAKSHHHHH !! ??????


    ……………….COMMENT KARO ???????

    1. Luthfa

      Whoever can manage time is commenting dear.You too keep commenting.To be honest,I am very excited about this Redux and its implementation.Hope Cvs won’t disappoint me.Take care.Happy weekend?

  23. Have a great weekend ..all pkjians ..
    Hope something good happen in future in ib …this redux is a really challenging for the whole cast of ib …plz keep patient and support it with all your love for ib…
    Take care ..bye…

    1. Luthfa

      Agree with you totally.You too take care?

  24. JeevithaTK

    Hi guys, big hello to my lovely akka’s dear onces and pkjs… Hru all. Hope you all r good nd ur weekend is going on well….
    I’m soooo happy tht our dadi is back…. Tq CVS for bringing her back…..
    Coming to episode : Oo pinku is back…. But CVS r big chantu ur fulfilling our demands/wish but in ur style…. Liked her but as our old prinku.. Even her character is also changed/ different from old…..
    Shivay Anna ur soo protective for her… Kash I Hv been in prinku place….
    Missing O jaana song v much…
    And Anika entry in OM good…. Both feeling for one other is also good….
    Kash I could give a slap to tht house owner nd sahil mom…..
    Even in this prinku nd anika r frds…. She is helping her nd khanna ji is also getting some important part in becoming shivka….
    Feeling bad non is helping r supporting anika like season 1…
    CVS plz give bring bit bond btw all missing the bond v. Much…..
    I don’t know weather I’m liking it r nt some time loving it sometime missing in there bond…..
    Happy weekend. Love u all. Tc

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Jeevi dear,
      Hope you are doing fine and recovering.
      I agree with you.This Redux has changed everything.Priyanka is really sweet but clings to Shivaay too much.Apart from that,all is okay.Waiting to see what happens next.I am actually very excited.Take care.Happy weekend.Lots of love?

  25. I’m so confused.
    Why did the writers decide to do this, it’s dumb

  26. I’d rather the old ishqbaaz this new storyline is very boring.

  27. Luthfa

    Hello Nilash,
    How are you?Welcome back to PKJ your own family where you were a regular member,once upon a time.Take care.Happy weekend?

  28. Luthfa

    Hehehe….That’s the tradition of the Oberois.What can we do?Let’s see what brings Shivika together.Take care.Happy weekend?

  29. Nikita_jai29

    Hi ishqies…in this redux track… I am loosing my interest…. Please cvs give shivika ishqbaazi soon ….have a great week ahead…

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