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Dadi says I will ask someone to drop you. Shivaye gets up. Om says I will drop her. Om asks Shivaye to go and thank Anika. Anika asks Shivaye to come. Shivaye and Anika are on the way. She asks do you mean I m responsible for what happened today.

Some time before, Anika tells Dadi that Bal Gopal is beautiful. Dadi says its made of gold and studded with diamonds, but Om is the biggest diamond, he made this idol. Tia says we will have a pic for my followers, we will keep Lord Krishna in centre. Pinky agrees. Tia asks Pinky to go on left middle more. Pinky falls from the sofa. Pinky and Dadi switch places. Tia asks Rudra to stand next to Om. Om asks Soumya to come, why is she standing far. Soumya says its your family pic. He calls her his sister and takes her. Tia asks Shivaye to come.


asks where will you stand. Anika asks how can I come, its your family pic, I m not your family. Rudra says this family is because of you, you saved us, come stand here. Rudra says I feel frame is long and takes phone from Tia. He makes everyone change places. He gets Shivaye behind Shakti and gets Anika beside Shivaye. He says move and pushes Anika towards Shivaye. Shivaye holds Anika and they see each other. Rudra takes pic and says perfect. He then sees Shivaye holding Anika. Anika gets away from Shivaye.

Anika says Dadi I will go. Dadi asks how will you alone. Shivaye gets up. Om says I will drop her. Shivaye goes to Om and signs her. Om asks what. Shivaye asks will you go to drop Anika. Om says she saved our family’s life, I have to go, you refused saying you won’t go again. Shivaye tells Dadi that I will drop Anika. Om asks really. Shivaye says I will come back and talk. Om says we have to talk. Rudra says come soon. Om says no, there is no hurry, take your time, you should drop her, thank her well for saving our family. Anika says Chaliye/come…… Om and Rudra say Jaaiye….. Dadi hugs Anika. Shivaye and Anika leave. Om and Rudra hands seeing them and smile. Dadi smiles too.

Shivaye and Anika are on the way. He says so…. She asks so? He thinks to say sorry. She asks what was he saying. He says yes, whatever you did today…. She asks whatever I did today, what? He says you are very responsible…. She asks you mean I m responsible for this. He says I mean… She says I know what you mean, you blame me always. He says you are mistaken. She says you said I m responsible for whatever happened. He says let me finish. She says you detect my mistakes like a metal detector, I told Sahil you are not so bad, you have nothing good in you.

He says I was stupid to say sorry and thanks. She asks were you going to say sorry and thanks, why did you fight with me, why did you pause, say it. He says there is nothing good in me right. She says prove it that you have something good in you, take a deep breath and say sorry. He says okay, I need time to prepare. She says my home, we reached, stop the car. He stops the car. She says you can never say sorry to anyone, you did not learn to say sorry. She gets down the car and leaves. He says sorry…..

Rudra tells Om that he got 1500 likes on his pic and Tia got 1000 likes, I scored. Om calls him a stupid competition, everything has become popularity contest, people forgot to live life and show people how they live, get out of social media and think of real life. Tej is on the way and talks to Shivaye, maybe Shwetlana is right, some insider is doing this, maybe Anika. Shivaye says its not her. Tej asks how can you say this. Shivaye says believe me, Gayatri is doing this, till we get her arrested, the attacks will continue. Tej says fine, let me come back, we will see. Rudra complains about not getting sleep. Om tells him that people don’t get sleep because of internet, not insomnia.

Shivaye comes home. Om and Rudra tease him about dropping Anika. Shivaye says Anika was unwell by the attack happened here, so I was making sure she reached home safe, if anything happened, then people would say Oberois can’t take care of staff. Om says no, Shivaye takes for staff a lot. Shivaye says I m just concerned for family. Rudra shows him pic and says this shows concern for Anika, not family. Gayatri sees the same pic and says even this attack failed, Oberoi family is fine.

Rudra jokes about Shivaye’s face when Anika fainted. Om says but there was another attack on our family. Shivaye says Gayatri is behind this. Rudra says nothing can happen to our family till Anika is there, she is a super girl. Shivaye says you are praising her a lot. Om says Rudra is right, she always saved us. Shivaye says you are praising some other girl, Riddhima will feel bad. Om says no, she will not get such thought now, Mala and Bela did this, and tries to explain. Shivaye says its confusing. Rudra asks him to say what happened exactly. Ishana sees the pic and says its Hum hum saath saath hai type of pic, lots of time got wasted, I have to take next step, which will take me close to Om’s bank balance, I m stuck at this point.

Shivaye says I can’t believe this, I felt just Rudra is dumb, you proved you are more dumb, its clear. Rudra says its coincidence, Bela told you her sorrowful stories, why did she give you Maa’s bangles without any reason. Shivaye says there is no emotional ground, you could not meet Mala. Om says om my God, it means Mala and Bela are together and targeted me and Riddhima, but why, we don’t know them. Shivaye says its obvious, so that you and Riddhima breakup and you get along Bela. Om says Bela lied to me to get close to me, she is liar to the core. Rudra sings Teri ore. Om asks how shall we expose her Shivaye. Shivaye says its pretty simple.

Ishana says poor Bela, its time to call Om and do drama. She gets Om’s call and gets glad. She answers the call. Shivaye asks Om to get to the point fast. Om asks her can we meet tomorrow if you are free. She says I m busy. Om asks day after tomorrow? Actually, I have to talk to you. Shivaye asks Om to get to the point. Rudra steps on Om’s feet. Om screams. Ishana says I can understand your pain, you would be hurt after breakup with Riddhima. Om asks how did you know this. She says by voice, you were sounding low, so I felt this. Om asks can we meet tomorrow. She says yes, where to come. He says I will message you. She asks him to take care. Om thanks her and ends call. She says my hawa hawai formula number 2 will start, I will get bank balance. She sings paisa paisa. Shivaye says we will know this girl’s truth tomorrow.

Shivaye asks you here. She asks why did you throw water on me Billu ji. He says remember I return everything with interest. She asks will you get water tanker to throw on me. He says yes I will and laughs aloud.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hai friends, well first of all I saw that it’s one of our friends Niharika’s marriage. So all the best.
    Now ishqbaaz just loved it. Shivika rocks. Om was looking dashing.

  2. Hii evryone .How r u??. i know it’s too late for comments. Actually i am so busy in this week..
    Anyway yesterday episode was so good.Shivaye cares for anika???It’s too good. Now on ishkara. Guys i am sorry to say that ridhima is a nice girl.
    FARK HI KYA HAI. HA RIDHIMA ISHANA K JEISI GAMES NAHI KHELTI OM K i said ridhima is nice girl. NAHI. Sorry again if i heart anyone.

    1. who knows real intention of riddhima

    2. ishana ko bank balance se matlab hae pr she is bounded by debt .she has to pay 3 crore bcoz of his father.she is helpless girl.I think riddhima is pretending to be good in front of om

  3. I saw today’s precap on instagram…ishana is exposed..she is saying to omkara that you will become like ur father one day….he shouted SHUT UP on her..:/

  4. Congrats Nihaarika di…May your married life be filled with love and joy <3

  5. Congrats niharika di , actually i know abut ur marriage u cmmnt on swaragini page di hope ur wedding will be most successful wedding ,and the way u want it to be as u are lucky girl u married to ur lov i think its too early for marriage but its all ur decision once again congratulation

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