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Ishqbaaz 28th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tia says mom wants our marriage to happen tomorrow. Shivaye says there is something you can do. Anika says tell me, I m dying to do anything. He asks her to start his wedding preparations. Anika looks at her tear on her finger. Oh jaana….plays……

Some time before, Tia says actually, there is a condition for this voting. Shivaye says can you say that again. Tia says mom wants our marriage to happen right away, when our marriage happens, mom and dad will give you their vote. Dadi asks is this marriage happening or any deal. Tia says I m just saying what my mom wants, our companies will have merger after our marriage, its 36000 crore deal, mom is saying if marriage has to happen, why later, why not now. Rudra says I want to say, why now, why not later.

Pinky says why to hurry Tia,

there is no preparations. Tia says Shivaye has pushed marriage date so many times, now mom wants marriage to happen immediately, board meeting is day after tomorrow. Rudra says so? Tia says mom wants marriage to happen tomorrow. They all get shocked. Dadi asks Tia what are you saying. Tia says we will keep marriage tomorrow and will do grand reception later on. Jhanvi says relations are not joined by twisting wrists, sorry to say, I feel its blackmailing, not marriage. Tia says not really, don’t take mom wrong, if marriage was not happening, it would be blackmailing, but marriage has to happen, we are just preponing it, I hope Shivaye agrees, right Shivaye baby. Dadi says Billu’s marriage in one day.

Pinky says yes, arrangements can’t happen in one day. Tia asks Pinky to agree with her, you want this marriage to happen soon, your pandit said marriage will happen in one month, I m saying whats in your heart. Pinky says yes, you are saying right, marriage has to happen, we will keep marriage tomorrow and big functions later, Shivaye are you ready. Shivaye thinks. Anika walks in. He looks at her. Music plays…..Anika sees him.

Tia says Shivaye baby, I know you need some time, but board meeting is day after tomorrow, so you have time till today, I will wait for your call, take care. She leaves with Robin. Anika smiles seeing Tia. Anika comes to everyone. Pinky says Shivaye….. Shivaye leaves. Jhanvi asks Pinky to come with her. Om signs Rudra to come with him. Anika asks Dadi what happened. Dadi says nothing, we will talk later. They all disperse.

Anika says why does everyone look so worried today. She sees newspaper and read Oberoi family framed in death scandal. She says everyone will be worried for this. Jhanvi tells Pinky that this is blackmailing, Kapoors are not asking for relation, they are snatching. Rudra says they are keeping gun at Shivaye’s head and making him marry, Tia will come in this house permanently, my bad dream will come true, this is wrong.

Pinky says whats wrong in this, they are just hurrying, I will say a story, my dad had red old car and it needed push, even Shivaye is same, he thinks his marriage is red old car and always pushes it. Om says if Shivaye is pushing date, it does not mean Kapoors do this, relations are decided by heart, not by helpless, Kapoors are pressuring him, Shivaye should refuse. Jhanvi says definitely, Shivaye should refuse to this, Mrs. Kapoor has indirectly threatened that if marriage does not happen now, she will not help in Shivaye’s deal.

Rudra says deal, deal, Shivaye will not ruin his life for this deal, he will refuse to Tia, he knows I have problem with her. Om says its about Shivaye’s life, not yours, its serious. He says I know, I will leave house and live in outhouse, but it won’t be needed, he will not say yes. Pinky says Shivaye will not say no, he can’t miss this great deal, and about preparations, we are Oberois and can do anything on one thing, I have to hear Shivaye’s yes. Om says I just hope Shivaye says no to this deal. Shivaye talks on call and asks can we complete this deal without external help, fine…. He turns and sees Anika.

She says door was open so I came. He asks what do you want. She says you….. He looks at her. Music plays….. She says you….. you look worried, everyone look worried, I wish I could help you. He asks but why do you want to help me. She asks what. He says its okay, its my family’s problem. She says I can’t see bad happening with your family. He asks why is that, oh because you work here. She says yes, I work here, but I have relation with this house, its my best friend’s house, its that Dadi’s house who did not let me feel like a stranger, and its yours…… He looks at her and asks what….

She says no, I was just saying your Papa and Bade Papa are blamed wrong, I know this, if injustice happens with anyone, I feel Michmichi, I was thinking if I could help you, but I don’t think I can. He says its not like that, there is something you can do. She asks what, I m dying to do anything. He says start preparing for my wedding, Tia and I are marrying tomorrow. She gets shocked. O jaana…..plays…. His reflection is seen in her eye. He goes.

Jhanvi says Shivaye is saying yes for this business deal, he is in pressure, this is just not right. Dadi says getting love and snatching love has big difference, it looks like Tia is scaring Shivaye to join relation. Rudra tells Soumya that Lady baba will come in our house and breathe in same air, I have to see her every day, its better I get blindfold and become Madhari. Soumya says Madhari? Its Gandhari. He says same, she will make this house a big Reiki centre, check if I have fever. She says shut up, you don’t have fever, stop being a cry baba, I think we should support Shivaye. Pinky tells servants about Shivaye’s marriage, everything should be best, then I will give you all gold chain.

Om talks to Riddhima and says Shivaye is not handling situation right. Riddhima says that’s Shivaye, once he has taken decision, its taken. He says no, I have to talk to him, such big decisions are not taken in hurry. Sahil asks Anika is Bagad Billa marrying tomorrow, it means he will become groom tomorrow, are you saying true. Anika says I said its marriage tomorrow, why are you asking again, I m asked to do arrangements, does anyone take marriage decision in one day, does arrangements get done in one day, Shivaye could have thought, he just said its marriage tomorrow, its marriage, not halwa to make tomorrow.

Sahil says Billu had to marry some day, this is your work to plan his wedding, you said you will plan everything, now the date has come, why are you feeling irritated. She says its work pressure, so I m irritated, my work will end tomorrow after marriage, don’t worry, I will get some other work, its good he is marrying, its nice thing if someone settles, I will not come here after marriage, I will not meet anyone, but everyone here are so good, I will meet others if I want. He asks and Billu ji. She says you waste my time a lot, you just want to gossip, I have much work, I will talk later. She ends call and says Sahil’s talk never ends.

Shivaye asks what do you want to say Om, what shall I do, you know situation right, our company stocks crashed, media has make Oberoi family name a sensational headline, if takeover does not happen, we will be a laughing stock, I m ready to do anything for this business takeover. Om says we are talking about marriage and you are talking about business, we are saying relations are not business, what you are doing is not done, like you are taking biggest decision of life is not done, heart is taken and given, not sold.

Shivaye says I have no time for this emotional nonsense, how did this selling thing came in between, Tia and I were marrying. Om says we thought you will understand that you took wrong decision and chose wrong partner, I have no problem personally, I wish the best for her, but I know Tia is not right life partner for you, I hoped you will realize and change your decision. Shivaye says I don’t take decisions to change.

Rudra says your tashan will ruin your love, why are you marrying her if you don’t love her. Shivaye says Rudra listen, me and Tia… Rudra says I know, you both are perfect and this marriage is a deal, you don’t love her. Mallika understood this in two days, why don’t you understand, how can you spend your life with her if you don’t love her. Om says Rudra is saying right, heart should agree to love someone and Ishqbaazi is necessary to be with someone forever. Rudra says Ishqbaazi, that’s the keyword, I know you are Shivaye and won’t change decision, will your height get less, fine, break this relation and put blame on me.

Shivaye says you both have lost it, got mad, I m marrying, not buying tie to change heart, Tia and I are perfect together, we are equal partners. Om says partners don’t do deal at gunpoint like Tia is doing. Shivaye says not Tia, her parents, maybe I would done the same being in their place. He says I have always admitted that this marriage is a deal, where two business houses are meeting before two families, if our family is in problem, and Kapoors are bailing us out, whats the problem, ist only practical. Om says person needs love along with money for living, you know this, you try to convince yourself, but you also know you are not happy with this marriage. Shivaye asks what do you both want from me, investigation is going on Papa and Bade Papa , our forty years credibility is at stake, you want me to forget all this and listen to my heart, believe me, my heart does not say anything to me. Rudra says it says and you don’t hear it. Shivaye asks really, what does my heart say. Rudra says Anika. Shivaye gets shocked. Anika gets her tear on her finger and gets surprised. O jaana…..plays………..

Shivaye says you both seriously think I will be interested in an ordinary girl wearing broken slippers, she is not equal to me, she is a roadside girl, who is roadside junk, she is much lower than my level, I don’t even see to that level. Shivaye, Om and Rudra turn and see Anika hearing everything.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hey guys I heard that while going the marriage anika can’t cntrl her feelings and stops the marraige and Xpress her love on shivay. Everyone get shocked

    1. Shaza

      Yep , I also just saw the spoiler ..but seems like it’s fake …idk ..but after the spoiler super exited for the wedding ep ?

    2. Renimarenju

      Hey kumari ishqie, welcome to the family of ishqies

      1. Thank u renima. I don’t know u bcoz I’m new to this grp . thanks for welcome me.

    3. Ohh no plsss dnt make anika to confess her feelings plsss just make that baagad billa to beg for anikas love plsss

    4. Guyz spoiler is fake,after hearing shivayes bitter words anika will be shattered and shivaye will feel bad for what he said and he try to pacifie her and both of them are feels for each other but both of them are not confessing it. There is a spoiler that shivaye and tias marriage will not happen bcz tias true face will be exposed infront of shivaye

  2. Shaza

    Hey guys …I just saw a spoiler on ridhkara …seems like Rudhima is the lead ..?…Ridhima will suddenly become very understanding and Om will feel lucky that he is having such understanding gf ?…..I need a new girl for Om …this is not done ….?

    1. What the hell i really dnt want riddhima as lead if its not ishana then pls bring any other lead for omkara plsss dnt make pair ridhkara

    2. No way!!! She can’t be the lead……

  3. Priya15

    guys dont believe the things put in wikipedia bcoz anybody can manipulate it….

    somedays before they said raglak r dead..but aisa kuch nahi ko koi bhi manipulate kar sakta ke liye sahi site nahi hai wiki….

    @shaza..i l say u one thing u l dance like mad now..u l become like me…EDKV IS NOT ENDING SWEETIE…u heard it ryt…khushi spoke to sony tv they cnfrmd it n said official statement l be given soon…chalo party karo…

    somebody said snake track is cmng up..really????

    @MAYANAK bhai…u r ryt ..vrushy fans ke liye ishqbaaz end ho chuka hai…

    1. Ohh priya ur ekdv is not ending hmm i dnt watch the show but im happy for u

      1. Priya15

        tq di…uff….effort of three days didnt go waste…

    2. Shaza

      Oh let’s party ??♥️….AAJ KI PARTY MERI TARAF SE …..??♥️.who is Khushi ….oh god ….I would send u reiki’s if I could …????…..I’m like dancing like crazy ..crazier than Ishana’s dance ?….This was the surprise ? ..I guessed it right ……can’t stop smiling ….???…..something higher than cloud 9 ….I’m getting heaven feeling ?????????????????????….smilies till infinity ?…I can’t express how much happy I’m …from morning was dull thinking About EDKV and vrushika..u made my day

      1. Shaza

        Fan POWER ???

      2. Priya15

        i can understand….when khushi sent me the pm..i was like…wt…and i m really dancing like a mad..i m sooo happy..n khushi is my tu frnd…she is an ishkara fan too…

  4. Guyz there is a spoiler that the cd which gayathri showed its fake bcz anika will saw that grl and informs shivaye but after finding that they will see that grl really died

  5. Hi everyone
    Renima Di (missed you so) shivani mukta priya abiha shahabana kushagra shaza shai sat enasanjidha Di roz piyali neha chetna and all ishqbaazians
    I’m feeling really bad for wat gul Khan did..
    Oh my god.. How can she blame fans
    Really irritated
    I just want to say that every show have it’s own ups and downs and it is gul Khan who didn’t had any rigid characterization of ISHANA

    1. Priya15

      i can understand di..gul deserves ur rudeness…i have quit the show long before..

    2. Renimarenju

      Nivi Ishqie, even am also very much upset with ISHQBAAZ show without ishkara….But yaar….
      Just hope for the best…..already we expressed a lot dear…..and yaar be connected with ishqies….and through ishkara ffs we can at least feel ishu’s presence in our minds or
      by watching all ishkara scenes again on hotstar…..also we can re-create the feel of ishq…..
      Now, what else we can do ?

    3. Haloo Nivedha,,,we can understand,,,no one is happy with Ishu’s exit,,,,bt keep connected to us dear

    4. Hallo dear,,,yes no one is happy with Vrushy’s exit,,, bt we can’t do anythng na 🙁

  6. Happy for EDKV FANS

  7. Hello everyone can i also join u guys? actually i wasn’t interested in this serial but now i justt love it… Specially anika and shivaye..

    1. Shaza

      Hi , yea sure u can join all f us …welcome??♥️

  8. ????ishkaarians r hurt to infinity
    U know tat yrkkh have crossed 2200episodes and ishqbaaz not even crossed 100episodes and struggling to get it’s trp rank
    The show lost its track by mallika track
    Sidelining ishana (not throwing her from the show) not showing svethlana etc etc and now shadhi of shitia
    This show have beautiful cast but the writers r not executing them properly
    So #ishana out #ishqbaaz out from starplus ???

  9. It is learned , some adverse and some favorable turnes may come in coming episodes.
    It is not possible to stretch TIA,s track long, but Director shall have a proper reason to end TIA’s track, without inking the ANIKA’s image. TIA’s track will have to reach at END only a enough reasons given by TIA’s own reason. Director just can not ink ANIKA’s image projecting her manupulative character. So far , ANIKA’s track is goimg on in her own way, and nothing is going on against her IMAGE. She had got sympathy of OBEROY members and guests even and no one shall like ANIKA as manipulative in anyway.

  10. Everyone has his/hers past like TEJ, SHAKTI, TIA, GAYATRY, ROOP , and at top ANIKA ‘s past which has not been seen so far. It is certain that atleast past of two charectors are inter connected and so this story / drama is going on

    1. Even omkara’s and soumya’s past is not clear shekhar vaiya. Fully agree with u

  11. guys please tell todays episode news please tell

  12. Hello Naika. Welcome here. How r u??
    @ensanzida di I m also a bangali. So we can give so many gali to gul in bangla together. ( just kidding. But feel like do so. Hate gul. )
    Priya & shaza di really happy for u both. Priya di at least u got something to be happy. But what will happen to me?? I don’t have any lovely love story like ishkara for me. Happy for u edkv fans.
    So happy that trp dropped.??. Abhivi time hai gul khan. Bring vrushy back.
    Renima di ur dp is awesome. Even I wanna got myself registered. But how will I do it??
    Hats off to vrushy. She’s such a clean hearted girl. I love her a lot. She’s supporting them who did bad with her. Respect her. Apki akal ko thikane milagi gul khan. Why don’t u bring her.
    Miss u vrushika. Love u to the crore

  13. In the precap it seems like anika didn’t listen anything…

  14. chithra shetty

    Iam fine rinema di ..sorry fr the late reply I was in Clg so couldn’t reply that tym..and you know what ven ur comments always feels me that u r da elder sister of me a huge love too yo di be happy @ renima

    1. Renimarenju

      Oh so sweet …..ishqie…..well i think first time we are interacting here naa…..pls keep commenting…and here except luna, shahabana and nadiya everybody calls me di…..and am elder also…..since my age is 25 naa……so many” sis ishqies”….here….

  15. Vrushika on instagram-
    I truly believe that everything happens for a reason…..therefore me moving away from ishqbaaz sure has a good reason…so requesting my fans to leave this chapter and not hurl abuses nor attack the makers of this show personally.#peace
    Isn’t she is an amazing person? Now I want her in ishqbaaz more. Please come back vrusy……..

    1. Renimarenju

      Yaa, dear, thats why i tell everybody if u want her back in the show then pls don’t request it in instagram twitter or any other social media. Just mail from your mailid to [email protected]
      They will reply you…..

    2. Priya15

      Even I saw it. . Dear… She Is an amazing person.. She deserves somebody more than Gul khan…

      Let’s hope for best.. N I just wish this awesome soulful girl get alot of success in her life..

  16. I think it would be shivaye to propose to anika…..he would realise his love for her on day of his marriage….. some what like filmy scene

  17. @@Welcome to all the new members of ishqbaaz family..

    @mukta missing u…..also disha d n piyaliii…r missing…

    @priya n shaza congratxxx yr….sooooo happy for u even m fan of EDKV…..suman is one of my fvrt…

    1. Priya15

      Haha. . Suman is everyone’s favorite.. But I love namik to the core.. Ya sumo too.. But namik Paul a bit up… He is my cutie pie.. Like kunal…

      Shraman rocks… Ishkara rocks…

  18. Welcome Naika n Kumari!!!!!

    1. Renimarenju

      Mukta whats ur pov about yesterday’s episode ?? I commented on previous pageabout episode…..too long….i think that’s why nobody replied it…..Go through it and tell me what’s ur opinion ?

  19. @Naika….
    Welcome to all of u… r u….m of 17….should i call u d or not …just tell me…

  20. Priya15

    If anybody want to mail abt vrushy back in ishqbaaz..

    U want ishkara.. .

    Send mails to [email protected] Com

    It may get vrushy back.. (just a ray of hope)
    We tried like this for edkv too…

  21. hiii guyzz. 🙂 Im new hr…actualy Vrushika k newz mujhe itna hrt kiya k nw I jst badly need a platform to exprs my feelngs…:( 🙁 :'( :'( :'( ye ho kya rha hy…?!?!?!..1st 2 mnths me ye shw kitna promisng lg rha tha…aur ab..?!?!…da stry line becm damn lame… 🙁 🙁 fr v umed th ki ekbar ishana wapas a jaye to fr se sm swt nd spcl momnts dikhne ko milnge bt ab to wo intezar v khatm ho chuki hy… 🙁 Im a die hrd fan of Kunal nd I nt only want Vrushika bck bt also wnt mr scrn space for Om…hr episode me bs gst aprnce k tara dikhaya jta h Om ko… 🙁 :(…kitne dino se ek “O BRO” moment tk dikhne ko nhi mila….aur ye kaise kaise spoilrs a rha hy…Ridhima is going to b da ultimt ld….????????!!!!!!!!!…O Goooodddd…I jst cnt br dat.. 🙁

  22. Hi guys can I also join u? Plz

  23. I think anika didn’t heard shivay’s word.
    Today anika will bring a sherowani for shivay. She’ll hold it in front of him. But somehow she will fall and shivay will hold her. OMG so much shivika scenes. Shivika will hold each other’s hand. As they will touch the sherowani together. There will be roumya today. Dadi – anika will also have a conversation. And after so many days we will get to watch bromance as there will be a group hug of shivomru.

    1. Mayank Agrawal

      acha to matlabh tia and shivay ki shaadi hogi really ?

  24. Mayank Agrawal

    guys please tell the todays epidoe please what happens in todays episode



  26. Today who loves omkara are gonna killed by his smile. OMG it is one of most beautiful thing in the world. His killer smile. I m a dewwani of his smile????
    Guys I have sent a mail to [email protected] hope they will reply.

    1. Priya15

      U mean tonight epi???

  27. I luv omkara !!!! He is the best among the three brothers …. Actually there is a tie between om and rudra??both r equally gud

  28. Full of shivika moments

  29. U will love the bromance

  30. Tridha

    I miss ishkara a lot

  31. Tridha

    I miss ishkara a lot. Gul khan please bring her. I have mailed her hope she will reply

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