Ishqbaaz 28th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 28th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tia says mom wants our marriage to happen tomorrow. Shivaye says there is something you can do. Anika says tell me, I m dying to do anything. He asks her to start his wedding preparations. Anika looks at her tear on her finger. Oh jaana….plays……

Some time before, Tia says actually, there is a condition for this voting. Shivaye says can you say that again. Tia says mom wants our marriage to happen right away, when our marriage happens, mom and dad will give you their vote. Dadi asks is this marriage happening or any deal. Tia says I m just saying what my mom wants, our companies will have merger after our marriage, its 36000 crore deal, mom is saying if marriage has to happen, why later, why not now. Rudra says I want to say, why now, why not later.

Pinky says why to hurry Tia,

there is no preparations. Tia says Shivaye has pushed marriage date so many times, now mom wants marriage to happen immediately, board meeting is day after tomorrow. Rudra says so? Tia says mom wants marriage to happen tomorrow. They all get shocked. Dadi asks Tia what are you saying. Tia says we will keep marriage tomorrow and will do grand reception later on. Jhanvi says relations are not joined by twisting wrists, sorry to say, I feel its blackmailing, not marriage. Tia says not really, don’t take mom wrong, if marriage was not happening, it would be blackmailing, but marriage has to happen, we are just preponing it, I hope Shivaye agrees, right Shivaye baby. Dadi says Billu’s marriage in one day.

Pinky says yes, arrangements can’t happen in one day. Tia asks Pinky to agree with her, you want this marriage to happen soon, your pandit said marriage will happen in one month, I m saying whats in your heart. Pinky says yes, you are saying right, marriage has to happen, we will keep marriage tomorrow and big functions later, Shivaye are you ready. Shivaye thinks. Anika walks in. He looks at her. Music plays…..Anika sees him.

Tia says Shivaye baby, I know you need some time, but board meeting is day after tomorrow, so you have time till today, I will wait for your call, take care. She leaves with Robin. Anika smiles seeing Tia. Anika comes to everyone. Pinky says Shivaye….. Shivaye leaves. Jhanvi asks Pinky to come with her. Om signs Rudra to come with him. Anika asks Dadi what happened. Dadi says nothing, we will talk later. They all disperse.

Anika says why does everyone look so worried today. She sees newspaper and read Oberoi family framed in death scandal. She says everyone will be worried for this. Jhanvi tells Pinky that this is blackmailing, Kapoors are not asking for relation, they are snatching. Rudra says they are keeping gun at Shivaye’s head and making him marry, Tia will come in this house permanently, my bad dream will come true, this is wrong.

Pinky says whats wrong in this, they are just hurrying, I will say a story, my dad had red old car and it needed push, even Shivaye is same, he thinks his marriage is red old car and always pushes it. Om says if Shivaye is pushing date, it does not mean Kapoors do this, relations are decided by heart, not by helpless, Kapoors are pressuring him, Shivaye should refuse. Jhanvi says definitely, Shivaye should refuse to this, Mrs. Kapoor has indirectly threatened that if marriage does not happen now, she will not help in Shivaye’s deal.

Rudra says deal, deal, Shivaye will not ruin his life for this deal, he will refuse to Tia, he knows I have problem with her. Om says its about Shivaye’s life, not yours, its serious. He says I know, I will leave house and live in outhouse, but it won’t be needed, he will not say yes. Pinky says Shivaye will not say no, he can’t miss this great deal, and about preparations, we are Oberois and can do anything on one thing, I have to hear Shivaye’s yes. Om says I just hope Shivaye says no to this deal. Shivaye talks on call and asks can we complete this deal without external help, fine…. He turns and sees Anika.

She says door was open so I came. He asks what do you want. She says you….. He looks at her. Music plays….. She says you….. you look worried, everyone look worried, I wish I could help you. He asks but why do you want to help me. She asks what. He says its okay, its my family’s problem. She says I can’t see bad happening with your family. He asks why is that, oh because you work here. She says yes, I work here, but I have relation with this house, its my best friend’s house, its that Dadi’s house who did not let me feel like a stranger, and its yours…… He looks at her and asks what….

She says no, I was just saying your Papa and Bade Papa are blamed wrong, I know this, if injustice happens with anyone, I feel Michmichi, I was thinking if I could help you, but I don’t think I can. He says its not like that, there is something you can do. She asks what, I m dying to do anything. He says start preparing for my wedding, Tia and I are marrying tomorrow. She gets shocked. O jaana…..plays…. His reflection is seen in her eye. He goes.

Jhanvi says Shivaye is saying yes for this business deal, he is in pressure, this is just not right. Dadi says getting love and snatching love has big difference, it looks like Tia is scaring Shivaye to join relation. Rudra tells Soumya that Lady baba will come in our house and breathe in same air, I have to see her every day, its better I get blindfold and become Madhari. Soumya says Madhari? Its Gandhari. He says same, she will make this house a big Reiki centre, check if I have fever. She says shut up, you don’t have fever, stop being a cry baba, I think we should support Shivaye. Pinky tells servants about Shivaye’s marriage, everything should be best, then I will give you all gold chain.

Om talks to Riddhima and says Shivaye is not handling situation right. Riddhima says that’s Shivaye, once he has taken decision, its taken. He says no, I have to talk to him, such big decisions are not taken in hurry. Sahil asks Anika is Bagad Billa marrying tomorrow, it means he will become groom tomorrow, are you saying true. Anika says I said its marriage tomorrow, why are you asking again, I m asked to do arrangements, does anyone take marriage decision in one day, does arrangements get done in one day, Shivaye could have thought, he just said its marriage tomorrow, its marriage, not halwa to make tomorrow.

Sahil says Billu had to marry some day, this is your work to plan his wedding, you said you will plan everything, now the date has come, why are you feeling irritated. She says its work pressure, so I m irritated, my work will end tomorrow after marriage, don’t worry, I will get some other work, its good he is marrying, its nice thing if someone settles, I will not come here after marriage, I will not meet anyone, but everyone here are so good, I will meet others if I want. He asks and Billu ji. She says you waste my time a lot, you just want to gossip, I have much work, I will talk later. She ends call and says Sahil’s talk never ends.

Shivaye asks what do you want to say Om, what shall I do, you know situation right, our company stocks crashed, media has make Oberoi family name a sensational headline, if takeover does not happen, we will be a laughing stock, I m ready to do anything for this business takeover. Om says we are talking about marriage and you are talking about business, we are saying relations are not business, what you are doing is not done, like you are taking biggest decision of life is not done, heart is taken and given, not sold.

Shivaye says I have no time for this emotional nonsense, how did this selling thing came in between, Tia and I were marrying. Om says we thought you will understand that you took wrong decision and chose wrong partner, I have no problem personally, I wish the best for her, but I know Tia is not right life partner for you, I hoped you will realize and change your decision. Shivaye says I don’t take decisions to change.

Rudra says your tashan will ruin your love, why are you marrying her if you don’t love her. Shivaye says Rudra listen, me and Tia… Rudra says I know, you both are perfect and this marriage is a deal, you don’t love her. Mallika understood this in two days, why don’t you understand, how can you spend your life with her if you don’t love her. Om says Rudra is saying right, heart should agree to love someone and Ishqbaazi is necessary to be with someone forever. Rudra says Ishqbaazi, that’s the keyword, I know you are Shivaye and won’t change decision, will your height get less, fine, break this relation and put blame on me.

Shivaye says you both have lost it, got mad, I m marrying, not buying tie to change heart, Tia and I are perfect together, we are equal partners. Om says partners don’t do deal at gunpoint like Tia is doing. Shivaye says not Tia, her parents, maybe I would done the same being in their place. He says I have always admitted that this marriage is a deal, where two business houses are meeting before two families, if our family is in problem, and Kapoors are bailing us out, whats the problem, ist only practical. Om says person needs love along with money for living, you know this, you try to convince yourself, but you also know you are not happy with this marriage. Shivaye asks what do you both want from me, investigation is going on Papa and Bade Papa , our forty years credibility is at stake, you want me to forget all this and listen to my heart, believe me, my heart does not say anything to me. Rudra says it says and you don’t hear it. Shivaye asks really, what does my heart say. Rudra says Anika. Shivaye gets shocked. Anika gets her tear on her finger and gets surprised. O jaana…..plays………..

Shivaye says you both seriously think I will be interested in an ordinary girl wearing broken slippers, she is not equal to me, she is a roadside girl, who is roadside junk, she is much lower than my level, I don’t even see to that level. Shivaye, Om and Rudra turn and see Anika hearing everything.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Rubaiya


    |Registered Member

    Oh…when will sso stop his ego from coming in-between him and anika. Plzzz i wont be able to see this series if he gets married to tia. No way

  2. Abiha

    What is this yrrrr……….now m sure that Cvs r really gone mad ………..shivaye agreed for marriage its okkk…….but what he is saying in precap……..😭😭😭😠😠

  3. Sunehri


    |Registered Member

    Man precap 😂 anyways I somewhat liked the episode. … anyways how r u! ?!? Fatarajo renima di dhruv bhaiya mukta di aliya di shivani di mukti di priya di shahabana di haya di sujina di troyee di piyali dI abhiha di richu di shama di szfz and all ishqiesI hope u all are asusual fine … and guys I started a new ff named Tashan-e-ishqbaazi .. I gave the intro yesterday .. hope u all liked it … and plz do support me …. and guys I read the news that ishaana is gonna quit ishqbaaz. . And new lead is gonna enter and she will be playing as omkara’s female lead (I don’t know whether this news is true or not)

    Jeep going ishqbaaz

    Sunehri mehta ♡

  4. Tusi

    Shvy is just nonsense and stupid.

    he may be not love Anika, but what tia said how he agree about it? deal for marriage? svy so stupid…. foolish money seeker….. in real life girl should not marry this type of guy, who only run after money.. yes money is needed… but not svy types money seeker…

  5. Abiha

    Again shivaye is repeating his words……now anika should leave this house……after this if anika marry to shivaye only for the sake of dadi then it’ll b ….hell……

  6. Abiha

    I was soo happy after reading the ff by sat….bcz in the ff shivaye is regreting that he hurted anika… well as ishana is going to enter but after reading precap…..
    Its just all rubbish in the precap…..m feeling like anika should slap shivaye now instead of throwing water …….

  7. priya

    Shivaya,really bagad billa,he s says ok to marriage for a deal nd nt hearing [email protected]….rudra lol-madhuri for gandhari.i hope om,[email protected] ll stop tis stupid marriage.

  8. Tarini

    Is tia gyatries daughter..?? abhi meinei padah ki tia uskj daughter hai and anika will disclose it kn front of shivay.. i hope its true

  9. Monique_D


    |Registered Member

    Oh my Mata,That lone tear on my Anika’s cheek was heartbreaking but more over what he said about her.
    Now Billu hurt meri jaan Anika’s feelings.

    He can deny all he wants but he knows he has feelings for her.
    Whether she is on his level or not……..
    Stubborn Billu…..Egotistic Billu
    Sad for days …….

  10. Trisha

    Shivaya u alway take reation with deal why cant u listion to ur heart ….. ur heart want anika… i exited to watch tmrow episode frm trmrow he will realise something for anika…. In anika word shivaya ko michmichy feeling hogi jab woh anika say door jayaga

  11. Tridha

    Sorry priya di. I can’t watch it’s repeat telecast. Because at that time I stay at school & in afternoon I go to coaching class. So I’ve to watch ishqbaaz at night. But I want trp to fall because they will bring vrushy
    It’s a emotional episode. O JAANA song made me feel bad for anika.
    Usa dekh kar mujhe ishana ki yaad ayi. I felt like ishana is crying.
    Tomorrow is the 92 episode. It’s my last hope. If not vrushika then please bring someone else but they shouldn’t end ishkara. My dream love story. Though vrunal is the best. But for ishkara I can bear someone else with om but want ishkara.
    Precap is really bad. Hate u shivay. I think he was saying this to made omru feel that he don’t like anika. But when he will saw anika he will feel bad for her. And will be sorry of talking nonsense about anika

    • Enasanjida

      Some1 i want only Vrushy as Ishaana. Itnaa kaam tym meh aakar sabka dil jeta hain. Agaar Vrushy nahi hoti.. No one (i think) lyk Ishkara. Its only her madnes crazy all of us.. Sometym play bela sometym play mala & sometym play Ishaana. & Vrunal ka dialogue also ☔ rainy day main they touch. Plzz don’t say this atleast u.. I know its ur opinion & i respect ur opinion dear.. Actually my heart is 😭😭

  12. S.D.

    God!! Today’s precap made me so angry. Anika may be the perfect girl for Shivaay but Anika deserves far better than him. Before being a lover he needs a lesson in humility first. He needs to be taken a peg or two down. Hopefully we’ll have sequences where he will have to eat his words or better actually be separated from Anika to learn her value in his life. Sometimes I feel like Om would be a much better match for Anika than Shivaay. What do you guys think?

    • Diya

      I have always thought so. Anika and Om actually make quite a sizzling pair😉What if Om marries Anika and Shivaay goes into lifelong trauma 🙂 just kidding people. Don’t get angry please.

  13. amita

    shivaye u should always think with a cool mind and relations should be seperate from deals understand it money doesnt matter a persons life but a true heart and a partner matters

  14. Sweetu

    The precap is very bad.. I hate shivay to the core today.. He knows she affects him.. tats why these words… he is tryin to convince himself.. wish he realises his feelings fr her..
    Anika shld nt easily forgive him this time though. .

  15. sarita

    Yeah seriously that one tear???what the wack i mean this time shivaye was too much.i dont knw what will happen nxt
    Bt eagerly waiting for tmrw.i hope shivaye will realize his mistake
    I was feeling sooo bad for my lady love anika
    Awwww……senti episode 😭😭😭😭😭

  16. ishika

    Precap- wow shivay wat a unique way to satisfy ur brain n hide ur heart’s feelings😒….he said wat not to Annika……..
    Tht sad o Jan n eye shot was purely intense scenes evr in the show😍..
    Anika shud stp talking to him I beg till he realize😒 omru were so good tdy…n they were irritated whn sso spoke bad abt anika
    Today ws an emotinl rollercoaster ride😢…the feels of SHIVIKA😍…
    shivay ws staring at Anika n he says tht she is a trash???? Ur brain is a trash sso rtnow😒
    She indeed wl get bro-inlaws😂
    Though we knw the mariahe wil break
    Still I want shitia marriage thn sso will realize tht lineage crap things …reiki will b needed frevr😂

    • tamanna

      Yes anika is going to get 2 superb & always supportive brother-in-laws. They’ll ALWAYS take her side ! Even if they have to go against shivaye ( like they always do ! ☺) 😀😀😀

  17. Enasanjida

    Hi 4nds..@Priya15, @Mukhta, @Renima, @Tridha.. Guyz i have an account instagram.. I tried my best.. also who loves Ishkara. They all r try best. They request Gul mam, Latin Sir.. Gul Mam ka account main cmnts ka rain chal raha hain.. Koi angry sai bol raha hain, koi pyaar sai request kar raha hain. Also fan r requested chanel Star plus . Really don’t know -hope hain yeh nahi. Gul Mam, Latin sir no any cmmnts. abp news nah bola Ishaana character the end .or instagram cmnts some1say replace hoga .& also its confussed all of us…don’t know any news.. Guys i have say something – its really very wrong 2 Vrushy & also Ishkara fan. How can CV’s say rethinking.. 26days paar hoo jah tah hain then suddenly say Vrushy out of the show. Fan k feeling ka saatha prank tha 😱😰😠. I have no any word.. Guys any news twitter?? I don’t have watch this show r8 now.. Feeling so angry 😡 and sad😭😞.

  18. Maya

    Hey an anyone explain me this please.
    Yesterday the in the scene between Omkara and Riddhima Wat does he mean by saying that ” when two people share a room it’s not necessary that they talk to each other and sometimes hearts likes to be alone and look out of the window our relationship is just like that room. To that Riddhima ask him and that window to which Om replies am still searching for that window. Am trying to find a balance.”
    1) what window is he talking of
    2) what is he trying to say to her
    3) what is that he is not able to balance
    I couldn’t understand that dialogue of Omkara. Something made me feel that he still is not ready for a commitment and he still doesn’t love Riddhima but just considers her to be his very good friend.

    • Enasanjida

      Arai Maya – 2um neh kya news dekha hain kya? Vrushy out of the show 😭.
      I really don’t know why cv’s do that ?

    • lara

      It’s just TV series not some Phd thesis you are so worried about it, in short they will bring someone for him.

    • mishri

      good news abt d sbs maya……actually i too had the same doubt… i assumed that hes talking about a way to look at things lightly.just lyk normal ppl…he thnks dat he dsnt have space 4 himself and dat sumtyms he feels lyk thrs no way to escape and he myt be feeling imprisoned in a small room lyk relationship…….and balance,maybe he has to balace his likes with ridhimas and thr are cases we should balance ourselves with our partner ryt??he meant adjusting with ridhima i guess…cz she obviously doesnt lyk wat he likes exept art so he needs time to get used to it and accept it…… to balance a rishta we need to adjust…….
      hope u got it bt ill be happy if someone else explain us both tooooo….i confused u…..hehe sorry

    • Trisha

      Yah ur right when arnav is going to marriage with lavanya …. that time he also try to avoid khusi… but in that case when he realise he doesnt luv lavanya he cancel that marrige but here our ego master when he realise reletion is not a deal….

  19. DaSha

    Hello dear friends!

    Perhaps I’m going to be the only one, but I liked this precap! Please do not think I’m cruel, but it’s really nice!

    Shivay will realize Anika’s importance in his life only when he loose her. So he will go after her.

    Till this point she was always there, taking care, supporting, explaining… He really should do something to get her.



    |Registered Member

    Oh My Mata 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨 Show is going more bakwas slowly and gradually…

    how will writers justify show title ISHAQBAAZ, when writers can’t justify with characters thinking….

    One day show looks awsome to watch and next day it get rediculas….

    I hope writers do justify soon with all 3 jodies otherwise they should end show…

    everyone like this show- some due to leads orr some due to pairs but the show have lost concept and pairs are not getting justify..

    as ishana is out of scene, om can't see truth or lie of riddhima (jabki dusron ko bada gyan deta hai), rudra is such a dumb in all situations( he is not getting anything b/w whom he likes), soumya is always shown crying, anika is tooo involved in oberie mansion (jabki vo sirf wedding planner hai and  ignore sahil) and great shivaye is heartless and mindless (always confused), elders of family always fighting, priyanka is tooooo much shy and always scard (whose mother drinks, father is tycoon, brothers are to oversmart or overdumb)

    Either improve every story or end show….

    I m sorry if i hurt someone feeling but its true for the show..

  21. tamanna

    Its fine that shivaye doesn’t want to accept that he likes anika but then he has NO right to say bad about anyone. You may hate a person but you do not go and scream about it before that person. He could have said a simple no to om and rudra but badmouthing someone ? Like really ? Is that what is taught in rich houses ? She may be his employee but first a human being ! You can’t insult someone like that ! I think anika needs to atleast for now stop being over-friendly with shivaye and just complete her task. Well that’s what he deserves…

  22. Sanaurifa

    Aap sub itna gussa kyun hai Ab sso Ko realize hoga now those words lashes himself after seeing in the teary eyes of Anika
    Ab tak sso just like her senses her usko farq padta hai but now he will fall for her abhi to hate-love scene bakhi hai itna jaldi dono mil gaye to Maza Kya hai
    I like precap very much sorry guys if I Hurt anyone here

  23. hi

    so ANika Truth is going to comeout by her mouth.. and SSO will cancel marriage feeling love on her.. and think he can manage business without TIA.. but cant manage life without Anika… GOOD Eager to know more

  24. Yazhu


    |Registered Member

    After two days gap I’m commenting here…really missed the Ishqbaazian moment without commenting…my project work is eating my brain as I haven’t got the time to comment…but anyways my favorite show always makes me feel better…Coming to the epi…it was a nice one…but really felt pity of Anika…poor girl…and SSO’s ego is really lot bigger than any other even Tej can’t stand before him…he needs some help first he said Anika is family and now behaving so rude…but love Shivika a lot…after all Rudy’s there to make Shivaye understand his feelings for Anika…hope he’ll succeed in bringing SSO and Super girl Anika together…Loved OmRu…
    About the precap…poor Anika hears Shivaye’s burst out…so sad…

  25. neesha

    I think after hearing all this from shivay anika will tell him that. don’t worry after you get married to tia this kuda will go out from your house for ever. then may be he will realise his mistake. I think he was not telling this all because he hate anika may be he don’t want to accept his feelings for anika. let’s see how omru and anika stop shivay tia marriage in one day.

  26. Tiara

    I too hated the precap of the next serial .. At once I thought that shivay should deserve that wicked Tia as his life partner with whom he will have to feel always locked up in an unwanted relationship where no love and care was present.. But then thinking of shivika pair I thought that it should not happen else they shall spoil all the show and no one would like to watch it as a no of fans of the show love the show because of shivika chemistry.. Sorry if any ishkara and roumya fan felt hurt .. Seeing one of the interview of anika that is Surbhi
    Chandna about the upcoming sequel I feel that anika will leave the Oberoi mansion job and start another job, while shivaye won’t marry Tia ( don’t know how but sensed it from her interview) and still the shivika love track will continue but as for anika her Job in Oberoi mansion was dhotis shaadi that would have been cancelled so she leaves ….. Fingers crossed hope shiitake marriage not done and shivaye realises his love before it is too late and anika leaves him forever .. Waiting eagerly for the next episode 🤔🤔

  27. Ishqbaaz

    I feel like Shivaye only said that because he didn’t want to admit that he loves her so when he sees her he feels bad and regrets everything he said. Shivaye should have been so rude about her though 😕

  28. Dia

    Am I the only one to like precap? Cuz its gonna be fun to watch now. Direct love confession has no drama. This is getting interesting. 🙆

    • Sanaurifa

      You are right itni jaldi the Great Wall of Shivaay haar jaye Anika ke pyaar me no way
      Todne ka maza to usme hai jo asaani Se na tote Itoo like the precap very much

  29. mishri

    actually all tellies are lies..i mean thy do talk about life….ppl who kp bashing the show:try to accept tellies the way it is…if u thnk its wasting ur time thn u r free to take another drama…why kp scolding each and every1?????characters,actors,writers and directors..ull scold everythng…we dont pay,we dont work 4 it day and night,,WE JUST SIT AND WATCH GUYS…urll are being too hard on thm….i agree with d anger for vrushuka news,,even i got upset but we have no ryts to complain about the story..we hav an option ppl..take it or leave it ryt???m not telling we r not allowd to give comments but thr is a way….we shouldnt pick on each on evrythng..its just a TELLY…sorry i knw m being rude bt we should all become cooler..its a public sight…we should begin to take things cool…we can share our views bt not be judgemental..the writers obviously know thr work…we cn give ideas not insult their ones..our HOBBY IS watchng drama bt its their JOB…m extemly sorry bt it is for me also i too hav scolded..and i realized my mistake..sorry guyz..

  30. mishri

    about the epi…i loved the epi actually..gul ji has a way to give love-hate was awsum…the precap was awsum too..i mean sorry..hehehehe,bt shivaay was tryng to cover his feelings ryt…his expression in d precap at d end was priceless..he should beg her 4 forgiveness…i will love it…….today was better thn d last 2 days..finally about” ishqbaaz”…

  31. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    @TRIDHA dear… Even I came to ur situation.. I only want ishkara now.. But still I don’t know whether I may accept anybody else Than vrunal.. Fingers crossed.. Tdy s 92nd epi.. If they show ishana then those r rumours… R else no.. So I hope amena di give live update….

    @ENASANJIDA di.. Di.. I don’t know Gul l ans r not.. Hope she gives u all positive reply…. I don’t know y some people say that she l come and some people say she l not.. Aisa fans ki baaten sunkar hi Mei pagal ho jaavungi…. Just inform me if there is some good news…

    • Enasanjida

      Good news… Dhera dhera sabh apna hope chor raha hain. Actually no 1 understand.. Do u see Abp news SBS , they r say Ishaana track the end. My ques, why r u introduced Ishaana? Why r u fool of Vrushy as Ishaana fan & also vrunal fan they r lead actr?? Some 1 say Cmnts kaha replacement hain .. Instagram main Ishqbaaz page main Edit Vrunal as Ishkara. Itzz really shocking. I really don’t new girl kaun hain -if they introduced news why they r introduced Ishaana?? This serial lost their track. Now i m also fed up 😯😐

  32. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    P. S It’s not bashing and spreading negativity….

    Aaj ki epi dekhne ke Baath.. I thought the CVS never cared abt fans feelings….

    They never wanted ridh.. Kara but CVS showing them… They wanted ishkara but CVS avoided it.. Claps for the great CVS…

    Guys.. Aaj Kal jitna ridh… Kara scenes aaraha hai na utna toh kabhi roz hame ishkara scenes nahi Mila..

    • Shaza


      |Registered Member

      No ..I think he is kidding like just saying na ….that many Vrushika fans stopped watching so it will lose TRP and end up going off air ..I think he is saying it like that …and anywhere there is no news going ib off air so don’t worry

    • Mayanak Agrawal

      ya its correct because as there is nothing remains in the story line after confessing their love shivay married with anika and just shows ends after 100th episode as there is no VRUSHIKA…..WE WANT VRUSHIKA …..WE WANT VRUSHIKA……..VRUSHIIII PLEASE COME BACK PLEASE

      • Shaza


        |Registered Member

        Bro , r u new to Indian serials ? ….do u think inserials after they confess …the story finish !? …no …⁉️……and in Ishqbaaz roumya is also there and if needed they can start prinku’s story also and about Om …..I think a new girl gonna enter ..but still hope Vrushika comes back 😔..and atlast if everything is over …all ppl Gul khan will kill a me start the story with new generation 😉…..

  33. sunanda

    Anika cried.omg!
    Wha billu ji said in precap about anika is totally wrong.
    Really very very bad 2 the words.

    Gud mrg guys

  34. Rosu 25

    Very emotional episode……I really felt bad for anika…..everything is deal for shivay….everything….. When will he understand the fact…..I thought he has changed after mallikas exist……he didn’t…..his heart is saying anika….but he is not hearing it..only because of his ego…..he is ego Singh oberoi……

  35. Rosu 25

    Shocking precap…..what is he saying!!!!!! I didn’t expect these words from shivay…….I think after this incident shivay really feel bad and regret for everything he said……waiting for today’s episode……

  36. nikki

    Hai guys i think abi shuvay ko ye ahessas hoga ki anika kithna important hai uski jindafi me jab anika hurt hogi.

    Anyways giod morning to all isqiues

  37. chithra shetty

    Omg hw can shiv to be rude.such a big idiot who don’t know the value of human being .till befr I was bit happy vid shiv now I hate him he said anika as trash ..I wish anika should leave obori mansion as soon as possible after my fav anika is Supergirl and highly self-respected I vish this bagadbill must beg fr love frm anika ..and iam so happy fr omrudr atlest they knows the value of my Supergirl anika ..iam happy fr tdys episode bcz tomorrow onwards this mnky shivya vl learn what actually he missed in his life..I wish befr getting anika he vl learn the value of human relation and its dignity rather then running behind money

  38. Maya

    Now the only news they can give us is a new girl for Omkara.
    Hope with all the scenes from last three days they not planning to keep Riddhima with him. Please Riddhima and Om there’s no Ishqbaazi only.
    I think when Om spoke of the window which he’s still finding for means his heart is still looking for his true love.

    • Enasanjida

      I really don’t understand why they r thinking new girl. Hum sabko introduced kiya Ishaana as Vrushy.suddenly they r say a new girl 4 omkara. But why??

    • Isha

      Hi Maya di. why cv’s introduce a new girl 4 omkara?? where is Ishaana ? is Ishaana replacement or ishaana track the end …

  39. S.D.

    OMG…. jst saw a video on YT. Apparently they’re gonna introduce a track with SNAKES!! :/ So the wedding’s not happening afterall….God this serial is seriously becoming unbearable. Till now most of the spoilers have been wrong. I hope it’s the same this time as well. Else i’m gonna stop watching. Way to ruin a good serial…

  40. Mayank Agrawal

    Hello every one shivay ne anika ke liye jo bola vo kaafi galat tha it means ki uske dil mei aaj tak anika ki image nhi badli vo jabh shuru mei usse mila tha tabh bhi ye hi bolta tha aur aaj jabh itna ho jane ke baad bhi vo anika ke liye ye sabh he bol rha hai anika ne kitni help ki means inki jaan tak bachayi hai vo uske liye aisa bol rha hai … nhi guys i have seen the promo some where yeh shaadi to hogi tia se and anika shivay ko bolegi ki chinta mat karo yeh sadak ka kuda kal chla jayega aapki shaadi hone ke baad and anika ko bhi koi problem nhi hai shaadi se becz uska to work he yeh tha then how can she objects and anika ko to itna bhi nhi pta ki Tia aayi thi aur yeh conditions rakhi hai usne i think abh drama hoga vo shivay ki shaadi ki time hoga i mean jabh shivay shaadi ke rituals kar rha hoga ussi bich mei koi aake roke shaadi achanak…lets seee

  41. Haya123


    |Registered Member

    Hlooo…. gUyzzzzz I’m soooo sad 4 AnNikaaaa…..
    ANika realising the fact that SHivay is her Luv.. THat Tearz iS the SYmbol of her luv 4 SHIVAyyy… IT’z VERY emotional scene 4 mee… Cv’z made a great EPISODE.. thnxzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….
    I really felt soo bad .. when shivay told anika that ,he is going marry TIa.. ommmmggg that tym.. O JAanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. female version it’s mindblowinggg picturasatin and exectin..
    AnD a big Hug 4 RUdyy.. again did a FABBBBBBB job.. “aapki dil aap se kehata he par aap sunte nahi,, Annika”‘.. WOw… 😛 😀

  42. Malar

    Imagine a guy who from his cradle is brought up thinking that social inequality is a fact of life, who bears the whole family’s responsibility in his generation,who considers himself to be the wall b/w cruel world and his naturally Now he feels its his duty to bring his family from ruin due to too many scandals. U think he s going to listen to his heart? Ofcourse not.he will fight tooth and nail against his heart which considers anika is family.he will say and do anything to convince himself.
    But then we all hope he will lose.

  43. Kiki

    Good morning Friends…
    Emotional episode. I don’t know when Shivaay is going to realize the value of Relationship & his feeling for Anika. I’m sure that in precap he speaks very harshly to cheat his dil. I hope he will realize everything very soon. Loved OmRu. I’m very sure in future Anika will get the best brother-in-laws. I liked the Rumya scene. I’m waiting for today episode

  44. Shaza


    |Registered Member

    Hey all ….whoever here wants Vrushika back ..pls sign in this petition..if we have around 100 ppl now it’s around 90 .. Notice will be send to they ishqbaaz makers..that we need vrushika back and the reason is not appropriate for removing here..pls support guys
    Vrushika Mehta . Bring her back
    Petition by Aishwarya Arshi · 92 supporters

    Take the next step to victory

    There are many ways to help this petition. Use these tools to spread the word:

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    I just signed the petition, "[email protected]: Want Justice For
    Vrushika Mehta . Bring her back."
    I think this is important. Will you sign it too?

    Here’s the link:

    • Naija gal

      I really feel sorry for Vrushika with this attitude of her fans. You all will soon turn her to a pariah, soon no other producer will want to work with her. They will give her a wide berth! Kudos to her fans for ruining her career. All the 3 brothers can’t get equal screen space realistically. Even in our households all siblings might be equal but things happen at different pace to everyone.

    • Kalika

      The producers and the production house will not bring Vrushika back and her fans are to blame for it. It is this type of bullying and pressure from her fans that forced them to terminate her so all the Vrushika fans can give themselves a hand for getting her kicked off the show.

  45. Shaza


    |Registered Member

    B4 only mood off cuz of EDKV ending ..and now Vrushika also out and the precap ……if Anika have atleast 1% self respect na , then she should leave the job ..if I’d be there instead of her when shivaye came to take her never go …come on ,don’t she have any self respect , always being insulted by shivaye ..and shivaye sometimes justifies her ..and sometimes insults her confused …….I think shivaye gonna apologize to Anika …but I didn’t expect this reply from Shiavey I though as alway he would say “mujhe Farak Nahi padta ” …but Roudra was him for that ….he is like the Cupid between shivika

    • RANdomfANCreationz


      |Registered Member

      Yes same here EDKV also going off air and no ishkara idk what can be worse than that 😭 And the petition idk if that will help because EDKV going off air chances r high and so many people signed up if EDKV gets saved in the end of the day i will definitely sign up for this one

    • shahabana

      No shaza anila wont leave the job bcz of daadi and daadi helped anika so that she have to think about daadis favour on her before her self respect

  46. Shaza


    |Registered Member

    Anika actually cried when shivaye told her about the marraige that is tomorrow …I wanted shivaye to see that tear 😢…anyway Rudra was awesome… second I’ll be super emotional because of Anika crying then next second seeing Roudra crying can’t stop laughing 😂……Rudra is awesome.👍🏻😄….
    B4 when he told Anika garbage he didn’t know her properly but now it’s been 2 month and he have same opinion !? ……felt really sad for Anika in the precap…..shivaye should apologize…..he should think every person equal respect ..he is just saying like this about her cuz she poor …felt sad for her …..once I want Shiavey to instead of Aniak then he will realize 😏..but that’s impossible

  47. Tridha

    Welcome kumari. How r u?what is ur age? Should I call u di or not ??

    Guys some people love ridhkara because-
    Shivay’s gf is tia ,om’s is ridhima & rudra likes romi. But there was never any intimate scenes between shitia & rudra -romi. But in ridhkara there was so many hugs & kisses. In ishkara they just hold each other’s hand, colliding & emotional talks. That’s why some people found ridhkara better than ishkara.
    And 1 thing the main problem with vrushy was that she didn’t get enough screen space as anika-soumya got. But now they r showing ridhima in each & every episode just like a main lead.
    I think master chef will come if ishqbaaz ends. Because master chef is shown everyday. And the main episode is shown sat & Sunday

    • Shaza


      |Registered Member

      But I think here no one want RidhKara …maybe if in the starting only they would introduce ridhima as lead we would accept but after Ishana it’s next to impossible to accept ridhkara 😞….and ishkara’s talks are really like heart touching ..missing Ishana 😞….hope she will be back……still hoping !!

  48. nithu

    Precap hurts me lot… I don’t think shivaye would talk like this about anika. I wish she couldn’t forgive him so easily… Billuji is totally wrong I wish his marriage should happen with Tia after that only he would realize he done biggest mistake in his life and he would feel he should listened what omru,dadi said that marriage is not a business deal….
    But I my heart says what I wish to happen for billuji should not happen, I just hope he would soon realize his true Ishqbaazi is Anika….

  49. Isha

    Guyz do u have seen wilkipedia :O i m totally shocked 2 see.. vrushy as Ishaana is not main lead actress :O shocking 2 me. 4nds kya hoo raha hain. mujha bohot bura lagh raha hain. koi plzz news doo plzz… tell me, kya Gul mam neh kuch kaha kya … I have a ques, if Vrushy is not lead actress, why cv’s introduce ishaana as lead actress ?suddenly they r say , Ishaana character the end….

    • Shaza


      |Registered Member

      Yep ..I saw ..😒😏….but only 5 leads are there now …..donno who is gonna be opposite Om …hope it’s not ridhima , a fresh face can work ….I think they can start it like ridhima and Ishana both hurt Om very much and he will stop trusting ppl easily and a girl wil,bring him back to his life ….idk ….but something good……but no one can be awesome as VruNal 😞……..anyone know what’s the actual reason for ending Ishana’s track ….cuz she was introduced as a lead so it can’t be that it was planned from beginning….if it’s fandom then it’s not at all a proper reason ..I’m sure Gul khan is having some enmity with Vrushika …never gave her proper screen space also and atlast removed her ..and now on Telly chakkar she is in the list of the ppl ” who were THROWN out of their shows ” ….felt so angry reading the article 😡

      • Enasanjida

        R8 saza.. Accurate reason nahi bol raha hain.. Abhi abhi mujha instagram main news mila -some1 cmnts twitter & their writer say widout vrushy as ishaana omkara have beautiful love story 😳😱😡😡😡. I ask them -why their writer say lyk that? Why r they introduced Ishaana as Vrushy? Fazlamir limit cross.. this CV’s. Yeh sirf Vrushy ka saath cheat nahi & vrushy ka fan ka saath vi cheat hain. I m bangali.. So gali dita mon chaccha..

      • Kalika

        Her fans were bullying and abusing the producers and production house…. The problem was never Vrushika but her fans

      • Shaza


        |Registered Member

        Ena di …..actually without Ishana..nothing is left in Om’s life !!!!! That ridhima, there story is already over nothing is left to show about ridhkara…….how dare the writers say so ….😡….first of all I’m feeling like …the fans are not basing the writers but the writers are bashing Vrushika !!!!! ….Vrushika is awesome actor …some ppl didn’t like but after the confrontation we all know how awesome she is and all started liking her……
        If the writers do like this then afcourse ,.the fans gonna bash !? They are kinda insulting Vrushika
        In Telly chakkar Vrushika is in the list of “”. actors THROWN OUT of their show ” Thai is the exact title

  50. shahabana

    Gd morning guyz. Really very emotional episode. Feeling bad for anika and precape ohmygod worst precape ever. And omru where perfect love them a lotz and rumya also superb today. Shivaye when will u learnyar i knw he is worried for his family but that doesn’t mean hert someone, whats anikas fault he should sau these much to her in precape and this shivaye will kill someone with his harsh words. I hope he will learn about importants of love more than money and one dau he will beg for anikas love. Love u ishqbaaz shivika rumya and omkara and im waiting for new entry in omkaras life and she should be strong .

  51. shahabana

    In the upcoming episode omru will try to expose tias true colours infront of shivaye and omru will be succeeded in their plan with the help of anika and finally tias true colors will be exposed infront of shivaye and shivaye will calls off the marriage but after that tia will try to take revange from anika .

  52. akann

    How can Shivay get married without his Dad and uncle? didn’t they both go on thirth yatra or something!! I highly doubt the wedding is gonna happen.

  53. Renimarenju


    |Registered Member

    Hey, my ishqies, this is Renima Ishqie and just now i got registered myself as i got a break now from my work. GUD MRNG 2 ALL ISHQIES…..Mukta, aqua, nadiya, disha, priya,haya, luna, enasanjida, piyali, mishri, kiki, niki, shaza, shahabana, mukthi, dhruvv, fatarajo, sat, kat, jazz, nelka, navi, aditya, monique, sunehri, sujina, sunanda, shivani, soniya, bshama, asmita, pawan, viji, vinayak, harshan, hency, himagiri, tharu, troyee, trisha, krits, maahiswit, arya, nazneen, nivedha, chitra, chetna, MP, maya, shivika, ishika, vrushika fan,ishana, naagin forever, yashal, yazhu, abiha, aahana, anaaya, meena, vishnupriya … r u all ???? i hope all are fine and am fine ishqies

      • Renimarenju


        |Registered Member

        Thanks shaza for commenting on dp….well i always love ishkara and just now i got time i put it as my dp….and how r u ishqie ? well i signed the petition and i mailed 2 startv also for ishkara track…..

      • Renimarenju


        |Registered Member

        Thanks shahabana…..well i will comment here when i will get time…..ishqie……and poems……its really hard for me to write lines……as now ishkara is not in the show……
        One month around….just expected her entry…..and now the news its confirmed and i mailed star tv, requested my office friends to mail also for ishkara…..and for me i always love ishkara and when i will put lines for shivika most probably i can’t stop myself from writing for ishkara and priya will read it and may be she will cry as yesterday happened…….don’t want 2 make her cry………shahabana ishqie
        am also sad…..and if i will write some thing on ishq……….but will try dear…….

    • Shaza


      |Registered Member

      I’m. not good all …how can I be Vrushika out of ishqbaaz 😞..hope she comes back …….I sent a messed to Gul khan on Insta asking the real reason behind her Vrushika’s exit ….and she can’t blame the they only promised that they will take time preparing but it’s a CREATIVE CALL…and after making us wait for a month ..Vrushika out 😡 …and so many comments in her posts about Vrushika but she is totally ignoring ..she didn’t even reply 😞

      • Renimarenju


        |Registered Member

        Mmmmm…..dear ishqie…..what can we do ??? just signed petition, mailed star tv and requested gul khan…….but i think……gul khan feels not necessary 2 reply as the cv is just focussing on trp ratings and for this may be they will drag from story line also{ it can happen}, as we really don’t know what will happen……lets hope 4 the best……

    • Shivani


      |Registered Member

      hi renima di .I lost interest in this show .I would watch just one episode in a week that is for anika only .I am focusing on other show

      • Renimarenju


        |Registered Member

        Dear shivu ishqie, even am also upset with ishqbaaz after hearing the news about ishkara track …..but yesterday i watch it for om-sso chat and shivika emotional scene- {reminded me ishkara -scene @ both of them sitting in staircase-zakhm dialogue}
        only….and as ishqbaaz is like part of life…..just watch ishqbaaz and also i think i spoke a lot for ishkara ……and…..though ishkara is my favourite , shivika and rumya are also good… for ishq…..just watch ishqbaaz…and yesterday’s episode was good…..thats why commented on it

    • Shivani


      |Registered Member

      I agree wid u di but whenever I watch this serial I reminisce about the cheat done by gul khan with viewers so I would just read updates I want her trp to decline

      • Enasanjida

        Vrusy neh instagram main status diya hain.. She say plzz don’t blame production house……etc (usna yeh vi bola may be ishaana out may be new story aiyga) how can she talk lyk that.? (totally surprised) proud feeling hona chahiya aisa actrss vi hain joh abhi vi respect kar raha hain. She know very clearly uska saath vi betray kiya gaya hain.

      • Renimarenju


        |Registered Member

        Shivu ishqie…..whenever i watch ishqbaaz, especially when om will deliver something about life or love like yesterday he said about ishqbaaz, certainly it will remind me ishkara. But what can we do ?? We tried a lot by sending mails, signing petitions also,
        So just hope for ishana….i know we expected a lot and at last our hearts are broken. But still just hope as its hard ……..try…..ishqie

    • Enasanjida

      TRP TRP karta karta inki Trp atlast drop hoo gayi hain. Yup news True. I think yeh ishqbaaz pehla lowest TRP hain. .. Karo TRP. Yeh serial ka situation QH ka tara hoga but QH ka 1 year accha toh.. But this serial 6month vi hoga kya pata nahi.

  54. Elena

    Hey guys I am new here.i want to tell you something about upcoming episode of ishqbaaz.
    The upcoming episode will show that Tia is gyatri’s daughter.
    Anika will find out Tia’s reality.And will bring Tia’s evil intentions in front of everyone.

    • Shaza


      |Registered Member

      Hellow Elena 👋🏻 ..welcome to the ishqbaaz family🎊🎉….. ..even I have read this spoiler but u know so many fake spoilers will also be there …..but let’s wait and watch ….id love if she is Gayitri’s daughter 😄

  55. firdose

    Hi Guys I am new here though i read your comments every day but first time i am commenting here yesterdays episode was so emotional defenetly shivay is gonna regret for what ever he is saying now today i could not stop my self from commenting.

  56. neha

    The precap makes me happy.
    A month ago…
    Shivay to Anika– you bl**dy low standard people.
    Present time…
    Shivay –> Anika is family(so adorable)

    A couple of months ago, Shivay to Anika —– koodey(junk) ko bahr phenk dena chahiye.
    Shivaye — Anika is sadak ka kachra(roadside junk)…
    this dialogue clearly shows how deeply he is in love with her. When we really love someone and can not get him/her, we try to hide our failure by pretending that his/her presence means nothing to us. Shivay is undergoing the same phase Anika is in tears.
    So Literally, the dialogue depicts his pain rather than his ego.

    • Renimarenju


      |Registered Member

      OH, Neha Ishqie….u said it like sso…..this thing also makes sense……May be am sensitive i couldn’t think like that……Any way if sso really realise how important Anika is for him then it will be good…..i mean his love as anika…….after shivika -open challenge for me this was one of the best shivika episode…..what do you think ??

  57. Renimarenju


    |Registered Member

    Ok…..Coming to the episode, i should say one of the best episode in matter of Realising Love for SHIVIKA and i really loved it a lot. After open challenge, I felt this as an amazing shivika episode and it was a worth watch. The way dadi, jhanvi, om and rudra expressed their views about love, relationship and wedding just overwhelmed with emotions of Anika uplifted ishqbaaz into another level….

    * From dadi to omru, every body got the best dialogues …..Dadi : “Yeh shaadi hey yaa koi sauda ?Pyaar paane mein aur pyaar cheenne bahut fark hota hai”
    Jhanvi :” Rishtey kalai marodkar nahi liya jaata, Tia, sorry to say, yeh rishta kam black mailing zyada hai……kapoors yeh rishta maang nahi rahe hai, cheen rahe hai ”

    Exactly i felt these dialogues as very realistic and natural. As on the women empowerment episode i said, marriage is not a deal, its a life-long relationship. And sso unfortunately not realising this fact or not ready to accept it.

    Coming to omru, they just rocked the whole episode,Rudra as cry baby form before sowmya was so fun 2 watch. And i laughed a lot when he said “lady baba iss ghar ko bada sa reiki centre bana degi “…..OOPS ! I can’t imagine oberoi mansion as “reiki” mansion.Rudra i must say its time 4 u 2 become agent rudra again….Do it fast…..

    * Omkara just stealed my mind with his dialogues about life, relationship, love and marriage.
    Om :” Duniya mein har cheeze business deal nahi hota shivaay, rishtey vyaapar nahi hote hai
    dil liye jaate hai, dil diye jaate hai, {dil ko becha nahi jaata- very strong dialogue, om nailed it}

    * The convo scenes between sso and omru -omg! just simply superb
    sso : “Shivaay Singh Oberoi badalne ke liye faisle nahi lete”

    Rudra : ” Aapka yeh tashan aapki life barbaad kar dega bhaiya. ….mujhe pata hai aap yahi kahenge ki Tia aapke liye perfect hai, woh aapko space deti hai aur shaadi aapke liye” deal”hai..
    par bhaiya bina pyaar ke shaadi nahi hota .”
    SSO always think with his “dimaag” but when its a question of life it is very necessary 2 hear “dil ki awaaz”…but being so practical sso believes what his “dimaag” says. But if he didn’t hear what his “dil” want to convey, he will regret. And 2 be practical like sso is very difficult

    Om :” Kisi se dil laga ne ko dil -raazi zaruri hai, umra bhar saath rehne ko “ishqbaazi” zaruri hai”[ the most impressive moment and the way sso and om stared each other- hats off ]

    Rudra :” ishqbaazi- that is the key word ”

    SSO : “mein shaadi kar raha hoon, koi tie nahi khareed raha hoon ki mujhe colour pasand nahi aaya toh badal doon “- well sso is also right. if he only goes with what his dil says then it will be not only a loss for business but also for tia and her family as tia didn’t compelled sso for fixing wedding soon , until the issue for business deal raised. And if sso is able 2 find a solution not by marrying tia in a hurry then its really good….for this we have 2 wait and watch today’s episode….

    *And i really impressed with sso and om when sso said ” papa aur bade papa par ilzaam lage hai unn par investigation chal raha hai aur hamari 40 saal ki credibility daav par lagi hai aur tum log keh rahe ho ki mein apni so called dil ki baat sunu? believe me mera dil mujhse kuch nahi kehta ”

    * om :” insaan ko jeene ke liye paison ke saath saath pyaar ki bhi zarurat hai. yeh baat tum nahi samjhoge shivaay sirf tera dil samjhenga ”

    * Omkara and sso said the apt things. Its really hard for a choice between love and money. To say love is blind, it eternal in poems and to face reality in life – its very hard when it comes to practical life. If the love which you is with you in your tough turn of life then it will give you strength, And if the love left you alone as you are not able to stand in your feet , then what you acheived ???? Same thing if you earned much money and acheived so many things by ignoring your love and heart then your life will be mechanichal. Just you will be like a puppet which always move directions according to thread. SSO should understand it.

    * As SSO is a successful hard working person and Anika also has the same qualities if really sso has 2 suffer a loss in business if anika is with him am sure he can overcome it. But first of all sso should be ready to hear what his “dil” says. Both love and money are important and love is essential as if true love is with you then you can succeed any thing.

    I loved anika- sso- eyelock when sso said ” meri shaadi ki tayariayan shuru karon”……emotional scene of the epiode….Anika’s tears came very naturally and i just loved her yesterday .

    In total….a good episode…..but am a bit sad also… am much worried for ishkara….

  58. MP

    Hyy everyone. How r u??. episode was nice . But preacap……. How can shivaye say this about anika. Soo rude. Anika have to leave this job. Jaha koi uskhi ijjat nahi hai. And tomorrow marriage…. No noo noo. I don’t want this. . if tia is a daughter of gyatri. How omruani expoes in one day???? this impossible to expose her.. me to kehti hu ki saadi ke vakht hi ek attack hona chahiye. Kam se kam saadi to ruk jayee. oar ager saadi ho gay toooo…………………….. STOP WACHING

    • Renimarenju


      |Registered Member

      Hey MP Ishqie, am fine yaar, hope u r also fine….and precap….even i also didn’t like the way sso speak about Anika….now anika is just like part of his family…..she has done so many things for sso, still sso is so rude???????????????.

      • Abiha

        I m also soooo sad about precap ….but somewhere i think may b now shivaye will understand….anika’s importance…….n anika should also give a strong reply to shivaye about what he is saying instead of being hurted n simply walk away…?what do u think d…?

  59. Abiha

    Heyyy everyone ….how r u….?

    #renima d m fine….how r u…?? D i replied u many times before ur office tour…..but don’t know d why they r not posted what happened sometimes my net, sometimes moderation……n sometimes they r posted sooooo late almost when u said bye…sorry for that d….

    • Renimarenju


      |Registered Member

      Its ok, no prblm abiha ishqie, today just i feel relaxed as work load is bit less…..and yaar by evng almost every day i wll be in busy with finalising reports everyday……as its us based company and their mails for my office team will be by evng……and then i will not be able 2 open this site ……….ok…..and no matter when tu will post……if i get time almost i will try 2 read comments and try 2 reply also…..and am also fine ……

  60. shahabana

    Helloo guyz trp is out look at the trp
    1.brahmarakshas 3.5
    2.shakthi 3.4
    3.sathiya 3.1
    4.yhm 3
    5.kkb 2.8
    And ishqbaaz trp is 1.7 and rival show kasam trp 2.2

  61. Kumari

    Hey guys now only I listen that in the marriage begins&shivay and Tia sit for marriage but anika couldnt control her her BTW the mrg anika stops the marraige and confess her love on shivay. Everyone get shocked..if it is true iam waiting to watch…

  62. Renimarenju


    |Registered Member

    Priya ishqie…..don’t get upset …..just now try 2 watch ishqbaaz… yesterday shivika’s track was really worth 2 watch…..and 4 ishkara….as u said i signed the petition and i also mailed 2 startv…..let us see what step cv will take ??

    And i don’t know why my dil still feels ishu will be back on ishqbaaz…..If it become true then certainly it will be a treat for us…..yaar i got registered with my personal id in tu as i get time
    from hectic schedule….But 2mrw i will not be able 2 comment as i have lot of work….
    And priya am ur di ishqie….so don’t get upset…..and if i will write some lines here …..may be u will cry… will not do that…..

    • Priya15


      |Registered Member

      di give me the mail id through pm pls…..and di…ab mei bahut khushi se naach rahi edkv is not ending…..ab aise hi ishkara bhi aajaye..

      • Renimarenju


        |Registered Member

        Am fine dear mukta ishqie….and registered finally and no need of sorry yaar….even yesterday i was also too busy….mukta just share ur view about yesterday’s episode…
        Yaar….i felt this one as best shivika episode after open challenge episode of shivika
        I mean the feel of emotional love was well conveyed by anika……what do you think ??

  63. Kumari

    Hey guys I heard that while going the marriage anika can’t cntrl her feelings and stops the marraige and Xpress her love on shivay. Everyone get shocked

    • Shaza


      |Registered Member

      Yep , I also just saw the spoiler ..but seems like it’s fake …idk ..but after the spoiler super exited for the wedding ep 😄

    • shahabana

      Ohh no plsss dnt make anika to confess her feelings plsss just make that baagad billa to beg for anikas love plsss

    • shahabana

      Guyz spoiler is fake,after hearing shivayes bitter words anika will be shattered and shivaye will feel bad for what he said and he try to pacifie her and both of them are feels for each other but both of them are not confessing it. There is a spoiler that shivaye and tias marriage will not happen bcz tias true face will be exposed infront of shivaye

  64. Shaza


    |Registered Member

    Hey guys …I just saw a spoiler on ridhkara …seems like Rudhima is the lead ..😣…Ridhima will suddenly become very understanding and Om will feel lucky that he is having such understanding gf 😡…..I need a new girl for Om …this is not done ….😔

  65. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    guys dont believe the things put in wikipedia bcoz anybody can manipulate it….

    somedays before they said raglak r dead..but aisa kuch nahi ko koi bhi manipulate kar sakta ke liye sahi site nahi hai wiki….

    @shaza..i l say u one thing u l dance like mad now..u l become like me…EDKV IS NOT ENDING SWEETIE…u heard it ryt…khushi spoke to sony tv they cnfrmd it n said official statement l be given soon…chalo party karo…

    somebody said snake track is cmng up..really????

    @MAYANAK bhai…u r ryt ..vrushy fans ke liye ishqbaaz end ho chuka hai…

    • Shaza


      |Registered Member

      Oh let’s party 🎉🎊♥️….AAJ KI PARTY MERI TARAF SE …..🎉🎊♥️.who is Khushi ….oh god ….I would send u reiki’s if I could …😍😍😍😍…..I’m like dancing like crazy ..crazier than Ishana’s dance 😂….This was the surprise ? ..I guessed it right ……can’t stop smiling ….😁😁😁…..something higher than cloud 9 ….I’m getting heaven feeling 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄….smilies till infinity ?…I can’t express how much happy I’m …from morning was dull thinking About EDKV and vrushika..u made my day

  66. shahabana

    Guyz there is a spoiler that the cd which gayathri showed its fake bcz anika will saw that grl and informs shivaye but after finding that they will see that grl really died

  67. Nivedha

    Hi everyone
    Renima Di (missed you so) shivani mukta priya abiha shahabana kushagra shaza shai sat enasanjidha Di roz piyali neha chetna and all ishqbaazians
    I’m feeling really bad for wat gul Khan did..
    Oh my god.. How can she blame fans
    Really irritated
    I just want to say that every show have it’s own ups and downs and it is gul Khan who didn’t had any rigid characterization of ISHANA

    • Renimarenju


      |Registered Member

      Nivi Ishqie, even am also very much upset with ISHQBAAZ show without ishkara….But yaar….
      Just hope for the best…..already we expressed a lot dear…..and yaar be connected with ishqies….and through ishkara ffs we can at least feel ishu’s presence in our minds or
      by watching all ishkara scenes again on hotstar…..also we can re-create the feel of ishq…..
      Now, what else we can do ?

  68. Naika

    Hello everyone can i also join u guys? actually i wasn’t interested in this serial but now i justt love it… Specially anika and shivaye..

  69. Nivedha

    😑😑😑😑ishkaarians r hurt to infinity
    U know tat yrkkh have crossed 2200episodes and ishqbaaz not even crossed 100episodes and struggling to get it’s trp rank
    The show lost its track by mallika track
    Sidelining ishana (not throwing her from the show) not showing svethlana etc etc and now shadhi of shitia
    This show have beautiful cast but the writers r not executing them properly
    So #ishana out #ishqbaaz out from starplus 😤😤😤


    It is learned , some adverse and some favorable turnes may come in coming episodes.
    It is not possible to stretch TIA,s track long, but Director shall have a proper reason to end TIA’s track, without inking the ANIKA’s image. TIA’s track will have to reach at END only a enough reasons given by TIA’s own reason. Director just can not ink ANIKA’s image projecting her manupulative character. So far , ANIKA’s track is goimg on in her own way, and nothing is going on against her IMAGE. She had got sympathy of OBEROY members and guests even and no one shall like ANIKA as manipulative in anyway.


    Everyone has his/hers past like TEJ, SHAKTI, TIA, GAYATRY, ROOP , and at top ANIKA ‘s past which has not been seen so far. It is certain that atleast past of two charectors are inter connected and so this story / drama is going on

  72. Tridha

    Hello Naika. Welcome here. How r u??
    @ensanzida di I m also a bangali. So we can give so many gali to gul in bangla together. ( just kidding. But feel like do so. Hate gul. )
    Priya & shaza di really happy for u both. Priya di at least u got something to be happy. But what will happen to me?? I don’t have any lovely love story like ishkara for me. Happy for u edkv fans.
    So happy that trp dropped.😁😆. Abhivi time hai gul khan. Bring vrushy back.
    Renima di ur dp is awesome. Even I wanna got myself registered. But how will I do it??
    Hats off to vrushy. She’s such a clean hearted girl. I love her a lot. She’s supporting them who did bad with her. Respect her. Apki akal ko thikane milagi gul khan. Why don’t u bring her.
    Miss u vrushika. Love u to the crore

  73. chithra shetty

    Iam fine rinema di ..sorry fr the late reply I was in Clg so couldn’t reply that tym..and you know what ven ur comments always feels me that u r da elder sister of me a huge love too yo di be happy @ renima

    • Renimarenju


      |Registered Member

      Oh so sweet …..ishqie…..well i think first time we are interacting here naa…..pls keep commenting…and here except luna, shahabana and nadiya everybody calls me di…..and am elder also…..since my age is 25 naa……so many” sis ishqies”….here….

  74. Tridha

    Vrushika on instagram-
    I truly believe that everything happens for a reason…..therefore me moving away from ishqbaaz sure has a good reason…so requesting my fans to leave this chapter and not hurl abuses nor attack the makers of this show personally.#peace
    Isn’t she is an amazing person? Now I want her in ishqbaaz more. Please come back vrusy……..

  75. Aaliyah

    I think it would be shivaye to propose to anika…..he would realise his love for her on day of his marriage….. some what like filmy scene

  76. Abiha

    @@Welcome to all the new members of ishqbaaz family..

    @mukta missing u…..also disha d n piyaliii…r missing…

    @priya n shaza congratxxx yr….sooooo happy for u even m fan of EDKV…..suman is one of my fvrt…

    • Priya15


      |Registered Member

      Haha. . Suman is everyone’s favorite.. But I love namik to the core.. Ya sumo too.. But namik Paul a bit up… He is my cutie pie.. Like kunal…

      Shraman rocks… Ishkara rocks…

    • Renimarenju


      |Registered Member

      Mukta whats ur pov about yesterday’s episode ?? I commented on previous pageabout episode…..too long….i think that’s why nobody replied it…..Go through it and tell me what’s ur opinion ?

  77. Abiha

    Welcome to all of u… r u….m of 17….should i call u d or not …just tell me…

  78. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    If anybody want to mail abt vrushy back in ishqbaaz..

    U want ishkara.. .

    Send mails to [email protected] Com

    It may get vrushy back.. (just a ray of hope)
    We tried like this for edkv too…

  79. Suruchi

    hiii guyzz. 🙂 Im new hr…actualy Vrushika k newz mujhe itna hrt kiya k nw I jst badly need a platform to exprs my feelngs…:( 🙁 :'( :'( :'( ye ho kya rha hy…?!?!?!..1st 2 mnths me ye shw kitna promisng lg rha tha…aur ab..?!?!…da stry line becm damn lame… 🙁 🙁 fr v umed th ki ekbar ishana wapas a jaye to fr se sm swt nd spcl momnts dikhne ko milnge bt ab to wo intezar v khatm ho chuki hy… 🙁 Im a die hrd fan of Kunal nd I nt only want Vrushika bck bt also wnt mr scrn space for Om…hr episode me bs gst aprnce k tara dikhaya jta h Om ko… 🙁 :(…kitne dino se ek “O BRO” moment tk dikhne ko nhi mila….aur ye kaise kaise spoilrs a rha hy…Ridhima is going to b da ultimt ld….????????!!!!!!!!!…O Goooodddd…I jst cnt br dat.. 🙁

  80. Tridha

    I think anika didn’t heard shivay’s word.
    Today anika will bring a sherowani for shivay. She’ll hold it in front of him. But somehow she will fall and shivay will hold her. OMG so much shivika scenes. Shivika will hold each other’s hand. As they will touch the sherowani together. There will be roumya today. Dadi – anika will also have a conversation. And after so many days we will get to watch bromance as there will be a group hug of shivomru.



    |Registered Member


  82. Tridha

    Today who loves omkara are gonna killed by his smile. OMG it is one of most beautiful thing in the world. His killer smile. I m a dewwani of his smile😋😉😍😘
    Guys I have sent a mail to hello@ hope they will reply.

  83. Stuti

    I luv omkara !!!! He is the best among the three brothers …. Actually there is a tie between om and rudra😘😘both r equally gud

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.