Ishqbaaz 28th July 2017 Written Episode Update: Shivaye-Anika meet on a date

Ishqbaaz 28th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika asks why does Shivaye want to have dinner with me, I won’t go. Shivaye says what shall I do if she wants. Om says she is inviting you to get friendly with you, you go, your height won’t get less. She says he will show tadi. Om says there is no use to show tadi. Anika and Shivaye agree to Omru. Some time before, Shwetlana says we have to reach Mumbai same. Jhanvi worries seeing the police checkpost and says we will be caught now. Shwetlana says I got an irritating Sautan. She asks Jhanvi to behave normal. Inspector comes to Shwetlana and asks why is he car sounding so much. She says the car tyre got stuck in the dirt. He says fine, Sir and Madam please come out, we will get the car out. Jhanvi comes out. Tej falls down. Inspector says you are Mrs. Tej Singh Oberoi, is Sir inside. Jhanvi say he

is sleeping. Inspector says wake him up, maybe he partied a lot. Shwetlana says he is not in senses. Inspector helps them. They leave. Reporters says its good if we get such celebrity every day to print news.

Gauri gets Om’s old sketches. She smiles and says Om had made beautiful sketches. Om comes and says yes, I have made those. She says sorry, I was just taking blanket and these fell down, don’t think I was spying. He says no need to clarify, its your room also, do anything you want. Om sees the drawings and does shayari. She smiles hearing him. He says I have seen my mum crying and in pain, I used to get anger, mum always said, anger should come out as art, it happened, my anger found an expression in art, I mean… She says I understood your emotions. He says when Rudra cried in childhood, and Shivaye cried, I used to capture that moment in memories, I have kept those memories safe, but its no use now, my art is annoyed with me, I can’t create anything. She asks why, I will beat this art. He says you can’t force art, an artist wants inspiration to make something, I can’t create anything. He keeps the sketches and goes. Gauri says I will give that to you, I will get your art back.

Bhavya goes to graveyard and looks for John’s grave. She digs the grave and finds the locket. She smiles and leaves. Jhanvi and Shwetlana bring Tej there.

Its morning, Rudra jokes while Shivaye and Om cook food. He asks them to laugh on his jokes. Shivaye asks really, was this a joke. Om says not funny. Rudra says even then you can laugh, you guys don’t love me, I m missing Pari. Shivaye says Arundhati has sent me Pari’s pic. He shows them the pic. They miss her. Anika comes and sees pic. She says she looks so cute, aw…

Shivaye says finally, you used how to say aw and when, sounds good. Anika says we will go and meet her. Shivaye asks her to tie his apron. Ragini comes. Anika stops. Ragini says I hope I did not come on wrong time. Rudra says you always come on wrong time, why do you come. Ragini says funny. Rudra says I was serious. Ragini asks what’s happening. Shivaye says my apron knot opened, will you tie it. Ragini ties the apron. Anika says Dadi was calling me, and goes. Ragini smiles. She asks what’s cooking. Om says breakfast for us. Rudra says which you will have it. Omru leave.

Shivaye asks what happened if I took help from Ragini, Anika is not supposed to help me. Rudra says you asked Anika to help right. Shivaye says Anika did not react. Om says some pains are silent too. Shivaye says its a small thing, I don’t even think about this. Om says when do you think, else you would have understood, all problems can solve, all you need is to talk. Shivaye says you think its easy after what she did. Rudra says its old thing, forget it, live in present and think about future. Om says your and Anika’s happiness is with each other. Shivaye reminds what Anika did with him. Rudra says we really forgot, you also forget it. Shivaye says I can never forget it. Om says whatever she told about me in a lie.

Shivaye recalls Daima’s words and says of course, its a lie. Om says she did a mistake, so what, you also did many mistakes, you married her forcibly. Rudra says you pointed finger at her character because of Daksh, it was your mistake. Shivaye recalls. Omru ask him why is he running away form love. Shivaye asks do you think relationship is a game to resume from any point. Om says we are saying the same. Shivaye says Anika did mistake and bought my house to show me down, you are asking me to forgive her. Rudra says she did this for you. Shivaye asks what do you mean, for me. Om signs Rudra. He says she said she did this for you, so that none takes advantage of your goodness, if you feel she did wrong. Shivaye says yes, she did wrong. Om says then fight, but please talk about it. Rudra says sort this out. Shivaye asks don’t you have any topic to talk, I won’t talk. He goes. Rudra says he looked convinced, but don’t know he will talk and not.

Shwetlana and Jhanvi get tea. Shwetlana says I know its tough for you. Jhanvi asks did you say anything to me. Jhanvi drops tea. Shwetlana asks her not to behave such. Jhanvi says he was my husband, if anyone knows what we did then… FB shows Shwetlana and Jhanvi burying Tej and hiding from Bhavya. Jhanvi cries. Shwetlana says relax, none has seen us, forget this and think what to do next. Jhanvi says I don’t understand. Shwetlana says we will think, call the cab. Jhanvi says my phone is not in my bag. Shwetlana says what, you dropped the phone. FB shows phone falling in the graveyard. Shwetlana says we have to go that graveyard again. She takes Jhanvi.

Rudra says yes, Shivaye said. Shivaye says I don’t believe this Om. Anika asks why does he want to have dinner with me. Shivaye asks what will I do if she wants. Om says she invited you. Anika says I won’t go even for coffee. Rudra says he realized his mistake, so he invited you. Om says Anika thinks she should not doubt on you about Ragini, you know girls don’t take first step in such case. Rudra says Shivaye is worse than girls, he will not tell you directly. Om asks him to go, will his height get less. Anika says yes, but he has to show tadi. Om says no use to show tadi, go ahead. Anika says fine. Shivaye says 9pm final, its okay if she wants to rectify her mistake.

Jhanvi and Shwetlana come to graveyard and look for the phone. Shwetlana calls on her number. They hear the ring. Jhanvi says its here. Shwetlana and Jhanvi dig the grave and see the phone. They take the phone. Shwetlana says Tej is missing. Jhanvi gets shocked.

Shivaye says so many arrangements, this girl can never be punctual. Anika comes and smiles seeing decorations. She says I came 5 mins late, he will scold me now. She walks to him. Shivaye says Anika….. and turns to her. He looks at her and moment pauses. She slips and falls in his arms. Ishq hai aansun…..plays…. They have an eyelock. He makes her sit. Jhanvi says if anyone asks for Tej, what will I say. Bhavya calls her out and asks are you fine. Jhanvi says yes. Bhavya asks are you sure you are coming from Pune by driving car, how did this mud come. Jhanvi sees her sandals and says I got down at a tea stall, I m tired now. She goes. Rudra sees Bhavya going. He stops Jhanvi and asks where is Tej, your pic is published. She gets shocked. She says yes, we were together in Pune, then he went for meeting and I came here. He says Tej did not call since yesterday. She asks what shall I do, I m tired and need to sleep. She goes.

Bhavya says I got this locket, but what’s in it that Sultan is after this. She tries to open it. The locket breaks and falls. She gets the chip and says finally…. She checks the videos and tells commissioner that the videos quality is not good, maybe it has evidence against Sultan. He says none should see this proof, else his life will fall in risk, keep it safe, I will send an officer to collect it. She says maybe Rudra has the charger in his room. She keeps the chip on the sofa and goes. She looks for charger. Rudra comes there and says you have come. She asks for laptop charger. He says first room, then charger, better take my life. She says I m just requesting for charger. He says I could not sleep all night. AC was not working, you know it. She says yes, AC was not working. He says liar, you think just you can interrogate, tell me where were you at night. He gives her the charger. She says I don’t need to give you any explanation and goes. He says she is hiding something.

Anika says like you had habit to have food by knife and fork, I have habit to eat by hand. Ragini calls Samar and says its time to execute our plan, if we get late, it will be very late.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Happy

    Have fun

  2. Renimarenju

    Hello my 200 + Sweet Ishqies,Pkjians… are u all ?????????????????
    Just watched all missed episodes in one go before an hour only…….That baby pari simply rocked and i am missing her now….Lots of hugs 2 her…….
    Regarding episode……Special luv 2 gaurikara moment as i felt omkara as the calm , shayar, artist today…He said he need an inspiration 2 continue his art and i hope gauri will become his inspiration……Waiting 2 see that passionate lovely moment on show…
    For shivomru….kitchen scene was nice 2 watch, luvd when anika came and tried 2 help shivay, but crappy ragini interrupted there…..Goli maaro Crappy Ragini ke upar, can’t tolerate her…..
    Feeling scared for jhanvi now as don’t know what all things are planned by cunning diva swethlana urff fakelana…… Btw, jahnvi;’s expressions on face came very natural and she did a wonderful job…..
    Finally find bhavya doing some sort of investigation……mission 2 find locket got succeded……
    Omru convincing shivika was another catchy moment of the day, i loved om convincing shivay abt his mistakes and telling him 2 move ahead forgetting past…..Really om can convince shivay whenever shivay’s so called tadi will be in peak….I luvd when om said sso….jaa, tadi dikha….exactly most tadibaaz couple has 2 show tadi in show, which really grabs our attention….. Luvd anika when she said…khud aake baat karne se kya height kam ho jaayenge…..Anika, he is great sso…….so don’t expect all those things…finally omru made shivika patch up…..gud job guys…..waiting 2 see shivika mu gets cleared soon….
    But cv maata won’t make it soon as it need some masala….tej’s death, swethu’s crookedness, kameeni’s kameenipan and our oh my maata pinky’s dramebaazi….crappy nagini will also come with new plans…..seriously in one hour show we have 2 bear these much villains , then how do we get 2 watch some quality ishq????

    1. LAX

      Oh ya we are dying to see some quality Ishq…!!

  3. Need dbo back

  4. Hi reni
    How r u
    Ya so many villains we have to bare
    Miss u pari cute little girl

  5. Hiiii guys…..what’s up guys???? So less comments kaffi week ke baad itni low comments…… full on busy mode..

    Today Shivika will fight not nok jhok but i think heated wali..

    Today Hotstar Synopsis. .SHIVAY AND ANNIKA HATE EACH OTHER. ….

    I think this fight will lead Sso to open his smart brain…..

    Good morning. .have a Nice day..PKJ…

    And finally monday is here….IB day…

    Enjoy. …..☺☺☺☺☺☺..

    Lots of love…………


  6. lovely couples I love ishqbaazeeeeeees

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