Ishqbaaz 28th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 28th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye goes to Anika and holds her close, assuming her to be Tia. He says I know you feel I don’t have emotions in me, that’s not true, its just I can’t express. Music plays……….. He does not see her face. Anika turns and curtain comes in between. Shivaye moves the curtain. Rudra and Om smile and say Shivaye is businessman and also a Ishqbaaz. Tia comes and asks Shivaye what is this baby. Shivaye gets shocked seeing Tia. Rudra and Om ask Shivaye to tell them what is this. Shivaye and Anika together say it was darkness and they did not see each other, they did not know of each other’s presence. They together explain. Some time before, Anika gets scared of darkness and switches on lights. She thinks of her work to get forms back. She says I don’t like to see Shivaye’s face, but I need this

job for Sahil’s case. Priyanka comes and asks what is she thinking. Anika says Shivaye Singh Oberoi. Priyanka asks what. Anika says you all should keep directions board to reach everyone’s room. Priyanka says I will manage left wing, you manage right wing, happy now. Anika says fine.

Tia suprises Shivaye. He says Tia, I don’t have time for aura cleaning now. She says I give you time for family and work, can’t I get selfish and steal you for myself. He says ofcourse. She says Shivaye baby, I m staying here tonight to spend quality time, we both should care for each other, I m giving my 100%, come on show me your care. He says you are right, I got busy, we should spend time together. She asks him to freshen up and come, she is waiting here. She switches off lights and goes.

Rudra tells Omkara about Ruhi/Rumi not giving him attention. Om says maybe she has no interest in you. Rudra asks will she have interest in you, I have biceps, style, what do you have. Om says I have Riddhi ..maa…. And laughs. Rudra says what was that. Om says famous line, you are dumb. Rudra says girls find chemistry with me, don’t know what Shivaye and Tia has between them. Om says they are marrying. Rudra says so what, I think I should romance on entire family’s behalf, you are intense, why are you wasting life, you and Shivaye got committed too early, don’t know when will romance come in Shivaye’s life again.

Anika comes to Shivaye’s room and gets worried seeing darkness. She looks for switch and goes towards the lighted area. She goes behind curtains. Shivaye comes there and thinks that’s Tia. He says Tia and her candles and smiles. He goes to Anika and holds her close. O jaana……plays………………. He does not see her face. He holds her hands too close while hugging her from behind, and her bracelet’s tiny hanging moon gets stuck to his watch. He says I know you feel I don’t have emotions in me, that’s not true, its just I can’t express. She recalls their moments and turns to him. A curtain is between them. He moves that away and turns to Rudra hearing him. Rudra does shayari.

Rudra and Om smile. Shivaye looks at them. Tia walks in room. Shivaye gets shocked seeing Tia, and then turns to Anika. He gets angry. Tia asks Shivaye what is this baby. Rudra and Om ask Shivaye to tell them what is this. Shivaye says Tia you there. Om also does shayari. Rudra says what a bonding, I understood your shayari for the first time. Shivaye and Anika together say it was darkness and they did not see each other, they did not know of each other’s presence. They together explain.

Anika says Shivaye came and started saying a lot. Shivaye says shut up, let me talk. He tells Tia that he was confused and thought its Tia. He asks Anika why did she come here. Anika says I came to take forms. He says burn that. Anika says but Dadi said its to be filled. Om smiles seeing them still holding hands. Om asks Shivaye to leave hand. Shivaye asks what. Om says leave her hand. Rudra opens his mouth…. Shivaye leaves Anika’s hand. Om says you wanted to do romance of entire family, see Shivaye, he is doing much romance. Rudra jokes. He says Shivaye’s idea was right, girl was wrong. Om says no, maybe both idea and girl were right. Tia says its much negative energy here in this room, I m going. She leaves, and Shivaye goes after her. Anika takes form and tells Om and Rudra that she should also leave. Rudra asks whats happening. Om smiles.

Pinky asks Jhanvi did Tej like pink shirt surprise. Jhanvi thanks her. Pinky asks Tej’s reaction. Jhanvi says Tej remembers that day, I m thinking how does he remember. Pinky says it means there is still spark. They hear Tej asking Shwetlana to increase security. Shwetlana says I can’t come there myself, but I will get security checked and done. He says fine, I trust you. He sees Jhanvi and goes. Jhanvi cries and says there is no spark left now Pinky, Tej can never be mine. Shivaye hears them and goes.

Shwetlana is on the way and recalls Om’s words. She says Tej, your son insulted me and made me leave, I did not forget that, I will come in that house with respect, till then I will stay at my place. Anika tells Sahil that the house is very big, and jokes. She tells about Shivaye, coffee fell on him and he was staring at me, he spoiled forms today, I did not say anything, I have manners. He says SSO is mad. She asks what. He says Shivaye Singh Oberoi. She says he is crack types, and recalls their moment. She says don’t know he keeps his room lights switched off. He says if you dislike him, why do you talk to him. She says he talks to me, I don’t talk to him. He says but you are saying about him now. She says no, I m complaining about him.

Anika asks Sahil about his friend Preeti. He says she is fine. She sees her bracelet and says where did one moon go. Shivaye talks to lawyer and asks how is this possible, that woman confessed crime in police station. Lawyer says we don’t have proof against her, she is helpless widow, we can’t keep her there for long time. Anika recalls that moment and says Shivaye Singh Oberoi. Sahil says his name again, you took his name 22 times, I will keep Shivaye meter from tomorrow to count how many times you take his name. She says I had to take his name as he took my moon. Shivaye’s watch has that moon hanging. He holds his hand up, and does not see his watch. He worriedly says he has to do something to solve this problem about Ashok’s wife.

Om talks to Riddhima on phone. She is making some documentary to save trees. Riddhima says if you come here, focus will get on you, I can’t be selfish. Ishana looks on. Riddhima then uses Om’s name. Ishana says wow Om, you chose her, when I make you free of her, you will thank me.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. RituM


    |Registered Member

    Just love this….omg…waiting all day for this….nd thxx ameena for a regularly quick update …….😝😎👰

  2. Mukta

    Nothing much is seen between ANSHI😕😕BTW nice episode😘Shivaaye and Anika holding hands even after seeing each other….lolzzz…..Lovely episode..Rudra is awesome as alwez☺☺Om saying Riddhi….maa😂😂😂Loved it😙😙

  3. Sriranjani


    |Registered Member

    Anika and Shivayy has feelings towards each other but they cannot understand due to their Ego……I love Shivika’s Hug❤💕😍….Shivika always Rockz

  4. sameena

    Omdsss shivika couple is soooooo cute x and om and rude are sooo funny 😂❤🙊 I live Anika and shivaye ❤❤ the way shivaye was holding anikas hand tho ✋

  5. ayesha

    Omdsss shivika couple is soooooo cute x and om and rudra are sooo funny 😂❤🙊 I live Anika and shivaye ❤❤ the way shivaye was holding anikas hand tho ✋

  6. Devga


    |Registered Member

    Wah Bhai wah …. manna padega yea dho chote bhaiyion ki reaction my god …. ” BATAO BABY KYA HEY YEH ”
    And Om’s expression (wooow) seeing their hands …. killer expressions…..
    Awwww how sweet sahil he is” the best” actor ….
    Precap now ishaana is on a mission….

  7. Navi

    Loved today’s episode. . Shivika rocks. So cute romance. . But om stole the show by his shayri. And when he was like shivay hath toh chod shivay and anika’s expression was fab. . Rudra was like galat ladki but om was like sahi ladki. . I will even watch the repeat telecast. .
    Ishu looked so cute in the precap. . And that ridima is nothing but a opportunist. . She is so fake. . Ishaana go for it… but I don’t want Ishu to break om’s heart. He is such a sweetheart. But she should expose ridima. .
    Sahil is very cute.
    It’s funny anika even counted the moons in her bracelet and even noticed that one was missing. . Don’t you think so? ?

  8. Zannat

    I don’t know why but I have a strong feeling that may be ruhi is soumya’s best budy or sister…
    And rudra will ask help from saumya for ruhi but will fall instead for saumya while she would be helping him to get ruhi…

  9. Vinayak

    What a romantic scene and episode. This will go down to their deep memories, and may be hate parts between Anika and Shivay will lessen, no matter what may happen in future. Both are meant for each other, only Om can realise that.
    A superb Episode.
    Thanks Telly Update.

  10. Kat

    Awwww!!!! Shivaay holding Anika was super cute even if it was for a few seconds!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍 I’m in luv with Shivika!!!!!!!!! That Tia!!!!! The way she always tells baby to Shivaay makes me wanna laugh as it sounds so fake!!!😂😂😂😂 And both of them giving reasons all the while holding hands!!!!!! Super duper cute!! They were even not aware they were holding hands!!! Mark my words, Rudra is gonna find that moon attached to Shiv’s wrist watch!!!!🌛🌛🌛

  11. Luna

    Guys, I think Tia is a good girl. Dont u all also think that ? She looks very polite, innocent and understanding. Dont know why Dadi, Om and Rudra dont like her.? Unfortunately Shivaay will fall in love with Anika and break Tia’s heart.

    • nevermind

      Hey luna….how can u use the word “unfortunately ” to our shivika jodi.go the hell with Tia.she may be good.but for shivay, Anika is the best and the fortune.ok.😤😤😤

      • Luna

        nevermind, It is unfortunate for Tia because Shivaay will break her heart by falling in love with Anika. I know Shivika is the lead jodi .

  12. Tusi

    today, shail and Anika part was awsm, just luv shail… lol… just dadi and om told shvy about anika, sahil also do same to anika…

  13. Vinayak

    What a romantic scene and episode of today. This will be able to make a deep impression on the memory of Shivay and Anika, no matter what may happen in future. Only Om realised that there is some deep down bindings between Shivay and Anika.
    A superb Episode.
    Thanks Telly Update.

    • Mukta

      Hii Priya….I was missing ur comment….where were u??? And even Khushi is not seen from a few days….

      Happieeee birthday Kunal🎉🎊🎁🎂🎉🎈🎐🎁☺😍

      • Priya15


        |Registered Member

        Hii di.. I was busy with my xmz.. Then after xmz I had a competition so I couldn’t cmnt.. Now I l cmnt.. Khushi she said she is having xmz.. I l ask her through pm or I l ask her in edkv page..

  14. nelka

    When our billu sees the bracelet piece …..he will go mad…may be he will smile recalling the moment .for the functions of billu’s wedding our aniku will also dress beautifully.then billu won’t be able take his eyes off from anikuu….ohhh….my my…..

    • ishika

      Lol I thght abt th same thng tht whn anika will dress he WL stare at her..n rudra n omkara will agn taunt him😂

  15. ishika

    I’m sure whn this will b fr Anika shivay will hv an essay to tell unlike this time😂…..n yes holdng hnds n rudra om sayng baby batao wat Is this😂….im sure shivay WL nt feel anything strng fr her until tht sidharth n some jeleously will pop in btwn😍😂…n rudra’s opened mouth om’s shivay hath chhor n shivika’s ecprsn on hath chhor cz they didn’t evn realize were awsme

  16. Aliya

    Hi guys how are you.what an episode shivika hug was awesome. Holding hands between shivika was nice .super fast and rudra was funny. But shivika nailed today💓💓💓💓💓LOVE ISHQBAZZ

  17. ishika

    Expression* …n those ishkara scenes n sidhrth prt wl b sooner or later aftr th attck fr sure…bt it wl b soon cz omkara ws sayng smthng abt I in th lst epi..thn if th strt goes wth flow possessiveness will b high then jst waitng waitng😍

  18. Swas

    Oops but I think that’s words was not for Anika n not even shiv should have said to Tia……it looks weird that shiv have feelings for Tia ….the scene should have shown that he is holding Tia but feels n imagine about Anika

    • Kat

      I think Swas Shivaay is sort of trying to convince himself that he is in luv with Tia and doesn’t care about Anika.!!

    • Dil

      Actually, i quite agree with u. That scene didnt make any sense to me all though would hv. Loved it under different circumstances.
      They were playing oh. Janna when they were looking thru the curtains. But shivaye ws. Thinking it ws. Tia while anika knew it ws shivaye. And he ws. Not at all pleased when he realised it ws. Her. So whts. The point of oh janna. Totally one sided.
      It almost looks like shivaye has feelings for tia and anika has developed feelings for shivaye already. Which shouldnt be the case. Anika should hold her head high while shivaye comes after her for he insulted her a lot.
      Instead i would hv. Preferred if anika pushed him off and then turned around and then they played oh janna when shivaye realised it ws anika.
      Just my opinion. No offence meant

      • Dhana

        I totally agree on your concept. Even if she had feelings for Shivaye she should learn from her past experiences with him, not to mention he is going to be married to Tia.
        I cannot imagine someone hugging from behind and she is not doing anything forever. The scene showed he turned her around and further blocked by the curtain.
        It should have been the reverse.

      • ishika

        I agree wth u wth th shivay anika’s scene wsnt totally illogical..gyz If u see tht Anika ws ss hckd fr a moment n thus why she didn’t rect bt she ws th one who moved his hand and then he turned her around….bt yes no aftr reaction of memory ws shwn frm shivay’s side bt tdy they wl she I I guess whn he WL see tht brclet

  19. Haya

    wow… suprb episode..
    i loved it..guyzzzz
    wat A romantic nyt..
    bt THE wordz that shivay told,really 4 TIA??
    om and rudra ki expressionz ,wow damn COOL..!

  20. MP

    Good episode ……luvly moments btwn shivaye n n rudra was so funny Iove this ishqbaaz show.

  21. Asma badar

    Lovely lovely episode.. finally that hug scene…

    And as predicted , it was for tia…

    When one thinks of it that shivaay said all that for tia… it hurts deep down… broke my heart big time … 💔💔💔💔💔💔

    N sahil doing a great job as anika too is obsessed about shivaay… now anika will know her score on SHIVAAY METER…

      • Nadiya111Shah


        |Registered Member

        Helloz my lovelies!!!! I am hea …hope u all are amazing 😍😍😍😍
        I was again watching Ishqbaaz on Hotstar 😂😂😂
        Guess wat i felt Shivaay luked confused while holding Anikaa…Cz he thought her to b Tiaa, so thaz smething relieving…there was no romanticism in his expressions..he luked uncomfrtable😳😳😳 Watever but ShiVika hug!!!! i felt butterflies fluttering in my stomach😉😊☺️😍😌 Nakuul n Surbhi luk really gud together💋
        Can i plz eat Omkara!!!😩😭😭😭😭 He luks yummy!!!!
        Om n Rudra r Sibling goals!!! The way they irritate Shivaay is too fuuny n cute n only Om understands Shivaay n his feelings fr Anika …😌😘😍
        And yea fr the first time in 31 episodes or so i liked Ishana …She luked so cute in the
        precap!!! That Riddhi Maa is gne nw.😡😡😡..Our Gujrati Chokri will teach her a lesson!!!
        Enough of my fangirling… But i am addicted to thys show n how….😱😱😱😱😩
        I keep thinking about my gummy bears(Shivika n Om n Saumya n Rudra n Ishana too) like every oda hour throughout the day!!!!
        😮😯😭😭😭 Hope i hve nt gne mad
        Soory nyone if I am blabbering like a fool…I luv thys show like nothing else!!!! It makes me sooooo happy n dreamyyyy!!!!

      • Mukta

        Even I keep on thinking abt this show whole day……imagining d upcoming episode😵😍The best show at present….😘😘I’m addicted to it….hope it doesn’t affect my studies☺😊😱

        BTW Nadiya what r u doing?? I mean studying or doing job ???

      • Kat

        Hey Nadiya!!!!!!!Even I felt Shivaay looked sort of uncomfortable. he just parroted those lines and there was no feel in it. and for the first time I liked Ishaana too!!!!!!!!!!!! Om is my cute pie as I’m so in luv with his hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

      • Asmabadar1


        |Registered Member

        Nadiya !!! I am also addicted to this show… n its my first everindian soap but its tooo good… infact , its the best light family serial in whole indo pak…

        I keep thinking about it… watch the episodes again n again on hotstar.. n come to this site againn again to see what people have to say about it..

    • Aqua

      Hello my lovely co- ishqBaz minions.
      Sorry for the late reply. Was working on some stuff 😄
      U guys r the best! You kept us in ur thoughts😄
      One for all all for one 🙆❤❤❤

      • Nadiya111Shah


        |Registered Member

        Guyzzz!!! Check Kunal’s insat account..😱😱😱Thea is a video made by Tej Singh Oberoi where everyone is wishing our Om a Happy Birthday in the cutest way possible!!! wow!!!!!They all luk a perfect team(though our billu n Ishana r absent😡😡😡😡😡😭😭😭😭)
        I really like Surbhi n Kunals bonding!!!😊😊😊

    • Nadiya111Shah


      |Registered Member

      I cudn’t find the reply option below so i am commnting hea!!!😂😂😂😂
      Isn’t it??? Thank GOD Shivaay babyyyyy doesn’t have ny serious feelings fr TIAAA
      😭😭😭 Odawise I wud have cried!!!

      • Nadiya111Shah


        |Registered Member

        Nw I c my comment is where it shud be!!!! hehehe
        Anywayz…Mukta dea I am about to finish my research in Eng. yes that makes me a student🙂🙂🙂🙂😀😀
        Gna apply fr job next year!!!

    • Aqua

      I was so irked when shivay was thinking about lady baba😠 lol

      As Om said the Intention and the target both were rt lolzz 😄

  22. Asma badar

    N shivaay didnt for once recall that hug memory … he is stuck into problems so much….

    Tia is going to go full swing romatic mode….

    N now next episode will do show some progress in ishkara…

    Is radhimaa sooo passionate about saving mother nature ?????
    Is she sooo focused??

    In their relationship of bf gf , i cant decide if radhimaa is being bad by being focused for her nature saving cause or not…

    But yes in marriage, being too much passionate about career n avoiding family means weakening of bond….

    • renima

      Iam eagerly waiting for omkara-ishana story. i think ridhima is not the right person for omkara. what about priyanka? she is very sweet and if somebody[special] will make her more happy then it will be a good watch. its just a sugggestion.the current track of ishqbaaz is really good

  23. Asma badar

    Happy hatchday kunal jaisingh…

  24. renima

    Iam eagerly waiting for ishana -omkara story. ridhima is not the right person for omkara. what about priyanka? she is very sweet and if somebody [ special] will make her more happy then it will be a good watch. its just a suggestion. the current track of ishqbaaz is really good.

    • Asma badar

      Yeah i feel too that radhimaa should have some really bad traits in her … so that when om leaves her tu we all are happy…

      I think radhimaa only timepass with him… so that she has somebody to hang out with when she isnt working…

    • Asma badar

      Yes i love priyanka.. she needs some one who can love her truely n passionately , who can build up her confidence…

      • renima

        Do you remeber that serious guy robin ? shivaay’s mother asked him whether he eats paan? what about priyanka and robin pair? i know they are extremely opposite. what do you think?

      • Asmabadar1


        |Registered Member

        Hey i just commented yesterday that i feel there will be something between robin n priyanka in near future n so tia will be part of family n her entry will remain even if shivaay n tia break up

      • Nadiya111Shah


        |Registered Member

        U knw Asma I also thought in the beg. that Priyanak n Robin r gona click BUT somehow nw i get this feeling that he might be interested in boyz only!!! like Om n Rudra😁😁😁

      • Asmabadar1


        |Registered Member

        Idk may be but robin is stinky smelly rotting fishy !!!! 🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟

        N i think priyanka n he will be together , but he will hurt her …

        I feel priyanka isnt going to have a straight sweet love , she will come across some bad guy n then will find a true ishqbaaz…

        i hate to say all this, because i love sweeto 🍬🍬🍬🍬 priyanka…

  25. Asma badar

    Well, when kids are raised up in broken families , how theyturn out to be :

    1) shivaay : materialistic to the core.. doesnt believe in love … thinks love is like any business deal… stats n facts..

    2) omkara : shattered to the soul… pain is like a shadow to him… it follows him every where.

    3) rudra: hates the concept of relationship n marriage .. wants to jump from one girl to another to remain happy… he think marriage destroys happiness n romance between 2 individuals..

    4) priyanka: low self esteem n lack of confidence.. getting nervous easily..
    As if echos of fight btw her parents resonates within her n she gets disturb with slightest hint of it..

    5) anika: although , she must have been loved a lot by her foster parents, but scar of her seperation of her parents is eating her up inside… the grief of losing her younger sister is so dark that she fears darkness on the whole..

    6) sahil: losing parents at early age , limping for life, n cruel bua made him so sensitive, fearful of losing anika..

    7) ishana: being broke n caring for drunken father n sister , turns her beautiful soul to act in all ways that are wrong ..

    8) soumya : she lost a big brother , she knows pain n suffering, the hollowness, so she stepups to fill any one else’s emptiness..yet she gets hurt easily because get attach easily… because she wants that she can fill that emptiness in her heart with someone.

    Yet they all are coping their best with their pains with smiles n goodness in their hearts….

    May the ISHBAAZI between them fill their emptiness with life long LOVE…

  26. Aliya Khan

    love the episode shivaye and anika’ chemestry was lovely love the way shivaye hold her hand. Om and Rudra’ expression was lovely i just love the way om said hath chor hope writeres jaldi se ishqbaazi shuru kar de

    damn missed the serial but thanks for the update
    asma u r right broken families affect children a lot

  27. Nadiya111Shah


    |Registered Member

    Its Kunal’s b’day…😱😱😱😱😱
    Happy B’day u beautiful, awesome n hottest man😇😊☺️😍😍😍😘…GOD bless u!!!!
    Surbhi n Vrushika’s birthday wishes fr Kunal on instagram n twitter is so cute!!!!✌️👌😃😃

  28. ishika

    U knw I jst want tht th day he will say abt his feelings to anika should b unique cz wrtrs gvs so much effrt fr dialogues then tht also shud b smthng big …cz it wud take a lot fr smeone who is brkn inside to get courage to love so tht phase of confessing love shud be beautiful…..yes tdy though he said only two sntnce fr Tia bcz tht ws wat he can say he has no mental cnnctn wth her at all…n his eyes didn’t cooperate wth his wrds n totally mechnical cz it ws Tia n it ws jst fake..may b the script only demanded tht wxprsn bcz it went fr Anika so I’m hpy wth fact😊

  29. niyati

    U know I like ishqbaaz a lot but I don’t know what to do but shivaay and anikas jodi doesn’t suit… Both are great actors but nd the whole cast is superb
    But I think shivika doesn’t suit
    Nothing against yaar.. No offence.. I didn’t wanted to hurt someone ok.. Can you guys tell your suggestions… Plzz

    • Nadiya111Shah


      |Registered Member

      Umm..She was (as she herself said in tweet) asked to gain sme weight by the show makers n Nakuul on the oda side is skinny So yea that might b the one reason they luked mismatched(though I watched Ishqbaaz frm the epi1 only fr them)
      Bt i guess nw that she has really lost some kilos .They luk very cute n adorable…more suitable than before🙂🙂🙂😌😍
      Hope u will also like them as a couple!!!😊😊😊
      They r my fav.!!!

  30. niyati

    Yaar love ishqbaaz a lot but shivika doesn’t suit both of them are great actors but nd the whole cast is superb but still yaar….
    No offence I didn’t want to hurt someone.. Can u all tell me ur opinion regarding my views

    • ishika

      Well u r saying they doesn’t suit is it bcz of their physcl appearnce doesn’t match or smthng or u r talking abt chemstry??? Look chemstry hasn’t strtd yet..still so mny ppl adore thn so whn th real romance wil strt u wl get to knw abt their eqn my b u wl like thn in future tgthr..bcz mny ppl didn’t like Anika bfr bt now they all r her fan s o gve shivika their time it has jst startd…n yes physclly they dnt match bt agn th show is all abt opposte attrcts..i mn th ppl who doesn’t suit ech othr may be thru mindset or physclly bt will have mental bnds n wl b cnnectd thru love like rumya…so wait n see..cheers😊 👍

    • nevermind

      No,niyati.they are 1000% matching couple.their chemistry is awesome.did u watch ishqbaaz from the beginning or are u a new one to the show.if it is the reson i beg u pls watch it frm the 1st episode.

    • Mukta

      No…..I adore SHIVIKA d most….best couple among d 3 till now….They don’t suit physically but their chemistry is very nice and will improve when d romance between them will start…..and of course, as Ishika said, this show shows attraction between opposites….so they make a nice couple… Love SHIVIKA/ANSHI😘😘😘

  31. Navi

    Niyati. . Even I felt the same in the beginning but now I really like their pair. . Both are great actors and they are giving their best to look good with each other… maybe in the future you too like their pair. .

    And renima I don’t know if Robin and priyanka will look good together. . That guy hardly speaks. Priyanka needs a guy who is fun loving and can bring a smile on her face. You know priyanka is a little under confident and Robin will make her more nervous. So her guy should be someone who can boost her confidence. . Just my opinion. . What do you guys think? ?

    • renima

      Yaa.. you’re right. but there is another possibility also… for eg. if somebody is teasing priyanka infront of robin he will show his angry young man avthar and priyanka will thank him…. then we all know…

  32. niyati

    Yes u r right… The show has just started but she looks a
    Little older than shivaay… Thats it.. But anyways I love d show
    A lot.. I was just giving my opinion nd. Rudra and soumya r.
    Really good.. N. I m not hurting someone
    I know opposite characters nd all but
    Still appearance has something to do with chemistry..
    I hope u all r not angry… Just give me ur view about this logically plzz….

    • Asmabadar1


      |Registered Member

      I like that anika n shivaay are so opposite to one another… n tgey have a great HATE CHEMISTRY …. ab dhekhna yeh hai how will they develop LOVE CHEMISTRY…

    • ishika

      Ya swrethrt I knw u were jst gvng ur thought n its ok bt in real life Anika is far younger thn shivay..she is in hr20s n shivay Is she looks older😂.we cant hlp it though😜

  33. Archana

    Hi All,

    This is my first post…. Have never been a fan of any daily show after Kahin to Hoga (Only for Sujal and Kashish pair)… This is one of the best serials running at the moment… All the characters have been well crafted and defined… terrific performance by Nakuul Mehta as angry young man with a golden heart… Have no words to express the bromance scenes…

    Simple adore and love the pairing of Shivaay and Anika… I must admit that in the beginning, I didnt like Anika at alll because she looks huge in front of Nakuul.. But now she has lost some weight which was also mentioned by Rudra in one of the episodes… She is a terrific performer… Nails all the scenes and is giving a strong competition to our hero…..

    All the actors are simply too good byt Shivika rocks….

  34. Aqua

    Hi guys!
    So we finally got the much awaited episode. Hehe well its just beginning of the first shivika hugs 😄😄😄😄😄
    I really wanted them to get caught bunt he rudkara ever since the prom had aired cuz I thought it would be hilarious. .. and it really did happen lolzzz even OM turned into a poet hehehe😘😘😘😘
    Rudkara teasing Shivay was so funny and the way shivika were holding hands lol and it ttook them little time to let go lolzzz poor billu, he had decided to be romantic for the first time and got caught in embarrassing situation. ..
    I can’t wait to see how he will react when he will find the Chand 🌙 stuck to his wrist watch…. surely billu will be thinking about the hug…

    Also, I want Anika to ignore him or stay away from him so he can miss her😄😄😄😄 u know love increases when there is a distance 😍😍😍

    BTW that ridhima is only with our OM for his popularity 😠😠😠😠

    Hey guys quick request what did OM say when he recited the poem. . I am not a native Hindi speaker? 😇 thanks

    • Nadiya111Shah


      |Registered Member

      Hey Aqua!!!!
      Om means that a person(Shivaay) who was awayz at the boundary of a river i.e a usually reserved n all , knew nothing of romance n galz is now sailing in two ships simultaneously!! (thaz Anikaa n Tia)😂😂😂😂
      Hope I gt it right 🙂

  35. Aqua

    This is so awesome we r making another century today hehehe💃

    Btw Ishana looked so adorable in the promo ☺

    I can’t wait to see her tonight.

    Also, sahil’s shivay meter was so funny. Both billu and Anika has their younger siblings to tease them lol. 😄😄😄😄
    Imagine when sahil will team up with rudhkara. .. that would be so painfully funny for our tummy 😃😃😂😂😂😂

  36. Aqua

    Happy birthday to our OmKara❤❤❤❤❤💕💕💕💕🎂🎂🎂🎈🎉🎉🎊🎉🎉🎈🎈🎈

    • Asmabadar1


      |Registered Member

      Billu will be start thinking about hug after seeing that 🌒 … but billu is billu so he is going to drag that “mujhay fark nai parta ” attitude on surface but will keep thinking about anika…

      Anika is falling in love with bagar billa… but she is going to act as he isnt important n will start getting jealous seeing shivaay n tia together… tia is not going to sit n watch now … she is going to gear up her seduction mode…

      I wish to see rudkara doing pranks to spoil shiv tia weddings n shivaay thinking anika is doing purposely to postpone the marriage..

      I know aniku you are falling in love but please , grab yourself before falling completely… let bagar billa fall to his knees to confess his love for u…

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.