Ishqbaaz 28th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Police arrives to arrest Pinky

Ishqbaaz 28th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye-Anika, Om-Gauri, Rudra-Bhavya and everyone dance on Muskurane ki wajah……Shivaye dances with Rudra. Rudra says I feel this moment is awkward for the first time. Om says think well, marriage, kids, old age. Rudra says tell him not to say all this, he is making me nervous. ShivOm laugh and kiss him. Everyone dances happily. Hum saath ek duje ke….plays….Veer looks on and says the more I try to break them, their relation gets stronger, what if they are Oberois, I m also Veer Pratap Chauhan, until I ruin them, I won’t rest in peace.

Shivaye gets a call and shouts what…. He says the party is over, you all may leave. The guests leave. Pinky asks what happened. Shakti asks what’s the matter. Shivaye says it was commissioner’s call, an arrest warrant is issued

against you, police is coming to arrest you. Tej asks what did Shakti do. Shivaye says police thinks Shakti is related to the mills incident, with the fire and the deaths that occurred there. Veer smiles. Om says I thought that chapter ended. Shivaye asks Shakti not to worry, police will come, tell them where you were that night, this issue will end, dad tell us, where were you. Shakti sees Tej. Shivaye says this is the only way to end this chapter.

Shakti says I don’t remember. Shivaye says you are saying you don’t remember, someone answer me. Shakti asks do you think your dad can commit a crime. Shivaye says no. Tej says then don’t question, just trust us, we have already said that we have nothing to do with that fire incident, now its upto you to believe it or not. Shivaye says we believe you, that’s not the issue, sorry I will speak to lawyer and apply for an anticipatory bail for you, nothing will happen to you, don’t worry.

Shivaye asks lawyer to come home with bail papers. Police arrives. Shivaye says you have an arrest warrant right, your effort has gone in vain, I have applied for an anticipatory bail for my dad. Inspector says but arrest warrant is not issued on your dad’s name. Shivaye asks in whose name is it issued. Inspector says its issued on your mum, Pinky’s name, the fire incident case is reopened, we have info about your family members, but we don’t know where was Pinky that day, we have to take her into custody for interrogation, arrest her. Shivaye shouts stop. He pushes everyone and says nobody dare to touch my mum. Constables catch him and pull back. Pinky cries. Rudra stops Om. Shivaye says if anybody dares to touch my mum, no one will be able to leave this place, this is my promise. Inspector gets hand cuffs.

He says it would be better if you don’t interfere in our work. Shivaye says I don’t care. Veer says anger ruins senses, its good, get angry, fight, shout. my half work will be done. Om makes Shivaye talk to Anika. Anika says you must think sensibly, your anger is ruining everything, this is what our enemy wants, please control your anger, its done to provoke you, please understand for my sake. Shivaye calms down. Shivaye says sorry, I just got emotional as its about my mum. Veer gets shocked. Anika cries. Veer says how did he get calm. Shivaye says give me an hour’s time, let me talk to my mum, if I fail to tell you where she was that night, I won’t stop you from doing your duty. Inspector agrees.

Pinky says what will we do now. Anika says Shivaye will not let anyone arrest you. Shivaye says police just wants to know where you were at that incident night, the matter will end. Shakti signs no to Pinky. Shivaye says why are you all not saying anything. Om asks did you all have any connection with the fire…. Tej says no, we are not involved. Shivaye says please tell me, where were you that night. Pinky says I have to tell them now Shakti ji, there is no option, Roop’s child wasn’t fine that night, I took them to the hospital. Shivaye asks why did you hide this, thank God, you scared me, this means the hospital records can prove it, if Roop tells this to police, matter will end. Pinky says no, why will Roop help me, she was ousted from house because of me, she hates me. Shivaye says she loves her nephews, leave this to us, everything will be fine, don’t worry.

A lady/Roop opens tap and fills water. ShivOmru come there. Jhanvi asks what was the need to tell them that you took Roop and her child to hospital. Pinky says our children will find the truth. Tej says I wonder when will this truth leave tormenting us. Tej and Pinky argue. Shakti asks what shall we do now. Tej says I just hope this issue ends here, otherwise….. ShivOmru walk to her. Kya bebasi…..plays…. She sees them and cries. She says you all here. Shivaye says we came looking for you. She asks what do you want from me. Shivaye says we have come with a request, don’t refuse. They fold hands. She drops the pot down and worries. She asks is everything fine at home.

Shivaye says Tia is supporting them, I feel she is helping us, she knows Veer and Soumya’s plan. Rudra says why will she tell us. Shivaye says we should try asking. He calls Tia. Veer gets her phone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Pushpa

    I luv this family..the oberois…luv ShivOmRu bonding….
    Luv the way how shivaye always bring them together… how he make sure everyone is always happy….tht song …muskurane …beautiful song..luv it…all dancing scnene ws fabaulous..
    Of course my eyez r always on shivika…luv the way yhey danced together the closensss…?????
    Acha so…to get the story of KM..shivaye plan informing shakti arrest warrant…..but pinky is getting arrest….u know gals itz all karma…what goes around comes around…..but the way hw shivaye roar at the police…superb performance…anika is the only one who can shant shivaye and u did it…yes veer was waiting 2c shivaye’s anger nd get arrested by police …sorry veer yr plan backfired..

    Poor pinky….so new lady as roop…shock 2c ShivOmRu…i wander what thy r going 2ask her…she still evil…v all know her character..she will never change….
    Precap…..oh no veer answered the call….hope shivaye will b alert whn talking to her…
    Full of lovebaazzz … emotionbaazzz…ishqbaazz
    Gd nite gals..

    1. Arpita6

      You know what Pusi..i wanted to slap tej soo badly…He didn’t trust Sso and now he want Sso them..
      Really this is getting too much.
      Btw Congrats. .
      Go Pusi Go..??

      1. Pushpa

        Yeah this tej…he hurt shivaye so much dun he feel guilty at all…..

    2. Banita

      Yeh Karma… Hope senior Oberoi’s karma comes to them soon… I m exciting 4 this KMM track…

    3. hi pushpa dear,
      congras for being first. s our anika can handle our shivaye in anger

    4. Shekhar

      SHIVAAY knows, after seeing the seniors running out of KM on the day fire havoc took place through VC tossed up by SWET, OF seniors are hiding some truth over KM HAVOC. He was than being more confirmed looking at their weird behaviour since then, and also narrated this his speculation with all three ANIOMRU frequently. He just could not reach to the truth what seniors are hiding from them even after his personnel investigation he held through KHANNA during his VANVASS TRACK also.
      Looking at this fact, arrest of PINKY might have planned by SHIVAAY himself only to make PINKY vomiting out the truth about KM havoc. In my POV, there is no logic of any involvement of VEER in this warrant. The way PI agreed to postpone arrest for one hour , that is without permission of PC is hard to believe. If VEER would have planned, SSO could not get the intimating call PC and PI would not have been agreed to postpone arrest.
      So at least, if there is any logic we expect, arrest must be planned one by SSO, and that is only pretending.

      1. Pushpa

        Hi bhaiya….hw r u…
        yr comments r always thakkar..luv it
        Yeah 1hr to get the truth out of pinky…confirm shivaye’s plan…
        U r rite… lets c how this is folded…….roop gona enter… sso making a blunder…..

      2. But then why was veer happy? I think its a plan to bring roop back. Its obvious that roop is the oberoi villain. She will gain theor trust and hence this move. Lets see, only time will tell

    5. Go Pushpa di Go.Many many congratulations with lots of sweet love………..?
      That dance part was sooooooo…..beautiful and Shivika were just awesomeness personified.You are right di.Karma is going to bring havoc in the life of Senior Oberois.Let’s see how Shivaay is going to handle this.By the way di,your Shivaay looked very handsome while getting angry also?

  2. Arpita6

    Hiiiii mere khidkitod pagals. ..
    I am really loving these episodes..MUMMY KASAM THA KARKE DIL PE LAGI…
    1.Shivika?????????????????????????.why they are so hot..both NM and SC killed it..their chemistry is always something different. .Shivika ki bast hi kuch aur has been 1.5 +years..but still they mainta3the same chemistry same charm like you shivika.
    ashivika.and lyrics are just perfect for them..i love that chtou sa scene.
    RIKARA as always for me theycute.and today also they looked soo cute….????.
    Shivru?????.for a sec i thought Sso thought Ru as Annika..And Rudy is saying awakward ??????. And both shivom kissed rudy..aww so cute.
    Pinky ponky kuch jyafa scchi ban rahi he.
    Overall dance sequence was really good. .
    Then buhaaaa….A storm came and rise the beast .beast forget everything and his anger overpowered him..just then beauty came no no she didn’t came ,just through her sweet voice he calm down.may be beauty was far from him but still she manages to calm her.
    If he is like sun for her to lightened her life then she is his Moon to keep him calm.
    I can bet No one calm Sso than annika.
    For a moment all were shocked how he became soo cool….
    Ok i am confusiya veer saw annika???.
    Pinky ponky ?????i can’t even tell you how much i am happy to see you like this..karma us back for you made cry my anika di .now it is your time..
    Ye senior oberois kitne galti ki he yarr???????i am feeling so bad for junior oberois specially for Sso…Aise kya raita failaya he inho ne..
    Oh my god this track is going so good..finally thry remembered Roop.
    ????????????ok last part cracked up me soo badly

    Once again K3G song ki OMM hogayi?????.
    Yarr Roop tried to kill Sso and tried to insult Om .. now she is crying …..and she is living in chawl.???????..NA JUDA HONGE HUM..oberois hsve a rule that they will never get separated from Enemies. ..sry i can’t help..but laughing soo badly.
    Precap- i always wanted andha kanoon to be be caught..but now i hope she won’t get caught. …
    Waiting for tomorrow desperately. ..

    1. Banita

      Nycc comment Arpu…
      Yeh 1.5 yr ho gaye hain , but their chemistry is always Superbbb from start only….
      Last Roop’s entry wala part se sb bahat hi funny tha….
      Yeh KMM aur vi interesting ho raha hain yaar… i happy with this track…

      1. Thnx yarr..
        Happy Dola Purnima….

    2. Hi Arpita,
      Me too enjoyed that dance sequence a lot.I think that KKKG background music for ShivOmRu,not for their Bua.If not then IB makers are very famous for making emotional scene a pure comedy.Have seen it earlier also.Let’s see Tia baby gets caught or not today.Take care?

      1. ??right..Cvs are very good in it..
        Lets see.

    3. Fatmi

      Hi Arpu, kaisi ho? Yeh Roop ko badal diye and that lady who sacred Anika was none other than Roop…so all fans got confusaagaya ??? bcoz old Roop was fat and she used to wear Sharee and looked like a snake and this new Roop looks like Churail ??? ohh Can’t stop laughing …..nw she will Enter OM??

      1. Lady scared annika…which lady ???.
        That kali saree wali aurat was Komal na..
        Yes this roop is looking chudail..???..
        ROOP KI NAYI ROOP.??

  3. ? neutral episode .. why isn’t Pinky and others answering. Hope they will find truth soon. Anika dear you are the only one who can control that angry bird Shivaye ?? oh how lucky you are… Their dance was cool.. And ha Rudra will soon be like ShivOm. I wonder why they don’t have children ???

    1. Arpita6

      Pp . children. Itni jaldi
      Now we have to wait What is that raaz…
      Oh God..
      Ishqbaaz is becoming suspensebaaz

    2. Banita

      Heyy PP….
      I also felt like that Rudy will be soon like Shivom… Nd about children… Hahaha… Jb CVS chahe tb ho jayenge… BTW i don’t now CVS or fans want children in couples life…. Yeh hope KMM solve soon….

      1. Banita

        Sry… It’s “I don’t think that CVS…”

    3. Hi PP,
      Yeah dance part was the most amazing one.Loved it a lot.Rudra needs a lot of hard work to touch his brother’s position.Children will come if cvs are willing to introduce this kind of track.Let’s see what happens.

  4. Hi all,
    Back to IB after a week.. my son & hubby was down with fever.. Now they are good.. ☺️
    Coming to IB.. Anika as Kumari Rosie rani is rocking..
    Today episode partner swap dance was good treat to watch.. Shiv&Om teasing ru about marriage was cute.. Specially pinky in the dance sequence was so cute..nowadays our bubblie pinky is cute to watch..
    Shivaay’s anger is back after long time.. Only Anika calm down the monster side shivaay.. She is his guardian angel..
    So now major concentration on kalyani mill track.. Thank God..
    What these senior oberoi’s are hiding..? Some thing is bad they have done.. No idea..
    New Roop Bua is back.. Shivaay do you think Roop likes her nephew’s I don’t think so.. Bcoz during rakshabandhan she is the one who tried to make Om in drug case..
    Some spoiler saying veer is Roop’s son.. Some saying Roop daughter is Anika..
    Precap:I don’t think Tia will get exposed.. Shivaay may cut the call..

    1. Arpita6

      He Kadhmabari i didn’t knew you have a hubby and son too..Aap toh mujhe se bahut bade ho..but for me yiu are my dear.
      One sec if annika is Roop’s daughter then Sso will be his brother..He then it wil be cross connection.???????.
      Ok but plz don’t believe on any spoilers they are just give us headache nothing more..
      Take care of Jiju and your Son and your too.
      Love you.

      1. Hehe.. Yeah I have 2year old kid arpu.. As per south India Bua’s daughter won’t be sister.. Not sure about North..
        Earlier days in south India, most of the guys marry Bua daughter but now that tradition is slightly changing due to birth defects of kids..
        Love you too take care..

    2. Banita

      Ap toh mujhese bahat bade ho… I thought U r almost of our age… Hope ur son nd jiju doing good now…
      If Anika will be Roop’s daughter then Shivaay will be his brother… Nd if PLR will be her son then Rumya , Shitia , Pasinalana nd… r brother – sister… I don’t think it will happen….
      Take Care of Urself nd ur family’s…

      1. Hi Bani,
        Don’t make me feel so Old.. Just 27…I’m from Tamil Nadu.. We don’t consider Bua’s daughter has sisters..
        Just wanna know does in North Bua’s daughter is consider as sister?
        Love you too dear.. I just love you guys.. Arpu, Luthfa, shanaya, you are my dear ones.. I just come to this page to read your comments..

    3. Hi Kadhambari,
      How are you?Hope your family is doing great.
      Anika is like cool breeze who can sooth the heated up heart and brain of Shivaay.Don’t know how many sins have committed by the Senior Oberois.But they have to pay for it one day or other.Let’s see what is waiting for us.Take care?

    4. Banita

      Arre Kadhambari dii (Can i call U as di??) just 27… Tabhi toh ap young ho… Mujhe laga… Wase vi PKJ mein sb young hi hain (dil se) that’s matter….
      BTW What’s d name of ur son??
      I don’t know about north becz i m from East (Odisha)… Here some people belive as u said , but many people consider as sis – bro only…
      Awwweee it’s soo sweet of U dii… Nd mujhe aur ek TN frnd mil gaye…

      1. Yeah sure you can call me has di.. My son name is Suhas..

  5. Hai never ended for kalyani Mills secret and oberois take and come another enemy and that affect Annika life very much for starting serial u remember har Naya member villain hoga Annika ka Kama pakadna hoga and seniors oberios some big mistake that y they didn’t tell anything for their children but they will not handle the situation and not saying anything

    1. Arpita6

      Hii aditi dear..yes annika always affected by this but between these nafrarbaazi Shivika’s love story grown. ….and both shivika affected by these nafratbaazi.
      And don’t be sad if Sso will hurt annika they he will soothe her pain.
      Bcoz no one can love annika like Sso…
      Senior oberois kisi nahi..

  6. Shivaay will keep all her family members happy except Annika always veer doing such bad things and oberois not doing anything and even they don’t know about veer details how silly is this these five oberios is waste

  7. Sorry for saying oberois is waste that things they are doing is waste every time they take and come enemies to home

  8. Answer,Shivaay do you really think you would ever get the answer of your question?Answer can be found for that which has any valid question.Here it’s not any question but a puzzle,such a puzzle that no one can solve except those who made your”question” a puzzle.If you want to ask question then ask why your parents never gave you the attention and care which you deserved,why your Mom made you a bait to accomplish her goals,why you could never believe in true love and emotions,why Tej always considered you as his rival and competitor etc.See,this is how one asks question.

    1. Those abovementioned questions have answer but not this one you asked.Your family has chosen to treat you silently instead of answering your vocally.Let me tell you,sometimes we have many questions to ask but it’s not necessary that we can get the exact answer.You better avoid this question as your parents will be found standing silent before you as always.Do you know why?Because their own life has turned into a big question mark in itself.I hope you know that a question is a question,not an answer.Question is the path and answer is its destination.Let your parents and other parent like figure reach their own destination first………………..

      1. Once again you nailed it Luthfa
        .yes ..senior oberois itself a question.
        And bcoz of this question so many lives are suffering….

      2. ItsmePrabha

        Darling..great take on current situation..jaha sso sari raita sametne chal raha hai waha..yeh senior oberois help karne ki jagah chup kade hoke aur bhi zyada raita pehla raha hai…Love you ..God bless you..Take care..
        and thanks darling har roz tum meri comment ki reply karthi ho par time na milne ki wajah se mein reply nahi de paa rahi hoon sorry..

      3. Sweetheart,
        You have caught it right.When Shivaay wants to solve the problem,Senior Oberois are dumb enough not to listen to him and in this way bring upon their own destruction which is inevitable.What can Shivaay do when they are adamant on their own decision.Awwwww…..Plz don’t say sorry.Here everyone is very busy because of this or that.So as you and I.And thank you soooooo….very much for your sweet love just like you.God bless you?

    2. Banita

      Veryy Good comment Luthfa…
      These questions r ask a normal person… These r not for SSO….
      Yeh U r right senior Oberois life itself a question… Now i m waiting when cvs show dadi also related to this or any other big mystery…. Nd our junior Oberois r there only to slove d problems created by their own parents….

      1. Bani,
        If cvs have wished to do so then Dadi also will not be spared.Take the example of Soumya.Shivaay can’t find the answer of those questions as he never tried to find them but now he wants to know the answer of a specific question which is not possible to answer for his parents for some obvious reason.Thank you soooooooo…..much for your love.Love you?

    3. You are right Arpita.Their question personified life has put an end to many lives.Thank you so much for your sweet love.Love you?

  9. Banita

    Heyyy PKJ….
    Epi was good one… Finally they r heading towards KMM….
    First couples dance…
    My fav sense in the whole dance sense was Pinky…. For me she was much batter then any one… When she gave the money (don’t know kya bolte hain ase ghumake dene ko , So plzz adjust with it) that time I feel like our old Pinky is back… Shinky dance also Superbb…. Tejvi also good…
    Our junior couples r also Nycc… Specially Shivika…
    Rudy also good in romantic avtar , but how I wish there was Soumya in d place of Bhavya… But I don’t think noe there is any hope of Rumya as a couple…
    Police was instruced by PLR… Mumbai mein vi PLR ki raaj chal raha hain…. Yeh toh pura ulta ho gaya Ajoydha mein Ravan ka raaj… Hope yeh jayda time na chale….
    Arrest warent for Pinky…. But she didn’t go to jail… How I wish to see her in jail.!!!! Still I want to see Pinky , Janhavi nd Dadi in jail… I m okk with it if it will happen in a funny way… Sb chale gaye hain yaar except these three….
    Anika’s word cool down SSO….
    So CSV brought Tej in a unexpected way to restart d KMM…. Then I m okk with Tej…
    It seems like now CVS will fully concentrate on KMM… Bahat badh gaya hain ye raaj wala part…. Now I m hell exciting for this mystery to unfold… First Anika… Now Roop… BTW I m not surprised to see Roop’s involment in this incident…
    Whenever this KM incident come senior Oberois ke chahere pe humesha 12 baaj jata hain…
    New Roop’s entry…. But I thought old Roop hi aayegi… I m missing her when I saw d new Roop…
    Now I m getting 100% antaryami wala feeling that Roop is d villian wali Oberoi…
    BTW Roop ki bacche vi hain???? ND Why she told that “Ab kya lene aaye ho??” What did senior Oberoi’s with her that she told like this…
    Obros fold hands nd she dropped the pot…. That sense was Funny one… I don’t know why but mujhe toh funny laga… Nd song…. Agar Roop –ve hain usse wo song… Too funny…
    Precap – Hope Tia ki bhanda PLR nd Pasinalana ke samne na khul jaye…
    GD NT PKJ….

    1. Banita

      BTW If i m not wrong there was no CHOTI / CHAMKI with Anika… Didn’t PLR or any family member noticed it???? Strange…. CVS plzzz don’t do this type of mistake….

      1. Honestly speaking I didn’t realize it entire dancing part was Chamki less.So engrossed that I didn’t notice at all it was gayab in entire episode.They are ignoring those small details but we are not.Good going…..????????

      2. it is such a big thing that was attracting every viewer’s attention. how can the entire team be so senseless taht they didnt notice chamki’s absence. if at all it was becoming an annoyance they could have added a scene to justify chamki’s removal…

      3. Banita

        Heyy Vidhya…
        Agree with U dr… At least they put a scene of Chamki’s absent… They r so engross in other parts that they totally forget it…
        Take Care…

    2. Exactly last part was actually funny.?????.
      Aur tera dil toh bahut bada he kind heart..i am not in mood to forgive pinky ponky.whole 2017 she irritated annika..
      So it will take time..
      And mere ko.bhi jan na he ki uss paise ghumane system ko kya kahete he…
      Annika’s choti bigad gayi thi na..isliye …may be …she removed it..waise bhi dance ke time choti hoti toh…….you know na..??????..

      1. Banita

        Arpu main vi uss Pinky ko forgive nahi kia hain… I just said mujhe uski wo wali sense accha lagi , but usse main vi itni jaldi maaf nahi krne wali…
        Yeh CHOTI hoti toh in dance sense then hum bolte SHIVAAY – ANIKA ND WO (CHAMKI / CHOTI)… LOL…

    3. Hi Bani,
      Hehehe….Antaryami wala feeling!!!!!Superb yaar.Yeh KMM ka raaz to aisa hogaya hain ki other serials ki leads ki suhag raat.Bas age push karte raho chewing gum ki tara!!!!Don’t know when this mystery will get solved.Hope Tia will remain an undercover spy of the Oberois.Let’s see what happens today.Take care?

      1. ?????he Luthfa.. terrible combination of KMM raaz with suhag raat.????…..
        It cracked me badly.???

      2. Banita

        Luthfa…. Suhag raat…. Hahaha….
        About Chamki… Okk now i m telling a secrate… Now a days i m loving Anika’s CHAMKI more then any thing… Koi vi scene ho , sb ki costume kitni vi acchi ho first meri nazar uss CHAMKI pe jata hain then dress pr… So now U can understand why i figure out CHAMKI’s missing…
        Love U dr…

  10. And one thing is very good is that they showing the relationship between couples will not destroy any whether they know the secret about kalyani Mills related to their lived

  11. hi guys. cvs plz tell me wether i must like u r hate u, prise u r curse u, U come with a new serial of differnt storyline which is of 3 bros u showed them so spl nt like other serials fighting for property etc u showed such a beautiful bond btw them. u showed such a beautiful characters like dadi, shiv( as elder bro,husband ,son), anika(as sis n wife)etc. u nt only gave us a serial bt by this u gave us all a new friends v got connected to one other by this, for this v alway b thankful to u for giving us such a beautiful friends i like to say more than frds bt a family were v dont know more of one other bt still v r connected becoz of u. other show people were telling good of this bond.n show.u showed so good characters tht v started liking different characters for different reasons. u missed of balance of showing equal screen space of bros. so v asked u to give equal importance all 3 bros but u took a different serial. even our family bond got separated. u took the storyline soo beautifully tht without knowing ourself v started living in thous characters n serender to u story emotionly also. then u went on changing the character like pinky,buamaa. tht dont effect our bond but our bond went on decreasing went u changed the pairs of om n rudy. then the wall of fans fight started btw us. but still v were balancing the bond. again v asked u to bring back old character (somu) even u brought back v were happy. but u spoiled the character were the the family bond turned to fans fight.u hv created such a big wall btw us tht they have started to fight like a enemies. n some left the family. n now other hv started laughing at us after cing the fight. for which i hv started disliking u. v hv asked to change the character of Somu bt u changed tia. dont know yy. here i hv mention both the story n our bond becoz the way u change the character even our bond is changeing. so before changing any character remember here even our bond is also changeing. even the charm.
    guys today somehow i managed to c the comments in facebook n insta. i was shocked to c the fight. were instead of fight btw cvs i saw more btw fans( frnds). sry guys i dont know wt i wanted to say tht i hv written properly r nt . im nt soo good writter like u all. so i think u guys understant wt i wanted to say. m sry if i have made u guys bore.
    thank god this fight is seen in our pkj family.lots of

    1. Banita

      Heyy Jeevi….
      Nycc comment dr…. Agree with ur each nd every point…. I don’t see twitter nd insta… So don’t read that fan fights.. But here listening from U guys about that mujhe michmichi machti hain…
      IB starts with bonding of brothers…. It create many fans only becz of this concepts ,but now this fan fight of same show… Show mein toh brother’s bonding mein koi farak nahi aaya ,but fans ke beech aagaya… Where in other shows we see d broken bond in serials only not between fans here it’s different… CVS ne socha show mein nahi kr sakte toh fans ke beech kr lete hain… This IB’s fans fight always disappoint me….

    2. Jeevi ..dear….We can blame Cvs for not giving enough space for all obros..but those people are also no less …one fan said that Harnnet’s cat should die..and yiu can’t believe they way they fight . ….so much abusive mentality.
      No couple fan can tolerate each other…
      Samjhake koi fayada nahi… logo ko..
      No prblm is absolutely ok…yiu can reply us later..
      And side too ALL THE BEST OF GOOD LUCK. Who are going attend exam…

    3. Jeevi dear,
      Absolutely and completely agree with you.In the name of executing any plot they are playing with the emotions of us fans.They are forgetting the fact that for whom they are running the serial.Anyway,don’t be sad dear.We will handle it together though I know it will be very difficult.God bless you.Take care?

  12. ALL THE BEST OF GOOD LUCK for Dhwani,shivaya, Harry Potter dear n all other pkj dear who r going to attendent 2nd puc exam form today(4/3/18). rock ur exams my pray r always with u guys. rock ur today papers( economic,physics) sub if im nt wrong.
    tq sindhu akka,luthfa n arpita dear for replying. sry for nt replaying i promise u guys wen i get my personal phone will reply u all till then only late reply.

    1. It’s absolutely fine dear.Do comment whenever you can manage time.Will miss you till then?

  13. Shekhar

    So its is ROOP, the cause of all the mess going on in OF since first epi. The BG music, and the song going on while SHIVOMRO met her does not match with what ROOP did so far , and her concern for OF was totally unexpected, and this turnaround in the CHARACTER ROOP shows, ROOP will come up as the VICTIM of OF seniors. SSO ‘s statement, AUNT LOVES HER NEPHEW, has been placed on his tongue only to make the space for ROOP to project her as VICTIM, and one more villain will come up as the harassed person by seniors OF. The CHILD to which PINKY was referring may emerged out from the dark corner of story only to add PEPPER, SPICES and SAUSAGE to decorate the worst dish to serve.

    It will not be shocking even if CVS establish any GAL, old or new, as 3rd KAPOOR SISTER by replacing SOUMYA as they have already done earlier and shown the ROMI as the sister of ROBIN. If SOUMYA is the sister of TIA_SHWET, then why the hell DADI would have got her in OM as her friend’s daughter. New facts never comply old one, and CVS keep rolling on story with imaginary wheels of unequal dia
    having no balancing either in logic or story.

    So now, KM MYSTERY is on the board, ROOP is about to come up as VICTIM instead VILLAIN, and may be ANNIKA too come up as one of VICTIM of seniors, and may give us the mind blowing shock to viewers, let it be than logical or illogical, but definitely that shock will come from the character ANNIKA, the SAVIOR of OF so far, and the intensity and amount of the SHOCK which the character ANNIKA can give, no other character can give then. CVS had floated one more name on the screen to play with, ROOP’s CHILD, as the probable root cause of all the mystery of OF.

    CVS has aired so much mysteries , even CVS might would have forget what all mystery they have created so far, what explanation they should provide to each mystery, and we will leave on our wild guessing over mystery after IB will reach to the END.

    JOURNEY of IB since long are taking break after break without continuity , and INTELLIGENT viewers are at the loss to get what CVS are upto. We may expect utmost, at least ANNIKA’s mystery will not windup like what ever the other mystery has been handled by CVS so far.

    1. Sekhar bhaiya..
      I think Something happened To Roop’s child……ychild……yes you are right.may be she is also one of the victim caused by senior Oberois….
      And now Shivomru will bring her and she will try to destory oberois…but this veer is soo confusing person..i still can’t figure out what is his connection with can be he is her brother..Hbrother..HUM CONFUSIYA GAYE HE…..??
      And in above you said it can be Sso’s know about KM raaz then what about that part when annika calm down Sso…ye bhi toh natak hogi na..matlab itni beautiful scene..aise hi fund main..sounding not good….right????

      1. Shekhar

        ARPITA SIS
        ‘HUM CONFUSIYA GAYE HE…..??’
        ha ha ha………………

        Anyway, here CVS are too confused for how to CONFUSE WE PEOPLE !!??

        “And now Shivomru will bring her and she will try to destory oberois…’

        I differ on this your speculation. It look more the revelation of KM mystery instead to evil intention against OF. SSO is more seems to put a FULL STOP at KM HAVOC. But , yesterday, the way ROOP was being projected , and then aired, was totally contradicting the character frame of ROOP which we kept seeing so far. Old ROOP was totally EVIL, and yesterday she looked like having some great concern for OF, that is what more confusing. Let’s see today epi, with which intention ROOP is coming up. It is my speculation only, ANNIKA’s past may stemmed out from this ROOP TRACK !

    2. Fatmi

      Hi Shekhar …how r u? May be I’m exchanging words with u for the 1st time….Yap u r right….CVs come up with a new twist and left them unsolved every time ….We all know that Swetlana asked help from Veer in Goa and he was helping just for Anika. nw he said that he don’t need Anika…So what’s his enmity with OF now? That’s why if They will show that Veer is Roop’s son and want to take revenge we shouldn’t surprise. ..

      1. Shekhar

        yes, they are good to give us MYSTERY after MYSTERY, and equally lazy to give it’s explanation then after. It seems,how much they are master in creation of LOVE SCENES, are more expert master in mishandling the THRILL SCENES. Time again and again, they are proving my this opine with more and more strongly and powerfully, THEY ARE DUMB in handling the THRILL SCENES.
        Yaa, it is first time, but may hope not the last time.

    3. But sekhar bhaiya..this is IB ….anything can happen here…
      I am also confused they showed roop like good …. ..
      But she can’t be soo good….lets wait …Cvs can do anything…….
      Hope yiur assumption will happen..
      Can’t handle more vilians..

  14. Hi everyone,just to say today’s episode was ok
    If They want to show some happy moments I hope it last at least for on episode rather than five minutes.

    The dance was wonderful of Shivika and Rikara but that too just a snippet. The funny part is Shivaay dancing with Rudra. Now Rudra feels awkward.

    Well I Don’t understand the senior Oberois. Why Don’t they just tell the truth to Shivaay? Why are they still hiding things? So it is f8ne if Pinky gets arrested? Even shakti shakes his head. If Jhanvi gets arrested then will Tej tell the truth or Jhanvi? I wish Jhanvi or Tej got arrested and not Shivaay’s parents. Shivaay was so emotional when they try to touch his mum to arrest. The son’s love is evident.

    So It is Roop? Same height? They change Roop. It is a different actress. Veer is smart. He has studied the Oberois very well. I think he knows they will go to roop and she probably his going to put up a tall claim. Just my assumption but it could not be also another Oberoi.

    1. Hi Sindhu di,
      The thing is truth always hurts.But here that specific truth of KMM is symbolizing the destruction of the Oberois,whole Oberoi Empire and everything one can name.They are afraid of that thing,nothing else.The height of selfishness.I am just wondering what ShivOmRu will go through after discovering that truth.Senior Oberois have destroyed their life and now are going to destroy their children’s life which is totally unacceptable.Anyway,let’s see what happens today.Take care?

    2. Banita

      Sindhu dr… Senior Oberois not handeling d things they r just bigading d things… Now it’s seems like with this KMM many lifes r connected…

  15. Hello everyone,good morning.
    Wishing a very gorgeous, marvellous and most excellent”Happy Holi”.Let us colour ourselves with the colour of love and happiness.Happy Holi once again???????????????????

    1. ItsmePrabha

      Happy holi to you too Darling..

      1. Happy Holi to you too Sweetheart…?????????

    2. Banita

      Holi is tomarrow na???

  16. it seems lyk Roop is d main villain or Janvi may b..

  17. Shivika khidkitod as always…loved their dance sequence however too short…love Shivika, Rikara and Ruvyas bonding?
    With the KM secret…too confusing.
    Cvs plz st beating around the bush
    When will Aniri sisterhood be revealed.
    Have u guys noticed, no Oberoi celebration is without a drama….Ever
    Just want some love, romance n nok jhoks for all couples?
    Plz cvs get rid of Veerbali.
    What came out of Kapoor sisters truth coming out.
    So many unresolved stories.
    So if trp goes down…its again on cvs, not actors or fans

    1. Hi Zara,
      That’s the speciality of IB cvs.They can pile up mystery after mystery but forget to solve them or solve half baked way.Shivika were so beautiful and aesthetic.Let’s see what happens next.Take care?

  18. its good going track

    1. Yeah seems so.

  19. Nikita_jai29

    It is good episode… Now cvs has changed the cast of Roop character… And thanks for them to bring back roop in the main plot…
    I am just hoping that anika mystery is being a logical one… Not illogical and having many loopholes…
    Good analysis shekhar bhaiya… Arpu dear… Banita dear.. Luthfa dear…
    Happy Holi to all of you ishqies dear….

    1. Hi Nikita,
      Logic in any plot of IB is too much to expect.I am hoping for a good execution without much dragging and all those boring aspects.Yesterday’s episode was good in the most part.Let’s see what happens next.Thank you so much for the compliment.God bless you?

    2. Thank you niku dear..i am also want Annika’s track will handle by logical.plot.
      Lets see

    3. Banita

      Thank U Nikki dr….
      Yeh hope so ki Anika ki past logical ho nd yeh KMM vi….
      Love U…

  20. ItsmePrabha

    Hola buddies…
    Wow..shivika and rikara part was so beautiful i wish rudra aur bhavya ki jagah rumya hote…ok prabha ab zyada math socho ..already cvs ne tere armaano pe paani, cool drink,thodi hot drink bhi daal diya…
    absolutely loved shivri and aniru..they are can someone be that cute…aur sabse zyada cute couple in town hai shivru…rudy ko pehli baar moment awkward laga..aur mere ko ek dum cute..aur shivom kissing ru is choooo cute…i cant get over these obros and their bond..
    phir shuru hui suspense aur intense bhari drama..loved SSO’s gussa and the way he delivered dialogues OMG..SSO tussi great ho..???? yeh lo tofa qubool karo..
    and and and loved the way how anudi cooled badaktha hua SSO..pata hai jab sso ekdum se billu ban gaya mujhe starting wali episodes mein ek scene tha jisme rudra boltha hai ki anudi billu ko paltu bana diya..uss dialogue ki yaad aayi hai..
    and senior oberois..bas aise hi mooh latka kar khade rahiye ..kuch math boliyega..waise bhi mere billu billi ko jasoosi karne ka bohoth shauk hai aur baaki paltan ko unki madath karna pasand hai tho wahi solve karlenge..aap zyada stress math lena..bass sara stress apni bachon ko sehne de..aap log kush rahiyega…
    aur ab yeh roop bua kyun apni roop badal kar aayi hai..aur woh gaana ..why cvs? why?..i know aap logon ko galat jagah galt muzik play karne ki aadath ho gayi hai aaj kal ..par phir bhi..ok koi fayda nahi..kehne se ..
    precap ..OMG..please for the first time mein universe se pray karthi hoon ki yeh lady baba pakad na jaaye..waise yeh MCK tho tia ki phone uthane ko bohoth uthawla ho raha hai..i hope sso sab sambhal le time pe..waiting for the epi..
    Lub you guys…Take care..
    All the best of good luck to them who are attending exams or preparing for it..

    1. Are Prava dear…mere ko bhi yaad aagayi yarr.
      Paltu wali scene…Sso is BANDAR and Annika is HASEENA…??.ha ha ha kitna cute tha woh scene..
      Finally i able to reply you..
      And yes..jyada mat socho…………….CVs Ne hum sabke ummidon par pani fer diya…he..
      Love you yarr..
      Btw .aap kya padh rahi ho??

    2. Sweetheart,
      We have to adjust with Ruvya now perhaps.How I wish that cvs suffer from partial amnesia and start writing for Rumya as a couple!Anyway,you are going all gaga over Shivaay and that’s really very sweet.Senior Oberois were born to burden junior Oberois only.Forget them.Hope so that universe saves Tia this time.Bari meharbani hogi aapki.Happy Holi to you too.I hope you have enjoyed and still enyoing a lot.Take care.Love you?

    3. Banita

      Nycc comnent Prabha dr…
      Sahi kaha yeh senior Oberois koi kaam ko nahi hain isliye yeh ase muh latka kr bethe hi rahe….
      Yeh i also wish Universe yeh apni dukan (Universe ki dukan) ko bachale…
      Love U dr…

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