Ishqbaaz 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 28th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye asks Anika to get lost. Anika says listen to me…. He holds her hand and throws her out, saying out of my life Anika, you and me are over. Anika smiles and says Khanna ji, its time to make spoiled things fine. Some time before, Anika puts rose petals on stairs. Shivaye sees her and walks downstairs. They both see each other. Mrs. Kapoor shows papers. Shivaye asks what’s this. She says I think you forgot the promise in happiness, its your and Anika’s divorce papers, so that your and Tia’s marriage gets legal. He says I m marrying. She asks what’s the problem to sign. Pinky says yes, sign it and end the problem. Rudra says no. Dadi says Billu, there is still time, think. Pinky asks why to think, decision is made, sign on it Shivaye.

Shivaye asks for pen. Anika looks at him.

Mrs. Kapoor gives the pen. He signs on papers. Anika and Shivaye see each other. Mrs. Kapoor smiles. Pinky says pandit has come. She greets pandit and asks him to check everything. He says I have to wash hands before rituals. Rudra says you have much work, I will take pandit ji.

Mrs. Kapoor asks Tia to smile, your marriage is happening. Tia says I can’t, I love Robin. He says our plan can flop by your stupidity. Pinky comes and asks them not to hide anything. Mrs. Kapoor says Tia was worried, pre wedding jitters, I was explaining her that Shivaye is everything for her now. Pinky takes Tia.

Tia and Shivaye sit in mandap. Anika looks on. Pinky asks pandit to come and sit, start rasams. She says I forgot shagun plate and goes. She asks Anika to get shagun plate, its in guest room where Rumi is lying unconscious. Anika goes and takes the shagun plate. Rumi holds her dupatta. Anika asks are you fine, I will call doctor. Rumi says Tia, Robin is not her brother, but her husband. Anika says I don’t understand, I will call Shivaye. Rumi says stop marriage, Robin is Dushyant, not brother, he is husband, child…. She gets unconscious. Anika says what did she try to say, Tia, Dushyant, child…. does she mean Dushyant is Tia’s husband, he is father of her child, and Dushyant is Robin.

Pandit asks Shivaye and Tia to stand for pheras. Anika shouts Shivaye no…. and comes there. She says don’t do this marriage. She opens the ghatbandhan cloth. Pinky asks did you go mad, what did you do. Anika says Shivaye, you don’t need to marry Tia, she is lying to know, Tia is married to Dushyant. Mrs. Kapoor and Shwetlana get worried. Anika says Dushyant is Robin, her child’s father. Everyone get shocked. Pinky says what nonsense, Robin is Tia’s brother. Anika says no, he is her husband, Rumi told me. Pinky says you got mad, that girl is unconscious. Anika says she got conscious, she told me Robin is Dushyant, he is father of Tia’s child.

Mrs. Kapoor asks what nonsense, you are defaming Tia. Pinky says its good Shivaye signed divorce papers and we got rid of this mad girl. Dadi asks what nonsense Pinky. Pinky says she is mad, she is saying Tia’s brother is her husband, such bad thinking. Anika says believe me, Robin is not her brother, he is her husband. Mrs. Kapoor says enough, Shivaye is just listening all this, can’t he tell anything to Anika, I gave him many chances, but you are not listening, I will not say anything today, I will just do, just you watch. She sends video to Om. Shivaye sees Om and recalls her words.

Shivaye goes to Om and takes his phone. He throws phone in havan kund. Pinky asks what did you do. Shakti asks what’s happening. Shivaye says wrong was happening till now, time has come to make it right. Anika says even I m saying the same, you are doing big mistake to marry Tia. He says shut up Anika, mom is right, you have completely lost it, I have always bear all nonsense, not today, you crossed limits. She says I m saying truth, Dushyant is Robin, listen to me. He says I don’t trust you, I did not know you will fall to this level to stop this marriage, disgusting. She asks him to ask Rumi. He says I know what I have to do, in fact I should have done this before, get out. Mrs. Kapoor smiles.

Shivaye says leave from my house. Anika says but Shivaye… He shouts I said leave. She says listen to me, what you are doing… He holds her hand and throws her out of the house. She cries. He says out of my life Anika, don’t dare to come in front of me, you and me are over. He shuts the door and sees Anika. Everyone look on. Anika cries. He gets back and turns. Anika cries.

She stops crying. She smiles and wipes her tears. She says wow Anika, you cried so fine. She calls and says Khanna ji, its time to make things fine. She gets up and sees Shivaye across the door. She smiles seeing Shivaye. Shivaye turns to her side and smiles. He goes to the mandap.

Pandit says wedding got completed. Anika shouts no. Pinky says you came again. Anika says I just came to make Tia meet her husband, Dushyant. Robin walks in. Tia gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Why do they show the most interesting part when we have exams???. Waiting for today’s epi and ofcourse SHIVIKA LOVE CONFESSION.??

  2. BTW galzzz have you noticed that Shekhar’s comments are also many in number today….usually that doesn’t happen…..he will have 3-4 analysis points and then very few replies to that!! Chaa gaye Shekhar ji!!

    And also I guess Shekhar is the only male in this group……am not sure…..some of the male names in the group turned out to be females later…..but from the way he comments I really feel Shekhar is a boy! Shekhar don’t mistake me for gender bias or something like that….its just that I have seen boys watching daily sops regularly but taking time to comment on them is something very rare I think!!

    And all this credit of a changed Shekhar goes to our Drama Queen Neha Sharma……she is the one who left Shekhar without any option other than to reply to our comments… 😀 😀 😀
    As Lachu said good to see we have a Internet family here……and the best thing we are not here to criticize or support any community, religion, political party, region etc. etc. because nowadays we get to see that alot in all social networks. Our religion, language, party, region everything is one here – SHIVIKA and ISHQBAAZ!!

  3. Last 2 mins are just awesome as everyone said…
    Annika changing her expression to smile and sitting and calling Khannaji is just awesome.. if anyone sees just that scene, they will defly think she is main villain of the story..

    About ML fake.. I still cant convince myself why Shivaye did this faraq drama, he might be playing with Annika as he got chance.. but what was he expecting her to do? will he be ok if she says if it matters to her and dont act on it?

    Desperately waiting for today’s episode..

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