Ishqbaaz 28th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 28th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye asks Anika to sign divorce papers. She asks are you doing this on Tia’s saying, what did Tia tell you. He says sign on it. She asks if I don’t sign then. He twists her hand and asks how dare you, who are you to refuse. She says your wife. Sometime before, Shivaye talks on phone and asks what, Daima/Nanny, fine I m coming. He goes and meets Daima. He says when did you come, I did not know you are in this city. She says I came here for treatment. He asks what treatment. Mrs. Kapoor says treatment started, I met her in hospital, during my regular charity visits, I got to know she was your Nanny in childhood, she had a truth to say, so I called you here. Shivaye asks what truth. Daima says I have hidden it for many years, I want to tell you before dying, so that I don’t have burden on heart.

He asks her to say what she wants to say. She says I worked at your place, I got to know that Mr. Oberoi’s son is illegitimate. Shivaye gets shocked.

He asks what are you saying, whom are you talking about. Daima feels unwell and murmurs. Mrs. Kapoor says Daima told me already, Tej Singh Oberoi’s elder son Omkara is illegitimate. He says Om…… He asks Daima is this true. Daima says Mr. Oberoi’s elder son….Mrs. Kapoor says you take rest, I will tell him. She says Shivaye, I was also shocked hearing this truth as you are shocked, I thought you will not believe me, so I called you here so that you can ask this from Daima, whatever Daima said is true. Tej wanted a heir for Oberoi empire, Jhanvi could not conceive, so Tej took help from his mistress, they were abroad, when they came back, Jhanvi had a son in hand, they accepted it, Omkara is Tej’s illegitimate son. He gets shocked. He goes out.

Mrs. Kapoor says its shocking, I can understand what you are going through. He asks who else knows this. She says your Daima, you and me, no one else, not even Tia. He says none should know this, thanks. She says no need to thank, after all its about family, its gets easier to keep secret a secret when it comes to family. He asks her to come to the point. She says the more delay you do to become part of my family, the secret can come out sooner. He asks are you dealing with me and asking for price to keep this a secret. She says you are going to do what I want, I m explaining you, don’t waste time, get Anika’s sign and make her leave house, else I have Daima’s statement recording, I m sure you don’t want me to get this recording in front of the family, I m also helpless and want to see my daughter happy, I know Tia will not be happy there till Anika stays, I m just asking you to take divorce from Anika and make her leave, think of this as condition or mum’s love for daughter. You have to do this.

Jhanvi asks Priyanka how did she get interest in trekking camps, she never went before. Priyanka says you used to ask me to socialize, now you are getting worried. Jhanvi says no, just take care. Anika says call after reaching there. Priyanka goes with Soumya. Shivaye comes there and says I need to talk to you Badimaa. Jhanvi asks him to say. He sees Anika and goes. Jhanvi leaves. Anika thinks Shivaye looks worried.

Jhanvi gives passports and asks why did you need to check our passports. Shivaye says I needed info, how much we travel to foreign per year for tax purpose. She says I don’t understand it. He asks why did you go abroad in 1990. She says yes, we went to London, Tej was setting up business. Shivaye says Om was born in same year. She says yes, we were in London. He recalls Mrs. Kapoor’s words. She says we did not plan, but baby is a baby right. He says then you would have got shocked. She says yes, we took time to accept things, like you needed, but that’s life, life is not according to plan, I had hesitation, now I m happy that we accepted Om that time, anyways, you got what you were finding? He thanks her. She goes. He recalls Mrs. Kapoor’s words.

Soumya says we missed you Dadi. Jhanvi greets Dadi. Dadi gives her prasad. Anika asks did you had good darshan in Tirupati. Dadi says yes, even Omru came there to surprise me. Shivaye comes and asks did Om come back, where is he. Dadi asks him to meet her first. She blesses him and hugs. He asks where are they. Dadi says Rudra went for match from airport, if Om went to studio, he said he has to make imp statue. She feeds him prasad. He goes. She says get Mauli tied, the three brothers can’t leave without each other. He goes to Omkara’s room and sees the statues. He thinks of Omakra and their promises. He says I promise I will never let you know this secret. He goes.

He gives divorce papers to Anika and asks her to sign it. She gets shocked and asks but why. He says what do you mean by why, I cleared before marriage that I will give you divorce after marriage. She says yes, but why today suddenly, Tia told you right. He says its none of your business, just sign the papers. She says but I want to know, what did Tia do that reminded you of divorce papers. He says Tia has nothing to do with this. He thinks of Tia’s mom’s words and asks her to sign. She says if I don’t sign then. He twists her hand and says don’t you dare, who are you to refuse me. She says your wife. He looks at her. He says like I lifted you and got you home, I will lift you and throw you out of the house. She cries. Nazdeek hai dil ke….plays…… She signs on the papers. Tia comes and says Anika, finally you are going to get free from this forced marriage, you would be happy, Shivaye you also sign on papers, then both of you will be free, manager is waiting, come on.

Anika gives pen to Shivaye. He does not sign and just acts. Tia smiles. He gives papers to manager. Manager checks and says but Sir….. Shivaye says just go. Manager says fine and leaves. Shivaye and Anika see each other.

Anika says I m leaving forever, tell me what do you want, what is in your heart, what is the reason of this u turn, see somewhere else and tell me, if you can’t say meeting my eyes.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. aarosh

    yeyyy i am excited that shivaay did not sign on papers i am sure that he is going to tell the truth to anika tomorrow definitely excited to watch future episodes hatsoff to director writers and actors even in these type of serious consequences they can produce these types of romantic scenes nice co-ordination of scenes and story

    • Malar_thlo

      No he wont say abt om. But chances r ter tat he may say he s doing this for a purpose and ask her to support him

  2. Akansha

    Hello ishbaazians…. I am a silent reader can I also join dis grp

    I hate dis cheapdi tia😣😣arghhhhh…..
    pls pls end this track and I want to see rumaya and shivika scenes…..pls gul mam…..
    and shivika ka vo scene nhi dikhaya anika was crying on shivaay shoulder……

  3. navi

    This is all mrs kapoor’s plan . she didn’t even allow daima to talk. So there is a chance that shivay is illegitimate and not om. Or else it’s all just a trap. Om is definitely not illegitimate.

    I still have a hope that shivay didn’t divorce anika as he asked the manager to do as he said. Just hoping for the best.

    Can’t wait to see omru. .

  4. Cutiepie

    Mr. Oberoi’s elder son??? It can be shivaay also… She didn’t say it is tej , she just said Mr. Oberoi… so it can be Shakti also…

    And Oberoi family’s elder son is shivaay???

    So it can be a misunderstanding also???

    Hey!!! Late to introduce… I’m Mahira…

    Can i join you all???

    • Nafisa

      Hello Cutiepie I mean Mahira welcome to our IB group keep commenting and keep connect with us.☺😊😀😘

    • theDreamer

      I feel like its shivaay . Because if jhanvi have 3 children then how can she be not have the abitily to give birth and pinky and shakti have only one child who is the eldest one . I wish it is tej =/

  5. Archiya


    |Registered Member

    today i m 100% sure its not om,the nanny just said mr.oberoi son is illegitimate, now there are 5 Mr.Oberoi,so who is the one., aas mrs.kapoor did not alow the lady to compete.
    i never thght they wld show Shivay tis much foolish,why not ask janvi directly,she wld have told him.An hw cld he belive tia mom,why not ask her wht proof she has.An wen it was Dev shivay gt him checked so fast,and now he wont even run a chk wen its concerning abt om life.

    i just loved the last ten min,so much of love in shivika eyes,even though it was painfull perfectly enacted.So shivay did not actually sign the papers.. atleast now confess tat u love anika so much tat u cant live without her.i dont knw why ppl keep sacrificing in hindi serials,please use some brains then u wont have to sacrifice.
    i m curious abt tomo,will anika finally leave OM?

    • DaSha

      Archiya, you just read my mind! I was thinking that lady was speaking about Tej or Shakti, Shivay need to ask directly or do another DNA tests….

      Just one question (cause i don’t understand hindi) did that old lady told “son” or she told “child”? If she told child it could be even Pryanka.

    • Sumi.SS


      |Registered Member

      Hi Archiya..sacrifices not only happens in serial..half in real lyf also..the good hearted people and one who loves their fmly more than theirself sacrifice anythng for their loved anika is good hearted so she easily frgve shivaays mistakes..shivaay loves his brthrs to the he do anythng fr them..anthng comes to brthrs himself and his lady love is not matr fr him.

      • Archiya


        |Registered Member

        i agree Sumi, sacrifices are part of r life, wen it comes to r loved ones its by only point is atleast find the truth bfre sacrifing.. it shld be wrth it.Here just tia mom sad an shivay agreed an ready to sacrifice his love.Atleast use little bit of brains, find out the truth an then make sacrifice

  6. shab khan

    Wat an awesome precap shivaay just take the help of Anika and solve the puzzle I wanted them to be united to expose this lady baba Kapoor and daughters 😂😂😂 hi Tamil ishquies how r u all eppadi irukeenga ✋✋✋✋✋

  7. Ishqbaazlover

    I think I’m first right? Yay!

    The show is now actually getting boring because of this Tia drama, I never thought that Rumi, Swetlana and Tia were sisters!

    I’m so shocked to see that Anika and shivaye are getting divorced! I hate this Ms. Kapoor, ugh

  8. Srilatha

    Mujaise lagraha hai diama hai khena chati yeh mr.obeior ka elder son tum ho but first she said obeior illegal so i am little bit confused aur ha anika sing divorce she didn’t no that shivaye didn’t not sign the papers tho rasoi rasam ma simle patha nahi hai sab ka horaha hai. I am huge fan of Ipkknd and now ib iss lihey serial peyal hi bauthu twist se au twist matlekar ahi hey

    • Malar_thlo

      Mr.oberoi’s elder son- it cud b tej also. But then again dadi and dada were true lovers so cant guess the reason. Mayb tat vamp is lying

    • Naija gal

      I think you better do what i do. I watch with tellyupdates written episodes besides me. I have written several email requests to hotstar on this matter. Wonder why we cant get subtitles like netflix or other streaming channels!

  9. Sadia

    If oberoi’s oldest son is illegimate according to daima then it is not omkara who is illegimate but it is shivaay because daima never said which oberoi. She just said oberoi’s oldest son and according to the character sketch of this SERIAL then shivaay is the oldest son so he is the illegimate child not omkara but maybe mrs.kapoor said it is omkara because if shivaay finds out he is the illegimate child then he will never marry tia. This also concludes why maybe pinky had just one child while jhanvi has 3. Maybe daima is saying right just the child is wrong. Maybe the illegimate child isn’t omkara it is actually shivaay and if he is then I am sure cvs will come up the the stupidest track and backstory to prove how shivaay is illegimate.

  10. radhika thapa

    I think Mrs kapoor is lying for the divorce. Poor anika but happy to see that shivaye has not sign the divorce papers….

  11. Shiv


    |Registered Member

    Is it a fake divorce document it’s been mentioned word Bradley cinncinati child of marriage some kind of ….. it’s totally fake!!!
    Shivika as ususual steals the show !!! For god sake want more shivika moments!!!
    Waiting for om n his girl n rumya priveer moments!!!!😻

  12. Jitha

    Mst probably it ll be shivaay who iss illegitimate the one who talk about khoon khandaan and all those stuff daima tld its oberois elder son she didnt mention tej’s name so its sure that its not om who is illegitimate it may b shivaay

  13. Lalli

    Hello ishqbaazis even in very sure about that Mrs.kapoor doesn’t let talk daima so there will be a twist….And even in thinking that Shivay should be the illegitimate bcas he is the one alwaysbelieves in the khoom Khandham etc..and bcas he always blames Anika for the blood relation vagiraa .so that the makers may bring the twist about shivay illegitimate relationship so that he can’t bare it and he remembers what he always use to say for Anika Is reflects him that’s were can we see the soft corner of shivay and may bring shivika together forever and also reveals about Anika family may be she is a rich who knows so much twists were to come and hope the obros were never break the knot#

  14. Nafisa

    I think that this is a lie after hearing Jhanvi’s words I am 100% sure that it is a new plan of this
    Nafratbaazs. Precape was superb hope Sso will tell the truth to Anika now if he tell this to Anika then Anika can also help him to find the real truth of Om. What do you think guys?

  15. lavanya

    Again Twist twist twist
    Guys do you remember, once om Said that shivaay has a heart disease in the hospital scene, when shivaay was poisoned?

  16. sahana

    If shivaay turns out to be illegitimate then he can never talk about khoon and khandaan,but mr. Oberoi can also mean shivaay, cauz his so called child i.e. tia’s baby is also illegitimate

  17. Srilatha

    Pls guys shivaye illegal nahi osatha actually om bi nahi that all mrs.kapoor plan i think and.hi guys yesterday i didn’t intr my sorry dis srilatha&i am 17years old i am silent reader but now i want to join to ib family &ha i like ur comments mouni

  18. Abhishek

    Yes it may be shivay who is illegimate son i dont think mrs kappor have lied but she has changed the characters for her benfit like swethlana told in the first promo that among these three brother one will go for vanvas so it is for sure that shivka will be the one who will go vanvas like ram and seetha but who will accompany them like lakshman will it be rudra or om it will be intersting to watch the future episodes of ishqbazz

  19. Aqua

    hi guys.

    I agree with many of you, Shivay is the illegitimate son… here are my points:

    1. SSO could be Tej’s illegimate son. MAybe Pinky had a stillborn, and Tej and Shakti replaced the stillborn baby with baby Shivay
    2. SSO and Tej has so much similarities than SSO and SHakti
    3. MAybe Pinki had a complication during the child birth that lost the ability to become pregnant, so SSO is a only child
    4. Tej wants Om to have majority of the Oberoy empire, because Om is the legitimate son and not SSO.
    5. SSO being the illegitimate son will be the ultimate blow to his Ego… and it will shatter his arrogant view regarding Khoon and Khandaan.

    I sort of want SSO to leave the OM (like the original vanvas precap in July).. and only Anika will be by his side… and he will start to lead a middle class life. it would be so much fun to see him living a ordinary middle-class life 😛

  20. Diksha

    Today I felt I was running on treadmill. one scene after another. Too much to digest😜😜. Luv is in d air. Yippee shivay dint sign d papers.
    But one thing which is bothering me is — Y shivay doesn’t try to find Tias husband does he still doubt anika regarding Tias truth

  21. Trisha

    Diamaa na kaha bada beta not om i don’t think om illegitimate child Hoga but shivaya ho sakta hai……
    Divorce ka bhi kuch na kuch jole hi hai
    Guys i want to share u something it’s abut me today in my clz there was farewell clz invite me for farewell for farewell we should give token of luv for clz nobody decided anything what to give at last today my frnd called me ask me to bring swarswati mata satatu for clz at 10:30 am i have to reach clz at 11:00am i live in city so in gift shop we can see many choices so she called me ask me to bring that gift and my clz is far frm my home abut 5-6km far so then i ho to main road then i asked some shopkeeper here is any gift shop near then she told me to go that side of road then cross that road for the first time i m going to any gift shop at that place i have see all name plate then i found one gift shop then enter nd ask them for swarswati mata frame nd statue they show me some statue but they are so small then i asked my frnd to open fb then i send that picture she told me to bring big statue then i asked the the shopkeepers to show big statue they told here is no big statue then i come out that shop then i cross another highway then i found gift shop they show me small statue then i asked them to show me big one they show me big one but it was broken then i say to bring other statue they gose to see at their godam but they dosent found any other murti i have 1hour there but dosen’t found any gift then i come out frm that shop then i have seen puja samagri shop were we found puja ka saman nd murti then i have think here i can find my murti then i entered in that shop everyone busy in that shop nobody has time for anyone but one guy who want to go somewhere but he see me confused then asked me what u want then i told i want swarswati mata ka mutri then he show me statue i like dat murti in murti their written murti rate =rs650then i like that murti my mom have given 500rupes for me to add some on gift when ur frnd buy gift but i have to buy that gift nd i have some money to add so i like that murti aur mera buget ma bhi aaraha tah they i told that guys i want buys this murti then that guy show that murti to his owner nd that owner told me 700rupes fir that mutri but that guys told him it was written 650rupes then the owner told him tgat now its rate 700rupess but the guy told him to to see then the owner u can buy in 650rupees then i asked to pack this mutri by gift wrapper but i told u before their is sio much nobody has time for gift wrapping then i come out that shop then again i go to gift shop to pack this gift wrapper after wrapping that gift i come to my clz at 1:00pm i have lost my so many hour in gift shop so i was late in clz …. Every facalty student give gift to clz nd our also giving gift to clz if i dont bring that gift our facalty student reputation bcome down then i asked everyone to divided that money eqaully bcoz i have spent that money frm my pocket girls has given that money but boys doesn’t give money they told me they will give nd i have told many times nd think that they will give later but when farewell program end everyone bcome disaaper they break my trust i think they will give me but ….. If that was was my money then i will not feel bad but that was my mom nd dad money how they give they worked very hard for earn that money i feel sooooo bad after returning frm clz frm home i was crying i can’t stop crying i dosen’t show my my mom that i was crying after coming home i make that boys out frm my frnd list in fb they really hurt me….. I have so many time to buy that gift to make our reputation but they make me sad i will not talk to them…. I was so much hurt today so were to told i can’t share to mom i told her lie that i spend all money bcoz our class bring so many gift to teacher so i have give all money to frnds😞😞😞😢😢😢

    • Nafisa

      I feel so sorry for you Trisha how can they do this? Par Tomhe ek bat bolu,tomhe unke sath bat kar na band nahi kar na chahia valki tomhe unko unki galati mahsus karvana chahia. Mujhe lagta hain eyahi sahi hogi.

    • Nafisa

      I feel so sorry for you Trisha how can they do this? Par Tomhe ek bat bolu,tomhe unke sath bat kar na band nahi kar na chahia valki tomhe unko unki galati mahsus karvana chahia. Mujhe lagta hain eyahi sahi hogi.

  22. Nithu


    |Registered Member

    I have seen apost whr its writtn that ishana will be back to show…as om opposite lead
    ..idk ki its true.or not..i dnt want to..hurt ishkara fans…but im also.waiting for ishana..if its true.ill b damb happy

  23. sou

    I’m silent reader
    I think shivay is illegitimate child coz daima said oberoys elder son means shivay . But I’m not sure I think lyk dat.
    Shivay didn’t sign on divorce papers what’s going on in his mind waiting for upcoming episodes

  24. Diksha

    Today I felt I was running on treadmill. So much twist in jus one episode. Shivay didn’t sign d papers. Omg he loves Anika 💃💃💃💃.
    Is daima a foreigner. Hw d hell she knows wat happened in London. Secondly, I don’t want shivay to b illegitimate. Coz then d whole idea of story will b pathetic, which means one can fall in love wid sumbody of equal status only. Is luv dat conditional. Luv changes ppl. If dey show shivay to b illegtimate then indirectly dey portray money is be all n end all. A person’s goodness or character is secondary to money😕😕😕😕

    • Malar_thlo


      |Registered Member

      My pojnt exactly. Even gul said once tat luv shud happen inspite of class,status,bloodline and tats the core of her shivika track. So it cant b shivaay. U cant be legal waaris if u r illegitimate even if the bloodline is same

  25. Ishquie

    Don’t feel bad Abhishek but Gul Ma’am always mixes up the concepts. It might be that she forgot about the promo scene. Just my POV. No offense..
    BTW these Nafratbaaz might be irritating as it is getting in between Shivika and Rumya right now, but it seems way better interesting than oly Tia’s negativity and Robin’s murder revenge. I feel it is more logical and connectible…

  26. Mouni


    |Registered Member

    hmmm new illigitimate child drama ,so the old woman said “mr obroi older son is illigitimate ” but many of you think its sso so why the lady didn’t said that he is illigitimate , also which mr obroi is she talking about ?? the late father or tej or shakti ??? these are the 3 mr obroi or maybe there is another character that we dont know about , maybe its tej and shakti big brother ?? l think mrs kapoor chose om bcz he is sensitve and emotionnel and may fall in drugs again so she knows sso will do anything for him but am glad sso proved he can’t be without anika and did not sign the papers
    also janvi and pinky love their children too much especially pinky who is too proud of sso its hard for me to believe she raised the child of her husbend infidelity so am hoping there is another one maybe an older uncle who the 3 bros dont know about , its more interesting than the idea of one of them is illigitimate

    • Sara

      u r right on the point mouni..
      i totally agree with u if shivay is illegitimate than daima should have directly told it to shivay that u r illegitimate but she said that oberois elder son is illegitimate.. there r chances it may b tej or some another son of oberois.. big bro of tej -shakti or may be shivomru who is not shown yet..
      bt i m damn sure he is not omkara..

  27. Lax

    SShivay did not sign the papers. I wish to believe that Shivay has a plan. At least this time plz don’t disappoint me Shivay.

    After today’s episode I don’t think anybody is illegitimate n its Daimaa, who has memory loss😂 or may b Daimaa is threatened or something. Kapoors can do anything n this is just an old lady. And this Shivay never learns from his mistakes, last time Daksh fooled him saying n showing stupid things, now its Mrs. Kapoor. Last time he did not clarify it with Annika, this time with Jhanvi. Just making assumptions n jumping into conclusions. Shivay, my advice – “ASK”. How difficult is it to open your mouth n ask??

    But if nobody is illegitimate n Shivay believes Om is, that also helps. After all, all we want was Shivay’s khoon khandaan beliefs to b shaken. Ab Annika Ko bhi kisi billionaire ki beti bana do. I ll b khush. OK now where is Priyanka going? To meet ACP. So there is definitely something to watch for. Hopefully another blow on Shivay.

    Anyway, where is my signature Shivika hug? I was waiting for that. Was that only for promo ??😭

    And I didn’t quite understand the precap. What was the U turn Annika talking abt? Did she confess her feelings. Oh God…!! No..!!

    P.S.- I was always curious to know the age of the Oberoi siblings. I know Priyanka is 20. Now I know Om is 26.

  28. Fiery

    It’s shivaye the illegitimate son … one guess cause he is the elderly son… second he always says khoon khandaan.. this way he will be made to learn a very important lesson that all things like that don’t decide a person who n what he/she is…

  29. Shivika

    Oh finally..Shivaye is bk to use his brains at least to some extent. He did not sign divorce papers..He is bluffing Tia. Good to see improvement..Hey saw new video on YouTube..Shivaye hug Anika as last time he did considering her to be Tia and also Rudra holds Soumya from falling..Rudra you look so tired, hope you are bk as you used to be earlier.

  30. omi

    hey writer and director ye sachchai shiomru ki relationship ko strong banana chahiye weak nahi. dil se woh teeno ek hi hai. one for all and all for one as they said before. yeh illigitimate child ka concept hi galat hai agar shivaay ko damkhana hi hai toh shivaay aur anika ki shaadi ko lekar blackmail kar sakte hai mrs.oberoi. why dragging illigimate child issue into this . frankly shivaay aur om mein se ek ka dil toh toot hi jaaayega poor guys. but dont worry. good thing yahi ki they have each other.teeno bhai infact poori family iss situation se nikal jaayegi.
    welcome back kunal into the show i heard u are back in sets. good job. your fans are desperate about you .

  31. Neeti


    |Registered Member

    Daima said about elder son of Mr. Oberoi, she didn’t mention anyone’s name. Not of Mr. Oberoi, neither of Omkara so I think maybe she was saying about Shakti and Shivaay{nahi nahi, mujhe aur mat maro, I just guessed.}… as Tia’s mom didn’t let Daima complete her sentence and anthr reason is Shivaay always talks abt khoon khandan and all. Nd even Dev’s track was abt that only maybe. Nd Tia’s mom, what a selfish and shameless woman she is! She is ruining her own daughter’s (Svetlana) name by saying Om is her child (like seriously! She is Tia’s sis! If Tia nd Om r of same age even then Om is just 5-8 yrs younger according to their childhood scene!).
    Nd anthr reason, Shiv is nt concerned abt himself, so if he is illegitimate even then it will nt affect him that much which would affect him by Om’s name.
    Lastly, Shivaay to bara chalu aur chant nikla! Sign kiya vi nhi aur kar vi diya, bara hosiyar hai. Hope ki usne abtak divorce paper change kr diya hga warna to wo wife ban jyega😂 {if u don’t knw abt it, I will tell you. In the divorce paper it was written “Mr. Oberoi, wife of”😂 nd also there was many mentions of their two kids, who was never born😂😂😂}… waiting fr Shivika nd Rumya scene which r OTW💜
    (Note: I wrote it all for my new ts but woha log kidhar authors note dkhte hai so aha vi cmntd)

  32. Venkat

    This track is going in nonsense way, tried of twists to twists a boring track, Tia is such a irrigating character, and now this serial is not ishqbaz but it is nafrathbazz , stop seeing this stupid track

  33. Deeksha

    Hi, I am Deeksha.. New to this forum.

    Nakuul stole the yesterday. Splendid acting. Hope whatever Daima says is not true.
    My guess is, like how the doctors were made to support their lies, they either bribed her or keeps her under a fear to lie in front of SSO

  34. nithu

    Very good morning my fellow ishquies…
    Coming to the epi, yes I too think that shivaye may be illegitimate if it so I would definitely not feel bad for him but I’m 100% Om is not illegitimate..
    And finally atleast dadi came and prinku where she is going, there is no preveer scenes today, I like to see there scenes..

  35. Starbright


    |Registered Member

    i really think its shivaay who is illegitimate. now his khoon khandhan talks will come to an end. Now where is priyanka going. i think she going to see ranveer. and according to a photo i saw, priveer were in jungle, so theyre gonna b marries soon. i am waiting for their scenes. i just love them. they r so cute together

  36. Shrinithi


    |Registered Member

    hi frnds im shrinithi….first im a crazy fan of siya ke ram and then slowly went forward to ishqbaaz and watching past epi’s n hotstar…im also a silent reader i luv all ur ff’s..aftr watchng yesterday’s epi i thought of joining n this grp..shall i join here???

  37. samy

    I want shivay to be illegitimate one not om this would be perfect to blow his ego…….. Shivika were cute. Happy dat shivay dint signed the pprs…..

  38. Karanika

    It has to be shivaye who is illegitimate coz its he who always boasts of surname, blood line and richness..
    He insulted annika a Lott, even he blamed her character citing she is poor..

    Plus the show before starting had a promo stating one of oberoi brother’s will go vanvaas..

    Here shivaye is portrayed as ram and it’s obvious he will be going for vanvaas, let life teach him that person’s goodness isnt related to blood line and surname.

    Just I want annika to be heir of a very royal rich family.

  39. Sumi.SS

    Hi guyzz..yes epi was good..beginning of very big track was realsed by daima..
    She said ELDER SON..this is only the keypoint.
    Kapoor statement was fake..aftr shivaay and jhanvi conversatn its vry clr it’s not Omkara..not rudra..not shivaay also..
    Gul mam also cnfrmed..shivaay is oberoi only..this track is not fr shivomru.
    I thnk it’s abt tej and sakthi genratn..looks lyk tej was also not illegitimate child..I thnk this is new men..he is alive or not..we can’t say now..this secret is known to Mrs.kapoor and Svetlana…gayathri and Ashok also may knw this..gayathri always aims tej and sakthi only..psble that roop is also unware abt last gayathri said shivaay that except her anthrone is also wth her wants to destroy OF..he or she killd gaythri becz they dnt let her to tell abt them and also trap fr shivaay in gayathri murder..becz he is the wall of OF .that anthr one may Mrs.kapoor and her fnly or persn may illegitimate son(if he is alive)/persons related to ilegitimate son (his mother)..
    Svetlana mentiond VANVAS means that JAIL.. tej or sakthi may kiled smeone..(psble that illegitimate son)
    i thnk MAIN VILLAN(one who in car at 1st or 2nd epi)of this show is smewht related to yes this is vryyyyyyy big track for 2017…….
    All these are my point of view only..guyzzz.



    For DIA MAA who may be the OBEROY SAHEB?

    or means TEJ
    or means SHAKTI
    If it means DADI’s HUSBAND, then TEJ is illegitimate
    if it means TEJ then OM

    but never ever he may be SHIVAAY, because DAI MAA told, ELDER SON, means elder one out of two or more brothers

    And SSO has no any sibling.

    Most probably, it must be TEJ, not OM, because DAI MAA seems to be @ 70+ aged, and when she told, OBEROY SAHAB, then he must be DADI’s HUSBAND. 70 year old lady has no reason to adress OBEROY SAHAB either to TEJ or SHAKTI. But Mrs. KAPOOR diverted the issue for her own benefit for the sake of REVENGE of SWETLANA who was badly kicked out of Oberoy Mansion by OM OBEROY.

    From the conversation with Mrs. KAPOOR, it is clear cut understood by SSO, she is not DEALING, but simply blackmailing him. And this time he did not opted to take her word for word, but tried to confirm with JHANVI, but in vain.

    CVs, HAVING MANY OVERWRITE POWER , may add many imaginary character and can prove any one eldest son!!!
    Any how, in his confused state of ILLEGITIMACY, he was crystal cleared for one thing, that is NEITHER TIA nor HER MOTHER is upto his marked level he assumed for at default, and accordingly reacted to it by not signing the DIVORCE PAPER, and in my POV , it is the turning point of his NKK shitting ideology, which he spoke out for OM , and will be follow for ANNIKA too.

    No doubt, he is giving the silent treatment both to TIA and her SHREWD MOTHER for the reason, when it comes to a DEAL, he is more SHREWD then Mrs. KAPOOR. He very well knows, how to execute a deal , when it remains no more a deal but blackmailing.

    It seems to me, when ANNIKA had signed the divorce paper with a little hesitation. then he now very well understand the difference between a GAL like TIA coming from NKK shitting ideology and a gal like ANNIKA having no NKK record. I know, he will not react HARSHLY with either TIA or her MOTHER, but will treat them being silent upto an extent.

    Atleast we found SSO started to having DOUBT over the persons coming from NKK ideology, and thats the PIN POINT to be noted.

    • DaSha

      Hello, Shekhar!

      One more option: if OBEROI SAHEB means HUSBAND OF DADI it could potentially mean he had another relations before he met her. In episode #1 Dadi says they got married in 1 month after they met and after she has told that Tej is the eldest son and Shakti is youngest.

      In episode #9 Rup was speaking for someone in the jail, frankly speaking i thought it was her husband, but it could be anyone. She says: ” Oberoi family did that much to us, we should pay them back”.

  41. Sumi.SS


    |Registered Member

    Hi guyzz..yes epi was good..beginning of very big track was realsed by daima..
    She said ELDER SON..this is only the keypoint.
    Kapoor statement was fake..aftr shivaay and jhanvi conversatn its vry clr it’s not Omkara..not rudra..not shivaay also..
    Gul mam also cnfrmed..shivaay is oberoi only..this track is not fr shivomru.
    I thnk it’s abt tej and sakthi genratn..looks lyk tej was also not illegitimate child..I thnk this is new men..he is alive or not..we can’t say now..this secret is known to Mrs.kapoor and Svetlana…gayathri and Ashok also may knw this..gayathri always aims tej and sakthi only..psble that roop is also unware abt last gayathri said shivaay that except her anthrone is also wth her wants to destroy OF..he or she killd gaythri becz they dnt let her to tell abt them and also trap fr shivaay in gayathri murder..becz he is the wall of OF .that anthr one may Mrs.kapoor and her fnly or persn may illegitimate son(if he is alive)/persons related to ilegitimate son (his mother)..
    Svetlana mentiond VANVAS means that JAIL.. tej or sakthi may kiled smeone..(psble that illegitimate son)
    i thnk MAIN VILLAN(one who in car at 1st or 2nd epi)of this show is smewht related to yes this is vryyyyyyy big track for 2017…….
    All this are my point of view only..may also happn or not..

    • Sumi.SS


      |Registered Member

      Vry happy fr shivika…frm yestr epi we can say that not only anika but also shivaay can’t live wthout eachothr..
      Fnaly OmRu back..eagrly waitng for some fun and obros moments..

    • Mouni


      |Registered Member

      so GK confirmed the track of illigitimate is not for shivomru ?? its good bcz me too l was suspecting that the main villain is still unknown and maybe has something to do with this turn of events

      • Sumi.SS


        |Registered Member

        Yeah mouni..shahabana also said in previous telly updates page..
        MAIN VILLAN entry wl happen in end of upcmng year only..
        Guyzz did u noticed Ashok and gayathri murder had similarities.
        1.hus and wyf always want to destroy tej and sakthi lyf.
        2.both of them deceived by the man one who behind all this plan(til nw he is unknwn).
        Ashok think that lighter wl not work.
        Gayathri also attaked by smeone frm her back.
        3.the man plannd to trap tej and shivay in ashok and gaythri murder.
        So (((((( villan is vry dangerous )))one who is killng so many people evn they helped him.

      • Mouni


        |Registered Member

        yes sumi , l believe the main villain is still unknown , but do you remember in the 1 or the 2 ep of IB roop was talking to a man in dark corner , l believe this is the one + we dont know the real motive that roop wants her family destroyed its also mystery , this is very exciting , l want to see the obros with their wives fighting the villains

    • shahabana

      S sumi i wrote in yesterday episode that no one is illigimate from shiomru….especially sso is not at all….actuslly gk comfirmed a long ago that sso is sn oberoi only….but no one is accepring truth….they makes their own assumption like sso is illigimate….i will say just enjoy the show dnt make any prediction bcz when ur prediction fails u gets sad….so better is avoid assumtions and just enjoy the moments and show

      • Sumi.SS


        |Registered Member

        Yeah u r crct shahabana..we shld enjoy the shw..but here most of the grls r missng..saku veda di mukti razana rejima di..whr they al went..may be busy wth their wrks..grls if u hav free tym..pls cmnt yarrr..

  42. anuja

    shiomru are just dumb..not smart at all. they don’t even know what’s going on in home as with their sister. anika was expected smart, she is more fool and gets easily fooled by anyone. and I don’t think writer’s having any story..complicated wedding happened..and then this drama…uhh 😥
    their should be some twist where anika is solving all the problems amid family members as bringing evil ppls true face in front of media. i read written updates. rather than watching it is much ok. bcz wathhing episod doesn’t make excited for next episode. all is CONFUSED ISHQBAAZI…LOL

  43. MP

    the upcoming episode, Tej fixes his son Omkara’s marriage with a business tycoon girl for business deal but Om refuses to marry with girl whom hedoes not know.Om argues with Tej andTej throws Om from house and disowns from Oberio name so that he would know about the reality of life.Shivaay supports Omkara against TejOm is ready to leave house but Shivaay stops him and defend Om in front of Tej but Tej taunts him as he himself getting married with Tia for business deal while he does not love Tia.Shjivaay keeps silence overTej’s accusation but he manages stop OM but Om tell Shivaya that he will not stay under one roof with Tej.

  44. shahabana

    Many are aauming that sso is an illigimate child….actually no one from shiomru are illigimate….and a long ago in one statement gk mam confirmed that sso is not an illigimate chilld… I know many are love to see sso as an illigimate child….plssss guyz ur wish wont become true….bcz its already comfirmed that sso is not sn illigimate child

    • Lax

      Hi…!! Any idea what’s the TRP?? I saw a list where IB is in top 10. Am not sure if it is the correct one. Rating is not mentioned in that.

      • shahabana

        S lax u are correct ishqbaaz is in top 10
        Ishqbaaz trp is 2.4 and its in top 8
        This weak also ib slot leader

    • Lax

      Hello..!! Any idea what’s this week’s TRP?? I saw list wherein IB is in tenth position. Not sure if it is right. The ratings were not mentioned.
      Also IB is in top ten shows of 2016.

  45. Suma

    I’m damn sure it is not omkara who is illegitimate but Tej…because daima said oberoi Saab ka bada beta….n this could be the biggest secret which Tej has been hiding from the beginning..

  46. Kavya347


    |Registered Member

    I don’t care who is illigimate and all…Because I think that this track is a little irritating and not at all suiting to the ‘ISHQBAAZ’ image I have in my mind. But still Shivaay’s love, care and concern for Om is so heart-touching…But still I miss Kunal in the show. Ishqbaaz is really incomplete without Omkara, he is the heartbeat of the show. Leenesh is back, I hope that Kunal too recovers and start shooting for IB soon.

  47. Aqua


    |Registered Member

    Guys please check out my shivika ff
    HER RISE AND HIS FALL. I have uploaded two chapters.
    Hope you will like it.😄

  48. Ritu

    Omkara is not illegitimate son. The real truth is –> Shivaay is illegitimate . But Mrs. Kapoor manipulated the truth for their own shake.

  49. Maria

    I just saw this episode and I am kinda 100% sure that Shivaye would be the one who is illegitimate and not Om. There are so many pointers;

    1) She said Mr. Oberoi and not Tej. She said the elder son of Oberoi so Shivaye is the eldest.

    2) Mrs. Kapoor said Jhanvi could not conceive at that time and usually, that is not how it works. if someone cannot conceive, it is not for a few months, it is mostly forever. Jhanvi has 3 kids

    3) Shivaye is the only son of Pinky and Shakti so perhaps Pinky cannot conceive? So they either took help from someone or had him adopted or did something and I am sure Shakti did not cheat or have an affair
    Or could be that he did have an affair which is why Pinky is always so angry, and she is always thinking about money when it comes to Shivaye and not his happiness. Pinky had to stay with her husband so she had to accept Shivaye and then she could not conceive so perhaps she grew to love him.

    Or they have another 4th son who we don’t know about or something – highly unlikely but when everything comes out, they might need a new vamp and can introduce the guy but mostly I think it’s SSO

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.