Ishqbaaz 27th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 27th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tia says whatever I m saying now is my voice, but its mom’s words. She says we know you want to take over Saraswati steels, but you are short of two votes in board of directors, we can help you. Shivaye asks how. She says you can takeover Saraswati steels if mom and dad give you their votes, this voting has a condition, mom wants marriage to happen tomorrow.

Some time before, Shivaye recalls Gayatri’s words, Tej and Shakti’s words and Ashok’s death. Om and Rudra come to him. Rudra asks him to have Prasad, mom and Choti Maa got this from Siddivinayak temple. Shivaye eats it and thanks him. Rudra asks why are you worried. Om says you stay with us in this house right. Rudra says yes. Om says don’t you know whats happening in house and why is Shivaye worried. Rudra says I know the crisis,

we know Tej and Shakti are innocent, and now case was progress, Gayatri was keeping CD, not taking it. Om says it does not prove the footage in CD is fake. Rudra asks do you remember coconut laddoo which Dadi makes. Om says yes. Rudra says its tempting and we feel like eating more, even lie is tempting, Gayatri lied about CD, the video will be fake too. Shivaye says we can’t give coconut theory to police, they want proof. Om says exactly. Rudra says I think I have to eat Prasad and eats.

Pinky recalls the video. Shakti comes and asks her did she see the imp file he was working last night. She says we saw that girl’s video, her face is coming infront of our eyes, I m getting bad thoughts, I feel I have seen her somewhere. He asks what do you mean, that girl is connected to us and we are responsible for her death. She says Shakti ji, why will I say this, I just said I have seen her face somewhere. He says enough, many servants work in this house, recall one servant’s face and tell me. He gets annoyed and goes.

Rudra says I got solution. Shivaye asks what. Rudra says I knew I will understand after eating Prasad. Om asks what. Rudra says if there is no solution, close eyes and leave everything to him/her. Om asks Lord. Rudra says no, Anika. Shivaye asks how did she come in between. Rudra says I m telling you, when problem comes on this house, just two people save everyone, one is the great wall of Shivaye Singh Oberoi and other the supergirl Anika, like people’s motto is to save water, tax, trees, but her life’s motto is to save Oberois, I m telling you she will make some super plan.

Anika is resting and recalls Shivaye, that Cd matter and Gayatri’s incident. She could not sleep and turns to Sahil. He gets hurt. She says sorry and turns to other side. She thinks of Shivaye and hits Sahil again. She says sorry Sahil, sleep. He asks are you missing your scooty Champa. She says no. He asks why are you kicking then, are you not getting sleep. She says Billu ji is worried for Tej and Shakti, I m trying to sleep and I m seeing his worried Kanji eyes, I don’t feel good when he is worried. He asks do you start caring for Billu ji. She says no, I m worried for Dadi and her family. He says but you are talking about SSO. She says yes, so its his family, I m feeling bad of that bad blame, its suspense case and I m not getting sleep. He asks her to sleep and not worry for Billu ji, he will do anything, he has much mind, whatever you want to think, think without kicking, I will sleep. She says fine, good night. She says there is something about CD that is troubling me, but what.

Tia talks to her mom and says what, I can’t do this, you know what doctor told you, just don’t take stress, you rest now, don’t emotionally blackmail me, I will meet you in hospital tomorrow, hello mom? The call ends. Robin asks her what happened. She says you won’t believe what mom told me to do.

Its morning, Tej asks what, Vaishno Devi, you want me to leave everything and go on tirat yatra with you. Shakti says please, its necessary to go to Mata’s Darbar to get heart peace. Tej says I don’t want peace, I want to come out of this crisis and blames. Shakti says that’s why I m requesting you, person comes out of all problems when person goes to Mata Darbar, and this crisis is by our deeds. Tej says why are you scared, we are not related to that girl’s suicide. Shakti says yes, but its not like we did not do wrong work in our life. Tej says we are businessmen and did what was necessary in business.

Shakti says yes, we both brothers together did it, so I request, we both should go and apologize. Tej asks him to shut up, this tirat yatra and darshan is for weak people like you, not for Tej Singh Oberoi. Dadi comes with Jhanvi and Pinky, and says yes, you are right Tej, you are so tall and how can problems reach you, but remember many times a small ant makes elephant helpless to fall, Shakti is right, go to Mata Darbar, the head which bends infront of Mata need not bend infront of anyone, go. Jhanvi and Pinky agree with Dadi and ask Tej to go. Shakti holds Tej. Tej says fine, if everyone wants this, fine. He goes.

Its morning, Anika keeps books in Sahil’s bag. Sahil asks her to keep art books instead science. She says sorry, and puts bottle in bag. He says bottle won’t go in bag, tiffin will be inside bag. She says come, I will drop you and then go for work. He reminds her that she has worn slipper wrong. She says sorry, I don’t know where is my mind. He says SSO. She says no, I m thinking of everyone. He says yes, Dadi, Omru and others. She says and Billu ji, you understood what I mean to say. He says I understood, when will you understand. She asks what. He asks shall I explain everything. She says come you are getting late for school, but what shall I say Billu ji, you struggle, I m with you, or that I m with your family, or I m sorry I can’t help you, what shall I say, don’t know. He looks at her. She says leave it, I will think what to say. He says what will happen of you. She says even I don’t know, come, we have to leave for school.

Om sits cleaning the brush. Riddhima comes to meet him and hugs him. He asks how are you. She says good, I went to art hub and got to know you left soon, why are you worried, did anyone say anything. He says no, but I have seen that question in their eyes, that blames on Oberoi family is true, if they taunted me, I would have not been hurt, but their silence has hurt me a lot. She says what people think and say does not matter. He says I don’t care of that, but what my family thinks and does, I care of that, I have same question in my heart too, if that blames are true then… I have spoken big about truth, but if that CD is not fake, then I have to choose between truth and family, I will support truth. She asks him not to think negative, its all lie. He asks di you think Tej and Shakti are innocent. She says yes, I gave statement in their favour, I trust you and your family, even you should trust your family.

Shivaye talks on phone and says what do you mean we don’t have votes, this takeover is imp for me, Mittals and Parekhs have backed off by our small crisis, do anything, sort this out. Pinky comes and asks him to come out, its imp.

Om holds Riddhima’s hand and says I m sorry Riddhima, I was unfair to you since few days, I overreacted on small things. She says Om its okay, I understand, we were in long distance relationship, and now I have come back, if you have space issues, its natural. He says exactly, think if two people are staying in same room, is that necessary to keep talking, sometimes heart likes to spend time alone and look outside window, you know our relation is like that room. She asks that window. He says even I m finding that window, its imp to maintain personal space in a relation, I m trying to find that balance. She says take your time, I m with you, don’t worry, I m sure your family problem will sort out. He smiles and thanks her. They hug.

Shivaye goes out and asks everyone what happened. He hugs Tia. Tia says don’t worry, I m chanting for you and your family every day, universe and I will make everything fine. He says thanks, don’t worry, I will manage. She says I m sure, mom told about Mittals and Parekhs not supporting you in the takeover. Shivaye says business has problems, its kind of normal, Tia why don’t you sit, sit Robin. Rudra asks Shivaye whats all this. Shivaye asks how is aunty. Tia says mom is in tension, she had nervous breakdown and she is in hospital. Pinky asks when.

Dadi says you did not tell us. Tia says grandma it happened so soon, doctors want to keep her under observation, Shivaye mom wants to help you in this deal. Dadi asks Tia to say clearly. Tia says what I m going to say now is my voice, but words are of mom. She tells Shivaye that we know you want to takeover Saraswati steels, but two votes are less in board of directors, we can help. Shivaye asks how. Tia says actually, my dad did major investment in that company, he is sleeping partner, mom and dad have right to vote, if they give you their votes, you can takeover Saraswati steels, and this will be big news, media focus will get off CD scandal. Shivaye says but why will they vote for us. Pinky smiles and says as you are their would be son in law. Shivaye says that would mean a lot Tia. Tia says Shivaye baby, there is a condition for this voting. They all look on.

Tia says mom wants our marriage to happen soon, then mom and dad will give their vote. Dadi asks is this marriage or a deal. Tia says Shivaye has pushed the date so many times, mom wants our marriage to happen tomorrow. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Mukta

    First of all……. Cheers for the THREE MONTH ANNIVERSARY of best show ISHQBAAZ…….. Congratulations Ishqbaaz team n all my dear Ishqies!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. RANdomfANCreationz

    |Registered Member

    I can’t even enjoy watching ishqbaaz now after knowing Ishana quit and also ishkara is my fav ishqbaaz pair how I wish Ishana makes a comeback. The only positive in this show is Shivika and roumya. But ishkara 😭😭😭 i will miss ishkara a lot.
    I still remember the epi when Ishana said that Omkara Singh Oberoi jab ab yeh Baath samjhenge tab ab mujhe yad karenge my fav ishqbaaz scene 😍😭

    • Liya

      |Registered Member

      Are you serious😭😭😭did ishu really quit,this should not happen,I was waiting for ishkara scenes every day….love ishkara..😘😘😍😍😍…will Om end up with riddhima now😧😧😧this not going good, I can’t even imagine another girl for Omi….what about the Oo sathiya song….their story should not end…it should begin

  3. Chandini

    Tia showed her true and ridhimas convo was like a true couple anyways I don’t like that riddhima😬😕.but 2days best part is what rudra spoke about anika and anika not getting sleep thinking of her billuji😆.

  4. Abiha

    Rudra talking anika will handel everything wss sooo good😉😉…..n the same time anika was restless😉😉…..waoooo…..even sahil realize but anika not ….😯😯……..
    Marriage on tmrw what’s all this yrrrr….now m thinking that may b brides will b chnged n anika will b there but it will like forced marriage yr….we want love confession first n then marriage …..😐😐😐
    What about om n ridhima ……everything is sorted out …..wahhhhh….😠😠😠😠😵😵😵……what a love yrr….in one episode totally irritated …..n after 2 or 3 everything is sorted…..😭😭😭😭😭

    • Nithu

      |Registered Member

      Abhiha in Om n ridhima were in a relationship from 3 years !! 3 years means there is something which still exists in their relationship

  5. Maya

    Today there r no comments I think Ishana ( Vrushikas ) exit has really enraged the fans. Nobody on the forum today.

  6. Ridhima

    What tomorrow..
    . what Tia is up to now … Anika please do something … Ishana when are you coming …??? And sahil was cute …

  7. Mukta

    *Thankew Amena di for ur super fast update!!!!!!

    *Episode was good……. loved ShivOmRu’s conversation……
    Rudra – Uspe Chhod do!
    Om – Bhagwaan pe?
    Rudra – Nahi nahi, Bhagwaan nahi, Anika didi pe!
    Shivaay – Isme Anika kaha se aa gayi?
    Rudra Singh Oberoi……. u just nail it every time……. Anika’s concern for Shivaay….. wah….wah…… Anika n Sahil’s conversation was very nice……. But Tia….. uffff…… she is so irritating……. Om n Riddhima…… don’t know what CVs r trying to show…… they r showing Riddhima so good….. Now I think Riddhima will not create any problem amid Ishkara…. I mean she is been shown so positive….. pata nahi Ishkara ki story ka kya hoga???

    *Anyways howz u all my friends??? Hope u all r fine!!!!!!! Don’t know who r having exams n who r not…… so All The Best to all those Ishqies who r having their exams!!!!!!!!

    @Renima di…… missed u a lot n happy to see u back….. ur poems on last page was marvelous, as usual!!!!!!!!!

    • Liya

      |Registered Member

      Hai muktha I was fine lol until I know ishu quit…they made us desperately waiting more than a month..we were celebrating when on just tooled ishus name…😭😭

      • Shaza

        |Registered Member

        Ikr …feel like killing them …gave us so many hopes made us wait for a month and at last ” sorry virushika is out cuz of the fandom “

  8. Trisha

    Hlo guys how r u?? I want to ask anybody is here frm Nepal i think only i m big fan of ishqbaaz frm Nepal …nd guyz i want to ask app log kaha say ho i hope ur frm india but frm which state ??? I want share u guys that few year i also stay in india Madhya pradesh (indore ) city i was born in india but my nationality is Nepali so guys that why i known hindi….

    • Shaza

      |Registered Member

      U mean cast ? Actual cast !? ..r u sure it can’t be fake ? ..what if it’s fake ? ….with the makers or the cast ? Kunal jaisingh is there !?????????

  9. Tridha ( Troyee )

    Guys didn’t I told u they are thinking ridhima as the lead. Did u notice sudden change in ridhima’s behavior. Suddenly she cared about omkara. Didn’t force him on anything. So where is break up. There isn’t ishkara. So it’s not a three bross story now. Because there is only 2 left. Om’s life settled. He will marry ridima and nothing for ishkara. Who is ishana now? Was there any girl named ishana in ishqbaaz??? I m cursing ishqbaaz it broke my heart so it will be a huge flop show. They will regret why they out my vrushy. Their shivika won’t be able to save them. I hate ishqbaaz. Without ishkara u r nothing to me. Why people watch this show? Because they told it is a 3 brother story. So where is omkara & his love?? Ridhima is already his gf then why 3 bross love story. It’s like bazigar on life ok. Name & story have no similarities.

    • lara

      That’s true Ishana left the show for some other show, she didn’t find any meaty role, she wanted to be 3rd girl but something happened and she is out so now new term Omma or Ridhikara. Feel sad she was so funny and cute and over all their pair was spark this one doesn’t has even their joined name is not working well.

  10. Enasanjida

    Guyz now Say Ishana. Can any1 have any news.. I have a instagram account.. Vrunal as Ishkara fans r burst out -they r totally Angry I 😡 2. Actually fan say, kiyu ek month sai jooti asaa dekhar rakha(true back seat bolkar out kar diya show sai) few people say its fake news they can’t believe it, 0& also me some fan request bring back Vrushy as Ishaana. We want 2 see Vrunal as Ishkara. I really don’t what can i do? When i heard this news, i think my heart is broken. I really don’t understand. Ekdin pehla ka episode peh Ishaana k barai mai Om say. & suddenly CV’s mood changes say replacement Vrushy as Ishaana. I think 3pair main Vrunal gr8 tha.. Koi news hain? Twitter pah koi news aiya hain kya.

  11. Sunehri

    |Registered Member

    Precap is bit shocking …. anyway guys I have started a new ishqbaaz ff … I have posted the character sketch and plz do support me if u like 🙂 anyways how r u! ?!? Fatarajo renima di dhruv bhaiya mukta di aliya di shivani di mukti di priya di shahabana di haya di sujina di troyee di piyali dI abhiha di richu di trisha di and all ishqies I hope u all r fine 🙂

    I’m badly missing ishaana 🙁

    Sunehri mehta ♡

    • Abiha

      Yeah sunheri m ok yr ….not sooo good….but too sad to read all this about ishana’s track n replacement…..
      How r u…??
      N congratxxxxx for ur position….i jope that it was u who said on ystrdy page that u got 2nd position….m i right…?

  12. Kalika

    Vrushika was removed because her fans are MENTAL, yes it is solely the fault of her fans that she is out. Her fans were spamming the production house with hate mail and abuse. So Vrushika fans are you happy now? Your bullying has cost your idol a plump role. If you have any shame you would send your apologies to the production house and creative team for being so abusive. Maybe they will then reconsider

    • Enasanjida

      Kalika dear i m one who r apologize the instagram.. Bring back vrushy. Why i m apologize every1 say, jabh Ishaana ko bela/mala bani thi tabh bohot negative comments aiya tha. Main neh ek vi comments nahi diya. Tabh sai ush tym aziv wala fan tha joh logh want Vrushy quite or out of this show.. Bcz she us looking not beautiful not match kunal bla bla.. & now they r really happy. If u have notice, some1 take name favourite actress to join Ishaana character. Now tell me, Agaar meh Sorry bolu prblm kya hain. Baki logh toh gali, quite etc etc bol raha. If any fan say Sorry (unh fan k liya jinka production team Vrushy ka fan negativity fel raha hain) .& request bring back Vrushy. So whats Wrong😠? Main sirf request & sorry sirf nahi bola – yeh vi bola Fan lyk Vrunal as Ishkata. So, they r crazy & they r want 2 see.. Don’t take it negativity. Plzz bring back Vrushy as Ishaana. We want 2 see Vrunal As Ishkara. Fan k bolna k tarika hona chaiiya.. Yesterday muza news mila thaa 92 episode main Ishaana k entry hoga & Omkara remember Ishaana word. But suddenly say Vrushy out. Why??

    • Shaza

      |Registered Member

      But this is not fair …..many fans like me have even ” requested” for Vrushika ….for them them the negetiviity matters more than positivity ⁉️……come on now I think the fans are having right to kill the cvs …..first they didn’t show Ishana regularly 2-3 days ..that time they said that they are working on Ishana …then they didn’t show her from 2 weeks they told that let them focus on ridhkara break up ……and vrushika is on a holiday ……and now b4 sow, days Om just took the name of Ishana ….everyone were damn happy especially all ishkara fans including me …..and then suddenly after waiting for a month .tehy are like ..sorry no Vrushika for ishqbaaz 😡..this is so unfair …….there were many negativie comments on Twitter I agree ..but if we see they were many requests ..ppl were kindly saying ..pls. Bring her back ……..first time some producer/ director is blaming the fandom …no wonders if this show get closed cuz of low TRP …cuz they r vrushika fans ….some may feel so angry that stop watching ….even I felt like doing that ..but I like SHIVOMRU and Shivika also like Ishkara ….

      • Enasanjida

        100% r8.agree wid u. Ican’t belive it.. koi news hain ?Any News ? Gul Mam & Vrushy not any post Instagram.. GUL ka instagram ka comments faat jaiga 1180 comments … :O but they r no any reaction. How can they do us ? Main Gul mam sai lovely request kar rahi hoon but she feels lyk me angry.

  13. Maya

    Oh god really Om with Riddhima that’s his love story no way.
    Omkaras breakup with Riddhima always turns into makeup 😡. This is the worst Gul can do to us. Riddhima with Omkara there is absolutely no chemistry. Omkara needs a good female lead.
    Hope Vrushika quitting the show is rumour. How come things changed in a day. Ishana was just mentioned a day back by Om and Rudra and now her track had only ended. What does that mean.
    1) Omkara will get new female lead and they will show a completely new story for him.
    2) Riddhima will marry him ( hope not 😱😱😱).
    3) Or we still hope for Ishana to be back ( is that a rumour of her quitting the show).
    But today’s episode of Om suddenly being shown hugging and kissing Riddhima was really not a good sign.
    Is this omkaras love story where he doesn’t even love this girl.

  14. Tusi

    don’t like ridima and om togather… but I think they bering someone new for kunal if varusika quit the show because there is no romantic moment of thrilling between Om and Ridima…. Ishana’s entry in this show was a big fault because from the beginning they showed her a con girl, so it was a big critical situation to make pair for omkara as omkara hate lies….I thouth om should be pair a business women as om is philosophical and don’t like business… let’s see what happen next… because the only show isqhbazz I watch in starplush… now a days other shows just rubbish and not to worth watching… so much negetivity….

  15. Monique_D

    |Registered Member

    Hey everyone …..this show is something else right….
    One just never knows what’s going to happen next.

    To be Billu or Shivaay.
    To marry Tia or Anika.

  16. Alish

    Hey everyone..Although I am new here but die heart dan of ishqbaaz..I just wanna say that no need to worry ishana wont be replaced by any other actress as Gul khan stated herself.Her track is just sidelined bcz of the abuse created by her fans alao the lack of propr story line for ishkara..for further detail visit thia link
    If u have any othr news or updates do infrm us..

  17. Maya

    Guys it’s nothing against Vrushika I think.
    Tell me something what does the news actually say.
    1) They are ending the Ishana track only completely. So that confrontation will be the end of Omkara and Ishanas story.
    2) They planning to replace Ishana with a new girl.
    3) I don’t think Vrushika herself has quit the show. It’s Becoz they have ended the Ishana track completely she has to quit the show.
    4) They will now bring a new female lead for Omkara which I hope they do so. ( Riddhima cannot be his lead, she doesn’t show the weightage of a lead FL. She’s good as his girlfriend but not his true love).
    Omkara was never sure of Riddhima and he’s still not, that’s why he’s still not ready to give her a commitment. if he was sure of his love for her he would have defiantly made a commitment to her by now.
    It’s really confusing is this news of Vrushika quitting a rumour I hope it is. Why would Om or Rudy mention her in the last two episodes.
    Gul needs to give us a clear picture.

    • Shaza

      |Registered Member

      But once they introduced Ishana aka Vrushika on the show as the lead and even their lead a em ishkara on Tv …and many ppl started following them madly the couple Vrunal and it’s very hard or maybe next to impossible to accept the new girl ….for me and most of the ppl ……and in the Wikipedia of ishqbaaz also in the list of LEADS / star cast …vrushika is there …..then suddenly they removed vrushika I really feel Gul khan …vrushika se Kya dushmani hai !?

  18. Maya

    If they are completely ending the Ishana track then they need to get him a new female lead.
    She has to give Omkara a fresh new love story. Riddhima cannot be his live story so boring.
    Today’s episode Omkara could have been loving towards her but did you guys notice he spoke very aggressively with her when it comes to the space he needs to have for himself. He still is not happy or sure of This relationship. Riddhima is understanding but she’s always been before Also so let’s see Wat happens.
    Though now after hearing this IShana quitting news am most likely going to stop watching Ishbaaz. Was only waiting for Ishaana to reenter which is not happening at all.

    • Mayank Agrawal

      exactly and he said that he is finding KHIDKI its explained that new entry to hogi chahe ishana ho ya koi usko replace kare par leas ridhima nhi hogi..

  19. shruti

    I m fan of vrushika mehta & I’m happy she quit ishqbaaz as I always wanted her to quit this show right from her entry coz ishqbaaz is all about oberio brothers & she has never got equal space in this show

  20. Shruti Rohida

    I m fan of vrushika mehta & I’m happy she quit ishqbaaz as I always wanted her to quit this show right from her entry coz ishqbaaz is all about oberio brothers & she has never got equal space in this show

  21. iamsofianeak

    I will miss ishanaaaa ! Idk if riddhima will be the lead or ishana’s role will be played by another actress ! shivikaaaa stole the episode & will save the showww ( hope )
    just chill gguys it’s ok

  22. arshi

    I quit ishqbaaz….coz there’s no ishqbaaz without ishkara…. Except the ishkara love story, nothing else was new in this gul khan crap… I thought she would hv learnt from her mistakes in qubool hai…but she again did the same foolishness…i bet ishqbaaz will soon go off air coz now its trp will fall drastically… Same shivika crap which we hv seen in almost all gul khan shows…& roumya who hardly will be able 2 do any romance… The only sensational love track would hv been wid ishkara… But they spoilt it all.. If creatives hv sssoooo dumb heads that they cannot find any track 2 bring ishana back,then they should see the ffs…those are ffaarrrr more better & get some good idea…i’m sssooo angry r8 now….i started watching ishqbaaz when i heard the news of vrushika being paired against omkara… But now… All my hopes & dreams hv been broken once again by none other than… The lady famous for screwing up her shows….gul khan!!!!!! Sge must understand that the show’s name is ishqbaaz… Neither shivika nor oberoi family…i’m really very disgusted r8 now….good bye ishqbaaz…..#hategul# missishkara #omkaramissu #r.i.p ishqbaaz….

    • RANdomfANCreationz

      |Registered Member

      Well I agree with u. Ishkara story was unique on one hand a guy who thinks by heart and supports truth and hates lie and a girl who is a con girl and lives by lie and conning people really unique. Gul Khan what have you done? U just killed a unique love story that was the best thing about Ishqbaaz. As for Shivika I totally agree it is as if we have seen it before Arshi Asya Shivika same type like a love story of a crazy jhalli girl and an arrogant guy . And roumya well it’s because of their screen space and also ya they need a little more interest. Sorry if I hurt anyone

  23. DaSha

    Hello dear friends!

    I’m sorry if I tell smth strange, but it just came in to my mind that Tia could be pregnant. That’s why they insist on this marriage to happen as soon as possible. For sure if it is so she is pregnant from someone else.

  24. DaSha

    If all the rumors are true and they are to take off Ishana trail or change the character I’m really sorry. More strong leads they get more stories/characters/ideas they can develop.
    Taking pale actress will kill the character, there were chemistry among them, I will miss it for sure.
    Only thing that comes in to my mind that they did not expected to get so much attention to this couple, and suddenly it become too risky to the main leads Shivika to take fan attention.

  25. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    Just stop blaming actress for the fault of producer!!!!!

    U people know that vrushy quitted the show for some other show??? Don’t spread rumours… Vrushy just said she l be back with something new show again.. She never said she got something new… Yahan tak ki usne quit ki word bhi use nahi Kiya…

    Galti sab kuch Gul khan par hai.. Par galti bolo vrushika par…. GUL KHAN is the one who said we r working on ishana character??? What the hell u where working???? U r working to think how to end ishu character from ur show?? Is it working out??? If u want only QUBOOL HAI actresses as a lead in ur show then say straight forward.. Instead y the hell u were made the fans to wait?? First of all fault is on Gul… When fans said it straight forward she said hooligans.. Then fans kept quite.. As its no use to speak with her… Then she said back seat. . Then some rumour came that vrushy quitting show.. So she said that is ntng like that.. She started to show some unwanted things in her show.. N now she is saying no ishana???

    Ab bolo who is looking like mad here???? Fans Or else writer or producer????

    But aap fans producer pe galti hai…. Taane Mar rahi ho actress ko?? Wts this yr??

  26. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    I didn’t watch tdy epi thankfully…

    Now I want to concentrate on edkv I can’t let the show go off air…. I should produce trp to that soulful show.. Not to this show.. Where the writers r not confident abt there character??

    I have said u people that GUL IS NOT WORKING ON ISHANA CHARACTER.. I have said ryt?? But what u people said no Gul herself is involve in this?? So is this the involvement of ur so called producer??? Hare yr aisa kounsa producer hai iss duniya Jo apni mehnat kudh pani me dal De???

    And the writers??? Omg… Even though the biased show which is full of partially SWARAGINI… Which got numerous bashing… But never gone out of the story line… They end it illogical.. But yahan dekho.. Song DE diya, pair ko Marne ke liye!!!! Last scene of ishkara Mei ek dialogue DE diya!!! Om ko yaad hai ishu ke baare Mei… Yeh sab kuch dikha Kar ab ishu character khatam??? Make something logical…..

    Remember one thing.. Ur show got popular only after ishkara confrontation.. Yad hai???

    Top 5 Jodi… Ishkara was no. 1 in it… The confrontation slayed the TV industry.. Not ur shivika and not ur rumya made u that much popular.. It’s vrunal.. Who made the show popular.. GUL forget it so easily and saying no ishkara????

    • Enasanjida

      its my ques also @Shaza . Vrushy did very good job … bohot kam tym main Vrunal sabh ka dil jit liya. Maina kunal & Vrushy ko pehli baar dekh rahi hoon Ishqbaaaz main. but how can Gul mam do lyk that.? . @priya 15 deaar Ishana not out …Ishaana play another actress ..Vrushika out of the show but why ? not accurate reason- people thinking Fan demand 2 much. I m really shocked 2 hear this. Fan ka demand ka bina serial chal tah hain kya ? Gul Mam aap negativity nahi chahta thats good– u think every1 love & Lyk Ishkara as Vrunal. Fan demand kar nah baand kar dai – serial mai tala laga doo. feeling totally angry. Vrushy ka badla koi aur actress Ishaana play karaiga -how rude

      • Shaza

        |Registered Member

        Ikr …..I think Gul khan did a very big loss to herself ….it’s like so senseless …just think ….the fans were so mad cuz she was not there…(and I think it’s hers mistake …she was only not ready with ishkara properly) ……..then they should think na that if we bring her back it will be same reaction in positive way from the fans ….they could get the same craziness as the result of TRP and fame …..but no …lets just see they negetive side 😏

      • Priya15

        |Registered Member

        I have only one point to say.. Gul khan ruined everything herself and blaming ishana character now.. And her reasons r senseless…

    • RANdomfANCreationz

      |Registered Member

      I also watch EDKV only and that also gonna end 😭 Now i won’t watch Indian dramas after that if I watch i watch whatever my mom watch only when I m bored and also my engineering classes will resume on 17th then I have no time. Will only watch bigg boss (the reason why I joined tellyupdates)
      And ishkara imagine they had the least scene but they are still one of the most loved if they had been a lead pair i wonder what would have happened 😍
      And swaragini don’t even talk about that show idk what they r showing instead of swaragini they showing more of swara and Sharmistha and i m Ragini fan.
      And the worst thing Rashmi Sharma did was to separate Ragsan though i like swasan too. But a little more of a Ragsan fan well not really a raglak fan but i like temish a lot I still remember how sanky used to pull Ragini dupatta. 😍

    • RANdomfANCreationz

      |Registered Member

      For me also whatever pair I liked either their Hamari adhuri Kahani (Ragsan ishkara etc.) or show closure (shraman, ardhika etc.) . Or will replace one of the leads (twinj, vidhanni). For now the only show which still have the pair i love even after 7th oct is tpk thahaan but the storyline is too bad and intolerable i really and according to spoilers they also separate
      Toh Socho mera Kya Hal hain?
      And also everyone in my house watches drama i Won’t watch after 7th oct unless if i too bored 😂😂😂

  27. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    Omg.. When I read the updates I was like breaking my ph.. Ridh…. Kara???? Pagal hai kya?? ???

    And now cmon fans and Gul say how come the ridhima character have reached audience??? U didn’t kept stand for ridhima too… She is weird at sometime and understanding at some times?? But it reached fans.. Kaise yr??? ?

    I M QUITTING guys.. I don’t know whether I Have RIGHTS to cmnt here without watching Ishqbaaz or not.. But watching Ishqbaaaz with ishkara is impossible.. For me ishqbaaz means ishkara only.. That can’t be changed.. Why I should watch the show??? Where there is no ishkara?? Ishkara is the pair how gave me real feel of ishqbaaz. But now.? Watching ridh… Kara is more than impossible for me… I can’t even imagine… Any other girl with om.. It’s only ishkara… Soo sorry but I can’t tolerate… If vrunal l back then I l watch the show…

    • shahabana

      Priya i can understand u but there is no useful to comment here to bring back ishana it will be just time vasting if u want ishana back then just go to social media and request there. Dnt be sad dr i just told bcz it will be useful and ektha brought krathika back bcz fans requested in social media

    • shahabana

      And ur kind information u told show gets good trp only bcz of vrunal then its wrong bcz in social media all actors has good fan followers and all 6 leads are their own fans and show is popular bcz all three leads and three couples and u knw what in fb page ishqbaaz has highest fan followers its more than 300k and this is the biggest fandom in fb page

      • Shaza

        |Registered Member

        Shabana di …no use of saying this in social media also …..u can see Gul khans …Insta account soooooo many comments asking ….requesting and some even angrily asking if vrushika is not there..many ppl said that they will not watch ….but she is just ignoring and is not bothering to reply …I also sent her a message on Insta she is not responding …

    • Enasanjida

      @Priya15 dear 2um Instagram open karo.. I know u have say that but u use instagram. Recently i use instagram itz not fb. So itz very useful. Plzz open instagram .. Mujha kuch samaz nahi aaraha hain… Itni baar post kar rahi hoon -no idea kuch hona wala hain kya?? Any1 have any news or twitter ? Instagram toh faat jaiga comments.. Koi kehraha hain vrushy quite or koi keh raha hain vrushy out. Don’t understand what happened? Ishqbaaz fan especially vrunal or Ishkara fan r totally 😡 angry.

    • Samyukta

      Guys ishana aka vrushika mehta has quit the show and this is confirmed by the producer sad guys 😔😔😔😔😔😞😞😞😖😖😖😥😥😥

  28. Shaza

    |Registered Member

    I’m sure this serial is gonna have a big fall on TRP chart and it will go off air soon if they continue like this ….if they can’t handle 3 pairs properly ….y did they introduce ..must’ve introduced only 1 pair that they only focus on :- shivika
    Simply gave so much hope to Vrushika fans and atlast removed her from the show !!!?
    Now the fans are having right to leave the show ….and bash them ,..for there mistake .,tehy are not bake to makeup ishkara and blaming Vrunal and ishkara fans !? …I hope they realize their mistake and bring vrushika back .,or they are gonna pay for this ….

    • RANdomfANCreationz

      |Registered Member

      Exactly. They shouldn’t have done so that’s really unfair especially for ishkara fans and also Omkara character like he’s character is the best but his love story is such a mess

  29. Shaza

    |Registered Member

    Hey guys …I’ve send a message …not bashing but kind message to Gul khan on insta ..hope she replies ..she usually replies to her fans …..I gave the link of Telly chakkar article and asked if its true ….just to confirm …..waiting for her reply soon as she replies I’ll tell you guys ..what she told …..She is very good at blaming fandom so I dint write anything rude ..I just asked if its true ..then it’s not fair for vrushika fans ,….why did they made us wait …!? That’s it

  30. chithra shetty

    Good morning to all my isq family.. Plz tell me the spoilers .I want to knw abt shiv marriage ,any clues abt that .iam dam excited to here shivika upcoming track ..nd my fav rudra always rocks he is rock star of this show nd small cute baby sahil also rocks always

  31. chithra shetty

    Hey dasha plz dnt think like tia s pregnant nd all plz I dnt want any obstacles in BTW shivika ..if she is pregnant then my all vl force my shivu ,nd simply he vl suffer let that dabba lady baba go aside I dnt want any villain to enter in btw shivika

  32. Mayank Agrawal

    Nhi guys have a patience all jaisey ki aaj ke episode mei om ne bola ki mai room ke bahar ek KHIDKI dundh rha hu balance karne ke liye. and ridhima said that take your time dont worry. it means that ek entry to hogi new by replacing ishana ridhima lead nhi hogi dont take tension and abh future story kya hai guys ?

  33. Tharu

    |Registered Member

    I couldn’t watch the episode.but after reading the update it seems to be good that I missed the ep.I watched ishqbaaz for ishkara.if there is no ishkara or vrushika will be replaced I will quit the show.
    Sorry guys…I will miss you so much…if vrunal come back I will watch…

  34. Maya

    So guys am really confused is
    Ishana as character only being scrapped completely. Means Ishana track is only over or a new girl will be Introduced as Ishana.

  35. Maya

    I think they will start a completely new love story for Omkara with a new girl.
    Hope that’s what is in Guls mind as Riddhima defiantly can no way be his female lead. There’s nothing to show between Omkara and Riddhima. And in yesterday conversation Om still sees a friend in Riddhima but still wants his space. He tells Riddhima that he’s still looking for that Window which means I think there will be a new girl in his life whom he will be sure of.

  36. Shivani

    |Registered Member

    I have decided I would watch only one episode per week just for the sake of anika .she is the one whom I adore most .a sensible girl in whole show.I don’t want to be part of this show anymore where director artifice us by saying wait for sometime and she would come back

  37. Shivani

    |Registered Member

    I request ishkara fans don’t bash shivika.I know our sentiments are hurted but it is not the fault of actors .surbhi chandana is very good actress.the biggest culprit is gul khan she would be responsible for trp loss .

  38. Disha

    |Registered Member

    Episode was fabulous anika sahil part amazing anika continuesly thinking about sso. Ridhkara sceane irritating I want as ishana only I hope she will be back soon

  39. shahabana

    Helloo gd morning guyz. Enyways episode is good. My rudyy rocked today also. Anika is restless for shivaye thats too good and sahil knows anikas feelings and i dnt think they will make riddima has lead for omkara. And this tia ohh no she is blackmailing shivaye hmm intresting. And guyz i saw in spoiler that shivaye will agreed to tias proposal and after that shivaye will feel restless bcz after this marriage he will loos anika and he starts feeling for anika.

  40. vrushika fan

    Hello guys. I m a good friend of tridha.
    Please everyone request gul khan that she would bring vrushika back.
    Tridha & I don’t use Facebook. So please request her to back vrushy on social sites..
    We love her and miss her.

    • Enasanjida

      Fb teh koi request nahi chal raha hain.. Joh vi hoo raha hain instagram main hoo raha hain. No idea what happened? I have no twitter so don’t know. Guyz if u have any news..

    • RANdomfANCreationz

      |Registered Member

      No use. A tag is trending 8th in twitter and despite that a show did not get saved (i m speaking about EDKV) and Gul Khan bringing vrushika back is almost impossible now ☹️

  41. shahabana

    I dntknw why this gul khan herself putting in trouble is she is mad, i like shivika very much that doesn’t mean the show will run only with them bcz its ishqbaaz and in this show all three couples are equally important. Ektha risked kasam then bcz of low trp she broght back krathika and the show in colors. Both colors and ztv will give time and chance to the shows but why dnt gul is understanding ishqbaaz is running on starplus they doesn’t give chance to shows if show is not a time slot leader then they will end the show gul herself putting show in trouble and reason of low trp is not any couple but the time slot. Trp increases bcz of trp aunties and who watches 10pm shows only youngsters watches and they also wont gets time so they are watching the shows in online so online trp is very good and tv trp is not increasing if they want good trp then change the time slot then trp will definitely increase. Yhm also doesn’t had good trp bcz of time slot but when they changed time slot to 7.30pm trp gul should not blame actors but change the time slot. This starplus also always does partiality always they airs good shows at late night and who watches that time they should understood trp increases bcz trp aunties.

  42. Maya

    Ishqbaaz is now only about Shivaay and Anika now. No Omkara love story, he will finally land up with his boring, fraud girlfriend Riddhima & rudy with Soumya that’s all.
    Really upsetting yaar 😓

  43. Kiki

    |Registered Member

    I really loved the episode when Anika thinking about Billu. Sahil is too cute. I really don’t know Tia’s real motive to marry Shivaay. I want Riddhima to be a good friend for Om. But not as his true love.

  44. Kiki

    |Registered Member

    I’m upset because of Vrushika’s exit. I hope she’ll come back soon. I’ll be sometimes convinced if they bring a new track or something else. But I can never accept Om with Riddhima

  45. RANdomfANCreationz

    |Registered Member

    Well last week ishqbaaz ratings in India forums dropped idk about this week but next week it will drop for sure as many ishkara fans gonna quit. I think Ishana was just a character they never wanna make ishkara a pair and Ridhima is the actual character (maybe she will change om like they get divorce after marrying) and some other girl for Om. It was said that riddima’s character is for a month and Ishana will be opposite on but it became opposite Ishana is for a month and Riddima opposite om? Well i think they wanted to make ridkara a pair but they didn’t know people will end up loving ishkara. Well I myself m a fan of ishkara I won’t watch ishqbaaz much (only sometimes for Shivika when I really have nothing to do) and also the track is going a little boring

  46. Maya

    True guys we cannot accept Om with Riddhima. If Gul has decided to end Ishana track we will accept it but not Om with Riddhima atleast give a new and fresh love story for him.
    Suddenly Gul has also stopped the Riddhima and Omkara breakup track so upsetting man.

  47. Tridha

    So guys I m telling u omkara singh oberoi’s love story-
    He has gf named ridhima. First ridhima used to cheat om behaving like a social worker. But then pata nehi kyase she started loving om. Om also had some space problem in their relationship. But suddenly he started compromising and everything got well between them. A con girl named ishana tried to break their relationship. But she failed for their unbreakable trust to each other. So ishana was vanished from their life as she failed. Om & ridhima are a happy couple now. This is the love story of 1 brother from the 3s. Actually it’s ridhkara. For some technical problem tv showed it ishkara. What a story 😬😤
    Kitni bakwas hai. Gul khan u deserve galiya instead of taliya for this rubbish….

  48. Mayank Agrawal

    guys please tell yeh kya hai koi keh rha hai ishana gayi koi jeh rha hai ki nhi gayi please confirm it yar ..i am very confused

  49. Shaza

    |Registered Member

    Ridhima is a nice girl , she is talented idk her actual name ..but I can say if she become the lead here success…..cuz no one can accept her ..its near to impossible …especially ishkara fans ……and they are gonna lose it all …….so it’s better they bring vrushika back ….didn’t expect this from Gul khan at all …….Om is such an awesome charector …and his love story could be the most unique one. ….I don’t think there was ever any charector like Om in serials till now …( shivaye many are there ) …even like Roudra many are there flirty typos …..but Om ..he is maybe the first one ….like so sensible , down to earth and clean hearted person …everyone was expecting the best for him ….if Ekta would get like that charector she would use it very awesomely …but seems like Gul khan can’t handle itself ….

  50. Nivedha

    I will quit ishqbaaaz if vrushi won’t come
    Without ishkaara I will not watch ishqbaaaz
    I’m feeling really bad tat ishana is not coming
    I need only only VRUSHIKA MEHTA as ishana
    I ll quit this show 🙁

  51. jassi

    i told u all that it is true
    .and it is now confirmed that vrishika quits..upto now it is not low trp but from now the show will witness huge trp fall ..

  52. RRN Rins

    hi everyone iam new here
    is this ishana character came to an end or they are introducing a new girl in om’s life

  53. Chetna

    Guys what is going on. I am so confused and frustrated I can’t tolerate it more than this.
    If they don’t want to show ishana then why they take her name. I really don’t understand that what is she want to do?
    If she can’t handle 3 love stories then she did not need to start this.
    The trp definitely falling down so fastly at least from my side.

  54. Sat

    |Registered Member

    Hello guys, hi
    Mukta di, Nadiya di, Abzzz di, Renima di, Nelka di, Rose di, Roz di, Kat di, Aqua di, Mukti, Mukti, Aliya, Shai di, Disha, Mishri, Sumo, Naina, Khushi, Priya, Ishita, Ishika, Ishita di, Sriranjani di, Neha di, Asmita, Shivani di, Roo,Pragya, Dil di, Prishu, Isha, Nida, Zuha, Luna di, Devga, Yashal, Maanvi, Srini, Hashi, Rifa, Nivu, Smriti, Ritika, Yesha, Trisha, Rishti, Enansanjida di, Shaza, Gauthmi,Mary, Sruthy, Sujina, Ooshi di, Diya, Shahabana di, Chirag, Abhi, Muskaan, Shit, Sushree, Nevermind, Niyati, Monique di, Krishna, Dharhu, Sreekutty, Rani, Maleesha, Jaz, Pradishma, Haya di, Belle, Guman, Erica, Muzammil,Nisha,Pankh, Bharathi, Fatima, Kitty, dr, Priyanka, Nabanita, Salsa, Manya, Anju, Dhara, Manu, Komal, Sahana, Rimjhim, Laya, Shanya, Twinkle, Athiraappu, Himagiri, Admin, Nivvu, Yashna,Zohya, Jeshna, Nivedha, Naaginfanforever, Sooryapriya, Liya di, Kiki di, Ananya, Apeksha, Malu, Nithu, Harshi, Sri, Preet, Anjali, Adityakiran, Riyadcruz, Mukul, Sunanda, Nikki, Tharu di, Arya, Arya, MP, Fatarajo, Rosu, Fiddu, Ishkara, Riddhima, Hahaha, Lijitha, Swadheenta, Amy, Clincy, Pragati, Asfa, Baishali, Prathi, Asma di, Yrkkh fan, Adithi, Tarini, Parvathy, Lamsofianeak, Poooh, Heena, Piyali, Samyukta,Richu, Cheryl, Elsa, Sharmi, Devi, Nit, Nishi, Nihaarika di, Saumya, Apps, Pritha, Shreya, Shama, Shraddha, Shraddha, Anu, Anu di, Anu di, Raina, Pearl, Siddhi, Vismaya, Falhi, Viv4444, Baby Leemoh, Pari, Nazneen di, Sonali, Sanju, Chikky, Prink, Saima, Shivika fan, Kristen, Aayesha, Chetna, Yazhu, Ro, Anusha, Abiha, Anaaya, Maahiswt, Anita, Dhruvv Bhaiyaa, Lisa, Nishu, Goms, Astha, Sunheri, Manik bhai, Sinzo, Riya k, Riya, Aiswarya, Hency, Alakananda, Anami!!!!!!, Manual Agarwal, Zara, ro, Shraddha Sharma, Rosu 25arya, tamanna, so,anika huger, Tridha, malu, viju, typialotism, changing, hi, ,diksha, pixie dust, Nexus.

    please please read my second epi of my ff
    and please comment

  55. Nivedha

    I hope that the news of ishana quitting the Show must be a fake news
    u all know one thing I saw vrushika and kunal jai Singh for the first time in this show and at seeing vrushi I became her fan to her dance and acting 😊
    So I need ishkaara 😥😥😥

  56. Sat

    |Registered Member

    Hey guys calm down, I am sure when yet goes down she will surely get vrushika back
    But please don’t stop watching the epi. We started seeing it from first and we have to continue till last. We have a method for everything. Don’t let down ishqbaaz. All are important in it. Just come out of depression that vrushika is gone . I know it affects a lot but we have to move on we can’t just quit please listen to me guys.

    • Kiki

      |Registered Member

      I agree. I want Ishkara. But whatever happens I can’t let down Ishqbaaz. I love each and every character in Ishqbaaz if it is a negative one. Because they belong to Ishqbaazian family. It really hurts when seeing the comments that we are going to quit this show. I can understand ur feelings. I request you not to let down our show. Please…

  57. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    @MAYA di.. It was always shivay and Anika… If it is now bcmng on shivika then there is no prb… It was the name ishqbaaz but the real story revolved on it… I mean they showed them only.. There love story pe + Hua Hai.. So ab nahi pehle se hi vo shivika Ka hi raha hai.. Sry shivika fans but it’s the fact….

  58. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    Request to ishkara fans :

    Many people say u can’t tolerate ridh…. Kara.. But still u want to watch the epi… There is a solution..

    Watch the retelecast as retelecast will not be calculated for trp… So u won’t be a trp producer…

    The rslt l be like… Trp l fall and they may get sense I m not sure…

  59. A

    Now it is confirmed that Vrushika Mehta has left Ishqbaaz. While confirming this news, Producer of the show Gul Khan said “Yes, she has left the show. But it is nothing personal, just a creative call.”

    On the other hand Vrushika also talked about her role ending on the show. And said that she will move to another project.Actress also added that its totally fine and its not the end of the world.

    Earlier, we told you how Vrushika’s character Ishaana was sidelined for few days. Reason behind that was, Vrushika’s fans had started abusing writers of the show for showing a different angle of her character.

    Well, now we know that Vrushika won’t be there in Ishqbaaz anymore, we hope that soon she gets another show on TV.

  60. Priya15

    |Registered Member


    GUL khan mam ko shayad Pata nahi hai.. Ki uski show ishqbaaz is airing on star plus.. It’s not zee TV or some other channel..

    Agar trp low hai.. Toh channel se baahar.. For eg.. Badtameez dil, Mohi, tsm etc….

    Hare yr.. Trp ki vajah se toh dehleez jaisa conceptful show hi bandh hogaya.. Toh ishqbaaz kya cheez hai…..

    GUL mam if u want to air ur show in sp.. U want to prove that u l be a top 5 trp gainer.. Jab vrushika fans dekh rahe the.. Tab hi nahi Aya trp.. Ab vrushika hi nahi ishkara fans bhi good bye keh chuke hai.. Ab kahan se Aayega trp?? U may give reasons that u don’t care for trp vagera vagera… But sp is not ur production house.. They need trp.. Trp.. Trp.. Trp is the main source for the show to run in sp…

    Sns Mei kya story line hai.. Kuch bhi nahi.. It’s totally waste.. Lekin ab tak chal raha hai.. Reason is TRP…

    Dehleez is an amazing plot.. Y it’s out before 200 epi too.. Reason is LOW TRP…..

  61. A

    Now it is confirmed that Vrushika Mehta has left Ishqbaaz. While confirming this news, Producer of the show Gul Khan said “Yes, she has left the show. But it is nothing personal, just a creative call.”

    On the other hand Vrushika also talked about her role ending on the show. And said that she will move to another project.Actress also added that its totally fine and its not the end of the world.

    Earlier, we told you how Vrushika’s character Ishaana was sidelined for few days. Reason behind that was, Vrushika’s fans had started abusing writers of the show for showing a different angle of her character.

    Well, now we know that Vrushika won’t be there in Ishqbaaz anymore, we hope that soon she gets another show on TV

  62. Mayank Agrawal

    Breaking news !!! ISHQBAAAZ is going to say OFF on AIR on 100th episode….because as last two days TRP is very low and vrushika mehta;s exits effect a lot on fan following and it is going to say good bye on AIR on 100th episode.. because many angry fans on INSTAGRAM TWITTER FACEBOOK says tht please come back vrushika mehta but GUL KHAN cant hear and says it is not personal so.. guys missing it so much ….and official statement also released about ishana that her exit is confirmed ..and by exit of ishana automatically TRP becomes on ground floor..

    • Priya15

      |Registered Member

      Wt??? Ishqbaaz going off air?? How it’s possible??? If it’s true also I don’t have any prb… But Gul l not end shivika soon.. As she loves shivika alot.. It’s not at all possible… But ya mere liye toh show ussi din end ho chuka hai jab ishkara ka last confrontation Hua.. ab aage Agar ishkara ki journey Ka the end hai.. Toh for me it’s the End of ishqbaaz!!!!

  63. domi

    Hello ishq.friends. I want shivai baby and anika to be together soon..I love them alot.. There romance is awesome!!

  64. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    I have a doubt…..

    Wt is the truth behind the news??

    Which is crct??

    1.Vrushika is quitting????
    2.vrushika character is ending In the show???

    Wts that mean ishana is ending or vrushika character is ending.. Yahan pe bath vrunal ki nahi ishkara ki Kar rahi hun… So pls guys.. Say Me which is the crct news??

    • RANdomfANCreationz

      |Registered Member

      The second one true actually they ended vrushika’s character that’s why. But i really didn’t expect this because they also showed about Ishana sis and dad. Only makers know what is going on in their mind.

  65. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    Do u people ever noticed one thing??

    Gul mam was never okay with Ishana character??

    First it was twinkle Patel who was to be paid as ishana.. And her character was sketched to be like a revenge ful women…

    Then she changed it to vrushika as ishana.. Made a bubbly character..

    After finalizing vrushy too she said she is working out…

    So it’s true that she was never been serious with ishu character like other charactes

    • Roz

      |Registered Member

      Maybe bcoz of Om’s character,,,we all knw Om is unique and his love story shud be unique,,,,Ishu’s character was nt properly shaped by cvs,,,,I think they are still confused abt Om’s love stry

  66. Naaginfanforever

    |Registered Member

    I read today about the news of Vrushika quitting the show. I just want to say that if Gul Khan wanted ishaana as the lead. Then why did she show ishana negative from the start, like seriously a con girl. She could have done the same which she did in qubool hai. Remember Seher was a con girl but rehaan and her were endgame. Ishkara was my favourite couple. But now i am going to stop watching this show. But if the trp gets low then Gul has no option but to get Vrushika back. I don’t understand how can Gul mam do something like this. This is the worst twist ever, not even ekta kapoor would have done something like this.

    • RANdomfANCreationz

      |Registered Member

      If it was ekta she would have retained her as ekta at least understands her fans feelings but her problem is she loves to drag her shows that’s why people love ekta more than Gul (at least ekta does what she can) like she brought Kratika back in kasam even though she wasn’t suppose to just for the sake of fans

  67. Maya

    Hi Priya Di I think it’s all three brothers ka love story Shivaay, Omkara & Rudra.
    ishqbaaz means lovers in English. All I meant to say was that if Ishana track is over then they need to start a fresh love track for Omkara as or else he will never get his true love & then there’s nothing much to show about Omkaras love life.
    Om & Riddhima scenes r good to watch but there’s no chemistry or nothing exciting in there relationship. Am just hoping that they get a new girl and new love Angel for Omkara. Or else we r left with watching nothing but Shivika.
    Om & Riddhima will get boring in a few episodes.

    • Priya15

      |Registered Member

      It was the thing which they showed.. But think abt the episodes. Do u really they concentrated on om love story the way they showed shivika… Just think… Shivika was given more imp then how come it become three Bros love story???

      Anyways I don’t have any prb Dr.. I decided to quit the show.. If there l be ishkara then I l watch… Otherwise I don’t think I l be able to watch this show…

  68. Maya

    Priya Di don’t know Wat crct means but I think “Ishana track is only ended completely. Ishana as a character will no longer exist in the show”. As they could not figure out a right track for her.
    No one will replace Ishana ( Vrushika Mehta ). Vrushika has not quit the show on her own, it’s her track that has not worked out so they cannot bring her back.
    I think they have thought of a new love track for Omkara and they will bring in a completely new girl for him.

    • Enasanjida

      I really don’t know – main neh sunha tha Ishaana ka character con girl nahi rahagi. Ishaana out (news abp) i can’t believe it. Seriously mujha Ishana as Vrushy bohot lyk kiya hain.. But i have no any word..feeling totally 😡 angry .0&😭😭

      • renima ishqie

        priya. very busy, still @ office yaar…..check ur mail…..i replied ….
        sorry all ishqies……am very busy guys

  69. Tridha

    Such a good news mayank vai. I’ll be really very happy if ishqbaaz ends. Gul has totally broke my heart. There is no chance of vrushika to come back. No ishkara so no ishqbaaz. But I’ll watch it because I still can’t believe that my dancing doll has left the show. There will be no passionate love story no ishkara. I really like omkara. I’ll watch this show only for his sake. I wanna see how gul save her show from falling. I wanna see ishqbaaz suffering. Vrushika kya hai tab pata chalega usko.
    #hate gul #want vrushika #love ishkara #love omkara #love ishana #hate ridhkara

    • Priya15

      |Registered Member

      Ya I can understand dear.. Even I m n ur position… But pls don’t see telecast at 10.00 as it l increase trp watch retelecast or hotstar Or hotstar premiere as it won’t produce trp.. If u watch in Internet like badtameez dil site etc.. It l increase Internet trp.. If u watch the show airing time it l increase trp in TV… So trp won’t fall… U watch it in hotstar premiere and retelecast…. Okay???

  70. Arya

    Recently news were doing rounds that Ishana’s character has been put on hold in the show but now the latest news coming in is that Vrushika Mehta is ‘OUT’ of Ishqbaaz.Yes, you read it right, the talented actress Vrushika Mehta is not a part of the show anymore.The pros and cons to this latest development are plenty.PROSThe way the character of Ishana was shaped right from the start was wrong. The creatives never really could shape the character of Ishana well and a man like Omkara did not deserve a love life with a con character like Ishana. The simple, straightforward Om did not deserve to get conned.This time maybe the creatives can plan their story well in advance and either redo Ishana’s character or bring in a new character who will fit Om perfectly.Another pro in this situation is that now the writers can pull up their socks and build and begin Om’s love story on a fresh page.

  71. Tridha

    Shivika fans don’t forget to watch today’s episode anika ki akhome shivay ki chabi. OMG so much drama.
    I saw a photo of om where he was talking to rudra in a angry face. Maybe he was talking about ishana. So watch it

  72. Roz

    |Registered Member

    Really loved Rudra’s part,,,,skipped Riddhimma’s part
    I think the girl in the CD is somehow related to Shakthi,,not Tej,,,,,maybe she is Anika’s sis,,,I always wanted to see ishu as Anika’s long lost sis,,,,,
    plzz bring Ishana back cvs,,,,,I really dnt want Ishqbaaz to go off air soon,,,,really love this serial and the 3 bros

  73. Naaginfanforever

    Gul Khan played with Ishkara fans emotions. First she said that she is working on ishana’s character. Then ishkara fans were happy. Then in latest episode they showed omkara taking ishana’s name. Ishkara fans were super happy. But then some days after it comes news that Vrushika is no more in the show. Gul khan will regret later. I mean even Twinkle Patel got replaced. I think Gul mam was never serious with ishana’s character.

    • Priya15

      |Registered Member

      U r 1000%ryt..she was never serious abt ishu character nor she was interested…. She always took it for granted… If u ask me I l say she should have concentrated more on ishu as its something unique in the show.. But she failed to do so.. But put all the blame on vrushy… Moreover.. Fans ki feelings ko hurt Kar diya.. Blame bhi fans par.. I don’t know how request become bashing in her Lang???

      Anyways #HateGulandHerFaltuShow..

  74. Tridha

    There will be shivika, roumya & sahil anika conversation today. Roumya conversation will be really funny.
    Omru will try to make shivay understand that he loves anika not tia.
    I think shivay will be ready to marry tia. He will understand he loves anika. Then shivika marriage. End of the story
    Shivay-Really mera dil kya kehta hai?

  75. Naaginfanforever

    |Registered Member

    Gul khan played with Ishkara fans emotions . First she said that she is working on ishana’s character. ishkara fans got happy. And then later in some episodes omkara took ishana’s name. Ishkara fans were super happy. Like we had hope that ishkara track is in progress. But suddenely news come that Vrushika has quit ishqbaaz. Gul khan will regret later. Like i only watched the show for ishkara. And gul khan was never serious with ishana’s character. I mean before Vrushika, Twinkle Patel was suggested to play the main lead opposite Kunal. I so wish that these news are rumours. But they are true😭😠😢

    • Priya15

      |Registered Member

      I completely agree with u bcoz… Even I m one of the fan who was super happy like I felt I m n cloud 999999999999..Wn he took her name.. Lekin sab kuch karab Kar diya Gul NE… Never expected this from her… #HateGul#WantIshkaraBack…

      Ishkara till the end… They r best….

  76. Roz

    |Registered Member

    Vrushika fans anger is justified as cvs fooled them by making them wait more than a month for Ishu,,,,,It’s true that Shivika is given more importance than others as per the current story,,,,,bt plz dnt taunt/bash other leads/lead pairs,,,,,,it’s nt their mistk,,,,,they are just trying to give their level best to their project…..
    Om-Riddhimma pairing will never ever happen ,,,and till now they didn’t show any new girl for Om,,,,so I still hope that Ishana will return,,,maybe a surprise re-entry,,,,well I always love to think positively

  77. Tridha

    I didn’t see today’s episode but it will be like this-
    Shivay will be agreed to marry tia. Omru will be sad for that. They will try to make shivay realize that he loves anika. Anika will also talk to him. There will be so much shivika scene during the conversation. Sahil will phone anika. Anika will share her worry about shivay. Rudra will be sad. Soumya will try to cheer him up.
    Sunlight reflection & shivay in anika’s eye will be seen.
    I told omkara maybe talking about ishana as he was in a angry face.
    Remember I didn’t watch it. But it will be like I described.

  78. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    Where does the comparison btw Ekta and Gul khan started???

    I beg u all pls don’t compare an awesome producer like Ekta with ur Gul khan…. Fed up with her now.. U people know Gul khan is no where close to compare with Ekta…

    For eg.
    Ekta cares for trp.. Which Gul khan herself said she dont care abt it..

    Ekta cares for fans feelings and think abt that before taking any step…. Aur Gul khan??? I think there is no need to say how much she cares for fans feelings as it is to be seen by everyone… She l not even care abt fans feelings in her dreams.. I swear…

    Ekta reaches fans expectations at the appropriate way… But Gul khan… Never…

    Ekta takes a character as challenge… And she used to work out on the character so that the people love and live the character.. But Gul khan.. Omg.. She take character for granted like the way she took ishana’s.. And she l say that she is working out but never show something like that…

    So plz don’t compare them… #Ektaisbest….. Don’t think like Ekta made kritika reenter bcoz of low trp and Gul l do the same with vrushy.. As it may not be possible… Our heart l break like it has broken now…
    I m not going to have any hope regarding it.. as I got to know.. Hoping something Is the biggest mistake..

  79. Maya

    Today’s episode Shivaay is ready for marriage. Heated argument between Jhanvi and pinky. Om and Rudra try to explain Shivaay that he loves Anika.
    Shivaay telling Anika to do marriage preparations and Anika is crying.
    Precap for tomorrow is the worst

  80. Maya

    ‘kisi se dil lagne ko woh dil raazi zarori hai ..umar bhar sath rahne ko ishqbaazi zarori hai” …….
    Omkara says the above lines to Shivaay trying to convince him not to marry at gunpoint.
    Hope Omkara Also gets his true love soon.
    Gul please bring on a new love track for Om please.
    Please no Riddhma and Omkara there’s absolutely no passion between the two.
    Am going to stop watching Riddhima and Omkara scenes.

  81. Tridha

    One thing I forgot to tell u. Anika will cry today as shivay is marrying tia.
    There is only 1 week for 100 episode. I think in the next week they will show shivika marriage. Ruomya love confession. Ridhkara is settled. So ishqbaaz ends after the next week.
    After ishqbaaz which page r u going guys?? I m going to chandra nandini & naagin 2. And u all???
    I had never thought I’ll be so happy in ishqbaaz’s ending. U r the reason gul. Why did u made her out why u end ishkara??
    I had so much dream about ishkara. U broke them gul. I’ll never forgive u. I’ll Never forget ishkara

    • Mayank Agrawal

      nhi tridha please ishqbaaaz itni jaldi khatam hojayega after 100th episodes to socho star p lus ki bhi kya izzat reh jayegi

  82. Maya

    Precap: Shivay says, tum dono ko sach mein lagta hai mujhe ek tooti chappal pehenne wali maamuli ladki mein koi bhi interest hai
    Uski aur meri koi barabari nahi hai…wo ek sadakchaap ladki hai!

    Roadside sadak ka kooda hai wo…wo ladki mere level se itni neeche hai jahan tak meri nazrein bhi nahi jaati! OmRu listening with head bent down!

    Anika was listening everything standing at the door…Shivay shocked n OmRu too!

  83. Ooshi Akbar

    i only want to say GO WITH THE FLOW AND ACCEPT WHAT HAPPENS if u don’t like the change wish for the better but don’t go against the happenings or became silent

  84. Ooshi Akbar

    just wait and watch don’t oppose anyone as we don’t have the right to talk about other’s nature or character don’t be negative Be positive and spread positivety(IT’S ALL ABOUT PRIYA15’S COMMENT PRIYA MUST READ IT)

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