Ishqbaaz 27th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Om-Gauri do the rasam together

Ishqbaaz 27th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Om says I will come to temple, how will rasam happen without me. A girl taunts Anika. Gauri’s mum says we should make Dilpreet do the rasam. Om lifts Gauri in arms. Some time before, Shivaye sees the photo and asks who is this. Gauri’s mum says this is Gauri, this photo was with her belongings when we adopted her, we named her Gauri, people used to call her Chutki in ashram. He asks and this other girl? Anika recalls childhood moment when Chutki was taken away. She wakes up and sees Gauri. Shivaye says this can be her elder sister, did you not adopt her. Gauri’s mum says I don’t know about her. Om calls him. He says I will go, don’t worry, we have come and we will take Dulhania.

Its morning, Om wakes up and sees Gauri watering the tulsi plant. Shivaye wakes up and sees them. Gauri goes.

Shivaye says don’t stare so much that your bad sight catches her. Om says I was not staring, I was seeing how that puja happens. Shivaye says you have license to see your wife, when seen with love, bad sight doesn’t catch, what do you think, your decision to leave was right? Om says thanks you didn’t listen to me. Shivaye says promise you won’t lose. Om says no, this time Dilwale will take Dulhania even if I have to… Rudra says kill mosquitoes. Shivaye says he is talking in sleep, tell me what did you talk to Gauri. Om says I confessed love and apologized, she didn’t agree, she will agree, we are Oberois, we lose heart in love, not courage. Shivaye says I heard this line and smiles. Rudra says let me sleep, why are you drinking blood. Om says this donkey is talking to mosquitoes these days, tell me how did you get sleep here. Shivaye says life is ready to be given for brother, what’s mosquitoes.

Rudra falls down the cot and shouts. Om asks how can you fall from cot. Rudra jokes and says Om is correcting me when I fell down, call Pinky, I want to know my Kundli Bhagya, can anyone have such a bad fate. Shivaye says you are seeing your problems, see Om, understand, his wife is marrying someone else. Rudra says this almost happened with me, I mean everyone has problems in life, you both are married and can’t understand a bachelor’s problem. Om beats him with pillow. Rudra says you guys are elders, so I pay respect else…. Om asks what will you do. Rudra says I will tell Bhabhis. Shivaye and Om beat him. Rudra shouts for help. They have a pillow fight. Hum saath ek duje ke……plays……….. They laugh. They fall on the cot and hold hands.

Ajay’s mum says its sangeet in evening, we have a rasam, groom and bride to to temple to take Lord blessing, groom lifts bride and climbs stair, its a sign that husband will never leave support to wife and face all difficulties. Ajay says Gauri and I will also do rasam along with Mukesh and Richa. She says sure, you both are also getting married. Ajay smiles and goes. Om asks did you forget me, am I stranger that I can’t get prasad. She gives prasad. He asks her to go and get ready for rasam, they will meet in temple. She asks why will you come there. He asks how can rasam happen without me. She says this can’t happen. He says this will happen. They get caught in the lighting wires. She recalls a similar moment. Om smiles.

She gets away and tries to get free on her own. He says its fate of our incomplete story to get complete, we still have to do love of our share. She says every story’s fate doesn’t have completion. He says its my promise this Dilwala will get his Dulhania. Saathiya….plays………

Anika gets ready. Shivaye comes and says you are still here. She says I m getting ready, can’t you see. He laughs. She says don’t say I look old even now. He says no, you are looking like a school going girl, cute, since when did you start doing makeup, old woman doesn’t need makeup. She asks can’t person live by own wish on getting old. He says I didn’t mean that. She asks him to leave. He goes.

Pandit says its second jodi turn now, mahurat is passing. Ajay’s mum says Ajay didn’t come. Gauri says we will leave this rasam. Pandit says you have to do rasam. Ajay’s mum asks how can this rasam happen without Ajay. Om says I will do this rasam if you have no problem. She asks are you mad, how can you do this rasam with Gauri. Gauri’s mum says its imp to do rasam, we can make Dilpreet do rasam. Ajay’s mum says don’t know where is Ajay. Gauri sees Om smiling.

Ajay checks the car and says it had to break down now, I had to reach temple. Rudra comes and asks is this car yours. He jokes. Ajay asks can you fix this. Rudra says its easy, I will do it. Ajay says fix this soon, I have to reach somewhere urgently. Rudra thinks I have come to damage your car. Anika sees Shivaye with a girl. Lady asks Anika did she get gas. Anika says no, don’t worry. Girl says my friend told me you are punjabi singer, I also sing. Anika coughs. Girl asks her to take medicines, old people just disturb. She flirts with Shivaye. Anika gets angry. Lady stops Anika. Anika says I m going temple to see rasam. Lady says we called palki, we will go in it. She says don’t worry. Ladies go. Anika sees Shivaye gone. She goes to see.

Pandit says mahurat is passing off. Gauri’s mum says we will make Dilpreet do rasam, Gauri has to do puja in temple. Ajay’s mum says fine, as you all find right. Pandit asks Om to do rasam. Om lifts Gauri. Saathiya……plays……… She holds him. He smiles seeing her.

Shivaye says you look so funny. Anika says you are laughing on me. She cries and goes. Gauri says go from here, I have to do everything alone. Bhavya drives car and dirt gets on Rudra. He scolds her. She says your fake moustache came off, if Ajay has seen you, he would have understood, you always find me wrong.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nila

    ??hai pkj family??

    Chutki Sooo emotional while Shivaay asking abt the adoption & carrying abt annika(badi behan ki baare me) che semma feelings ah irunchu ??…….
    Y don’t u adopt her too…. Poor Annika & gauri…

    Once again same dream sequence this time it is really emotional???….

    so excited to watch Annika’s reaction after truth revelation ??

    OM staring at Gauri…. Shivaay? cutipie?????looking awesome in black as usual????????…
    Rudy bechara connecting his prb arre don’t worry man she is not suitable for u?????
    After a long time they give a full fledged obero moments?????????????? ..
    .. & ya asking to check His horoscope lol???? (like my mom whenever the prb (very small) occurs this will be her first idea)

    Rikara marupadiyum light uh kula mattinga pa ..
    I love Gauri’s anger in btw ☺

    What a rasam yaar ????? like chennai express movie ?? how can they accept to do rasam with another man ??? whatever we need Rikara cute scenes so I am quite….

    Shivaay praising Annika’s hair style ya she is looking good?☺? …

    Precap: soo sad scenes for all the couples …????? konjam neram kuda serthu iruka Vida matingale ???

    1. Dhwani_Naidu

      Go nila go!! Ennama nee ipdi panriye ma.. Epovume first comment ah ma 😀 😀 Aama nila, shivaay ku adhu anika nu theriyamale kutti anika mela oru kannu 😛 Fights bring them closer.. So shivika sanda potaa aduthu oru romantic scene varuthu nu artham..

      1. Nila

        Tq dhwani?
        Ha ha ???
        Ama la ??
        Oh ho ithula ipadi oru logic iruka then OK ??

    2. Go Nila di Go.Many many congratulations..

      1. Nila

        Thank u luthfa & belated happy birthday wishes ❤???????

      2. Thank you so very much Nila di.It means a lot

    3. Nivedita

      Go Nila Go! ? I want to find what your Tamil chatter words are..

      So true Rikara looked superb..same feeling it was OTT that Gauri’s would b Saas would allow Diljeet to pick Gauri..but for sake of Rikara I don’t mind it as much..

      Not only is it from Chennai express, but from IPK3 too..but the reasoning in ipk3 was a tad bit better.

      1. Logesh.M

        In ipkknd3 it came????Which episode?????????i missed it???????????????pls tell the episode number!!!!!!!

      2. Nivedita

        There wasn’t any Mandir in IPK3, but Advay did carry Chandni up the stairs for a Rasam( instead of the fiance).so not an exact scene..

        Idk the episode no.
        It was the one with needless psycho-type cruelty towards kind of horrifyingly stuck to memory.

      3. Nila

        Tq ?Nivi
        how r u?
        Oops sorry Nivi next time i am try to translate my cmts …
        Ipknd3 too i missed it i am not regular viewer that’s y right now I am watching ipkknd3 in Tamil ..?

    4. Pushpa

      Hi vennila…..GNG…
      Owsm ShivOmRu moments….
      Yeah got it..i wsnthinking which movie thy hd the sm scn….its chennai express…is there actually this rasam…gals??

      1. Nila

        Tq puspha? awwww u got my name this time ? love u push ????
        Yaa I too have a same doubt is there is any rasam like this!!!!! ??

    5. Nivedita

      No apologies needed dear..those comments in Tamil looked very interesting..❤

      Oh cool enjoy IPK3 in Tamil..I only found it good in Barun parts and the last few episodes..

      As for ipk3 copy only lifting girl up the stairs for Rasam when she is getting engaged to another was a copy
      .it’s definitely more a Chennai. Express copy..

      1. I totally agree with Nivi di.I wanted to ask the same.Nila di,translate those lines plz…

    6. Hi Nila,
      hw r u? I came here after one week…..I missed u all very much……TU nw bcom a part of my life…..
      btw ur review is awesome as always….

      1. Nila

        Hii fatmi
        I am fine ?
        I missed u too
        Thank u fatmi ?

    7. Hiii nilu go nila go ur comments are always spl in tu bt its more kidilitod whn u cmnt in tamil horoscope scenario hahaha

      1. Nila

        Thank u Meena?

  2. Arpita6

    Hiiii pagals
    ….i am.not able to comment bcoz of my stupid 2 rupees jealth prblm.medicine khake sona pad raha he.woh bhi 10 00 pm se bhi bahi de rahe he complete rest…YE FEVER HOTA KYUN HE??? aur mera jab bhi hota he na 102 degree se kam nahi…college bhi nahi gayi…???..but today thank god mama is sleeping and i came here.????..



    And episode was good finally chutki track is on way.

    Shivaay jyafa tang khichayi acchi nahi???.

    Rikara part was nice…specially cinematography. .was really good.precap- chalega..all thnx to today segment???

    Now medicine effect. .meri ankhe khul nahi rahi…so i am going to sleep likr kumbhkaran.????..
    I wil come back soon..and thnx for all of your wishes..
    S.P-(special mention)
    Still all pkj are not here..??…

    1. Dhwani_Naidu

      Hey arpita… 102 isn’t gud.. Visit ur doctor.. Take care of ur health yaar..

    2. Thank you very very very very….much Arpita darling.Take care of your health ok?

    3. Krish6868

      ARPITA,get well soon!Hope to see in TU ASAP!

    4. Pushpa

      Awwww..ur r down wt fever..pls visit the doctor gal…

    5. Nivedita problem that you couldn’t comment yesterday. Hope you are better today..get well soon.

    6. Anikaa

      hooo….arpu tu theek hai na…102…god..yeh kam thodi na hai….plz visit doctor….bohot gusse mein bol rahi hoon…koi aise fever ko itna degree badne dete hai kya…..pehle doctor ko consult karo….take care of your health…jab tak poori tarah theek nahi ho jati koi stress nahi lena…. bas rest lena hai….tablets theek se lena …

      dekho mujhe tumhaari dard ki mensoos hogi aur main aagayi…..

      loads of kisses to u….ab theek ho jayenge…

  3. Riana

    First part was really i got tearry eyedfor the first time…when anika cupped gauri…????????

    Its SHARP clear that Dabang girl & Khidkitod girl are SISSIES …MY DREAM CAME TRUUUU ?????????????????

    SHIOMRU parts are always funny pillow fight was hilariouss !! …

    Rest of the episode is okayssssss ???

    Precap: TERRIBLE !!!…why is cvs always busy in splitting jodis ???

  4. Aastha_Reddy

    The smirk reached his face,stretching his lips, giving him strength,Omkara Singh Oberoi stood firm on his mission of “main dilwala dulhaniya lekar hi jaaunga”… his smart moves and a cute in love Gouri Sharma battling inside her for her love…perfect pitch to hit a sixer on no ball…However his smirk and confident reflects the same like Advay Singh Raizada from ipkknd-3,when he asked if he can do the ritual in place of Ajay…A confused and strong Gouri and her loving mother filled the screen with magic…all with the support of family and power of love…Ishqbaaz Omkara Singh Oberoi and his perfect day starting with the real good morning…
    Mustach-Rudra on scooter and the Bekaar of Ajay
    Arre chipdi blue dress wali girl not only doobna ..Doob ke marr jaa Chipdi must be in Annika’s brain out of jealousy watching her Shivaay flirting..fake flirting..real controling his emotions.
    “Saale sone do!!”- ShivOm were shocked and then he was scolding the mosquitoes.
    The fairy light..reminded them of their memory together…tangled by fate,heart and by marriage too…Omkara and Gouri…So this was the first ritual of their remarriage to visit God together getting his blessing for a wedding and marriage life together..naughty O blowing breath on her face.

    1. Pushpa

      Hw r u astha…
      Yeah tht blue dress gal..send her to hell….flirting wt shivaye & making anika jealous….bt men r all same astha…if thy get the chance why not..i mean flirt….
      Rudy ws so cute and nailed the moments….tht ws nice …blowing on gauri’s face learned frm shivaye?&%$#:#…

      1. Hello Pushpa di,how are you doing? You have always inserted Shivaay in your comment in this or that way!You are a true blue Shivaay diwani…

    2. Hi Aastha di,
      Sometimes I wonder how can you write so beautifully and put the exact word in the right place? Do teach me di if possible and if you don’t mind…

  5. Nandhana

    Rikara…how cute they are…Dear ishqiees plz do watch Ishqbaaz in Tv…we should not lose our loved ishqbaaz due to the so called Trp…plz… request from one of the ishqiees…we have to support our shivika, Rikara, Ruvya..they all do their great’s our duty to respect their hard work..we have to prove we love our show Ishqbaaz…

  6. Pushpa

    Hi pkjs hw r u gals…
    This week so sorry my brains were dead due to meetings meetings…
    Finally finished today….hope 2hv great wknd..u too guys..

    So i think all Rikara fans r celebrating this week….full of rikara moments..all scns OM hv nailed it totally…and very less of my shivika & most r funny scns…no real romance..but all scns shivika 2nailed it…..

    Questions…hw cm shivaye didnt rememeber name chutki??? He did ask abt chutki to sahil once!,right? Cvs forgot as usual..and anika dream the same chutki once again… anika dun worry u will forget tht dream soon cause u will kniw who us yr chutki….

    Whtever said& done 2days award winning scn will b the obrois brothers?????nails every scn superbly…subha subha i thought only gals talk abt love boys talks too….loved tgeir convo……cant believe shivaye is talking..anika made miracle happen2shivaye…u r owsm…and the obros moments ws super duper fabulous..i think among thm rudy is the one who keeps the brothers knitted….

    So this rasam OM will be doing…great and gauri hv no choice2escape om will be carrying her up the temple….bechara ajay , rudy will send yr car to hell…

    Cmon u auntyjis pls dun disturb our anika…bad karma.. pleaseeeeee…leave her…and shivaye doesnt leave 1mi to flirt around….god damn all mens r the same…

    Precap…all 3bahu feeling so sad…please shivaye please make all ok..
    Dil bole ishqbaaz..
    Gd nite gals.

    1. Shekhar

      “…..cant believe shivaye is talking(over love)..anika made miracle happen2shivaye”

      The man who was getting annoyed over the word LOVE , and was considering the MARRIAGE as THE DEAL. is no where around ! He him self may not understand, how and from when he started to feel his heart beating high mere seeing ANNIKA, when his heart started to feel pain seeing ANNIKA in pain! The blood which was rushing to his eyes in anger mere seeing ANNIKA , when it started to get teared seeng her agony , that exact moment he will never can fix. Love is the magic, and smooth and wet thread of that LOVE when pierced the LRONIC SHIELD around his being, that he will never come to know. The orphan gal get him realised , even after having all the luxury a man can have, what did he keep missing all the life! ? AGONY and PAIN has its own charm to have, and no luxury enable you to enjoy that charm lying behind that AGONY & PAIN! Without losing something virtual asset one never can see , and then can feel the charm lying at deep of PAIN & AGONY. LUXURY keep you away from such charms , and can never allow one’s inner strength to stem out and to withstand against adversity of life which keep coming in every one’s life irrespective of how much money and power you have.

      Yes, PUSHPA, ANNIKA made miracle happen2shivaay!

      1. Pushpa

        I agree shekhar bhaiya…love is a magic and it does wonders to a person which broke the luxury arrogant shield which ws stoned around shivaye….agree totally bhaiya …as usual yr comments owsmmmmmmm…….

    2. Nivedita

      I hope SSO will make all ok..spoilers look good.

      Pu..hope you are well rested this weekend, after your hectic work week..

      SSO may not have remembered Chhutki ( younger child) ..because that’s how Ani says it with an additional h sound..
      while Gauri’s ma said chutki ( like in snapping of fingers)..

    3. Hiii puspa di yur comments are always sweet feels yaar go puspa go ya shivaay flirted wth tht cheapdi ladiki michimichi feel came shivaay baby plss make all fne ur puspa is waiting all shivaay fans too???????????????????????

    4. Hiii puspa dr totally agreed by all your comments what the hell cvss try to make sso totally disgusting yaar may shivaay make all well and make drama over shivaay plss concentrate on anika rather than other lady or we too ready??? plss dnt make anika cry

  7. Archiya

    Looks like I have to just stop watching IB, what crap are they showing in between shivika, such a nice storyline was going on.. What’s wrong with these Anika going to keep running behind Shivay all the time, how much more of her self respect they r gng to put stake at.. An this Shivay is not shivay sigh oberoi at all.. He had some style an hell lot of attitude.. What the hell happened to him

    Sure they can’t handle any of the love story properly, rikara story is gng to good.. So once it’s rikara. Once Shivika…

    Total crap.. The precap is more crap.. M just gonna stop watching it till they finish off this wedding track an return to OM.. Total waste of time

    The Abhay track was much more interesting than this.. Makers pls get it back

    1. Aniru

      Hi Archu, Even I am getting michmichi watching Diljeet flirt and teasing towards Annika. This increases her insecurity. They have shown jealous SSO at the time of Daksh and Vikram. Its Annika’s turn to be insecure. She is well aware that Shivaay loves her now. But her point is whether he will love her the same way in old age. I felt mostly couple go through this phase. Its some what good that they are addressing it. that how partners support and encouragement, this can be overcome. Still I feel, Diljeet is over the top. I miss the SSO. CVs, please let him be a little tadibaaz bagad billa SSO. and Sweet Singh Oberoi to Annika only.

    2. Krish6868

      is driving me crazy!
      GK just can’t seem to resist showing SSO as a Don Juan again
      and again,even after seeing the previous low trps!
      SHIVIKA’s story is stagnating.Will re-watch once they return to
      Cuddle Choti for me.BYE ARCHU,enjoy your weekend!

      1. Shivaay as Don Juan?LOL!

    3. Shekhar

      It is just a comic session of SHIVIKA, nothing serious. As these epis are construed for progression of RIKARA along with both brother, something is to be shown for SHIVIKA. Over more, so far as SHIVIKA love journey is concern, its all over and nothing is remained to be progress between LOVE & MARRIAGE, now it is journey beyond marriage with fun. If something serious is coming up, then it is ANNIKA’s past and how it has been connected with OF .

      1. Krish6868

        SHEKHAR,Good Evening!
        This track is just a repetition of VIKRAM-ANIKA plot now replaced
        by AJAY-GOURI pair.
        As NEHA correctly said there is very less of SHIVIKA now-a-days and
        more of SHIVAAY and ANIKA as individuals.
        I hoped that SHIVIKA would blossom as a couple,and then get involved
        in OMRU’s affairs,atleast after SSO’s declaration of love.Instead even
        now,SHIVIKA has to meet secretly and are always interrupted.This has
        been going on since 2 months and will continue till the end of the track.
        Even though it is a comic track,it is very predictable and watching it is a
        sheer waste of time. One good thing is SSO has been given a clue to
        CHUTKI .So,looking forward to the un-raveling of Anika’s past in OM!
        BYE SHEKHAR,Good Night!
        P.S:Please continue giving your neutral views.I always enjoy reading
        your un-biased opinions.

      2. Shekhar

        Some times recurrence bore the viewers, and leave the impression, CVS are lacking of new ideas. There is no meaning of serving same dish at different consequently coming in row.

        If we took a look at DBO, half of the charm has been sucked out by making OM as the DON from artist cum poet and remaining half was sucked out by such recurrences. If we see at the contents in quantum of CRAPS, then we realise, this recurrences hold major part of total crap. Such frequent pageants in DBO made it worthless and most IB fan never spared the time either to see DBO or commented in TU.

    4. Nivedita

      Archu have faith I have a feeling the spoiler video part will happen either on Mon or Tues.

      And Shivika cannot always have romantic scenes…just enjoy the new track’s been quite funny n romantic in the right measure…??

    5. Pushpa

      Hi archu…
      1. Cvs always ruin shivaye character yo max…dun know why..
      2. Why anika hv2 disguise as old lady..why not bhavya…this makes anika insecure..wht cvs wt 2proof….
      3. Cvs made the main ishqbaaz ppl funny bt not really interesting…
      Agree totally archu….full of crap..

  8. Dhwani_Naidu

    Yeaaayyyyyyyy!!! Aniri are sisters!! Omg the way anika bhabhi hugged gauri after her dream was exactly the way it was in their childhood photo.. Love you aniri.. Muaaaahhh

    Obro moments are the bestestestestestesestestestestestest.. Today too..

    Rikara tooo good… Loved the way om was sight adichufying gauri.. Omg his smile.. Am falling for it again and again… He is killing me with his smile.. Om I love you muaaaaahhh

    Jealous anika rocksss… She is living in her dadi character.. But still jealous, that’s why make up eh?!! Did anyone notice yesterday when gauri woke anika up, she said “haan puttar”.. Living in her char.. Lol..

    Am eagerly waiting to see aniri past revelation.. And rikara marriage..

    Jai ishqbaaz :*
    Jai mahishmathi 😛
    Jai pkjbaaz 😀

  9. Finally both anika and gowri are sisters and in that tape the fourth person must be anika father.

    1. Shekhar

      Same thing has been blinked in my mind, but then it was told us in earlier epis, HER PARENTS HAD BEEN DROWN IN RIVER, and one lady snatched her sister from ANNIKA.

      If CVS stick to their earlier saying then that FOURTH MAN just can not be her father.

  10. Banita

    Episode was Nycc….
    My two most favorite part in whole epi was Aniri…. D way Ani cuddle Gouri was Awesome…. Luv this sence moreeee?????????
    And second one Masti vara Obro moment for which we miss moreee….. Finally they show us in d last epi of Obro week……
    Ani and two old women were Funny????
    OSO apni dulhaniya ko pyar se ghur raha tha……Good going man….
    Dilprit paaji tusi gr8 ho….
    Ab toh yeh diwala apna dulhaniya ko leke hi jayega…..
    Cool Rudy boy…..
    P. S-
    New promo of ib… It shows 30 Oct Shivaay , 31 Oct Rudy nd 1st Nov Om….. I think these days r obros nd their respective partners day…. Precap also seems something like this…. It’s my thought about d promo…..
    Happy weekend pkj?????

  11. What are saying about that. How many are believing in that case after solving om gowri problem. There will start kalayani mills problem in that case they will know about anika surname problem will be solved.

  12. Open letter to my great PKJ Family:

    My Sweet Family,

    We come in this world with some distined relationship and they are related by blood.But friendship is such a relationship that we choose on our own accord. Unlike the destined blood relations.Friends are not related by blood but they become our world in no time.We are incomplete without them.What we can’t share with our family can share with them easily. It is the most sweetest and most reliable relation.Sometimes FRIENDS do betray our emotion but it is common in every relation. Apart from that friends are our biggest strength. I have no such friends till date whom I can call my FRIEND in true sense. But PKJ family have fulfilled my wish. I have so many friends here to share my feelings,emotion and experience. Thank you GOD for including me into this great family. And once again, Thank you (all PKJ members ) for making my BIRTHDAY so dreamy and colourful with every wish. Love you guys to the power of everything…

    Lovingly yours,

    1. Dhwani_Naidu

      Hey luthfa, belated happy birthday.. May all ur wishes come true.. Sorry for the late wishes yaar..

      1. Thanks a lot dear. So sweet of you…

    2. VHM


      1. Thank you so so so…much Harika di.It means a lot.Thank you once again .

    3. Logesh.M

      Belated birthday wishes Luthfa???????sorry

      1. Better late than never!Thank you so so much…

    4. Nivedita

      That’s so sweet Luftha! Hope you had a great birthday. Making great friends can sometimes be hard, but you ought to keep trying..

      And of course the PKJ gilt is also there for you! ❤

      1. Nivedita

        *PKJ family is…

  13. Hiii everyone…. how are u guys….
    Again here for my muh dikhai…..?????????

    What a beautiful episode….
    OMKARA…. PINK-KARA…☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺. HOTTY-KARA….????????? SMILE-KARA..??????
    I LUV U OM….SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCHHHHHHHH…..????????????????????????????????

    1. OMKARA staring Gauri doing pooja….??

    2. Omkara lying to Shivaay about staring ….???

    3. OBRO moment ….. I just smiled and smiled and smiled endless??????????????
    Omkara was looking hotttttt in black….. ?????????
    Rudy….. Ur punch lines between ShivRu convo…. ur genius man…..???

    4. What a beautiful cinematography By ATIF SIR for Rikara scene….??????
    Chulkara reboot…. Lighting entangling Rikara with pink bg…. sooo beautiful….

    5. Omkara showing his rights over Gauri that rasam of carrying her to the temple is incomplete without him as he is her husband….. JUST LOVED IT….???

    6. Omkara’s happiness when Gauri placed her hand on his shoulder when he lifted her…… He loved her touch….????

    7. AniRi….. loved the way anika hugged Gauri…. Even anika felt at peace after hugging her… A REALTION BY HEART….. ??????
    Wanted this scene to be bit longer….

    8.Shivaay saying to anika that she looks like a school girl.. Awww soo sweet…. ???
    Even I remembered my school days when I used to throw tantrums on my mom for making pony tail, high pony, braids.. and then applying powder on my face and checking myself in the mirror…. hehehehehe…. #CRAZY ME…??????????

    9. AJAY tum apni bahi ki shaadi ki shahnai bajane aaye the lekin yahan toh tumhara toh FULL ON ORCHESTRA bajega…????????. Kisi aur ko biwi se shaadi karne chala hai……?????

    PRECAP- shivaay…??.. anika…???
    Omkara…???.. gauri…..??

    @nikitajai, @archiya @anu @lax @aprita @astha @amaaya @renima di. @riddhima @nila @liji @navz @ab @swathi @nilash @gayathri.visu @pushpa @ranilya …….
    And other ishqies…. how are u guys…

    @NIVEDITA- good to see ur comment few days back… how are u dear?… hope to see ur comment….
    Can someone plzz pass this msg from my side to @nivedita… I will be grateful to u…..


    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Pata tha mahi ki tum jarror aaoge om keliye… good night..

    2. Nivedita

      He he need for anyone to message me..?

      I had same to same feels for Rikara today..totally loved the one place when they cut off the Saathiya song..I wanted a few additional seconds of the song..totally loved every moment of Rikara romance..and Shivika scenes too..I hope there is a good payoff for shivika.amd of Ani bring upset..couldn’t bear a sad Ani in spoiler..

      As for Rikara..I am hopeful on them too despite the spoiler..

      1. Nivedita

        *Ani being upset

    3. Nikita_jai29

      Episode is good…I think omkara dressing is inspired by srk style of woolen sweater… By the way it is good for me to see you again on pkj… Love you dii.. Love you MaahiKara dii so much….

    4. Pushpa

      Maahi…hw r u….whr hv u been..

  14. What all of you saying about that. How many are believing in that case after solving om gowri problem. There will start kalayani mills problem in that case they will know about anika surname problem will be solved.

  15. sooooo nice but i so excited for next episod
    shivika ki nokjok apart from abhay and pinky

  16. Thanks for fast updates?

  17. Thanks a lot dear.So sweet of you…

  18. Aniru

    Rikaralicious episode.

    First glimpse of Ani-Ri relation. Initial 8 minutes are pure LIT. cute Obro moment. Now I know boys can also pillow fight. Anika’s protectiveness towards Gouri. SSO-Gauri’s mom bonding.

    I loved the smile on Om’s face. After so many days, I felt he is Om. Rudi’s troll on Kundali Bhagya was hilarious. Married men will not understand bachelors problem. I was like Oye, Khotiya you are the frist one got married. I think his brothers conveniently forgot his marriage with Soumya. Going forward I may have to use “You Know who” instead of Soumya.

    Shivaay ka to bada pata hai ladkiyon ke hair style ke bare mein. Saying pony tail and all. OK, may be he knows as he must have taken care of their small sister Prinku.

    I loved Annika’s conversation regarding aged people. Our society mentality is like, when you become aged, you should not wear loud colours, make up, restriction of walk, diet etc. Usually they are the neglected ones, generally relatives sideline them in family matters thinking not to disturb them, Today Annika addressed them. Senior citizens wants love and care not advice. They also has right to enjoy their life in their terms and conditions.

    Rikara rasams – I remembered Khushi and Arnav when lighting wires fell on Rikara. I felt re-creation of IPPKND 3 rasams like someone else does the rasams in place of groom. koi nai. both are Gul Khan shows. No patent issues. Anyhow, it is nice to watch serials, the makers creative ides comes out in introducing rituals in marriage function. I loved a small smile on Gauri’s lips when Om carried. KJ, please be more romantic. NM has set the standard of flirt and romance so high that KJ has to work hard. Sorry Rikarians, please do not kill me. Peace Peace.. Its just my opinion.

    Annika’s doubt, Shivaay Kya mein achi lag rahi hoon? Rudi in vehicle repairing scene cute to watch. I can never get tired of watching Annika and Rudi antics. They are original pieces. I feel sometimes they are fully grown naughty children.

    The rescue mission is just on initial stage. After spending a night with Gauri, Annika could not understand what is in Gauri’s mind. Or the CVs did not show us. Or may be Annika is fully on insecurity mode and she could not concentrate on anything.

    I saw in twitter comment that till next Friday Barely track. I want Annika in original form at least for marriage. Otherwise she will be odd one out. But cost cutting wise, they may give her Ammaji costumes only. Poor thing, let her enjoy her only sister wedding. Sister’s wedding are something special.

    I am sure Gauri will get good wedding costume for her. The designer saves all her weird experiments on Annika only.

    Is Richa, Gauri’s friend really pregnant or is she also part of this drama so that Gauri to marry Ajay?

    1. Nivedita

      Yup it was totally Rikaralicious! ❤❤??

      I hope Gauri’s outfits r good..

      So true about Ani outfits..I sometimes feel some one in the IB dressing team or camera / direction/ editing team hates Ani…hence they shoot her awkward dressing angles n chose awful colored/ cut costumes for Ani..

    2. Pushpa

      Yes rikara allmthe waybthe whole week….enjoyyyyyyyy..

    3. Shekhar

      Don’t fall for any character, otherwise you may lose the grip from over the interpretation, bcz such FALL will make you USED TO SEE only white or black, and will miss the GREY ! You just can not rightly judge any character after falling in, it hurt a lot finding the character going on against our direction. Pamper them at good , but do not miss to beat at BAD!

  19. Hiiiii pkj semma epi just emotions and obros and romantic epi enjoyed lot thss whole week epi frstly shivaay seen it i cant wait and asking avbt ani in pic im screaming tht ur ani shivaay ???????i over thinked abt chutki track i think it will upcoming week to another week becos of gauri rescue and nw chutki and anika together ?????????????????tht hug by ani im literally crying it reminded me ehmmhk jevikamanavi i cant stop crying and obrosssss fight with pillow my babies?????????????????????????????????i loved whn om stared at gauri and shivaay stared them both???????????????i cant my heart is full of blushing whn i see kunal and nakuul and tdy rikara nailed it their romantic looks are something making me stomach butterflies ????????????????shivika alwaysss rockzzzz no matter what happenss ruvya rudy should accept bavya its needed?
    Fight with love????????????????????????????????
    I cant wait for chutki ani track thy are so pure relationship??????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Pushpa

      Omg meenu ye emoji r even gorgeous…wht evr it is ShivOmRu nailed it yaar….

  20. Misha_Mikul

    Such a fantastic episode!!
    I got so emotional over Annika-Chutki scene
    It was really heart wrenching moment, when Annika hugged Gauri so protectively, OMG I got into her pain and literally cried!! ?????
    Even this short scene was so painful then how the will the moment be when Annika gets to know that Gauri is actually her chutki ???
    Oh Lord! I’m eagerly waiting to cry along with AniRi ??

    Today Annika and Gauri looked Gorgeous!! ???
    Shivaay looked so cute in the morning scene sequence!!
    Black is color so undoubtedly he looked hawwt ??

    Loved OBro moment!!
    Happy Tears ???

    Rikara love story is so lovely as them!! ❤
    Glad that Gauri is received what she deserves!! ?

    Precap- wondering either it’s happy moment or painful moment, how three couple always go through together ? and why?
    Anyway three were hurt me.. No worries, Shivaay will convince his Annika, as we know how good he is ??

    Nitezz Darlingss..Have a lovely weekend ??

    1. Nivedita true about the 3 bros going thru similar type’s ok once in a while but I don’t want all 3 in the same boat.. especially..not Anda..

      During initial 1 hr episodes- Anda Rudy romance was the most annoying feature…n it’s been consistently the most irritating.. useless plot..unless the actress is replaced…or Rudy follows a non romance plot for a while..

      AnRi was really so sweet..her hugging her lil chutki..??

      And Rikara..were absolutely.. gorgeous! ????Loved them to pieces..

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Hehe Nivi… Anda ??
        Theirs was most annoying scenes during 1 hour epi.. And theirs was most too.. If you want to skip theirs then you’ll just get to watch less than 20 min of Ishqbaaaz ?

        AniRi track is most awaited one!!
        Just can’t wait to watch ??
        Once RiKara are patched up, then AniRi’s emotional track ?

      2. Nivedita

        Yeah Mishu..I am enjoying the Rikara wedding track …hopefully it will happen.

        And then AniRi sis..??

        And seriously the 1 hr most episodes were 50% skippable…

    2. Pushpa

      Misha….shiavye in the morning ??????????????

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Ya… Such a beautiful, cute, lovely, hot, Precious morning ????❤???❤???

  21. Is ishqbaaz going off-air…..?????????????? I don’t want this to happen….

    1. Nivedita

      From where r u getting such info?? I hope it’s a fake rumour..?

    2. Pushpa

      Many ppl also asking the same in tweet..its all rumour forget it….

  22. Love you alot RIKARA ???????
    Hope they will not ruin such a beautiful track in hurry. Just because they have focused on RIKARA i am watching ishqbaaz again
    Omkara in pink looking so…???????
    And even gauri also ???.
    OBROS in black ????
    I think It is writers duty to write deep,touchy and thoughtful love stories for the couples
    Then only actors can perform on it.if there is no proper storyline how the actors will do justice to the character.for gauri and omkara they didn’t gave them that much time together so that their love will develop.
    From day 1 Gauri was in love with him as she is from small town and for her “pati is her parmeswar”.
    Omkara already got cheated in love and not in position to trust anyone due to whatever happened with him since childhood.
    The writers started their story on the note of misunderstanding between them but never taken efforts to clear it when they themselves got confused they sent dandi to clear misunderstanding of om, but they never shown any kind of communication between RIKARA about it.
    They never given them small small moments of togetherness which we have always watched in SHIVIKA’s earlier tracks by which we get attached to the characters, so how the actors will perform if they didn’t get chance.
    And i love emotional love stories that is why i love RIKARA more and ANIKA also

    1. Nivedita

      I agree that Rikara didn’t get good plot progress earlier..

      I am glad the makers are giving good progress to them now..and I am enjoying every bit of it..??

      1. O MY GOD,How can I forget you?First of all a grand welcome to IB TU page and Thank you so so so much Drew dear for your sweet wish.I am overwhelmed.These are for you-♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  23. But what’s going on in om and gauri’s mind? Their state of mind needs to be shown. The state of mind of Gauri and Om (especially gauri), who are facing a very critical stage in their marriage, and their relation (she would be feeling as if losing control of their lives…), all completely ignored. Instead the cv’s are showing us what annika’s state of mind is, what she’s thinking about her hair and all. After all, ‘the marriage is so near.. another function tomorrow.. what will I do?’ track is more important than ‘will shivaay leave me when I get old?’ track. What are the cv’s actually thinking and doing? Cm on annika is not even in her middle age to start taking this seriously and quarrel on it. Plus they are here to help rikara. But they are not even discussing om and gauri.. This is so annoying that the cv’s are just trying to squeeze in shivika romance wherever possible instead of focusing on the most important thing of the moment. Ok, squeeze them in, but at least the context shouldn’t be forgotten (at least mention rikara, like annika saying “but what happened to gauri”..). Rikara was almost completely ignored in the 26th Oct episode. I had to say this somewhere.
    This could be one of the best shows. The basic story line is interesting. But the execution at times fails so badly. I think Ek Hazaaron was more successful in it. No offence. But sorry..
    Btw, did that roka really happen?
    Today’s epi was good however.. loved the obro moment and rudy bhaiyya childishness. And I love it that Annika and Gauri are sisters. Hoorayyy…

    I’m new here, but still.. Belated Happy Birthday @Luthfa

    1. Nivedita

      Drew that’s a good question..they didn’t show the rocks
      .but I assume it happened..let’s assume while Oberois were discussing Gauri n Om..the Rikara happened in the background..

      They did kind of explain Gauri..she already has decided that she will try to marry a few seconds after that she can back off once Richa’s marriage is we don’t need to see Gauri’s thoughts on this..

      1. * Roka …
        The * Roka happened

    2. Aniru

      Dwani/Nivi, 26th Oct comments I have mentioned the same question? I was hoping for a thought process of Gauri in yesterday episode. Gauri is planning that Richa wedding happens and she will back off and go away. But that was before Om’s confession and Oberoi’s entry. She did not melt in Om’s words. But CVs should have shown her feelings about Om’s confession, her helplessness, her love. I remembered when Anika’s wedding with vikram, Shivika feelings were clearly visible.

      They need to show Shivika as they have a huge fandom and I loved the track as they are concentrating on inner turmoils going through being in relationship rather than romanace or physical villains etc. I am not fond of any particular couple. I am more fond of the story and the narration. Even if they not show one couple may it be Shivika or Rikara a day does not make difference to me. When the makers are concentrating on a plot they should show characters feelings as well. That’s what I mentioned in earlier comments, whole night Ani spend with Gauri, but CVs did not show what they talk.

      1. Shekhar


        She agreed for he marriage to RICHA’s BIL, and that is out of what RICHA had done for her in past, and to payback that her obligations, courtseies, she got agreed fo marry AJAY or who ever may e he.

        For GOURI’s thought process is concern. what ever OM might have been thinking of her, or delt in past with her, she never will step out of her first marriage, that is for sure. She will live her life as singular, if her stay with OM is not possible in anyway, but is not thinking of second marriage ever!

      2. Shekhar

        It seems, you might have missed the self talk of GOURI which enlighten her termoil going on and indicate, she planned to escape from her 2nd mrj ASA RICHA get marry!

      3. Aniru

        Drew, I addressed you as Dwani. Apologies

      4. Aniru

        Thank you Shekhar. I felt the self talk was before Om’s and Oberoi’s entry. I will re-watch this. My point was when the person she loved is reciprocating, proposed and ready to do anything for her. I was waiting for her feelings. May be I missed the scene you have mentioned

      5. Nivedita

        Aniru do watch th3 self talk of Gauri..also as far as her character has been portrayed..she has broken things with Om after his suspicions..and now after the Abhay letter “from Om” she just has stopped believing that love from Om towards her is possible..and she doesn’t believe Om’s words..

        It’s like she is behaving in opposite of her previous how her faith in Om never her faith in his love is not there..

        Her view point has been adequately explained to Om itself..

        I understand the disappointment of a potential AniRi bonding..that could ve happened..with a AniRi convo over not getting back with Om..but maybe Gauri didn’t want to discuss her life and Ani didn’t pry..

        Plus the CVs want a dramatic Rikara wedding I feel n hope..where hopefully a groom switcheroo will happen.

      6. Aniru

        Nivi, Thank you. I will re-watch. Regarding the letter. Now she is not believing Om. Instead, she believed the letter given by Abhay who she met for the first time. This is like Pinky believed Daksh regarding Annika’s character rather than her son Shivaay.

        There I feel, just to create this marriage drama, the letter is the lame reason created by CVs. Gauri has a smart brain as per previous incidents. Now She found that Dilpreet is Om. Dilpreet was staying with her before she received the letter. Not only staying, he helped her in various situations before the identity revealed. She believes the letter given by someone rather than Om’s actions and speaking. If Om does not love her, why he and his family comes for her and being super rich, why they are staying in her rented house.

        Lets see how CVs progress the story.

      7. Nivedita

        AniRu u do have s sound logic about why Gauri should believe Om n his family…

        But if she agrees then no drama..

        On the other hand I feel she is on character by not believing in Om..and his family… because when in love and when not having any confidence in the person they love, people are illogical like that. ..

        Plus I do feel it’s Gauri’s turn to show some distrust..
        And Om needs more than just words to convince for the rest of the Oberoi gang..Gauri can just chalk their presence up to their love for her..and not necessarily a factor involving Om’s love for her.

        Also she has Richa’s wedding to she wouldn’t want to upset that by believing Om…if she was in the right frame of mind to believe Om..

  24. Nivedita

    I totally loved today’s episode too..?????? felt like old IB was back! Thanks CVs for the heart-wrenching, funny and romantic moments! ❤❤????

    AniRi sleeping together..and Ani’s hug was the sweetest..??so protective of Ani..??and hugging chutki gave her the peaceful sleep..❤
    Then the Obro moment..that was sweet too.felt the old IB charm here the most with funny Rudy comments while asleep n the lafzon ka yeh song.????❤❤

    But seriously..Rudy being single dialogues r totally annoying.????. If one should consider anyone’s marriage a non -marriage out of the 3 bros.. in ritualistic terms.. then Om’s is the one that didn’t really happen like a marriage…So seriously CVs stop using such dialogues for Rudy n resolve Saumya first before using such” Rudy being single ” stuff in the plot.

    As it is u annoy fans enough with Anda Rudy! ( Issue only with the actress choice – no personal beef on her as a human being—and no issues on the story theme)..but her presence is eyesore enough to bring down your TRP.. n constantly glorified Bhavya is annoying too..just because she is the mature one doesn’t mean she has to be the reverse knight in shining armour for Rudy..??

    Ok back to the good bits..I truly enjoyed Rikara in pink..and their moments together were ??????❤❤?? really gorgeouslu shot….though the mil giving permission was not that well done..

    In ipk3 the reasoning was better..also maybe if Gauri’s future MIL had been stuck in the car with the fiance that may have been a better plot execution imho..

    Also with Shivika..I was so hoping to see SSO pick up his old aunty Ani up the temple steps ( especially after so much negative comments by the aunties on Ani not being able to climb the temple steps)….idk if that’s happening though.. but if it does that would b totally cool..

    1. * gorgeously shot

      Please fans give space and acceptance to all 3 brothers … And space to the writers to bring a story to good execution. Even a jealous and old Ant has some purpose..
      Overall I am enjoying the current IB track.

    2. *Ani

      I for one am loving everything in the current track…except a little bit more of shivika than Rudy romance.. And rikara romance level was well balanced.
      Rudy comedy was just superb!????

    3. Pushpa

      Hi nivi….nice comments.
      I too dun known why cvs want 2hurt anika agn agn by putting tht 2 oldladies to pick on anika….annoying totally….

      1. Nivedita

        Pu I am Hoping there is some purpose to Ani’s torture at the behest of those aunties..I am going there’s more pay off than just the spoiler video Dialogues between Shivika..

  25. Instead of making Anika an old lady, they could have also given her a role as Punjabi woman but elder sister. I don’t understand the logic of her becoming old lady unless cha wanted to add comic element for Shivika if not there is nothing for them to do or for audience to expect.

    Anika is very very insecure. She wasn’t like that with Ragini, Tia or Tanya but after she officially got married to Shivaay she is becoming possessive. She is afraid she will lose him if she start aging. Poor Anika.

    Rikara part was nice. Waiting for Monday. Rudra was the funniest today. He kind of stole the show talking in his sleep. The obros moment was the best

  26. Sorry but shivika love story and chemistry is unique……I love all couples but shivika stands out….I appreciate the cvs developing rikara love story but it isn’t the same as shivika cant compare. ..different actors and characters…in love with shivika…can never switch

  27. Fabulous episode I felt like watching old ib ,obros pillow fight and rikara scenes were awesome omkara’s smile?

  28. In Twitter everyone is discussing the old getup of Anika and portrayal of old age.I think it’s a good one.Shivika kept giving us unique track and every track has its own beauty. Except for those extra of extra girlfriends.

    Senior citizens are the inseparable part of our family and hold great importance in our life. They are the treasure house of love, warmth,knowledge and experience. But unfortunately some people view them as some kind of burden. As if they have no right to live. We imposed some or other restrictions every now and then.If they want to do something out of the normal way, become the easy target of society. People forget that someday they have to pass the same stage and they may go through the same experience.

    About Anika and her insecurities , it’s normal for every wife to feel jealous when her husband is surrounded by a battalion of girls. But when the name of husband is Shivaay Singh Oberoi who has the track record of having duplicate wife and girlfriend, then it’s very natural for her to get worried. Somehow Tania is out of their life and perhaps Anika doesn’t want to take any risk for the time being. More than herself Anika is disturbed for Shivaay and his nature of getting into troubles. What Anika is facing is not something womanly stuff like pure jealousy but a recurring thing of her life with Shivaay. She is simply trying hard to keep her husband away from this famous Oberoi special trouble making subject!

    1. Nivedita

      Yeah I totally agree with everything you said.

      And seriously I don’t get why people are complaining of a fake get up.
      Surbhi C is doing such a great job with her acting..and is as adorable like this as she is as Ani..????

      Fans please have patience and let the good plot unfold..

      1. Yeah I hope so…

    2. Aniru

      Same pinch Luthfa. You also thought about Senior citizens.

      1. Our thinking process is similar to some extent!I am glad…

  29. Nikita_jai29

    Shiomru bromance is lovely… And why CVS are copying Chennai express track… Do something new CVS… Waiting for the next episode…

    1. Nivedita

      I don’t care for any long as it’s executed well

      N Rikara were superbly executed. Thank you IB team! ??

      1. Nivedita dii….. if we watch ishqbaaz repeat telecast is it considered for trp’s…..? My class mates and me all used to watch ishqbaaz but now stopped watching bcse of I year puc classes….we were 100 totally…now all of us read tellyupdates….we try to watch repeated telecasts

      2. I think cvs will reveal Anika’s real avatar onthe day of rikara marriage….she should be the centre of attraction that day…..even shivaay should feel jealous…

      3. Nivedita

        Maanai, I don’t think repeat telecast counts towards the main TRP rating..but it will certainly count about knowing the serials’ popularity..also maybe watching on Hotstar may count…because being the top show in Hotstar helps….but I don’t know for sure..what SP thinks.

        Try watching during normal hours if n when possible.

  30. extremely loved aniri’s hug.. and the obros moment with lafzon ka yeh rishtha nahi song..pinkkara is so cute.. diljeet paaji yeh saari flirting slirting chodo aur apni annika ke pass jao bade aaye flirt karne.. but in a way i like this diljeet but love my tadibaaz shivaay… and as usual love rudy boy.. precap is interesting..

  31. Rudra,you called yourself a bachelor before pillow fight? Did I hear right or my ears are ringing? You are correct and I can’t blame you for this audacity(thanks to cvs ) because you are an Oberoi and like a true Oberoi you like to be in the confused,indifferent, hanging position regarding your marital status! You know what, once upon a time there was a girl whose name was Soumya whom you married in an intoxicated state while runing away from your the then centre of attraction Romi Devi.You almost died but that innocent girl, Soumya rescued you along with your O and her bare baal wale bhiya from that Devi.You taunted her, accused her for the unwanted marriage though you were also partner in crime(only for you ).Perhaps you don’t know but she was a perfect match for you.
    You Oberois are the modern, sophisticated version of tubelight. Understand everything a little later. You can take the example of your father Mr. Tej Singh Oberoi.Almost half of his life has spent in pursuing another woman, Savetlana is her name, causing your mother sweet Jhanvi and your brother Om so much pain and troubles and not only that she tried to harm and break your family at every chance also. You know the history, why am I disturbing you? Anyway, now see, your father have changed mending his ways. We have a phrase for such person in Bengali language-“Dhowa Tulsi Pata”.If you want to be like him,go ahead.No-one will stop you.By the way,your brothers have learnt their lessons in their respective cases. Only you are left to join the group.Best of luck.

    P.S. Forgot to mention :
    You have forgotten Soumya like some amnesia patient but don’t forget Bhavya this time. She is not Soumya who will forgive your every mistake.So,be it Bhavya or any other girl, handle with love and care.

    1. Nivedita

      U a Bong..I didn’t know that! Me live in Kolkata? Or somewhere else in the world?

      Seriously they try to portray Rudra as so naive..but his dialogues n track is the most reprehensible and indigestible..since his marriage go Saumya has never been resolved.

      Not just Rudra all Oberois have collective amnesia with respect to Saumya..?

      1. Nivedita

        *to Saumya..(not go)

      2. YES YES YES YES….I am 100% khati certified Bong! This came as a surprise for you? But di, I know you are a Bengali.And my whereabouts? You can easily guess(wink, wink)…

    2. Shekhar

      CLAP ! CLAP!!!

      The decency with which you scolded RUDRA is just awesome!

      It is first time I see a KNIFE MOVING ACROSS A CHARACTER like in BUTTER!, in this TU! We can say, The virtual murder of RUDRA!

      When they conveniently side lined SOUMYA, at that very moment character RUDRA was eloped from the good book of all those fan who are seeking consistency. SOUMYA chapter was closed conveniently, but abruptly! You just put him over the slaughter desk! I adore your suck blunt and bold comment! When An AURA already has been built up around RUMYA and make viewers moving and guessing around RUMYA, god knows, for which valid reason CVS repleced her with BHAVYA! Unfortunately for CVS, RUVYA just could not step in that AURA of RUMYA and failed to make the space in viewers heart.

      1. Thank you so much.When Rudra declared himself as a bachelor in front of Shivaay and Om, I just couldn’t resist my heart and hand to write down something like that.So I had to put on the garb of a virtual slaughterer!

  32. I personally feel as shivika fan that the Cvs are trying to have Balance between all three pairs which ultimately affects shivika very much .If they want to satisfy rikarians it’s fine but not at the cost of shivika. I feel we all miss the 0ld shivika otherwise IB will loose many shivika fans.

  33. Hi every one
    Happy Sunday to all
    After so many weeks IB re telecast on Sunday morning all week episode ‘s
    Enjoy the weekend

  34. I was just thinking what will bhavya do if she comes to know that’s rudra is married?Will she accept him or reject him?She is a cop a strong lady so according to her personality she should never accept a cheat like rudra he has cheated two girls one is Soumya whom he forgot without any guilt and calling himself a bachelor another is bhavya to whom he has not revealed about his marriage.l feel the Cvs must end bhavya’s character in a positive note by showing doors to Rudy.

    1. Dear Jane
      RuMya Story Is Close Chapter.Sach Main Rudy Nahi IB Maker’s Hai Jo Soumya And RuMya Story Ko Bhoola Hai.Bhavya Ab Rudy Ki Love Iady Hai Ye In Logone Sure Kiya Hai.
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

  35. Thank you so much.When Rudra declared himself as a bachelor in front of Shivaay and Om, I just couldn’t resist my heart and hand to write down something like that. I had to put on the garb of a virtual slaughterer!

  36. Priyankavuku Enna aachu?? Quit pannitange theriyum…aana character re apidiye thookitaanagala??

    1. Dhwani_Naidu

      Hi anju.. Priyanka quit panratha sonnanga.. But pannala nu nenaikuren.. Neraya characters ib la complete aagama iruku.. Athula prinku also included..

  37. Uf you are absolutely right.Thank you for sharing my sentiments I don’t hate bhavya as a person but I hate Ruvya as a couple to power of infinity

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