Ishqbaaz 27th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 27th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika says the thing which did not get completed today, I came to complete it, I have seen Tia hugging some guy yesterday, first I felt its you, then I have seen you roaming behind, I don’t know what I have seen, I m getting its right meaning or not, I just had to say you, so I said. Shivaye looks on.

Some time before, Shivaye asks Rudra what happened, you made me make hot chocolate and standing like this. Rudra says nothing, I m fine, how was your dinner with Tia, I mean you went to drop Anika home and took more care of Anika on Karwachauth. Shivaye says this is best thing about Tia, she understands me and trusts me. Rudra says trust is very imp, relationship can’t do ahead of it, and friendship too never. Om comes thinking. Shivaye asks whose murder did you do and come. Om asks what. Shivaye

says just kidding. Rudra says he can’t even say a sher well, what will he kill a man, where were you Om, and where is Riddhima.

Om says Riddhima has gone Haiti for her new project, I tried calling her many times, but could not talk. Shivaye says sorry to hear that. Om says no Shivaye, this had to happen one day, we both have different hopes and thoughts about our relationship, if two people are different, their ways also get different. Shivaye says your every decision is right as long as you know what you want, you are an artist, and artist’s life is complicated, you have to understand, what gives you happiness in a relationship, you have to find that out and follow it. Om asks are you following this advice, you know what will give you happiness. Shivaye says I m doing what is right.

Rudra takes food in a plate. Shivaye says you will get food tomorrow too, no need to finish it off today. He laughs. Rudra says I learnt imp thing to live every day to fullest, I got saved from becoming a fly. Shivaye jokes. Rudra says fine laugh on me like everyone. Om asks what happened. Rudra says you all don’t understand that one who makes laugh can get hurt too. Shivaye asks what happened. Rudra says nothing, I just need a hug. The brothers hug.

Its morning, Anika comes to Oberoi house. She says I will say it to Shivaye today. She goes to Shivaye and says Billu ji, the thing which did not get completed today, I came to complete it, you maybe big rude Tadibaaz, but I have to say this to you, else I won’t be able to forgive myself, don’t turn, else I won’t be able to say, Billu ji I have seen Tia hugging some guy yesterday, first I felt its you, then I have seen you roaming behind, I don’t know what I have seen, I m getting its right meaning or not, I just had to say you, so I said. Shivaye looks on.

She says say something Billu ji. He says its good thing. She says did you get mad. He says it will just affect market well. She asks market. He gets up and says yes. She says Offo, his handsfree, this happened 3-4 times, he should talk on phone, atleast I can know is he talking on phone or someone else. He removes handsfree and says Anika. Someone pulls her. He turns and sees Anika’s slipper. He says I sensed her and now its just her slipper. Anika takes her slipper. He says how is this happening and sees slipper gone.

Om and Rudra ask Anika did she really see Tia hugging some other guy. Anika says yes. Om says how can this happen. She says I have really seen it. Rudra jokes it would be universe. Anika says Billu ji can ask Tia. Om says if Tia denies…. Rudra says anyone can hug, maybe friend or brother. Anika says it was not like that, it was tight love hug. Om says keep in mind Shivaye is marrying Tia, we can’t break their marriage based on doubt, till we three are sure, we can’t share this with Shivaye. They all join hands. Om says mission Tia….

Rudra goes and Soumya comes in his way. She says sorry. He says you should be. She asks till when will you be annoyed. He says I will decide that. Reyaan comes and greets them. He asks Rudra to join them, they are going to watch documentary on mosquitoes. Rudra says Reyaan you know people usually go on dates and see Jab we met, Kuch kuch hota hai type of movies, you are going to watch documentary on mosquitoes. Soumya says so what, I like documentaries. Reyaan says great, next time I will take you to see documentary on fungus. Rudra wishes her all the best. She thanks Rudra and holds Reyaan’s hand. Rudra looks on. They leave.

Priyanka is outside and goes to her car. Someone throws red color water/liquid on her. She gets shocked and sees herself in the mirror. She looks around. She calls driver and says there was someone here, did you see. He says there is no one. She asks him to check well and sends him. She gets a paper stuck on the car and gets shocked seeing it. Ranveer is in his car parked away and smiles seeing her.

Rudra reads Rumi’s message – why are you not answering my calls, I know you are at home. He says how does she know everything, I have to do something of her Divya Drishti. He gets her call and thinks of her words. She calls on landline. He thinks she is sending many messages and leaves his phone. Om checks the paper, which turns out to be a sketch, where Om is seen going to be strangulated. He asks did you get this from car. She says yes, now everyone will know our secret, what happened that night. Om says not ours, my truth….. Priyanka cries.

He gives her something. She asks whats this. He says my confession, this will protect you if things go out of hands. She says you can’t do this. He says a sister has right on brother’s everything, except his crimes. She says no, you did not do any crime, whatever happened… He says its over, no need to repeat it, you trust me. She says more than myself. He says trust me, I won’t let anything happen to you. She says I can’t see you going jail, why don’t you say truth to police. He says its late. She says someone knows truth, we should tell police before he tells police. He says whoever is planning this game has some other motive, I think he is shooting arrow in darkness, if we do some mistake, arrow will get an aim, we don’t have to break, okay. She nods.

Anika comes to them and asks what happened Priyanka, you look worried. Priyanka says nothing, I have to make a call, I will come. Om signs her. She goes. Anika asks what happened to her. Om says nothing, mission Tia. She says yes.

Shivaye talks to Tia and says universe wants your earrings to be color coordinated with my socks, fine send me color preference and I will coordinate it with my socks, fine. Rudra, Om and Anika come there. Rudra says times changed, kundlis used to match before, now earrings and socks are matched. Om asks him to stop his silly jokes, focus on work.

Rudra says I m doing the same, I m trying to find out where is Tia. Anika says we will ask Billu ji in talks. Rudra says I m expert in talks, I m Baat-man, watch everyone. Shivaye says okay bye Tia, crazy…. Rudra asks were you talking to Tia. Shivaye says I said bye Tia, so it means I was talking to Tia, logic. Rudra says nice, you are also using logic, you talk less these days, how do you like weather, pool water got bad, where is Tia. Shivaye says sorry. Rudra says just asking. Shivaye says she is at home. Rudra tells Om and Anika. Shivaye asks why are you asking.

Rudra says nothing, Tia is at home. Shivaye says don’t trouble me, I have emails to write. Rudra, Om and Anika discuss. Rudra says Tia is a home. Anika says maybe that hugging guy is at her home. Rudra says we have to catch her red handed. Shivaye asks what are you whispering. Rudra says nothing, I was telling Anika your yellow socks are great, she can get yellow lehenga made for Tia, we were talking about your clothes, don’t worry, we are there. Shivaye says fine, Anika you can go and talk to Tia, she is going for therapy. He goes. Rudra says sometimes home and sometimes therapy, she is fooling Shivaye. Om says don’t jump on decisions soon, let us find truth.

Rudra says guilt is printed on her face. Om says sometimes its tough to know who is guilty and who is not. Anika asks Om are you fine. Om says yes, I m alright, do one thing, follow Tia, I have to complete one sculpture, I will join you, all the best. Anika and Rudra leave. They see Robin. She says Shivaye’s Saala has come, shall we ask him. Rudra says he is world’s biggest donkey, he will tell me at once, watch me, when Rudra is here, have no fear. She asks him to go. He goes to Robin and asks what are you doing here. Robin says I keep coming here, what are you doing here. Rudra says I was jogging here. Robin asks seriously, in this afternoon and these clothes, your house is far. Rudra says it was far, now we are related and we got close, I will come here daily, tell me where is aunty. Robin says home. Rudra asks did she come back from London. Robin says yes. Rudra asks where is your sister these days. Robin asks who.

Rudra says Tia. Robin says hotel Sun. Rudra thinks Tia is lying to everyone, she told Shivaye house and therapy and told hotel Sun to Robin. Anika and Rudra reach hotel Sun. Anika gets Om’s call. Om asks did you reach there. She says yes. Om says I m on the way, reaching. She says fine. She tells Rudra that this hotel looks decent like in Jab we met. He says I m also thinking so, what Reiki did she come to do here in this shady place.

Om is in auto. Ranveer and police stop him. Inspector aims at Om. Ranveer walks to Om.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Really guyz this sso is dumb or stupid he is telling tia is very understanding and trustworthy omg what he thinks is she is from any other planet or mad really in this planet each and every grl will get jelousy seeing her bf or future hubby with some other grl but this tia behaves so normally. Now im shure dumb oberoi is shivaye not rudra

    1. HehehHehehe agree…our rudy is much more intelligent than bagad billa??

  2. Hi guys
    Nice episode

  3. I just wish they wont make Robin has tias bf or hubby if they make like this then it will be their another big foolishness bcz is sso is stupid to marry a grl without cross checking about her baground if she has any bf its not a big deal bcz so many relationship are not comes infront of world but robin has tias bf it will be utter foolishness and sso cross checked about prinkus groom then how will he marry a grl without crosschecking

    1. yea that’s so true,,,,,bt If Rumi can be devi,Robin can be Tia’s bro

    2. yaa, you are right! If it happen then, in ANIKA’s words, SSO ki shitting ideology FAILE HUE RAITE ME HI NAZAR AAYEGI!!!!

  4. Hello guys…hw r u all??…happy changed as to all of u….enjoy the day…

    Talking abt epi then it was gud….i m so happy as om was their in episode for more tym after couple of days…..ty om saved anika for great wall shivaye…..rudra is jealous intresting!!!…..the way rudra said I was jogging was like haww????..anyways what is precap..dn know whts nxt…

    1. Sorry guys its Dhanteras*** not changed as…

    2. Disha

      Same to you
      I’m fine
      How r u
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  5. Hi ishqbaazians ……… I am silent reader these days bt nw it more thn crazy 2 see om lke this ……..

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    Saku,Arya,Chetna,Zuha,Mp and all others ishqies,,,,hai to all

    Happy Dhanteras and happy Diwali to all ishqies…May this Diwali bring happiness to u all

    1. *Dhruvv,Dhruvv,Shekhar

    2. Heyy roz happy danteraas and happy diwali u tooo

    3. Disha

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    5. Hi Roz. Happy Diwali to you too.

  7. Hey guys how r u all??? Too much is said abt epi…i just wanna watch todays excited frm d precap!!!
    Guys did u notice today dt saumya is soo fair yr…i noticed dt whn she held reyaans hand n her hand is fairer dn rudy n reyaans face!!!???how come shes soo gori???ksi ko pta h itne gore kse hote h??

    1. Hahaha u are talking about fairness ahaana there are so much creams and makeup items are available in market using all this anyone can look fair and afterall they are actors so they uses makeups and some are really fair they doesn’t use much makeups

      1. Yeah di u r right..some glow like florescent lamps n tubelights!!!i get jelous abit kuki m also fair but college ,sun,pollution n activa made my limbs n face darker!!? -_-

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    @dhruvv..fine bro??

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  9. So many what’s n if’S
    Feeling scared for Anika n the shooting? WHo is TIA? hope it doesnt dragggggg
    hope Shivay saves her this time.
    OM..I dont want him to confess to something he didnt do—definitely I think the bros need to bond together again to clear this mess with Anikas help.
    Love Pinku and ACP jodi–hope their RL grows.
    cant wait for next episode>>>>>>

  10. Ayeshu

    Thanks for welcoming me and guy’s can u say me ur age it help me that I should call u by ur name or di if u don’t mind

    1. Ofcrs aysha di i am aahana m almost 18(my bdy after 18 days) n can u also tell ur age so it dt it gets clear wt to call u??

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        I m 17 I already said ??

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      I’m also 17

  11. Tridha

    Anika got locked in a candle lit room & steam is on she faints due to suffocation. Rudr is unable to find her. Shivay comes there. He searches for anika. He finds her moonwala bracelet lying On floor. Before that rudy anika found tia Hugging someone. And then shivay founds anika unconscious and lift her. Om says to ranveer that he need warrant to arrest him, ranveer says u even know laws may be u have past relation with law. Then om lied to the officer and left. (I don’t know he really did that or not). He comes to meet rudra and comes to know anika is missing. Shibay comes there and says what r u 2 doing here? They we r 3 but anika is missing. Shivay gets tensed and started searching for anika. And then wht hppnd I wrote it. Ranveer meets prinku and returns her ear ring. He drops her home, they have a chat in the way

    1. Veda

      So da mystry of both TIA & OM vl remain unfld tl nxt wk….. ?

      1. not totally unfold, half unfolded!

    2. One point is there, if you see today epi with fb of yesterday, you will soon to come know, TIA was well aware of RUDRA is coming to hotel to check her, and see, TIA calls only RUDRA’s name, bcz ROBIN did not see ANIKA and OM! That’s the proof that, ROBIN had called and warned her!

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