Ishqbaaz 27th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Anika loses her home

Ishqbaaz 27th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika asks what do I do now, I will call her family. She finds Priyanka’s phone locked. She calls Khanna from her own phone. She says he is not answering, what to do, voice message… She messages… something has happened to Priyanka, I m taking her to municipal hospital, please inform her family. Anika rushes her to hospital and asks where is the doctor. The man asks her to stand in the line. Doctor comes. She says its an emergency, just check her. He says its hospital rules, get in line, there are other patients too. She stops him and says its your duty to save patient’s life, rules are not imp than duty, you are a doctor, other patients may surely be in pain if their treatment is delayed, but if her treatment is delayed, she may lose life. Priyanka hears her. Doctor says fine, admit her in

ward, you pay the fees. Anika says fees….. Nurse asks for 500rs, admission fees. Anika thinks this is my emergency fund, I have nothing, my life’s problems aren’t bigger than Priyanka’s life. She pays the money.

Shivaye reaches the hospital with Khanna and guards. Doctor says don’t worry, she is out of danger now. Anika thanks him. Shivaye comes to her. She gets shocked. He asks what did you do to my sister. She says I didn’t do anything, she ate the dosa and suddenly…. He asks what did you feed her. She says dosa. He asks what did you add in it, any nuts. She recalls and says yes, I had added cashew nuts. He asks what, don’t you know that Priyanka is allergic to cashews. She says sorry, I didn’t know. He asks why did you feed her. She says she came to my house for the first time. He says and you got her sick and hospitalized, why did she come to your house. He walks to her. She gets back and cries. She says because of some work. He says I should have known, people like you can go to any extent to get their work done, you did this to get your work done. She says its nothing like that. He asks why did you come to your home. She gets a call and disconnects. She says she came to take designs. He asks which designs. Her phone rings again.

She says I gave a file for wedding planning, Priyanka liked my designs. He throws her phone. The phone hits the wall and flies back. It hits her forehead. She gets hurt. He says when I m talking, look at me and talk, nobody looks away when Shivaye is talking. She says my phone…. and picks the broken pieces. He steps on the phone. She cries. Shivaye asks don’t you have manners, maybe your mum didn’t teach you or maybe she was ill mannered too. She says wait, I think even your mum is ill mannered, else she would have surely taught you how to talk to a girl. He asks what did you say and walks to her. He shouts and hits on the glass behind her. She covers her face and gets tensed. The blood from her forehead falls down. The blood from his hand wound falls on the same spot. He says you got saved as I don’t raise hand on women, if any man said this same thing to me, I would have broken his face, you are lucky that this is our last meeting. He leaves.

Its morning, Priyanka wakes up and sees Shivaye sitting beside. She says Bhaiya… He wakes up and asks are you fine, I hope you don’t have fever, should I call the doctor. She says I m fine. He asks do you want anything. She asks where is Anika. He asks who. She says the one who took me to hospital. He recalls and says you fell sick because of her. She says no, she has saved my life, it was not her fault. He says you would have lost your life, she has fed you dosa which had cashews. She says no, she would have not known that I m allergic to cashews, I just know that she took me to the doctor with difficulty and she even fought with the doctor for my sake, you know my condition would have got worse, hadn’t I got treatment on time, please call her, I want to thank her. He recalls Anika. He says you just got conscious, you must rest, no need to thank that girl, you don’t know such people, they pretend to be good, you are good at heart and think the world is like you. She says you think everyone are the same, I know you know things better than me, you are misunderstanding Anika, I doubt that she hardly had money to pay the bill.

He gets a call. He says I won’t come in board meeting today. She says its okay, I m fine, don’t ignore work, I will feel bad, board meetings are so imp. He says not more than you. She hugs him. She says I m fine now, go to office and there are everyone to take care of me, look at me, I m okay. He says okay. She makes him hug well. He asks will you leave me now, take care, call me if you need anything, don’t hug me now. She smiles. He goes.

Anika is on the way. It rains. The lady asks how are you, where is your umbrella. Anika says I m fine. The lady asks did you get job. Anika signs no. The lady asks her to be strong. Anika thinks I need money to run the house, Sahil and Gauri are my responsibilities, how will I fulfill my responsibilities without a job, I need a job. Gauri shouts on the men and asks them to leave Sahil. Sahil’s mum says my son has fever, he will get more sick if he gets drenched in water. She requests the landlord. The lady says I don’t care, vacate the house. The goons throw the things outside. Sahil falls. Gauri shouts Sahil. Anika comes towards the house. Sahil’s mum says stop it, don’t do this, give me some more time. The lady says its three months now, you aren’t paying the rent, Anika had told that that she will pay all the money, but even she is missing now. Sahil’s mum says she made a false promise and we are paying for it. The goons push Gauri and Sahil.

Anika reaches there and gets shocked. She shouts Sahil… and runs to them, throwing her purse away. Anika covers up Sahil, getting a plastic sheet. Sahil’s mum scolds Anika. Anika hugs Sahil. He cries. Anika says don’t worry, I will talk to them. Sahil’s mum says you always have 500rs, emergency fund, hand me the money, we could at least spend a day here if we give that to them. Anika says I don’t have it, I gave it to someone. Sahil’s mum taunts her and says beggars accept money, they don’t give away money. Anika says calm down, I will talk. She says I couldn’t keep my promise, I will return all the money, give me one day time. The lady says I have accommodated you all for three months without rent, but not anymore, get out from here.

Anika says somebody has sent us at the same place, same day and same time where we had met for the first time. Shivaye says and then, we met again. She asks will we have the same love again. He says its just that there would be a new story, Shivaye and Anika will be same, but not the story. They hold hands. Anika comes to Oberoi mansion. Khanna says if Shivaye sees her, he will be angry. Shivaye comes there and stops. She turns away.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. #2YearsofISHQBAAZ ???❤❤?

    Hi to all meri khidkitod GPkj walas! How are you all? Hope you all are enjoying this current track.

    My hearty congratulations for the 2 years of Ishqbaaz. My joy knew no bounds coz. we are celebrating our 2 years completion of Ishqbaaz.
    Kudos to all GPkj walas for making the successful completion of 2 years. Since my bond with Ishqbaaz is just one year(from Pari track) it became an inseparable part in my life, be it with serial or with characters in it.

    I’ve lost so many things which were close to me. Now, IB is very close to my heart and I’ll always have the fear of losing it too during off- air rumors. IB is still the only closest thing which the Lord hadn’t snatch from me yet. I wish not to lose it so soon and hope Lord is still paying and will pay heed to my wish. I wish to cherish with it forever. I wish IB should last long in ⭐plus.

    Through IB I’ve got such gems from GPkj within a year. All Thanks to my Ishqbaaz and to the almighty.

    Atlast I wish and pray to the almighty to celebrate many more birthdays of Ishqbaaz and looking forward to more new twists and turns in story track.

    ??????? HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISHQBAAZ ?????????

    ******* #2YearsofISHQBAAAZ *******

    1. Banita

      Congratulations dr for being 1st nd for d 2 b’day of IB….
      WELCOME BACK Shivu….
      Don’t worry dr PKJ will be with u always ib khtam ho jaye toh vi… I also wish to watch much moree years of IB…
      Lotss Of Love dr…

    2. Luthfa

      Go Shivya Go.Many many congratulations with sweet love…..?
      How are you my dear little sister?I missed you soooooo…very much.Welcome home dear?

      1. Luthfa

        IB is very special for us as we got related to so many amazingly awesome people.PKJ is a direct blessing of GOD for me.Our bond is so precious and I am very proud of you all.Congratulations to you too for IB’s completion of 2 years?????

      2. Luthfa

        On the eve of such beautiful moment,I am going to ask something from you.Would you like to be a registered member so that we can be connected all along,in and outside PKJ?I am not forcing you.It’s just a small wish of your sister.Do consider it.Take care.Lots of love.See you soon?

  2. Banita

    Today our IB completed 2 longg year….
    Congratulations to all of U IBan / PKJian…
    I always thankful to IB nd this page (TU) for giving me a wonderful family /frnds my PKJ….
    My exprience with PKJ… I want to say just one thing about it that i got one of best thing in my life which is mine…
    MY PKJ….
    Lodddsss Of Love all U PKJian for making some most beautiful moment in my life….

    1. Banita I can’t agree with you more dear. It is true it is such a wonderful family here and everyone in full respect for one another. IB has created this PKJ family and what’s more it is diverse in culture from all different states and countries.

      1. Banita

        Hlo dii…
        U r not agree with me on what dii???
        I dont understand it…

    2. Luthfa

      Congratulations to you too Bani.IB is very very very special to us PKJians.Because of it,we are here and spending some very beautiful moments.I will be forever grateful to IB and TU for that.Thank you so so so soooooo……very much for coming into my life.Now I can’t imagine my life without IB and PKJ.Love IB,Love PKJ?

      1. Banita

        Yeh @Lu me also can’t imagine my life now without IB nd PKJ…
        Yeh it’s really nycc to spend some time here with pkj…

  3. 2yearSOFIB#
    Hello my dear PKJ family, it has been a pleasure being with you all in this journey of IB. IB has become part of my life and I am very happy that I am celebrating this 2 year of IB. Despite the redux, I am still enjoying IB very much. I love Shivika so much and I never get tired of seeing them. They are just great couple and the chemistry is awesome. I tried watching just one or other couples in other serials but the chemistry just does not click. IB is so different with the couples’ chemistry. Rikara are also great. Both Shivaay and Anika just know what they have to say at the right time. They probably don’t need any prompts at all. I think their eyes speak volumes. Perhaps they naturally deliver the expressions and the producers film it without any cuts. The old IB was just too amazing for me. The great understanding and trust both of them have is in describable. it would be fortunate if in real life there are couples like Shivika but this is just only in reel but in reality it is hard to find such kind of couples. As for Rikara their relationship is very respectable one. They respect each other and Gauri’s concern is only for Om’s success. I am only commenting more on old IB before redux. Om started developing the love for Gauri and elevated her more in the course of their relationship. Nakkul’s and Surbi’s delivery of dialogues and their time sense is just too good and perfect. I will not forget Rudra whose comic sense is above everyone. His expressions and trying to be a stabilizer for his brothers is just too awesome. I hope Gul continues to provide them with good meaty roles and exceleltn dialogues.
    If anyone asks me to stop watching IB I think I won’t be able to do it at all. Every night I wait for the clock to tick so I can turn on the TV and watch my show. The only serial I watch as of now is just IB. I also watch IB in Tamil and Telugu. In Tamil it is the part of Nayanthra who will enter the mansion. In Telugu it is the part where Anika gets shot. I have watched like three times the beginning of IB and watching different episodes in different languages. Most of the actors can act so well. Our Stellar actors are Nakkul and Surbi and given any roles they execute them properly without any complaints. They are happy being part of the IB family and always joyful. They give more than 100% of their acting. Once again I am happy to have watched Ib and watching IB still. Thanks Arpu for giving me this opportunity to express my views on 2 years anniversary of IB

    1. Luthfa

      Sindhu di,
      IB has become an inseparable part of our life now.It has given us so many moments of happiness and all.Performances of the whole cast of IB are just too good especially of NM and SC.Hats off to their acting calibre.They are absolute love watching together.And di,you are very lucky to watch them in different language,on screen.Hope they continue entertaining us like this,always.Take care?

  4. Pushpa

    What happen today…..
    The same arrogant tadibaaz mr Shivaye Singh Oberoi… wow u r really good mr nakuul sir…no difference the same…… hw could u do tht?????
    I dun know why cvs made anika character so pityful… no money….now no home… hd to admit prinku ?. Use her emergency fund…
    These line really made me feel sad for both of them the darkside of their life… which will brings them together…
    And the blood … sangam….. waiting waiting for their maha sangam….

    Shivaye prinku bond is so beautiful again… i just hope prinku will bring them together..

    Well i dun understand these 2rps cheapde landlord…feel like breaking her hand… and this stupid chachi… Anika pull yourself together god wt u shivaye will b wtbu soon…

    Excited for 2moro epi…..Anika will b going back to OM…

    1. Banita

      Hlo Pus diii…
      Yeh now Prinku will bring Shivika nearer…
      Me also waiting 4 maha sangam dii…
      It’s nycc to see ur comment after a long time…

    2. I am not all liking this track.

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Pu di,how are you?
      Don’t worry di.Everything will be fine.Just give some time to this Redux to unfold properly.We will get our Romantic Singh Oberoi back as well as Khidkitode Anika.Take care di?

  5. Hello my dear Arpu dear, Banita, Luthfa, Kadhambari, Sneha, Ishita, Tania, Beauty, Aayush, Omaira, Krishna, little Jeevi, and Shiny dear, Shivya Pushpa and many many more wonderful people who will come on for the 2 year anniversary.
    Arpu dear do well for your exams and we do miss you our regular feature.
    I liked today’s episode. Oh my Shivaay and Anika’s expressions were just too good and fabulous. I liked the scene at the hospital when Shivaay questions Anika on how did Prinku end up at Anika’s place and Anika was stumbling over her words and crying and in fear to talk to Shivaay. Anika was so realistic and oh my she is just too excellent in the manner she answered Shivaay. It was so real that I too will be so afraid to stand infront of Shivaay. Shivaay’s anger was so scary. He became Stone Stone Nasty Singh Oberoi. If you notice carefully, there was a little stir of emotions in his heart and he did feel for Anika for a second when she stooped down to pick up the pieces of her phone. His expression showed he felt for her but then he regained his anger and stepped on her phone and walked away.
    The bond between Shivaay and Prinku is nice and can see he really care for his sister so much. This scene reminded me of the old IB when Anika was shot and lying on the bed, Shivaay was so worried for her. For one second I only was thinking of Anika when they showed Prinku on the bed.

    I also liked the background score at the hospital when they both showed their taadi. Did you all realise when Shivaay hit the glass panel with his hand to show his anger, Anika saw the blood and nearly wanted to nurse his hand. Both of their blood fell down at the same time showing the union that even in blood they are bonded.

    1. Banita

      Hlo diii…
      Yeh dii i also noticed that when Shivay got hurt Anika wanted to nursed it…
      Now a days they r giving more Shiv-Prinku scene nd i m liking it also , but want to see some Obros nd prinku scene together…

    2. Luthfa

      Sindhu di,
      They were very adamant to bend.But Shivaay refused to belive Anika and accused her wrongly because of his past experience.As Priyanka told,he measured everyone on equal term.But Anika fought very well.They are destined to be with each other and everything is indicating towards this thing.Let’s see what happens next?

  6. I realized some of you all are a bit disappointed with the redux as they are dragging Shivika’s moments and there are no Rikara moments. I do agree that they do drag Shivika’s parts. However, I think we need to look at progression. We can’t see a scene Shivaay falling in love with Anika all in one episode or Gauri seeing Om and Om falling for her. They have to show realism. It has to be hatred and then that hatred turns into love. Shivaay’s love will be developed slowly. He can’t even hug his sister prinku. It is not his fault. He actually has seen his parents quarrelling and then knows his mum killed his dad because of some affairs but no one knows whether that is true. Shivaay feels that love is nothing and it is lost after seeing his parents’ state. So Shivaay does not believe in love and he does not like public display of emotions but Anika is different and she will show him what is Ishqbaazi and she is the one who is going to teach him to hug and show love. In the old IB, Shivaay showed love and also hugged anika but Anika only discovered love much later when Shivaay was unconscious because of the dust allergy and he did not have the medicine and that is when Anika declared her love. It took her very long to realise she loved him but Shivaay knew long before that he loved Anika. However, he did not have the courage to declare that to her. So in this redux the roles have been reversed and Anika is going to fall in love with Shivaay first and she is going to show him what is love.

    1. Banita

      Yup dii now this redux is just started… We just have to keep patience nd give some time to it before coming to any haterd conclusion….
      But dii i think Anika also realised her love towards Shivay much before , but she just confessed it on that dust wala track….

  7. Luthfa

    Two people are suffering equally but they don’t know as their worlds are totally different.Their hearts are bleeding at the same time but they are unaware.How they are always ready to fight against anything for their loved ones!But who is going to fight for them?So much pain is pent up in the heart still they won’t show it to anyone even to themselves.Hurting each other’s feelings has become their angenda.How things are going to shape between them this time?

    1. Luthfa

      Life is always unpredictable.When,why,how can’t predict anything about it.Humans plan so ahead but sometimes life plans a little ahead of them.It happens like never existed before.Shivaay very confidently declared his one-sided decision of not meeting Anika again,stating it their last meeting without knowing all the pre-planning of his fate.Sometimes we want something with all our heart but we don’t get it.Sometimes we want one thing but our heart wishes for another and we get a different object altogether.These matter of heart is really very complicated as there is no permanent solution available.

      1. Luthfa

        When fate takes the floor in the matter of heart,then it’s the ultimate winner.No-one can defeat the Fate in the process of uniting two mean to be together people.Heart will deny,words will fall,situation will be hostile still those people will be together who are bound to be.Coming to such things,the power of Shivaay Singh Oberoi won’t work no matter how hard he tries.Let’s see,how he is going to start his journey of Love with all his heart running away from this truth that he is destined to fall in love and he can’t help it but admit………………………..

    2. Banita

      Lu yeh now it will be interesting to watch how two stranger opposite to eo will fall in love again…

  8. I just would like to know that I read orginal dadi will be back. Navinder Behl will be back. Is it true people? I erad about it but not sure. If it is true I will be so happy if she is back. It will be like old times.

    1. Banita

      I also read it some where… It will be gr8 if she will be back…

  9. Happy Birthday IB
    hlo guys iam a silent reader of ib but today I thought to wish ib on 2nd bday.

    1. Banita

      WELCOME TO PKJ @Ashna…

      1. Thank you @banita

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Ashna,
      Welcome to PKJ family with lots of love.Keep commenting dear and join us in spreading love.Congratulations to you too for IB’s 2nd Birthday.Take care.See you soon?

  10. Hiiiii…….how are you all guys……
    So #2yearsofib….wooww so good ..
    But i am not an old fan of ib ..naki maine ib first epi se dekhna start kiya …who to bas ekdin chanel palat te palat te shivika ka ki kuch sceans dekha ,,and then i want to watch this serial …to baas suru ho gayi meri ib ki safar …from that day till now …i am got emotionally connected to ib …and i loved to feel every emotion of each an evry person of this serial …but whom i loved most that is anika ….i just loved her so much ..truely more tha sso i love anika….??
    And that,s it …………

    About today’s epi shivika’s tashanbaazi will start ..but aj kal bohot hi todh fodh aur hurting ,paining wala epies chal raha hai …that is emotional atyachar on us …??
    Ab priyanka anika ki puri family ko obroi mansion mai layigi …aur now shivika ke sath sath rikara ki bhi story suru hogi ..i am excited ….!!!!!!
    Byeeee… you all….

    Love ISHQBAAZ …?????

    1. hello Tania how are u??
      sorry yaar I forget to mention your name …….

      i am really sorry ………..
      mujhe lag toraha tha ki mein koi naam bhool rahi hu
      ab samajh aaya wo tum thi ….

      sorry once again.

    2. Banita

      Heyy Tania…
      HRU dr??
      Congratulations to U too in this 2nd anniversary of IB…
      I m also exciting for upcoming dr… Let’s see what will happen…

  11. Hi can any one let me know that in this new version of ishqbaaz is Priyanka sister of Shivay ( i mean daughter of shakti and pinky) or is she still daughter of janvi means sister of omru..

    1. Banita

      Hlo Muskan…
      Prinku is sister of Shivay (daughter of Shinky) in this redux…

    2. Real sister of Shivaay. The daughter of Pinky and Shakti.

  12. Banita

    Now coming to epi…
    Today Narvi nailed d Shivika part….
    Their first tashan as a stranger nd after 2 years again same thing…. Feeling of both of these scene was soo different… Nd d ways they again put d stranger ka mukhda is appriciable…
    Hats Of U both….
    Anika saved Prinku nd same like before Shivay MU Anika…
    Before whenever Shivay broke his mobile it was fun to watch , but this time it hurts Anika….
    Last time Anika broke his car nd he broke his phone , but this time both work was done by our SSO….
    I really like that blood wala part when Shivay’s blood dropped on Anika’s…
    This redux Shivay don’t hug anyone… So in this one bad news is we willn’t get any Obro hug…. But it will be interesting to watch Shivika’s first hug in this redux version…
    Now that house owner Anika nd Co ko ghar se nikal dia… Chalo koi baat nahi uski track khatam ho gaya…
    Precap –
    Now Aniri will be in OM out house…. I m exciting to watch Shivika’s more tashan nd Rikara’s first meeting….
    Nd i m also waiting for IB’s redux trp… Hope rating increase hue ho…

  13. Luthfa

    A Very Important Announcement:
    To celebrate #2yearsofIB I am going to write on some topics related to IB and PKJ.And I would like to request everyone to write following the points I am going to mention down the comment.BUT it’s a personal choice to write anything to celebrate the occasion and everyone who will comment or want to comment can add their own version as well as can write on the basis of my points.So,here we go:
    1.What aspect of IB you like most.
    2.What is the reason for which you have started watching IB.
    3.What is that part which you like most from each character of IB.
    4.Your favourite couple and why they are your favourite.
    5.What you like most in your favourite couple-style of romance,showing tantrums etc.

    1. Luthfa

      6.Favourite track.
      7.Favourite villain(male+female).
      8.Favourite song sequence.
      9.What IB has teached you or you learn so far while watching it.
      10.What are those things you would love to delete/change from IB if you had given chances.
      11.Your likes and dislikes in IB till date.
      12.What is the experiences of watching IB for two years,continuously.

  14. Mona_2005

    #2 years of Ishqbaaz
    Happy birthday ib
    Congratulations to all Ibians and pkjians
    May God bless you all
    May Ishqbaaz complete many more years
    Love you Ishqbaaz
    Keep watching at 10 pm starplus mon-fri
    Do support Ishqbaaz by regularly watching

  15. Congratulations………
    Everyone, today our Ishqbaaz has completed two years.
    So its time for celebrating #2years of Ishqbaaz .
    After whole two years Shivaye and Annika met again,but not at the same place .
    Place is different,
    Situations and circumstances are different……….
    Pehle Annika ne Shivaye ki car ki window todi thi is baar Shivaye ne toda …..han…..I know there are no love talks between them….

    But do dil milenge zarror……..

    What happened to Shivaye????
    Is he forget how to hug our dear ones??????

    Everything has changed ……
    Dadi ……
    Priyanka …..
    And ya……
    Background music …..
    Even there is no O jana…… a days..

    But it’s OK…
    Tu jaane na…
    Is also good .

    and ya i don’t understand one thing ki Mihir Awasthi challenged shivika’s love bcoz for him love is nothing ………….

    aur jo destiny chahti hai wahi hota hai………….
    aue wo unko usi jagah …usi samay………
    pahucha deta hai……….
    par is baar wo ek dusre ko nhi dekhte ..

    to dekhna ye hai ki is baar wo muqadar ko hara kar milenge ya nhi ………….
    but unki kismat mein milna tha ba tabhi to wo mile …………
    to chahe kuch bhi ho wo milenge hi …..

    bcoz tgey r destined to meet and fell n love with each other
    to kahe ka challenge……

  16. Hello everyone…..
    How are you all?
    Missed u all a lot…
    And Sorry for not commenting…..
    Actually,mera phone kharab hogaya hai ,isliye mein comment nhi kr pai ……
    Well….mera phone abhi bhi theek Nhi hua hai………

    But aaj to aana hi tha ……
    Aaj humare ishqbaaz ne pure do saal complete kar liye ……
    Pata hi nhi chala ki ye do saal kese nikal gaye….
    Kabhi trp ki tension hui…. To kabhi separation ki……
    But maza bhi bahut aaya…..

    Ok bye take care.
    Love u all…..

    1. Banita

      HLO Ishu…
      It’s okk dr…
      Yeh kabhi kiski tension , soo many suspance… But we really enjoy this journey with IB with lots of suspance , maasti , excitment….

  17. Mona_2005

    #2 years of Ishqbaaz
    Happy birthday ib
    Congratulations to all Ibians and pkjians
    May God bless you all
    May Ishqbaaz complete many more years
    Love you Ishqbaaz
    Keep watching at 10 pm starplus mon-fri
    Do support Ishqbaaz by regularly watching
    Banita di, arpita di, Sindhu di, luftha di,push a di,Ishita ddi, Riana di and soory if I forget someone’s name
    Loved your analysis
    Keep writing like this
    Arpita Didi your chapter comments are awesome.miss you today but it’s ok you do well in exams

    1. Hey mona_2005 you are back. You were missing for awhile. Glad you can come and celebrate the 2 year IB anniversary with us.

    2. Banita

      Hlo Mona…
      Congratulations to U too dr….
      Nycc to see U here after soo many day on 2nd anniversary of Ishqbaaz…

  18. Luthfa

    And many more things one can add as one will please.About PKJ,there are:
    1.Experience of being a silent reader.
    2.Experience of first time comment as an active member.
    3.Special day in PKJ.
    4.Any funny experience that you will remember always.
    5.What is the value of PKJ in your life and his it changed your life………..Those are some demo to write.And now the MOST important thing:Comment will be separate on every point and small in form.Long comment will take time that’s why,to save time in general.And NOT to forget about using #2yearsofIB before starting any comment.All the very best PKJ.Waiting to read all of your writings.Love IB,Love PKJ?

    1. Luthfa

      Sorry,typing mistake.It will be “how it changed your life….”

    2. Banita

      Very good idea @Lu…

    3. Luthfa just a request, since there are so many questions that you have posted. I think some of us need time to think before we pen down so can we have the celebration for the rest of this week so PKj family can still come tomorrow with the celebration heading and write down the answers to some of your questions. They are good and valid questions to express why we love IB and following religiously for 2 years.

      Btw your analysis are always very good even today.

      1. Luthfa

        Hi Sindhu di,
        How are you?Off course di,you can take your own time as celebrations will continue for long time.I would love to read your precious reviews including everyone.And thank you sooooo….very much for your love.Love you?

      2. Banita

        Yup we will celebrate this for whole week…
        Wase toh mane already comment kr di thi , but there is some questions r missing… I will try to write that also….

  19. Congratulations………
    Everyone, today our Ishqbaaz has completed two years.
    So its time for celebrating #2years of Ishqbaaz .
    After whole two years Shivaye and Annika met again,but not at the same place .
    Place is different,
    Situations and circumstances are different……….
    Pehle Annika ne Shivaye ki car ki window todi thi is baar Shivaye ne toda …..yes I know there is no tallks of love …
    But do dil milenge zarror……..

    What happened to Shivaye????
    Is he forget how to hug our dear ones??????

    Everything has changed ……
    Dadi ……
    Priyanka …..
    And ya……
    Background music …..
    Even there is no O jana…… a days..

    But it’s OK…
    Tu jaane na…
    Is also good .

    1. Banita

      Hlo Ishita…
      Congratulations to U too dr…
      Yeh there is many change in this redux… But i m loving it also…

  20. Banita


    Today when i saw a vedio of Obros by Gul mam with dialouges of their first promo , it remind me how their first promo attract towards it…
    This was d first thing that attracted me towards d serial….
    It’s still fresh in my mind…
    Gul nd Harneet… I really appriciate them for their 2 most dareing work they add in this 2 year journey of IB…
    First they put d idea of spin off nd create DBO… But truely said i like IB with all cast together only…. Jese ab chal raha hain…

    Nd second one is now this redux from… I dont know about others , but i really liking this redux part…. I dont know why some people not liking it , well it’s totally their pov i m no one to say about it , but i will say just one thing dont come to any conclusion so soon….
    I really like nd enjoy this 2 year journey of IB nd i m happy that i m a vary part of it from starting….
    From Obro kitchen moment to Obros pool scene , famous Obros hug…
    From Shivay’s tadi , Anika’s khidkitode andaj to Shivika’s tashan… From their pool romance to Laal Ishq….
    From Om’s sayarana andaj , Gouri’s dabang abtar to Rikara’s lovly couple goal…
    From Rudy’s funny jokes to dadi’s ishqbaazi gyaan…
    From Nafratbaazi to Ishqbaazi…
    From dialouges to romance…
    From beautiful set decoration to mindblowing cinematograpy….
    I love every thing realting to IB…
    At last CONGRATULATIONSssssssssssssss to all cast , crew , fans of IB for their wonderfull succesive journey of 2 year…
    In this 2 year IB archive lotss of thing nd i wish this journey will be go on like this for moreee years….

  21. Hiiiii everyone

    How are you’ll??

    ???? shivaay was so cold no emotion at all the way he hurt his hand and the way anika got hurt ?????? was really scary I had goosebumps but I’m gonna still watch it on t.v. as well even when they all were in the rain it was hurtful so now priyanka will give them shelter hope shivaay doesn’t get into another misunderstanding with Anoka

    Looking forward to the upcoming

    Take care ?

    1. Banita

      Hlo Omu…
      HRU dr???
      Let’s wait for some time dr then we will get Shivika’s love story nd it will be interesting to watch…
      TC dr…

  22. at first a very very happy birthday to our beloved Ishqbazz…
    don’t get me wrong but personally I don’t like redux..
    cause after a lot of struggles we have got a sweet shivay from arrogant shivay…n I don’t think audience will wait for another 300 episode for their proper love story…..
    so please end this track…I fear because of it trp may be decrease if they drag it…..
    can any of friends know the duration of this track….???
    cause we have waited 2 years for their love story..
    do we have to wait another 2 or 1 year for shivika’s reunion….???
    n another question did the journey of our previous Shivika end with this track…???

    1. Banita

      Hlo Sharmin….
      U dont like this track… It’s f9… It’s totally ur choice….
      I don’t know for how much time this track will be continue.. But i don’t think it will continue for 2-3 year… May be they will end this track in some month…
      Nd of course old track will be surely continue after end of this track…

  23. Guys sunne me aaya hai ki new dadi k jagah wapas old dadi ko laane ki baat hori hai cause audiences are not liking this new wali. And navnindra ji ki health ab good hai. I hope wo new one ko replace krde. Tou show me maza aa jayega.

    1. Banita

      Yeh Shivika old dadi is backk… It’s confromed now… She started her shooting also…

  24. #2years of Ishqbaaz.
    I started watching Ishqbaaz because of the bond between obros .
    Relationship between obros attracted me towards it .
    And I didn’t realized when I got addicted to Ishqbaaz.
    And today i love everything related to ishqbaaz ,
    Style of romance,
    Cinematography, set decor, song sequences, everything means everything……………

  25. #2 years of Ishqbaaz.
    FAVOURITE TRACK- Blushing part.
    Parii Track.
    Last year mahasangam of DBO and Ishqbaaz .
    and the list goes on…………
    Dont know why?

  26. #2years of Ishqbaaz .
    O jana is my fav song sequence along with Lafzo ka ye rishta nhi .
    and i like both of their sad versions too.
    Nazdeek hai dil k
    Hume chod kr tum khafa hokar gum ho gaye ho……….

  27. # 2 years of ishqbaaz .
    Ishqbaaz taught ne the most precious lesson of my life .It taught me the importance of relations and their value in ones life.
    I learnt from it how we should stay united after so many differences.

  28. #2 years of ishqbaaz .

    Ishqbaaz ne mujhe bahut saare lessons k saath saath ek bahut accha gift bhi diya hai …………………
    aap sab logo k roop mein .
    aap sab logo ka saath mere liye bahut precious hai.
    aap sab ko mene kabhi dekha to nhi but still I feel connected with u all.
    and I love u all . ……….
    and thanx Luthfa di u gave me the golden chance to express my feelings on this special occasions.
    and all other members of pkj Arpita di , Banita di , Sindhu di , Pushpa di, Aayush bhaiya , Sneha, Jeevi, Kadambari di,krishna di, Shraddha, Beauty di, Niya, Pooja di , Maggi ,Dhawani and all others .

    1. further comment-
      thanx all of u for being the part ogf my life …

    2. Banita

      It’s soo sweet of U @Ishu….
      It’s really nycc to read ur exprience…
      Loddsss Of Love to U Ishu…

  29. hi every one my name is asha please tell me ki shivay and Anika separate kaise ho gaye…

  30. Disgusting only sheet IB redux. They are only focusing sivika. I think it is a perfect way to make us hate omkara,rudra,gauri and bhavya. What are they doing here? Omru only dancing . There has no specific caracteristict. Side characters of other shows gets better scenes. They are showing Ib recyicling not redux??????

  31. JeevithaTK

    #2yrs of ib
    Hi guys. Happy Birthday Ishqbaaz???????…. Hearty congratulations to all cast and crew nd team of ib……… Sry Arpita, Banita nd Luthfa dears can’t text r participate in the party, as I’m nt well can’t text sorry guys once I get well I sure try to reply all the questions. Love u all. Tc

  32. Nikita_jai29

    Two years of ishqbaaz..
    Two years of shivika..
    Can’t get enough of them..
    Episode is good.. The blood drop scene is amazing…

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