Ishqbaaz 27th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Daksh frames Anika

Ishqbaaz 27th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye sees the bridal jewelry and clothes. He cries and thinks of Priyanka. Khanna says Sir, he is here. Daksh comes. Shivaye says how dare you leave my sister in mandap. Daksh holds his feet and says forgive me. Shivaye says you made her cry, she slipped in coma because of you. Daksh says I know I did a mistake, I was helpless because of Anika, she blackmailed me that if I marry Priyanka, she will ruin everything, I ran away from mandap, but not for myself, I ran away for the sake of Priyanka’s happiness and Oberoi family respect, she told me that if I don’t break the marriage, she will make that video viral in which you confessed the truth of your parents’ death, if that video got viral, you know the consequences. Shivaye says Anika did this. Daksh says Priyanka wouldn’t have tolerated this,

I didn’t wish to hurt her, I did this for her happiness and had to agree to Anika. Shivaye recalls the video. Khanna says we have found a letter for Priyanka, its from Anika. Daksh recalls and thinks this is same letter in which Anika mentioned about me and Payal, if Shivaye believes this, I have to run again, think something.

She says she must have written bad about me, so that Priyanka breaks the marriage, she stooped low, she was mad and wanted to get me, she took Halwain’s disguise and came here. Shivaye recalls Anika. Daksh says she is very clever, she just wants a rich man, when I told her that I just love Priyanka, she said she is okay with it, she wanted to be my mistress. Shivaye gets shocked. Daksh says if I didn’t had to marry, why would I get baraat here, I ran from the mandap for Priyanka’s happiness, I didn’t faint, I was acting because I was really scared seeing Anika, that she will make video viral, it was about Priyanka’s happiness and Oberoi family respect, what else could I do.

Nikhil’s mum comes home. Sahil’s mum says we were coming to meet you, did you come to break marriage. Gauri asks her not to think much. Nikhil’s mum says I came to do rasam, we forgot whatever happened, we have forgiven Anika, don’t remind us, Anika this is shagun for you, we want you to wear this bridal dress and bangles. Anika takes her blessings. Nikhil’s mum says please be on time for wedding, don’t disappear like that day. Anika says no, that mistake won’t happen again. Sahil’s mum asks them to get ready. Gauri and Sahil dance and hug Anika. Anika smiles. Anika thinks my mum couldn’t keep her marriage, but I will keep my marriage, because when a marriage breaks, both the family lose reputation. Daksh says I m really sorry, I didn’t know Priyanka will end up in the hospital, please save her, I can’t live without her, I promise you, I will only marry her, I love her, bring Priyanka back to me. He hugs Shivaye. He asks can I meet Priyanka.

Anika gets ready. Gauri compliments her. She applies black dot to Anika and says its perfect now, something is missing, I will show you. She makes Anika wear a chain and says its gold chain. Anika asks whose chain is it. Gauri says its yours, its a gift from my side. Anika says its expensive. Gauri says you are precious, your inlaws should know that we also have a class. Anika hugs her and says when did you grow up. Gauri says I used to pray that you get married to the person who is made for you, who gives you happiness, I didn’t know Lord will fulfill my wish so soon. She jokes and hugs Anika. Shivaye says Priyanka, see I got Daksh, open your eyes, I have fulfilled my promise, forgive me, look at Daksh. Doctor comes and says sorry to say, your sister has less chances to recover from coma. Shivaye gets shocked. Doctor says even this happens…

Shivaye asks what. Doctor says even then she won’t recover completely, she will just be in a vegetative state. Dadi cries and goes. Daksh says this happened because of Anika, Priyanka will never get up now. Shivaye shouts how dare you, she will get fine, I will make sure that she receives, I will call the best doctors and get her treated, else I will destroy everything, Priyanka I always agree to you, I fulfilled all your demands, I m asking you something, get up. Daksh asks him to be strong, its strange justice of Lord, Priyanka was not at fault, she is fighting with death because of Anika, Anika is having fun, she is happily getting married by ruining our house, she is marrying Nikhil, Nikhil recently got a new job. Shivaye looks on.

Pandit says we shall start puja, else mahurat will pass. Gauri goes and gets Anika. Anika sits in mandap and gives her hand to Nikhil. They smile. Pandit says puja is completed, now we shall start wedding rituals. Shivaye comes there. He shouts Anika and signs her to come. Everyone gets shocked. Nikhil says Shivaye… Anika asks why have you come here. Shivaye says I should ask you, what are you doing here, marriage? No, you love me, then how can you marry someone else, whatever happened between us that night, I agree we had an argument, will you punish me and marry someone else. Nikhil asks Anika what is he saying. Shivaye says forgive me for my mistake.

Anika says he is lying. Shivaye says she is upset with me, sorry, Nikhil shut up, I m talking to her, you want to accept that girl who is already mine, I should appreciate you. People gossip about them. Anika says Nikhil trust me, there is nothing between us, he is lying. She asks Shivaye what does he want, why is he trying to defame her. Shivaye recalls Priyanka’s accident. He says you wanted to call off the wedding, you couldn’t do it, no problem, I did this for you. Nikhil asks what does he mean. Gauri asks Anika to say something. Shivaye says tell them what happened between us, we have crossed all limits, we have spent many nights together. They all get shocked.

Shivaye takes Anika to temple and says you will have to get married to me, happily or helplessly. He marries Anika and says I won’t give you wife’s status, this will be your identity in front of the world.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ruby_MarNy

    This Daksh ????
    SSO is believing him?????
    Poor Annika is suffering… How he can humiliate her like that??????
    Precap is too scary…

    1. Go Ruby Go!
      Congo my dear on being number one.
      I am feeling very bad for Annika but kya kr sakte hai whi hota hai jo manjure CVS hota hai.

    2. Go Ruby go..
      Once again..
      Congrats..everything is scary specially Sso.

    3. Go ruby go!!!
      Ruby di, I was one of your silent reader ??
      Actually, seeing this track I remembered one of your FF which I stopped reading when the same situation in that story. Sorry for that. But, I do read your other FFs ????

      1. Ruby_MarNy

        Thank you, dear… Yeah, I wrote a similar track in one of my ff as you said and it’s still on going… You don’t have to be sorry… I know not everyone can accept it including me… It was hard for me to write too… And I felt more bad when they showed the same in the show too…

    4. Luthfa

      Go Ruby Go.Congratulations on being first…?
      Well,Shivaay Singh Oberoi can do anything when he decides to do.What can we do?

  2. Daksh u moron bldy rascal. Feeling to chop ur body parts and throw it in garbage…no sorry…to dogs.
    How can Shivay bhaiya be so stupid. Okay, it can be understood that he loves his sister a lot but that mean he will believe that D.
    And about using word like mistress…I mean seriously how can CVs show this.
    But when SSO will leave Anika di and she will call media and Omru will get to know they will support di.
    Will surely see that.
    Just hope Anika di doesn’t forgive bhaiya soon this time.
    He shld be punished.
    Lots of love to all you guys.
    Lu di…where are u??

    1. Arfatun nessa

      Exactly ishita how could you believe d …..u loves his sis a lot isk mtlab ye nhi h ki kisi k humiliate kare itna logo k smne……. Shviaay itna cheap word use ki anika k liye……

      Jo letter anik bheji h vo pada nhi h thik Shviaay or daskh ki baat man li or anika ko punish ki……

      I m not OK…but h r u dr

    2. Hii Ritu dear..welcome back…..this manupulation whole part of D is soo cheap.
      And Sso is like drug person believing everythung damn thing of D..
      I want him to punished badly.
      Even I am missing lu..

    3. Luthfa

      Hello Ritu,how are you?Welcome back to PKJ with lots of love?
      Here I am.I was unwell so couldn’t visit PKJ.Now I am fine and continue regularly.Even me too miss you all soooooo….very much?

      1. Luthfa

        About Daksh,yes,he played his cards really in a smart way and Shivaay who was blinded by the love for Prinku,became an easy target.But don’t worry,his days are numbered.Shivaay was outraged beyond imagination so blurted out anything he pleased at that time.But he was very,very wrong in uttering that word.It will haunt him once he reaches the truth.Let’s see.Take care.Happy weekend.Lots of love to you too?

  3. Pushpa

    Best dialogue of today…
    “Arey pyaar mujhse toh shaadi kisi aur se kaise?”
    “Aye tu chup rh main aur Annika baat kar rhe hai na… i ws laughung looking at mr cla..y
    “Vo keh Rahi hai main jhoot bol Raha hu kyuki vo mujhse upset hai main maafi mangta hu. I’m Sorry Annika.”

    Started wt emotional shivaye made me cry he remembers priyanka so much..her bangles dupatta photo..

    Im murdering him today..anyone following… dhaks.?⛏???⛏????⛏⛏? go to hell dahks… i know its hurting alot the journey b4 our shivika find their love but by god ke kasam cvs please expose him asap……..he manupulated shivaye aand turned anika to the bad side of shivaye…the stuation turned bad and made shi aye to take the harsh turn…force marrige.. tht 1few second towards the end of the epi… i must say nakuul hv nailed it.. hatsoff…. all those words…. claiming anika hv spend nites with him … brutal tha but he was pushed towards this…

    The way how he manipulated shivye towards anika and priyanka’ s coma stage all in hv changed him to act the way he shld hv not…… stopping anika wedding and claiming so many their nite secrets brings forceful anika marrizge and the rest r histoty..

    Anika u must leave this clag man & marry shivaye. Come back strong
    Gd nite gals waiting 4monday to cry more..

    1. We have spent many nights together ………this line really hurts me a lot.
      and all the dialouges u have mentioned above was really dialouges of the day .
      and Nakkul have Nailed it today .
      I am with you di in killing Daksh .

    2. More humiliations from.society for Annika is coming on the way. half dead..and he killed Annika totally.
      How he will regret.he took everything from ANNIKA and shattered her all dreams hope everything..

  4. Seeing the precap, I felt like I have read a FF with the same track… Maybe the makers have read the FF too???
    Coming to the episode, that Daksh is not a human… And the SSO trusted him blindly and become more worst than a beast… He married her forcibly and giving her that type of identity…
    I can’t even read that FF with the same concept, how I will watch the show?? I’m sorry, guys… My heart is too weak to watch this track…

    1. Hiii Swetha di
      my heaet too is not ready to see all that but I will watch it bcoz it will hurt me more.
      and please I want you too to watch it .

    2. Dear..i dont know if any ff writeen like that.
      But actually it is very much heart breaking to watch
      But still after MU clear more beautiful sequences of shivika will come..just wait and watch.
      But now patience is very much needed.

      1. Dear, the author of the FF I was saying is the first one to comment for this episode ???
        I’m not very much patient, dear??
        And this not forgivable too….. Even beautiful sequences will be coming in future won’t change the past and the words he uttered to her…

    3. Luthfa

      It’s okay dear.You can avoid if you want.And don’t take unnecessary stress because of serial.You are very lucky to read something like before.Take care.Happy weekend?

  5. Arpita6

    Hiiii mere khidkitod pagals. .
    love VS Destiny
    Chapter 30…….
    My God..Noks bhaiya today episode is totally belongs to you.i still remember last time forced wedding. …..I shivered seeing your beast side.
    This time it scared me more..
    As much I am hating this brutal side of Sso more than that I amoving your acting as well as feeling bad for Briken Sso.
    Last 4 miniutes. …..i think i will never able to forget in my whole time.damn …Sso was looking totally a psycho obessed lover
    And that I am sorry with sacrastic tone….give me goosebumps in fear..
    My God…..
    You really deserve all the best actor award..
    Excellent job Noks bhaiya.
    And Sso your brutality is killing me.
    Plz be sweet singh oberoi soon……

    I am feeling like jumping into screen and beat him black and blue
    He created a web of lies.
    Jhoot pe jhoot..jhoot oe jhoot
    Those crocodile tears…..urghhhhhhhhfeekung vaat amount of michmichi seeing can a person fall soo low.
    DOCTOR WORDS and D’s mistress word actually turned Sso to beast. ..
    Now he crossed all limits he needs to be expose soon can’t handle him anymore. .

    Now come to Annika..????????????????????my heart is just shattered into pieces seeing her
    I think i am seeing her hapoy for last time.
    She was happy ..she was happy to get a new family happy to get respect that she deserve she wanted to mend her mother’s fault .may be she don’t have any place for love but respect was most important for her.but but but she was unaware. of upcoming storm…she didn’t knew her dream will shattered into pieces brutally.
    Aniri scene was so heart warming..this the best Aniri scene till date ( for me)….

    I just cried seing annika’s shortlived happiness
    Nikhil…..i have no words for him..waise bhi he don’t deserve my Annika..
    And Chandu di..well portrayed the shocked and broken expression of Annika….
    Dil ko chu gayi…..
    I still can’t figure out after doing big humiliation of annika What made Sso to marry Annika????Just bcoz D said those mistress parts .
    Urghhhhhh this weekend.
    I am egarly waiting for Minday and onwards..
    harneet ji took big risk….last time It toom almost 500 episode to redemption of sso.
    This time things are more it wil be mend.
    Waiting to know.

    1. Hiii Arpu .
      you are absolutely rigtht dear, Nakkul deserves all the best actor award not only for this year but I wish he will get award for best actor for many more years to come.

      and your award thing reminded me off STAR PARIVAAR AWARDS
      I am eagerly waiting for that
      pta nhi kb aayega.
      tumhe pta hai kya?

      I too cried seeing Annika’s short lived happiness.
      Nice Analysis Arpu!
      love u

      1. Ishu..
        I heard it is gonna happen in few weeks
        .but dont know when it will happen…
        Thanks you…

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Darling,how are you?See,I am back.I told Bani to inform about me but seems like she forgot it.Anyway,very happy to be back?

      1. Luthfa

        About episode,yes you are right.Anika did know little that her life was going to shatter like anything.She was so happy to be married but all went in vain and that thing broke my heart.Don’t know when she will smile again as Shivaay has snatched her smile from her mercilessly.Anyway,take care.Happy weekend.Loved reading your analysis?

  6. This is getting out of control, how much will Anika get insulted.

    1. Abhi dear.this is not end..many more is coming on way…himaat chahiye dekhne ke liye..

    2. Luthfa

      Depends on cvs?

  7. Hiii Everyone.

    Shivaye was really devastated .
    His beloved sister , for whom he can do anything……….means anything is in coma now .So it is obvious for him to behave like that.

    But still……..the words and sentences he used for Annika was really…………really………bad .
    Totally inappropriate for Annika.
    Agar Annika chahti then she can expose Daksh in front of everyone.
    But , no she is not like that.
    She cares for Oberoi’s family dignity and respect.
    But , what have u done Mr.Shivaye Singh Oberoi u are insuting her in front of society .
    We can understand , you are heratbroken .
    but , please you too try to understand the word ‘RAKHEL” or “MISTRESS “u are using is not just the words , these have the power to spoil one’s life ,Specialy of girls.

    For Daksh I want to say please stop your Nonsense and stop shedding crocodile’s tears (I think tears beh bhi nhi rahe the)
    bcoz we all know How much you love Priyanka ?
    So , please go to hell!
    and in your whole conversation with Shivaye you were lying but ek baat sach thi ki tum Annika ko dekh kr dar gye the .

    Bye Eveyone.

      Sso condition is just like that now……
      Even I am missing Bunny..DON’T know where is she gone.
      Comeback Bunny….

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Ishita,how are you doing dear?
      Yes,Shivaay overdid it in the name of punishing Anika.He only thought about Prinku but not Anika.This time his guilt will burden him very badly.Anyway,waiting for Monday.Take care.Lots of love?

  8. Where are you Luthfa di ?
    Please come back .
    We are missing you di .
    and Bani you too .
    Where are you?
    you too come back .
    hum aapko bhi miss kr rhe hai.

    1. Luthfa

      Here I am dear.I was suffering from migraine and my right eyelid got swollen suddenly.So my parents banned my activities regarding reading and spending time with my mobile and all.I am recovered now and will be regular.So sweet of you.Me too missed you so much.Love you?
      P.S.Bani was supposed to give you all the information of my sudden missing but she herself is vanished.Come back Bani?

  9. Arfatun nessa

    I never ever expect such a word from Shviaay Singh oberio…….

    Shviaay kyu thik se letter pada nhi h or daksh k baat mann li…..i can’t handle it now…….

    Nothing to say…bass track khtam ho shadi k aor bardash nhi ho raha hain ….

    Meri anika k itna insult……

    1. Hello Afratun…….
      I think you shoud follow we PkJians tradition.

      1. Arfatun nessa

        Pkj old for me dr….. Kuch smmye yha pr absence tha………
        Ib unexpected but itna never soch

    2. Dear…..hope all this mess will ginna clear soon
      Other wisr if frustration will take spsce then we will be turned into volcano..

    3. Luthfa

      Hello Arfa,how are you?
      Shaadi track just started and it won’t end that soon.Let’s see.I just hope cvs will present Anika more stronger than before.Take care?

  10. episode is ?????? in one line
    one thing is sure ib star cast is just mindblowing
    man of the day :nakuul bhaiyya ?

    1. Hii Maggi.
      Welcone back!
      Nice to read your comment after a long time.

      Right ….Ishqbaaz star cast is mind blowing.
      and no one can beat Nakuul Mehta when it comes to emotional scenes.
      and Today he nailed it.
      By thw way , where were you ?

      1. hello ishu(i need to tell u 1 thing ,even my sister’s name is ishita & i call her ishu)
        yes nakuul bhaiyya deserves all the best actor awards,i have never seen such a fantabulous actor before
        i was bit busy so i couldn’t comment but nothing can stop me from watching ishqbaaz and reading pkj (tu page) comments

    2. Right.Nakuul stole the episode….
      All karan nakuul Surbhi all three nailed it totally..

    3. Luthfa

      Hello Maggi,how are you?
      You are absolutely right.NM was superb yesterday.Hats off to his acting calibre???

  11. Luthfa

    Word is such a weapon that never misses its target,leaves a permanent scar and the wound it creates,is the deepest one.One word escaped from Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s mouth but caused innumerable damage.Anika was a little girl when her mother left everything and their family got defamed in the eyes of the society.Since then,she was tolerating all the curses,hatred,disrespect,taunts etc. all alone.She was helpless at the cruelty of fate still took everything on her and made herself busy in the struggles of life.She continued fighting for her her family and managed to make a standing on the earth.She kept fighting against her inner pain and the pain society was inflicting at the same time.Still she survived and moved ahead.Anika Trivedi knows who and what she is.This society can’t degrade her self-respect and fighting spirit.It couldn’t make her weak.Now one Shivaay Singh Oberoi can’t damage her ever shining spirit with just one word.Anika is more stronger than that word to feel vulnerable.That word is not the ultimate decision maker of her life.And she shouldn’t let it mar the image of her undying spirit and put a full stop to everything she has achieved till today.Anika is True to herself and her consciousness and Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s particular white Lie can’t change it,no matter what happens………………………………..

    1. I agree with you di .
      Words have the power to create and to destroy eveything and anything .
      but, unfortunately Shivaye is not aware of word’s power.

      Nice Analysis di .
      and welcome back .
      love u.

      1. Luthfa

        Yes dear,word can create and destroy simultaneously.Shivaay had no restraint in placing his words.Thank you soooooooo….very much for you love dear.Love you too.God bless you?

    2. Ypoooooooo bang on

      Finally you are here..I missed yiu so much.your analysis was really needed..
      Waiting for coming of KHIDKITOD ANNIKA..
      Lets see when she will come.

      1. Luthfa

        Me too missed you Darling.Thank you soooooo…very much for your love.Even I am waiting to see khidkitode Anika.Just hope cvs won’t make us pappu this time for the sake of trp.Let’s see?

  12. This daksh ….isko to mai jinda jala dungi…ag lag jaye iski badan pe….ek number ka kamina hai ….
    Aur uske upar yeh sso …ek insan ko paychan ne ki koi common sense nahi hai ….
    She know anika much she cared for priyanka’s all drama
    Koi bhi kuch bhi bolega aur bilieve karlega kaya…kuch common sensenam ki chez hai ki nahi …yrr
    I Just Can’t See Anika …Like that??
    It’s hurting me alot..???

    But apart from that ..both Narbhi did a great job by day mai to impress hoti ja rahi hun …they are such an talented actor…???

    1. Tani..yeh Sso totally lost his common sense…
      Even i can’t see Annika like this.
      I dont know how I will watch when society will humiliate her……

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Tania,
      How are you?
      Daksh’s actions are something which will boil anyone’s blood in anger.But I am waiting to watch what Shivaay is going to do with him after knowing his true colour.And Narbhi are just awesome personified.Happy weekend?

  13. Hii Tania.
    tum soch bhi nhi sakti ki mujhe kitna accha laga tumhara comment dekh kr .
    I want to say you dear ……Tania tum sangatsh karo hum tumhare saath hai !
    I mean me, Pushpa di we both are with u in killing Daksh.
    amd not only u dear we too can not see Annika like that.

    Love you.

  14. today even my Mumma also said that this man is too much shaitan….aab makers se mere yehi request hai kya aab aur kitna jalil karogi annika ko. aur kitna time tak hum daksh ko jit te hua dekhna padhega.. aab hum kitna din aur daksh ko jhelna padhega…kya koi jawab hai kisik pass. haad hota hai kisiko jalil karne ki. aab baas bhi kijiye makers. daksh jaisi shaitan ki shaitani to hum dekh chuka hai. please makers hum aur nehi dekh sakti. aab please usse expose kijiye jald hi..please…

    1. toh starting he..abhi bahut kuch hoga..
      Patience har lenge tph kaise dekhoge dear

  15. I am just loving the track.The way anika got defamed.and i love daksh acting.You all should drink ice water.Relax it is just a show.If u love a character u always saw good things about his or her acting but if u don’t like it u say rubbish.Atleast appreciate his acting.All know what will the stupid makers do at the end.They will unit shivaay and overacting ki dukan anika.Such bore????????????

    1. Manu dear..i can’t understand that are you trolling or mocking ….here we all hating D’s character but loving Karan’s acting..i can bet in pkj we never bash a a actor for his character.we love actors and hate negative characters or something wrong.
      And why you felt Annika as overacting ki dukan???

  16. Kya Bhai sab Daksh ko maarne pr utre hai. 😀 I want Anika to kill Daksh who instigated Shivaay against her. Only then we will heave a sigh of relief. 😛 let’s wait for Monday episode.

    1. Shivi di.?ab d he hi aisa ghatia Insaan
      Annika to kill D…kash aisa hota
      But Cvs have other planning.
      Hope like last time Sso will do good OMM of D..

    2. Luthfa


  17. Hello guys i just can’t beleive it how stupid is shivaay i see that he lost his mind how can he trust daksh so easly this stupid singh oberoi will kill me with his madness i don’t know how this mean daksh can hypnotise shivaay with his words but it s not a big deal am sure that prinkoo will be recovred soon and she will know and shivaay also the ugly face of daksh am super sure and anika will do this for the oberois sake do you beleive me

  18. Actualy im pretty sure that shivaay is madly in love with anika even if he is so angry like a beast if he didn’t love her he wont marry her and i think this marriage reveng it’s just a fake idea to own anika becaus he felt angry that anika will get married to nikhil that’s why he defamed her and he told every one that anika is his mistress to make sure that she will be for him if he didn’t love her he would humliate her without marrying anika and why he will never give the name of his wife cuz he feels doubt on anika even if he loved her do you have the same idea

    1. Arfatun nessa

      Imane…..i don’t think so what are you said but still hope…..aapki baat sach ho jaai…phr bi vo word never ending pain…..

      1. My feel never went wrong dont worry arfatun nessa

    2. One thing I can say imane dear
      Sso was started to acknowledging his attraction towards Annika..but Anika’s main intension was to expose D.may be she has attraction for Sso but she is unaware about it.
      And Don’t know why Sso married annika??? For shake of revenge or something else…
      And much more prinku is needed to be recover soon.

    3. Luthfa

      Hello dear,
      May be you are right and those worked subconsciously in Shivaay’s mind.Still,what he did is not justifiable at all.Let’s see what happens next.Take care?

  19. Pink said same word to shivaay to anika
    Now shivaay say same word to anika.

    1. What word???? Dear.!!!

    2. Luthfa

      When and why dear??????

  20. Oh my god..history reloaded..what to say?waiting for anika’s entry in om.I think now the old story has ended..CVS will continue on this….
    Hope everyone watched the lunar eclipse..?????

    1. Hii sneha dear..just hope khidkitod annika will back she is totally lifeless..
      I couldn’t watch eclipse bcoz in odisha weather was cloudy

      1. Yes Dr..I can’t see her like that…oh u didn’t watch it..actually I could see it clearly from our state..but I accidentally slept before eclipse..then mng I just watched it in YouTube…??????
        Hope u r u

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Sneha,how are you dear?
      Everyone is waiting for Anika’s action and reaction.In the meantime,she has to pass the hardest time of her life.Let’s see what happens next.And I couldn’t watch it as it was raining since evening.Take care?

  21. Hi everyone have a very good weekend. I will not say episode is going great with Daksh. Daksh has defamed Anika a lot. There was a moment that she Shivaay did not believe Daksh as he asked himself Anika threatened?

    Daksh labeled Anika as mistress and then now Shivaay labeled Anika as his mistress with various misunderstanding from only one person Daksh. When it comes to his family rather his Sister he gets emotional and vulnerable. He is unable to hear different versions and whoever says all makes sense to him even if he may feel whether it is true or not. What Shivaay failed to see is why it is only Daksh telling him about Anika and Khanna always have good certificate about Anika.

    He just hurled words at Anika at the mandap and the worse is society have labeled her as mistress. So now Shivaay will try to marry Tia and that is when Om with the help of Gauri will bring Anika hone and it is up to Anika to clear her own name.

    What Shivaay has said about Anika will take a very long time to be erased as people have labeled that and all knows she is only shivaay’s mistress as he did not even do the rituals at all.

    Once Shivaay knows he has wronged Anika he would be so guilt ridden that he will not be able to face her.

    Nakkul hats off to you!!! What emotions and anger and fury!!!! You are an awesome versatile actor and play with emotions so well. I really hope he gets beat actpr award for SPA.

    1. There is sooo much lies.
      Don’t know if Cvs will maintain it or not.
      Bcoz thry are too bad to handle a track..their buildup is unbeatable but climax can’t put that effort..hope Cvs will give justice to Annika’s character .

      This the last thing i can hope right now

      1. Right di ,
        Once Shivaye knows about Annika He would be very guilty and I am eagerly waiting for that day .

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Sindhu di,how are you?
      You are absolutely right.Shivaay won’t be able to forget the trauma of hurting Anika that easily and would be under immense pain for judging Anika wrongly.He did not think rationally and only aimed for revenge from Anika.And NM was extremely brilliant yesterday.Anyway,let’s see what happens next.Happy weekend di.Love you?

  22. I am the same Sindhu. The colour icon just changed for some reason.

    Hello Arpu dear banita Luthfa Ishita tania sneha kadhambari aayush jeevi Shiny shivya and many more

    1. Hii Di..happy weeekend to you too.

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Sindhu di,
      It happens when one uses different email address.Have a great week ahead di.Take care?

  23. NSK

    Episode was heart breaking….but we didn’t got to see the bahubali SSO today ???

    1. Luthfa

      Hahaha…Thora wait karo.Waiting ka fruit sweet hota hain?????????????

      1. NSK

        😂😂😂yes yes…waiting waiting

  24. already bohot ghatia tarike se insult kya shivay ne annika ko.
    arpu dear…
    aagar hume aur jada din tak iss tara annika ki insult aur daksh aur tia ki ghatiapan dekhna hoga to mujhe nehi lagta mujhe ya phir audience ko iss track bohot jada acha lagega. ulta jada drama drag kane se interest kho jata. makers ko samajna chahiye ki ye show 2 salo tak chal raha hai. hum audience already unka hate to love story dekh chuka hai. aab agar unhone phirse ohi chish karne ki kosish kare to I don’t think audience will wait. kuki ek chij ek hi baar acha lagta har baar nehi. aur waise iss track hi bakwas. kuki wo dono already itna kuch jhel chuka hai, itna dard saha hai phir ek hua. to beech mai I
    ye track lana kitna jaruri tha ye sirf makers janti hai. manti hun shayed forced marriage track ki waja se trp thora badhegi nekin mujhe nehi lagta utna badhegi jitna pehle hua tha kuki audience ye saab dekh lya. aur forced marriage k baad shivay annika ko insult to karega wo bhi kis hadh tak wo hum jante hai nekin aapko nehi lagta ki agar iss track ko jada drag kya jai to audience interest kho degi. are yrr…hum audience hai. kuch bhi kaar sakte hai. trp badha bhi sakte hai aur gira bhi sakte hai. but I hope ib fans won’t do it unless makers drag the track. aab audience ko iss dragged track kitna pasand ayayega ye shayed next kuch week mai paata chalega. I don’t understand in this track are omru,gauri n bhavya r there or not…they appear just as guest appearance..
    hope prianka will be fine after entry of annika in om. in last year at 28 August pinky aunty expose hua tha. I will wait till that. n after that I am sorry to say I will just on my tv screen but not watch the show….

  25. Nikita_jai29

    Hii ishqies… In this episode shivaay behaved like a lunatic obsessive dominating person… Dialogue delivery and expressions were awesome.. But the dialogues are very hurtful…

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Nikita dear,
      Absolutely agree with you.Let’s see what happens next?

  26. Right di ,
    Once Shivaye knows about Annika He would be veru guilty and I am eagerly waiting for that day .

  27. i guess its like before ishqbaaz as shivika is getting married unwilling again …………………..

  28. no words for shivaye ……………… he has crossed all the limits ………………..

  29. Luthfa

    Pu di,
    At least I was expecting Shivaay won’t go to such length to humiliate Anika but he crossed all the limits.I know he did it because he was instigated still those were too much to bear.And after disclosing the truth,he is going to feel guilty tremendously.I don’t know what he will do then.Let’s see.Take care.Happy weekend?

  30. My feel never went wrong dont worry arfatun nessa

  31. Can someone tell me what is going on? Why is this story repeating? Where is Bhaviya? The last time I saw this show some illusionist did something and then Shivay and Annika were separated

  32. Riana

    Shivaay ka jayas nahi najayaas tha…Daksh ki ghatiya baato mein aakar usne apni zindagi kaa sabse accha par galat tarike seh faisla kiya…Shivaay ne anika ko characterless hi nahi balki ek mistress tak bulaya wo bhi zabardasti saabit karke, shivaay ne anika ko hi nahi balki uske jaisi har ek auraat ki insult ki jisne uske jaise aadmiyon ka bhala chaha, anika ko daksh molest kiya par phir bhi shivaay ne uski ek baat tak nahi suni aur bekar mein anika ki life barbaad kardi………………………………………………………….. Kehte hai galat phaisla hamesha barbaadi laata hain…aur ab anika barbaadi bankar aayegi, ab shivaay ko koi nahi bacha sakta !!…koi nahi 😂😂😏😏😈😈

    1. Riana

      *shivaay kaa gussa jayas….*

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