Ishqbaaz 27th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Oberois learn Kapoor sisters link

Ishqbaaz 27th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Soumya comes to call Veer. She finds him asleep. She thinks she has slept, what shall I do now. She sees the medicines. Shivaye says you have to come, function can’t happen without you. Om asks who are you talking to. Shivaye asks him to see pasta. Soumya comes and asks where is Anika. Shivaye says right behind you. Soumya takes Anika along to Veer. She says he had sleeping pills instead painkillers, don’t know what type of doctor he is, stupid, irresponsible. Anika says Veer won’t get up, we both will go. Soumya asks her to keep her advice to herself. Anika says your bitter words have hurt my heart, why are you angry. Soumya says all are fools around me, Rudra is biggest fool. Anika says I will slap you, don’t call him dumb, he regards you friend, he is not foolish, its his goodness. Soumya

says you just shut up. Anika asks why did you call me here, listen, I won’t help you. Anika goes to Shivaye. He asks what did Soumya say.

Anika says I told her. He says it means plan failed. She says no, it will happen what I thought. He says I don’t trust your overacting. She flirts. He says don’t start again. They argue. Anika says I will give tuition, watch this, walk like this. Bareilly wale thumke pe….plays… Gauri and Bhavya walk like her. Soumya comes and says you all look happy, what’s the matter. Rudra asks why, didn’t you like it, we didn’t involve you. Shivaye asks Soumya to join them. She says thanks, but I have to go university to collect certificates. Shivaye stops Anika and her false braid comes in his hand. Pinky comes. They all cover up Anika. They dance. Pinky asks what happened to your braid, come I will fix it. Shivaye says no, don’t touch. Gauri says Anika has oiled her hair. They go.

Khanna follows Soumya. He calls Shivaye and gives the address. Shivaye, Om and Anika get ready. Shivaye in disguise delivers the pizza. He signs Om and Anika. They enter the house. Soumya pays the bill. Shivaye says I will keep change as tip. He enters the house via window. He says today we will know who all are behind this conspiracy. Soumya opens the door and says finally, I was waiting for you guys. Shwetlana and Tia enter the house. Shwetlana says sorry, we don’t like to make our younger sister wait. They hug. Shivaye, Anika and Om get shocked.

Shwetlana asks where is Veer. Soumya says he had sleeping pills instead painkillers. Shwetlana says forget him, we sisters are enough for this mission. Soumya says stupid Oberois don’t know their enemy is in their house. Tia says think again, this is related to your life, don’t ruin life for this revenge. Shwetlana asks why do you forget, we lost our dad because of these Oberois, they have snatched our childhood and everything. Tia says I didn’t forget, we have lost a lot while snatching things from them, you have tolerated Tej since years. Shwetlana says I don’t regret, today I m the owner of 50 % shares of Oberois empire. Anika hits some vase by mistake. Shwetlana says it seems there is someone. They go to check. Tia sees Shivaye’s reflection. Shwetlana and Soumya don’t see them. Tia hits the vase and says this was fallen. Soumya asks how did this fall. Tia says I guess this fell down by wind. Soumya gets a call and says Veer finally got up, he is calling, lets go. They go. Shivaye, Anika and Om leave.

Rudra asks do you mean Tia is your ex-fiancee, Shwetlana is your ex-fiancee, Soumya is my…. Shivaye says your ex wife, main plot is our exes are sisters. Gauri asks what. Anika says yes, they want revenge from us. ShivOm say they want revenge for their dad’s death. Bhavya says no, our elders can’t take someone’s life. Shivaye says I feel Tia is helping us, I think she had sent the tape to prove Tej’s innocence. Om asks how will we find truth. Shivaye says I think its related to Kalyani mills. Gauri asks how is it related. Shivaye says there is something. Om says that chapter is over, our family is not related to it. Shivaye says there can be anything we don’t know and maybe Kapoor sisters know it, we have to know Veer’s connection with them. Gauri asks how will we find out. Anika says Shivaye will find everything. Shivaye says yes I will, but as of now, I want to enjoy Rudra’s wedding functions. He asks Rudra is he ready.

ShivOm get Rudra. Anika and Gauri get Bhavya. They smile. Lights come. Rudra signs about camera. They all smile. Rudra says there is no photographer in my function, I will do this work. He takes a selfie with them. Jhanvi says family photo can’t complete without Tej, he isn’t here. Pinky says Tej is upset, is this good. Shakti says I wish Tej was with us here today. Shivaye says he is here dad. He shows Tej coming. They all smile. Shivaye gets Omru, saying children’s happiness is incomplete without elders’ blessing, please for my sake. He holds their hands and takes them to Tej. Tej hugs Omru. Shivaye says thanks for keeping my word. Om says you were asking him to come. Tej says I was waiting for someone to invite me for my son’s marriage, I know I did many mistakes, but I wasn’t involved in Oberoi mansion auction, I don’t know how my signs came on those papers, I swear. Shivaye says we believe you. Shakti says what can be better than your coming back, welcome back. Shivaye says we will celebrating in Oberois’ style.

Shivaye says there is arrest warrant issued on your name. Veer smiles. Shivaye tells inspector that he applied for bail already. Inspector says arrest warrant is on your mum’s name. Shivaye asks what…. they all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Pushpa

    So all 3 kapoor ex-ses taking revenge against the oberois….
    Tia, swetlana&soumya….but Tia is positive….shivaye will sure ask her about the kalyani mills raaz….oh no whts anika’s parents connection here??????…….suspence kills ….

    So great anika stopped soumya ..who is she to shout at anika…..hats off anika for stopping her there….ha.ha…ha…veer and the sleeping pills…brave shivaye here yr plan worked…
    Back in oberois kitchen…cooking time…shivika moment a second…..shivaye shld stop pulling anika’s choti….OMM pinky is here….luckily all blocked while shivaye put her choti back… scn was fabulous wtn ShivOmRu…..

    Wow tht pizza wala ….god damn hot mundaa???????? shivaye hw can u look so damn good in casual outfit too….speviallt tht tee…..and yr biasep…..uuuuuu la la……
    Yes tht ws a shock to see tia zvetlana& soumya as sisters…didnt imagine at all……here tia help shivaye by distractr svetlana…tia might tell shivaye about the mill…as long as it desnt seperate shivika….im fine…

    Finally celebrstaion….shivaye shld stop forgiving everyone…..they r so mean 2u.?….but i know u will,do,anything 4yr family….lets watch tomoro epi…..suspence yaar……
    Wht the hell…..pinky under arrest???????

    Did hua questionbaaz…suspensebaazz…..
    Gd nite gals

    1. Go Pushpa… Congrats for being number 1.

    2. Arpita6

      Ha ha han.Pusi ..i was thinking about your condition after Seeing Shivaay in this hot changed your dp..???..
      Sutlu is instigating Somu..

      1. Arpita6

        Congrats dear..

      2. Pushpa

        my dp on fire………..

    3. VHM

      Go Pushpa Go…shivaay i am sure will seek help of Tia. Let’s see how things shape us…but got to know Roop is coming back to help Veer and Co in destroying Oberoi’s

      1. Pushpa

        yes i too feel roop is the oberoi destroying oberoi…and veer connection wt her……son????

    4. hi Pushpa dear,
      congrs for being 1st. nt watching the episiods in tv only reading in tu so cant enjoy the kitchen scencs n shivayes new

      1. Pushpa

        awwwww…….. u will sure drool seeing shivaye in teeeee…..

    5. Go Pushpa di Go.Many many congratulations with lots of love……☺
      Awwwww….You are in the la la land of Shivaay totally.Yeah he did look extremely handsome.Finally Kapoor sisters identify got disclosed.Let’s see what happens next.Take care?

      1. Pushpa

        luthfa…… kapoors against oberois or oberoi against oberoi…..lets wait &watch..
        anythign can happen…its ourIB….. u know our cvs right…..

  2. VHM

    Hi PKJ,

    Finally all our assumptions came true..sumo being kapoor sister. And most importantly cvs again made pappu of us. We thought Who can be the oberoi who is helping veer. They conviniently said since swethlana is abhay oberoi wife she is also if we don’t know such wonderful secret. I mean come on cvs you are building up gud mysteries but the unveiling of mysteries is terrible. Now only thing left to be known is secret behind kalyani mills. Tia’s character is most dalbadlu in ib. All in all a good episode.

    1. Arpita6

      VHM dear since last year.i mean starting of 2017 this news came that Somu as negative when She dropped Tia’s phone in swimming pool.
      And I am sure Roop is that oberoi. Thank God Cvs didn’t forget about her.

    2. VHM There is still an oberoi who is helping them. Sowmya did say that obeoris are fools not realizing an oberoi is trying to destroy them. Svetlena is not an oberoi. She is kapoor. She is not the one. Th question is who? Jhnavi., Shakti or Pinky now? I don’t what twist cvs are bringing. Or it could be someone else who is already an oberoi but that character is not shown yet and perhaps they will reveal that person who is probably connected directly to Kalyana Mills.

      1. It must be either Jhanvi , daughter if Jhanvi as in Pinku or the sister in law of Jhanvi. For sure it’s a lady.

    3. hi Harika akka,
      hru n akki. kash this assumption turned to b false bt cant do anything becoz cvs is fulform in riening somu’s character. i think nt swetlana there is some other the obrei.lots of love. tc

    4. Hi Harika di,
      You are right.Cvs can start anything with a beautiful note but don’t possess the power to give it an beautiful and also.There are countless mysterious in IB but few got the light of revelation.Hope this time Gayatri murder case gets solved with Roop bua’s entry.

      1. beautiful end…..

    5. Pushpa

      Hari darling hw r u…. seems cant get connected in whatsapp…..
      hw about Roop….oberoi tooo

  3. Pushpa

    My new dp….shivaye in tee…oh god he is looking s*xy& hot???????

  4. Hello everyone, have a great day ahead and hope all are keeping well in health. All the best to those who are having board or major exams.
    Coming to today’ s episode the precap has made me more confused. First it was Shakti to be arrested and now Pinky. Where on earth did Pinky come into the picture? Unless Svetlena used Pinky. I remember the episodes when Pinky did not accept Anika yet and it was the time when Shivika were getting married, Svetlena would come secretly to the house and take money from Pinky. Pinky too gives her. Could it be something to do with then? I am not sure but that is the only incident I remember that she did have dealings with Svetlena.
    For the fun part of it, I liked the kitchen scene. It was so funny. Anika trying to romance Shivaay and her hair braid as usual coming off and trying to fix it. Oh my…. I laughed. The funny walk that she showed Gauri and Bhavya. I also laughed at that. It was indeed funny. Too funny. Look at the expressions of the obros when they saw them walk.
    Shivay’s disguise as an old man was really cool!!! He would be handsome when he grows old. That is for sure. Too bad they did not show that get up for long. He looks good in white overalls. Tia was nice. She tried to help Shivaay from Svetlena. At least Tia still have some good traits. Finally!!! Oberois know that Tia Svetlena and Sowmya are all related.
    So we still do not know who is the mysterious Oberoi. Is it Pinky then? I really doubt so. Why are they arresting Pinky is a puzzle?
    I loved it when Anika had a battle words with Sowmya. Sweet Sowmya became very villainous.

    1. Arpita6

      Sindhu.. yes me too remembered That scene..but all.senior oberois are did something. Lets wait for tomorrow.

    2. hi sindhu akka,
      tq for ur reply. sry akka the u used to mention all tamil movies name i thought ur southIndian (tamilian). tq for accpting me as ur sis. now im having 2 sis by the name sindhu even my younger sis name is also sindhu. s akka like u even i ws hoping n thinking tht cvs may change the somu character atleast in the end by showing all this as her secret plan in helping shivay bt after reading today’s episoid i dont think going change her.
      one thing is conform tht cvs has dissided tht somehow v must hate somu so he is doing by making her more rude towards ani. s like yesterday even today confusing precap lots of love. tc

      1. sry akka its the way u used to

      2. Hi choti behan jeevi, Don’t apologize dear. Well commented. Nice to have you as my younger sister. It is a priviledge.

    3. Hi Sindhu di,
      Pinky is dealing with Savetlana from starting to taunt Tejvi or to help them!Omkara is next to Pinky.But Pinky can flip anytime for her own purposes from good to bad infact this is true for every OF member in the most part.Cvs are putting us in the confusion mood as they themselves are confused now.Anika and Soumya’s verbal attack was good.Full of fighting and attacking.I felt bad for both of them.Let’s see what happens today.

  5. Hii eeveryone ???

    How are you’ll??
    Loving the track so far hope the main plot forwards
    Anyways I dont have enough time so I’m quickly gonna type


    Take care gtg

    1. Arpita6

      Omi …welcome dear.
      We will miss you.
      all the best of good luck for your exam.

    2. Hey Omaira,

      Study hard for your exams. It does not matter whether you can come on the site to leave comments. Your exams are more important and that is what eventually going to provide you with income when you graduate. Serials come and go but exams are only one off in your life.

    3. Hi Omu,
      It’s absolutely fine dear.We all will be waiting for you.Finish your exams peacefully.All the very best for your further exams.God bless you with ultimate success.Hoping to meet you soon.Will miss you a lot.Love you?

    4. ItsmePrabha

      Its absolutely fine Omu..all the very best of good luck ..rock your exams ..will be waiting for you..take care..

  6. Arpita6

    Hiiii mere khidkitod pagals. ..
    So today episode ke baad hum confusiya gaye he.
    1.Why Bhaya gave sleeping pills to Vanmanush. If he will fine then he take annika with him and she could easily get to know about their dusmans……But isse Sso ko ka fayada hua??.
    2.I also feel disheartened when Somu was talking like that..But Annika gave her answer with her style..Annika’s emotions is always like that when somebody says bad about her closed ones..either she would be total.silent or She will give them.a good lesson. But actually Sumo…this is really not suit you….
    3.And Sso..what is your prblm??i can’t understand. Of annika became shy and tries to go away from don’t like that..if She will be close to you then yiu will say it asover acting..????????aap.itna confusa kahe rahe ho???.
    4.And Annika’s hair is smelling bad….really Sso..Lets go back to FB you only used to play with her hair na..???? (@Prava dear ..chipdi mood is full on. ???)
    5.Kitchen scene was hilarious. .i enjoyed it.
    6.So khanuji ne apni sakal yoh dikhayi..i missed you khanuji..
    6.Sso..i was thinking if you will get old you will look more cute… i am telling you.And TIPS..hann.????.apne tips bhi lete ho???.btw in casual yiu were looking really good.
    7.So finaly they revealed about SOTILANA.?????when NB gang started we used to say ROTILANA…now Sotilana..we has a great progression. Congrats ?????.
    8.So andha kanoon is there with badi badi ankhen but no one doubt her..Main confusiya gayi..and She is helping Sso..really?????Hope now Cvs will reveal about KM connection with Annika’s past.
    But Somu had a brother right???,?,,,fir se confusiya gaye hum.
    9.Sso congratulations. ..Finaly realisation hogayi that Somu is Rudy’s ex wife..P.S -Rudy can’t even say somu as Ex-wife..What we should expect from.him…
    10.Tejvi..once again the came to irritate us..
    And Sso stop behaving so nice to them…it irritated me….
    11.precap..I AM EXCITED. Pinky ponky And Jail…maja aayrga.
    Via Mreenal’s Insta story….
    Ok waiting for tomorrow.

    1. Arpita dear…. yes I agree I wish Anika has the long hair. I kind of miss all her dressing and hair. She always looks beautiful with her silky hair

    2. Hi Arpita,
      Nowadays motto of the cvs is-Confusion hi confusion hai solution kuch pata nahi.Me too didn’t understand what Shivaay actually wanted to do with Veer.And Anika has an inbuilt system to fight those who are a threat to her closed ones.Pinky has Shivaay so she doesn’t have anything to fear.

    3. Pushpa

      hey arpi… hw r u?
      sleeping pills so they can follow sumo ..veer is dangerous rite gal…..
      agree arpi…when now anika ry to flurt wt him he pushing her away… cvs wht r u guys trying to show here… like seriously … wht the wuck?
      mmm its all karma arpi….wht gooes around comes around…poor pinky….

    4. ItsmePrabha

      Arpu hum bhi bohoth zyada confusiya gaye hai .iss stupid cvs ke wajah se..ha ha ha Cheapdi mode ???..

  7. I loved the part when Rudra says, Shivaay ex fiance Tia, Om’s ex -fiance Svetlena and Rudra’s ex wife. Truly all thei exes are the ones invloved. The bros must have thought what kind of women did they have connection with.

    1. Chantomai oberois ke double chantomai exes.. ??????

  8. Banita

    Heyyy PKJ….
    First of all Arpu , Sindhu nd Luthfa… Sorry dr for not replaying on ur replays on my comment.. Was busy with my some work ,that’s why couldn’t came here….
    Now coming to epi ,
    Finally truth of Kapoor siss came in front of Obros… Or I can say in front of our jasoos ke paltan…
    Neend ki goli raat ke liye tha ya din ke liye????? Koi fayda nahi hua , PLR toh raatjaga mein aahi gaya…
    Soumya’s behavior… Seriously I don’t like that part… I wish CVS Somu ko +ve banade just like Tia…
    Obohus ramp walk was too funny… nd again that choti came in Shivaay’s hand… Hahahaha…. It was Hilarious…. I think Choti likes Shivaay more then Anika… That’s why it come again na again Shivaay’s hand… LOL…
    3 of jasoos paltan spy on Soumya…
    Shivaay in buddha pizza boy avtar… Anika already played in buddhi’s costume now Shivaay also…
    Tia help Shivaay again… Hope she will help more in future as Bibhisaan…
    Tej came to Rudy’s wedding funtion in one call of Shivaay…. Shinky also missed Tej… Strenge…
    Yeh senior Oberoi’s na humesha mujhe confujai dete hain… Chahe wo koi ase small sense ho ya big Kalyani mill’s fire incident….
    Precap – So police is for Pinky… Accha hain… I always want to see Pinky nd Janhavi behind d bar once…
    Gd Nt PKJ…

    1. Banita

      One more thing….
      When Obros r talking that their ex’s r their enemies… LOL… That part was too funny….

    2. Bani…its completely ok too thinking same..Chumki likes Sso more than Annika.??
      Mere man ki baat boldi yarr tune..ek baar toh janky ka jail jana banta he.

      1. Banita

        Haan yaar Arpu….
        Sb jail jaa chuke hain Pinky , Janhavi nd Dadi ko chod kr… Ab toh mujhe yeh teenon ko vi jail jate hue dekhna hain… CVS plz meri yeh wish pura kr do…

    3. Banita dear don’t be sorry please. We know all of them are busy and sometimes we read the replies and can’t comment is also because this telly site system at times go bonkus and slows down so you have to wait long before it loads. At times we are busy with work. All of us understand. Not to worry dear. Nice comments. Some thoughts similar to mine. Great minds think alike.

      1. Banita

        Thank U Sindhu dr 4 understanding me…. Yeh this TU site always slow… It take many time to moderate a comment which is irritating….
        Yup same thought… Same pinch dr…

    4. Hi Bani,
      It’s absolutely fine dear,don’t worry.For me that Tej and his return was the most surprising part.He has no self-respect at all.I was expecting that his beloved wife would invite him to come to attend the wedding but off course Shivaay has to do everything.But where had he gone?Shivaay loves to play with the hair of Anika and now Chamki also got included but he doesn’t like it.Hehehe….???????

      1. Banita

        Thank U Luthfa.,.. Yeh he is shameless… Tej said he was waiting when anyone invite for his sons marraige.. So didnt Janhavi invited him in sangeet??? She didnt forget to taunt Anika , but forget to invite her husband… Gr8… Isn’t???
        Nd Chamki,.. Haan yaar Shivaay dont like it , but Chamki like SSO sooo much… LOL…

    5. Pushpa

      bani …. hw r u dear…
      say hi to all luvly hangy people ok…
      ha ha ha ha shivaye i sin luv with choti thn anika….
      so much so i want pinky beign arrested but shivaye will b shaterred.. i dun want this…
      lets c wht cvs hv in store..

      1. Banita

        Heyyy Pus di,..
        I m good di… How about U???
        Di i m not much active in hangy… Beautiful is always there…
        Yeh Choti – Shivaay’s chemistry is entaterning…
        Dii but i want to see Pinky , Janhavi nd Dadi also behind d jail once…. Sb chale gaye hain in teeno ko chod ke…

  9. Ex,this Ex has a great significance in the life of every Oberoi.In fact their life is depending on this or that ex.A book can be written over this subject.Title would be-Mess of Ex.Sometimes I wish to know why these Oberois are so past oriented.Can’t they focus on their present peacefully?But forgot that they can’t as they have made their past their present by default.They are living the moments of present wrapping in past incidents.Kapoor sisters are following the Oberois ardently especially Savetlana.She kept the seed of revenge buried in her heart which has become a fully grown tree gradually supplying her the fruit-Destroy the Oberois.

    1. Their precious childhood got ruined,they grew up with bitter memories forgetting living the life with its true meaning.Because of one particular Ex(past)KMM.That is not an ex but a weapon that destroyed everything of the Kapoors and now are trying to destroy the Oberoi’s.This ex has joined Oberois and Kapoors to complete one special self-destructing venture.Killing one another with the poison of past.One unknowingly(perhaps)done injustice is doing injustice with innocent people of present time.This is not fair and correct for both the Oberois and Kapoors……………….

      1. Once again you nailed it..chalo ISHQBAAZ ne aapko ek khidkitod writter bana diya

      2. Wow wow wow Wow!!!! Luftha what great illustration!!! From seed to tree. What an explanation!!! I really would like to sit next to you and see you typing away your ideas.

        Yes the heart is desperate and from there all the seeds of schemes of lies and deceit come out. The Kapoors sisters seeds of deceit started very minor from Tia getting married to Shivaay for money but eventually it took root so deeply that now it became murder. If they can they would like to just kill everyone and take over Oberoi empire.

        The problem is Svetlena still has 50% shares of Oberoi empire which is where Shivaay is stuck. That is why when svetlena reminded Tia and Sowmya that she is still a holder of 50% shares the camera spanned to Shivaay’s expression and it seems like he then realised she is still holding it and he must have forgotten. He had frustrated look.

        Once again great analysis luftha

      3. Sindhu di,
        Awwwwww…..You are soooooo…sweet.I will pray to God to fullfil your wish.You are right.That seed has turned into a bulky tree now.Tree of revenge.All started with KMM and took the form of many branches of a single tree.Now this tree has to be cut down or uprooted for good……Thank you so much for your love di.Love you?

    2. Arpita,
      Thank you so much for your love.Not IB actually,credit goes to my lovely PKJ family.Thank you so very much my family………?

    3. ItsmePrabha

      Darling…you nailed it yet again..seriously dada ji zinda nahi hai issliye bachgaye warna shakti,tej, shivomru sab ka exs hai..Love you..God bless you..

      1. Hehehehe……You are right.But I don’t trust cvs at all.They can come up with any past of Dadaji.Thank you soooooo…much for your love.Love you?

  10. Fama

    Just commented coz of shivaay’s handsomeness in the white t-shirt ?☺️???
    I hate villains but not ishqbaaz waale villains and maybe it’s just me but I loved the Kapoor sisters’ scene today …. had sultana also wasn’t so negative ? then I would’ve looked forward for many such scenes
    Haha ? KRR teaching her thumka step to her devranis and obros’ reaction was fab and the song (twist kamariya) was just perfect ? for the moment kyunki o bahus are full on twisting their kamariyas!
    Precap: twist in a tale aab pinky ki kya hogi?

    1. Fama So Sso ki shirt wali avtar tumhari tha karke lagi he…Good good.
      And pinky ponky ki OMM dekhne main mere ko bada maja aata he..hope iss barr jam karke OMM ho.

      1. Fama

        Arpita ji haan sso ka yeh shirt meri dil pe tha karke lagi hai ??? mummy qasam
        Haha ? am waiting for pinky’s shocked reaction in the next episode even though am very confuse with the whole arrest thing

  11. Some off topic to mention:
    Shivaay Singh Oberoi aka NM,how can you look sooooooo….smoking hot wearing black?I mean how?By the way whenever you wear blue and black you look extra handsome.These two are definitely your colours.Especially blue(my favourite colour).I must say every colour suits you like anything but in blue you look drop dead handsome.I just can’t take my eyes off you when you wear blue.Awwwwwww……najar na lage.Thu Thu Thu…..Hehehehehehe……????????????

    1. ?????.are are..Hamari luthfa toh biklkul.lattu hogayi Sso pe..
      Actually Sso was looking handsome…
      Kitni ladkiyon ki dil pe ye avtar tha karke dil pe lagi he.

      1. Hehehehehe……Yeah full on Pushpa di mood.What to do,I love him wearing blue and black more than anything else????????????

    2. ItsmePrabha

      special note to noxy..not bad darling..waise sach mein bande ko kisika nazar na lage..thu thu thu..

      1. Hahahaha….Hope so???????

  12. Hi all I’m new here! I always read but never comment but this time I wanna say the Oberoi who wants to ruin the Oberoi’s is the aunts roop I reckon because they didn’t really finish that track off properly

    1. Hii Shana..wecome to ourGPKJ.
      Keep commenting and enjoy the fun..
      And yes.ROOP BUA IS COMING.
      And she is the oberoi whom.veer was talking about.
      I am.sure.

    2. Welcome Shana to pur side. We need to wait and see what cvs has in store. Cvs always come up with twist. They want all of us to believe it is this or that person and in the end it is someone else that we least expect.

    3. Hi Shana,
      Welcome to PKJ family.That’s really very sweet of you.Keep commenting.Take care?

    4. ItsmePrabha

      welcome Shana..keep commenting..

  13. Hi guys, Actually yesterday episoid i saw today @ 5:00pm. 3 things put me into deep shock.
    1. Reaction in everyone face i know om considered somu as sis bt wen the rumya marriage vedio was released didnt do his duty as a bro. n shivaye reaction he said “our somiya” becoz for me i didnt feel more bond btw somu n shivaye .
    for the 1st time i became anger on gouri’s words how could she say tht wen she dont now fully abt somu’s in the beinning.
    2. no 1 remembered she being married to rudy. even rudy did nt remember tht. feeling v bad. And no 1 thought y she changed.
    3. After knowing the truth they all onence for all turned negetive gace for somu n started to plan aganist somu. how can it b possible tht to within few mins. bit all those fb scencs was superbbbbbbb.

    A warm welcome to Harry potter n pp.
    i thought im the the one whose is watching in different lang bt i even came to know tht there is one more person who is watching like me. ya even in star utsav they r telecasting it dear.

    1. sry guys it onces nt gace its face.sry

    2. Hii Jeevi ….your question is valid..but i think just for once obros should talk with Somu..m..specially.Annika
      May be she can bring change in somu..

    3. Hi Jeevi,
      Exactly our thoughts.Cvs played with our emotion and would keep on playing.Can’t help it.Don’t know what is going to happen next.Anyway,take care.God bless you?

  14. The oberoi who is helping veer in his mission is JHANVI.Cos she is jealous that OmRu are valuing Shivay more than their parents. So she wants to end that

    1. Baby ..i don’t think so.first first i was also thinking the same…but yesterday i saw a new roop via mreenal.akka janvi’s insta story..
      This is why i am.sure that it is roop….

  15. How come Soumya is their sister didnt we see before some Physco girl who acted some godess and Rudra fallen for her, was shown as sister now this Soumya doesn’t make sense or I am missing something.Any how story is not picking up just utter bakwas thing we see everytime, Shwetlana goes and come back, why dont they stop showing that man like woman.

  16. I dont understand how soumya turned out to be one of the kapoor sisters. I actually ran off track for a long time. Can anyone explain?

    1. Hi Garima,
      Makers decided to make Ruvya end game and in this process they have introduced Soumya as third Kapoor sister.All is cvs and their hybrid planning to make us angry??????

  17. Hi guys

  18. Hi guys

    1. Hello Mahishivika,
      Welcome to PKJ family.Keep commenting dear.Take care?

  19. Good morning morning to the love of my life Gpkj.yesterdays episode was good.the hilarious part was annika’s tuition of ramp walk.her chamki again khishak gayi mummy kasam I was laughing like a mad.and lights di you are right.this ex factor is very dangerous.hey they remembered soumya is rudi’s ex.precap is shocking arrest warrant on pinky’s name.Hope for the best.lots of love????❤????

    1. Hi PUJA,
      How are you now?Hope you are getting well.Yeah that part was very funny.Shivaay loves Chamki very much!And if Ex is not positive,it will bring danger obviously.Take care.God bless you?

  20. A warm welcome to mahishivika thank u jeevi sis/di/Akka for ur warm welcome. it’s quite a short time since I have registered my name in this stage but I got a warm welcome.though I am not a daily viewer of ib I am a daily reader.may be this s my unlucky.i am gng to write my board exam so I am unable to comment in this stage for a month since I complete my exam hope u guys don’t forget this Harry Potter in this month leap.thanks for ur support.take care of urself guys n advance happy brday wishes for those who r celebrating brday in this month leap.bye..tata

    1. ItsmePrabha

      hai Harry potter..welcome to this family..i am going to call you HP..super glad to know that your bestie’s and my name are same..uss se kehna ki i said same as your boards are coming..All the very best of good luck dear…stress math will surely rock your exams..going to miss you this month kal hi mile the aur tumhe jaana pad raha hai..take care..God bless you..and BTW i love Harry Potter..

    2. Hi Harry,
      Exam is the first priority of a student.So focus on it.We are here for you always.Will miss you so much till then.All the very best for your exams.Take care.God bless you?

  21. Hi pkj fam….interesting track?
    Loved OBros and Obahus standing together?
    Miss shivika romance…want to see Shivika celebrate holi romantically.?
    Great to see Oberois finding Kapoor sisters connection
    Just want Veerbali exposed and Shivay does his OMM

    Cvs plz explain why veer has a wall full of Anikas photo….

    1. Hi Zara,
      Track seems interesting but hope it gets an interesting ending as well.


    Hi GPKJ!!

    How r u all?? I missed u all so much. Yayyyyy!!
    Super Six Oberois now know about Soumya’s truth, with Sutlu and Tia.
    I am loving Tia as a good character. ShivOmRu were looking khidkitod and their better halves, AniGauYa were looking stunning.

    Tej is back as a positive character, which nobody knows will last till when??.
    Shivaay has a great plan to expose Sutlu and Sumo.

    1. Hi Riya,how are you?Missed you too.I just hope that Shivaay to plan something khidkitode to expose Veer.Let’s see what is waiting for us.Take care?

  23. Hi Arpita6, Sindhu, Luthfa thank u for welcoming me to this group ??
    Hope everyone has a good day

  24. Nikita_jai29

    Hii ishqies dearies… Episode is good.. Kitchen scene is lovely.. O my my.. That thumka scene set the screen on fire…. Finally they remember that soumya is rudy ex wife… Confusion hi confusion h solution ka kuch pata nahi…
    I have feelings for precap like this..
    Tia is a bipolar.. Some times positive and negative… Keep commenting and keep watching ishqbaaz dearies

    1. Hi Nikita,
      Agree with you.Full of confusion and only confusion.I will never understand what Tia actually wants.Let’s see what happens next.Take care?

  25. ItsmePrabha

    Hola buddies..
    special note to cvs..chahe aap log somu se murder bhi karwaya tab bhi mein usse hate nahi karoongi..just saying…
    and a very special note to noxy…Mr.chitchor dariyal aapko aisa karna acha lagtha hai ka..meri choti si dil pe aise baar baar tha karke lagenge tho meri dil ka haal kya hoga..daya karlo yaar..itni handsome dikhna band karlo* waise yeh baath seriously math lena jitna handsome aur hot lagna hai na uthna lag le* *cheapdi mode on*…hehehe..
    felt bad when somu aur anudi ke beech woh behas chal rahi thi..
    love kitchen moments…the kamar matkaana..and the obros expressions..haww rudy tune kisse berozgar bulaya??? and yet again chamki chali aayi apne sso ki haath mein ..i think they have an eternal connection..the covering up session had me into splits.. loved it when pinky asked anudi to turn and she will fix her hair…sweet moment..
    and aagaye hamari jagga jasoos in chitchor safed dariyal wala avtar..and finally NB ki parda phaas ho gaye hai..aur bhi clarity ki jaroorath hai ..loved universe ki dukaan in that scene..
    Mr. Tej singh oberoi phir apni mooh uthake aaye hai..self respect naamki cheez hi nahi hai iss insaan mein..what ever un logon ke baare mein baath kar ke koi fayda nahi..
    seriously rudy tumhe somu ko apna ex wife bolna bhi pasand nahi hai..well cvs i curse you for this..
    ok abb precap..yeh ka ho raha hai..pinky aunty ko kyun..? yeh janne ke liye dekhte rahiye ishqbaaz only on SP at 10:00 pm …
    Lub you guys…Take care..
    All the best of good luck to them who are attending exams or preparing for it..

    1. Hi Prabha,
      Wow,such a sweet and sour mixed analysis!Loved it a lot.Don’t know what is going on in the brain of that MCK.Let’s see what’s waiting for us today.Take care?

  26. IB is becoming more mysterious by the day. Romance has taken the back seat.
    shivika are no where seen together except arguing.
    hope they dont get caught by veer and team.
    actually waiting for this to get over.
    so sad to see anika dress so pathetically for rudra’s wedding. she is not able to dance with shivay for any function. they are not seen working together or celebrating together for any of the functions.
    shivika and omru are only learning who are their enemies and just know the plan is to destroy them. how what when where are all unanswered questions to them.
    but none of the 3 couples seem to have any good time with each other.
    now what is veer connection with 3 villian sisters.
    and what is the mystery that Tia knows about kalyani mills which is linked with shivika.

    and simply can’t understand when anika does not know her parents or her past – which she has always told shivay. why should it affect them. even if either shivay or anika or their parents have done something against each other – how does it matter to them.
    they have chosen to forget their past.
    and as rightly said by one of you – dont know why these are digging a past instead of concentrating on the present and future. it is time for them to realise that no matter what the past is – they will not allow it to rule their present and future.

    awaiting for shivika beautiful moments together. and this mystery to be sorted out

    1. Hi Christie,
      Don’t worry dear.Romance will again take front seat.You are right.It’s high time they focus on their present.Let’s see what happens next.Take care?

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