Ishqbaaz 27th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 27th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tia says I pity on you, Shivaye is going to give you divorce. Anika says till divorce happens, I m his wife and this house’s bahu. Tia asks Shivaye to get signs done tomorrow. Sometime before, Anika asks Tia to count down, as I will prove its not Shivaye’s child. Tia asks really, how will you prove, two DNA tests are done and its proved its Shivaye’s child, even he accepted it, how can you be sure. Anika says I trust him, he can never lie. Tia says you regard yourself his wife. Anika says no, Bua… just open your eyes and see his name sindoor in my hairline and mangalsutra in my neck, I m his wife, I trust him and doubt on you, we had a fight always, but from today, fight will be between wife and saut, when wife comes on her own, she does not spare sautan, I will not leave you. Tia gets angry.

Anika goes.

Its night, Tia meets Shwetlana and Rumi. Tia says I will show Anika her right place. Shwetlana says relax, Anika is not at our target, none can think who is at our target and why, don’t bother about Anika. Tia says you are my elder sister and not understanding me, Anika is a big hurdle in our way, I can’t stand her. Shwetlana says then start bearing her, we have to ruin Oberois at any price, I have wasted my life’s many years after Tej for my motive, this game can ruin if you try to fail Anika. Tia says you are right, we have to play big game, so I became part of Shivaye’s life. Rumi says for this, I did have an affair with Rudra.

Shwetlana says our fight is with that family, who snatched everything from our family, what Kapoors had, now Oberois have this, they started this, we will end this, we take an oath to do whatever it takes to ruin Oberoi family. They join hands. They say we have anger of many years in heart, we have annoyance with enemy, we will turn them down to ashes, we are such Nafratbaaz, we will ruin them at any price and any way. Tia says I remember that day when we got that news, we lost our everything. FB shows the little girl hearing people saying bad about her father.

Mrs. Kapoor asks them not to care for their words, just remember Oberois ruined us and killed your Papa, promise me you all will take revenge, our life’s aim will be to ruin Oberois. The three girls join hands with her. FB ends. Shwetlana says we will kill then as they killed our Papa. Rumi says Tia got entry there, what next. Shwetlana says now its turn of our entry. Tia says we have to make Anika out for this, you don’t know there, I know she will be big hurdle in our plan.

Its morning, Shivaye is worried. Anika comes to him and asks are you worried, I can understand it, we did not think that will happen, and what we thought did not happen. He says forget it, I accepted it. She says even if its lie, that’s not true. He says does not matter, none believes me. She says I believe you. He asks on what basis, two tests are done and reports have come, don’t you believe DNA test reports. She says I trust you. He looks at her. He says its too late. She holds his hand and stops him. She says its not too late, person loses when he accepts defeat, how can you lose so soon, you did not lose when Om needed you, when Rudra was in problem, when Daksh almost killed me, why today then, when its about you, why are you accepting defeat. I died and you got me back, the person who can defeat death should not lose to life, I know things are spoiled, but I know you can manage all that. Soumya comes and says Tia…. reporters… come fast. Shivaye and Anika go.

Tia talks to reporters. Tia sees him. She says I can’t answer your questions, please let me go. She goes to Shivaye and says media followed me, so I came here. The reporter asks Shivaye why did you not release any statement. Tia says your silence is making them gossip. The reporter asks are you unhappy with baby, what’s the reason. Shivaye says its my family matter, we don’t want to spread the news in public, I m happy, I don’t need to give proof to you. The reporter asks what’s your reaction on this. He says we are happy, no more questions.

Anika is frustrated on Tia. Tia comes and asks what are you doing here. Anika says I m taking food for Shivaye. Tia says stop acting smart, what are you doing in my house. Anika says this is my house, remember what Dadi said, I m bahu and this is my house. Tia says this house is mine and Shivaye too, as I m giving him the heir. Anika says you are like Satish general store, he puts big brand name on local brand, you are doing same, to have someone child and put Oberoi family name. Tia asks her to get out. Anika says I will go when Shivaye tells me.

Tia says he does not tell even servants, if he not saying out of decency, it does not mean you stay back, you heard what he said to media, I m his wife and mother of his child, you are so cheap. Anika calls her cheap. Tia says I get angry and have more pity on you, very soon Shivaye will give you divorce. Anika says we will see, till my divorce happens, I m this house bahu and his wife, I told you how Indian wives make Sautan right. Tia says your attitude will go when Shivaye kicks you out. Anika is about to add salt in dish. Tia says don’t you dare go to Shivaye by excuse of food, I will take it.

Shivaye sees media making news about Tia’s child and angrily throws the phone. Tia gets food. He refuses to have it. She says then I will also not have it, you have to eat food for my sake, you know its imp to follow diet in this condition. She acts to be unwell. Shivaye makes her sit. She says I m fine, but things are not fine, mom is asking me when are you taking divorce from Anika, she wants us to get married before baby comes. He says I don’t see any problem there, we are married as the world knows. She says you can give divorce to Anika, did you not decide till now. He says there is much pressure of work and then this baby news, give me a week time. She asks why, divorce papers are ready, you can sign tomorrow.

He says its not possible tomorrow. She says fine, have food. He sits to have food. He tastes food and asks what’s this Tia. She asks any problem. He says there is no salt. She asks did cook not add salt. He says salt is sprinkled in my food after cooking. She says sorry, I didn’t know, where is salt. Anika comes and says its here, you forgot. She adds salt in the food. Shivaye thanks her. Tia goes. Anika stops her and says salt is strange thing, its not noticed when its there, and taste spoils in its absence, even salt is sprinkled on burns, right Tia. Tia leaves.

Shwetlana asks Tia why do you get stressed by Anika’s words, you should not take stress in this state, calm down. Tia says I can’t calm down till Anika is there. Rumi says you forgot what we decided, not to get personal enmity come between main war. Tia says this is not personal enmity, Anika is dangerous for us, she believes its not Shivaye’s child, she threatened that she will find out truth. Shwetlana says we understood, now don’t take stress, as its Oberoi’s turn to take stress. Tia asks what. Shwetlana says mom, I think its time to throw Daima’s card. Mrs. Kapoor says absolutely, Shivaye will not forget tomorrow’s day, then Oberoi’s destruction will start, just wait and watch. They all smile.

Daima tells Shivaye that Oberoi’s son is illegitimate. Mrs. Kapoor says Tej’s elder son Omkara is illegitimate. Shivaye gets shocked and says none should know this secret. She says give divorce to Anika and make her leave, the more delay you do, the secret can come out.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. aarosh

    i want om and rudra to come out asasp and i am excited to see what made anika to stay in OM after this much scene and get trapped in fridge

  2. navi

    Omg. . What is this? ? Precap is shocking. How can om be illegitimate. I mean I always thought maybe shivay is illegitimate. So when he will get to know about this he will be shocked and will stop speaking about khoon khandan. But yahan par sab ulta ho gaya. Poor om

  3. manisha malaysia

    sssss….this tia like rageswary once ek the raja ek thi rani..can carry character so cheap..her mother also.i read that she happy that that she can bring well the character.but we fans feel naturally her face is low class thing branded has high class.she is not suites shivayee….have seen many witched in Hindi drama but tia “s face yuk…

    • SairaBarkat


      |Registered Member

      when u r talking about tia’s face.. u r actually talking about navina bole’s face. and she is an amazing and beautiful actress. u can’t just criticize someone’s face, right? u may say that tia’s character is irritating but thats how a villian’s character is supposed to be, isn’t it? navina bole does her part pretty well. its just that, we fans hate her part.

      • Eynah

        Yap ur ryt n when we hate her means her acting (means as villian is affecting us n when its irritate means she is wonderfull actress

      • saira

        I agree; its unfair to comment bad about her face as naveena is really pretty. Its her character tia that all of us hates and our hate for her character itself proves that she is playing her character as a villian really well. So in all she is a beautiful and versatile actor

    • Alish

      Exactly manisha u shouldn’t say something about Tia’s Face she is most wonderfull and beautifull actress and she is doing harf work just bcz of us to entertain us..we All hate tia’s character but not Navina’s.She was amazing and she is.
      Remembered when she worked in Mily jab hum tum as Dia.I like her since then.
      So sorry but u shouldnt get personal about any one personality.

    • Bshama1239


      |Registered Member

      Yup its not at all easy task when you know that ur doing a negative role if we fans apprentice positive we should even apprentice negative kyon ki sab ki bus ki Baat Nahi hoti nafrat baya karna aur sahan ….as a person she is such a honey….

    • omi

      hey sorry if i am rude but u can’t say that to an actress. if u are irritated by tia’s role it’s fine. but u shouldn’t criticise an actress. she is just playing the role of tia . fyi many people like navina bole . don’t comment on anyone like that.
      and bye the way welcome back leenesh and hope kunal get well soon all ib fans are missing both of u guys.

    • SenuThilini

      I too not agree with you manisha. If tia is not in the track this drama will be very boring. And we hate her character only. Since she act realy good we feel irritating with the character. I was happy with svetlana’s entry as she can bring more twists to the story bt that doesnt meant i like her character. I think tia’s irritating behaviour and daksh’s pcyco move make shivika close.

    • Nithu


      |Registered Member

      We all hate her character only…if we r hating her means…she is doing her character xcellnt…tia is a imagination…..we hate her character…thats it..she is soo pretty btw

  4. fana

    I hate this episode….om illigmate one more twist ….can’t tolerate this 3sisters….luv to see shivikas jobs..omru plzz come back

  5. indera sanichara

    Why do all Indian soaps always deal with blackmailing. It’s so annoying and a sure turn off from watching them.

    • SairaBarkat


      |Registered Member

      actually, i agree with u. indian soaps always end up with blackmailing and revenge, plotting and all that. and sometimes, it becomes irritating to watch that.

  6. Archiya


    |Registered Member

    After a few episodes nw iB is getting interesting,liked the twist tat the 3 r sisters, poor gals they spoiled their entire life for a revenge which might not even be true, they r just seein wht their mom has told them,which I dnt think is true abt oberois being at fault.
    I cant believe tat omkara is illegitimate, they had given a hint one of them will be, bt I m still finding it diff to belive if true why omkara,poor guy he is so sweet.. this will b too much to bear for him

    I just loved how anika trusts shivay to core,this much trust is very diff to find, wen all proofs n against shivay n still anika believes so much in him,even though shivay did nt think even for a sec bfre putting a dirty allegation against her n did nt trust her even a bit,they shld shown him feeling guilty abt it.the story took a complete new twist wit shivay all faults considered forgiven.. nt fair enugh

    • Archiya


      |Registered Member

      another thought.. in the precap the daima just says that oberoi son is illegitmate, which one she does not tell, its mrs.kapoor who says its om, just bcoz she knws that shivay will do anythin for om

      • Nafisa

        You’re right Archiya Shivaay can do anything for Om not only Shivaay all of the Oberois. Om is the weakest link of the Oberoi family.

      • Sumi.SS


        |Registered Member

        Yeah archiya..I am thnkng the same..most of the scenes Anika is suprtng shivaay…fr that there is no proper reaction frm shivaay may sme mind voice lyk why Annika is belvng me this much..or othr rembrng old shivay’s accusation scenes..anything..but thy r shwng nthng..not evn perfect bgm also.

      • Mouni


        |Registered Member

        om is weakest one of them , he is sensitive and eazly affected , maybe its a lie and maybe its true but even tho , if anyone of them is illigitimate he is still an oberoi as the father is surly tej for omru and shakti for sso

    • Mouni


      |Registered Member

      yeah , its a new turn for IB , but why they say one of the bro is illigitimate ??? for sso its almost impossible to believe bcz of the pride pinky has for him and wants him to take the buisness of the OF and maybe the omru are legitimate but the kapoors are lying to pressure sso bcz even if its fake this news will create a mess for the OF
      l believe that tej and his bro have done many harm to others for money , and now all the ppl who wants revenge on the OF are a result of tej and shakti’s deeds but sadly its sso and anika and omru who pays the price not these old men
      anika believed sso bcz she already knows tia but sso had no info about daksh but am sure he will change for her as its clear now that he loves her but he is still bad with words

    • Bshama1239


      |Registered Member

      I am also sailing in the same boat see I remember in the beginning episode dadi once gave hint that the truth should not come out as she was doubtful that they will stop loving each other… And as far as illegitimate child concerns.. Shivaay can’t fit in this option.. Om maybe… Rudra maybe and yup the track is interesting

    • Lax

      Archu…!! So It’s not PSYCHO FAIR it’s PSYCHO FAMILY😁😁

      P.S- Even I am really glad to see how firmly Annika trusts Shivay. Sometimes I feel sad when I see CVs making Annika’s character weak n vulnerable, but things like this restore that to an extent. The dialogues given to her are always on point.

      • Archiya


        |Registered Member

        True Lax,, i was gonna say the same thing in my prev comment that they are a PSYCHO family.. an agreed anika dialogues r really gud.. an she delivers them perfectly

  7. Nithu


    |Registered Member

    Guys do u rem…the 4rth epi of..ib..dadi thinks that..inko sach..nahi batana chahiye..something like that…i think..this is nli the reason..what dadi wants to hide…

    • Bhavana

      I remember that…. I was thinkin the same…..but if shivaay knows that om is tej’s illegitimate son then why did he have problem with prinku nd dev alliance….. Nd seriously speaking, after seeing the precap, the daima told that oberio kandhan ke bade bete illegitimate hai toh woh shivaay bhi toh ho saktha haina? unhone om ka naam nahi liya tha na? 😮😮☺😮

  8. Shivika

    Nothing to comment..Getting bored now, it’s also becoming like thapki pyar ki..In that they hide thapki in tree, Shradha in pot..And now here Anika in fridge..If this continues will stop watching ishqbaaz..My first priority was ishqbaaz followed by ZKM, KRPKAB, PMHMD and udaan. Now the first has to moved to 2nd and 2nd has come to first..If this continues it will still come down gradually..Hope to see the best of ishqbaaz..especially Omru scenes, rumya scenes, Anika sister, priveer scenes. Why did they leave Shivaye bua to take revenge..They should have also included her…

    Anyways I am Sorry if I am hurting ishqbaaz fans..Just cannot see ishqbaaz down..So shared my view.

  9. Trisha

    Hlo guys how r u guyz?? Muje aaj 3ladki ko dekh kar oberios boy’s jase dil bola oberios karte hai same they have done ” dil bole kapoors “ohh they have done dis for their father dead revange aab toh yeh drama lamba chalega New twist nd turn now om illegitimate child i don’t think this is true
    Aur anika nd shivaya divorce ma bhi kohi jole shivaya ka koi plan hai to bring truth in front of everyone i have read in some spolier were wriiten that shivaya forced anika to sign on paper then he also sign in that paper then he called maneger to take that paper nd manerger try to say something but he make him quite nd ask him take that paper kuch toh gadbad.. daal ma kuch kalA hai ….
    Some secen which make us happy
    Anika first rasoii then she make butter panir first she sever to shivaya then taste
    dat panir he doesn’t give anyone to taste rudra saay to shivaya they also want to taste but he dont give to anyone then she take butter panir in bowl she tasted dat it was burnt then she realise why shivaya dosent want to give anyone he doesn’t want to make anika down infornt of everyone wah shivaya wah u cares for anika Yeepee Rudra is back 😅😆🙌😘I m so glad to see u fit nd fine leenesh matto i think many fan will happy to see u fit nd fine after so many days…….. Nd i pray to god that kunal also get well soon nd back to isqbaaz

  10. Srilatha

    Acutally before today epi i thing that anika past is related to obeiors but after today epi muj aise lagahayeh may be anika past related to kapoors. I think mr.kapoor may be spoiled anika’s family muj amesha lagtha anika belongs from big family about percap: i think illegal per yaha tho mera masum pure heart om illegal inkala writers app kis tract per jaraahai jobhi ho pls close this tia pergant drama&unite shivika i no shivika going to fake divorce but anika didn’t no aur anika ko fridge se kyon nekalega anyone know this pls tell me

    • Navz


      |Registered Member

      Yeh fridge kahan SE aagayi beich mein can anyone tell me . yeah happy to see rudra back. Hope that kunal also will be back soon.

  11. Su_16


    |Registered Member

    Want Shivika soon!!!


    I hate Pinky, Mrs Kapoor and these weirdo Nafratbaaz’s. Anika, happy to see u r not divorcing Shivaay. So this so called divorce drama is to catch Tia. Loved yesterday’s episode with takkar ki conversation of Anika and Tia.

    Any bengalies/Bangladeshis, am a Bangladeshi though.

    Thinking to write an ff on Shivika, it is gonna focus the life of Shivaay and Mallika’s child Riya, in where Mallika dies when Riya was born. And Riya tells Shivaay to marry Anika as she accepted Anika as her mother. Like YHM (if you watched it)

    So check it out after I post it😃…

    • Cinderella

      hi I’m also frm Bangladesh.. actually ami registered member hote prchi na register option a gia name e-mail password type korar pr register a click krle Okhne show krche prove that u r not a robot hw can I prove that??

  12. Shiv


    |Registered Member

    Shivaay Singh oberoi is becoming pappu sing oberoi day by day cheated by all tia daksh believing every lies except truth
    I have a doubt in illegitimate son that old grand ma just told oberoi son is illegitimacy which oberoi s son she didn’t mention but may be Mrs kapoor lying to shivaay I guess !!!

  13. simmy

    ahahaha i knew that svetlana tia and romo are sister because it was revealed on today spoilers 😂😂😂😂

  14. Mouni


    |Registered Member

    serioucly , why does sso has to pay for tej faults ?? l mean why from the start of IB l dont see tej or shakti playing their roles as elders and heads of the OF , they throw it on sso and even omru are a bit lazy and count on him to fix theire lives , om and pryanka almost killed a girl and he delt with the problem by taking drugs and hiding the truth and rudra is like a child so l feel really sad for sso even when he found love they will make him lose it and tej the responsable is free from pressure , l think IB needs to make shakti and tej accontable for their deeds , they hurt many ppl , we know they hurt gayatri and the kapoors and roop so these ppl turned evil for revenge and am afraid that even anika’s past will have something to do with them , so they need to face justice and pay for what they did not sso who has nothing to do with it , the OF needs a new start with the 3 bros and their wives not the elder generation that created damage and corruption even shakti who looks charitable and gives money to poor does this out of guilt and pretention as dadi said in the 1st ep
    sso is paying for his father and uncle deeds whiche is really unfair for him and anika , they deserve a peacful life away from them

    • Archiya


      |Registered Member

      RIte Mouni,
      even i feel sad for SSO as he has to face so many things alone,thats why he is more of SSO and less of shivay.But its kinda of “just like you get the property of ur elders, same way you have to pay for their bad deeds n gud deeds also”..

  15. Nafisa

    Guys Ishqbaaz is getting typical day by day. What do you think guys? How can Om be illegitimate? And Shwetlana,Tia and Romi are sisters can’t believe it. Most shocking twist in IB.
    Ah guys I am really really sorry for disturbing you guys again. But friends I am having some problems in registering guys when I type all the details and press register it says that the username is already taken. Guys do you know what is the problem actually is? If you know can you please help me?😢😢

  16. Srilatha

    Kapoors wants to take revenge from obeiros na but why they only trapping shivaye. I am huge fan of ib my first&last proirity goes to ib ha sometimes last proirity goes to mehek but i can’t see shivika like this i want to see shivika confess there feelings&om lady love&rumya marriage secret come infront of om&anika past so i am requesting u clear this evil tia pregant drama as soon as possible actually before 1jan 2017

  17. Sharmi

    I feel very sad for shivay this time. So much pressure to him already. Now that b*t*h Mrs Kapoor creating new pressure on him.
    I’m afraid that this pregnancy track will also go like 2 yrs like kumkum bagya. Not only me all ishqbaaz fans are in this fear

    Thanks for the update 😊

    • Bshama1239


      |Registered Member

      See anika said a dialogue to shivaay jab aapki zindagi ke phesle koi or laga tab aapko samjh aayega something like that …and this pressure is good in my POV as shivaay will feel the helpless feeling like anika and as far as pregnancy track concerns plz don’t say kkb track omg…that was….******* track aur ab bhi kkb is dragging abhi memory loss.. But gk mam per bharusa hai

    • Tusi

      Yeah! exactly.. then it is waste of time to see isqbazz just like kumkum baghiya…. but I am fed up these types of indian drama, most of the drama the pregnent track… it’s really so shameless…

    • Sharmi

      Yeah u r right bshama.
      No omi left watching few months back itself. Now can’t able to watch kkb even for five minutes that much irritating.

  18. Sumi.SS


    |Registered Member

    Hi guyzzz….vry disappointed by 2day epi..
    Really they r sisters??????
    We knw already rudra knew abt romis psychopath..tia also prgnt..Svetlana track is also suddnly r expected tia and Rumi char closure..but cvs r makng all the fans as fool lyk SSO..
    They r fully chnged the’s disgusting…aftr watching their FB..sso dialg it does not make sense..
    ISHQBAAZ is always 1st in onlne’s means that most of youngsters r watchng..this way of changing the track is’s perfctly suit fr Aunties not fr us..
    I nver expect illegitimate son track may be shiv or om or ru but if its wl ruin the char who is gng to be said as illegitimate child..I thnk so.
    I nvr expct this frm Gul mam..nw days so many meangless FB r created only to draaaaaagggg the showww…pls don’t do this mam..

    • Sumi.SS


      |Registered Member

      But we r only viewers can’t chnge anythng..befre gng to start this nafrathbaaz..concentrate on ishqbaaz..
      Till nw om lady love is not entred..
      Shivaay and anika thnkng they r just helpng eachothr..they r nvr see this all in a view of love..
      Rudra and soumya hv no idea abt their mrge and lve..
      Just make this 3 couples to realise their lve fr eachothr..atleast fr their ownself..
      Priveer track also..

      • Archiya


        |Registered Member

        I completely agree with u Sumi,the show name is IShqbaaz, and other than that they are concentrating on everything else, bt m hoping this is just to cover omru absence, once they come,hopefully they wll end tis

  19. Agrima

    Hey ishquies i’ve been a silent reader.
    But i can’t stop myself from commenting today.
    I earlier episode when shivay wanted to overtake saraswati steels tia said that she can help, if shivaay agrees to marry her then her mom n dad would give their votes to the oberois.But now they are showing that tia’s father had died when she was young.How’s this possible.Can anyone please explain.
    Hope you all accept me as your new family member 🙂 🙂



    |Registered Member

    Sooo finally bitter truth is getting out slowly.. but i m 90% sure that shivaye is illegimate child not Om…🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
    And miss Om and rudra, anika need their help to find truth.. get well soon both
    But again taking show tooo much slow

  21. Agrima

    Hey ishquies i’ve been a silent reader.
    But i can’t stop myself from commenting today.
    I earlier episode when shivay wanted to overtake saraswati steels tia said that she can help, if shivaay agrees to marry her then her mom n dad would give their votes to the oberois.But now they are showing that tia’s father had
    died when she was young.How’s this possible.Can anyone please explain.
    Hope you all accept me as your new family member 🙂

    • Nafisa

      Hey welcome Agrima. I have read a spoiler and it says that Tia is Gayatri’s daughter but the current track shows that is not so confusing drama.

  22. Lax

    Bas ab Daksh aur ACP ko bhi bhai bana do….!!! Psycho family ll b complete.
    Jokes apart, so it’s Oberoi brothers vs Kapoor sisters now. Things may take time to solve. Oh dear lord..!! Please don’t drag the track.😥😥
    Only time ll tell if it’s smart decision by CVs to cook up something like this, but I think it was definitely not their initial plan. Lets see how things shape up. Hope CVs are really going somewhere with this without complicating it.
    Also I feel these sisters actually resemble each other to an extent esp Tia n Svetlana. Anyway that Devi thing was really hard to digest. So is Romi a Devi really or was it all part of some plan?? But Saumya knew abt Romi devi from her childhood days. There are many such flaws even in Tia’s track. Anyway we ve to ignore all that I guess. So now it’s mission psycho sisters…!!😈😈
    Abt precap Omkara being illegitimate is definitely big blow on Shivay’s head n am liking that twist to b frank. Feeling bad for Omkara, but still I know even though sensitive, Omkara is mature to understand that it is no mistake of his. Shivay who hated Dev for being illegitimate on the hand ll be more remorseful. So basically if Omkara is nagayaz, it’s not him who is going to get affected, but it’s Shivay’s thinking process. Hopefully Shivay’s perspective itself ll change.

    P.S- Guys read something very funny online- the Kapoor sisters are called RoTiLana (ROmi-TIa-svetLANA)😂😂

    • Archiya


      |Registered Member

      just loved this line of urs.. Bas ab Daksh aur ACP ko bhi bhai bana do….!!! Psycho family ll b complete…. lolzzzzz.. m laughing lik anythin
      an ur rite.. physco family was nt an initial plan,they just cooked up,hopefully to cover omru absence

  23. shahabana

    Poor sso….how much pressure he will face now…i know what sso did with anika is absolutely wrong i wont justifie his deeds….then also im feeling pity for sso….now i understoid why shivaye become sso…he have to bcz he always faces so many problems in life thats why he become sso
    Anika….u are a superb girl…no matter how sdo behaves with her…byt she always trusts shivaye….thats love
    Only anika can transfer sso to shivaye…everyone pointing fingurs on sso…but anija she trusts sso…thats superb
    And this three evils swet tia rumi….ohhhh unbearable….actually wrong is mrs.kapoor she is teaching wrong doings to her childrens
    Plsss omru come back and help shivika to expose evils
    Plssss show some shivija moments and progress rumya story….bring om and his lead… Show priveer tooo…
    I dnt want to watch nafrathbaaz….i want ishqbaaz

    • Kiki


      |Registered Member

      I agree with u. Shivaay is the great Wall of Oberoi family. He made himself harder to bear all the responsibility. I feel very bad for him.

  24. Diksha

    Hats off to d writers kahaan kahaan se twist leke aate hain. Since forced marriage of shivika (commendable performance) everyday we gt New surprises. So eager to see shivika luvly moments n dey tease us by showing in bits. I gt mich michi wen d show gts over. Again wait fr 24 hrs😕😕😕. Happy wid d shows twists n performances. At least we r served sumthing New 😊

  25. Krishnaa


    |Registered Member

    how come these 3 devils are sisters? if romi was there sister, soumya should have known as rumi is her childhood friend. as for omkara, his nature, way of thinking reflects that of jhanvi a bit in my opinion. it is also not possible as tej did not even accept dev’s marriage proposal for prinku as he was illegitimate, so i dont think he would have given his name to om. and in an episode it was said that jhanvi had to sacrifice her career after om’s birth. i guess kapoor is lying to shivaye. Om is already very emotional,intense-this will be a shock for him and make him hate his father more.

  26. Tahima

    iK alot of you guys are angry with this new nafratbaaz track but i am really excited, Like this seems alot more interesting like any other track they have done honestly it was a very smart twist. Ik alot of you guys like seeing shivika all happy and romantic all the time but come on it would get soo boring. The only thing i am worried about is all the other tracks like wat about priveer and the progress with roumya and omkaras girl. Idk how its all gonna work out??????

  27. Lids


    |Registered Member

    How is it possible that Tia is so much powerful than SSO? She is always a few steps ahead of them, but she always manages to outsmart him. Doesn’t SSO could have his guard or hire a private inspector to follow her and see what she is up to? It seems that Tia has more money than the SSO that she can bribe 2 doctors n wth now those 3 are sisters. I cant it anymore. Finish this track please before the new year. They could do so many different tracks. Don’t like this one at all.

  28. Sunshine

    Omg. Never did I expect this kind of twist. They all are sisters? And tia and swetlana look so similar. I actually feel sad for them. They’ve been brainwashed by their mother so much. Blinded in revenge. Idk why is their mom using them for all this. Poor Svetlana, she wasted a part of her life to go behind tej and called the other woman. And tia couldn’t get on with her life and her husband and god knows what romi has gone through for this revenge thing. That mrs kapoor isn’t a mother, she’s a monster hiding behind her daughters.
    Idk if pberois are at fault, but I know that a mother should never ruin her children’s lives by bringing them into all this.

    And what is this, so funny. How come the oberois haven’t done a background check on the kapoors. Three girls who are in their lives and all of them are sisters and none of them did a background check. And these people are graduates from Harvard and London school of art. Can’t blame them, but seriously, shivaay is smart, he can catch them. Why are all these villains one step ahead of the protagonists all the time?

    I’m so confused about the genre of this serial, thought it was a romantic drama at firs, then romantic comedy, then murder mystery,then after anika sgivay wedding it became saas bahu drama and now thriller.

  29. starbright

    this is so unrealistic. soumya know romi from childhood, then she would know her family too. or was romi raised by some other family? im so obsessed with this track. when r rumya gonna reveal their marriage n wht abt priveer track?

  30. shahabana

    Guyz no one is illegimate from obros…its just mrs.kapoors plan to trap shivaye bcz she knows very well that for him his family is everything thats why mrs kapoor is targeting sso by saying omkara is an illegimate child….but actually he is not….all three obros are also not an illegimate child…so just chill guyz
    And many are wants sso to be a illegimate child… But he is not and i really dnt want sso to be a illegimate child bcz it wont makes any logic…..and sso dnt care about himself but he cares much about his family and brothers….just remember what anika said u cares about if anything wrong happens with ur family but u dnt cares if anything wrong happening with u……..

  31. Starbright


    |Registered Member

    hi guys im starbright. ima big fan of ishqbaaz n chandra nandini. priveer is my fav couple. im 14 years old. im from kerala. hope u’ll welcome me to ur wonderful family


    I seriously fed up with all these illogical stuff going on now a days. If it continue for a long, it may happen after having three CHILDREN from SHITIYA unison, PINKY+SHAKTI at a fine morning in OM would have been reading a years old DOCTOR REPORT mentioning SSO is IMPOTENT!, and may be these days are not far away !!!!!

    You can not go for long with ML being so dumb all the time. Atkleast some burden of RESOLVING CAPACITY should be laid on ML than all to on only FL.Dragg him out of his RUDENESS, anger and useless stuff and place him under the influence of a TACTICAL CIRCLE from where he just can atleast smell something fishy. When you go on with a leading BUSINESS FAMILY of country, how doctors even dare to think making of false report? It is mindless CV’s thought to keep SSO JAPPING NKK even after he getting the glimpse of TIA’a and her MOTHER’s true color.

    I never believe GK as good MAKER, but never WORST as well. But this baseless track will lead her to the wors. She was at mid, but now at lowest. It is her hard time to raise her level from the lowest , it is different that she never can gain TOP, but atleast she may settle at mid somewhere.


  33. shahabana

    Common guyz why they where doing like this.. Is this same sso who crosschecked about dev and chabbras in one day when priyankas alkiance fixed with dev……..why they where shiwing sso like a fool now and fooling viewers… Im really fed up of this drama……how can sso traped by kapoors and tia….why he didnt done crosscheck about tia and her family….how oberois can be this much foolish…..
    Im really so sad about all this current story line.. Plssss its really enough now plsssss dnt show sso has more dumb and stupid

    • shahabana

      Im agree with ur points Shekhar…gk mam herself spoiling her show… I really dntknow whats wrong with her…..why she is spoiling a good show….twist and turns and negetivity are important to run a show in television but this much….everything will be in a limit then it will be fine….when its crosses the limits its spoiles the things…same happening with ib….first they added little twists its really needed and healthy for a shiw….but now they where spoling a show by adding lotz of unnecessary twists thats tooo baseless… This is not the ib in which all the youngsters fallen….now also its not tooo late they should end all this mess soon and handle snoothly and in a simple way…i really dnt want ishqbaaz to destroy like qubool hai….i want ishqbaaz should memorable like ispyarkokyanamdo and geeth hueee sabse parai

      • SHEKHAR


        I heard, some times FEMAL SNAKE ate her own eggs due to HUNGER, and here GK is eating the CHARM of her own made ISHQBAAZ for the hunger of TRP!!!!

      • shahabana

        This stupid trp is biggest enemy for good shows….hey there is gonna some good scenes of shivika and rumya in upcoming episodes…im eager to watch it

      • shekhar

        Its not a justice either to ml or fl. Villain should be strong on his own. Weak ml/fl should not be the strength of villain. Right from the first epi either the Shivaay’s weakness of NKK odeology or innocency of ANNIKA are being the strenghth of villain. Shitting idelogy and dumbmess are never can be treated as the two sides of a same coin, but makers are used to show that!!!! SSO may be rude, devil, egoisy, but how one can project him as DUMB and FOOL all the time, when you show him a business tycoon of INDIA? SHOW HIM CRUEL, DEVIL, RUDE, AND any thing like, but FOOL/ DUMB?, NEVER! It is not dietable to anyone! When a person rule over share indices, other business houses seeking the activities of OF BISINESS LIMEUP to decide their own policy, then how he can be dumb and fool all the time?

  34. prapti

    omg…. om is illegitimate. this is really shocking.don’t know if it is true or this is another trick of mrs.kapoor and rotilana gang.

  35. navi

    Oberoi family is a powerful family. I don’t understand how any1 can fool them so easily. Shivay always talks abt family reputation and all that crap then how come he didn’t check tia’s family background. How come he didn’t find out whose daughter she is, svetlana being her sister and most important about her marriage.

  36. Uf

    Kunal jaisingh ishqbaaz ki set pe waapas aaye kya?sana amin sheikh ki entry ki baare mein gul khan ne Kuch bathaya? om ki love lady ki entry december mein hone waali thi but kunal ki health problem ki wajah se wo nahi ho paaye lekhin ab wo waapas aayengi tho uski love lady ki entry bhi hona chaahiye warna phir se wait karna padega .

    Please Kuch inform mile tho bathaya


    • shahabana

      No uf kunal is taking rest now….only leenesh is back on sets…kunal is not enterd dr….and about sanas entry no news dr.. If i will get any imformation i will imform u

      • shahabana

        Hyyyy i tooo saw the pic now….om is back on ib….nakul posted pic with kunal
        And some fc page posted one article that ishana aka vrushika is back on ib….but its vanished in a minute i dntknw why….is really ishana is back….if its true im soooo happyyyy

  37. Sanaurifa

    Hello ishqies
    Really getz surprised when you guys are shocked to know one Oberoi is illegitimate
    Its from d beginning itself showed one to be illegitimate whenever Shivaay talks about NKK
    Om talks about truth

    THE TRUTH is one to be ILLEGITIMATE to change their ideology
    I thought it was to be Rudra but

    I really got dis hurts when some good analyser in this TU has too much negativity over this track

    We have to believe GK mam who gave us a serial like Arjun

    Sorry for those who got dis hurts by my words

  38. Uf

    Hi guys

    Instagram pe vrushika ki re entry ki baare mein batha rahi hai wo kya fake news hai


    • shahabana

      Yaaaa ufff its a feke news actually its a old news they posted it mistakenely so they deketed this post later

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.