Ishqbaaz 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 27th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye and Anika are on the way. Anika reaches city hospital. Shivaye gets down the car and sees orphanage. She thinks what to do, shall I do this or not. He thinks after knowing Anika’s past, our lives will change forever. Some time before, Anika says I can fight with entire world, with myself, with Lord, but not with you. He holds her close to pacify. He says its okay and gets tearful eyes. She sees him holding her. She gets away. He asks what happened. She says we would have spoken being away, why did you pull me. He says I did not, you came to me, I did not finish yet, listen to me, are you embarrassed. She asks what, my slipper will be embarrassed. He says I did not wish to hurt you. She says even then you have hurt my heart. He says I can’t hurt you intentionally, can I get some time. She asks

him to take as much time as he wants, but remember one thing, I m just Anika. He says you don’t need to change, Anika….just Anika. He hugs her.

Shivaye and Anika sleep. He thinks of her words and looks at her. She turns to his side and kicks him in sleep. He falls down the bed and says seriously, she just kicked me. He says maybe she saw a bad dream, she looks stressed, I will sleep. He lies on the bed again and closes eyes. She kicks him again. He falls down the bed. He shouts Anika. She wakes up and shouts catch the thief. He says its me Shivaye, why do you shout thief always when you wake up this way. She asks what are you doing on ground. He says modelling, you kicked me. She asks are you football, scooter or tin box lying on road, you say anything. He says you kicked me twice here. She asks twice, did I kick Bagad Billa, Kanji eyes Maharaj, one plus one free, it means I have Dara Singh power. He says don’t over estimate yourself. She says I can make you lose in hand wrestling. He asks will you make me lose. She says I believe myself. He says don’t challenge me, you will lose. She bets. They arm wrestle. She says Billu ji will lose today and smiles. He lowers his hand. She says I told you will lose today. He kisses and smiles. She looks at him stunned. He makes her lose and calls her loser. She says this is cheating. He asks what did I do. She says you have… you know what you did. He says I don’t remember, do it and show. She asks how can I do such cheap 2rs thing. He asks am I cheap. She says yes, your doing was bad, I was winning, I would have won if you did not do this. He says you agreed that you have failed. She says you say it, you got afraid of my power. He says I got afraid and pulls her close. He says you have much power, now free your hand and show, let’s see how much power you have. Music plays…… They have an eyelock.

Its morning, Shivaye says why am I so confused, I m thinking what’s the need to do all this, Anika will be Anika, her background does not matter, but my mind says its important to know her background. He keeps food for Sahil. Sahil asks is this for me. Shivaye says yes. Sahil says ask what you want. Shivaye says who told you I want to ask something. Sahil says this is bribe. Shivaye says you know I love cooking, have it, try it, come on, tell me one thing. Sahil says you came to same point. Shivaye says I m trying to start conversation, I m not asking anything. Sahil says I m Sahil Chaturvedi, you know the meaning of Chatur/clever. Shivaye says okay, I had to ask about Anika, none knows Anika better than you. Sahil says go on. Shivaye says you were young when Anika was brought home. Sahil says yes, I was so young that I did not know when did they bring her from orphanage. Shivaye asks which orphanage. Sahil says don’t know name, but Bua used to taunt Anika that dad got her from orphanage, he used to go Borivali to get soaps from factory. Shivaye says it means orphanage is between Borivali and Andheri.

Shivaye asks Anika to come, I made breakfast for you. She asks for me. He says you are reacting as if I did not make it before, come. She asks what’s this. He says green tea, I feel bad when you insult my espresso. She says I won’t drink this boiled water. He says you are impossible, how about this sandwich. She removes the corners to eat it. He says you are murdering the sandwich. She says I will eat the corners if you are feeling bad. She dips the bread in tea and eats. He says don’t do this. She asks did you not eat bread this way, so you don’t know the taste, try it. He says no. She says I drink bitter coffee for you, you can’t try this for me. He says let me prepare myself. He reacts. She says its not so bad. She laughs. He asks how do you do all this. She says I feel, we match in some things and we are completely opposite in few things. She gets a call and turns to talk. He also gets a call. She says 11am, fine I will reach. He says could you find all details about that orphanage, okay bye. They end call. He asks what were we talking. She says about food. He asks her to eat. They turn the either ways and think.

He makes call and asks did you get address, great, send me. Sahil asks did you get address. Shivaye says yes. Sahil asks are you going to that orphanage to find about Anika. Shivaye says its imp for me and Anika, nothing will change between us, I promise you, don’t tell this to Anika, I will tell her my way, okay good boy. He goes. Pinky hears them. She says I knew Shivaye will do anything to know about Anika, I will follow him and know Anika’s background. Shivaye is on the way. Anika is also on the way.

Anika reaches city hospital. She thinks what to do, shall I do this or not, its fine if I don’t know it, but I don’t know what will I do after knowing it. Shivaye gets down the car and sees orphanage. He thinks after knowing Anika’s past, our lives will change forever, I can ignore now, but I can’t ignore after knowing it, what shall I do, I have to know Anika’s truth. Anika thinks everyone has right to know truth, even Shivaye, I m with him, I will see whatever happens.

The lady says sorry, we can’t give info about anyone. Shivaye says I did not come to do random enquiry, I m asking about my wife, I have complete rights to know about her. Anika says I have to meet Dr. Goyal. The lady says he is busy right now, please wait. Shivaye gets the info and says I have to do it, else I won’t get it. He checks the papers. Pinky looks on from outside.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Shiv


    |Registered Member

    Omg it’s totally shivikalicious episode !! 😍😍😍luvd it to the core!!! Mr m Mrs smith my shivika
    Never bend
    never give up
    never loose ego
    never stop loving each other
    Never stop pulling others
    Never stop over power others
    Never stop keeping others under control
    And finally
    Never stop being deadly in loving each other by sacrificing ones own life😍😍😍😍
    Wonderful n unique pair in Indian tv luv them 😍😍😍😍😍

  2. Shekhar


    |Registered Member



    It was automatically sourced from over his heart and were slipped out of his mouth ! He

    felt her pain , her pain, her frustration , her fear of losing him, her paralytic expression

    while she was speaking out of her truth of origin , her babbling , her sobbing and soon after

    when he consoled her for being with her in any situation while hugging her is two far pole

    apart situation of her whole being , and when he again got her going away from his life out

    of misunderstanding him during convo with his sibling , he kicked out all the control of his

    mind from over his whole being and OWNER OF INDIA’s MOST LEADING BUSINESS HOUSE

    ran after her to get back in his life. It just can not be a easy task for any person belong to

    such a highly rich family to ran across the MIDDLE CLASS CHAWL to get back his wife who

    has no status alike except her all talent and ability.

    Let his this saying out of his LOVE, UNDEFINED STRONG FEELINGS or HIS LOUD OUT

    RESPONSIBILITY, it has no importance, but circumstances in which he said is important. A

    gal can not except so much dedication from a man she love. He knows, it is not his wealth,

    and not all the physical stuff which can provide that peace over which he focused, but it is

    his ability to arise a confident in her , SHE IS NOT ALONE, AND SHIVAAY WILL NOT LET HER

    BE ALONE TILL HER LAST BREATH. It was not easy for him to say such life long meaningful

    words if he is not a committed man. He knows, in the world around, people are taking his

    word for word, not for himself being the richest man in country, but world knows, whatever

    he says, he will do it for sure. This his characteristics , apart from business issue, he equally

    applied in his personnel life too.

    Her fear of being alone again, and fear of losing him split ANNIKA vertically and SHIVAAY

    stood stand all around her like WALL to demolish her these very fears. The way, and under

    the critical situation , he found her speaking out the TRUTH was enough for SSO to hell

    bent to keep her in his life at any cost. For him, a person with truth possess a unique and

    different space in his life.

    LOVE just make the people close, but COMMITTED person render the unbelievable height

    to both the CLOSENESS and LOVE. When the committed people fall in love, none has to

    look back to confirm whether other is with or not.

    we are keep seeing ANNIKA raking out the past of MAAHI only to establish the some

    connection between MAAHI & SSO while SSO is raking out the origin of ANNIKA , and both

    are feeling guilt while doing it in the fear of what other may feel. But CVS are seems to me

    to set out the DIAGONAL SOLUTION of this mess up. I guess, CVS will come up with SHAKTI

    and KAAMINI as responsible persons for this mess up.

    In any case, SSO and MAAHI will come up as TWINS, and PINKY will be cut to size only then.

    • Chithra

      Yes bro I agree vid u….nd iam sure cv’s comes up vid sakthi…I think both mahi and SSO son of sakthi and kamini may be may not be or may be the kamini who is behind separation both sso and mahi…..

      And coming first part being man belongs to rich family great businesses man going to middle class chawal to get back his wife eveneven when she herself cleared that she has no surname, family bg this is something beyond the limit of old SSO 😇😇😇😇

      He himself found her fear of loosing him nd it was shown beautiful yesterday’s day before yesterday’s episode 😇😇😇😇😇

    • Pushpa


      |Registered Member

      luved your analysis super owsm…i hope cvs will do it asap revealing the identity of maahi&shivaye and any then pinky will keep her mouth shut & stay away from anika.

  3. Ranilya


    |Registered Member

    Iv decided….
    I’m not going to comment today….im still upset about TU not posting my comment yesterday….
    So il just read the others posts…n reply

    Am I sounding like Amaaya??!!
    It’s ok…

    • Ranilya


      |Registered Member

      Lax it’s happened to you too??
      That’s so bad…

      I was so disappointed yesterday…
      But after watching the epi I felt better.

      Controlling myself hard, to not comment today…

    • Amayaa


      |Registered Member

      Hawwwwww rani di …………itni bari baezatti ( I mean insult ………Hindi words zaada suit karenge na ……..,.but mujhe iski English spelling nahi aati …………hope yahi ho …….) …………..ha ha ha. ……….? amayaa go nd replace kapil Sharma ………….u have capability to do it ……………itna bura full of drama vala joke to vo bhi nahi karpayega. ……….I m kidding di …………😊😊😊

    • Archiya


      |Registered Member

      Rani dear
      whats this.. angry with TU.. u totally sound like a small kid,an not like the mother of one(wink wink)

      Ok so come we will beat TU ok.. just open ur phone/laptop, open the TU page… an hit the screen badly… done !!!! now post ur comment ASAP.. m waiting to read it

      • Ranilya


        |Registered Member

        Oh Archu…i did follow ur instructions….n bang went my phone!! !

        Archu…its too late now…il try to comment for the next epi…
        By the way it’s wkend…so il b busy with my kid…

    • Anu

      Are u sounding like amayaa? Of course u r!!
      Ranu.. it happened to me today.. my reply to ridhi is missing!! 😞

  4. Shree

    Amaya amaya where r u……… i m here with my registration form…….accept it……..
    Name – Shree
    Roll. No. – 48 ( thanx to Renima di)
    Studying at – SBSA
    Address – #32 dreamland, in dreams of shivika
    Phone no. – Any no. tat’ll make my contact to maahi……
    Already a member of pkj
    Now wnt to register fr
    Annika’s sis group
    If i m a maahi lover then hs to be in sautan’s club na bcz there r so many maahi lovers here 😉
    Bdw why there is no grp fr omkara lovers…….
    Now hope my registration process will strt soon

    D above details hs been verified
    Signing as

      • Shree

        Actually i miss omkara a lot nowadays………m nt a dbo fan tat too bcz of naagin swetlana n so nvr watch it…….n thus miss him……whenever strt watchng dbo fr rikara swetlana always comed in b/w n hv to switch off t.v
        Sry if i hurt anyone….

    • Amayaa


      |Registered Member

      Ha to roll no. 48
      Ur registration is accepted
      Oookkk dr Omkara lover group soon be introduced along with dumble club nd Chulbul chirote club

  5. Arpita

    @lax dear, auto correct prblm, ankh jhapki means dono ek dusre ke ankho main dekhnge .jiski ankhe pehele band hogi woh haregi .ye gsme adi aur psnkhuri ne khela tha.

    And tumne meri maan ki baat kehedi.i also want that same thing will happen once again but in different way then didi will kiss Sso and Sso became in muh khula wala expression. And she will win.
    Kass ais hojaye.

    @puspa dear, exactly Sso ne toh pura dhoom machadiya

    @nilash dear, itne emoji tumhare bhi aur liji ke bhi??? Isse toh pata chalta he ki tum kitne khush ho.😉

    @asthababy i am also some gandhibadi type.but ammu se ladhne main maja aata he.😂

    @rajjo dear, thnx tumhare jija kafi romantic ho rahe he.

    @nivi dear, ase hi haso aur hasate raho.

    @nilash dear hum revolt tab karenge jab Sso will again hurt our didi.not now bcoz ye wali tadi mujhe bahut pasand he
    Like nivi said na di ne bhi cheating ki dono haath se.

    But but but kash didi ek baar toh Sso ko kiss karo. Sso ne apko 9 kiss kiya he.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    10 months hogaye he aur apki saadi ko 5 months so ab toh ek kiss banti he na??????

    9 time-
    1.woh pool side pe.
    2.ML drame ke veech.
    3-jab Sso kidnapping se wapas aaya.
    456-hand kiss
    789- kal hair pe 3 baar ( maine notice ki) credit do mujhe😉😉😉 so didi aap bhi ek kiss karlo forhead pe nahi toh eyes pe chalega cheeks pe jane ke liye time lagega😂😉😉😉😉😉

    @akrti dear i am totally agree with you.

    • Rajjo


      |Registered Member

      yr mere. jiju to hn hi bhot romantic bas aaj tak koi mili nhi unhe unke jaisa tadibaazzz… khidkitod tashan wala… ab mili hn to apne style me jiju bhi apna karnama krna chate hn… vese meri did bhi kam nhi hn… aakhir panja ladaane k liye unhone hi kaha tha na… n kick bhi unhone hi maari…

    • Nilash


      |Registered Member

      Yyyyaaa I was sssooo happy yesterday and ok hum revolt baad me karenge but I don’t think ki hamare Shivay jiju hamare Anika didi ko ab aur hurt karenge….

  6. Kiki


    |Registered Member

    What an episode ya… Full & full Shivika and sahil. Please ignore that aunty.
    Watching shivika is pure bliss. ….. Today I want to join with my blushing partners.
    Their hugs are so different &passionate. At the first hug Anika was sitting in her safest place. She was ready to enjoy the moment but Shivaay unknowingly spoilt it.
    The kicks & the kiss was sooooooooo cute. Shivaay is not ready to miss a single chance to romance with his wife.Loved the nose-nose touch.
    SSO is trying to change or adjust with his NKK ideology . According to me it’s really a big thing. If he suddenly changes his ideology it won’t suit his characterization.
    Waiting for the 2 revelation …. Missing Mahi a lot..
    Nakuul, Surbhi &Aarya hats off. .. you all are deserves a lot.
    I usually love to watch SPA but this time my excitement level is damn high…. Can’t wait for it.

    PS: Hey ishqies. .. I really missed you all. There was painting work in my house. So I couldn’t able to put my attendance here. Whenever I got time I used to read your comments but I couldn’t reply. So sorry….

    • Kiki


      |Registered Member

      And also I’m super duper happy…… because my brother has come back from India for vacation. Kiki’s new mission is making my brother an ishqbaazian 😉😉😉😉

    • Archiya


      |Registered Member

      SSO is trying to change or adjust with his NKK ideology . According to me it’s really a big thing. If he suddenly changes his ideology it won’t suit his characterization…
      i totally agree with tis comment of yours.. an as shivay said no one can change overnight

      We missed u too Kiki.. an wc back
      an ya make him an IB soon.. even he can join us on this page

  7. Nikita_jai29


    |Registered Member

    Good morning ishqies…. Guys.. I am same Nikitajai . Plz don’t be confused… Or panic… Just a little modification in my username….. Hoping you all understand…

  8. Piyuu


    |Registered Member

    what a episode yaar ..shivika rocked today. Love the shivika scene..bed wala scene mei anika thune kya kick kiya 2 baar bechara billuji uske baad panje scene mei billuji ne anika ko cheat kiya..flying kiss scene is nice .shivaay is naughty..uske baad signature hug ab kya hogaya billuji ko ekdum rso ban gayi.anika thu itni embarassed kyu hi apni hus hey na ..sahil shivaay scene was nice…break fast scene anika thum lucky ho apni hus thumare liye sandwich banaya ..thum sandwich ko murder kiya na uss samay shivaay ka expression is nyz.aur bread ko green tea mei dimp kar gaaya aur saath shivaay se bhi aise khane keliye kahi..sach bolo tho aise bread khana muje bilkul pasand nahi..par anika aise karthe dekh kar achi legi uske baad dhonom gayi apni mission mei…precap pinky chup chupke shivaay ka piche aagayi

  9. Aastha_Reddy


    |Registered Member

    Oye… meri khotiya dramebaaz AIR where are you today???
    @Liji… The cutest and smallest fan of IB award goes to your lovely angel…Bhaiyya said he love your Nakhre noor jahan ke…And I too love her till infinity.

    • Amayaa


      |Registered Member

      What a timing Aastha di 😊😊😊
      8 : 41 me aapne mujhe yaad kiya aur 8 : 42 me bina aapki message padhe mera superrrrrr longggggggg comment bhi aa gaya
      Actually mere comment ka first para ( jiska base yahi tha )
      likhne ke baad hi Aapka comment aa gaya ……….heart 2 heart connection hai ………😍😍😍

  10. Amayaa


    |Registered Member

    Here comes amaaya back
    Yesterday I replied with veryyyyyy veryyyyyyy short comment
    Nd only to five – six ishqies
    But no one asked me reason ha ……….I was not able to write such short reply but I did it ……………perhaps yesterday was de first time …………..actually i was checking …………..farkh parta hai ( SSO vala ni amayaa vala ) or not…………..but no I was wrong. …………..may be my longgggg comments r like boring one………….kisi ko farkh nahi para……………first i decided not to comment long from today. …………..
    But u all know na ……………mujhse nahi hota…………..crying amayaa 😭

    Leave all this………….waise bhi amayaa to badalne se rahi ……………..
    Longggggggg longggggggg comments nd ammu r like inseparable buddies who never be apart. ………………..Nd short comments nd ammu r like green tea nd black tea ( uppppsss I mean opposite taste of Shivika ) ………………so let’s continue. ………….

    @arpu baby ……. u know what when they r playing hand wrestle. …………I m supporting my bhaiya by cheering him …………..Nd I thought u must be praising ur di at de same time when she is like winning. ………….de game ………… everything is fair in love nd war…………a very old dialogue. …………..aur yaha to love bhi tha aur war bhi …………….😜😜😜 ur di lost de game nd my bhaiya won …………
    Yeah yeah yeah ……………

    @Aastha di. ……….ur new name is still on searching mode………..very difficult to find a khirkitor name for u ………aap ka new name bhi to aap hi ki tarah hona chhahiye na ekdum jhakkass ………… kya di aap bhi na ………….hum to hai hi ishqies. ……………ishqbaaz Nd ishqies r
    Always top priority than seprate groups nd clubs ………………but still maja aata h arpu se pyaari vali larai karne me …………….😊😊😊
    Waah waah waah ………..aaj sub full on Mouni mode aur buk buk channel bane hue hai. ……………large raho……..ab mai bhi as gai wapas. ………..

    @Maahi di ………….every words r less for u nd ur songs ……………loved it as usual. ………..ekdum khirkitor tha…………..aap aur renima di hame Aise hi lines dete raha karo ………….okkkkssssss……😍😍😍

    @shab ……………meri pyaari madrassan. ……………lagi raho vala compliment shivikialous ( yahi naam tha na ) ke liye tha……………itna hard to bio ke words bhi nahi hote …………aise hi names use karti rahi …………keep it up …………..😉😉😉

    @Lax di ………….mai bilkul bhi Maahimaniacs ki member nahi hu ……………….I m just suggesting her …………….as she is his fan ………….mai sirf SSO sis club , khannu club , nok jhok club , shivikian club ki member hu …………… mai to apne clubs nd groups ko hi support aur promote karungi na …………..😚😚😚

    @Anu di ……………u r alive nd u have to be alive……………Many blush blush moments r still on de way ………….😙😙😘

    @Akriti @Archu @Anu di @Liji di @Mouni di @Lax di @PUSHPA di @riddhi di @nilash di …………list bahut lambi hai. ………….can’t mention evrryone’s name. …………….be ready…………..for blushing blushing nd only blushing in near future ……………😍😍😍

    @liji di aapke cute se babyyy ko aapki ammu ka loadssssss of love
    Nd don’t forget to give a hug from my side 2 ur baby ……..😙😙😙

    @Nilash di bahut galat baat hai. ……………mere bhaiya BECHARE nahi hai………..aapki didi haar gai ………….mere bhaiya jeet gai ……….😒😒😒

    @arpu Maine aaj ekdum tere style me comment kiya hai ……………Teri di mere bhaiya ko copy karti hai aaj mai Tujhe Mar rahi hu …..😂😂😂

    By de way ……………this comment is enough to prove amayaa ka kuch nahi ho sakta ……………..feeling good after writing a longgggggggg longggggggg comment. ……………keep it up ammu ………….Nd stop praising urself…………..😊😊😊

    This one is not at all …………….mere back to back comments aane baaki h co bhi longggggggg tag me saath ………….ookkkkssssss…………..

    • Sara

      Ohoo… dramebaaz.
      We missed and your long comments.
      And am waiting for your back to back nonstop nonchalant comments lol.
      You are awkwardly sweet.Lol again

    • Shana

      amaaya di,
      i want to take part in group 1 & 8 that u have mentioned yesterday
      i dont comment here regularly..but i have posted a comment yesterday..but its no visible in TU page..

    • Nilash


      |Registered Member

      Haan haan theek hai par tumhare bhaiyaa cheating karke jeete hai… chalo unki wo cheating bhi mujhe pasand aayaa….
      Hey Amayaa tum long comments hi karna tum par short comments achhe nhi lagte

  11. Piyuu


    |Registered Member

    astha thumare bhayya ko bhabhi ne foot ball ki tharah kick kiya sach kaho tho i cant control my laugh.

    • Amayaa


      |Registered Member

      Piyuu TU bhi shuru ho gai
      @Aastha di aapne kaha tha peace aka shanti rakho
      Kahe ki shanti …………Sab ke Sab arpu ke group me join ho rahe hai
      Mujhe apne group me sabse zaada member chahiye 😵😵

      • Aastha_Reddy


        |Registered Member

        Ammu jaa main tujhse baat nahi karungi.. Shield avtaar is not only for Shivaay bhaiyya but for all members of SOS.. ha ha.. Astha is not going to protect you like shield any more… lol.
        Sun.. meri new name jaldi batana haan…I am getting impatient here..
        Ruko.. I love a dramebaaz AIR ..
        Aur bhi baki hai… uski naam Ammu hai..
        Ek minute more….kuch bhi nahi..ha ha…. ( your side effect sis)….

  12. Mayank Agrawal

    Totally irritated by this serial( DIL BOLEY OBEROI ) ,, Band karo isse just bullshit..
    what are doing producers and directors just sign it off so that another good serial takes place
    Dont hope for good TRP
    because fame of the show is completely Down’
    dont waste your money and time STAR PLUS..
    PLEASE DO SOMETHING OF ISHQBAAZ because dil boley oberoi is completely worst..

  13. Piyuu


    |Registered Member

    @liji ur laddu enjoying sso ka tadi so sweet..ur cutie ko meri taraf se pyaara sa kiss dena. Liji u understood unmarried girls ki haalath isliye mai akeli show dektha hu akeli show dekhne ka maza kuch aur dha..

  14. diyas

    hi…………………..all busy yaar srry for not commenting but i am watching it everyday………………………mein sad crying ……………..couldn’t talk to u guys
    may be i cannot talk to all…………..i may leave this page……………….some problems everywhere and here………………guys missed u all soon i will be returning back………….only upto tomorrow may be i will be available……………guys archiya…..i want to say u one thing…………i love u dear as my on sis and missed u so much for not replying me………….now how could i …………..without many days,,,,,,
    astha…..dear we had a nice time i came only before few months but made many misunderstanding betwween us…………sorry dear a big hug to u dear i dreamt u in a black churidar and red shawl……….but never again to dreamt this foolness ur dp is the best dear……………first of all when i leave this page how could i talk to u guyssssssssssssssssssss…………….no never i could but for few days missing u all
    arpita,akriti,amayaa all love u sweet ones u are everything in this …..
    hi shab khan ur name made me so happy because one of my brother in this world have this name shaiju khan he is a freeky mannn dear yoo yoo boy so happy……..
    u are my sweet sis dear
    everyone no time may i go if i missed ur names srry anu,ridhima,anika,liba,renimanju and all a big hug to u dearsss u are sweet……….
    bye from

    • shab khan

      ANISHA dr my name is shabana khan shab in short if my name made u happy then im also vry happy missed u so much my sweet sis

      • anisha

        nothing serious i will be coming back soon dearrrrr………but for somedays i will be busy and busy again to go to college i didn”t finish my course…..for vacation i came here and joined for a job to help my family…… after some days i will go to college

  15. Christy

    I wish that Shivay would change his soch (thinking) before he could find out of Anika’s past. And Anika mellows down of being alone. Love the greatest virtue alone can do this. Love this couple togetherness and how they discuss and sort out things. sad this time they are working alone to find each other’s past. They have been good example compared to any serials so far which are all filled with misunderstanding till the end. they are surely a different couple & a great encouragement. Continue to be Shivika and a great moral.

  16. Mukta


    |Registered Member

    Fabulous episode.. no ?!! Loved it totally. Shivika chemistry is beyond limits, increasing day by day. I’m falling in love with them more & more with every passing episode. No doubt they’re the best couple on screen.

    Yesterday’s episode was super duper. The way he was consoling her by holding her in his arms 😍😍 Every time Shivaay stole my heart with his CSO (Caring Singh Oberoi) version 😍😍 and when she realised that she was sitting in his lap, her reaction 👌👌 “Hum khade hoke bhi toh baat kar sakte the na, aapne mujhe apni taraf kyun khincha ?” 😂 and Shivaay, “Maine tumhe nahi khincha, tum khud aake baithi meri god mein” 👌👌 and after that the hug 😍😍 full of immense love & care 😍😍💕💕

    At night, the way Shivaay was looking at sleeping Anika & remembering her words & saying “Main vaada Marta hoon tumse ki tumhare chehre pe Jo sukoon hai, use kabhi khona nahi dunga” 😍😍 Such acts of Shivaay make me fall for him more & more & I’m damn sure that every girl by now must be wishing for a husband like him 😍😍 most caring & loving 😍😍

    Phir shuru hota hai dhamaka 😂😂 Anika kicks him, wo bhi 2-2 baar 👌👏😂😂 or phir wo conversation, by god, best convo 😂😂👌👌

    Shivaay – “Anikaaaa”
    Anika – “Chor, Chor, Chor, Chor ko pakdo” 😂
    And as usual Shivaay lifting his hand says, “Main hoon, Shivaay” 😂👌
    By God in love with his actions & her weird behavior 😂😂😍😍 After that when he told her about those kicks 😂
    Anika – “Aap football hain, scooter hain kya koi, raaste pe pade tin ka dibba hai jo main aapko kick karungi ? Kuch bhi bolte hain” 😂😂👌👌 and after that “Maine Shri Shri Shri 1008 Bagad Bille Ji Maharaj, Kanji Aankhon Wale, ko kick kiya, wo bhi 2 baar, 2 times 😎 matlab Priyanka Chopra ke figure mein Dara Singh ka dum” 😂😂😂😂😂 Omg… I was like Anika is back 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 and then Shivaay, “O Chopra (😂😂👌👌) Don’t overestimate yourself” 😂 after that their hand wrestling & then 🙈🙈🙈🙈 Shivaay… by god… I’ve never expected such a thing from Shivaay, not even in my dreams 🙈🙈🙈 upar se wo killing smile 😍😍😍 haaye… This Cute Singh Oberoi 😍😍😍😍

    Phir their usual hand lock 😍 setting fire on screens 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 ek baar ko tw I was thinking to call fire brigade, mere ghar ka sawaal tha bhai 😂😂😂😂

    Shivaay-Sahil conversation, as usual “dhinchakkk” 😂😂😂 Shivaay ko samjhao koi, uska sala bacha nahi hai 😂😂😂😂 rishwat ka matlab samajhta hai 😂😂😂😂

    Don’t know what’s waiting ahead, Anika’s past, Mahi’s reality 😐😐 many twists. I think Mahi’s identity will be helpful in making Shivaay understand that “Naam, Khoon, Khandaan” is not as important as love.

    And I really think that Anika doesn’t belong to any rich family. May be she’ll turn out to be an illegitimate. If not illegitimate then may be someone whom Shivaay can’t accept. Because if she’ll belong to a rich family, then the story will be useless. Shivaay will never understand that NKK is useless. Let’s see what’s in store for Shivika. Hope Gul brings out something new & interesting twist.



    • Archiya


      |Registered Member

      hi Mukta
      because if she’ll belong to a rich family, then the story will be useless.. completely agree on this point.. his NKK will anyways win, as she will b tat only

  17. diyas

    hi…… i promised i came today………..guys all many changes happened these days… everything changed in my life too…..not family problem but in office what happened?????????????
    archiya di…..u are my sis…
    astha di…cute little one my own sis
    amayaa…the craziest one of this family…
    akriti….the dearest sweet frnd
    libaa…the dreamest person
    shab….the yo yo one missing u dear but u never missed me u are enjoying urself
    arpita…we are not frnds is it ????
    ridhima…the biggest one fan of ib
    renimanju…the great memory person
    piyuu…i loved ur dp and ur name dear
    anu…first one always what happened now
    rajjo….now u are firs everywhere love u dear….
    liji….i don’t know u much dear anyway the friendest of frnd
    lax di……u are the greatest person of ……..
    mouni…ur dp proves u are cute the personalways is cute
    astha……the person who is cute sweet calm simple but ……..u are the great person to comment here
    nikita……nice name dear
    kiki…hi dear the person who want a kick in life…..wherever u goes u want something special i meant this only
    ranilya…hi dear hi bolna please
    shree…..short name of shriya,shreya andall names llike this……….
    hi to all i missed ur names dear srry
    from anisha {diyas}all loving u dear and a big huggg
    big hug to allll
    dearest and dearest frnds of ISHQBAAZZZZ

    • shab khan

      diyas who said i didnt miss you u can even read my comment there even i mentioned that im missing uuu so sad anisha i missed u to the cre but u said like this not fair

      • anisha diyas

        no dear i lost some mony of a person and for that stupid man i am working to save my family….he is a young hardly man… many works so i want to work the changes in office and my life is he

  18. Amayaa


    |Registered Member

    Thank u thank u thank u so much my dr ishqies to register urself in pkj various groups nd clubs 😊😊😊

    Here a notice comes for all of u
    This is not de final registration as I nd lax di thought there is much 2 add here
    As this is not a final registry, so de left over ishqies still register themselves. …Nd if I do some stupidity nd miss any name or transfer ur name in other’s group which u don’t want 2 be part , then frequently ask me as I m a A++ grade stupid so may be do this by mistake
    Oookkk I m mentioning ur names in de groups nd clubs chosen by u for clarification. ………..

    Anikaholics – Lax di , Anu di , Akriti , Rani di , Arpu , shab , visu di , Nilash di , shree
    Maahimaniacs – Anu di , Liji di , Rajjo di , Sara , Visu di , shree
    Sautan club – Shab , Anitaa3 , Shubbu
    Khannu club – Liji di , Akriti, Amayaa , Anu di , Visu di
    Blush club – Archu , Mouni di , Anu di , Akriti , Liji di , Lax di , Shab , Anikaa , Anitaa3
    Now jhok club – Liji di , Rajjo di , Amayaa , Niki di , Visu di
    Shivikian fan club – Lax di , Liji di , Mouni di , Archu , Akriti , Aastha di , Rani di , Anu di , Amayaa , Nilash di , Visu di
    Shahil Slakers – Nilash di , Akriti , Anu di
    Anika ‘s khirkitor sis club – Arpu , Nilash di , shree
    SSO ‘s unbeatable powerful wonderful amazing Shielded sis club – Aastha di , Amayaa , Anikaa ( SSO VALI NAHI PKJ VALI ) , Sara

    Well ishqbaaz nd dbo r 2 different shows but for us ……that is same ………that’s why ……….I plan 2 introduce some groups from DBO here in our pkj page ………..what say ……….good idea na

    So, de new clubs are :
    11. Old omki – Shomki lovers
    12. Dumble group
    13. Chulbul chiraute fan club
    14. Paratha club
    15. Tom nd jerry club

    These r upto my mind. ………New clubs r still on searching mode……….
    Give suggestions nd tell me. ……… dis idea good or not

    @Lax di u r refused to accept founder’s post …….it’s okkkkkk…….. not founder but be my mentor. ……..this is a very difficult task nd I can’t complete it without mentor. …………I m at my home. ……….no travel nd trip this vacation due 2 hectic nd busy schedule of my parents……… I m much bore now ……….I m pleased in doing this. ………….bahut buk buk ho gai ………..

    One most important club is still missing nd that is
    Pink panther club. ………..I know I know this group will have largest no. Of fans nd members …………sab Pinky ponky se itna pyaar jo karte hai
    …………aaj to tu gai ammu ………….is club ki head kisse banau. …………
    Anu di / Lax di / Liji di / Aastha di / Rani di / Arpu / Archu / Mouni di

    • shab khan

      thank u amayaa fr the succesful registration and me in sautans club but dr im whos sautan dr and im the gr8 anika fan so im glad that im a member of anikaholics im a gr8 surbhi fan ri8 frm qubool hai days amayaa muj se nahi hoga isse long comment long long comments thum se ho sakthi hai but mera dimag hi kaam nahi karthi na so i cant comment soo longg

      • Amayaa


        |Registered Member

        Riddhi di
        All de info nd details r available in 26th April IB update
        Please go nd check there
        The details r very long. ………that’s why 😊😊

    • Archiya


      |Registered Member

      i m first an anikaholic(it feels like having horlics).. an then any other grp
      @Lax : find some nice good name for r jhansi yaar..

    • Shana

      amaaya di,
      i want to take part in group 1 & 8 that u have mentioned yesterday
      i dont comment here regularly..but i have posted a comment yesterday..but its no visible in TU page

    • Lijince

      AMUUUUU…….NAUTANKIBAAZ…..DRAMAQUEEN……NATKHAT NOORJAHAN…….soch rahi hoon ki aaj tumari keema-kofta bana denge……but kya karoon……nadaan bachchi samajhkar maaf kiya…..

      First thing, am also part of Anikaholics club…..and Sahil Slashers club (please confirm the name of Sahils club…..Sahil Slashers or Sahil Shakers or something else??)

      Secondly, I would like to suggest one more club for the Blush club members Archu, Mouni, Akriti, Nivedita, Kiki, Pushpa, Rani etc…..its the Blushwala DP club……all are addicted to changing their dps for all the Shivika moments…..they surely need a club….just a suggestion!!

      Thirdly…..aur kitne club aap invent karenge jaanu?? Omki club ko 2 subclubs hona chahiye…..Shayari Omki club and Sadoo Omki Club…..

      And what is Paratha club for whom? For Sumo?? And Tom and Jerry club for whom??
      Arey Sunonaa (in Shivaye style) ek Kaalimaniacs club bhi bana de yaar…..main hoon na!!!

      • Amayaa


        |Registered Member

        U r also an anikaholics now
        Confirm aap sab karo ……….sab kuch mai hi karu kya ………..
        Ban gaya Ek aur naya club ……..definitely good idea………….but I m very much angry
        U are the head member so just order not suggest
        Paratha club is for sumo fans nd paratha fans too 😜😜😜
        Nd Tom nd Jerry club is for fans of none other than Rumya
        Last vala idea bhi ekdum khirkitor has …….kaalimaniacs ……..
        Mentor se baat karna parega 😊😊😊

    • Ranilya


      |Registered Member

      Ammu…my dear ammu….
      You will have to include me in all clubs except Shivay’s sister n Anika’s sister…

      Waise bhi mein chief member hun… so do I get the previlage to enter any club any time??
      Aur ammu where is my ‘Shivayan Club’ ??

    • Nilash


      |Registered Member

      Hey Amayaa what about a pahalwaan group????
      And in those groups I want to be member of Old Omki- shomki group, parantha group and Tom and Jerry club..

  19. Prerna

    I am speechless about yesterday’s episode. I mean what should I comment on episode ,on narbhi’s acting, on scriptwriters and on cv’s. U know what guys maine tv pr bohot saare couples ko romance karte dekha hai par jo feel aur intensity gul khan ke couples mein hoti hai na kisi aur mein nahi e.g. arshi iss jodi ne na jaane kitne logon ko apna deewana banaya jisme Se ek main bhi hun . Aaj k episode mein sab tha romance,emotions,lust etc.

    One more thing guys star parivaar awards are on the way. Aaj news 18 par spa ka promo dikhaya jayega aur voting Monday se shuru hain aur jaisa ki hum jante hain ki starplus wale awards k mamle mein justice nahi karte . Pichhli baar saare awards raman ishita ko mile the . Aur to aur iss baar ka satar parivar awards balaji telefilms produce karega toh biasness hone k pure chances hai

    I have a request from all ibians please vote 4 ishqbaaz make shivika to win best jodi award and all deserving award please it’s a humble request🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    • Ranilya


      |Registered Member

      Sure Prerna…
      Members n non members of all the clubs of IB will vote for IB n Shivika….
      Keep your fingers crossed…

  20. Prerna

    And one more thing ishqbaaz ki trp bhi thodi low ho gayi hai so please start watching it on 10 pm kyunki low trp ka asar awards pr bhi pad sakta hai

  21. shab khan

    heyyyyyyyyyyyy i watched it finally its ekdam SHIVIKALICIOUS (thanks nivi fr quoting me with this)
    wat a consoling yaar shivaay u stole my heart with that passionate hugg anika i really liked ur acting today u do each and every scene sooooooooo cutely and prfectly and ur kicking of shivaay rememberd me that meenamma kicking rahul in chennai express
    and not fair shivaay u did cheating the gr8 sso cheated my sweet anikadidi and uss cheating chalo acchahi hua uske vajah se muje bhi ek kiss scene dekne ko mila
    and that breakfast scene was soo cute
    and anika is in MISSION MAHI to find mahis past andshivaay is in MISSION ANIKA to fin her hidden past may be bth r some shocking truths but im sure today we will get nothing i guess coz its friday so fridays mein cvs ko humme heart attack dene ki aadath hai not revealing any suspense i hope so but its ib we cant even say may be they may disclose the truth by today itself or noo i cant guess anything and i totally ignored that pinky ponky scenes and thanks nivi ,amaya,anu ,rhidhima,raniliya,pushpa,sara,nilash fr asking me to watch in hotstar or in the repeat telecast sooo sweet family is our ib family bye ishquies good afternoon every onee 😀

  22. Prerna

    Guys there is a news that star parivaar awards voting is going to start from Monday and it’s promo is soon coming on news 18 at 1:27 pm afternoon. Please vote for shivika and make them received maximum awards as they deserve it after so much of hard work . Also this year’s spa is going to produce by balaji telefilms so there will be full chances of biasness. Please watch it on 10 pm also as it’s trp also get decreased . Please ibians appreciate their great hard work by voting them and watching their show only u can make impossible to possible

  23. diyas

    amayaa meim anikaholics mein join karte hum…..tum mera naam tu add karo please
    and i want in shivikaian fan club dear but i don’t understandanything about this…..tum meri naam add karoooo

  24. shrema ramchand

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii guys new and old ones all are enjoying ur days is it…..
    again my cousin sister shrema want to talk to u guys
    hi guys i came to talk to u is this family this much thick u all are a great family is it
    if i can i will also join u but anisha couldn’t talk to u all guys it’s because she was busy in her office …….
    guys how is all????????are u all fine
    well i joined for few days
    but tomorrow i also won’t come because we all are going for a trippp
    let we alll enjoy …
    we all are 6 girl cousin with 2 chotti ladkies’s….
    thanks from shremuuzzzzzzz

  25. maggi

    hello every1.I’m new here.Can I join ur pkj?
    i wanted to tell that did any1 notice that anika was not wearing her mangalsutra in the last part when she went to city hospital.It was clear in the last scene

  26. Piyuu


    |Registered Member

    ammu yesterday maine registration keliye apply kiya abhi thak koi approval nai mili this is not fair …

    • Amayaa


      |Registered Member

      Piyuu I m so sorry
      May be maine tera registry application dekha hi nahi ………..
      Can u please register again dr ?????

  27. shab khan

    SO ATTENTION ISHQUIES i saw an upcoming segment in that shivaay feeds anika soooooo caringlyy sooo he became carin g sing oberoi frm sso to cso good promotion do watch even they gave an interview also catch it on insta guys
    and yess one more news i even saw young anika ‘s photo with present anika so next week will be the revelation of anika’s past along with mahi i guess

  28. Akriti


    |Registered Member

    hi ishiquies didn’t reply to all …
    I am travelling….
    and there is problem with wifi and network also….
    see you guys tonight after episode. .

  29. Lijince

    Hi gyzzzzz…..Archu, Astha, Rano, Chitra, Piyuu, Amu, Akriti, Arpita……thank you for the love and wishes for my laddoo…..loads of flying kisses from her side to all of you!!

  30. Anu

    Ppl! I might have missed to reply/comment in response to some.. it’s been lil tight in ofc today..! That’s y! Sorry if I missed to reply to any one!

  31. Gunpreet Sidhu

    thanks Archiya for inviting me on tellyupdates but don’t worry i still have to change my name and I am also a big die hard shivika fan and whenever I watch shivika scenes they make my day

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