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Ishqbaaz 26th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika says if Billu ji does not come, it does not mean Visarjan won’t happen, who will come with me. Everyone agree to come. Anika says so all Oberoi house women will do Visarjan today. Anika lifts Ganpati idol and Shivaye comes to hold it too. Tia looks on. Some time before, Dadi asks Anika did you talk to Billu. Anika says he won’t come. Tia says grandma I told you, if he did not listen to me, will he listen to Anika. Anika gives examples of cock giving morning alarm, and says its his wish if he does not want to come, we will do Visarjan, who will come with me. Rudra says I won’t come if Shivaye is not coming. Om says we always did this together, and will do together even this time. Dadi says Anika I will come with you. Priyanka, Soumya, Jhanvi, Pinky say me too…… Tia looks on. Anika says

so Oberoi house girls will do Visarjan today, if guys don’t want to come, its their wish, come. She lifts idol alone and it bends. Shivaye comes and holds the idol. Tia sees them. Rudra and Om see each other. Everyone get surprised seeing Shivaye. Shivaye smiles a bit. Everyone smile.

Dadi says we will feed sweets to Ganpati and do his Bidaai, I will get curd and sugar. Rudra goes to Tia and says Lady baba, someone convinced Shivaye, I mean universe wanted Anika to convince Shivaye. Dadi feeds curd sugar to idol and says come, we will take idol for Visarjan. Tia says I have to click pics and post on my social account. Shivaye says last time, you posted pics of me and Mallika, and it was issue. Tia says media did that, pics did not. She takes pics and remarks Rudra and Om. Om says my hair are fine. Anika sees the bracelet falling from Tia’s purse and holds it to keep back. Tia starts saying how could you take it without asking, its like theft, you know its so expensive. Anika says theft, it was falling down and I was keeping it. Tia says you can ask for it, take it if you want. Anika says no Tia, I was keeping it inside. Tia says look Anika… Shivaye says if Anika is saying she was keeping it inside, then it is like that, whats the big issue. Tia says when did I say she has stolen it, I just reacted. Shivaye asks her to stop it. Dadi asks them to come for Visarjan, its time. Shivaye, Om and Rudra take the idol.

Sahil sits sad near the window. Bua smiles and holds his face, asking what happened, you were happy and said Anika will take you to pandal, she acts like real sister. He says I know you are making me against Anika, she is great and SSOO. She asks what is it. Sahil says SSOO, Shivaye’s organizer, she is taking burden of 12 people. Bua asks who 12. Sahil says Anika, me and you 10. Bua says you worry for Anika, go and lessen her burden, go and earn money. He says Anika is earning, if needed, I will also earn.

Om asks Rudra why is he sad. Rudra says Bappa went, when anyone leaves from home, I get sad. Om says that’s why we ask Bappa to come soon next time, when Bappa goes, it looks lonely. Rudra asks how can anyone dance in sadness. Soumya says everyone has way to say bye, we can say bye to Bappa atleast, when people leave from life, we can’t even say bye to them. She gets senti and says anyways, visarjan was possible because of Anika. Rudra says Anika has magical powers that work on Shivaye, he becomes homely and does everything which she says.

Shivaye asks him to shut up. Rudra asks him to compare Anika with Tia, Tia blamed her of theft, even when Anika said again and again that she was keeping it, not taking it. Shivaye recalls Anika’s hand posture, and thinks of Gayatri, who planted the CD. Shivaye repeats words and says not Anika, when we discussed about robber, what did you say, why will anyone keep proof against them in locker. Rudra says I would have been in CBI. Shivaye says if Tej and Shakti are true, its same explanation, what Anika said, Gayatri did not get that CD, she was keeping it. Om says it means Gayatri planted CD there. Shivaye says yes, her intention was that CD comes infront of everyone, so she acted of theft and got caught. Soumya praises him to solve the CD mystery, and says Ganpati blesses by u turn. Dadi says see Billu, Ganpati has taken problems along, you were annoyed with Bappa, he shows way too, this is Ganesh ji’s blessings. She asks him to see there. Tej and Shakti come home. Everyone smile.

Pinky says inspector said… Tej says inspector thought if he makes us stay there for long, then Shivaye will make his life tough. Shakti says infact everything in CD was fake, we don’t know that girl. Shivaye says I know, Gayatri planted CD in locker. Tej says Gayatri is more clever than we thought. Shivaye says things did not get over, we have to prove that you both are being framed and you are not involved in that girl’s suicide.

Jhanvi gives Prasad to Tej. Tej eats it. She says I have went to temple with Pinky for your early return. He says I m sorry. She asks why sorry Tej, I know the blame was fake. She says apology is for mistake, not blame. She asks mistake. He says yes, we started this journey together, I left you behind and went ahead alone, I never realized, we started that airline company together, I never gave you credit, I just blamed you for the increasing gap between us, I did not think I should give him credit, I could be wrong, you remember we started our relation with friendship, marriage spoiled friendship. She says I m sorry, relation is made by two people and also broken by two people, it was my mistake too, if friends can forgive each other, why can’t husband and wife forgive each other. He says we took each other granted and forgot relations are sensitive. She says now that we remember this, its better late than never. He says absolutely, it will be better if we come out of this crisis. She asks him not to worry, I m always with you as your wife and best friend in all crisis. He hugs her. They smile.

Anika does the work and says its all done. Rudra asks are you leaving. She says yes, its late and Sahil is waiting at home. He asks her to give the stick. She says yes, which one. He says magical wand by which you convinced Shivaye. Om asks him to shut up and thanks Anika for convincing Shivaye to come for Visarjan.

Rudra asks Anika how do you convince eyes, I just know to make puppy eyes, but its success rate got low now. Anika and Om see Shivaye and try to sign Rudra. Rudra says I have seen king kong movie, a beauty made him Paaltu/pet animal and made him eat banana. She says I don’t make Billu ji eat banana. Rudra says yes but, you have made him homely, Shivaye used to break many phones before, and now it got less. see he used to throw phone like this. Shivaye looks on and holds his hand to stop him. Rudra sees Shivaye. Shivaye takes phone from him and says king kong. Rudra changes words. Shivaye asks Paaltu? Rudra says Paaltu, I mean Om saying Faaltu shayari, I have to study a lot, I will go. Shivaye says phone.. Rudra asks what, koun? Shivaye says this is called phone, and gives Rudra. Rudra goes.

Om says we just came to thank Anika, she convinced you to come for visarjan, I think you should also thank her. Shivaye says yes, it will be much traffic, its visarjan day, Anika should leave, take my driver, he will drop you, you may not get auto, and thank you. He goes. Anika says bye to Om and leaves.

Tej asks Shakti do you want me to go for tirat yatra and leave everything, are you out of you mind. Shakti says tirat yatra is necessary to get heart peace. Tej says its for such weak people like you, not me. Dadi explains Tej that one who bends head infront of Mata does not need to lower down infront of anyone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Guyz im also read that vrushika is out of the show don’t know what happened to this gul khan what’s wrong with this women i think she also following ekthas foot steps. In kasam fans requested dnt replace krathika but she doesn’t listend to fans but after dropping trp she again bring back krathika. Now same is happng with ishkara fans. U knw what guyz im a big fan of kasam before krathikas exit. When krathika exit the show i stopped watching the show now after her entry i started watching the show again. Now i dntknw whats going on i knw some vrushika fans stop watching the show. I Just hope the news is fake. But i cnnt stop watching the show bcz i love shivika rumya a lotz and love more shivomru bromance and definitely i miss ishkara

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Ya I know about kasam as almost everyone in my family watches that show hoping for the best fingers crossed really want vrushika to come back i don’t know what’s wrong with these producers and channel nowadays

    2. Mayank Agrawal

      guys come in this group just simply enter this link and come in the group created by me for ishqbaaaz fans just click on it and enter your name &
      password- ishqbaaaz

  2. Priya15

    Guys vrushy fandom is more than sidhanth ‘s…

    When sidhanth quitted the people stopped watching tei… It rsltd in end of the show in 2 months…

    Sidhanth is eliminated from jdj trp is low…

    After vrushy quitting ishqbaaz l get low trp. It l end in ishqbaaz off air..

    If it happened also I won’t worry as I m worrying for my edkv.. Bcoz Gul needs more than this..

    1. Heyy priya i too liked ragsan very much but what to expect from that rashmi sharma shows she only shows stupid drama in her shows nothing else but really whats wrong with this gul khan i dontknw whats going on in her mind. I think she lost her mind bcz of thinking so much about ishkara if she doesn’t knw any idea about ishkara track the she should picked some story in fan fictions .hmm sorry priya im really feeling bad for u i knw its very painful bcz there is no ragsan i accepted raglak and swasan but they never did good track for raglak and done always partiality then i stopped watching swaragini bcz of stupid drama now same is happening with ishana fans but priya i cnt stop watching the show bcz i love shivika rumya omkara a lotz dr.

  3. renima ishqie

    Om: “Bahut dard ho raha hai ?”
    ishu : ” dard ki toh abh aadat ho chuki hai aur abb dard tab pareshan karta hai ”
    om : “jab hota hai..”
    ishu : ” aapne toh meri baat aise poori kar di jaise aap mujhe ”
    om : “pehle se jaanta hoon….aapko toh nahi…par dard se meri bahut purani pehachan hai”

    om : “samajh mein nahi aata kis pe yakeen karoon”
    ishu :” dil pe….agar use dekhkar tumhara dil kehta hai ki woh sahi hai matlab woh sahi hai”
    om ” par mein use sahi se jaanta tak nahi hoon ”
    ishu :” sahi se toh tum mujhe bhi nahi jaanti, phir tumhne meri help ki mujh par bahrosa kiya”

    om :” kyunki, mere dil ne kaha ki tum sachi ho”
    ishu : ” aapko aisa laga”
    The pain of ishq…….the mesmerising moments….just these scenes are well-framed in my mind and am a keen observer of ishqbaaz…..when its omkara ,i couldn’t take my eyes and if ishu is with him then in hindi “sone pe suhaaga”……as their track is very special

    1. Priya15

      Heart touching moments… Which makes my heart break when I think now… I m crying by hearing O Saathiya song.. It Is like written for ishkara fans… Doesn’t it??

  4. Tridha ( Troyee )

    I also saw the news & believe me I m typing this comment with teary eyes. I just watch this show only for ishkara & bromance. I patiently waited in every episode to see a glance of ishkara. I waited in every episode. I love ishkara so much. I found their chemistry best. I also wanted them to be real life couple. But without ishana or vrushika this show is nothing for me. I waited for her just like a thirsty man want water. They made my favorite show like a hell to me . Now idk I should watch this show or not. Because there is nothing for me here

    1. Priya15

      Me too in same situation dear… As I m depressed before bcoz of my fav Is gng to end. .. Wn I saw this .. I m crying… Don’t know wt bad luck for me.. I m trying to think something wt we people dng to save the show l try the same for ishkara with fans support… But ya trust me ishkara ke bage mujhe kuch nahi bacha hai Mere liye ishqbaaz Mei..

  5. Guyz Listen me @Priya15 ,@mukhta, @Shivani, @renima ishqi each & every1 just request Gul Mam & say Sorry. I think Gul Mam angry us means Fan. If u want Vrunal or Ishkara. So, plzz social site mai request karo kuch karo.. Maina kiya hain.
    So, guyz kuch karo feeling ??

    1. Priya15

      M not n social sites di.. N moreover she herself the reason for everything but still she didn’t get any sense… That matters.. Without checking the character how can she end a character like this… Is it a doll.. Ishana ki vajah se ek track hai… No… 2 Tracks.. How can she end 2 tracks without any logic on it.. … No producer l do like this as they care for stories… Writers should think of it…. They can’t think like shivika obsessed always…

    2. I will di…… BTW aapne konsi site pe request ki hai??? Main twitter pe karti hu!!!!!!!

  6. Guys just hope that ishana shouldn’t b replaced n she’ll come back soon…….n pankhuri ‘ll not look good opposit om……

  7. Tridha ( Troyee )

    They are making ridhima as lead. As there will be ridhkara scene today. Someone please tell me this news is fake, my ishu will be back.

    1. no they are not making riddhima as lead.someone else will ishana I think

    2. Mayank Agrawal

      tumne dekh liya kya aaj ka episode please tell na kya hua in short ….

    3. What the hell…now ridhima as lead….i feel that the CVs don’t know what to do they r just planning about every single episode that’s story is totally different in 1 or two episodes….i feel like to kill CVs..

    4. RANdomfANCreationz

      Riddima? Seriously.
      I think Riddima and Om may get divorced after they marry Omkara change bla bla than Ishana entry ishkara scenes ??? i still can’t digest the fact no ishkara ???

  8. Mukti

    Ohhh mayank sryyy bro n thnxxx for clarifying telly updates and thnx for deleting all unwanted comments…
    Oh mayank ur very scenty guy…..chil bro

  9. Tridha ( Troyee )

    Hume ishqbaaz dekhni nehi chahiye. When the trp will be lowest tab gul khan ki akal thikane ayegi. Then she will bring vrushy
    I don’t want pankhudi aur urmila with om . I want vrusy she is the best.
    We should request gul to bring her back.

  10. Priya15

    Please yr. Kuch Karo… I can’t see ridh… Kara…. Never… My ishkara is best… Pls speak to Gul mam.. I m having some idea.. L say it renima di.. She l say to u people… Pls cooperate with us ishkara fans… Plss….

    1. Priya dear..I am with you I have only this serial is left after skr ends.

    2. K priya share ur idia dr

    3. we all are with uuu Priya ,,,,wat idea?

  11. Sriranjani

    Hi guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    after long time……….
    one good news You can chat @ Ishqbaaz Group @Chatzy
    web link:-
    create and join……..

    1. Mayank Agrawal

      whats the password ?? and kon kon hai isme please tell fast

  12. Mukti

    I won’t watch this stupid show now…the only thing I liked was ishana n now she is out…what is good in seeing these stupid brothers n tht idiot paramar opp om. It’s ridiculous….go to hell gul khan n ur show
    ….hope it goes off air now…bakwas n melodramatic serail without ishana…flopp…..

  13. Tridha ( Troyee )

    I saw it ridhima and om will hug each other. But I m not in position to describe the whole episode.
    Vrushika has left the show it is true. Every social site saying these . But I didn’t see any announcement in vrushika’s instagram.
    I pray to God that it is special. I can’t believe it. My ishu for whom I was waiting like from ten years won’t be back. I’ll never see her with omkara. I will never enjoy ishkara or ishqbaaz without her. If I watch this show that will be only for omkara. But I will never love ishkara without vrushika.
    Please God tell me this news is fake please I want vrushika

  14. Whatttttt?????
    Ishana is out from the show???
    Damn then do hell with ishqbaz….noone is interested in watching thia s serial..I only watched to se ishana n now she is gone…I wont come here..why toeven waste time to comment for this gul khan

  15. RANdomfANCreationz

    Now I have started hating star plus more. They mostly love to seperate my fav pair of star plus first abhishek-Mihika from YHM , and then akshay-Kajal from silsila pyaar ka, and now Ishana-Omkara from Ishqbaaz ??
    And also ended Manmarziyan so soon ?

    1. Shaza

      Abhishek mihka – even I agree..never in my dreams I thought it will be romhika
      But aka hay and kajal ….askshay was just a supporting role …and kajal wasn’t meant to be with him…..
      And manmarziyan also they ended so soon ..I hate starplus for that ….
      But ishkara—- its Gul khans mistake ..what can the channel do for it …

  16. Tridha ( Troyee )

    In instagram everyone is saying we will miss u vrushy. I feel like kill gul. Because I m a true ishkara lover I will wait if I have to wait for 1 month I will wait. Story kitnivi ghatiya ho mei vrushika ko kunal ke liye chahti hu. I will hate ishqbaaz without ishkara.
    Can’t see ridhima with om
    I hope they will show break up part today.
    If ridhima started behaving like innocent suddenly tat will be ridiculous

  17. Tridha ( Troyee )

    I m hoping vrushy will be back because it can be a prank. They maybe want attention by saying this she won’t be back. God knows

  18. Mayank Agrawal

    Hello guys its very good news for all now i have created the GROUP ishqbaaa fandom come there and lets chat there all… its totally free copy this url and enter in group by entering your name and password- ishqbaaaz

    ok guys come there all any time live chat we can discuss there please corporate ..

  19. I felt that the story will come into track after Mallika’s exit,,,Watched all those filler epis with that hope….,,bt they made it worse….Shivika story is in track and going very well till now,,,,Rumya story,eventhough nt in a proper track, going good,,,,,
    bt Ishkara track,,,,,I thought their story will be unique,,,I was waiting to see Ishana’s re-entry,,,bt nw,,,,It will be difficult for me to imagine anyone else with Om,,,esply Riddimma,,,,,,,cvs has the magic power to kill a character and to bring him/her alive ,,,then why did they do this to Ishkara….cvs shud read any of the Ishkara FF’s for better creative ideas,,,,Hw could u say that Ishana’s character didn’t reach audience when u ppl didn’t give proper screenspace
    I love all the 3 pairs equally,,,,,so can’t even imagine any of them getting substituted and they did this to Ishu

    1. *Me forgot to log in

  20. I saw the episode on Hotstar today and yes there is a On and Riddhima seven they r hugging tight and they both have decided to give each other space for some time. Om still not ready for a commitment and Raddhima tells him to take his own time. So Om N Riddhima breakup again became a makeup.
    Was really sad watching this and then saw the shocking news ? Vrushika out of Ishqbaaz it actually says that Ishana track only they have decided to end which means they will start a fresh love story for Omkara with a new girl.
    But am still feeling this is just a rumour and today it has got spread out of control.
    Am still hoping it’s a rumour and it gets cleared out by tomorrow.
    Also but on the other hand was thinking why would Gul give us hope just 10days back of Ishana cmg back then she almost got into breaking Om and Riddhima and today’s episode was just diff. Both Om and Riddhima r shown kissing and hugging. Am really confused and sad at the same time.
    Just out of all this hope Omkara and Riddhima are not the final pairing. That’s the worst Gul can do. There is absolutely no chemistry between the two.
    What do you guys think is this just a rumour of Vrushika quitting?????????

  21. And by the way guys the article does not say Vrushika is being replaced, It says they have decided to scrap the whole Ishana track completely. Means end the track.
    One article says Vrushika has quit the show so don’t know what to believe.
    Hope it gets cleared tomorrow and so am feeling it’s just a rumour or else why would Om and Rudy mention Ishana in the last two episodes if Gul decided to end her track altogether.

  22. yea Shahabana di,,,,,Krathika was brought back to Kasam after low trp and request from fans,,,,hope the same will happen with Vrushika,,,,strong requests can bring her back,,,,,hope so,,,,,,,,

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