Ishqbaaz 26th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Anika gets scared of old age effects

Ishqbaaz 26th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye removes Anika’s wig and holds her close. Ishq hai aansun….plays…. They hear someone coming. Some time before, Gauri cries and goes. Shivaye sees Gauri and Om. Ajay sees Om and says stay away from my would be wife, else I will forget you are our guest. Rudra asks him to stay in his manners. Anika says don’t think Dilpreet is alone. Bhavya says one sardar is equal to lakh, we are five…. Ajay asks five? Shivaye comes and joins them. He says if my brother gets even a scratch, its either of you or us…. They all join hands. Ajay goes.

Om says Gauri didn’t forgive me, she refused to my proposal, she wants us not to do any drama, we should go. Shivaye asks will you go if she says. Om says I never gave her anything, she is asking this last thing, I will give this to

her. Om goes. Shivaye and everyone run after him. Om says its no use, I lost her. Shivaye says its not like that, I have seen love for you in Gauri’s eyes, don’t know you have seen or not, she took this step in pressure. Rudra says we won’t let this happen. Anika says she can’t think of anyone else, there is some big reason. Bhavya says I think we shouldn’t go without knowing it. Shivaye says you became Ishqbaaz after difficulty, will you lose so easily. Rudra says we are Oberois and Oberois never quit. Anika says we came here to take the bride. Shivaye says and we will take bride. They hold hands and say one for all, all for one.

Anika checks her slipping wig. She gets a white hair and says its my hair, its white. She recalls the lady’s words. She says everyone will call me Amma ji, Shivaye will not like me. She imagines getting old and walking to Shivaye. He keeps his style and passes by. She calls him out and says I m your Anika. She shouts I m your Anika, Shivaye…. Shivaye comes and says of course, I know you are my Anika. She says since I m acting of old woman. He says senior citizen. She says old woman will always look old woman. He says people get mad in this age. She says I don’t want to talk to you, go. He says don’t get angry. She says like you care, since you came here, you are surrounded by girls, you are not even seeing you. He says if I see you once, I can’t see anything else. He holds her. She asks what are you doing. A lady comes in and says you….. Shivaye says I was seeing the spider webs, its not cool. Lady goes.

Rudra says weapons can cheat, but not my tough hands, I caught the terrorists and beaten them. Bhavya hears him. Girl says I like army officers a lot. He says you know this gun is so heavy, its tough to fire it. She asks him to show. He tries to load. Bhavya says he doesn’t know holding it. She laughs. She goes and says its loaded like this. The girls laugh and go. He asks them to listen. Bhavya gives the gun back.

Shivaye asks Anika to see spider webs. Anika says these aunties are after me. He holds her hand. Lady comes and says you here. Anika says I came here to rest. Shivaye tickles. Anika shouts. Lady says you have to get medicines now. She goes. Anika tickles Shivaye. He laughs and asks what did your friends say, remove this wig, everything will get easy. He removes the wig and loosens her hair. O jaana…..plays…….. He holds her face. They hear someone coming. A girl comes to take something. She asks who are you. Shivaye turns with wig on him. The girl Rama faints. Anika also screams and removes the wig. He says everyone is mad and goes. Lady asks Rama what happened. Rama gets up and goes. Anika says nothing, don’t worry. Rudra says we are acting here, it doesn’t mean you forget your duty, you are not police officer now, you are my employee. She says I have saved you from getting embarrassed. He says you made fun of me. They argue. He taunts her for fooling someone for her benefit. She asks when did I fool you. He says we came here for Om and Gauri, don’t forget I m your boss, my family treats you well, it doesn’t mean I will treat you well, I will never forget what you did with me. He recalls the slap. She recalls his words and goes.

Anika switches on the fan and stands to enjoy. The ladies ask her to switch off fan, its cold. Anika thinks they started again and lies between them by switching off the fan. Gauri comes to her. Anika asks what happened. Gauri says come, I came to take you, Bhavya is also in my room. They leave. Shivaye sees Gauri’s mum and helps her. She says how can I make you work. He gets the box from her. She says you are Gauri’s Jethji, I didn’t think I will see this day, Gauri’s sasural members came for the first time, I couldn’t welcome well. He says I understand. She says don’t know what’s Gauri’s helplessness to marry, lucky people get a life partner like Om and Sasural like you all. He says don’t worry, we will make everything fine. She says I also want Gauri to go to her Sasural with all of you. He sees a photo of two young girls.

Om thanks Shivaye. Shivaye says promise you will not lose. Om says no, this time Dilwale will take bride. Rudra falls and screams. They all have a pillow fight fun.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. AnuluvsIB

    I simply loved today’s episode! All characters cuteness overload!
    — A cutie pie budiya annika!! Man her thoughts knows no bounds!! ? the way she called out to Shivaay and coughed ???? surbhi is such a cutie pie man?
    — a very very cute shivika.. loved how sso was teasing her ? this diljeet.. I totally approve! Sso plying with her hair was ❤️?❤️
    — cutie pie Rudy! Spoilt brat this guy is! Yet adorable ?? how I wish it was Soumya who pushed him in that embarrassment! Story wise his anger against bhavya is extremely unreasonable.. as it’s mansi/bhavya, it’s bothering me less
    — AniRi bonding ??? aww so sweet of Chutki! She knew her jiji is stuck in a senior citizen slumber party and came to her rescue! How sweet of her! Sisso goals they are ??
    — sso! U got to see chutkis pic first! Now get on mission!! Go sso go!
    Precap – Awww cute obros! Can’t wait ?
    Btw, today’s segment shows annika asking sso to throw water on her! Does any body know y? Can someone throw more light on this??

    1. Dhwani_Naidu

      Go Anu go!! For the first comment girl!!

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Thanks Dhwani ?

    2. Go Anu di Go.Congratulation on being first…

      1. A Very Important Announcement :

        Today is 27 OCTOBER and guess what,It’s my BIRTHDAY! Thought to share with my great PKJ family.Now don’t forget wishing me ok?Or else I will cry buckets(stop doing drama )

      2. Krish6868

        27 is a very powerful number.You are meant to be a leader.
        You are a SCORPIO too!a watery sign,which means you have
        the fluidity to adjust to all situations and just as the ocean is
        deep and holds great secrets, your character also has great
        depth with a strong sense of being over-protective towards
        your subordinates .And because you belong to the 9 series
        you have the right ambition and drive to achieve anything in
        this world.So this is a superb combination to become an entre-
        preuner .Aim for the sky,success will be yours always!

        Luftha, wishing you all the bestest in your life!

      3. Renimarenju

        Luthfa u don’t need 2 cry as u are the star today, okay……See my wish 2 u in this page, i hope u will like it , hope in ur special day TU MODU UNCLE will not do Moderation Drama much and am expecting that my wishes will reach u in Time……Already i wished u so late, sorry dear…..
        Many more happy returns of the day , once again ishqie….. Already in Ib we are tolerating so many DRAMAS AND DRAMA QUEENS, Pls don’t say abt doing dramas….

      4. Sasha

        Happy Birthday Luthfa… Have a colorful year ahead..

    3. Nivedita

      Go Anu go! ?

      Agree today was cuteness overload. And the brief Shivika moment was awesome too..????

      1. Hi Sasha,
        Thank you so very much for the wishing…

      2. AnuluvsIB

        Thanks nivi?

    4. Pushpa

      GAG…..hw r u?
      true all character ws good..
      sure nor sso will know the elder gals history.. getting interesting now..

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Yeah push!! Hope the CVs make it interesting!!

    5. Shekhar

      If I enlight 1000 spot , CVS will find 1001st spot and only to prove me wrong , they will come up with one more crap reason for , WHY ANNIKA ASKED SSO TO THROW WATER OVER HER?

      So, keep patience, and do not force CVS for more crap!

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Lol! Yeah.. I guess we will see that today..

  2. Karina

    I can not wait for Anika-Gauri sister track. I hope from next week it will begin.

  3. Nandhana

    My ishqbaaz and ishqbaazians back with their respective wifes’.. I think we will rock…

  4. Pushpa

    Hi gals…ws so busy pass 2 days…
    But no more..lets c todays episode..
    Another shivika khidikitod epi..?????so entertaining..
    I just love thess obro brothers….their relationship is so special &vry close knitted relationship…luving the brothers loves among eachother.Yes the 5obros will bring gauri bck to OM..DDLJ…

    Sadharji diljeetji i thought forgot yr wife no…our shivija moments ws romantic& funny.. shivayes obsession towards anika hand & hair just enough to kill us alive…shivaye remove her wig….oh jaanaaaaaaa…..but till whn anika gona say..yea ap khya karenga….and i think shicaye’s will romance anika hand&hair till end of IB…..and i thought OM ppl distyrb shivika moments but here tooooooo….thts not so cool…if thy do hv anika will,agn run away..pakka..sorry gals i think there wont b any1st nite
    The photo ….its anika childhood pix….did shivaye recognise…ho gauri anika sisters..great news.

    Cmon Obrois u guys can do it…
    Dilwale dulhania lejange….
    gd nite gals…

    1. Nivedita

      Yup Pu SSO was superb today! As were Ani n Rudy n all..??

    2. AnuluvsIB

      Oh! Ye aap kya kar rahe hain will always be there.. it’s like anikas impulse..! But I like it every time she says ?

  5. We need rikara scenes. It was good to see today episode

  6. Today Shivika reminded me of this sonnet which I had forgotten long ago…

    “Let me not to the marriage of true minds
    Admit impediments.Love is not love
    Which alters when it alteration finds,
    Or bends with the remover to remove :
    O no! it is an ever-fixed mark
    That looks on tempest and is never shaken;
    It is the star to every wandering bark,
    Whose worth’s unknown,although his heights be taken.
    Love’s not Time’s fool,though rosy lips and cheeks
    Within his bending sickle’s compass come:
    Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
    But bears it out even to the edge of doom.
    If this be error and upon me proved,
    I never writ,not no man ever loved.”

    Age is just a number and love is an ageless emotion. Love is same with teenage, newlyweds, matured and elder couple with the exception of expressing love. Grey hair,wrinkles, stammering voice can not take away the magic of love. Love is love and it can not be measured by measuring tape or anything else. From time immemorial love is everlasting and it will be same till doomsday even in afterlife!

    1. Dhwani_Naidu

      Hey luthfa I knew this sonnet.. I remember studying it.. It’s written by Shakespeare I think.. Idk if am right..

      1. Y its for tempest writte by shekespear

      2. Dhwani dear,
        Yes it’s from William Shakespeare, my favourite author.

    2. Nivedita

      Lovely sonnet!?❤

      Wish you Many Happy Returns of the Day dear! ????

      1. Onek onek dhonnobad Nivi di.Thank you so very much.

      2. Nivedita

        Aww Luthfa– adorable of you to thank me in Bengali! ?? Hope you had a fab birthday!

    3. Banita

      Heyyy Luthfa….
      HAPPY BIRTHDAY dr????????????
      May God bless u…. Have a Wonderful journey ahead????

      1. Hi Bani (can I call you?)
        Thank you so so much dear

    4. AnuluvsIB

      Oi luthfA! Happy birthday dear!! Have a great year ahead!! Wishing u loads n load of happiness! ??????

      1. Thank you very very much Anu di.It means a lot.

    5. Aniru

      Many Many Happy Returns of the day Luthfa.. Enjoy your day.

      1. Thank you so much Aniru.Yeah,I will try.

    6. Krish6868

      LUTHFA, Loved the sonnet!
      Feeling so sentimental!

      1. I know these facts of my sign KRISH,thanks for reminding me.To be honest I love astrology a lot.Anyway,Thank you once again for wishing me.

    7. Aastha_Reddy


      1. Oh thank you Aastha di.Love you di

    8. Pushpa

      your birthday…..many more happy returns of the day……hv a wonderful celebration..

      1. Thank you to the power of infinity Pushpa di…

    9. Many Happy Returns Of The Day Luftha!
      Have a great day!

      1. Hello Sana,
        Thank you very very very much…

    10. Krish6868

      LUFTHA, if you like astrology, VEDIC Astrology is more accurate
      than the Western Sun Sign astrology.
      Although repetetive,Wish You All The Best again!

      1. Thank you KRISH.Ok I will try…

    11. lLuftha,Happy Birthday dear!

      1. Hi Veda,
        Thank you so much dear…

  7. What is this Omkara?
    You are giving up so easily? Have you forgotten that you are an Oberoi?And Oberois never quit. Convince your love and get her back in your life.No one can reject an Oberoi as Tej once told (what? really? )
    Don’t be disheartened. Everything will fall into places just give some time to Gauri and to yourself. Show your Oberoigiri that Ajay and send him hell for tormenting Gauri and for coming in between you and your love.Go Omkara Go…

  8. Cute episode with cute shivika
    Today Annika was so cute with wig and with out wig also .
    Annika insecure about her white hair ….oh no that imagination shivay ignores it’s cute and funny
    Precap obros bonding interesting…
    Waiting for annika past track

  9. Hiii pkj i want these type of epi daily plss cvss no matter watan no story dragging no villan just fun filled obros shivika rikara and ruvya its enough ib is my life by these seg cant wait fr tomo obro pillow fights aniriya room seg omg omg????????????????????❤thy are gossepumps to me plss tomo the epi wll be bst i think sooo tdy epi omg again laughbazzzz shivaay tht punjavbi ascent comedy i cant shivika romance anika fear dream all are ek dum takkar and upcoming rikara cant wait ruvya waste fight bt emotions worth nailed lee and mansi want tht bgm ??om giving up tht obros one for all all for one moment my obros and obahus are the jaan??????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤upcoming i cant wait guysssssss lots of love to pkj family thss week all epi are good ????

    1. Dear Meena
      Agar Hum Ishqbaaz Fans Ishqbaaz Actors Ki Tarah Mehnath Karke Night 10 Pm To 10.30Pm Ishqbaaz TV Main Dekhenge TRP High Hogi,Tho Iam Sure Ishqbaaz Team Aise Episode Daily Dene Ki Try Karengi.Jab Track Interesting Nahi Lagegi Thab Hum Nahi Dekthi Haina.Ab Ishqbaaz Team Aise Interesting Track De Rahi Hai Tho Hame Wo TV Pe Mehnath Karke Dekhna Hoga.Night Ko 10 To10.30 Time Thak Dekhna Thoda Hard Hai.But Thoda Mehnath Karengi Tho Ho Jaayenge.Iam Sure Jab Good Track Ko Boring Irritate Track Se Zyada TRP Milenge Tho Ishqbaaz Team Aise Episode Daily Dene Ki Try Karengi.So Good Track Ko TV Pe Hi Dekhu And CVS Ko Samjavo Ham Kya Chaathe Hai Ishqbaaz Se.
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

  10. Misha_Mikul

    Such a lovely episode! ?
    Loved every scene!! ?

    Oberoi moment!! “Oberois never quit”??
    Annika’s imagination ???
    Have to appreciate Surbhi ..She just did Best in that old lady character.. ??
    Shivika’s disturbance filled moment ??
    When a lady came first, Shivaay hid behind curtain, out his head and the way he talked were all damn funny ??
    Loved the way Annika smiled and shouted when Shivaay tickled her hip ?????
    Loved more when Shivaay laughed when Annika tickled him ??????
    They were soooo Cute ????
    LMAO Shivaay wore the wig and scared the girl ????
    He was looking so funny when Annika tried to
    remove the wig(opened the hair)????????

    Don’t hese two ladies have any other work? Always after Annika ???
    Annika should’ve gave a damn punch on their face while they were busy in sleeping ??

    Yeye!! AniRi track is started!! ??

    Precap – Heaven ????
    ShivOmRu are Precious ❤?

    Nitez Darlings ? have a lovely day.. Tc ❤?

    1. Nivedita

      Shivika were awesome I their brief moments too..and SSO laughter when Ani tickled..was so ????

      1. Nivedita

        *in their

        Surbhi was too cute ??

  11. I want to know did Shivaay say he cannot see others if he sees Anika….??I couldn’t watch today’s episode…..

    1. Nivedita

      Yes he did! He was awesome! Do watch today’s episode on repeat telecast or Hotstar

  12. Seriously man i happy with today episode obro moments, anika antics, shivika romance and aniri past revelation everything made my day i wanted to say something from the starting of ib i would first say thanks to gul and lalit for giving us a beautifull show like ib beacuse in every serials they show brothers fight for name,fame and money but ib was the firsr which showed the pure bond between brothers eventhough they have dysfunctional family and the three brothers are so different in there idealogies they stand together in every problem like shivay says ‘ALL FOR ONE ONE FOR ALL’ not only brothers but even there wife have beautifull bond with each other seriously whenever i watch ib i wish we brothers also have pure bond and unity like shivomru but thats not possible in my life

    1. Dear Abhishek
      Ishqbaaz Ki O Bros Ko Ek Dusre Ke Liye Jo Pyaar Hai Wo Baath Mujhe Bhi Bahuth Pasand Hai.Thank You So Much For CVS Aaj Thak In Logone O Bros Ko Alag Karne Ki Koi Track Na Dikhaya Hu.Dusri Shows Main Dekha Hai Brothers Ki Beech Fight Dikhathe But Iss Main Aaj Thak Oberoi’s Ki Beech Aisa Koi Problem Nahi Dikhaya.Unki Scene Couples Scene Se Kam Ho But Unka Wo Bonding Hamesha Strong Raha Hai.Jab ShivIka OmRi Couples Ki Problems,Separation Yaad Karo Tho O Bros Ko Beech Aaj Thak Koi Problem Na Dikhaya Soch Ke Peace Milthe Hai.TRP Ke Liye Kuch Serial Main Aisa Dikhathe Hai But Ishqbaaz Ki Makers Kabhi TRP Ke Liye Aisa Track Nahi Dikhaya.Uss Baath Ke Liye Iam Proud Of Ishqbaaz Teams?????????
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

  13. Hilarious episode!!
    I just cant stop laughing at Annika’s dream of she old and Shivaay young

    1. Dear Har
      True Anika Dream Is Funny?????? Young Shivay Old Anika??
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

  14. Nivedita

    Loved today’s episode! It was as fabulous as yesterday’s. The Comedy parts were well done. All 3 Obros look fabulous as Sardars! ????❤❤ Can’t seem to get enough of them..

    Rudy looked dashing..almost wish he would join at or something. But he won’t look as good without the sardar pagdi…so am happy for this temp Rudy get up..

    If only Saumya were here.. Bhavya was less scary in her Punjabi kudi look..but her ever present frown is irritating as always..

    CVs today the Rudy Bhavya faceoff wasn’t as annoying..but still would like to see less or no Bhavya..

    Loved almost everyone else’s scenes today.. and Surbhi is really so gorgeous with less makeup??..I wish her natural beauty would be used more than layers of make up on Ani..

    Surbhi just rocked in her scenes.
    And the brief Shivika moment was gorgeous! ❤??And way better than Mon or Tues episode–

    From yesterday comments it seems SP Chanel may have edited out Shivika scenes from Mon or humble request- please show those scenes in bits n pieces as effective flashbacks, so as to not scandalise conservative or shock young audiences..

    Or to post those as hotstar uploads..please ???

    And if those aren’t as aesthetically shot as the we’d and Tues episodes- then please reshoot them for appropriate flashbacks..??

    Today I was glad to see that Shivika magic and IB magic is still on.

    1. Nivedita

      *I was wishing Rudy would join the military

  15. The brother are so cute and dashing just loved today’s epi
    ?At last it has become Dulwana dulhania la jaynga

  16. Today’s episode was fantabulous!!!! Awesome performance by all actors. Shivika’s part was too good. Such an insecurity in Anika. Nice to see she getting jealous over Shivaay. He only have eyes for Anika. Aww…. come on Anika. He is your Shivaay no matter what happens. Just loved the episode. Too good… I am eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode. I can see Obros movement. Rudra must be very funny.

    Come on Bhavya…. You expect Rudra to forgive you that easily. You slapped him infront of everyone. True he said cheap things about you but still slapping a grown up man and adult is not dignified at all infront of all.the other guests. It is an insult to him and because of this Rudra will find it hard to come to terms with Bhavya.

  17. Aniru

    “Meri baal kya safed hogai aap mere taraf dekh bhi nahi rahe hain”. Very less couple might have escaped from this thought process. How will Annika fight with this insecurity , fear of losing her loved one to someone else. The first stage doubting on self, Annika is going through this. The funniest part is Shivaay does not understand what is going on her mind. Moreover he is teasing her.

    In real life situation, I am not sure you guys agree to it, wives ask husbands, Nowadays you are not loving me the same way as before or during our initial years you used to do this for me or do that for me. Husbands teases, now you also does not look the same way as before. Some husband’s says its been very busy etc.

    Second & third stage will be more fun to watch how she will blame herself and try to look better in those age, suffocating spouses to get more attention. I think we would be get to see more vulnerable Annika during this time. She will be more demanding, questioning, doubting etc. As her spouse is SSO, he will not know what is going on her mind.

    Fear of losing something can actually bring that loss. The next stage of the insecurity can make them distant. I am interested to watch how will Annika and Shivaay tackle this issue. In fact I am actually liking this track even if it is michmichi to see Diljeet’s flirting.

    Rikara- I would like to see Gauri’s thought process. Yesterday, she left him and gone. They did not show us what’s going on her mind regarding Om’s confession. Hope today they will show.

    Awesome performance by Lee. His pain came out as anger. Hope we get to see the step by step process of Rudi’s ishqbaazi.

    Yesterday, I got the vibes that I am are getting the IB which I am fond of.

    1. Dear AniRi
      I Also Think Om Ki Confession Ko Lekhe Gauri Ki Mind Pe Kya Chal Raha Hai Wo Kya Feel Kar Raha Hai Ye Sab Kyu Nahi Dikhaya. Hope Aisa Dikhaye.Precap Main O Bro Scene Se Lag Raha Hai Ki AniRiVya Scene Bhi Dikhayegi Let’s See Unki Scene Pe Gauri Ki Pov Dikhayengi Ya Nahi
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

      1. Aniru

        Hi UF. Hope they show Gauri’s feelings and her athrangi ideas.

    2. Ya.. what’s going on in om and gauri’s mind? Their state of mind needs to be shown. Instead the cv’s are showing us what annika’s state of mind is, what she’s thinking about her hair and all. And the state of mind of Gauri and Om (especially gauri), who are facing a very critical stage in their marriage, and their relation (they would be feeling as if losing control of their lives…), all completely ignored. After all, that’s more important than ‘will shivaay leave me when I get old?’ track. What are the cv’s actually thinking and doing? Cm on annika is not even in her middle age to start taking this seriously and quarrel on it. Plus they are here to help rikara. But they are not even discussing om and gauri.. This is so annoying that the cv’s are just trying to squeeze in shivika romance wherever possible instead of focusing on the most important thing of the moment. Ok, squeeze them in, but at least the context shouldn’t be forgotten (at least mention rikara, like annika saying “but what happened to gauri”..). Rikara was almost completely ignored in the 26th Oct episode.
      This could be one of the best shows. The basic story line is interesting. But the execution at times fails so badly. No offence. But sorry.. I had to say this somewhere.

  18. Happy Birthday luthfa end u r day

    1. Thank you very much Chaithu dear…

  19. Shekhar


    Many many happy returns of the day!!
    It is not that I can’t see a gal CRYING the BUCKET!, but it has been just slipped out from my finger tips only to stop you from CRYING BUCKETFULL!, as many of us are already CRYING over SADNESS amid RIKARA, so only to be away from confusion , which tears are yours or our , I just preferred to stop you from CRYING BUCKETFULL!

    So all are requested to wish HAPPY BD to LUTHFA!

    1. What can I do Shekhar bhaiya?We are surrounded by so much drama that unknowingly it is affecting us…
      Thank you so much for wishing me on this special day.It means a lot

  20. First wish u many more happy returns of the day luthfa??????……. Today episode such an amazing fantabulous and blissful episode for all ishqbaaz fans…. Shivika u r amazing ??????…….. Anika’s insecure and her imagine about old age was hilarious especially she imagined her as old and Shivaay bhaiyya was young it’s too funny?????????????… surbhi ,she nailed it by her antics….shivika intense romance killing me every day ??????????????????? I love them more and more each and every moment … Gul mam gives the gift for us such an amazing brothers ,mind blowing couples and their unique love story, bromance. So big big thank for her …..all of them are fabulous actors….aniri moments I am so happy they are sisters ????????…..but sad for bhavya no one for her ……pls cvs bhavya ko bhi family dedije..bhavya punjabhi attire she has so beautiful ….. Precap I was eagerly waiting for pillow fighting bromance…. ???????????…….today completely it was darwajatod episode….yeh ajay ko toh meri Shivaay bhaiyya chodenge nahi..tumhare kitni himat Shivaay bhaiyya laadli behen ko hurt karne ki …Shivaay bhaiyya haath mein tumhare band bajnewala hai taiyyar rehna…


    1. Thank you very much Janu.Have a nice day…

      1. Happy Birthday Luthfa???????????????

      2. Thank you very very much UF dear..

  21. Renimarenju


    Love all those beloved ones who loves u from heart
    Upfront to everyone which will make u as unique
    Throw the negative vibes and stay as triumphant today
    Hold this day close 2 u as this is the most memorable day
    Flourish the moments with ur smile and make it as sweet
    Alight this birthday with happiness, and make it as special…

    On this special day I wish u all success and a bright future for u…….Happy Birth Day 2 u my lovely ishqie……. Sorry for wishing u so much late…….Just now only i opened this page and find that today is ur birth day…..May god bless u dear…..

    1. You know Reni di,you are a darling.So lovely words you have used!I am touched.Thank you so so so much di…

      1. Renimarenju

        Awwww, no need of thanking me dear…….Feels so gud 2 come here after long time, even though things are not going right for me……

  22. Shekhar


    What we kept getting in SHIVIKA love story for quiet a long time, we were never able to get it out of RIKARA, and as expected, never got and will never get that out of either RUVYA or RUMYA,

    That ” WHAT ” is DEPTH !

    We had and have enough reason to endorse the SHIVIKA as the most adorable LOVE STORY out of IB, and UNIQUE love story for all young generation as well as all those who are not young but educated, and all these viewers built up the major part of TRP for which all makers are seeking as reward, but tragedy is this same DEPTH factor was being failed to drag the KITCHEN who are generally not used to see such stuff beyond their understanding , and TRP is being well below the expectation of makers.

    The depth at which LOVE of SHIVIKA story was forming step by step and was flowing well below their ATTITUDE and SELF RESPECT was never to be endorsed by anyone except OMRU, and they were only two person who could have guessed, what both were showing to around was not exactly what they are intending upto, and we saw, RU was the first person expressing his happiness after finding ANNIKA under vail instead TIA during forced marriage of SHIVIKA, and his happiness was not for the reason that he himself liked ANNIKA, but he knew, SHIVAAY loved her infact!

    The depth which had seen in SHIVIKA, was the composite result of both CVS and NM & SC, but personnelly I believe, without being biased, contribution to this ADORABLE DEPTH was more from SC than to other TWO. Her expression and action kept viewers feeling FLOW OF LOVE well below their going on battle of SELF RESPECT and ATTITUDE .

    Their virtual battle was a marveled piece of only to see, then understand and then to enjoy thoroughly without being the part of drama going on. This same depth was compelling the young generation to set alarm for IB time in and out of India , and even to change their daily schedule .

    This depth is ELOPED from RIKARA, and what ever the depth we are seeing in RIKARA is only due to SP, and KJ is thoroughly failed to provide any contribution . The TEARS and CRYING only can hide your inability to perform well, but never can impress. People around us adore a strong entity and never opt for a weak and helpless crying entity.

    I know, many RIKARA fan may bash me, but they will also agree with what I wrote in last line of last para!

    When 90 % people are crying over this and that, then certainly 10 % are the right people to ADORE!

    1. SHEKHARJI, i’m spell bound with your analysis/comment ..I agree with each and every word u wrote

      1. Shekhar

        I am not enough old or any celebrity, SHEKHAR is enough.

    2. Krish6868

      SHEKHAR,Good Evening!
      Agree with all that you expressed.
      SC always complemented NM in SHIVIKA.NM was so poker
      faced till January.Even now SC seems to be contributing to
      most of the trp.
      Even with RIKARA, SP is the main attraction.Their jodi was
      perfect as CHULBUL and OMKARAJI.
      Now to strengthen RIKARA they are making ANIRI sisters.
      Thank God it is GOURI and not Bhavya!
      Shekhar,they are cluttering up the show with three love-
      stories.Only a single main lead pair can carry a show smoothly
      and satisfyingly.Having too many main leads will ruin the show.
      TOO MANY COOKS SPOIL THE BROTH! Feeling michi-michi reg.
      future of IB.
      BYE SHEKHAR.Good Night!

      1. Shekhar



        What CVS did actually is, they tried to set a RECTANGLE and a ROUND in the SQUARE in which they completely failed. Recurrence of something all over three or recurrence of past incident frequently (WATER THROWING) invariably failed to retain and regain the old charm at first place.

        Recent episodes is saying, looking at the PAST of ANNIKA going to be revealed now, IB is breathing high , and I would be more happy if CVS come up with revelations of all old mysteries which they left unsolved so far.

      2. Nivedita

        No thanks needed Shekhar.. thanks for your second comment too..

        I understand your frustration with KJ n Om..but I do hope the new Om will again become your fav.

    3. Nivedita

      Shekhar you are right Shivika magic is unparalleled..and most times it’s because of SurbhiC’s performance and expressions..but SSO definitely has the it factor too portrayed well by Nox most times..

      As for Rikara..I agree that at times KJs expressions aren’t that great, but yesterday most people did enjoy Rikara.. and I could definitely see some improvement in ok performance..Shrenu as always is rock solid with her emotiveness..????

      KJ definitely has rooms for improvement.. hope he will keep giving us better n better performances in the future…his discomfort with romance doed show up on he definitely needs some work on that..

      But still us fans do and did enjoy Rikara this week..n I for one did like his heartbroken performance..n crying..

      1. Nivedita

        *improvement in KJ performance

      2. Shekhar

        Consistency with which NM and SC keep doing acting, KJ is missing all through. His split behavior while in SHIVIKA TRACK and while in his own track prove one thing only, GOOD SAYINGS ARE THERE ONLY TO DELIVER, NOT TO FOLLOW. He kept seeing other side of the matter in SHIVIKA track and tried to find the truth and supported ANNIKA out of SHIVIKA, but keep missing it in his own track. Instigated by PINKY, OM rod over doubts and raised the serious questions against the dignity of his own wife. which is completely contrasting behavior to that of during SHIVIKA TRACK. Once she said SSO, referring why he did not inform ANNIKA , YOU ARE REPRESENTING TIA AS WIFE IN RECEPTION to media, SHE DESERVE BETTER TREATMENT than the way you treated her!

        I am sorry, BUT OM is missing consistency and many a times he keep stepping out of his predefined character frame.

        No offence please.

      3. Shekhar

        Initially , seeing a KJ as artist as well as poetic character, I was most expecting from KJ instead a NM, and everything was OK untill CVS made him FIGHTER and placed against KT, and as the story keep progressing, charm of character kept losing, and at peak of his track I found him lost in crap . Still I see, and believe too, all was due to miss handling of OMRI track. CVS get failed to extract best out of KJ.
        Anyhow, as a viewers, views are getting changed on toto base, no hard feeling, expecting same.

    4. Nivedita

      Shekhar you are very right about the inconsistency in Om’s character. It has been equally frustrating to have a sensitive Om understanding Ani’s point of view, but unable to understand Gauri.

      I do hope the current Om they are showing will keep making these amends and keep on understanding Gauri..?

      1. Shekhar

        Thank God!

        Atlast you agreed over inconsistency in OM character, otherwise I was expecting you to beat me L, R and C with all types of weapons you may have!

        Yaa, consistency in a LEAD CHARACTER is must, let other be oscilatting from here to there, but not in lead character. LEAD CHARACTERs do have their own FAN who never allow his favorite inconsistent. Even VILLAIN keep losing their face value if they do not maintain consistency.

        To save me from your ANGER, i also made a counter comment in following my comment as reply to you!

        Anyway, thanks to get what I insisted for a valid point!

  23. wow.. todays episode is awesome.. not only today but previous too .. always always love shivika.. their romance,humour, everything.. rikara at their best… rudy i like no no actually i love the funny you.. soo finally aniri track is going to start … good going… and the precap is awwww my all time favourite obro moment…. waiting for todays epi very eagerly..

  24. happie wala birthday luthfa.. may u hav a great year ahead..

    1. Hi Prabha,
      Thanks a lot yaar…

      1. no need to thank yaar..

  25. Aniru

    Hi Shekhar, I was thinking about it today morning regarding “drag the KITCHEN”. Glad that you have written about it. Also, I agree with you regarding RIKARA. From watching initial episode, I felt, Om’s story will be the different in 3 stories especially when Ishana told him “Every one sees the wound but no one see pain”. But unfortunately, his story is the least developed one. There I feel Shivika’s and Rikara stories are written by different writers. I do not have any idea about how serial production houses works.

  26. HI LUTHFA ,

    1. It’s ok dear.No problem. Thank you once again…

  27. nice episode but I did’nt like anika old getup

  28. Nikita_jai29

    It is good point.. In a relationship there is a trust then age is just a number

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