Ishqbaaz 26th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 26th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika says Billu ji, its imp thing. Shivaye says I know what you are going to say, infact I have realized it before. She says you felt that.. He says you like me. She says no. He asks what is it then that you took an hour to say. She says you do one thing, listen to your heart radio, I m going, tata. She says he is in his own Tadi. He says what did she want to say.

Sometime before, Shivaye lifts Anika. Pinky says Shivaye, open Tia’s fast before leaving, feed her water. Shivaye says mom, its necessary for me to leave, I m sorry Tia. Tia says its okay, I understand. Soumya asks Rudra to listen. Rudra goes angrily. Anika wakes up and holds her head. She says I should be at home at this time, Sahil is alone at home, I have to leave.

Shivaye comes and holds her. He asks are you a fool or

mad, what’s wrong with you, you did not eat anything and worked all day, what will you get then, you will faint, and now you are trying to leave, sit here. She says I have to go, Sahil is alone at home. He says I understand, doctor asked you to take rest, have juice. She says no, I m fine. He says just drink it. She drinks juice and thinks why do I feel I have to say something to Billu ji, about Tia. She recalls seeing Tia with a guy. She says Billu ji, I need to say something. He says yes. She says don’t know how to say, its imp to say and I can’t live without saying it, I feel is it late, as you and Tia got engaged and going to marry now. He looks at her.

Ranveer asks are you sure you are okay. Priyanka nods. He says seeing you, I felt like you saw a bad dream, you can tell me if anyone is troubling you, afterall police is for help. She looks at him. He says oh, you maybe not knowing me, I m ACP Ranveer Singh Randhawa. She asks you, police? She gets tensed. He says culprits or someone hiding culprits get scared of police, why are you scared. She says nothing like that, I was stunned. He asks why. She says I felt there is someone there, but maybe it was my illusion. He asks are you sure. She nods and says I think I should go. He asks her to take care. She goes and her earring falls there. He tries to call her. He picks her earring. He says first meet happened and got other meet’s excuse, now we will keep meeting, Priyanka Singh Oberoi.

Anika says matter is very simple, but other things are complicated, so I don’t know how to say, and its Karwachauth today, so I felt like, saying anything today is strange, but then I feel I should say it today itself. Shivaye thinks what is she saying, is it what I m thinking. She says how shall I say, if I don’t say, I will feel Michmichi and otherwise too. He thinks oh God, Anika is going to say she loves me, what shall I do, how to handle her, save me. She says I don’t know how will you handle this Billu ji, I feel whatever I m going to say, you may get a current, but the thing is, I ….. He says you should rest. She says no. He says doctor said you need rest. She says but… He says we will talk later.

She says please, I have to say, its imp, you have to hear it right away, Billu ji I…. Shivaye worries. Tia comes and says Shivaye baby…. Shivaye says Tia, I can’t say I m so happy seeing you. Tia says how sweet. She asks Anika is she feeling better now. Anika nods. Tia says Shivaye baby, I was thinking we should have dinner together. Shivaye says yes. Anika says but I had to say… Shivaye says you had to go home, I will ask driver to drop you. Anika asks can’t you drop me, its late night, driver won’t know way, Sahil is waiting at home. Tia says ya, you go, Anika is unwell, you please drop her, we will have dinner when you return, I will wait for you. Anika thinks Tia is being so good now, how can she do this with Billu ji. Shivaye says okay, I will drop you. Anika and Shivaye leave.

Jhanvi asks Soumya to get gifts from study room to her room. Soumya says fine. Jhanvi asks Rudra to help in getting gifts to her room. Rudra goes and sees Soumya. He holds the gift box and says leave it. She says Rudra, please listen to me. He says there is nothing to say and listen. He pulls the gift. Soumya falls over him. Agar tum saath ho……plays………….. They see each other.

Shivaye and Anika are on the way. She looks at him. He thinks now she is going to say. She thinks I should tell him now. She says I have to…. He worries. She says its imp matter. He says traffic control is also imp, see its so much traffic in city. She asks why are you not listening me, I don’t know how to say it. He says don’t say it, I know what you are going to say. She thinks he knows Tia was hugging someone else.

He says I know what you are going to say, infact I realized it much before, don’t say it. She says wait, if you felt, why are you doing this marriage, why are you ruining your life, and Tia will also not stay happy. He says situation is awkward, its better if few things don’t come out, you know this, I know this, it would be better if no one else knows this. She asks will you ignore this truth all your life. He stops the car and says Anika, we will stop here, we can’t go ahead. She asks what do you mean. He says you know there is no way ahead of this. She sees Stop board.

Soumya asks Rudra to listen to her. He says you had enough time to say, now I don’t want to listen, let me do my work. She says friendship, fight and disappointment is between us, you can’t decide alone. He says I can take and I already took the decision. She says great, friendship starts and ends by your saying, am I here to obey your decisions. He asks am I here to listen to your lies. She asks whats your problem. He says problem is now I know your truth Soumya.

She says so what, I m love angel, no one knows this as I did not wish this, I want to help people without saying. He says but you should have told me, I was following you blindly. She says I tried to tell you a lot of times, you used to get some work and leave, even I tried saying about Rumi. He says please, don’t say about her, she is better than you, atleast she is honest. She says she is not honest, she is psycho who thinks she is Devi, and you are desperate to get ready to become her Devta. He asks am I desperate, what are you, you are with a loser Reyaan. He goes. She says he is better than you, atleast he is normal, not a Devi Devta.

Anika says fine, so way is closed, but you don’t worry, I can go by walk. Shivaye says we have no other way, I know where this is going, you…. Your heart has feelings for me and…. She gets shocked. He says now when I m getting married, you got emotional so… She asks what, you felt this. He says I knew it, ya. She says you are Billu ji, you feel… He says you like me, yes, you are trying to say this. She says no and gets angry. He asks what is it that you took an hour to say. The other car horns. Shivaye says this traffic, you stop.

Anika says you leave it, I can’t tell you, you know everything, you are Antaryami, you listen to your Mann ka Radio and o m going, tata. She gets down the car. She says he is in his own Tadi, nothing can happen of him, he feels I have feelings for him, not even my slipper will have feelings for him, nothing can happen of Stone singh oberoi. He says she is mad, she is acting as if she does not like me, if she really wanted to say something, what was she trying to say.

Om sees the note and asks Priyanka did you say anything to ACP. She says no, I felt he wants to help. He says he is handling Gayatri’s murder case and blamed Shivaye, I think he is working against our family, but what is he doing here, he would be keeping an eye on Oberoi mansion. She says whatever, truth is, if he was not there, don’t know what would have happened, someone who knows truth was there. He says whatever, you won’t talk to ACP, I will manage the rest.

Anika talks to Sahil and says I m trying to tell him which type of girl is he going to marry and his heart has some other khichdi getting cooked. She sees Sahil slept and says I won’t say, but I can’t stay without telling him, Tia is so good, can she do such thing. Bua from window, says Tia would be like it, rich people are such. Anika asks why are you listening me. Bua says what shall I do sitting here, I think Shivaye knows this, such things are common in rich people. Anika says Billu ji is not like this, but how did no one knew if Tia is such. Bua says they all are donkeys, else if anyone does wrong, how can there can’t be any clue. Anika says there is no clue. She recalls Tia taking Anika’s help that night and Anika spotting someone in her car. She says clue…..its lots of clues and I did not see it, it means no one has seen it, I have to tell this to Shivaye.

Anika says I have seen Tia hugging someone, a love hug like Aashiqui 2, tight hug, I thought its you, then I saw you roaming behind, I don’t know am I getting right or wrong meaning, but I had to tell you, so I said. Shivaye gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Maithlii Sinha

    Priyanka + Ranveer = Rayanka or Priyanveer
    Which one is better guys ???

    Anyway I m loving their pair 😍😍

  2. salsa

    It was a treat to watch shivaay today… He was like 🙉🙉🙉I don’t want to listen….. 💞💞💞

  3. Aarohi

    Hey All!! Iam actually a silent but crazy fan of Ishqbaaz….this time i have chosen to comment….. I felt today’s episode was great….And iam eagerly looking forward to the next episode….i rlly dont know what to speak…..but i think it would not do any harm if introduce myself…..Iam Aarohi from Chennai …..iam in eleventh grade
    i would rlly appreciate if some of u would introduce yourselves also…..i completely new here….

  4. salsa

    I never imagined rudra and soumyas chemistry might also be intense…. They are just killing it… 😍😍 their closeness makes me so nervous…… 😜😜 love them

  5. Loveleen


    |Registered Member

    Finally shivaye accepts his feeling but he is giving dat name as anikas feeling….very soon he too will accept his feelings

  6. salsa

    Hahaha 😂😂😂😂 shivaays condition when anika was abt to say smthing.. Our billu ji is so in love bt he cant admit it…

  7. |Registered Member

    Hallooo Ishqies,,,,,hehe OMG Shivika part,,,,,,,Shivaaye got nervous thinking Anika loves him,,,,,so that’s what they showed in the promo,,,SSO is unbelievable,,,,I didn’t think that he will say anythng lyk this,,,,,,N I loved Rudra’s angry avatar,,,It took one month for Soumya to reveal the truth abt Romi (that was a stupid twist,,,,,devi!!!! reallly!!!we{Luna} even guessed that she z a lesbian or smthng),,,,N wat’s this Om-Prinku secret??? N ACP-Prinku pairing is good,,,,I never thought that they will give importance to Prinku’s love stry,,,ACP really is handsome,,,loved him,,,,,,ab sirf Om ka story baakki he,,,,,waiting to see sme progress in his lyf,,



    |Registered Member

    It was sooo good to see shivaye confusion talk and infect he almost said indirectly that he also like anika… 😊😊😊😊😊
    But rudra is getting angrily jealse about soumya, as he come to know her truth but he is more jealse to see her with reyan, and his frustration is in this form… ☺☺☺☺☺

  9. aahana

    Oh boy!!!kl ka epi will b worth watching(if shivaye dsnt misunderstand her) but lol shivaye is such an idutt n anika is a chatterbox….not letting any1speak n not speaking wts in thr heart!!!i just lv my shivika💖 n guys i hv seen a segment on u tube dt swetlana is behind gyatri murder n she says dt she n her counterparts r behind i.e. om n prinku r being framed?!?!!! Srry gys i couldnt fetch d link for u as i was watching d video in app….

  10. Neha

    Yeah first to comment….
    Episode was too awesome, liked the angry bird, roody….and I wish anika hadn’t stop shivaye so that he could have said that he also likes her….ufff

  11. Disha


    |Registered Member

    Renima di’s health not good and then so much work load She is so tensed and stressed Please pray for her ishqies

  12. Jaya

    om ko side character maan rahe hai kya… episode mein sirf ek minute diya…it’s really irritating that they will concentrate always on shivika… agar ishana ab tak serial mein hai to bahut majaa aaya hoga… missing ishkara badly… rumya story is so good & progressing….

    • Trisha

      Don’t worried jaya one day om luv story will also start i think his luv story also different like other couple just like shivaya nd anika shivaya don’t like low class people nd low class language he doesn’t speak more angry young man he only matter blood fmly background nd surname but anika just opposite to her she is frm low class people she is chaterrbox nd her language , she doesn’t like used surname about rudra nd somya Rudra likes hot nd slim girl but somya is just opposite she is fat somya is very intelligent but rudy is dombo one is same they both luv there bro so much,Now new jodi prinku nd ranveer Prinyanka always afraid of small things she can’t speak well she bcom nervous by small things but ranveer he is daring he doesn’t afraid of any thing After looking these jodi om ki life ma bhi ayse ladki aayegi who also opposite to him

  13. Sahana

    Hii evryone!!
    Todays episode was nice as always😁
    Shivaaayyy babyy is a chipde😂
    Anika’s dialogues were bang on…😂😂
    Felt sad for sowmya😐
    I wanna try my hand at writing ff..
    Shall i???
    I hav my concepts ready… bt i vil start oly after nov 15 as i m having exams..
    Pls giv me ur opinion on dis😯
    I expect some support frm u guys!!
    Shama ma’am what is it abt 3rd dec??😯

  14. Aaru

    Wow I am d first to comment sooo happy abt 2days epi luv watching dis shw 😍😍😍shivnika roczz bt who is Tia’s bf may b robin?????🤔🤔🤔


    What ever your thinking about your heart feelings, sooner or later it has to moulded out as words, and for a EGOIST and INTROVERTY SHIVAAY it was not easy task. The way he pretend to be happy seeing TIA during his conversation with ANIKA, the way he pretend to be happy for having dinner with TIA, and the way he asked driver to leave ANIKA is clear indication of how much SSO is in dilemma! On one side,He just can not be away from ANIKA and on another side he can not cross over the boundary of his shitting ideology. As TIA has no concern with feelings towards SHIVAAY, and even don’t know how SHIVAAY pushed away OM from leaving ANIKA at her home and himself opted , otherwise TIA may cross him and can put him in awkward position.

    In car , I think we viewers get old ANIKA which we lost since few episodes was in her full form, and LEAVE SSO somewhat SHOCKED and CONFUSED. Whats he is thinking since long simply wanted to hear from ANIKA, but ANIKA simply choked his veins in her own style.

    In RUMYA track, both SOUMYA and RUDRA get successfell to expose other sides of their charector and proved, they are not here for fun only. It was nice to hear SOUMYA delivering the meaning full dialouges for a relation ‘ Friendship, fight, dissapointment or whatever it may be is between us, you just can’t decide alone” and another heart peircing dilouge’ You decided, friendshipe get started. You decided, friendship get end. I am not here to take your decission!”

    But unfortunately, SOUMYA is wrong , It always happen, when a relation get start, it get start with the consent from both side, but to get it end, consent from one side is enough, You just can’t force other one to get continue !

  16. Veda


    |Registered Member

    Aweee..RUMYA nd SHIVIKA xchngd dr chemstry… RUMYA-Sooo intnse..SHIVIKA_ sooo childsh… our Shivay litrly becm baby today..😊😊.. he s damn nrvs… nnnddd agaaaiiin Om’s gst aprnce… 😖😖😖😖.. He was lookng supr gorgs in dat outft bt came like a glimpse…bt its ok…v ISHKARA ND OMKARA fns becm habituatd…😢 btw Anika was lookng way prty dan ystrday,probably fr hr straight hair..

  17. Archiya

    Finally I enjoyed seeing r anika back today.. with her chatter.somehow I didnt like their prev scenes tat much.shivika look gud lik shivay knows anika loves him an he loves her too, an tat there is no road ahead for them. Practically no guy who is an oberoi will fall fr a gal lik anika, at the level where they are, status maters a wht he is sayin is correct.
    Roumya chemistry is interesting an so is pinku n acp.
    I always knew tat om is getting framed, he cN never do anything wrong an live wit is getting lesser space day by day.. also m missing their bromance
    Precap looks like shivay is gng to blast, its gng to b the same again,he insultin anika,but I feel part of his anger is bcozz anika did not tel him tat she likes him,as he was expecting tat..

    • shekhar

      Yes, more anger/dissappointment/distress or whatever we may say, for what Anika didn’t uttered what he presumed for. He took Anika as granted, attempted to ride over her SO CALLED YES by his NO and wished to on denial side. But simply ANIKA , in her language, SSO Ki wishing pe RAITA FAILA DIYA!

  18. Archiya

    Abt the promo I feel shivay wil insult anika wen she tells him abt tia, bt later he will cme to knw the truth abt then he tries to apologise to anika by giving roses.. bt she throw them away

    • Diya

      I agree. His face looks angry rather than shocked. He might say that she is trying to break up him and Tia cos she has feelings for him. In a way that’s logical. Shows good character to stand up for your fiancée as Tia has always shown understanding and devotion for him.On the other hand it also
      shows denial to accept the truth. I just hope he only accuses Anika of having feelings and not again the khoon, khaandaan garbage.And I hope this discussion takes place in private rather than in front of the entire family to reduce humiliation for Anni 🙂


      I don’t think repeatation of same drama take place, result may be same but may be in different way. Looking at FLOWER bouquets in PROMO, and then thrown by ANIKA, is the indication that somehow, children were directed to do so for some reason by SSO, and when she find SSO framed that , she simply throw it . In my POV, ANIKA might have got another JOB in some institute related to CHILD CARE , and finding SSO behind that institute, she might have reacted like that

  19. Diya

    I enjoyed watching the ShivIka conversation in today’s episode. it was funny and cute. Shivaay’s nervousness was endearing. goes to show how deeply Anika affects him. I read in one of the comments that a promo showed Shivaay in a wheelchair.Any theories about that?I haveone.After Shivaay humiliates Anika,
    she may decide to look for clues (with OmRu’s help). When Tia’s family finds this out they may get angry that Anika is getting in the way iftheir goal and decide tohaveherkilled.Atthe last minute, Shivaay may witness Anika in danger and may get in the way and land up getting injured. Will be interesting to watch how this track unfolds. But then there was that promo where Anika throws away the roses. That will be a completely different track.

  20. Saku

    Episode was awesome…specially the car part…anika is back with a bang…n the way she said aap apna radio chalu rakhiye main chali Tata that was funny😂😂😂…n shivaye he was thinking that she has feelings for her!!!!…rudra angry mode still on…but somewhere it was ryt on his part to get angry but only for not telling rumi secret…i know she tried to tell him but cld not say even we veiwers got annoyed with rumi secret….

    Prinku story looks intresting.. …. i think ACP is the guy who was troubling prinku…but still they look gud together…n acp is looking for reasons to meet priyanka😍..but I know it’s all gale he is doing so for Gayatri murder case…

    Om n prinkus secret is making me crazy n restless..eagerly waiting for om past..

  21. Navi

    Shivay expected anika to propose. I feel he will insult anika for saying about tia. He might blame her for trying to separate him and tia. .
    Rumya scenes are going well. Their chemistry is looking good. .
    But they have sidelined om. It’s high time they should give importance to om’s love story as well

  22. Saku

    I liked yesterday’s shivika scenes… prev epi shivika scenes were gud but I was missing our chatter box type anika badly…that normal n caring talks amid shivaye n anika I just can’t digest…i like their normal nok jhok type talk…not like ‘agar mein jaunga toh tum gir toh nahi jaugi na’ seriously???……n yesterday the charm was back…n shivaye seriously he was thinking in that way but he was ryt on his part as the way anika was coming towards him during karwachauth anyone will think same….

    But waiting for future episodes…eager to know why anika throws roses..i think this time shivaye insulted her more when he comes to know that she was ryt tia is in relationship then he will feel guilty for what he did n come to apologise..POV pr lagta h iss bar bahot papad belne padege😂😂😂shivaye baby ko….

  23. Mukta


    |Registered Member

    Good Morning guys…. how are u all???
    Yesterday’s episode was too good…. happy to see our rocking Anika back in form….

  24. akann

    Enjoyed today’s episode a lot. Shivay is just too cute when he is nervous and vulnerable. Nakul’s acting is so realistic and fun to watch in those situations. Anika was also too funny. Thadibaaz/…

  25. Mukta


    |Registered Member

    @Abiha is missing yar…. where r u Abiha… I’m missing ur comments!!!

    @Renima di Get well soon!!!!!!

    @Priya is also missing…..


  26. Disha


    |Registered Member

    Good Morning
    Have A Nice Day Ahead
    Episode was amazing shivaye expressions he looking so nervous 😂
    What he said it mean he know anika like him and he also likes anika but don’t want accept this
    S:I now you like me
    I felt like shivaye say please save me anika wants propose me
    Poor shivaye
    Preacap seems interesting

  27. |Registered Member

    Huh tu IB WU page is frustrated me they are not giving my comments and are not showing me a registered member even though I am log in and tried several times
    @ ana
    On the top of the TU page click menu and select register and give ur details and it done …

  28. Kiki


    |Registered Member

    Good morning friends… yesterday episode was awesome.. Our Anika is back with full form. I really loved Shivaay yesterday. He was too good. Nakuul’s expressions were so cute. Liked Rumya part.

  29. shahabana

    Gd morning guyz. In yesterday episode worth to watch shivayes state reallyyar he is becoming crazy in ishqbaaz i never thought he will behave like this really yesterday billuji is tooo cute and our panika chatter box is back.
    Really shivaye thought anika will say she likes him hmmm clearly this is shows what sso want to hear from anika hmmm precape i think this baagad billa will again insult anika poor anika and this tia she doesn’t had any problem with shivaye being with anika this is shows she doesn’t had any feeling for him.
    Rumya really in yesterday episode they are became cute couple to intence couple im enjoying this side of rumya eager to watch their story.
    Priyaveer really they are nc couple but feeling sad for prinku bcz this acp is using her for his motive but im exiting to watch priyveer couple.
    Again no omkara only one minute really missed plsss want a lead for omkara to and whats the secret of prinku and om are hiding really exiting.
    Love u ishqbaaz

  30. shahabana

    Renima ishquee get well soon dr and tc really missing ur comments badly its really meaningfull comments.
    I think priya is not commenting bcz she is diehard fan of ishkara so she wont comment bcz she misses them.
    Where is Abiha i think she is busyin studies.
    Where is luna and haya really missing their comments and many more are missing
    Really miss u all of u guyz plss come back…..

  31. Aarya


    |Registered Member

    OMg…….what an epi……
    Shivaay ko aey laga ki….anika is going to confess her love…….Roumya rocks😘😍💖
    Shivaay plz keep ur ego aside……….
    Where is om???….unko side me rekh liya kya…..just bcz he don’t have any love story!!!!!! Gul khan mam plzzz plzzz bring back ishana

  32. Tridha


    |Registered Member

    Where is dadi & tej? Thank god there was sahil yesterday. And om for a minute. Oh god when will his story start?? Missing omru moments and also shivomru. Sahil- anika moment is also missing.
    And our ishqies plz. Come back yaar..


    In the back ground that coming to know now by SSO, ANIKA was not trying to say something for the reason what SSO presumed, and looking at the previous profile of ANIKA at such critical situation and her image built so far in OF, even if SSO will burst in anger over ANIKA after knowing the TIA’s act during KAEVA CHOUTH, then I would like to say, SSO is not even capable to be a PEON in his own office. If it happen, it will be an extrimity, over twist and unnecessarily stretching the story going on between duo. Again ANIKA hurted the EGO of SSO by overtopping his assumption, and left him in confused and freezed state. “She is reacting as she does not like me!” is the murmering of SSO after she left him in car all alone.

    GULKHAN MAM should be away from such DRAMA, overtorturing of such drama will project SSO not only RUDE and EGOIST, but also DEAF and DUMB as well , which will not be suit with story line.

  34. Samm


    |Registered Member

    Hi everyone. I’m new here, but I have read few ffs and I must say, there are so many talented and passionate writers here.👍👍 I’m looking forward to making a lot of friends here. 😊

  35. ramya

    why they are no giving importance to om…always giving importance to shivika…and wow my rumya rocked today…wow angry rudra…simply super…I love rudra…this avatar..and om looking so handsome….but I want a pretty strong and good hearted girl for om…

  36. suganya

    why they are no giving importance to om…always giving importance to shivika…and wow my rumya rocked today…wow angry rudra…simply super…I love rudra…this avatar..and om looking so handsome….but I want a pretty strong and good hearted girl for om…

  37. Veda


    |Registered Member

    did nyone watch Kunal’s intrvw on Vrushi’s exit nd endng of Ishana’s charectr…???.. nthng infrmtv bt u may chk dat out…

      • Veda


        |Registered Member

        Dear, I tried a lt bt due to slw connectn couldn’t share da link hr..well da intrvw hs uploaded by telly bytes on u tube..U cn watch there…Kunal didnt tl much abt da matr donno y sm so cld Vrushi fans startd to mk dis intrvw an issue…dey r blamng Kunal nd Kunal’ s fans…. its qt dissapntng.. 😢😢😢😢

  38. shekhar

    Anika co-incidentally watches that Tia is having an affair with Inspector Ranveer who is also handling Shivaay and Gayatri’s case.

    Anika is very surprised with the fact that Tia is such a cruel girl who is cheating upon Shivaay just to know Shivaay’s marriage secrets by marrying Shivaay.

    Anika is the one who takes up the initiative along with Rudra and Kunal so as to reveal Tia amid the wedding of Shivaay and Tia.

    Shivaay once again thankful to Anika’s good presence of mind

    In the upcoming episode there will be lots of tragedic and thankful moments shared by Shivaay and Anika in the ongoing serial.

    Shivaay is very thankful towards Anika once again for saving Shivaay’s and entire Oberoi family’s life for that matter.

    It would be very interesting to watch as to how would Shivaay propose Anika without much ado?

    • aahana

      Noo yr…i dont want it to happen!! Acp n tia??ewwwww!!!!hell no but dis isnt possible kz acp wore a yello shirt dt day n tias bf wore a dakr coat…dis cant b tru as i feel

  39. chithra

    Any spoiler ??? Iam exited abt upcoming epi…coming to episode it was little bit good nothing much happened… I realy want to tia 2 exit from SSO life …den only shivika love story vl be progressed… Where z dadi?? Missing dadi 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍& her cuti pretty face 😍😍😍😍😍😍&even sahil😍😘😘

  40. Sanaurifa

    Hello guys
    I think precap is two different scenes
    Like before Shivaay proposes Anika.
    It’s not cleared they’re standing in front of each other

  41. Anjana

    I feel the actor playing Priyanka’s part is not upto the mark.. Over scared n hyper tensed expressions all the time.. All the others have a natural way of portraying things

  42. shahabana

    Guyz there is a spoiler that tias secret boyfrnd is acp is this true guyz what will happen next ohhh no im much curiosed

  43. Archiya

    In the precap, looks lik tia has already told something to shivay abt the stranger she was hugging. Tats why wen anika is telling him he just has an angry stern face

  44. Mayank Agrawal

    todays episode update – anika shivay to sach btane ki koshish karti hai and sabh kuch bta deti hai but shivay handsfree bluetooth se baat kar rha hota hai so he cant able to listen again anika fails, anika tells om and rudra about Tia then om rudra anika makes a gang and tries to follow tia…meanwhile priyanka college se ghar aate time jabh car ka gate kholti hai then someone throws red blood on priyankas body and face…priyanka again gets scared and tries to find out who is there,then she finds a photo in which oms portrait is there and he is hanging on a NOOSE means faaansi ka fanda , but no one is found but in seen it is shown ACP randhawa is there…priyanka tell everythin to om and om says koi to hai jo andhere mei teer chla rha hai uska maksad kuch aur hai , om says i have my confession letter ready which protects you and OM says ek bhai ka apni behen pe huq hota hai uske gunaaho pe bhi priyanka lefts with that confession letter..anika enters in the room and find out that priyanka and om are in tension but they hides from anika…then rudra and anika follows Tia and they found robin rudra tries to investigate TIa from robin…robin says Tia is in hotel but according to shivay tia goes to some therapy anika and rudra goes to the hotel /house while om is in way by auto rickshaw….

    Precap—ACP randhawa and his juniour police officers followws OM taxi and stop him in the way and police covers om taxi and points out gun towards om…om gets scared and ACP randhawa comes from his car…

    two things are clear from todays episode
    1. priyanka has done something wrong or may kill someone but om is taking blame on himself..
    2. robini is the guy or mysteryman and lover of TIA is the Robin and he is just acting like brother…

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.