Ishqbaaz 26th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer finds Soumya

Ishqbaaz 26th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Veer asks about the key. Anika says maybe its of the place where Soumya is. He says you want me to roam around the house. She says I have much work. He says you will find Soumya, Soumya will sit in mandap, not Bhavya, else Shivaye won’t get saved, and this wedding will stop, I know you don’t care for Shivaye’s life. She sees the shooter and worries. She says you won’t do this, else our plan will fail, tell me what to do. He says go and find Soumya. Anika and Veer check the rooms and cupboards. Shivaye, Om, Gauri and Bhavya dance. Shivaye thinks where did Anika go. Pinky says where did these three girls go. Jhanvi says I think they went to boys. Anika checks the cupboards in kitchen. She tries the keys. She opens the fridge. Soumya falls out.

Veer says finally…..Anika holds Soumya.

Shivaye thinks to go and see Anika. Anika hugs him and fixes the key to his watch again. She says I m thinking about Rudra’s marriage. He says everything will go well when we are together. Pinky and Jhanvi come. Shivomru leave. Bhavya makes an excuse. Pinky says say truth, you came to meet Shivomru. Anika says no, we really came to get some fresh air. Pinky asks her to attend guests. Anika thinks what might be Veer doing, I have to check. She says I will check arrangements. Pinky asks her to come soon. Shivomru jump in the bed and laugh. Rudra says how we used to run into this room to escape mom’s scolding in childhood. Shivaye says so much changed, just Rudra didn’t change, he has the same IQ. Om says zero. Rudra says thanks. Shivaye says IQ means intelligence quotient. Om says that is zero. They laugh. Rudra hugs them and says don’t know we get this moment again or not, everything changes after marriage. Om says Shivaye, make hot chocolate for him. Rudra says I need energy, so I will let you go. Shivaye sings acha chalta hoon…. and goes. Rudra hugs Om. Om asks do you want to kill me before your marriage. Veer asks Soumya to get up. Shivaye comes that way.

Anika says if anyone sees us, it will be a big issue, we will take her to room. Shivaye comes and asks what’s happening here. Veer hides with Soumya. She says I m cleaning, its so dirty. Shivaye says at this time, leaving sangeet, give me side, I want those mugs. She says you need not do this work, I have to make hot chocolate for Rudra and Om. She thinks to send Shivaye. He says I want it today. She gets hurt. He says you and your clumsiness….. She says I didn’t do it purposely. He says come, don’t worry. Pinky and Jhanvi send sweets with servant. Tej talks to Dadi and says we will make you a video call before the pheras, you will see Rudra’s marriage. Om comes to Rudra and asks nervous. Ankhiyaan milaake….plays…. Anika comes with the Pagdi. Gauri makes Bhavya ready. Shivaye asks can I come in, you are looking very beautiful. Bhavya thanks him. He says this is from Anika and me. He gifts her anklet. Bhavya smiles. Anika makes Rudra wear the Pagdi and fixes the Kalgi. She cries and applies kajal to ward off bad sight. Bhavya thanks Shivaye.

She asks can I ask you something. He says anything you wish. Anika says I wish Bhavya and you get the happiness of entire world. Rudra says I m still the same Rudra, I want to stay the same, because I know you all are there to support me. Bhavya says I was young when I lost my entire family, then I was in police force, I don’t have any typical feminine qualities, cooking, stitching, looking after family, I don’t know that, I just know lathi charge, shooting, arresting, I feel it might be difficult for Rudra to tolerate me. Rudra says I know I will make mistakes, promise me, you will take care of Bhavya. Anika thinks of Veer’s words. She says don’t worry, whatever will happen will be good, don’t make me cry, my makeup will spoil. Omru hug her. Bhavya says there will be fights, issues, mistakes, if Rudra distances himself from me or I distance myself from him, promise that you will get us back.

Shivaye says Rudra can never leave you, if you leave him, I will get you back, its my responsibility, don’t ever cry like this, don’t ever say this nonsense, okay. Bhavya hugs him. Anika looks on and cries. Gauri sees Anika at the door. Bhavya says this anklet is really beautiful, thanks Bhabhi. Anika thinks how can I take Soumya to mandap instead Bhavya, I can’t take this big risk, I should tell this to Shivaye, if will be risky if I stay silent now. She sees the shooter’s aim at Shivaye. Veer signs her and goes. Shivaye asks what happened. She says Rudra is not ready yet and Bhavya too isn’t ready, we have to leave, why don’t you get Rudra ready, I will help Bhavya. Shivaye goes.

Om says being the elder brother, I want to say something, marriage means responsibility, I know you will need some time but you can learn a lot from Shivaye and my mistakes, I just hope you don’t do such mistakes. Rudra hugs him. Gauri says these are ancestral bangles for new bahu, now I m becoming Jethani, I have right to give you some wisdom. She makes Bhavya wear the bangles. She says its your duty to look after the family’s dignity, I m sure you won’t disappoint me. Bhavya says never. Shivaye makes Rudra wear shoes and says getting married is easy, keeping marriage is tough part, if there is love, respect and trust between husband and wife, then marriage is beautiful, trust is very imp, Bhavya and you should live as best friends, all the big problems will seem like a big adventure to you. He hugs Rudra.

Anika cries seeing Bhavya. She sees Shivaye outside. She thinks I m sorry Bhavya, I will have to do as Veer says to save Shivaye.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Pushpa

    Hi gals…
    Hw r u?
    Todays episode had all feelings from happy wala to emotional and tears..
    So anika resque soumya….that shivika hug and hv the key back to,his bracelet all done very well….wht the hell!! . I think anika should inform shivaye about whts happening and together tople thsi veer soumya plan….when shivaye enter the kitchen..i thought anika…pail gaya raita by u….these bhabi deverji bonding are always beautiful …AniOmRu….owsm relationship they have i hav always adored these 3 alot….. and ShivOmRu bonding too..
    Nowadays pinky is turning to b so charming…her this avatar is so much better the ever..
    Shivaya anika gift …payal…wow beautiful ..and gauri kanggan….all theze r so luvly between many broken families ..these family ties are so gifted and we must appreciate these bonding….
    Will the bride swap happen? Will will marry rudy soumya or rudy?
    Precap…interesting itsvthe bride swap..
    Gd nite gals.

    1. Arpita6

      Go Pusi Go..congrats..
      Ofcourse Rubhya saadi will happen na..
      Bcoz of rumya will happen then ANNIKA IS GONE…
      Lets see
      But i am.sure Rubhya will be end game.

    2. Banita

      Go Pus di Go…
      Yeh i also love this bhabhi-dever jodi always… They r superbb….
      Nd i think end will be Ruvya only…. Let’s see what will happen..!!!!

    3. Hi Pushpa dear,
      hru. congrats for 1st dear… S dear Aniomru hv super bond. like shivomru r the charm of Ib even Aniomru also always happy to c

    4. Go Pu di Go.Many many congratulations……….

  2. Nice episode.. Now everything is in Annika’s hand(mehendi secret). Guys you think Ruvya or Rumya?
    Obro’s bond ummmmaaa… Bhade bhaiya the great wall SSO..
    Why do I feel even groom will also get swap???
    If so who will be the groom.. ???
    Which I feel bad in today’s episode is Anika is in full mess.. Unable to see her in this condition.. ????

    1. Banita

      Hlo Kadhambari di..
      HRU??? Nd ur son??
      Groom will swap…!!!! LOL… Pata nahi… I dont think so… But if it will happen then it will be fun to watch….

      1. Yeah, I’m doing good.. As per IB cast posting i feel some big dhamaka gonna happen.. Now eagerly waiting for Friday.. The week has just started but I’m waiting for Friday to come soon because of IB.. ??

    2. Hi kadhambari akka,
      So, hope ur frd marrige was good nd u hv enjoyed ur frds wedding n had a awsome time speading with ur frds…MY BEST WISHES TO UR FRD.. Akka may i know ur prince name ( son ).
      Akka if anika shoot seen happen n she in hospital happens then pinky crying. I wt to c shivaye, omru reactions becoz they always show anika’s major Accident as minor nd end it…..
      S anika mehendi is a ????? may b oye oye dont know.
      Nd about Rudra n bhavya r Rumya… i wish by some magic they turn somu positive nd Rumya happens…… bt it doesnt happens becoz GK has said tht the end game is rudra n bhavya….
      change in bride no idea… u

      1. Hi jeevi thangachi,
        We both are doing great.. My son name is Suhas..
        Yeah, yesterday had a great time with my friends.. Yesterday I witnessed how a love change a person.. My God the girl is Christian in her custom and even she doesn’t like to wear jewels.. Moreover she didn’t even pierced her ear during our college days.. Yesterday I was totally dumbstruck man.. She pierced her ear and wore heavy jewels.. She just decked up like exact Muslim girl..I just asked her is that my pudens? She was laughed and said in love anything can happen..

  3. Even Harneet singh tweeted this week full of drama on drama.. Not to miss IB..

  4. Hi friends!!

    Emotional episode ?? Anika , Rudra talks.. shivaay , Bhavya talk.. and shivaay , Rudra talks.. was so nice ??
    I saw Gul Mam’s Insta update… Oh my maatha!! What happened to our Anika.. why she is doing so… ?? I hope it’s all plan to defeat veer and Sowmya.???

    1. Banita

      Hlo Dhanu….
      Hope so dr…. Hope they defeat nafratbaaz again just like before….

  5. hii guys…
    l am getting boring guys……so if l heart someone. …..

  6. Arpita6

    Hiiiii mere khidkitod pagals. .
    Sry for not replying.
    Ok come to . episode.
    Some special lines to Veer Pratap.Chauhan.

    Wah wah Vanmanush. …kya gul.khilaya apne..aapke charan kahan he????? Chune ke liye nahi Apke pair katne keliye raki aap 8 footer se 4 footer banjao…..
    2 or 4 snakes bhi lane he.Aap snake ki poison ko.bhi pe lete hain na..So 2 4 king cobra ki jeher bhejne ki baare main soch rahi hun……..
    Aur Aap pillar ke picche khade hoke baat karna bahut hi pasand karte ho na..ussi pillarmain aapko rope ke jariye bandh ke.
    Ek badi Chaddi leke Marne ka bahut mann karaha he..
    You nonsense. .no no..Sense toh inssan ke pass hota he ….aap Insaan kahan ho aap toh Vanmanush ho….

    Leave it that blo*dy hell . Vanmanush i want to amash his anything my blood is boling (ok Clam.down arpita….calm down Angwr is not good for health)..take a deeeep breath
    Hmm now thodi relaxations mili..

    Previous time also Annika did wrong to Save Sso , This time also..may be game can be changed but it will be really tough for her.


    If Rubhya Saadi happen then Sso will in full danger
    If Rubhya saadi will not happen then annika will be blamed.
    And Me…I am.just bitting my nail ..pura kharab kardi apni nail
    .khair chodo.
    That Anklwt was really sooooooo beautiful. .i want like that………

    Precap-Today Gul.Instastory…???????Vanmanush is kidnapping Bhabya and Annika is totally helpless
    Ok let’s see.

    Love you all of you.
    And also if you want to send some mesg to Vanmanush like can gappily do it..?????

    1. Hi Arpi dear,
      hru. Dont dear with whom marriage happens.. Hope Anika dont repeat her mistake again… I think this b repeatation of sequence like prinku n ranveer and Shivaye n tia wedding backfiring there villians in there own plan… dont know wt happens…

    2. Banita

      Hahaha…. LOL….
      Ase epi dekhne ke baad teri comment padh kr thoda toh smile aagaya…. Main vi uss Vanmanoos ko ek dum se kuchkucha krke uske haat mein de dena chahti hun…. gadhe kanhike….

    3. ShinyTirupathi

      Arpu dear what happened this much gussa…. but have to say its so nice dil ki baat bol diya aapnae

  7. Hiii everyone
    How are youll
    I’m feeling much better thank youu guys so much for all the prayers and arpita6 for your reiki ?? still having headaches and fever ?

    Can’t wait to watch today’s episode hope its a really good one and hope you’ll enjoyed where did Aryan go and when he was exposed tia was there right so didn’t she like recognise her own child where did she disappear to as well as the child ??? Unless I’ve missed an episode or so ? but seriously if they forgot then there’s no logic come on now whats going on . They better fix such mistakes

    Take care
    Hope I get much better soon
    Thank you guys once again

    1. Banita

      Heyy Omu….
      I m gud dr…
      TC of urself… Get well soon….
      Lots of LOVE….

    2. Aryan is not Tia’s child. Tia’s child is still a baby. Might probably be a year old. Aryan looks like he’s four or five.

  8. Hello my friends
    how r u all…….
    An another jeni…….Ooo thanks for commenting for atleast saying that its boring ..Welcome to our family
    Any ……..Emotional episode. ….So sad for anika……She saves somuya…….What will happen next ……Rumya or Ruvya………

    1. Banita

      Ohh..!!! U both r different … I got confused first , but then both of urs dp is different…
      I think it will be Ruvya only dr becz already gul cleared it….

  9. If rudra didn’t marry bhavya then bye to IB .fingers cross rudra weds bhavya.if sumya married rudra then shivika will be part ways .no?

  10. after seeing the pics and all comments in insta,i feel oberois do have a plan,
    somehow ani might inform shivaay,then ruvya’s wedding will take place or soumya’s wedding with someone else will happen,(moreover sso has preponed the wedding)

    1. Banita

      Hlo Maggi….
      I hope they hve a plan nd Ani inform everyone before marriage… Let’s see what will happen….

  11. Galthi se bhi agar is a shaadi hogya tho kya annika apne apko. Mafa karegi kya AUR shivaay ko gusa ko jatha Hi hoga waja Jane me bhi Hi annika se sari ristha thoda degi and koye bhi annika ke taraf nahe rahaga and veer we will and oberios will destroy zimadar annika hoga

  12. Banita

    Heyy PKJ….
    How r u all??? Hope all of U r doing well…
    Now coming to epi , it was a mixed one… There was emotional scene , funny nd a confusing Anika…
    So Ani-Veer found Soumya…. Oberoi’s fridge mein vegetables kaam insaan jayda rehte hain…. First Anika nd now Soumya….
    That vanmanoos soo irritating…. Just wann to kill him now….
    Anika hide all these things Shivaay…. But why..???.. Hope she will not do d same mistake again that she did before becz of Pinky….
    Obros bhag gaye senior Obohus ko dekh kr… That part was funny…
    Obro moment in Shivaay’s room…. Mere pyaare Rudy bhaiya paraya dhan hone wale hain…. I m said… Like d Obro hug wala part….
    Wedding mrng…
    Well , I like everyone’s costume today specially ladies nd their jwellery also very nycc…. Everyone looks ek dum Khidkitode khubsoorat today , but except Anika without Chutiya today…. In jwelleries specially I like that payal…. It’s beautiful….
    Aniru , Shiv-bhaya , Riya , Omru , Shivru talk….. All parts r Superbb… Everyone nailed in their scene…. It was heart touching scenes…
    Rudy – I want to be same Rudy always…. Yeh we also want our same funny Rudy always…
    Om said rite Rudy can learn many thing from his brothers mistake…
    Precap – I don’t know what will be Anika’s decision , but I don’t want any Agni parikhya wala track now… Hope Shivaay will understand Anika nd Anika will not do any stupidity again…
    P S – IB now loss d online trp also… It’s not becz of viwers it’s only becz of CVS only…. They r just dragging this track too much…. Hope they will end this track soon nd will thinking forward for KMM track…. But still I want to say
    KEEP WATCHING IB ON TV…. Nd keep patentice…
    GD NT PKJ…

  13. OmRu are the synonym of Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s everything and here everything means everything.From starting one thing is crystal clear that Shivaay loves his two brothers more than anything as they are his first priority and their happiness matter to him most.He can forget himself and his things but not of them.It’s like a universal truth of Shivaay’s life.Anika knows it very well that how much OmRu mean to Shivaay and now she have to do something which is going to hurt Rudra and by default Shivaay.If really that happens which Veer wants then everything will come to a standstill automatically.

    1. This abovementioned comment is mine.Because of keyboard name got misspelledHehehehehehe……????????????

    2. Hi is this luthfa dear…..

      1. Yeah it’s me only?

    3. Banita

      Wow..!!!! Luthfa…. Nick name is good one… Short cut hain… Seems like U typed it bymistake , that’s why same comment again in ur original name… But i like this Lu2… From now i will call u as Lu2 only…
      Yeh if this happen then bahat saare locha ho jayega which i dont want to happen….

      1. Hehehe….That’s not my nickname Bani.Don’t know why it got posted like that yesterday.Anyway,you can call me Lu as some of my friends call.I don’t have any problem?

  14. Soumya ni kidnap chesaka veer next plan enti ani shiv think cheyali kadha bcz veer should not calm

  15. OmRu are the synonym of Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s everything,here everything means everything.From starting one thing is crystal clear that Shivaay loves his two brothers more than anything as they are his first priority and their happiness matter to him most.He can forget himself and his things but not of them.This is like a universal truth of Shivaay’s life.Anika knows it very well that how much OmRu mean to Shivaay and now she have to do something which is going to hurt Rudra and by default Shivaay.If really that happens which Veer wants then everything will come to a standstill automatically.

    1. The most dangerous part of this action is Anika is making Rudra her target and Rudra is Shivaay’s life blood.Basically Anika got stuck in between two most important objects of her life-Her husband,her love and life and his life and everything(Rudra)this time.In other words targeting Rudra means targeting Shivaay.OmRu are Anika’s family.To be honest,more than family.To go against them means going against her own small inbuilt family inside OM.

      1. She knows the consequences of hurting Rudra.Three months separation is the sample and example of it.What Shivaay will do now?Will he understand Anika’s helplessness?With whom he will stand by?It’s not only Anika’s acid test but ShivOmRu’s also.The interlinked test is going to test Shivaay Singh Oberoi first………………………….

    2. I feel like Shivaay and Anika are just pretending though bcoz Anika hasn’t even tried their oyeoye code word.
      Remember they did the same thing during shitia wedding.

    3. Hi Harshiii,
      Same to same thought.No matter what Shivika will not let anything happen to Rudra.And I am sure Anika will manage to tell Shivaay about the danger.Rest only cvs know.In ShiTia marriage there was no oye oye code.It was being invented during Mahi’s track.Take care?

  16. AshPri

    Hai friends…
    Today Obros & Obhus looks gorgeous in their costumes…. Especially PAYAL looks pretty….
    Aniomru & Shiv bhavya bonding is soooooon emotional….??????? Anika knows how much shivaay loves his brothers… She can’t spoil her family’s happiness…. Definitely she plan something to backfire veer’s plan…. Where is that Khanna gone… Come &catch d shooter… How dare he is to point gun at shivaay….
    Plz end this track soon… V can’t bear this drama anymore…. Hope it ends wit RUVYA’s marriage….

  17. Hi guys…..Hmmmmm track finally picking up gear
    lol me too….totally blame cvs for low trp not fans..cvs know what we want but hesitate to promote their show by taking advantage of strenghts in show.

    Loved Shivika hug… was so natural, their chemistry amazing…they make a small hug really Awesome for us?
    Love Obros bonding, AniOmRu and ShiRiYa bonding. ?

    I think Anika will protect Shivay with her life and in the end OMM of Veer n Somya ka pappu…she’s too smart, honest, courageous, and she loves her family above all..especially Shivay is her heart and soul?

    Hopefully the 3 couples go for a romantic honeymoon after all this drama?

    1. agree with you completely zara.
      after all the………..they deserve a honeymoon. shivika the most. shivay has to do something special and make her feel very special for all that she has done for the family.
      ANika deserves the best wife and best bahu award for this year.
      and shivika chemistry is beautiful

  18. indeed an emotional episode but quite depressing. I always love the fun love mystery in IB. but yesterday to see anika alone in a dilema was very sad. as long as shivika is together, even if their plans don’t materialise yet they are together and work on another plan. but when they do things separately they become disaster and both of them know that. even when shivay claimed aryan to be his son, it was a very delicate and sensitive issue, but thankfully anika stood by him and supported him at that critical moment.
    just hope now anika is able to convey the issue to shivay and then whatever she does. it does not matter as long as shivika is together in it.
    i don’t know why shivika at times plan and execute things without consulting each other, when they very well know that together alone they can achieve victory. their strength is in their togetherness, trust and love for each other.
    with fingers crossed will be watching the coming rudra wedding.
    a beautiful ceremony has put so much of stress on them.
    oh just waiting for the veer soumy track to end now

    after 18 months, the oberois got to know that svetlana tia and soumya are sisters.
    dont know when they will know that veer is their bua’s son.

    but at least end the rosy rani track and expose the wicked veer so that anika comes back.
    tired of the track

  19. Nikita_jai29

    Hi ishqies… Ib accessories some time is so awesome… Stole my heart… Very different….. Great effort by the costume designer…, jewellery designer….
    I guess rumya marriage will happen and anika is going to be blamed….
    Keep commenting and keep watching ishqbaaz dearies…

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