Ishqbaaz 26th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Priyanka meets with an accident

Ishqbaaz 26th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rudra says Daksh is missing and even his car is missing. Priyanka asks what are you trying to say, that Daksh has run away, how can he run in the middle of the marriage, how can I go without Daksh, I will stay here, go and call him. Shivaye says I will call him. She asks is this a prank, did you hide Daksh, come out Daksh, its a really bad prank. She cries and says tell Daksh to come out, mahurat is passing off. Shivaye asks Tia where is Daksh. Tia says don’t know, I m puzzled, I have no idea. Dadi looks on. Priyanka hugs Om and says please bring him back. Shivaye says don’t worry, I will find him. He asks Khanna to take out the car. Reporters come and asks why did Daksh leave the marriage and run away, is there any enmity between Oberois and Kapoors, was there any problem between Priyanka and Daksh.

Anika looks on and thinks sorry Shivaye, I tried my best that you and your family don’t get defamed, even then its happening, Lord give courage to Priyanka and entire family. I m sure that Shivaye will make everything fine.

Reporter asks why did Daksh run away. Tyagi comes and asks why did Daksh run away, did he come to know about your family secrets, did he have any problem about your sister’s character. Shivaye holds his neck and says if you speak a word against her, I will bury you alive. Om stops Shivaye. Shivaye says its my family matter, who are you to question me, Daksh didn’t run away, he just went missing, marriage didn’t break, its delayed, I will bring back Daksh and complete this wedding. Tyagi says that will be possible when you get Daksh. Shivaye asks Khanna to make them out. Shivaye says I m going to find Daksh, Om take care of Priyanka. Anika passes by and her fake teeth fall off. Shivaye shouts. She turns. He says Anika…. Shanno… She picks the fake teeth and runs. He thinks that means she is behind Daksh’s disappearance, I won’t spare her. Om asks Priyanka where is she going. She says to get Daksh, I know where I will find him. Shivaye says stay with Dadi, I will just come. He follows Priyanka.

Anika comes home. Sahil’s mum asks why did you come back, you could have spend more nights outside. Gauri says ask her what happened. Sahil’s mum argues. Gauri says what happened, we called you many times, I was worried. Anika says Shivaye…. Sahil’s mum says I told you she must be there with Shivaye, she lost her honor, she sold her respect for the sake of money. Anika asks her to shut up else… Sahil’s mum asks what else remains now, you have already crossed limit, you left your shagun and went to enjoy with someone else, you should have died by shame, you won’t get married, Nikhil won’t marry you. Anika says you don’t need to worry for my married, I will talk to Nikhil. Nikhil comes and asks what will you talk, what’s there to discuss now. Priyanka calls Daksh and cries. Shivaye tries to call her. Om calls Shivaye and Priyanka, and says their phones are unreachable, don’t worry Dadi, everything will be fine. He hugs Dadi.

Tia checks basement and says both Payal and Anika aren’t here, did Daksh run for this, he is an idiot, he ruined my plan by his overconfidence. Shivaye sees Priyanka’s car and runs to check. He sees Priyanka running. She runs after Daksh and shouts. Shivaye shouts to her. Anika says this should have not happened, but I had to go to Shivaye’s house. Nikhil says so you were there, my doubt was right, I went there to find you, he said you aren’t there. She says he didn’t know about me. He says enough of this Shivaye, stop chanting his name, nothing matters to you than him. She says its nothing like that. He asks why did you go to his house leaving our shagun, he fired you from job and ousted you from his home, you care for that man, but about my family’s respect. She says I had gone to save Priyanka, else her life would have got ruined. He asks what about our insult, relatives were laughing and asking about you, what could I answer that you care for Shivaye’s family more than our marriage. She says trust me, I didn’t do this willingly, I thought I will come back soon, Payal was in danger, I couldn’t leave her. He asks who is Payal.

She says she is Shivaye’s sister’s…. He says again Shivaye, I m fed up, just decide first. She says everything got fine there. Sahil’s mum says your marriage also broke up, Nikhil’s parents clearly said that they won’t make you their bahu. Priyanka sees Daksh and runs. A car hits her. She falls down. Shivaye gets shocked. People gather. Shivaye holds her and says my sister…. Priyanka, somebody call the ambulance, nothing will happen to you. He hugs Priyanka and cries. Anika says sorry, I admit its my mistake, give me a chance, I will explain everything to your parents and apologize, I m sure they will forgive me, give me one chance. Nikhil says fine, you are pleading so much, I will give you a chance, I will handle my parents, but I have a condition, you should not even mention Shivaye’s name from now, you won’t meet him, you won’t be in touch with him. Shivaye gets Priyanka to hospital. He asks doctor to save Priyanka at any cost. Doctor says we will try our best. Shivaye says I want my sister, if anything happens to her, I will destroy this hospital.

Shivaye cries. She is taken for treatment. Nikhil asks Anika do you accept it. She says I accept it, I promise, I will have nothing to do with Shivaye from now on. Shivaye cries and says she was going to start life afresh and this happened…. He recalls Priyanka and cries. He thinks of Anika. He says this happened because of Anika, I won’t leave her. Anika says I know that Priyanka would have grief now, but this is temporary, I just hope she overcomes this grief and her life gets filled with happiness, Shivaye would be devastated, but just he can handle Priyanka right now, I know he would not let Priyanka shed a tear, I have done what I had to, now I have to keep my promise, forget past and focus on future. Shivaye says I can never forget what you have done, I will not let you forget this, I will make you pay for every tear shed by my sister, you have made her cry, I won’t let you be happy. He breaks a lamp in anger.

Rudra says Om, I m sure you would know when will Priyanka get conscious, its been two days, when will she wake up. Om say she will wake up soon and get fine. Dadi says why are you both crying, you both look so ugly when you cry, nothing will happen to Priyanka, she is your only sister, she is lucky, she will be fine in few days, don’t cry, why do you worry when Shivaye is here, he will set everything right. Shivaye says I have lost Dadi, my sister’s wedding broke, she met with an accident and went in coma, I couldn’t do anything. He cries.

Anika asks Nikhil to stop. Nikhil goes. Anika stops Shivaye and asks why did you get after defaming me, what did I do. He says let me show what you have done, come with me. She says I won’t go anywhere. He says none can turn down my orders. He lifts Anika and takes her. Gauri asks him to stop.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ruby_MarNy

    Same thing repeating again… Shivaay is going to marry Annika forcibly ???

    1. Arpita6

      He Ruby once again you rocked.

      Double congrats
      GO RUBY GO.
      yehh waiting how he will realise this thing and when D will be punished..

      1. Ruby_MarNy

        Thank you, dear… I don’t know how but it’s surprising that I’m being first these three days… Maybe this is the last week for me to watch the show here… I’m not be able to watch from next week… Will be reading updates only….

      2. Arpita6

        Thik he..but aa jana yahan.kahi gayab mat ho is Arpu’s order.???????….

      3. Ruby_MarNy

        Will try to???

    2. Go Ruby Go !
      congo on being first dear!
      please Ruby don’t leave watching Ishqbaaz.
      I know present track is unbearable but imagine that day when Shivaye will get to know the entire truth.

      I can just request you to not to leave watching it but it’s totaly your wish.

      1. Ruby_MarNy

        No, dear… Actually, I’m in India right now and able to watch the episodes but I will leave to Malaysia this Sunday… So, will not be able to watch this show again… Actually, I stopped watching it after Soumya’s character been degraded… Now, I thought to give a chance for this redux… At Malaysia the episodes are very much delayed…

  2. Ruby_MarNy

    Same thing repeating again… Shivaay is going to marry Annika forcibly… Feeling bad that Priyanka slipped into coma… Now, Annika going to suffer… The makers couldn’t think any other track it seems…

  3. Pushpa

    Well gals….
    Todays episode will lead us to the beast SSO tomorrow….
    I c anika is at fault .. she should hv told everything 2shivaye before fleeing off..u left him stranded confuse and in pain and the bad part is he saw her…. damn anika why u did this…. u broke priyanka wedding her happiness she met wt accident now he cant do anything to his lifeline now lying in coma …… his only family his love his everything.. standing alone shaterred SSO turn beast….

    Tht brings him to turn beast & marry her but i dun agree wt the word he used “mistress ” could hv been any scene wt any other dialogue…cvs please whn writting script give all this issue some thoughts..

    So all shaterred shivaye singh oberoi will rage like raavan carry her on his shoulder & force to marry….

    bring it on SSO…… lets c hw far i hv to suffef b4 c u realise the facts…
    Gd nite gals…

    1. NSK

      Glad i saw some positivity foe SSO! I blame makers!? ugh,Shivaay’s character was amazing until they ruined it!See how embarrassing dialogues are also given to him like abusing parents!? i just hope this ends soon…?

    2. Hii Pushpa di.
      me too thought that Annika did wrong …….she should tell everything to Shivaye before running……. but then I realised Annika did right bcoz at that time that was the only option left for …..bcoz Shivaye us pr bharosa nhi krta…..

    3. Arpita6

      One thing I can say ..that I am actually feeling bad for Sso..his world is shattered and he is surrounded by list of MUs…
      But what Annika could do..Sso doesn’t trust her and also he musunderstood her very badly.
      I can understand Sso’s anger but Mistress word is too much heavy

  4. Arpita6

    Hiii mere khidkitod pagals. .
    Love VS Destiny
    Chapter 29…..
    @Arfatun dear..welcome to pkj..with lots of love……..
    @Nati dear.i really loved your lines..
    @Ishu..yeh I am fine.
    Come to episode.
    He Cvs..stop playing with my head..I am really going to be mad..????..
    Ok situation is not for laughing but i can’t
    Naagin ke sang yaad aa rahi he.
    Like really whatever happened today..i am not sble put total blame on him.
    His sister wedding stopped
    Her character became a question mark for media
    She met with an accident
    She is in coma
    And most imp Sso’s whole life is for her.Sso is her fathet mother brother sister everything…..
    And now he is really in a big mess ..Just like there is said that ANGAR MAKES A MAN BEAST.
    And yhis is exactly what Sso’s condition now..
    Ok let me count how much MU are there between Shivika release
    2.D’s lie about Annika and him..
    3 Chachi also did bad.
    4.Seeing D and Anika together.
    5 payal drama ( i heard that she wil do flip at right time..I mean she wil be D side)…
    6.want to break prinku And D marriage with wrong intension. .
    Baap re..
    How these MU gonna clear..
    Too much frustration
    Ok Anika’s intention was really really good but her way of working bhaari pad gayi..
    Now although she didn’t commit any wrong thing but gonna pay for D’s deed…….
    Sso is shattered angry heart broken manipulated. …aur kya bolu
    Bande ka dimmag puri tarike se chali gayi he..precap. .- darkest days coming oh I will watch it.
    But ye SSO TOH BAHUBALI NIKLE.????????????.. ( ok no laugh )…
    And Marriage wil ne next week..kal aur bhi kuch he. I mean saadi breaking of Nikhil and Annika then monday Sso will marry her.
    Warna meri Annika di ki bahut bura haal hoga Sso ke jariye.
    Ok aab uthke Annika ko hate mat karna.
    Ok guys . love you.

    1. Hi Arpu….…not at all yaar….
      I don’t want to see Beast Singh Oberoi.
      but u too are right aisi situation mei koi bhi kuch bhi kr sakta hai ……phir ye to Shivaye Singh Oberoi hai jo apni behen pe apni jaan chidakta hai..
      but why always Annika has to bear all his anger and tortures?
      bcoz baad mein Shivaye ka saara love , care aur attention bhi to usko hi mlta hai.
      ok bye
      good night
      and be prepared for the upcoming episodes my dear friend.
      love u inna saara….

      1. Arpita6

        Hiii Ishu..beast singh oberoi is already here
        Friday and Monday gonna day of this devil beast. ..
        Now Annika will be more insulted by society…that cruel part is coming.
        But this mistress tag that he gave going to be heavy for it to realise his mistake……..

    2. Arpu dear don’t tell me that Shivaay is really going to label anika as his Mistress. I can’t accept that.

      1. Arpita6

        Sindhu di don’t know how many time Sso is gonna use this cruel word..but her neighbour will accuse her very badly
        She is walking in road like lifeless body and people are taunting her…?????how I will watch it

    3. Thank you Arpu for loving those lines actually they are my ff lines but i added them here first.

      Now coming to track i totally agree with you. Red in tooth and claw is ready to suck sweet blood.

      But i want Anu to break his jaws and no more cry anu she cried a lot but now want to see udu udu dabangg Anu to make cry.

  5. Arpita6

    But Noks bhaiya totally nailed it..
    Hats off to him…playing too much sweet singh oberoi
    Now shattered and once again beast mode..
    Trally appreciating the ACTING LEVEL..

    1. Ya……Arpu
      Shivaye, I mean Mr.Nakuul Mehta did fantastic acting.
      I am saying Mr.Nakuul Mehta bcoz I can not use the term BHAYIA for him…….
      he….he……I hope …..tum samajh gye hogi.
      ab samajh ne wale samajh gye jo na samjhe wo na samajh.
      No doubt……..
      He is a brilliant actor.
      Hatts of to him!

      1. Arpita6

        Haan haan main samajh gayi..
        But i am confused about Sso.i don’t considered him as bhaiya.
        Not as Mr whatever
        Not as jiju…. ???..
        Woh sirf mere liye Sso he..thats it..???..
        Pura samajh gayi..hi hi hi

  6. NSK

    Guys i hope u read my comment,specially the last part…

    I was totally loving the character of SSO.But the writers made his character so negative that after that it’s going to be hard to believe him again.I mean who ever ruins the Main lead’s character! It’s so annoying! In RU Shivika’s marriage was a disaster because of being a forced one.I was hoping that Daisy will be exposed, Tia will be ousted and Shivaay would except his love for Anika and will propose her.Anika will also love him and they will be married happily. But what just happened is just a blunder.Ok i can support previous marriage ONLY PARTLY thinking that it was with a view to Save Family’s Reputation. But this time,it’s just HILARIOUS! Revenge and all,I mean why?Why can’t the starting be a sweet realistic one!Who ever marries a woman for revenge! And which girl just stands and cries,doesn’t fight for her!Writers have lost it completely!!!!

    The actors are working so hard.I really appreciate Nakuul Mehta’s acting. He is doing awesome.I mean I am becoming surprised everyday watching him act so wonderfully. The way he expresses through his eyes is just mesmerising. He is now doing his best showing us different shades of a person.Let it anger,frustration, love,care,hate and everything. He is just doing awesome.But due to his character of the show,he is being bashed so much.Fans are hating SSO’s character. And i am also saying that SSO HAS TURNED INTO A BEAST.But hats off to Nakuul Mehta for his brilliant performance.

    Anika’s character should be a strong ,bold one.Why SHE ALWAYS HAS TO BE THE VICTIM?in season 1 she was the redux now she is again the victim!WHY MAKERS HAVE TO DOMINATE HER CHARACTER EVERYTIME MAKING HER VICTIM?a girl can fight for makers should not show us Anika helpless.she has to fight her battle by her own and Win AGAINST A BEAST!I’m sure she’ll do that too.Surbhi chandna is doing awesome while portraying Anika.I mean her acting is just too good.

    Despite of being so talented,the actors are not getting the respect they deserve!! Both Nakuul and Surbhi are doing wonderful jobs.but they are recieving less appreciation because their characters are not ideal in the show.I just hope makers understand this and stop writing nonsense! SSO’s character should be a loving one and Anika shouldn’t be shown as a helpless crybaby.Both the main leads should be given even realistic characteristics. Makers should stop criticism against women’s reputation!redux shall be posed in a beautiful way.but i wonder how its gonna happen!Because SSO is DEVIL and Anima Is GODDESS!how come Devil-Goddess will fall in love!Ugh,So depressing!

    I watch ishqbaaz because it creates another type of excitement in me.But to be very honest,at start this track was going fine.But now it has taken a ridiculous mode!!I just hope this track ends soon or the storyline should be changed.Moreover positive twists and turns shall be imposed.Again to a funny note,I am not going to watch this so called DRAMA for a week.I will be back after this Marriage mess ends!Don’t worry I will switch on my TV and leave it on star plus and leave the place!?so TRP wouldn’t be harmed and i too won’t have to watch those heart breaking scenes!

    Again i heard that Ishqbaaz will be OFF-AIRED AFTER COMPLETING 650 EPISODES!?omg i just love the show and I will be very sad after that.So Guys LET’S SHOWER LIVE TOWARDS OUR FAVOURITE SHOW!?LET’S APPRECIATE ISHQBAAZ TEAM AND ACTORS (not characters or makers ?) AND LET US MAKE THEM WIN AWARDS.they work so hard for us let’t do something for them too.ISHQBAAZ Came near to an end , let’ MAKE THE ENDING GRAND!TRP SHOULD INCREASE LIKE A BANG AND LET’S SPREAD POSITIVITY AMNOG FANS? (though none of the fans are satisfied, but let’s do this for ISHQBAAZ?).LET’S WATCH ISHQBAAZ ON TV WITHOUT CHANGING CHANNEL AND HOPE FOR THE BEST.(hip hip hurray, Ishqbaaz ki ho jay?)

    1. Arpita6

      Hi hi NSK dear..first of all i liked to see your love for Sso and Noks bhaiya. …..
      annd one more thing we should remember that we are watching GUL MATA show.. ????????…force marriage is her fev..
      Sweet love story is not her type..???..
      I thought redux wil be different but it got same way….
      Yeh it is difficult ..but just hoping after MU clear..both will clear theur issues and then will fall in love.
      And moreover it us a contract of 650 episode with starplus.after that it will depend on ratings… ..
      If ratings will be good then show will continue. Warna I don’t know
      Just hope their MU will ckear soon.

      1. NSK

        Heyyy…SSO ko ko I support nahi kar raha,toh mene socha mai thodi kar leti hu.?but seriously this Shivaay is hated by me.?i hope this Shivaay gets hate and punishment because he deserves it.?but yeah I love NM wholeheartedly!?
        But rating has become a thing!TRP is poor….i can’t see the show again getting high TRP because of this hilarious track ugh!?so maybe we have to bid goodbye to IB?no i don’t want this show to end!it’s the only show i watch!moreover if this show ends where will i get to see Nakuul,DadI,Shrenu,Surbhi,Leenesh,Mandi,Kunal and others again…??no….PLEASE SP DON’T END THE SHOW,AND WRITERS STOP RUINING THE SHOW?

        ❤❤❤❤FOR THE IBANS❤❤❤❤

  7. track is dragged too much dragging in this week…. so many misunderstanding n no idea who will clear that. aab daksh aur tia kaab expose hoga ye bhi kisiko nehi paata. paar one thing can be happened that after annika’s entry in om shivay will make her weeding planer of tia and him. then we may have wait another 1 or more month again for never ending shadi drama of shivay n tia. maybe in this process they will be exposed. but it’s completely my personal opinion. now I know many will tell that D will expose soon. but when nobody knows…!!! sometimes I thought that maybe in the middle of the show makers thought that the story of the show should be like this. that’s why they brought this unwanted redux track. alright trp is out. it’s increased little than previous week but not satisfying. from this it’s clearly seen that audience are not too much like this track. on the other hand kzk 2 naya show aa raha hai. N I have heard that it was one of the most lovable show. so ib should consider that. cause as far as I heard about star plus they are very much concerned about the trp. if trp is not increased at up to the mark then show will be under threat. so makers should consider about the feelings n emotion of their audience….

    1. Arpita6

      Shamrin dear….lets se hope marriage will bring trp last time marriage brought IB in top 10 position . don’t know what will happen yhis time.
      We can only hope or wish that D will expose soon.

  8. I think kahani after marriage start hoga I want to say one thing anger spoils everything it’s gonna happen

    Payal reverse hoga priyanka coma so sso against Annika

    But we want old Annika back no rona dona
    I hope cvs understand now we want strong Annika character wait for Monday

    Somuch negativity in twitter fuse article
    20vsec video tho all abusing our serial

    Any one have twitter pls spread positivity

    Lastly for narbhi acting ke liye hame serial dekhna padega omg they are living in it

    1. Arpita6

      Anu now a days not now but since 1 year twitter and insta became world war 3 place.?????.
      Even I want our khidkitod damang Annika back.. ..
      Not rotlu..

  9. What are u saying NSK?
    Ishqbaaz is going off air .
    no this can not happen ……

    1. Arpita6

      Are chill yarr IB is not going anywhere.
      Atleast for now.
      So just watch and enjoy..ok..

    2. NSK

      I too heard it ! ? its a contract of 650 episodes n 590+ are already aired!
      After 650,its gonna be dependent on ratings..if ratings r not satisfying we might have to bid goodbye so IB…??
      Lets hope for the best n watch IB on TV ❤❤

  10. Finally Destiny brought Shivika together not directly but indirectly. I think the upcoming tracks will be more interesting since Om and Rudra will take Anika’s side. And love will bloom between OM and Gauri and this was what fans had been waiting for. I want Chachi to know what it is like to not have Anika with her. As Anika was the one who used to earn to make a living. I fear if Prinku comes out of coma, she will hate Anika for breaking her marriage with Daksh as she loved Daksh by heart but god knows what will happen next. Tilll then let’s watch Nafratbaazi of Shivika.

    1. Arpita6

      Shivi di if prinku will hate Annika nothing wil be worst than this..
      Even I will love to see bhabi dever bond…

      1. Yeah babe. ❤️

  11. Hello everyone .

    After watching today’s episode , I realised everyone is running behind wrong person.
    I mean Annika is ready to ask forgiveness from Nikhil’s parents.
    Priynka is running behind daksh and becoming restless.
    and Shivaye is running behind Annika and want to take revenge from her.
    Everyone is trying so hard for what they want but all in vein . .
    bcoz Nikhil is not a good guy for whom Annika is ready to ask forgiveness.
    and Daksh too is not a good guy for whom Priyanka’s own life doesn’t matter to her.
    and Shivaye is punishing Annika without any fault of her.
    Both Daksh and Nikhil are cheap , nothing matters to them except money.

    Chachi please apni choch band rakho .

    Shivaye was so hurt to see his sister in that condition and that was clearly visible in his eyes.

    what to say about precap i am excited and scared too .

    1. Ishita dear very well said. Yes everyone chasing the wrong person. Anika apologising to Nikhil is the unimaginable ultimate of all. Priyanka running after Daksh is even more absurd. If it was me I would have told that Daksh good riddance and get out of my life.

      Did he psycho Priyanka so much until
      She has to run after him? After he looks so much older than her

    2. Arpita6

      Sab bhagam bhag khel rahe he.???????

  12. Shilpa Nandipati

    Same old story. First nafrat and ishqbaaz. Then love why u r repeating same old story. Boaring to watch

    1. Arpita6

      Dear Me too agree that story is same but execution is different may be later we will love it..
      Lets see wait and watch.

  13. Hello everyone, I think Anika should not run from there but after knowing Daksh has run away, she should have brought Payal and explain to priyanka why daksh ran privately and also show them that they were tied in the basement. Anika made a big mistake.

    Now if I were Shivaay I would have also felt that Anika broke my sister’s marriage and because of that my Sister is in accident so I don’t blame Shivaay getting very very enraged with Anika. Payal did not come forward at all to say anything to Shivaay so obviously Anika gets the blame.

    Anika thought she broke a marriage by saving both Priyanka and Payal but she made it worse by being indirectly responsible for Daksh’s accident. Still Shivaay is forgiving towards Daksh and Tia but not wth Anika.

    Now Anika is labelled as Mistress and this is getting bad. I am sure trp will go down becasue that is not what fans want to see. They could have done something else without being forced marriage.

    Hello Arpu dear banita kadhambari Ishita dear Tania jeevi Shiny aayush pushpa Luthfa sneha dhawan and many many more.

    It is sad when cvs do redux they should be very careful on how they plan the plot as any wrong move can affect the trp.

    1. Arpita6

      Sindhu di even I too feltAnnika made wrong move by run away from there.
      But what else she could do.Sso waise bhi don’t yrust her at all.
      I can justify Sso’s mu and anger..
      Now yhis wrong move is goona destory her life for now….
      Don’t know lets see how trp aunties will take it

    2. Sindhu di I agree with each and every point of yours .
      and according to me Payal is main culprit.
      She is responsible for all these mess.
      bcoz she was not ready to tell truth to Shivaye when Annika asked her and now when she is pregnant she is asking for help from Annika.

  14. Arpita6

    Lu…WHERE ARE YOU??????

  15. Nikita_jai29

    Hii ishqies… Well the not so waited force marriage of shivika will be shown in the show… And priyanka will goon un the coma… God gives strength to ani and pri to fight against all the odds

  16. Guys I’m really confused and need help, I didn’t watch IB since bhavya and Rudy got married and want to know what the he’ll happened after that????

    1. NSK

      After that took bus came,messed up Shivikas life.after days shivika reunited and started living happily.then ishqbaaz made episode increasing social awareness. Then a writer or a renowned man named Mihir A was to,who doesn’t believe in love came in Shivika’s life and challenged them that love is not true.Everything got changed and started all over again.every character is now different from previous characters. Daksh n Tia came back as Gillian’s and now they r creating mu’s between shivika which now has taken a dramatic mode.Shivvay is a beast now and Anima is gonna be the victim of his anger.Shivaay’s only one blood related relative,his sister,Priyanka has met an accident n went to coma due to running after that Daksh.Daksh will blame anima n shivaay will be missleaded n he will forcefully marry Anima in order to take revenge!?

    2. NSK

      In the first sentence ‘bus’ is gonna Be Roop Bua.autocorrections u know!?
      Hope ur fine❤❤

      1. Thank you so muchhh❤️❤️
        But I hate the plot nowwww I don’t think I’m gonna watch this show anymore ??

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