Ishqbaaz 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update: Pari gets her family

Ishqbaaz 26th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Inspector says we have to talk regarding this baby, she is Mr Saxena’s granddaughter. The lady asks can I take my baby back, I want to take her right away. They all get shocked. Some time before, Bhavya, Anika and Gauri beat the goons. A goon aims gun at Rudra. Bhavya flies in air and jumps over to tackle him. Everyone gets shocked. Her dress gets off. Rudra closes eyes. They all see Bhavya in her uniform. Anika and Gauri say Aaj ki naari sab pe bhaari and salute her. Anika and Gauri free Shivaye and Omru. Goon looks for Pari and hears her. Shivaye stops him and beats him up. He sees Pari sitting in bathtub. Anika comes and takes Pari. She says everything is fine. She asks Shivaye to see Pari is crying.

Shivaye says everything is fine, I did not know you will be attached to baby so soon. She says

what do you mean, I don’t have a heart, what did you do there, I m angry, if anyone shot you. He says if anyone shot you, why did you slap goon. She says I wanted to kill him. She shuts Pari’s ears. He says how dare goon point gun a you, talk slow, baby got calm, everything is under control. They kiss Pari. He holds them and smiles.

Bhavya asks inspector to take their statement, I want police protection for the family. Jhanvi talks to Dadi and says I will be staying in Pune tonight, I will leave tomorrow. Someone puts some liquid on ground. Jhanvi recalls Shwetlana’s words. Jhanvi slips and holds the curtain. She gets saved from falling over the scissors. Shwetlana comes and pulls her back. Jhanvi gets shocked.

Gauri’s mum asks how is Pari now. Gauri says she is fine. Gauri’s mum says its good Bhavya was here, if I got you educated, you would have been like Bhavya and earned respect here, I feel ashamed, I know how you feel here. Om comes and says sorry, Gauri can’t speak english, but she speaks truth, others got lessons from school and college, but Gauri got lessons from life, she is different than other bahus, not less. Gauri looks at him. Om says sorry and goes.

Shivaye sees Anika and Pari sleeping. He goes out to Om. He says Anika is with Pari. Om says seems like we have a relation with her. Shivaye says we did a lot for her, Anika did not do anything but got close to Pari. Om says maybe Anika knows how to handle babies. Shivaye says she raised Sahil. Om looks at him. Shivaye asks what, I was seeing Pari. Om asks really. Shivaye says I m worried for Pari, we have to find out who were those men after her and why. Om says right, we have to find out everything. Shivaye sees Anika and Pari. Nazdeek hai dil ke….plays… Om says Pari is fine. Shivaye says no, I was seeing Anika, nothing. Om says you once told me, you can’t see Anika as mother of your children. Shivaye recalls. He asks why are we talking about this right now. Om says you are world’s biggest fool, you can’t see Anika is the best wife, and will become best mum. He asks him to see. He says I think you both should talk. Shivaye says there is nothing to talk. Om does shayari and goes.

Rudra asks Bhavya where did she go without saying anyone. Bhavya says yesterday night, I… He asks her to say the problem. She says its related to my assignment. He asks why are you worried. She says I will manage. He says yes, you are cop and tough, you are forgetting you are a girl, you are not sharing problem, I m your friend, atleast tell me now. She says I will manage my problem. He holds her and asks problem again, are you going to fool me again. She says Sultan is alive. He gets shocked. He says we have seen him dying. She says he was someone else, when I was leaving home yesterday, I got this message, I knew you will get upset, you are safe. He gets away and asks do you think I m scared of Sultan, I don’t care for him, I do care for you, you were leaving from home without saying anyone, its good to come and leave anytime, if you did not know Sultan is alive, you would have gone, is it so easy for you, you proved that I m just an assignment for you. He goes. She cries.

Jhanvi asks what are you doing here. Shwetlana says I m saving you from Tej. Jhanvi says stop your nonsense. Shwetlana says truth is in front of you. Jhanvi asks what proof do you have, maybe you are behind this. Shwetlana says you have a point, I should kill you, think why would I come so far to save you. Jhanvi says I told Tej about my trip, maybe he found out I m staying in company guest house, why are you helping me against Tej. Shwetlana says the question is what will you do now.

Anika makes Pari ready and loves her. She asks what did you say, Y, Pari told her first word, come we will tell everyone. Om asks what did Pari say. Anika says Pari said Y. Om says wow, she started asking life’s meaning, why. Rudra says she said my name and jokes. Shivaye says bad english. Gauri asks Pari what did she say. Shivaye says she has taken my name, Shivaye, many people say don’t say why, just say Shivaye. Anika asks who many people, I did not hear it. Shivaye says she said Shivaye. Anika says I heard her saying y, not Shivaye. He says you think you are attached to her, but she is attached to me. She says no, she is attached to me. Bhavya says y comes in my name too, Bhavya, maybe she wants to take my name. Gauri jokes. Pari cries. Rudra asks them not to cry. They all try to calm Pari. Shivaye sings. Anika shuts ears. Lafzon ka yeh…..plays….. Rudra dances. Anika takes Pari in arms. Inspector comes with someone. They look on.

Jhanvi says how to believe you, you always thought bad for me. Shwetlana says even Tej does not think good for you, you will not believe me till I proof it, alright, I will prove it to you. She calls Tej. Tej is on the way and answers. Shwetlana says I called to check if our plan against Jhanvi is on. He says it means Jhanvi trusts you, we will meet at hotel. Shwetlana says fine and ends call. She asks Jhanvi to see Tej’s real avatar.

Shivaye asks are you sure. Inspector says yes, she is Mr Saxena’s granddaughter. Rudra says I think I have seen this girl somewhere. Om asks are you Pari’s dad. Rudra says not that way. Mr. Saxena says she is my daughter Arundhati, she loved a guy and wanted to marry, we are from a top class business family, that guy had no social status, Arundhati ran away with him and got pregnant, that guy cheated her, we accepted Arundhati with a condition that we will not accept the baby. Arundhati says I had one option to give my daughter to orphanage, but my heart did not agree, I wanted to give her to some place where she is taken good care of, I thought of Rudra, we were in same college. Rudra says I m so famous Om. She says I have sent her here knowing you guys are good, when I know someone came to kidnap Pari, I could not stay. Mr. Saxena says so we came here. Shivaye asks who can be the kidnapper. Mr. Saxena says I think its this girl’s dad, he would have kidnapped her and asked for ransom, thanks to you all, he did not succeed, we realized this girl is important for us. Arundhati says I m really sorry, can I take my baby back. Anika says if that man tries to kidnap her again. Inspector says don’t worry, she is our responsibility now. Om asks when do you want to take her. Arundhati says right now. They all get shocked.

Mr. Saxena says I hope this is okay with Shivaye. Anika says Shivaye, he is asking if he can take Pari. Shivaye asks how can we stop, baby is yours. Samar asks Ragini are you fine, you were unconscious. She says I won’t leave you all so soon. He says shut up, you get hurt and I feel the pain, its deep wound. She says love is not love without pain. He says you think this madness is love, why are you mad after Shivaye. She says I could not understand why you are in Bhabhi’s memories. He says even if you give your life, Shivaye won’t care. She says I don’t care. He says I have seen them, Shivaye and Anika are good people, don’t mess their lives. She says you are my brother, how can you take their side, if I can give my life, I can take anyone’s life, even if its Anika. He says don’t you dare do this. She says I know what to do and when, you just do what I say.

Anika cries and says Pari is strong, but darkness is bad thing, if my Pari gets scared, remember not to be scared of darkness. Gauri takes Pari and tells medicine’s name. She asks Pari to be Dabangg always. Bhavya takes Pari to become brave police officer. Om hugs Pari and asks when will you hear many stories, grow up and then we will read many stories. Rudra takes her and says Bunty, Bubbly and then Pari, three names in three days, I was going to call you Chutki, I was happy that finally someone younger to me came here. Shivaye takes her. Gauri says he did not say anything. Anika says he is SSO, even if he is breaking within, he won’t show. Bhavya says even then his eyes are saying everything. Shivaye says its time to go. He gives Pari to her mum. Pari holds his finger. Lafzon ka yeh….plays…. Shivaye stops Arundhati. He gives the toy duck to Pari and says she does not have bath without this ducky. Shivaye and Omru dance for Pari. Everyone cry. Shivaye hugs Omru. Dadi says she came suddenly and went suddenly.

Om says I did not do this since long. The man says your fans are asking us about next exhibition, its loss for us, have one exhibition for us please. Gauri looks on. Om says I m not the only artist, there are other artists, have any of them, there won’t be loss for you. The man asks what about your loss. Om says you can’t even estimate my loss.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nivedita

    Today’s good bits-
    1) Oblivious Oberoi becoming a bit clued in and saying something to his mil..??idk why he can’t say anything to his wife?
    2) OSO SSO conversation about Ani amd Pari! ??
    3)Ani Pari bonding. ??
    4) when Pari was leaving- the last scenes of Obros dancing, saying goodbye with ducky, etc. was awesome! I bawled up..????

    But just before that when the obahus and Rudy said goodbye..I felt Pari was totally tormented by being shuttled between all.. I was feeling sorry for the baby. she only seemed comfortable with OSO and SSO ( even with the mom she was kind of okish)..

    Everything else I skipped or was too boring.
    Dadi final Dialogue was good too..
    I called pari’s sad goodbye yesterday.??

    Tejlana r despicable! ?

    1. Nivedita

      PS: I forgot to mention, I did like Shivika together in the bathroom with Pari consoling her..but it was a meh scene..good but not great.

    2. Labiba

      Go nivi go…it was so emotional when pari was leaving… I started crying?

      1. Nivedita

        Hmm.. seriously..

    3. LAX

      GNG ???
      1. I think Gauri ll be happier that those lines are told to her Mom than her. That was definitely consoling her mother n in turn making her happy.
      4. Felt Noxy went a lil over the top with his dance moves.
      About the baby being tortured, yes totally agree. It was most comfortable in Shivays hands I feel.

      When I see a short comment from your side, I feel bad. Donno y.
      Hugs to you to cheer you up man ?‍❤‍??‍❤‍??‍❤‍?

      1. Nivedita

        Agree during the goodbye Pari was more comfortable with SSO.. and with OSO she was awkward, but she enjoyed his cute pecks..but again his dialogues irked she was ok ISH with him..

        Nox’s monkey dance was reminiscent of Sadma last scene ( reminded me of Kamal Hassan’s moves), so though
        OTT, I still cried..

        No no..this week’s just crazy with work haven’t been able to loopwatch any Shivika, Rikara or fun IB moments..or write up a page of comment again work calls seem to be happening during IB air time unfortunately..

      2. Nivedita

        Lax, you are right, Om saying those words to Gauri’s mom was definitely reassuring, kind hearted and meaningful too ( to Gauri)..but he should be this and more with Gauri in the moments she is agitated..hope he will slowly start to do that..

        Aww and thanks for the hugs dear..??

      3. Pushpa

        chill nivi…work is always crazy never ending story…stress u up all the time..u know what i do whn im stressed…i hv my fav cup of coffee at my balcony listen to piano believe me thts heaven…try…ok give u a tight hug too

    4. Go NIVI GO…..

      Even I also want him to atleast reply to Gauri for her question….

      1. Nivedita

        Yeah Maahi, as I said to Lax above, I hope Om will slowly start talking more with Gauri and revealing such feelings that he did today.

    5. Nivedita

      Wrong emoji oopsie! ?

    6. Pushpa

      gd morning NIvi…..agree all was good minus the villains in between..pari leaving the obros dancing crying was owsm…i wander why the cvs brouhgt Pari in….ist it to show shivaye tht anika will be a good mom to his children?

      1. Nivedita

        Yes, I think it’s to show SSO Ani bond and about showing how good Ani will be as a bond.

        It’s also to introduce some comedy and Obros moments.

    7. AnuluvsIB

      Point#1 – Have exactly mentioned the same CPS! gimme 5!

      Ani Pari bonding and shivay adoring that.. this is something that I was longing to see.. I was worried CVs will never show this… I loved to watch it! ? ?

      Handling the baby.. the Obros handle her better than the Obahus yaar… Esp OSO and RSo.. probably their broad shoulders make it easy! Shrenu, I felt couldn hold her comfortably..

      Tejlana.. Ewww man! Y do they have to show ppl so disgusting??? Pinky, Tej… both of them.. Ragini is still immature… her age and her harmones are causing the trouble..

      Man Samar seems quite sensible and decent yaar! Atleast Cvs showed us mercy there…

      1. Nivedita

        Yup siso high 5!

        I agree OSO and RSO held her strongly..but RSO and Obahu Dialogues were making her uncomfortable. And Shrenu probably did a few takes and hers arms must have given away holding the squirming baby. I guess.. she was so good in the Japan ki gudia scene in holding baby…

        Yeah I liked Ani scene with pari but I did find it a bit contrived….as a last sec after thought .

        Yeah tejlana unspeakable…but I wouldn’t excuse Ragini either..cause she is crazy, while tej pinky Fakelana are just shrewd.. and all 4 are pretty calculated in their moves to destroy others..

    8. Piyuu

      nivi oso conversation with sso was good..i like the part but i did not get it om shayari.pari leaving scene was so emotional i cant control my tears.

      1. Nivedita

        OSO shayari talks about how there is still something remaining about SSO love story….
        And when his heart will start overriding everything that part is yet to happen.
        Abhi muqammal hua nahin, abhibye kissa Baki hai..
        Jab Dil APNI pe ayega Woh wala hissa Baki hai..

    9. Nila

      ?Go Nivi Go?

      2.along with sad version of oh Janna?
      4.ducky so emotional na
      And ya I feel same that the baby was so comfortable with OM & Shivaay

    10. Ranilya

      Hi Nivi…. how have you been??
      Pari shuffling btn the 6 of them… yes I too felt bad for her… it was like they were passing the cushion in passing the parcel game….

      Oblivious Singh Oberoi!! ?… but I did like what he told his mil….im sure Gowri would b happy too aa

      1. Nivedita

        Haan, I wasn’t unhappy, with O and his mil convo, just my expectation from OSO is more.

        Been bit preoccupied at work..

        Seriously poor Pari had such a sad last day.

  2. Yesterday
    Paris pout was sooo cute

    Today first shivika pari was soooooo good
    And ani pari sleeping together
    Paris hand on ani was soo cute
    And loved shivkara talk

    I want shivaay to cry and go to om when he realise his love like om said in first
    Still ani and Gauri mom didn’t meet

    Pari left
    Mumeeeyyyyyyy I will miss her

    Guys why less comments in tu
    Don’t stop commenting here possess

    And some news
    Aww shivika coming….
    Clue.daksh. He is not coming back related one
    But don’t put in fanpage

    Last scene was very emotional
    But pinky is doing Nazar eyes
    Go to hell

    1. LAX

      Daksh coming back is it?? Didn’t get u.

    2. Pushpa

      hi meenuu..u mentioned daksh…is he cmg back?

    3. AnuluvsIB

      meenu? y have u mentioned daksh? what is the clue here?

      And pinky eyes on Pari ?

    4. Ranilya

      Ani-Pari were like real mom n child… so good together….

  3. Nila

    ???????cutiepie viha ??????

    1.Bhavya:OMM I feel like I am watching a ghost movie instead of IB ??????(pisasu movie)OMM ma too faints???????

    2.Shivika with pari:Who opened the tap yaar! Bechari pari?????
    Shivaay & Annika ????????????????scene was awesome Narbi nailed it ?????

    3.OM to Gauri’s Maa:wow OM slight relief? u opened ur mouth thank God

    4.Shivika??????pari with Annika???? same white costume????cute family

    5.shivOm:wah crt qus at crt time that FB scene I really felt bad at that time(original epi)

    6.Shivaay starring at anipari?????

    7.Anipari:lovely pinky pinky?????????? Annika’s hairstyle is looks good today & costume?

    8.don’t say y?Shivaay lol???????? whole y was superb

    9.Pari leave OM very senti Shivaay just kiss her don’t say anything to her but his eyes awwww?????

    10.Shivomru crying while dancing ???????? I am still crying very emotional

    ?Finally vihaa chali gai ???
    love u bunty bubbly pari vihaa??????????????????

    Again dinner date for Shivika??
    Rikara romance ?
    Ruvya romance?

    1. Labiba

      Hi nila plz give the link…?

      1. Nila

        Hi labiba
        I shared some links in ur wall check it yaar

    2. LAX

      1. Same to same thots. Looked like Pisaasu movie scene to me. Atleast that girl was sweeter than this cop.
      5. That FB scene is always pinching.

      1. Nila

        Yup di that girl was more better than this Bhavya?

    3. Nivedita

      1) agree BH reminds me of bhoot and pisaach ( I think that’s what the Tamil pisasu meant)..though I could be making my OMM here..??
      2) I too thought about that tap thing.
      3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10- felt exactly like u..????
      5) I was new to IB and DBO world so didn’t feel as bad about that railway station scene from original watch..

      1. Nila


        2.same to same feeling na
        5.oh kk but at that time its hurt me more

    4. AnuluvsIB

      Hey nila.. pt#2.. looks like Ru left the water running.. How careless??!!
      Poor Pari! if she was with anika, this wudn have happened!!


      and yeah man want to FF the kitchen apron scene ??… and go straight to dinner date ??

      1. Nila

        If Pari with Annika it won’t happened true
        Annika was so caring but I thought baby was not comfortable with Annika
        Dinner date?????

    5. Pushpa

      nila…..a policewomen hair must always be tied up and her eye shadow …not lookign good on her …..pari leaving was so emotional…the fb scn made me worried i thought he’s already put it off but OM reminding him back…..oh no..

      1. Nila

        Same feeling I can’t see her hairstyle it is irritating & eye makeup ????especially that argument scene in Rudy’s room paaaaaa?
        But enaku OM panathu crt thaan nu thonuthu

    6. Ranilya

      Nila I was literally lol when Pinky fainted!! ?????
      Bhavya mad her hair!! Pichachi for sure!!

      1. Ranilya

        And water in the tub…
        I wondered too

      2. Nila

        ???? yup rani di

  4. Hiiiii ishqies……✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋?????????????

    1. Bhavya was looking more like a superman than a cop…..????????

    2. Pinky ki Toh OH MY MATA HO GAYI??????? …. when everyone was saluting Bhavya…. LoL….. ??????

    3. Loved the way Omkara defined Gauri in front of her mother …… ??????

    4. Shivika with Pari…. A cute moment…… ?????

    5. ShivOm convo….. Omkara ‘s dialogues ……. ???? ?
    Omkara’s shayari…. ???????

    6. Rudra confronting Bhavya……. ????? Rudra’s anger…… ?????… Rudy looks so cute even when he is angery…..?????

    7. Gauri saying her name should have been Gauriya….. so cute gauri…..???????

    8. Pari left OM…. so emotional….. ???????
    I was just some how controlling my tears ?????? ……. But as soon as RUDRA started crying even I started crying…… ??????
    WE ARE GONNA MISS U PARI….. ????????????

    9. Tejlana digging a big trap for Jhanvi…… ??????
    Jhanvi plz stop being stupid…..
    Svetlana was looking so old in that makeup….. ???????

    10. THIS RAGINI IS SO RUDE TO SAMAR….. ?????????….
    I FEEL SO BAD FOR HIM…. ??????

    PRECAP- OMKARA….. ?????????????????????
    THE JOURNEY OF MY OLD OMKARA , ARTISTIC-KARA BEGINS…….??????????????????????????????

    SORRY….. @nivi @pushpa @yazhu @sulekha @arpita @anu @piyuu @nikitajai for not reply u all…. actually so busy with my new classes that I didn’t get time…. But still will try my best to.reply u all……

    1. LAX

      1. Super woman, I had ghost feeling.
      7. That was cute.
      8. Totally agree.
      10. Today even I felt bad for Samar. That girl is taking his love for granted.

    2. Nivedita

      Rudra crying in the end made me cry too..

      Omkara precap was good..

      I felt sorry for Samar too..

    3. AnuluvsIB

      I want Samar to be the person to make Nagini understand..
      He seems so genuine yaar.. true this yuckini is taking his care for granted…!

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Anu…oh really!!! SAMAR to knock sense in Ragini or control her!! I wonder what SAMAR was doing till now from the first madness of Ragini??

    4. Pushpa

      obros crying….made me in tears too….specially shivaye hie eyes speaks it all….shivika moments was owsm..

    5. Ranilya

      Maahi…. how r your classes going on?
      1-bhavya was more like a horror movie monster!! Loose hair! Crookedly placed teeth! Her eye make up !!

      8- loved Rudy…. but shivika were good too…

      Maahi where are our copyright lines?? Classes not giving time?

  5. AnuluvsIB

    Yaar! Very nice and emotional episode yaar! Rula diya mujhe!

    No comments on bhavya and her stunts! ?

    Surbhi and Lee stole the show today..
    The first shot where surbhi lifted pari from bath tub and cried… the way she tu kan bandh kar.. wah… how natural she was yaar.. I simply loved her in that scene… surbhi!! I keep falling in love with u deeper n deeper! ?????

    Shivaay couldn’t take his eyes off ani when she was with pari.. he just can see all his wishes and future in annika and that’s y he gets lost looking at her..?? and that’s y he can never take his eyes off her! ??
    @ sso – Arrgghhh Shivaay come on.. a forehead kiss to Banta hain!

    ShivOm convo… very nice scene.. awesome Om.. am glad that om reminded shivay his old words.. and the way he pulled words out of shivaays mouth.. Am so glad he has a brother like you! Abhi ek hissa baaki hain.. haan Shivaay! Om is many a times sso’s bade bhaiya!

    @ Om, whatever u told gauris mom today, wud have been good if u told these to Gauri directly!
    Preferably in front of pinky!

    Loved the way they we’re fighting over what that vaay could be.. Oms Justification on her “why” ??? anikas bohot se kaunse log ne kaha?? ?? and the way Shivaay was yelling into anis ears! Awwww ? they r not just couple goals! They are divorcee goals!!
    And y was Mansi wearing a jacket? It just din go well at all Shivani!!

    Pari’s bidai… very emotional scene… ??? pari darling pls don leave ????
    the way lee was crying.. wanted to jump into the screen hug him and console him! Bas dikhne me pehelwan hain!! ?
    And the way ani was crying.. phir se surbhi? everyone were crying so naturally other than this Mansi yaar..I just wished I cud crop her out of the frame!!

    Loved lee in the scene where he was confronting Mansi.. yet again.. her dead eyes? But lee totally nailed it!!
    @ Ru, YES! U r just an assignment to her! Leave her and get back with Soumya!!

    @ jhanvi… will u pls stop being naive and foolish! No wonder prinku is like that!! Pls understand what’s going on around you.. so now swet is gonna enter OM as jhanvis body guard or what???! I never thought I will say this, but now, u shud consider taking pinky’s help!!

    Precap – I hope om opens up to Gauri and they have a meaningful couple type discussion!

    1. yes last part was emotional I loved Lee and ani. .will miss her but when bhavya was shown crying seriously muje usse dekhher hassi hi aati hee..but when girl gang was crying I found that lil over ..and in first part whe n bhavya came in police uniform I was like
      agayi Power Ranger JUNGLE FURY kapde badalker.._??

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Power Ranger JUNGLE FURY Ha ha ha ????
        But seriously.. uniform inside salwar.. untied hair.. this is really making her look all the more stupid!

    2. LAX

      I loved Lee so much that I commented the same on his Insta page. SurbhiC matlab we are tired of praising her now. From voice modulations to body language to expressions to performance nails everything.

      Shivay was actually way too much into her today. I think Noxy knows what we wanna see, that’s why he was constantly looking at Annika than the baby.

      Om telling those things to Gauris mom was more impactful than telling it to her I feel. She is happy hearing it and also happy that her mother is consoled, so 2 in 1 phaayada.

      I did not understand the whole Tejlana plan, so it’s for Sultus entry at the mansion like Nivi said. Oh bete ki.

      Precap- According to the spoilers Gauri inspires him.

      1. AnuluvsIB

        True lax.. shivaay was way too much into her today! But finally we saw what we wanted to see..! Ani-Pari and shivay admiring her..! very satisfying actually..

        Om telling her mom was definitely double faydha..agreed.. would have been sone pe suhaaga if it happened in pinky’s presence!

        Waiting for the gauri inspiring Om part.. their relationship needs to take some insightful direction now.. This willl help to build stronger rikara…

    3. Nivedita

      Yeah seriously hoping for some meaningful Rikara tomorrow..

      Same reaction with BH Ru and Bhavya crying.

      Ru crying, Obros doing a “sadma like” move..was so emotional..

      All Shivika scenes were superb..and seriously O is like his older brother and friend philosopher and guide. Forgot to mention, I loved his shayari..

      1. Nivedita

        Actually I am not s fan of Shrenu’s crying either, I feel she can improve on it..her lips look funny to me..

        She used to do it better, I feel in the initial DBO days.

      2. Nivedita

        Not lips exactly, but thay area around her face just twists a bit oddly..when Shrenu is crying..

      3. AnuluvsIB

        Crying shrenu and her area around her lips.. Haven’t noticed this nivi.. let me see the next time.. Wow.. u notice details at this level!!

        I am hoping fro a meaningful rikara too.. their relationship need something like this to get stronger and move forward!

    4. Labiba

      I too started crying when pari was leaving OM.??
      Anu di tell me one thing y didn’t u except my follower request on insta?

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Labiba.. have accepted urs and followed u too..

    5. Pushpa

      bhavya kick boxing style u mean…i hv no words….policewomen or superwomen!!!
      agree anu shivaye sees it all in anika now..i was thinking about pari entry nw i conclude thats maybe for shivaye to get his final thought on anika being his childrens mom..

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Pushpa.. Yeah.. pari’s entry was to knock some sense into shivay and make him realize on how good ani can be as a wife and a mom!!
        Hope he understands that.. HE actually understands.. but doesn’t acknowledge!

    6. Ranilya

      Anu bathroom scene n bedroom scene both were good…. I too expected a kiss on Anika’s forehead n a tighter hug in the bathroom… .

      Your advice to Om is right…. but I liked that he told his mil…. it means the world to a girls mom Anu.. ..

      Same advice to Rudy boy…

      Jhanvi n Pinky??? Yeah she may need her now….

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Am happy that he told to MIL.. It does mean a lot to both gauri and her mom. I really wished pinky was around!

    7. Nivedita

      Anu I love Shrenu’s acting immensely, that’s why – her wierd cry face has been bothering me.

      I am glad Rikara is getting more moments now a days.

  6. Riddhima

    Can’t see shivomru in tears …. ???????????????????????????????????

    Its only 11.05,@!and already 4 comments … ???????

    1. Labiba

      I wanna give a kissi to Om he was so cute today ..??? plz ridhi bhura mat man na??

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Bhaag labiba bhaag.. or take cover immediately!!

      2. Riddhima

        Labiba …

        What … No way ..yaar ….????????????????….

        How … ???

        But you don’t worry I will give him kiss….

    2. LAX

      What are you more sad about?? ShivOmRus tears or that there are already 4 comments by 11.05.

      1. Riddhima

        Lax ….

        Haha ????? both …
        But more sad for shivomru ….

    3. Nivedita

      Yeah I majorly cried seeing them cry .????

      1. Riddhima

        Nivi …

        The way shivomru doing actions In the end of the epi ….omg …. They simply nailed it …

    4. AnuluvsIB

      Control ridhi… control.. It is ok..!
      Ur artist Omi is gonna be back.. so be happy abt it!

      1. Riddhima

        Anu …

        Yes yaar artist om is gonna be back …. But why they changing his hair style some day bun same day free hair…that hair dressing is playing with my om:s hair … Idiot …

    5. Ranilya

      OMG riddi is crying more than ShiOmRu….

      1. Riddhima

        Rani ….

        ???????? ….

    6. Nivedita

      Yeah Riddhi ShivOmRu were so emotional!

  7. Misha_Mikul

    Someone please message Shivani n request her to stitch Bhavya’s outfits with good quality clothes???
    Always just gets tear off if someone pull her dress… Pity on her?? how if she didn’t wear uniform inside??? ???
    It really made me laugh out loud not because of finding it funny but stupidity ????
    She is a cop not a superwoman??flying in air?? wah! Jakie Chan lose there???
    Quite upset seeing she dominated AniRi???

    Baby in the tub for long??
    How the goon just ran to the washroom? how did he know baby was there?
    Owh,,,he might had urgent call???

    ShivIka as Very Pure Parent to Pari cutie????
    ShivIka’s conversation was so Lovely?? Short n Sweet moment??

    Shivaay asked her Annika sleep when she was tried to explain why did she lie on his bed??
    They seemed really normal yaar?Pinky had done such unpardonable sins to Annika for making her out of Shivaay’s life but now why is she quiet?????? Annika is in OM and Shivaay and Annika have been getting close..that cheapde used to watch them hiding behind of anything?? where did she go now?? She jumped to OmRi’s life to make problems??I don’t get it!!!?
    I know, asking ques is easy…I don’t mean to find mistakes but truth is the ERRORS are Bluntly seen???

    BTW, ShivOm’s conversation about Annika was Nice!! ??
    First, Shivaay didn’t admit that he was looking at Annika then his heart made him confess as truth can’t be hidden by heart???
    Shivaay… You’re so Good please instead of wasting time on that cheapde psycho, take your time in thinking about Annika???
    You will definitely find a clue as nobody knows Annika well except You???

    Loved the way Annika closed her ears giving cute expressions while Shivaay was singing???
    That moment when Pari leaving Oberoi Couples??Shivaay made me cry after long time??As them, I’m too gonna miss the bubble cutie very badly???
    ShivOmRu forgot themselves and were cried dancing as clowns to stop Pari’s tears???Heart Touching moment even though I found funny when Rudra crying????

    I don’t understand why Swetlana-Tej-Jhanvi’s track is being highlight??? ??
    When the psycho n samar fully leave ShivIka’s life????? Uff.. go to hell the 3 months lapse!! ???
    Really can’t tolerate lorrr but for ShivIka sake, I have to??
    Hope after this baby track, ShivIka’s reunite track will be ahead?? upcoming scenes(candle-light dinner) has given me some hope??
    Let’s see??

    Nitezzzz ?? Sleep well n Tc all of u?❤

    1. Labiba

      Bhavya looks like a chudail.. She was flying on the air????

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Hahax…if any chudail sees her, then she’ll attempt suicide??

    2. misha bcoz bhavya is a power Ranger?

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Hahaxxx… Ros, even power ranger couldn’t fly as she did..It was so funny??

    3. Nivedita

      First para..same reaction this time and last time too when such super man stunts happen with her..

      Cvs please make a fantasy show instead of irritating us with BH and a silly story..???

      Tejlana or any villain is a filler to keep the 1 hr thing going. Plus Swetlana entry into OM is a guarantee..I said before Fakelana is trying to get into Jahnvi’s good books..

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Nivi.. your 2nd para,,, True!! even fantasy has a limit.. their’s didn’t make sense at all??

        Yeah, all the irritating characters have a place in OM.. as u said, Swetlana will definitely enter OM and according to current track, I think Jhanvi will bring her to OM .. but that shouldn’t happen??

    4. AnuluvsIB

      Misha.. Ur first copule of paras today… Total ROFL.. abt the Qlty of Mansi’s clothes and the Goons nature call ????
      Am laughing soo much!

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Anu..Hahaxx Yeah!!???
        only it would be the reason which made him go to washroom??
        and her very cheap quality of dress! Thank God, she wore uniform inside??

    5. Pushpa

      couldnt agree more misha…aniparishiv moments were beautiful…frm the bathtub to the bedroom was heaven…hoping the candle light dinner will love blossoms get a little romance …waiting lets c wht the cvs hv frm teh dinner…

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Yeah pushpa… Heaven-y moment of ShivIka with pari.. current spoiler is awesome.. Shivaay realized that there was a reason behind Annika’s bad-behaved that day.. hope Shivaay has read my comments above???
        hoping ShivIka’s good emotional plus love scenes started happening!!

    6. Aastha_Reddy

      And Bhavya’s that irritating hair bunch to clip or make a pony tail at least. Her hair is a complete irritating mess for me.

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Yeah Astha.. should give some respect to the uniform.. she never tied her hair even once when she was in uniform..

    7. Nila


      ur 1st para??????

      Abt pinky true misha but I think she is afraid to speak with Anni apdilaina Shivika Ku thaan divorce ayairuchula so no prb nu nenaichu irukalam -pinky’s point of view
      that’s y she is now behind Rikara
      Annika closed her hears lol I too love it

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Nila.. Point!! irukkalaam!! avaloda nondi velaiya ippa Gauri kitta kaamika aarambichitta!! what a character!!!??
        Ithu enga poi mudiya pothooo!!! hopefully no more separation in any couple..
        have watched spoiler.. Shivaay started investigating about Annika’s bad-behaved that day.. Pinky mattu maatna, apro Margayathaa???

    8. Ranilya

      LOLzzzzz Misha….. your 1st para!! Bhavya really needs good quality clothes!!
      And 2nd para too……

      Pinky is busy spoiling Om’s life now… once she is done there she will b back to Shivika…. Im sure she will b scared to death after seeing Bhavya’s bhayanak roop so she will not loiter around Rudy or Bhavya

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Hehexx Ranilya..Yeah??
        Yup.. as u said once she is done her cheapde work in OmRi’s life, she’ll restart in ShivIka’s life… sure she will not even think about RuVya..but this time she can’t mess OmRi or ShivIka’s life, hopefully!!!

    9. Nivedita

      Yes Mishu, I am dreading Fakelana rentry and Jahnvi’s part in it. Why is Jahnvi getting butchered with such crappy weak woman writing. ??

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Yeah..Why is makers suddenly showing Jhanvi aunty as very weak character..? She isn’t actually !!


    1. Bhavya rocked the fight ???? wakai Aaj ki Naari Sab par bhari

    2. Anika and Shivaye and Pari lovely bonding just like mummy, papa and baby. ?

    3. Shivaye is getting emotional about anika.. Om was tackling him well.. and Om's shayeri was just awsome???

    4. Rudra and Bhavya was fighting again but for first time i felt and saw pain in bhavya eyes for rudra..

    5. I hate they show shewtlana and other members of oberio and ragini and his brother.. ??????????????????????????????????????

    6. Baby ke bolne par joke ?????? and nok jhoke and their dance ??????

    7. I am little bit disappoint with Anika, Gauri and bhavya excess un-necessary aditional jewellary as they don't look good with their dress, jabarsati pehna rakhi hai. ???????

    8. Mr. s*xena made old memories regain of Shivaye (naam kandan khoon)??????

    9. Baby's mother asked them to take back and all couples faces started crying. Specially shivaye ( but due to male ego, he wasn't crying) ??????? even I had tears ????

    10. Ragini's brother is little sensible ans ragini is pyscho lover, he knows but donot take her to mental aslyam or treatment but didn't, only help her ?????? helpless brother.

    11. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya gave Pari all details and precuations just like mothers and Om, Rudra and shivaye (silently) just acted like fathers… awwwwwww ??????? and baby was crying due to going away from them ???????? and holded shivaye finger (as if saying, I don't want to go)

    12. After so long delay and so waited for this song, full song Lafzon ka yeh rishta nhi.. and fitted right on baby and all oberio couples. ???????

    13. It was so funny to watch all brothers dancing like 3 monekies  again ???????????????? though situation was sad ????

    14. I think team would have dragged baby drama for some more days as it will be incomplete tomorrows episode without seeing baby smile. Her smile was so sweet??????????

    1. lol…u typed Mrs s*xena ??..instead saxena

      yes yaar we will miss pari ?..h8pe she makes a guest apperarance


        No. I typed mr. Saxena but don’t know how it turned into star.. may be i did spelling mistake or may be it got edited during review..

      2. Aastha_Reddy

        Hey it had to happen with the first three alphabet of his surname.

    2. Ranilya

      Agree on all your points shradda…
      9- it was not make ego here….. it’s the nature of Shivay that he doesn’t speak out his emotions…. only his eyes speak…. and we understand…..


        I know its his nature but its all male so called ego- if they cry, they are thought week.. i was refering to that

    3. AnuluvsIB

      Shraddha what unnecessary jewelry u r referring too? Bhavyas bangles.. I have found it irritating as it doesnt go with her clothesn character… what abt Ani and Gauri?


        Anika’s rings (not engagement but other) and her bracelet.
        And gauri’s bangles, with full seleve suit let her wear 2- 3 bangles as go show her married but excess and v’shape neck look to bad.
        Bhavya’s you said it

    4. Pushpa

      agree shraddha….mr sena brought memory back to shivaye thts very bad..i skipped the villains today….enjoyed the rest..

  9. Shiv

    Today for me it’s emotional I cried with obros when pari leaves ? It looked very natural the way they cried!!!
    And other change I be felt is I like bhavya with anika than Rudy .. I feel bhavya n anika is having some chemistry !! Started liking her when she helps anika !!!

    Want always more if shivika shivika shivika plzzzzzzz???

    1. yaa she is improving but I only don’t like her scene between Rudy only

    2. Ranilya

      Yes shiv bhavya is tolerable when she is helping Anika.. .. and it stops there….. can’t see her otherwise….sply not with Rudy.. .

    3. AnuluvsIB

      Shiv.. true.. when bhavya helps ani or say gauri.. we can tolerate her.. she becomes less of an eye sore there..
      Bur somehow, still cant stand to see her with Ru!

  10. Pushpa

    0Wonderful epi …no villains in action…great
    Cvs thk u for giving PARI and created the best ever atmosphere among obros spcl brought shivika closer and their love&care revealed agn….

    Wow is tht bhavya….kick boxing superbbbbb…and pinky fainted….
    OH NO PARI…..gundoos searching please guys .oh no…shivaye u r the man……. tht was anika carried the baby and how cm bath tub suddenly filled wt water….god….tht was an owsm beautiful scn all 3as family and the luvly pyara fight between shivika…..all is good ..yeahhhhhhhhhh??????

    Tej u r a monster bt i think svets gona omm u….awful outfit svets seriously….

    I luv u omkara 4 spelling out who gauri and wth this i know u will never let her go….pinky ur plan agn tia tia pisss……and why is she haunting jhanvi…

    Oh my god so nicely sleeping both anika and pari…mom& beti…and here comes shivaye to blanket them both wt full of love and shivika white outfit gorgeous wt the rooms lighting so sweet real heaven..and om looking his bhaiya….cmon shivaye accept please u r also admiring anika and yes OM said it right tht anika is good wife and good mom and both need to talk..all ws ok but why did om hv2remind shivaye ..tht fb…

    And here come pari’ s asli mom….oh no PARIIIIIIIIIÌII is leaving OM…dun go pleaseeeee all yr 3papas will break down……guys im in tears just imagine OF ..i cant say much im crying wth them toooo??????anika u simply achi mom…pari also dun like bhavya strt crying already..all saying bye but shivaye…anika u know him very well…shivaye kissed pari gave pari to her mom..pari held shivayes finger not letting him go….obros cm kissed pari and send her off by dancing ….oh noooooo??

    Precap…OM to continue his exibitions….

    Today its emotionalbaaz causs pari left …
    Gd nite gals .

    1. lol I loved when pinky fainted?

    2. Ranilya

      Pushpa, no bashing Shivay today….
      Yday was his Shivay avatara, hope he doesn’t become SSO tonight….
      Loved the bedroom scene n also ShiOm convo…
      Pari leaving as very emotional…

      1. Pushpa

        i will never let u do that…agree bedroom scn owsmmmmmmm

    3. Nivedita

      Idk why Tejlana r conspiring together .?

      Yeah was very emotional at the end..

    4. AnuluvsIB

      Pushpa.. Ur DP is lovely yaar… Pari has impressed u soo much that u decided to share “Ur” Shivvay’s Screen space on ur DP with her since she has came to OM…! Only Pari is capable of this.. not even anika..

      Om reminding Shivaay on the Fb i felt was good pushpa.. probably knocked some sens into him making him realise how much he misses her..

      Hope the closeness that Shivika have achieved coz of pari, gets followed by meaningful conversations that help to mend their relationship!

    5. Aastha_Reddy

      Pushpa…I think you are dancing after watching the again dinner date video with Rudy clicking photos. But what is in that pen drive that Bhavya tied Rudra in bed with hand cuff??? This Bhavya is a mad girl.

      1. Pushpa

        yes astha..i saw teh handcuff she another physco?????

  11. Yarr meri bolti band hogayi ro ke mera bura haal he.IB ne mujhe bahut rulaya.
    And Cvs proved one thing to me that.jab expection jyada ho toh episode kharab hoti he jab expection kam ho toh episode ek dum khidkitod hoti he..

    1. Ignore bhabya fighting rubhya scene,(not rudy) samar (although he was right) nagini sutlu…

    2.pinky ponky behosh???

    3.shivika convo at bathroom they really don’t know that they are divorced.??????..pari….awww soo sweet

    4.janvi i am really feeling bad for her . don’t know what is tej gonna upto what is his intention. …

    [email protected] dear, party toh banti he..tumhara wish fulfil hogaya….??????
    .Sso was looking soo relievedly at annika.annika was soo cute while slerping with pari…kaash Sso aap.bhi uske paas so jate..?

    6.Shivkara convo that exactly what i wanted to see from since long…Omkara’s every point was perfect.
    Full on old omi mode….Sso is no 1 duffer ?????…

    7.when annika was talking to baby it was mor Chandu than pink jute……?????
    Still ringing in my mind……and after sooooo many days i heard Annika’s happy wala BGM.

    8.harneet ji,

    Apke diolgue famous ho gaye?????…and that part it was totally reflection of NARBHI. Than Shivika … don’t say why!!! Just say Shivay.???..

    9.then all are singing and dancing. .??????..

    Last part i have bo words to describe it..???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????…..

    11.precap hope omri will have a normal.convo spoiler….???????..somthing is coming for rikara gouri is in beautiful saare ?????..hope after romantic daye shivika will not fight warna puri ki puri OMM ho jayegi…..

    1. Agree with all.your points @arpita….

      I also saw the pic of Gauri in a beautiful saree…..
      Hopefully CVS don’t do OMM of their romantic intense scenes (if it is one ) like they did earlier……

    2. Ranilya

      Yes Arpu…. IB always plays games with us… so its better we have less expectation everyday….. (lol…. “I’m” telling you this!!!)

      5/6- that would b a treat….. I initially thought sso will sleep next them… but later felt better that Shivay enjoyed seeing Anika with Pari n also shiom’s convo was more apt… hope we get future scene with baby betn Shivika.. .

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Low expectation level from a 4-lion show!!! keh kaun rahi hai..Ranilya!!! when SSO is present any thing can happen.

    3. Pushpa

      tht stare of shivaye to anika….so calm wt love..thts melts me ….waitign to c the romantic candle light…

    4. AnuluvsIB

      Agree on all points..
      Shivika totally forget they are divorced.. only when someone calls them pati pathni, a realisation hits them ki .. arey yaar aren’t we supposed to be divorced!

  12. Hey guys, May I join u all ??
    I am also a fan of IB…..

    1. hello Maya..u remind me of beyhadh Maya

    2. Hey Welcme Maya…

    3. Ranilya

      Hi Maya welcome to PKJ

    4. AnuluvsIB

      Sure Maya! Welcome 🙂
      Keep commenting!

    5. Pushpa

      welcome maya start commenting

  13. Ananyagour

    Today’s episode ???
    I just want to cry loud ?????
    Okk… the begning shivika scene was
    Adorable ?????

    Its good to see anika so attached with cute pari ??

    And then shivom conversation ??
    Was over sweet ??

    Rest of the part was sooooooooooooo emotional I usually don’t cry ? but my friends are so curious to see me cry ???
    But ib’s emotional scene made me cry??
    Park said why ??????

    Let’s come to the best n in that only worst….part

    Anika – said those lines which shail and anika used to say….?

    Gauri – always be dabang!!??

    Bhavya – police force is waiting for you ?

    Rudra – said chutki!!!???

    Om – still some stories are left ??

    And Shivay was not able to say anything but his eyes were saying everything ???

    At last Shivay gave pari to her real mother ?
    And she holds his fingers ??
    The most beautiful part – shivomru dancing for pari ? and she stops crying and left
    Then shivomru cried ( lafzon kya yeh rishta nhi played in background )

    A thin layer of tears was in my eyes ?

    Dadi’s dailouge always best ?

    Total = very emotional ?? soooo sweet ?

    MISS YOU PARI!!!????

    so emotional part let be at a side

    Precap – ?? omri??

    1. Ranilya

      Ananya loved Anika-Pari n also Shivay-Pari….
      All the dialogues to Pari was good….
      Anihil’s lines to Pari n Shivay’s eyes expressing his heart….awesome…
      But bhavya’s was ?? such cute gal…n police force?? But yes that would b good too….

    2. AnuluvsIB

      The way annika spoke to pari abt andheri.. with sahil’s lines.. made me cry too yaar!
      I really wish they bring pari back some time in some episode just for fun..!

  14. LAX

    So the babybaaaz comes to an end after 10 episodes. I will miss u Pari. ????
    Another balanced emotional episode.

    Coming to the episode-
    Bhavyas air stunts n her outfit gave me Conjuring ki Bhootni waali feel. Baal tho bandthi madam. ???

    Baby Pari was enjoying when Shivay was fighting the goons. Shivika with Pari gave me family feels, awwwww. But the scene was so short. Like Om said Shivay could not take his eyes off Annika. But I dont understand this ebb n flow of Shivays feelings towards her. I mean today he totally forgot what happened between them n behaved so normally.

    I was expecting Lady Sakkaram n Jhanvis scene yesterday. Monday episode ended with them right.? But today I was totally confused. What’s Tejlanas plan??

    Oms dialogues were best as usual. @Nivi, told you, Om is not as bad as Shivay. He only looks for a pure heart, nothing more. He is so mature. The intense Shivkara convo is an example.
    But Performer of the day was definitely Lee. He showed n performed all the shades perfectly. Noxy again went a lil over the top with the last baby consoling dance.

    I am liking this Colour coordination among the cast. Today was different shades of blue.

    Mr.Saxena is another NKK namoona. Shivay would ve felt like looking at a mirror.

    Why was Yuckini even there in the episode. Mood killer… But Samar was sounding a lil sensible today.

    Turn by turn taking the baby did not amuse me, to be honest. They could ve said those lines without passing the baby from one to another.

    Today I noticed, SurbhiC is really tall. AniRi both looked good n simple. Missed this old simple dressed Annika. What the hell was she wearing in today’s spoiler…!! ???

    Precap- I love this Omkara who speaks deep meaning lines.
    Kal Ruvya ka chocolate wala romance. Hey bhagavan. ??
    And ya Babybaaaz TRP ll also be out. Fingers crossed.

    P.S.- Guys, I ll be super busy from tomorrow for some days. But ll try to visit the page as much as possible.

    1. yaa lax I love this om ..and I missed this om
      and I too dint like that turn to turn part..?bechari..

      and the spoiler seriously I was thinking from where does anika get such designer cloth from did their devars gifted her..or apni divorced pati me paise churaye .?

      1. divorced pati ke paise lute*

      2. LAX

        So that weird saree is gifted by her devars, did not know that. So not good.

    2. Nivedita

      Lol Lax, I was thinking the same, ?????it’s not for fun that the lady cops tie their hair ..

      Haan SSO just flip flops about Ani according to the writers convenience..I guess the scene was supposed to glorify anis maternal instincts and SSO being pulled towards her when he saw her as a mom for Pari.

      Lax we concur on the passing the parcel over the baby??? ( I feel it was such a torture for baby Pari??)..that’s why I didn’t find today completely balanced,
      though it was better than yesterday.

      And I too thought why they couldn’t have just gathered around Ani holding Pari and said their goodbyes to her..also isn’t think everyone needed a line.. that’s why I loved SSO’s part the best, cause he didn’t torture her with any lines..

      Yeah Lax, you were so right about O??. I am glad, Om said those words to Gauri’s

      And I am glad, they have decided to show a different story with Rikara..though despite O’s assurance I want Gauri to realise the importance of becoming a smart young woman ( I hated the BH dialogue only cause it was her. But seriously none of the OF women have a career ??? except Jahnvi who had one but now acts like a naive gullible person- how was she even a successful business woman, I wonder?)

      Yeah SC is 5 ft 6″ ..

      1. LAX

        Yes, Annika Pari scene was just to counter what Shivay said in DBO.

        Bhavyas lines to the baby was worst. Hello, who are you to decide what the baby wants to be when she is big.

        Gauri is a strong character I feel. Not rotlu types as such. If Jhanvi had a career she would ve left Tej way back I feel.

        5 ft 6 is cool yaar. I am 159 which is just a point less than 5 ft 4.

    3. Ranilya

      Lax for how long will u busy???

      Baby being passed around…. tell me about it…. why do they torture babies/ kids???
      It was alike they played passing the parcel… poor Pari….
      Bhavya!!! N her loose hair!!!
      Uniform n chappal! ?????? bit good they dint show shoes…. like uniform beneath her white dress, shows within chappal!! !??????

      Lee was awesome as ever…. but Narbhi for me today too…. a bit more of Surbhi ??

      NKK comments by Mr. Saxena.. .. actually I was disappointed…. it finally meant that ppl without NKK are ill-minded (like that boy dicthing his love/wife, kidnapping the baby for money)…… I expected Pinky’s dialogue here to affirm that….

      NKK should not have been used…

      1. LAX

        I ll busy atleast for 2 weeks.

        Chappal n uniform was another eyesore. Why did they show that at the first place??

        Surbhi is something else. Noxy was good too except the last dance. But somehow showstealer to me was Lee.

        Rans, you are absolutely right. They should not ve shown that man without NKK as a rogue. Thank God Pinky did not open her mouth.

    4. Pushpa

      all of us gona miss pari Lax…who brought shivika a little closer…so now what? epi will be back with fullforce of villain ist?? god this yuckini drives me to the wall yaar………ruvya romance??? oh god…we want to c our shivika romance…….hope somethign will light up from the dinner..

      1. LAX

        Yes, Pari has definitely brot Shivika together. Nobody could do that. I am hoping some progression in their story after this. No more VillianBaazi.

    5. AnuluvsIB

      Conjuring ki bootni..Tell me abt it Lax!! She looked totally possessed.. Her eye makeup n cat eyes just add to it!!

      Chocolate roance.. yes wudn be able to stand it! I want them to finish the kitchen scene also today yaar… I don want another bad weekend..
      cant handle 2 back to back gloomy weekend !

      I am seeing lax asking for off from PKJ for the first time I think.. take care and keep visiting lax!

      1. LAX

        I doubt the Yuckini kitchen scene ll be today. But I don’t think it’s as bad as how we expect.

        Anu, I am not taking off. Just that I wont be frequently visiting the page like how I used to. Just for 2 weeks. That’s all.

    6. Nivedita

      Wow we r similar in HT too..I am 163 cm.. just over 5′ 4″?

      I feel the witch’s line was scary cause of her..if a kind career person .. maybe Jahnvi had said something like that it wouldn’t b annoying.

      Yeah u r right about Jahnvi..

  15. 1.So today after so many days a good episode..Yes baby was cute but was disappointed with no progress in story….
    2.First 2 min ignored….Bhavya wearing uniform under dress….This scene was totally dahhhh???
    3.Did Pinky fall unconscious?????
    4.Shivika together with Pari??????
    5.Oso pacifying Gauri nd his mil….?????
    6.Omkara line: Abhi mukamal nahi hua hai,1kissa Baki hai,jab dil khub par ayega woh wala Hissa Abhi Baki h….These words marks d beginning of Shivaay nd Annika as Shivika….Dis means my Shivika ll reunite….Also Oso rebuking Shivaay for his line dat he can’t c Annika as mother of his children…..He had overcome it long ago but never had confessed it….Now it’s ur turn….
    4.Samar Ragini ignored….Samar plz send her to mental asylum…
    5.Pari exit… Don’t say y Say Shivaay….This was Harneet’s tweet when people rebuked SSO for above lines abt Annika spoken to Oso…
    6.Cvs ended baby track properly…Rudy was best…Mansi has improved a lot….
    7.Ruvya:scene was good…Yet these 2 r more like frndz….
    8.Tej Shewtlana m confused…
    9.Anyways CVs have actually heard us…The actor playing Roop will b back on d show…She had changed Ashok’s lighter and tried to kill Shivaay…..
    10.Cvs I hope now dey connect Priveer to Oberois…miss dem

    1. neha sach toh yeh hai bhavya is a power Ranger..??

    2. Mansi has improved in expressions and didn’t have frown on her face but d matter of fact Ruvya have failed to deliver the magic as couple…..Rumya with such less scenes had better chemistry than Ruvya who have had weird intimate scenes…

      Today’s synopsis s out….Tej nd Shewtlana will trap Jhanvi in Tej ‘s fake plan…God knows what’s in store for us…

      1. Ranilya

        Completely agree with you Neha….. Loved rumya chemistry….

    3. Neha not only roop but many things r left unsolved like gayatri muder case…. Dont know when cvs listen to us…

    4. Ranilya

      Neha thanks for the shayari….
      Abhi mukamal nahi hua hai,1kissa Baki hai,jab dil khub par ayega woh wala Hissa Abhi Baki hain….
      These words marks d beginning of Shivaay nd Annika as Shivika….Dis means my Shivika ll reunite…
      Hope so neha……

      Bingo Neha…. I too mentioned about Priveer…. missing them…but not kamini

    5. Pushpa

      love tht u hv lined om’s syayari…owsm meningful..yes both shivika confession will be great at the dinner….

    6. AnuluvsIB

      hey I have been hearing abt roop’s re-entry too..! If tey finish yuckini n pink track properly and bring in roop, it wud be fine. roop has always been the most tolerable of all villains in IB…

      But is this from credible sources??

      1. No from some entertainment portal…..

  16. emotional episode tha Lee I think so seriously was crying..bechara ek toh they always gave him same dress to wear ab voh dress ki color bhi nikal hai shivani Rudy ko bhi kuch dedo

    and bhavya I was expecting that uniform wala scene

    cute pari will miss u..hrr name is also cute vihaa..old visit karte rehena

    1. AnuluvsIB

      Actually the way lee was crying looked so real yaar! to me too!!
      same dress to wear.. he he 😛

  17. Lakshmi shekar

    Hey guys can I join here? I am a big fan of ib and kunal

    1. Welcome Lakshmi….

    2. Ranilya

      Hi Lakshmi welcome to PKJ

    3. Aastha_Reddy

      welcome to pkj.

    4. AnuluvsIB

      Definitely lakshmi! welcome!! 🙂 pls join us and keep commenting! 🙂

  18. Swarna

    Hey guys I am new here can I join you all.

    1. Ranilya

      Hi Swarna welcome to PKJ

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Hi Swarna…welcome to pkj.

    3. AnuluvsIB

      Hello swarna! welcome!! keep commenting! ?

  19. Today epi was tooooo good….
    Today i luv bhavya becz of her action pinky ponky behose ho gayi….

    Shivika with pari in bathroom was Superbb…. I’m longing for sme good sence between shivika…..
    Anika sleep with pari nd sivaay care 4 them….

    I feel like our old om cme back after lng time i miss this om 4 lng….

    Anika dreesed our pink pari with pink frok nd shoe…. Then argue between all for whose name pari took…. Shivaay became Shivay nd gouri became gouriya….

    When shiv sang nd om dance that time ani nd gouri’s reaction…

    Samar married….

    Now about last part it’s sooo emotional…. Shivomru nd Aniriya all were emtional specially obros….
    They all nailed this sence yr…

    Miss this cute baby pink pari sooo much….

    1. Ranilya

      Pinky behosh !! ?????
      Samar was married!! Dint expect that…. so what drama is going to unfold??

    2. AnuluvsIB

      hey ya samar is married.. I realised it when she said bhabhi.. I thought it was a relationship..!

      It is clear that samar is sensible.. and is just blinded by brother lover..
      One thing for sure… Samar n Ani.. never gonna happen…

  20. Dear Friends

    Aaj Comment Karne Ka Mood Hua So Comment Kar Rahi Hu?

    Bhavya Ka Fliying Fight?Wo Police Kam Boothni And Daayn La Raha Tha.Jo Movies Pe Dikthe Haina Fly Kartha Hai Waise.Agar Kuch Wow Scenes Dikhana Hai Tho Naturally Dikhao Super Naturality Nahi.But Uski Baath Wo Police Uniform Main Entry Kiya That Is Suuuperb?????But Open Hair Look Is Boring?Rudy Like Dekha Meri Waline Kya Maara Sabko??Pinky Ki Tho Hosh Ud Gayi???I Feel Like Old Funny Pinky Aa Gayi?

    ShivIka And Pari Soo Cute???Shivay Jaise Pari Ki Khaan Bandh Karke Baath Kar Raha That Is ??Kaash Wo Pari Ko Kiss Karne Ke Baad Anika Ko Bhi Forhead Kiss Kiya Hotha.Ek Time Tha Jab ShivIka Ka Forhead Kiss And Hug Baar Baar Miltha Tha Aur Main Uski Forhead Kiss Se Bore Hotha Tha.Iss Liye Nahi Ki Kiss Dekh Kar Ke Bore Ho Raha But Wo Hamesha Forhead Kiss Kartha Hai Jaise Ki Kiss Karne Ki Koi Jagah Nahi( I Mean Cheeck Kiss Bhi Kabhi Karna Chahiye Na??)Aaj Dekho Ek Wahi Main Inki Forhead Kiss Dekhne Wait Kar Rahi Hu.I Hope Mera Wait 4 Month Thak Na Jaaye.ShivIka Ka Situation Aaj Different Hai But Phir Bhi Wo Care And Love Unki Beech Hai But Unka MU Unko Pass Aane Se Stop Kar Rahi Hai.Kabhi Aise Beautiful Scenes Dedo CVS Dekhna TRP Apne Aap High Ho Jaayega.ShivIka With Pari Look Like Cute Sweet Happy Family??????????

    OmRi Gauri Mom scene.Jiss Tara Om Gauri Ko Sabse Special Bola That Is Really Nice.Wo Gauri Ki Baare Main Ithna Acha Bola Ki Mujhe Bhi Gauri Special Laga.I Really Like Om Today Jiss Tarah Usne Gauri Ki Baare Main Bathaya I Feel Like Old Omkara Is Back.Gauri Bhi Surprise Hua Om Ne Jiss Tarah Ussko Different And Beautifully Discribe Kiya.Anika Ho Ya Bhavya Ho Ya Gauri Sab Main Ek Speciality Hai, But Wo Speciality Kya Hai Wo Understand Karna Hamara Kaam Hai.Om Gauri Ki Kami Main Uski Special Quality Dikha Ke.Uski Kami Ko Kami Feeling Nahi Proud Feeling Diya Gauri Pe.Well Done???Ab Aise Hi Rehna??

    RuVya Scene.Bhavya White Churidar Pe Achi Lag Rahi Hai???But Uska Eye Liner?Sleeping Time Pe Kon Ithna Dark Eye Liner Daaltha Hai Yaar?Rudy Ka Angry?Bhavya Ko Bura Lag Raha Hai But I Feel Like Wo Confuse Hai Rudy Ko Lekhar.

    Anika Look Like Sleeping Beauty??????ShiOm Conv Is Suuuperb???Om Is Really Right Shivay Is World Most Biggest Duffer Rudy Ko Duffer Kehtha Hai?Khud Kithna Duffer Hai Nahi Patha?Anika Best Wife Hone Se First Best Sister Hai Proof Kiya So Wo Obviously Best Mother Bhi Banega.I Hope Shivay Ye Samjhe.Old Omkara Tho Dheere Dheere Bahar Aa Raha Hai.Om Shayari Is Superb????Ye Tho First Bhi Bola Hai But Abi Thak I Think ShivIka Ki Beech Kuch Baaki Hai Jo Iss Shayari Phir Se Bolne Se Patha Chala.Ek Batth Aur ShiOm Bhi Ajeeb Hai Apni Wife Ko Samajhne Main.Shivay Om Ko Gauri Ki Baare Main Achi Tarah Samjhatha Hai And Om Anika Ki Baare Main Shivay Ko.Mathlab ShiOm Apni Wife Ko Nahi Samajh Raha But Apni Bhabi And Sister Ko Samajtha Hai.ShiOm Is So Confuse Yaar?

    ShivIka,OmRi,RuVya With Pari.Bhavya Ko Coat Pehne Ki Kya Zaroorath Thi?Coat Ki Bina Bhi Achi Lagtha.In Logo Ko Bhi Kuch Tho Bhavya Ki Makeup And Dressing Main Kharab Karna Zaroori Hai?Pari Ne Waay Bola.Om Dialogue Wah Pari Ne First Word Bola Tho Zindagi Ki Baare Main “Waay”???ShivIka Bhi Na Phir Start Kiya?Shivay Thoda Naughty Ban Raha Tha Anika Ko Iritate Karke??But Sab Log Pari Ki Saath Bahuth Acha Lag Raha Tha???

    Pari Jaa Rahi Hai???I Like Rudy Convo To Pari.Rudy Ne Kaha Ki Main Tujhe Chutki Bhi Bulana Wala Tha,Tho I Hope CVS Ko Yaad Hogi Ki Anika Ka Chutki And Anika’s Past.Agar Kisine Mujhe Emotianal Karaya Tho Wo Shivay Hai.Gud Job Nakkul Mehtha???Shivay Sabki Tarah Openly Nahi Aur Wo Apna Emotion Bhi Sabki Saamne Express Nahi Kartha, Uski Eyes Main Tears Dekh Kar Hi Samajh Saktha Hai Wo Kithna Sad Hai.Nakkul Bahuth Ache Se Wo Scene Kiya???ShiOmRu Ka Emotianal Dance For Pari And Memories With Pari?????????Dadi”Jis Tarah Achanak Aa Gaya Usi Tarah Achanak Chali Gayi Gayi Tho Ghar Ko Sona Karke”Bahuth Meaning And Emotional Dialogue?Thank You Dialogue Writers For This Emotional And Meaning Ful Dialogue??

    Epi Main Jo Dekha Jo Yaad Tha Uski Baare Main Yaha Comment Kiya.2 Eye Shadow And Eye Liner Company Wala Devil’s(Naagini,Sulthana) Part Main Nahi Dekha So No Comment For That.I Hope Tomorrow Epi Bhi Good Ho Jaaye.Pari Is Go???I Hope Ab CVS Naagini And Pinky Ki Track Aur Zyada Na Keeche.ShivIka Ka First Wedding Anniversary Se Pehle Hi ShivIka Ek Ho Jaaye.Aap Sab Ko Yaad Hoga Humne Tia Ko Kithna Sehna Tha Agar Usi Tarah Naagini And Pongini Ko Bhi Sehna Padega Tho.NO WAY???I Hope Naagin Ya Pongini Main Se Kisi Ek Ko First Expose Kare.ShivIka Ka Separation Hokar Kithna Days And Months Hua Abhi Se Count Down Karo Friends.And Mobile Pe Hotstar Hai Tho Tia Entry Episode To Expose Episode Months Dekho, Samajh Aayega Naagini Ko Kithna Sehna Hoga.I Hope Zyaada Ye Boring Devil’s Ko Na Sehna Pade????

    Take Care?

    1. AnuluvsIB

      Uf… Tia ko sehna aur bhu mishkil tha…. Coz that was a very loooong track! And by then they had not even realised their love for each other! Now, even though they don accept, they deep down atleast know they cant live without each other!

    2. Ranilya

      Hi UF, aaj ka epi ithna acha tha ke aaj mein bahut saare comments expect kar rahi thi….

      Shayad 1st wedding anniversary pe Shivika ki doosri shaadi hogi….

      1. Dear Ranliya

        Aww I Wish Aapki Ye Baath True Ho Jaaye.I Really Want See ShivIka Happy Wedding And Shivay Love Confession To Anika.??????

        Take Care?

  21. What an episode…?? What a chemistry shivika have actually..?. They r just nailed it… slaying day by day…? And actually the way they understand each other …and they never show there love … I think they can never express there feelings to each other easily? bcoz they r so much tardi baaz actually…but there ishqbaaz is rare…?. Sometimes it made me cry loud to see their pain in love … And care for each other?? … They r examplry lovebuds..they rr unique… And they r seriously making them….more different from all others day by day passionately… What can I say … No words for them shivika type couples r real and the whole universe… They made me cry by their love in separation… 1st time I saw couple in separation care for each other so much… They know they understand… They love ..silently… They even don’t need to say a word to eaxhother bcoz they know what other need… Ufff …I love u shivika…. U r …just beyond words to explain sometimes… And main credit goes to the amazing writer actually… ?

    1. Ranilya

      yes Maryam…. love shivika chemistry

  22. Ranilya

    Good mrng PKJ.

    Loved Anika today…. thanks cvs for giving Anika-Pari (AniRi would become Anika Gowri, and Panika ia for Shivay’s Anika only)
    The cvs made up for the previous episode’s folly. Loved the way Anika cared for Pari n Shivay enjoyed seeing her… had been waiting for this.
    Loved the bathroom scene…(there was water in the tub…..God knows how!!)
    Shivay’s dialogue???? he is 100% sure that he n Anika will b together always…. loved their hug…. family hug….
    Shivay just couldn’t take his eyes off Anika ???
    Pari and Anika sleeping just like real mom n baby??????? loved the way Pari put her hand over Anika n vs versa.

    ShiOm convo was too good…. liked it when Om brought up the Anika being mom of Shivay’s children topic.

    OmRi, thanks Om for all that you said to Gowri’s mom, it means a lot to mothers and in turn to the daughter/wife…. I’m sure Gowri will b happy…. hope she gives back to Pinky with confidence now….

    Ru- loved him… one advice for u… forget bhavya…. you r JUST AN ASSIGNMENT for her …. so don’t bother…think about Sumo…

    Pari was looking very cute in pink tule frock ????????????
    She did say ‘Y’ as in Shivay.. .. bcos she has been hearing only Shivay Shivay Shivay since 3 days…. be it from Anika or from OmRu…..
    Loved her holding Shivay’s finger…remimded me if Pinky promise… she made a promise of never forgetting Shivay n others…

    Pari leaving I’M was very disheartening…. I was sad too…. Loved the way obros n AniRiYa cared for her n bid farewell (though Shivay’s dance went a lil overboard, they sometimes give extra prominence to Shivay.. .. but I don’t mind cos Nakul is worth it)

    Tejlana- I knew they were up to something…. poor Jhanvi.. .. but Jhanvi is also stupid….
    Most of these obahus are stupid…. (except pinky)

    Surbhi ???????? I don’t get tired praising you darling…..
    Loved your acting, body language, dailogue delivery, voice modulation…. everything……

    Everybody has conviently forgot PriVeer…..

    1. Ranilya

      Forgot to mention….. poor Pari….. felt bad for the baby….. she was passed around by 6 ppl…. n her mom 7th…. like a cushion.. .. poor thing was crying…. God knows how many shots they had to take with each one of them…. why do they torture babies….
      On the whole she was more comfortable with Nakul I felt (mayb bcos Nakul is experienced)…. with Surbhi too she was fine.

      1. Nivedita

        Totally o agree the poor baby was tortured thoroughly in that scene..???? idiot CVs..making the darling have such a miserable time..

        He he he I agree on the vaay of Shivaay bybaby..
        Though I found Om’s explanation cute too..

        I too wondered about the water in the tub! ?

      2. Aastha_Reddy

        Pass the pillow game with a baby replacing pillow.

    2. Pushpa

      rani dear….hws life..awww the bedroom scene for me sealed the epi yesterday rani….full of love care intense feeling the white outfit the atmosphere owsm….i was thinking a bout the water too…who on the tab….

    3. AnuluvsIB

      ranu.. we finally got the scene that we were wishing for.. Anika n Pari..
      But only after u mentioned, I realized that Ani and Pari together is is either Aniri or Panika!

      And ur comment on Pari’s pinky promise! Awwww ?? was as cute as Pari!

      Om bringing up FB convo with sso, advice ru and surbhi’s acting… I have exactly mentioned the same thing!

      And passing the baby.! yeah man.. poor pari!

  23. @Nivi dear, congrats. ……

    @pusi dear your Shivaye’s eyes expression is always different…i love it……

    @ranliya dear, love your comments. ..

    @lax dear, agree with you..Chsndu didi ki kitni bhi tarif karo kam padegi…….

    @ asthababy where are you?????????????

    @annika dear where are yiu???? Your samar is here..

    @Anu dear, i am really gonna miss this little cutie pie…?????..

    @uf dear, yaa bhabya’s makup specially her eyes part is not good..

    Pkj we all are confused about tej plan..according to my imagination i mean according to insta pics.there was a burried place like kabbar ke liye khoda ja raha tha koi jagah aur mahesh ki insta pe kaha gaya tha ki kisika haath khoon se rangega…

    1.Tejlana is wanting to make jsnvi mad.usse lagega woh tej ko mar diya he .sutlu bhi uske saath hoga.. phir woh tej ko dufna denge aur yske baad janvi darne lagegi….
    It is all sutlu plan to make rift between tejvi……???…

    @maahi dear,it’s ok no prblm tumne hame yaad rakha kaafi he.infact i also can’t reply to many comments. ..
    Your Omi ne fir dil jitliya for both gouri part snd Shivay part…….???

    1. Pushpa

      shivaye’s eyes speaks everthing dear…..u just have to look at it u will know wht it saying
      Tej i sa monster arpi…fro a second i wished svet will omm him…

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Arpita…Astha is present here.

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Y no analysis today aasthu… that too over such an emotional episode?

    3. Ranilya

      Thanks Arpu

  24. Maryam(mega spoiler)

    shivikaa going to consummate …their relationship… Recent spoiler OmG … I m dead…?????????????????????????????????

    1. AnuluvsIB

      Wow!! u changed ur name to Mega spoiler to mention abt this spoiler ????

      1. Yes anu dear. …. Bcoz when I read that spoiler..m I thought to share it. … But bcoz of so many comments …I thought to change the name…?? after I m SSO fan???? try to be smart??

  25. Oh My God……….Finally woh moment aa rahi he………………

    SSO IS GOING to Be smart Singh oberoi

    YE ye ye
    Is se jyada hame aur kya chahiye??????????

    And Gouri is looking duper duper hot
    …he will be Om’s inspiration. …..??????????

    Let’s nacho guys….
    P.S hope Cvs will not make pappu of us……plz plz


    1. Dear Arpita

      I Hope Shivay Sach Jaane Ki Try Kare And Ye CVS Hame Fool Na Banaye.I Only Believe Video Spoilers And Upcoming Video Twist Jo ABP News Channel Ki Saas Bahu Aur Saazish Main Dikhath Hai.Please Shivay Thoda Apna Brain Usse Karna Please.Cvs Please Don’t Make Uss Upset Agar Last Main Shivay Ko Phirse Fool Banake Hame Fool Math Banana Okay?????

      Take Care?

  26. emotional episode leaving pari ohhhh…………

    anika scene with pari too cute
    Shivika with Pari…. A cute moment……
    ShivOm convo….. Omkara ‘s dialogues that flashback scene wow

  27. Nikita_jai29

    The little cutie pie… Stole the episode… Love the Anika RI… Scene….
    Shivika spoiler is surprising…. Pata nhi.. Kahi papuu n ban jaye

  28. hey this week ib trp increased let’s nachhoo.

  29. Dear Friends
    Ishqbaaz TRP Is Out 2.0 Se 2.2???Sab Hamari Cuti Pari Ka Kamal,Of Course ShiOmRu And AnIRiVya Ka Bhi Hard Work Ka Result????

    Main Video Spoiler Dekha Shivay Anika Se Pooch Raha Tha Usne Jo Kiya Uski Behind Reason Hai Usse Samajh Aaya.But Surbhi Chandan Ka Interview Main Bol Raha Tha Shivay OmRu And Us Ponky Se Bhi Pooch Raha Tha??Tell Me Friends Ab Kya Uss Buddhu Sso Pinky Se Pooch Ke Kuch Patha Lagayega.Wo Budiya Boothni Tho Anika Ki Against Aur Baathe Banayega.OmRu Tho Anika Ki Promise Thod Nahi Saktha.Pinky Se Shivay Poochengi Sunne Ki Baath Mera Mood Kharab Hua???Ab Wo Ponky Alert Hoga And Wo ShivIka Ki Beech Uss Naagini Ki Saath Milke Aur MU And Problems Create Karenga I Hope Mera Ye Saara Horror Imagination Real Main Na Change Ho Jaaye I Can’t Take It??????Ponky Se Poochengi Sun Kar Tho Mera Saara Mood Spoil Hua.Iam Very Sure ShivIka Ki Milna Abhi Bhi Baaki Hai Ye Stupid CVS Hamara Patience One Day Thodega????Agar CVS Shivay Ko Dimag Diya Hai Tho I Just Hope Apna Doubt Wo Apna Dimag Pe Copy Karke Rakhe And Nahi Uss Ponky Virus Us Doubt Ko Delete Na Kare.

    Friends IB Iss Pehle 2.5, To 2.8 Thak TRP Paaya Haina.I Think That Time Pe DBO Bhi Tha.IB Pe Tho Sirf ShivIka Tha Aaj ShivIka OmRi RuVya O bro Moments 3 Couples Romance Hokhar Bhi IB 2.5 Thak TRP Nahi La Raha Hai.DBO Starting Main Bhi IB Ki Tarah 2.1 TRP Paaya Tha But Uss Stupid Sulthana Ki Karan Kam Hua.TRP Kam Hone Ka Main Reason Vilan Baazi Hai.And Iam Very Sure,Koi Meri Baath Agree Kare Ya Na Kare Agar RuMya Hotha Tho Zaroor 2.3 Hotha Aaj Ka TRP.Full IB Main Agar Zyaada Kisi Ko Bhi Fans Hai Tho Wo Only On ShivIka Ko Hai.Uska Proof Main Pehle Diya DBO Ki Time Pe IB Ka TRP 2.8 Thak Laaya Tho Only ShivIka And Of Course Ham ShivIka Fans O Bros Se Zyada Fans Hai ShivIka Ko.Uski Baath OmRi Ko Bhi Bahuth Fans Hai And After RuMya Ko Bhi Fans Hai.But Jaise OmRi And IshKara Ka Fans Equal Haina Waise RuMya And RuVya Ko Bhi Equal Fans Nahi Infact RuVya Se Zyada Fans Abi RuMya Ko Hi Hai.RuVya Abi Thak Uthna Fans Nahi Badaya Hai.But OmRi Ne IshKara Ka Jithna Fans Badane Main Successful Hua????I Just Hope RuVya Ek Dhin RuMya Jithna Fans Badaye.

    Take Care?Bahuth Busy Ho???

  30. I have recently started a web site, the information you offer on this site has helped me greatly. Thanks for all of your time & work.

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