Ishqbaaz 26th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 26th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya telling Rudra that its my first day, I was nervous and its good you met me, we will share paratha. Rudra says I think its misunderstanding, we did not meet before. She gets shocked. Om talks about meeting Ishana, and Anika coffee on Shivaye’s clothes. Some time before, Rudra gets shocked seeing Soumya. Soumya smiles. She asks him to eat it, its gobi paratha. She asks why are you revealing much, people who see find it cheap and those who do catch cold. She asks him to button the shirt. Rudra propers his shirt. Soumya says I knew Shivaye will get fine, you were crying like a kid, you maybe surprised seeing me, I joined college mid term, we can share tiffin, its my first day, I was nervous and its good you met me, we will share paratha. Rudra’s friend asks him to focus on

Ruhi. Rudra says I think its misunderstanding, we did not meet before. Soumya gets shocked. Rudra goes. Soumya thinks what happened to me, why is he not identifying me.

At home, Rudra blackmails Shivaye to get 2 crores to save Shimla mirch. Shivaye is cooking and says its funny. Rudra cracks joke on some movie Dadi was watching, Aai Milan Ki Bela. Om comes there and says that name is not so funny. Shivaye asks him how was his day. Om says interesting, I met a girl. Rudra asks for girl’s details. Om says I found her disturbed, I met her before too, I felt she has deep connection with pain. Rudra says Shivaye and you are same, Shivaye is with Anika when he is getting engaged to Tia, and Om’s GF is Riddhima and he is finding relation in someone else’s eyes. Om and Shivaye ask him to shut up. Om says I met Bela. Shivaye and Rudra joke about Om finding Bela word good. Om asks Shivaye about giving cheque to Anika. Shivaye says I don’t care about her. Rudra says something is burning, and tells Shivaye that the sizzlers burnt. Shivaye still thinking about Anika, says let her come, I will prove it, I won’t see her, as I don’t care. Rudra and Om say you don’t care and smile.

Anika talks to Sahil and laughs. She acts like Shivaye. Anika takes water in glass and thinks of Shivaye. Shivaye serves food to his brothers. Music plays………….. He thinks of Anika. Ishq hai…..plays…………. He eats food. Soumya is RJ love angel and talks to a girl Nidhi on her show. Nidhi tells same situation that a guy did not identify me, maybe because I looked different. Soumya recalls Rudra and says yes, maybe and plays a song. She says maybe Rudra did not identify me because of my look, my radio show helped me. She speaks on love. Rudra hears her and loves Soumya’s talk. He says love is really beautiful, relationship is stupid, if I wish then I will buy a ship and name it relation, logic. Dadi asks what are you murmuring. Rudra says I m listening about love. Dadi talks to them.

Shivaye says enough Dadi, you three don’t have any other topic than love. He says people get idiots by love, I wish people did some productive work to take world ahead. Rudra jokes that love increases population, what more productivity are you talking about. They laugh and tease Shivaye about his connection with Anika. Shivaye says I don’t care. Dadi asks whats the need to say that you don’t care. Shivaye asks Dadi why did she give job to Anika at home. Dadi says what do you care. He says nothing and goes. Dadi says Shivaye cares and does not accept. Om and Rudra say we will make him admit, Billu gone crazy.

Its morning, Pinky makes Anika write the list. Jhanvi says the colors are loud. Pinky asks does colors talk. Jhanvi says I mean dark colors are out of fashion, children don’t like such dark colors. Pinky says you mean I don’t know Shivaye’s choice. Jhanvi says fine, I will go. Pinky says stay here, I m not wi fi like children. Jhanvi corrects her saying its hi fi. Anika asks Jhanvi to say about the rasam. Jhanvi says relatives apply haldi to groom and tear his clothes, I remember Tej’s clothes were torn, everyone was laughing on him, he did not bother, he was looking very handsome. Anika and Pinky smile.

Anika tells Dadi that your family is complicated, everyone talks and gives half info. Dadi says I understood, whats the solution. Anika says I have solution, I made form and everyone has to tick their choices. Dadi says you are smart, give forms to everyone, I will ask them to fill forms and return to you. Anika thanks her.

Anika says I kept forms in everyone’s room, now its time to go in danger zone, I think he is not at home, I will keep form and leave. She enters room and says even his coffee machine is scaring me like him. She takes the coffee kettle. Shivaye comes there. She turns to him. Shivaye asks her what she doing in his room. She says I came to keep form. He asks what form, what were you doing near coffee machine. She says I came to ask it did it get more bitter being with you, fill this form, and here is your black coffee. He asks black, how can you say this.

She asks did you say bad, I will say its dark. He says its called espresso. She says great, you also name things like me. He says no, world knows this coffee as espresso, its different. She says coffee is coffee, its same. He says you will understand this when you taste it, come on have it. She drinks coffee and by saucer. He says its made by best coffee beans, its not consumed like this, first smell it, when you feel like wanting it, then have it. She does not like the smell and tastes it. She spits coffee on his shirt. She makes a yucky face and gets shocked seeing his shirt.

Rudra, Om and Dadi come there and look on. Rudra says poor Anika was a nice girl, she is gone now. Anika passes water glass to Shviaye. He warns her not to even think of it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. hi aqua sorry mis spell……

    in directly .. dadi. rud… om…support shiv weds with anika but planning

    shiv weds with Tia ,….ha ha ……

    1. Yes u r right….

  2. Maddy_02

    Too good

  3. Why did Anika made a yucky face in the end of the episode ? Is espresso so bad or bitter ?

  4. sorry espresso coffee…sahil innocent is soooo good lovable

  5. Hilarious, aeesome work guys,thank God rudra and love Angel arr patching up,and that coffee incident was really gud

  6. aeesome work guys,thank God rudra and love Angel arr patching up,and that coffee incident was really gud

  7. hYY, Frndzzz ..
    HUGGING scene????
    ohhhh…. i really felt so sad.!

  8. Previous day’s recap was not there :(((

  9. Cuteprincess

    anika is dead .
    can’t imagine what shivaye is gonna do with her for spitting on his shirt.

  10. i like all the characters of this show and anika’s acting was superb. atlast they showed rudra and soumya. waiting for todays episode

  11. Hi Guys I’m new here can I JOIN us I LOVE ishq baaz

    1. Hii….u can surely join us…..Welcome to Ishqbaazian minions☺??

  12. Hey fnds left me tell u all one thing………surbhi (Anika)herself had posted a pic with shivayy and wrote for shivaanika fans…… I think let It be shivaanika as her wish……..

    1. She posted in instagram….so fnds wat u all say abt it?

      1. Yaa its not a bad one….even better SHIVANIKA……sounds good?

      2. Oops….sry.
        ….it was my mistake ….shewrote sSHIVAAYANIKA fans…..i was misunderstood..
        .so sry fr those words…………

  13. can I join I like this show

    1. Most welcome Shivani in the group of ISHQBAAZIANS???

      1. thank you .I think this is fresh concept unlike other craps which are going since many years

  14. I hope they show that romantic hug between shivaay n anika in today’s episode…

    Cant wait any more ….

  15. I love ishana and omkara they are adorable.anika and shivay are the way anika tease shivay

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