Ishqbaaz 26th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Tej joins the family

Ishqbaaz 26th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says please forget everything, lets start afresh. Om stops Shivaye. Shivaye says Tej will celebrate Makar Sankranti with us. They fly kites. Tej falls down. Shivaye says Veer please help. Veer says it looks like a heart attack. Some time before, everyone smile seeing Tej. Dadi says Tej you here…. Tej says I feel good seeing you all here, sorry Shivaye, I hope you don’t mind me coming here. Shivaye says not at all, its your house. Anika says our happiness got doubled with your coming. Shivaye asks how is your health. Tej says don’t remind me, it hurts me, what I did was not a mistake, it was a crime, I feel ashamed of myself, I couldn’t stop myself and came to apologize to you all. Veer look on.

Tej says I have been unjust with Gauri, I did your Shraddh, forgive me. Gauri says

elders don’t ask for forgiveness, they forgive children, I did a mistake, I m sorry, I will be glad if you accept me as bahu. Tej blesses her. Tej says what I did with you two, I should get a punishment, I m ready to do whatever you say. Shivaye says elders should just bless younger ones, you are our elder, you can scold us, hit us, make us out of the house, you have right on us. Dadi says Shivaye’s heart is big, he has forgiven you. Shivaye says I wasn’t annoyed with Tej, many things happen at home, we can’t let the issues break our family, forget everything, Anika tell him, lets start afresh. Shivaye says you have proved you have a big heart. Om stops them and comes in between.

He says its Shivaye’s goodness that he can’t see your evil, but I can see everything, you didn’t come to apologize, you have come to burn our happiness, just leave. Tej says you are misunderstanding me. Shivaye asks Om to forget it. Om says I can’t forget what he did with you, Anika and Gauri. He asks Tej to leave, Dadi will be hurt if he calls security and throws him out. Tej says you all are my children, my family, Oberoi mansion has become dull without you, Rudra is getting married, which father won’t like to become part of son’s happiness. Om says you can just hurt others, you think I don’t know what you did, you checked Shivaye’s luggage, you got Anika’s jewelry removed, you divided the house and did Gauri’s Shraddh, how did you come here, Shivaye and entire family can forgive me, but I can’t, before I kick you out, just leave.

Tej turns and thinks its Shivaye’s words, not yours, Shivaye has filled poison in my son’s mind, like Shivaye snatched my sons, I will snatch your brothers, Omru will make you out of their lives Shivaye. Shivaye stops Tej. He says Dadi didn’t teach this to us, we can’t grow up so much that we ask elders to leave, you can give him a chance. Om says what kind of a person are you, you are fighting for Tej, who made you out of the house, snatched business and separated us. Shivaye says now we are together, Tej is regretting for his doing, whatever elders do, the reason behind it is love, won’t you listen to me, please… its a happy occasion, lets celebrate together, it can happen only when you are with us. He kisses Om. He says Tej will celebrate Makar Sankranti with us today. Dadi says you are my grandson, you talk like your Dada ji. He says I m his grandson. Dadi hugs Om and says forget the old things, we should look ahead to move on. Om says I can’t forgive Tej, I m doing this for Shivaye. She says Shivaye is doing this for entire family, I knew no one can separate my grandsons, no one can break this family.

Dadi asks them to have a kite competition. Rudra says we just had it. Dadi says it will be Ishqbaazi competition, the couple who flies the kite the highest, the longer their love shall go. Rudra jokes. Dadi asks her to understand the depth of her words. Rudra says Bhavya and my fly will reach the highest, else Bhavya will do kite’s encounter. Om says don’t underestimate Bareilly girls. Shivaye says let’s see Team Meerut wins or Team Bareilly, I will go and make imp calls. Anika says you have to fly kite with me, else everyone will call you coward. Rudra says I will call him super coward. Shivaye says fine, you both want to lose. Anika says I have surprise for you. Shivaye asks what. Rudra asks Shivaye to give surprise reaction, not of shock. Shivaye says such reactions come when she gives a surprise. She goes. Shivaye says I hope she doesn’t get anything that spoils the day. Anika gets Shivika’s pic kite. Shivaye smiles. Om shows a peacock feather design kite and hugs Gauri. Rudra gets the kite. They all fly the kites. Dheel re dheel….plays…..

Shivaye hugs Anika. Om hugs Gauri. She runs. Rudra gets hurt. Bhavya cares for him. He smiles. Anika flies the kite. Shivaye claps for her and kisses. Tej comes and holds the thread spool for Om. Om goes away. Veer and Monali come. Veer asks shall we compete, lets see whose love wins. Shivaye says we do this for fun, not to compete. Veer says it means you are afraid to lose. Anika says no one can make my Shivaye lose. Veer asks is that a challenge. She says you can assume that. Veer thinks I will make Shivaye lose in front of you Anika. Shivaye says if Anika has accepted the challenge, I have to defeat you. Veer says we will see.

Veer and Shivaye fly the kites. Veer stares at Anika. Shivaye cuts Veer’s kite string. Everyone claps. Shivaye hugs Om and Anika. They shout Kai po che. Anika says I told you, no one can defeat Shivaye. Veer says congrats, I thought you don’t know kite flying. Shivaye says I also thought so, but I had to win, Anika was with me. Dadi says since Shivaye and Anika’s kite has flown the highest, they are the winners. Shivaye says well played everyone. Veer sees Tej and signs.

Tej drinks some medicine. He throws the bottle away. He screams. They all get shocked. Tej falls down. Shivaye and Om hold him. Shivaye says Veer we need your help. Veer says it looks like a heart attack.

Shivaye gets the bottle and checks it. He checks it and says this medicine induces forced heart attacks, what, it means Tej has done this deliberately.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. It is amazing dear luthfa..
    Hi arpu dear… Congratulations for completing one year and mine also had completed one year today..
    Hii chavi dii… You are superb.. Having so much patience and strong memory power… Love u dii.. I always wait for your replies because if I had left some others comment it will covered by your replies ?????
    Keep commenting and keep watching ishqbaaz dearies…

    1. Hi Nikita,
      Many many congratulations for completing one year of IB TU journey dear.Lots of love from my side.Many more to come.And thank you so much for the compliment.Love you?

  2. just to share with the lady in black is revealed was harrassing anika. but anika knows that when she saw the lady in black in her kitchen, veer was present there and he acted as if there was noone.
    secondly veer used to stay in the house below and kept his things in the cycle room, so surely he must have put the cameras in the house too – shivay could have guessed that.
    veer denied having wood in his outhouse, but the wood was there. he lied.
    next lady in black is found in veer outhouse and that too along with svetlana. how did she reach to his outhouse.
    also lady in black spoke of not geting her love – what her love got to do with svetlana. and she did mention half way – her husband.
    shivika cannot be so dumb that they cannot identify the wickedness in veer and the plan of svetlana and veer.

    what is shivay waiting for – instead of sharing kalyani issue with omru and anika – he can sort out the same and save the family. shivay is acting dumb and the oberoi disaster is because of him.
    please the veer track can be just closed – with so many clues shivika can track him out & settle and close his chapter. its been 2 months now with this veer track.

  3. Chavi

    Hi my dear lovable pkj’s..???
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    Again I’m in ??no words yaar …????my girl..
    Factual lines??”when ones heart goes beyond its limit of tolerance “..
    Omkara’s pain of heart?” true bonding was elixir of his life which brought him to life whenever he felt he died from insidevas he was surrounded by sea of suffering.. Sorrow…?..

    “Love follows both d rules of creation n destruction inside d heart where its born.. ” True love doesn’t expect anything in return like SUN”..????keep writing dear??..

    Thank you so much dear for d love n affection towards me n my angels??..n me too blessed to have cuty Sis like u n all here.. ??

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