Ishqbaaz 26th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer reveals Soumya’s truth

Ishqbaaz 26th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika asks Veer where is he going. He says there is puja in temple, you too come there. Anika says they fainted, what do I do now. Shivaye opens eyes and says just follow Veer to temple. ShivOmru get up. Anika smiles. Shivaye holds Anika and asks is my wife confused. Rudra asks how did you like our acting. Shivaye says acting, not overacting, we pretended to drink that juice, maybe he doesn’t want us to go temple, Anika has to go and find out his motive. Anika says if family asks me about you…. what will I say. Shivaye says tell them we had drunk bhaang. She says fine, I will leave with Gauri and Bhavya. She goes and sees Gauri and Bhavya unconscious. She says Bhavya had to do puja, what will happen now. Pinky calls Anika and asks why did you not reach. Anika says what shall I say, everyone had

bhaang by mistake and passed out, I didn’t have it. Pinky says come here quickly, then we will think what to do.

Pandit says puja mahurat will pass. Jhanvi asks what shall we do now. Shakti says mum strictly said this puja is imp, it will happen today. Anika comes and asks can’t puja happen without Bhavya. Pinky asks can’t Jhanvi or I sit in puja. Pandit says no, just unmarried girl can sit. Veer asks is it necessary that the girl is a family member. Anika thinks why is he taking interest in puja. Soumya asks Pandit is there any other way. Jhanvi asks Soumya will she sit in puja. Pinky says just you are unmarried here. Anika says yes, sit. Soumya says fine, but if Rudra and Bhavya have any problem. Jhanvi says I will explain them, please. Soumya does the puja.

Anika goes to Veer. Anika asks why are you smiling so much, why are you showing interest in Rudra’s puja, did you do all that to stop this puja. Veer says my plan was not to stop puja, my plan was to make Soumya attend the puja instead of Bhavya, Anika asks what’s your benefit from this. He says its my benefit, as of now, Soumya is happy about it, there is nothing to hide from you, even Soumya is helping us to destroy Oberois, she is also in our team. Anika gets shocked and sees Soumya. He says come with me and Soumya tomorrow, I will introduce you to all the enemies of Oberoi family. Soumya smiles and winks to Anika. Anika cries.

Shivaye waits for Anika. Gauri says call her again. Anika comes. Shivaye asks where were you, why didn’t you answer. Anika shuts the door. Shivaye asks why are you crying, did Veer do something, I will not leave him. She stops him. She tells him everything. They get shocked. Anika hugs Shivaye and cries. Om says Soumya…. I have regarded her as sister, she had tied Rakhi to my wrist, she is against us. Shivaye says how can our Soumya do this, she is Dadi’s friend’s granddaughter, how is she connected to Veer. Gauri says maybe its her lie. Shivaye says what will Rudra go through, he regards her best friend. Om says he shouldn’t know this. Shivaye says its his marriage, he shouldn’t know this. Anika says Veer is going to introduce me to those people who are with him, maybe that Oberoi will also be with him tomorrow. Shivaye says we will see that, but Rudra shouldn’t know this. Rudra and Bhavya walk in. Rudra says I got to know everything, how can Soumya do this. Shivaye and Om hug Rudra. They all cry and think of Soumya. Ajnabee… Noore khuda…..plays…..

Rudra says I always considered my best friend and she did this. Shivaye says I will never tolerate anyone hurting my family. Anika asks what enmity Soumya has with us, we gave her love, respect and warmth. Gauri says some people are unlucky, they don’t handle everything. Bhavya says we got to know her truth on time. Shivaye says its clear we have many enemies, until we are together, no one can destroy us, we will show them we fulfill enmity, its with severity. Shakti, Pinky, Jhanvi and Gauri check the arrangements. Shivaye smiles. Om says everyone looks happy. Shivaye says we won’t let anyone snatch this happiness. Anika signs him. Men play dhol. Pinky says who called them. Om says Shivaye. Pinky says why at this time, Ratjagga is at night. Shivaye says Dadi told me. Shakti says if mum was here, it would have been great. Pinky says Sheela Maasi had to get sick at this time, its good mum went US, she will do shopping and come.

Shivaye says Dadi asked everyone to enjoy well, no one should be sad. They all dance on dhol. Lafzon ka yeh….plays….. Veer comes there. Shivaye looks at him. Soumya comes and joins Veer. Veer says remember, at 12 today. Soumya says yes, is this fake Anika coming with us. He says yes, its imp to introduce her to everyone. She says okay. Shivaye signs Anika. Anika signs Rudra. Rudra gets angry seeing Soumya. Rudra and Anika take Soumya for dance. Shivaye gets Veer for dance. Shivaye signs Bhavya. Bhavya leaves. She goes to Veer’s room and changes some pills. She smiles and says its Ratjagga today, Veer doesn’t need to stay awake. She comes back and signs Shivaye and Rudra. They all dance. Veer signs Soumya and goes. Soumya leaves after him. Shivaye and everyone look on.

Shakti says Tej should have come here, its imp family function. Shivaye says he is here. Tej walks in. Veer says the more I try to break this family, the stronger their bond becomes, so what if they are Oberois, I m Veer, I won’t be satisfied until I ruin them. Shivaye says the party is over, you all can leave. He tells Shakti that police will be here to arrest him. Veer smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hello everyone, good to see all of you again with another week of episodes. Poor Obros especially Om he was heart broken when he heard Sowmya is part of the conspiracy. That innocent choti behan is an accomplice of Veer the Goliath. I think all the bros from Shivaay to Rudra were devastated when they heard about Sowmya. I just felt that if she had reminded Shivaay about her marriage to Rudra perhaps things would have been different and Bhavya would not have come. One thing does not add up…. Why did Sowmya try to locate Bhavya and bring her back? That I don’t understand. She could have just gotten rid of Bhavya and try to win her heart back to Rudra. Why go through all this trouble? I am not sure whether I missed any nuance. I really miss Rudra and Sowmya pair but I know it will never happen and so I am resigned to Rudra and Bhavya pair. I don’t pretty much enjoy their chemistry. I only enjoy Shivika and Rikara chemistry. Gauri looks so beautiful in that sari.
    Shivaay dancing with his mum Pinky was a nice sight to watch. I am so glad Pinky has accepted Anika in whatever get up she is in. Be it Anika or Rosie Rani. She has finally understood to accept whom Shivaay likes and want to be with.
    6 footer Goliath you can forget about all your plans. They are going to backfire from now on. Then again 6 footer can also come up powerful. I only hope Anika does not get emotional often if not I have a feeling that it is a matter of time that Goliath is going to find out about Rosie Rani

    1. GO SINDHU DI GO. Congrats for being first. ???????

      1. Thanks Shivya. I am also surprised I am the first commentator.

    2. Banita

      When Anika got emotional after knowing d truth of Somya in front of PLR , i also get d same feeling…. I also can never Ruvya as a pair in d cost of Soumya’s negative character…

    3. hi sindhu akka,
      congras for being 1st. Akka from ur previous comments i came to known tht ur elder than me so can i call u akka. n ur southIndian (tamilian).
      s akka I totally agree with u with those things(somu). ???????????.dont know wt is going in cvs mind. bt im nt ready to accpect rudra n bhavya.hope for best….lots of

      1. Hey Jeevi my dear you can call me Akka. Just like Luftha addresses me as Sindhu di. I am happy that I have wonderful younger bros and sisters. I am actually a Telugu and my grandparents are from Andra Pradesh. My parents were all born in Singapore so I am a Singaporean but we usually converse in Telugu and English at home. I took Tamil language in school as they do not offer Telugu or Hindi language in schools back then. Just recent years they started offering various languages.

        My hindi is not very good. I am still learning so sometimes when some of you write in HIndi to my replies I am sorry I don’t understand all the vocabulary words hence I can’t write a reply to you. I did not want your efforts to go to a waste since you all typed in HIndi so I started looking at google translate for all your hindi words which can be tedious.

    4. Sindhu …congrats..
      I think ..Sumo wanted to gain trust from both bhabya and rudy……
      That is why..
      But we have no other option to accept rubhya.
      But till the end of IB i think we will not accept rubhya.
      But we will not leave IB…..

    5. Go Sindhu di Go.Many many congratulations with lots of love…..?
      I think Soumya psychologically manipulated Bhavya and Rudra to be in their good book and in that way she played her part safely without any risk now going towards the main motive.Rest cvs can explain only.Hope so that Veer is going to fall with his ally soon.Let’s see what happens.

    6. ItsmePrabha

      Go Sindhu Go..*sorry i dont know that should i call you akka or not as i dont know your age thats why i called you by name*..

  2. Banita

    Heyyy PKJ….
    Emotional nd Issarabaaz episode….
    Anika know d truth nd told everyone…. AniOmRu was more effected becz of this truth…
    Obro moment with out Lafzon ka rista nahi song… But I like that song also ( P S- Can anyone plzz tell me from which film that song was??)
    All fbs of our Somu was Nycc… Specially that old/first Rakhi wala sense , I like that part… It remind me of our old IB , Prinku , old Somu /Love angle ,Rudy’s crazy part to listen his love angle…. I wish ib ase hi chalta as Rumya pair…
    So dadi is in Amarica… Dadi bahat hi lucky hain kitni ghumti hain…. Nd if I m not wrong Prinku also there na , I can’t remember it 4 now….
    Raatjagga…. Ek aur new function introduced by CVS…
    Shivaay dance with Pinky….
    From this rest all part was only eye signal…
    This last 10min also they all did a superbbb job by with out saying any dialogue….
    So there is not one , but many more enmy geathered by PLR…. Hope CVS will do their muh dikhai soon…
    Precap – Shocking…. Police to take Shakti…
    GD NT PKJ….
    Dil Hua Issarabaaz….

    1. Banita

      Forget to mention…
      Chalo ab PLR jese vi ho apni behen ki baare mein toh sochta hain… He did all bhang wala planning nd ploting only for Soumya… Accha hain…
      But I don’t want to see Somu as negative… Plzzz CVS do something nd make her positive again….

      1. Banita dear..mere ko bhi woh movie ka naam jan na he..
        We can’t see somu negative…….
        8 footer Vanmanosh kuch jyada hi uchal raha he…

    2. Banita I thought that song was from My name is Khan. But I could be wrong.

      Oh now I get it that it was Shakti that police was arresting. I was a bit confused at the precap. I am sure it is Shivaay’s plan

    3. Hi Bani,
      Yeah that’s the only thing which is breaking their hearts.How can Soumya do like that?But I am wondering why Shivaay and Omkara are not trying to find the reason of her enmity with them?Can’t expect anything from Rudra but they should try at least.Cvs are just expert in breaking our hearts.Those fbs made me very emotional.

  3. How the heart feels when it has to fight with its own emotions?Heart is supposed to hold every emotion,positive and negative those influence human life according to the situations.When heart is compelled to face such a situation which demands reverse response,hate instead of love but real feeling is actually love it wants to express,what happens?This sounds very unfortunate as well as ironical!Soumya,who was a part of the family,everyone loved her like anything now exposed as die hard villain and Oberois are set to destroy her most probably with or without their wish!For Soumya they opened their heart to shower only love and affection,all those convey their true feelings towards her.Now fate has brought out such a situation where true feelings of the Oberois are going to wear two masks-fake and real.Fake one Soumya knows very well as real but real”real”,which she would know very soon.Amidst all those things one particular thing is happening secretly.When one fakes true emotions for his or her personal benefits,they insult their own heart in this process.Oberois and Soumya are not understanding this aspect………………….

    1. Luthfa… Wow…wow..just wow..

      1. Thank you soooooooo….much for your love darling.Love you?

    2. It’s true…..

      1. Yeah that’s why it’s breaking hearts and the pain of it quite unbearable.Sigh……

    3. ItsmePrabha

      Darling…awesome words..’When one fakes true emotions for his or her personal benefits,they insult their own heart in this process.Oberois and Soumya are not understanding this aspect’..this one i totally agree with you ..Love you..God bless you..

      1. Thank you sooooooooo….much for your love Sweetheart.Love you too?

  4. Hiii everyone
    How are you’ll
    Today I’m not gonna talk.about the episode but about you’ll I dont have enough time coz I havta study but this is really important


    Take care ?

    1. Banita

      LOVE U…

    2. hi omaira dear,
      hru. wishing u many many more happy birthday dear. wishing for all ur full of happiness n joy. n all ur dreams come true. s dear all our prayers with u. god bless u. tc

    3. Awwww.Omie…you are soo sweet.
      So wish you a belated khidkitod happy wala birthday…….
      God bless you too sooo much.

    4. Belated happy birthday stay blessed go ahead in life with rocking pleasure…..

    5. “When the ship of Life starts losing its direction in the vast sea of sorrow and suffering,then do look for the Sky where one Star is always shining to show the path of happiness……”Be that Star and provide everyone with a way to find happiness and love.Wish you a very colourful and blessed Birthday.Happy Birthday To You.Lots of love and happy wishes.God bless you????????????????

    6. Zaveesha

      Belated Happy Birthday dear Omaira…
      may God bless u with all the happiness and success…
      Lots of love nd blessings…

    7. ItsmePrabha

      Belated happy birthday Omi… i wish God bless you with lots and lots of love,health and whatever you wish for..i hope you enjoyed your b’day well..Take care..

  5. Precap a bit confusing. Arrest who? Veer or Shivaay? Veer was smiling when Shivaay said that. Precap seems like they are finishing Veer’s track. I mean it is so fast??? Even if they know who is the other oberoi, they need to find out what enemity that oberoi has with the rest of the oberois. You can’t end all these details in tomorrow’s episode. So yes precap is confusing but just have to wait and watch.

    1. No i don’t think they are going to end Veer track………
      Let’s wait.hope this week they reveal who is that oberoi..

    2. Precaps are always misleading di.Have to wait for the episode to telecast.Let’s see what happens.

  6. Hii everyone…
    On today’s episode I am just speechless…????
    Each n

  7. Arpita6

    Hiiì mere khidkitod pagals. ….
    Ok.soo it is very sad to hearing that Sridevi ji is no more…Hawa hawai girl is no more..????????..RIP.sridevi ji..
    Come to episode.
    1.Shivomru kitne chatomai he yarr????????….Just like annika i was also shocked to see them like this..and i think first time Sso didn’tget annoyed by her choti..??…So Veer Ek numberi toh Sso dus numberi..??
    .Kafi strong chemistry is there between Shiveer…????..
    2 When somu’s truth com out infront Annika . actually Chandu di give a priceless episode. That hurt was clearly visible in her eyes… i like that scene…..wish Cvs could show Ani somya’s cute FB.
    3.for the first time annika di i will not agree with you…ITNA PYARR ITNA IJJAT ITNA AAPNA PAN diya…
    Ok i agree she got all this from you…When rumya shadi truth came out in front of family and no boday was accepting Their marriage even not Rudy. You were rise your voice..
    I also agree that she got love from all of you ..but She couldn’t get ijjat or respect. For every girl Marriage considered as a very vital part of her life..and Somu was the same..when they both get married they were not in senses..
    But still SOMU kept that MS near her…
    But rudy failed to give her respect…
    rudy isue was being cosy with only Thin girls..Sumo changed him..
    But Cvs couldn’t see this….leave it.
    P.S what ever i wrote is completely my intention to hurt anyone..
    4 And for oberois Sumo is unmarried i think they are suffering from ML
    5.that song was really perfect. .. ????.my eyes were moist..
    6. Oberos are now in one ream.but it is really heart breaking for me to see them as making plan against my love angel..SUMO why yiu became a devil
    7.nothing to say direct Precap.-ye oberois ne Kya kya kand kiye he yarr…?????waiting for tomorrow episode. .
    P..P.S …Cvs will make so many enemies for Oberois and will drive us crazy …at last it will reveald that KHANNA IS THE MAIN CULPRIT ……..
    liji dear’s heart will break..???????????????…

    1. Banita

      Heyyy Arpu…
      Yeh dr i also didn’t like that part… They gave her love , but they never gave respect to her marriage… In Anika’s case dadi told Shivaay that he can’t break his marriage nd many more gayan… In Gouri’s case Shivaay did d same , but in Rudy’s case no body say anything… I know Soumya’s mistake also there she can also take a stand that time when Shivaay asked her about her pov just like Gouri did…. But still no one tried to know her POV… She kept d mangalsutra when Rudra already said NO to their marriage… But no one noticed that…
      I don’t have any problem with any character , but still i don’t want Somu as negative… That’s reason I told all these things…

      1. Are Bani..we all don’t want somu as negative.
        Itni cute bubbly chubby girl Love devil kaise ho sakta he..????

    2. Arpita dear I also feel that everyone kind of conveniently forgot that Rudra and Bhavya got married even though it was not infront of the elders. Whatever it is she also tied the mangalsutra. Anika who is sharp in such details should mention this when they were in the room. She may be taking revenge that because she is married to Rudra and now Rudra is marrying Bhavya. I really don’t know what cvs have in mind. What twist they are going to bring in Rudra and Bhavya’s case.

      1. Actually i am feeling bad for Mansi…
        Most of the ishqbaazians don’t like rubhya pair..but Cvs as always stubborn.
        If they want to show rubhya then make somu positive..
        I think bhabya don’t know about rumya marriage..
        So may be Somu Can create MU between Rubhya.

    3. Hi Arpita,
      Honestly speaking,I didn’t like the dialogues of both Aniri for Soumya.Marriage is a sacred relation but Soumya is trying to get back her place using wrong method and person.My question is what would Aniri do if they face something like that?Here for me,Soumya is a victim of the ignorance of the Oberois especially Rudra.Now they have to bear the burnt of past incident.

    4. ItsmePrabha

      Arpu..I completely agree with you 3rd point..i felt very bad when gauri sais some people are unlucky to handle the love and respect..pehli baath mujhe nahi lagtha gauri ko somu aur oberois ki rishte ke baare mein poori tarah se pata hai..what ever..i loved that last one Khannaji ko culprit bana li tune…hehehe..

  8. VHM

    Hi PKJ

    PUSHPA, GORGEOUS (Banita), ARPITA here i am back.

    I liked the episode but at the same time felt a bit weird too At one point. Every obero remembered their relation with Sumo, that was fantastic…but Rudra couldn’t remember he married her , that was kinda odd….loved every bit of this episode..
    Seems IB is getting back to old form….lots of love to pkj members…keep smiling and take care

    1. Banita

      OMG..!!!!! See who is here… My Beautiful… It’s nycc to see ur comment again here Beautiful…
      Yeh no one remember that Rumya is married… This thing dissapointed me in d epi…

    2. Ohhhooo.
      Dekho koun hazira dene aayi he..
      Welcome madam.ji…
      Thank God now a days you are liking IB
      Yes that part was odd.
      And oberois toh bhul gaye he ki somu married he..thry considered as un married.

    3. Hi Harika di,
      How are you?Very glad to have you back.Hope this old charm continues for some time at least.Take care?

    4. Pushpa

      hey hari….glad u r back…. please i want to c u more here…
      yeah rudy forgotten it all on purpose…… luved today epi specially pinky & shivaye scn…

  9. Hiii everyone…..
    On today’s episode I just wanna say it was totally emotional……
    I’m totally speechless…??????
    Anika getting shocked after knowing about somu….?????….even I was crying ….literally yaar …???
    Rudy’s heartbreak after knowing somu’s evil plan …..???????????
    And after that the most emotional obro hug…
    It was soooo emotional….
    This 8 foot jungli vanmanush is getting over the heads now…its enough???? its unbearable now…..
    I don’t understand his fund a seriously… First he wanted anika,shivaays barbadi then wanted anika dead and now somu’s wedding with Rudy… Seriously what he wantssss his motives are meaningless…. Totally ….
    Precap: what was that ???? I’m so confused….
    But overall everybody nailed the episode?? everyone nailed it with their emotions…
    Soooo today’s episode was….. Emotionalbaaz emotionalbaaz n emotionalbaaz….

    1. No no..
      Maahi.. dear ..As per Veer Pov.
      1.He wanted annika but he was defeated by Shivaay again again..Bcagain..Bcoz Sso stand with anni and he save her from his plan.
      2 So he wanted to destory Sso still he couldn’t did it.then Tej also with him..but still he couldn’t do snything.
      3 .i think he is using somu as a pawn.may be sumo will reveal truth of veer..bcoz of this fear He is heloing sumo.
      4.When Annika get to know the truth he became worried that He will be he wanted Annika to die.
      for him Annika was just like a toy.he didn’t wanted her seriously like daksh..
      Now his motive is to destory oberios…
      Bcoz a oberoi is helping him.

      1. Pushpa

        wow… thst we call storyline…. bravo…

    2. Hi Mahi,
      I was surprised at Rudra’s breaking down like that.But I forgot that he never actually cared for Soumya but recently for Bhavya only.His tears are superficial to some extent.What Veer wants in actual sense only cvs know.Let’s see what happens next.

  10. Nati

    That’s what we call family one for all
    All for one…..

    When every family has a sons and daughter in laws like my ishqbaaz then none can break them. Even a wolf in sheep clothing too becoz our dabang Anika and his billuji are soard with it’s sheild.

    1. Nice line. Nati dear

    2. That’s the advantage of having a family like that.Oberois are very lucky.

  11. Sorry everyone I’m not able to give answers to ur comments as I’m busy with my board exams preparation….????
    I get only this time to comment ..n I have to study a lottttt…
    So really sorry guys specially luthfa di.. As u always comment on my thoughts..
    I’m sorry if I have forgotten anybody’s name …
    I’m really sorry….

    1. No prblm dear finish your exam…
      Exam khatam karlo.fir dher sara masti karenge.

    2. It’s absolutely and completely fine dear.Study comes first.All the very best for your exams.Achieve best of best through giving best.God bless you.Take care?

  12. Nati

    Sorry me and my typo mistakes *** sworddddd

  13. Pushpa

    Hi luvlies….
    Sad this weekend wt sridewi demise…may her soul rest in peace…
    V shall take 1min to b silent ……..

    WTF…. ShivOmRu ws acting drunk..?….. well shivaye twisting over anika wt her choti ws … listen anika its acting not overacting…Shivika is a bliss ?????
    So finally soumya exposed. Still cant believe she turn villain..
    I wonder who r the others frm oberois r villain to oberois ??????
    I think we’ll know tomoro..
    Episode was nice & emotional when anika got to know tht soumya is with veer ….wht a shock to anika and to shivOmRu too..the waybhow Om shaterred and sat on the bed..couldnt believe tht soumya who he accepted as sister…turned negative towards oberois…shivaye 2couldnt believe and tried to hide from rudra bt he heard the conversation…. this scn ws so emotional….when all cried couldnt believe…the luv & trust thy had towards soumya ws shaterred..i cant accspt it too….why must she turn villain….can alwayz speak to shivaye ..he will make all well…. buts its too late she hv joined veer??
    The dancing ssn ws owsm…. finally pinky got her son back…thts blissfull to watch thm dancing together…best scn today…

    So some planning shivaye hv planned……lets wait & watch 2moro..
    Dil hua dramabaazz again& again…

    Thk u arpi…bani….luthfa..all others who reviewed my comments..sorry i really hv not much time to reply…thousand apologies…
    Gd nite luvlies ??

    1. Banita

      Hlo Pus di…
      It’s fine di… Don’t say sorry….
      Me also couldn’t believe that Soumya turned to negative… Actually I don’t want it…
      Yeh let’s wait what is store for us…

    2. No need to apologise dear..your comment and your shivaye is always khidkitod..
      Yes we want somu positive

      1. Pushpa

        my shivaye ….yeah….his hair style kills me now a days…owsmmmmmmmm

    3. Hi Pu di,
      Oh di plz don’t say sorry.I know you are busy and it’s absolutely fine.Yeah Pinky-Shivaay dancing part was the most eye soothing part.On one side relation is breaking at the same time one is joining also.Good to see them bonding again.Shivika were very cute.Looking forward today’s episode.Take care di?

      1. Pushpa

        luthfa… pinky shivaye was great….i still hv doubts on pinky but now i think all will end up well…

      2. Me too is afraid to trust her di.But hope that she is going to remain good for a change.

  14. Hi to all my khidkitod GPkj walas!
    First of all my heartful thanks to @Arpita di for your reply on my last comment.

    @Luthfa di- Congrats my dear rank holder in your department . I am so proud of you my dear Luthfa sister. Sorry for my late wishes.

    I am sooooooooo happy to connect with you all after long time as I was busy with my exam preparation. Pardon me guys.
    I missed you all to the greatest extent.

    Though my exams start tomorrow I am unable to stay away from you all. That’s why I came today.
    I haven’t watched the episode yet. I hope today’s was an enjoyable episode with dance part of SSO & Pinky mom but I am confused with the precap after reading the review. Can anyone explain me about the precap?

    Hoping to connect with you all as soon as the completion of my tests.

    Till then, stay safe and take care.
    Good night with sweet & luscious dreams.

    1. All the best of luck for your you

    2. Hi Shivya,
      How are you?Thank you so much for your love dear.Precap can be misleading.I think Veer is trying to trap Shakti in his dirty plan.Today’s episode should reveal everything.Let’s wait and watch.All the very best for your exams.Give your best to achieve best.Take care.God bless you?

    3. ItsmePrabha

      All the best of Good luck Shivya dear..

    4. All the best fr ur exams be relax as I am also going to face public exams hehe…..

      1. All the very best for your exams Harry.Just rock those exams.God bless you with ultimate success?

  15. hi guys. dont know wt to say abt episoid. o then shiomru gouri n bhavya were acting to b in nasha. so gouri n bhavya also involved in plan. so finally every1 came to know abt Somu’s negetivity. wt somu fans is going through now anishviomru r feeling of pain sadness etc. today really missed thous scences wen anishivomru reactions after knowing the truth n tht ff scens. so now they r planing against Somu di. then who is the another oberi?????
    janvi,buamaa,roops ahbay ????????
    I wish they dont do any such things tht they fails to know the other oberi ….
    precap: again the tejeeeeeeeeeeeej.

    A Slient Prayer For “SRI DAVI” mam for for peace soul in rest…

    1. Yes jeevi dear it is so sad that Sridevi passed away. She was one versatile actress and the industry lost an evergreen actress. The Moondram Pirai that she acted was well received by the audience and no one could act like her when she loses her memory and acts like a little child.

    2. Hi Jeevi,
      That was a very shocking moment for Anika as well as ShivOmRu.They were very sad hearing this unbelievable news.That Oberoi can be anyone.Let’s see what happens next.Take care?

  16. When is Om and Gauri getting married. They have not had a proper marriage. with all the rituals.

  17. I only hope cvs will bring a twist to Sowmya’s character. I can’t accept her to be negative when I saw the FB shots that they showed in yesterday’s episode. She was so cute and her innocent smile draws you to her.

    I only hope that she is secretly helping the oberois with the same mission as Anika to find out the other oberoi. I really really hope she has also won the trust of Veer to help the oberois secretly. If cvs can bring this twist at least we fans will be happy knowing that in her own way she helped the oberois and reunited Ruvya. I am not sure whether the plot will go like this.

    Now Anika is in for more shock in the next episode and I wonder who is the other obeoroi. I am not sure whether it is Jhanvi. Cvs can just change the person the last minute. Why is the police arresting Shakti? A plan by Shvaay? All waits to be seen. Shakti was the only model man in IB so far without any blemish. Everyone had a bad mark in their married life or personal life except Shakti who was very consistent throughout the IB when it started from the first episode to now. He is the only who is model son and still is. So I won’t be surprised if he also turns out to be traitor. Only heaven knows.

    1. I too don’t want sowmya in negative role I like her a lot especially her smile…

    2. Hi Sindhu di,
      Me too thinking like that and hoping that cvs at least show Soumya positive at the end.And di,no one is completely honest in OF.Everyone has this or that problem and buried them inside their heart.Only cvs know what is going to happen next.

  18. I’m afraid that veer will catch Anika’s drama!! How easily veer accepted Anika: Rosie??!!? Suspicious ????? Now veer is going to introduce all oberoi enemies to her? So soon ??

    1. Hi PP,
      I just hope cvs are not in the rush mood to wrap up Veer drama.Expecting something meaningful is a rare thing from them.Still fingers are crossed for the best.

  19. Hi Arpita,
    Honestly speaking,I didn’t like the dialogues of both Anika and Gauri for Soumya.Marriage is a very sacred relation but Soumya is trying to get her place back with the help of wrong person through wrong way.My question is what Aniri would do if they face something like that regarding their own marriages?Here fault is not Soymya’s but the Oberois are the culprit and she is a victim of their ignorance especially Rudra.They gave her chance for this thing and now along with Soumya they are suffering.

    1. Luftha you nailed your point there. You are right. I didn’t like either on how they went on talking about Sowmya this and that when even the bahus forgot her being married. In fact I Don’t blame Gauri but Anika knows this all along. Gauri only came mid way. How can Anika forget? She almost got angry when the obros kidnap Gauri from mandap when she was pretending to get married to some moron. So how can Anika forget.

      Luftha your earlier poem was soooo good. Thank you.

      1. Hi Sindhu di,
        Yeah I may excuse Gauri but can’t Anika.She knew everything all along still said like that.She is a married woman herself still couldn’t understand Soumya’s pain.This surprised me.I was thinking that instead of focusing on Veer if cvs introduce a plot like mending the relation between Rumya then it can do wonder.And about Gauri’s part,Gauri is Om’s officially legal wife and has social acceptance that’s why perhaps she got the advantage but poor Soumya didn’t have that.Forget the social acceptance,her own husband was reluctant.For that reason this entire blame can go to one and only Rudra.Oberois are famous for not accepting their marriages and this has happened with Rudra also.I think Soumya’s cause is quite justifiable.You know what is the most hilarious part?As soon as Soumya is found as an ally of Veer,Oberois targeted her as their enemy forgetting that their own brother is responsible for this complete mess.Anyway,let’s see what happens next.

      2. Thank you soooooooooooooo….much for your love di.I am very happy that you liked it.Thank you once again and you are most welcome?

  20. Shivaay Singh Oberoi gave a very stern and fair warning that whoever will try to harm his family he or she will have to face the wrath of him.Enemy is the one who tries to harm physically or any way possible.Oberois are very famous to handle and fight the outside enemies but what about those enemies who are threatening them from own house?Tej Singh Oberoi,he has declared his enmity with Shivaay openly and trying everything to harm him but luckily he is not the”enemy” of the Oberois in the definition wise.Instead of focusing on the outside enemies,Shivaay should trun toward his own home first.When family members turn out as enemy it demands special attention as they are family.But Shivaay is very much busy to tackle the outside enemies forgetting the inside ones.Untill he defeats those inside villains he can’t win against the outside villains nor he can expect to win because inside ones will not let it happen…………….

  21. Serial is decided that sauya is Kapoor sister so sawmya in negative role but I don’t know first veer will show obsessed by Annika but veer want revenge for shivaay why

  22. Oberios not control themselves when they sowya is their enemy how will they tolerate about oberio and some things to eliminate veer in funtions is very silly veer will do big things to destroy oberios but oberios are not doing anything big to not rush their happiness by veer

  23. Hello my Gpkj.sorry for being absent coz this fever is doing my OMM.yesterdays episode was too emotional.i literally cried ?????shivomru broke knowing soumya’s evilness.and lights di hatts up to you di.emotion of heart is really confusing. Lots of love

    1. Hi PUJA,
      Take care of yourself dear.This season changing is very disturbing.God bless you with fastest recovery.Thank you sooooooooo…..much for your love.Lots of love and hugs from my side.Get well soon?????????

  24. I Just want to say luftha banta arpita jeevi Omaira shivya mahi and many many more. Left wonderful and A1 comments. But i could not individually tell how good they are as I have been busy at work

    1. It’s absolutely fine Sindhu di.I know you are very busy still came to reply all of our comments.That’s so kind and sweet of you.Thank you so very much for your such sweet gesture di.Love you a lot.God bless you?

      1. Ur name is quite different luthfa …..think so sisy/di/akka

      2. Yeah everyone says so.By the way,the meaning of my name is “Holy Water”….?

    2. So sindhu sisy/di/Akka u know many languages u have no prob in watching in in other languages I think so in Telugu it is ninu kori In tamil kadhala kadhala n in Malayalam it is priyamanasam I think so u will ib in other languages too….

  25. ItsmePrabha

    Hola buddies..kaise hai sab??? well mein toh heart broken hoon..Kyun cvs..kyun?..mann kar raha hai ki mein mumbai aavun aur aapki kachumber bana loon..meri pyaari si ,sweetsi,cutesi ,bholi bhali si love angel aka Somu ko kya bana liye aapne..aur shivomruaniri aur bhavya abb somu se nafrat karte hai..Like seriously cvs gauri aur bhavya ko chodthe hai kyunki woh beech mein aaye hai they dont know more about somu..aur rudy tho iss baath pe kuch zyada hi immature behave kartha hai but what about anishivom.. ek baar ke liye bhi yeh nahi socha ki somu ne aisi kyun ki hogi..bas revenge plan bana li..mujhe cvs pe bohoth se bhi zyada gussa aa raha hai..for their stupidity..aur pata hai gauri jab somu ke baare mein ulti seedhi bol rahi tho mujhe bohoth gussa aayi thi gauri par..but baad mein tandi ho gayi kyunki chirayya se zyada derr gussa nahi reh sakthi mein..i felt bad for shivomruani.. par usse bhi zyada i felt bad jab unko sumo ki saari baathe(FBs) yaad thi par rumya ki shaadi nahi..teek teek hai..mein kuch zyada hi emotional ho rahi hoon…loved few parts like shivaay aur pinky ki dance ..and obros hug and the FBs jisme apni loveangel nazar aayi..whatever the situation is lets just watch and support IB..will be waiting for today’s epi..
    Lub you all..Take care..
    All the best of good luck to them who are attending exams or preparing for it..

    1. Hey I have a bestie whos name is also prabha….

    2. Hi Prabha,
      You are right.Cvs have broken our hearts successfully for their own purpose.The reactions of the Oberois especially Rudra’s was like his favourite sports car has stolen.I was expecting some intensity on his heart.The most unfortunate thing is he has not realised what he has done to Soumya yet.Hope he realizes it soon and ask for her forgiveness.But looking at the ego quotient of the Oberois,this can’t happen.Anyway,let’s hope for the best.Don’t be sad sweetheart.Take care?

  26. Nikita_jai29

    It is ok kind of episode… The whole team of Oberois literally forget that rumya is married…. And they faced the scandal created by tia and swetlana….. And anika was their target….
    And cvs is only being to create a rift between fans of rumya and ruvya pair on social networking sites for their favourite pair….
    I like bhavya character… But only love rumya… If soumya is now become a negative shade in story line….
    Belated happy birthday to omaira dear… Have a great life ahead…luthfa dear your writing style is amazing…
    Keep commenting and keep watching ishqbaaz dearies

    1. Hi Nikita,
      Tell me about those fights of Social Networks.Like third and fourth world war are going on in full swing.Cvs are making us Pappu of high quality.Don’t know what they actually want.Their main focus which is KMM,again gets lost into all those mess of personal enmity.Let’s see what happens next.Thank you soooooooo….much for your love dear.God bless you?

  27. Sry fr mistakes ****I think so u will enjoy ib in other languages too

  28. So nice course it would be a apt name fr u….lufta sisy/di/akka

  29. Did rudra told about his marriage to bhavya how can he forget such an important information I don’t like to see somu in negative they have ruined her character

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