Ishqbaaz 26th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 26th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Soumya says its written in reports that baby is of Shivaye. Some women covering faces meet the doctor. Anika asks Tia to count down, I will prove its not Shivaye’s child. Sometime before, A lady tells someone that Anika is going to Dr. Chatterjee’s clinic with blood samples, you know what to do and handle doctor. A girl gets ready in nurse’s getup. Anika and Soumya come to clinic. Soumya asks sister where is Dr. Chatterjee’s cabin. The nurse shows them. Soumya thanks her and they go to meet Dr. Chatterjee. Anika says I m Anika. He asks her to sit. She asks did Mr. Oberoi talk to you. He says yes, Tej called me She gives Shivaye’s blood sample and asks about foetus sample. He says don’t worry, I will get it from Malik’s clinic. Anika asks when will we get reports. He says tomorrow morning.

Nurse goes to cabin. Anika calls Shivaye and says we gave samples. He asks when will reports come. She says tomorrow morning, don’t worry, your truth and Tia’s lies will come out tomorrow morning. He says I hope so.

Pinky asks why is Shivaye doing this, he should give divorce to Anika and marry Tia. Jhanvi asks how can he accept child if he feels its not his child. Pinky says but reports said the same, its his child. Jhanvi says if he has doubt, then let him clear doubt, give him some time, he is in tension already. Pinky says he did not eat food yesterday also, I feel hurt seeing him. Jhanvi says relax, come. Anika and Sahil hear them. Anika says its foolishness, he should have food, he is in tension, I have to do something. He asks what will you do, he does not eat cooked by you. She says I m not saying about food, but something else. She smiles.

Sahil goes to Shivaye and says SSO come fast, Anika fell down and got hurt. Shivaye goes to Anika. He says Sahil said you got hurt, you are sitting here, are you okay. She smiles and turns. He looks at her. O jaana……plays…… Anika sits at pool side dressed as heroine. She says you Kanji eyed guy heart spoiled things in my life and your life too, why don’t you spoil heart’s life, what will you do, as you think by mind. He asks are you okay. Sahil says performance will start now. Anika sings and dances on Kajra Re…… Shivaye tries going away. She stops him. Sahil dances along. Shivaye makes her away and asks is this done, can I know why are you giving this great performance. She says we thought to make your tension less. He says watching this, my tension got high. She says all hard work got waste.

Sahil calls him Bagad billa. Shivaye asks Anika to see her brother calling him bagad billa. Anika and Sahil argue. Anika says I have seen, you don’t care even if anyone dies for you, come Sahil. Shivaye holds her hand and stops her. Shivaye starts singing and dancing. Anika smiles and dances. He lifts Sahil and they dance. They laugh. She says you are also cheap 25 paise coin type from inside. He asks what’s this. She shows the 25 paise coin. Shivaye says oh, 25 paise. They laugh.

Its morning, Shivaye asks where are reports. Jhanvi says Soumya went to get it. Soumya comes. She says your reports…. The three ladies meet Dr. Chaterjee. He says I did as you all said, now please leave my son. Tej asks what’s written in reports. Pinky asks what did doctor say. Soumya says its written in reports that baby is of Tia and Shivaye. They all get shocked.

Dr. Chaterjee says I wrote in DNA test that baby is of Shivaye, please leave my son. The lady says your son reached home. Other lady says from now, you don’t know us and we don’t know you. They all reveal their faces. Its, Tia, Rumi and Shwetlana. Tia says I m sure tsunami came in Oberoi house. Shwetlana says there will be havoc. Anika says its also same, how can this happen. Pinky says it means Tia did not lie, Shivaye you are the father, now marry Tia and give child your name.

Jhanvi asks Shivaye are you okay. He says same result again, it means child is mine, I m the father. Tia comes. She says you doubted on me again Shivaye, you felt I m wrong, I got DNA test done, how many times will you hurt me and raise questions on my character. He says its not about you, its about me, I don’t remember anything. She asks you still have doubt, I can’t believe, Shivaye who talks of blood and family line is not ready to accept his own blood, you know Shivaye, you married Anika and sharing bedroom with her, I tolerated, as I trust you and our love, but you don’t trust me a bit, its painful that you are not ready to accept our child.

He says its not like that, I recalled but I don’t remember, fine it was my mistake, its my child. Anika looks at him. He says don’t worry, Shivaye Singh Oberoi does not run from responsibilities, I will look after you and your child. Tia asks your? He says I mean our child. Anika walks off.

She stumbles as her slipper breaks. She says fate broke that slipper broke. Tia says fate left support and now slipper too. Anika asks did you know different between slipper and cheap girl, slipper can get repaired and become fine, cheap girl can’t change into good, slipper has shame, but cheap girl is shameless. Tia says you can just say, after so much planning, you could not do anything, your bags got packed while making me leave, you will vent out frustration, so keep talking. Anika asks her not to raise misunderstanding, I will lose if I compete with you, if I start saying, I will tell everything about your affairs, you are so shameless, you are married and dreaming to marry again, you are putting ex husband’s baby on Shivaye’s name, its good I don’t have proof, till when, I will get proof some day, you start counting down, I will prove its not Shivaye’s child. Ria looks on.

Anika says fight was between you and me, now it will be between wife and sautan, when wives come on their own, they don’t leave sautan. Tia, Shwetlana and Rumi join hands, and say we will get down Oberois to ashes, we are such Nafratbaaz.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. COM

    what we are thinking till now as the most boring track of IB will be the highly energetic track and exciting track i hope all the young blood of oberoi family including bahus wiil unite and fight against all these evils exciting to watch upcoming episodes COMEBACK OMRU OBEROI FAMILY NEEDS BOTH OF YOU BADLY ITS HIGHTIME

  2. shab khan

    Nafratbaaz HHH irritating 😤😤when that 3 idiots are going to be exposed I’m just waiting for that movements and fight between wife an Sautan u just rocked it Anika I just hope shivaay to stay in ur side 😒 hi Tamil fans eppadi irukeenga ✋✋

  3. navi

    Precap is so ridiculous. .. all sautans are together. . Lol. . All are such witches. .hate them to core

    Poor shivika… I saw a video in which shivay asks anika to sign the divorce papers. She hugs him and asks why is he is he doing like this. He too is very emotional. He says he wants to get rid of her. That’s very sad.

    I just hope shivay has a backup plan. Fingers crossed. .

  4. Naz

    Gosh…. I HATE Tia to the core and she looks like a buffalo in size. How irritating to see so much corruption taking place in medical practice. I can’t wait to see Tia unmasked, and her mother too, they are so pathetic!! On another note, I enjoy looking at the camaraderie between Rudra and Om……so like peas and carrots, they function in sync with each other….. Niceeeee brotherly bond.

  5. Shiv


    |Registered Member

    Nafratbaaz vs ishqbaaz lol
    Omg three hot chics as lady villains!!😝😹
    Hope shivomru anika rumya om s girl priveer would give them tough time
    Most important is that cheer up performance by anika n sahil awwwwwwww😻😻😻😻😻😻😻!! Shivaay looked tooo serious why didn’t get melt down by anika he always looked serious atleast he did dance such a happiness in few minutes that tooo in a single frame expecting more like this
    Btw shivaay n anika could have change the blood sample n could ve found out whether doctor being bribed or not just my crazy guess!!!😜If result positive but not shivaay s sample then it’s obvious where is the mistake
    I wish shivaay help sahil by any kind of advanced treatment to make him walk without aids after all it’s a drama felt little bad to see that sahil character dances with difficulty 😔😢

    • Sanchi


      |Registered Member

      Same pinch, even I thought the same thing. Not Shivay but atleast Anika.. they should have swapped the samples..
      But the makers Don’t use logic much in these dailysoaps.
      They just drag the track by creating lots of drama

    • Sanaurifa

      I too think that the sample of Shivaay was fake Shivika just wanted to check or its just Shivaay’s plan
      Why don’t they Unite Ridhima to nafraatbaaz
      And Om’s lead vs Ridhima

      It’s just a guess here comes Roop when three joining hands & Roop enters and says may I join you just like I the Tamil movie

  6. tinni

    kya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!nafratbaaz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1what the hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    swetlana,tia and rumi!!!!!!!!!

    go to hell!
    vamp brigade!!!

    btw missing omru!

  7. Lila


    |Registered Member

    Fhat the wack???? Tia, swetlana and rumi together?? Unbelievable. Wat is happening to this show? Too many villains

  8. Lashanth

    Thanks for the quick update …cmg 2 ib Maybe the raaz according 2 to the promo is tej and shakti’s secret or the least is shivika and rumya marriage …..coz shivay cnt stand on his kkn defaming

  9. shahabana

    In todays episodes only good thing is anika shi age sahils dance preformance…its really superb..
    One phsycho tia is enough they bought bach rumi and swethlana toooo….nc one ib…i wanted to see all three lead couples together…but they where showing all three vamps(jokers as like shekhar said) together….im not understanding laugh or cry on seeing all this three idiots together…
    Anyways gdnt guyz…inshahallah see u tomarrow

  10. Amalina


    |Registered Member

    Wow 😳! Thx for fast update amena! Go go Anika! Expose this tia soon! Anika, soumya and jhanvi, go ruin those girls trying to steal away your husbands.
    Anika vs Tia
    Soumya vs Rumi
    Jhanvi vs shwetlana

  11. Lashanth

    As on promo and my previous comment Shivay has no secret and won’t commit mistake except to anika and when anika in front r around he was lost nd became billu

  12. Trisha

    Aaj toh muje omru dialogue bolna ka man kara hai “yeh ho kya raha hai”how this possible tridevi join their hand against oberios… Tia create problems in shivika life, Swatlana reentry in tej life she will create problems in tejvi nd om life If rumi will joining she creates problems in rumya
    life …Now we luv see to team work in
    isqbaaz ….Isqhbazz 😍VsNafratbaaz😬

  13. Cynthia

    Lady baba probs again, that pinky believes in Tia more than his son. Why did Shakti married Pinky dumbo…

    Damn, IB comes 5hours+30min later than india in here…

    Pinky is creating hurdles, that uneducated weirdo talks to middle class like that a thoo thoo thoo😧… Just because Anika is middle class girl that doesn’t mean she is evil. Before talking abt Anikas characteristics look it ur self Pinky. U r not that educated.

    Jhanvi is better than this pinky…hate her.


    • Mona146


      |Registered Member

      completely true. Dont be sorry. Like Tia even she is a duplicate devotee who does not follow any spiritual baba true saying. They don’t say judge people based on their economic standard. She is bothered about deal more her son’s heart and truth. I hate pinky too.

  14. mounika

    awesome tia when wives are on line all sautans have to fail. Superb line. i hope shivaye takes your help and should not give divorce to u.

  15. Nafisa

    Awesome ep. ISHQBAAZ VS NAFRATBAAZ amazing track guys what do you think who will win?
    Reply please.

    Guys as I am a new member here I don’t know how to set a profile pic can you guys kindly please tell the the way how can I set it I really need your help guys please help me.

    • Ro

      Hey nafisa I think A. Will be winning (of course😜)

      To set profile pic, you must become a registered member. That is, you must sign up with this website.

      Let’s keep following this awesome serial, fellow Ishqbaazian!

    • Kehkasha


      |Registered Member

      Hello dear. I am on ishqbaaz side and obviously we all are but the best is yet to come.

      And u can set a profile pic if you are a registered member. I think I am giving u right suggestion.

  16. Ro

    Hi one hi all…hi all Oberoi Fans!!!!

    It’s not shwetlana its Svetlana. Also it’s not rumi it’s Romi… Just a request to fix it, Amena…

    Also…where is that oberois sister???? I mean… tej’s sister….

  17. Sanchi


    |Registered Member

    WTH is wrong with IB man!! Even Villains have a class and here they are running that into mud. I agree Svethlana has style but Tia and Romi are not upto the standard at all.
    Anyways loved Shivika+Sahil moments. Always a treat to watch their bickering and comebacks😁😁😁😁😁
    Greatest news is Ru is back on sets😊😊

    • Sanchi


      |Registered Member

      Also I was dying to hear when Anika would say billuji again and she did it today😊😊😊
      And Shivay wasn’t even angry with it

  18. Aarosh

    Yeyyy the divorce drama is a fake drama but Anika doesn’t know it hope First post is also mine but name space is filled by mistake as COM which should be in the dialogue which I posted in bold letters COME ON TEAM YOUNG OBEROIS(shivika,roumyas and om with his lead as well as priveer) TEAM UP AND FINISH THEM

      • Aarosh

        Yup abp news spoiler not video just like written spoiler it also says Tia mom will blackmail shivaay of exposing his dark secret when he knows about their plan and was about to expose them

    • rohikiru

      Helllooo guys…..I also saw that spoiler shivaay sign the divorce paper but not his signature he sign something and he give to his manager the manager saw that paper and he thinks that this is not sirs sign.he ask about that but shivaay told that do what I say

  19. swedha

    Hi I am watching this serial for a month….so I didn’t know about shwetlena….can anyone say who s shewetlena what is the enemity between her and oberais??

    • Ro

      Svetlana is tej oberoi’s personal assistant but actually she is trying to get too close to him for past few years (she is evil character). She tried to get closer to tej because of problems between him and jhanvi but then tej and jhanvi came back together (in the first few episodes of the serial) and evil Svetlana was thrown out

  20. Kaayu

    Fat the wuch!!!!!
    Oh god plzz make some miracle….give some good proof to anika to prove her billu ji innocent……to save her shivay from this fake evil lady baba….
    Plzz come soon OmRu and dadi….help anika…
    And kick out the three idiots out of the show….sorry four idiots…including tia’s mom…
    Universe bhi yahi cahatha hai….
    Hello tamil fans i really surprised to see and hear that you all to watch the hindi series…

  21. TheRealist

    lolz the 3 villains instead of 3 couples.
    It’s become too attention seeking.
    Also what about Soumyas marriage? Did they just forget about it!!

  22. Mouni


    |Registered Member

    well that was unexpected , the 3 psychos are uniting totally surprising …
    that makes me think that even if tia is exposed it does not mean she is gone , maybe she will dissapear and harm the OF from far like gayatri and roop
    it became hard for shivika to prove the baby isn’t his , l really run out of ideas how its possible to expose tia now ??? am thinking either pure luck or a professionnal investigator may find some proof add to that soon anika will sign papers , maybe in wedensday or thursday so ppl we need a miracle but to say the truth am not against tia staying in IB but l dont want to see her in OM as sso wife , l want them to find her truth and then she may stay hiding like gayatri .
    ufff each day l wake up hoping for a new video showing anika proudly exposing tia and kicking her out of the OM but all l found is anika crying and tia smiling ughhhhhhhhh
    also it said that anika will leave the OM after signing the papers it may be a good thing bcz she can investigate without risking that tia finds out like other times , she may find proof bcz tia will not be cautious and carful as before so she may do mistakes if anika is away also soumya may find something about rumi , anything is possible now and am just hoping for shivika drama to end soon so they can defend the OF from the villains

  23. Shivika

    Oh no..3 villains at one go..Plz not again..can’t bear it..Already fed up with Tia n two more added. BTW how did these three come together..Kuch bhi Haan..
    Shivaye does not have brain.. I dont know how does he handle business.. Anyways phirse anika saver ho jaayegi aur Shivaye duffer..Just to show Anika bright..plz don’t show Shivaye as dumb.

  24. Chandini


    |Registered Member

    Oh god I couldn’t tolerate that lady baba itself now these two psychos have joined hands with her….I want omru back….btw shivika and saahil were awesome.

  25. 👄👄❤ Prachi ❤👄👄

    Please Show some Ranveer and Priyanka scenes..I really love their track and miss them..when Anika will stop doing good deeds for these ungrateful people in oberoi family..she is only wasting her time on them who doesn’t value her and always end up getting hurt herself..Anika if u really care about your Self Respect then leave than oberoi house along with Sahil and leave ur life with dignity…Then only Shivaye will realize ur importance and value in his life…Now its Shivaye’s turn to struggle to win back ur love and fall for u….Makers should also focus on other characters OmRu and Priyanka and Ranveer even they r part of the show….Love ❤ Priyanka and Ranveer love story…looking forward for their romance…especially Ranveer he is so charming and dashing..please show their scenes viewers really loved their chemistry 😍😚😘😘

  26. Lax

    Hi all…!! Am so disheartened after todays episode. So things are not going to end any time soon. And coz there are three vamps, I think they are waiting for OmRu to come back. Am sure all the 3 brothers are going to deal them together. Hopefully all the three psychos ll b thrown out in one jhatka. Can’t stand even one of them. Whatever it is, should not be a lengthy track.
    That dance sequence was the only happy thing abt the episode. I think Shivay is a better dancer than Annika.
    P.S- Dialogue of the day ” bhains ke aankhen kanji thodi na hothi hain”. Sahil u nailed it.

  27. indera sanichara

    Come on Shivay take your blood sample to another doctor in another country and don’t let anyone know what you are doing. Writers don’t drag this track all the serial you are showing DNA test being tampered with, why can’t the doctor show the truth for once.

  28. Arshi

    Ishqbaaz is incomplete without SHIVOMRU scenes!!!!! Missing them like hell!!!!!& btw i have read such concept of tia,Svetlana & rumi joining hands in some of the ffs…. so cudis to all those ff writers… ur imaginations match with the makers… #love_ishqbaaz#miss_ishana#miss_ishkara#love_shivika#come_back _soon_OMRU…

  29. Fama


    |Registered Member

    Wow what a twist. I wasn’t really expecting the Union of those three villains. Tia was enough to irritate me but now three of the together. Just hopping that the all get exposed together.
    Negative aside…Shivika and Sahil performance was amazingly superb and they three just look like a perfect family. when Shivaay carried Sahil was so cute and a treat to watch.

    Anyway am so eager to watch SAUTANS vs WIVES I think the upcoming episodes of ib will be most interesting

    • Shiv


      |Registered Member

      Sautans vs wives good yaar!!! Baad ladies vs good ladies will make a good fight than good boys vs bad girls!!! Let’s see💪

  30. Mouni


    |Registered Member

    guys in a new video they showed rumi and swetlana desguised and enter the OM with food and in another scene rudra is baaaaaaaack
    the OF were eating as anika cooked for the first time as sso’s wife in rasoi rasam and dadi told him to try first her food LOL he said WHY ME?? he looked scared and tensed from the food
    anika was smiling and in good mood and sso was relaxed even if he was scared to try her cooking so that made me wonder , what happend to that divorce drama ?? and tia was not there , so l dont understand , does it mean anika knows about sso plan or she found out something about those papers ?? everyone was happy but pinky

    • Lax

      Mouni…!! Even I was wondering..!! May b it’s a scene before divorce but they might ve shot it late. Coz Annika really seems happy, on the contrary Rudr is also there. Oh am confused. Anyway I would like to believe it’s a post divorce thing. And cause that did not work so the vamp gang ve started their next attempt.

      • Sumi.SS


        |Registered Member

        Yeah’s Cnfusng..but other segment is not out..I saw pics at insta posted by fans went to visit the set..whr aftr signed the papers anika(in red clr drz)leaves OM wth sahil.tia,shivay also thr..I thnk shivay wl stop Anika or not..or Anika may knw abt the blackmailng or not??i thnk she is gng to stay in OM fr smetym..
        Everyone wearing same dresses in dadi’s arrival and doing rasam scenes.anika only chnged her drz as same as kidnapng scenes..i thnk rasam scenes cme aftr dvrce scenes..
        Anotherone pinky prmse guyzz I saw fanpage post nakul tweets” today shotng intrstng scenes u all wl enjoy..”12:02 smthng 27 dec 16..but suddly they deltd that post..i chck nakul twitter page..I thnk he is also deltd..he knws ishqbaaz fans nver cntrl their patience.I hope surly it wl be sme intrstng scenes…

      • Mouni


        |Registered Member

        hi lax , in the divorce scenes anika was wearing red dress and when dadi came back she was wearing the same dress but in the table it was western clothes and anika cooked based on dadi request am sure so it must be after she came back or the next day ?? also the 2 psychos enterd the house like gayatri did before maybe they are trying to kill someone in the OF or steal something ?? it is confusing

    • Lax

      Mouni…!! A new spoiler is out. In that Tia mixes something in Annika’s tea n she is unconscious. Along with the other two psychos who entered the house in disguise she puts Annika in fridge. Funny the video is captioned as Annika ki jamegi kulfi,😁 Also in the video it’s said that Tia n Svetlana are sisters n they ve a bigger motive which ll soon come out. In this scene she is wearing the same white top as the earlier segment.

    • Archiya


      |Registered Member

      I think the fake divorce drama is plan of bth anika n shivay, so once tia is exposed anika comes bck n performs the kitchen rasam

  31. Yvonne Codner

    Thanks Amena, your update is on point..Can’t wait for the three she devils to be revealed. Trying to claim men who do no not belong to them..Shame on them. Anyway, it’s time for the slippers that Anika wears to go. It does not fit her new status with her flawless looks, that slippers should be history.

  32. Aqua

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  33. shivani

    you know what anika needs ishana though she was a con girl but she was smart because she has a tactics so ib needs ishana badly please bring back ishana .I hope anika would come up with solid plan in order to counter three of them.saumya is enough for rumi

  34. Sejal

    Such smart advanced oberoi’s cld not think of any way to get DNA test done in secrecy..where it can’t be tampered. Could have given false samples too n waited for positive report of false samples. Something amiss about divorce papers. Maybe Shivaye has transfered his shares to anika n become broke. Easiest way to get rid of Tia is to become broke. Shivaye shld transfer all his wealth n shares to anika n agree to marry tia.

  35. swedha

    Hi I am watching this serial for a month….so don’t about swetlena…can anyone say who is swetllena what is the enemity between her and onerois??

    • shahabana

      Swetlana is tejs secretory…tej had affair with swetlana…swetlana wants to take jaanvis place in tejs life…but she couldnt….obroise never accepts swetlana…swetlana hates more omkara bcz he is the main hurdle in her plans…so he hates oberoise mainely omkara

      • shekhar

        It has been revealed that both TIA & SWETLANA are sisters. I think both family may have age old rivaliry with OF and thats why both sisters had planned two directional attack, one on elder and 2nd one on younger oberoy and at particular stage planned todegame and loot the OBEROY FAMILY!

        TEJ is the main culprit, and as I wrote long back, ANNIKA’s past also got tangled with some OF member. It is certain that SWET, TIA, ROOP, KAPOORS has framed up to destroy OF, let the reasons be varied head to head!

      • shahabana

        Shekhar what are u saying…tia and swetlana sisters…….then who is rumi….i think swet and tia are rumis devotees

  36. Archiya


    |Registered Member

    the most enjoyable part of today epi was sahil anika n shivay convo.. and they looked such a lovely happy family,wish they stay lik tat only.Liked the way shivay was concerned wen sahil said anika was hurt
    coming to the nurse part,which nurse wears such high heels, they stand on their feet all day long.. with those heels they wont survive.. anyways cant expect logic
    Looks like GK mam heard the ppl who were askin fr swetlana n brought her back,tia an swetlana met i can understand as they knw each other,bt where did they meet physco romi.. may b in some physco fair all 3 now they may show proper exit of all 3,only serial where villians are so stylish
    Liked the convo between anika n tia at the end… its gud tat tia is scared and knows for suretat at some pt of time anika will expose her..

    But just for draggin the show they hve bought these.. pls dont drag much.. Omru pls cme fast an end this dragging.. missing u guys..

    • Sakshii


      |Registered Member

      But u r right now it is looking interesting but if they will drag it than it will b the worst thing..hope so they will not ruined the fun of this track wd continuous dragging..

      • Archiya


        |Registered Member

        Hi saku,
        I did see a new video of anika perfomin the kitchen ritual..its very funny the way shivay eats everything tat anika prepared an does not give anything to his family as it was nt gud,just to save her.. so looks lik this villians track is gonna end soon

    • Lax

      Archu…!!! PSYCHO FAIR…!! ROFL 😂😂

      What kind of Devi is Romi, her outfits are always glamourous, even the nurse outfit.

  37. ghosha

    Wow…i was so happy to see Svetlana…she is damn hot n gorgeous. The way she walked towards the doctor’s cabin. Eagerly waiting for Om. His reaction seeing her n Om- swetlana tashan n the spark. Was bored to death seeing this Tia shit. Now the real villain who have the capacity to really make our bones chill has entered. Now only if ishaana also come back……….how much I wish for it…..By the way this sautan patni dialogue was joking and irritating. Please writers give some good dialogues. Dat was so cliché…

  38. Sakshii


    |Registered Member

    Finally!!!!!…gul man realised that there was a villian named sweathlana nd she is back wd a bang….
    Yesterday’s episode totally changed my opinion about current track..i mean who thought dat the track which is looking worst will b the most intresting track…now it will b thrilled to watch PAAP KI TRIMURTI….The NAFRATBAAZ…amazing….
    Nd Anika in typical patani avtar…OMG…i m very much happy..after watching episode…nd now I m thinking ISHQBAAZ will b more intresting…nd it will b in top at TRP…only if they don’t drag it…
    But it’s totally my POV..dont know u all will agree it or not…

  39. Sakshii


    |Registered Member

    Ok on previous comment I wrote only of NAFRATBAAZ..but now its time write about ISHQBAAZ…
    The dance between anika shivaye nd sahil was funny…loved shivaye’s lil progressing bonding wd sahil….
    Anika dialogues were😂😂😂…bhais k samne bin bajana😂😂…nd sahil he’s so cuteee😍😍😍😍😍..
    Seriously I didnt liked anika dress in first nd second part…red one was better than dat 2…
    Waiting for OmRu…guys any news when r they coming back plzzzz tell me if it so…

  40. Krishnaa


    |Registered Member

    I think they are going to drag the naffratbaaz until OmRu come back. maybe when the situation gets out of control for anika, OmRu will come for her rescue. Hope Kunal and leenesh get well soon…feeling bad for them…Get well soon Kunal and leenesh. Without the trio and anika, the serial is incomplete…

  41. Ro

    Guys when I saw romi in that nurse costume, I thought it was ishaana!!! Totally forgot ishu’s face yaar…😭😭😭😭missing ishaana and ishkara…😭😭😭😭

  42. Firdose

    Hi evryone how are you guys
    it was good to see shivay’s bond with Sahil is growing . Coming to this Three Nafrathbaaz
    1) Svetlana want take Revenge from Obroi’s and main is Om becuase according to her he is the main Hurdle because she cannot go close to Tej
    2)Tia as she said in previous episode that Robin died bcoz of Anika as she followed her she pushed Robin & he died so she want Revenge from Anika.
    3)Romi i am not Understanding why she want to take revenge from Rudra is it Bcoz he did not agree to become her Rudra dev or she is also having some other mystery that she trapped Rudra to take revenge From Obroi’s. Its Just My point of View i don’t know what you guys think about it.

    • shahabana

      Hellooo Firsodse
      That rumi is a phsycho charecter.. she want rudra at any cost thats why she is doing all this and yes we cnt deny there will be any other motive tooo…anyways i hope they will make tgis track intresting and wont drag much…

  43. Mouni


    |Registered Member

    wow in a new video it seems that the 3 psychos have drugged anika and put her in the freezer omg , they are trying to kill her

    • Mouni


      |Registered Member

      so after she signs the papers , dadi comes and they do rasams and then they try to kill her ??
      so what made tia want to kill anika ?? is she afraid about anika exposing her or is she doubting that sso will not divorce anika for real ??
      what am confused about is the chronology of the videos , if anika was crying in red dress and signed the papers how come in today’s video was smiling and relaxed in the table , did sso told her about his plan of fake divorce or is these videos suposed to happend before divorce ?

  44. shahabana

    Guyz there is a news why shivaye got ready to divirce anika bcz tias mom blackmailes shivaye about omkara.. Kapoors says shivaye that omkara is tejs illigemate child and they blacknsiles sso that they will reveal this truth to omkara if he wont divorce anika…and sso knows his brother omkara is too emotional if he gets to know that he is tejs illegimate child then he cnt face it thats why sso agrees to divorce anika for save omkara…..but i dntknow is really omkara is tejs illegimate child…and swet and tia are sisters


    There remain nothing to ANALYSE in IB onwards. In initisal stage of my entry in TU, I said, MAKERS have all the illegitomate power to XYZ person as a cuprit . THey can prove ANIKA, DADI or any damn person as the main culprit for any deed by giving some flash back there of, as the hade given how TIA got pregnent by SSO. ROMY was easily available, so they fixed ROMI as third sister of SWERLANA and TIA, and may be they plan showing RIDHDHIMA and ISHANA as the illegitimate daughter of either Mrs. KAPOOR or GAYATRY. Everything is possible in this IB, particularly when that MINDLESS GK MAM is in MAKERs team. Futher on they may show ANNIKA as the friend of SWETLANA or 4the daughter of Mrs. KAPOOR, because Mrs, KAPOOR has nothing done in her life other than to give the birth of DAUGHTER after DAUGHTER! ha ha ha ………………..

    Why I am feeling, GK mam NICELY picked up my idea, SSO BELIEVING HIMSELF AS THE FATHER OF TIA’s BABY, with a little more change in timing?????!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Be prepared to see ANNIKA’s lost sister CHUTKI under gone operation of transgender who than transform from CHUTKI to CHUTKA and TEJ was impotent, he adopted then that CHTKA who is now either OM or RUDRA! I would like it be a RUDRA!!!!!! , so why RUDRA always call her as ANNIKA DIDI! ACTIUALLY RUDRA KNOWS THIS TRUTH AS SOON AS HE SEE HER ON VERY FIRST DAY WHEN SHE WAS COOKING PUDI IN A FUNCTION AT OM. RUDRA IS NORMALLY A SENSELESS INNOCENT BOY, BUT GOD MADE HIM ALERT WHEN HE SHOW ANNIKA FIST TIME, AND SOON HE CAME TO KNEW, THIS HER LOST SISTER.

    After losing both daughter, their parents planned and gow one SON and one DAUGHTER and they are none else than RANVEER anad his SISTER. Then their parents were killed by SHAKTI-TEJ and both decided to take revenge……………………………………..and so on…………………………………




    • chithra

      😊😊😊😊😊wow bro what an analysis..
      👏👏👏👏👏.. Seriously u thinks better then ib maker.. I wish you would be the maker of ib seriously bro… Nd iam agree vid you coming to gk mam she will do anything 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁,no logic no sense
      😁😁… Ya u right mrs kasoor only gave birth to daughter after daughter ha ha ha 😁😁😁😂😂😂 soooo funny

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.