Ishqbaaz 26th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 26th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dadi asks Shivaye to drop Anika. Shivaye and Anika say no. Dadi insists. Shivaye goes to drop Anika. Anika says my house is very far. Shivaye asks so? Anika says if we go like this silently, I will sleep, you will feel you are my driver and get annoyed, you will fight and I don’t want to fight with you. He plays radio. Bheege honth ….plays………… He tries to stop the song and she holds his hand.

Some time before, Shivaye asks Anika are you mad to push me in pool, you used to throw water on me and this time you have thrown me in water. She says your muffler was burning and I pushed you. He asks could you not say it. She says there was no time to say, who wears muffler in this season. He says I can wear anything. She says fine, wear muffler or monkey cap, try to understand Billu ji. Shivaye

asks her not to call him Billu. Om and Rudra look on and talk that they can’t pass an hour without fighting.

Anika says its this muffler’s mistake. Shivaye says it happened because of candle, why are you roaming with candle in day. She says candle was for cake. Shivaye asks is it your birthday. She asks why does everyone ask this to me, if it was my birthday, why would I get cake for you, I thought you will be happy, but your eyes can’t have happiness, its just anger. He asks you made cake for me. She says no, for black thief. He asks I mean why did you make it. She says for party, you earned profit. She says your mine got silver. He asks do I have silver mine. Om and Rudra ask do we have a mine. Anika says you said you won silvers. He says I said P V Sindhu winning silvers in Olympic Games Rio 2016, a girl played Badminton made our country name shine in the world, all girls there are such great, and here its you, who have thrown me in water, you are just impossible. He leaves.

Anika tells Om and Rudra that she did not do this intentionally. Shivaye tells Om how can she think I m talking about silver mine. Om says we know your interest, she knows your two interests, your business and fighting with her. Shivaye says she is our employee, she should know about our business. Om says even Rudra does not know this, she has no interest in your business and money, she has self esteem, she does not make relation by business, but by people. Shivaye says she is calculative. Om says no, else she would have pleased you, she has come to plan your wedding, what did she do what make you feel she is greedy for money. Shivaye says I know such class people are so.

Om reminds even their Dadi Prithviraj was from lower middle class man, was he calculative, manipulative and greedy. Rudra comes and asks will that cake be fine, shall we go and have it, the icing and candle were good, you know I like cake. He jokes and says he had the cake which their dog was licked, I love the cake. Om says you go and brush your teeth… they go.

Dadi tells cooks about dishes to be made in Janmashtami. Soumya looks on. Rudra says you maybe very happy seeing this. She asks why. He tells about Tej calling all cricket team members, I m cricket fan and got happy seeing cricketers, you are food fan, all dishes you will dream about will be made today, you will be happy. They argue. Soumya complains about Rudra to Shivaye and Om. They see Dadi’s arrangements. Dadi asks them to come and see Janmashtami festival arrangements. Shivaye says we celebrate all festivals like this. Rudra says my birthday… Dadi tells about Krishna’s birthday and what they do. Soumya and Rudra argue.

Shivaye tells Soumya that Dadi used to take them for dahi handi. Rudra says Krishna ji was so cool, to start party at 12. Dadi says its festival, Krishna was born at midnight, so we make 108 prasad and keep as bhog, then we eat. Shivaye says I hate loud music and celebrations on road. Dadi says everyone has their own way. Soumya and Rudra argue again. Dadi stops Rudra. Rudra says I m naughty like Krishna. Soumya says he did not cry like you on everything. Rudra says I don’t cry on every matter, you are heartless, it does not mean everyone is same. Shivaye asks Rudra to stop it. Rudra asks them to tell Soumya. Om says don’t say anything to my sister.

Rudra says even I have a brother and hugs Shivaye. Shivaye asks who are you. Rumi calls Rudra. Rudra says I don’t need anyone till Rumi is with me. He tells Rumi he will come in party. Om gets Riddhima’s call. Soumya tells Rudra that she has to tell something about Rumi. Rudra says no need, you did not help me, tell me anything after the party. He tells Dadi that he is going to meet Rumi. Om says I have to meet Riddhima. Dadi says fine, go, but be at home before midnight to celebrate Krishna’s birth. She takes Shivaye to talk about her marriage.

Priyanka tells Dadi that its late and there is auto strike, Anika is insisting she will go. Dadi asks Anika to wait. Anika says Sahil is alone, I will go. Dadi asks Shivaye to drop Anika. Shivaye and Anika say no. Shivaye says driver will drop her. Priyanka says Dadi gave holiday to all drivers. Dadi says go and drop her. Shivaye agrees and leaves with Anika.

Om meets Riddhima and says we were lost in our lives and running in other directions, it was tough to walk together, I promise, this won’t happen again, we will give attention to our relation and time to each other. Riddhima promises she will not doubt on him, how did I come in Mala’s words, she said you maybe having an affair. He says even I should have not come in Bela’s words, she said you maybe feeling insecure. She asks what, its strange, why did Bela say so.

Shivaye and Anika are on the way. Anika says my house is very far. Shivaye asks so? Anika says if we go like this silently, I will sleep, you will feel you are my driver and get annoyed, you will fight and I don’t want to fight with you, shall I play radio. He says fine, wait, I have remote. She says great, your car has remote, my tv remote got damaged. He plays song Kar gayi chull… She sings and dances. He says its such stupid songs these days. He looks at her and holds his head. He stops the song.

She asks what happened, is radio battery over, its big car, could you not keep charger. He says I stopped song by remote. She asks why, it was good song, I danced 15 times on this song in event, everyone shouted once more Anika. He says rubbish and plays other song. Bheege honth…plays…….. He tries to stop song from remote. It does not work. He is about to stop song and she holds his hand. They see each other. She says you said right, songs these days are so stupid. She changes song and Bachgaya shor….plays…… she says this is right. He says I don’t like all this. She says its Janmashtami and you should listen to such songs. He says people bring their feelings on road, is that needed, this music and songs, dances. She says we don’t have terrace or lawns, we just have footpath. He asks do you like all this noise. She says a lot, I will play the song. He says no and holds her hand. Music plays………. She says my hand…. He looks at her and leaves her hand.

Anika says you had to take left. Shivaye applies brakes suddenly and she gets hurt. He asks are you fine. She asks how can I be fine, you broke my knee. He says come, I will drop you. She says I will go. He holds her and takes her to her house. He sits on the sofa chair. She says you sat on that chair, Sahil does arts and crafts on it. He asks so? She says solid glue fell on it and I forgot to clean it. He gets up and his pant gets torn. They both get shocked by the tearing sound. He sits back feeling embarrassed.

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    • Mukta

      Yes Shivani!!!!!!!! And tomorrow’s episode will be SUPER DUPER SE BHI UPAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Shivika scenes😘😘😘

  2. |Registered Member

    I am speechless about shivika .loved it they are enough for episode .no need to bring unnecessary scenes of otther but shivika just awesome .precap is super when sso will hold hand of anika and take her to the house .eagerly waiting

  3. Mukta

    I can’t stop myself from laughing!!!!!!!!!! God tomorrow’s episode will be the funniest episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. salsa

    precap is soooo awesome….. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀
    omg omg shivika shivika shivika shivika to the core…:D 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  5. Luna

    Top 10 shows in terms of TRP :
    1.Kumkum Bhagya:2.9
    4.Sarah Nibhana Saathiya/Yeh Hai Mohabbatein/Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah:2.4
    5.Yeh Rishta Kay Kehlata Hai:2.3
    7.Kasam/Siya Ke Ram:2.0
    8.Ishqbaaz/Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani/Chakravartin Ashok Samrat/Diya Aur Baati Hum:1.8
    9.Sasural Simar Ka:1.7
    Ishqbaaz has entered top 10 and is rocking at 8th position.

  6. Ro

    awesome shivika moments!!!! 😍😘😍😘

    This is the only meaningful serial on start plus… btw waiting for naamkaran!!!! 😃😃😃😃

  7. AthiraAppu


    |Registered Member

    Hii ishqbaazianss
    Today’s episode was superb shivika var seen omg
    But in tmrws episode the pant tearing is same as that in ipkknd
    I think so cause I am a die hard fan of ipkknd

    • Nivedha

      Hi Mukta how are u sissy!!
      Nice episode ..eagerly waiting for tomorrow ‘s episode😂😂😂
      SHIVIKA rocks
      Luna thanks for trp rating
      Ishqbaaaz in 8th position😍😍👍👍👌👌
      Kal aayega asli mazha😍😍
      Good night

  8. Mathi

    Hi everybody can anyone tell me about the love song which shivika stare at each other pls I am from other state does not know hindi vry well but love shivika pls

  9. chashmish

    A guy can insult a girl as much as he wants…Then the girl fell in love with the same guy…what a story line…Patriarchal power rule

    • salsa

      this is not the end of the story….. then that girl slowly and gradually will change that boy into sweet and caring person and he will love her more than anything…… this is the power of love chashmish… 🙂 🙂

      • Dil

        Yep, salsa. Agree.

        Actually he has already started caring for her. That is why he helpes her to the house. I mean he could hv. Just let her limp, afterall she says she will manage.!!!

    • Guman

      The girl wont fall in love with the guy who will insult her dear…..she will fall for the golden heart of the boy who cares for everyone…..

    • Nelka

      U know baby,a person who can bring smile to a girl is doing a crucial role in her life…as well who makes her cry does the same thing in her life…and last the person who can do the both to a girl he should be her soul mate….

  10. Rosu 25

    Thank you for the update😊….
    Episode was super super super…….adipoliiiii…….love u shivika😘😘😘😘😘

  11. disha

    super cute episode roumya fight like kids so sweet
    shivika scenes super love them
    anika enjoy song ladki beautiful shivaye give irritate expessions
    best part of episode shivaye anika’s hand BG music o jaana

  12. Luna

    Guys, I’ve heard that Surbhi Jyoti will enter in the show as Shivaye’s ex-girlfriend Mallika. So now Mr Bagad Billa will have to handle three ladies, lol. I am excited to see Tia’s expressions now.

  13. devi

    hi i am new one commenting
    what a lovely couple shivika but when they will start their love tract we are eagerly waiting what you say guys

  14. salsa

    thank god shivaay didn’t carry anika on his arms else I would have fainted.. 😀 😀 😀
    guys im slowly suffering from this ishqbaaz fever…. 😀 😀 😀
    always laughing,reading every ishqbaaz ff and having ishqbaaz titled album in my phone are few symptoms…. 😀 😀 😀 and this is the first time that I don’t want to get rid of any fever like this…. 😀 😀 😀

    • Shaza

      same ya….Reading all ff’s..even I have an album named ishqbaaz 😄 I really expected him to carry her in arms but if he would then I’d die of happiness

  15. Nishi

    HEY…every one..i’m new here and I so much wanted to join u all..i’m a huge fan of ishqbaaz…so..will u all except me? <3

    • Mukta

      Most welcome dear!!!!!!!!!!! We are always ready to welcome new members!!!!!! So no need to ask!!!!!!!!! Just jump in and keep commenting!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. salsa

    and yeah I forgot … always waiting for 10pm and other repeat telecast time is another symptom ….. 😀 😀

  17. salsa

    now I’m a little worried for ishana….. om and riddima will definitely expose ishana…. poor ishu… ishana ka to mabela hojaega….

  18. Luna

    Today also no Ishana!!!!!!! Is she really the lead of the show???? Atleast they can show Ishana for 2 minutes. I think if the cvs show Ishana more then the TRP will definitely increase as I guess Vrushika has more fan following than Surbhi and Neha.

  19. salsa

    bheege hoth tere pyasa dil mera…. 😀 😀 😀 😀 this was so not expected…. shivika always comes up with unexpected things… 😀 this is what I love abt shivika

  20. Mukti.H


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    what a precap…😁😂😂😁😁😄😄
    AND RUMYA fight… ❤❤💕💕it was awesome ….yes @mukta di they are carbon copy of SHIVIKA 😇😇😍😍😍
    funny precape…..
    SHIVIKA. jodi is awesome….
    Hey where is Ishana? ?? Hi everyone.
    Good night sweet dreams…..

  21. Iamsofianeak


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    so the spoiles were true , i mean shivaye drop anika to her house , He gets up and his pant gets torn finaalyy hahahhaaa
    Precaaaap is awsomee waitingg <3

  22. Rosu 25

    Precap is super and funny……. I couldn’t stop laughing after watching precap…….
    Eagerly waiting for next episode……

  23. Luna

    guys, do u want Ishana to get caught by Om and Riddhima or not???? I guess if Ishana gets caught then she will go behind bars and the goons will kill her sister Mona as she didnt gave them money. Then Ishana will decide to take revenge against Oberoi brothers by tearing them apart(hinted in promo) as she lost her sister. And if Ishana doesnt gets caught then I guess Ridhkara breakup will happen somehow and Ishkara love story will. what will happen next u all know.

    • Priya15


      |Registered Member

      Di.. First let them show ishana then we l see how l they keep her character bcoz actually now I m having doubt whether CVS remember a character named Ishana r not…

    • Luna

      i’m really sorry mishri, plz dont get upset with my comments, this is just my imagination which i made after seeing Ishana’s character and yeah shivani, u r right, we shud wait for ishana character to explore before making judgements. Sorry again, i will not repeat it again.

  24. ishika

    I m sure SHIVIKA wl take my breath away one day😍…
    To strt wth..i hv no wrds fr Om the way he contradctd Shiva fr way h said dnt say smthng abt my sis to rudra .😘…it ws adorable…
    N yes too much shivika moments to digest fr me at one go😘..their FIRST DRIVE mannn😍…the song bhege both ws th cherry on th cke moment😅….their touch of hnds ..shivay holdng Anikas hnd in th car…..n obviously the precap😍😍…god the way he took hr insde the house…too much to adore loving it..cant frgt to say abt anikas exctemnt on ladki beautiful song n shivays exprsn😂..they r 😘😍😁

  25. Mukta

    Baar baar dil ye gaye….
    Baar baar din ye aaye…
    Tum jiyo hazaaro saal…
    Yahi hai meri aarazoo…..
    Happy Birthday to u……
    Happy Birthday to u……
    Happy Birthday to u……
    Happy Happy Birthday to u🎂
    May Almighty bless u with all the happiness in the world!!!!!!!!
    May u get success in ur every work!!!!!!!
    Long Live sweeties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love uhh both!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And hope that my comment reaches u on the correct time………
    Please TU…..moderate this comment soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Luna

    Rumya fight is awesome. I thought Soumya is sensible but no, she is like a kid. Rumya is a kiddish couple.

  27. Enasanjida

    Mujha saach main kuch samaz nahi aa raha hain… What happened Ishaana? Where is she? I m so irritated r8 now- 😡😡😠😠 Ishaana nahi hain. & also Ridima again-uski character bohot acchi person hain. Ridima ko dekh kar lagh raha hain – she is lead actress.. Totally angry CV’s😕.. They can’t balance 3 character shivika, ishkara, romya. Each episode main Shivay-7Anika ka nok jok.. Uff!

  28. Adityakiran


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    I Wish You A Many Many HAPPY Returns Of The DAY.
    SORRY for The LATE Wishes

  29. Dharhu

    Nice epi nd my favourite shivika scenes is awesome nd i don’t want to see ishana as negative as om is so gem he is sweet to everyone so his pair also should be good. Nd precap is awesome

  30. Tanu

    Anika is the best….even saumya is good….i dont like ishana …the way her charater is written is just making the episodes boring…riddima is far better than her.

  31. DhoniKiBehana


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    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode. Precap is so funny. And loved shivika moment. Please include ishkara scenes too. Don’t want to see that riddima

  32. Adityakiran


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    Hi JAZ Monique Roz Priya Mukta SHIVANI Shaiza Ahliya And ALL The Members of The GROUP.
    A BIG Hi to Renima.
    Once Again I Wish You A Very NICE And A HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
    Actually Here Two Three Days Wi-Fi is Troubling Me.
    I Hope You Had A Very NICE And PLEASANT Day.
    Everything Went WELL.
    I STUDIED 1200 GK Questions (Multiple Choice Questions) Regarding Paper.
    Am Very HAPPY.

  33. Nishi

    I don’t get much to comment as i’m busy with my coaching bt whenever i’ll get time..i would love to talk to u all <3

  34. Kiki


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    What an episode…. Luv u Billu ji… Im waiting for more romantic as well as funny moments of Shivika… day by day my love for ishqbaaz is increasing….

  35. Guman

    Bheege honth tere….😂😂😂😂😂
    Hillarious yaar….
    Shivika is the best…..😍😍😍
    #shivika rocks…!!!!
    Waiting for t o m a r r o w……😄😄

  36. Diya

    I loved the episode. Rudra’s eyebrows expressions are so hilarious. Notice them whenever Anika speaks to Shivaaye.what a brilliant actor!!I complain that the love track is slow but actually it’s nice how they are making shivika’s love story progress slowly and naturally. How is Shivaay sooooo arrogant and Om so down to earth! But I know two siblings who love each other can be that different. Looking forward to tomorrow’s episode.

  37. Kalika

    I just don’t feel Ishana and Om I don’t know why, but tney have 0 chemistry. They just keep on looking at each other las if their puppy just got run over. Om actually needs an Anika type.

  38. Iamsofianeak


    |Registered Member

    Guyss spoiler is out , anika & shivaaye go out for a dinner organized by OmRu …
    Malika ( surbhi jyoti ) is shivay’s ex-girlfriend ahaha

  39. Jazz

    As always shivika rocks. ❤️❤️💕💕Waiting for tomorrow’s episode. 😂😂😂😄😄😄

  40. shahabana

    Heyyyy ishqbaazians gd mrng guyz, hv a amazing dayyyyy. Love the episode verymuch.shivika is awsome, im just falling for shivika day by day. And i love rumya also they where cute and childish couple. And love u omkara, im confused who is his partner ridhima or ishana. Waiting for surabi jyothis entry. Love u ishqbaaz.

  41. Nelka

    A big hii to all my friends …..Nadiya di,renima di, dil akka,kat,mukta,monique,disha ,mishri ,luna,haya,priya,shaza,roz,rose,pragya,ishika,ishita,shivani,nivedha,adi,rosu,mukti n all my sisters……how r u all well na….

  42. Luna

    Guys, I dont know if this news is true or not but I’ve heard that Ishkara love story has been changed yet again. I heard that Gul mam is taking interest in Ishkara story and making changes in it. And we will get more Ishkara scenes after next 2-3 weeks. Dont know if this is truth or a rumor.

  43. Nelka

    Nadiya di…… i’ve read the translation.i mentioned it in d previous page.thnkz a lot di…..luv u my sweet di…..n of course ur ability is just amazing.hurrayyyy.a big applause for uuu.😚😚😚😚

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    Hey muktha…..Thank you for remembering me and for your greetings……Today’s episode is excellent.precap is so funny….Poor shivaay

  45. salsa

    very disappointing spoilers for ishkara fan… o my god how is ishana going to make this up now…
    and for shivika this is awesome….. omg dinner date planed by omru…. and entry of mallika 🙂 🙂

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    gD mrngZZZ.. frndzzz 🙂
    A vry happyYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY B’dyyyyyyy TO shaza and kiki .. 😀
    This epi was cheerful ,lovelyyy 😛
    wat abt that CAKE ?? .. Again shivika rockzzzz .. precap made me a laughter .. 😛
    Rudra looking dashing, in BLACK.. om is the only one who trust anika, bt shivay don’t want to accept the fact that she is becharii,, nd innocent ! ye shivay bhi na……… @#%$
    Roumya’z fights alwyzz made A smile in my face,, woh dhono bahut cute heee .. 🙂

  47. Priya15


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    Today also no ishana??? I think CVS is confused.. I l clear their doubts… My dear CVS..

    1.omkara ‘s pair is ISHANA… Do u remember u people gave a title track for ISHKARA.. Remember it and see that it’s of ISHKARA not of ridhima n Omkara…

    2.u showed ridhima like she is with om for money now u r showing that she is feeling guilt for hurting om.. First people was confused of ishu character now they r confused abt ridhima too… I think u people r confused too.. asked for ISHKARA scenes not for ridhima n Omkara scenes.. See the tweets of them clearly..

    4.i think CVS is confused to choose the pair of om as they forgot whom they pair him with.. So pls I request u to see the promos n bg to know who is the real pair…

    5i. i think CVS has forgot one major character named Ishana..

    I l continue that 5.point after 1hr…

    Hii everyone how r u??

    • Mukta

      Hi Priya sweetie!!!!!!! I’m fine!!!!!! But I think u r not????? Just take a deeeeep breathe!!!!!!!!! First of all, it is just a show, not reality!!!!!!!! Secondly, CVs will surely show some Ishkara scenes!!!!!!! Have patience……Sabar ka fal meetha hota hai!!!!!!!!!!!!! Release ur stress and enjoy what’s going on!!!!!!!!!!! And ya don’t take my words negatively!!!!!!!!!!! Love uhh😘

    • Haya123


      |Registered Member

      hYY .. dnt worry .. i’m damn sure, makers will definitely give a grand, awesome scenes of ishkaraa very soon.. b cool, thnk positive,, dear !

    • DhoniKiBehana


      |Registered Member

      True yaa. Missin ishkara scenes. Don’t want to see ridhima or tia. And did you guys see yesterday spoilers. Something exciting for shivika fans

    • shahabana

      I dntknw why i want surabgi jyothi to become lead for omkara. Dnt bash anyone plsss i just told my openion.

    • Enasanjida

      Agree wid u.. I have say lot of tym – realle confused both character.. Ishkara k liya joh song play kiya hain sirf om k liya perfect hain. Ishaana is a bubly girl.. I heard the news – really don’t know is true or fake news. Phir sai Ishaana k story changes… I have no idea. Gul khan 😠😡 issha accha ( Sorry 2 say) 7tellyupdate main – Shaamma bohot accha story create kiya hain – thats totally Unique.. & lyk it. ( Ishkara love story touching my heart) fantastic Shamma dear- 👍👌If u r hear- just say WOW

  48. |Registered Member

    gud mrng mukta disha aliya haya kat rosu rose neha priya nabanita belle nadiya renima enasanjida luna neha monique aditya shaza dil ishika how r u all?

  49. |Registered Member

    I have started watching ishqbaaz bcoz of ishkara but now I love shivika too much.I know ishana will be back with a bang

  50. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    so here i continue the fifth point……

    5.i think cvs has forgot one major character named ishana….a con women but with genuine heart..forced by her dad to do bad things….now can u people remember???that has been 1 week she has shown in ishqbaaz more character ..seriously cvs,…pehle hi aaplog roz ishana ko lakhon
    scenes dete ho..issme ab ek aur character….sacchi u l forget her..but dont worry i m here na..i l remind u abt her again..okay??

  51. Asmita...


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    Spoiler ~

    Mala’s death gets Omkara and Riddhima together-
    Omkara tells Riddhima about Bela misguiding him about her. Riddhima gets doubtful about Mala and Bela’s intentions to create tension between Omkara and her. Riddhima calls up Mala to meet. Ishana realizes she will be confronted by Riddhima. Ishana decides to kill one of the dual characters she is playing. Ishana kills Mala’s character to distract Riddhima from getting more suspicious about her. Riddhima was observing Mala, and this makes Ishana play her cards.

  52. sujina

    happy birthday shaza n kiki…n happy belated birthday renima di…may all 3 of u get happiness n ur dream come true…
    loved shivika moments…wht’ll happen 2 sso…eager 2 watch…ishqvaaz rocks…

  53. nit

    Hello guys..i’m new here..i’m silent reader of your comments n i’m watching ishqbaaz frm first epi…this show is really amazing n totally addictive..i’m biggest fan of shivika n omkara they are very cute…even roumya are going grt..i think time should be taken by cvs to make ishkara scenes even though now they are not showing ishana..its btr to show ishana aftr some time than making her character confused..

  54. renima

    A very big Hai to all my LOVELY ISHQIES…… shivani, nadiya, mukta, priya, nelka, navi. haya, roz, rosu, rose, disha, aqua, jazz, pradishma, yashal, sunanda, luna, enasanjida, fatarajo, monique, neha, asmita, niveda…..HAVE A NICE DAY…..PRETTY ISHQIES…Am on office…..and…..i have lot of work…….Today…..still…..i will try to comment ishqies……How are you alllll?????…….aditya, sat ….thanks for the wishes…….
    KIkki & Shaza…..Many more happy returns of the day……May this birthday will blossom you with lot of ISHQSSSSSS….LOVE YOU ISHQIES……ENJOY……

  55. Sat


    |Registered Member

    It seems so sso, Om,rudra, are going to be dressed in Krishna’s get-up. Very much eager to see them like that

  56. renima







    • disha

      Thankyou di for your lovely comment . apki bhi Feelings, Happiness, Views, Fun and Comments ko kisi ki nazar na lage aur apki sari wishes zaldi se puri ho jaye

    • Mukta

      Thankew Renima di!!!!!!!!!!! And same to u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish our Ishqbaaz family remains happy and blessed forever!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. renima

    OH! TU Ishqie…you feel bad…..just because i said” moderations ke bhi”…..chill TU ishqie……
    Yesterday ……you….posted……all comments……very faster….Thank you TU……..
    Today also……pls… ……new comments….as….soon…as….possible……

  58. Mukta

    @Shaza I’ve left a reply for u in previous day wu page!!!!!!! I think u haven’t read that!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Mukta

    Friends I wanna know that is there anyone whose birthday comes on 7th June????? Please tell me!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kiki


      |Registered Member

      Hi Muktha… Today is my last exam& last day in my school.My friends gave me a surprise party there.. My day is going well…

      • Mukta

        Ohh waw!!!!!!! That’s nice!!!!!!!! BTW how was ur exams?????? And ya what do u mean by last day?????? In which class do u study??????

    • Shaza

      My birthday is going awesome me and my whole family had a blast in Le Meredian ( hotel) at night 12:00 they blindfolded me and took me to my favorite hotel and invited my all friends also and atlast I got what I was asking from my parents from so long ..iPad pro 🎊🎉😄 day of my life ..and I can’t believe I’m writing this write now in my I pad .

  60. Sheena


    |Registered Member

    Hello everyone! I’m Sheena..u may not know me..well, i used to comment on sh page…
    hey Shivuu!! 🙂 Do u remember me?? How r u??
    Actually, i just saw shivani’s comment here..i just started watching ishqbaaz bcoz of vrushika..coz she was also a part of d3 so i just wanted to know whats her role in this serial.. Anyways, this is a good serial..after sadda haq, i did not watch any hindi fiction..but i’ll try to watch this show..
    Good day everyone!! 🙂

  61. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    hey guys..i have written one os on RAGSAN…now only i submitted it…when it is published i l give u read it….if u have time then give ur views..hope u people l support me..

  62. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    The episode was 😂😂😂😂 lol the silver thing turned out to be Olympics haha Anika 😂 and OmRu’s reaction the way they do 😱 Was 😂 and poor Anika brought a 🎂 for Shivaye but instead his muffler caught 🔥and she pushed him into the 🏊 😂

  63. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    where is renima di ?????????i miss u di..i have requested u something..okay u l not get registered also then give me ur mail id pls….

  64. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    And also Rudra and Sounya conversation where Rudra says he loves 🏏 And soumua loves 🍟🌯🍔 and
    Shivika scenes r amazing just amAzing shivaye’s scene listening to Kar gayi chill 😂 And then that emraan Hasmi song 😂 And then ladies function? 😂

  65. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    I just love everything about ishqbaaz these days also no annoying tia scenes but no ishkara scenes 😭😭😭 they r still my fav despite no scenes omkara-riddhima is not bad i would have liked them if there was no ishkara 😅 But i m a big fan of ishkara 😍😍😍 i like Shivika and roumya too but ishkara 😍

  66. Nivedha

    ISHKARA missing😖😖😖😖😖
    Hi all
    Renima di mukta priya shivani haya roz aliya fatarajo oosho akbar asmita luna mathi kiki shai shaza and all ishqbaaazians
    How are u guys?
    I’m good

  67. chetna

    I am missing ishkara 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭soooòooooooo much
    I love ishkara 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍

  68. Pragya

    Hey guys how are u all…….cvs is showing the same track since 2 month s …at least one couple should go further….all the three are in the starting point…..ishana s plans flops a lot..if she is Om s lead then some thing should happen…..but they are showing on and. Riddima to gether always…..😞😞😞 shivika rocks as usual…..❤😍

  69. jassi

    waiting for todays epi..shiv pant is to see his expressions..they were too cute together..

  70. jassi

    Anika and Shivay’s cute moments will be seen more often now. Omkara and Rudra decide to make Shivay turn friendly with Anika. They think this can get possible when Shivay understands Anika as a person, not an employee. Omkara and Rudra plan everything to surprise the duo. They arrange a dinner date for Anika and Shivay. Omkara asks Shivay to interact with Anika, and knows Anika will not be quiet from her side. Shivay and Anika reach the venue and meet up. Anika’s non stop chattering fills the space always.AdvertisementThey start a conversation to know each other, and just then Shivay’s ex girlfriendMallika walks in. Anika gets to know another SSO. Thenew entry of Mallika would influence Anika. Anika started realizing Shivay’s good heart. Would Shivay stop doubting on Anika and bond with her? Omkara and Rudra still put efforts to turn Anika and Shivay into good friends. It has to be seen how the brothers bring peace in Shivay’s life by ending his fights with Anika.

    • shahabana

      I read in spoiler that that dinner date will spoiled by tia. Tia will knw about their dinner plan and she will also reach there and she insults anika for going to date with shivaye but shivaye will support anika infront of tia.

    • shahabana

      Gd evng renima dr. Hw are u? i read yesterday about ur love story , all the best for ur love life dr,i will pray for u to get ur love in ur life, i think u should confess ur feelings to ur love, everything will be fine dntwrry, all the best for ur future and stay blessed always.

  71. NazneenSyed

    S-smart. H-handsome. I-ideal. V-valiant. A-arrogant. A-audacious. Y-youngster. O-optimistic. M-meritorious. K-kind-hearted . A-admirable. R-realistic. A-ambitious. R-refresher. U-unexpurgated. D-debonair. R-reliable. A-ambitious. N-noble. I-idiomatic. K-kind. A-amazing. I-idyllic. S-simplistic. H-humorous.
    A-amazing. N-naughty.


    And this one is for you Renima
    M-mind blowing
    A-abbreviation queen 👑.
    I hope you liked it.And wish you a very happy birthday 🎂
    Hi all ishkies how are you all.Yesterday’s episode was wooooooooooow.I’m waiting eagerly for today’s episode.And Happy birthday to Shaza and Kiki🍰 .How is your day going on?
    This stupid Ridhima is creating problem between Om and Ishana.

  72. anu

    Yeh !!!!!!!surbhi jyoti entry is going to happen …… As i m thinking that this show is going around brothers their relation,mysteries,secrets……. see,bromance of three main lead,tia’s brother – ?for me ,sumo’s brother – no physical appearance till now but his name is creating suspense, anika’s brother – damn cute but his custody and all drama .. I m thinking too much i know 😜😜😜😜 but i think future we witness many new entries alike surbhi jyoti 😮😮😮😮

  73. anu

    In upcoming episode mala is going to die as ridhima is suspicious on mala so ishana plan to end one character but with this her plan again flop bcoz ridhima is really very upset and shocked for mala and this ridhima ‘s concern bring om and ridhima more close to heart

  74. anu

    Hii mukta daily i read all the comment u are asking about birthday on 7 june actually my chotu brother’ s b’ day on 6 june and my best friend kirti’s birthday on 7 june but sry to say my birthday is on 16 may

  75. anu

    As i m 1 day old member of ishqbaaz ,i just remember some members os ishqbaaz family like,mukta,priya,shaza,rinima,nadiya,disha,haya,shivani sry other members but with pace of tim i get to know all of ur names

  76. Haya123


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    Gd evezzzzzzzzzzzzz to all ishqiessssssssssss, reniiiiii dii,niviiiiiiiiii,nadiya,priya di,shaza,sat,kiki,shivani,mukta,roz,rosu,luna,nelka,diya,prathi,kat,mishri,shahabana,aliya,ooshi,aqua,monique,dil,disha,neha,.. 🙂 😀 😛
    evening thought, I’M DEDICATING THis tO All ISHKARA fanzzz 😛 :-
    ” Think Positive
    Be positive,
    And Positive Things Will Happen “

  77. anu

    Happy birthday cuties shaza and kiki,May your coming year surprise you with the happiness of smiles, the feeling of love and so on. I hope you will find plenty of sweet memories to cherish forever. Happy birthday once again shaza and kiki🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁 this day is all yours ,do whatever u like 🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎉🎉🎊 party hard

  78. renima

    Priya ishqie……i can’t give….my mail id…’s attatched with my official purpose…….please don’t mind…..and…..ishqie…….about registration……i just done it……but …..i can’t give the guarantee…..that ……i will continue as a member…….and……seems……so many hectic schedule for me in office yaar…….mostly ……my work load will be less at evening…..but……today……it just going on……and… …….assistant …….is …..on……leave…….yaar…..
    So ishqie….will talk to you later….

    • Priya15


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      Di I just want to ask u one thing.. It’s OK.. No need of mail Id.. I l say it to u through private message.. U just send me one msg from ur account.. Just one thing I want to ask..

  79. anu

    Hiii mukta are u serious i mean why every coincidence happen with me as my best friend kirti’s chotu brothers bday on 15 may as their criss cross link btw me and my friend now again a link ur sister b’ day on sam day

  80. NazneenSyed

    Shivaay’s heart started melting for Anika.Usne kitne pyaar se Anika ka haath pakad ke use ghar Mein pahunchaya.

  81. renima

    Priya ishqie……i was …..bit….tensed…..dear…….that’s why i just……said……i can’t guarantee…..all…….i mean…….i tried to say something else…… but ……gussa……nikal diya…..comment pe… sorry ishqie……i was upset with my manager……..and……..he crossed ……all….limits……..he….behaves… such away…..that……all employees…… will feel bad……actually… assistant…..he didn’t informed me that he is on leave……and……my work pressure……was …..on …..peak…….sorry yaar ishqie……..

    • Priya15


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      Aap NE mujh par gussa nikhala?? Kab?? Di jaldi batao.. Did u have registered.. I want to ask one thing… Plss…..

      • renima

        Priya….jaldi yaar…..pls ask soon… in rush…… i forgot to make a paper…….and am still in office work…….. don’t know……..when ……i will be back in home….. if possible ask now dear……because…..i will not be able to comment on next week yaar…….ok……and…..if you can’t ask me it now……then you have to wait…… ok ishqie

      • renima

        And if i didn’t reply you ……pls……don’t mind…..moderations ki problem…….Ok…..i entered to cabin……..and …..not able to comment…….

    • renima

      Priya ……can you ask it here? if possible…..Ishqie……. my account …….it’s not ……get….opened….ishqie

    • renima

      Ishqies……..tomorrow also…..i ……will not be able to comment…….i have to work from home…….upcoming week will be……very ……heavy……for….me……………. and on evng itself…..i have to report my head also….. i have to attend urgent meetings and quick visits of our company’s branches……next week full……oh god ….. will…..miss u all……..mukta, priya, nadiya, haya, disha, navi, nivedha, pradhishma,nelka, luna, kikki, neha, enasanjinda, shaza, shahabana, aditya, aqua,yashal, mishri, aliya, monique,……my lovely ishqies……..

      • shahabana

        Ohhhh renima u r tooo busy i will miss ur comments dr, waiting for ur comments. K come after ur works done, byyyy tc dr.

      • Shaza

        Renima do ..if you don’t mind I wanted ask that what work do and that’s so sweat that being so busy u comment 😄…pls can I call you renu di ???

    • Priya15


      |Registered Member

      Okay di… I l Send u a private msg.. No hurries .. U see it once u become free okay??… And ya that’s not hurry.. See the pm for sure..

  82. Monique_D


    |Registered Member

    Just cant wait for tonight’s episode.
    And yes I too wanna see a bit of progress regarding ishaana and Om as week as Rudra and Soumaya.

    Must say this show has got that x factor pity the ratings doesn’t shoe the kind of justice that the show deserves.

    • shahabana

      Ratings are not good but not bad also its everage. Problem is clear tm slot and veiwers of ishqbaaz are youngstors some are students some of them stays in hostel and all are busy so most of ppl watch this show in hotstar. So this is the reason for trp. But u knw guyz online trp is good its in 4th place in online trp. In bark trps only sas bahu drama are in topsyar. Anyways hope next weak trp will become good.

  83. Shai


    |Registered Member

    Finally latest spoilers on why O bros were in kanha dress!!
    Shivaye-as you all know from the precap,his pants will get torned,so Anika will offer his the costume,bechara had to wear it!!
    Omkara-Riddhima will compel him to wear krishna’s attire for some function(don’t know how he agreed)
    Rudra-In her party,Rumi will force Rudra to become Kanha (bechara no. 2!!!)
    So Ishqbaaazians are you excited??

  84. |Registered Member

    I want to ask cvs why they are changing ishkara love story .does they want to make ailean love story or make one of them from other planet it would be unique

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.