Ishqbaaz 25th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye slaps Rudra

Ishqbaaz 25th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Servant says Rudra is calling you to the storeroom. Shivaye goes. Rudra gets Tej’s pics. He recalls Anika’s words. He throws the pics and sees Shivaye’s pic on magazine cover. He says I will prove to the world that Shivaye isn’t mentally stable, Shivaye will be finished today. Anika asks Gauri and Bhavya why is this press conference held. Bhavya says don’t know. Gauri says Om said that Rudra wanted to make a business announcement about some deal. Anika asks is it Agarwals deal, Shivaye said its not good for the company, I need to talk to Shivaye.

Shivaye comes to storeroom and asks are you here Rudra, maybe he left for his room. Rudra throws something to get him in. Shivaye looks for him and walks in. Rudra leaves. Shivaye falls down over the pics. Rudra pulls off the curtains. The lights

fall on pic. Shivaye sees Tej’s pic and recalls his death. He gets scared and gets inside a cupboard, shutting his ears. Rudra asks reporter did he get it. Reporter agrees. Rudra says when I sign you, just start the work, we have to finish him today. Anika hears him and says what was Rudra talking to Shivaye, I have to talk to Shivaye.

Rudra says this press conference is imp, because today Om and I are going to announce a big deal, we cracked it after much time with hard work, this deal will give a new identity to Oberois and Agarwals. Reporter says Agarwal said deal isn’t signed by Shivaye yet. Om says its our deal, Shivaye’s sign is just a formality. Rudra says I think we should tell everyone the truth, Shivaye isn’t in such state that he can sign any deal for the company or take any decision, because he has lost his mental stability, he has gone mad. Om and everyone get shocked.

Shivaye comes there. Rudra says you would have thought who will manage industry after Tej’s murder, we will manage it. Shivaye hears this and goes. Reporter asks is this true that Shivaye has lost his mental balance. Rudra says since Shivaye was released from jail, there have been many incidents, he sees blood on his hands, he gets scared of trivial things, he sees many people and runs away, he keeps lying in water the whole night. Om looks at Rudra. Shivaye comes to the pool and recalls Tej’s pics and news bulletins. He falls into the pool. Reporters ask how can we believe you, maybe you are lying because of business rivalry. Anika says yes, he is lying, my husband is fine, he will need time to overcome this tough time. Reporter says you mean he is mentally stable and can handle Oberoi industries. She says yes, he will soon handle Oberoi industries, you can take my word for it. Rudra signs reporter.

Reporter stops Anika and asks why don’t you bring Shivaye here, he can meet the media and everything can be clear. Anika says he is resting in the room right now. Anika sees Rudra signing the reporter. Reporter asks do you call the swimming pool a room. Rudra says you people can decide who is saying the truth, go and check. Anika asks them to listen. Reporters go. Rudra asks Om to come. Reporters see Shivaye and ask what does this mean, you are mentally unstable, what’s the meaning of this. Anika and Om ask him to stop. Anika asks Shivaye to come out. Rudra says now you believe it, Shivaye is mentally ill. Shivaye comes out of the pool. Reporters ask Shivaye can he answer the media now. Shivaye leaves. Reporters follow him. Anika holds him. Shivaye shuts his ears. Anika asks him to say something. She shouts on reporters.

Rudra laughs and claps. He says Shivaye is a sick person. Anika says I didn’t expect this from you, I had been forgiving you till now, you crossed all limits today, Shivaye didn’t sign a contract so you chose this way, you will label him sick for one deal, you should be ashamed. Rudra says don’t compel me to speak, just ignore her guys, its difficult for a wife to accept this, if she accepts this that he is sick, he will leave, how can she live here, after living such lavishly, who would like to return to the slums. Reporter says but she is Shivaye’s wife legally, she has every right to live in this house. Rudra says legal wife, did you see it, I haven’t seen the wedding, when no one has witnessed it, what’s legal, I don’t know what right she has to stay here. Shivaye slaps him. Anika and everyone get shocked.

Shivaye says I tolerated everything, your anger, hatred, bad behavior, because that was directed to me, you are my brother and can do anything, no one has the right to insult my Anika, I love you more than my life but she is my life. Anika cries. Shivaye says my Anika is my wife, my pride, don’t you dare hurt my pride. Rudra says how dare you slap me in front of everyone. He raises hand. Om stops Rudra’s hand. Everyone gets shocked. Om says you think you are so grown up that you will hit your elder brother. Rudra says move aside. Om says no, you are wrong. Rudra says just step aside, I m very angry. Om asks will you hit me, come on. Rudra pushes him aside. Om’s head hits a surface. Gauri shouts and holds him.

Shivaye asks aren’t you ashamed to hit Om. He hits Rudra. Rudra pushes Shivaye. Om stops Rudra. Anika shouts. Everyone looks on shocked. Reporters click pics. Shivaye and Rudra fight. Bhavya asks Rudra to stop it. Anika asks what are you doing, Rudra stop it. Om shouts to stop Rudra. Rudra throws Shivaye on the floor. Om holds him. Om and Rudra fall other sides. Anika holds Shivaye. Hame chod kar….plays…. Bhavya stops Rudra. Gauri holds Om. Everyone cries. Shivaye recalls the old moments. He realizes and calms down. Roop sees news regarding Oberoi brothers and smiles. ShivOmru sit crying.

Shivaye says I know you are upset with me, but last night. Rudra says I don’t want to talk. He touches the hot vessel and gets hand burnt. Om and Shivaye care for him. Shivaye says you will never grow up. Rudra says my hand got hurt, Om explain Bhaiya… Shivaye looks at him. Rudra says I will manage.. sorry.. They all go different ways.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Banita

    Hlo PKJ…
    Today i m upset becz of IB…
    TRP of this week is just 1.4 nd again out of 20… IBians watch ib on TV to save it…
    Nd after watching today’s epi , i just feel like to skip few epis on this track… Becz i never ever wants to see Obros fight…
    It’s heart wrinching to see Rudy like this , Obros like this…
    When Rudra Singh Oberoi told all those things to Anika nd Obros fight…!!!!
    All these things make me emotional…
    “Hume chod kr tum kanha” song remind me of Shivay’s hospital part when he got gun shot to save Anika…
    Now i feeling like to watch old IB , some starting Obros wala epi…
    Some kitchen bromance…
    Some pool side talk…
    Some Rudy’s fun wala logic….
    nd some Obro hug…
    Just want to kill Gulneet… How can they separate Obros like this yrrrrrr…
    They just ruinned Rudy’s character… I agree that his father killed so his reaction is natural , but for now it’s getting high… It’s really hard to watch these scenes…
    No doubt Nakuul , Kunal nd Lee nailing it… Hats of to them…
    I m specially like Lee’s this new avtar (i mean just his acting not about d track)…
    Precap –
    I think will skip this one epi…
    GN PKJ…

    1. Banita

      I didn’t found a single soothing scene in d whole epi…
      Shivay support Anika in front of everyone.. Nd now SSO will be backk.. All r good… But after that those scenes supressed it…
      I don’t like to watch repeat epis , but hope after watching old epis it will be better…

    2. Sindhudi

      Congrats Banita for being number 1. Tripping is Low because some may find that they are dragging too much on Shivaay part of going into depression. It has already been two weeks and no improvement in Shivaay so some are getting bored. They want to see tadibaaz SSO taking on the empire. They don’t want to see the broken brotherhood of Obros. That is why the trp is Low. I know IB is portraying the realism but this is serial so the cvs can’t drag the depression part of Shivaay for too Long. Serials have to move on. In life it may take longer so if they have showed something like SSO coming with a Big Bang then people will be happy so it has been out of 20. That is what o think banita.

      1. Banita

        Yup @Sindhu dii , they r dragging this part a little long… Nd broken brotherhood is d wrost part in this… I also think d same… Just hope TRP will be increase in next week (which I don’t think going to happen)…
        Let’s see…

    3. Riana

      @Bani… although if most of the people watches it on tv also… It wont make… AS SP DO NOT GIVE REPEAT OF IB LIKE OTHER SHOWS… ALL THE TIME YRKKH & OTHER SHOWS… BUT NOT IB YAAR !! 🤬🤬😭😭😭😭😭

      1. Banita

        Riana it’s doesn’t matter either repeat telecast happen or not to TRP….
        TRP count in d prime telecast time…
        Nd about repeat , don’t know what happened to SP..!! Sbki repeat aati hain even Mariyam ka vi repeat aati hain but IB ka nahi…

  2. Appy

    Hii mereHiiii mere khidkitod pagals….
    @Riana dear yup. I watched….
    So come to.episode
    1.This Mr whatever Singh Oberoi is completely blinded by hatred…and he will die 1000 times when truth will come out
    2.Sso….Nakuul you nailed it…I can understand him… much as He himself trying to be normal with help of Annika situation are being worst….his every step falls on risk..
    3.Media at POOL side..kill me…..pool side is scared place for Shivika and shivomru how can they enter like this..😡😡😡😡
    And most disgusting is this media .their rant is always irritating
    That ajeeb reporter was most disgusting.. yukkk
    4.YES here he crossed all limits…..And the lion in Shivaay or SSO came out……Everything was unbearable and insult of her was really crossed all limits………
    How could he say like this …any justification of this work??????????????????
    5.and that fight…HERE I LOST BET TO MY FRIENDS
    And I said that no they fight for each other.
    But I failed….Here ISHQBAAZ LOSTS ITS BIGGEST SPECIALITY..😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    ALL FOR ONE I am.crying😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    Upar se that sad version of lafzo ka ye…..
    AND AFTER FIGHT …..they all realised what sin they have done…that anger hurt pain everything came out but in a wrong way😭😭😭😭😭
    I am.ceyung badly.
    6.Precap-…..this slightly healed my wound. he’ll irritating….
    8 TRP..😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭…
    Why ?????????????????
    Just hope no MU will create between into a and shivika
    Shivika already face many MUs and Omru are still in this zone.
    Going for good episodes as well as trp..

    1. Riana

      @Arpu… did u noticed one thing that ajeeb reporter was 5 years back also… 5 years after also 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    2. Always shivika shivika and shivika. there are other characters also in this show; i.e. om gauri, rudra and bhavya. what about them. nothing improvement in their stories from starting till now. before redux also and in current track also they have been shown direct married couples. No love story, no romance and no marriage scenes. after marriage also nothing left between them including romance. some times just few seconds given to them for one or two scenes in whole week that also general conversation.
      overall they are not getting their enough screen space in this serial that’s all i can say. Recently makers have shown emotional and boring conversation and nothing.

      fans are expecting that their favorite jodi should get special interesting separate track for them like shivika’s story, but till now gulkhan is ignoring not even thinking about their characters. totally spoiled the story.

      Fans are not only waiting to see bromance, obro hug and funny rudra jokes; also would like to see three brothers separate life and love story. if they start showing other two brothers story also, then the trp will definitely go high otherwise sorry anything can happen. fans could not see it once on tv and how can we expect to see that again (repeat)?. That is the reason they are not showing repeatedly. first, show some interesting track between rikara and ruvya also instead of focusing only on shivika.

    3. Mr whatever Singh oberoi, lol nice name

  3. Agga4102

    I think Rudra is arrogant in the redux….

    Even though Shivaay was right in fighting with Rudra, I feel sad seeing them fighting….

    Waiting for their reunion….!

    I think it will be like Shivika divorce where Shivaay may want Omru to accept him without knowing the truth…..

    1. Could you please explain how shivika divorce comes between omru acceptance without knowing the truth.. Sorry I didn’t get you..

      1. Agga4102

        I meant when shivika divorce took place, Anika wanted Shivaay to accept her without knowing the truth….rt? So, I think so Shivaay too wanted Omru to trust him like that….

    2. Riana

      Agga… No not arrogant, he is manipulated by that roop badamwali 😒😒

      1. Agga4102

        I thought she will be good….it’s always said even if u put a dog’s tail in a tube it won’t be straight….

      2. Riana

        Agga… Absolutely correct… Here is the same case whether if its real roop or redux one 😑😏

    3. NSK


      1. Agga4102

        I hope you understood what I meant dear!!!

  4. Omg–I am literally crying today…what am episode..btw guys I am new here…can I join u?

  5. today for the first time ever serial made me parents were also watching it n they also got emotional.i could just watch the second half of the epi n i am really angry since SP which is the craziest channel retelecasts only dumb shows n not IB.for me it was the saddest epi f IB till now.i was just waiting for om to take stand for shivaay and when he stopped rudra from slapping shivaay n said that he was going to stop his brother for me it was the best part f IB but then seeing shivomru fighting was really was the same rudy who wanted to kill himself when shivika were leaving OM .precap -i can’t wait really for that.plz froday cone fast.

  6. Riana

    Gulneet was it very necassary to ruin SHIVOMRU’s Evergreen Bond infront of whole WORLD !!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
    Tadibaaz SSO and Khidkitod Anika are comin back get ready all 😎😎
    What to comment on today’s episode !!!…
    Shivaay slapped rudra for insulting anika…
    Om soft corner finally grew up and he took his brother’s side leaving his own brother !!!… He’s always right…
    I was SHELL SHOCKED AS WELL AS JAW-DROPPED seeing the whole oberoi mansion turnkng into KURUKSHETRA !!!…
    I was cold after everything happened…
    Today’s episode was THE WORST EPISODE OF ISHQBAAZ for me !!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    Now coming to clear some points…
    Shivaay protected anika like a faithful husand and i am proud of him for doing this… He suffered already as one day for ruining anika’s life he’s whole life got ruined…
    But now its ok to forget the past and think about a new and bright !!!…
    Omkara showed maturity by taking shivaay’s side… He was correct !!! ❤️❤️❤️
    Rikara emotional scene made me 😭😭😭
    Shivika too 😭😭😭
    Rudra… Talking about… I felt no sympathy for him bcoz what he did today was utterly EPIC !!!!! 👏👏👏👏
    PRECAP – DISAPPOINTED !!!… 😢😢… But still got a sudden smile seeing when rudra’s hand burn but ShivOm doing the same thing they used to do before !! 😕😕
    Lots of changes are going to take place…
    I guess Real Ishqbaaz is going to CONQUER on Redux Ishqbaaz’s place !!!…
    This was just a teaser…
    Lot to come, lot to go, lot to gain, lot to lose !!!…
    Just wait & watch ! 🙂
    PS – Atleast after this major fight… As some fights are to happen to make relationship stronger…. I hope to see a more strong bonding between ShivOmRu !!!… ❤️… BADAMWALI can never ruin this !!!… NEVER EVER 🤚
    hi guyz… Such a large comment after so many days… ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Now good night 😴

  7. Hello my ishqbaazians 🙋‍♀️ noushin, appy, banita, luthu,shiny and all
    How are you
    Todays episode i don’t have words to say all slayed it.👏👏👏👏👏
    Today episode has never been shown in any serial or channel i guess.
    Rudra a poor innocent soul you use to love his bros unconditionally now he is fighting against them due to such a situation. He had none to guide him during 5 yrs like his shivay bhaiya usually do. Today his anger his rodra roop distroyed obros thread of love. He has not only used his cheap tricks to remove shivay but he insulted his bhabi who is sister to him .The expression of him after fight showed that he realised he did blunder mistake which will not be easily rectified.
    Omkara full of understanding today his fight for was for the truth he knew his little bro did mistake. He was neither supporting shivay nor he was against today he proved that he will always stand for truth. His emotion after fight said what he has done today he has raised his hands on both bros. He realised
    Whatever happened was wrong.
    Shivay what can i say he was full of emotions he can bear hatred of brothers but can’t see someone attacking her jaan. After fight his emotion was like he has lost his brothers today as bond is broken fully today.
    Anika, gauri,bhavya protective and supporting wives i loved the way anika protected shivay but alas no one new rudra rage will ignite sso. After this incident aniriya will also get affected as this will create more problem to maintain the bond they are carrying with themselves.
    Whole episode deserves hand of applause because real test of shivomru has been started.
    Lets see how shiv ke bina om nahi om ke bina ru nahi aur ru ke bina shiv nahi will be proved.
    Bua has filled poison in ob and it has started spreading.
    For me it was 💯💯💯💯💯💯episode
    Bye gn everyone have a happy friday tomorrow
    Keep smiling and take care

    Firstly i like to say about episode seriously toady i felt rudra should not have insulted anika in front of press that to on the basis of her relationship with shivay thats very bad i know he hates shivay let him hate shivay but rudra doesnt have right to insult anika just because she is shivay wife even om has lost his father but he never insulted anika or never disrespected her like rudra should apologise to anika for his behaviour
    Secondly though the episode was bad but i felt that its a good sign for obros beacuse shivay 5 years silence om 5 years pain rudra 5 years hatered all came together and atleast omru frustation will be decreased atleast .1% and yes it was sad to see obros fighting with each other that to in public and i got emotional 😭😭😭 when all three of them rembered there happy moments the pain was visible in there eyes it was very heart touching💔💔 serioulsy HATS OFF TO NAKULEE for potraying emotions so well
    Thirdly i dont know why bua is trying to seperate OBROS but i feel last time bua evilness won infront of shivika love but this time OBROS will win over bua evilness
    And yes precap is indicating that OBRO’S WILL BE BACK THAT TO WITH A BANG👊👊👊

  9. Luthfa

    After finishing watching today’s episode it felt like a heavy storm has passed and now everything is calm and silent.The storm has left behind destruction of extreme level as a result.Those five year’s pent up anger,pain,depression,helplessness-everything came to surface through physical fighting that is being played in mind and heart till now.The last thread of tolerance has broken today from every side.Destruction follows creation-vice versa and it’s a permanent rule of Nature.Let’s see,what is in store for Obros as creation after their self-made destruction.A very needed episode.Though it was not pleasing to watch still,most important one till today.Now everything will fall into place.Here comes the analysis-
    1.Rudra Singh Oberoi played really well and manipulated the situation in his favour completely.Shivaay Singh Oberoi couldn’t even defend himself,such powerful was RSO’s attack.Very mean,shameful,wicked,rotten way to have one’s own way.Rudra Singh Oberoi has crossed all the limit today and he has to be stopped and punished now.
    2.Whatever is happening with Shivaay,he deserves every bit of it(sorry to say) because he himself gave the opportunity to torment him like that.He has presented himself as a very easy target and Rudra is taking the advantage fully.He is playing without opponent that he thinks but that’s not true.Someone else is playing making him as Her pawn!
    3.Being impulsive is good but humans shouldn’t forget to be practical and realistic at the same time.Omkara Singh Oberoi couldn’t stop his baby brother from doing all those torturous stunt on Shivaay but now he is behaving like he cares?What is the reason?Is it Shivaay’s condition or his own conscience?Any thinking hat?
    4.The brother SSO is protective by nature but the husband SSO is way more protective than the previous one.Resson-human heart!
    5.ShivOmRu-Three name of a same entity.They were apart but today they got United.And unity is strength.Now weakness will have to accept defeat.Let’s see.

    Precap:Destruction is done.Now it’s time for Creation.A new start from where everything was left,once.

  10. i really can’t see shivomru in this way.its impossible.but hats off to all the actors especially NM,KJ n LM.they really nailed it .i now really want to kill that badamwali.she’s damn irritating.finally i could finish my opinion in 2 comment.

  11. Stargazer

    Rudy what r u doing??? He doesn’t even listen to Om.…. I m not liking it…
    Om I m so happy that u finally said that Rudy is wrong… He seems like Tej yaar with this villainous role…
    Loved how Anika stood up for Shivaay and vice versa… Also how she hold Shivaay was way too awesome…
    Dear makers, please bring out the truth in front of everyone specially Rudy so that we can have that OBRO moment… I m missing it…

  12. Back to IB after long time.. Firstly how are you guys? Sindhu, Luthfa, bani, arpu, jeevi.. I hope you guys doing great..
    Coming to episode.. Wow Tej ka athma entered Rudra’s body..
    All three where apt to their name today..
    Shivaay full of emotions, om with sensible, Rudra with anger..
    Once the truth is out among these three Rudy gonna regret more..
    Finally Tadibazz sso will be back on next week..
    Most of them would have hate Rudy but think from his position.. His dad was in dead bed & saying that his big bro shot him for property still he hoped that no there might be some thing but in that time whole share property was transferred to his name.. He was so hurt by his father figure bhaiya.. In those 5 years that hurt changed into hatred, revenge, vengeance…
    In this episode I feel pity for prinku.. She was even more hurt.. She doesn’t know whim to support.. By the way where is dadi.. Once Bua came dadi is missing..
    Do guys think does Tej will be back..?
    If he comes back the logic will be shut down..
    While they fighting and crawling in the floor I was literally laughing bcoz me & sis use to fight like this.. I was nostalgic.. It was so real..
    Think coming week we may see many Rollercoaster episodes..
    Gud night & have a tight sleep..

  13. Bhavish sawan

    I am just not liking this!!!
    Seeing shivomru fighting like this was a shock
    Since the start of the show…This was the worst episode i ever watch!!!
    Please Gul Khan reunite shivomru.
    I felt like crying today watching this episode..


  14. Rudra deserved that slap. Only body but no brain.

  15. blo*dy makers again and again they abuse and humiliate ladies by calling them mistress what does the maker thing trp will be raised by calling anika mistress again and again . they dont have shame for showing humiliation of ladies . makers are hypocrites where they show #me too story and they insult the lead characters . i feel rudy needs to be punished for calling his bhabhi a mistress if they want to show a social viewpoint .

  16. I’m crying it’s uncontrollable for me as a die hard obro fan… I can’t write more..

    It’s me dishani01 I lost phone…

  17. Sindhudi

    Hello everyone, yesterday’s episode was dhamkaal episode. Such a stirring episode. First Rudra deserves the slap from Shivaay. Of course he spoke ill of Anika. Shivaay will not tolerate anything Ill about his Wife. Actually I wanted to slap Roop the mastermind of all this fiasco for instigating Rudra.

    Rudra you brought the press and destroyed the reputation of the Oberoi brothers and empire. No elders around to even witness this scene. How dare Rudra try to slap Shivaay but I am glad Om intervened. At least Om knows they still need to show respect to the older brother.

    Of course I did not want the brothers all to fight especially both trying to stop Rudra. I honestly don’t know why Rudra went to the extreme. He has inherited Tej qualities clearly unfortunately. In the precap it was nice to see the old Rudra back but then again they sepearated.

    Why aren’t the bahus doing something to help the three brothers? Only Shivaay listens to Anika but for gauri and Bhavya omru do not listen to their wives rather their wives are like their puppets. There is nothing that bhavya and Gauri could do to help them see and accept Shivaay. They both are also in fear of their Husbands afraid the brothers might find out.

    I just feel why Shivaay still is not coming out of his post traumatic stress disorder? Even if he wants to I think people like Rudra does not allow him to come out of depression. Actually the serial teaches a lesson for those family members who go to prison due to unforeseen circumstances. How family members support is very important for that victim to come out of depression. If the brothers have treated Shivaay well and as before Shivaay would have resumed his position and recovered from depression but he only had two support. One is Khanna and the other of course his Wife Anika.

    I need Shivaay to go back to SSO mode and resume his CEO position. He is the only one who bring Omru back to track.

    What is Roop’s secret agenda? What is she going to benefit from all this?

  18. Sindhudi

    Oh I loved the back hug from Anika. That was awesome!!! It has been Long time since I have seen this after the Taj case.

  19. Vidyakrish

    Yesterday episode was awesome finally all emotion are out. It’s good because three brothers are no time or situation to out there emotion in last five years if it’s ours so no problem shivaay slap Rudy in angry was good I think tej and bua are together to make plan to get oberio mansion my thinking only let’s wait and watch

  20. Want shivaay to reveal the truth of what tej planned

  21. i did not watch the episodes when tej was killed by shivaay and all that drama happened and i neither read the updates. So I have a really strong doubt…. Shivaay said that he killed tej for his own profit and tej also said the same thing and so omru believed tej and shivaay was sent to jail….but I do not understand that why aren’t omru realizing that the confessions of tej and shivaay were not true because if shivaay did all that for business and profit then by now he would have taken control of everything as he still holds 50 % shares-more than om and rudy….
    why are the makers showing om and rudy to be so stupid..they know what shivaay can do for family and there was a tym when the trusted him the most…then why aren’t they now trying to get the whole truth and can’t they approach khanna for once….and was their trust so weak….when gauri and bhavya can trust him why can’t they?????
    the story is out understanding…. the once so strong bond can’t break like this…
    I know what the makers must be having in the store for us… roop bua will divide them and take away everything or rudra will sign a deal not acceptable by shivaay and then when they will face losses and the family would be in troyble than shivaay would again become the old sso and omru will realize their mistake and then they will unite to fight for the family….n m telling you, tej would be revealed to be alive and working with the aasteen ka saap-roop bua……
    so much predictable……
    but of course, it is the real tst of the brothers and for the good, their bond will become more stronger than before after all this drama….:-)
    but i really want omru to take a good class of shivaay for always hiding things from them…it would be fun…..

  22. Really liked this episode after a long and boring twists this story is finally back on the track and now we shall see Rudra in a better avtar thank you Ameena for the written updates this twist today made my day finally.
    This twist was due to that psychiatrist who challenge Anika and Shivay love but when is the story coming back on the part

  23. Guys…IB is different than other shows thats why we Love it.
    I agree its unbearable to see Shivay in the PTSD mode and broken RL btw ShivOmRu but as Luthfa said…after each destruction comes a creation, the Obros needed the fight to release the pain, anger n hurt they all were keeping inside.
    Waiting with abated breadth for the Return of SSO….tadibaaz, mobile phone breaker, Anikas Shivay but most of all
    SHIVOMRU will Unite AND from now they will have a bond that God wont even try breaking…
    so plz support our loved ShivOmRu, AniRiYa and Shivika💝

  24. Nikita_jai29

    Episode is very dramatic and bad… Please end this track.. I don’t know what cvs want to achieve.. They have ruined every character essence..

    1. NSK


  25. NSK

    Really sad after watching the episode😢

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