Ishqbaaz 25th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Om confesses love to Gauri

Ishqbaaz 25th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye sings a rap. He stops the girls. Anika asks what was this. Gauri asks Om to think again. He says thinking is done in deal, not in love, I love you. Saathiya…..plays….. She cries. Some time before, Anika holds her wig. Shivaye comes and says my clothes didn’t come on time, I was going wear this in dance, you look conscious, people will know. She says I feel this wig will fall anytime. He says I told you to call my stylist, you trusted your lane Pappu. She says he is Lappu ji, don’t call him Pappu, don’t doubt his talent, Ram Leela happens in my lane. He says so you like Taadka. The lady says see this old woman is scolding Sardar ji. The girls ask Shivaye for his autograph, he sings so well. He asks do I sing. Anika says I think they think you are a punjabi singer. He says I don’t

know its a surprise. Anika says he is punjabi’s Hrithik. The girl says let him talk. Shivaye asks Anika to get on side. She goes and greets ladies. She asks waiter to cool the cold drink and sends him. The lady says we are not young, we should be careful in this age. Anika says I m young.

Gauri cries and says its too late now, I would have believed you if I didn’t read your letter. Om asks which letter, I didn’t write any letter. She says you started lying, I know you never had respect for our relation, I know this, I have always did a wife’s duty, by becoming Chulbul and Gauri, you were my Lord, you didn’t regard me wife. He says I realized my mistake, I have seen relations as deal always, I have seen my mum dying, so I lost belief in relations, sorry I took time to understand our relation. She says I know and understand you, you have seen a lot in life, but my tolerance ended now, you always think I m wrong, I have to give innocence proof, its enough now, its late, nothing can happen. He says you mean you are ready to marry someone whom you don’t love, you feel you will be happy. She says when I loved someone, was I happy marrying him, no, happiness is not by relations, but by fate, I got a bad fate. He says listen, you are forgetting you are still my wife. She laughs and asks what are you saying, you didn’t believe in this marriage till now. She pushes him angrily. Anika says I m not old.

Rudra says 55. Anika says I m 55. The lady says you look 65. Rudra says I counted there are 55 people here, if we have to make Gauri leave, we are just 5, each one has to manage 11. She says you are smart, look at Shivaye. Rudra sees him with girls and says he really thinks he is Daljeet, when we made him Dilpreet’s brother. Anika goes to Shivaye. Girl asks what’s your next song. Shivaye sings a rap and dances with them. Anika comes to him. Girl asks him to sing a song. Anika scolds the girl. She asks what was this. Shivaye calls her Chachi ji. Anika says that girls are half your age. He asks so shall I romance someone double my age.

Om says I know I repeated my mistake, my doubt ended now, you always asked your value in my life, I never had answers, but today I have an answer. He holds her and does shayari. Saathiya…..plays……He gets on knees and says there is no difference between love and worship for me now. She asks him to think once. He says thinking is done in deal, not in love. He holds her hand and says I love you. Jo na keh sake tum……plays…… He holds her close and says I love you…. She cries.

Gauri’s mum looks for her. Rudra argues with Ajay. Rudra says till you don’t get engaged with Gauri, she is not your fiancee, if you try to threaten her, Dilpreet says fight with sardar is not good. Ajay asks are you in army or police. Bhavya comes and says he has habit to forget, he is in army, not police, sorry. Ajay goes. She asks Rudra not to thank her. She says I came here on Shivaye’s saying, I m not doing your duty, you would have done research on army if you wanted to become army man. He says I know, I was with a police officer and so this happened. She looks at him and asks him not to do anything wrong now. She goes. He says how do I forget, she got married. Lady asks Anika to be away from spices in this age. Anika asks shall I eat first, I don’t get any gas. Lady says once you get ill, your husband gets away and goes after young girls.

Anika thinks no, my Shivaye is not such, he told me I love you yesterday. She goes to Shivaye. He asks girls to go. He says I feel hot. She says fine, and moves fan towards him. Her hair fly. He starts laughing. She asks what happened. He says you are looking like a full bhootni, I m feeling scared, if Halloween was now, I would have taken you in Halloween party. She asks what. He says ghosts are remembered and celebrated there. She says you are enjoying a lot. He says I feel you came out of a horror movie. He gets scared imagining. He says we will take a selfie, come on. She says you feel you are young. He says I eat organic food, you eat spicy oily food, bye bye aunty. He goes. She says it means that old aunties were saying right. Om says please come back home. Gauri says no, I can’t come, you go from here, I don’t want any drama. She goes. Saathiya…..plays……

Shivaye and everyone get together. Om says Gauri refused to come, she doesn’t want us to do any drama. Shivaye asks will you go if she says. Om says I never gave her anything, I will do this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Aastha_Reddy

    Chippdavaay Singh Oberoi and Auntynnika…Singer Singh Oberoi and 55 ki Bhootnnika…Rocked in comedy usual khidkitod style.
    Gouri Kumari Sharma…She fulfilled all quota of all anger,pain and justice for three Annika-Gouri plus the scape goat Soumya too by back answeing Omkara..Yeah Ajay is a blackmailer but she show Omkara Singh Oberoi earth by stating facts..the truth speaking monk was hurt-wounded by truth today..each word he uttered was so desperate seemed like he was being punished for all the crimes the entire Oberoi clan did against girls and their wives…Oh his single Munda head..Shrenu Parekh nailed strong Gouri Sharma.the best of Gouri Sharma.
    Rudra added spices in fun factor with his usual way of taunting enemies.. today it was Ajay..
    those two ladies…hilarious and more was Shivaay bhaiyya’s song-” Tien tien fiss!!!”.

    1. Aayushi_kul

      So true.. Gauri was at her best today…jst loved how she stood fr herself

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        This is what we always expect Annika to behave with Shivaay few months ago ang Gouri took a stand for herself…Truth hurts..and it hurt Omkara Singh Oberoi very badly…Aayushi Kul.

    2. Go Aastha di Go.Congratulation on being first, the great wall of PKJ family…

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Thanks Luthfa Dear…Good morning..

    3. Dhwani_Naidu

      Go aastha go!! For the first time!! Yeah surely the best of gauri sharma was today

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        And desperate of Omkara Singh Oberoi…Thanks Dhwani Naidu. For the time ego hit hard..for the time I don’t remember..

    4. Nivedita

      Go Ashthu Go! The website log in isn’t working on my phone.. So imagine a Winner cup today please. 🙂

      I totally agree SSO’s Tai tai fiss was rad! I laughed so much at it! Glad the comedy quotient and the romantic quotient this episode was good.

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Thanks Nivedita…SSO and Singer lolz…Ha ha ha…Saare girls bhaag jaayegi after hearing his voice..Annika and her walk,her stumbling on carpet,eating, opening hair and those two aunties totally hilarious…I will surely watch repeat telecast in lunch [email protected]

    5. Pushpa

      GAG…..shivaye tia tia piss was owsm flurtign and his language superb…
      as for gauri i was mad cause she didnt even listen 2om’s explanation…shivaye hv always meniton hw important she is in om’s life…but i think wht u said is true…..all her pain is spitted as poison thts yr duty to clean it…

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Its alright…SSO sab thik kardenge…sab..pushpa

    6. Dhwani_Naidu

      Am sorry aastha.. I meant first comment but instead typed first time.. Am sorry yaar..

  2. Seems like Omkara and the whole Oberoi clan weren’t enough now Gauri has joined the department of misunderstanding and illusions.Abhaay created a false image of Om and Gauri fell for it!What I am not able to understand that Gauri herself cleared the Arjun matter and all the prevailing MU got cleaned at the same time then how can she think that Om considers her as a characterless girl?Looks like Abhaay was here to create rift between Rikara and that was his mission actually instead of taking revenge for KMF incident! Gauri doesn’t want to believe her husband but believed a fake letter which was not even written by Om.When it comes to trust one’s husband from OM,it’s only Anika who believes and supports her man through thick and thin.Because Ani knows Shivaay inside out.Perhaps Gauri did this mistake because she never got the opportunity to know Om in true sense. Whatever may be the reason, she shouldn’t have doubted Om on the basis of a letter. Such indirect allegation is not Om’s criteria. He always accused her for the mistakes(though false)directly without any hesitation. Gauri should have understood this. I know Om broke her heart and treated her badly but what she did(in today’s epi )was not right either…

    1. Nivedita

      Luthfa, I understand your issue with Gauri MU, but I am enjoying it. Because the letter did actually mirror certain things Om had told her in person prior to Gauri walking away from him. So I am totally supporting the Gauri MU. Considering all of the vile things Om told her in person, her MU is the only one that is quite justified in the context of the story..

      Though I do agree with you MU are always there in IB between would be great if we get some MU free stuff in the story for a while after Rikara MU gets cleared.

      1. Karina

        Hey Nivedita, long time no see, hope you remember me. Today Rikara was on fire, so i had to comment, coz Kunal and Shrenu nailed the scenes. I totally agree with you Nivedita. It was about time Gauri stood up for herself. I am also super excited for AniRi sister track. Im so happy they both are sisters.

        Luthfa, sorry for intruding in your comment, i hope you dont mind, but i just want to say one thing. I totally understand your point of view, but i think Gauri didnt lost her faith in Om only coz of that fake letter. Yeah the letter help in creating a MU between them, but i think Gauri lost her faaith in Om and their relation on the day that Om pointed on her character. And i think Gauri is entitled to act this way, considering all the things Om said to her, the last time they saw each other. This is just my opinion, hope you dont mind. And yes Shrenu totally rock the strong Gauri Sharma scene.

      2. Karina dear,
        Please don’t say sorry.We all are here to express our feeling and thought regarding IB. What have you said is right but I just want to add one thing –
        If Gauri lost her faith over her relationship with Om on the day they parted,then why she came back OM to meet him and understand his state of mind about their relation?Gauri had hope in her heart that Om will give another chance to their relation.But the letter made its entry at the wrong time and Gauri couldn’t bear anymore. She lost her sense of judgement and took everything on the face value.Here letter is the main catalyst to break her trust over Om in all the way.This is my opinion and observation.And yeah,as we are individual we will have different attitude towards everything. It’s normal

      3. MU less couples in IB we can only find in our dreams Nivi di.Hoping to see some intensity between Rikara…

      4. Nivedita

        Hi @Karina! I remember you. Yes, I have been coming very rarely lately..

        I agree totally with both you Karina & @Luthfa– definitely the day Om put those allegations of affair, totally broke Gauri..
        And she definitely came back to OM because after all..whoever has ever been in love n then broken up..they know the soft corner the person we love has in our heart. So she hadn’t completely let go of Om..
        That letter definitely acted as the last thing that broke her dreams of love with Om..but one can’t really blame her or Abhay for that..the major chunk of that disillusionment arose from Om’s past of course Om only needs to do the leg work for gaining back his wife’s trust n love.
        Just saying to enjoy this Rikara journey because both have been true to their characters and acted like any other real person in love when their hopes are dashed.

      5. Karina

        Luthfa you are right, i didnt think about Gauri returning to OM, can mean that she had still faith on her relation. I know Rikara went through a lot MU, and i guess after all this time in which Om was the one to always belive wrong about Gauri, now the tables have turned and Gauri is the one that doesnt trust Om…..i really hope that Om can make her see the truth,

        Nivedita i totally agree, we should enjoy Rikara s journey and make the best out of it. After all their story is progressing, even if its based on MU. I am sure that after the track of stopping Gauri s marriage, we will probably see the AniRi track, and i ve been waiting for it since the start of DBO, so im super excited.

    2. Trust is a two way street. Lets face it Om always distrusted Gauri and she could never defend herself. Well Karma is a bXXXX. If you cant take it don’t dish it. Gauri love u. love u. love u

      1. Dear Ishara,

        I have already written about this trust issue for whole Oberoi khandan. I don’t have any problem with anything or anyone. When Gauri sood for her self respect and confronted Om regarding Arjun matter I myself supported and praised her.What I mentioned is the way Gauri misunderstood Om is not right from her point of view.She considers Om as her Shankarji namely God and He never does anything wrong. Gauri has lost her faith on her God simply because of a letter. When she will come to know the truth that Om did nothing wrong and was genuine about his feeling, the person who will be hurt most is Gauri herself.That’s all.

    3. Aastha_Reddy

      It was about breaking stereotype and see today the condition of truth speaking monk Omkara in Ishqbaazi…I am happy Gouri stand on her feet when Omkara bend on his knees…everything became fair in love and today perhaps every thing will be fair when love is a war…TEAM OBEROI….Omkara was wrong but neither Gouri weak nor Ajay is right…

  3. Misha_Mikul

    Hi Dearss ?
    Today’s epi was Good, Funny and Emotional too ?❤
    Diljeet Rockstar was flirting with girls?I don’t like it ??Jealous!! ?

    The way he sang for the girls ??
    Tai tai piss, What the fish… LMAO I just couldn’t stop laughing at him ???
    nd Annika came and scolded the girls n Shivaay ek tham as Dadi ???

    That two ladies kept disturbing Annika ??because They might be jealous on Annika that she looks so beautiful in this age too ??
    Rudy and Annika.. God ???

    Loved the way Shivaay laughed when Annika’s hair was opened when she turned the fan ??
    ROFL nd the way he screamed seeing her loose hair ?????
    Halloween ??
    The scene where Annika had the dracula teeth ????Hilarious!!
    He called her Aunty ???

    RiKara !! Om proposed, Aww ??
    This is a lesson for you, Om!!
    She loved you, She respected you, She took care of you, She devoted you!!
    But in return, You ignored her love, You humiliated her, You hurt her feelings!!
    Now you’ve regretted and yearning to give your all love to her, but she doesn’t need it!! ??
    Because you did all the things which she didn’t deserve at all!! ??
    Don’t lose a moon while counting the stars ??

    Annika-Gauri are sisters.. Track is on the way, So excited!! ??

    Nitezz Darlingz, Tc all ??

    1. Nivedita

      Hi Mishu,
      I am back today commenting cause of superb Rikara plot. I hope this continues..

      Yup I hated rockstar SSO’s flirting.. imagine devil n anger emoji.. (since TU on my phone isn’t letting me log on).

      So true on what you wrote about Om’s confession and Gauri rejecting him..

      Am excited for AniRi track too..

      Good nite and Sweet dreamz too Mishu!

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Hi Nivi..
        Ya Rikara superB story is just started!!
        Love the plot ?
        Hope it goes well ❤❤

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Hey Mishu…Yeah Annika-Gouri relation on way…Annika saw the photo and…Good Morning…Any way Annika got her NKK after so many months..

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Hi Astha.. Super excited for AniRi track!! ?
        Really? Did Annika see the photo? I watched a seg, in that Gauri’s mom shows photo Shivaay.. I thought he will get clue and start find out AniRi are sisters!
        Gauri is adopted daughter to that aunty right?

  4. Aayushi_kul

    Hahahaa what an episode… Anika nd her cute expressions???? n shivaay flrting wid those girls…n they were saying he’s a singer????shivay or singer ye kya bol dia lol…

    Loved rikara… Om’s i luv u nd when he swirl her?? it was amazing

    AniRu scene..haha?? full on maze vala episode…
    Precap- mission gauri ko manao??
    Gud nytttt every1

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Good morning Aayushi..yeah mission Gouri Omkara Singh Oberoi…will start.

  5. Banita

    Episode was Hilarious and a little Emotional…..
    Om’s confession was Superbbb…… and Emotional….
    Rudy boy was. too Funny…
    He counts all guest????
    Confused about Army and Police dress?????
    Shivaay’s song?????
    Tie Tie fiss…. Meri jute gheessss????
    Anika ne kar di sbki Tie Tie fiss????
    Today Shivaay was totally a lover boy, filtr with girls…. Diljeet paaji ki toh lottery lag gayi….
    Anika and two Aunties????
    Anika’s make up was Superbbb yr…
    Shivaay’s imagination on Anika’s horror Abtaar????????
    Just love it yr….
    Precap- Interesting… Obros challenge….
    Om don’t give up man….
    Gd n8 pkj….

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Hey Bunny..They are 55 and we are just 5…sabke hisse mein 11 aadmi honge..kya calculator hai Rudra…

      1. Banita

        Hlo Aasthu di…
        Yeh this one only????
        I love this Rudy more….. Acha hua jayda time RSO ko nahi rakhe….
        Luv u?????

  6. Forgot to mention, I just loved the acting of SP very very much. Her every expression was worth watching.Felt so genuine. Keep it up…

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      I too loved SP too much for the Gouri she played…impressed.

  7. Dhwani_Naidu

    Omg!!!!!? Om said I love you!!!! Am on cloud 9999999999999999999.. Love you rikara.. Muaahh.. ‘Mersal’aayiten pa.. Get married soon drs..

    Couldnt completely understand the shayari he said.. Anyone help me understand…

    Shivaay bhaiya as daljeet.. Couldnt help laughing when the girls asked if he was a Punjabi singer..
    Anika dadi so cute hai.. She is getting a little jealous when girls surround shivaay.. Jealous anika rocks!!!!!

    To all aniri fans out here, upcoming track is the most awaited track for us!!
    Anika and gauri are siblings!!! Yes I saw the spoilers in which gauri’s mom shows gauri and anika’s childhood pic to shivaay…

    Hope shivaay finds out gauri is anika’s chutki and aniri unite soon… Am so excited for this track!!
    Omg!!! This week has really been awesome for me.. With rikara track and aniri track!!!! Oh god thaaaankuuuu..

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      yeah eagerly waiting for the upcoming track of Annika-Gouri.

      1. Dhwani_Naidu

        Yeah Aastha!!! Much excited!!!!

  8. Aniru

    “Keemat hai us aansoo ki jo aankho mein hi rahta hai”, Pain made Om artist, poet, human. He does not express his pain to anyone. He does not speak volumes. His each word has million meanings. The Om I am fond of is gone somewhere. The Om standing in front of Gauri was shedding tears, trying to convince her. When he was explaining himself, I somehow remembered his words during Swetlana rape situation “where there is trust, there is no need to give explanation, where there is no trust, what’s use to give explanation”. Om’s confession does not impact me. However, Kunal and Shrenu impressed me with their expressions. Gauri, despite being a strong character did not impress me. I loved her when she walked out after confessing her love till she she came back to meet OM in Oberoi mansion. CVs changed her character by creating misunderstanding Abhay. She was convinced by a letter given by Abhay who she does not even meet before.

    I liked OM’s shayari and the way he said he loved her. The feeling was there. Better than Shivaay’s confession. Yesterday editors did Gangaram of Shivika confession.

    Diljeet Singh and his chaachi is full on characters. Annika dadi jalkukda and Shivaay Flirtu Singh Oberoi. They were fun to watch. I dont know why I felt michmichi seeing Diljeet Over the top antics and acting. May be I am used to see Mr. Tadibaaz Bhaagad Billa Shivaay Singh Oberoi. Nowadys Shivaay looks more of NM rather tha other way around.

    Digvijay aka Rudi is cool to watch as usual. Poti veer di and khotya and nice to hear from Rudi. Kalyani dadi effect. Today I like Bhavya as Punjabi kudi. She looks beautiful. Hair style, eye make up suits her. I liked when Rudi said “Yaar mein har bar kaise bhool jata hoon iski shaadi ho gayi hai”. Ani – Ru never disappoint me even if they get a small scene together.

    How could Annika think that Shivaay will not love her when she will turn oldie. You are khidkithod darvaja thod Anika. Dont say that. Diljeet is adding ghee to the fire. LOL

    Excited for Ani-Gauri sister bonding. I wish Anika-Gauri separation seen reboot kare like Ajay is forcefully taking away Gauri and due to some urge Anika shouts Chutki and Gauri responds didi. CVs you always listens if I say hope not. But please do this for me for a change.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      can any episode be more balanced then this one..emotions,comedy,jealously..all symptoms of Ishqbaazi is there…they have played spin the bottle and now they are playing truth and dare.


    Nothing much to say just few things-

    1. Again track shifted from long hidden truth to this.

    2. They all are looking soo stupid in this avtar???

    3. I know gauri took this step to save her friend, but how and why her mother got ready as she knows that gauri is married ????

  10. Hiii all pkj members ???????????????lots of love feeling ishqbaaaaaaaaazi añd laughing baaz by seeing tdys epi i cant one side tears one side damn laughing i cant icant ?????????????????????????????rikara stoled tdy ßeriously im bowing down to kj wat a acting man he completely nailed shrenu tooo thy are such a precious gem to ib i cant exptess tht scence tdy even it is better than all parts and ani omm ????????????????? sshivaysss rap tai tai phis wat the fish haha oml cant?????????????????????ani bhoth haha shivaay as completely changed to punjabi i cant even think he will do tht much awww he is love final call marry me i cant wait more i feel michimichi whn shivaay flirting wth those ladikissssss ?im gone tdy one side rikara other side ani shivaay omg i cant ruvya drama pandringa paravalunu viduran???????????
    Upcoming shivaay dng romance with dadi no shocksss it our anika???????the most awaited moment chutki is none other tht gauri i cant i cant????????????????atlast my dream came true waiting fr tht Revelation shivaay is damn happy im screaming like hell when im watching seg

  11. I may have missed something…why is this show back to being half hour?

  12. LAX

    Om’s confession was beautifully shot n executed. Loved every bit of it.. Shrenu n Kunal – mind blowing. ???
    The lines given to Rikara were beautiful. Dialogue Writers, fantastic job ???

    Annika Dadi was hilarious to the power of Tiffany. yet again Dil Jeet Liya Surbhi.
    Can I get more of AniRu please?

    Precap- I wish the episode is just not another filler.

    P.S.- Guys, Don’t forget to vote for NaRbhi in ITA. Let’s show our fan power.

    1. Nivedita

      Yeah each n every dialogue of Rikara rang true.. I simply loved them..

      AniRu were cute as a button with the 55 thing..

  13. Something about Shivika :

    Shivaay confessed his love to Ani and the matter is finished.Ani just wanted to hear the official ILU from Shivaay and nothing else.How she got it was not her headache but I got it for free.At the end what matters is only ILU and other things can go to hell! Perhaps I asked Mount Everest in the name of confession, and makers couldn’t make up to it.It was the first Diwali after Shivika marriage and the eve of an expected confession.Nor I could feel the happiness of Diwali nor the confession.I just wanted a grand confession filled with love and emotion ignoring other things.Did I ask for something unnatural? I have learnt my lesson and that is enough for me.

    1. Nivedita

      I hear u girl.. The Shivika romance was total anti-climatic.. As was Diwali!

      1. Thank you so much Nivi di…

  14. Is ib shutting down i got this thought beacuse of cvs they are rushing the plot i know they have less time slot and less trp but that doesnt mean you have to rush because monday they rushed the scenes but its was s digestable but in yesterday we didnt feel the magic when shivay proposed anika the reason is they are rushing the beautiful and romantic scenes of the couples they are trying to fit everything in one episode which is a big blunder even in today episode i didnt feel the intensity when om proposed gauri it was somewhat like normal proposal and even today om dailoges were not so emotional i like gauri dailouges more than om in that scene we fans waited for to see shivika and rikara intense love confession but beacuse of cvs blunder shivika and rikara love confession went flat without getting that much intensity and the reason once again rushing the tracks and leave all this now they brought aniri siblings track i mean what so hurry to bring this track now because now first finish of with omri love track which is important and then finish kalyani mills secret track and expose abhay and tanya and then bring aniri siblings track and you guys dont have any deadline to finish the show you guys still have a long time so slow down

    1. Nivedita

      Abhi..I too got a bit worried at the rapid fast confession of SSO and OSO..and why Dilpreet plot didn’t get some more funny moments between Rikara…it was a good way to get a bit more romantic comedy..and maybe if they had shown Gauri giving some mysterious looks on whether she recognized him or not the audiences would have been happy..

      But I did enjoy Rikara yesterday. And wondered why the Shivika poor edits on Mon and Tues?

  15. MAHIRA

    Seems like half an hour airing time is really giving creative ideas to CVS… Tracks are a bit rushed by times but it’s giving Dynamic to the show.
    So today episode was taking care of Rikara story, apart from the whole comedy show plunging us in IB’s first spirit, the episode was really emotional.
    OMKARA… Even if what he did with Gauri wasn’t fair, that he broke her heart. I’m still feeling bad for him…
    His life has never been easy, when Rudra escaped their parent’s shattered relationship in his childish behaviour avoiding truth in his brothers protectiveness, while Pryanku could hide her fears behind them too, he’s much more sensitive especially in relationships.
    If Shivaay is the stereotype of the charming prince of the last decades love stories , he can enjoy the benefit of having a stable family with good values, in the beginning i was almost thinking that his father is a pandit lol, pinky was the perfect housewife of a great family and never failed giving him the love and care he needed.
    Om’s character is at the other side the most complicated one Indian drama gave till now.
    From exterior, he’s Perfect… Artist, lovely, kind and big hearted, always here for others… ..
    But inside he’s hiding a broken soul tarnished with faults, drugs, suicide, hiding crime, hateful relationship with his untrustful father and helpless relationship with his suffering mother.
    Why he’s more affected than his brother and sister has nothing to do with his innocent artist soul , he’s the elder.
    He grew up seeing his father roaming around with his openly known mistress while his mother, the image of saint for any son is the alcoholic elder bahu who doesn’t manage even her image!!
    How to have any confidence in relashionship of any kind, moreover in love/pati-bewi sacred links, his models made it a joke.
    It’s not like he didn’t love Gauri, he just didn’t know, his jealousy, his anger weren’t from pride but a heart scream for being betrayed again.
    He reacted badly but like any husband would react, this the considering relashion Gauri is craving for.
    When he knew his mistake, he tried to rectify… And I’m not blaming Gauri for her anger, she’s absolutely right to express all the hurt and wounds he printed in her heart, yet I’m finding it unfair toward him.
    If all she’s still hurted about is the letter, why doesn’t she use her brain a bit, if he meant the words scripted in that paper shy is he here? Claiming his love , asking forgiveness… Why to bear all this when he thinks she’s characterless… Sojo mere jaan, sojo!!
    What I’m angry about is the joke they’re turning marriage to in that story…
    First Rumya marriage… Just forget about rites and all and let’s start a new life apart
    Then Shivika… How many wives he introduced to media when his real wife is just staying there waiting for good moment
    And here we go in Rikara… Gauri , a very conservative, worship girl is just about marrying another man when her marriage is still current with her parmishwar pat I!!????
    OK lets see what comes next…
    PS: Annika and Gauri are sisters YEAHHHHH I KNEW IT !!

    1. I agree with you Omkara is definitely one of the most well defined TV male protagonist. But this is not completely explored by the producers. there is so much unnecessary clutter. Keep it simple. RIKARA is great…

      1. MAHIRA

        How i would love to see this aspect of his character in the following track between Annika and Gauri…

    2. Logesh.M

      Reallly a veryyyyyy goooodddd analysis Mahira….Hats off to you…You had analysed om and Shivayy very well…Described all the difficulties om faced in a very descriptive way.??????????I too feel bad for om..??????Eventhough he deserves it!!!!!!!!I was very much impressed by this anaysis/comment..This shows your involvement in show and your english is very good????????I thought to appreciate and i did???

      1. MAHIRA

        AW thank you so much ??
        I’m passionate about series and when i start i can’t stop blaberring lol
        About Om i really feel that he lived so much and keep quite trying to help everyone… ?

  16. MAHIRA

    Wohaaa it was a long long comment!!

    1. Aniru

      Awesome Mahira. All valid points. For Shivika part, the girl has to run behind him days and days just to hear that he loves her. He conveniently hurt her for his needs and wants in the name of family, NKK, MUs etc and finish it of with one sorry that too coming from throat not from heart. Just to satisfy his ego in the name of knowing truth from her, he has fixed her marriage with another man and dragged her till the altar. Why cant he check with his beloved brothers? I know, these are very frictional characters. could not stop cribbing about it.
      Has Gauri ever tried to empathize with Om? Today she said, she had done so much for him and family. Did she ever notice the pain he was going through?

      1. MAHIRA

        Thanks dear 🙂
        And you’re right, in order to bring new twists in the story, Shivaay kept hurting Annika so much and she so easily forgives him.
        But i said before it’s stereotypes . if you’re a bit proud of you self and you rise your voice to prove that you have an identity you’ll break your relationship
        About Rikara… That’s so true, Om is so closed on himself, has she ever tried to know what’s buried deal in his heart?
        She became an unwanted wife but did she ever tried to be a friend? I know that he didn’t give her occasion but how can she exceptany trust in their relationship if there is no communication…

  17. ishqbaaaz is my life line…this is mine… i dont know how i forgot this & went ahead with another show leaving behind my very own family…!!! how could i forget that this show has given me sibling goals!!! it has changed me inside out!!! how could i stop watching this show!!!! just how….????? right now i watched the episode where om apologises to shivaay & clarifies that he hadnt committed suicide but just took overdose of sleeping pills unintentionally… & i’m back to being an ishqbaaazian… this was what for i loved the show!!! o’bros…. their journey was what i was dying to see & now when it is being shown so beautifully… i am missing out things!!!! u know what guys… just watch the old episodes & the newer ones by not being a critic…but just as an ishqbaaazian… u will understand that nothing has really changed!!!! the show has just evolved with time & so have the characters & their relationship equations… life is also same… not all people we meet in our journey stay with us forever… same was the case here… some people came in…& went back… leaving behind memories… but life has to move on… we cant stop living life… similarly, we have to move on with ishqbaaaz & love it the way we used to… we shouldnot stop supporting it… coz we have given a lot from our lives to this show & in return have got many also… i have come to understand how lucky i am to have such a beautiful & complete family…what it takes to live a happy married life…what sacrifices our mothers did to make a happy family!!! in short-i have understood life in a better way… it has changed my outlook towards villains…that they can be classy too…!!! & yes…we too evolve as a human everyday & some changes do occur in us due to circumstances… but that doesnt mean we should stop loving ourselves…!!! same thing has happened in this show… it has been a journey guys & all of us are a part of it… so we should live & enjoy each moment(good or bad) of it to the fullest… coz life is short…& so is this journey…we never know when it sees its end…. so before its too late & we regret later on… i take a pledge today… “no more bashing, no more sledging… only & only positive vibes & positivity for ishqbaaaz till it remains with us coz we all know that every good thing comes to an end but we never know when the last day m8 be”…!!! #luv_ishqbaaaz #o’bros #o’bahus #shivika #rikara #ruvya #move_on #a_beautiful_journey #my_blunder #keep_supporting #oberois #family_goals #sibling_goals #keep_luving #true_ishqbaaazian_is_back…

  18. AnuluvsIB

    Excellent Rikara and relatively disappointing shivika..
    — Loved Omis confession totally! Shrenal absolutely nailed it!! KJs tears and gauris expressions were to the point!!
    —though the scene was very well written and well executed, like Gauri said, she is done.. done with him… she has given him too many chances.. all that cannot be undone with just one day of emotional dialogs and shayaris Om! It very easy for u to say I have changed trust me.. but for her it isn’t easy believe that..
    — Having said this, I hope gauri is saying a no Coz she really feels done with Om and not for some Ajay vijay Richa trouble.. I want her to come back but upon shivikas assurance… let Om keep trying a lot to bring her back.. he cannot just win her in a day..
    — Surbhi?? loves her totally..! Such a versatile actress.. the first time the gals came to diljeet, the way she walked off with a do whatever u want expressions adjusting her glasses! Bang on expressions! There was so much annika in that!
    — Diljeet on the other hand was totally out of character.. when from did the “SSO” start flirting with gals?? He is a changed man yes.. I want him to change yes but only for annika! Let him not be the prejudiced rude person.. let him socialise well.. but flirting was totally out of character!! Din look funny to me… 4 mins of shivika confession and 40 mins of diljeet isn’t very appreciable CVs
    — Ru was the best? his military man attire his dialogs?? too adorable!!
    Precap – Hoping to see a serious diljeet who came to help his bhai out and not the one taking selfie with gals!

    1. Nivedita

      Totally agree Anu..the Diljeet parts though funny was out of place n character.

      Rikara were superb! ??

  19. This half hour show seems to be good. It is not too much and too less. Just the right amount of mixed ingredients. They are able to focus on all the couples. I find the cvs getting more creative ideas.

    Today’s episode is very hilarious. Shivaay calling Anika a ghost. It is so funny. Rudra had a good line. He told Anika that there are 55 people but she told the ladies she is 55.

    Gauri seems to be really stubborn. More stubborn than Anika. After Om’s pleading she still refused. Om had gone through a lot seeing his parents splitting and the family being dysfunctional so it is true it took him longer than the others to accept his own relationship. There is this fear and insecurity that his wife may leave him or not being faithful. If Gauri claims that Om is her Lord then why she can’t forgive him after he has declared his love for her. Seems like Gauri does not Om that well compared to Anika who understands Shivaay so well. There were times we were angry with Shivaay for treating Anika badly but Anika was very understanding and understood him well. That is true love.

    For Gauri and Om have still a long way to go for their Ishqbaazi.

    I watched the promo that Gauri and Anika are sisters and I wonder how they will react when Shivaay tells Anika who her Chutki.

  20. Archiya

    Omkara proposal was much more feeling for me than tat of shivay.. So much of emotions om portrayed while proposing gauri.. Loved his shayari too

    shivay proposal was like as if he was running a rushed n in a hurry.. Did not get that feeling, there was no shivika magic, Even in tat beautiful whenever shivay says he will give Anika all the happiness.. I get scared for sure something wrong he is gonna do with her..

    Talking abt romcom, Anika is just superb, such an amazing acting.. Shivay was as usual OTT.. It was actual nakul there, why don’t they retain shivay attitude even after he becomes a lover boy.. What was all tat flirting.. Why can’t they show the other way round.. Anika flirting n Shivay jealous. It’s always with Anika only being jealous. ..he proposed her yest.. An today he is flirting with others.. Harneet always proves tat Shivay is their fav

    P. S I was so much in sleep last night, tat I posted my comment on udaan page..? ? Someonr replied then only I came to know ? ? ? ?

    1. Logesh.M

      Channel edited shivika confession???Thats why their confession didnt create that magic….Narbhis hardwork went in vain!!!!

      1. Archiya

        so much injustice with Narbhi as well as us :(:( they must have surely thght that its not TV worth watching just like the haldi scene

    2. Dear Archiya
      You Posted Your Comment On Udaan Page?.How That Happen Yaar That Too In Sleeping Mode?.
      Don’t Forget To Vote For NaRbhi (ShivIka) On ITA AWARDS AND AVTA AWARDS TOO

      Take Care And Stay Safe?

      1. Archiya

        hi.. yeah somehow happened in sleep.. have voted for them
        u too take care an stay safe 🙂

    3. Logesh.M

      Archiya its because channel edited shivika confession scene..narbhi did it very well and makers shooted it for 1 hour….Narbhis hard work went in vain??????Eventhough rikara is my favourite (I love all the three couples rikara shivika and ruvya) I felt very angry for editing shivika confession..How hard the actors are working…!!!!

      1. Archiya

        Narbhi is really hard working.. so bad that their effor went in vain.. an r hopes were shattered 🙁

      2. AnuluvsIB

        What really???! That’s so atrocious!! Poor IB team!! All efforts have gone vain!!

    4. Nivedita

      Lol poor u Archu..u posted on udaan..?

      Archu I did find SSO flirting unneeded, especially the fevicol chipkoying gals..

      It would have been more palatable if a mischievous look from SSO intentionally teasing Ani would have been shown..

      It if only the tai tai fiss n Halloween ghost scenes were shown..minus the other scenes shown earlier with the chipku gals..

      And SSO confession was tacky, gaudy n whoever was responsible for shooting, editing, lighting, direction should just be fired or face some serious consequences for spoiling the show, the characters and Shivika for fans..

      1. Archiya

        It would have been more palatable if a mischievous look from SSO intentionally teasing Ani would have been shown…. i expected the same too
        its totally out of shivay charcter to flirt.. have seen him doing that only with anika..

        i heard the channel edited it.. may b they thght it was not proper for TV just like the haldi scene

      2. Nivedita

        Archu..hmm..that’s terrible if the Chanel edited the mischievous SSO look..

        Anyways flirty SSO without Ani teasing intention is not palatable.

        I thought the Chanel edited SSO confession from Logesh comments..

    5. AnuluvsIB

      Archu!! U posted on udaan page ????

      1. Archiya

        lol…yeah in sleep

    6. Logesh.M

      I dont want anymore such scenes to be edited…I really loved haldi scenes????????????I dont want anymore editing???????

  21. Aniru

    Thanks Mahira. I will never say that Annika is not proud of herself or she do not have self respect. She does not bother what outside world will think about her. Which she proved when she protected him from Gayathri’s murder case. Outside world or samaj has rejected her many times as she is an orphan. Her prime concern is what is her place in Shivaay’s life and mind and she is well aware that nobody can take her position. As far as I feel, she is a non-judgmental person who does not expect fairytale love story. Once she mentioned to Tia, I do not want anything from SSO and I want him to be happy something like that.

    I do not like to compare the characters. Gauri had a stable, good, loving relationship with her mom, Even if she was suffered a lot, she knows that she could go back to her mom, her house even if its rented. In their first marriage, Annika could not go as the marriage was forced one and he black mailed her in the name of Saahil. Later, he ruthlessly told her that he sold her house and ask her to stay back and where would she have gone with a handicapped child & she was indebted to dadi’s words and gestures. He convinced Saahil too to stay back. During those times, she used to hear him saying “Tumhe pata hai mein kya kar sakta hoon?” & also, she did not knew that he had a MU of her with Daksh.

    Then when she went once during NKK, he brought her back. During their separation also, she had to comeback as mistake was on her side and he became lifeless. She knew SSO in and out and was doing everything without claiming anything. She is holding on to the love and care she never got from anyone. I was glad that Annika did not respond to his sorry few days back and she had a cold approach on his so called confession where editors chopped. As mentioned in my older comments, if Annika would have been a real life person, she would have had a limit taking nonsense. I would like to see how much she will hold on with this type of treatment from husband. Annika gives me less chances to criticize. What agitating me is SSO takes her for granted.

    If you see Om never had any revenge on Gauri even-if he had MU. He had a misunderstanding and he cleared it out. Also, Om will be ready to leave Gauri if she ask him to do so. But SSO is never like that, He will go to any extent to destroy Annika which we have witnessed during the initial episodes, forced marriage and their separation.

    1. MAHIRA

      Aniru, i got your point and agree that of course Annika is proud of herself and has her self esteem but like you said, she’s taken by him as granted and this is because he knows she’s granted…. Because she’s helpless and had no other choice to capitulate.
      Frankly i hated that she took the blame over her character to protect him, i mean of course standing for truth even with enemy (they fought just before) is such a beautiful quality but she lied for him …. Because she’s helpless having feelings for him already.
      I know she has been forced to marry him and had no choice but protect her brother. But she had the choice of taking off her mangelsutra when she returned home, Shivaay is heartless when it comes to his family and his pride , but he’s much heartful when he’s with his brothers, with his dad I… He threatened her again… Yet SHE blamed his brothers for blaming him ?!!
      I’m not blaming her it became a standard in any fairytale… The girls doesn’t have anything but their smart brain and mouth daring the rich Arrogant guy to touch to their pride
      Difference is for example to soumya who had family, studies… Why her ignored marriage meant nothing but Annika’ s forced marriage meant 7 births of sacred relationship?
      Again, it’s what works in the actual love stories…
      It’s not only Shivika, so many stories are similar in that, there was a song in IPKKND “kyu dard hai itna tere ishq hai…”
      This why Annika bears all this madness in her relationship with Shivaay. , her heart is her weakness , she loves him beyond words
      Shivaay is not less than her in feelings. but his tadi is here stopping him from showing off , it has been shown in his reaction to their break up.
      Sadly, in real life, there is more Dakshs than Shivaay, Arnav, Rk… And i always wonder what would it be if instead of forced marriage , those rich arrogant men asked for an illigitimate relationship? Helpless to save their loved ones, those women would have accepted!?!?!?

      1. Shekhar

        To keep some one believing what ever you are doing is what does he want you to do, but atlast he found himself what he kept doing was excactly what did you wish him to do! This is amazing fact of SHIVIKA! ANNIKA kept him in illusion of her being following him althrough but atlast he himself and we all found him changed SHIVAAY from SSO! , but we never found CHANGED ANNIKA!
        ARROGANT, STUBBORN, ANGRY, DOMINANT SSO has been melt in air and a SOFT, SOBER, SUBMISSIVE SHIVAAY is all around ANNIKA and over SCREEN!

      2. Aniru

        Nice to read your version. I feel Anika doesnot have weak heart. She has two weaknesses. 1. Sahil, her brother 2. Shivaay-love of her life (whom she can say hers). During one pool side scene, she mentioned to Saahil, she is afraid to fall in love that love makes one weak. Thats exactly happend. Shivaay took advantage of her 1st weakness and married her and his mom took advantage of other weakness to separate them.

        While blaming his brothers scene, what I could feel is that if they are with him in his happiness, then they should be with him in his sorrow or difficult times. It was partly family’s problem that Shivaay takes every issues himself and does not show those to his siblings and they trust him completely. The brothers should also be responsibile. The second point there is Anika can punish him but she will not allow anyone to hurt him. Shivaay also does the same. This both of them mentioned in one of the episode after they rescued Anika during Gayathri murder case and Annika came to Shivaay who has taken the pills for pain.

        Why she protected him? My version for that is same like you. She was falling for him. When we have important person in our life, for him or her we will not mind to destroy ourself. No character, no life, no death nothing matters. This I am saying out of experience.

        In India girls are grown up hearing the story of Sati Savithri. For Annika also, marriage is sacred which she mentioned during her conversation with Richa, the girl SSO found when Tia left the wedding place.

        Thank you Mahira. your thoughts made me think.Keep in touch

    2. Shekhar

      I do read your comments since long and I found your thought process as the mirror image of mine. The style you follow to express your views along with reasons and logic is cute and amazing. You are naive to me as I never found you in TU before June 17, may be wrong though.

      Thoughts after interpretation of past incidents is an unique ability to have, and to connect the dots to make out the way to correct destination is the skill . Every our thought must have a logical reason out of past while commenting over TU, that you follow accurately and acutely. No matter what does other think, keep doing what you are just doing.

      1. Krish6868

        SHEKHAR,Good Evening!
        Was unable to see IB since Monday,just started to read TU now.
        Reg. SHIVIKA’s bond,Anika’s character has always been consistent
        till now.She is the stronger partner of the two.She is like the blacksmiths
        anvil which remains un-dented even while receiving blows of the hammer while SSO is the iron rod which has to be hammered into shape on the
        un-yeilding strong base of the anvil.

        SHEKHAR,as you said,SHIVIKA’s relationship was like two ends of a
        barrel.The one at the receiving end(Anika) withstood the impact of
        the shot and ricocheted it back to SSO where he ended up with his
        ego being hurt and destroyed slowly.
        The ARROGANT,ANGRY,STUBBORN ,DOMINATING SSO has indeed turned into a SOFT,SOBER,SUBMISSIVE SHIVAAY not leaving any chance to pamper his Anika.
        Hoping to see more of the progress in SSO’s character and further
        strengthening of SHIVIKA’s bond.Wish the experts handle their story
        BYE SHEKHAR.Good Night!

      2. Aniru

        Hi Shekhar Thank you. I started watching IB from July 2017 and started commenting from Aug or Sep 2017. This is the first time I watch an ongoing serial and got hooked into this. During my life time I watched only 5 serials that too after the wrap up. This page I found so many great analysts and I started enjoying the show more after reading the comments. I have read most of your comments from Sep 2016 and always enjoys them. Take care.

  22. Loved the funny n comedy in todays show. Fun is as important as drama, love n romance to make a show successful.
    Loved shivikas n Rudys comedy scenes…? im liking Bhavya too now, she is trying hard to fit in n if shes Rudys love, so be it.

    Felt sorry for Om, he is trying reallg hard to fix his RL with Gauri but she is a bit too stubborn… can she forget that she’s still married to Om so can u still do Roka or marriage without separation?

    Felt bad for Anika..she was actually asking herself if Shivays love will change….only yesterday Shivay confessed his Love n today he was flirting with other girls……its not done even as a joke?plz cvs it does not show respect in a RL.

    Always love Shivika?⚘ hope to see more fun n good times btw them, obros, Rikara n family….
    Hopefully some more romantic moments btw Shivika THAT IS NOT RUSHED BY CVS…about time for them to enter their marriage fully? and not in name only…lol

    Plz cvs use the magic of Shivika and Rikara to drag their scenes to create memories and moments that will move the show forward nicely… taking their time, not rushed job …to end where? Does cvs want to ens such a successful show ASAP? Whats the rush….let the fans enjoy every small moments by making them big….
    There are so many romantic scenes btw Shivika n Rikara to make the show last for another year or more……plz use it, DONT RUSH. If cvs need help with ideas im sure all fans have lots we want to see for Shivika…their romance n nok jhoks n Rikara with their romance n NJ…..then them planning for Ruvyas union as all Oberoi youngsters have fun together but also work hard to maintain their family bonding n RL⚘


  23. Nivedita

    Yesterday’s IB was really superb. Thank you CVs for giving Rikara a well deserved screen space. Yesterday IB Rikara plot was a well thought out, well shot and acted sequence and worth so many repeat watches..

    Now if only Mon and Tues Shivika had been edited n showed as Rikara..
    Diljeet flirring was a bit too much.. especially after such a pheeka confession from SSO..( given that NM has given such an amazing performance and was given significant screen time during his pyaar Ka it’s not as if he doesn’t know how to emote and say the right Dialogues)…

    Having said that the tai tai fiss song was totally rad, and a laughter riot..

    Thank you CVs for the right blend of romantic comedy..??

    Uff still repeat watching Rikara today..please keep it consistently this good for Rikara and Shivika! ????

    Some fans are unhappy at Rikara MU..but it’s high time Gauri showed her mettle n Om realised her importance in his life.. so I was totally happy with the dialogues and Gauri not forgiving Om..

    Am also glad of the sister track..too..thank you so much for making AniRi sisters..??

    I hope that’s the reason for Gauri’s return to OM and future Rikara romance..

  24. MAHIRA

    I agree with you of course and i know that staying the same, Annika changed him to the best of himself…
    I’m not discussing their love for each other or the beauty of their story. I’m just a bit feminist and don’t tolerate the helplessness portrayed in Annika’s character… I don’t feel that she reached the happiness she deserves yet… She’s still waiting for her time to live and love…

    1. Shekhar

      When we say HAPPINESS, then it is a personnel feeling. But what she achieved is our happiness! One should be proud what a orphan gal has got so far! To change a person from his base , to make him to change his priority list of life, to make him to laak at life from the right perspectives’, to make him to see at his heart ,, and then to fight his own belief , all these reasons are enough to feel happiness. Het suchievments proved all gals a FEEL OF EXTREME HAPPINESS!

      HAPPINESS is always a relative terms, and ANNIKA’s happiness is lying in HAVING THE FAMILY which she does keep missing since childhood, and SHIVAAY is the reason to have it.

  25. Logesh.M

    Yesterdays episode was a blissful,funny as well as emotional episode ????????????????????Anika’s antics as dadi,her eating, diljeet flirting with girls???????How shivaay became second version of Rudy?????He is doing this to make anika jealous???Rudy would have disclosed his secret???Thank god bhavya came in correct time and stopped it??????And about bhavya,i started to accept her from dil boley oberoi itself…Bhavya is really looking veryyyyy prettty in this punjabi attire?????I want makers to give only this kind of dresses & looks to mansi…Please dont ruin her beauty by giving shirts,jeans etc…I want bhavya also to be atleast a cousin type relation to AniRi…I dont want bhavya to be orphan?????????As it will hurt her veryyyy much…Because in Mondays episode i felt a great sisterly bond between them while bhavya consoled anika and their hug?????????Bhavya too can be sister of Anika..Then,Rikara??????????????????Nobody can be the best Omkara and Gauri Like Kunal and Shrenu…Shrenal is the bestttttttttttt Choice for Rikara?????????What a intense????Romantic scenes and emotional scenes..Whatever it may be..Rikara’s intense is very high in both romantic as well as emotional scenes????????Tears fell down from my eyes seeing Rikara confession..That mocking laugh by gauri when he said that “You are my wife” and then the way she pushed him???????????What an acting Shrenu?????You are really a terrific actress..Gulkhan gave the best actresses and actors in ishqbaaz…Surbhi,Shrenu,mansi,Nakul,Kunal& Leenesh????????Great actors…My love for ishqbaaz and this three pairs is infinity?????????????????????????????????Om please dont give up…Comeback with your gauri..I am very happy as without fans request Starplus gave promo for ishqbaaz ???That too for Rikara?????Eventhough it was deepavali last week our TRP is 1.6. SO i am damn sure this week our TRP will be 1.8 or 1.9.
    As the current track is very interesting….Anika you are really great????????????????Byeeeee ishquies…please reply to my comment….No chamelis for supporting bhavi?????pls

  26. When gauri was asked to marry how come they didn’t think about the fact that she’s already married it can’t be that they didn’t know she was married because she was wearing mangalsutra always even these oberois are dumb they can just file a case telling she’s married to one of the son of their family how can she marry someone again that too without divorce agreed that gauri broke her ties with him but she didn’t divorce him

  27. Karina dear,
    Please don’t say sorry.We all are here to express our feeling and thought regarding IB. What have you said is right but I just want to add one thing –
    If Gauri lost her faith over her relationship with Om on the day they parted,then why she came back OM to meet him and understand his state of mind about their relation?Gauri had hope in her heart that Om will give another chance to their relation.But the letter made its entry at the wrong time and Gauri couldn’t bear anymore. She lost her sense of judgement and took everything on the face value.Here letter is the main catalyst to break her trust over Om in all the way.This is my opinion and observation.

  28. Thank you Nivi di…

  29. Nikita_jai29

    Hii ishqies….guari rescue track is awesome..

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