Ishqbaaz 25th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 25th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rudra says you are so good love angel. Soumya says go now, moon is going to come. Rudra sees her by binoculars. She gets bitten by mosquito. He asks what happened. She says mosquito. He asks does your studio has mosquito. She says no, I m not doing podcast from studio, but from your room. Rudra says love angel and holds Soumya. Some time before, Rudra says when will moon come. Shivaye asks why are you finding moon. Rudra jokes and asks will you have moon Murabba. Shivaye says no, you have it. Rudra goes. Shivaye sees Anika. Music plays…. Anika does some decorations and stands on stool’s edge. She slips and falls in Shivaye’s arms. They have an eyelock. Rudra says moon came. Anika says moon has come. Shivaye says I know. She says so you should be with Tia, she would be meeting. He says ya, if I

go, will you fall again. She says no, I can take care of myself without you. He leaves her and asks where is Tia. She says don’t know. He says don’t know, fine and goes.

Tia talks to someone and says I told you its not possible, I can’t meet you, don’t you understand. Priyanka recalls the painting and leaves. She hears footsteps and asks who is there. Someone passes. Rudra says moon has come. Shivaye says that’s not moon, those are clouds. Rudra checks and says why is moon getting late to come, I will break a leg today. Shivaye goes. Soumya talks to Reyaan on phone ad says you were coming today. He says I was coming, but I got cold and if I come, you can get infection.

She says fine, don’t come. He says if you want, we can talk on video call, afterall you kept fast for me. She asks what, I kept fast for myself, not you, I will break fast seeing my face, you take care. Priyanka asks who is it, I will call Om. She calls Om. Om tries calling Riddhima and says if you keep phone switched off, how will I talk to you. Shivaye asks Om did you see Tia. Om says no, I m trying to talk to Riddhima. Shivaye asks did you not talk to her till now, everything okay. Om says I did not talk yet, give me some time. He goes.

Soumya says its my podcast time, I will finish podcast and then join everyone. Rudra asks moon to come fast and save me from Rumi. Pinky and Jhanvi look on. Rudra does not eat by recalling Rumi’s words. He says why does everyone give importance to moon, why won’t we have food without seeing moon. Pinky says stop it, our BP is already high, don’t say all this. Rudra says fine, you have experience and know when will moon come, I will go and call love angel, she can explain me.

Ishqbaaz spoiler

Shivaye asks Anika did you see Tia. She says no, maybe she is out, I m going to get gifts, Pinky asked me to get, I will send Tia if she is outside. He says fine. Rudra calls love angel and says I kept fast, but I m very hungry, I m getting strange thoughts, I closed eyes and saw Chole bhature. Soumya says Amar Prem, every work should be done by heart/will, not fear, if you did not will to keep fast, you should have refused. He says if I did not keep fast, she would have done bad with me. She says its not like that, you know who has much power. He asks Sunny Deol.

She makes a face and says no, truth has much power, you are afraid of a liar fraud girl, she said all that to bully you, don’t get bullied. He says you are very nice love angel. She asks him to go and see moon. He says yes, I also feel so, I will see. He looks through binoculars and sees Soumya in her balcony. He asks how do you know moon is coming. She says I m also finding moon. She gets bitten by mosquito. He asks what happened. She says mosquito. He asks does your studio has mosquito. She says no, I m not doing podcast from studio, but from your room, I mean I m podcasting from my room. Rudra looks at her and says love angel……

Priyanka says I will go inside and tell everything to Om. She sees a note under the flower bowl. She reads it…. Find the red stone and look under it. She looks around and sees a red stone. She gets a cloth under the stone and recalls the accident and woman’s wounded state. She gets worried and gets another note. She reads…. Your face shows everything, you remember everything…. She asks who is here and runs….. She collides with Ranveer. He holds her in arms as she falls. Music plays……….. He says its okay, are you fine, why are you scared, relax, its your house. She says Wo…..

Anika asks servants about Tia. The man says she went that way. Anika thanks him and goes to see. Rudra goes to Soumya. She says I was coming downstairs, did moon come. He stares at her and says yes, it came, did you not see, love angel…. She gets shocked. She says Rudra, listen to me, I wanted to tell you. He says I thought you are my friend, what did you do, you lied to me and hidden Rumi and your truth, you made fun of me and my friendship, why did you do this with me, because I refused to identify you in college. She says no. He says I thought you are different than other girls, yes, no girl can be so cruel. She says you are misunderstanding me, I tried to tell you about Rumi. He asks why did you not say then. She says listen to me, don’t talk like kids. He gets angry and holds her against wall. He says don’t you dare call me a kid, I m not a kid. She looks at him and says let me go please. He asks was everything a lie. She says no, listen to me, I tried. He says you should have tried harder, I will never forget this, you were my friend, why, our friendship is over, finished…..

Tia meets someone and says I came to meet you by difficulty, I could not stop when you called me. She hugs the man. Anika comes outside the house. She sees Tia hugging someone, and turns away thinking its Tia and Shivaye. Shivaye comes outside the house and says where could be Tia. Anika gets shocked seeing Shivaye and turns to see Tia. She says if Billu ji is here, whom is Tia hugging. Shivaye goes. Pinky says moon has come, lets start rituals. Tia asks the person to go, she has to go.

Ranveer says I have checked everywhere, there is no one, you are scared for no reason, please sit. Jhanvi sees Tej’s face through the Channi, while Pinky sees Shakti. Even Tej and Shakti see their wives’ faces through the Channi after sighting the moon. Anika comes there and sees Shivaye and Tia.

She thinks to tell this to Billu ji, how to hide such a big thing, but how to say. Shivaye looks at Anika. Tia says Shivaye baby its our first Karwachauth and its very special. Anika looks on. Tia does Shivaye’s aarti. Anika thinks I have to tell this to Billu ji…. She walks ahead. Tia sees moon through Channi/net and is about to see Shivaye. Anika holds head and gets dizzy. Shivaye shouts Anika and rushes to hold her. Anika falls in his arms. Tia looks on.

Rudra says I felt what if you are not hot, you are clean hearted and innocent, but no, you are not, you broke my trust. Soumya says Rudra, listen and starts coughing. Rudra stops and looks at her. Ranveer asks Priyanka to have some water. Shivaye shouts water….. Servant gets water. Chand chupa badal mein…..plays…….. Shivaye sprinkles water on Anika’s face and feeds her water. Rudra gets water for Soumya and holds the glass towards her. Soumya looks at him. Priyanka takes water bottle from Ranveer and drinks. They sit in the lawn and moon is seen. Ranveer looks at her. Shivaye feeds water to Anika, while holding her in arms. Tia looks on. Soumya drinks water while Rudra holds the glass. Screen freezes on the three couples…..


Shivaye lifts Anika in arms. Pinky asks Shivaye to feed water to Tia and break her fast before leaving. Shivaye says mom, its necessary for me to leave, I m sorry Tia. He leaves with Anika.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Vaishali BBZ

    Hey guys there is a website called – on which u can watch the new episode of ishqbaaz by 8 PM itself and u don’t have to wait till 10 PM or for the written update.. I always watch the show by 8:30.. U all can do the same since I’m sure its really tough for us to wait till 10 for the next episode..
    Hope u will love it..❤❤❤
    Take care all the Ishqbazians..

    • S.D.

      guys pls don’t do that…..the show’s trp would take a hit. as it is the show is getting lower trps than a show of this calibre deserves… pls it’s a request

      • Trisha

        For the first time rudra bcom angry young man seriously he looks like shivaya when he angry with somya poor😥 somya she always want to say truth about rumi but rudy never let her speak first time cute rudy ka rodra abatar….😡😡😤. But i like the way our herous break their heroines fast prinku -ranveer, some -rudy,Anika-shivaya

    • Sahana

      Evn i agree vid rest of d frnz.. please dnt watch on dat website.. n anybody shud atleast report such matter to d channel.. i hav seen sme epis being shown evn before d actual broadcast.. n many of dem seeing dos epis.. its vry wrong.. it is affecting the trps😧 n if trps decrease den u knw d consequences..
      So.. plzzz guyz… its a request👐

    • NayaliCKAP

      Hello! Im new to this.btw this is my second commentmm. I guess we should watch ishqbaaz at the broadcasting time.if not the popularity it have now in starplus will decrease which is so very bad please watch ishqbaaz at 10pm. Guys its just only 2hr gap.plz have do this for ishqbaazs’ sake! Thank you! I would also like to join this ishqbaaz family

    • Saku

      Yaa guys u all r absolutely ryt….we shld watch ib on telecast tym only otherwise it will affect trp…so its a humble rqst plz watch it on 10pm itself plzz…

  2. nayana

    hello guys iam new here can i join you i like this serial very much 2days episode was superb wat is this accident mystery ? why ACP is targeting priyanka ?

    • Shaza


      |Registered Member

      Yea sure you can join , most welcome 😊, and even I’m super curious abt the accident Om and Prinku are hiding abt , let’s just and wait and watch , cuz I’m not able to guess anything 😜

    • Sahana

      Hii nayana… i m sahana n welcome dea😀
      I think dat the girl who met an accident is smehw related to acp.. so he is trying to bring out the truth n may b prinku is responsible for dat. Or may b only om is responsible n prinku knws it..
      I think acp related to girl coz evn sso dnt knw abt d matter.. bt acp knws🙂

  3. Sindhu

    Wow super… Finally Ranveer and Priyanka scenes… Fast breaking was awesome between 3 couples…. Love Ranveer and Priyanka pair… OM story is full f mystery…. Hope Ranveer don’t use priyanka against to solve the case… Who is d mystery person troubling prinku and OM

    • aahana

      Hii sindhu..ranveer is d 1who is troubling om n priyanka to find d truth so he z using prinku for d truth n afterwards he ll fall for her knowing how simple n sweet she is.
      Btw how r u?

  4. Chandini

    Wow…full of ishq😍rudra was the show stealer today….dumbbell oberoi turning into angry bird. Bring a pair for om..showing all other pairs but not him as if he is a side character😑he is the lead yaar plz bring some girl for him

    • navz

      Haa I too feel d same . Poor om 😥😥😥only he is alone even prinku got a pair. I was shocked to see d angry side of rudy😈😈😈😵😵😵

  5. sarita

    Wat an episode
    I love shivika rumya n our new would be couple prinku and ranveer
    I misd om😡😡today Rudy was on fire
    Uuuuuuufffffffffffffffff………………the way shivaye, ranveer,Rudy break their girls fast
    I mean wow 😘😘😘

  6. Aarya


    |Registered Member

    Wowwwwww…….so great aaahhh……i hope everything vl b sorted out soonn…….like typical drams don’t make anika cry again nd again…..
    Ranveer nd prinku…😍.new couple …ahh😉😉….not bad…..😍😍😍

    • S.D.

      Even i feel the same. It could be that they are trying to con Shivaay by posing as NRI millionaires maybe because they urgently need money. Notice how reluctant Tia is to hasten this marriage. She is probably being forced by her family.

    • aahana

      Yeah 100%robin is dis person kz once tia s mom said to her dt dy hv to mk dis mrrg happen asap kz dy need money n dhr(obros) status.n robin is not too happy wd shitia.

    • Lids

      I know!! I have been saying that since the beginning. 🙂 when he came into the picture. He was too quiet/not happy when they were discussing the wedding. I hope Om and Prinku have nothing to do with the murder and I hope Anika doesn’t get hurt /insulted again. I just love this serial.

  7. Ridhima

    Is that acp is prinku’s pair oh god not again first they showed om and ishana chemistry and ishana is out of the show …then Dev and prinku chemistry Dev is not paired with prinku ..what’s the problem with the writers .. Day by day hating this show … I think it is not on track ..

    • Shaza


      |Registered Member

      Ikr , first they showed Ishana and Om then Ishana out ,after that Deb and Prinku and Then Dev out and now Prinku and ranveer ( hope they doesn’t do the same wit them ) but whatever happend si cannot hate this show 😁😜,,but yea when Ishana was out I really felt angry and maybe even would leave this serial but there’s something that don’t let me go away from ishqbaaz 😍😍😍

    • aahana

      Ridhima n shaza…dev n chabra track ws just to bring shivika closer n it ws not for prinku lv track..nor it ws mentioned in d spoiler/news/pre-entry intro dt dev n prinku r a thing..but acp s intro shows dt he s d 1opp. Prinku. N in my opinion prinku needs sm1strong n fearless as her pair kz she is mild n sweet he will gv her strength to speak with hold as dadi says 1s better hf possess those qualities dt one lacks like shivika(arrogance-confidence) raumya(diet-buffet) n even om will hv a 50shade type gf n same goes for prindheer.

    • Kalika

      I think Dev is the one who may have killed Gayethri and is scaring Priyanka. So Dev does have a purpose in the show, just not as Priyanka’s partner. I think Dev is actually Tia’s boyfriend

  8. salsa

    Omg .. Soumya and rudras love story was like a rocket… 😨😨😨😨 I mean so fast…. Rudy is no more cry baby or kid he is an angry baby….



    |Registered Member

    Awsome episode…
    And all pairs were so adorable… randhva-priyanka, shivaye- anika, rudra- soumya.. but missed om-ishana..
    And for the first tym rudra was so angry and om-shivaye were restless and background song for all pairs was so exact for secene..

  10. Sahana

    Hey guys!!!
    Aaj toj rudy sso ban gaya😂.. poor somo
    Shivika cute moments😍
    Priveer was also nice😄 bt i dint like him pretending to b innocent before her😏. Bt dey make a cute pair
    Dat tia is such a chipde… universe ka shraap😤
    Paani pilaanewaala moments was cute..
    According to spoilers anika omru would team up n find tias secret.. so tia would hire shooter to shoot anika so that she wouldnt bring out the truth😡
    If this is true.. then go shivaaaaay babyyyyy save ur lady love..
    Wt say guyz??☺
    Hw r u all??

  11. priya

    Last scene s awesome,so Ranveer s Priyanka’s prince charm…today duffer oberai s serious [email protected] baby s slowly by slow bcmng Anika baby,i mean shri shri great shivaya singh oberai s bcmng Pyaar singh oberai…and atlast all d 3 girls r vry beautiful:-)

  12. Tridha


    |Registered Member

    They showed om just for a minute. I can’t enjoy a episode without om. First I had to wait to see a glance of ishkara and ishana but now for omkara. This is injustice.
    Coming to the episode I think that was robin or someone else. Tia was looking horrible. Sorry if I m hurting anyone but I think soumya is too short for rudra. OMG rudra in ‘rudra ‘ avatar.
    I don’t why but anika ko behosi ki halat mei and shivay ko use pani pilate dekhkar mujhe bohot hasi aa rehi thi.

    • Sahana

      Be patient dea tridha😊. They r unveiling oms story n evn kunal said in an interview dat nw dey vil reveal his past n d reason behind his calm n composed nature.. n i also saw a pic on fb where our om is surrounded by police n acp n all r pointing guns at him as if his crime is caught😯
      So i jst hope he vil come out of dis prblm😌

  13. Ishqkum


    |Registered Member

    Pakka mass three couples looking lovely I am missing iskara I feeling sad for om.lovely b/w shivika rumya and our new couple ranika

  14. Soha


    |Registered Member

    today episode was super duper the three pairs were looking soo cut together specially shivika and i think priyanka is paried with randhawah they are also cute couple

  15. shekhar

    So at last, SHIVAAY seen not caring what her mother may think?, what other family members may think? , and even what TIA’s reaction may be? and simply lift the fainted ANIKA and took to his bedrrom!
    Since long I know, TIA never concern for what ever SHIVAAY has done or is doing now. During initial talks of MRJ wiith SSO family, TIA’s mother helself caight red handed his Son In Law SSO constantly from starring and starring ANIKA and thats why she forced TIA to pass a night at OBEROY MANSION, which was RUINED be ANIKA accidently. But then after either her mother or TIA herself never found worrying for such extra activity of SSO.
    We viewers also never find any FEELING connection between SHITIYA.
    DEAF and DUMB PRIYANKA atlast trapped by ACP RANDHAVA and now ACP will use her as a ladder for which he was in OBEROY MANSION.
    First time we experienced the MAGICAL ACTING of RUDRA and found cute in anger mood. SOUMYA found very expressive, and her love for RUDRA was dripping out from her each and every expression. RUDRA never found serious in serial, but he SUM UP everything he has in a single epis.
    In which way ANIKA may expose TIA to SSO is a big question, and we should left it on GULKHAN MAM.
    Today SHIVAAY seems both DARING and CARING for ANIKA. ANIKA as usual keep continue with her SLIPPING and FALLING sequence to create scenes keeping SSO standby as a BODYGUARD!!! Such more scenes may leads the viewers to think of OVERDOSE.

  16. Angela

    i tink ACP Ranveer is d 1 troubling priyanka… somehow dat grl who had an accident becoz of om n prinku is related to ACP ranveer dats y he hate d obroies so much… coz everytime he enter oberios home then prinku getting a clue

  17. Little Star

    I am a silent reader for about many months. I love ShivIka, RuMya, IshRa and DevAkshi. Can I join you guys??

  18. arshi

    Loved the epi totally… But missed ishkara allloottt!!!! Karwachauth was incomplete without Om’s love story… 2 day I’m in a good mood…so I won’t spoil it by again writing against Gul Khan… But wish omkara would hv also broken his LADY LOVE’s fast this year!!!!! But hopefully next year we would be enjoying all the 4couples breaking fasts as husband & wife… Rudra Singh oberoi stole the show… A complete package he is… His jokes are funniest ever heard till now… He’s possessive,he’s emotional…& now bang on… Wat an angry look!!!!full of attitude!!!! Love u rudra baby… Keep going…# loveishqbaaz# missishkara#comebacksoonvrushy#missishana…

  19. Diya

    I did not find the episode interesting. I am not liking the progression of Shivika story. The way Shivaay and Anika some to each other was forced in my opinion. I liked yesterday’s natural conversation at the breakfast table where Shivaay naturally said “chalo hum breakfast karte hain” it showed a sense of at-home feeling when he is with Anika. I also thought Anika’s karvachauth make up and hair is loud and her expressions not nice. The open mouth staring in Shivaay’s direction …I don’t know I find it to be in bad taste. The karvachauth clichés in shows and movies always get on my nerves and I am trying to ignore them. I don’t find them romantic and understand that the problem lies within me. I also don’t think that a man has to hold and shake a woman aggressively to show his passion and did not like that they made Rudy do that. His words and hurt expressions were enough. I hadn’t expected this but ranveer and Prinku did not look bad together. Their eyelick could have been shorter though. Om is the only thing liked about today’s episode. Sorry for all negative comments. I tried hard to not comment at all but am used to expressing my views here. Forgive me if I hurt anyone’s sentiments.

    • Diya

      Now that I have read some other comments I diagnosed part of my problem- it’s overdose of similar repetitive scenes. Going by spoilers another repetition, Shivaay misunderstanding and insulting Anika is coming up.

    • DaSha

      you noticed very interesting point: when Shivay and Anika stay together and they are not drowning in love, they really treat each other like equal. The way he asked her about ‘What was the decision’, of the way he invites her to have breakfast. And when he tries to take fruit basket from her and gets a splinter and she orders him to give her his hand… he did not object even for a second! Very family-like.

      I especially treasure these moments because I think sometimes ‘staring’ point is pushed too much.

      • Diya

        Thank you DaSha. Your comment made me feel better. You are right, that over staring, over falling and holding, sometimes takes away the natural charm of the scenes and the actors’ chemistry. I hope they will go back to the soft subtle Shivika scenes and the passion will emerge more organically.


      GULKHAN MAM and SURBHI along with her COSTARS should understand that to collect coins from cheap people is the work of third class ACTORS /ACTRESS work . From this serial , we viewers expected a high class theme and not such types of CHEAP drama which can not even touch our mind, penetration is at far end. After DEHLEEZ, if some what class people are here then they expect some outstanding performence of ACTORs and DIRECTOR too. Some what DRAMA is allowable , but such more drama will shift the focus of viewers focus elsewhere.

  20. Archiya

    Good tat everything is getting equal space n not just shivika.
    Soumya an rudy rocked the show today.. loved rudy as an angry man.But it was his mistake only,he wnted rumi so he cant hold soumya responsible for it, infact he pretended nt to even recognise her.she just hid bein love angel frm him an I dnt think tats wrong
    Acp n pinku make a nice pair,but he is gng to just use her in the game of bringing down the oberois.But as thy r showing them as pair he might fall fr her.and he is the one troubling pinku
    I dont think the gal is related to acp, bcoz all this started only after her he gave her pic to inspector n asked to find out abt her
    What I did nt lik is,om is getting sidelined.. the 3 pairs shld hve been wit him an his lady.he is so cute, pls dnt him out
    The last scene of giving water was the best of the day.. nicely portrayed with one of my all time fav song chand chupa badal main

  21. Nithu


    |Registered Member

    Rumya stole evryones heart i right frnds….actually rudy is only the reason y i started watching ssel cuz he used to play a role anuj birla in ssel….birla is the most powerful family as oberois..n he was small amongst their bros in both ssel nd ib…i love ssel and ib sooo much….

  22. Diya

    The reason for less comments- I wrote three and the page showed that they were awaiting moderation. I refreshed the page a couple times and it still showed “in moderation”. And now my comments have disappeared. They are nowhere to be seen. This page is experiencing a lot of errors in loading and displaying content. No one wants to see their thoughts, effort and input disappear into thin air.

  23. TwinJ

    Omg the 3 couple and their karwachouth. Superb. Loved it. Hope this stupid Tia’s truth comes out and Shivaay and Oberoi family kicks her out.

  24. akann

    Personally enjoyed today’s episode. Yeah, was definitely filled with the normal cliches and all but still liked it. Was surprised to see the angry/Shivaay side to Rudra. was quite interesting. Seems like they are doing some character development in his case. Also was skeptical about the ACP/Priyanka pairing but they make a cute jodi.

  25. DaSha

    Hello dear friends!

    This time I will complain a little bit about styling and outfits 🙂

    1. Anika: perfect in yellow, nice make up! What was that white thing on the top? Peignoir? Or she looked too undressed without it?

    I don’t know if you had seen and noticed, but in IPKKND Khushi make-up and dresses were changing with the development of the story, little by little they became more feminine and strong. I believe we will see the same story with Anika’s make up and dresses. I really like when Anika wears indian close in a modern way, I suppose all her jeans will go away in few month.

    2. Tia: too simple dress comparing even to Anika. We know she is not the lead, but it was too simple. I mean she deserved to be dressed better.

    3. Priyanka: super strange hair style for her. She looked 10 years older! She would look more fragile and vulnerable with unfastened hair.

    No offence, jut my personal point of view

    • SD

      i agree….pretty sure once shivika get married she’s gonna start wearing a saree with garish makeup. atleast they shouldn’t curl her hair. she looks better with straight hair.

    • Sahana

      Sonia… He didnt kill gayatri coz kunal said in an interview dat it is smething related to his past.. so its obvious he didnt kill her😊

  26. Navi

    Acp and prinku look good together. Hope he doesn’t use her against oberois. . Rudra ka rudravatar dekhne mila. . Rumya looked very good. Shivika scenes could be better but anyways I love them. Missing ishkara. Hope they show a proper story of om

  27. Thilini

    First time saw the rudy’s angry avatar. Still cute 😙. I too miss om. Specialy om-rudra together. Their bromance. I think kunal is shooting in seperate location for his past track. Recently i read some fan fictions of ishqbaaz. Most of the ff are based on shivomru’s childhood and their past. I love to see how they grown up with all of the family issues. This show steal my heart and since morning i am waiting for watch the next episode. Bt one issue i notice is they made lots of twist once. That make our curiosity. Bt i think they should focus for one(or 2) at a time. Now so many twists.
    1. Om and prinku’s secret
    2. Gayathri’s murder case
    3. Tia’s trueth
    4. Anika’s sister
    5. Rumya and rumi
    6. Thej and shakthi’s secret

    May be some more that i forgot. Btw i love the show ❤❤❤

  28. Roz


    |Registered Member

    Gd mrng Ishqies,,,,,commenting after 1 week,,,,missed IB,all ishqies and all fanfics,,,,,was nt able to see the epi…will watch and comment

  29. aahana

    Todays epi was really good n to d point leaving sm dragged eyelocks…cvs r saving us frm all those weird bg music n apshaguns on krvachauth…arnt dragging any track like dy finished lv angel in just 2 epis.. i liked it. No un necessary dragging n repetitive closeup shots dt depict shock!!love ib for dis..dy just go to d point in evrytrack….dont just drag it for days/weeks. I loved dis kvc theme all yellow golden…all were wearing yellow n light outfits..bss miss oms lead..i dnt kno y dy r dragging just 1track i.e.ridkara breakup…

    Btw mng guys how r u ppl??

  30. Rosu 25

    OMG….a different face of Rudra Singh oberoi……….is that the same duffer oberoi????!?…..what a change!!!!!!!!! Sumo just scared of his angry avatar…..rudra rocked……
    Last part was really a visual treat…….3 beautiful couple……superb…..I totally loved the episode…..but really missed ishkara…..

  31. Aayesha


    |Registered Member

    Rudru’s rudra avatar scored yesterday. I enjoyed d way he xpressed his anger. really like a Cute angry baby… & badly missing om’s pairing.. is der any clue abt it? But still confused abt gayatri murder case om-prinku & tia’s hidden truth…

  32. Mukti


    |Registered Member

    Hiiii guys aahna sahana saku mishri mukta renima di ShabNa piyu priya abiha mayank bhai shekhsr tridha Trisha diya disha nithu nithu dasha aqua angela sat n all howru???
    Sryy guys its two weeks I didmt commnt but my exms r going…but now I am free n wil surely commnt….
    I hadnt seen ishqbz n so many things happened in these two weeks!!!!!

    Om n prinku secret..n they didn’t tell shivay…its very bad can om do this…he alwz say he dsnt lie n bla bla but he has keprt the biggest lie in the world which most ppl would nvr keep… But I hope its only an accident n not a murder..

    But shivika then the track is on proper route…anika attitude is superb..n omg tia n mystery man..!!
    But saganot this shivay wil shout at anika….wht the f**k yr…I think some neew boy opp anika must be there so shivay wil no her value n the jjealousy track will be superb to watch….

    N this romi is aliya from kyy na guys??

  33. Veda


    |Registered Member

    Msng Ishana a ltttt…😢😢😢😢😢…evrybdy WS wid dr prtnr today…only mah Om was al aln dr…😢😢😢 though its nt da rt time fr an anthr new ntry,alrdy soo mny prblms r unslvd…dis time I badly wnt Om to stnd as da “rakshakawach” of Oberoi famly,no mr Anika plzzzzzz…..
    BTW our Rudra naild it….he unknwngly folwd hs Suprman vaiya’s angry avtar… 😀😀 da cncpt of yellow as da theme color s nice…nd probably Anika has a bad habt to stnd n da edge of stool…. 😊😉😉..if Cvs rly wnt to drag Shivika’s cnflct dey hv to crt difrnt situatns fr dm,y again n again da sm strng coincidnts…!!!??!!!!!…bt aftr al its a daily soap,no nd to be so rationl … 😊😊😊

  34. Kumari

    New pair love story started . Can any make a couple name for Priyanka and Ranveer …while coming to the episode Rudy rocked….his angery look awesome……


    The probable future story which I found somewhat reasonable as I feel that it suit to past attitude of ANIKA.

    In the upcoming episode there will be lots of high voltage dramatic situations seen amid Shivaay and Anika in the daily soap.
    Shivaay and Anika have been separated by a strong wall named Tia and this wall is very hard to break for Anika.

    Although off lately Anika has been sensing that there is something very badly wrong with Tia which Tia is hiding away from Sivaay.

    Anika sense that Tia is actually Shivaay’s enemy who is just trying to take revenge from Shivaay in a form of marrying Shivaay.
    Looking at the last two lines, it seems, TIA along with some one else(likely BF or H) is the main culprit for all and she has a strong reason to do so.

  36. Kiki


    |Registered Member

    Hi friends…
    Loved the episode.. Love Shivika… I don’t know how Anika going to prove Tia’s intention. I think while proving there’ll be a fight between Shivika. Rudra.. God I never know that he can get angry. His expressions were too good. ACP is going to trap Prinku. But they both looks nice together. I liked the last part.. But I terribly missed Om. I hope they will bring a lead for him soon.

  37. nithu

    Nice episode… All girls break their fast from their respective partners.. Today rudy just rocks, how cry baby turned into angry baby.. Eventhough it was a good episode, I can’t completely enjoyed it bcz they just show om for few seconds only…

  38. Shreya

    Hello all.
    M new here.I m here to request u all something. Even if any of u guys n girls r watching d episode beforehand on Hotstar premium or through other sources still I wud like to request u all that kindly do watch d episode during its telecast time that is at 10:00 pm Because d trp is based on the viewers during its telecast timing only.So if u will not watch it during its telecast in tv there will b fall in trp thus resulting the show to end.
    Thank you all for reading carefully.


    see what was going on in in SHIVAAY mind when ANIKA rushed to SHIVAAY while TIA was about to final RITUAL of krva chouth to see SHIVAAY from a RING?

    As SHIVAAY was totally unaware of what did ANIKA see for TIA, SHIVAAY was thinking ANIKA is in pain seeing TIA doing RITUAL for him and as she could not bear with this pain, she rushed down to her. While ANIKA has different intention.

    But i do not understand why ANIKA in hurry to let know SHIVAAY at the time of RITUAL as she had done such type of mischief at the time of marriage? She has enough time for this to let know shivaay . I think, apart from GOOD intention, GULKHAAN MAM is missing timing sense. GULKHAAN MAM should tackle the ANIKA charector wisely so as to keep it NEAT and CLEAN. When you keep whole focus of story over ANIKA, it should not be inked in silly ways

    • Veda


      |Registered Member

      rt..aftr ntrng Oberoi mansn Anika’s charectr hs bn lsing its strngth day by day..nw a days she use to recv da max scrn time bt most of da time eithr she is busy being cnfusd or doing silly thngs or starng at SSO..whr is hr unbrkbl cnfidnce,slf respect..??…CVS put da huge responsblty on hr shouldr to sv Oberoi nd SSO each nd evry time..nd hs bn creatng da same cnflcts,same misundrstng,same situatns,same coincidnts betwn SHIVIKA again nd again n da name of bringing dem closer… its only Surbhi nd Nakul’s outstndng actng skl which is savng da viewrs frm gtng br…

  40. Disha


    |Registered Member

    Episode was amazing feeling bad for alone om Shivika Rumya and priveer were amazing Rudra always bahave like kids but yesterday rudy as angry
    Last part was awesome Shivaye hold anika ignore tia loved this part
    How r u ishqies??

  41. shahabana

    Gd evng guyz…. Yesterday episode is really very nc episode with three couples shivika rumya ranveerprinku but really missed omkara plsss really want a lead for him also.
    And what i liked in yesterday episodes
    1.shivika they rocked as always how shivaye holds anika when she is falling
    2.rumya they really looked very good yesterday bcz its the first time rudy is in angry young man avathar really i liked its a lotz and i really expected this reaction from rudyy bcz i always thought when he will knw about love angel truth he will definitely react like this and anyways now the real rumya story will start
    3.liked priyanka and ranveer pair really priyanka needs a partner like ranveer who will strong and daring i know he will use her for his motive but definitely later he will fall for her simplicity im really eager to watch this pair
    4.finally three pairs shivika rumya prinkuranveer in one frame really liked it a lotz.
    And precape its superb shivaye doesn’t care about tia or anyones reaction he just cares about anika its just amazing
    Curioused to knw about tias secret admire and omkara prinkus secret
    Love ishqbaaz with lots of romance bromance and suspence.
    Note:plsss guyz watch the show on telecast time only if u had time otherwise if u watch the show on any website it will be effect on trp

  42. Saku

    OMG!!!!…what n episode…rudra in angry young man look😲😲…..prinku luv story started…but I m not happy as my om was alone & they showed him for second..whats this yaar…pure epi mein shivika n rumya…wht abt om???…this is not fair..😠😡…

    Anyways hw r u all??? Gud evng guys..

  43. Saku

    Why so less comments.???…plz comment guys….

    @mukta, mishri di,chetna di, renima di,abiha di, where r u???…plz come back guys missing u n ur comments…

    @mukta what happened to u???…u were commenting yesterday..why not commenting today??..


    so now ,what I had said just in my 2nd last comment, What SHIVAAY understood when ANIKA rushed to SHIVAAY and actually for what she rushed is now highlighted by GULKHAAN MAM . Again ANIKA misstaken by SSO, and may be again get insulted.
    It seems GULKHAAN MAM select a long rout to reach the destination!

  45. Priyadarshini

    Is that true??????
    Will that Tia shoot Anika!!!!!!!!
    Nooo. I can’t even imagine that.
    Missed om a lot. Rumya was very cute.
    ACP and prinku’s chemistry was interesting.
    Waiting for next episode…

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.