Ishqbaaz 25th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Daksh flees to save himself

Ishqbaaz 25th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika asks Payal not to lose courage and just try, Lord helps those who helps themselves. Anika struggles to get free. She asks Payal not to lose hope. Shivaye makes Priyanka don the chunri. They cry. He asks her not to cry. She says I m getting married today, are you sure you won’t cry. He says I won’t cry in front of you. She asks when I m gone… He says I don’t know how I will stop my tears. She hugs him. Shivaye holds Priyanka and cries. She says you have learnt how to hug. He recalls Anika. Omru come there and get shocked. Rudra asks what am I seeing. Om says is Shivaye giving a hug. Rudra says pinch me, its a dream. Om pinches him. Rudra says you look beautiful today, I will give you an advice, don’t cry, else your makeup will come off, if this happens, not your groom, but his horse will

run away. She says make him understand else… Om pats Rudra and asks him to understand. Rudra says I know something better, we will take a selfie. They take a selfie and smile. ShivOmru hold the red lighting shade over Priyanka and get her downstairs to the mandap. Everyone smiles. Dadi holds Priyanka and does her aarti. She says evil sight is warded off before pheras, so that nobody casts evil eye on the bride.

Priyanka sits in the mandap. Tia comes to Shivaye and says I know how emotional and protective you are about Priyanka, don’t worry, Daksh will keep her happy. He says he has to, if my sister gets hurt because of him, I won’t leave him. She goes. Anika hears the pandit chanting mantras and says that means wedding rituals are beginning, Payal hurry up. Payal says I can’t do this. Anika says we have to stop this marriage, please don’t lose courage, keep trying. Dadi says I have warded off the evil eye by this salt, according to rituals, bride’s father buries the salt before marriage pheras, but you are Priyanka’s brother and parent as well, you bury the salt somewhere. He agrees. Anika tries to get off the rope. Shivaye says I should bury it in the basement. Anika says Payal, someone is coming, be quiet. Shivaye comes there. He buries the salt there. Anika tries to see. He puts the trowel there. The trowel slips towards Anika. He goes. Anika sees Shivaye. She shouts Shivaye…. He stops. Om comes and says you are taking too long, come on, everyone us waiting.

Anika says it was Shivaye, we should have shouted before, he would have helped us. Payal says nobody will help us. Anika sees the trowel and says Lord and Shivaye helped us. Dadi says Shivaye has come, you can start rasam now. Pandit asks Shivaye to do the ghatbandhan. Shivaye does the ghatbandhan. Anika tries to get the trowel. Daksh and Priyanka take the rounds. Shivaye prays for Priyanka’s happiness. Anika and Payal try to cut ropes. Anika and Payal get free. Everyone showers flowers and smile seeing Daksh and Priyanka. Anika and Payal come there. Payal says thank God the pheras didn’t complete, we will go and tell everything to Priyanka. Anika says if we create an issue here, the family will be defamed, we have to think something else.

Payal says you wanted to break this marriage, now you are worried about Oberois’ respect, you wanted to save Priyanka from Daksh. Anika says yes, but not this way, I don’t want people to get a chance to gossip, when a marriage is called off, a girl and her family are blamed, we have to do something without creating an issue. Payal says if we don’t interrupt this marriage today, it will be too late. Anika says just do as I say. She asks Payal to cover her face. Anika and Payal don ghunghats. They walk towards Daksh and lift their ghunghats. Daksh gets shocked seeing them and stops. He thinks this girl will surely end my game. He recalls Anika’s words. Shivaye asks what happened, why did you stop. Pandit says you can’t stop between pheras, its a bad omen. Dadi asks Daksh to proceed. Tia says come on Daksh. Daksh coughs. Payal says what happened to you, are you okay.

Daksh faints. Shivaye asks Omru to take him to the room. Everyone worries. Pandit says stop, you can’t leave the mandap till rituals complete. Priyanka says but Daksh… Dadi says don’t worry, everything will get fine. Shivaye asks Om to call doctor. He asks Rudra to get water. He goes to Priyanka. Daksh opens eyes and sees them gone. He shuts the door and sees the window…..Shivaye says don’t worry, doctor is coming, Daksh will be fine. He hugs Priyanka. Om comes and says door is locked from inside. Anika says Daksh has run away. Shivaye asks what happened. They break the door and get in. Tia asks where is Daksh. Rudra says I will go and see, did he run away. Priyanka gets shocked. Dadi asks what will Priyanka do now. Anika looks on and says at least Priyanka’s life is saved from getting ruined. Shivaye thinks my sister’s life got ruined.

Om asks Priyanka where are you going. She says I m going to get Daksh, I know where I can find him. Shivaye says I will find him. He goes after Priyanka. She runs on the road and calls out Daksh. A car hits her. Shivaye gets shocked seeing her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ruby_MarNy

    Wedding has stopped finally… Feeling bad for Priyanka…

    1. Go Ruby Go !
      congo on being first !
      ya…..same here dear
      feeling bad for Priyanka ….

    2. Hii Ruby..once again…go R go…congrats ye
      Feeling bad for prinku..and this bad feeling of Sso will make Annika life hell.??

    3. Pushpa

      priyanke needs to grow up…..

  2. Pushpa

    Hi gals….U
    Episode ws ok ok…
    sisters shaadi shivaye gets imotional…i tell u this banda na real gem of a person….hw could u do tht shivaye….. yr expressions on the point … hats off….

    Payal anika enter OM dakhs got heart attack??????? 2rp cheapde…. when will this dhaks tia when will b exposed… cant take it anymore….ruining life …..putting shivaye in difficult situation just because he luv his sister tooooooooooo much…….well now they know shivaye hv learned to hug….. and he flee away………

    Precap hv given me goosebumb… im scared looking at shivaye expressions….
    Im going to end up hatred towards shivaye for doing bad to anika and calling her mistresss… he better hv some good explanation for tht…..

    Mihir im going fo kill u for doing this 2our luvly shivika…
    Eagerly waiting for the episode…

    1. Hi Pushpa di ….
      How is your leg now?
      I agree di Mr.Nakuul Mehta is a gem.
      his expressions are too good .
      He is really a good actor .
      I am in love with his acting .

      1. Pushpa

        hey dear
        sorry always hurry burry i enter TU… couldnt manage to reply all yr comments and view yr reviews…
        leg is bad as im working so need to walk… damn this leg lucky its the left leg . i can still derive.
        thank you for your concern dear…..
        mere Shivaye na …of course he is the best brilliant gem and u saw the clip…hw he rage …owsm …. although he need to pay ransam alot soon fro being a handsome beast….

    2. Pu di…now Sso is not Sso..he is a beast.
      Yiur shivaye is now a beast..
      When he will realise his mistake..he will need somebody toh thoda saarh de dena..
      Sso and beast.
      Wana kil aswathi.

      1. Pushpa

        yes arpu…. handsome beast …. his that clip was damn lit…. although i too dun agree the word mistress…… but lets c how is his skills of acting… in love again……
        i’ll join u to kill aswathi….

  3. Hello guys allah ki kasam that this daksh is to mean he did this to save him self than priyinkoo will have a accident than she will be in coma so shivay feel that daksh is guilty when he tried to punish him daksh hypnotised shivay than HSO will be against anika ho silly is he

    1. Hii Imane
      yes this Daksh is so mean
      2 rupees cheapde
      and i want to dedicate all the other bad words to him.
      and rigt ……
      Shivaye is so silly to belive Daksh .

    2. Hypnotised………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..
      Sso is going to chng in beast mode and later in gulity mode..waiting for his guilt trip..
      Post saadi episode i wanna see.

  4. Arpita6

    Hiiiii mere khidkitod pagals. ..
    Love VS Destiny
    Chapter 27.
    Starting of dark days..
    …wow…Sso indirectly you helped Annika..
    Thnx..but no thnx…
    And Annika..yeh once again you or9ve that strong and we shouldn’t lose our hope even we are in trouble. …
    Yes God help them who help them selves……
    Ok one thing I can’t understand DID SHIVAAY REALLY REMEMBERED ANNIKA??????????
    And today I kinda liked Sso prinku. .and omru as always nailed it……
    Ok that song and those BG….OM decoration is always on top….
    The way Sso said if my sister will get hurt bcoz of him I will not leave him MAKING ME MORE RESTLESS for exposing of truth…..
    This D.. ?????????????..
    Kya acting thi….Bechara tera game over hobe wali he..just waiting for next next week. ….
    And Annika di you are worrying about Respect of oberois BUT Poor soul you don’t know what disaster coming for you..??????. .
    PRECAP- and the darkest and scariest day is gonna start. …..

    GUL MATA story..????????????????????????????????????????mmy fear come true..SSso gona give mistress tag to Annika. .
    Leave everything but NARBHI nailing this scene.
    So decided ro watch it..
    This time everything will be more iterguing and more effective
    Now waiting for after Saaadi drama…

    1. Riana

      @Arpu… Everything was okay arpu but this mistress tag is unbearable !!…Lets see what happens !

      1. Yes…just hope Sso will not use this word again….
        I can’t bear it.
        It is nightmare for every girl..????????..
        It is big issue.Sso gulit should be more issue than this…
        Annika should give back to him..

    2. Arpu I don’t want Shivaay to label her his Mistress. This is the worse punishment for someone who was trying to help his family’s dignity. If she wanted to, Payal could have come in front and told everyone truthfully he is the Father of my child without Anika being there but no that didn’t happen cos Anika does not want to embarrass Oberoi family especially Priyanka. Please Arpu dear tell me the spoilers and even the you tube is wrong. Oh goodness why cvs nah do this

      1. Arfatun nessa

        Yeha sindhu di….aspki bat ek dam ryt h…jis family k liye anika yhi ki vo family ussko rewards m mistress tag de rhi Hain..iss acha toh bin shadi k rehe…..
        ##dam pagal sso shadi kark biwi banaya h or mistress kheta h…..jis ki shadi nhi hote vo mistress hoti h….ye tag toh tia ko milna chiye…. Anika ki shadi hogya but mistrekaise….. dimaag jo tha vo gya ab sso k

    3. Hiii Arpu ?
      How are you ?

      me too is restless for exposing of Daksh but before that Annika has to bear many tortures which I don’t want.

      and I don’t want ti hear MISTRESS word for Annika from Shivaye’s mouth .
      no…….not at alll.

    4. Arfatun nessa

      H r u arpita….
      Aapk anika ko kiya kar diya Shviaay ne…. Mera dil toot k tokre tokre hogya h …mein imagine nhi kar pa rhi ho aapk kiya haal ho raha hain……
      My anni????…..

      Yh mihir awasthi ko chodungyi nhi mein..kiya kia karwa raha h sso or anika ko….jut kill him ryt now???
      #sso k darr ta ki woman se jo paise k liye khud bi bikk sakte Hain ?yhi kiya mihir awasthi ne…
      #anika k darr ta ki unki maa ki tarah rakhil bana na de koi…same Shviaay kiya anika k sth?….
      Dono ko same darr mimi hi aaya aa kir…….
      Aj toh Shviaay n anika ko Mandap se uttha kr lekr jaa Hain………

    5. Pushpa

      hi dear …. the punch hv erased the memory
      upcoming is hurtign but will still watch ….. redemption sure we will get just hv to be patience…

  5. Hello PKJ pagals, today’s episode is nail biting but at the sametime I know the wedding will stop. I am glad both anika and payal escaped. What I don’t understand is why did Priyanka run after Daksh. Since he left, she should just let Shivaay handle. Why should Shivaay get angry with Anika when he did not see Anika at all at the mansion? How can Shivaay just believe Daksh story? He will keep spinning tale after tale and Shivaay just easily gets fallen and marries Anika forcefully. This is what I can;t accept in the redux.

    What good thing about Anika is though she wants to stop the marriage she wants to dignify the Oberois as well as Priyanka. That is so commendable of her.

    Shivaay’s sensometer is still working but not at full force. Since Daksh ran away, no one will blame him at all. Shivaay will not blame Daksh for a runaway groom but all fault will fall on Anika which is what I don’t like about in tomorrow’s episode. For this I am sure they will watch the CCTV footage and blame Anika. I hope whatever I said will not come true but knowing cvs I am sure they are going to come up with such a storyline.

    1. Sundhu di..Annika is stranger for Sso.and D is his he is believing him blindly..
      I prepared myself to watch anything except #MISTRESS tag…
      This is breaking me….
      Don’t know about Annika but I will cry seeing this….

      1. Ooops sry its Sindhu di

    2. Hiii Sindhu di ……
      How are you ?

      Annika is so good that she doesn’t want to expose Daksh in front of guest ,but what about Shivaye he will marry her and then leave her .
      Is this a right way?

      and I think Arpu is saying right Shivaye is believing Daksh bcoz he is his family member
      he should not trust him blindly .

  6. Saw the latest promo.. Shivaay marries Anika by force and leaves her right away saying that she will be called as his mistress and not his wife.. Seriously??? Anika tried several times to warn shivaay of daksh’s misdeeds.. If he was really sensible, then he should have hired some private investigator to investigate about Daksh.. instead he misunderstands Anika that she has deliberately ruined Priyanka’s life.. SSO should have atleast thought why Daksh ran away.. why harm someone who was actually trying to save his sister’s life??? Even after this, if Anika is shown to go behind SSO, becoz he married her.. then there is no use in calling her ‘nayi soch’.. CVS, pls don’t do that.. I hope Anika doesn’t easily forgive SSO.. am sorry guys.. after seeing the promo I got angered soooo much.. waiting for that’s ahead…
    About today’s episode, drags… Anika’s smirk at Daksh was the only good thing my eyes saw..

    1. Hii Dear Dhawni
      me too is very angry after watching today’s segment.

    2. Just hoping this week marriage should done.
      In next week want to.see khidkitod badass Annika..thats it..
      This mistress thing is kiling me.. ??

    3. Don’t worry dhawan has am with you. This is what I don’t want the redux to happen. I don’t want a forced marriage. Cvs made Shivaay totally and literally blind.

  7. Hello Everyone,
    How are you all?
    All good na?

    Today’s episode-
    don’t know what to say about today’s episode……
    let’s start from beginning.
    liked Shivaye and Priyanka’s scene though i missed their hug ……buyt its ok………

    Loved it!
    Loved the song!
    Loved that scene too.
    All were looking good together under that red chunri.

    and yes …..Tia ……..
    Be Alert!
    If your LADLA bhai Dakah will hurt Shivaye’s beloved sister then ……
    no need to say……..I hope
    tum samajh gyi hogi……

    Annika was trying very hard to prove Daksh wrong .
    Agar Annika ki jagah koi aur hota to wo abhi tk give up bhi kr chuka hota ……
    aur kehta …….
    Badh mei jaye Shivaye aur uski behen !

    So , Shivaye finally unknowingly helped Annika
    Ye to hona hi tha…..
    Shivaye is like Angel in Annika’s life.
    During first meet of Daksh and Annika in Payal ‘s house,
    Shivaye went there as FARISHTA
    And saved her.
    but don’t know???????
    Why is he behaving like BEAST now a days?

    Daksh was totally shocked seeing Annika.
    and that was the best part for me .

    WHY ??Why are you behind Daksh ?
    Leave him Priyanka and please open your eyes and see his real evil face.
    Shivaye tumhari behen ki zindagi barbaad nhi hui hai ulta barbaad hone se bach gyi .

    I am very upset with today’s segment .
    Jiska dar tha wahi hua..

    Shivaye will break Annika’s marrige and marry her forcefully

    as usual,
    society will raise finger on Annika’s character.
    but one good thing is that
    Om Ru will support her and accept heras their Bhabhi .

    Ok bye


      ??????i still dont know how I will watch it….
      Mere thought is breaking my heart

      1. Arfatun nessa

        Ishita….fine nd u?
        Om always support anika but rudy ka pata nhi h……
        Ek ladki k life hell kar di iss sso n….

    2. Hey Ishita dear I also don’t want Shivaay to call
      her Mistress and only hope cvs change their mind about this. Why is it they don’t corner daksh and question him to find out why he ran away instead of questioning Anika? Can people be that dumb?

    3. Pushpa

      wo chodho society… they only know hw to act to any situation
      look at their acting … owsm… its gona hurt us a little but after that its the tadibaaaz SSO & khidikitod anika……

  8. Like seriously….mistress….can’t expect this…haadh hoti hai har chij ki. somewhere I think that may be prianka has seen daksh running..
    mistress… from next week Shivika forced marriage track will introduce. I don’t think dadi will support annika cause in redux track she is concerned about nkk. one thing jab shivay ko saach paata chalega to maaf kaar payegi khudko…!!! ki usne us ladki ki jindegi barbad kaar di jisne uski beti jesi behen ki jindegi bachaya….he should be punished badly. about daksh and tia ki expose track..I have no hope for this r. cause I don’t think makers will expose daksh aur tia. don’t know kaab karegi. aab to mujhe laag raha hai ki jaab annika low omru ghar le ayegi to shivay ne usse apni aur tia ki weeding planer banaygi. then maybe in their wedding day daksh aur tia will expose. don’t know…it’s my own imaging. but seriously about daksh and tia exposure I have left my hope. don’t know wo laag kab expose hogi. hogi bhi ya nehi.

    1. He itni door baat nahi jayegi..
      D wil expose soon..
      Plz..don’t assume snything right now.
      Just expect the unexpected…

      1. baat already bohot dur aa chuka hai. aur aap itni yekin k saath kaise keh sakti ki d will expose soon…mujhe to lagta hai iss drama ko makers ne aur khichega….limit of everything…mistress..this is not nayi soch. in ekta show this is common..but in gk show I have never expected this mistress word…

  9. sonetimes I have a feeling that Shivaye is doing so bcoZ i he wants to save Annika from Nikhil may be he get to know his real face
    but then next second
    Al my feelings fly away bciz I know nothing like that will going to happen.

  10. So again history is repeating itself
    last time Tia ran away from her marriage and this time her bro
    both are 2 rupees cheapde BHAGODE
    and just like last time Daksh will make some excuse and wil prove himself BECHARA
    Buddhu Singh Oberoi will easily belive him.

    1. That time same thing happend.
      This time Sso is still believing in wrong person….
      Bsnda janwar bangaya he

  11. Nati

    Hey everyone i know i’m not much active here but today after watching promo i’m just ?. Seriously in redux too Anika again became victim of SSO anger.

    This show prompted a khidkitod girl but again same like rest of serials Anika will be left into piece. At least in redux Anika should be given the happiness of being a cheerful bride she too had her own dreams about her wedding but always her dreams turn into nightmare if Anika again had to suffer what she suffer before than what was the meed of this redux though these all are someone imagination but still she don’t deserve to be called mistress.

    I wish this time Anika twist the tale and SSO became Salve Singh Oberoi.

    I don’t want SSO in guilt but want Anika to remorselessness

    “Agar baad may dard denay wala he dava denay aye to phel he kyun na jeena ki dua de jaye.”

    1. Nati…welcome back with lots of love dear..
      How are you???how life is going on
      Remember me ???? I sm same Arpita..just name Arpu..
      Your last line..I love it.???…
      Yeh WANT A KHIDKITOD BADASS ANNIKA.who will give back testing him his own medicine…

      1. Nati

        Thank u Arpu for welcoming me and yeah too you as well lots of love. My life going bindass dr and how’s your going?

        And yes this time i don’t want any guilt game but i want Anika

        Kadmon Pe Mere Sham Savere Tera Hi Naam
        O Mere Ghan Shyam
        Saasu Se Paav Dabvaugi
        Dulhey Se Khaana Banvaugi
        Jab Tum Shaadi Karloge
        Bhul Jaaoge Akadi
        Theen Chize Yaad Rahegi
        Namak Tel Ore Lakadi
        Jis Din Tere Ghar
        Main Dulhan Ban Ke Aaugi
        Pooch Zara Kaise Kaise
        Teri Band Bajaugi
        Khud Bhi Nachungi
        Tujhko Bhi Nachaugi????????

    2. Hi Nati
      Agree with each and every point of yours ……
      Hoping for the best .

  12. Today I thought dis Daksh ka truth will come infront of every one ..
    But he still got a chance to escape
    Priyanka is so cute ..I want one handsome Man entry should be there for priyanka …
    Want priyanka ..ka true partner entry ..

    1. Lucky even me too want…a good partner for prinku…

    2. Ya……Lucky Priyanka deserves good partner bcoz she is too good .

  13. Nikita_jai29

    Episode is ok.. But i am really hating the cvs for doing this crap with anika… Agree with you nati dear and i also want the same….

  14. NSK

    I watch ishqbaaz because it creates another type of excitement in me.But to be very honest,at start this track was going fine.But now it has taken a ridiculous mode!!I just hope this track ends soon or the storyline should be changed.Moreover positive twists and turns shall be imposed.Again to a funny note,I am not going to watch this so called DRAMA for a week.I will be back after this Marriage mess ends!Don’t worry I will switch on my TV and leave it on star plus and leave the place!?so TRP wouldn’t be harmed and i too won’t have to watch those heart breaking scenes!

    Again i heard that Ishqbaaz will be OFF-AIRED AFTER COMPLETING 650 EPISODES!?omg i just love the show and I will be very sad after that.So Guys LET’S SHOWER LIVE TOWARDS OUR FAVOURITE SHOW!?LET’S APPRECIATE ISHQBAAZ TEAM AND ACTORS (not characters or makers ?) AND LET US MAKE THEM WIN AWARDS.they work so hard for us let’t do something for them too.ISHQBAAZ Came near to an end , let’ MAKE THE ENDING GRAND!TRP SHOULD INCREASE LIKE A BANG AND LET’S SPREAD POSITIVITY AMNOG FANS? (though none of the fans are satisfied, but let’s do this for ISHQBAAZ?).LET’S WATCH ISHQBAAZ ON TV WITHOUT CHANGING CHANNEL AND HOPE FOR THE BEST.(hip hip hurray, Ishqbaaz ki ho jay?)

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