Ishqbaaz 25th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 25th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye asks what happened to lights. Om says how can it be a power failure. The goons enter the house and tie them up. Some time before, Bhavya and Anika meet inspector. Bhavya asks the number details. Ragini says he gave me 10 mins time, he is going to kill me. Shivaye says till you are here, Siddharth can’t do anything. He goes. She smiles. Inspector says w got the location. Bhavya says it means fake Siddharth is here, its Oberoi mansion. Anika gets shocked and calls Shivaye. She asks him to listen to her, Ragini is mad, there is no Siddharth.

Kinners come and sing around him. He says I can’t hear anything. Anika says Siddharth is in US, fake Siddharth is there in Oberoi mansion, Ragini is psycho. He asks what, Siddharth is in Oberoi mansion. Samar looks at him. Shivaye asks where is the

other dhol man. He runs inside the house. Lights flicker. Shivaye turns and sees someone wearing a helmet. Samar pushes him and runs. Shivaye tries to stop him and remove the helmet. Samar jumps out of the glass wall and goes. Anika comes home and sees Shivaye hurt. She takes his phone. He says I have to talk to commissioner, I have to be with Ragini. She stops him and says I have to talk something imp, she is fooling you, there is no Siddharth, she is doing drama. He says I have seen Siddharth and followed, I missed him.

She says he is in US. He says stop this nonsense, come with me. He takes her to Ragini and shows her wound. Om takes care of Pari. He says I think she has fever. Gauri helps him. Their heads collide. Gauri says she has no fever. He says she has fever, it can get high. Om gets a call and asks her to answer, maybe its doctor’s call. Gauri answers the call. She says he is busy, you tell me medicines name, I m his….. I will tell him. She ends call. Om asks what did he say. She says medicines names are so strange. She struggles to say. Om asks her why is she saying two names if there is one medicine, its okay, its my mistake, I should have not told you. He goes. Pinky comes and says this will happen every day, because you are illiterate, same thing happened with me, my blood and family were high, so I stayed here, you have nothing, Om does not love you, how long can you stay here, you don’t even deserve to be his shoe. Gauri cries.

Bhavya sees Rudra sleeping and caresses him. Yeh moh moh ke dhaage…..plays….. He holds her hand and says you have duty in morning, Pari and I need you. She kisses Pari. She takes their pic. She cries and leaves from here. She sits in the car and sees the driver dead. She gets shocked. Goon points gun at her head and says I got a special message for you. She asks what message. He says Sultan is alive and he is coming. She gets hit on her head and faints.

Its morning, Shivaye asks Khanna about Siddharth, are you just trying, I need that man. Anika says attack was on you, not Ragini. He says Siddharth came here, its about our family security, why do you care if I help her, you are feeling jealous, else you always help others, you don’t want to help Ragini. She says she is lying. He says stop it.

Gauri asks why stop it, I will recall medicine name. Om says its fine, Pari is fine now, its not needed. Gauri says its needed, I m not a fool if I don’t know english. He says no, I did not mean so, let it go, I m in stress about Pari, fine tell me medicine name. She fails again. He says next time I will manage myself, its okay. Rudra says Bhavya went to duty and left you, I will give you a bath, come. He makes Pari sit in the bath tub and looks for the duck. He says I will ask Om and come. Om says its not a big thing. Shivaye says there is nothing such. Rudra comes and says forget it Bhabhis, where is Pari’s duck. Shivaye and Om ask him to stop it. Rudra says anyways fight if you want, I have to give bath to Pari, she does not bath without toy duck, don’t know where is Bhavya, I did not see her since morning.

Bhavya wakes up and says where am I. She gets blood in her hand and recalls Sultan. She calls commissioner and says Sultan is alive, he is upto something. Anika says her phone is busy. Rudra says maybe she is on duty. Goons come there and attack the security. Everyone thinks where did Bhavya go. Gauri says I think there is something wrong. Goons cut the wires. Lights flicker. Goons enter the house. Shivaye asks what happened to lights. Om says how can it be a power failure. Shivaye shouts Khanna. Bhavya comes and sees Khanna and others lying on ground. She says Sir, I need backup, Sultan and his goons are here.

Goons point gun at all of them. Shivaye asks how did you enter house. Goon says no need to shout. Bhavya counts them. She says I m sure they are finding locket. Shivaye asks what do you want. Goon asks him to be quiet. Anika and Om ask Shivaye to be quiet. Vase falls down by Bhavya. Goon asks who’s there. Shivaye beats him. Goons point gun at Shivaye. Anika and Shivaye start arguing. Anika says I think Nagini has sent them. Shivaye asks can’t you think anything else, stop it. Goon says just shut up. They ask whom did he ask to shut up. Goon scolds them. Rudra says I came here to take Pari’s duck, Pari is alone in washroom. Om asks what. Bhavya tells commissioner that goons made hem hostage, send backup team.

Shivaye signs Om. Goon points gun at him. Anika asks goon did Ragini send him. He asks who is Ragini, she did not send us. Anika and Shivaye argue again. Goon asks them to be quiet. Rudra says he is talking like Dadi. Goon asks who is Dadi, you all are joking. Anika says we are fighting, not joking.

Goon asks why do they fight so much. Gauri says they are husband and wife. Shivaye says no, we are divorced. Goon says they are fighting with cat and mouse. Rudra says you can call them Billu and Billi. Goon says they would have spoken a lot before divorce. Rudra says don’t ask. Goon says I did not ask. Gauri says did Buamaa send you. Goon asks who is this Bua. Gauri scolds him. Goon says now none will talk anything. Rudra says Pari would be waiting for me. Goons look for someone. Goon says news was true, how can this happen.

Shivaye says I will find out what they are talking. Om stops him and says I will talk. Gauri stops Om. Shivaye says Gauri is right. Anika stops Shivaye. Shivaye says if you go and talk, they will use gun. Rudra says I think someone intelligent should go and talk, I will go. Shivaye says I m eldest, I will talk. Om goes and talks to goons. He says we are mature people, we will find a solution.

Om asks them did they understand. Goon kicks him. Shivaye and Rudra hold Om. They beat the goon. Lafzon ka ye rishta nahi….plays…. Goons tie them up and threatens. Anika slaps the man and scolds him. Goon says you got divorced right. She says its between us, you have to shoot at me first. Goon says fine. Rudra, Om and Gauri ask goon to shoot them. Shivaye says wait, don’t talk in between, shoot me if you have courage.

Rudra says shoot me, I m single. Shivaye and Om ask him to shut up. Bhavya comes there and says please leave them. They all get puzzled. Goon asks who are you. Bhavya says I know what you are finding, you want that locket I will give it, leave them please. Shivaye asks what locket is she talking about. Om says don’t know. Rudra says she still has it. Goon asks what locket. Bhavya thinks they are not Sultan’s men. She asks what do they want. Goon says I want that baby, not money or locket. They ask Pari. Goon asks where is the baby. He aims gun at Rudra. Bhavya lifts the goon’s hand when he shoots. Rudra smiles. Bhavya fights with them. Anika and Gauri also go to beat the goon. A goon aims at Rudra and says your game is over. Shakti, Pinky and Dadi come home and get shocked.

Anika asks why did you become hero, if anyone shot you then. Shivaye says how dare he aim at you, sorry. He says everything is under control now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Bela

    My fave scene today, was the hostage scene. The Oberois and Annika totally nailed the scene. With their internal fights, constant squabbles, incessant chatter and ofc, their colour coded dresses, this scene was full blockbuster.

    A) Shivika’s fight about Ragini, their Tadi and then the way they were ready to give their own lives to save the other???

    B) AniRi ????

    The entire scene in which they all decide who should go and negotiate has to be the best ever scene in the history of Indian television’s kidnapping scenes. Pari was looking so cute ????

    This Ragini is full psycho. She is dangerous guys, how are we going to get rid of her? She should join Bua Maa in the asylum. But who would drop her there? Re entry of Kaali Thakur required ???

    I felt a bad for Gauri during that medicine scene. These incidents are cementing her insecurity and Om is not understanding anything????

    The fight scene was awesome ???

    Precap: ???

    1. Nivedita

      Go Bela Go! U really miss that KT na! ??

      We may see his resurrection yet again if u keep missing him constantly. ??

      O is really oblivious Singh Oberoi. The CVs took that tag too seriously..??????

      1. Bela

        Ahhhh, I didn’t fathom I could be first. Thanks a lot, idk why, I found him more tolerable than Ragini ???

        Sach mein, Om to D for dhakkan ho Gaya h???

    2. Anitaaa3

      Go Bela Go

      1. Bela

        Thanks a lot Anitaaa3???

    3. LAX

      GNG..!! ???
      Episode was fun.
      Yuckini is a scary psycho witch. Mental asylum bhi kam padegi.
      Last para on Gauri, totally agree.

      1. Bela

        Thanks a lot LAX???

        Kabar khod dete hain, asylum na sahi toh???

    4. Pushpa

      bela….mee too yaar gauri shoudl inform OM abt pinky haunting her…
      precap looking so luvly…waiting

      1. Bela

        Gauri is too docile that way I feel. She would never consider an elder wrong, like we saw when she chided the hoon for talking about Bua Maa disrespectfully. And let’s face it, Gauri’s education problem is real, and she knows that. Maybe that’s why she isn’t responding in her Dabangg style.

    5. AnuluvsIB

      wow! Go Bela Go!! Om n Gauri – Same feelings.. Yuckini.. same feelings.. U want KT to do the honours ?? 🙂

      1. Bela

        KT is the ONLY man who can do this, trust me. Agar aur kisi ke bas ki Hoti toh woh kab ki wahan pohonch jaati. Everyone is useless.???

        And thanks?

    6. Nivedita

      I wouldn’t mind a KT guest appearance too..but only if it’s a well written plot.. not the one from DBO..

  2. Nivedita

    I thought today would be a bit pakao/ filler and it was..partly too stupid..
    Top Loves:
    1)Om funny convo with the Gundas.???
    2) Obros fighting the villains when they hit O.???
    3) Rudy dialogues to his fighting bros.???
    4) some of the villains frustration with the fighting Oberois.???
    5) Ani’s Chandni dialogue and o Jaana music.????
    6) Rikara bg music in bedroom.????
    7) All stepping in to save each other.. though I hated BH..yet again..?? ( though some of it was a bit poorly done in parts).
    8) Pari..????

    Top hates:
    1) the silly and idiotic Shivika fight when the guns were pointed at them..????
    2) how could Rudy just leave Pari in the bathtub and he and the others had time to worry over the witch but not over a baby alone in a bath tub! ???? I was totally pissed off at them for showing such careless and harmful scenes..kuch toh responsibilities the CVs should have young impressionable new parents might think this to be totally cool thing to do..argh idiots.. just for a stupid plot.
    They couldn’t conceive better scenes for keeping Pari away from a stroll with some other family member?
    3) the way someone conveniently hit the witch so she wasn’t present initially in the scenes..( but they didn’t hit her hard enough to be absent from the whole scene)…what a bunch of eye rolling crap..???????
    4) SSO shouting at Ani and Khannu for that nagini. ??
    5) BH conveniently intervening at the end. Yuckini part 2..
    6) the girls staring like Dumbos ( ok cheering their men- how cheer leader bimbo- like of AniRi– ( I never thought I would ever b annoyed at AniRi plots))..when Obros were fighting…but akal thikane ayi and joining the fight when the witch started fighting. ?????????
    7) Ani making her pappu yet again.. what proof did she take to SSO that he would believe her. Silly idiot..if that Sid is fake and she knows it..why rush to SSO to help him..before bringing some solid evidence to him? ( And where is that witch when one needs her)..
    8. Witch ruined yet another fav song..???
    9. How easily the pappu guards also got hit .and this time these people were out of circulation, but not the super witch.

    Aise hi dikhate raho air pakate raho. I guess you feel you are doing a marvelous job with poorly shot and contrived stories..
    And if that witch Rudy wedding happens, I am out of this crapbaaz!
    PS: I hope dinky insulting Gauri will make her angry enough to start educating herself, I have so wanted to see a Gauri taking steps to educate herself. One doesn’t have to be a college graduate to be smart, educated, clever and nice.

    Pps’: only partly loved the gala fight..because it was idiotically placed…it should have happened earlier. When Obros were fighting.
    pPps: I wish the villain has shot someone..him holding the gun and listening to all the crap Dialogues was too generous..

    @Astha, Maahi, Arpita, and others please join us in PKJ mansion hangouts soon. DM your gmail id to me, if u want to join. If u already joined yippee! ?

    1. Nivedita

      I FF through Yuckini samar not muCh comment on that.

    2. Nivedita

      *gals fight not gala

    3. LAX

      Top loves
      1. Even my favourite
      2. I felt it did not ve the impact as lafzon ka yeh was playing. Ll go for a re-watch.
      4. Main goon was equally funny.
      8. Always a darling.???

      Top hates
      1. Was unnecessary n could ve executed better.
      2. Agree to the power of Tiffany
      4. No umeed from SSO.
      5 n 8. I was feeling bad for you n Rans. Thank God there was no silly laugh. Main Baal baal Bach gayi iss Baar.
      7. Totally hate a dumbo Annika. Sangath ka asar.

      I think there ll be a Ruvya wedding. ????

      P.S.- I ve always wanted to see Annika going to a college n graduating. But Gauris needs a degree more than anybody else now.

      1. Nivedita

        Maybe both of them AniRi can do it together..once Gauri gets her pre college education completed..( just to show off Pinky–

        I liked lafzon ka, and Obros hitting, ( though found it a bit foolhardy too considering the goondas had guns) buy didn’t like AniRi just watching them fight and not helping them in that scene..

    4. Nivedita

      Forgot to mention..for the med thing it’s ironic Shrenu had to play that part- since she is a B.Pharm. graduate…)
      Without school education, Gauri could just break down the complicated med name into Hindi words and have written it down..though we’ll acted by Shrenu. It wasn’t a well plotted scene imho..except for showing more of Gauri’s humiliation. Can’t she feel humiliated, but not show it to Om? What’s the point anyways, since he doesn’t understand her?

      1. Nivedita

        Most educated non medical background people have a hard time knowing about meds or med names.

    5. Labiba

      I don’t understand why dinky hamesha dusro ki bedroom main takajhaki karti hain ..hamesha na jani kaha se piche se Aa jati hain???? so irritating?

      1. Nivedita

        Agree Labiba!

    6. Pushpa

      nivi hates more than likes…me too i hated all the scns u listed…i too got a little pissed of when shivaye shouted at anika…tht yuckini gona get sliced soon…yeah rudy just lefy pari in bath tub with no one lucky no water…but tht was good cause gundoos couldnt find her…

      anika please get solid proof like recording or expose face to face like how u used to do…

      nivi i didnt c u at hangouts….

      1. Nivedita

        Agree on your advice to Ani..idk what happened to our smart Ani?

        Yeah girl had work, but I was in hangouts a few times, just different times than you probably..

    7. AnuluvsIB

      Same points on the love and hates sisso! But the love seemed very negligible to me against the hate!
      Coudn enjoy th enok jhok like I ussually do..
      Our hates are very simialr points.. Ru leaving the baby alone.. bhavyas disappearance and reappearance..

      I wish the villain has shot someone..him holding the gun and listening to all the crap Dialogues was too generous! same to same nivi.. same to same!

      1. Nivedita

        He he Anu..we really are twins??..yup I didn’t enjoy the episode–as much..even nok jhok some parts were good and some meh..

      2. Pushpa

        can I say its total disaster on the plot of the storyline..

  3. THE SHIV-OM……
    The Obros…. the men with THEIR OWN CREATIVE PATH to lead a life….. the men with THEIR OWN CHAUVINISM to judge a person…… the men with THEIR OWN THOUGHTS to measure someone’s thinking…..

    A man with the believer of NKK accepting a girl as his better half whose only identity is her name….. Just a name which is difficult to earn….. Just a name which makes it difficult to create one’s identity in a patriarchal society……



    A man with full of confusion …… confused with his idealism…. confused with his chosen path…. confused with his thoughts…..

    A man who is the FOLLOWER OF TRUTH….. Married A GIRL to save her life….. Married A girl for his idealism of HUMANITY…..
    But at the same time left her without ANY CONCERN just for his saviour of TRUTH….
    The truth which never existed….
    His thought of being him true made him UPROOTED FROM HIS IDEALISM…..

    The truth which HAS A POWER TO REDEFINE ” WORST TO BEST “…..
    But when the truth is presented with the spotlight of lie….. all we can see is the LIGHT OF LIE and not THE DARKNESS IF TRUTH…..


    A man whose work speaks about his purity …unable to identify the work of his so-called better half to justify her purity….
    A man whose eyes speaks the volume of his heart….. The same heart spoke numerous of piercing words to the girl who always UNDERSTOOD HIS HEART BUT ITS OSO’S HEART THAT BETRAYED HIS VERY OWN FEELINGS…..
    A man whose life runs of certain self defined philosophy RAISED QUESTION ON HIS WIFE ABOUT HER WORSHIP IN FAITH AND LOVE……

    A man full of contradiction….. contradiction on his TRUTH OVER SOMEONE’S LIE….. contradiction on his IDEALISM OVER SOMEONE’S WORSHIP….. contradiction on his PAIN OVER A HEALER….. contradiction on his LOVE OVER HIS HATE……

    THE END…..

    1. Nivedita

      Loved your words on ShivOm! Well said! ??????

      Only another thing SSO says no one can manipulate him, but that nagini is doing it with such ease. As have other OF villains..????

    2. Yazhu

      Totally loved your views on ShivOm???????…. It reflects my thoughts completely…. The difference between each other’s character were beautifully written and it shows the every depth in their characterization…..

      Great work Maahi.. ?????????????????????????????

    3. Pushpa

      wow maahi…what a write up…agree all of them speacially strue the great wall already have cracks..all these MU on cracks the confusion the dilemma betrayal all caused by his beloved……..

    4. AnuluvsIB

      Awesome O awesome!!.. Calling U O again.. coz from the comments, clearly the old O is back..
      So deep n meaningful analysis on Sso and Om.

      Luved it yaar!!

      A man with full of confusion and another man full of contradiction.. very well put!!

    5. Piyuu

      wow superb mahi…… loved ur views on shivom.

    6. Nikita_jai29

      Wow maahi dii… It is awesome…

  4. Aastha_Reddy

    Jab GIDDHAD ki maut aati hai wo SAHAR ki taraf bhaagta hai aur jab maut aati hai tab bhi GIDDHAD, SAHAR ki taraf bhaagta hai. So GIDDHAD AND SAHAR are constant always . same opinion about PROBLEM AND OBEROI MANSION.
    Any one wish to read…

    1. Nivedita

      I hope the gidar is dinky..and Samarini..?

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Nivedita…we knows the GIDDHAD too well. But we should remember the real parents of “PARI” too. Free security of Oberoi mansion and tension to Oberoi family plus thrice the amount of LOVE from ShivOmRu and their wives. Salute to them…

    2. AnuluvsIB

      Perfect comment on prob and OM!!

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Anu…I just read the written update and feel like writing this much. I watched it now @11:30 repeat time.

    3. AnuluvsIB

      Btw.. asthu..Try to join us on Hangouts if u can..

    4. Nivedita

      Haan Aastha, the real parents of Pari are adorable..?? ROARS..

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Nivedita… hein adorable hain!! Pari’s parent are real chantumai for my eyes.

  5. ???Precap ???
    1.Yuckini mudila(I can’t) Shivaay yepdi pa avolu close ah ava face ah pakuringa??

    2.Samar OMM silent boy doing kedi work (unga pasamalar mudila da paaaa???????)

    3.OK I hate samar today??? & but the scene was good both r playing ????

    4.Shivika ?????????????fight panum pothu kuda cute thaan iruku

    5.Rikara:feel bad for Gauri??

    6.Ruvya : only confusion no cmts


    fight & rikara’s fight,
    Rudy to goon: don’t ask that lol?????,dadi &bua ma ji????


    10.marriage fb?????

    Precap:????????????????????????shivika love u guys????????????????????

    Tamil IB

    1. Nila


      1. Piyuu

        nila i hate samar yesterday avanum avanga psycho sis um thanga mudila

    2. Nivedita

      I loved the marriage FB too!

      1. Nila

        ???? even though it was a forced mrg it (scene) has a some magic

      2. Nivedita

        Yes Nila! ?

    3. Oh ar U Tamil girl…..ah naanum eenda serial la paapan ……

      1. Nila

        Hi narmadha
        Yup Tamil thaan

    4. Pushpa

      i cant too…this yuckini……hey she throwing herself to him la…nila im waiting 4today yaar…thet luvly moments…hope no one interrupt….

      1. Nila

        Yup pushpa
        Today epi I too wish there is no interrupt?

    5. AnuluvsIB

      Ayyo nila.. pasamalar thaangala..! romba over ah irukku!! kaduppetharaanunga..!

      Marriage FB.. since they showed the separation FB too.. it totally put me off! 🙁

      Pari in the bath tub was the only thing that i enjoyed 🙁 I hope tom is a better episode.. Fingers crossed!

      1. Nila

        Intha Samar Ku work ilaya peruku thaan business man but both(Shivaay too)r always in house

        Separation scene I too feel very bad

  6. Misha_Mikul

    Wowwww…. Obahus Kidkitod fight for their Love Men???

    No mood for commenting about Nagini?? she was exasperating me as always??Samar too joined hand?
    only my BP will rise up if start talking about it?? so I just wanna share my happiness over the lovely moments?

    Oberoi Couples are very special?? They are ‘Semma’ ?? Nothing or Nobody can even compete n win over their Unity???
    Shivaay looked Dashing in that red-white Outfit??

    The goons scene.. Unaware bechara goons just went into house before collect some information about the Gang of Oberoi Mansion??
    especially about Annika?? They should have asked the two goons whom ShivIka fought with in jungle???
    ShivIka’s argument in between???
    A goon asked “even after divorced they talk much,sure they would have spoken a lot before divorce”??
    Rudra said “don’t ask”?and the goon said “I won’t ask”?? Lol???
    Oberoi Gang made fun of the joker Goons???

    But one thing, makers should take a look on ShivIka’s reunite??They two themselves have been making comedy about their separation??
    in today’s epi too?? they had talked on the day they had dinner together which was arranged by OmRu..moreover Shivika didn’t even come to a right point… just leave in middle??
    So, it seems illogical in emotion and feeling wise??Because our heart will get hurt so much when we see our lost love again???
    Enough making fun of their broken relationship and comedy tracks, please get into story???

    When Oberoi couples stopped each other from talking to the goon???
    When Annika said I’ll talk , Shivaay said “Tum jaogi auri baat karogi na,wo log sirf badhuk dhikayenge nahi, banduk chalayengi”???
    the way she caged by ShivOm’s arms..Lol???

    When Annika stood for her Pati .. mini fb!!?? Missing those moments??
    But I didn’t get a dialogue told by Shivaay where I have watched in a spoiler?? it almost like “anika ki taraf muu uda k dekha to ankhein nuchh lo ga”
    I think it has cut from the sequence??Am I right??? Why did they cut out???? I was waiting for it?? Haizzzzz??
    AniRiVya fought with Goons?? Women Power!!! ??

    Precap – Lovelyyyyyyyyy!!!?? Eagerly waiting!!?? ShivIka❤❤❤

    Nitezz deariezzzz❤ Tc all of u??

    1. AnuluvsIB

      Enough making fun of their broken relationship and comedy tracks, please get into story..

      I was in this mode..! and this stopped me from even enjoying the goons scene Misha..
      If there are meaninful nok jhoks, it will look better.. but they are just mindlessly bringing in random fillers.. with no connection to the actual plot..

      Precap actually looks nice.. but the fear of them fighting again, puts me off..
      Hope they show us something more meaningful apart from what we saw in precap..

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Yeah!! You’re absolutely right Anu… I had enjoyed the goon scenes but when Gauri told they are pati n patni and for that ShivIka answered no, we are divorced… That was really made me quite upset.. didn’t they get hurt while saying the words??
        Senseless nok jhoks as u said!!

        Hopefully, precap will elaborate to a Heart Melting scene…
        Seriously, they showed their separation as biggest JOKE.. we’re inside still getting hurt of seeing them apart … Enough CVs!! Please

  7. Anitaaa3

    Todays episode was a bit good…
    Uff ye Pinky or Ragini
    They are making AniRi’s life hell
    Shivaay is so dumb.
    He always belives Nagini’s word
    Offo the Shivika
    They were fighting like goons
    Who will say that they were divorced
    Precap ❤❤❤

    1. AnuluvsIB

      Pinky interfering in Gauris life is heights..!
      Y is she bothered??

  8. Super fast update…. hi arpita archiya mouni lax n astha once again hru all

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Hey Pinku… all fine. Take care of your cry baby you female Rudy!!!

    2. LAX

      Hi Pinku
      Am good. How r u??

  9. Riddhima

    Hai ishqiees …????
    Vanakm kk ????

    1. bhavya helping anika okay …paravalla ….and went in veil …

    2. I liked the way anika pulled shivay and talked …superb …and shivay why are you dumb …. And he got that much hurt for that yuckini … Yuck

    3. samir poor boy what all he is doing for her sister and how dare he hit shivay ??????

    4. Rudy soo cute while sleeping … ???…

    5. That goon how dare he hurt my om … How politely om talked to you with respect … And you kicked him ..?????????…. Don’t dare to touch him … Before hitting him you have to face me. … ??????????????……savachituven poriki …dog donkey ……

    6. And that goons got papu from shivika … Haha he was like o god why I came to this goon job … These two making me mad …. ?????????????…..

    7. The way sshivom protecting rudra and saying he is bacha sweet ??????

    8.shivomru ??????????????????????

    9. And anika slapping goon when he points gun at shivay ??????? sama ….goon saying anika meri maaa chup oojaooo ???????….

    10. Goons was such dump he didn’t see the kid in bathtub … Pari was so cute sitting silently …

    Kk …

    SShivay’s copper blasted ..and everyone worried ..

    Maapazhamma maampazham
    Malkova mampazham
    Seladhu mampazham
    Thidhukum mampazham
    Ungaluku venuma
    Inge oodi vvarungal
    Pangu potu thinnalam …

    Good night ????
    Iravu vanakam ishqiees ?????

    1. Riddhima

      Khannu ji .

      Liji was in full angery mode on shivay ..for scolding kahnnu ji ….

    2. Labiba

      U guyz love ur khannu ji so much??

      1. Riddhima

        Yep labiba …..

    3. Aastha_Reddy

      Riddhima…I cam feel the heat emitted from you to kill that goons. After all they hit a so sweet Om who was trying to make a peaceful pact with them.
      Poor Liji…and her Khannu .

      1. Riddhima

        Yes astha. …
        That goon how dare he …. Kick my om .. I wan to cut his leg which kicked my om …

        Liji was bashing shivay ..astha … ?????

    4. Pushpa

      thts agood one riddhi..i mean the song..

      1. Riddhima

        puspha …
        Antha paatu Tamil book LA varume niyabhagam iruka ungaluku ….????

      2. Pushpa

        yes of course dear…

    5. Nila

      Semma song Riddhi???????
      Ya too get angry how dare they touch ur/our OM??
      Pinky ji also came to house I wish that goon who have a gun ,turn & point pinky 1 2 3 shootttttttttt

      10.pari cutipie??????

      1. Riddhima

        Nila …..

        Haha …nama tamizh book LA vara Tamil paatu ….
        Haha ur /our om ….???
        ???????? yes goon better kill pinky and give peace to my shivomru …?????

    6. AnuluvsIB

      Mambazhamam mambazham?? Y this?? did it come in KK?

      1. Riddhima

        Anu …..
        ???? illa chumma ?????

  10. Pushpa

    Hated completely 1st half…entertaining whn gundoos enter OM….

    Why why why….cvs….anika got the proof bt didnt reach shivaye cause the kinners… bp is hitting high now…..u 2rps cheapde yuckini trying2 make my shivaye pappu……cvs unacceptable of wht u hv done 2shivaye……where hs the smart singh oberoi gone?????.samar as sidarth again?????so so so stupid…..nothing make sense..
    Omkara gauri moments ws good..but again ruin by pinky ponky agn …can someone do something to her….

    when bhavya sleeps on same bed wt rudy…not married right????..and she leaving…..whts gona happen exposing yuckini????? .

    i just hate this track…Shivika MU again because of 2rps yuckini…..

    Will anyone leave baby alone…pari alone in the bath tub..dumbell rudy…hw could u.,..i.enjoyed shivika fighting great owsm super entertaining …goons looks like a bunch of comedy piece gundos..wht r thy looking4.wht thy r after PARI?….oh no .finally the dsy is saved by 3thooges fighting…so this week will b exposing pari identity….owsm

    Precap….looks exciting?????luvly thy together looks beautiful ….????


    1. Nivedita

      Yeah that BH Rudy in same bed always gets me..when Rumya, Shivika ( many months) and rikara ( even now) weren’t shown like that, why does BH have that privilege? Yuck!

      And I am not saying it from s prudish point of view, but from a story, character point of view, even with Riddhima the whole family objected..but here no one seems to care! ??

      Her job is to search for the locket not sleeping in any random guys bed, even if their hormones are kicking in..?

      Pushpa it will expose Pari but that means bye bye Pari too .??

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Pushpa…what was there in this episode to enjoy except for SHIVIKA argument in front of the goons?? Poor Shivaay is a great Pappu. Cvs had made a Pappu out of him once again.

      1. Pushpa

        tell me about it astha……complete stupid tha……excepy shivika ladai wth gundoos…yes our shivaye made pappu thtt this 2rps chepde…una cceptable…

    3. AnuluvsIB

      Puspha.. Cvs have totally kiiled your sso.. brutally killed his intelligence! made his a super dumbo.. this entire not believing in annika is pissing me off too..
      High time they closed this drama!!

      1. Pushpa

        im totally very angry&upset anu…cvs not even brutally they have slaughter his character left nothing just his brain…

  11. Swathi..

    Hi ishqies &pkj family how are you all? Hope all going well.
    I don’t know when I’m going to be regular commenter but I want to be one. Not only commenter but also want to reply to all of you. I just hope to get enough time to reply to you all.

    Dear pkj family
    Please join us on hangouts group plzzzzz m I’m requesting all. All means each & every person of pkj family.
    One more thing do support us Instagram by following pkjlovesib account

    GN pkj family sweet dreams.

  12. Hummble request ek goon ko pinki ki OMM ksrdho.main aplogoko lilpop,mullie,tamatar patoto dhongi.pls pinki ko mar dejaya

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      AB…I think that goon will not sign any contract with you about Pinky deal. All the thing you offered is not of the same value against killing Pinky. Sorry…but you have to tolerate that Donkey .

  13. Meei expectation ki OMM kar di.

    @lax dear yes yesterday was a balanced episode but today 21 minutes was full on bakwaas..

    1.Pinky ponky s hell irritating ?????

    2Sso is No 1 duffer.

    3didi without any proof why you told anything to Sso and made a pappu of your self..??????.

    4.Samar is also not good..??????

    5.bhabya only good thing she is helping annika…i don’t like bhabya but i love ACP character i mean true ACP.not like ranveer

    6.then Omi i am now angry on him.why he is always want ro be Sso part.2 Sso bi….. complete nahi karpa raha he aur ye bhi kuch clear nahi kar raha…this is not om
    Plz don’t be Sso part 2..??????.

    7. gouri why are you silent i can’t understand. .ek jhaap pe satado pinky ponky ko dewar pe…

    8.Ragini se starting …She is just……..???????????…Sso faso aur faso pura fas jao uski plan main baad main didi ko yaad mat karna….jab prblm aati he toh didi yaad aati he..??????..

    9.Cutie pari………i love her pout wala face…awwww soooo cute…?????????????????????..

    10.Gundo ki dimaag ki dahi hogayi..??????..this is a mad family..bliu bili are mad….?????… gouri’s ek jhaap main diwar pe sat jaibe..???..

    12.rudy’s single married and shut up rudy…????..

    13.Shivika marriage and broken maariage fb…??????..
    Didi ne pati boldiya but Sso ne kuch bhi nahi kaha..glad that rudy said something. .best dever bhabi in the world..????????…

    14.then obaus fighting OH My God…..???????
    .what a fighting yarr….

    15 precap- Sweet precap .but i am not soo much excited bcoz whenever i get excited my excitement ki paapu ban jati he..So.jyada expection nahi……but looking Good..??????…

    I am in disappointed zone bcoz of Sso dumbness and Didi’s making pappu of herself…So i am going byyyyyy…..
    Good night have a sweet dream. …???

    Forgot to say…loved the lafzo ka ye……and shivom ek dusre ko rokna aur didi ko rokna..???and didi’s puppy face..?????..


    @MAAHI DEAR, YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT…….. love your comments ………..loads of to you dear……..

    1. Nivedita

      Arpita I felt exactly 100% like u about every comment u wrote.

      I even liked AniRi fight, but I wanted them to fight with their hubby’s not the witch..?

    2. Pushpa

      couldnt agree more with yr comments…….im not happy at all arpi….cvs really ruinin gmy shivaye character….imsuper angry..

    3. AnuluvsIB

      sabke expectations ka OMM kardiya CVs ne..
      Try to join us on Hangouts if u can arpu!

  14. LAX

    The first half of the episode was horrible terrible. Hated every bit.

    Shivay se tho koi umeed nahi thi mujhe but Annika why are u disappointing me like this?? Plz don’t be such despo. Leave Shivay in his condition.
    Ruvyas Moh Moh ke daage killed all the moh in me.
    Rikara scene also had nothing extraordinary n Pinky spoiled the rest. Pigini gave me headache seriously.
    So apna Ashok Sultan is not dead. So that means Bhavya won’t leave the house. Sultan humne kya bigaada tha aapka??

    Coz the first half was depressing I did not enjoy the second half also. Cannot say I hated it but the intended comedy did not reach me. With Annika leading the fun team, it was not bad.

    The team in white looked so good. ??? I think the main goon was as funny as our team. He was also a Shivika shipper to an extent.
    Oms moderation talk was the best. Glad that he didn’t go for a shayari then.
    Gareebon ke Charlies Angels the aaj apni Obahus.
    To me Bacha and bathtub scenes are scary always. ???

    Precap- was definitely a consolation. SurbhiC, your voice modulation, lajawaab.
    @Anu- See, I think the makers read your reply to my comment in the last page, hence the consoling precap.

    @Rans- They edited Shivays epic line. ????
    @Nivi/Rans- Bhayanakly bhavyastic tha na episode. I can imagine your faces.

    P.S.- Gulmaata is very smart I must say. In the 40 mins of the episode 5 mins are exclusively flashback scenes.

    1. LAX

      I liked all that cacophony in the hostage scene but definitely Shivikas Amar Prem episode was more funny.

    2. Nivedita

      Lax lol! Your mom moh comment was hilarious! ????? Totally all charm gone from that song..
      Plus why do they share a bed ke liye kuch bhi dikhayenge Cvs..??

      Consoling precap means only 5 mins Shivika and rest VillainBaaz or shockbaaz about Pari not being an Oberoi.

      Ashok sultan – what’s that .I seem to be fwd too much of the episodes nowadays..

      Gareebo ki angels ke Bajai.. the two couples fighting together would have been more entertaining. For me..

      Please let the Ru Bh marriage not happen..i
      And if it happens… hopefully Saumya will come and stop it ( one can still hope na?? to prevent from going into shock????)
      Om doing a shayari negotiation would have been hilarious! ???

      1. LAX

        Ruvya sharing the bed n I was like what the hell (in Yuckinis tone) ??

        Precap was the only consolation yesterday, today when u see the episode woh bhi mitti mein milegi.

        Sultan is not dead n coz of which Bhavya ll continue her stay in the mansion. ????? I called him Ashok Sultan coz the actor played both Ashok n Sultan.

        Dying to see Soumya.

      2. Nivedita

        Oh accha.. do u think, it maybe deliberate? That this sultan is Ashok’s brother, to tie him up with Roops Gayatri entry?

        Wth in Yuckini tone lolz! ??

    3. Pushpa

      tht was the consolation to us….urggggggggg.h..

      1. LAX

        Ll ve to wait n watch the episode.

    4. AnuluvsIB

      Moh Moh ke daage killed all the moh in me ??? Lol lax!!

      same to same.. As the first half was disappointing, second half was not enjoyable..
      More that dumbo sso, i am hating the despo ani off late!

      Precap – yep, but no umeed fromthe episode.. lets wait n watch!

      and yeah man.. too many Fbs today.. shivika wedding.. separation.. Bhavya with ru n pari.. Obros with pari.. literally “fillers”


    It was full on girl power and bhavya power episode.. really rocking episode..???????? and pari was sitting in bath tub was looking sooo sweet and it was appearing as if she was watching them doing all nok-jhok, fight, drama etc.?????? today’s episode was complete drama pack..

  16. Yazhu

    Hi everyone….
    Not so impressed and happy with today’s epi…. It’s a one hour episode for goodness sake ???And these cvs were just stretching the scenes and not working with the story ?????

    Coming to the epi… I’ve missed the initial fifteen minutes… Looks like it’s just the crap drama of Nagini ????????????And Pinky ?????????????unsatisfied with Torturing Anika so now planning to make Gauri feel low and inferior too ?????????????poor Gauri ?????? helpless and crying ??? Pinky is a devil in disguise for sure ????????finding pleasure in degrading others????????

    And yeah… The hijacking sequence ??? it’s hilarious and funny ??????but still the whole scenes were totally illogical and senseless ??????????? Sorry if I hurt anyone who loved the scene….Shivika’s kitty fight at gun point… Really.. ??????????????????their fight was adorable.. But doesn’t it have to be at a normal situation rather than at gun point ?????????????
    And why does these goons having guns in their hands ??????Morons ??guns in hand and they’re just watching when their leader was attacked by the OBros ????it doesn’t make any sense… I know… I know… It’s GK’s show and I shouldn’t expect for logics (as there was no such as logic in her shows) but still it’s irritating….

    I’m really sooöoooooooo fed up with the kidnapping and hijacking scenes where the leads were arguing with each other at gun point ????????????????????? they’re pointing gun and these pagals (all the five) were simply arguing over their petty issues ???????????????
    (kaila gun irundhaa pottunu potranum paesittu ellam iruka kudaathu)

    The whole half an hour just went for “pagalbaaz at gun point” …. So all these stupidity for Pari… The only good thing the second half is Pari’s smile?????????cutie Pari ???????

    Precap: loved Shivika’s convo ??????feeling bad that Pari is going from OM ????????

    Conclusion is it’s just a ok episode for me….. Totally pissed off with the cvs not doing anything with the storyline ????? please take some pace and move the story… It’s still at the same where they left after the leap… Not moving an inch and still the leads are dealing with their Relationship problems and not willing to come at a solution for their problems ??????
    To the OBros “Grow up Guys… Like seriously… Why you three are such a mess with your partners??? ???”

    1. AnuluvsIB

      Yazhu.. entire comment same to same..
      First I thought not a lot might have been frustrated.. but looks like many of us felt that it was poorly handled..
      Like u said.. the only good thing was pari!

      1. Yazhu

        Hi Anu… Even I thought that I’m the only one who got frustrated by yesterday’s epi… Now looks like most of us felt the same…. Cvs should really work with the storyline well… Cause I really don’t want our lovely show to become like other stupid shows (ex: KKB… It was initially one of my favourites… But after a year I’ve got fed up with the repeated tracks… Ofcourse Abhigya a completely brainless couple always used to fight with each other during kidnap and gun point scenes) maybe that’s what made us all got frustrated….pls cvs don’t spoil our IB like any other shows… It’s unique and we want our sensible and lovely IB as always….

  17. Mona_2005

    Today episode was nice except the first 10-15 mind with sidHart and raging drama.
    1 thing I don’t understand about shiva a is that he blindly trust tia and raging
    And where is anikaly on the list of trust(I think nowhere)
    The shivimage fight when goon came was just so illogical but funny so I felt ok
    Om convoy was nice and shivrunning reaction just nailed the scene(favourite scene of mine)
    Bhaya entry today was ok as she is a cop she knows fighting well but if their were soumya I would be much happier,today she was ok
    When pink was her lecture on NKK felt to slap her,she don’t know how to say status and saying gouri illiterate,what is she guru of illiterateNess and yes gourd have sansakaar not like you donkey kami ke

  18. Yazhu

    I really don’t know why… But I can’t enjoy my most most and most favourite show today ????????????I’m sooöoooooooo much pissed off with today’s epi ?????????? maybe it’s because of way too much LACK OF LOGICS in the show ???? cause I’m so of a logical and realistic person… But I always enjoy some fantasy and illogical sequences…. But it’s so high time and the whole hijacking sequence irritated me ?????

    Ishqbaaz is THE BEST SHOW that showed every shade of love (flirting, fighting, composing each other, heartache, depression and everything little thing)…. It showed complete logics in love but other than that they’re a total mess…

    I’m not offending or complaining… It’s just the frustration that I can’t able to enjoy the show which I love THE MOST….. Hope it won’t happen in the following episodes and further storyline…. Really sorry guys, If I hurt anyone or if someone felt offended by my comment… Hope you’ll get my point….

    Lots and lots of love for my lovely show ISHQBAAZ ????????????????????????????????????

  19. Hi all !!! i am new here ..i jst read the reviews here from then i started to watch show , i jst luved it ..can i also join u all .. i hope someone remembers me bcoz i comment in fan fictions … chalo bye..

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Hey Sweety…welcome to pkj.

    2. AnuluvsIB

      hello sweety! welcome!! please continue to comment! 🙂

  20. Today epi was Good except 1st part….. Samar also evil….

    Don’t wann think about pinky ponky nd stupid talks….

    At 1st omri sence was good bt then feel bad for gouri…. Om why cant he understand gouri’s pov….

    Sso’s name should be PAPPU SINGH OBEROI…. Evryone comes nd made him pappu first tia ab nagini….
    He trust any random one except anika….
    Again anika why she went to shivaay with out any proof he never trust her….

    Goons part was Superbb….
    Shivika’s fight
    Luv om’s expression in entir goons sence….
    Ru told “mare hua ko kya maroga”… Lol….
    Girls rockss d fight sence specially bhavya….

    Today pari looks sooooo cuttteeeeee with her small pout… Awwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Ranilya

    No change in my opinion yet….. last night’s epi did nothing to help me change….
    Half the episode was made up bhavya, lil went into flash backs and pinky repeat….
    Yes the goonda gehrao scene was hilarious…. but could have been more refined….

    @ Anu sorry….. even last night’s Shivika bais during the goondas scenes too was not up to the mark….
    today I guess Shiavy bash club will b overflowing….
    And this Anika again making pappu of herself infront of Shivay!!! Cvs this is too much!!! now dont make me hate Anika…. I will open Anika bash club!

    @Lax– IBDushman tho nahi…. par kya kare yaar in Cvs ne tho mera dimag ka dahi karke rakha hain (and I dont like curds)…. IBFan bahut irritated hain….

    @Nivi– Bhavya is here to stay…. she will b seen in every other scene with every other person in OM…. And she is here to make us hate all the melodious songs that we have been liking or loving…..
    Its better they create a spl song for her exclusively rather than spoil other songs!!

    @Pushpa– Questions questions n questions…. but NO answers….. Just to see Narbhi i watch IB…. and of course Lee sans that Bhavya…

    @ Archu– Blush club…. only fb keeps us going…. Today again bash club will b open I guess.

    They edited the Epic dialogue of Shivay!!!!
    Damn these editors….
    The most irritating thing in the episode today was the editing…..
    Instead of showing that bhavya for sooooo many minutes they could have added Shivay’s dialogue…. how I wanted to see that scene…
    OmRu were talking but this Shivay was sitting mute when the Goonda pointed gun at Anika

    Whats with that bhavya? why dint she go into coma??? when Om can go into coma just by a staircase fall why cant bhavya go into coma by such a fatal hit on her head?
    her pleading with the goondas was so irritating.. according to her the goondas were from Sultan, who already knew that she is a cop… so why that drama of pleading….. sicko!

    AniRi– disappionted me today…. they should have helped ShiOm n Ru with tackling the goondas…. couples fighting would have been so nice to see… like in the jungle scene….Shivika fight….

    Ru– Stupid Idiot…. he left Pari in the bath tub n came!!!
    but loved his dialogues during the fight… sply married-single one… and also the one he going talk with the goondas…

    The Obros including AniRi…. how sensible you all are!! A small baby is left in the bathtub alone and you were bothered about that Bhavya but not about the baby….

    Loved the way Anika said Talaq…. loved her expressions…
    Also loved the way she kept pushing down the hand of the goonda with the gun…gamanche!

    Pari was so cute….. darling… poor thing playing all by herself…..


    1. Pushpa

      rani..yes questions not answered….i too hated first half till the gundoos entered…damn thi cvs…they really made pappu of shivaye yaar….how is this posisble….hate it totally

      preacap look positive..btu lets c ..

    2. AnuluvsIB

      Ranu… I am willing to join Ani bash club if you are opening one.. coz am quite frustrated with her today..

      OmRu were talking but this Shivay was sitting mute when the Goonda pointed gun at Anika
      Exactly!!! what nonsense!! and then show a totally inconsistent precap!!

      Totally on ur side today ranu.. i was not minding the fillers as long as it made some sense.. but today was way too stupid!

  22. AnuluvsIB

    Yet another misplaced filler..
    Looking at the spoilers, I thought I wud enjoy the hostage scene… but the way it was misplaced and poorly executed took the fun out of it..

    The first 15 mins was crap again.. yuckini drama.. pinky taunting.. this pinky has cloned herself an placed it every obro bedroom or what!!? And super angry on annika today.. she decided she will to sso with proof right?! What kinda proof did she get now that she went to him?? and on top of it the entire sso not believing in annika and becoming a Pappu chakkar! Bar bar.. bas wahi.. getting bored!

    Ru just left the baby in bath tub??! Shivaay the other day was asking ani to be careful.. on was so concerned abt pari’s medicines, y the hell did they not ask Ru who is with the baby??! Is she alone??!

    Now the hostage.. how conveniently they entered.. made a hostage.. allowed all the members to do all the bak bak and was patiently listening to them.. felt very stupid.. the forest stunt with the prisoners was better.. how bhavya entered again at the right time? The way she fought, the obabus fought.. din fit well..
    yes we wanted to see nayi such and nari shakthi.. but not this way!!!! Few
    Dialogs here n there were fun though.. Gauri asking to give respect and say Bua Ma Ji.. Oms peace talks… Ru saying shadi shuda hain.. mare hue ko kyun maar rahe ho.. then hoon asking bhavya, uska naam locket hain..
    all these were good.. but the sequence of events made it so meh…

    Somehow the entire episode felt like they treated viewers like fools!

    Even the precap was not so consoling.. if they care abt each other so much, y are they playing the farak drama??! Is ani is so much worried, y isn’t she just accepting she is not betrothed yet and farak padtha hain? And just push yuckini out?! If sso is worried, if he can read that she is worried, y can’t he think whatever she did might have a purpose?

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Anu…we should praise the brain power of Pari’s real parents. They are trying to make a fool of all the artist and audience but we are chatoor chirraiya. Cvs just see the number of comment in pkj and then you will understand the result of such blunter.
      I was thinking they will do more dimaag ki dahi of intruder then that AMAR-PREM..LALLU-PANJHU in jungle but..hell no!!! What the !!!

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Lol Pari’s real parents! 😀

        No of comments are seriosly dropping!! dangerously dropping!
        They don even bother abt TRP aasthu gaaru.. they don seem to care abt the stats!

    2. Pushpa

      anu dear…dun tell me anu i totally pissed of the track …shivika no positivity at alll…yuckini easily made shivaye pappu..what is this yaar…someone easily enters OM with so many security around…what the wuckkkkk!!!!!!!

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Ppl always enter OM so easily pushpa.. u n me can also enter tom.. !

    3. Nivedita

      Anu yeah, we thought same to same..

      Even about the scenes we liked..??

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Yeah nivi ✋️✋️

  23. I watch this serial after many l don’t know about where is soumya.please anyone tell me where she is and what happened to her.

    1. she is thrown out by gulmam she directly send her to australia don’t know for what reason maybe to show a love story between an acp (who has know work} and a college guy?..first they made her gain weight and then gave minimum screen space but then to she dint leave but they made her out

  24. @Nivi dear, i am also agree with you in all points. …….
    I wil try to join in hangouts..

    @lax dear,moh moh ke dhagge ne saare moh chenli..????funny..

    Yarr i am really pissed off with many things.
    1.duffer Sso
    2.making herself paapu annika
    3.tej sutlu romance
    4.jsnvi dumbness
    5.pinky ponky blaberring
    6.shivika farak game…90%fight is on farak aab mujhe ye farak ke naam se michmichi hone lagi he..???..
    7.omi’s silent..yarr kuch toh bolo.your chireya is suffering soo much..
    8.ragini samar evil part….???
    9.rubhya part..not rudy. I love him soo much..but bhabya ‘s eyes…i can’t handle that dar lagta he mujhe…..

    @asthababy Gidhad Seher part…???..So funny..and your OS…???..more funny…

  25. Hii ishqies,GM yesterday epi was…..In every epi nagini make me angry she make my bhaiya papu.bhaiya why don’t belive ur lady love in case u want to think about tia.leave it…..
    Goons entry and shivika,gauri’s fight is last scene of epi I wish goon shoot gun at anika instead of rudy so we can see bhaiya reaction but the precap like it
    This cvs is making us papu like they used to make bhaiya with ragini.There is so many stories they make incomplete
    Gayathri murder….who kill her?,where is roop disappear….?,and svetlana’s story oh!I don’t uderstand who is real? Duplicate,orginal & which one is tia’s sister,Then Maahi where he go….. ?,Now ragini drama…when it will finish
    @Bella congrtz dear for commenting
    @maahi di nice comment. loved it.
    @arpita dear like ur comment about the precap same opinion like whenever i am excited they make us papu
    @astha i read ur private edward os liked it dear
    ok guys have a nice day to day comments are decreasing.Guys keep watching IB & Comment

  26. Shreyanvi

    Oh ho…someone stop this pinky yaar….shivika ki life tabha krke isko chain nai mila kya????….now she is behind rikara…
    Poor Gauri….gauri jaake usko dewaar pe sata do????…nd one is not understanding anything..??…..
    Coming to rudy…he was as usual rockstar…but who leave baby alone dat to in bathtub..????..i mean seriously…?..
    Shivika fight in front of goons????..sakshat dandwad pranam to anika..???…
    Nd when shivru was fighting wd goons…wht was aniri doing????…in that whole scenes r8 frm goons entered to bhavya’ s entry..i was like WHTS GOING ON????…..
    Om nd goons convo..????..but I was expecting om to do deep meaning talk wd goons …or 1 shayari…but cvs made my pappu???…
    AniRi r obsessed wd buamaa nd Nagini…everytime bring them in between??..
    When rudy said intelligent person should talk everyone said STOP.. .nd rudy was like…1% toh motivate krte???
    Anika:-aap toh rehte hi do…aap jaugoge gunde bandook dikhayenge…
    O:- I will go..
    Gauri:-no need..stay here??..
    Anika:-I will go..
    Shiv:- tum jaogi toh bandook use krenge???…matlab serious scenes ka pappu banadiya???…
    Overall episode was gud…but first half was irritating…..uff this Nagini is irritating man..she harms herself???…nd SAMAR too joined her…y SAMAR y..??..
    M I the only one who likes SAMAR here..? ?…but not more than OMKARA??.. SHIVAAU ND RUDRA….??????
    P.S:-I really feel…now they shuld introduce a good track…i mean daily they r dragging wd zero story….fun moments r cool..but now it’s getting overdose….6 months tak obro moment nai site so balti bhar bhar k dalre ab… should not happen dat they will lose charm….
    But it’s totally my POV….

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Shreyanvi… it was neither funny nor a laughter riot. I feel your POV is very nice and truthful.

  27. Saloni2128

    Awesome episode 🙂 🙂 Anika’s dressing sense wow and Bhavya I just love her.. her eyes and hair amazing…she is superb

  28. Dear Friends
    2 Days 1 One Days Main Is PKJ Family Pe Absent Tha But I am Not Forget To Read Your Comments.So Yestarday Epi Main Sirf Goons Part Dekha Tha.Wo Bhi Insta Pe.I Don’t Know Aaj Kal Mera Interst Kam Ho Raha Hai.IB Dekhne Main But IB Full Nahi Chod Sakthi Nahi Aise Good Funny Parts Miss Karthi Hu.

    Anika Bhi Apna Non Stop Baathon Se Kisi Ka Bhi Dimag Ka Gangram Karthi Hai.Goon ” Agar Divorce Ki Baath Ithna Baath Karthe Hai Tho Use Pehle Kithna Kiya Hoga” Rudy “Poocho Math” Goon “Maine Poocha Bhi Nahi Hai”???Gauri Bhi Apna Jaap Leke Ready Hothi Hai ” Ek Jaap Main Diwar Pe Sat Jaayi Bhe”???

    ShiOmRu AniRi Scene.Om “Tu Rehne De Main Baath Karunga” Gauri “Aap Tho Rehne Dijiye” I Like That Line And Uski Dialogue Bolne Ka Style.Anika Ka Face ShiOm Ki Haath Ki Beech???Rudy “I Think Kisi Intelligent Log Ko Jaana Chaahiye Main Jaatha Hu” ShiOm AniRi “Nahi”???Uski Baath Om Goons Talking And After ShiRu Fight With Goon.I Don’t Know Wo Fight Part Thoda Funny Laga Mujhe. Jiss Tarah ShiRu Goons Ko Maar Raha Tha Beech Main AniRi Ki Scenes Dikhana I Don’t Know Uss Part Ka True Emotion Dil Thak Nahi Pahucha.Lafzon Ka Song Ka Maza Kam Ho Gaya Uss Part Main.

    AniRiVya Fight Scene, I Really Enjoy Anika Fight Scene And I Think Wo Bhavya Se Zyada Kar Raha Tha.Fight Scenes Main Bhi Kuch Kami Lag Rah Thi.Camera Man Bhi Fight Scene Correctly Shoot Nahi Kar Raha Hai.Bhavya Fight Scene Tho Main Full Enjoy Nahi Kar Paa Ya.Movies Pe Girls Fight Scene Tho Bahuth Achi Se Dikha Tha Bhi Hai And Fight Hamesha Superb Hotha Hai.I Think Inki Fight Master Ko Pehle Acha Fights Khud Try Karna Chaahiye Thabi Maza Hoga.Totaly AniRiVya Fight Is Superb??????Kabhi Kabhi Uss Budiya Pongini And Naagin Ki Saamne Aise Fight Karke Unhe Daraana Okay.

    Precap Shivika With Pari Kithna Cute Family Lag Raha Hai??????????

    Yaha Pe Kisi Ka Comment Read Karke I Know It RuVya Marrige Track Aane Wala Hai.And Unki Maarige Track ShivIka Ki Life Main Kuch Imp Role Karenga Aisa Kuch.Agar Unki Marrige ShivIka Ko Mila Bhi Dengi Thabi Main Kabhi Happy Nahi Hoga.Mera Saara Interst And Mood Kharab Hua RuVya Shaadi Ki Baare Main Sun Kar.CVS Bhi Mujhe Hamesha IB Na Dekhne Ka Reason Hi Diya Hai.But ShiOmRu ShivIka,OmRi Ki Karan Main Full IB Dekhna Stop Nahi Kar Saktha So Aise Good Parts ShivIka,OmRi Scenes Dekhne Ki Try Karunga And Aap Logo Ki Comments Hamesha Read Karunga.

    Congratulation For PKJIB Insta Group ??????Mujhe Insta Pe Account Nahi Agar Aage Insta Use Karne Ka Plan Hoga Tho Main Zaroor Follow Karunga?

    Aaj Comment Karne Ka Mood Aaya Tho Kiya Aage Aise Mood Hoga Tho Karunga.Waise Bhi Mera IB Main Jo Interest Kam Ho Raha Tho Patha Nahi Age Ka Comment Aaj Hoga Ya Kal?

    Take Care?

  29. Oh no pinky and nagini pl go out of from shivika life
    Love Rudy with pari

  30. Asthadi
    main goon ko orbhi havey price dhongi pinik OMM kare ga to.
    Are u fine?AASR yesterdy aap told(ipkknd page )mai

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      AB…then meet them and final the deal. yeah I was present in rabbe ve land but what next..

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