Ishqbaaz 25th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 25th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivaye going to Anika. She scares him of Dadi. She asks him does he think she is daily soap heroine, that he will twist her hand and they will have a moment, you know this thread is sharp, say straight. He says you do good drama, now come to point, you played role or helpless poor self esteem girl, you encashed the cheque to use money in my marriage, I understand your aim.

She asks him why is he saying English when he knows she can’t understand english well, anways what’s her aim. He says whatever, you want more money. She says you always talk about money, your Dadi called me here for work, so I came. He asks did you not feel shame to come to my house. She asks why, can you come my home then, I came to do my work. He says no one should know what happened between

us. She says many things happened. He asks her not to say about chip. She says I did not leak that chip. He says if you say anyone about the chip, or do anything to my brothers, you don’t have to see the bad side of Shivaye Singh Oberoi.

Rudra jokes that Anika is brave and should get an award, she made Shivaye helpless, there is something. Om asks how did Shivaye give her cheque yesterday, he was saying about 5 crores in video. Rudra says no one hits money on my face. Dadi says its interesting, time will say what will happen. Rudra asks how, please explain. Dadi and Om leave. Rudra thinks when I will understand philosophy. Anika scolds Shivaye for snatching her canteen tender, he is arrogant, maybe he gets fun to fight. He says my time is precious, I don’t waste precious things on ordinary people like you, I don’t care about you. She asks are you mad, you snatched my canteen tender, came my home, and then asked me to get lost, you are confused, you have habit to challenge, I will give you 24 hours, decide what you want to do with me, do enmity if you want, but tell me, leave now, I have much work. He leaves.

Ishana finds Mona at the veg stall and runs to her. She hugs Mona and cries. Mona asks what happened, tell me, are you fine. Ishana gets the goon’s call. He says you got your sister, I could kidnap her, you arrange money soon. He ends call. Ishana worries.

Rudra stops Shivaye and says I want new car to go college, see these cars. Shivaye says fine, take this one, its Japanese. Rudra asks how will I understand the songs on its radio, I don’t know Japanese. Shivaye says take this one, but that second one will suit you. Rudra asks why are you confused, take 24 hours and decide. Shivaye recalls Anika’s words and says shut up, I know what to do, stop talking like her. Rudra asks who. Om looks on. Shivaye goes. Om asks Rudra what did you do. Rudra says nothing, Anika did something, we have to find out.

Om molds some structure and does shayari. He says I had fun playing with sand in childhood, when I play with sand to make statues, I feel I turned into a kid. He tells the man that he wants to make statues for his exhibition by this sand, can I get some. The man says yes, stay here, I will arrange. Ishana comes there running and collides with him. He holds her hand to stop her from falling. They see each other.

Rudra goes to college and meets his friends. He asks whats new in college. His friends tell about the new entry, size zero, tall, short dress… Rudra asks whats her name. They say Ruhi. Rudra gets glad seeing her. His friend says she has a BF. Rudra says you know what single girls say seeing Rudra, Agar tum miljao…. The girls say Zamana chod denge hum. Rudra says you know what committed girls say, Agar tum miljai…. The girls say purana chod denge hum…. Rudra says when I go to her, she will just hug me. He opens his arms in SRK style and tries to impress the girl. The girl runs to him and hugs. Rudra smiles to show off his charm. He holds her. His imagination ends. His friends laugh. Rudra looks at the girl.

Ishana asks Om to keep something/bangles in potli with him and hides. He asks from whom are you hiding, there is no one here, don’t be scared. She goes to him. He asks her whats happening. She says nothing, I don’t want to say my problems. He says I will drop you. She says no, fine. He says your belonging. She says its my mum’s bangles, I will take it later. He asks how will I return this to you. She says fate, we met twice before. He asks your name. She says Bela. She turns and says why did I choose this name Bela. She leaves thinking I m helpless to cheat you, sorry.

Rudra says Ruhi did not see Rudra yet, when she sees my style, then you guys see. Rudra opens his shirt’s buttons and walks to Ruhi, while other girls faint seeing him. Soumya comes in between and gives him a roti roll. She smiles. He gets shocked seeing her.

Shivaye holds Anika and does not see her face. He says maybe you feel I don’t have emotions in me, that’s not true. Music plays…………..

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Sriranjani

    |Registered Member

    OMG!!! Shivika scene was Awesome and Rudra is Mind Blowing……….Rudra please understand the real love and You will get know when you are with soumya………….

  2. Roz

    |Registered Member

    LOL Roti/Paratha roll has an important place in Soumya-Rudra relationship,,I’m glad that Rudru’s story progressed..,,,
    and abt the preacp,,,,maybe Shivaaye misunderstood Anika as Tia!???,,,,,
    clueless abt Ishana’s plans…coz promo was lyk that

    • Ooshi Akbar

      because she had no money and the people give them the money r teasing them now but i believe om will understand her although he didn’t know ishanaa’s problems exactly but she should not create fight between the brothers i am against this decision of writers plz don’t do this writers asi/ we like om most and can’t see him in pain due to ishanaa

  3. Tusi

    it seems, shvy thinks she is tia. oh! he has a feeling for Tia. I though, shvy thinks marriage is a deal.

    • Nadiya111Shah

      |Registered Member

      I think he might b trying to portray himself as romantic, to be in luv wid Tia(though he is not) woo her n make her feel the woman of his life(jo ki sab jhoot hai)

  4. Navi

    Awesome episode. . Anika giving shivay 24 hours to clear his confusion. And rudra repeating the same.
    Ishkaara scene was too good. Bela what a name. It was epic. Aapka naam and our ishaana came up with Bela. .
    Rudra bechara. Was trying to impress a gal and our soumya came and gave him a roti. Soumya looked so cute. .
    Precap is awesome. I am waiting for it. So romantic

  5. Kat

    OH MY MAATAAAA!!!!!!!!!! THAT PRECAP!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Can’t wait for tomorrow’s epi!!!!!!!!!!!! Mr.Calculator Singh Oberoi & Anika, they are rocking the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  6. yashmin

    Wow awesome episode.. enjoyed a lot…
    Ishana thats a funny name ‘bela’which doesn’t suits u…
    Wow love the precape ..hope shivaye will soon० fall in love with Anika….

  7. Sumo

    |Registered Member

    om n ishana look soooooooo great together… I really love dem..
    rudra , anika , shivaye , om n dadi.. damn wat a great family.. 😊😊😊

  8. usha bagari

    Superb precap just can’t wait to see them ad shivaye luk too gud in black😍😘😍😘😍😘😍

  9. Alex

    What show. I just loved it. So finally rudra’s angel has appeared. I wish they will have a good chemistry. I am waiting for usual ishqbaaz rockzzz and thanks amena di for this quick update

  10. Sahana

    Rudra is super funny………. poor ishana and om……… even anika and shivaye scenes are funny……..i liked yesterdays episode more than today…….. ishqbaaz rocks……..

  11. nivedi

    may be shivaye confuses anika with tia in precap…. whatever, rudra is charming
    ishqbaaz rockssss…

  12. Luna

    Though the show is more about Omkara, Rudra and Shivaay, but its Anika who gets the best dialogues.

  13. diana

    i really hope shivaye dosent insult anika very much aftr the precap like how he did it at the engagemnt rehearsals. but i dont know why ishaana changd her name?

  14. Aqua

    😁😁😁😁😁 finally soumyia is back w a parata! !!😙😙😙😙😙 I have been waiting for her to come for so many weeks hehe.

    OK precap took my breath away😂😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤💕💕💕💕💕 I hope billu does not go meaw when he see its Anika and not his lady baba.

  15. nelka

    I luv shivika part a lot.anika u r superb .the way u delivering dialogues it is amazing to watch.out of three pairs i like shivika pair the most.

    • Ooshi Akbar

      May be he did this to prove Anika that he had feelings and could be romantic too or my theory could be romantic too

  16. Biggest ishqbaaz fan

    It cannot be that shivaay misunderstands Anika as Tia as Tia doesn’t wear dresses like Anika. And even if this misunderstanding is true then I would just like to see the moment

  17. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    Wow superb epi.. Ishkara scene was amazing.. Guys ishu didn’t play any game with om in tdy part.. She said in her mind that” SORRY OMKARA MEI TUMHE DOKA NAHI DENA CHAHTI THI.. LEKIN TUMHE MERI BAARE MEI BATHAKAR. TUMHE PROBLEM PE FASANA NAHI CHAHTI THI “.. Ishkara is like BANGLE NE BANA DI JODI.. Haha jokes apart but ya when he saw her and his hair blows.. I was just lost in him.. There is something in that Jodi.. Which is making me crazy.. . Especially Omkara awww… Love it…

  18. Aqua

    Who watched the precap multiple times??? Come on admitted my fellow ishqbaazian😄😄😄😄😂😂😂😂

    • Priya15

      |Registered Member

      Ya they r adorable.. Don’t know why but I m really becoming crazy for them.. Mujhe theno jodiyon Mei ishkara bahut pasand hai..

  19. nelka

    meee toooo.luv shivika scenes alot.whenever i see the precap there is a feeling like an electic current passing through my body.l completely lost there.

  20. Aqua

    Very much waiting for tonight’s episode. Lolz it’s the hug of the yr 😄😄😄😄😄❤❤❤❤❤

  21. ziva

    wow..! suprb episode.. :p
    i’m a biG FAn of shivika.. wat a dialogues …… ,anika FAB. :*:*:*
    nd RUDRA,, . KYA body hee yaarrrrrrrrr.. i loved it!
    i dnt lik ishana.. bt om is soo goood.

  22. Amrita

    |Registered Member

    Do CVs only get Omm to trouble ? He has problem with his parents already and now Ishana. Anyways episode was WOW .

    • Annikkaa

      Their love story has to do with roti. On the first orsecond episode Rudra said to Dadi that he will never get a parate typo girl. Its how his taste changes for true love.

    • Ooshi Akbar

      because she eats much and mostly eats roti roll,accept rudra as her friend and want to share her momonts with him (these r only my guesses)hope u know that they knows each other already

  23. Asma badar

    Hey where can i find the promo of next episode….

    We dont have starplus in my city n my internet is sooo slow these days…

    I read written episodes to remain intouch with ishqbaaz but the description of promo… ufff i so want to see it…
    Can anybody send me link of just the promo…

    Please please please !!!!!

  24. sweetsunskin

    precap is awesome but i m afraid that again anika vll get humiliated for being in shivaays room. i luv deir chemistry more than other two bt dere is req to the writers ..plz dnt let anika fall for shivaay so easily….he has insulted her badly …roadside garbage….i vll buy u den throw u …..let him repent for his deeds….plzplz…:-)

  25. Anu

    Hey guys did you know that:
    Anika=Goddess Durga
    Ishana=A form of Shiva
    Soumya=Another name of Shiva

    • Nadiya111Shah

      |Registered Member

      Yeah their chemistry is like them only but I seriously want Anika to teach Shivaay a big lesson, she is strong n bold unlike Khushi who was too sweet n nice fr Arnav…

      • Ooshi Akbar

        Some people can’t be strict to the people they love and khushi’s character was some thing like that but her sweetness she changed arnav to a good person who had love and soft heart for every one

  26. Abzzz

    Is he fluirting with anika in precap…am littl bit confused.any one pls help me…or he mistaken her as tia…anyway epi ws awsm…Ishana couldnt cheet that gentle man…may b om is th only one who s normal among three brothers..ha..ha…i lov their unity and editing of th show…thn shivayy.dnt play with anika’s emotions…

  27. Nadiya111Shah

    |Registered Member

    Yaar why are many adamant on drawing comparision between Arnav -Khushi n Shivaay- Anika..Agreed their r many similarities between the two…But then both r awesome in their respective time phase!! It is really baffling me when sme r saying ArShi were gud than AnShi or vice versa or Ishqbaaz is just a copy of IPKKND..
    Plz then Qabool hai,etc etc also fit in the same group n frankly speaking we shud enjoy each show fr its individuality rather than comparing it wid oda shows of the past.
    Luved ArShi n Adooooreeee AnShi<3 <3 <3
    IPKKND was awesme n so is Ishqbaaz!!!!
    Relax n njoyyyyyy 🙂
    I am just stating my POV, no offence meant 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Kat

      So true Nadiya!!!!!!! Not to offend any one but I feel so irritated when people are saying Anshi is the same as Arshi!!!😣😣😣 Sure there are some similarities but both couples are attractive in their own ways!!! For one, Arnav was never Shivaye standard rude. And I think Anika is more stronger in character than Kushi!!!! Loved Arshi so much as IPKKND was one of my all time favorites. But now I have started to love Anshi a tad bit more!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍

    • ishika

      U knw this is NT only same as arshi story qubool hai kitni mohabbat hai ..n evn humsafars whch ws air on 2014 in Sony had th same plot tht ws also under this production house only….so they r jst shwng how opste atrcts whn a rude prsn meets a hpy go like prsn
      ..yes ur rght n its true no nid to cmpre btwn diff..shows they all have th same thing yet wth smthng diffrnt in it😊

    • Roz

      |Registered Member

      You are right,,,,I love IPKKND and now I’m loving Ishqbaaz,,,there is no need to compare both,,,,I never felt any similarities while watching Ishqbaaz becoz I’m fully enjoying each and every moment of the show and after reading comments,I get to thinking abt similarities….if there is any similarity,then that’s only in the case of basic thread of the story.,,they never showed any scenes copied frm IPKKND,,,..Anshi and Arshi,,love them both

    • Rose

      Very true nadiya. Both ipkknd and ishqbaaz are unique in their own way.I love both the shows.

      • Nadiya111Shah

        |Registered Member

        Ishika n Roz N Rose thanx a ton dearies fr agreeing !!! luv u 🙂 🙂
        Actually u know wat, i so want Anika to be the typical feminist n give our billu a tough tym in wooing her( he shud b taught a lesson fr insulting her time n again)…hehe 3:) 😀 😀 😀
        Nw that wud b smething terrific!!!!!!

  28. diya

    hi….. Am diya frm kerala…… Am also exited to see tommorows epi….. I lyk d precap sooooooooooooo much………………….. I wsh koyi garbad noo ho jaaaaye…….

    • Nadiya111Shah

      |Registered Member

      To maintain secrecy…U c that name Bella will give her the perfect alibi to dupe Om n to escape widout ny complications…Chupi rustam hai humari Ishana!!!!😂😂 😉

  29. shikha

    I can’t explain my feeling. shivaay and anika are awesome but I am scared that shivaay will insult her after knowing the truth can someone tell me what is going to happen

  30. Janu

    Ishqbaaz rocks!!!
    Luv u ani and shiv for ur superb acting.
    Opening scene wen shiv tries to hold ani hands and the way she reacts and shivs expressions….wow! Shiv is certainly a confused oberai…soumya is so cute and chubby….most adorable next to Om!

  31. Sagi

    I read somewhere that scene between Anika and Shivay would be a misunderstanding. Later, Shivay would be angry on Anika for taking advantage of the situation. 🙁

  32. Madhuri

    I love this serial & all the characters are too good the four anika shivaye rudra omkara I like them most

  33. Vinayak

    A nice episode involving sagas of 3 brothers. But the Precap was fantastic and romantic between Anika and Shivay.
    I hope it is not a lucid dreams of either of them.
    Thanks Telly Update.

  34. Asma badar

    Hey people , i am from pakistan..

    N to be true its my first ever indian drama… although i like lots of indian movies …i never felt compelled to watch indian dramas/soaps..

    I used to watch only pakistani dramas.. but then their standard starting falling so stopped watching serials all together…

    N then thru a friend , i came to know about

    it is tooo good , the plot , the acting , right ingredients for a family fun drama…

    I like all character…

    I never want rudra to grow up… he is a cute naughty bacha n like him the way he is…

    Soumaya is googli moogli cutie pie… the kind that is nice to the core … jis se sub foran doati kr letay … but ahista ahista usko jan kr us se pyar b ho jata…
    I think rudra n soumya ki dost turning to love scene hoga…

  35. Asma badar

    Omkara is a heart throb of many here in pak too…

    He is himself like a sculpture …even his silence speaks poetry… he has so expressive eyes… his character is soft n sensitive…. a soul who needs extra love to heal from inside….

    Inshana is an excellent choice , only omkara can understand her … he can relate to pains n miseries… n i feel she will use him n he will be devastated but ao will be ishana … n she will come back…

    But my favorite couple is anshi…

    Anika is mini me…. her challenging nature… adlay ka badla…

    Her acting is sooo natural ….

    N then my fav billu…. his arrogance , his attitude , his rage…
    Hard outside n soft inside…

    I would love to see him romantic…

    N i agree with many here, that anika has to push him into pool…check mate!!!!

    • Dil

      Hi aqua, nadia, kat,. Ive been always reading comments. But commenting for the first time. I enjoy ur. Comments the most. Thought of commenting today as ws. Very happy about ur. Reply to all those negative comments.

      • Nadiya111Shah

        |Registered Member

        Hey thea…We( i feel i can vouch fr my frends Aqua n Kat too ) just give wrds to our heartfelt emotions n opinions…Thanx fr appreciating it!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
        N welcme to the Ishqbaazian gang 😀 😀 😀

      • Aqua

        Awesome thanks. Welcome to the ishqbaazian club. 😄😄😄😄😄

        The universe has brought you to this site sweet friend….let’s replace the negativity with the positive aura lokzzzz (inspired by our lady baba)😂😂😂

  36. nelka

    If the precap is a dream,it should be billu’s dream.then he will be shocked even in his dreams.😉😉😉

      • nelka

        Yes my friend .rudra ,soumya,,…paratha basedlove…om,ishanaa…bangle based love…and last but not the least billu,anikuu….water based love…

  37. Mishti

    Though at 1st i did nt like her..i’m becoming a fan of Chandna…perfect for the role Anika…bold and straight fowrd…and stop comparing her with Khushi..

  38. ishika

    She is goining to b inslted by Shiva bcz he WL accuse hr fr tkng advntge of th spoiler said…i mn why th hell do he nva admt his fault😐 did she tell him Ki as jai meri bahon me😂…jo ulta chor kotval ko daate ban jaigaa vo😂

  39. ishika

    She is going to b inslted by Shiva bcz he WL accuse hr fr tkng advntge of th spoiler said…i mn why th hell do he nva admt his fault😐 did she tell him Ki aa* jao* meri bahon me😂…jo ulta chor kotval ko daate ban jaigaa vo😂

  40. Aashna57

    I feel Bela aka ishana is helpless becausr of money,I love shivaye anf anikas chemisyry on screen,they fyt a lot but ‘nafraat se hi shuru hoti hai pyaar’

  41. Dil

    Im sri lankan. I understand by substitles. Anika says so many things in 1 sec. I miss out on the subs by trying to catch her expression. Wish i knew hindi so that i could enjoy more.

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