Ishqbaaz 25th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Oberois celebrate Sankranti

Ishqbaaz 25th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dadi says gather all the guys from neighborhood. Shivaye asks why. Dadi asks would you brothers compete among yourselves, there should be others too. Shivaye says there is just one way to win this match. Anika says we won’t let them lose. Some time ago, Dadi hugs Anika and says just think all the problems have burnt in this holy fire of Lohri. Gauri says yes. Bhavya asks Anika to come to them. Dadi says its Makar Sankranti tomorrow, it means a new season, new start and… Rudra says short hair, Sankranti is my friend, she has short hair. Bhavya says you miss college friends, think well before speaking. Shivaye says yes, we are talking about festival Sankranti, not that girl. Dadi says Sankranti means Patangbaazi.

Gauri says a lot of people fly kites in Bareilly on this Sankranti day. Dadi

says you didn’t see Oberoi’s Sankranti, it has Ishqbaazi too. Shivaye asks really. Dadi says like its necessary to give enough string to fly a kite and hold back the string, similarly, in a marriage, one should give freedom to partner and also hold the relationship tightly so that someone else is not able to break it, I want to see your Ishqbaazi with Patangbaazi tomorrow. Gauri says how, Om is not here. Anika asks Shivaye did he say Gauri. Shivaye says sorry, I forgot, Om is coming tomorrow. Dadi says my bahus will celebrate Makar Sankranti tomorrow, and you three brothers will fly the kites. Shivaye asks what’s the need, we all are tired, Om will be tired too. Dadi says Makar Sankranti comes once a year, stop it. Anika says we don’t get a chance to fly kites everyday. Shivaye says ya, you are right. Rudra asks Bhavya did she understand Dadi’s deep words. She says yes, I doubt you didn’t understand it. They argue.

Shivaye says its a good chance, come on tell her, we don’t know flying kites. Rudra says no, its about Oberois’ respect. He says its a child’s play for me, when we Oberois fly kites, girls’ hearts also fly along. Anika says we thought you don’t know it. Shivaye says actually… Rudra says stop it, we will show them tomorrow. Shivaye asks how. Dadi says gather all the guys from neighborhood. Shivaye asks why. Dadi asks would you brothers compete among yourselves. Rudra says chill, call entire India, we will win, Oberois never quit. Shivaye says Oberois never lose, we can’t say this from tomorrow, how will we do this. Dadi says I m sure my grandsons will protect Oberois’ honor.

Veer welcomes someone and says I was waiting for you. Tej gets down the car. They shake hands. Shwetlana says I was waiting for you two to meet. She smiles and says we three have a common enemy, I have already told you how to defeat him. Tej says its Makar Sankranti tomorrow, there can’t be a better start than this to ruin Shivaye, I will start my plan, none can save Shivaye from getting destroyed. He leaves.

Shwetlana says Tej shouldn’t know that you are doing this to get Anika. Veer asks why, you said he is Shivaye’s enemy. She says but he is an Oberoi, Anika is not just Shivaye’s wife, but also Oberoi family’s bahu, their honor, if Tej knows you want to ruin their dignity, you will be Tej’s enemy, not Shivaye, Tej may not keep relations but he keeps enmity with sincerity.

Its morning, Shivaye says relax, we will do something. Rudra says all set, just tell me, you are SSO, you would know flying a kite. Shivaye gets angry. Rudra asks him to chill, he will fly the kite. Shivaye says you are not even able to hold it, what did you tell them, we three together won’t be able to fly a kite, we will get insulted, we can’t show our faces to wives. He destroys the kite. Rudra says it was an expensive one. Gauri asks servants to get to work, no one should have any complains. Om kisses on her cheek. She smiles and hugs him. Saathiya….plays….

She asks what’s the matter. He says I thought you will be annoyed with me, I wasn’t with you on our first Lohri together. She says Shivaye explained me that you had been trying to meet that big artist, I have let go my anger, how can I get upset with the thing that gives you happiness. He says thanks for understanding me so much, what can I do to cheer you. She asks do you really want to do something. He says sure. She says then win the kite competition and show me. She goes. Om says how will I fly a kite, I didn’t even see a kite flying till now. Shivaye says welcome back. Rudra hugs Om. Om asks Shivaye Patangbaazi really. Rudra says its a competition. Om asks whose idea was it. Rudra says it was Ddi’s idea. Shivaye says we couldn’t refuse to Dadi, I was trying to say, but Rudra was lying so much, the competition has begun, we can’t lose. Om says Gauri said this too, but who are we competing with. Rudra says kids. Om asks really. Shivaye says they are not kids, look there. They see some guys coming with kites. Om says they don’t look like kids Rudra. Rudra says so what, its a child’s play for me. He gets hurt. Shivaye says he has got injured before the match started, we can’t lose, there is just one way to win this.

They try to thread the kite. Khanna asks shall I do this. Shivaye asks do you know this. Khanna says I m champion in flying kites. Shivaye says here you go. Anika asks why are you making Khanna do this. Shivaye says he likes to learn, I thought to teach him. He asks Khanna to get his own kite and come. Anika asks Khanna to take care of guests. Shivaye says I think this kite is defective, Rudy get another one. Rudra says I will go. Gauri and Bhavya come. Gauri asks what happened. Rudra says we are checking the direction of the wind. Shivaye and Om say how will we fly kite. Bhavya says their kite is still flying. Guy says you invited us for competition, you didn’t start yet, hurry up, we have to go, did you accept defeat. Anika asks them to show them, they are taunting, cut their kite. Rudra says what are you saying, Dadi says guests are like Lord, how can we cut the string of Lord’s kite. Dadi asks what happened. Rudra says we are just our of practice. Shivaye says we have not flown a kite since years. Dadi says its about Oberois’ respect.

Anika says I think they can’t do this. Bhavya says I knew it. Gauri says I can’t see Om losing. Anika says don’t worry, we won’t let them lose. They get ready. Anika says give me the kite. Shivaye says you will get hurt. Anika asks Gauri to hoist the kite. She asks Bhavya to hold the roll, she will fly the kite. Anika flies the kite. ShivOmRu look on. Shivaye says our wives have protected our honor. Rudra says yes, no life without wife. Om says thank God for that. Rudra says Bhavya defeated me even in this. Shivaye says its better than losing to the neighborhood guys. The guy asks will we compete with girls. Anika asks are you scared. Gauri says don’t cry after losing to us. The guy says we are not afraid of losing. Gauri says you will lose out to girls today, because… They say Oberois never lose. Anika cuts the string of their kite and shouts Kai Po che. Dadi says my bahus did something which my grandsons couldn’t. Rudra says we gave them a chance to prove, today’s women are stronger. Dadi says lets’ celebrate. They all dance. London Thumakda….plays….

They all hug Dadi. Rudra says not bad, amazing. Bhavya says think before making big claims. Om says I was supposed to win competition for you. Gauri says it doesn’t matter you win or me. They hug. Shivaye says you know flying a kite too. Anika says I know everything, I can fly even your helicopter. They all dance. Veer comes and hugs Shivaye. Om and Rudra greet Veer. Veer sees Anika and smiles. They all see someone….. and stop dancing.

Tej says what I have done with you two, I should get punished. Shivaye says forget everything, we will make a new start. Tej says you have proved once again that you have a big heart. Shivaye goes to hug him. Om stops them and comes between.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Pui

    Todays epi was khidkitod…
    Omg ! Rudy ne kitni badi badi fenki….
    Oberois dont know how to fly kites ???
    Like seriously, the Obros who know how to do everything, dont know why to do patangbaazi. Finally, there is something which the Obros dont know…now they seem to look like normal people , who arent perfect ????
    Rudy was bawaal today…
    Itna bhi chill mat karo Rudy, kahin zukhaam na ho jaaye…??
    Till the last minute Rudy was like chill bhaiya and Shivaay left no stone unturned to tease Rudy. Overall he contributed a lot to make the scene light and hilarious….???
    Rikara moments were ❤❤❤❤???
    Obros trying to fly the kites…
    Omg ! So so so comical ????
    They truely made the atmosphere fun and cozy, away from all the scheming of Tej and butoxballi….
    I knew Tej will be helping Butoxballi…What I , everyone knew it ???
    Obahus in the swag avatar…they killed it ??
    I just loved their new jalwa…??
    They won the patangbaazi competition…
    They proved that
    Shivaay is right, losing from wives is better than losing from local area guys…???
    The family dance was bliss….???
    When PLR was looking at Anika with such an expression na, felt like doing his OMM ??
    Todays episode showed the goodness of having a family…the nok jhok and lovely bond shared by a family is more than anything one can ask for. Seriously, I give todays epi ?outa ?…
    It brought back the proper Ishqbaaz charm for that part of time till Thangaballi came in. ????
    I am feeling so so good about todays episode that I cant describe my feelings in the whole comment. Hope you can also feel the same amount of joy ????
    Tej is not one of those people who forget and forgive easily. What type of a plan is hatching in his mind if he pretends to reunite the whole family ? Zaroor koi bahut badi planning hai…???
    I m so glad that Om came in between to stop them, because I dont want Shivaay to forgive Tej so easily – he doesnt deserve it.
    Waiting for the trap to unfold ????

    1. Congrats Pui for being number one commentator

      1. Pui

        Thank you so much Di ! ?

    2. Banita

      Go Pui Go!!!!
      Me also enjoyed today’s epi fully yr… It was full of Ishqbaazi , Funbaazi with a little Villanbaazi… Overly I like it soo much…
      I also waiting 4 all trap to unfold… Hope CVS will unfold it soon…

      1. Pui

        Thank u Di for your wishes ??
        Me too hoping and waiting eagerly ✌

    3. Go pui Go congrats on the top

      1. Pui

        Thank u so much Jeni ?

    4. Hi Pui dear,
      Gm. Congrats for 1st dear. Yaa today épisode was bliss to c full of masti enjoyed a lot. Lots of love. Tc

      1. Pui

        Hi Jeevi ! ??
        Thank you so much for ur wishes ??
        Would like such epis everyday! But I know its not posbl ?
        Glad to meet u ??

    5. Hi Pui,
      Absolutely and completely agree with you.Yesterday’s episode portrayed the importance of family and the beautiful healthy bonding among the members.Rikara were looking dashing and awesome.Just loved their cute husband-wife moment.Obros only know how to show Tadi in front of everyone.Tej is not going to change.Once a Jealous,Evil,always a Jealous and Evil,suits Tej perfectly.Me too waiting for the story to unfold.Take care?

      1. Go Pui Go.Congratulations on being first….?

      2. Pui

        Hi Luthfa dearie ?
        Thank u for agreeing to my points…
        Yeah, Rikara just looked gorgeous and satisfyingly happy…loved to see them like this ? uff, tadibaaz obros ?
        Thanks for ur support also yaar ! ?

    6. Go pui go…..
      Many many congratulations on being first….. ?????
      Hey…… Slow congrats clap to u……?……. ?…… ?……. ?……. ???
      Anyway, take care dear. ?

      1. Pui

        Hi Shanaya ?
        Thank you so much yaar for your wishes…
        Thank u for ur clap also ???
        Loadz of luv ❤

    7. Zaveesha

      Hello dear Pui…I hope ur exams went well…
      Congo on being first commentor…
      Agree with ur points…
      Best wishes…

      1. Pui

        Hiiee Dearie ??
        Yeah…it all went well. Thanks to your wishes ❤❤
        Thank u for ur wishes ??
        Loads of luv ?

    8. ItsmePrabha

      Go Pui Go..

      1. Pui

        Thank you for ur wishes ??

  2. omg omg am yet to watch this beautiful, amazing episode…am eagerly waiting to watch this episode…finally after long we will get to see romantic moments of rikara also nd its amazing to see O’bahus winning instead O’bros its fantastic…I will review once I watch the episode…

    1. Hi Ayesha,
      Yeah episode was so lovely.I am sure you will like it?

  3. Zaveesha

    Hello dear pkjs…
    See I came here today its difficult to stay away from this…
    Today’s episode was amazing…less negativity nd more fun..there was soo much positivity..A colorful episode… the Obros as well as Obahus were looking dashing nd beautiful…I loved the colorful dress of the Girls..nd Om is back..Rikara part was soo nice..that cheek kiss was beatiful..nd their hug too…
    The Obahus win the patangbaazi…yippee…
    Tej is back in his villian mode…

    1. Banita

      Heyy Zavee…
      How r u dr???
      Yeh all r looking Beautiful , but I like Gouri’s costume moree then Aniya’s…

      1. Zaveesha

        Hello Banita…
        I’m doing good..
        Ohh so u like Gauri costume more..good..I like the trio very much..they were looking soo beautiful nd colorful…
        Best wishes..

    2. Hi Zaveesha,
      Hru. S every1was looking dam

      1. Zaveesha

        Hi Jeevi…
        I’m good..
        Yeah they were looking beautiful…
        U too take care…

    3. Hi Zaveesha,
      How are you?How your exams are going?Yeah episode was blissful with sweet and cute family moments.Obahus won the competition.Go Girls Go…..?

      1. Zaveesha

        Hello Luthfa dear…
        I’m doing perfectly fine…
        Yesterday’s exam went super good…
        Yeah the episode was blissful…
        Wishes to u…

    4. Hi zavee
      Welcome back dear…. How are you???
      Yeah today’s episode was full of fun…. I wish may we get some more episodes like this….

      1. Zaveesha

        Hello Shanaya…
        See I came today itself…will not be regular till jan..
        Yeah hoping thay we’ll get some lovely episodes like this…
        Best wishes..

    5. Fatmi

      Hi Zaveesha hw r u? Good to see u ? I followed u on insta yesterday itself… Have a good day ?

      1. Zaveesha

        Hllo Fatmi…
        I’m fine..what about u?..
        Yeah accepted ur request now…
        Good to see u too her…
        Good dy to u too

  4. nd hello Arpita,banita,pushpa,shivya,omaira,luthfa,shanaya khan,anjali,Mahira,sindhu di,riya,dhwani,nikita,jeevi nd many more how r u all?
    am so angry seeing tej,swets nd veer together how can tej fall so so low after all he is shivay’s bade papa…so shame of u tej…jisko dekho shivaye ki barbadi its enough yar jeet kar bhi in logon ko haar na zarur he we knw that….how long will we have to bear this veer drama uff…

    1. Banita

      Heyyy diii…
      I m good.. How about u?
      Yeh why everyone behind Shivaay only??? CVS Omru ko kabhi vi koi risky kaam de dia karo…

    2. Hi Ayesha dear,
      Im good. Hru. even i cant tolearte them . dont how long cvs take this veer track. Tc

    3. Hi Ayesha,
      I am good dear and hope you are also doing very good.Don’t mention Tej.He has gone mad in his blind jealousy.He is going to be taught a tight lesson I am sure.Just waiting for it.Take care?

    4. Hi ayesha,
      Um fine. How are you???
      Um also tired seeing veer’s stupid track….
      Hope it will be finished in next week….

    5. Fatmi

      Hi Ayesha hw r u? U r right… Can’t tolerate this thangaabali ???? have a good day…

  5. Zaveesha

    And thanks a lot to @shanaya @Luthfa @Sindhu @Nikita di and @banita for your lovely wishes…
    My today’s paper went super awesome…

    Nd a Very Happy Republic Day to u all…

    1. You are most welcome dear.God bless you with more success.Take care.All the best for further exams?

    2. Ur most welcome zaveesha…..

  6. Hi my pkj family….. Um so tired today… No mood to give long analysis
    @jeni welcome back dear…..
    Love dadi shivru n anti convo n masti…. Awwww…. Bechara shivaay….. He was looking soooooshooo cute……. Cz he don’t know how to fly a kite ???n rudy was giving…. In our language (pump) ???
    Wow…. Shivaay with chashma nd with a dhasu look???rudy’s again pump…… He will never change…… Love to their damn cute fight….
    ??????rikara kiss?????
    When gauri told him to fly a kite….. The he like awwwwwwww…… ?????
    Love o bahus tashan n patangbaazi ???
    Their ? ? ? ? dance….. Wow….
    Today bhavya was doing overacting…… Not like this……
    Rikara ? ? hug……..
    Shivika cute convo???
    Uffffffffffffff…… The dance….. ????
    Precap:how shivika can be so good??????my angry om is back….. Go om go…. Save ur bhaiya n bhabi…. They always saved u… Now its ur turn…… ???
    Good night guys n have a sweet dream…. ?

    1. Banita

      Heyy Shanaya…
      Yeh I just hope that now at least take a stand against Tej… Lets see what will happen nxt…

    2. Hi Shanaya,
      Your emoji filled analysis is just awesome.Get to know a lot.Episode was great in terms of family moment.Enjoyed a lot.Waiting for Tej and his drama.Let’s see what happens.

    3. Hi shanaya dear,
      Yaa shivaay cute with his expressions i love this face of sso v.much.
      S dear bhavay’s overacting is irritating me very much. Waiting 4 somiya missing v.much. lots off love. Tc

  7. It is good episode… Haye London thumkada….
    Girls patangbaazi is lovely…
    Rikara cute kissing scene is nice.. Expecting more…
    I think tej will say shivaay to send back his brothers to om to prove himself that he is not breaking his bade papa family…

    1. Banita

      Heyy Nikki…
      Me also want more Rikara sense…

    2. Hi Nikki
      No idea abt tej…. He can do anything…..
      Yeah…. Expecting more rikara scn….

    3. Hi Nikita,
      The patangbazi of girls were really very good.All of them was looking really very gorgeous.Don’t know what Tej is going to do.Let’s see what happens.

    4. Hi Niki dear,
      Super , dont wt tej planed but wt ever it is om stops n spoils all his plain.lot of love. Tc. s

  8. Fatmi

    Hi, PKJ family ??
    Hw r u all? Couldn’t watch full epi ??? watch only last part….. Enjoyed the flying kite part … Obro bahus defeated their neighbor ?? so Tej is the Obroi…
    Donno what’s he gonna do with Shivika… ?? bechari Shivay he did everything for Tej and nw he came to distroy him ?? bt CVs plz don’t drag this veer part…. Can’t tolerate anymore this thangabilla ….
    Good Night gals……. ??

    1. Banita

      Heyy Fatmi…
      How r u dr??? Nycc 2 see U here after soo many days…
      Yeh PLR’s track is going too long…

      1. Fatmi

        Hi Bani ??? hw r u? Even I’m happy to come back here bcoz I missed u all a lot…… Luv u all, luv u pkj…. Bani recently I join hangy in PKJ mansion group… Tum insta mein exclusive insta ff “Ishq sukoon hai. Rahat hai” parti ho kiya?

    2. Hey fatmi apu….
      Tumi o ki Bangladesh theke ashco???? Asha korci tomar shathe aro kotha bola jabe… Jodi tumi abaro gayeb hoye na jao to….
      Jai hok, onk valo laglo tomar shathe akoi bhashai kotha bole….. Valo theko…. Allah hafej.

      1. Fatmi

        Hi Shanaya dear.hmm amio Bangladeshi… ?? ha ha asha korchi abaro gayeb hoye jabo ?? asole ekhon job xm niye onk bg tai aste pari na ? eta jodi fb , Instagram er moto fastest site hoto tahole jekono somoy chot kore visit korte partam…. Bt ei forum e visit korte jhamela hoye jay… Kono app nai to etar….. Bt I’ll try from ne to come here regularly.. Bcoz miss u all ?? Shanaya tomar sathe ei 1st kotha holo may be….. Lots of luv 2 u ??i kothay thako? Kothay porashuna koro janio… R kon kon serial dekho?

      2. Hi fatmi apu…..
        Ami thaktam cox’s bazaar e. Bt 10 din age abr transferred hoye ashlam shirajgonj e…. Akn j abr kothai jabo…… Kono tikh tikhana nei…. Ashole abbur Ato transfer hoye jai…. J valo kore ak jaigai thaka jai na…. Apatoto shirajgonj college e porci….. Nd ami shudu ib e Dekhi…. Others dekhar time pai na….. Tumi kothai thako????
        Anyway, best of luck for ur job xm.
        Amk janabe kintu….. Take care. ?

      3. Fatmi

        Hi, Good evening…. Ami rajshahi te thaki… Tumi intermediate e poro? Na hons ?
        Ok bye for nw.. Hope will see u soon..

    3. Hello Fatmi Apu,
      Episode was totally enjoyable.Obros don’t know how to fly kite!I loved Rikara moment a lot.Thangaballi is a headache.Waiting for his wrap up.Take care?

      1. Fatmi

        Hi Luthfa… Kmn acho? Yap episode was superb just nw I finished repeat telecast of IB…old funny , dumb Rudra is back ?
        Lutfa I still donno where r u studying ?
        U also take care ??

    4. Banita

      Fatmi , I m not active in insta , but yeh i read that ff becz Nilu send me that ff in hangy…

  9. Hi everyone … visiting this page after more than 3 months …. how are u all guys..
    just here to meet u all and not in mood to discuss ib… stopped watching king ago… no omkara …. no Gauri … no rikara… only their nano second scene… ( not here to create any rift)… edited chopped scene as always….
    (Ps: We all know how how Rikara and ruvya/rumya story have been developed… So plz no patience gayan and hopes from the makers…. we all know the truth …. not talking Rudly but just my views only)

    Sorry for the ranting But its truth and IT HURTS….
    anyways how are u all? Hopefully all of u are doing well, well in health?
    I have missed u all and love u all.
    Hopefully few will remember me….
    good night

    1. Nikita_jai29

      Hey dii.. Good to see you back here.. I thought you are also got vanished like other old pkjians..
      Ya agree with you.. But what to do… Gk and cvs are hell adamant… Missed you and love you so much

    2. Banita

      Heyy @Maahi…
      I m good dr..How about U??? How can we forget our Om’s diwani , One of d old PKJIan… Miss U too dr nd ur comments also… I can understand ur POV… I also feel like it’s high time now to see Rikara nd Ruvya / Rumya… I m missing all old members of PKJ including U… Nycc to see U here after a longg time…

    3. Hi maahi…..
      So long time after……
      I saw previous Cmnts…. Really missing all those amazing members…… If they will not never come back here again????
      U r om ki dewaani right????? Nice to meet with you……

    4. Hello Maahi dear,
      How are you?Hope you are doing great.I can understand your feelings.But makers are makers They will do what they want ignoring other things.Anyway,very glad to have you here.We will remember you always and hope you too will not forget PKJ and those lovely moment you have spent here.God bless you.Take care?

    5. Hi Maahi dear,
      Welcome back. Hru. Yaa cvs nd makers always dispoint us in case of om guori n rumya. Camt do anything rather than wishing them to c more in the scène s. Hope u will b coming to gpkj . tc

    6. ItsmePrabha

      Hi Maahi dear.. Good to see you back..HRU?..

  10. Banita

    Heyyy PKJ….
    This week TRP of IB is just 1.5 …. Seriously I can’t understand this TRP system..???
    In 1st week of this year TRP of IB was 1.5 (I think becz i cant remember it now) then it increased to 2 .. Again in 3rd week it dropped to 1.5 … I thought this week trp be good becz of Obros track , I mean this (3rd) week they gave almost equal importance to all brothers.. It was like their combined track , but it dropped more…
    I can’t understand viwers also… What they really want???
    If it’s about less Rikara nd Ruvya sence then Didnt it mattered them in 2nd week becz in 2nd week there was very less Rikara nd Ruvya sense compaired to last week still TRP was more compare to this week…
    So I dont think less Rikara nd Ruvya sense is d cause of less TRP…
    From previous page comment , I cant replay to all of ur comments , but I want to say in some matter…
    1) Rikara fans want Dil Boley Oberoi again… I know they r very much dissapointing becz of less Rikara sense nd also agaree with their POV … But truly I dont want DBO again… Not becz I m a Shivika fan but if it happen then both IB nd DBO will loss there charm… When IB nd DBO both r on-air that time both serials TRP was veryy less…. So it will be better if CVS will give more Rikara nd Ruvya sense then starts d show again…
    2)@UF di , I know U r dissapointed becz of Ruvya , but we cant do anything now… Nd about YNDBH serial it comes after IB nd agar mujhe wo dekhna hain then mujhe IB nd YUDBH ke beech ek ko chun na hoga becz of my study… Nd main IB ko chod ke YUDBH nahi dekh sakti… But sometimes i try to watch it on Youtube nd it is a very good show with 90’s era… I like this show’s concept…

    1. Yeah bani…. Rikara fans are on fire…. Did you see ib twitter page???? Fighting between SHIVIKA fans n rikara fans…..
      I never thought that we have to see this day too….. What will gul mam do??? Any idea??

      1. Banita

        Heyy Shanaya…
        Nope dr i didnt see twitter page… I m not active in twitter nd i cant understand how to see in twitter page , sometimes i goggle IB twitter , but cant understand it… I saw about DBO in insta page…
        About Gul , I dont think she will start DBO again becz recently SP starts a new reality show which is on air at 10:30… So SP will not approve for DBO… So all these pitition r just for fight nothing will happen in this…
        Yeh may be CVS will show some more Rikara nd Ruvya sense becz of this which is I also want to happen…
        Lets see What impact will fall in Gul becz of this…

    2. Hi Bani,
      TRP is 1.8 for previous week.Don’t know what is happening in Twitter among Rikara and Shivika fandom.Just hope this doesn’t effect IB.

      1. Banita

        Heyy Luthfa…
        I cant understand one thing , Why all Shivika nd Rikara fandoms r fighting????
        Rikara fans r upset with less Rikara track nd i agree with them… But from when Shivika fans come in between.??
        Nd dont worry dr this fighting will not effect IB becz agar kuch effect hona hota toh bahat pehele ho jata… This was started from d ending of DBO… I just hope at least now cvs will give some importance to Rikara nd Ruvya…

    3. Hi Bani dear,
      Hru. Ya sometimes even i camt understand trp ratings. N for less trp is
      1.cvs. 2. Fans dispointment. 3. Its of youngerster show n now its high time for they studys due to their exams. Sply for 10 & +2 studwnts becoz of their pre final exams r going on in amost all states. N trp is cen only on india bases.
      Nd even i dont wt DBO becoz v ll b missing main moments like
      Dadi, obro’s , devar-davrani,bro -sis movements. Sorry for om gouri fans.just my feelings. With lots of love . tc dear

      1. Banita

        Heyy Jeevi…
        I m good dr… How about U??? Yeh exams r one of d reason…. Nd we will miss many thing if DBO will start… Like U said all family moments including Tej -Pinky’s ladhai also missing… That’s why i also dont want dbo back…

  11. Hello everyone, hope your day goes well with all your activities.

    I love the kite flying scenes. They were too good. Shivaay getting angry with Rudra for the challenge and Rudra irritating him as well as kanna helping Shivaay. It was all so funny. Fun, jokes, entertaining and support amoing husbands and wives. Wonderful episode.

    I like how the wives did not let go of the boys losing. They jumped straight on to help their husbands so that the honour of Oberoi can fly very high. Poor Shivaay…what does he know about flying kites. He is only counting the zeros in his cheque. Rudra only is interested in protein and body building and Om into his painting world. Never flown kites. The three girls are just right from the backyard who have played kite flying and it is nothing for them.

    I loved the part when Om kissed Gauri and some romance part. That was nice to watch. Finally a Rikara moment.

    Tej how much of incest he has on Shivaay. Why can’t he leave Shivaay alone? Shivaay is his first nephew. How can he be hardless to be in cahoots with mental asylum lunatic Veer and cunning vixen Svetlena. Tej has completely lost his marbles. Tej will have to pay his just desserts.

    I liked the precap when Om prevented Shivaay from hugging Tej. Om does not want superficial reunion and I am sure Om does not trust Tej at all. Om must have figured that Tej has something up on his sleeves. It takes a long time to forgive Om. Actually Pinky should be here. She is the right person for Svetlena and Veer. She will put them in their rightful place.

    Cvs please give more recognition to Om so that he can be a guiding light to Shivaay and prevent Shivaay from having this reunion with Tej. Om is the only one who can stop Tej from causing further harm or hurt to Shivaay.

    However I don’t want cvs to separate the brothers because Om has prevented Shivaay from this reunion. I still want the Obros to be together. Tej you will have to pay heavily for your sins. Some one find out about Veer please. There must be someone seeing what Veer is doing. Come on yah…. let the Obros win. We are only having more villians appearing without closing any loops. There are so many loops dangling in the air and nothing is resolved. Kalyana mills mystery, what happened to Abhay? Gauri and Anika are sisters? The development of Rikara further. It is like a pinch of salt that they show Rikara moments. In fact they show more moements with Ruvya then Rikara. Unless Kunal is busy with his own marriage preparations.

    Anyway, let us see what happens tomorrow. I don’t think tomorrow’s precap will be any better.

    1. Banita

      Heyy Sindhu…
      I also want that Om to stand in front of Shivaay against Tej… Nd now CVS just side d Kalyani mill track… In d starting of Vanwas track i was excited 4 kalyani mill mystery.. becz i thought with start of vanwas track kalyani mill mystery also start to unfold , but now there is not a simple hint related to that track…

    2. Hi sindhu
      I also want that may om will support sso against tej…. How can be shivika soooo pure heart person ??hope this villain drama will finish soon???

    3. Hi Sindhu,
      This Tej and his behaviour will never change no matter what.He has lost all the rational thinking on his part of brain.Family moments were great to watch.Rikara were looking very cute and gorgeous.Veer and his typical lecherous mentality.Just disgusting.Hope cvs end his track soon.Take care?

  12. Episode was scintillating and awesome!!!! Just loved loved loved it. All members are so happy but as usual they wont show the happiness for long. Bound to happen the breakup of the celebrations with our two infamous villian Veer and Tej

  13. Cute and lovely episode
    Loved the obros bahus swag
    Rikara cute scene
    Family dance so lovely
    And all are good in that costumes
    Specially ladies
    Good night guys

    1. Hi Chaithu,
      Agree with you.Episode was a master blaster bliss.Girls were looking really very beautiful.Najar na lage….?

  14. Banita

    Now coming to epi ,
    Dadi consoled Anika after knowing all thing that happened with her..,
    Makar Sankranti celebration…
    Today Dadi compared ishqbaaz ki dor with Patang….
    Gouri chiraiya missed her Omkarji … Awww!!!!
    Shivru was Hilarious…. Specially Rudy…. Shivaay’s reactions when Rudy itniiii lambiii lambiiii phenk raha tha was tooo Funny….
    Tej nd Veerlana meet each other… Tej shake hand with PLR with out knowing What bigg stores for him nd his soo called fam…
    Pasinalana very well TSO ,after all she was with him for so many years…
    Rikara’s first cheek kiss… Awww…!!!!!!!! Finally saw some Rikara sense after soo many days… I was waiting 4 it… I m sure today Rikara fans were happy for sometime …
    There sweet romantic talk was Lovly… Like their part veryy muchhh..
    Shivaay with kite in goggle , this sense remind me of Mahi when he danced in chawl…
    Rudy’s Patangbaazi was Hilarious… DRAMA KING….
    Om kabhi patang udne vi nahi dekha hain…!!!!!! Seriously..!!!!!
    Omru’s reaction after see d padosi boys r tooooo Funny….
    Oberos situation was worth to watching…. I m still laughing thinking that sense… Poor boys didnt know how to fly kite.. They tried to learn it from google… LOL.. P S – Actually i also dont know it… Poor me…
    Then Obohus understood their partners condition nd aagaye maidaan pe patang le kr baajane band unn ladkon ki… After all , OBEROIS KABHI NAHI HAARTE….
    Kai Poche…. Oberois won d compitation nd celebrate it with “London Thumke” song… All brothers prises their respective partners… Nd once again a OF moment…
    PLR cheaking out Anika… How dare him.!!???
    Precap – Tej’s drama will start according to their plan… Shivaay comes his soo called drama , but Om undertand him… Waiting 4 Tej- Omkara’s tashan…
    Gd N8 PKJ…

    1. Hi bani
      Nice analysis….. Me also waiting for om-tej tashan….
      Let see who wins????
      CVS plssssssssssss…… Don’t drag anymore this nafraatbaazi ????????

      1. Banita

        Yeh Shanaya…. This PLR’s track is going too long… Hope cvs will end it soon… I think may be new promo is a hint for end of this track… Or..????

    2. Hi Bani,
      Awwww….So nice reading your analysis.I am just all smiling and giggling.Just loved how Gauri jumped hearing about Om.Rudra was so cute in his innocent harmless bragging.Shivaay was looking extra handsome wearing goggle and that kite.The whole epi was a fun ride excluding negative parts.Let’s see what happens today.Take care?

      1. Banita

        Heyy Luthfa…
        Nycc to know that U r smiling reading my comment… Always be like this dr… Keep Smiling…
        Yeh lets see what will happen today.,

    3. Zaveesha

      Hey banita..
      Mjhe bhi Mahi k yaad aayi shivay ko dkh kar..
      Nice comment…

      1. Banita

        Haan Zavee di… CVS just end Maahi’s track… Kuch dhang se vi khatam krte agar krna tha toh…

  15. Hello everyone,
    Was very busy with guests so got tired.Will comment in the morning.Take care.Love you guys.Good Night????

  16. Pushpa

    Hi gals.
    For some reason i ws logged out many times..
    Superb famaily ties moment this festival..? What a shame the obros do not know hw to fly kites….cmon shivaye i’ll teach u hw to fly kites…..
    Beautiful surbhi , she really looked gorgeous, as always shivaye gd looks..
    I hv only 1thing to tell
    Tej is going 2hell…togethe wt swetlana & veer..
    Guys pkease visit our pkj insta…suppot us…

    @Bani, @luthfa…@fatmi @zaveesha…and others apology 4 not replying yr comment…super busy pa..
    Precap….yes Om save shivaye ftm eating tej’s words….yet 2c the poison..
    Dil hua ishbaaz…

    1. Banita

      Heyy Pus di…
      U know How to fly kite…!!!!????? Sacchi…!!!! I dont know about Shivaay , but plzz teach it to me if we meet…
      Nd What happend to our Grand PKJ insta??? Is there any problem Again????

      1. Pushpa

        yes i do….sure darling will teach u..
        our insta is great just we’re trying to get all our old followers….please ask whoever u know follow us….with that we’ll meet again to kill Tej all set..

    2. Hi pu di……
      What’s wrong in pkj insta?????

    3. Fatmi

      Hi flower hw r u? Nice to u here and glad to hear that u remember me.. Luv u ???

    4. Hi Pu di,
      Awwwww…You want to teach Shivaay how to fly a kite?But di,you will forget teaching after meeting with him.Hehehe….?☺☺?????

  17. Hi guys. I just loved today episoid it was full of fun n happiness filled episoid. Oo dadi explaining abt pongal nd of patagbaazi nd oo pavam gouri missing om nd her joy n expression was soo cute to c. My shivaay becoming tensed on hearing patag. Rudy ur dialogs i feel even who knows to fly it also dont say soo much. During tis shivaay expression was super. Wt an entry om with a kiss. I think its their 1st . really om was looking super handsome loved to c him. Even gouri n anika was looking super cute . After many days our sso became billu ji to day. Love to c it always. Surprising om didnt even c a kite flying waaa. Had fun c the way they was fear of lossing. No need to fear wen super women r here. So finial bhahus saved oberois respect nd honor. Loved dance part.
    Like karadi veer came the way he was cing anika felt like removing his both the eyeballs n give it in his hand.
    Précap: shivaay plz lissen wt om says.
    Guys can any one abt somiya wether she is coming back r thts it of her chapter. Because cant tolarate this bhavya always dominating n teasing rudy. Any one time it will b fun bt always nt good.

    1. Banita

      Heyyy Jeevi…
      I also dont like this Bhavya yr… But I dont know about Soumya’s come back , but i really wish her to come back as Rudy’s life patner…

    2. Jeevi I have to agree with you about Bhavya. She thinks she can be like Anika who irritated SSO in the past. So she is doing rhe same to Rudra. But Anika and SSO met in a tensed and revengeful circumstance and their love was because SSO loved this challenging woman who challenges him for everything being a middle class and a till tries to care for him. The more SSO tries to ignore her the more he has fallen in love with her.

      But Bhavya is getting on my nerves at times. Sowmya was different. She irritates him bit she does it lovingly and he is the one who always calls her fatty and sumo. Even if he ogles at other women Sowmya still has her adoration for Rudy unlike Bhavya who also did not even believe him when he told her that he saw komal’s dead body.

      Yea dear IB fans I most deeply miss Sowmya and if they have paired Sowmya with Rudy and then of course Rikara moments I can guarantee the tripping will go up as most of us love Shivika, Rikara and Rumya pairing. Oh please cv do something that the engagement gets annulled between Bhavya and Rudra. I am so sorry for those who love Bhavya but o just feel that there is no instant chemistry between Rudy and Bhavya. I have tried many times to appreciate their chemistry but it does not seem to click.

      Actually Manar was right for bhavya

    3. Hi jeevi
      I also don’t like bhavya. She was doing very overacting…… I wish that may somya come back again as our rudy boy’s wife?????

    4. Hi Jeevi,
      Yeah episode was mind blowing.Just enjoyed a lot.Because of Dadi got to know so many things.I agree with you totally on the last lines.It’s not safe to challenge the potential manhood of boys.But Bhavya is overdoing this time.Let’s see what happens?

  18. Nikita_jai29

    It is yet another lovely episode.. And happy Republic Day to all Indians…
    Proud to be an Indian…

    1. Zaveesha

      Happy Republic day to u too Nikki di…

  19. Banita

    HAPPY 69th REPUBLIC DAY to all Indian PKJs…..

    1. Hii jeevi, Banita,Nikita
      Happy republic day to alll too

      1. Banita

        Heyy Jeni…
        Same to U dr…

  20. Chavi

    Hi all my dear pkj..?☺?

    How r u dears?..
    Hope all r good??..

    Happy REPUBLIC day dears..??????
    Three colours not just to look beautiful..
    Three colours to give us a MESSAGE that..
    We should ..
    Love Each Other..??
    Live In Peace… And In Unity..???..
    (Line courtesy goes to my google friend???)…

    OK dears…take care…love u all? god bless u all with happiness. ?☺☺☺…mmh feel sleepy will be continued on Saturday dears??☺..

    1. Hiii chavi diii
      Happy republic day to uu

    2. Zaveesha

      Hello Chavi di…if u don’t mind can I call u Fatima di as I came to know about ur name in some previous page…nd u know what my sister name is also Fatma..

      I’m doing good..hope u r also doing fine..
      Happy Republic Day to u too…
      Lots of love nd wishes to u too…

    3. Happy republic day to u too n the all Indian gpkj.

    4. Banita

      Heyy Chavi di…
      Nycc lines… Yeh we should respect all d meaning that our Triranga shows just like we respect our Triranga…
      HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY to U too…

    5. Hello Chavi di,how are you and your Angels?
      Same thinking di.We all are fan of Ishqbaaz so we should share love and positivity.Thank you so much for the wishing and same to you.Take care.Love you?

  21. Helllo guys……………
    NICE EPISODE. ………….Reallly oberoi’s don’t know fly kite???…………….finally Om is back………l miss him more than gauri……….Rikara kiss so cute.?. ………….where is somuya ………Is she went back……….why they bought her back……..I can’t believe this…………And rudy is behaving so immure and
    …………shivaye getting rudy married. …………..This is not good at all…………..l want somuya back ………And make her positive as before. ………..
    And Now what Tej is with veerlana…………………….Om please save shivaye…………….
    Anyone please tell me …………Are u guys sure rudy marriage happens ……………….
    And that new promo released what is that………………..Sorry l Was not able to catch past episodes and that promo tooo………….


    1. Hi jeni
      Even I also want somya back??????
      Why the makers do it???? I don’t like bhavya at all????as if di… (Anda) ???

      1. Sorry…. *Uf di…

    2. Hi Jeni,
      Wow,you have mentioned all the on going problems so perfectly.Agree with you totally.Don’t know what cvs are thinking.Let’s see what happens.Take care?

  22. Chavi

    Oh God..?.moderate uncle done omm of all ur names ah..after long time..its OK try again..?

    Hi my dear pkj..
    Aayushi..ankita..ananya..Aryah..alia..arfa..aaratrika..aniru..anagne..anany Bangalore..anitaaa3..akshaya..akshita..antara..ammu..amaaya..aaryaraju..aarya..ayath..Ayesha..anila..akansha..abhishek..alkananda..ahsana..aqua..annika..aaliya..aastha reddy..aastha..archiya..arjsisback..anam..anisha..ahana..Abc..AB..anju..aksa..abinaya..arpita..akriti..attia..AAHANA..abiha..anuluvsib..anu..arshi..arnab..aaru..aishwariya..aditya kiran..akshu..athirappu..asmitha..anshi..anu Johnson..ashylnn..anjali30.. Anjali..aashi. Ally..arfatunnesa..aalya..AJ JERIN..aashirya..amena..abbi..abina..aarosh..Aisha Fathima..ansh_iyer..aria..anshabya..abhijay chandratre..ahiha..amulu..angel..Ann..aliana..auntyZ..aashika..anaaya..athira..


    Chinu..chaithu..cheequ..chicku..Christie..clincy..Cathy..chithra..chathu..cute princess..chinni..chandini..chetha..christene James..chutki..chira..

    Diya..diyas..dhruvv..dasha..dangerous devil..divyaa..devga..dbo fans..disha..dil..dikshe..dhwani_naidu..deepika..debdutta..deewani..dawan..diptiroy.. Drew..


    Fama..fooky..firdose..fatarajo..Fathima..fatmi..fatma..farina hossain..fenil..fahiiazeez..fina..



    IBfan girl..ishqfan..ishqkum..ishika..ishana..ishaanshaa..ishara..ishaa..

    Jenny..juhi..janu..jara..jazz..jyothi..jyothiCH.. Jaya..Joan..janvisingh.. Jerry..jeevi..Jane..Jasmitha.. Jeni..joya..

    Krish6868.. Khushi.. Kritika.. Krits.. Karina.. Kiki..kehkasla.. Kajol.. Kanika.. Khushagra.. Krishnaaa..Krishna..kanfi..kiya..kat..khadambari.. Keziaaaaaaaaa.. Khushi reddy..

    Labiba..logesh.M..luthfa..lakshmi suresh..lids..lakshmi devarasetty..lukz..lijince..lax..leela…liya..Luna..liba..lachu..lamaheli..lily..lavanya..lakshana.S..lve.surbhi..Lara..lakshmi Siva.. Mukthi..misha..muktha..mishri..miya..MP..Mariya..mehakchalag.. Mini..mouni..mayanak..mantasha..meghna..maansi..mystery.. Mathiarun.. Mona146.. MAHIRA.. Manuu..Maddy..mike..mantey..medha..

    1. Hiii chavi how are you ??
      I don’t think we’ve ever spoken but really good to see you here and hope we get to know each other more ?

      Hats off to writing sooooo many names ?

  23. The Sky of Love was unknown to me completely. Never got to know it fully nor tried.Just watched it through my window,standing aloof and wondered what it must be like.It called me to explore it but my heart was reluctant in a stubborn way.The struggle of Life under the Sun was so much that it was like a dream to understand after getting up from sleep.That blue and every other colour stroke me with bewilderment.Could I also share one part of that Sky of Love?Then you came into my life like a quick flood and floored me with all the emotions those were unknown to me.After that the difference between me and the Sky of Love started decreasing.With awe I realized I reached to touch it with my share of love.You and me taught each other how to fly Kites of love in the Sky of Love.Finally one day,we made our hearts the Kite,our Life its string and flew it in the endless Sky of Love…….

    1. Very nice writing luthfa….
      Why don’t you become a poet??? ?

      1. Hehehehehe……Sure dear,why not?If God is willing to make me one.Thanks for your inspiration.Love you?

    2. Banita

      Heyy Luthfa…
      How…!!!! How…!!!! How can U write soo Amazingly… Like d way U described about ishqbaazi connecting it with Kite just like d epi…
      Love U yr…

      1. Awwwww….All this is your love dear nothing else.Thank you so much for the compliment.Love you?

    3. ItsmePrabha

      Hey Luthfa..Mind blowing take on Love dear..Love you…

      1. ItsmePrabha

        and you asked about my niece in yesterday’s comment na..she is doing good..we had a chat yesterday through cousin is saying that my niece wants to remove the cast as it is irritating her..doing funny things with single all in all she is fine..

      2. Hiii luthfaaa……
        I wish ……oneday l will see your name on the top of new gen writers…….
        You are just awesome. ………….you are gift of god………..superb. …………

      3. Hi Prabha,
        Very glad to know that your niece is improving.She is a little girl and I hope God will help her in every way possible.And thank you so very much for the compliment.Love you too?

    4. Jeni,
      OMG!!!!!! Oh what should I say now?How I wish I can fullfill your wish!God,hear Jeni for once.I am touched to the core of my heart.This is really really very big compliment for my meagre writing ability.Thank you soooooooooo……very much.God bless you with the same.Love you?

  24. Chavi

    Nita..Nikita jai..naila..nandhana..neha..navz..nivideta..nimisha..nithu..neha17..naijagal..nikhat..Noah..Nadya..nilash..niharika..Nikki..nazneem..naanshivika..nila..naz..niyati..Natasha..nishy..nadiya..naagun forever..nelka..navi..never mind.. Nabanita..nitha..niriha..Natty.. Nikki..nirupama..Nafi_nahi..nishuu..

    Orchid.. Ooshi..omaira..

    Pushpa..pavi..piyuu..preethi..pinku..prinku..priya..poonguzhali.. Pawan..pooja..priya07.. Priya29..piyalli..pradhima..pragya..prerna..pixie.. Pragati..prithvi..park chayhin..poorvi..parvati..Prasanna..prabha..pui..pavani..poiuty..


    Ruksy..ros..ranilya..Radhika..rswa..rhythal..riddhima..ruchu..renimarenju..ria..rumana Patel..rumya..riana..rekha..ritika..rishbaa..rosemill..Razia..rahul..Riya..Roby..rajio..razna..rose..rosu..roz..raijo..rajjo..rufina..Rebecca..Ravi..rajnandini..ruby_MarNy..raazi..RIKARA?..RIYA_THEIBHOLIC..

    Sulekha..sash..shruthika..Shana..shaks..sanyuktha..soumya..swati..shivani..saku..shraddha dbo..shraddha sharma..soniya..shekhar.. Sejsmiles.. Shab..shabhana..stutti..sreeranjini..shree..sri..samm..sunehri..sujina..sunandha.. Shivika forever..surbhi sharma..shivikajam..shivikaa..shi..shivi..sakshi..shanaaya..shilpa..shaza..sat..shruti..shanaa..shagun..shiny..shahla..Sindhu..Shari..shabnam..shakaib..shit..sumi..sana..Sara..shitiya..saira..sumai..shreya..sejal..swetha..Susan..saru..sita..shivanika..secret..sonakshi.. Sumayyah..Sunidhi.. Salma..shurbi..shine..sushrudha.. Stef..simrat..sukash..sowji..sally..stranger..ssd..shivika89..sanda..shivay..shriya.T..Sonu karki..sravya..shameera..Sabrina..sa_ra1..sharmin..srujana..sheedah..shr..su_16..suseela..sukirti..shivya..shanaya khan..Sneha..Sam..Ss..sheetal..

    Tu friends forever.. Twinkle.. Tara..the dreamsoul..Trisha..Tridha..the..tufani..tish..tharu..tinu..tejaswini.. Tv fan1..theribaby..tulip..


    Venkat..Veda..VHM..viji..vinayak..viviktha..vrushika..vinnu..varshu..vidhya..vini Eva..vinitha..vasundhara..vinitaa..vartix..



    Zara..zulfi..zinnyx.. Zuha..zaira..zaveesha.. Zina..

    1. Hi chavi di
      Really nice. All gpkjians…. So sweet…..
      Hope 1 day we will gather here again…. Like that overall 700cmnts in ib tu page…..
      May be the last episode of ib…….
      Take care di…. Miss u soooooooooo much…

    2. Happy Republic Day to you dii…

    3. ItsmePrabha

      Hi Chavi Dear..How are you?? and Happy Republic Day to you too..

    4. Zaveesha

      Hello di..again so sweet of u to mention everyone’s name…
      Miss u..
      Take care…

  25. HAPPY Republic Day all of you
    Hi chavi dear how are u
    Keep smiling
    Meet on Saturday take care

  26. Renimarenju

    Hello My 300 + Sweet Ishqies…….First of all Wish u all a Proud Republic Day……
    Well what 2 say abt episode……Finally i got time 2 watch IB in Tv itself…..Starting from patangbaazi the episode was graceful to watch….I must say a relaxing feel gud episode without negative vibes and thanks 2 cv’s for giving such an amazing episode……..Dadi, u are just unbelievable…The way u challenged ur grandsons really captured my attention…..I was laughing when rudy was doing build up and shivaay rolling his kanchi eyes abt what’s going on……Patang udaana toh mere daaye….haath kaa khel hein…Rudy ur comic timing is best……Mhhh…..So called heroism is not ready 2 give up before girls…..Patanag….Patanag…….Whole episode focused on patang and thanks 2 patang for bringing shivomru union and scene……I like the confidence of oberoi bahus and the way they teased shivru ……. Rudy baaba u just killed billuji…….The way shivaay said anika that patang is defected ……Shivaay u talked like a marketing executive there……It reminded me the epic saira bano alias expresso kaali coffee……Missing it so much……..And another catchy moment of the episode was the cute kiss of omkara @ gauri’s cheek…….At last they show a glimpse of rikara…..Missed them so much…….And i liked when gauri pinched om’s cheek and said “chiraunta”… dabang kumari……this tashan was missing from u and happy 2 hear that word again……As usual anika was khidkithod and the way she hold devranees hands reminded me “naari shakthi zindabaad”…..By the way “oberoi laundes hein kamaal ke” When it comes individually, u guys are so egoistic and not ready 2 admit that u don’t know patangbaazi…….Haa…shivaay planned 2 tell, but rudy hero made everything as mix and match……But at last when the oberoi bahus anrivya turned “patakhakudees”……..shivomru encouraged them which was pretty good 2 watch………Made the feel of “ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL”Again……. Oberois never fails and once again it was proved………I wish their bond could stay strong like these forever…… And the villain baazi bond…….Oh Tej, how many shades u will show man ?? Swethlana, my daring darling……u are right……Tej singh oberoi is best in maintaining bond of rivalry…….What jhanvi fails 2 get, u get it the right way……But still my like 2 tejvi bond is special and i really don’t want tej 2 team up with VILLAIN BAAZI…..let’s see what the twisty cv’s are planned for us……..Pls don’t bring new villains….. it’s hard 2 remember how many villains are attacking single oberoi family only ????? Any ways, the episode was nice 2 watch…….And every one did their job well……
    And my lovely ISHQIESS…..PKJIANS………1. Mukta
    2. Aqua
    3. Annika
    4. Nadiya
    5. Disha
    6. Priya15
    7. Priyaa
    8. Priya29
    9. Lijince
    10. Lax
    11. Lijitha
    12. Luna
    13. Shivani
    14. Ranilya
    15. Pushpa
    16. Piyalii
    17. Priyali
    18. Chandini
    19. Saku
    20. Shraddhadbo
    21. Shraddha sharma
    22. Veda
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    24. Krishna
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    305. It’s me Prabha
    306. Fatmi
    @ Chavi…….So gud 2 see u …..Hope u enjoyed new year…..Sorry 4 not replying ur msg….I saw it very late and also i was not feeling well…….
    @ Maahi……Miss shayar…..Missed u so much dear…….Yeah, cv’s are sidelined rikara a bit……Hope we will get 2 see rikara more……And sorry due 2 hectic shcedule of work and some health issues i was not in a state 2 continue gaurika ff unexpected quest of life……Will update it soon, if time permits , then i will try 2 update it by today or by tmrw……missed so many omkie shomkie ishqies in this page…..
    @ Pushpa…..Super busy girl…….Hope we will talk soon….
    @ Pui…….Me 2 loved the scene when local guys challenged oberois…
    @ Luthfa….Endless sky of love…..These words have captured whole episode’s beauty…….Liked it very much….
    @ Chavi…….Wish u the same…….And u said right……we should end fights and live happily…. Glad that in this big family of pkj….ishqies maintains a strong bond without any separation…..Feels lucky 2 be a part of this family…..And thanks for mentioning all names……
    @ Jeevi…..There is no official confirmation abt sowmya’s role……Don’t know what cv’s are planned for her role…Still we can hope for the best…..
    @ Banita…Am also waiting for om-tej face 2 face scene….
    @ Nikita jai darling……Wish u also the same…..
    Guys……..Will come back when i gets time…….Missing u all badly……..Pls old ishqies…show a glance of urs in this page……Really missing many of u……pls come back…..

    1. Hi renimarenju…..
      Nice to meet with u again…… How are you????
      Agree with u totally….. I also want the old ishqies back……. Plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss……………….. If u all old members seeing us or still remember this page…… Then show a glance…… ??????????????
      This is that page where u guys gave Cmnts…. Shared ur feelings….. Showed ur love to each other….. Took care to each other….. Plssssssssssss……… If still you have 1 inch love then come back again….. N just show a 1 JHALAK………..
      Missing u all nice ishqies……. ??????
      Plssssssssssss……… Come back….. ????

      1. Renimarenju

        Hi shanaya……feels so nice 2 come back here….in fact double happy 2 see maahi and chavi….. specially maahi,…missed her a lot……and seriously we have 2 break the record of 700 comments…it will be possible if all ishqies come and make a visit in this page….we are more than 300 and it can be possible if we all may come together…Hope that magic will happen again

    2. ItsmePrabha

      hai Renima..good to see you are you..?? seriously you and Chavi are like Attendance keepers..Love your effort of writing all the names of pkj..take care..

    3. Hello Reni di,how are you?Awww…What a great analysis!Hope to have all the great PKJians again in PKJ.Just praying for it.God bless you with more and more success.And thank you so so so so much for the compliment.Love you?

    4. Zaveesha

      Hello renima di…today both the amazing members U nd Chavi di are here..u both remember nd mention almost each nd every name…
      Thats soo sweet of u…
      Yeah hoping that this page will be like old pkh some day…
      Best wishes…

    5. Nikita_jai29

      It is nice to see you here again dii.. Stay happy and blessed dii… Your tejvi os is lovely

  27. please please please please please


  28. Banita

    Woww!!!!! What a pleasent suprise today..!!!!!
    Our old @Maahi , @Reni di nd @Chavi di is here…
    @Reni di nd @Chavi di , U both brought our 300+ PKJ with U… It really nycc to see all of there name… Badly missing my old PKJ here…
    CVS plzz bring some good balanced track so that our PKJian will be back… I want all of U here once again PKJ… Plzzz if possible plzz try to come sometimes….
    @Reni di , I also like Rudy’s comic part as always… Miss U… Nd love U…
    BTW How r U di????

    1. Renimarenju

      I am fine yaar……got leave for few days and i went home….Now again back 2 office….tmrw onwards work will start and what else….DIMAAG KA GANGA RAAM HO JAAYEGA…..MIssing sso’s duo Maahi track also….. Instead of veer, why can’t they show Maahi track…….nakul’s acting skill was well explored there…

      1. Banita

        Ohh dii… Take Care of urself… I m sure ur vaccation was maast… They just bring Maahi for some tadka without any sense… I cant understand if Maahi ko show ka part hi nahi banana tha toh wo SPA mein dance kun kia tha???
        Take Care…

  29. Hlw….. Gpkj……
    Happy republic day to all Indian pkj member…. ???

    1. Renimarenju

      Wish u the same dear

  30. my dear friends…
    koi please batayega mujhe ki iss veer track kaab end hogi….
    bohoti disgusting laag raha hai….

    1. Renimarenju

      Only CV’s can answer u yaar……Twisty dimaag joh hein

  31. Hi reni how are you after long time good to see you hear..
    How is your health and ur eyes take care
    please try to come to regularly
    And Happy Republic Day

    1. Renimarenju

      Hai chaithu, am gud…and yeah my eyes are fine now…..just work kills and health is some wards okay….. WIll try 2 cum yaar….this time i didn;t get leave for new year….i went my home town after 3 months gap as last week i got leave for 5 days….Now i am on the way 2 kalburgi….as tmrw onwards work will start… will chat in sunday….And thanks a lot dear…..Wish u the same…..hope u are also fine

  32. All my pkj families happy republic day all of u guys….i can’t watch yesterday episode…..I am waiting for repeat telecast at 3 p.m…

    1. Renimarenju

      Wish u the same janu yaar….. Aww……pls it’s a must watch episode..u will really enjoy it….. do watch it….

  33. Great family loving episode….love dadis explanation of old customs and rituals…
    Loved patangbaazi….cvs should have added some romance for all three couples on song …..UDI UDI Jaaye, udi udi jaaye, dil ki patang dekho udi udi jaaye…….Perfect Opportunity missed….seroiusly cvs pull up your socks…major trp rise missed?

    Obahus saved their husbands dignity ?
    Shivika convo…so cute Anika telling Shivay that she can fly/ do anything, even his helicopter…lol and if ever needed she will do it too.?

    Precap…scary. its soooooo humbling to see Shivay / SHIVIKA so kind hearted , they do not keep hatred for Tej in their heart n so ready to forgive. I hope cvs have a khitkitod plan to expose Veer LR n botoxbali..hope Tej has a game plan…..after all as Sultibali said…Tej doesnt forgive or forget his enemies n Sultilana forgets that she is actually Tejs most hated enemy….so be careful Sulti what u wish for?

    1. Hi Zara,how are you?
      You are right.Cvs should have inserted more romance.Hope Shivika will kick the shit out of VeerlanaTej gang.Waiting for the further story to unfold.Take care?

  34. ItsmePrabha

    heyya buddies.. so sabse pehle HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY to all the PKJs over here and to all those who are reading it silently..and now coming to epi…sirf tejveerlana ke alawa baaki saari epi made my heart full with happiness…just loved every minute expression of billu while dadi is talking about patangbaazi..and how cute rudy baby was when woh lamba lamba phenk raha tha….jab shivru scene dekh rahi thi toh mujhe mera aur mera bhai ki yaad aayi thi..mera saare cousins ko patang udana aata sirf mujhe ,mera bhai aur mera chote(cousin) ko nahi aata..toh hamara haal bhi kuch obros ki tarah hi hai..and coming to rikara scene …like seriously thank god iski bhi chop nahi karli editor uncle ne warna bohath badi war hogayi hogi ab tak…par that scene was sooo beautiful and the cinematography is amazing…aur jab saatiya sunneko mila toh i was like meri kaan taras gayi yeh sunne ke liye..ab bohath sukoon mila..loved the obros convo about patangbaazi..and om was cute when he was giving looks to rudra..and obahus aur bhavya milkar uss chiroton ka tie tie phiss karli…sach mein AAJ KE NAARI SAB SE BHAARI err i mean SAB PE BHAARI..rudra ka asar hai sorry…. absolutely loved their dance especially the obros and dadi hug..aww such a blissful scenario to watch..and the scenes where shivika and rikara talk about flying a kite is soo aa rahe hai Mr.Tej singh oberoi..jab swetty ne kaha ki tej ko apne dushmanon se rishta nibhna achi tarike se aata hai then i was like seriously usse toh woh bhi nahi aata…and Mr. makki choos kahinka meri anudi ko tere 25ps. cheapede ankhon se aise taadna math..ankhen noch loongi ..hmph bada aaya saath foot gorilla….loved precap like anything Go Om Go..Mr. Oberoi ko dhakke maar kar bahar phenko…
    abb ek jaroori baath karni hai mujhe ..Mr.SSO you have no right to look that dashing and hot aur upar se cute at the same time..mera bichara dil ka haal ke baare mein bhi socho yaar..
    and now ALL THE BEST OF GOOD LUCK to all those who are writing or going to write exams.. love you guys..buh-bye..

    1. Banita

      Heyyy Prabha….
      Lovly comment dr.,. I luv to read comments in hindi… Yeh TSO ko dusmani vi nibhana nahi aata kun ki agar aata hoga toh wo Pasinalana ke saath nahi milta hota…
      Like Ur comment dr…

    2. Hi Prabha,
      Awwwww….Your comment is so cute and sweet just like you darling.OMG!!!Got another one permanent in the Shivaay Deewani club.Carry on.Love you and God bless you?


  36. Hii everyone ????
    How are you’ll do finally I get to comment wohoo I missed you’ll I wowould’ve commented about the episodes I did watch them night time the reason being I was busy with my studying and I had to do some research about what exactly i wanna become in life ???

    Any ways coming to the episode it was very nice it was more positive than negative the were happy moments so yeah ??????????????
    Really liked dadis scene with everyone it was really ???
    Rikara ????????

    How you’ll doing ????

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