Ishqbaaz 25th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 25th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says you told me to marry Tia, I m doing that, we won’t have anything to talk tomorrow, if I m not talking and seeing you, why are you getting affected. Shwetlana says if Shivaye goes to Om’s room, it will be a problem. He goes to Om’s room. Someone is inside a sculpture. Some time before, Shivaye looks for Rumi. Shwetlana silently takes Rumi’s phone and hides. He turns and thinks Rumi came here, its kind of strange that there is no one here. Khanna says you are here, I was finding you, come, I have to show something. Shivaye leaves. Mrs. Kapoor says we have to take her out. Shwetlana says there is tight security, Mrs. Kapoor says I know, but if she stays here, its more dangerous. Shwetlana says you are right, Shivaye will try best to find her, let’s take her out.

Pinky says

Shivaye, everyone is asking about you. Shivaye says not now, I will meet later. She says you are coming with me. Khanna says mam. She asks will you talk now, I think Shivaye is security, you put all work on him. Shivaye says Khanna wait. She asks will you hear Shivaye or his mum. He says mum. She asks him to go and takes Shivaye. Mrs. Kapoor says careful, anyone could see. Mrs. Kapoor and Shwetlana get worried, and turn to see. They see Tia. Tia asks what are you doing here and Rumi… Shwetlana says we have to fix this, come.

Shivaye asks Pinky to understand, Khanna has to show something imp. She says nothing will happen if you don’t work for a day. Anika gets sherwani. Pinky asks him to wear it, we are doing Jagrata today, no one will sleep today. He asks what’s the need of Jago. She says its imp, its function before marriage. She says but mom. She says no ifs and buts, you wear this and come. He says I m marrying, why all these functions. She says my only son is getting married, I have to do everything, you will become of Tia tomorrow, today its your last night of bachelorhood. She goes.

Shwetlana gets an injection for Rumi, and says this will not let her get conscious. Tia says I m scared. Shwetlana says don’t panic, stop it, if you look nervous, everyone will doubt, mom take Tia, I will handle Rumi. Mrs. Kapoor and Tia leave. She injects Rumi.

Anika helps Shivaye in wearing sherwani. She says you did not have anything since morning, I will get food for you, shall I bring food here or will you dine downstairs, why are you not answering me, you are not even looking at me, why. He asks do you care if I m not talking to you. She says don’t do this. He asks what am I doing, you told me to marry Tia, I m doing, we may not talk tomorrow, maybe we won’t meet, why do you care if I m not talking and seeing you. She says I don’t care. He asks don’t you, are you sure. She moves back and says yes. He asks her to say aloud. She says yes, I don’t care. He says fine, if you say you care now, I won’t care for it, I will marry Tia, whatever happens. He walks ahead. Her bracelet gets stuck in his sleeve button. He breaks her bracelet in anger. He sees the bracelet chain and recalls the old moment. He drops it and leaves. She picks the bracelet chain and moon.

Om and Rudra come to Shivaye. Shivaye smiles seeing Om and Rudra. He hugs them. Lafzon ka ye….plays……..Shivaye says I really missed you guys. Rudra says I missed you both a lot, I did not like Obros separation track, we will always be together, I will stand out if you go bathroom. Shivaye says I felt you have grown up, nothing changed. Rudra says I m fine as young, if growing up means to get away from brothers, we will make Pinky promise that we will always stay together. They all make Pinky promise. Om asks is everything fine.

Shivaye says everything will get fine. Om asks why this marriage suddenly. Shivaye says its right, it has everyone’s happiness. Rudra asks your happiness. Shivaye says I m doing right, trust me on this. Om gets a call and says I m sending it. Shivaye asks what happened. Om says I was working on a statue before going Bareilly, I have to send it to workshop for painting, its imp. Shivaye says I will send it, you both came after long, go and meet Jhanvi. Om thanks him and goes. Shwetlana looks on and thinks if Shivaye goes to Om’s room, it will be problem, I have to stop him.

She gets Tia and asks her to stop Shivaye from going to Om’s room. Tia asks why. Shwetlana says there is no time to explain, we three will get caught, go. Tia goes to Shivaye and asks are you busy. He says yes, a bit. She says I have to talk about wedding arrangements. He asks her to talk to Anika. She says I have to discuss return gifts for your business associated. He asks her to take help from someone else. Pinky comes and asks what happened. Shivaye asks Pinky to help Tia. Pinky asks Tia to be happy so that coming baby is jolly good fellow. She takes Tia. Shivaye goes to Om’s room and sees the statue. He calls someone to Om’s room. Someone is inside the statue. He says where did that girl go, she has the chip, I have to find out.

Anika comes there and sees the statue. He asks what. She says nothing, I came to take some colours. He asks do you have to say something. She says I don’t know how our relation started but since when I remember, whatever you did for me, I want to say thanks, I will go from here, its your marriage tomorrow, I may not get a chance, so I m saying thanks today. He gets frustrated and hits the statue. He asks thank you? Do you have to say just thank you after so much happened between us, is it necessary to say thanks in our relation, you won’t say what I want to hear from you, thank you, I don’t want your thank you, don’t say anything, just go Anika. She goes. Servant comes and says you called Sir. Shivaye says deliver this statue to Om’s workshop. Servant goes. Shivaye holds the statue.

Shivaye talks on call and says let me know when she gets conscious. He sees Anika getting ready. She drops her mangalsutra. He holds it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I was madly waitng fr a spoiler showng tia exposed n now when we gt tat finally now i m thinking they shld hv kept d exposure a secret it’ll be a fun to get a surprise…… Again they gv whole nxt week’s spoilers….. bt yea it was hrd fr me to imagine wat will happen n now i m thinking whether d all these will happen or nt whether d spoiler is true?? confusion hi confusion h
    Abt yesterday’s epi rudra told our mann ki baat seriously obro’s me separation ka track aa gya tha n i was missing them……shivaye was so helpless tat he was nt able to think wat to do…… n this pinky n mrs kapoor r most disgusting people in ib i cn tolerate swetlana also to some extent abt Tia i really lyk her sometimes 😛 romi to i m feeling bad fr her also n also fr tia yr she’s gud she lost her husband (till now) n she’s shown least interested in rotilana’s plan she hs been forced to do all tat things….. Okay today i think i praised tia a lot so now no more of praisng her
    Today again lyked khanna moreover shivaye ‘s expression when khanna said tat he hv to listen to pinky over sso hahaha

    1. They should have exposed swetlana with tia and mrs.Kapoor too. Any now Gauri will try to expose swetlana.

  2. So its the new begining of the SHIVIKA !!

    The pain they took, and expressed in the way were the moments to enjoy all through out the serial.

    The decency of love they mantained evenafter having married is the part of the peak of flawless love.

    THe bashing taken up by ANNIKA under the eyes of all elders of OF was unbearable for vieweres and made them to believe SHE IS SPINELESS, but actually it was her sacrifice in kind for her love for SHIVAAY!

    She has to work a lot and suffered a lot to transform SSO to SHIVAAY! How single handed that ANNIKA convert SSO to SHIVAAY against all the odds is the unique way of her own. I still believe, ANNIKA aka SURBHI is the bliss on small screen, who left not a single corner of acting and expression untouched and enhanced the new heights to each and every expression of a DISTRESS and PANICKED woman in love with all the decency and declicay. For the reason of her acting, and equally of NAKUL, viewers STICKED to the SCREEN even after all the nonsense and illogical stuff served by makers only to bash!!!

    1. The fight with the person is easy, and either you get win feelings or defeat feelings, that all are bearable. But when a fight between two entities living and breathing within a single body is tough to have it. Win and defeat both are unbearable to receive at any end of splitted your whole beings. You just can not enjoy your win and condemn over your defeat, because what ever it is, it is solely yours, and you are only responsible for that for both win and defeat.

      The go along with both SSO and SHIVAAY was never a EASY GO. It was difficult to carve out a way between his two mental pieces, opposite to each other in nature and quantum , and was never easy for SSO two live with two personality. It becomes more difficult when his own mother like his SSO while that gal had forced him to be SHIVAAY to live with.

      For ANNIKA, who never stepped out from her character, made that transformation of SHIVAAY from SSO possible after having all types of humiliation , insult over her head standing within the boundary line of her character at the cost of her self esteem, self respect.

      So it is SHIVIKA atlast !!!

      1. Wow Shekar.. struggle of 2 personalities within the same person.. very well put man! Do you blog or something apart from this??

      2. ANU,

        This is my hobby, nothing else.

        My study, proffession and hobbies all three have no connection at far end even

      3. And this will be my 2nd and last serial to watch, to talk on!

      4. Oh bro ????very wel written
        Seriously nice to read ur comments… I never ever seen writer like you believe me ……your comments are like novel some tyms like poem ????????

      5. Shekhar… Luv to read ur comments…
        U r awesome yarr….

    2. Shekhar…..ofcourse is shivika atlast…anika put all her efforts to convert sso to shivaye….even she lost her self respect for him…
      And its 100% true that its bcz of surabhi and nakuls acting we sticked to ib bearing all noncence stuffs….all

    3. Yes Shekhar… beginning for Shivika…..and I really hope the makers don’t serve us the old arrogant Shivaye this time!! It is good to watch Tadibaaz SSO but not when he is with Anika…..he deserves to be Shivaye when he is with Anika and Anika deserves to be her Billuji’s Panika!!!

      And yes, apart from all the crap the makers have been giving us, we continued watching only because we love Nakul and Anika and for their awesome performances!!

  3. Guys..!!!
    Wooohhhhhhooooooooo…..!!! Am soooooo bloooooddyyy happyyyyyyy….!! Little late though. Finally the wait is over…..!!! Group hug guys….!!!! XXXXXXXXXXX …. ????? PARTY TIME..!! Love you all…..!!! ???

    1. Sumi.SS

      Love you too my crazy girl.??….yeah
      Yes !!!!! Yes !!!! Yes !!!!!!! This week is ours…..omg !!!! I can’t cntrl my craziness….

    2. Yesgals!! Group hug.. sab huddle me ajao!! I dunno man! Am soooo happy! Ab se all our comments are gonna be full of ??? smileys instead of ??? am so tired of using over the past few days in our comments!!

    3. Lax and sumi party tho banthee hai guyz……

      1. Guys..!!
        I can imagine your happiness. Am in a state of ecstasy.
        Anyway I feel Star Plus should go for a promo. Once in a while they can promote IB also.

        @Sumi- I think Nakuul is shooting today. Right??

      2. Sumi.SS

        Sure dr….aftr watching last 3 epi…most of us hv same thought as say goodbye to ishqbaaaz…or skip it fr smetym…I felt I am gng to missng u all…but thank god Cvs ended their stupidness…and “our chain To be continued”…….in tu page.

      3. Sumi.SS

        Yeah lax dear…he is back..I saw one set pic where shitia doing all rituals may be takng rounds in their bridal outfits..
        In sbs segmnt also Annika is lying in the ground and her non stop crying…..
        thank god….upcmng videos r out….!!othrwse i cant imagne what wl be our state ?? God’s grace…

    4. Lachu… hug in Obros shtyle dear!!

      Pnne ivide Tamil Nattil pushpanjali illa 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 …..enthayalum Shivikayude peril oru thenga udakkan koduthu… time povumbo Anikayudeyum Omiyudeyum peril oronnu udakkanam…..ini ulla kashtakaalam Omikkanallo!! Hmmmm…..nattil povumbo Anikayude peril pushpanjaliyum muttum angadu kazhippikkam….ntha thirumeni athu pore?? 😛 😛 😀 😀

  4. Mouni

    group hug with happy tears and fangirly screams while jamping
    finnaly tia’s nightmare is OVER
    she was the only thing that was bothering me in OM , hope pinky will learn her lesson now , l want to see her shocked face
    swetlana will probably be more in DBO than IB also the 3rd sister is still a mystery
    hope they will open priveer track now and bring back aunt roop and her evil plans , they were more interesting than the nafratbaaz
    so what you think guys , we will see shivika as a couple or is it too early ??

    1. Sumi.SS

      Mouni….haha…tia’s nightmare…..
      I wl say it’s too early…now also our wish is same we nver want Annika to confess her fellngs frst..the Main reason is the great shivaay Singh oberoi NKK ideology…it takes more tym to say them as a couple…I dnt think pinky wl chnge her views on Annika..At the same tym she cant sound more as previous..but she is always thr to remains his son abt NKK….
      I wish aftr this priveer track wl give good progression in stry line….we were suffered lot of this confused drama…so aftr tia exposure I need some smooth track fr shivika to cheer our breaking heads…all in Cvs minds…I am very exciting to know Annika nightmare…..whats her FB????

      1. Sumi.SS

        Read his son as her son…
        And I want old shivika.. I mean old Annika..I am missing her weird language too…she shld go to work to settle her loan which is given by SSO?…

      2. Mouni

        me too sumi , l think its a little early , l want their cute fights to come back first
        pinky will slowly get back to anika , she will feel remorce and shame for her behaviour but not sure she will accept her easily as bahu even is she will no longer be mean to her , but some spoilers said she will get shivika married after tia but for me its too early and unfair to anika as it looks like as she is filling for some one else
        l just hope anika will make sso face the truth about his feelings and hope she will move away from his room that will be interesting

      3. Sumi.. with Gauri entry. The next track we can expect could be annika past.. let’s see what’s in store..
        And yeah man.. Missing priveer, so is prinku mms gonna be back in picture?

      4. Sumi.SS

        Yeah dears…I hope priveer track wl start vry soon….
        Gul already said Dr “aftr knowing her FB stry also shivaay nevr accept Annika as her wyf….””
        Letzzzz watch……

      5. Sumi.SS

        Yeah dears…I hope priveer track wl start vry soon….
        Gul already said Dr “aftr knowing her FB stry also shivaay nevr accept Annika as his wyf….””
        Letzzzz watch……

      6. Is it sumi? When did Gul mam say that? Long back is it? What’s that in anikka s fb… we have to wait for events to unfold!

    2. Mouni dear..!!
      Can’t express my happiness in words. So happy. Celebration time???
      They should go for a promo now.
      But I don’t think there is a Shivika wedding this time n am not sure if Pinky ll accept Annika also.
      Yes, I feel it’s too early to see them as a couple esp after what Shivay said to Om other day. If Shivay is involved in the ML drama, then those words are not just words, I guess. Let’s see what’s in store for Shivika.

      1. Mouni

        l agree , pinky can feel remorse and be grateful to anika but accepting her as bahu is still early l think just like shivika as couple
        l think even the ” farak ” track is not drama , they were really challenging each other and also the fact that he forced her to sleep in bed not drama too , naughty sso took advantage of the drama to do this lol
        but anything can happend in IB

    3. Mouni……I think almost all of us are waiting to see Pinky’s “O MY MAATA” face when Tia tells she’s already married to Dushyant……I want the shot to freeze for a good 2 mins on that thunderstruck O My Maata face……!!

      But as you said I also think that some new villains will be entering or maybe old villains’ comeback will happen……Aunt Roop, Daksh, or someone from Kali Thakur’s family…..anybody can turn up as the next villain!!
      And Shivika as a couple……hmmm….now its a bit confusing as whatever we have seen for the past few days was all a drama… if we go back to where it all started, Shivika is good I think…..except for the part that Shivaye has to call Anika “wife” instead of “responsibility”!!
      But, it would be more interesting if we get to see Anika’s ‘Pati Parameshwar”wali patni roop once in a while… going to terribly miss them!!

      Coming to the 3rd daughter of Mrs. K……another mystery for another 200 epis!! Even Mohini from DBO can turn out to be the 3rd daughter……let’s wait and watch!!

      1. Mouni

        l think not all of it is drama , many things were true like the farak track
        lol daksh return will be awesome esp if helped with swetlana

      2. Guys..!!
        There is a spoiler video of Shivay throwing out Annika as per their plan. But I swear, if I had no idea it’s a plan, I would ve shattered seeing that. But now coz I know it’s a drama I can watch it calmly. I donno why Shivika made it so dramatic I mean, Shivay took pheras also with Tia which am not happy about. Anyways something is better than nothing. Also happy about the fact that Tia is leaving happily.

        @Liji- guess what is the couple name of Tia n Dushyant, it’s Dushtia, Isn’t that funny??

        @Archu- We really miss u..!! Come back asap.

      3. More than anybody’s reaction.. am waiting to see pinky’s..
        Mouni.. even I have a feeling that pinky might not be ok with her immediately.. may be her ego will be a lil hurt that she judged a Pearson way too wrong..

        lax.. as far as shivika is concerned I don think Shivaay is still stuck with nkk.. but like Liji said.. the farak drama is still on.. it is just about who is gonna confess first.. as far as there is no tia.. I don mind the farak drama between.. we might expect some cute nok jhok moments..
        I don wanna see any confessions very soon.. let the heat grow more?
        And yeah Liji.. quite possible the Mohini could be the third sis..

      4. @lax – dushtia? Seriously lax ?? you know our minds are kinda of relaxed now that we are ok to come up with couple name for our lady baba.. else as you said the throwing out annika spoiler wud have put us off and we wud be bashing the CVs left right and centre..!! Thank his they let out the other spoiler!!

    4. Seeing shivika as a couple is too early fr now lyk u all i also wnt first old annika back then she shld slightly ignore sso actually she shld leave OM rememberng d divorce ppr or rememberng pinky’s words to make sso realize bt ik nothing lyk this will happen bcz they can’t go for a separate set up fr annika they hv to show her in OM only(i feel lyk they hv only one set i.e OM so they bring everyone in OM whether it be nbs or any guests or d doctors police etc even if they get into a major accidnt they nvr go to hospital xcept vry few tyms even now gauri also comng to OM so they’ll nt afford to show annika anywhere else so leave tat prt) then sso shld learn his feelngs then cnfess it so i think nt so sooner it’ll happen bt i don’t wnt any more misundrstndng b/w them………
      Also some r sayng tat if everything was a drama so their fark game then their pain emotions everything was drama bt in my pov after seeing one spoiler showng sso throwng annika out n then he himself at d verge of cryng i think their pain feelngs fr each other was nt drama instead they might hv thought to expose nbs bfr mrg might be in sangeet bt due to romi acc. it got delayed n tat’s why they were sad thinkng tat now sso hv to marry tia bt still nt left hope n at nick of tym managed to expose d truth……. so i think their emotional prt was nt drama yea sso was nt sad bcz annika is nt acceptng fark padta h bt he was sad bcz d mrg day is comng n till now they didn’t got much clue to expose tia his helplessness which he showed yestrday was also bcz of same reason n out of tat frustatn of nt findng suff. clue only he broke d CHAND n same happened with annika also

      1. Anu..!!
        I really hope n pray that Shivay is not still stuck with his stupid ideology. Now that won’t b dealt lightly by fans.

        @Shree- Your logic makes sense. But it’s seen that writers are not as logical as us. Anyway I wish all that farq drama n emotional scenes are true n not fake. And now that DBO ll ve full on drama atleast I want lighter episodes in IB for few days. May b Pinky Annika bonding, Shivikas fun cute moments.

      2. Wow Shree.. you have provided a very logical outlook!! Quite possible that things din turn out as they planned and hence Shivaay looks upset!
        We do not want to see them as a couple yet.. but at the same time I don want any serious issues between them.. it’s time that we enjoy some nok jhok yaar..!

  5. Rinku

    I am also toooò…much happy?????????????????✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌?????l can’t tell you…

    1. Rinku

      Me tooo….??????

    2. Rinku

      Mere to khusike mare say nikal age…

  6. Rinku

    It’s party time …the exposed..????????????????????yeeèe…….l am so happy..mare angneme….ishbaaz chalti rahigi…..

  7. Hi guys

    Wo dhin aane wala hai jiska hum sabne ithni dhin wait kiya.jab thak apni aakose tia ki expose wala episode nahi dekhungi na main tho happy nahi hoga.end time pe ye log kuch bhi karegi iss liye wo episode ka wait kar raha hu jisme us tia ki expose ho.jobi ho main tho happy ho.ab tia jaayegi ye patha nahi.but sweathlana,mrs Kapoor baaki hai.i hope wo dhono daksh ki tarah pinky ko anika ki against na kare.

    DBO main ek aur vilan ki entry hona I don’t know kab.dadi ki young sister dadi bua hoga DBO ka vilan.DBO ki launch ki time pe unhone apni character ki baare main bathayatha.Ye bathaya tha ki iss character ko ek back story hai jiski wajah se ye sab kar rahi hai.poori negative nahi kuch back story ki wajah se wo aisa hai aisa kuch.

    Soumya ki character vilan hogi iss news ka ab kuch patha nahi.ab uski entry kaise hogi rudra ki life main ye dekhna hai.gauri ka entry tho patha hai but soumya ki baare main kuch news mila tho patha na.

    Gaur anika ki sister hona chaahiye ye main chaatha hu.but jaise rumi ko Robin ki sister banaya haina.waise gauri anika ki relation na badle.patha nahi ab aage kisi kiska relation badalne wala hai.
    Dadi ki theen pothone sab kuch teekh kiya. but dho pathone tho apni married life ki band bajathi.ab shivay ko bhi anika se true love hona chaahiye.kisi se pyaar hone se pehle ye nahi sochtha wo kaisa hai uska family kaisa hai.shivay ko tho ab thak anika se pyaar nahi hua hai.ya phir usne realize nahi kiya.agar usse anika se true love hogi tho ye nahi sochegi ki uska family kya hai uska khandan kya hai.pyaar tho bass ho jaatha hai na.i think shivay apna khoon khandan boolke anika ko apna le.jab thak bade baiya apni love story star nahi karega.baakhi dhono apni love story kaise start karegi.i think ab CVS ko shivay aur anika ki love story aur confession ki baare main sochna chaahiye.RIGHT GUYS.

    Main bass tia ki expose ka wo episode ki wait kar raha hu.saath main gaurikara,rumya,shivika ki love story ki star ting ka.

  8. Omg…now we know why IB is the tops and number ONE
    lol sorry about all the frustrated comments…
    Yeah finally our dream is coming true
    Luv Shivika always:)
    Shivika, and OmRu r backbackbackback…hooray
    Now can go back n watch all episodes with peace in heart cos it was painful to watch Shivika suffer…
    Thanks CVs n Gul mam.
    LUV IB.

  9. Finaally yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy??????????????????????tia exposed????????????? Really its time for party. ?????????????????
    Aaj subhe jab maine ye woh video insta pe dekha mere toh hosh udd gaye.Matlab mere exams he march 7th main uske liye thodi tension leneke wajaye myjhe subhe uthke itni khush dekh kar meri maa bhi surprised hogayi.??????? Main aur mere sare frnds bhi whatsapp pe iss baat ko discuss karke bahut khus ho rahe the.
    Aab hame Sso ki thodi nautanki wala rude ness dekhne ko milega.Matlab pehele woh annika ko ghar se nikaldegi.aur fir annika
    dusyant ko leke wapas ayegi. But it will be interesting to watch.I am sure ki swetlana ab nahi jayegi.OM main reheke sabki veja kharab karegi.
    But I really hope ki sara raita samet jane ke baad Annika OM ko cchod ke chalijaye. Bcoz Sso cahe annika se beintah mohobbat karte ho lekin unka SO CALLD NKK IDEOLOGY unhe ye karne nahi dega. Main nahi cchati ki annika apni pyar ke samne weak padjaye.mujhe meri purani annika waps chahiye.Specially pinky ko sabak sikhane ke liye.Aur Sso ko khoin khandan ski soch se bahar lane ke liye.
    Annika pani khuddari ki bahut baar kurbanni de chukki he .lekin ab nahi.
    Woh ab OM chod ke chalijaye ,ek acchi job kare .Sso ki 80 lakh jo woh sahil aur uske ghar ke liye investment kiye the usse interest ke saath lautye.fir respect ke saath Sso ysse ghar main laye aur usse duniya ke samne introduce kare.
    But As you know guys meri expection hamesha kuch jyada hi rahe ti toh main chahti hun ki annika ke life main koi aye not negetive but positive as a frnd .woh annika ko respect de bina uske woh stpid khoon khandaan ki soch ke. Fir hamare Sso jalbhun ke rakh ho jaye aur sabke samne Annika ko propose kare.I really want to see that.? what do you think guys plz plz plz reply
    But pata nahi mujhe aisa lagta he ki sayad ye sab drama ho sakta he but farak wali game jhoot nahi he.
    Btw Hii astha dear mouni , liji ,sekhar bhaiya,lax balika?,and all my lovely commenters.
    Ye archiya dear nahi he aaj.and pinku dear wru??

    1. Hi arpita

      Aap jaise chaathi hai na waise tho main bhi chaatha hu.but ye CVS aisa chaahegi thab na.main bhi chaathi hu anika kya gauri,soumya inko chod ke jaaye.aur inki saamne apni life achi se jeeye.aur ya koi positive friend aaye inki life pe. aur inki friendship dekh kar ye o bros jalkhe raakh ho jaye.rudra aur shivay ko jealous hothe hua dekha hai.reyaan aur daksh ki wajah se.but omkara ko nahi.socho wo jealous hogi tho kaise hogi.

      Arpita agar aapne gul khan ki shows pe heroin aise hero ko chod ke gaya hua aur phir hero usse wapas laakhe aur propose karke dekha hoga na tho shaayad hame IB main aisa dekhne milengi.i know DBO IB ki spin off show hai phir bhi couples tho sab ek hai brothers bhi.sirf shivika ki nahi gaurikara,rumya ki love storys bhi wait kar raha hu.
      Theen bhai kaise apni wife ko propose karegi ye tho sochne ki baath hai.i hope propose theen bhai different style kare.




      1. UF, of course we are.. quite excited in what’s gonna happen further.. but the biggest worry is.. how many more such serious dramas are we gonna witness.. or are we gonna have the old IB back.. like how Rudra says.. vahi nok jhok.. vahi hate chemistry.. vahi song… billy ki shaadi hogi.. abhi its not shaadi anymore.. it’s just the pyaar Part that is left..

  10. Where are you archiya dear??

    1. Sumi.SS

      R u busy Archu?????mis u girl…..

      1. Yeah man.. where is archu?? We have the spoilers out and she is missing..?

  11. Hi

    Insta pe main pada shivika omru ki tia ko expose karne ka plan.kabhi kabhi na mujhe bhi lagatha sach main anika ki memory loss hua ya nahi.but jiss episode main anika giri thab waha omru shivay anika tha.baaki family members tho hai nahi.mujhe bhi thab lagatha ye sab shivomru anika ka plan hoga.i hope iss weak pe wo epi dekhne mile.aur trp bahuth zyada bade ki CVS aur gul ko patha chale tia ki expose karegi tho thab bhi trp badega.i hope pinky anika ko dil se accept kare.aur uski mann se sanskari bahu tia ki bhooth nikhal jaaye.mrs Kapoor pinky ko anika ki taraf against na kare jaise daksh ne kiya tha.ab ek sauthan gayi.baari hai sauthan no 2 swetlana ki expose ka.ab wo kaam gaurikara,shivika,rudra ko karna hai.
    jaise IPKKND main arshi nk team ne jaise shyam ki truth anjali ki saamne khuli. waise IB main bhi tia ki truth sabkhi saamne layi.bahuth wait aur boring hona pada phirbhi truth aayi.ab tia hamesha positive rahe aur IB team ki help kare.

    Ab main wait kar rahi hu
    *Shivika ki love confession
    *Pinky anika ko accept karthe hua
    *Gaurikara ki MU clear hone ko aur swetlana ki truth tej aur sab ki saamne laane ko.
    I really wish iss time pe gauri,soumya bhi ho tho.i really miss soumya.patha nahi kab aayegi wo.and I really really wish ki gauri anika ki chutki ho.


    Party tho hame tia ki expose wala episode ki dhin karna chaahiye.

    Iam really hope baaki dho couples gaurikara,rumya ki beech sab teekh ho jaaye.iam waiting for ROMANTICKARA.

    1. I am also waitimg for romantickara…???

  12. All ib fans are getting crazy bcz of upcoming episodes including me……but where is archiya?….archu missing ur comments badlyyar….come back dr…..i think archu is busy in watching tanhayiya….

    1. Sumi.SS

      Yeah dr……..Archiya come back girl…..we r waitng fr u…dnt mis obro style group hug.

  13. Exactly.uf dear I’m totally agree with you. Iam also waiting for three brother ‘s love story,tashan,nok-jhok.??

  14. Guyz i dnt think shivikas “farak padtha he ” slogon is drama….bcz i think in starting shitia marriage drama is not planned but when mrs.kapoor pressurised shivaye anika asked shivaye to marry tia to trap this nb’s…..and shivaye never wanted to marry tia and he never expected that anika herself will ask him to marry tia…so in that situation shivaye really got angry on anika for asking him to marry tia…so he wanted to prove that anika gets effected by shitia marriage….

    1. Sumi.SS

      Yes dear…some ppl bashing this ML fake drama..I dnt agree wth’s better as cmpared to so many illogical track they were merged in b/ upcmng video shivaay or Annika said even when we r alone we were acted..while the pool and some scenes we know tialana around them only..they r believed ML drama too..
      Coming to their own drama in room and all shivaay dream,rohit scenes that all r not fake….and u r right farak drama also dr..we were enjoyed kumari kalavathi tahur track lot….surely i wl miss her….

      1. Hello sumi
        Ya dr many are upset with this fake ml drama….i mean seriosely whats the big deal if this is a fake ml….its really much better than other seriols stupid tracks….
        And im sure that shitia wedding is not pre planned…..its anikas plan to expose them otherwise this nbs woudnt trapoed in their plan….thats why shivaye got angry on anika for asking him to marry tia….

    2. Kiki

      Oh my god shahabana. Ur comments are always similar to my thoughts. Today no ishqbaaz na. So I was sitting and thinking about the upcoming track. I too feel that this Shitia wedding was not in their plan. Remember Om asked Shivaay about the sudden wedding in Saturday episode. So I think Shitia wedding is Anika’s plan only

      1. Helloo kiki
        Glad to know that our thinking are same….ya i too thinking same that they added this shitia marriage plan later its not pre planned one….

  15. Hi gals, hope u Ol r doing well.
    So everybody z happy now ..that’s nice.

    1. Neha ji..!!
      Kahaan thi aap ?? Missed u too..!! Join the fun dear..

      1. Hey Lax ,
        Ji ????? Don’t call me that .. Thanks for missing me hon, kisi ne to miss kiya 🙂

        Nthg yaar so much things are happening all at once…… life z really difficult and hard ryt now 🙁 so lil stuck

      2. Lax….not Neha Ji…..she is Ms. Sarma (Gauri shtyle)!!

    2. Hello Neha!! Long time you weren’t seen gal..!

      1. Hi Anu,
        Yeah…Kya btau yaar…By d way reading and enjoying comments 🙂

        @Lax: Group hug part was really awesome….n I think maine miss kar di group hug..jab meko sabse zyada zarurat hai Jaadu ki jaffi ki 🙁

        Anyways meko spoilers achhe nhi lagge saara suspense khatam kar diya ..

      2. @neha chal koi baat nahin.. phir se grp hug kar lete hain!

    3. Hi Neha…..loooong time!! What happened to your job hunting cum friend’s shaadi……all well??

      Drama queen was missing when all the drama was happening….not fair!!
      And FYI, Shekhar replied to many of us…..sab aap ki kripa hain!! 😀 😀 😛

      1. @Liji: Hi Dear,
        Plz don’t call me Sarma .Grrrr 🙂
        Yeah..all well. Shaadi was gud and gt job also. Will join next week.

        And filhaal to Drama queen ki life mai bahut sara drama chal raha hai in short raita faila hua hai … And yess mai sare comments padh rahi hun Shekhar z actually chatting with u guys …huhh ..that’s nice. 🙂 🙂
        Putri aise he kripa hamari barsati rahegi..tathasatu!!!

    4. So you all decided to make out fun out of me! Grrrrt……
      Look, Neha adressed only GALs, that’s why I refrained myself from responding!???

      1. Neha addressed only gals!!
        Wow look Neha! Who is complaining abt not replying/addressing comments!
        YourTathasthu has indeed proven to have power!!

      2. Hiiiiiiiiiii Shekhar 🙂
        Please accept my sincere apologies for the mistake. Afterall I am a flawed creature, we all are 😀 I am really sorry. And kis ki aisi himmat jo apka mazak uda paaye 🙂

        Thanks for commenting….One small request …Kindly do nt refrain yourself from responding ever… 🙂

        Yours Zabra fan 🙂

      3. It was not any complaint, just a WELCOME BACK after a long time, and need not to apolize in anyway.

        I never refrain myself to respond, but it is a time constraint, and myself being out of network. These both make me misunderstood by others. So feel free to say anything you like

    5. Helloo neha….glad to see u back dr….and congratulations for getting job
      And dontworry dr zindagi tho eisahi hothi he…. Kabi kushi kabi ghum….sub ki zindagime problems hothi he….so just chill baby….tc

      1. @Anu: Oh..maine to iss nazareeye se dekha he nhi..complaining and nt replying..Lolzz..stupid me…:)
        Group Hug 🙂 — Zarurat hai zarurat hai..sakht zarurat hai..

        Array ye ek Brahmin ka ashirwaad hai putri khaali nhi jayega … B-)

        @Shahabana: Thanks dear. 🙂 🙂 …And yeah this is life I guess kabhi khushi kabhi gam..Thankuuu 🙂

    6. Sumi.SS

      Hiiiii our drama queen….cngrtzzzz dr….
      Long tym no comments…..missed u lot….

  16. Richu

    Lets celebrate!!this moment!
    Very happy for shivika finally….shitia drams going to stop….

    Now only hoping for shivaay to propose anika and say i love uuuhhhhhhh…..though she knows this…

    It would be interesting to hearthat from SSo?
    Isnt it???

  17. Hii all ishquifans hru alll….. my net was down so could not comment…. hi lax mouni archiya arpita n astha…. yaaaay i am also so happy… finally tia will b out….

    1. Hi Pinku. Yes celebration time.

    2. Mouni

      hi pinku welcome dear to our happy party

  18. Happy days are here again the skies above are clear again let us sing a song of cheer again. Happy days are here again ! ! Sorry I got a little carried away but I am sure you all understand yes.

  19. Mouni

    guys some notes here ; – gauri will be in OM before the wedding of shitia as shown in a pic , she is dressed as a boy so it means she will see the exposure of tia
    why do l have the feeling that anika will soon find out that she is a girl ?? l hope so and she will keep the secret and bond together and maybe that will make sso jealous lol

    1. Mouni

      update ; they are putting these spoilers about the wedding , man they are hard to watch , esp when anika is thrown out , ughhhhh
      thank god for yesterday spoilers , if it wasn’t for them it ill be a desaster for us ishquis , some ppl complain about the spoilers as they want ” suspense ” , will anyone hndle these scenes if we dont know about the truth that it is just drama ?? for me its impossible , l love these daily spoilers , they make IB more spicy and they didn’t hurt the trp , also l dont like suprises too much so its good if they keep it like that , also IB is not a short drama so that we can handle suspence , its a long drama that will go for a lot of time to come , its only in the begining and l dont see my self watching ep without my daily dose of spoilers first , what about yo ishquis ??

      1. Mouni..! Sure we cudn have handled the throwing out annika part!! It is just too much to handle.. we wud have probably raised slogans in front of the sets asking annika to walk out if at all we thought these were true! It’s quite a lot of high voltage drama.. beyond reception!! Phew? Finally there is a full stop!
        I like keeping a track of spoilers too.. after phailaaying so much raita.. claiming ML to be fake plan by shivika omru is the only close to sane “twist” that they can show!
        Am happy knowing it’s fake.. all I wish is.. whatever was the chemistry that went on between shivika during this drama is retained as it is!!

      2. Exactly mouni d spoiler showng sso throwing annika out od OM is really hard to digest bt u know wat even after yesterday’s spoiler I’ll nt be able to watch dat epi in fct i jst skipped d spoiler also n now i think i hv to skip d epi fr one day…….really i can’t take such an insultng epi even after knowing tat d nxt day we’ll get something good to see 🙁 🙁

  20. Archisha

    Oh my god ! 188 comments, this one is 189th.. Well liked the episode and waiting eagerly for everyone to get exposed.. Well, Hi everyone ! How is everyone without Ishqbaaz today..?

    1. Hello archisha.. I guess all of us are still happy! Though we do not have ishqbaaz on Sunday, the spoilers have quite made our day!!

  21. Hey mouni n lax good morning….. yea even i think so anika will b d first to know gaurav is gauri….

  22. Yaaay mine is 200th comment….

  23. What next?

    Looking at the speed with which they made DBO ran at JET SPEED and MADE OM married within few epis countable on finger tips comparing against SHIVIKA marriage, I feel both story of RIKARA and SHIVIKA will ran on parallel track to meet at point of ANNIKA’s past along with RUMYA and PRIVEER story.
    It will be interesting to see, how much time still SSO may consume to step out from the NKK EXCEPTION ZONE to consider a human on merit basis.

    Few epi back I predicted, CVS may end TIA’s track with rendering a WHITE SHADE to her, and it is just being happen. No doubt, she has a somewhat otherwise thought process being away from her sister and mother .
    As we made well aware by CVs, all characters are interconnected at some point, it will be interesting to see how the past of ANNIKA is connected with OF along with past of GOURI and how GAYATRY, ROOP will get set as the TWISTING ELEMENTS over the CHESS BOARD of Oberoy FAMILY story line.


    OMG……Shivaye throwing Anika out of OM…..Thank God the wedding spoilers are out….otherwise I would have had a heart attack!! 😮 😮 😮

    Tia looks so pretty in the off-white wedding outfit……maybe because she’s going on a break and this is the last epi before that, the stylist decided to give this stunning outfit I think….!!

    Gals… still on cloud 9 and I don’t mind even if Shivaye tortures Anika in front of the guests and family……am sure after this whole drama ends all the blushing and ghanti bajna is going to be back…..can’t wait to see those cute Shivika moments!! I hope Shivaye doesn’t take Anika’s “fark nahin padtha” too seriously to ignore Anika!! Please makers….don’t disappoint us!!

    1. Liji
      Glad that Tia is exposed n IB is not another Kumkumbhagya. But, but, but I am still not sure if Shivay can accept Annika while heartedly. I am guessing Annikas past is the next track. Let’s see.

      @Anu- Sumi is right. Back in November, Gul said that Shivay cannot accept Annika even if he gets know their past. Many of the fans were so disappointed by this comment n expressed it too, to which Gul replied that’s Shivays journey. But my hope is it was their intial plan but there were lot of changes after that, DBO was launched, Nafratbaaz was introduced etc. So may be they ve changed this plan too. Not sure though.

      @Mouni- Spoiler videos are good sometimes , I mean for instance yesterday, it made us so happy. But even I ve issues with detailed spoilers. Each n every dialogue is shown, so that kinda kills the curiosity, we know what’s gonna happen next. The spoiler showed ML as AniRus plan but it was not shown in the episode, no doubt it would ve been more fun if we were clueless about it. But anyway I don’t think spoilers are affecting TRPs.

      1. * Oooops, read while as whole (3rd line) and their as her (8th line)

    2. Liji.. like lax said.. I have reservations on how much if blush scenes we are gonna see going fwd!
      CVs drag dramas for ages and show shivika here n there in bits n pieces..
      if you remember the ONS MU went for a very long time, but after it cleared with the Daksh kidnapping, we could see only 1 episode of car sheesha thodna and all the nok jhok.. CVs in fact started the tia suicide drama on the very same episode..
      I hope we get to see some hassle free shivika before the next drama starts.. be it annikas past or whatever..!!

    3. Ya liji thanks to spoilers….if they would have not showned this spoilers i would have stopped to watching ib after shivaye throwed anika out of om….now we can watch ib peacefully….

  25. DEAL or DEEL (HEART) !!!

    So it is lashing out around for the reaction of SSO post revealation of TIA’s truth.

    Questions are being raised , WHY SSO IS NOT GETTING ANGER OVER TIA once he come to know about her involvement in the whole conspirancy going on against OF since first EPI?, and just let her go with a SOFT GRIN?

    At least I never expected from him any hard reaction over TIA post reavealation of her truth. We keep seeing the attitude of SSO with TIA , and we never find any feeling in him for her, except a small guilt feeling over his growing feeling for ANNIKA after her entry in OM. Reason is simple, he never look at SHITIA unison feelingly, but always consider that relation as a DEAL, if deal happen, its all OK, otherwise he is supposed to take it as a FAILED DEAL, and what a wise business man does , he simply leave it aside, and forgetting it, he will jump over another deal.

    But while we come over the matter of ANNIKA, its all different. He never consider it as a deal. Any part of the business mind was never connected with ANNIKA , and even more, if it was the case at any moment, ANNIKA simply might have kicked out that his deal in all the way, but no, it is not the case as it is of TIA. ANNIKA drilled all his shield lying around SSO and awaked SHIVAAY and made his all feeling to flow with the rhythm with LOVE , slowly and gradually . His whole being connected with ANNIKA with the strings sourced out from his heart, and thats why , any minute mistake of ANNIKA get hurt him badly, and eventually we are seeing all these stuff now a days, how he does get fumed over ANNIKA during FARAQ DRAMA.

    You get angered over only those persons whom you love most, all other perrsons are SEEN / UNSEEN and COMING / GOING for you.

    So it is not a big deal, why SSO does not lash out over TIA even after getting her a part of big conspirancy against him?, and why he get lashes out over ANNIKA over her small mistake even?

    1. ExCtky Sekhar.. and this again is the same reason for Pinky’s hate red towards annika..
      Pinky knew tia was a deal to Shivaay and she meant nothing, so having Tia as a bahu meant some sense of security to her..
      When it cam to annika, she knew she influenced her son way too much and could make a place in his heart which would never be possible by tia..!

      1. Yaa, absolutely it is right for PINKY to.

        But, I strongly believe, PINKY will be FRONT LINER of SHIVIKA SHIPPER who is now earning most hates now a days, once she get ANNIKA in her right perspective.

    2. Shekhar answer for this question is simple….in shivayes language…”shivaye ko sirf anikaae farak padtha he…..use tia ki koibi harkathse farak nahee padega….he cnt see anika with anyone”….bcz shivaye loves anika…..tia is only a deal for shivaye….
      Remember what omkara said “anika reached in shivayes heart in that place where any other girl didnt reached”
      Our baagad billa loves his panika only

      1. I would like to rectify your view as, ‘ANIKA REACHED IN SHIVAYE’s HEART IN THAT PLACE WHERE ANY OTHER person ( instead of girl) DIDN’T REACHED”

        And that’s why he never shares all those his heart out matter with his closest OMRU which he shared with ANNIKA.

        HE TRUST ANNIKA, RESPECT ANNIKA and does know WHO is & WHAT is she, above and over all those gal woman he knows so far. When she denied his offer to help her in her setting business politely but equally with sharp edged words , is enough to make him understand she is the gal out of his MONEY and POWER range.

    3. ‘Annika drilled all his shield lying around SSO and awaked Shivaay’ beautiful line…

      Shekhar, I am a readoholic …..waise to I am nt a fan of any Indian author, I mean they ol are same, their writing style etc etc…. I guess Anu (Not sure) asked you about the blog…to start a blog. And I totally agree…U should try …I mean novel to bilkul 🙂 🙂 And mai to huge fan hun he naa, marketing mera sarr dard..I’ll manage 😀 What’s say?

      1. Uff these typos

      2. Congrats on your job Neha!! ??

      3. Thanks for your suggestion,

        But writing is my hobby, my passion, nothing else .

        My profession is also my passion, and I am doing it wel.

        I never wishes to mess up my self between my two passion.

    4. Awww… I loved ur way of explaining Deal or Deel..

      1. Neha Darling..!!
        Congratulations on getting job ??So happy for you ?? Mithayi kahaan hain..???

  26. Wowwwwww…200+ comments after many days…

  27. Loved it unable to watch the saturday episode and got it all here loved this

  28. Mouni

    how l would love to see the old anika back , funny and hard-working tadibaaz girl , l hope they will bring her back after this , am watching old video and it was sooo good way better than crying anika of these pas weeks

  29. Hi all ishqbaaz fans. Till now i was a silent reader and admirer of your comments but today seeing all the excitement i could not stop myself from commenting….. love to imagine you all so excited…..

    1. Hello dr… U r most welcome to our ishquies family… Plz don’t be silent just keep commenting…:)

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