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Ishqbaaz 25th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Om tells Anika to stop fighting with Shivaye, there can’t be better way than this cake to end bitterness. Anika says I m going to him, you also come. Om and Rudra say Unke? Anika takes a cake with blowing sparkles candle to Shivaye. Shivaye’s muffler catches fire. She pushes him in the swimming pool to save him. Shivaye comes out of water and looks at her. Om and Rudra get shocked. Some time before, Soumya names Om. Rudra asks what did you say. She says I m spiritual, I chant Om Om. Om says anyways my name is also Om. Rudra says Om Prem, we have such names, I m Amar Prem.

Soumya asks Om to say. Om says your advice is good, Amar Prem does mistake to implement it, don’t give him advice. Rudra says my brother jokes, tell me what to talk to girls. She says talk whats in heart, boys think

if they show real side and emotions, they won’t remain macho, that’s why they don’t reach girl’s heart, you should be straight, true and simple. Om likes her thought. She thanks them for calling. Rudra takes that advice.

Anika comes to Oberoi house and looks for Shivaye. She sees him in kitchen and says I always fought with him, thinking I should be fight first before he starts, but today I will greet him and joke about elephant and rat. Shivaye says don’t think of it. She says does Bagad Billa has eyes behind back, anyways I have to talk to him. He says no, time for talks got over. She says he can hear my murmuring too, Billa’s ears are very sharp. He says what’s your problem if anything happens in Cannes. She misunderstands his conversation with someone. She says you tell me how to end this fight. Shivaye says kiss and makeup. She gets shocked. Shivaye says you spoiled all relations, you will be first to kiss and makeup. She calls him ill mannered to say this, I won’t do this friendship, now its my new slipper’s work to make this fine. He asks someone to go France and makes things fine. She sees him talking on phone. She says it means he did not say that to me, sorry Billu ji, I lifted slipper without anything, his mood is bad, I will talk later. Shivaye is troubled by cold. She leaves.

Riddhima meets Om and says we need to talk, I knew you will be here, you said everything got over, I felt there is someone left, can we please discuss this. Pinky goes to Jhanvi to apologize. She says this dress will look nice on you.

Rudra goes to college and sees Rumi. He says she looks great and walks to her. Rumi reads a book. Rudra says I want to say something, and starts flirting. He gets his phone to read lines. Om says I got annoyed with you for the first time, maybe because we are not able to spend time, sorry to be rude. She says I m sorry to lie to you. Pinky tells Jhanvi that her tongue slips a lot in anger. Jhanvi says its okay Pinky. Pinky asks how okay, I told you a lot. Rudra reads shayari lines in phone and flirts, but Rumi does not hear her. Rudra asks her to look at him if his words affected her, please…. Rumi looks at him.

Riddhima asks Om will he give another chance to their relationship, please. Pinky says it was tongue of slip. Jhanvi says slip of tongue Pinky. Pinky says yes, you came in my life and made my English proper. Jhanvi says you are sweet. Pinky says sweet and sorry too. Jhanvi hugs her and says every home has fights, I m glad you came to talk to me, forget old things now. Pinky says I knew you will forgive me, your heart is bigger than your bank balance and hugs her. Om says if everyone can get second chance, why can’t our relation get a second chance. He hugs Riddhima. Rumi asks Rudra was he talking to her. Rudra says yes. She says but I was… and shows earphones. She calls him cute and pulls his cheek. He asks will you come for coffee. She agrees. He says fine, tell me time and place, I will reach. She goes. He thanks love angel.

Anika follows Shivaye and says its easy to start fight, but not to talk, how shall I talk to him, he roams around always. He turns and she hides. He gets a call. She says his calls don’t end, his name should be Mobile Phone Oberoi, but why am I hiding. He gets glad about the shares and says great we won silvers. She says he is a good businessman, his mood is good, I will go to him and get a cake for him.

Om tells Rudra that love angel’s advice is good, but Shivaye advised same. Rudra says yes, Rumi is coming for coffee, and Riddhima is back with you. Om says we agreed to Shivaye, he should also agree to us, he should deal with Anika like sensible mature man, they both behave kiddish. They see Anika getting a cake. Rudra starts singing happy birthday and wishes Anika. She says no, its not my birthday, what happened. Om asks for whom is this cake. She says Bagad… I mean for Shivaye to celebrate. Rudra says Balle Balle, but why…

Anika says don’t you know, he earned profit so I made cake by downloading recipe from internet, you guys are bad, you both don’t help him in work. Rudra says Shivaye is not Bechare, what deal did he make. She asks him to ask Shivaye. Om says you made cake, that’s very sweet. Anika asks how did you know cake is sweet, you did not taste it. He says your cake making is sweet, there can’t be better way than taking cake to end the bitterness. She says I will take the cake to him, you both also come. Rudra and Om say unke/naming Shivaye with respect?

Anika takes the cake for Shivaye. Shivaye is on phone call standing near the pool. She lights the candle and takes cake to him. He coughs and says no, its just a cold. He puts muffler behind and it catches fire by the candle spark. She gets shocked and tries to blow off the fire. She pushes him in the pool seeing fire catches his clothes too. Om and Rudra come there smiling. Rudra says we will get cake to eat today. They see Shivaye. Rudra asks what happened to cake. Om says leave cake, look there. They cup their mouths seeing Shivaye in the pool. Shivaye comes out of the waters and looks at Anika. Anika gets tensed.

Anika says its this muffler’s mistake. Shivaye says it happened because of candle, why are you roaming with candle in day. She says candle was for cake. He asks cake. She says I made cake for you, leave it, your eyes can’t get happiness, just has anger. Shivaye melts down and asks did you make cake for me. Om and Rudra look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. dear ishqies, wihy u all want riddhima to be negative, just bcoz she isnt paired with om doesnt mean she has to be negative. Tia is already negative and now if cvs also turned riddhima negative then there will be hardly any difference btwn shivika and ishkara love story. I am also seeing many people are cringing over om-riddhima hug,guys they are boyfriend-girlfriend, they can hug,kiss and also have s*x but we all know that ishkara is the end game,so why r u all worrying. Its actually good that ishkara love story is unpredictable. The only problem is its going very slow. Sorry , if i hurted anyone’s feelings, its just my POV.

    1. Luna ishqie…..i don’t want ridhima to be negative…..because…..yesterday ……i seriously… when she appologised for blaming omkara…..and…..i also like omkara admiting…..that …..he behaved …..rudely …..with ……ridhima……If they just want to telecast om-ridhima relation…..then ……what is the role….of…….ishana…..i mean……she is not negative…….and…….of course…..she …..created……rift….and….ishkara scenes….are very peculiar… i just want to see ishkara scenes…..and…..until…..ishana’s exposure……we can’t predict anything……..

    2. Haya123

      hyy LUna ,, I like riddima.. she is good and pretty.. 😀 WOH DHONO KI scene was very nice.

    3. true

  2. Priya15

    @RENIMA DI,,,hey my pyari didi..happy bday to u..hope u get all happiness in ur life..may god give u whatever u want….and i just wish u progress in ur whole life….tu page has given me aloads of sisters and frns to support ..u r the one among them…i m so happy to have a sis like u so much di,,,,big teddy bear hugs to u….and tq is so small to say to tu page for giving me an amazing di like u,… seriously speaking di cvs has given me alot of sisters ..lorry is not even enough so….and di who is mahi???i just know one mahi MAHENDRA SINGH DHONI….mujhse suspense nahi hoga di..pls batado who is mahi????u can share with me..i m always there for u,..

  3. Priya15

    @MUKTHA DI…hii di , r u ??? r u angry with me??? can u pls mail me the names of our ishqbaaz family members….i mean the register u speak abt??

    1. Wait a minute Priya…… tumse gussa kyu houngi???? There should be some reason na??? Why r u thinking so?????? I’ve sent u a mail, just see it!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Priya15

        oh..actually hamara baat hokar bahut din hogayi na..bass isliye soch rahi thi ki aap mujhse gussa ho..nothing else..okay i l see it di..

    2. And tell me if it didn’t reach u……..

      1. Priya15

        Di I got ur mail..

  4. Hey every..evry1 seem to be happy 2dy…nt 2 mention excited…??..want more of shivika..nd will this om ever think of ishaana nd miss her????he really hasnt any feelngs for her as far as i knw?????..finally rudra made frendz with his sumo…nd anika with shivaay..nly ishkaara is stuck!!!!????

  5. why I am feeling ishana is not lead .if it is true then it will break heart of many ishkara fans .I still have hope of ishkara uniting

    1. Priya15

      di aisa kuch nahi hai..agar om lead hai toh ishana bhi lead pls dont get upset ..hope for the best always..

    2. Haya123

      hloo SHIVANI .. wat r U TALKING…?? we all know that om and ishana is the couple..

      1. no dear m not saying she is bad .she is good human being .

      2. m sry dear for hurting sentiments

    3. Haya123

      hloooo sry ki beettiii … i know u had no intension of hurting any one : P

    4. Priya15

      Di pls don’t get hurt.. . U never hurt any body’s feeling.. And u can’t hurt anybody too. Coz u r so sweet di.. I luv u alot di.. So pls don’t get hurt and don’t say sry.. U know n skr page sry n tq is not allowed.. So we l implement it here too.. OK?

      1. luv u dear

  6. Ya mishri and shivika ..ISHKARA IS STUCK!!
    but waiting for its story line
    Hope it Will be good and unpredictable..

  7. Thank u starplus and gul khan for super intresting lovely show ishqbaaz. Day by day ishqbaaz is healing my heart. Love u ishqbaaz. Love u shivika rumya and omkara. Anyways gd evng to all ishqbaazians.

    1. Happy birthday renima di
      may god give all the happiness for u

  8. @Priya di..saw ur comment in the first page..totally agreeing..thy r being unfair with ishkaara!!!?bt priya baby..calm down..itz all bad karma..ill send u reiki??????? much of anger eh???

    1. Priya15

      ya di after watching strdy epi,..especially that hug…..reiki???di aap bhi..accha bejo..but i m not angry that time i was angry bcoz 3 days hogaya ishkara ko chodo ishana bhi nahi dhiki…

  9. what the hell!!!!!! why only my comments are getting posted so lately ?????? does TU team has some problem with me????

    1. Haha yaar,,,they have some prblm wid me too,,

    2. Haya123

      hyy guyzz .. they hav problem wit me toooooooo.. i fed up with this .. they take so much time.. abt 3-4 hrrz 🙁

  10. Thanks to all ishqies from the bottom of my heart…..priya, nelka, navi, nivi, nadiya, aditya dil, shaza, shahabana, enasanjida, mukta, rosu, rose, roz, prathi,shivani, luna, diya,mishri, aliya,kikki, haya,ishika, anu,lidiya,neha…… sorry……if i missed anybody’s name…..pls….forgive me….all my lovely ………beautiful…..roses……….you all ……just……poured……so much of love, support, affection for me… blessed… ……have…. wishes……from….these……lovely ishqies……Thank you so much…….

    1. Haya123

      🙂 🙂 😛 😀

      1. Haya123

        HAV a LONG life .. GOD BLESS U..
        LUV u … <3

  11. I will miss shivikas nok…..jhok….

    1. But y???? Are u going somewhere like for studies or something????

  12. I’m 17 guys…..

  13. Somebody asked our ages to call di

  14. Check this out. Dont think their nok. Jok wil
    l end soon.

  15. Happy birthday renima ……yesterday episode was nice…..waiting for precap….

    1. Thanks a lot Ishqie…..

  16. Priya….Mahi is my Ishqbaaz……but….for mahi… am his best friend…. best…..buddy…..He hates ishq….so…..i …..still not conveyed my feelings… ….him…..
    My oneway love started…..when …..i was in college…..and….still it’s going on…….one way…
    Mahi….i mean…..mahesh…. we were in same college…..same class…..and he….was…very serious guy…..bookish…..boy….and….he ……doesn’t have much friends also……and …not interested in talking,,,,,,, ,,,,,after one year…my sister’s marriage was fixed …..and i invited my whole classmates, teachers, whoever i know…. for my elder sister’s marriage………and…..i invited mahi also…….he just asked me in anger” why are you inviting me ?”and he just throw that card…..rudely……my friends, teachers all were shocked…..i feel bad…..and…i said…..”i invited you just because you are my friend……simple…..and it’s your wish…..”
    Except him ……all were present…on…marriage…..
    And …….months….gone…..i just feel that ……mahi is very rude…..and…..i made abbrevation……Most Adamant Heavy Impoliteness… know…….i just….named……all my buddies…..some teachers also…..according to their character……….i was very ……naughty….crazy…..girl…….
    And my happiness…..became a little dim when i undergone a surgery for nervous breakdown
    Every body just cried a lot……and…..i feel very bad….that….all are crying just because of me…..
    Every body’s tears were converted to laughter….when…..Mahi came there and called me…..
    FFR- FULL FORM RENU…..I just smiled……and……Mahi just touched my hands and asked “Friends?” That was the moment when i really fall for him……Then gradually we became friends……and…..he became the spontaneous hero of college………But …..just….when ……i asked him….what’s your view about ishq? He just burst out… the past 4 years……i know that he hates ishq…….and….i tried a lot to find out the reason……but …….he ……shares… many things……but…….not the reason……
    My mom and dad knows that i love him a lot……..Once they asked him to marry me…as ……am not expressing my love…..But he said….”.Renu is my best friend……”
    Every year we celebrate all occassions together……and ……i just love …..each and every moment when he is with me….. i don’t know whether i can say it or not……..
    Ishqbaaz……just make me the true feel of ishq…….which gives me strength…..

    1. Priya15

      Omg di… That’s so cute.. I love remahi journey alot…. Wahoo di.. That’s so nyc.. I mean Mahi ya the cutest and the loving angry Young man of my renu di ha?!??? I just hope ki aap log zindagi bar ek saath raho.. Aur Ha find out soon y he hates love okay?? And I think Mahi bhai l love u too bcoz who cannot fall in love with my sweetie di…. And ya I want to hear the news that u got ur love….. Mahi bhai pls itni wait mat karvavo meri behen ko… Plss…. And di u r so lucky to get him and I m damn sure he l be the luckiest if ur love succeed.. I wish u all the best di… Pls Der mat Karo jaldi se usse propose Karo but ya uske pehle voh reason Jan Lena teek hai??? I know u l get ur true love Mahi… U should say it di.. There is a saying in one Tamil movie.. If u get yes or no for ur proposal is next thing but ya first propose her.. Bcoz the failure after proposal will not hurt u that much which the failure without proposal will make u.. Okay.. I think I m speaking alot.. So I don’t want to bore u di.. But I just want REMAHI forever

  17. Sorry for that long boring comment….priya…..i just opened it…..
    Telly Updates…….Sorry for that comment……i became emotional……
    If you don’t want it……you can cancel it………no problem…..

    1. Priya15

      Oh pls di no sry… Di do one favour for ur sis.. Pls get register soon I want to ask u one thing which I couldn’t ask here.. So pls get registered I l say u through private message.. Pls..

  18. Shakaib

    Love shivaka , ishkara and romaya. Rock

  19. Sorry priya and alll Ishqies……TU posted that comment…..don’t know why i opened alll this??
    Sorry all ishqies……Sorry…….

    1. Priya15

      Di I l not speak with u if u said sry again.. Don’t u read my wish fully??? If so then u should have noticed that I said I M ALWAYS THERE FOR YOU…. So di.. U know what sisters r the best companions to share everything so di there is ntng Wrong in sharing it with us.. U know wt I m so happy for u that u got a frnd like Mahi.. So pls di dont say sry once again… But ya I have said one request to u pls see to it and reply soon.. My pyari didi pls accept karlo na?? I love u di..

      1. OK…..sweet heart……Thanks for your wishes…..

    2. Renima, I wish you all the best for your love. I hope Mahi understands you and accepts your love. Be strong and one day you will be successful in your love.

    3. Haya123

      Ohhh reniii.. u r our strong leader .. dnt say sry..
      i really happy abt u .. u r innocenttttttttttttt ddiii ,that’s y U told all thingss Abt ur relation to these ishqiess… i wish ur love become success.. all the best reniii ddiii……

  20. Priya15

    Tu page no moderation pls..

  21. I thought after Shivaay said “kiss and makeup”, Anika will be running away from Shivaay whenever he is coming near and there will be some nice nok jokes between them. I don’t want to Shivaay to melt so fast. I know it is nice to see them together but it is so cute when Shivaay keeps thinking about her, misses her and always wants her presence even though he thinks he does not like her. Even Rakhi day, he could not stay without seeing Aanika. They always talk about each other, miss each other. The way Shivaay holds her shows how much he likes her but does not admit it of course. And even Aanika does not mind whenever he holds her and never rejects him. So I would like to go this hate-love relationship for sometime. I feel we might miss the nok-jokes when they become friends. So I wish this goes for some more time.

  22. BAGAD BILLA= Brisk Adamant Great Adjacent Decisive Bold Inborn Lubricated Luminous Alert

  23. Hi everyone. I am new and I’m from kerala . Ishqbaaz is superbbb! I and my buddies like it very much….

  24. So many names for shivaay…….

    1. Wow…renima di….you are great!?????
      Plzzz teach me how you do such comments….I always read your comments….

  25. Hey guys! I just wanted to ask something. What is nakul’s eye colour exactly. Is it green or blue or grey. Any of them is awesome

  26. Hello….everyOne. …

    Eagerly waiting for today’s episode???

  27. U r right vijji
    Even that what I am thinking soooooo

  28. Renima how did u celebrated u r brd

  29. congrats for 416 comments .we have such good family

  30. I love this serial.. my favourit e.. ummmah

  31. RANdomfANCreationz

    Hi all remember me? 😛

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