Ishqbaaz 24th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 24th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says you all do the visarjan as you all want to, till Tej and Shakti come back, I won’t be part of this. Anika says I know you are feeling bad that Lord is doing so bad, but Lord is seeing everyone from far, and everyone look same to him, be it Oberois or someone else.

Some time before, Shivaye says you are saying against family. Om says no Shivaye, I m saying in favor of truth. Rudra comes there and says Bhaiya…. He cries seeing them arguing. Shivaye signs Om. Rudra asks did that girl commit suicide because of Tej and Shakti.

Anika asks Bua why did you make Sahil eat the leftover food. Bua says you did not tell me. Sahil says Anika is always in hurry to go to Shivaye’s house and did not have time to tell that. Anika asks how can you think so. He says you don’t care

for me, you go there. She apologizes.

Shivaye asks Rudra whom are you trusting, people’s work is to say all that, what do we say, Dil Bole Oberoi, this are not words, we believe in this, Oberoi family is honorable, and its on top in business, world spreads rumors and lie to bring us down, we have to trust our dads at this time. Rudra says I trust on what Shivaye is saying, as I trust my family, you are very emotional and believe anyone’s sad stories, so you got stuck in Ishana’s trap. Rudra says Dil Bole Oberoi and makes Shivaye and Om say the same. He asks Om to say by heart. Shivaye says its okay Rudra, atleast Om said it, you did not eat anything since morning, I will make something, come. He takes Rudra along and leaves.

Anika asks Sahil not to be annoyed and feeds food. He refuses. She says just one bite Sahil…. fine Bantu will eat. He asks who is Bantu. She says Bantu is a pigeon and feeds him. He asks what happened to him. She says he is sad, his Papa worked in Maine pyaar kiya. She feeds him. He says I will eat it, I m not kid that you are saying story and feeding. She says you are kid, to whom I m not able to give good childhood, sorry. He asks her not to be sad. She kisses him. He says don’t kiss. She hugs him.

Shivaye asks Rudra not to leave food when he is upset. Rudra asks did you have it. Shivaye asks how can I have food till you have it. They feed each other. Shivaye asks him to call Om, even Om did not eat anything. He gets a call and says sorry, I need to take this. He goes. Soumya comes and asks Rudra are you upset, I knew this, yo are having noodles, not diet food. He says when I m stressed, I have this. She says I will also have it. He says I don’t share my food. She asks what will happen now. He says you will eye my noodles now.

She says duffer Oberoi, I mean whatever is happening. He says Shivaye will manage. She tastes noodles and jokes that it resembles Mallika’s hair. He smiles. She says something is missing, ketchup. He refuses. She says you don’t share anything, typical boy, neither noodles nor problems. He says fine, take half. He asks her about Rumi, what was she saying on party night. She says yes, actually….Rumi….

Shivaye shouts on call, don’t you dare give me that answer, what do you mean they can’t come home. Jhanvi asks what happened. He says some ACP Rathore is managing their case, and they are saying Tej and Shakti can’t come home tonight. Pinky says it means they will stay in police station tonight. Shivaye says home minister went to US, they have to stay there tonight, but I will get them tomorrow morning, I m worried thinking what charges will police put on them. Om says it will be strong evidence, else no one can keep big business tycoons like this in police station. Om says no Om, its ACP Rathore’s ego, he wants to show the world that he has kept Oberois at police station for one night. Jhanvi says media will make news of this.

Shivaye says I will handle media, but we have to think who is behind all this. Om says think who is behind this crime, a girl gave her life, a man burnt himself, and girl and man’s wife are blaming Oberois family. Rudra says Om, but Shivaye is saying right, if Tej and Shakti were guilty, they would have thrown the CD, why would they keep their crime proof keep. Shivaye says right now, my priority is to get them home.

Anika wakes up. Sahil says you did not sleep all night. She says leave it, how are you feeling. He says better. She says I will get medicine. He says better than better, I will see pandal Ganpati and will get more better, I will take selfies with Ganpati. Priyanka calls Anika and asks her can she come home, Dadi is much worried. Anika asks what happened. Priyanka says Shivaye refused to go on visarjan. Anika ends call and says Sahil…. He asks her not to be senti, when you come, take me to show 50 pandals, go to that Bagad Billa. She smiles.

Shivaye says there is crisis at home and you want me to go on visarjan. Pinky says you are right, its difficult to do visarjan when Tej and Shakti are in police station, but Bappa can’t extend his visit, he will go this year and come next year. Jhanvi agrees with Pinky and says you should go. Shivaye says please, I don’t want to talk about this. Om stops him and says this is tradition, when we get Bappa home, we swear to welcome Ganpati and do his bidaai with all rituals. Dadi says Om is right, you can’t break house traditions.

Shivaye says Dadi I respect this tradition, but we follow another tradition, we do visarjan along with Tej and Shakti. Anika comes there. He says I can’t do visarjan will they come back, and about Bappa, our respect and devotion were never less, Ganpati did much for our family, this time Bappa did not fulfill the deal, he can’t do this to us. Tia says please understand, when universe wants this that Tej and Shakti fall in problem, what can anyone do. He says have you lost it Tia, they are trapped in legal hassles by wrong blame, and you are saying universe wants this, its nonsense.

Dadi asks why are you angry, that Tej and Shakti are blamed for wrong, or that Oberoi family name is unable to get them out. He says both, I m annoyed as they are blamed for wrong, I m annoyed with myself that I m not able to get them out, I m most annoyed with Bappa, who is seeing everything and not doing everything, you all want to do visarjan, do it, till Tej and Shakti come home, I won’t be part of this. He leaves. Pinky asks Dadi to leave it, he won’t agree. Dadi says so much happened in one day. Anika asks Dadi can I do anything for you. Dadi says not for me, if possible, do something for Billu, when anyone is lost in this house, I ask you to find it, Billu lost his belief, find it if possible, just you can talk to him, go and talk to him. Anika goes. Tia looks on.

Soumya asks Dadi not to worry, everything will be fine, Shviaye will agree. Rudra says the same lines. Soumya says Tej uncle and Shakti uncle will come soon. Rudra repeats and says yes, I mean Papa and Chote Papa will come soon. Dadi says I know what you both are trying to do, go and sit with Bappa, don’t leave him alone. Tia asks Dadi not to worry, I have sent Reiki to Tej and Shakti, they will come home soon. Dadi asks did your Reiki do LLB that it will get them back. Tia asks why did you send Anika to talk to Shivaye, he is disturbed, if I could not convince him, how will Anika convince him. Dadi says Anika just went to talk to him, who knows Shivaye changes his mind.

Shivaye talks to lawyer and says you are India’s biggest lawyer, do anything, just get them out. Anika comes there. He does not see her and asks did you come yourself or did Dadi send you. She asks how did you know its me. He says I just know it, no need to say anything, my decision won’t change. She says I know, white shirt can leave oil stain but you can’t leave your stubbornness, I will not try. He says good, why did you come here. She says I came to say that I will do visarjan if you don’t do that. He looks at her and asks you will do Ganpati Visarjan of Oberoi family. She says if you don’t do, someone has to do it, Dadi is upset and she will be more upset, free scheme is for people like us, you are rich, why are gifting free sorrow to Dadi.

He says you are not understanding. She says I understand, you are annoyed with Lord, what shall I say, even I don’t get along with him well. He asks what do you mean. She says long story, we are not talking about me, but you, I know you are feeling bad thinking how can Lord do bad with Oberoi family, but you know, Lord is seeing from up there, he is far and everyone look same to him, even if its Oberoi or anyone else, everyone’s life spoils, some of them lose and some of them make things fine, living with sorrow and smiling with sorrow, everyone has to learn that, will you just stare with Kanji eyes.

He says you talk a lot. She says yes, but I say right, will you come, then I will go and do Visarjan with Dadi, it would be good if you came, uncle ji is not here, eldest son is necessary, if Ram ji does not come, Bharat and Laxman, I mean Rudra and Omkara will be at home, fine, you love your resoluteness more than Dadi, nothing can happen of you, you will always be Bagad Billa rude SSO, I m going…. She says again ….. I m going. He stands silent. She leaves.

Anika says its his decision if he does not want to come, we will do Visarjan. Soumya, Priyanka, Jhanvi and others say they will also come. Anika says so Oberoi house girls will do Visarjan today, if guys don’t want to come, its their wish. Om and Rudra look on. Anika says Ganpati Bappa Morya.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Trisha

    Anika u r the bestt only u can convensed shivaya ….anika u r right god always treat eqully to evry people “hamesha apki zindagi khushi say nahi chalti kabhi kabhi thokar bhi khana pardta hai taaki kabhi bhi apki zindagi ma dukh aajaya u can easily solve or face the problem “yeh batt meri mom khati hai mujhai anika remind my moms word luv u dear………Meri mamma saying this to me ….i want to known what ur mom saying to u????
    Tract ki batt kiya jaya to tia bcom insecure she will blam anika for stoling her braslet i hope that time shivaya support anika….

  2. Shaza

    |Registered Member

    Hey all ..the ep was pr try god ..I liked the way Anika explained shivaye ….and Tia getting possessive 😁…..and as alway love ShivOmRu …idk if roud a would not be they’re than what would happend ,.he is like the strong point of the bro’s ….and roumya was awesome today …loved it when sumo wanted to cheer up Roudra 😄…and the way Roudra was repeating everything sumo was saying 😂😂😂…remember we say an SBS ..where It will be hard fo rnaika to hold the idol ..I think that’s a part of the visarjan and atlast shivaye will Come…

  3. Monique_D

    |Registered Member

    Anika is a law on her own .
    She just killed it tonight and that look on Tia’s face was just priceless.

    The fact that Dadi thinks she understand the family and Shivaay more than Tia says a lot.


  4. Abiha

    Sahil is so cute …..he understand anika very well……their moment was soooo nice……anika’s lecture to shivaye …..😂😂😂😂now shivaye will come n tia will b jealous like😈😈😈……the whole episode was soo good …now hoping that this time anika should take sahil to pandal itherwise he’ll b so sad…

  5. Tridha ( Troyee )

    First of all I m sooo happy that all spoilers those I gave came true. I’ll try to give this type of true spoiler before every episode . So keep an eye on them

  6. Ridhima

    It has been too long … Throw this ridhima out and bring ishana back …. And sahil matured brother … And rudra still child in heart … Haha I won’t share my food … 😂😂😂

  7. Tridha ( Troyee )

    Thank you rudra to mention ISHANA’s name. I think they will show her soon. I think om will go to vanvas. As rudra & shivay’s thoughts are similar. Om is totally different. Shivay & om never had same kind of thought. So I think om will go to vanvas.( if everything don’t get well between the senior oberoi’s)
    Roumya part was cute. They made a sweet conversation together.
    Shivay feed omkara & now rudra. In future he will feed anika.
    Anika & sahil part was cute & great.
    Shivay can feel when anika is around him. Nice ha.

  8. Luna

    Omkara is such an idealistic man. And I do agree that u shud’nt always support ur family if they r wrong. Omkara has full right to doubt on Tej. Choosing truth over family is a big thing. Shivaye and Rudra are right in their place but I’m supporting Om.

  9. Devga

    |Registered Member

    Sahil and anika cute kabuthar moments….

    Rudy and sumo cute nok joke moments….

    Oberoi bros moments…. Rudy’s pov of his family and om’s emotional and confused expression abt himself…

    Shivika cute and awesome kanje aanken moments….

    Oberoi ladies @ the end awesome…. .

  10. Tridha ( Troyee )

    I think gul khan gave one month break to vrushika. Which will be fulfilled after the next Monday’s next Monday. So only some days to wait ishkara fans.
    I have a confusion-priyanka & anika r friends. So they are of same age. Priyanka is rudra’s younger sister. Then why rudra call anika as “anika di” ???
    Rudra bring ishkara closer. First day ishana cheated rudra. And ishkara 1st scene was that. In the ishkara jhagda wala scene rudra found ishana’s address. Today rudra told omkara about ishana. They also speak Gujarati. They will make a good devar-vabi Jodi.

  11. Luna

    Now I really want a boyfriend like Om. I know it’s not possible to be completely an idealistic man but he tries his best. He is so truthful, loyal and believes in equal relationship. He is a guy which most girls want. Guys, how many of U want Omkara to be their boyfriend????

    • Roz

      |Registered Member

      I really want Omie as my BF,,,,,He will be the best,,,,I thnk most of the ishqie girls love him,,,bt I don’t want him to be too much idealistic,,,,

    • Mukti

      |Registered Member

      I too want om as bf…. cz om never tell lies supports then alwz shares everything he will never left u out…I wnt bf like tht….not like shivay who will run behind family even if they are wrong

    • Shaza

      |Registered Member

      Not bf ..but I’d love to have bro’s like O bro’s 😜..prinku is pretty lucky we can say ( unexpected reply na ?) 😂😁

      • Roz

        |Registered Member

        Haha Shaza,,,,I too want 3 big bros lyk OmShivRudr,,,,,,and I want a BF with all the good qualities of 3 bros as Shahabana di said

      • Shaza

        |Registered Member

        Yea , a lil arrogant like Shivaye , sensible qnd understanding like Om and cute like Roudra ..Idk who should I say handsome all r😍😍

  12. Luna

    For the first time we saw Tia being insecure and I don’t blame her. It’s the fault of Dadi that she is giving way too much importance to Anika. As much she loves Anika and wants her to marry Shivaye, she shud also remember that it’s Tia who is the fiancee of Shivaye and not Anika. Tia has been very understanding till now and has’nt forced Shivaye for marrying her. I wud have not favoured Tia even if Anika wud have been a friend of Shivaye but she is’nt even that. I also blame Shivaye that he is taking Tia for granted.

      • Shaza

        |Registered Member

        But anyone would feel jealous if someone say that any other girl understand her bf better than her …but I’m really happy for it …but I feel a little sad about Tia if she actually love shivaye cuz she is a very sweat person..I hope she is having someone in her life and her mom is forcing her to marry or something like that so it will be fair for everyone

      • Roz

        |Registered Member

        yea,,,whatever happening with Tia can’t be justified as she is sweet girl( till now,dnt knw what will happen in the future),,,,They shud nt give her false hopes,,,,,It’s bad to give false hopes to a girl….We are seeing her lyk a joker ,,,,…It will be good if she has smone else in her lyf

      • mishri

        I agree with u..i feel sorry 4 her also bt wen she says shivaay baby..i burst out laughng..its sooo silly of her..nd wen shivaay scldd her 4 her theory abt d uni..i felt sad 4 her bt a part of me was lyk..well done bro..datz d spirit😂😂😂😂

  13. Luna

    I think it’s wrong to force Shivaye to do the visarjan. Tradition is’nt everything and a person has the full right to choose whether he wants to follow the tradition or not.

  14. Sunehri

    |Registered Member

    Hey guys just now reached mumbai (god I’m very tired and now I have fallen sick -_-) and shivika scenes were good and tia was feeling insecure. . I bet she will plot against anika. . And sahil anika scenes loved it .. All my besties fatarajo renima di dhruv bhaiya mukta di aliya di shivani di mukti di priya di shahabana di haya di sujina di troyee di piyali dI abhiha di richu di szfz and all ishqies how r u doing?!? I bet asusual gr8 and tomorrow the competition is going to start (1st level. . National level competition ) I have faith that I and my group will do well

    Anyways keep going ishqbaaz

    Sunehri mehta ♡

  15. shiksha

    The episode is awesome,anika rocked today. N the precap is interesting,the O’girls rock.loved the way shivaay considered anika as his family.

  16. Ooshi Akbar

    Harshan Bhai,Shai or any other family member who checks this page guys plz tell me where the members of our family present in these days guys plz I want to talk to u. miss u love u and if u don’t reply then I will start weeping I really mean it I had already left three comments on the last written episode of vishkanya with the same subject but no one replied

  17. S.D.

    Hey guys. i’ve been a silent reader all this while but could not help myself this time so I am commenting for the very first time on this platform. I am a fan of Ishqbaaz and love the fact that the spoilers and predictions rarely come true(adds to the fun element 😊). this time though I thought I would share my theory. Everyone keeps on harping about how it’s Tej’s secret but what if it’s Shakti’s? In the very first episode dadi talked about how he was so religious but it somehow seemed fake to her. Maybe it’s his guilty conscience that’s made him so religious. And I also feel this secret is somehow related to Anika’s family as well. It could be a Romeo-Juliet like twist where Shivaay’s father is responsible for destroying Anika’s family. Up until now Shivaay had the upper but it could change. Anika would then be the one who has to look past his family background. What do you think?

    P.S. I would love to join you guys in discussing this serial if you’ll let me ☺. Thnx anyways.

  18. Roz

    |Registered Member

    Got to see an emotional OBro z scene after a loong tym,,,,bt there was no group hug today,,,loved the way two bade bhaiyyas stopped their arguement for their chotta bhaiyya…,,

    Omwas totally against Tej,,,,may be Tej did smthng bt he is his father na,,,,I knw they don’t have a proper father-son relationship bt still,,,,,he was ready to believe that Tej did all these,even without any proof,,,,The blame is not proved till now and Om is reacting lyk this what if Tej really killed someone..maybe Om will leave the house,,,,,I don’t want that to happen…..I want to see all 3 bros together forever,,,,,

  19. Roz

    |Registered Member

    I reaally really loved Romya part today,,,,,Romya is too cute,,,,I dnt want Soumya to be Gayathri’s daughter…. 🙁
    and I was totally against Anika for leaving Sahil alone with that stupid bua,just to play Oberois dhol,,,,bt I loved today’s Anika-Sahil part ,,…

  20. Roz

    |Registered Member

    Anika explained Shivaaye very well,,,,I’m damn sure that Shivaaye will agree to go with them and then Tia will be super jealous,,,,,,,
    bt why these Oberois always want Anika to solve their prblms,,,I really didn’t get it,,,why did Prinku called Anika,,,Anika has her own lyf na,,,She is nt able to give tym to his brthr bcoz of Oberois and their prblms

  21. Roz

    |Registered Member

    Today got to hear Ishana’s name again,,,maybe it’s a sign that Ishana’s entry will happen soon,,,,,maybe Om will take Ishu’s help,,,,dnt knw whether it will happen,,,,bt Ishu’s track shud happen soon,,,coz hw could the cvs forget Ishana and the goons after her who threatened to kidnap Mona if she didn’t arrange money with in a week

    • Shaza

      |Registered Member

      Weak!? 😂 ..then Mona must’ve been dead ..cuz it’s a month now ……they didn’t even show if she arranged money and all 😏

      • Roz

        |Registered Member

        Haha,,,,,Lol Shaza,,,,,I’m wondering that how will they start Ishana track again ,,,,everythng is messed up,,,,,they shud make a convincing story abt Ishu and goons

  22. Nazneen Syed

    Good morning all ishkies.And to new ishkies.
    Sorry guys I couldn’t comment.
    Today also our college is there.I’ll comment after coming from college.
    Bye take care guys.


    |Registered Member



  24. jis

    Om is idealistic man but with no experience it seems….he lost himself at times of crisis….shivaye although arrogant cares for others to core…he always stands as a pillar….

  25. Shivani

    |Registered Member

    om is idealistic person .he would choose truth over his family when situation come .he was right no one can blame without any strong evidence but oberois have so many enemies so it won’t prove that shakti and tej are culprits .anika is so mature ,shivay would be lucky to have a life partner like her .tia’s insecurities are justified because she has never forced shivay to do anything.rudra and shivay have similiar thoughts .hearing ishana’s name gives a soothing feeling

  26. Shivani

    |Registered Member

    gud mrng mukta ,disha,aliya,misri,shaza,shahbana,haya,priya,sat,abiha,tharu,piyali,nikki,renima di,dhru,dhruv bhai,manik,richu ,mukti,sunheri,mary,riddhima,roz,rosu,ishika,nivedha,yazhu,aahana,tridha,aishwarya,nazneen,luna,varshini,shama,jazz,fatarajo,monique,pradishma,diya,pragya ,kushagra,tamanna,ayeshu,ananya ,chetna and all new comers.have anice day and keep smiling

  27. shahabana

    Very good morning guys hw z u all. Episode is nc .rumya scenes are superb and sgivaye senses anika that’s superb and shivaye convinced by anika always that’s too good and it’s true we can’t blame tia anyone can feel jealousy if their boyfriend is with someone else and omkara I know he is idiolism but that doesn’t mean to beleive in what others says .If thej and shakthi proved culprit then it’s k but without proof how blame them .anyways I really don’t want shivomru to fight hope everything will be fn soon.

  28. Mukti

    |Registered Member

    Oh now I am gona like stry somuch mystrey…great!!!!!
    I realy think this tej n shakti have done something wrong..if they had not thrn why would tej looked so tensed.he must have given that cd without any hesitation…and why he kept it in locker Then its a mystery…but theres substance in ishana story. N I thnk tej is involved in ashoks murder cz ashok was going to tell smthng abttht they killed him..

    • Mayank Agrawal

      i totally agree that cd is original because agar gayatri ko drama he karna tha to roop and gayatri ise kyu bolti ki kaash hum pakde na jaye.. isliye vo cd original he hai and rop nad gayatri uss locker ke code ke liye itni mehnat bhi nhi karti agar drama he karna tha to .. abh now when tej remembers that roop ne uska phone exchange kar liya tha ek baar so he understands that gayatri o code kisne btaya hai…

    • NaveenS

      Tej had nothing to do with Ashok murder. Ashok went to spoil the event on the saying of Tech’s sister Roop. Ashok thought the lighter was fake and it was just going to be a show and threat that he will burn himself to get media attention buy Roop gave him a real lighter….hence him burning to death. It was all Roop’s plan

    • NaveenS

      Tej had nothing to do with Ashok murder. Ashok went to spoil the event on the saying of Tej’s sister Roop. Ashok thought the lighter was fake and it was just going to be a show and threat that he will burn himself to get media attention buy Roop gave him a real lighter….hence him burning to death. It was all Roop’s plan

      • Naina Bansal

        yes of course lekin phir raaj kya hai , Gyatri kyo piche padi hai inke and Roop ki kya dushmani hai oberois se and i think cd to real hai ye

  29. Mukti

    |Registered Member

    Om is correct…he was only analyzing all the facts..this shivay is too much family family wala guy….he thinks his family is only right and not others..n the way he talked with thr officer….
    If ur own father is wrong u must say he is wrong just cz he is ur dad u cnt hide him…truth alwz wins…..
    Om is a very idealistic person who belives in truth n justice…but shivay is sort of selfish who thinks of family only not others…n like om he too dnt kno wht has realy happened….so he cant say tht they are innocent…
    And om was not blaming them he was justbeing practical…n truth is more imp thn family ties….

  30. Nivedha

    I liked Shivika a lot ..but sometimes I feel like anika is overreacting..May be..
    Missing tat fighting scenes of SHIVIKA..but anika’s explanation to SHIVAAY was cute😍😍
    And 4 ISHKARA TRACK😞😞 tell her name cvs took 20+days ..and to show her they ‘ll take more than a month I think so😠😠😠
    When I saw ishqbaaaz promo for the first time..I liked OMKAARA ‘s character a lot ..and wen I saw the promo dialogue of svethlana that one should go for vanvaas I thought tat it is OMKAARA ..because janvi said in promo tat “OBERIO FAMILY SE ZYADA OM KO USKI MOORTHIYAAN SAMAJTHE HAI” so I m sure tat om will go out from obr mansion..OMKAARA ‘s character is unique and fantabulous( and I liked his ponytail hair style 😃😃)
    I’m watching ishqbaaaz for Omru ,OMKAARA ,sahil ,ISHKAARA 😍😍( intense love story )and for shivika’s nok chok

    • Priya15

      |Registered Member

      Di….. Moreover we both r same in om point of u.. And even I want om to go out of oberoi mansion.. But after ishkara marriage… Toh maza Aayega.. But I don’t know what CVS l do..fingers crossed…

  31. Kiki

    Sahil is so cute. Shivaay always sense Anika’s presence. Loved it. I really liked Rumya part yesterday. They are really cute. Om is really an idealistic person. Love him. I hope everything will be alright in Oberoi Mansion.

  32. zara

    Love shivika moments.its amazing that Shivay listens to Anika and also she speaks so softly and sensibly. Love when she says’ kya hua’ when its only two of them they talk so softly n lovingly to each other. I
    After dealing with Shivays problems Anika should take Sahil to few pandals. Shivay loves his family n dtands for them as he is doing. Everyone does right and wrongs in their family but we dont cut our ties with them we stand together thru thick n thin. OM is so soft and emotional but life is not black and white there are many greys so Shivay is being a realist hut I luv all the Oberoi bros. Hope their hond stays strong always. I think some bromance is due with all the stress recently. Love dadi supporting Anika and making Tia look stupid.Reiki will bring them back hahaha? Want to see Om and Rudra supporting and getting advice from Anika in a respectful manner as in their heart s they consider Anika as their bhabhi. I still think Om needs a partner whose down to earth and kind sorry Ishana does not make a good pair with Om.sorry guys . Love Shivika and Rumya and Om.

  33. neha

    On and off screen, Om’s character is quite inspiring. But in reply to the Question, i wouldnot like to have an ideal guy like him for a boyfriend/husband as in real life too much of anything(idealism) chokes any relationship. But a person like Om can be good friend and guide in most cases.

  34. neha

    You are right Nivedha, i too find Omkara very handsome in hair tied in a ponytail. I wonder why he didnot try that look again after introductory episode.

  35. Chetna

    I think if we talk about vanvaas then shivay will go bcoz as we all that omkara is self made crorepati so if he will go doesn’t affect him at all but if shivay will go then he will like finish but he will get support of anika.

  36. Chetna

    Hello all ishqies how are you all.
    I am so happy that finally at least ishana’s name comes.
    I have a news that ishana will come for the revenge for her insult from om.
    Soooòooooooo. …. happpppyýyyyyy

  37. Chetna

    Hello all ishqies how are you all I am so happy that finally ishana’s name comes. I have a news that ishana will come for revenge for her insult from om.
    Soooòooooooo happpppyýyyyyy

    • Roz

      |Registered Member

      Revenge,,,,,bt why o.O …She z good at heart,will she come to take revenge,,,she will be regretting for whatever she did with Om

      • Shaza

        |Registered Member

        A spoiler say that …Om told bad about parents and cuz if him she couldn’t save Mona or something like that so she.wiil back with a revenge …another spoiler say that’s he will try agin to con on Om ..can’t believe these spoilers yaar …so it’s better we should just wait and watch ..most of them are fake …well some are true …fingers crossed for ishkara ..lets hope text bring a awesome story for us 😄…

  38. Shaza

    |Registered Member

    Ishqbaaz: Anika marches ahead with visarjan as Shivaay looks upon Upcoming Episode

    Sunday, September 25 2016
    Ishqbaaz: Anika marches ahead with visarjan as Shivaay looks upon

    Anika (Surbhi Chandana) marches ahead with the visarjan ritual as Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta), Om (Kunal Jaisingh) and Rudra (Leenesh Matto) look upon in Ishqbaaz

    In the upcoming episode there will be lots of high voltage dramatical situations seen created amid Shivaay and Anika in the daily soap.

    Shivaay along with other boys of the house are really shocked to see that Anika alone with the girls gang is marching ahead with the Ganpati idol.

    Om and Rudra are not at all in the mood for the Ganpati visarjan as the matter of Tej has gone up badly in police station.

    Anika however is of the opinion that no matter how much so ever bigger are the circumstances they are not bigger than God.

    Oberoi family members support Anika’s decision and are with Anika in majority against Shivaay, Om and Rudra

    In the upcoming episode there will be lots of tragedical situations seen amid Shivaay and the Oberoi family members in the ongoing serial.

    Shivaay once again appreciates Anika’s decision and does exactly as Anika has decided and this makes Shivaay-Anika’s bond more stronger.

    It would be very interesting to watch as to how would Shivaay and Anika get along with keeping Tia aside?

    Stay tuned for forthcoming details and developments in story line.

  39. shahabana

    Gd evng guyz. Hmmm someone asked do u want a boyfriend like omkara hmmm i will be honest omkara is very good and idialism every grl will like him and i tooo like him but as a life partner really i dnt want a guy like him i knw i cnt get boy like him in real life and u knw what i like all three charecters of this show shivaye omkara and rudra they where really good but problem shivaye is too much practical and omkara is tooo much idiolism and rudra is soo innocent and i will tell what i likes in these three bros. I like shivayes caring nature that is he is very family oriented and he can do anything for his family and he speeks out directly i like these charecters of shivaye. And omkara he is such a sweet heart he respects everyone and he values everyones feelings and supports everyones choice and rudra he is such a cutipie and i like his innocent nature the most. K guyz if any guy has all these qualities of these bros then i really like him but i knw any guy has all these qualities its really impossible.

    • Shaza

      |Registered Member

      I’m total confused ..but I think it’s fake or maybe real
      Fake cuz ….if the cd was a prove against them they must’ve destroyed it
      And true cuz …..tej and shakti where talking about some raaz , so maybe this is the raaz …idk , so much confusion 😲

    • mishri

      Maybe…bt i thnk it myt be fake..jst thnk y shuld tej hav d cd without destryng it…d secret thy were spkng myt not me a crime..lyk jhanvi said however unethical tej can be he cant murder..he is lyk 1 one of the heroes ryt????thy cant spoil his character…d smile gayatri gave before she left did ring a warning bell…i trust tej 4 sum reason…nd abt not wanting 2 give d cd…obviously no business men lyks to gv away thr company secrets ryt???datz wat tej told

  40. Deeps

    I feel pity for sahil. I think anika to get some time after resolving all this to take sahil to the gan apatite pandals. And shivay gets some to appreciate anika for helping her and help her take sahil to the pandals and listen to the sad story of anika (as she has mentioned it in this episode). And just waiting to know for is this truth which has become a day to day problem to the oberoi house. But I can just wait and think and cannot make the story myself na

  41. Rashmi

    I think the cd was kept in locker because there was some sort of mystery and I think some work which needed to be completed and this cd was a proof for tht…maybe to prove tht ahe did sucide…something like tht
    And secondly if someone kept it in locker it must be made by someome and tej was unaware of the cd being made….but theeres a doubt here cz before showing the cd tej was desperate tht no one shd see it… it’s real only and tej knows abt it….

    • Mayank Agrawal

      Kuch bhi ho sakta hai guys jyad tension lene ki jarurat nhi hai ye koi asli jindagi nhi hai ye log kuch bhi prove kar sakte hai even ki shivay shakti ka beta nhi hai ye bhi provve kar sakte .. ye parde ki duniya hai …so dont tensed

  42. Luna

    Well, I agree that Om is very idealistic but u know that no guy is perfect in this world. If a guy is loyal to u, giving u equal importance and space then u shud also support him in his thoughts. It’s not possible that there will be no problems in a relationship and a couple will always agree with each other. Though it’s just my POV, no offence.

    • jis

      The problem with om is if u lie once he hates u forever….he wrongly accused shivay on rakshabandan episode…..over idealism…has history of drug abuse….also took overdose of sleeping pills without thinking of his brothers….it is not idealism…..he is good …but being overrated

    • mishri

      If any1 is dat perfect in diz world???thn datz unbelievable…it will too made oms charac in d drama is lyk very good.

  43. Nazneen Syed

    Hello Renima di,Mukta,Nikki di,Dhruv bhaiyya,Shaza,Luna,Nadiya,Abiha,Aliya
    Kiki,Roz,Sat,Nivedha,Shahabana,Neha,Chetna,Devga and all new ishkies.

  44. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    I couldn’t control my tears when I saw om’s teary eyes….. When rudra said emotional…. Really I felt so bad for my om…. Om don’t worry I m with u.. U r an ideal person.. N u know u r perfect… Tumhare dialogue Mei bolun toh.. “Omkara jaisa insaan sirf kahaniyon Mei hi milta hai”… And for those people who say.. Om isn’t leaving practical life and other things… I wanna say… Pls enjoy and live Omkara’s character.. Bcoz u won’t get character like Omkara in real life… So just enjoy him…

    But ya.. Aaj om se zyada shivay emotional nikla😂😂😂😂😂

    N i wanna say i love person’s like om.. Who take stand for truth..over family… For me.. If It is wrong, then it’s wrong.. I won’t watch whoever it was.. Jo bhi ho galat kare toh vo galat hi hai.. Apne hone ke liye uski guna ko maaf kardo.. Aur koi paraya hai.. Voh galat nahi Kiya par phir bhi.. Agar tumhare Apne bole toh usse zaja do.. I hate that type of people…… Moreover i m like om in the point of this…

  45. anika

    Iim a silent reader…but today I want to tell something. ..I love om, om character, om hair, om smile…he is sooooo cute…he is such a wonderful person…Im watching this serial only for om…om I love u

  46. Mukta

    Hello n Good Evening all Ishqies!!!!!!!! How r u all??? All ok na??? Hope everything is going good!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Mayank Agrawal

    Breaking News !! Guys ISHANA is coming from 92th Episode vrushika mehta fans please give your support in the reply box..
    Hope TRP is lifts upward by the vrushika Entry and another request to you all that please watch this show on tv only if emergency is there then only you watch on other platform but try to watch it on tv rather on hotstar or some other websites because watching on tv is the only contribution to TRP.

  48. DaSha

    Hello dear friends!

    All spoilers saying Tai is Gayatri daughter look so strange to me. I mean we had seen Tia doing something strange and letting in the house someone, but she travels, looks very fashion, got jewels etc. for sure Shivay had stayed at her home to see her family. How Tia can be the daughter of middle class Gayatri? And after all it takes too many people to be involved – Tia’s mother, brother and so on. If Tia is up to something I would rather believe she wants to marry for money than she is Gayatri’s daughter.

    The only one thing that comes in to my mind that Gayatri is supported and sponsored by someone who wants to take revenge over Oberoi family (Romeo-Juliet version let us think it could be someone from Anika’s family). So she gets this ideas from someone who “inspire” her, and Roop is just the instrument as well as she.

    • mishri

      Even i dnt want tia to be gayatis will look silly..coz thy showed her entire family ryt??her motive should be only money..if nt d telly will look so dramatic nd unbelievable…

  49. DaSha

    And 2 more questions:

    1. When Sahil was kidnapped (in series 13) who actually kidnapped him? I mean, sorry, he is little weak boy, he got health problems, who needs to kidnapp him? Bua? Or it was something connected to Anika?

    2. It was mentioned in 13 series Shivay got some heart problems, as well as I remember it was never used again. Am I mistaken?

  50. Shivani

    |Registered Member

    I think riddhima has done everything .we all don’t know about her true colors .may be she would be respinsible for that cd .gayatri said about insider so I thought this

  51. Abiha

    @Heyy mayank bro thnxxx 4 the news hope it comes true…

    @ hey priya…how r u…hey dear in excitement u forgot that the news is given by mayank bro not by any di yaar…….i can see ur madnesss yaaar…n i must say ur totally mad about ishkara….hope u’ll never mind….

    • Priya15

      |Registered Member

      Di.. I don’t know that he is bhai…. As I have never interacted with him.. Btw.. Ya I m a crazy and mad fan of ishkara… Not only now.. But always l be.. Haha…

  52. Abiha

    @mukta where was u 4rom many days….i was missing u yar..

    @Also i was missing mukti d , shabana d , dhruvv bhai n dhruvvv bhai…thank God they all r back…..

    @Hoping that soon piyalii n renima d also come back….

  53. Abiha

    Hey…..everyone … r u…?
    good morning….have a nice n cheerful day……
    M not ok that’s why i was missing ystrdy…
    @mukta , renima d, mukti d, disha d, nikki d ,shabana d , nevidha d, shaza ,sat d, roz d, shivani d , haya d, priya ,piyalii, rosu d, richu d, mishri ,aliya d, nazneen d, tridha , sunheri , dhruvv bhai , dhruvvv bhai ,mayank bro….forgive if i forgot anyone…
    How r u all…???

  54. Shaza

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    Hey all 👋🏻👋🏻..good afternoon…how’s my new dp !? …
    Who all r swifties here !? 😄😄😄..I’m a very very very very very very very very very very very very very very x10000 …big fan of Taylor swift …😍😍😍..anyone else her Taylor swift fans .I would love to know ?

    • Roz

      |Registered Member

      I think Roop and her husband tried to cheat Oberois and they sent them to jail,,,,Roop was released from jail and her husband is still in jail,,,smthng lyk that,,,,

  55. Luna

    Well, I remember that when Gayatri was about to take something from the locker, security guards came and caught her. So she was’nt able to take anything from the locker. My theory is that Gayatri’s original plan was to take some evidence from the locker which will expose the Oberois but incase if she gets caught there was a plan B of Gayatri to show a fake CD to the police. That’s why Tej did’nt wanted to show that CD to anyone but was shocked when he himself saw it.

    • Naina Bansal

      no no i even see it 5 times on hotstar that episode cd is kept in the locker and gayatri steals the same from the locker.. and her hands are empty when she enters in the oberoi mansion..

  56. Piyaliii

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    Hello everyone… are you alll……..
    Yaad hu na main sabko…..😂😂😂😂
    Aap logo ki piyu…😊😊😊😉😉😉😉
    Missed you a lot guys…..
    How are you. ..
    Mukta, priya, abiha di, nikki di, nishu, astha, alka di, manik br, dhruvv, dhruvvv, shahabana di, Soniya, Chetana di, anusha, nivedha di, diya di, maya di, sat,richu di, haya di, disha di, roz di, shaza, luna di, shivani di, tharu di, sunehri, tridha,renima di, mukti di, …..and everyone else….
    Hope you all are fine and have a nice day guys

  57. shahabana

    In this show there are three leads and i know everyone has their own favereit charecters but i like all three leads very much bcz they are showing both positive and negetive sides of the charecters unlike they are not showing any charecters like devi or perfect charecters like other shows. Eg :shivaye omkara rudra pinky janvi tej shakthi anika ishana saumya even riddhima and tia also no one is perfect in this show they are showing both postv and negetv qualities of the charecters thats really good and im really liking these facts of the show and i hope they will continue it like this and dnt show any charecters like perfect or full of evilness.

    • Roz

      |Registered Member

      Agree with uu,,,,,I too love three of them,,,,so I love Shivika,ishkara,Rumya equally,,,,,coz I’m watching the show for OmShivRudr,,,,I love their bromance more than the lead pairs romance,,,

  58. Luna

    It will be really stupid if CVs showed Tia Gayatri’s daughter. We all have seen Tia’s mom. Tia definitely has some different story. I think that intruder whom Tia let inside Oberoi mansion was some obsessive boyfriend of Tia. Tia can’t marry him as her family is going through financial problems. So the whole plan of Tia is to marry Shivaye and then give him divorce and also take half of Oberoi’s property through alimony.

  59. Mukti

    |Registered Member

    abiha mukta shivani haya mishri dhruv Rashmi luna diya devga piyu priya n all I want to say something it’s little controversial but still.
    Nayana bansal n mayank aggrawal I think are same ppl….
    I mean their cmnts time gap is only 1min…
    Like in one msg Mayank said watch only tv n immediately aftr just I min nayna said I am with u….n other msgs also..I mean ther time for moderation rit then how can u reply in 1 minute……
    Ok thts itwaise I dnt care n have no prblm but just wanted to tekl’ll u all guys…

    • Mukti

      |Registered Member

      Also nayna said coment ur views on cd guys n in 1 min gap mayank said it’s original…..ok guys I dnt want any fight n,all I just wanted to tell that ppl can see…

  60. Mukti

    |Registered Member

    Thts it guys….anyways abiha dear u shd wear glasses or goggles dear..I too hv allergy I alwz wear goggles….n in Mumbai theres so much pollution n dust na….tc dear…

    • Mayank Agrawal

      guys mujhey nhi pata tha tum muhpe itna ghatiya ilzaam lagaoge agar aap logo ko mere views and opinion ya baat karna acha nhi lagta ya aap log mujhey apne group mei nhi rakhna chahte to ..its ok mai chla jaaunga bus ek baar clear kardo and MUKTI it was just co incidence i dont know about it .. Mai to yaha ye soch ke aaya tha ki friends se discuss kar lenge and meri nazar mainey jitne bhi views and opinions rakhe usme kuch galat nhi .. phir bhi its sad

      • Mukti

        |Registered Member

        Ghatiya???bhai tell me how is it possible for u to know wht she said even before its moderated…moderation requires atlest 5 mins..n after tht we require time to read and then write n then post…which is again moderated…
        It will be insane to say tht its coincidence…cz its not

      • Mayank Agrawal

        sorry MUKTI really sorry actually i dont know about this but naina is my friend…sorry mukti di really sorry

  61. Disha

    |Registered Member

    I love om’s character he always side on truth I am really very confused about cd .
    get well soon ahiba
    missing renima di

  62. Tridha ( Troyee )

    Mukti di it can be a coincidence. Mayank vai she isn’t blaming u. Look there was so many people in the past who cheated us. That’s why she was just doubting. It doesn’t mean we don’t trust u. We really want peace. So please I m sorry if her comment hurt u. But its true that u & nayana’s comment published really early. But maybe they moderated ur & her comment quickly. Don’t b sad. It’s not a serious matter.
    Sorry if I hurt anyone by my comment. Sorry mukta di & mayank bhay if I have hurt u.

  63. Abiha

    Mukta ,mukti d, disha d, shivani d ,shabana d , roz d n luna d….thnxxx i’ll be ok in 2-3 days so don’t worry….

  64. Tridha ( Troyee )

    Today’s episode:
    When anika will try to pick up the ganpati murti she will found it heavy & shivay will come & help her. Everyone will be present there. Rudra will indicate tia that shivay & anika are really close to each other & shivay lisents anika’s request. Tia will started feeling jealous. Then her bracelet will fell from her bag . Anika will see that & she will pick up the bracelet & give to tia. But tia will accuse her of theft. Shivay will support her & anika will be shocked seeing that.
    Roumya will also have a conversation along with omkara.
    Tej & shakti will be back . Shivay will be happy to see them.

  65. Mukti

    |Registered Member

    Itds not atall a coincidence….cz its impossoble…n coincidence can happen 1 time not 2 times…n yr common how can u know wht tht persn is saying even before moderation…I want to say only this tht fakers havr alwz teased us shivani n renima di so we are careful now…..n ya u both same or diff can share views…
    Anwz its insane to say different but as. There are 2 names……god knows…

  66. Mukti

    |Registered Member

    Anwz I dnt want any fight at all so lets stop the subject ….n anywz I know I am correct so lets forget it….n yes u can share views its not GHATIYA the word u used against me is cheap bro mind it……..

  67. Mayank Agrawal

    soory guys please forgive me i am really heartly sorry … please aap log mujhey reply mei btao ki aapne mujhey maaf kar dia hai ..and naina is just my friend nothing else so she support me…soory guys once agai and specially mukti di if she get hurted by my comments

  68. Tridha ( Troyee )

    There will be tejvi moment today
    Rudra will ask anika that what magic she does at shivay. Because shivay obeys her request. Shivay will hear him. In order to save from his anger he will give a sweet hug & kiss to shivay.

  69. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    Msg to edkvians In ishqbaaz page…..

    Hii… We edkvians badly need u people’s help.. I mean the silent readers r viewers of edkv… I request u all to visit 23rd September page of edkv.. If u people see u l understand ur self… Pls guys.. It’s time to all of u to join.. Pls…… It’s so imp….. We need ur help…

    P. S.. Only for edkvians.. N sry for posting it over here.. It’s to notify edkv fans…

  70. Mayank Agrawal

    accordingg to the latest spoilers now tia keeps the condition in front of oberoi family that do the marriage rituals as fast as possible and shivay refuses to accept her condition,

  71. Tridha ( Troyee )

    I m sorry mukti di if I have hurted u. Mayank bhai if naina was ur friend then why didn’t u told us before when mukti di raised the issue. You said u r feeling bad because mukti di said u & naina r same person. But I thought u won’t break our trust. U r saying truth that u & naina aren’t same person. That’s why I supported u. But u should have told it before that u know naina & she is ur friend. But u didn’t. U r saying now.

  72. Mukti

    |Registered Member

    Ohh Mayank so naina and u are frnds rit…so I was correct….u said it was coincidence but u lied cz it was not a coincidence u replied after 1 min she posted so as she is ur frnd u sit together n comment…..why u didn’t tell tht before???or u just made this story now to fit everything?
    N dnt call me sory at all n whts ur age cz ur calling me di but I am 21…u??

    • Mayank Agrawal

      ohhh sorry my age is 22 and mukti and tridha mainey aap logo ko pehle isliye nhi btaya ki mainey socha aap log majak udaoge isliye mainey thoda shy feel kiya anyways i think it is sorted now … guys again sorry

  73. nikki

    Hai guys yaad hoon na main ya phir bool gaye yaad ho hihonge i think ithne dinose me comment nahi kiya kyu ki me busy thi hamari college ki freshers party thi na is liye anyways iam back

    Hello every ishquies good evening aur 1ganta baki hai ishqbaaz ke liye

    Guys kahi om jo bolre woh sach thi nahi hai tej ne us ladki ke sath kuch galath kiya kya and koun hai woh ladki jisne suiside karli woh us aurath ki bete tgo nai well aj dhekenge ki kya hoga

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..