Ishqbaaz 24th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 24th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye walks to Anika. She sees him and turns face away. Music plays…… Some time before, rudra wishes happy Karwachauth to Shivaye. Shivaye asks Karwachauth? Rudra says yes, you are going to get married now, you are also Karwachauth guy now. Shivaye asks did you get Karwachauth gift for me. Rudra says no, its Diwali gift, you work hard, why do you adjust, forget everything this and buy for yourself. Shivaye says thanks, you have grown up. Rudra says yes, just 2 inches taller. Pinky comes and greets them good morning. Shivaye asks Pinky, Priyanka and Soumya to sit and compliments them. He gives Sargi to Pinky. Shakti comes and asks where is my Sargi.

Pinky says you have diabetes, you won’t keep fast. Shakti says I remember well, our Bau ji started this tradition that not just wives, but

even husbands will keep fast, I m keeping this fast since then, so I will also keep fast. Om gives him food. Jhanvi comes and greets them. Shivaye gives her Sargi. Jhanvi asks where is Tej’s sargi. Shakti asks do you mean Tej… She says yes, he is getting ready and wants to keep fast, he said he was gone away from traditions, so he wants to come close to family and traditions. Om smiles. Rudra says this is better than DDLJ, SRK kept fast in that, here Amrish Puri is keeping fast. Pinky says love in Oberoi mansion. Shivaye gives sargi for Tej. Jhanti thanks him and goes.

Pinky asks Priyanka are you keeping fast like always. Priyanka nods. Om gives her food and assures her. Om gives food to Soumya too. Rudra asks Soumya are you keep fast for Reyaan. Soumya says what, I m not keeping fast for Reyaan, but myself, actually I diet once in a year, so I m fasting. He asks do you know ocean, its size does not shrink if water does not go in ocean one day, keep fast by devotion. She asks him not to talk like his Devi girlfriend. Pinky asks what, Devi? Girlfriend? Shivaye asks don’t you know, when Rudra gets married, people will ask where is your Devi type bahu, she is a Goddess. He laughs. Rudra looks at Soumya.

Later, Rudra asks Soumya why did you not tell me about Rumi. She says I tried to tell you. He says you should have told me straight that Rumi is a psycho, did your throat get jam, such happens in Indian daily soaps, that people stay in same house and don’t say one line secrets. She says shut up, you were not ready to listen to me, you are typical boy, you got blind in Rumi’s hotness and beauty. He says agreed about eyes, but my ears were open. She says no, even ears and nose were shut, you wanted a hot girlfriend, which Rumi is, so you did not like to listen. He says oh my God, you spoke like typical girl, you are jealous of Rumi’s hotness, so you did not tell me. She says no, its not like that. He says you are jalkukdi.

She asks what does it mean, it’s Anika’s word, don’t know how she gets such words. She says she is like me, amazing. She says no way, you are an idiot, you are not agreeing. He says I understood you are jealous of Rumi. She says no, stop being kiddish. He goes.

Priyanka goes to Om. He shows the blood stained leaves. She asks it this blood. He says no, its paint to show its blood. She says this is second threat, I told you someone knows what happened that night. He says don’t be scared, its my responsibility, I will pay the price for it. She says I can’t let this happen. Shivaye enters the room and asks what can’t you let happen. She wipes her tears. He asks what are you talking. Om says actually… Shivaye keeps his hand on that black box. Om and Priyanka look on. Priyanka says I was saying Om not to lie, I was asking him, did he keep fast for Riddhima, he was refusing. Shivaye smiles and says if Om is saying he is not fasting, then he is not fasting, Rudra says Om is truth’s boyfriend, breakup between Om and truth can’t happen, Om can never lie, leave true and false, my good and true Oberoi, will you have breakfast with me, come. He leaves the box and it was going to slip. Om holds the box. Shivaye asks anything imp. Om says no, and goes to have breakfast. Priyanka worries.

Pinky says Shivaye got Sargi made for everyone, but I have also made parathas for everyone. Rudra says I m on diet. Pinky says have it, next year you may get chance to have it or not. Om asks what. Pinky says you both can also get married till next year like Shivaye, your wife will also expect you to keep fast for her. She asks Anika what did you decide. Anika says same what I told you, I did not change my decision. Shivaye asks what decision. Rudra says someone is curious. Anika says its not imp decision. Shivaye says I want to know, what is it. Pinky and Rudra say you are curious. Pinky says I told Anika to keep fast to get a nice guy, but she has no marriage plans, so she won’t keep fast.

Om says Anika you came early, come and have breakfast. Pinky asks her to have breakfast, I have to see special pravachan of Baba ji. She goes. Shivaye asks is Riddhima fasting for you. Om gets video message and says its her message. He sees Riddhima’s message. Riddhima says I just wanted to know my place in your life, you are not answering my calls, I guess its clear that I have no place in your life, honestly, I would have preferred that you told this to me on my face, atleast we had such relation, life is strange, I never thought, the day I will keep Karwachauth fast for you, our breakup will happen, take care Om.

Rudra asks is Riddhi-Maa of your children coming. Om says I need to go. Shivaye says have breakfast. Om says I m not hungry and leaves. Shivaye asks Rudra to have food. Rudra says yes, I will have it. Rudra takes food in hand and sees a fly. He gets scared and recalls Rumi’s threatening words. Anika says wait, it’s a fly and tries to make fly away. Shivaye says okay, just wait, Rudra… Rudra says no, I won’t have food, I m going. He goes.

Soumya tells Priyanka that Rudra is just Rudra. Priyanka says yes, tell me, did you keep fast for Reyaan. Soumya asks what, are you mad, you know he treated me badly, we just started talking, I kept fast for myself, this is my annual diet, is everything alright, you look upset. Priyanka says its okay. Soumya says you maybe feeling weak because of fast. Priyanka says ya maybe and recalls the painting and leaves.

Shivaye asks Anika to keep the knife down. She says sorry and keeps it down. He says what happened to everyone today, no one had food, come we will have breakfast, sit. He says I don’t understand fast concept, why will anyone be hungry for someone, I don’t get it why to give Lord status to someone. She says I like one thing in your house, that all husbands keep fast for wives. He looks at her and says Om and Rudra know that I can’t have food if they don’t have breakfast, idiots, they have run away, I m also not hungry. She says I understood. He asks what.

She says that you want to keep fast for Tia, everyone will tease you, so you want to hide and keep fast. He asks why will I keep fast for Tia, it does not make any sense. She says because you are marrying. He says yes, I m marrying, but there is no connection between marrying and staying hungry, I m not eating as I m not hungry, and I m not keeping fast for Tia. He leaves. She says if no one is eating, am I Khaumata(one who eats lot) to eat alone. She moves food plate away.

Rudra sees the food and whistles. He looks around and goes to take food. He says one chips pack is not food, I will have food, I m not scared of fly. He gets call and says who is troubling now. He answers and worries hearing Rumi. She asks did you keep fast. He says yes, with full devotion. She asks whats this sound. He says its sound from my empty stomach. She says I can see you are eating something. He asks how can you see. Sje says Divya Dhrishti, you know what will happen if you don’t keep fast. He says no, please, don’t do anything. She asks him to wait for moon, look at the moon, your Sangini will be infront of you. He ends call and cries saying who is this Sangini now, you are mad, no I can’t call her mad, she has Divya Dhrishti. He says I will have chips and fly comes. He cries and shouts mummy…..

Anika lights diya in a plate. Shivaye looks at her. Bolna mahi bolna…..plays………She takes the plate and turns. She sees him. She turns and gets bit away. He acts like cleaning cushion and sits looking at her. A servant gets water for him, Shivaye does not take water. Anika looks at him. He walks towards Anika. Their heart beats…… Tia comes in between and talks to him. He sees Anika leaving.

Anika sees Tia hugging someone and thinks its Shivaye. She turns to go and gets shocked seeing Shivaye coming out of the house. Soumya as love angel tells Rudra not to get bullied by Rumi. Rudra says you are very nice love angel. She asks him to go now, moon is going to come. He looks by binoculars and gets shocked seeing Soumya in balcony. Priyanka sees someone’s shadow and asks who is there. Anika gets shocked seeing Tia.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Vaishali BBZ

    Oh God Now what’s the next twist.. Tia’s mystery man..?? Oh God this will confuse me like anything.. They should first solve one twist and then move ahead with an another track..
    Never the less I just want shivaye to breakup with Tia and confess his love for Anika..
    I loved the way he is keeping a fast for Anika.. Oo my shivaye baby is soo in love.. I love this look of his..😍❤

    • iamsofianeak

      Yes they show many twists ans start ignore it later..
      non we have : roumya marriage , riddhima-om break-up , tia exposed , om & prinky’s secret !

  2. Bebo

    oh man rudra ur so funny, Loving rudra aka leenesh matto in each & every episode#ishqbaaz..

    Shivika matter they r dragging 🙁

    finally there’z a ray of hope regarding the break up btwn #ridhkara,

    rumya’s fight to see after long tym was lyk a treat in d epi..

    Anywayz today’s show stealer was one & only rudra… 😀 🙂

    • Mukta

      Ya yar…. I agree with u…. they r dragging it so much!!!!! It’s okay if they r delaying in confession part but at least they should bring out Tia’s truth asap!!!!!!

      • Bebo

        Yes dear mukta, confession part dey r absolutely dragging, bt dat z stil ok..

        Let cv’s focus on the most awaited break of #ridhkara :p

      • Bshama1239


        |Registered Member

        I too agree mukta and bebo Rudra always is a treat to eyes hats off to the writers omg what dialogues …
        So much suspense…
        Anika saw tia with bf
        Priku saw someone running
        Om to go breakup or not
        Who is the next second lead for om ? Hopefully Ishana…
        Shivaay to ask anika whether she is in love with him
        Rudra sees Somo as love angel

    • Bebo

      Yes dear Bshama, waiting for ishana; atleast let cv’s start proceeding with the #ishkaara luv story..!

  3. Tridha


    |Registered Member

    I loved the om – prinku bond today. Tej is keeping fast om was so happy.
    Don’t know why but I felt bad for ridhima. But I hope they won’t patch up again.
    Poor rudra. Scared of makkhi!
    Offfff the way shivay was looking at anika. He kept fast for her. Wow
    And the spoiler is coming true. Anika to tia’s truth. Shivay misunderstood her. Maybe again he will insult her. Can’t bear this anymore. And what was prinku doing there??

    • Shaza


      |Registered Member

      Ikr …Shiavey kept a fast most probably for Anika 😜..and Anika will also keep the fast,somehow 😄and even happy that even Tej kept fast for Jhanvi 😄..and even happy abt ridhkara breakup 😄😄😄, now wish they bring Vrushiak back ..praying ryt now for her comeback , then all is gonna be perfect

      • Bshama1239


        |Registered Member

        Agreed shaza I am also praying for ridhkara breakup and ishkara entry and yaa aaj saare log love hunger strike per the but humara bechara protein shake oberoi toh aapne love to paa bhi naa paya
        # protein shake
        # ab yeh sangini kyon hai😂😭

  4. Veda

    frnkly spkng I did nt like whn Shivay said he cant hv brkfst as OMRU too dnt hv it, to mk an xcuse.. .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… it could b nythng els like “bhukh nhi hy” or “I dnt like paratha” etc etc y dis..?!?…. nd Shivaye nvr faild to undrstnd his brothrs prblms at fst bt today…?!?!.
    it was clr dat Om s tnsd,Rudra s Shivaye was tooooo indifrnt abt hs brthrs… 😢😢😢😢😢 donno if I’m ovrreactng on a sml matr bt dis made me rly vry sad today as I’m a huuggeeeee fan of dr Bromance… 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

    • Tridha


      |Registered Member

      Yup I also love theie bromance and it was quite disappointing that shivay didn’t understood his brothers problem. But it’s okay.

  5. Tridha


    |Registered Member

    Guys I just saw a pic on instagram. Om is gheraoed by police cars in an open field and ranveer was aiming his gun at him.
    Maybe the spoiler is true. Shivay will took the blame on himself or om will be arrested

  6. Rimjhim

    I am new here . can i join ur family? I love the ishqbaazis alot. Today’s episode——-aweeeesooooome. Shivaye getting feelings and even though little he is understanding. Who is this guy with Tia and if Tia had bf why she is so excited to get married. Fabulous precap. All in one.

  7. Tarini

    Rydhima is so clever she just always I motion ally black mails om… romyas fight was cute…. does these writers want shivika to unite now shivay will again insult anika and then also she will save shivay like always.. I thaught this show to be different but it’s now going to the old saas bahu track… is any one of u watching behadh nice show just waana know why she is afraid of her dad.. gudie nght guys and girls

  8. Luna


    |Registered Member

    Om doesn’t lies but hides truth???? actually it’s also an indirect way of lieing…It seemed like Om says truth just for the sake for it,not for his ethics.

  9. Sahana

    Hii guys…
    Well.. 2mrws episode is full of suspense.. tia is betraying shivaay n dat person may b one whom tia once brought 2 oberoi mansion…
    Nw our billuji is slowly turning an ishqbaaaz..😎
    Slow claps to dumbo singh oberoi😂👏👏
    Om n ridhimma break up😄💔 she is such a draamebaaz… ab break up party toh banta hai na😆
    For me d cutest moment of d day was when shivaay decides to fast for anika as she tells him dat she liked the fact that male members in his family also keep fast…😍 dat was soo cute
    Billuji pls confess kijiye
    Wt say guys???? Hw r u all???
    I m a south indian frm mangalore karnataka (just to let u knw)
    P.S : my hindi is vry gud compared to my local language😆
    Wt abt u all??

  10. Shiv

    Beautiful shivika moments luv it!!! 😍😍Usually it will be followed by shivaay insulting anika badly 😡

  11. Shaza


    |Registered Member

    I think this is what is somewhat gonna happend to shivika now …just prediction –
    Anika gonna find a Tia’s bf with her opening her fast ! Talking with her , and some of their moments , then she will go to tell this to shiavye afcourse ..maybe she will have some prove ( photos ) and Tia will change or maybe she won’t have any prove and will go to tell shivaye and he won’t believe and tell her something like – just that I became a lil free or kind with you , what r u thinking of yourself that you will tell anything and I’ll believe ..and then his linage , family , blood long lecture and her trying trap him maybe and trying break his marraige type lecture then a lil sad sad then Anika completely ignoring and super upset with shiavye and shiavye comes to know that actually Tia love someone else ….and realizes his mistake and maybe even realize his love but Anika rejects ( as seen in the promo ) Whatsay , what are ur predictions 😜, I’d love to know 😄😁…..mine is a lil stupid but I think it can happend whatsay ?

    • Archiya

      Hi Shaza
      Even I thght the sameabt the promo 🙂 that wen shivay will cme to knw tat tia loves someone else he will apologise to anika for his harsh words.. but she will reject him.. great m waitin fr that epi

      • Shaza


        |Registered Member

        My exams are going awesome yr 😄, thanks to all of urs wishes , just 4 more exams to go then I’m free 😄😁

  12. shekhar

    In the name of RUDRA and OM, SHIVAAY left back ANIKA in dilemma after saying ” THIS IS NOT THE FAST FOR TIA!” The following ROMEO TYPE behaviour while KARVA CHOUTH celebration going on is the sign of DADI’s saying ” YOU SHOULD NOT MARRY WITH A GIRL YOU CAN LIVE WITH, BUT SHOULD MARRY WITH THAT GIRL WITHOUT WHOM YOU JUST CAN’T LIVE!” SSO like introverty started to feel clouds getting blue! The way he shocked to see TIA coming in between and then was starring ANIKA from over TIA’s shoulder is just a sign of how much he is scared for ANIKA!

  13. Mukta

    Nice episode….. #Shivika moments were heart stealing…… Loved Om and Prinku’s bonding…… Tej’s behavioral change….. good….. Shivaay curious about Anika’s decision…… Rudra teasing him….. wahh…. awesome….. and Shivaay making excuse to fast for Anika…. so sweet na….. and that Anika’s unique word again….. “Khaumata”…… she is just amazing…… Rumya moments were quite good….. ” Jalkukdi”…. haha…. so funny….. everyone making fun of Rudra….. and he…. he was scared of a makkhi…. hilarious….. Romi is such a crap…. foolish…. idiot… Divya drishti…. and chaand ko dekh kar vrat todna…. sangini and all….. omg…. I hate her….. I’m curious about how Rudra will escape from her…… Om and Prinku’s secret is panicking….. hope nothing wrong happens with them…… Shakti’s thoughts…. impressive….. missed Dadi and Sahil in today’s episode!!!!!!!

  14. Archiya

    Likes the way husbands r also keepin fast fr their wives..
    So neither shivay nor tia r keeping fast fr each other.. gud as they dont belong together
    Looks lik om will patch up again wit rid
    Shivay is so much attracted towards anika..he just kept staring.liked anika dress.its something different
    Rudy was the best today.makki seriously
    An I think tia bf is Robin only.. I hve tis thght frm starting
    Nt much progress on om pinku mystery. . Bt frm today epi looked lik pinku has committed some crime.. bt again
    they might hve gt framed
    Also I dnt celebrate karwachuth.. bt as far as I saw in movies..saas tat is mother in law gives sargi.. so why is shivay giving it..wher is dadi

    • Mukta

      Ya actually Dadi and Sahil were not shown in yesterday’s episode!!!!! Missed them!!!!! And about sargi….. so I don’t think that it’s necessary that saas should give the sargi to bahu…. as I know!!!!!

  15. Mukta

    Precap…… Tia’s truth is unfolding…… wish that Shivaay soon get to know about her…. and ya that spoiler ki Shivaay misunderstand Anika….. tensed about that…. hope everything goes fine….. Love Angel’s truth is also coming out…. Prinku’s secret….. so many mysteries to unfold….. waiting for tomorrow’s episode!!!!!!!

    • Saku

      What’s new in that..bagad billa always misunderstands anika n shouts like hell!!! Fingers crossed…lets see what happens nxt…

    • Saku

      Looks like making a ishana’s entry….bcoz she told om during their confrontation that jab darwaje se musibatein andar aati h toh sab se pehle sacchi khidki se bahar jati h ( something lk this)…aur jis din aap yeh baat samjhenge uss din aap mujhe zaroor yaad karonge Mr.Omkara Singh Oberio….& now as prinku n om is in some trouble don’t know what actually it is but he is telling lie to his Bros. Hope now he understands ishana’ s majburi…..but I know IT’S NOT GONNA HAPPEN as she is out……really missing her yaar feel lk crying😭😭😭😭…btw it’s MY POV…what does u think guys…plz tell….

      • Mukta

        Ya may be Om’s love interest will enter now but I don’t think so…. and at least it’ll not be Ishaana for sure coz her character has been ended!!!! Let’s hope for the best……

  16. shekhar

    TIA’s secret is about to reveal now, and if that secret is her BF, with whom she has a affair, then it will be interesting to see WHO MAY BE THAT BRAVE PERSON WHO CAN THROW ALL TIA’s BLOOD, FAMILY, LINEAGE SHITTS OVER THE SSO HEAD! IT MAY REMIND HIM THE CHHABRA’s WORD !

  17. Little Star

    I am a silent reader for about many months, I love shivika, rumya, devakshi & ishra. Can I join you guys?
    Today’s episode was fabulous!! I just loved RuMya today!! They are super cute!! And the precap is toh Love! :D.. Rudra will see his ‘ SANGINI’ in the moonlight 😀 😀 :D. I’ll surely love tomorrows episode 😀 #excited!

  18. ritika

    Hii guys sorry for not commenting since 2 -3 days that just becoz I had fever and even the site was not working properly…and according too me Robin is tia’s bf since long I have this bdt and today shivika scene was cute like seriously sso was so curious about anika’s decision and even he kept fast for anika the way he was talking anika about not keeping fast for tia was so cute …apart from this feeling very bad for ridhima

    • Mukta

      Hey Ritika…. how are u now?? And ya this site problem…. it’s irritating!!!!! Anyways as u say that Robin may be Tia’s bf….. but I think it cannot happen!!!!!!! We’ve been shown Robin as her brother and now this change….. from brother to bf… I don’t think so!!!!!! Anyways get well soon dear……..

    • saku

      Hi ritika….hw r u now dear???….happy to see u back…even I m having cold it just irritates…& mukta is ryt i to dont think dat robin is tias bf…anyways get well soon…comment as much as possible😜..btw can u plz tell mi ur age??..


      yes, your doubtd is 99 % right! Walking style of ROBIN and that TIA’s INTRUDER are same. If you read/hear the conversation between ROBIN and TIA made just before her postponed mrj day, you will feel that subject of the talk can not be between a BRO and SISTER, it was just like a talk between H-W or BF-GF.

    • aahana

      Yeah he is his bf may b his husband kz i havent seen any brotherly in him n yeah i hv noticed his uncomfortableness in obro house/in front f shivaye. ..he hasent even guided tia for her marrg as a bro does.may b dy r in relation n in need f money so dy hv to do this i guess!!!

  19. Saku

    OMG!!!! Who is that mystery man in tias life???is she already married or in relationship??…so confusing…but the best part is our anika knows her truth now soon gonna expose her..anika on new oberio bachao mission…but what about spoiler..hope it’s not true that Baghdad villa always misunderstand our cutie..coming to epi it was gud….so many twist n turns….soumya-rudra fight was cute…anika introduced new word KHAUNATA😂😂 don’t know as soumya said from where she get these words😂..rudra he is damn funny yaar makhi n all that happy on ridhkara breakup feeling like dancing😜 but her emotional blackmail uff just irritates me ..guys anyone plz tell me did rudra saw soumya as love Angel??

    Anyways hw r u all??? Take care dearzzzz…

    • Mukta

      Finally u r back…… itna kaam tha qa di that u didn’t comment for months!!!!!! Anyways welcome back….. how are u doing??

      • Aqua

        I had so much work.
        I think someone said before that maybe Tia’ called brother isn’t really her brother. … maybe he is her bf or worse husband eww😨

    • Mukta

      And ya Mukta is here only….. aap hi gayab the….. I missed u and ur awesome wali comments……. Luv uh…..

  20. DaSha

    Hello dear friends!

    Please, who told Shivay is keeping fast for Anika? It’s just a coincidence… If he breaks her fast, she should break his… I’m almost sure it’s not gonna happen. (now it’s really reminds me about ArShi story).

    I LOVE SHEKHAR idea that Shivay is doing everything to figure out real Anika’s feelings, but according to interview and etc, they both just try to figure out what they think about each other. That is not real love yet!

    Yes sure he was tensed to hear she made a decision, is was awesome to see him wondering what was it… Really, please, he should feel some jealousy and tension to know she does something and he does not know about it. 🙂 well done!!!



    |Registered Member

    Nice episode…
    Best secnes-
    1. Shivaye keeping fast for Anika indirectly and vice versa.
    2. Rudra scared by Makkhi and Romi.

    Dress of priyanka and anika was so prety.
    Horrible dress of tia, i mean she wear western clothes which are much better than yesterday’s dress..

  22. Mukta

    OK so all Ishqies………

    May I have ur attention please…. we all are seeing the decreasing no. of comments from last few…. no… many days!!!!! So it’s my kind request to all the members of Ishqbaaz family that please guys….. comment more and more…. don’t forget that we’ve hit 580 comments earlier!!!!! So keep that record in mind and comment more and more to create a new record!!!!! Records todne k liye hote hai….. so just keep commenting!!!!!! Many Ishqies are missing…. so it’s my request to them that please come back….. we are missing u all and ur lovely comments!!!!!! And silent readers, please comment!!!!! I’m not forcing u but it’s just that we would love it if u comment and we would love to interact with u all…. aage it’s completely ur wish!!!!!!!

    Thank you very much for reading this comment with so much attention!!!!
    Love Ishqbaaz….. Love uh all Ishqies!!!!!

    Yours sincerely

    • Tridha


      |Registered Member

      Ohhhh mukta di it’s looking like a letter.
      And so many ishqies are missing. Like priya di, roz di, enasanzida di, varshini di, fatrajo di, devga di, sat vaiya and many more. Plz come back yaar. Does anyone know where r they?

  23. Aarya


    |Registered Member

    Nyc episode…new twist nd turns….i just hope our om nd prinku vl b safe……bhagh rudr bhagh from that psycho devi…..
    Shivaay plz break anika’s fast with ur hands….love u all…
    Ishqiees….our shivika came first in prime star polls….👍👍💕💞🎶🎶💖👌😀😊😍

  24. tara

    Loveeee Shivika…plz have no major misunderstanding btw them. Good to see Tias truth finally revealed. I hope Anika gets Om n Rudras help to uncover Toas truth cos they wll back her up.
    The suspense of Om n Pinku ..OMG wonder how that will go. It shows that Om doesn’t lie but he does omit truth=lying? Don’t want anything bad to happen to the bros..even Shivay confessing to murder? Not good.Hope cvs change the track abit..keep the bromance n Shivika n Roumya RL going…thats what holds the show…hope Om also gets a love interest soon.
    Plzz hope Shivay for once backs Anika without any doubts..

  25. Trisha

    Hlo guys im back really episode full of romance ,comedy,suspense i…In today episode shiviya curious to know about anika nd rudra said bcom curious know about anika then. Rudra nd maakhi really Funny…… I like the way shivaya look anika it’s just silent romance nd can’t face him…. Precape is so mystery type someone hug tia i think he is robin ….priankya bcom afraid of shadow I think it’s ACP ranveer who try scared prinku nd find out truth……..nd about rudra he talking with luv angle he see by the help binocular he dosent think somya as luv angle but think as his moon as luv angle said

  26. Rosu 25

    The way shivay looked at anika….💕💞He cant take his eyes off from her….. I just loved the part….😍 Roumya nokh-jok was too cute….
    Precap…..full of suspense…….

  27. nithu

    I too like the tradition of oberai’s mansion, husbands keeping fast for their wives… Billuji keep fasting for anika, itz lovely though he can’t say or accept it directly we can understand…
    Rudy’s dialogues are funny asusual and I can’t understand the precap whether he going to know soumya is the love angel…
    And who is that guy with Tia..

  28. sarita

    Tia should be exposed asap
    Feeling so bad anika
    She is hurting herself alot
    Everyone says rudy is dumbell oberoi but in my opinion shivaye is the biggest dumbell
    I mean he so dumb that he is nt getting his own feelings for anika.


      SHIVAAY is not the dumb for the reason that he is not getting own feeling for ANIKA, but dumb for the reason we never found him CROSS CHECKING the TIA’s deeds before committing for wedding evenafter having so much resources to get it check , and that is due to her EGO hurted by ANIKA’s talent and due to his MISS CONCEPTS about blood, family, lineage etc, otherwise he did not THANKED TIA instead of ANIKA while he was saved from CHOPPER incident happened due to ANIKA . I am shocked to find why SHIVAAY is not getting reality of TIA’s charector so far evenafter having so much contacts in society! It may happen, in HIGH SOCIEY, such type of illegitimate relation would have been considered as a comman factor!!!

  29. Aayesha


    |Registered Member

    Episode was nice.. ful of comedy, suspns & romance.. really loved shivika part & poor rudi scared of makhii😂..plz dont create misunderstandings b/w shivika.. hey om was happy 4 tej & jhanvi.. eagerly waitng 4 2days epi.. i’ve no idea abt the new twist..

  30. Aqua

    I am so waiting for sso to fall in love.
    I really want sso to be jealous of some handsome guy who would talk to Anika with manners 😁

  31. Mayank Agrawal

    Jabh bhi shivay ko Tia ke Truth ke baare mei pata chalega … mai ye sochta hu ki infront of oberoi family shivay slap Tia.. how innocent she looks . shivay slaps Tia ..

    Aap log kya sochte ho Kya karna chiye shivay ko Tia ke saath ? >

  32. Mayank Agrawal

    Iss Show ka bhot majja aayega amazing twist aajayega jabh anika ke opposite ek male new entry ho and then wait and watch drama…so awesome

    • saku

      I agree there will b lots of drama after tia revelation…but I don’t think shivaye will slap tia he will just make her get out of his life n family…

    • shekhar

      But story in the way gong way, it says, no jelousy track will come! Uptill now track is, whether you marry me or not, I WILL KEEP CONTINUE WITH STRONG FEELING FOR YOU AND WILL PROTECT YOU EVER!!!!

  33. Renimarenju


    |Registered Member

    Hello Ishqies…. Gud Mrng 2 all….Actualy yesterday i consulted doctor and right now am feeling bit better……But still sticked to office work and am doing it from home…..By the way Ishqbaaz now a days offers too much suspense dhamaka….And what that secret about om-prinku….am excited to know that….And guys i was waiting Anika’s raita on Tia’s reiki…and i think now it will happen…..Really ishqies i got much irritated with reikis….and romi also……i mean if they really want to show she as a psycho then i think they should have show her in different way….I mean after somu’s statement about romi’s secret i expected a lot and finally romi as devi…..really they want to show rudra as a dump boy only…..who can easily play pranks with girl….who can break up with girls….and when one girl is so smart to fool him by saying herself as devi and he will blindly obey her and get scared….Doesn’t make any sense ??? Sorry if am wrong…..but ishqies…..the show always offer the best things and now they are simply dragging with rudra-somu-romi track with a silly thing…though rudy is fun to watch…..just fun only……I hope that when love angel will be revealed rumya track will move forward…..As usual shivika was cute…..And i loved when sso was so curious to know Anika’s decision…….Rudy just stealed the moment with “utawlaa”….so cute……And Ridhima….i don’t understand all of a sudden what happened to her…..Any way lot of suspense and questions….which has to be revealed soon……

    My pretty ishqies…..Mukta, Aqua, Nadiya, Disha, Priya, Devga, Luna. Sat, Kat, Jazz, Nelka, Navi, Bshama, Shivani, Nivedha, Niharika, Dil, Shahabana, Mishri, Tridha, Trisha, Piyali, Tharu, Enasanjida, Shaza, Haya, Aliya, Pradishma., Piyali, Saku, Nithu….and many more ishqies….actually time for me to do office work….that’s why not mentioning names…..sorry ishqies…..How Are You All ? Well am just ok…guys…..Bye….

    • Disha


      |Registered Member

      Am also irritated by reikis and now romi Why they showing so sense less thing Any girl saying I’m devi and he belive.How stupid. When he know She is a psyco then why he scared .its good di anika’s raita on tia’s reiki .You will be fine soon just take rest di

  34. ritika

    Thanks mukta and saku and guys before I joined ishqies the no of comments were more than 250+ but now day just 100 or sometimes 150 approx mukta is Wright just keep commenting and Saku my age is 18 and turning 19 after 10 days…..

  35. ritika

    In precap I feel Rudra saw somya after seeing chand and he would most probably have remembered what Romi said that after chand the first face u see will be your sangini ……😂😂😂😂and mukta even I am from rajasthan and love marwari

  36. Renimarenju


    |Registered Member

    Ishqies… leg pain has increased…though i have taken medicines and to make things worst office work also….which i can’t avoid present as it’s urgent….guys upto diwali these will happen and once diwali will be over i can take break ……but now really not possible….and right now they have asked me to go to office as an urgent work has come and i have to go….guys…….. be patient…..i will be back with lot of comments @ diwali ishqies……sorry guys
    @ mukta….sorry yaar

  37. chithra

    Hai sahana😍😘😘u r from my place 😘😘😘even iam a mangalorian 😍😍😍😍😍

    All new members aaina, kas, neeta, little star, rimjhim
    😍welcome to this ib family

    Renima di😍, aqua, mukta😍😍😘😘

  38. Shivani


    |Registered Member

    I love the background sound of shivika mahi bolna.please do something of tia and her sister riddhima both are making me mad and also include.these psychopath rumi needs a much drama riddhima will do now???anika was looking beautiful

  39. ayat

    hii guzz hows u all??
    d rumours r true dt anika see tia wid sm1 else nd den she told all dis abt shivaye……..i feel sad for ridhima although i also want their breakup bt how sad is she……shivaye dont want dt anika come in his lyf bt he always looks at her nd always give sign dt their is sm thing between dem…….
    i feel dt om did not murdered gyatri nd pinku do dt accident nd dis is d point dt om indirectly lyied to his brothers nd now he remind ishana nd may b ishkara track start….dats my guess…..

  40. Deeps

    Did not anyone see on YouTube the latest updates OK I will say u. However I m a silent reader but bcz of mukta I m commenting. So anika will not eat full day. She will see tia with an another man and will go to shivay to inform him. All r seeing their husbands and breaking their fast in ishqbaaz family and even tia is doing so. As shivay is going to make tia drink water anika comes there and as soon as she is going to say the truth she faints(bcz of hunger) shivay runs and she falls in his arms. He makes her drink water but she doesn’t wake up. Shivay holds her in his arms and take her to the room. Everyone the most tia are astonished. When anika wakes up Shivay brings orange juice for her and starts scolding her that she has not eaten anything from morning and is working continuosly so it is probably to happen(fainting). And then tia comes and starts complaining( don’t know what). So not know anything of rumya or om’s mystery. How was it. I wish u all like it. I expected all this to happen today but it did not happen. Today’s show seemed smaller to me

  41. Deeps

    Did not anyone see on YouTube the latest updates OK I would like to say u. However I m a silent reader but bcz of mukta I m commenting. So aniBahut funny hka will not eat full day. She will see tia with an another man and will go to shivay to inform him. All r seeing their husbands and breaking their fast in ishqbaaz family and even tia is doing so. As shivay is going to make tia drink water anika comes there and as soon as she is going to say the truth she faints(bcz of hunger) shivay runs and she falls in his arms. He makes her drink water but she doesn’t wake up. Shivay holds her in his arms and take her to the room. Everyone the most tia are astonished. When anika wakes up Shivay brings orange juice for her and starts scolding her that she has not eaten anything from morning and is working continuosly so it is probably to happen(fainting). And then tia comes and starts complaining( don’t know what). So not know anything of rumya or om’s mystery. How was it. I wish u all like it. I expected all this to happen today but it did not happen. Today’s show seemed smaller to me

    • aahana

      Is it all wt will happen in todays epi?? I think u r right kz i read it somewhere.
      Btw welcome deeps..u just hv to give ur short intro n keep commenting

  42. shahabana

    Hello gd evng guyz….hope all are good
    Renima im really fn , u get well soon baby tc
    Episode is really superb loved shivika a lotz ohhh billuji is keeping fast for anika ohhh Im really not expected this from sso ohhh he is finally becoming ishqbaaz and he is very curioused to know about what’s anika decision loved the way rudraa teases him
    And after long time rumya fighting scenes ohhh loved it jalkukkdi really hmmm rudraa is too funny he really scared of rumi and makki he is really dumbo and in precape I don’t think Rudy will know about saumyas love angel truth I think he will be shocked to see sumo after seeing moon afterall she is his sangini
    And rea in love Rudy a lots he is a show stealer and this rumi just hirritates me
    And finally ridhkara breakuphappened it’s too good and really want to see om prinkus secret and omkaras story
    And precape who is that man with tia really existing and what will happen in the upcoming episode im really curioused
    Love u ishqbaaz shivika rumya omkara


    SHIVAAY, after having lots of GUILT, PAIN, STRONG FEELINGS FOR ANIKA, was talking about FASTING with ANIKA, and taking after a pose, while leaving dining table, he said (MEANINGFULL WORDS in my view)’ I haven’t keep past for TIA” and ANIKA find him doing FAST while he had refused even water!

    How a INTROVERTY and RUDE man like SSO can confess his love for ANY GIRL? But moving with the different two images of SS in her MIND and HEART, remains confused as before.

    SSO has to cross the self imposed boundary of his ego and shitting ideology, and for that he find it very difficuilt . He just can not cross that shitting ideology boundary for which he had just kicked out DEV few days back as he knows, many questions may arised from PRIYANKA, TEJ, OM and RUDRA against his this action. He just can not be amid family with different measure for him and for others. So GULKHAN MAM may be busy to get the solution of this puzzel!

  44. Uf

    Aap logo ko yaad hai vrushika aka ishana ne omkara ko kya bola tha “Zinda rahne ke liye chehre pe chehra lagana padtha hai..aur jab aap ye baath samjengi thab aap mujhe yaad karengi omkara Singh oberoi”ab mujhe aisa lagtha hai omkara ko ishana ki wo baath aur ishana ko yaad ho na chaahiye.but first writters ko ishana ko yaad ho na chaahiye phir wo log omkara ko yaad dilayengi.
    Abi thak Kunal ki opposite actress aaya nahi tho Gul Khan aur team ko vrushika ko vaapas laana chahiye.
    First ye log twinkle Patel ko choose kiya tha phir usko nikaal ke vrushika ko laaya.aur vo best choice bhi tha.but now vo Jo bhi actress ko laaungi tho vo best choice hongi yaa nahi…patha nahi.shivika,rumya, three couples and shivomru brothers story ye ishqbaaz ko no.1 banaathi hai….but ab ishkara nahi…chaahe Jo bhi ho jaaye shivomru bonding kabhi nahi tootna chahiye.agar anika ishana soumya obro brothers ki tharah loving caring sisters ho thi tho kaisa ho tha please answer guys.
    Agar main Kisi ko apni baatho Se hurt kiya ya,boring kiya tho sorry…and sorry for the spelling mistakes

  45. Aarya

    Love u shivika….plz don’t create misunderstanding between them…coz i really♥love shivaay+anika…shivika

  46. chithra

    Wow! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍u also from mangalore [email protected]
    &Renima di also😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘i was not knowing this before… Iam So happy😘😍😍😍😍😍😍.. Iam always crazy ven it comes abt mangalore 😍😍😍😍

  47. aahana

    Good evening ishquies how r all my beautiful(for gals)n smart(4 guys) ishqies???
    Sorry @mukta @saku @mishri.. i promised to comment everyday but m not well frm 2 days dts y didnt comment having cold fever headache so damn worse today..feeling like sahara desert in 1nostril n Niagara falls in d other,lightening in my skull n sand storms in my throat. I ll surely comment once i get well n reply to all ur comments…n yeah i ll try to comment once or twice a day. Hope u ppl dont suffer such illness its weather change take care f urselves wear jeans instead f shorts n capries n bath just once a day nhi to sbko storm tornedo or hurricane feel hoga apne andr….😂😂

    Welcome all d new ishquies to our family..give ur short intro n keep commenting.

    @mishri…where r u?y aint u commenting now??hope u r fine.

    I dont think om will breakup today as he was concerned for her n will surely figure smthing out to keep her..but yr i really dnt like ridima so irritating.!!n d reiki factory tia n self proclaimed devi rumi.i dont understand y d 3rd angle in all d 3 lv triangles r soo damn irritating!!!(though om dont hv a lv triangle till now but still!!)

  48. Tridha


    |Registered Member

    Today’s episode is very good. There are shivika moments, anika faints, shivay cares for her, love angle’s truth is out, rudra is hurt, om is tensed, some prinku – ranveer moment. Over all a good episode

  49. Mayank Agrawal

    Todays episode was Good as karwachauth goes and now story takes a U turn today ,,

    Priyanka oberoi mansion ke bahar loan mei rehti hai at the same ACP randhawa executes a masterplan to check priyanka hesitation he again try to scare her by falling a piece of white cloth which is also present at the dead body then priyanaka gets very scared and try to run from there and she falls but ACP randhawa comes and catches her romantic tune plays..
    meanwhile rudra gets to know that soumya is a love angel and rudra breaks his friendship from soumya and calls her lier cheater and blah blah .then soumya try to clear rudra but she fails because soumya is having so mouch cough in larynx and she again again incomfortable ,,
    anika sees Tia with some guy who is hugginf Tia but not shivay ,,where as om fails to contact ridhima … moon comes and ACP randhawa offers water to priyanka as she is very much scared, meanwhile rudra offered water to soumya as she is having more cough…meanwhile while tia is doing rituals with shivay anika comes forward to shivay to tell about Tia but she falls and shivay catches her…….

    Precap- shivay lifts anika in his arms pinky says shivay firstly give water to Tia then you can go but shivay says in anger no Mom i have to go , and he says to TIa sorry ..i have to go

    • Mayank Agrawal

      i think now shivay saves anika from firing and in result he injured himself and gets on the wheelchair…!!

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.