Ishqbaaz 24th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 24th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye and Anika walk downstairs and come face to face. Hamari Adhuri kahani…..plays………. Sometime before, Daksh asks Shivaye did you see Anika, I had to give these papers. Shivaye asks whats this. Daksh says her price, she has spent the night and asked for 15 lakhs, the deal got costly for me, what to do, I have to pay her to get rid of her. He goes. Shivaye thinks can Anika do this. Daksh gives papers to Anika and asks her to see if its all fine. Shivaye comes and sees them. Daksh smiles. He asks Anika are you happy now, you got 15 lakhs. She says thanks. He says thanks again? You decided no sorry and no thanks. He holds her and says the happiness you gave me, I m ready to do anything for you, we are not two, we are one, no thanks. Shivaye leaves.

Anika sees papers

and says Dadi did a lot for me, she gave me money to save house and then got my loan passed, even dear ones don’t do this, I promised myself to return her money. Daksh says I like this, you are self made, independent and does not want anyone’s favors. She says I will meet Dadi and leaves. He says like I planned and thought, its happening like that, I m a genius.

Soumya calls Rudra. She says I know Rudra is annoyed with me, please pick up. Rumi answers. Soumya asks where are you, I m much worried for you. Rumi says don’t worry Soumya, Rudra is fine. Soumya asks where is he. Rumi says he is there where he should be. Soumya asks is he playing match. Rumi says yes, match of life and death. Soumya asks what do you mean. Rumi says I have sent a video, see it, you will know where is Rudra and in what state. Soumya checks video and gets shocked. She cries seeing Rudra’s condition. She says you are doing wrong, leave Rudra, else I will tell Shivaye and Om. Rumi says you won’t do this if you worry for Rudra a bit. She ends call. Soumya says how to save Rudra.

Shivaye comes to room and says how did I do mistake in understanding Anika, I m such a fool, it was all a lie, self respect, independent strong girl, my foot, talks big, and doings cheap….. Anika comes there and says Shivaye….. She asks him to choose it as Pinky has sent it, marriage is tomorrow and there is no time. He says I know marriage is tomorrow, I decided it, no need to remind. She says its imp, there is much work, I have to tell designer. He says neither designer nor I m running anywhere. She says I know, but time is passing. He says I said, keep it. She says please, say it now. He takes the glass plate from her and hits it on the wall.

The glass pieces shatter. She gets shocked seeing his bleeding hand. She goes to him and holds his hand. She says you got hurt, what did you do. He says and what you did…. She asks what did I do. He says I don’t want to talk. She asks why, I want to know. He says I can’t say what you can do and what you did. She asks him to say it what she did. He says I have no waste time, Anika leave. She asks him to say, please. He says just leave and signs her. She turns to go. Nazdeek hai dil ke…… He removes the glass piece from his hand. She looks on and leaves.

Its night, Anika is on the way. She says if he did not have to talk, why did he say, whatever he does, I don’t care if he breaks tray or his head, I don’t care. She recalls Shivaye. She says when he is happy, it matters, when he hurts my heart, says something or not, it matters, why does it matter, I know very well that he is going to get married, even I m engaged now, it should not matter now, no I have to make Shivaye out of my heart and mind, no…..

Its morning, Anika comes to Oberoi house. Maid says pandit ji called and is asking for Dadi. Anika says tell him Dadi and everyone went to temple to do puja for Shivaye and Tia. Om calls Rudra and says Rudra is not answering. Soumya runs to him. He asks why do you look worried. She says I need to say something about Rudra. He asks what happened to Rudra. She tells about Rumi and shows the video. Om gets shocked seeing the video. He asks do you know where is this place. She says no, I replayed video all night and did not get any clue, wait a min, these frames, its Rumi’s house. He asks are you sure, you know where she stays. She nods.

Anika asks servant to work fast, we have less time. Shivaye says how does it matter, girls like you achieve a lot in less time, you are expert in planning, wedding planning, tell me if you want recommendation letters, letters by my name can benefit you. She says maybe it can make my life, thanks, I don’t need your letters. He says of course, you are marrying Daksh. She asks whats my marriage related with work. He says really, as if you don’t know Daksh has much money.

She says its good Daksh has money, but I m not interested in his money, I don’t need anyone’s support or help to make my life. He says its good to hear this, you say big dialogues with feel and it looks true. She says its certain you are saying something and it means something else, you won’t tell me if I ask, anyways these are your wedding clothes, try it, if there are changes to be made, designer is going to come and make the changes. He takes the sherwani from her and goes.

Tia is on the way and asks her husband what are you saying, we worked hard, if you behave so, all hardwork will get waste, don’t be insecure, atleast let me answer the phone. Anika says why is she not answering. Tia answers call. Anika says designer is coming, come and try the dress, if there is any problem, he will make it fine. Tia says I will get it, you try the outfit, I will talk to you later. She ends call and phone falls. Anika says how can I try bride’s outfit.

Shivaye holds the sherwani. Nazdeek hai dil ke…..plays………. He thinks of Anika and gets sad. Anika walks downstairs wearing the bridal dress. Shivaye dressed in his wedding clothes comes the other way. Paas aaye……plays………… They recall their moments since the beginning. They see each other. Hamari adhuri kahani …….plays………………

Anika throws water on Shivaye’s face and cries. Shivaye looks at her. She asks him to say it, why did he stop, maybe he won’t get a chance again.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. kk

    Mosam enna ithu antha daksha na kollaporan eppa shivay anika vuku kalyanam nadakum athuku munadi shivay ku ella unmayum thariyanum please

    • Shiv

      Shivaayku ella unmaiyum theriyanum appa than nallarkum😌Illati anika paavam shivaay torture pannuvan thiti thitiye!!!😪

    • karthik

      Daksh sonathelam Shivaay anika Kita solirupan anika thani oothiruka sooumiya kuda thaa iruthen ketuko sona mudichuthu….so daksh ini anika eduvum panakudathunu force pani marriage panikran pooga pooga Ela seri aidum ini Shivaay-anika Ku daksh,tia nu 2 edhiriga irukanga

    • Samyukta

      Kk puru shivika ki da kalyana aago don’t worry and daksh and tia ve shivika life lente doora puyudunum and shivika yevalu pakartike azhaga yeridale kalyana dress le super and shivika yepium ye sentida yeripa forever.and hii all ishqies how are u all

    • Chandini

      Ishqbaaz kitta thatta 150 epi varapogudhu now only avangha shivika marriage keh adhukkaacchu sandhosha padungha ☺and kk enakum daksh ah paatha semma kaduppa varudhu

      • Sumi.SS

        |Registered Member

        Woowww..Today only I am seeing lotzz of comments in tamil…dnt feel guyz..shivika mrge aprm knja nal la daksh and tia unmai elarkum Terinjurum..athu varaikum sanda tha potutu eruka poraga..terinja aprm anika kandipa shivay mela sema kova paduva..apo shivay than anika pinadi povan..sry ketu..avaga evlo sanda poduragala avlo love panuvaga future la..ethu diff pls chill and enjoy the show..

  2. Tarini

    Precape Nust made me cry… and now i understand why shivika marriage happen… all thx to tias husband… just waiting for next episode.. gud nght to all..

  3. Veda

    |Registered Member

    ANIKA’S MONOLOGUE ND SHIVAYE’S EXPRESSION WHEN ANIKA CALLED HIM….!!!!!!!!!…WAT TO SAY…ITS BEYOND WORDS…. I don’t thnk it’l sound exaggerative if I say Indian small screen hs witnessed an another lvl of acting…👍👍👏

    • Bshama1239

      |Registered Member

      Agreed di sometimes emotions cannot be expressed ….
      Jab lafzon per baya karne ki zubaan na ho,
      Jab rishta ho per qubool karne ki pehl na ho,
      Jab mohabbat per usse manzil dene ki khoshish na ho…
      Tab hota hai ek sache rishta ka yesa anjaam …


      Yes VEDA MAM!
      Both are FAR END by nature, and even though both are strongly connected to each other! BOTH have different parameters for life, and eventhough both are keeping pace with each other. Both can change their parameter upto some extent for each other.

      Actually, talent of FL of TV shows were lost in AEKTA ORTHODOX KITCHEN. All these FL should meet SC and should learn how you can make your VIEWERS cry and laugh from within a single charector. The all most all FL in TV shows are CREATURES compare to SC, few may be good, but SC is at TOP all alone . I am also fan of TRIDHA CHOUDHARI, DEHLEEZ FAME, and she is as good as SC.

      SC can speak with words, can speak more fluently with her eyes and can say everything with her expression.

      Sameway, NAKUL has touched all heights of expression, and never failed to express any feelings. He can be ENOUGH EVIL RUDE , and can make us to hate him from the depth of our heart, and can be a CHILDISH LOVER as we seen him starring ANIKA in his SANGIT PARTY with wide opened eyes with a expression of a CHILDISH innocency!

      Anyway, let be TRP low or HIGH, atleast we get a good pieces of acting.

      • Veda

        |Registered Member

        SHEKHAR…Wat does SC stand for.???..sry..I couldnt get it…..NAKUL is OUTSTANDING….rly….how he hs showed his pain nd anger widout breaking down or throwing tantrum is awsmmmmmmmmmm…….
        nd TRP is a matter of concern wen it comes to STAR PLUS …. a show like dis will nevr b in top 5 bt it has to b in top 10 atleast to b continued…

      • shahabana

        S u are right SHEKHAR surabhi chandana superb actresss loved her acting
        Nakuls expression no words to explain superb
        Not only these two even kunal and leenesh also superb actors
        And i tooo like trida chaudhary
        But my favret is divyanka tripati forever no one can beat her .her expressions acting style everything perfect she acheived much thats shows her talent

  4. Ridhima

    Omg nakul’s acting … Awsoem man … Great acting … Showing anger and emotional feelings at the same time …. Superb …

  5. Mouni

    |Registered Member

    wow what an ep
    yes l knew it , tia will not be able to come to the wedding and am guessing that’s why anika will have yo take her place but if so it means tia may comeback again andshe can even lie about her dissapearence or accuse anika of it oh plz noo l hate that
    daksh also will comeback and will terrorise anika more if he knows about the wedding
    but am hoping the wedding will be a secret one where only shivika and/or dadi knows about it
    and it will be more interesting
    also plzzz dont want tia to come in the middle of the wedding or just after it where it will be a lot of ppl and create a scene its bad if it happend
    it would be better if she returns the day after or when she sees the news , by that time the ceremony will be over and ppl gone
    big suspence guys hope shivika marry tomorrow

    • Bshama1239

      |Registered Member

      If that universal irritation ki dukaan came back na so I swear I would kill her and that daksh I don’t know if I could him na so I am going to do I just wish that their mystery reveals as soon as the marriage happens

    • Shaza

      |Registered Member

      Even I want shivika to marry , but frankly speaking 😉..I’m don’t think they’ll marry tomorrow ..cuz in 1 episode these many things can’t happend na …maybe day after tomorrow or Sunday 😜…Whatsay ?

  6. Bshama1239

    |Registered Member

    Pehli dafa tarif karne ki chahat hai,
    This LINE is DEDICATED to all actors in negative roles who becomes a problem between the couple THANKS for TIA HUSBAND who is unknowingly acting like a bridge to fill their gaps even though forcefully but we all know anika for her relationship matters and shivaay usse farak pade ya na pade dadi zarur bridge ka kaam kar jaayegi aur omru toh hai hi

  7. Archiya

    The mystery of promo of shivika mrg is almost solved in today epi, tia wont cme fr the wedding n dadi will persuade anika to mrry shivay.As anika feels dadi has dne lots of favors on her, and she has to repay her, will get married to shivay.
    Feelin so bad bt, as shivay has already started hurting anika n himself, he saidd so much indirectly to her today. N precap also looks lik he is gng to say something hurtful to her, it will b more after their mrg.hw can he not trust anika, he knws her from so long now.
    Loved the shot taken wen bth were cmin down the staircase, so beautifully shot, shivika look the perfect bride n groom, n their wedding will hppen by next week probably. Now tat we know shivika r gonna get married, this week episodes r seemin boring. Waitin fr next week.
    Anika wish it was so easy to remove someone frm ur mind n heart.
    Looks liks rumya mrg will b relieved to om

    • akann

      I agree with everything you said! it makes sense for Tia not making the wedding but then how come there were backstage pictures of her in the same exact wedding outfit which makes me think that she might show up but either she might back out at the last minute or something or maybe her true colors will come out. idk. its super confusing. but can’t wait for the story to unfold!!

  8. priya

    Seriously Shivaya,Anika sona mathiri nee oru billu,yeapa pathalum anika’va purinjikama kova padarathu.Anika precap’la oru glass water ila oru tank water nee pour pannalam,intha billu maramatan…

  9. ShubhangiRokxx

    |Registered Member

    Hello peeps i m new here though i read written updates daily but i m commenting today i jst luv ishqbaaz like a maniac an want to be friends with u all i m nakuul mehta lover surbhi chandna’s fan aand ishqbaaz admirer

  10. Tina

    Aisa serial me hi ho sakta hai ki bride keh rahi wedding planner tum pehen ke dekh lo fitting 😀 😀
    And wedding planner is wearing the dress and roaming around the house

  11. akann

    Nakul and Surbhi’s acting is out of this world these days. Loved today’s episode but they could have done without that overt graphics of glass shattering. Lost the originality of the scene and emotions. And its about time that Soumya told one of the bros about Rumy’s craziness. She should have done that a while ago. Hopefully their love story gets a lift from now.
    Also, can’t wait for the Shivika wedding drama.

  12. Shaza

    |Registered Member

    @Piyali di , missed u and ur comments sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much 😉😁😄….so happy to see u back .., I wanna ask something u something very important😜😜…r u there on fb ?? Pls reply if u see this …

  13. ShubhangiRokxx

    |Registered Member

    spoiler is out. tia will run away before marriage ehich will be witnessed by shivay then to save his familys reputation he will ask a random girl to sign marriage contract for a month to act lyk his wife which will be witnessed by anika.. she will make the girl run away which will anger shivay and he will forcefully marry her….. source tellychakkar

  14. Aarthy

    Who is kk tamilan wow nice 2 read ur comment kandipa shivaikum anikakum kalyanam nadakum👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😬😬😬😬

  15. Lax

    Why do you think the Trp is so low? I feel its cause the show has gotten all serious n dramatic. The fast paced serial is now a slow coach. Miss that cute IB which used to give me tension free moments n smiles. Seriously I don’t want anything to butcher my favorite Jodi’s chemistry. Don’t think so after today’s episode. Fingers crossed for the future ones. Good if all these drama get them the Trps they need. All other tracks were subsided to show Shivika’s growth. Finally with this misunderstanding, things are back to square one. I donno how long before Shivay acknowledges his feelings for Annika. Long wait I guess…..

  16. Vijji

    I never thought Tia’s absence made Shivaay marry Anika. I thought there is much bigger reason. But looking at today’s episode, it looks like Tia will not make it to the wedding and Dadi might ask Anika to sit in place of Tia. Shivaay might have agreed thinking Anika can do anything for money and he can give some money and she will act as a bride and save family reputation. Or it could be just Dadi’s force. Dadi looks so happy so Dadi might be involved in this. Anyway just waiting for their wedding. Both of them look amazing.

  17. Rahul

    Well guys I think Tia’s husband is Daksh because on that gift of T&D which Anika finds in Tia’s purse accidentally, T stands for Tia and D stands for Daksh

  18. Rahul

    Well guys I think Tia’s husband is Daksh because on that gift of T&D which Anika finds in Tia’s purse accidentally, T stands for Tia and D stands for Daksh. I love yrkkh, yhm, ishqbaaz and bahu humari rajnikant

  19. Tara

    Always love Shivika
    such an emotional episode…PLZ GK, clear their MU and bring romance n bromance back…PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

    Can someone plz clarify
    – according to spoilers: Tia runs away from OM, Shivay hires a contract bride but Anika finds out n sends the girl away…Shivay is furious with Anika n Then somehow Shivay forces Anika to marry him?
    OMG…its one MU after another…such a roller coaster ride..dont know how to react anymore

    i am so confused…if Shivay is hurt by Anikas betrayal as he believes it, why did he prepone the wedding …that means he really would’ve married Tia the next day…….OMG CRAZYYYY? So what does that show about his love for Anika.
    Also why is he so angry, did he expect Anika to be on the sideline for him atfer his marriage to Tia?
    So many confusing storyline…maybe GK should solve one suspense/confusion first before another five is added on.
    One last question….
    2 scenes I have not seen…Tia hiring a shooter where shivay saves Anika? and Anika throwing flowers given by kids thru Shivay?
    Has it happened or is it future scene or is the info incorrectly fed to gain audience interest…

  20. SenuThilini

    I still think tia’s D is dev(rihan’s brother). Day before yesterday they shows his figure and that slim fit body only match with him. I am waiting to see how om will save his rudra. But it seems like after marrage shivay will start treat anika in so arrogant way and it will take time to start their romance.
    i have a doubt. Why no one om searching about rudy otherthan om? At least janvi should try to call him.

  21. Tahima

    |Registered Member

    the last bit of todays episode where shivika were coming down the stairs and recalling memories was just bomb i could not stop smiling and the acting and the emotions in the precap was just amazing. cant express how amazing todayz episode was… cant wait to see how this wedding all turns out

  22. divya

    hi hello to all ishqbaaz family a silent reader…I love ishqbaaz very much… I know so many people are from Tamil also a tamil..

  23. nithya

    hi hello to all ishqbaaz family a silent reader…I love ishqbaaz very much… I know so many people are from Tamil also a tamil..

  24. sree

    Feel that Shivaye will ask Anika to fill in for Tia and later Tia replaces her post wedding.
    That will be the worst. Might as well stop watching this soap then.
    What one wonders is, when Shivaye has the capacity to feel her when she is around, when she is in danger etc..why could he not read her eyes that she does not lie or that she will not do such a lowly act.
    When will Indian soap stop showing women in such low light? Why cant the good win over evil fast enough?
    What is it that these soaps are trying to communicate to the viewers?


    So at last, its happen that some one will stop TIA to reach for SHITIA WEDDING. Who may be that , her BF, is mystery till today.

    As we are seeing, END RESULT OF DAKSH acts makes SHIVIKA more close than ever , and as it is totally opposite to what TIA is wishing, it is certain that DAKSH and TIA is not working for each other,
    but DAKSH may be working for TIA’s BF, who does not wish this SHITIA wedding to be happen.

    ANIKA today expressed her all feeling for SSO by her super acting and expression and what else when her innocency was being added into her acting. Seeing his wounds how she got shocked is the scene which just can not be described in words, but can be enjoyed by seeing it only. Her solo self talks was mirror image of the NAME of her feelings so far she was keeping , and first time she realised what it was?

    SSO’s was in dilemm, whether DAKSH words are paining him more or that tiny piece of glass? It was peak of his acting today. He was crushing between all his caring, feelings for ANIKA and FEELINGS as the result of DAKSH factor ! His feelings are boiling now, and he just couldnot recognised, whether he is LOVING ANIKA or HATING her?


  26. Chandini

    Actually I loved yesterday’s episode.
    First time I liked that D of tia he is unknowingly bringing shivika together.
    I know we are going to witness shivikas wedding soon but it’s not fair to sideline om and rudra .And om was shown I was like atleast he gets 2min screen space then again all my excitement punctured and we again came back to shivika.Not that I don’t like them but the show is about three brothers so I want to see them all.Obro moments are decreasing as the progresses
    In a whole week we can see the three together only in one episode that too for maximum 5 minutes. It’s seriously disappointing me.I don’t have a brother and whenever or wherever I see a caring brother I feelthat I too hav one because of which I lov IB but now I can get that magic only once in a week or it takes two weeks.
    The love life of each bro is important and that should not fade away the magic that three bros are creating Nakul, kunal and Leenesh act so naturally which makes me feel that they are real brothers. Atleast aftr shivikas marriage I need the obros bonding to be shown explicitly.

    • Veda

      |Registered Member

      Im on da same boat dr…dying to c some intense OBRO momnts nd OM…. I miss those days wen dey used to cook together,sleep together,share evything,da pool side conversation, da midnight kitchen adventure evrytng like hell…😢😢😢😢nd Im stl hopefull about OM’s track bt I lost hope about OBROs….SHIVIKA mrg is gonna b hapnd,RUMYA got married too..I dont think CVs vl get scope to recreate da OBRO magic after the mrg tracks…wenevr I recall da HOSPITAL scene after SHIVAYE’s accident nd da KITCHEN scene wen OM took suicide attempt, Im like crying…😢😢😢😢😢😢😢…misss that intense bond…nd nw SAHIL is gonna b sidelined too….

      I noticed dey hv replaced SHIVOMRU’s pic frm da “startng music”(I dont knw da actual term) by ANIKA’s single one..It also hrt me, literally…😔😔😒😒

      • Chandini

        I thought they changed the pic for naye soch campaign of star plus di. Hope they will change it soon.I think now less bromance and more ishq😢

      • Sumi.SS

        |Registered Member

        During the serial telecast shivomru pic only..Anika pic for starplus nayisoch and also fr recent wed promo..did U see anthr two fr sunday 9 o clk flm.and anthrone is om invitng all to his brthr wed..bth r superbbb..omru r lookng cute hamdsme in mrge ceremny costume..

      • Renimarenju

        |Registered Member

        Actually i saw ur yesterday’s comment now only…dear……just now i left the office and entered in van with my team for our field visits to mysore….My age is 25 dear……age is not a factor…..and u can call me renima….renu or reni….your wish………dear…. all ishqies…..except …. luna, nadiya and shahabana calls me di…….i think veda ishqie….ur age is 23 or 24….i guess…right ????.because…..i read ur comment abt u miss ur pg mates…… r u ????

      • Veda

        |Registered Member

        Nd SUMI…as I cant follow TV regualrly at pg , l missed da promos u hv mentioned…nd star plus doesnt upload evry promo on hotstar…I’l search for those on U TUBE ..

      • Veda

        |Registered Member

        RENIMA..rt u r..Im 24+..nd just hv completed my masters…so I can call u by name..😊😊
        Yup..Im hr for 5 yrs…so my pg mates nd room mates hv bacm my family nd nw I hv to shift to an another one ….its difficult u knw na…???..😔😔 I read u too reently hv shifted to new office … its ok….to start something new v hv to proceed…. 👻
        Nd v all knw u r busy…so do comment wenevr u mng to b free…😊 TC

    • shahabana

      Yes i tooo like shivika a lotz im eager to watch their marriage track but truelly i miss obros moments .i really love shiomru moments they are the jaan of the show i hope we can see their chemistry is future.
      And i think now rumya story also progress bcz gk comfirmed that after shivika marriage his pair will enter
      Anyways hoping for best
      Want to see bromance plus three pairs romance

    • shahabana

      Rumya marriage truth will revealed to Om now so their story will progress
      Oms pair also enter after shivika marriage gk comfirmed this

  27. KIRAN

    Hi Guys.
    Could you please tell me,why The HERO And Heroine Are Marrying?
    What is The Reason Behind This Marriage.

    • shahabana

      Yes shivaye and anika are getting married bcz shivayes bride tia is missing so shivaye is forcing anika to sit in brides place to save family reputation
      And in this show there are three lead couples not one

  28. tara

    Above comments spot on

    I LUV Shivika and whilst I want to see their romance progress, I also want BROMANCE, its uplifting and provides emotional stability to see all 3 together.
    After Shivika marrg I hope to see the bros bonding with Anika more and providing support to her whilst promoting Shivikas RL/ romance.
    I hope to see Shivikas misunderstanding being cleared cos at the end…truth and honesty should always win, not evil.
    At least Anika after marrg will also provide support to Soumya…hope their closeness and bond grows as 2 bahus.
    And finally Om and Priyankas love story can start with respective partners….wondering when ACP will enter again…didnt he say after Shivikas marriage……..

  29. Piyaliii

    |Registered Member

    Eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode yrr…..😅😅😅
    Nice episode!…..😊😊😊
    But with lots of misunderstanding…😡😡😡
    How are you all….
    Mukta, priya, renima di,abiha di, nikki di, nishu,astha, alka di, manik br, dhruvv, dhruvvv, shahabana di, Soniya, Chetana di, anusha, nivedha di, diya di, maya di, sat, sharmi, ridhima, maahiswt, aditi, maha, rosu di, richu di, haya di, disha di, roz di, shaza, luna di, shivani di, tharu di, sunehri, tridha,tara,Kiran, Veda di,chandini di,divya,Tina, saku,………….
    I have added new names too….😁😁😁😁
    Have a nice day! 😉😉😉

    • Chandini

      Hi piyalii ,i am fine how r u…I don’t know how you guys remember names and type them.may be sometime I too will try but it’s difficult bcoz I hate typing.

      • Piyaliii

        |Registered Member

        Hi chandini di….actually when I was 9…I went to typing classes..For computer….😅😅😅😅
        So I love typing and my typing is little faster…😊😊😊
        I think you are bigger than me na?

  30. Sumi.SS

    |Registered Member

    Good noon guyzz..yeah words r not enough to praisng their insta yestr I saw the video of Anika and rudra face exprsns scenes frm show starting to til’s outstndng… Nakul was impresvely delvred the mixture exprsn of anger and broken state…grt wrk…..

    Cmng to epi..felt very bad fr lost shivika scene and perfect bgm….aduri kahani😢😢thanks to Tia and daksh becz of them only shivika part is moving to the next stage..othrwse they both r stand in their own state only..fnaly it’s clear tht Tia and his bf r gng to be the big reason of shivay frce mrge..shivay Singh oberoi or super angry man is back..I thnk yestrday is just his begng..surely it wl be cntue for long days..dnt feel guyzz….hwmuch they hate and hurt each other In future more than that they r gng to care and love eachothr..
    If tia wl take place of anika aftr rituals that also nearly bride swap only..also that rises qustn on future anika stry..becz she shld leave OM..her wrk was fnshed..I hope this wnt wrk..
    I thnk anika wl stay in OM as shivay’s wife..sahil track also cleared..he is gng to join boardng scl..aftr he wl take screen space very rare only..
    Afr their mrge om, rumya, priveer track is also gng to we may have a few hate and love story of shivika in daily soap..

  31. Uf

    Hi guys
    I know aap sab log shivika ki wedding discuss Kar rahi hongi.shaadi kaise hongi ye tho aage ki episode main dikayengi iss liye aap log shivika ki shaadi se zyada omkara ki new love lady pe focus ki jiye aur Gul Khan se poochiye ki shivika ki shaadi ki baath omkara ki love lady ayengi ya nahi..aur ye bathayi ye iss saal katham hone se pehle uski love lady ki entry karane ke liye.varna omkara ki fans wait karke pagal ho jaayengi.shivika ki shaadi kaise hongi ye tho aane wala episode main dekne ko milegi.lekin omkara ki love lady ki entry ki baare main Gul Khan ko yaad dilana hum sabko hain.kyunki ussko sirf shivika aur rumya par interest hai ishkara pe tho use pehle se interest nahi aur omkara pe bhi.usse sirf apni favorite shivika aur rumya pe interest hain bechara ishkara aur omkara fans vo tho wait karke pagal ho jaayengi..aur main shivika aur rumya fans se ye request Kar rahi Hun aap log omkara and ishkara fans ko support karo. vrushika ko show main re – entry karaayengi ya nahi ye tho patha nahi.agar uski re – entry nahi hain tho aap log Gul Khan ko batha vo ki,..vo ek aisi actress ko laye Jo vrushika aur ishana ki kami puuri Kare aur ishkara fans ko happy karaye.
    guys please reply my commends… thank you

    • shahabana

      I can understand ur feelings dr
      Even im big fan of shivika rumya omkara
      We all are eagerly waiting for omkaras pair
      Gk comfirmed that after shivika marriage omkaras story will progress so we have to wait dr
      I know u will get angry on me for asking u to wait bvz its tooo much of waiting anyone will be angry but what to do we have to wait there is no other choice
      Anyways gk comfirmed after shivika marriage omkaras pair will enter so we have waited this much so i think we can wait few days more
      I hope u undestood if u felt bad sorryyy

      • Uf

        No shahabana dear main tumse gussa nahi Hun iam sorry agar main zyada bol diya correct hume wait karna chahiye omkara ki love lady ki entry ke liye.mujhe shivika,ishkara,rumya bahuth Pasanth hai.lekin mujhe ishkara bahuth zyada pasanth hai ishkara ki story end Karne ki wajh se main thodi upset Hun iss liye main aisa bola hain.sorry agar main aap ko apni baatho se hurt kiya Hain tho sorry
        Mujhe english pe comment likna nahi patha.and sorry my hindi comments. phir se BIG THANK YOU REPLAY MY COMMENTS

      • Saku

        Hey uf u know what I m also getting so much angry bcoz wht at all omkara fans r doing is just wait from starting firstly for ishkara nd now for new lead…
        Omkara k liye IN PROGRESS ye words laga diye hai…pata nahi kitna PROGRESS or kab tak??…ur right we love all 3 couples but OMKARA more… serial mein ek baad ek cameo aare pr om ki new lead nai aari pata nahi mars pr se dhundh k mare kya…??..shivaye k liye 2 heroine h..anika k liye 2 hero h…rudra nd soumya also has 2 choices..even the has second pair remember swetlana?? What about om???….

        But whatever shabu di said is also right…sorry yaar actually jab baat om ki aati hai I could not control myself…
        Nd u r not alone here many members r waiting for oms lead…including me..

        Once again sorryy if anyone gets hurt..

      • Saku

        Hey uf..
        There so many good actress but right now I m not getting any one name to suggest u…
        As it depends upon character if it’s outspoken like anika aur cute like soumya or bubbly like anika..
        So sorry dear but I can’t give u one name but u share it name then we will think..
        Aur waise bhi humara OMKARA hai hi itna cute ki koi bhi actress acchi hi lagegi…
        And no need to say sorry for spelling mistakes it’s normal nd know sometime it’s autocorrect mistake no just chill…nd keep commenting..😊

      • Uf

        Shahabana and saku thank you reply my comments.saku aap ko sorry bolne ki zaroorath nahi iam not and shahabana right hume wait karna chahiye om ki love lady ke liye.
        aap log bathavo ki konsi actress perfect hain om ki love lady banne ke liye l know Gul Khan actress choice karengi but Kya hum sab ko ek gud actress ko suggest nahi kar sakthi?.waise ek baath hain main tho dil se chatha hun ki vrushika waapas aaye.par mujhe patha hain wo kabhi nahi hoga…… but main Kya Karu…bula nahi para hi hain ishkara and ishana ko.but ha koshish kar rahi hun ki ishkara and ishana ko bulane.vrushika hothi tho hume uski dance dekhne ko chance zaroor mil tha.. shahabana and saku aap Dhono batha vo kon actress best Hain om ki love lady ke liye.ek baath hain gul Khan ne hume arshi(arnav+kushi) jaise best Jodi diya hain aur ab shivika and rumya jaise gud Jodi tho umeed hain ki wo hume ek aur best Jodi dhedhe.
        aap log gul Khan ko ek aur imp request karo ki ishqbaaz ki telecast time change Karne ke liye raath ko 10pm tv dekhna bahuth mushkil hain aur raath 10 pm sab log sone ke liye jaatha hain tho,uss time dekhna possible nahi hain tho, gul Khan and star plus channel se request karo ki ishqbaaz ki time change Karne ke liye.mujhe aisa lagtha hain trp Kam hone ki ek wajah ishqbaaz ki time hain tho agar vo log time change karengi tho trp thoda please please sab logo se request hain ishqbaaz telecast time change Karne ke liye gul Khan and star plus channel se request karne ke liye.
        Sorry for the spelling mistake and big boring comments ke liye.
        Guys aap log bathavo ki kon actress bast hain om ki love lady ki character ke liye.
        please replay my comments

  32. Nithu

    |Registered Member

    Guys i think…d is not daksh…cuz he is obssesed with anika….we know it right…and it was daksh …wants make shivaye out of her kife…to make love him…

    • shahabana

      S nithu that d is not daksh
      May be its robin
      Nithu u are in insta right
      So in insta there is a picture in that picture robin and tias hubby are where same type of ear sted
      In other picture robin whering same ring as the guy who throwed remote on tv also whering same ring like robin

  33. Mini

    Shivay married anika and after what if tia comes if they replace please anyone tell me guys I’m getting mad😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    I’m doubting I hope it will not become true I’m just gussying😳😳😳😳😳

  34. MP

    finally shivaye and anika ki Saadi ho gyi orr koi bbhi drame ke bina . I saw video in u tube saddi ke bich me koi hangama nahi hota n nahi tia aati hai . orr dadi ko to pata hi nahi hai k gungut main anika hai per jab anika dadi ka asirvad lene jati to dadi ko gale lagjati hai to dadi ko mehsus ho jatta hai k vo anika hi hai . abb dram to gungat khol ne k baad hoga

    • shahabana

      Ohhh thanks for the update MP i hope everyone will know the truth that anika is married to shivaye
      Gd evng MP

  35. Mouni

    |Registered Member

    guys after seeing some bts l think after trying the wedding outfits shivika will remove it and all the family and anika weare white clothes for the wedding , so l think its only in the last minute that shivaye will marry anika but it would be hard for him to make her do it , probably dadi is the one who will use her influence on anika to make her accept shivaye
    in the promo both of them look helpless , like it was forced on them and dadi looked really happy
    as l said before am hoping the marriage will be kept secret , l dont want to see the same things that happend to kushi in ispkknd even tho the OM will tolerate anika more because she saved their name from scandal
    also that means that tia and especially daksh will be around for awile
    daksh will be super furious when he finds out , he probably will even try to kill shivaye for taking anika away from him
    as for tia she also can return but its gonna be hard for her since she made shivaye in trouble but she is a good liar and am afraid she will accuse anika of something and make shivaye hate her , also shivaye can not present anika as his wife because she has no name or fortune so am guessing tia will be with him in public in waiting for the annulation of the shivika wedding
    anika also will want the end of the marriage as soon as possible because she is engaged to daksh and she thinks sso hates her but am sure its sso who will not be able to end the marriage
    l hope we will find out in today ep that tia wont make it to the wedding and anika is taking her place and am guessing the wedding itself will be on saturday ep

  36. shivani

    finally shivika mrrg is going to happen .universe doesn’t want to tia to marry shivay .one question is wondering in my mind what happened to tia????where is she??? I read that tia and daksh chapter will take backseat ????what if they returns after their marrg with a purpose of plaguing their married life.this romi is a big pschyo ,I wish they hand her to police for mental torture with rudra .anika had never compromised with situations but now she is ready for marriage .what condition did shivay put in front of her for marriage .I am happy shivika is going to marry.
    hi everyone this is me I have some problem with registered account

  37. Veda

    |Registered Member

    Jst saw a video on U tube of SHIVIKA wedding….nd I hv noticed dat TIA’s mom is prsnt there nd she stops Pinky frm unveiling the bride during the rituals…nd I also saw a spoiler stating that TIA’s mom tells SHIVAYE dat TIA hs sm emergncy nd cant attend da wedding nd asks SHIVAYE to hire a grl to b there during the rituals to save the famly reputation..donno is it true or after watching da video I hv made sm guesses…
    1)likely TIA’s mom knws dat da grl isnt TIA bt dosnt knw dat she is ANIKA
    2)probably Oberoi family vl nt cm to knw abt ta mrg truth so soon…after SHIVIKA wedding TIA wl cm bck nd vl enter OBEROI MANSION as MRS SHIVAYE SINGH OBEROI….
    3)I think TIA’s truth vl nt rvl rt Tia’s truth is da evidence of ANIKA’s innocence …nd all MUs be2in SHIVIKA r nt seemed to b sorted out that easily… I knw most my of guesses come out as blind guess😊😁bt I jst cnt stop guessing

    • Mouni

      |Registered Member

      hello veda
      wow so you saw that tia’s mom stopped pinky from seeing the bride so am guessing no one will know who she is exept shivika witch is great , l dont want anyone else to know the truth right now because they wil turn against anika
      me too l guessed that tia will return also daksh but how the situation is gonna be btw shivika , will she leave the OM or will he find excuse to force her to stay
      l would love to see sso secretly possessive of anika , l dont think he will let her easly knowing she is his wife

      • Veda

        |Registered Member

        Hi MOUNI… yup..I noticed so…Im also eagrly waiting fr da upcoming track…
        Nw wat wil b da excuse to keep [email protected]…as Sahil is going to boarding school..nd do u remember BUA’s threatening,dat she vl make ANIKA realise da pain of being homeless…so likely she wl make a plan to thrw ANIKA out and Anika vl b there @OM…

    • Sumi.SS

      |Registered Member

      Yeah guyzz..I agree with Both of u…if tia take place of anika..wht wl happend next..surely next one is Anika should leave from OM..daksh and tia also gng to happy wth this..there is no scenes of Anika,om,dudra and soumya,dadi scenes..what wl new in this..
      but evryone know abt their mrge surely anika wl stay in OM..they wl cntue her cute relatnshp bond wth oberoi members..aftr daksh knwng this fact he plans against both shivika while he may be caught by anyone..tia truth also rvl by smeway..whose is gng to rise qustn against anika??tia pinky shakthi tej only..but mistake is frm shivay side only..all others gng to be happy..point should be nted->this is my guess only guyzzzzz……..Gul mam said there is no bride by one all MU wl be clr..shivay wl nevr acpt grl wl no lineage..eagerly waitng fr upc clr all this doubts.

    • Mouni

      |Registered Member

      or maybe daksh will attack her again and shivaye will save her and then force her to come to live in the OM but not in his room yet lol

  38. Saku

    Finally shivika marriage is gonna happen..i think it will b telecast on monday…tabhi too logo k beech curiosity badhegi…
    Congo shivika fans…
    Want rumya scenes yaar..nd plz om ki lead bhejo…shivika wedding bhi hota toh plz…bhejo yaar..😡

      • Saku

        Yaa di but he much to wait…i m crying now in real😭😭 that to without glycerine..😢…
        Jaldi bheji yaar kahi mein buddhi na ho jau😭😜😜

  39. shahabana

    Im fn MP hope u also good
    And i tooo saw a vedio in which shivika are getting married and taking daadis blessings
    Dnt know what will happen next
    For oberois there are two shoking newses are waiting shivika marriage and rumya marriage

  40. Veda

    |Registered Member

    TODAY’s epi …pasha palat gayi yaarrr…😀😀😀😀.nope Im done wid guessing nw….bahat dhoka kha chuki hu…😎

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