Ishqbaaz 24th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Anika gets captured

Ishqbaaz 24th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika asks Tia to taste sweets and say how is it made. Tia says no thanks, I m on a diet. Anika laughs and goes to Omru. Om says I don’t eat sweets. She asks why. He says I don’t like. She insists. He tastes some. She says I m serving sweets, not selling them. He says Dadi taught this to us, keep this shagun. She says let it be, just say how is it. Priyanka eats and says amazing, its perfect. Anika says my beauty and sweets are famous in Mathura. Rudra says you are very beautiful, I m so funny, right. Daksh says she is over friendly. Priyanka says I find her cute. She asks did you get married. Anika says no, I didn’t find a perfect match for me, Lord made me immensely beautiful. Priyanka says its okay, you will surely find a match, if a would be bride keeps her hands on a bachelorette’s hand, even

she gets married soon.

She holds Anika’s hand and says your life partner will have laddoos by your hands soon. Shivaye comes. Anika gives him sweets. He says give me a laddoo. She says I knew it. He takes a laddoo and eats. They stare at him. Rudra says Shivaye had a laddoo by her hand. Om says Priyanka if your word gets true… Shivaye asks what. They laugh. Om says you know what was Priyanka saying just now. Rudra says one who eats laddoo by Shanno’s hand will get married to her.

Shivaye coughs. Tia says stop it guys. Om says if this happens… Rudra asks how will you handle so much beauty. Tia and everyone laugh. Shivaye says just shut up. Anika says I m feeling shy. Shivaye says keep this laddoo. Rudra says we were joking. Priyanka says have it, I m not a saint that my words will turn true. They laugh. Shivaye goes. Anika thinks this is the chance to find Payal. Tia asks where is Payal. Daksh says where she is supposed to be, inside the almirah. Anika looks for Payal. Payal hits the door. Maid asks what are you doing here. Anika says I was looking for sweets boxes. Maid says its over there, take it. Anika opens the cupboard and says this is empty, Payal where are you.

Payal falls out of the cupboard. She gets free. She rushes out of the room. Anika misses to see her. She thinks where is Payal. Payal is close to Priyanka. She goes other side. Anika comes there. Payal hides seeing her. Priyanka says Shanno, come here, I need your help. Anika thinks its a right chance to tell Daksh’s truth to Priyanka. Payal runs away. Anika is about to remove the fake teeth. Tia comes. Anika stops. Tia says maid said you were calling me. Priyanka says oh yes, I had to show dress’ fittings, please come. They go. Anika runs. Payal sees Shivaye. Daksh catches her and takes her away. She says leave me. He says so that you can tell the truth to Shivaye, I won’t let this happen. Anika comes there. Daksh hides with Payal. He thinks why did this woman come here. Anika removes the fake teeth. He thinks she is Anika. Shivaye comes there. Anika hears some sound and goes to see. She sees Shivaye at the door and hides.

A vase is about to fall. Anika holds it. Shivaye turns to see. He goes. Anika gets shocked seeing Daksh with Payal. Payal faints. Daksh gets up. Anika says I will shout if you try to run, you will be exposed in front of Shivaye and Priyanka, I asked you to tell them the truth, I thought you will change but no, you kidnapped Payal, you have to tell them the truth. Tia hits her with a bat. Anika faints. Tia says I knew it, you can’t handle this, you will trap me too, I m warning you, if Shivaye and my marriage breaks, I won’t spare you. He says relax, I didn’t know she would come here in disguise. She says just go, if someone comes here, it will be a problem. He says we have to dump them first. She says there are CCTV cameras installed in Oberoi mansion. He says Shivaye is so busy in arrangements, he has no time to check CCTV footage, relax, just go.

Sahil’s mum says Anika has crossed all limits, she used to come home late at night, she must have eloped with a rich man. Gauri says stop this nonsense, she wants to marry Nikhil, if she has not come back, she is in trouble. Sahil’s mum says we are in trouble, he will come and ask about Anika, you answer him. Nikhil comes and says I need to talk to Anika. Sahil’s mum says she didn’t return till now. Gauri says I think she is in some problem. Sahil’s mum says maybe she has run away with someone, just tell me if your family is calling off the wedding, our money will get saved. Gauri says aunt is not mentally stable, we should go and file missing report, I m tensed about Anika. He says when Anika comes, ask her to call me. He goes. Anika gets conscious and looks around. She says what place is this, I can hear music, this is the basement of Oberoi mansion. She sees Payal and asks her to wake up.

Payal sees Anika and says sorry you landed in trouble because of me, where are we. Anika says I think we are in basement, we have to stop the wedding, we have to do something. Payal asks how, Daksh will marry Priyanka, my life will be ruined. Anika says someone will help us. They try to get free. Shivaye feels restless. Dadi comes and asks him not to cry till Priyanka’s bidaa. He touches her feet and says thank God you have come back. She asks are you fine. He says I m trying my best, why do sisters grow up so soon, why do we have to bid adieu to them. She says its a tradition. He says how do people do this, I don’t know if I will be able to do this. She says Priyanka isn’t going away, think she is going to start a new life, perform everything with a smile for her sake. He says this is the kind of happiness which makes one cry, I m happy for Priyanka, but I m sorrowful like someone dear to me is in problem. She asks him not to say negative things. She says you are much stressed, come downstairs, there is much work. Anika tries to get free.

Tia says I know you are emotional and protective about Priyanka, Daksh will keep her very happy. Shivaye says he has to, if she gets tears in eyes because of him, I won’t leave him. Daksh and Priyanka take wedding rounds. Daksh gets shocked and stops. Shivaye asks what happened Daksh. Pandit says its inauspicious to stop this way.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ruby_MarNy

    Laddoo scene was hilarious ??????

    1. Hiii Ruby….welcome back dear..after soo many days I am seeeing you here..How are you???

      And you are writting a ff right?????

      1. Ruby_MarNy

        Hi, arpu dear… I’m doing good and how are you??? I comment here whenever I get time or if I like any scene in the show…
        And yes, I’m writing FF as well…

  2. Arpita6

    Amena di thank you sooo much for update..
    Your work is really fabulous

  3. Arpita6

    Hiii mere khidkitod pagals. ………….
    Love VS Destiny
    Chapter 27..
    Woh woh woh Pagals..what happened to pkj
    There was a tine when comments were on fire.
    Ok leave it it became 100+ still fine
    80+ still fine
    50+ tried so hard to be fine.
    50- ..not fine at all.
    All.are busy or pkj losts its total value…
    Aajo guys i am.missing all of you.
    Come back…
    Come to episode

    ????shano rani your beauty can be handled or not I don’t know but Annika’s real beauty is too hot to handle……….
    Annika’s looks are always on fire

    Shanno eani????I am died of laughing. .
    So i was waiting what Sso gonna eat first thing from Anika’s hand..So he eat SWEET…Sso baadmain louta dena intrest ka saath..( YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN)?????????….
    And welcome chipdi tia I knew you also showed your true colour……?????????..
    And your wedding with Sso will never happen may be you can be always Sso’s would be wife but you wil never be a wife..
    And how dare you to harm my ANNIKA????????????????????…
    Moreover this CHACHI ?????Go to hell
    What yarr….can she shut her mouth….
    waise CCTV never captured any imp footage hope this footage could be captured by CCTV..
    Don’t what will happen Tomorrow. .
    And Sso will kidnapp Annika.?????..ok one relief i got that he will call Annika as jis girlfriend ( ok I am not sure)
    But trust me i don’t want to hear MISTRESS word from Sso mouth..seriously. …….
    But today Sso felt strange….chal inki senso meter thik he.
    Waiting for upcoming and mainly next week..lets see.

    1. Arpu dear you are right. I only hope even if Shivaay kidnaps anika and marries her I hope it is not forced marriage. I don’t want history to repeat itself. I hope cvs do change the plot a little bit if not audience will get waned seeing the repeat of what happened in the old IB. It has to be a bit different and with a new twist.

  4. Pushpa

    Hi gals…
    So whatz gona happen here…
    Dakhs hv tied up payal & anika..
    Its going to b priyanka wedding…
    Hw to stop the wedding????
    Shanno could hide..

    Wo,…. motichor handsome ate the laddo … yeah what rudy baba said is ?✔ correct….bhaiya how would u handle such beauty all yr life???? ???
    And the secne where Anika will b looking for payal…. payal ran….. there shivayee on phone dhaks hide her all old IB redux…. owsm…. beautiful…

    Dadi shivaye convo ws owsm… go t emotional…. me tooo… getting his sister married away…..well this is rasam & tradition to follow…

    C u guys tomorrow …lets c hw anika escaped wt payal to reach mandap & stop Dakhs wedding…

    1. Pu di tine to celebrate Sso’s Annika senso meter is not gone..
      Waiting for beast singh oberoi and later Guilt Singh oberoi..
      Btw welcome back to pkj..

  5. Hi to all meri khidkitod GPkj walas!
    How are you all?

    @Banita dear-
    Wishing you a very happy happy happy birthday dear. ????
    May the almighty bless you with eternal blessings throughout your life of upcoming years and fulfill your dreams, desires & wishes. (Sorry for late wishes yaar). Love you dear.

    @Omaira di
    Hi di. Hope you’re recovering from your fracture. May lord heal your fracture soon & help you recover so soon. Take care of yourself di. Love you. ☺☺☺☺☺

    *******Hi to meri Arpu di, Luthfa di, Dhwani dear, Ishita dear, Sindhu di,
    Riana dear, Ateequa dear, Sneha dear and all my Paglons. How are you all yaar? Missed you all a lot. Hope to interact with you all soon if time permits me.

    Till then keep watching Ishqbaaz on T.V. and keep smiling.☺☺☺☺
    Stay safe and take care. Love you all guys.❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Hiiiii Shivu….
      Welcome back are you???.
      Yes if time permits you then come here.
      Love you and missed you too.

  6. Hello guys this tia is realy smart and evil as well i think that shivay will soon will forcefully get married to anika i don’t know why shivay trust anything told to him it seems like he was mind controled by daksh like that he is hypnotised

  7. Hypnotised singh oberoi

    1. ?????Imane dear…soo funny name.HSO..??I love it..
      Sso can trust anyone except Annika……

  8. Hi pkj family …how are you all …
    Mujhe yead to hai na ..yeh vul gaye ho ..
    Ishqbaaz redux is going great ….and i just loved it

    Anika is awesome …the 1st scean is so funny …omru ,anika is fabulous..
    Tom and jerry wala game to chalu ho gaya hai …but aj kal mai jo guess karta hun woh to hota hi nahi …mujhe laga tha ki anika daksh ko nahi dekhegi …but dekh li anika ne …
    But this good they don’t drag it too much …
    Precap –daksh ke sath sadi ho rahi hai …god knows anika ko kon help karegi …???
    **dari wale mothichur** ??so cute aur usse to laddo hi pasand ayega …shivika is awesome..??
    Bye guys …good night…..??

    1. Hiii Tani..
      How can we forget you…
      Yeh thik thak he iss week I think wedding drama is going to start on next week….
      Shanno Rani and her Dari wale Motichoor.?????..
      Just fabulous…i love it

  9. dear friends…
    I don’t know from when daksh expose track will start….
    but I have heard that may be from September it will start….
    and also heard that this time also omru will help annika…don’t know whether it is true or false. all I want that daksh should be exposed quickly and wo bhi bohot buri tarik se. kuki mujhe intejar hai shivay ki repentance dekhna. because wo jis tarase annika ko torture karegi usk baad mujhe bohot acha lagega uski halat dekhkr…
    but I want iss bar annika ne shivay ko asani se maaf na kaar de pehli ki tarah. Some how I thought that maybe this time tia love shivay truly but this time too she is kamina….
    but I just want to request you friends that track related news agar kisik paas ho to share karna. hum sabko bohot acha lagega. kuki show mai to…
    paar aant mai sirf itna hi bolunga ki daksh ki expose hona jaruri ho gaya kuki paani aab saar se upar uth chuka hai…

    1. Ooohoo Samrin dear..
      calm down..relax..take a deep breath.are itna foor nahi khichenge..bas next week wedding drama he..may be uske next eeek D is gonna exposed soon.
      I expect it..Tia can’t be good neither in RU nor in AU..
      Leave it..
      Now Sso will kidnaap Anika take her to temple and marry her just bcoz of revenge.
      Don’t worry dear this time Annika will not forgive Sso soon…
      Just wait and watch..thoda sabr rakho..

  10. Hello hello everyone, been busy lately. Anyway episode is going good. Shanno ji is doing well in her designated role. Anika is such a versatile actress. Regardless of whether she has bunny tooth or not she still looks beautiful as ever. Oh my eating the ladoo means that will be the person for Shanno. Look at how destiny is playing games with them. Now as for daksh and Tia no one sees what’s happening.

    Ishita you are right. They should just throw all the cctv footage at Oberoi Mansion. There is no point having that when it is such a. waste. D and T are plotting big time and no one knows what is happening but everyone can see what Shanno aka Anika is doing. I don’t believe this.

    Hi Arpu dear banita Ishita tania sneha Shivaay Glad you are back Omaira kadhambari Shiny jeevi aayush pushpa Luthfa dear with your analysis. Great going.

    1. Hii Sindhu I said..D made a big blunder by bring payal to OM..
      Hope this will led to his expose( finger crossed)….
      You too dear..great going….
      Love you.

  11. Also wanted to add that Shivaay does feel for anika. He knows that she is in trouble. Look at how restless but he thinks it is becasue iof Priyanka but in reality it is for Anika.

    Like the conversation between Om and Shanno. It was so cute and Rudra teasing her. Very nice to watch that.

    I wonder what will happen next. Who stopped the wedding?

    1. Even I am too eager to know how wedding will stop bcoz bow Annika came back to her wedding..
      Now she is in her house..
      Lets see.what is gonna happen..

  12. Nikita_jai29

    Shanno is good… But i am really hating the cvs… Why they are following the force marriage idea

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