Ishqbaaz 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update: Anika figures out Ragini’s plan

Ishqbaaz 24th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaay tells Ragini that they should involve police to solve Siddharth’s issue or she should make him understand. Ragini says she has tried it, but since he found out about engagement.. Shivaay says they are not engaged, nor they are going to be. And asks how he found out about engagement? He had announced it in his house. She says she doesn’t know and thank you him for supporting her. Without his support, she wouldnt be able to sit there without any fear. A message comes on her phone. She says Siddharth sent their picture of sitting in cafe. Shivaay says there is no one. Suddenly a car comes towards their table. Ragini gets prepared to move. Shivaay saves her. It was Ragini’s brother in car. Ragini gives him thumb up.

Pinky tells Gauri that Omkara will never accept her as his

wife. She can’t even speak properly. She insults her more saying their staff are of higher standard than her. Gauri feels bad and leaves.

Baby is with Bhavya. She gets a call and she has to go somewhere. She wakes up Rudra saying she has to go for work, there is emergency. Rudra says what she is trying to say that he doesn’t do any work? handling a baby is not easy. With baby, there are emergencies every hour, when baby gets hungry, cries, etc. It in itself is a mission. She says she understands and gives Baby to him. He says so cute to baby. She says he is also cute.

Gauri comes to Omkara and asks why he’s not letting her go. He asks her why she’s behaving like this. She asks what their relationship is? He doesn’t take her his wife. Then why she’s staying there. Is he keeping there for his guilt? He says it’s not about guilt.. she has done so much for his family. She did because it’s her duty as a wife. If he’s doing all this to pay her back, then he has already done enough for her and her mother, so let her go. Omkara says it’s not like that. She asks what is it then? He says he can’t give direct answers to some questions and leaves.

Bhavya shows cafe’s CCTV to Anika. Anika gets worried for Shivaay. Bhavya says he’s fine. Anika asks why she’s showing that to her then? Bhavya points out that Ragini was already prepared for the accident. Anika says that means Ragini did her accident purposely.

Ragini is with Shivaay. He’s calming her down. She asks him not to leave her and hugs him. Shivaay tells her not to worry, he has already informed commissioner. She says that she asked not to involve police. Shivaay says nothing will happen. Siddarth will get punishment for what he’s done. Ragini says in her mind, if there is any Siddharth. Anika sees them and says she will expose Ragini today. She then images her going into the room and trying to expose Ragini, but Shivaay not believing her. Bhavya tells Anika they will have to be calm and think ahead of Ragini. They will have to find out her past first. Anika agrees.

Baby is with Omkara and Gauri. She doesn’t stop crying. Omkara says Shivaay sings and Rudra dances and he doesn’t know both. Gauri sings. Omkara asks what singing is that. He takes baby and says he can’t sing, nor dance. Baby gets quiet. Omkara is happy and tells Gauri that he told her only he will be able to do it. Gauri says yea, that’s because baby is with his father. There is silence. Omkara feels baby has fever. He goes to Shivaay.

Anika and Shivaay see each other. Anika thinks of leaving before she says anything to Shivaay. Shivaay asks Anika what’s wrong. Bhavya comes there and Shivaay leaves. Bhavya tells Anika that she found Siddharth photo and he went to USA 2 years ago. Anika says that means there is no Siddharth. She hopes Shivaay doesn’t get into trouble by helping Ragini.

All 3 couples are with baby wondering why she’s not stopping crying. Shivaay says he doesn’t like name Bubli kept by Rudra. 3 brothers think of a new name. Shivaay says princess, Omkara says Madhumati. No one agrees with each other. Ladies join in now. Gauri suggests Bindeshwari, Laxmi, etc.. Rudra says what kind of names they are keeping for a baby like Pari. They all like name Pari. Baby also smiles. They think she also liked the name. They all guess what could be wrong with Pari. Shivaay says they should call doctor instead. Dadi comes outside and asks what’s going on. They say Pari is sick. Dadi asks who is Pari? Anika says Babli who was Bunty before. Dadi asks so Pari is final? They say yes. Dadi checks and says she’s just feeling cold from AC. Shivaay says they should still call doctor. Dadi says it’s their first time with baby, that’s why there are worried, but nothing is wrong. She goes. 3 brothers dance and sing for Pari. Anika says they show them attitude, but see how Pari is making them dance. Anika leaves. Shivaay follows and asks who is making whom dance? She asks why he’s asking when he knows. He says no one can make Shivaay do anything, he does what he wants. She says fine and leaves. She loses her balance. Shivaay catches her in his arms. Both have eye lock. Ragini sees them and is mad. He gets a call. He asks Anika to take it out as he has held her with his hands. She asks him then leave her and take out the phone. He says he doesn’t do what others ask. Anika removes the phone and gives it to him. It’s Ragini. Shivaay goes to her. Ragini shows him a message and says Siddharth will kill her. Bhavya tells Anika that she has cloned Ragini’s phone. Now they will be able to trace which number sent the message.

Tej is searching something. Svetlana asks what he’s searching for. He says whom he was searching is there now. She tells him not to be cute. She’s too smart.. she won’t keep proofs against him in her house. He asks then where it is. She asks why he wants to know. He says he’s just curious and tells her to stop doubting him. For her, he’s trapping his wife. Svetlana gets serious. He says he was just pulling her leg and hugs her. Both have some serious expressions.

Bhavya and Rudra are playing with Pari. Bhavya gets a call from ACP who tells her that she no longer needs to stay in Oberoi Mansion. There is a new assignment for her. Bhavya says but they still haven’t found the locket. ACP says they have already spent too much time and she wanted to leave Oberoi Mansion too, so he thought about it. Tonight a car will come to pick her up. Bhavya gets sad.

Rudra drops Pari to Omkara and gives him tips about taking care of babies. Omkara tells story to Pari. It’s about a princess leaving prince after saving his life. Gauri asks why she left him? He says maybe they weren’t made for each other. She asks what happened after? Where she went? Prince didn’t try to find her? They never met after that? Omkara closes the book and tells Pari, remaining story tomorrow.

Rudra tells Bhavya that Pari’s duty is hers tomorrow morning. Bhavya is unable to say that she’s leaving tonight.

Jhanvi is outside. She stops car outside temple and asks her driver to give money inside. Instead her driver, Svetlana comes in the car and drives rashly. Jhanvi is scared. Jhanvi tells her so it’s her whose trying to kill her. Svetlana says she doesn’t need to do anything, it’s Tej who is doing it all. Jhanvi says he’s changed. Svetlana creates doubts in Jhanvi’s mind saying it can’t be coincidence that Tej was at home when incident happened. And also how come she knows that such incident happened? Jhanvi says.. Tej? and recalls Pinky telling her that she saw Tej and Svetlana together.

Precap: Bhavya comes in the car and she’s attacked by someone. Bunch of goons enter Oberoi Mansion.

Update Credit to: Jenny

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  1. Nilash

    Hello PKJ PAGALS wass up. See am back for a darshan.


    About today’s episode I haven’t watched it yet then also see am back to eat all your minds. But wait wait watched only two scenes today.
    1) RIKARA SCENE: Awesome yaar. They would have gifted us such scenes on DBO as well then it would have got amazing TRP. But our CVs devtas are mahan. So no comments against them. I zipped my mouth.

    2) SHIVIKA SCENE: I am ready with a bomb for Yuckini Nagini who all are going with me??? I will kill her stupid phone first then her sim and then her. How dare she disturb my JIJU DIDI??? But my JIJU DIDI….. uuuufffff man JIJU didn’t want to leave my DIDI. LOOBBBEEE UUUUHHH JIJU.

    Didi now stop saying “Fark nai padta”. It seems stupid and unwanted these days. But I loved the scene and was drooling over it (sorry couldn’t help). Please CVs gift us fully fledged SHIVIKA scene soon. I cannot wait for more. You understand na.
    And now PKJ PAGALS……. Hey so much chatting and messages without me???? Not done. Angry on everybody. No one missed me as well. Fake anger but angry.
    Lastly people anyone on insta from this page please do follow PKJLOVESIB a threat come request from me.
    P.S.: People not sure of replying you all back so please loads of apologies in advance.
    P.P.S: FOR INFO OF PKJ MANSION WE CROSSED 200. SO WHO IS THROWING PARTY???? (WINK WINK) I ask from me this time. NO MONEY IN MY POCKET. Sorry…………… hehehehehe

    1. Anitaaa3

      Go Nilash di Go….Again coming first..In Asthadi’s style u have to change the diapers of Pari

      1. Nilash

        Thank You Ani
        Hehehehe………. my pleasure in changing Pari’s diaper

    2. LAX

      GNG..!! ????
      Can u add me in hangout gang plz. Puppy eyes..!! ??? Bahuth zyaada Amaaya ban gayi na aaj.
      And 200..!! Yayyyy..!! Party time…!! ???? Aaj ki party meri taraf se.
      Bas Gaana ga Rahi thi.

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Lax… lol ha ha ha…. gaana ga rahi hoon!!! ha ha ha… Astha on floor.

      2. Nilash

        Thank You Di
        Okk bahut gaa liya ab treat do 200+ hai phir bhi itni kanjusi??? Not fair haan
        Amayaa ki ideal bahena……. wink wink

    3. Nivedita

      Go Nilu go! ?
      Kya we reached 200 on IG! That’s awesome! All thanks to yours and Swathi’s awesome posts…and anyone else in PKJ who is creating those posts! ??
      Here’s some treats for u..??????????

      1. Nilash

        Bas Nivi di yahi emojis hi khilao sab mujhe jinka na koi taste hai na koi smell. Theek hai last time ke liye isi se kaam chala leti hu
        Di come back there missing you

    4. Pushpa

      hey nila go go go go babe….
      im always ready to slaugher yuckini..just tell me when…tht cheapde 2rps doesnt she get it shivaye is not interested & definately not for u dumboo not now & forever……
      anika was so calm when she was talking to shivaye yesterday…so nice to listen..

      please add me in yr hangout gang..pleaseeeeeeee

      1. Nilash

        Thank You Pushups
        Why only slaughter we will murder her in every possible way. This won’t get into her mind na till Shivika reunion takes place. Just waiting to look at her expression then.
        Welcome to PKJ HANGY Pushups
        I was not there when you came so welcome you over here

    5. AnuluvsIB

      Jab bhi aathi ho, GNG ho jatha hain.. hamesha!! ? GNG ?

      200 followers! Woooohoooo! ??

      1. Nilash

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    6. Nila

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      1. Nilash

        Ohhoooo You too Kanjusi??? Okkk emoji treat from you accepted as you are my twin na so we both will have our pckets empty at same time. LOGIC….
        Special offer for my Twin love you and keep loving me or else double treat from you just remember that. (wink wink)

    7. go nilu go …200 followers woww time.pls add me in ur hangout group my id piyuu_pkj.

      1. Nilash

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    8. Whats PKJ group? full form?

      1. Nilash

        Reader PKJ group is this page of ISHQBAAZ on TU. We named it as PKJ
        Full Form: PAGALON KA/KI JHUND
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    9. Archiya

      u an Swathi contribute a lot to that page.. so many congratulations one achieving 200

      1. Nilash

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    11. Nivedita

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  2. AnuluvsIB

    Not as bad as expected…!
    The first 5-7 mins was packed with crap..
    what followed was much much better..

    Loved the way Gauri is confronting Omkara.. Shrenu nailed the scene.. loved the helplessness that she brought out..
    A lil angry on Om actually!! What the hell seedha jawab nahi dhe saktha.. even during the story telling.. he was just there.. sitting like the Moorthy that he makes..! Respond to her u idiot!! (Ridhi pls mannikkavum)

    These Oberoi brothers am telling you.. Good for nothing!! The first 2 have the right woman in their life but are not accepting them, the third one has fallen into a very shallow relation with a not so suitable woman!

    Btw.. Gauri singing ?? and omis expressions on her song! ???? din get what song she sang..! Can some one clarify on what were the words??

    For the first ever time, bhavyas presence added value! Glad ani decided to act smarter this time..! Hope they get successful!!

    Finally Pari is named..
    SSO – It is a historical fact!
    Ru – hum 200 saal purane hain kya??
    Kept having some fun dialogs yahan Wahan today that made episode better!!

    Now coming to our “divorced” couple.. ??oh hello sso? What’s going on? Sometimes I feel angry for the way he is using ani for his pleasures.. ? but the assurance that he is still waaayyy into her is kinda consoling.. mixed emotions there I shud say.. but am surprisingly feeling more happy then angry…
    what a bahana to hold her longer!! The scene was definitely a delight!! ???????

    FYI sso, U totally dance to anis tunes sometimes.. it is just that annika herself is unaware abt the kinda control mechanism that she exerts on you!! So throw ur tadi into the bin!!

    Tej n swet – Just FFed the scene.. don even know what happened!
    @Jhanvi – pls stop being naive woman! U r not this!!

    Precap – So tom is the Gundas drama!

    P.S – Guys!! ?? An announcement ??
    We have created a new group called PKJ mansion in google hangouts (Hangy in Nilu’s language) to stay in touch constantly and for gup shup gossips… please give us your gmail ID and we can add you there if you are interested…
    We also have an insta page pkjluvsib.. so if you are on insta pls follow us there.. if u have ideas for memes or post, we can discuss that on hangouts…
    Having said all this, all of us will continue to comment on TU.. TU page will always be PKJ headquarters.. ?the insta page and hangouts are our branches.. ?
    P.P.S – all the bachus n school going kiddos in the grp… pls join insta or hangouts ONLY if ur parents are ok with that.. pls do not join without their consent or against their will!

    @pushpa – hey i have followed ur id on insta, but unable to add u in insta group as there is restriction on total strength.. that is y we have come out with this hangouts options.. pass ur gmail id to me dear.. I’ll add u..!

    1. AnuluvsIB

      Btw.. missed to mention…
      loved the O Jana Male n female interludes BG score!! totally added to the ???? factor!!
      Just saw the written updates.. So Tej has a hidden agenda agnst swet??

    2. AnuluvsIB

      Btw! Archu lax and anitaaa – sso’s other hand was neither in the pocket nor holding a file ??
      Archu is blush club open?

      1. Pushpa

        oh cmon archu open the blush club…..

    3. Mona_2005

      Can I be the part of the pkj family,I have never talk to you but yes commented on your FF sometimes not always , love watching ib
      My Gmail Id is [email protected]
      I am not on insta because I am only in 8 standard

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Yes Mona! Have added u on hangouts.. accept the invit and start chatting! ?

    4. @[email protected]
      My I’d

      I already saw Insta pkj page
      By seeing the name itself I found I asked too

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Meenu.. have added u on hangouts.. accept the invit and u’ll be in!

    5. LAX

      I think Gauris song was about a doll without one hand n that’s y Om said that the lines are Ajeeb.

      SSOs hand, ??? chaalu cheez..!!

      Control Mechanism Annika has on SSO. True that.

      TU is definitely headquarters ???

      P.P.S.- Love u for that. ?? Sounds like a responsible buzurg..!! ??

      1. AnuluvsIB

        I could catch something ant not having hand.. but don get exactly!! Omis expressions were superb… and indeed an ajeeb song yaar! Who will song this for a baby!!?

        TU is headquarters true.. but apart from few regulars, the comments have come down considerably now.. it used to take me hours to go through all comments.. but today it happened so soon!
        Even archu isn’t around today!

        Lol buzurg! ?? just a lil worried that PKJ shudn become a non productive distraction for them!

    6. Heyy Anu i also wann to be a part of pkj mension my gmail id is [email protected] can u add me plzzz

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Have added u banita.. pls chk ur invites and accept it on hangouts..

    7. Nivedita

      Anu, I too was frustrated with Om.. the duffer CVs have made him super duffer, because they can’t conceive of how Om could tell her to stay without revealing his feelings..????

      Seriously idk why they are so stop and go with Rikara..R the CVs snobs that they can’t figure out a connection between a less educated village gal and very intellectual rich guy..
      Isn’t the solution some hobbies that they may share ( as in art)
      Some life goals they may want to pursue together ( as in something philanthropic)
      Some common family goals ( not Kids, but saving Shivika, looking for AniRi parents)..

      And for those reasons to stay why don’t they develop such commonalities first instead of banking on just inscrutable stares ( the stares worked for Shivika- cause they had fiery unrequited stares and unseen connection to each other- their respective sensors).. unfortunately that
      same thing isn’t there in Rikara and shouldn’t be repeated.

      CVs I am super glad Rikara were there today..but give their writing some meat..
      I agree Shrenu is doing her level best to make her material work..

      That song by Shrenu days- Japan ki gudia ke haath nahin hai– though sung as a lullaby, it’s words were creepy as O said. ( Shrenu was so adorable there.)

      Seems like both Tej and Sutlu have a motive ( Tej some docs and Sutlu I feel wants O)..

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Glad to see longer reply sisso.. after seeing ur chotu comments today!

        Om surely did disappoint us today!
        U r right.. they can come up with convinient common goals and bring them together.. but no clue of y they do not have good ideas abt proceeding with rikara.. they shud take help from FFs!
        And yeah, the stares aren’t working for rikara.. shivika stares were intense coz the stares have evolved for over 300 episodes.. and Narbhi handle it better..
        KJ whose eyes are all time super expressive just falls flat when it comes to such stares..! How much can shrenu try alone..

        Japan ki gudia.. creepy lullaby indeed.. the choice of such a song for lullabhy has Gauri written all over!!

      2. LAX

        Om was always shown commitment phobic. So I think a resolved Om at this point would mean rushing their story. I feel it should take another 50 episodes to show a clarity in bond between them. Looking at the upcoming spoilers I think Gauri inspires the artist Om n that can be a good connect between them. A sudden progression in Rikaras relationship may not be welcomed by hard core Rikarans.

        Totally agree that stares are not working for Rikara. NaRbhi is something else when it comes to stares. The eyelock of them in Shivika – Pari scene was much better than the other in Rikara- Pari scene. They should go for some other signature things when it comes to Rikara like static.

    8. Poonguzhali

      Hello anu can i join pkj family [email protected] this is my email id

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Sure.. have added u thr.. once u accept the invite, u can start chatting..

    9. Pushpa

      anu ..hw r u dear & yr weekend?
      u know anu ..i dun know why is it so difficult to say it out you are my WIFEEEEEEE..frm the eldest to the youngest…..agree bhavya i gv credit other too for helping out anika..but she got to leave tonite….oh man cvs cmon?????

      anu dear it snot only SSO dear anika tooooo….u the all the love pending inside just flowingout kind of tht ….so both get so much connected when they touch and u know na anika’s weakness…but that shivika moment was fabulous….shivaye u r the best when it comes to romancing.. it is
      [email protected]
      hey gal please tell me how i do it …im not so much into it…thks a million….

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Am good Pushpa.. weekend was awesome!

        I have added u on hangouts..
        If ur phone is android, hangouts app will be there by dafault.. chk on that.. if not, install hangouts first..
        post installing, login with the id that u have now given me.. once u r logged in, go to your contacts tab in hangouts and search for PKJ.. u will get PKJ mansion in search results.. click there and accept the invite..
        once u accept u will be able to chat there..
        Try and let me know if u r facing any issues!

    10. Nila

      Tu is our headquarters ?
      Stupid Oberois (sorry) but yenna panaruthu sola vendiyatha iruku?
      Rudy:yepdi love at first site yennaku purila this is not his character na !(remember the first scene of Ruvya)
      And ya I too got angry on OM

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Stupid oberois.. u r right! And u don have to feel sorry abt it!
        And Rudy.. love at first sight is totally stupid.. that too she was shown as a small town gal..!! They are wasting Ru’s story!

    11. Archiya

      3rd para … very well put..
      an yeah i was angry on Om too.. “either he wants Gauri or he does not want” there is no middle way

      For the first ever time, bhavyas presence added value! Glad ani decided to act smarter this time..! agreed i put it my comment too..

      advice to SSO is super good.. hope he uses it

      oh yeah i missed to comment on Shvet-Tej scene.. i felt the scene was somewhat an insight today, looks like Tej is only with Shvet as she is blackmailing him for his past deeds..with some file she has

      totally loved ur “TU is r headquarters, it will always b, here is where it all started :)” an P.P.S

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Thanks archu!
        Glad abt the development between Tej n swet.. less michmichi..

        Abt OM.. true.. his confusion frustrates me too! Either a yes or a no.. hope gauri jhaamp works on him!

  3. Nila

    ??oh jaana?? part is Shivaay ignore yuckini (hand)& asking more qus??????????

    2.Samar was good in free hair????

    3.yuckini doing over acting????????but Shivaay don’t u understand anything?????

    4.dream sequence???????CVS?Annika was saying yuckini is trying to fool Shivaay ha ha but CVS made Me fool??????but scene was so good ?

    5.Bubbly was so cute???????? & her bed pinky pinky???

    6.Namkaran: Pari Singh oberoi ??????whole convo ????????????

    7.Shivika:Shivaay asking Annika is there is any prb?so cute??????full in SSO mode but Bhavya?

    8.Rikara: Gauri’s point is crt
    but om ko kya ho gaya still in confusion mode????? & dadi plz give some work to pinky she always following our cuties?????

    9.tejlana???????????confusion!!!! I skipped that scene

    10.oh jaana ???I love it I got some relaxation??????tadi Singh oberoi &that phone scene awww ????????

    11.Rudy&OM ????????? rikara : Gauri’s song??????




    pari is going to leave OM????

    Tamil IB:
    Soumya entry In OM??????

    Rudy’s new recipe (1st recipe)????????bechara OM??

    Full of shivomru & AnnIshya????????

    1. AnuluvsIB

      Nila… the ani yelling at yuckini part, thank god I knew it was a spoiler..! Else my BP wud have rose that moment! Hope bhavya proves her useful..
      Edhavadhu urupdiya nadakattum, coz of her character.. appa kooda it is difficult to digest her for Ru’s opposite..

      Baby going.. we will all miss pari.. but the fun is over.. so having her also wudn make sens.. it was just small filler..

      1. Nila

        Anu unga pappa name superb?
        I saw that spoilers ana na atha play pani parkala bcoz of that yuckini ?athaan yemanthu poiten
        Bhavya yennatha panalum yennala parkaa mudila ?

    2. Pushpa

      yes nila… leaving is gona be so emotional in OM…
      i too thought the cat fight was real….thnk god its not bhvaya plan shoul dwork…
      loved all shivika scn… much full of feelings love care..

      1. Nila

        Hi pushpa
        Pari is going to leave OM its really difficult to see shivomru’s reactions
        Yup so much of love & care with some tadi

  4. Oh my god pari is going to leave
    Iam going to miss her

    But atleast now they should focus on main track

    I loved shivika romance today
    Shivaay just felt Annika
    And doesn’t want to leave her
    I loved that feelings sooo much

    Some news
    After pari leaving
    Shivika will have emotional moment at night

    And this I don’t know conform fully that ruvya marriage track coming that will play some role in shivika

    Today’s episode was nice
    Just Ragini the b*t*h

    I love swetlana more than Ragini

    Even ruvya romance scene is nice
    Iam not telling I like them
    Iam saying it’s some defined scene
    But when it comes to rikara
    It is not at all defined

    And no need to say
    If shivika get 2mins also they will set ?????

    And I love all obros and obahus moments
    Atleast Bhavya is useful in exposing Ragini

    I love all 6mems moments
    And colour coordination of 6

    1. AnuluvsIB

      Shivika will have emotional moment at night? Am waiting!!

      And yeah.. shivika just got 2-3 mins, and look at how much positivity it added to the entire episode! 1 coz of Narbhi, 2 their relationship has seen great depths!!

    2. Pushpa

      u sure meenuu…..shivika moments at nite………oh god cant wait…..
      hey thst true na…let it be just 1second shivika can set on fire….they are just so mesmerizing and they r into it and do we….

  5. Nivedita

    1) Loved Rikara and Shivika moments! ??
    2) Hated Obros OF song on Ruli BH scene.
    3) Sutlu warning Jahnvi means she is trying to get in Jahnvi’s good books to get closer to O, I feel.
    4) O is being to non- committal..argh..give him some Dialogues..where r his deep meaning soulful dialogues?
    5) Pari was adorable as usual.

    Dear PKJ’s we have created a PKJ mansion Google hangouts group, since we couldn’t add everyone to our group in IG.
    Please provide your Gmail id by DM to either Anu, Nivedita, Nilash, or Lax.
    So that we can add you if you are interested in chatting with us.

    1. Nivedita

      Lax, Nilu, I added you to the people who can add others, since I might be a bit tied up at work. I hope you both don’t mind.?

    2. I didn’t used hangout

      But there are many watsapp groups
      Are you there???

      I already sent my account name to Anu
      Add me

    3. AnuluvsIB

      CPS??! Itni crispy comments?? Y? Busy @work?

      1. Nivedita

        Hmm..didn’t get to rewatch and write comments..just remembered about the pkj post, so typed a short one.

    4. Pushpa

      nivi….add me too [email protected]
      then where do i log in?

    5. LAX

      3. Don’t think so. Sultu however she tries cannot be in Jhanvis good books. But if they are planning to make Sultu positive (which is next to impossible) then it’s a good beginning.

      About adding people to hangout absolutely no problem. I ll add asap.

      1. Nivedita

        Cool Lax Thanks…

        Hmm u may be right, that she will never be in J’s god books, but I think that’s her motive to gain at least He’s trust, cause she sees that Tej might double-cross with J she can gain entry to OM.. maybe I am overthinking it.

      2. Nivedita


        Sutlu positive…’s still about the Kapoor’s revenge..

    6. Archiya

      such a short comment today

      1. Nivedita

        Haan re had work going on Yesterday..did comment later as reply to others.

  6. Misha_Mikul

    Hi deariezzzz…. We are back here?? I felt sad over weekend’s epi but Thank God this week has started with Lovely epi???
    Totally skipped Nagini’s scenes.. The rest all were very Nice??

    Especially, my Babiezzz ShivIka moments?????
    Highlight of the day,FOR ME!! ‘O Jaana’ male n female played together??OMG for first time…I enjoyed it??
    I went crazy once listened the duet version of O Jaana.. Awwwwwwwwwwww???????
    What a fall???? Annika has fallen for many times and Shivaay has held her for many times… but today’s one made me feel so special??
    each and every sequence of their moment where started from conversation til Annika leave from there after Shivaay got call from the Jealous Psychogini was so Adorable??? They were so close???
    I’m still not getting over it maybe because of the Duet O Jaana??it has added more magic to the ShivIka moment???

    when Shivaay wanted to know why Annika looked so disturbed…He understood seeing her face that she was in tension of something??
    Good Shivaay! But why couldn’t you find out the pain and lie in your pyaari Wife’s eyes on the day you both went apart.??? ???
    I’m still not fine with that scene but it had happened..Over!!! Can’t do anything !!!??
    Looking for their reunite?? Gul mam has said ‘Very Soon”, they will unite..I’m Waiting!!!???

    AniVya’s plan to tear Nagini’s face off… Good Luck! Hope your plan will work well??
    Bhavya looks pretty nowadays, (Sometimes)??

    Didn’t watch OmRi’s and RuVya’s scenes well.. I was rushed to watch Kadhala Kadhala?? so have to watch them after this…

    Oberoi Couples with Pari…Seriously, nothing looks so Adorable than seeing Guys playing or behaving naughty to a baby???
    ShivOmRu’s love for Pari?? Such Heart Melting moment??
    I actually love with ‘Bunty’ name more than ‘Babli’ and ‘Pari’?? but the baby is girl, so Babli, Pari or whatever will definitely suit her??.
    She is soooooo Beautiful and Cute baby girl????? Gonna miss her soon???
    Thank God, she is not TejLana’s baby as spoiler said????

    Well,,, Jhanvi aunty, don’t need to scare on the cheapde Swetlana…Okay, I can understand that seeing her face with full make up is quite indigestion thing??????
    moreover she was close to you so that one which made you got scared, right??? Don’t worry, just say Vijay setupathi’s famous “PPPPPAAAAAHHHHHHH” with same expression as he did?????
    now, Who will rescue bechari Jhanvi aunty from the ghost??????

    Precap- Goons scene.. Haha, ShivIka will fight in between??? reminds me when ShivIka fought with the 2 goons in jungle!??
    Excited!!! ??

    before leave, would like to share something… some of in our IB fandom, I don’t mean anyone here, but those make issues by comparing ShivIka, OmRi and RuVya’s moments…if OmRi get much scenes then ShiVika fans have problem with and same goes to other 2 couples… officially sending messages to Gul mam, asking why this couple get much duration of scene and why not this couple..
    This is not a good thing…ShivIka fans, OmRi fans and RuVya fans all are apart! First We are Ishqbaaaz fans.. stay loyal, keep loving and supporting our IB crew.. They are working hard for us.. They know what, how and when to give the thing which we wish for..
    So guyzzz,, if you see any of member in our IB family, do such things, pls react and make them understand???

    Good Night, Ishqbaazianssss❤❤❤ Have a nice day!! Tc??

    1. AnuluvsIB

      Misha.. well said abt the u it’s among IB fandom.. I think off late ppl are going iverboarded..
      there is nothing wrong abt having preferences, favourites.. it ias also natural to not like characters on screen..
      But bashing the actors, writers.. calling
      them names on social media is ridiculous and immature..!

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Yeah Anu !! They should realize it.. else our IB image will be destroyed? Unity is must to make our favorite hits success ??

    2. Pushpa

      agree misha…yes what a fall……anika looked s*xy sideways when shivaye held her…..her outfit reveal her curves….tht was damn s*xy..
      shivika moments for 1second too hit the fire feo me it doesnt matter hw long to me as long as there is a moment to enjoy…

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Yeah babe.. Annika looked so Hot… their moment was short even but totally ablaze???

    3. Nila

      Hi misha
      What a fall yup semma la konjam neram na dream land irunthu vantha mari feeling??????
      Oh jaana was something spl yesterday?
      Swetlana paaaaaaaaaaa same pinch nethu over overrrrrr make up???

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Yup NIla..such magical moment??
        Yeah.. Overo overr make up.. Paavam Jhanvi aunty???

  7. Anitaaa3

    Heyy people…Todays episode was bang-on!!!! The Shivika monent was short but ok as this is only the trailor..Movie is yet to release..

    I just ignored the first part..And how is Nagini yarrr..She was wearing ahoes before the attack…

    Rudra and Baby part was good…But ruined by Bhavya
    .Rudra actually thought that Bhavya would kiss himm…

    This Pinky na…Epic yarr Shivika ko barbaad kar diya..ab Rikara ko chodd do
    Ek taraf se accha least Gauri ne khud ke liye awaz uthayi

    Baby part was awsome..
    At least Bhavya Anika ke kuch kam ayi

    Shivaay sings worse than Dhinchak Pooja

    At last Jhanvi gets to know the truth of Tej..


    1. AnuluvsIB

      Shivaay sings worse than Dhinchak Pooja

      1. Anitaaa3

        Sach me

    2. LAX

      If that was the trailer am waiting for the movie.

      Bhavya kuch tho kaam aayi finally.

  8. Once a show gets fan following, the producers can do anything even though nothing makes sense. One second, Shivaay says he don’t know what Sholay is and not sure about any old songs and other old Indian anything. The next second, he is singing old songs to the baby. And they drag each episode with almost zero story. But these stupid fans just go crazy.

  9. Pushpa

    Im totally dead this dp just killed me alive……pinch pinch…….

    Hw was yr weekend gals…wht u guys hv geen doing???

    And whts happening here….?????
    Wow we got the RK pose once again….the best music the best song…tht eyelock the intense feeling…well what can i say shivaye is the best in romancing……and of course u cant even 1scnd keep yr hands away…i c yr hands r tied ….ist it around her waist….mm and u naughty asking anika2get yr phone frm yr coat..ooooo romantic….?????

    Yes yes yes yuckini…..What the hell…yes n go to helll please..????u heard tht shivaye said thy r not engaged & not going2b one….stop dreaming yuckini….

    Why do v hv to start wt yuckini…and hw dare u touch shivaye hand…u 2rps chepade …kutta kamini….ha ha ha ha shivaye shivaye shivaye u r just owsm…….moved his hand away…got u there yuckini …and wht????? Her owm bro actng as siddarth…yuckkk yuckini u suckkkkk..

    I hate this pinky ponky why haunting gauri…..and u gauri why so mnay question to OM just tell wht pinky told 2him and.OM will understd cause he kniws wht she did to anika….. cvs why IB have so many MU…when will all these ends yaar so tired……….

    And the cat fight was a dream???????? ..good….anika collect all proof expose yuckini…2day in hv 2give credit2 bhavya 2open anika’s eyes to get proof on yuckini…and MissionToExposeYuckini starts…yeahhhhhh…plan excute&action,….dun mess it up bcareful…finally shivaye u hv informed police agn yuckini plan tia tia pisss hogaya……

    Babli is now PARI….. beautiful name….obros r enjoying the cute little pari moment …tht was cho cho cuteeeeee singing dancing for PARI…..owsm….

    And jhanvi why r u so confused&naif…..,,truth in frnt of yr eyes….dun believe Tej….

    Tomoro gunddo entering OM…..PARI will b kidnaped ????????oh no…

    gd nite gals

    1. Nivedita

      Yeah Pushpa, loved Shivika today..??? ?
      Also Rikara- Shrenu was adorable! ?

    2. AnuluvsIB

      Aaahaaa Pushpa.. ur DP ???
      Just can’t take my eyes off! ??

      Hey, gimme ur gmail id Pushpa.. I will add on hangouts..

    3. LAX

      well what can i say shivaye is the best in romancing…!! Pushpa plz don’t forget there was Annika also in the frame…!!

      I think Gauri should ve told Om about Pinkys taunts. He would ve understood.

      Thank God that catfight was a dream.

      1. Pushpa

        hey of course no anika no shivika moments yaar

    4. Archiya

      same pinch v had same DP today.. an its absolutely killer

      u heard tht shivaye said thy r not engaged & not going2b one.. just loved this scene

      And the cat fight was a dream????????.. i was glad its a dream.. for once anika is thinking from brain

      1. Pushpa

        pinch pinch tht was so mesmerizing i feel the shiver yaar up to my spine…thts too much right? cant help it…he’s just killer
        for one anika didnt even fight with shivaye..all looked so nice so good and their moments r perfect..

  10. hiii ishqies…..

    1. Naagini making pappu of shivaay….???????

    2. Pinky plz first look at ur education qualification ???? and before asking about Gauri’s village .. do a favour by telling from which village do u belong to….. BADI AAYI GAURI KO BOLNEWALI….. ???????????????????????

    3. Pari looks soo cute with rudy…. ??????????……. Every time rudra touches her cheeks pari’s smile ?????????? is so adorable….. ??????… Rudra and Pari really look like A PREFECT father and daughter….??????? …. CUTENESS OVERLOADED…..☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

    4. Guys today bhavya’s acting was good as compared to her previous ones…. ??

    5. Bhavya using police-giri mind. ????? to help Anika….. Anika and bhavya’s Ragini exposing mission….

    6. Today I felt a kind of emptiness in GAURIKARA’S talk…. When Gauri came to talk with Omkara atleast I expected to react in some or the other way …. but he went away without any reaction….. ????????????

    7. Rudra’s reaction when Shivaay said the name of bubbly to be something like princess…. LOL… ????
    GAURIKARA giving names to bubbly….. Hilarious…… ?????
    AniRi’s reaction when baby was named PARI….. Specially Gauri saying ” LIKES “…. cute expressions by both of them….. ??????

    8. Shivaay holding Anika …… not letting get go… ???
    Shivika’s forehead touch….. ????
    But suddenly a NAAGINI called him and broke the eye lock…. ??????????

    9. SVETLANA IS BACK….. ???????????????


    NOTE——- NOTE——- NOTE——-….

    SO HERE IS THE GOOD NEWS….. ??????
    FINALLY OUR WISH TO GET OLD OMKARA IS BACK….. YEH yeh…. ????????????????????


    1. Nivedita

      Maahi agree with all your comments, even about BH..she was much tolerable.

      OmRi convo was annoying since O didn’t respond much..

      Glad old O is going to be back soon..great news! ??

    2. AnuluvsIB

      Maahi.. am waiting for our old O too! The way he sits on the stool focusing on sculptures.. every time such a scene was shot, he looked super adorable!

      And yeah, I expected some reaction out of O too when Gauri was questioning him.. disappointed that he din respond to her properly!

    3. Pushpa

      couldnt agree more maahi..shivika moments was owsm splendid was on fire……getting the old Omkara will be fabulous…

  11. Riddhima

    Typed a long comment by one wrong touch all erased ….???????????????
    Pomgada negalum Inga tu page um …. Kovam kivama varuthu

    1. Labiba

      Don’t cry my dear??

    2. Nivedita

      I understand totally! ??

    3. Nivedita

      Don’t cry..wrote the highlights tomorrow instead! ?

      1. Nivedita


    4. AnuluvsIB

      Oops! Ridhi.. it is frustrating.. vera engayachu type pannitu copy past pannunga.. thats how i usually do when I start on lengthy comments..

    5. Pushpa

      wt happen riddhi??????? no worries…there is still tomoro..

    6. LAX



      Run LAX Run….!! ???

  12. hey i think anika was wearing mangulsutra behind her necklace i felt like that?

    1. No Muskan anika wasn’t wearing mangalsutra becz leap Anika was seen crying by holding mangalsutra soo don’t think she wear it….

  13. Hiiii guys..
    Episode gave me some realax wali feeling…..

    1.Sso and nagini..thank God..that part didn’t irritate me soò much…..but @annika dear sorry to say but to day i scared by mr ghunralu. Yarr daksh ki yaad aagayi mujhe…mummy……bachalo………????..i know he is not bad but fir bhi mere ko dar lag raha he…..

    2.most irritating thing..pinky ponky ‘s kharikhoti to sweet chireya gouri…..prblm kya he iski…???????????..teri juban cat dungi…meri didi ki life tabah kardi aab aayi iski baat karne ..nonsense. ….???????????????????..

    3.then omri confrontation. …gouri’s point was right…then om said some deep meaning wali baat fir gayab ye tino obros na kabhi sidha bol hi nahi sakte…..

    4.Kabhi socha nahi tha but i am saying Thank You Soooooooooooooo Much.? bhabya for helping my didi….

    5.thank.God pichli basr ki tarah didi koi stupidity toh nahi ki……aab such main nagini ki ulti ginti suru…..

    6.then rudy’s tie tie fiss moment ?..kya socha tha ki bhabya usse kiss karegi no itni jaldi nahi…are meri didi saadi ke itne dino baad bhi Sso ko ek kiss tak acche se nahi kar payi..tumhari line baad main he..????..

    7.then Sso’s concern for Didi which i was actually wanted to see…Sso today i am really not angry on you……..yarr agar didi ki paresaani dikhai deti he toh FB pe jao aur reaaon dhundo… .bhabya beech main kyun aayi.but thank God didi ko kuch info toh mili

    8.PARI…awwwww soo sweet name..cute part was after hearing the name baby was smiling. ..Soooooooooooooooooo cute….?????..So dadi solve the prblm. ..Sharmaji ke yahan chalegaye..jao jao…

    Then Didi ???..Sso ki ego ko thes pahuchi so didi ke peeche peeche chalegaye..and apni clarification bhi de di…hmmmm.not bad……

    Then Shivika moment. ..and GUESS WHAT THEY FULFILLED MY WISH. …..DUET OH JAANA………???????????????…that scene was really cute….Sso was soo much lost in her….noo they both lost in each other…..?????..feeling hot hot…DIVORCE GAYA TEL LENE..?????.

    11.then entry of nagini. .???..but Sso didi se phone nikalwaya…why Sso why???? Didi ko chodne ka maan nahi tha kya????????????..but didi became Sad after seeing nagini name. .Sso was seeing her that if this is affecting her or not…..
    Yes Didi i am.with you……..we all are with you..milkar Nagini ki bin bajayenge…..

    TEJ surlu part was fishy….looking like sultana ke paas tej ke kuch secrets he isliye woh sayad usse trap kar raha he…don’t know why but i am feeling some thing Jhol Jhapata….ut Sutlu is not a fool fool fool..

    13.So now sutlu is trying to make rift betwwen tejvi.dont know if janvi will believe her or not..

    14.precap SOOO kidnapping ka chhakar kalse..hi…interesting waiting for Tomorrow. ……

    @Pinku dear may be But ASR is looking very handsome ????❤❤❤❤❤❤….

    1. AnuluvsIB

      Arpu!! I loved that sso sensing her pareshani part.. missed to mention in my comments..
      Itni fikr hain… but maanenge nahi!!

    2. Pushpa

      pinky was evil as always…didnt care much i skipped….bhaya was in my positive page just because she’s gona help anika to expose yuckini….but shivika moments sealed the epi yesterdday…waitign 4todays gundo enterign OM..

  14. LAX

    This is what I call a balanced episode. Lion’s share of Shivika n Rikara n just bearable Ruvya with quality Obro scenes too. Definitely much better than expected. Seeing Fridays precap I thot Monday tho Gaya.

    Yuckini turned chopini after all that mahnath. I still doubt if Samar is playing super smart.

    Pinky as usual shows her class. Pinky, Omkara khud aise parties mein nahi jaayenge. Tho Gauri, tum tension math lo.
    Gauris lines to Omkara were very relevant. But the problem with AniRi is that they don’t understand that action speaks louder than words.

    Pari’s Naamkaran was fun. Loved the way how baby Pari reacted to it. But today I seriously felt bad for the baby especially in the Rikara sequence. Btw, Gauri singing for the baby n Oms reaction to it was funny.

    As much as I hated Annikas artificial fall on Shivay I loved the scene after that. It looked so fresh I mean as if they are just about to start a relationship. Annika looked nervous, Shivay could not take his eyes off Annika. It was wow. Loved the whole sequence.
    I also loved the first Shivika scene where Shivay reads Annikas worry and is concerned about it. Wish that Bhavya had not interrupted.

    Glad that Bhavya is helping Annika. That way she ll stay away from Rudr also. She is worst when she does romantic scenes. Her laugh today was also bhayanak.

    So Sultu n Tej are double crossing each other. I somehow did not want Tejs truth to come out before Pinkys. Now Jhanvi will be close to Pinky coz she was right. Let’s see what happens.

    The only hitch in the episode was the two rupee dubbing in the first half.

    Precap- Goon sequence. Team in white looked so good.

    P.S.- Ever since the merger I ve to say the quality of the show has improved. Show deserves better TRP now. But Guys, do u think eventually they ll make it a half an hour show.?? I suspect so???

    1. Nivedita

      Lax, I thought so too. Om will himself never go to such parties..??

      And talk about a balance one annoyed me today.. not even yellow witch (ok just very rarely) enough to enjoy Rikara and Shivika and dadi and Ruli! ?

      I remembered u in that witch laugh! ????

      Was that an artificial fall? I didn’t realise it..

      I was annoyed with both BH and Yuckini for interrupting Shivika today..
      With Yuckini I felt now they are replacing dinky in that scene with Yuckini as a spy…yuck to infinity..though I don’t hate her as much (yet) as dinky..

    2. Nivedita

      I too think IB may become 1/2 hr again..if TRP doesn’t cross 2 consistently.. let’s see..

      yes they are showing a more cohesive story since the merge. ??

      1. LAX

        Bhavya was not an eye sore but was not good also yesterday. Looking at the Ani Bhavya bonding am scared if makers ll make them sisters. I don’t want that.

        U thot of me seeing the witch laugh. Lo ab yahi baaki tha ???

        Fall did not look natural at all.

        Star Plus may do that eventually I feel.

    3. AnuluvsIB

      Lax.. balance.. very correct.. everything was just there as much as required..
      like many have said, even bhavya was tolerable today (except for the scary laugh.. she better improve that)
      We had quite some time for rikara.. had both serious and comical moments there..
      shivika did magic in the 2/3 mins they got.. obros with pari was also such a delight.. and Tej n swet.. I FFed thinking I can’t tolerate.. only on reading written updates, got to know that was kinda good too!

      On the trp.. agreed lax..they definitely deserve better numbers.. but the channel needs to give some promo.. and even these ppl, shud improve on giving better precaps.. today’s episode want bad at all, but the precap gave a very negetive feel.. they could have probably shown the pari naamkaran.. and prob, bhavya getting g sabooth a agnst Ragini in precap.. they wud have given a feel that story is moving fwd..
      if they don do things wisely, they will lose viewership!

      1. LAX

        Balanced episodes n positive precaps definitely can do wonders when it comes to TRP I feel.

    4. Pushpa

      balance epi..agree totally…tht fall was owsm doesnt look artificial but superb shivika moment with the music song eye lock so close ……it always happen…interruption interruption…bhavya was helping anika so i didnt hate her much today…but yuckini i swear i’ll slaughter her for touching shivyae…

      1. LAX

        Bhavya did not bother much coz there were no romantic scenes.

        Please go ahead n slaughter Yuckini. We are with u. ??

    5. Archiya

      Seeing Fridays precap I thot Monday tho Gaya… same wit me but i was in for a surprise,, good episode

      Omkara khud aise parties mein nahi jaayenge. Tho Gauri, tum tension math lo… good observation

      i feel bad for the baby all the while, they keep crying due to a lot of things..

    6. Nivedita

      I thought of u meaning..your commentary at Bhavya’s laugh..I knew u will post about it..??and u did..
      And I was like seriously dude that gal is scary..I agree the chummy Ness of Ani bhavya worries me..I will definitely stop watching if that track starts..yuck to infinity if Bhavya end up related to Ani or gets married to Rudy. ?????????

      1. Nivedita

        *ends up

  15. Fenil

    Hello everyone
    Good episode.
    Like how Shivaay ignores Ragini.:P:P:D
    Pari singh oberoi.:$:$:):)
    cute pinky as [email protected]):[email protected]):[email protected]):-
    TejVi and Swetlana convo offfo|O|O;)
    Rikara moments so sweet :$:$:):):)
    ShivIka scene awesome love how shivaay asked her about [email protected]):[email protected]):-<3<3

    Looking cool Samar in open hairs.

    @Pkj introi read how many girls are there???!Manya nahi hai?

    1. AnuluvsIB

      Hello denial? R u referring to the FF by ammu when u say PKJ intro?

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Oops autocorrect made fenil as denial ?

      2. Fenil

        Yaaa dear Anu

    2. Nivedita

      Please don’t get attached to Pari..she isn’t going to be a real Oberoi. Just an Oberoi by their love to her..

      1. Fenil

        yaa Dear Nivedita

  16. Surbhi Sharma

    Hey guys . How are u all ??
    Couldn’t comment due to net issues .

    Anyways , epi was good . I didn’t watch yet .

    But pari Is going to leave . Nooo . I m gonna miss her alot alot . ???????

    ShivIka were absolutely absolutely awesome .
    And even gaukara .
    Ru and baby part so cute .

    Yuckini was as usual baddd . Hate her

    Precap , swet again ??????

    Anyone noticed , where Amena di ??

    Acha good night ishqies .???

    1. AnuluvsIB

      Hey I just noticed after you pointed out! we have updates from someone else and not Amena!

      1. Pushpa

        hey ya la just realise….and whts happen? no amena anymore…

  17. Aaj epi is beautiful.shivika ki moment sooo nice.
    She’s a mad,totally a mad bohot dinoki baad shivaay nai anika ko boola

    1. AnuluvsIB

      Lol! She indeed looked mad AB! Yeah he has told after a very long time.. it is nice to see things getting normal between them again!

  18. Today epi was soooooo good….
    Yeh nagini ko samajh main aaraha kya shivaay use thoda sa vi vaw nahi de raha hain phir vi wo chipkali ki tarha chipka rahti hain discusing….

    Anika & Bhavya ko nagini ki sachai pata chal gaya bt humhare shivaay bhaiya ko wo 3 mahino se poppu bana rahi hain phir bhi pata nahi chal raha hain…. Common bhaiya kabhi toh anika bhojai ki bath sun liya karo….

    Anika ki dream sence Anika jb nagini ko room se nikal rahi thi tb mujhe tia ki yaad aagayi jb anika tia ko ase hi room se nikali thi…. Bt ye anika ki dream thi kas sach hota….

    Omri sence was Superbb…. Bt om ka pas gouri ki koi vi sawal ka jawab nahi hain…. Jb pehela anika shivaay ko ase sawal puchti thi tb shivaay use apna jimedari batate the nd om ke pas koi jawab nahi hain…. What’s wrong with u guyss….

    Now our very cuteee bubly wo ru ke dance nd shiv ke gana se chup hoti hain aur hamare omki ko kuch vi nahi ata hain….
    Jb gouri garahi thi tb om ka expresion…. Even i also couldn’t understand a single word…

    Namkaran of baby O M G gouri kya kya nam bata rahi thi obro ke pale main toh kuch vi nahi pad raha tha bt finally they gave her a sweet name PARI….

    Now my most fabb Shivika sence Awwwwwwww!!!! BILLU JI APNE BILLI KO CHODNA NAHI CAHTA HAIN bt wo nagini phir se apni tang adane chali aai kitna cuteee sence chal raha tha…. Huh i just want to kill her i mean her character… In bhavya’s language i’m sure US NAGINI KI CHARACTER KO MARNE SE INDIA MAIN KOI SAJA NAHI HOGA…..

    Ruvya sence with pari was soo cuteee….

    Tej i can’t understand what going on his mind pata nahi cvs ka dimag me kya chal raha hain…..

    1. AnuluvsIB

      Not just India banita, nagini ko Marne se duniya ki kisi bhi kone me bhi sazaa nahi hoga! So go ahead??

  19. Ohh i forgot *O JANNA..* mix version just luv it….

  20. Shivika was amazing…I believe they have to leave it for one hour considering they have all three couplea to focus on….the spin off happened because shivika was the main couple and the others needed time to develop…the merge though is fantastic….

  21. Nikita_jai29

    Good morning ishqies… Yr ye kya ib wu page pr itne cum comments.. Ye ishqbaaz h ishqies… 100th se less comments to kabhi rahe hi nhi to fir aaj kase… So ishqies so your love for ib and keep commenting…..

    1. Nivedita

      Good morning Nikita. The thing is our IB Nd hangouts PKJ discussions are eating our time. So we are not finding time to chat here.
      Yesterday’s episode– was awesome, but the precap from Friday and awful Friday episode–may have pissed audiences. So many may not know how good this episode was.

  22. Ranilya

    Good mornin PKJ.
    The epi was ok-ok even with some good elements…
    I know most of you would have discussed the episode last night it self… but wanted to share my opinion on TU…. for me the episode was kind of 50-50….

    Shivika RK pose n hug was totally uncalled for….. I dint understand why Anika slipped!! There was no reason for her to slip! Why did Shivay have to hold Anika for that long? ??? Why couldn’t he take his phone out of his pocket himself?? Doesn’t Anika know in which pocket he keeps his phone?? Why did she pull out his kerchief from br*ast pocket?? Like he ever kept his phone there!!
    Cvs why are you doing This?? ? Adding romantic scenes to increase TRP without any blend with the story or track to increase TRP!!?? The standards of IB is deteriorating, using romantic scenes to increase TRP without any blend with the track…. 2rs ka banake rakdiya IB ko…. they know Shivika sell…so everyday one shivika proximal scene!!

    Having said this…. Archu hope blush club is open…… whether the track is good or bad Shivika are always ?????????
    Be it the corridor in front of the puja area or the RK pose n hug….. no one can beat Shivika…. just love them….????????
    Love their chemistry…. without uttering a word they speak volumes…..

    1. Ranilya

      These Oberoi brothers are idiots of the first order!!!
      When married or divorced they never express their feelings to their wives….. but always expect the wife/ex-wife to b around them like magnet…. and fulfil their desires!!

      Rikara…. felt like slapping Om today.. .. and I want to scold Gowri too…. I know She is from small town, her thinking is not broad…. for her Om is her pati parmeshwar…. and all that…. but when she was ready to leave OM why did she have to stay back?? If Om wanted he would have got her back….
      What is the use of questioning n crying in front of him??? Like he is going tell ‘Gowri I accept you as my wife’
      Never expected Om’s character to b so blunt….
      But liked the way she confronted him…. Anika took so long to do this!

      Rudy???? why the he’ll should bhavya take turn in caring for the baby??? Is she your wife or GF????? According to you baby is an Oberoi so oh Oberois take care….. Bhavya is not an Oberoi!!!
      You could have given the baby to Anika atleast…

      Bhavya was manageable today only bcos she helped Anika. Atleast she put her profession into some use….

      Pari was very cute…. loved the mamkaran section… Rikara n their name suggestions!!

      Another thing I have noticed is….. along with shivika they have started to add ‘lafzon ka yeh’ bg in every place…. the obros are so sure that the baby is their own NKK!!!

    2. AnuluvsIB

      Ranu.. am just telling u whatever I told Lax yesterday.. it is ok to have shivika romance as a filler than seeing bhavya romance.. and of course even better than villain baazi..
      Cvs have decided to drag this track having some minimum no. Of episodes in mind.. till then we will not see any progress.. so tome down ur expectations on CVs.. and just go with the flow ranu..
      Shivika proximal scene sells well ranu.. so they sure will go for that..
      according to our Cvs, every plot line/arc consists of min X episodes.. the first few being the intro/formation of villain and the last 2/3 being the exposè.. whatever comes between will be fillers.. for fillers they r currently using their strength which is romcom..
      they do not know how to carry out romcom and mystery/drama in parallel.. so we r left with no option than to wait!!

    3. Pushpa

      hey rani…hw r you?
      RK pose was superbbbbbb….OMG whts this rani…questions and questions & questions…
      shivaye finding reason to hold anika longer in his arms…..u r absolutely right…cmon cvs dun do this show some good tracks stp yuckini expose pinky the most evil villain….many more loose ends to be sealed…

    4. Archiya

      blush club opens today.. an ya anika falling was not justified but i think the scenes after that were really good.. Shivay did not want to leave anika as he was lost in her, he still loves her a lot, just that tadi comes in between.. an he did not want to take the phone by himself as he did not want to lose their moment together.. even though finally it was lost bcz of yuckini..
      .. looks like her feelings were all jumbled up an hence the confusion of where he keeps his phone

      about rikara i put that in my comment too.. Om needs to tell yes or no there is no middle way..

      an yeah shivika always speaks volumes without uttering a single word

    5. LAX

      Rans dear
      IBfan tho aaj IBdushman ho Gayi.
      I feel you are way too critical today. I agree the story wasn’t progressing. But the episode was not bad either. I feel post merger the quality of the show has improved. Sorry to differ.

      Annikas fall was oh so artificial, but moments post that was bliss. ??? All thanx to NarBhi.

      Gauri n Annika goes for lambe lambe Dialogues but does not believe in action. I ve mentioned the same in my comments. And Om from the beginning was commitment phobic. So it ll take some time for him to come out of the shell.

    6. Nivedita

      Rani I felt they have started using lafzon ka for Bhavya scenes to get acceptance for her..

      I was irritated with all 3 bros too yesterday.
      But SSO I forgave because his excuse to keep Ani near was cute, but idiotic..

      And u r rights the CVs couldn’t think of a natural way to keep them close, so this stupid trick…

      With Rikara..I liked Gauri, but Dumbo OSO was irritating..atleast they should direct him to give some good expression na. Like eyes showing love, but lips not expressing it or something.

      And Rudy BH.. seriously why should BH take care..and even if she were his GF or wife..when work calls that should be’s not as if other family members are missing from the Om..pointless irritating moment ..and another artificial and indigestible stupidity between these two. I hated Rudy BH the most as always because they just do t make sense as a couple to natural or organic progression. Between Ru Bh…

  23. hi everyone I m new here may I join yr pkj group I POV e shivika and yr connection with pkj member

    1. AnuluvsIB

      Sure Neha!! Welcome to PKJ!! ? Keep commenting always!

    2. Archiya

      Welcome Neha to PKJ

  24. Hello ishqies,
    Today epi is good one
    1.shivaay-ragini scene thank god for not dragging this scene more and like shivaay ignore ragini and questions her
    2.pinky ponky how dare she taught gauri.I wish if om is there she will get correct ans.
    3.rikara scene is good and their love story moving good
    4.Naamkaran of pari liked it…pari u r leaving miss u bubly
    5.anika falling in shivaay arms aww….But that nagini ohh anyone go and kill her
    Its good anika do not talk more to shivaay.Bhaiya u noticed ur dear is worried then why u go behind raging
    6.tej-sultlu-jhanvi oh don’t know what to say about them
    Guys comments are less than 100 ok guys c u all later HAVE A NICE DAY

  25. *raging nahi ragini typing mistake
    And guys what about trp here comments are less
    astha where r u?don’t c ur comments
    ohh cvs plz reunite shivika soon Don’t know in what state my shivika romance going through.Its full of nagini drama
    Rikara moving through good track & ruvya is also not bad

  26. Gd morning every1
    shivay aaj bhi anika ki tune maine dance karti hai.jab anika bold tha&aj kuch khato uneki pechichali

  27. I forgot mantio
    Welcom to PKJ family

    Take care
    Have a nice day

  28. Archiya

    Shivika shivika shivika.. u guys drive me crazy
    Even i simple “anika whats wrong” reaches straight to my heart.. he still can find that something is wrong with anika, an he is worried enough to know about it.
    The scene where anika falls on him, seemed a lil out of place, but wat followed was bliss.. shivika burn the screen with their simple moments.. loved loved them

    All are welcome to join it back 🙂

    for once i m glad that bhavya was there with anika in nagini matter.. she asked her to think from brain n not heart, else as usual anika would have gone to shivay just like her imagination, an he would have scolded her an taken her wrong again

    Rikara scenes i really liked today, what i did not like was why is Gauri still there in OM, when om is not answering her questions.. looks like she still has hope.. but what so ever happened to that “atma saman”

    Rudy n pari were as usual very cute today.. like the naming ceremony tooo..

    So all in all after 2-3 episodes fillers, i felt it was a meaningful episode today..

    1. LAX

      Blush club is open…!! Yayyy…!! Where is co founder Mouni.
      @Mouni, if u are reading this. We terribly miss u dear.
      Glad that Bhavya was of help there. Warna Annika would ve been Pappuka again.

      I too ve mentioned in my comment, AniRi sirf lambe lambe bhaashan de sakthe hain but cannot put their words into action.

      1. Archiya

        i m missing Mouni too.. she has been away for a long time
        @Mouni we really miss u a lot…come back soon

    2. Pushpa

      archu ……blush club open yeahhhhhhhhhh
      hey v hv the same dp…killer shivaye
      shivika im drop dead alive yaar…shivaye shivaye shivaye he is just super owsm…

    3. AnuluvsIB

      A simple what’s wrong reaches straight to heart!! Well said archu!! Power of shivika.. power of Narbhi!!

      True, though the fall was artificial, what followed was pure bliss!

      And yay!! Blush club is open!
      Wooohoo ???

  29. Aastha_Reddy

    Shivaay Singh Oberoi said-” I will do as per my wish and mind”… and the next minute caught Annika from falling slipping on the floor. He asked her “Are you fine” and she answered back-” if you are fine then Every thing is fine”.. She accepted his as her world and means of happiness and same time accused him of being self centered. Her love mixed with her accusation on him. He is doing as per his wish and that scene described it too amazingly…..
    Shivaay noticed her unmindful and asked her the reason and then a pang of disappointment ran up his spine as he is tolerating that Yukini just because he want to see a slight sign of “Fark padta hai” from Annika, a pang of jealousy on her face and Annika is not speaking the sentence complete ever and never failing to show in action that he does matter to her . Annika’s actions are speaking volumes then the incomplete sentence “Mujhe fark padta hai kyun ki…..”
    Shivaay was shouting-” please stay glue to me, do my all work, show your rights on me, claim me, get angry on me, ask me some reason why I am doing this, make me stay away from that Yukini, throw water at my face, but be mine…stay mine…touch me all over and fish out my mobile, keep it close to my ear and stay close by me in my happiness and sorrow…complete the sentence I want you to..”Tumhe fark padta hai”…jus the way mujhe fark padta hai..I couldn’t understand you but you are very mature and I am emotionally challenged. Do some thing soon..every thing soon”.
    That is all I wanted to say.
    Watched it just now….

    1. Nila

      Hi astha
      Ur view is superb???????

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Thanks Nila…

    2. AnuluvsIB

      Whoa!! Wow!! Simply wow!! ? I just have nothing else to say!!

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Anu…naa naa karke unke Dil ki saari baat to kehgayi main. Your “!!!” teased me enough.

    3. Pushpa

      Astha…owsm comments ….luv all frm line shivaye ws shouting………?????luv u thts a gd one

    4. AnuluvsIB

      I was in total awe asthu gaaru… hence the !!!!

  30. Yazhu

    Hi everyone….
    It’s a great epi yesterday…. Totally loved it… Thanks to cvs atleast now they’ve decided to move the story… Even it’s slow still it’s better than being on strike….

    Coming to the epi…. The first part of Nagini’s drama ?????????????total crap ??????????????????

    But happy that Anika found the truth…really thanks to Bhavya…HAPPY that Anika decides to stay low and act smart ?????????????

    And my Shivika’s OH JAANA moment ?????????????????? Shivaay excusing lame reasons to keep her close to him… Like the hands tied and pick the phone reasons ?? he’s really in a mood swing and should act smart to know about the real face of Nagini….

    And that Pinky ???????????????she’s really irritating Gauri and us also ???? loved the way Gauri confront Om…. Come on man… Why are you not answering her questions ??? she’s so clear and confident that Om is her husband and she’s doing everything for him… But Om… ???? you really need to make clear about your relationship with Gauri…..

    And Gauri’s song for Pari?????????????? Totally loved RIKARA today….

    Finally it’s Pari… Yaayyyyy… ?????????????Rudy is a genius to came up with that name ???????????????loved it….. “Lafzon ka yeh rishta” perfectly suits the whole naming ceremony and the whole sequence is beautiful ??????????

    Rudy and Pari both looked sooöoooooooo cute than everyone in OM… Sorry Shivika and Rikara… Really RuPa(Rudy and Pari) beats you guys today ????????????????Pari and her smile ?????

    Urghhh TejLana ??????????????looks like Tej is also using her for something…. He might have some hidden motives….. Poor Jhanvi caught by Fakelana ??????really wish Rikara to find out about Fakelana soon and save Jhanvi from TejLana’s evil plans…. ??????????

    Precap: so OM is going to be hijacked ???????????

    Love RuPa ????????????
    Love Shivika ????????
    Love Rikara ????????
    Love Ishqbaaz ?????????????????????????????????

  31. Gayathri.visu

    @ASH…..GN(A)G! Congo dear… 200 followers, that’s really great!
    Shivika – Hey I m with u dear, but tell me when?? n ur full plan?!!

    @ANU….Hello! Good Analysis pa, esp Obros, Shivika n bhavya. Yeah, u r right first time I m ok with bhavya’s presence with Anika but not RuPa(Ru&Pari). Anu, please add me in Hangouts group, my id is [email protected]

    @NILA….nice comment. Agree with ur points except one.
    Pt 2 – Really!! But my expression is paaaaaaahhhhh……yaar ra intha paiyan paaka pei maathiri irukkaan??

    @NIVI…why sooooo small comment?? Busy??? But agree with ur points.
    3) But I think she plans something else not for Om. But let’s see, don’t know what is going in CVs mind???

    1. Nila

      Samar:apdiya pa irunthan ?ana avonda coconut tree hair style Ku ithu oknu nenaichen athaan??but unga expression um correct athaan?

    2. Nila

      Gayu na ungala hangout group Ku invite pani irukean accept panunga

  32. Whats PKJ group??

    1. Archiya

      hi Reader
      PKJ is pagalon ka jhund… its a term coined for all the people here as we are crazy abt Ishqbaaz

    2. Gayathri.visu

      Its Ishqbaaz’s fandom name.
      PKJ means Pagalon ki jhund(group of crazy/mad people), given by our LAX, one of the PKJ members.

    3. Nila

      Pkj means pagalon ki jhund

    4. Riana

      Astha told me its Pagalo ka jhund…

  33. Where r u Asthadi(AASR)
    aaj aap missing kyu ho???
    blush club open gd,uski shaat or bhi club open honachya khb jarrot ho

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      AB…. here I am present. My arrival was postponed… I am not absent.

  34. Gayathri.visu

    @MEENUU…..haan pa, even I m also going to miss Pari….sooooo sad. Shivika moment @night…omg! I m waiting. And whattttt? Ru n bhav marriage! Hell…….noooooo!!

    @MISHA….hi dear! How r u?? Super analysis. O Jaana…female n male version fantastic, illa?!! I just loved it. Svetlana…! But u r right dear…..let’s say PPPAAAAAHHHH!!! I too saw something like that on IF….but I don’t have IF account so I can’t say anything. But other members are said that account is fake one, someone is created that account to start fans war. And about complaining to Gul, she replied one of their msgs or tweets(sorry I forgot it). So they stopped it(I think so).

    @PUSHPA….nice comment. Shivika scene….really awww!! But somewhere fully I can not able to enjoy that scene don’t know why?!! May be bcz their seperation n DIVORCE. And of course nagini’s presence too!!

    @OMKARAJI aka MAAHI….agree with ur point. But point 2, bang on!! And ur emojis are too good yaar. I liked it.

    @RIDDHI….don’t cry dear! Give me HiFi….enaku kuda intha maathiri neraya time nadanthu irukku. Appolaam semma kaduppa irukum pa! Sari, neenga ippo epdi irukkenga? Neenga tnpsc exam ezhuthalayaa??

    1. Pushpa

      Gayu…..enjoy all shivika moments yaar…substitute for all current villains……

  35. Gayathri.visu

    @ARPITA….nice comment. Pinky ponky, she is beyond irritating thing!

    @LAX…..hiiiiiiiii! How r u? Balanced episode…..true! Action speaks louder than words….yeah I wish AniRi will understand these very soon. Bhavya…..I m ok with her, as long as she is helping Anika to expose nagini. Tej n Svet….don’t know what ia going between them. But definitely they are double crossing each other…..I 100% sure about it! Anika’s artificial fall…glad someone also realised that thing. Feeling bad for baby!!

    @RANI DI……hello!!! How r u?
    Bang on comments!! Exactly my thoughts n feelings for Shivika, Rikara n Rudra. Somehow bhavya too! Ur last line di, like seriously Obros are sure about Pari’s NKK but they don’t sure about their self-control!! Such a big loop whole….

    @ARCHU DI….how r u?? Finally after a long time blush club is open!! Yessssss…… Ur n Pushpa dp’s same na! But Pushpa’s dp pic is lil zoom pic!!

    1. Gayathri.visu

      Guys, star vijay changed KK’s timing. And they changed channel also. Coming 31 July, KK will air in VIJAY SUPER @12 P.M. Soooooooooooooooo……sad! This is not fare VIJAY TV……..this is not fare!!! First plz stop thay crap big boss……such a nonsense show.

      @TO ALL PKJS
      Good afternoon ishqies….. How are u guys??? Hope u all are doing well.
      @LAX, forget to mention. Plz accept my leave letter n give another 10 days leave for my exam. After Aug 6, I will be regular.
      Take care PKJs!!

      1. Pushpa

        Midnite?????? Wht the helll….

  36. nila sorry dear galti se e-mail id ki jagah ig id de diya my [email protected]

  37. Riana

    @PKJ’S…. I heard that this attack of Goons in Oberoi Mansion…Is all done my Oberoi’s daughter Roop …Roop is behind all these …is it truu ??…

    1. Misbah4

      What…. Roop s back??? Huh,,, villain again….

      1. Riana

        Yah i saw it Metromasti…that chepde is back again !…dont why all the old vamps r coming back..
        First fakelana n now this hoop ??

    2. Pushpa

      I dun understd hw many more villains my god…..

  38. Hi pkj family
    Just watched episode yes this is a balanced episode
    Cute shivika moments
    Nagini mission started hope it Will end so soon
    Obro’s they never accepted their inner feelings (specially before their wives)
    Waiting for action episode

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