Ishqbaaz 24th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 24th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivaye and Anika’s old moment. Shivaye gives her cheque and says check mate. Anika tells Dadi that she got all items. Dadi asks the man to get payment done. The man says Anika made the payment. Shivaye looks on. Anika says check mate and does his signature step. Some time before, Dadi takes Anika with her. She asks what happened. Anika says darkness and gets scared…… Dadi switches on the lights and says its bright now, come, are you scared of darkness, when eyes see darkness, then learn to see heart’s light, your fear will go, you can use this room for all your work, Rudra made this room when he wanted to learn music. She says this room is bigger than my house, I mean my brother’s house, don’t know where will we go now. Dadi says I told them not to see your house again,

you don’t need to go anywhere, if you want anything, tell me. Anika says what I wanted, you gave me without my asking. Shivaye looks on. Dadi leaves.

Ishana receives the goon’s call who asks her does she know where is her sister. Ishana asks what, and calls out Mona. Shivaye hears Anika and Priyanka’s conversation. Anika says when we touch elder’s feet, we get blessings, and get fat, I think your brother does not take any blessings. Priyanka laughs. Anika says I should not say, but your brother is very Sadu. Shivaye thinks this girls talks a lot, and maybe talks in sleep too.

Anika says I talk a lot and talk in other’s sleep too, your brother keeps everything in his heart, such people are very clever. Shivaye calls Khanna and asks about order. Khanna says Dadi called and ordered that no one will touch Anika’s house. Shivaye says Dadi, you saved Anika today, but I will see till when. He gets annoyed hearing everyone taking Anika’s name. Ishana asks her dad about Mona and he is drunk, unresponsive. Ishana gets video of Mona and gets worried.

Om and Rudra meet Anika. Rudra tries to say sorry, and hesitates. Om tells Anika that Rudra wants to say sorry, Shivaye and you fought on engagement rehearsals because of him. Rudra says that day, I made you stand wearing chunri, and Shivaye scolded you, I m sorry, it happened because of me. She says no, that was not because of you, he broke the line at temple and I broke his glass. Om says windscreen. She says yes, then I have thrown cow dung at his car, he went in his helipcopter. Rudra says you mean chopper. Anika says yes, same, but then I went on Champa, my scooty, I always won. Om says but Shivaye always wins. She says it was his last work and my full stop, then our water fight, I have thrown water on his face, you guys don’t get scared.

Rudra says you mean you won’t throw cow dung and water on us. She says am I mad to do this, I will talk this. She asks Om how does his hair shine, does he use Shikakai or Ritha. Om says excuse me. She asks Rudra for fitness tips. Rudra says I will give, I saw you lost some weight. She says you are not real brothers right? Om says yes, but more than real ones, one for all and all for one. She asks do you love Shivaye and does he love you two. They nod. She asks really.

Tia tells Shivaye that they should make their painting before wedding. He recalls Anika. Rudra asks painting. Anika says it was not my mistake, I think it was after that chip matter. Rudra says he will get angry, as he hates oily food. Om asks what about chip. She says yes, when I was in jail…. Shivaye comes and says that’s enough, you both go out, I need to talk to her. Anika smiles and waves to them. They leave. Shivaye says you came here, but you…. Anika takes out her slipper and scolds her slipper Chameli. Dadi comes there and says Tia’s mum came back, we have to do arrangements, come with me Billu. Shivaye asks Dadi not to call him by this name. Dadi asks why Billu. Anika laughs and goes with Dadi. He says I don’t like Billu.

Ishana runs on the road and looks for Mona. Tia’s mum says we have seen five star hotels and resorts, I feel Oberoi’s ground is best for this marriage, Robin am I right? Robin nods. Pinky asks does Robin eat betel. Tia’s mum says no. Pinky says I mean, he is not talking. Rudra says maybe he did not start talking yet, I mean some people talk late, I did not speak till 4 years. Dadi asks Robin to be quiet. Rudra says I m joking and asks Robin to say his name.

Robin says my name is Robin. Everyone smile. Rudra does shayari. Dadi says I will do all rasam in Billu’s marriage. Tia’s mum also agrees. Shakti says engagement is not happening, but mehendi. Pinky says mehendi will happen. Anika notes down all rasams and necessary arrangements. Pinky asks Om to cut his long hair, will he come as Shivaye’s female friend. Rudra smiles. Om says I have grown this by hardwork. They continue talking about arrangements.

Jhanvi asks servant to get a glass of water. Om asks her to come, and meet guests. Pinky says we are making Shivaye’s rasam list, tell me rasams done in your marriage. Jhanvi tells the rasams done in her marriage, and gets emotional. Ishana is still finding Mona everywhere. Shivaye comes there and sees Anika sitting on the sofa. She gets up seeing him. Om and Rudra look on. Shivaye keeps the coffee mug on her book and sits on her place. He says I can show you your place, this is not your place, those who are sold do not sit with buyers. Dadi asks him what other rasam do you want Billu. He asks Dadi not to call him Billu. Dadi says you are Billu and won’t become Dharmendra. Dadi asks him to go his work on his own and hands over his coffee cup back. She asks Anika did she make list. Anika says yes Dadi, I have a heading too, Billu ki Shaadi. He gets shocked. Om and Rudra chuckle hearing that. Shivaye looks at them.

Om and Rudra have a talk. Shivaye sees Anika and ends call Om says something happens to Shivaye seeing Anika. Rudra says yes, his inner Shivaye comes out, why does he hate Anika. Om says hatred alone is not strong, this is stronger than hatred. Anika tells Dadi that she got everything according to list. Dadi asks the man about the bill. The man says its 4 lakhs, payment is done by Anika. Dadi gets shocked. Om and Rudra look on. Rudra does shayari and asks is Anika an Ambani? Dadi asks Anika did she pay bill. Anika says yes, money was not mine, it was of him. Dadi asks Billu? Anika says yes, he gave me cheque yesterday, which I encashed in morning. Shivaye gets shocked recalling that moment. Om asks yesterday, before you joined? Dadi asks how did Billu know you are coming here to work. Anika says you ask him Dadi, I have work, I will go. She goes to Shivaye and smiles. She says check mate….. you could not buy me Shivaye Singh Oberoi, I m spending your money in your marriage. She does his signature step and goes. Om, Rudra and Dadi cup their mouths seeing Anika doing Shivaye’s step. Ishq hai….. Shivaye looks on.

Shivaye warns Anika not to say anything of that chip, you don’t have to see the bad side of Shivaye Singh Oberoi.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Sriranjani


    |Registered Member

    Hahaa Very Funny of Rudra, Omkaar, Anika, Prinku, Billu and Dadi………. Sad for Ishaana.
    I guess that Ishana or Soumya will be the sister of anika. Oh god plz make the 6 into 3pairs and show us Ishqbaaz 😛

  2. Shai


    |Registered Member

    Really i fell in love with Om,
    Rudra is my friend-zone, so entertaining
    And shivaye is bro-zone so much love for brothers, i want one like him

    • Robina Rai

      Iam with you dear.iam liking Om from the starting of the episode.And the same feelings for other two boys.

  3. sana

    that’s so cool anika………………
    and our poor cute billuuuuu
    really enjoyed the episode

  4. AmandaS

    Wow, I love this show! I hope I won’t get disappointed in the future by lack of creativity. I love everyone. Where’s Swetlana?

  5. ishika

    I ws laughng my ass off😂…I m cnfrmd wth th fact tht surbhi=Anika no one cn mtch her lvl…she ressembles much like kajol…n shivay’s exprsn n irritation lvl ws damn fab😂 …omkara rudra Anika were gems tgthr their bnding can give a tuf cmpetetn wth shivay rudra n Om ‘s bonding in future I feel😂😂…n ap shikakai use karte Ho ya ritha??? N shivay statement hoga Mai to fullstop Hu….those liners gosh😂 n i guess shivay wl take advntge of her fear fr darkness a prank I think later on to tch hr lesson😐

  6. Lids

    Love that she is using his money on him. I hope she bonds real well with the brothers. It should be fun.

  7. rura

    Ek bat samaj Ni aai…dadi Anika Ki help krne k lie kese razi Ho gyi. .i mean unhe ye pta he Ki shivye Anika ka ghr tudwane ja rha tha…bt dadi dsnt knw Ki Ki shivaye ne Anika ko khridne Ki kosis Ki….dat means dadi ko pura each Ni pta….aisa kya Hua Ki dadi Anika Ki help krne lgi…..i mean jb b Anika pr musibt aati he….ptani kha se chmtkar Ho jata he…n uski help Ho jati he…..kch logic Ni tha isme… episode was suprb..😃 luv ishqbaz

  8. Luna

    Awesome episode, Shivaay plan failed. Liked scenes between Om, Rudra and Anika, btw why Rudra calling Anika as Anika ji.

  9. Anu

    Awesome episode!!
    Especially the last part where Anika imitated Shivay’s signature style!!!
    N all their expressions ….. wa wa wa!!!! ^_^

  10. rathi

    Hey don’t you all feel like that anika & shivaay story is similar to iss pyaar ko kya naam doon?

  11. Loveleen


    |Registered Member

    my god wat a funny episd… seriously no one else oder thn anika urf survi cud hv dn dat……kya attitude tha yr….shivy speechless….loved dat part wer om rudra dadi shocked faces……n trio convo ws so awesm……waiting fr oder bros stories

  12. Aqua

    Team AniRudkara rocks! ! I can’t wait to see saahil added to this cute team to annoy our billa.
    Lol the tile was so funny “billu ki shadi”
    When our AnSi comes together it well be ” when Anu weds Billu” lolzzzzz

    I love how the bhavi devar chemistry has already started. Poor shiv is jealous of all the attention anika is getting from his dear family hehehe

  13. mishri

    Itz gng 2 be awsum fun with the d three idiotz and daadhi..shivaaye at his edge😂😂😂😂..daadi is gng 2 b their love guru u daadi…

  14. anus

    awesome episode.especially last scene when anika imitating shivaay’s step.i love anika-rudr-omkara relationship.i want more scenes of them.

  15. Mukta

    Amazing episode….. Anika….laughing and laughing….love d show very very very much….pls start ANSHI love story fast…..
    Can anyone plz explain what is Shivaaye’s signature step??

  16. nelka

    Luv u anika for ur acting skill.u r friendly with billu’s awesome priyanka the youngest among the siblings?shivay should fall in love with anika first.luv u guyz .keep it up.

  17. Kat

    OMG WHAT AN EPISODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Iwas seriously laughing my head off!!!!!! AniRudraKara is gonna rock the show just like our Shivka!!!!!!!!😄😄 Billu is so jealous of all the attention Anika is receiving. Shiv’s expression was priceless when Anika told Prinku that ir brother is like a sadhu!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 At this rate Billu’s wedding preparations gonna be so fun !!!!!!!!😍😍😍

  18. shahabana

    Ohhhhh mndblwng episode. What anika does only she can do this. She has much courage. Lve u all of them.shivika rocks. Om rudra anika shivaye dadi all of them fabulous. Poor ishana.

  19. Nadiya111Shah


    |Registered Member

    As expected…AniRudKara rib tickling scenes made me fall off the bed 😀 😀 😀
    They gna b the most entertaining bhabhi -devar(s) combo!!!
    One thing that touched my heart..the way our Billu was staring at Anika when he was talking on the phone …it melted me!!!! <3 <3 <3
    My bubble of excitement is increasing episode by episode 😉

    • Aqua

      Awww billu has already fallen for Anika. Everywhere he goes n everything he does reminds him of her… be it the stock update or tia’s prewedding painting proposal. Lolzzz billu was speechless in the last scene…. I was so waiting for the hair partition scene. Lol shiv, dadi, & rudKara standing sequentially a shock on their face was epic!!!!!!!!😀😀😀😀😀😂😂😂😂😄😄

      • Nadiya111Shah


        |Registered Member

        It was the so funny 😀 😀 😀
        I laughed so hard that i fell off the bed wid a Thadam sound!!!
        My whole family gt wrried, they thought i have gne bonkers coz i was still laughing like carzyy, even after falling down .:D 😀 😀

      • Aqua

        Lolzzzz u r so funny hehe.
        After every episodes I get a tummy ache from laughing so much. Hehe.
        I love the casts… they have great chemistry with each other. It seems like they really enjoy the working in that show

    • Kat

      I’m always getting evil eyes from my mom because I laugh so loud when ever I watch Ishqbaaaz.!!!!😂😂😂😂

  20. Navi

    Best part was billu. .. poor shivay. .
    Anika’s conversation with om and rudra was awesome. Now ishaana will have to fake love for om to arrange money.
    That Robin part was very funny. Rudra is a sweetheart. .
    Loved shivay’s reaction when anika held her chameli. .
    Om as usual looked so charming

  21. Nadiya111Shah


    |Registered Member

    And before I forget…Shivaay’s shirt and Anika’s top were of the same color…I seriously dn’t know why i find that hilarious!!!!

    • Aqua

      Oh my Mata ! I thoughts the same to same (in pinky’s accent) lolzzzzz
      Maybe it’s a start of a new love track lol color coding couple😇😇😇😇😇😄😄😄😄

  22. Sumo


    |Registered Member

    I feel dis show has d greatest no. of coolest characters the comedy level is higher than any show.. we have anika , rudra, ishana as lite n funny characters lady baba also has got lot to do wid comedy omkara too … those one liners of his.. n dadi n sometimes shivaye too.. n pinky.. woooh! banno ki dulhan … it was damn hilarious..😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  23. Vishishta rao

    Firstly heyy sumo…ur dp is great…super!!!

    The episode was fab…except for d fact that they don’t show any of ishkaras scenes…just coz Ishkara fans wuld complain..dey showed Ishana running dats it!!

    And Om…u are awesome!!! Shivaay signature sign by anika made me go awwww…tit for tat!!!

    Rudra is one innocent charming personality of d show…he adds up colour t d show!!! His jkes and the way he takes things great…hahaha!! Show soumya too yaar!!!

    Finally I actually am a fan of Om Om nd oly Om…hardcore fan of Kunal…but shivaay nd rudra are good too!!
    And yea as someone said above this is one serial where there are no shouting and all which increase ones blood pressure…lol!!
    With Max cool characters and good story…hope they continue dis in future and do not come up wd any saas bahu waala politics or supernatural things as in rashmi and ektas!!

    Waiting for more of om and ishanas scenes…love!!

    And guys finally one thing…in d ads they are showing Om and ishanas scenes and in d nackground utz like…kya Ishana ka Om ke zindagi mein aana vadal dhegi baayiyo ki rishta types??

    Is it so??? Coz of Ishana will d Bros separate??someone clarify Na!n
    Hope dats not true…hope they show Ishana and oms love story too like that of shivaay and anikas!!
    Don’t make Ishana bad plz!!

    • Enasanjida

      U r r8.. I really don’t know- why Ishana badal degi vaiya ko rishta.. Don’t know. I think Ishana nice girl – wow kuch karagi apni family k liya. Joh apni family seh itna pyaar or care karta hai why she will break another relation.

    • Sumo


      |Registered Member

      thanks,, n yes. . I agree wid ur whole analysis.. but for once.. I don’t think dat ishana will bring any change to dat lovely brotherly love.. its just to raise trp.. ☺☺

  24. Navi

    Ya vishishta even I saw the promo but I don’t understand why are they saying ishaana will separate the 3 brothers

    • Vishishta

      Haii na…..why ishana of everyone!! They wanna portray anika as sita maybe!!
      It wuldb good if omkara and ishana are treated d same way as shivaay and anika too!!!/

  25. Vinayak

    This was a superb humorous episode.
    Shivay got his treatment of his medicine.
    Check mate. A nice bold acting by Anika.
    Keep it up. This is the best serial of Star Plus.
    Thanks Telly Update.

  26. srini

    Wow what a awesome episode anika you just killed it rolling on the floor and rudhra ur rocking man

  27. Kavya

    Best show on star plus presenty….i just love it….awsm episode..i like shivaaye and anika’s cute tom nd jerry fights…shivaaye’s face when anika says maine toh heading bhi likh di billu ki shaadi 😂😂😃😃

  28. Aashna57

    OMG Anika has really done that ‘baazi palat gayi’ work.she gave ‘BILLU’ answer in his own language, and btw om was luking real Hot today and that robin wala scene was hilarious

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