Ishqbaaz 24th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 24th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tia says oh my God, my necklace. Pinky says I don’t trust this girl. Dadi says Anika is not such. Pinky says its ancestral necklace, which got stolen. Shivaye enters a room. Mrs. Kapoor and Shwetlana hide. Some time before, Shivaye goes to Tia and holds her hand. He kisses her hand. He sees Anika. He dances with Tia. Raat baaki….plays……….Anika gets jealous. A guy comes to her to ask for dance. She stops the guy and dances with him. Shivaye tries to get the necklace. He signs Khanna. Khanna shuts down power.

Shivaye takes the ancestral necklace worn by Tia. Partners change. Anika comes to Shivaye. Music plays……… They dance. He asks who is that guy, Rohit. She asks who Rohit. He says your lover boy. She asks who. He asks how many lover boys do you

have. She says that Rohit, no he is not that one, I don’t know him, I lost memory, but maybe my lover, why are you interested, do you care. He says no, I can see on your face that you care. She says I can also see, but you won’t accept. He says there is no need to accept. She says even I won’t accept. Light comes. He goes away and puts the necklace in the wine glass. He goes away and talks to a guest. Rumi dresses as waiter takes the tray and smiles.

Shivaye turns and sees the necklace gone. Pinky stops him and asks him to meet her friend. He says I will come. She goes. He gets Rumi’s call. He says I m sure you got necklace, but I did not get my chip, where is it. He turns and sees Anika. She asks how…. He says I can explain Anika. She goes to Tia and asks where is your necklace. Tia reacts and worries. Pinky and Dadi also worry for ancestral necklace. Tia says I swear, I did not realize its missing, I don’t know. Pinky says maybe someone has stolen it, Shivaye call security. She says no one should go out, stand staff in line and check them. Rumi calls Shivaye and says stop the check, because I m saying. He says my work was to give necklace, I gave you, its none of my business, think how to leave from here. She says think of it, Anika will get caught if checking happens, I have put the necklace in Anika’s purse. He sees Anika. Pinky asks Anika to stand with staff.

Dadi asks are you mad to check Anika. Pinky says yes, she is also staff, wedding planner. Rumi looks on. Dadi stops Pinky and says Anika is this house bahu. Pinky says Tia is the bahu of this house, I don’t trust Anika, maybe she wanted to steal ancestral necklace, its stolen, everyone will be checked. Dadi stops the guard from coming to Anika. Pinky says you trust Anika, but I doubt her, I will check her. Dadi says stop, don’t touch her. Pinky says what’s the harm to check her, why are you afraid. Mrs. Kapoor asks what’s the problem if Anika did not rob it, you should check everyone for getting ancestral necklace. Rumi thinks why is Shivaye not stopping the check. Dadi says I completely trust Anika.

Anika says Dadi, I did not steal. Pinky says that will be decided after check. Shivaye sees the necklace in Anika’s nurse and thinks what to do now. He goes away and slides a vase down. Pinky goes to see. Shivaye goes to Anika and gets the necklace from her purse. He throws the necklace on ground, while Anika looks at him. He asks what’s this and picks the necklace. Pinky asks how was it fallen here. Shivaye says maybe it fell down Tia’s neck while dancing, you should have found it before checking. Pinky says thank God, we got it. Shivaye says Tia, you should have been careful, Khanna stop the checking. Tia asks Shivaye for necklace. He says no, its precious, I can’t take risk to lose it, I don’t want us to not enjoy the party being worried for this necklace, its Tia’s necklace, we will not be scared to lose it. Pinky says yes, everyone has eyes on necklace, Tia don’t feel bad, its your necklace. Tia says its okay, I understand.

Pinky asks everyone to enjoy party. Dadi holds Anika and asks are you fine, I m sorry from Pinky’s side. Anika hugs Dadi. Shivaye signs Khanna to cut power again. He puts necklace back in the wine glass. Rumi takes the necklace and goes. Shivaye calls her and asks did you get it. She says yes. He asks where’s my chip. She says I have it, I m going upstairs, come and take it. Mrs. Kapoor stops him and asks do you think you are smart. He says I don’t think, I m smart.

She says you can fool Pinky and Tia, not me, you thought you will get necklace by Tia by excuse and I won’t understand it. He says its our necklace, I can keep it, give to anyone, or throw in sea, its none of your business. She says Tia has right on it, I won’t bear if anyone tries to snatch her rights. He asks what will you do. She says don’t forget I have that video. He says now I feel this threatening is a joke, I m marrying Tia, what’s your problem, just chill and enjoy the wedding. She says make sure nothing wrong happens this time. He says it won’t happen and goes. Shwetlana says he looks much confident, he is behaving like he knows everything. Mrs. Kapoor says or he is showing that he knows everything, he can’t do anything, till I have that chip, he will dance on my fingers, I keep that chip with me, in this watch, you want to see it. She opens her watch and does not find the chip. She gets shocked and says that chip is not here. Shwetlana gets shocked.

Shivaye sees Rumi. He follows her. Priyanka asks what are you doing here. He says nothing, go, I will join you guys. Rumi signs him to come. Shakti asks Shivaye where are you going. Shivaye says I had to attend an imp call. Shakti asks him to come soon. Mrs. Kapoor and Shwetlana tie up Rumi. Shivaye enters the room. They hide under the bed and run away to hide. He does not see the phone fallen near the bed. He thinks where did she go, she came in this room. Shwetlana thinks Rumi’s phone is left there.

Anika asks Shivaye why are you doing this. He says do you care, you asked me to marry Tia, I m doing, when I m not talking to you, not seeing you today, why are you getting affected.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sumi.SS

    Now all oberoi in the same line…I watachng ishqbaaaz and dbo for last some days…all 3 brothers stry r parallel one..they r denying their mrge becz of
    But 3ladies accepted their mrge frm heart..good note is fr repay to their love and mrge,they r not expectng anythng frm their respective man…so the story begins…..
    In shivika I agree wth shivkara convo in DBO..shivaay wl not chnge his NKK idealogy..but at the same tym he accepts so many things..they hv feelings,care to eachother..but he said I can’t move on my fnally he said whatevr this relationship its TO BE CONTINUED….the last line enough fr me to follow their upcmng stry..he is not completely chnged but some where he chnged a lot compared to frst..
    Here ishqbaaaz Mrs.kapoor and pinky drama was overflowing…I hope cvs wl end this frm next dbo precap svetlana nevr leave OM soon..aftr watchng surbhi iv yestrday I am guessing ML is not fake…she is always mentioning annika lost her memory i wish she wl regain her memory soon…in upcmng segment also she tried to say smthng to shivaay befre mrge..but he refuses to hear it and said its too late..I hv a no idea who is gng to stop this mrge. .lot of untold supenses in next week..if it’s positive result no prblm…otherwse ishqbaaaz wl lose more no of loyal fans….

    1. Sumi u are right after this much of drama idmf result is positive its better otherwise no doubt ib will lose their loyal fans….i dntknow about others but i cnt take more stupidity now….

      1. Sumi.SS

        Chill dear….ShivOmRu back…letz enjoy the reunion we wl thnk we hv to skip our fav show or not..all in Cvs minds…..

    2. Yes, you rightly caught and interpreted , TO BE CONTINUED, which I didn’t get, but now had.

      But still it is an EXCEPTION, to which ANNIKA can not agree and will , more precisely, should not opt to live with such EXCEPTIONAL OBLIGATION which may lead her to under go a continuous humiliation from this or that any person throughout the life.

      CHANGES in exception perspective is not the solution for SHIVIKA or for any unison, it should attain a general shape to keep a relation long last with equality.

      I thought, as some one mentioned above too, ANNIKA made up her mind to take some drastic step after reaching some destination.

      1. Sumi.SS

        In my Pov, Aftr humiliating Annika SSO learnt lessons two times by knowing the truth frm priyanka and betrayed by his clse frnd..aftr that stil now if anyone humiliates her,he took stand fr Annika..
        Only one person humiliating Annika frm 3 epi to 220 episodes it’s pinky only..already shivaay shuts the door of tej/Mrs.kapoor/tia..pinky drama wl end once she wl learn lesson frm tia.

        During shivaay hospitalized scenes pinky hurted Annika lot..Aftr discharged frm hospital he left home to get back Annika he ask one question to annika,you r leaving OM”if my need is more than my mom words”..and next she came back to OM…she choosed ”his needs” by holding his hand…
        Fr Annika,Shivaay words only speak more not others…..
        In “To be continued” there is lot of untold story is there to make a perfect shape fr their realation..frm the satart to now Shivika hv been travelling their path with equal attitude…letz see what is in store?
        As always u say”At last it’s SHIVIKA only”

      2. I think, you did not get what I am upto.

        The marriage shall be happen on the basis of acceptence of other one what he/she is as of now, i mean with all his/her pros and cons, and shall not be left the impression, I OVER LOOK YOUR THIS AND THAT NEGETIVE SIDE, and there by keep him/her always under pressure exerted by such obligation.

        But what shivaay intend to show off?

        He just says,

        I jsur can not change my NKK belief, and does not want to,

        But ANNIKA is a different case , I MEAN AN EXCEPTION!

        He want to over look NKK only for the ANNIKA, as an EXCEPTION !

        He get an ESCAPE from the tough situation by considering ANNIKA matter as an EXCEPTION!

        This his act , ESCAPE and EXCEPTION, certainly be an obligation over ANNIKA, which never can allow ANNIKA to live at EQUALITY level with SHIVAAY and OF.

        I think, now you might have got me what I intended to say.

      3. Sumi.SS

        Yeah now I got ur a previous comments i took “exception” in a diff meaning…Btw u r best Analyst when it’s comes to SSO char.

  2. Sab kuch ulta ho rahi hai. Kuch bhi relate nahi kar pa raha.

  3. Shiv

    May be anika knew shivaay is illegitimate to avoid the truth reaching shivaay and not wanting to get him hurted she has arranged marriage n alll I just guess!!!if necklace handed over to romi na then he will get the chip so his illegitimacy will be exposed first to himself which gonna sabotage shivika happiness. May be!???

  4. Hi friends I am new here although an ardent fan of IB…today wat provoked me to comment is Sso ysrdy dialogue in dbo…I mean it’s disgrace not only to character Anika bt to all women in question he wants laddu in both his hands not ready to accept him more then his responsibility neither ready to let her go I felt disgusted Gul khan herself is a woman and loves to show her leading lady as an biggest bechara seems she doesn’t hv any respect for women …nw anika mst leave OM and sso ko unke halal par let sso marry dat high profile NKK wali chipadi tia…since yesterday I am nt able to digest dat sso loves anika seems he is just obsessed wid her….makers should think over it seriously as all of us are not happy wid dis development we want our old anika bk…anika is d most lovable character and sabse Bura uske saath hee …..Nt acceptable

  5. Mouni

    there are many different spoilers , which one to believe ? the first one is depressing about sso throwing anika out and not believing her
    the 2nd is a video showing that obros are planning against swetlana in om’s place , so is it after romi’s accident ?? sso is already suspecting tia and swetlana working together so maybe the 3 of them are having a plan
    but what about the reporter saying anika will take tia’s place again ?? how?? will omru kidnap tia to create the same situation like the past ?? but that means she will not get exposed and pinky will never end her madness , but if she gets exposed and goes away with robin will the OM try to save their name again by putting anika with sso again ?? am hoping for this option

    1. Do not ride over spoiler and get disturb your flow of logic. Persons writing spoiler need not to make enough guess work in right direction, they just get glimpse from here and there, after adding some pepper and salt, just serve it we ppl.

  6. Hi everyone, I have been a part of this group right from the time Ishqbaaz started but only a silent reader. I am also a Nigerian writing from my living room in
    Lagos at the moment. I will like to say a big shoutout to Lax, Shekhar, Shahabana, Mouni, Lijince, Anu, Shree, Susan, Sumi SS and everyone on this forum. Your comments makes my day, whenever I miss out on the episode on TV. I fell in love with Ishqbaaz based on Annika’s character and I assumed this will be portrayed even after the forced marriage to Shivaay. At the moment, with this current theme that the writer is putting out there, I am becoming annoyed and sad! Like most people commented, I am wondering what Annika is still doing at the Oberoi Family House. This episode made me want to slap that smirk off Shivaay’s face, because based on the kind of relationship that exists between Shivaay and Annika, where character and trust has been tested over time, why on earth will he allow Pinky speak to Annika in that manner, even if the marriage was a forced one or the drama about the Memory Loss. If anyone can get through to the makers of Ishqbaaz, kindly let them know that they are doing a good job portraying the female lead characters as spineless, weak and without any form of self worth. Which I have found as part of many Indian series, because they are in love or because they are married. The same goes for Dil bole Oberio. If this continues, then they have lost a very good fan, Me! It is nice chatting with you all! Even if it is just for once, and please you guys should try and write in English because there are non-Indians in the group. Annika, please get a job and get out of the Oberio Mansion, even if your memory loss is real, get a job and stop living off anything from them! Cheers!!!

    1. In indian entertainment ind, there is rare possibility of having a BEST serial or movie. To have best one is not in our hand, but select least bad only is in our hand, and that we are doing. SHOOT LOGIC AND SERVE THE FUN WITH ALL RANDOM STUFF to viewers is only the option these TRP HUNGRY makers have along with an option for we to skip it!? eeere

    2. Sumi.SS

      Hi modupe…Pls Join wth us…..keep commenting..

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