Ishqbaaz 24th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 24th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says DNA test report. Anika says its wrong, we will do tests again. Media asks Tia is she really pregnant. Tia says yes its true, I m pregnant. Shivaye and Anika see this news on tv and get shocked. Sometime before, Shivaye talks to Mishra on call and asks how can you be careless, you can telling me about meeting now, what you told me, you should have reminded, now push the meeting. He throws his phone angrily. Anika sees him. Shivaye tries to open the shirt button. She thinks he looks worried, I have to deviate his attention. She holds his shirt. He looks at her. Music plays….

She says you don’t need to take tension. He says who said I m tensed. She says its seen on face, if you did not do wrong, no need to be scared. He shouts ouch, what did you do Anika, what’s this. He shows

button. She says sorry.

Tia’s mom says DNA report is going to come today, did you explain Dr. Malik. Tia nods. Tia’s mom says its Robin’s child, but name should be of Shivaye on the report. Tia says don’t worry, it will happen as we want. FB shows Tia meeting Dr. Malik. She pays him money and says Shivaye’s DNA should match in report. He says don’t worry, your work will be done. FB ends.

Anika says what did I do, button broke as you were moving. He says I did not move, I was standing. She says why are you angry, I was helping. He asks were you helping, you increased my work, I have to wear new shirt now. She says no need, its just a button, I will fix it. She gets thread and needle. He says you don’t know threading the needle. She says its nothing like that, I can put toothpaste back in tube, I can do this easily. He says I don’t have time, give it, I will do this. He puts thread in the needle. He says you can’t do this, check that out. She asks how, I will do and show. She fixes button. He shouts and asks her to be careful, button is to be fixed on shirt, not on body, I think you don’t know stitching, what, seriously. She says there was no one to teach me, so. He says fine, no need to give excuse, if you want to learn, you can learn, nothing is tough to learn by internet, give it to me, its my button. She asks do you know this.

He says yes. She says oh, I forgot you know everything. He says watch me. He stitches the button. She says you throw tailor stitches Sahil’s shirts, I will give it to you. He corrects her English. She says tailor takes 4000rs for stitching suits, and price for cloth also, he has three tempos, I mean its not small work, see you took tension. He says not me, you got tension. She says yes it happens, I get big tension for small things. He says oh, so our fight and talks were to distract me. She says no, it was to deviate your attention. He says distract means same FYI. She says its fine, thanks. He asks did you understand. Priyanka comes and says Dr. Malik has come with reports.

Pinky asks Dr. Malik whats written in reports. He says sorry, I can just give this to Shivaye. Shivaye and Anika come. Dr. Malik gives reports. Anika signs him to see. Shivaye checks it and gets shocked. Tej takes reports from him and checks. Pinky asks Tej to say whats written in reports. Tej says its written that Shivaye is the father of this child. They get shocked. Tia and her mom smile. Pinky laughs and says confirmed, Shivaye is bringing this house’s heir, congrats Mrs. Kapoor. Jhanvi says if mummy ji knows this…. doctor are you sure these reports are right. Dr. Malik says yes. Tia signs him to go. He says I think I should leave now. He goes.

Anika looks at Shivaye. Everyone get calls from media. They all say they don’t know about Tia’s pregnancy. Tej says sorry, we can’t comment, wait for official statement. Jhanvi says everyone knows, what will we answer them now. Tej says how did press know this, who is leaking information from this house. Pinky says such things don’t hide, its happy thing, Shivaye’s child will talk to us sweetly. Jhanvi says people are making this an issue, they are assuming that we preponed Shivaye’s marriage for this reason. Tej asks Shivaye what are you thinking what will we answer them, we have to release official statement. Jhanvi says I think we should decide what to say exactly, statements should be same.

Pinky says Shitia are married in front of the world, now we can get them married secretly. Jhanvi says we have to hurry up, if press knows Shivaye did not marry Tia, it will be big scandal. Tej says its not that easy, Shivaye has to give divorce to Anika before marrying Tia, it will take 6 months after filing papers. Pinky asks Shivaye to get divorce papers, sign on it, also get Anika’s sign, do you have papers, are you listening Shivaye, fine I will get it, you both will sign. Shivaye says enough, stop taking decisions on my behalf, its my life, I will decide what to do. Tej asks what’s your decision. Shivaye says I need some time, please don’t disturb me. He leaves.

Anika takes food for him. He asks her to go, and not disturb him. She says you did not eat food since morning, have food, else you will have acidity. He says stop this nonsense, just go. She asks him to have it. He throws away the plate and asks her to just leave, he won’t have food, that’s it. She picks the food from the floor. He helps her. Music plays…. He asks why did you not leave me alone when I said, just let me be. She asks him will problem get solved if he stays alone, your heart is not agreeing its your child. He says I still don’t believe that child is mine, as I know nothing happened between me and Tia, but how to deny DNA test reports. She says report can be wrong, doctor did tests, he is not Lord, human do mistakes.

He says medical science does not have mistakes, especially in such cases, we know Dr. Malik, he is very responsible doctor. She says but your heart says that report is wrong. He says yes, but till when will I say. He asks why did you get Tabasco, knowing I have allergy. She says how would I know, it was in trolley and I got it. He recalls Tia. He asks Tia did you add Tabasco in my drink, you know I m allergic to it. Tia says sorry, it was in tray and I added it, sorry. FB ends. He says Anika, I m 100% sure nothing happened between me and Tia, I had drink in which Tabasco was mixed, I had allergy, I took anti allergy pill and slept, that’s it. She says then there is nothing to worry, I m sure DNA report is wrong. He asks so what now. She says we will get tests done again, our doubt can get cleared. He says right. Priyanka comes there.

Media asks Tia is this news true that you and your husband Shivaye are becoming parents soon. Tia says no further questions. The reporter asks are you really pregnant. She says yes its true, I m pregnant. Shivaye and Anika gets shocked seeing this on news. Tia says Shivaye and I are happy, give us some privacy.

Pinky asks what, re-tests, what’s the need, are you mad. Shivaye says relax. She says when people become father, they get happy, you are doing tests, wait till baby comes, when you see kanji eyes, you will know, no need to doubt, its not good. He says I doubt on reports and Tia too, so Anika and I decided… She says so Anika did this, Anika is teaching this to my son, what does Anika want, that Shitia do not marry, I told Jhanvi to make Anika leave else she will be here, she wants to get permanent here, Shivaye why are you listening to her. Shivaye says stop blaming Anika, its my decision, I want this test to be done again, Anika is just supporting me, when my mother is not supporting me. Tej says if Shivaye is not convinced, he has full right to get tests done again. Jhanvi says its Shivaye’s life, let him do it. Pinky says fine, do what you want. Tej says we will do test in Dr. Chatterjee clinic. Shivaye says call someone to take blood sample. Anika says no need, I will take it to clinic. Soumya says I will come along. Shivaye looks on.

Jhanvi says give some space to Shivaye, he is in tension. Pinky says he forgets having food in tension. Anika hears this and says I have to do something. Anika dances on Kajra re and stops Shivaye. He tries to go.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. aarosh

    the precap is hilarious whatever may be happen i m just reminding one word to myself “ALWAYS BE POSITIVE”

  2. Sanchi


    |Registered Member

    It is really amazing how each character in IB represents something. Pinky actually depicts our fickle minded society whose motto is boys are always right and girls are always wrong. This mindset won’t go easily.
    Anyways Nakuul is fabulous actor, he proved it again today.
    Can’t wait for Monday’s episode. Anika and Sahil made such a cute attempt to cheer up khadoos singh Oberoi😊

  3. Shakaib


    |Registered Member

    Wow! What awesome episode, I think this tia pregnancy drama will not be drag and tia will be exposed till 1at of January. What you think all ishqies. Please reply.

  4. Diksha

    Killer precap. OMG hw will I pass sunday. Shivay anika kajra ‘re kajra ‘re💃💃 n shivay is luking killer in whites in upcoming epi phewwwww

  5. Sharmi

    Omru irunthale tia gali Panidalam. Why they r not bringing omru in this track.
    Getting very bore without rudru comedy.
    Tia will get easily exposed if omru joins Anika but they won’t join her after the last failure to find tia’s truth. But still sso will feel strong if he is with his brothers. Waiting for omru
    May be shivay and Anika planned to change the sample to check whether tia bribed the doctor.. If this happens tia will be destroyed.

  6. shama

    Hello ishqies after a long time I am back here first of all Merry Christmas and a very happy new year I wish all your dreams come true and ur happiness should be like sky high and endless💜💛💙💖

    Coming to the episode only a shayari strucks into my mind
    Zindagi chahe jisi hai ( ya serial) zindagi se pyaar karo ( aur serial se bhi) ho raat toh subah ka intazar karo woh pal bhi aayega jis pal ka intazar hai aapko bus rab ya CVS per bharosa aur waqt per aitbar karo….

    💖pyaar zindagi hoti hai aur pyaar ke bagear zindagi nahi hoti this pov is under construction for I guess stone Singh oberio ….pyaar per yaakin hoga ho jaane ke baad….wali situation thi

  7. anu

    semma mass pa shivaay kalakeetapa ,hat u tia, please come back om ru i miss my crybaby so much leenesh and kunal get wellsoon. anika is so sweet .tias mom is very evil.when will dadi come back fromtirupati.the story is very much incomplete such as who is gayathri’s murderer,where is mallika,where is shwetlana.missu lee

  8. jk

    super precap waiting for the super episode on Monday…
    wish to tia expose soon
    it is very boring to watch Tia’s pregnant track
    and eagerly waiting for the next DNA test result
    is it going to happen or not??
    I think tia will do something to stop this test.. I think she shed crocodile tears in front of the whole family.
    that way she can easily escape from this DNA test
    pls writers try to give some interesting , funny episodes instead of this boring crap…

  9. Ruchu

    Rocking n shocking….robin ke murder k iljaam Anika apne upr le legi….then Om RU ki re-entry hogi serial m…to prove Anika right n Tia wrong….

  10. jk

    in the upcoming episode shows that shivay ask anika to sign divorce paper
    I don’t know whether she put signature or not
    and they also shows Tia’s cheap tricks to come close to shivay

  11. Pooja

    Omru r not joining the track bcoz they are suffering from dengue.. aka totally sick on bed tat is y they r dragging this Tia’s track too

  12. Rt

    Amma Omru illama Semma tensed loving 4 them….is both om&ru r not feeling well????missing them sooo much😭😭😭😭….how vil shivnika expose tia ????? Loved d precap😍😍😍😍😍sooo excited for Monday epiiiiiii…………….

  13. Shiv


    |Registered Member

    I ve noted that whenever shivika started romance someone interrupting them gushing into the room today it’s the third time!!pinky then saumya then prinku again Why the hell they are doing this!!!!😡It’s always a pleasure n bliss to watch shivika together 😍

  14. Nafisa

    Today’s ep was funny and serious both. Anika thought a awesome way to distract Sso. Tia is just too much what a cheap lady she is. She can do anything to prove that the child is Shivaay’s. Shivaay always say that man can do everything for money,but I think man can do everything with money. What do you guys think about it? Precape was funny but a bit confusing. Is Anika is drunk in the precape? But the last standing scene of SSO.Anika and Sahil was superb. Waiting for that. Guys I have seen a video where Sso is asking Anika for divorce again. I can’t just believe my eyes Sso is saying Anika that divorce paper may sign karo aur mera piccha kar na band karo.??!!😨😨😨😱😱😱😲😲😲😲😲😲

  15. Tania

    Hi! Always been a silent reader! Mind if I join ur small ishqbaaz community?

    Without omkara and rudra the show is incomplete! And this pregnancy drama, don’t even get me started with this one! I hope the show doesn’t turn out be like Kum Kum bagya! Otherwise the show would turn out boring! I hope this pregnancy drama last for a few days and not years!

    I personally think the button game played by Anika and shivaye was too cute! Lol! And the precap was pretty funny! Haha!

    (Sorry If I can’t spell the words right! I’m not actually indian)

    Pls reply back?!? Can’t wait for Mondays episode

  16. SANAM

    We want to see the love sequence btwn om and ishaana…. Saumya’s mom was coming to get her married to her ex boyfriend right…. That part is still incomplete…… Pls put up rudr somya scenes too……. Shivay anika perfect….. Pls don’t drag this Tia pregnant for long…. The main quality of the serial is that it wasn’t typical dramatic types, I hope it won’t be made dramatic gradually….. Enjoying ishqbaaz…..

  17. Lax

    Episode was fine. Liked the cute scenes, hated Tia n Pinky as usual. My fav scene was Annika saying Thank you when Shivay said Fyi. I loved Annikas costume today. Wish to see her more in such Indo Western outfits. It’s good plus it’s hatke from what bahus of other shows wear which usually is saree/salwar suit.
    About precap kya batau, Shivay, Annika n Saahil are such cutie pies. Real fun..!! Annika is looking hot.

    P.S- Btw “Merry Christmas dear friends”. Have Fun…!!!


    So atlast, table turn around!

    1-She just underestimated his retaining capacity under intoxication effect of drugs, it was her 1st spike to her own coffin.

    2-When she opted to talk about her pregnency infront of family instead of SHIVAAY in person, she pushed 2nd spike .

    3- When she declared her pregnency to MEDIA without his consent, it was 3nd spike

    4-Invited media persons ( yet to come) at OM is 4th spike

    and atlast, not least, after reading the DNA report by TEJ, when TIA’s mother missed called someone to start shower the call after call on OF members for inquiring the TIA’s pregenency is the last SPIKE to the COFFIN of NKK shitting ideology.

    ONE CAN MAKE FOOL FEW PERSON FOR A LONG TIME. ALL THE PERSONS FOR A SHORT TIMES, BUT NEVER ALL THE PERSONS FOR ALL THE TIME! This fact bith TIA and her mother forget, and start to make m,istake after mistake, and atlast both have lots the TRUST and SYMPATHY of SSO,

    HIS MIND AND HEART , both marked the difference between ANNIKA and TIA during heart touching SHIVIKA MOMENTS and EMBRASSING MOMENTS of TIA’a drama. To whom he keep continue with insulting , doubting to the extent of her character, abusssing her, threatening her, he found that gal ANNIKA trusting over him, supporting him and trying to distract from the tense moments, and over more when he found his own mother against his thinking, desperate to fis him as the father of so called his BABY, he found only ANNIKA having more than his confident, you are not father of that baby!!!

    Its a begining of the REVERSAL PROCESS of his ages old thought procees with which untill today he is used to walk along! He kept her with him all along his rough going moments, because he knows, she is only one who trust him , that is unconditionally , even after having badly and rudely treated by him till finite days back.

    THAT I AND ANNIKA BOTH HAVE DECIDED , is the stone thrown over all those who are still unaware of the importance of ANNIKA for him. Before going through the DNA REPORT , looking at ANNIKA was the acknowledgement of his own feelings and his trust for ANNIKA, leaving all other asides!!

    When he was distressed and embrassed during the torturing moments of PREGNENCY DRAMA, and equally humilated, he found only ANNIKA with whom he talked his situations so openly and so frankly!

    Let the DIVORCED may take place or not, one CORNER of his heart is permenently reserved for ANNIKA, let the TIA or any other gal be his wife, but that no one can enter in that corner of his heart!!!

  19. Mouni


    |Registered Member

    there is pics in unsta showing anika signing divorce papers , too much really … and tia was standing with her evil smile ughhhhhhh can’t handle this anymore , next week episodes will be ugly am feeling it also dadi will return but not omru
    hate seeing tia winning like this and sso being traped like an idiot , and if really he has no plan it means tia was like taking a candy from a baby , come on sso not like this
    tia and her mom covered their backs well , robin is dead so its too difficult to prove the truth they will maybe rely on pure luck to expose her or she may make mistake and expose herself either way l lost hope in them having intelligence to find truth , serioucly is tia the only one with a brain in this show ???? dragging events is something but making a whole family look dumb is another one and am serioucly am gonna have to pass watching next week as we will have atleast 3 or 4 hyper drama episodes and maybe more

    • Mouni


      |Registered Member

      also it seems that sso was rude with anika to force her to sign the divorce papers and she asks him if tia told him something that made him rush to divorce and when dadi came it seemed sso was tensed and wanted to see with omru but dadi said they did not came

      • Lax

        Why am I feeling SSO has some hidden agenda behind the divorce.?? May b I am wrong. They ve butchered SSOs character enuf, so may b now they are reviving it. Good that Annika signed the divorce even though she was hesitant. They ve played enuf with SSOs character, now I don’t want them to do that with Annika. She should not be shown desperate always.

      • Mouni


        |Registered Member

        yes lax , l want to believe he has some plan but am scared that it will turn that he has none and just despered or under pressure ughhh
        but am hoping he really want to save anika from tia as he is starting to see what she really is but l dont believe that he signed the papers correctly , maybe am wrong but his manager said but sir ?? and sso stoped him from speaking so it means maybe they still married and both tia and anika does not know ??

  20. Shivika

    Precap situation/scene/efforts to convince Shivaye was awesome.. However I hated the costume of Anika in precap.. Sorry if iam wrong or hurting anyone..It’s good to look beautiful..But this costume was not appropriate..She was looking more beautiful in the dress which was gifted by Shivaye and she wore it on the day when Daksh proposed her..She cud have worn the same dress. I am not sure if my opinion changes on Monday or it will become more worse. Sorry if am hurting anyone.

  21. Tahima

    IDK why but i feel as if jhavni and shivaay are gonna team up and expose TIA or something. i just feel like jhavni is being shown alot and is always sticking up for ANIKA and doubting TIA. also in a spoiler i watched shivaay seemed very sad when he had to give the papers to ANIKA like in the sense he really had to in order to expose TIA. we will see but im not excited for next weeks episodes. Also anikas dress in the precap was not her style at all. I feel like her everyday clothes are better than the fancy ones she wears for special occansions.

  22. Archiya


    |Registered Member

    Seeing shivaay in problem anika already forgived him so easily, with all the allegations n hurt shivay gave her.. why?? the makers could have shown a few episodes of shivaay beggin for forgiveness n then anika forgiving
    i understand her nature is like tat, bt come on someone hurts u so much an then also u are with tat person.. its so much of blind love
    today again shivay was angry on her wen she gt food for him, later he felt bad, bt the dmage is already done.Why do they have to show her always gettin insulted.
    Nothin much to say at today epi, the dna report is going to b positive again, and finally shivay will accept the child.
    Precap: please dont give such dresses to anika, she is beautifull, any dress will look goood on her, such exposing dresses make it diff to watch it wit family

    • Archiya


      |Registered Member

      I also liked the part tat anika cld nt stitch whatevrr the reasons.. this serial is surelt breakin stereotypes,where a gal is supposed to knw everything

    • Ishqfan

      True.. even I did not like her dress.. she is very good in expressions and with simple dress , she will anyway look beautiful.. today she was looking very good in that grey dress.. unnecessary exposure.. they included Sahil so that it does not look like she is seducing him..

      When I saw one of the segments, the look on shivaay face after seeing 2nd DNA report was little different.. he kind of saw the report and gave a straight look to tia also.. there was no confusion in his eyes which seemed like the result is negative..might be he is planning something to expose tia .. hopefully the storyline shows some brain on male lead also.. else it will look stupid..

      When tia and her mom is so smart, why can’t they use that brain for business and why going behind stupid sso..

    • shahabana

      Even i tooo not liked anikas dress in precape…she looks beautiful in simple dress then what is the need to such exposing dress…its a family show many wont like this kind of dress

    • Sumi.SS


      |Registered Member

      Yeah I agree..I am also dnt lyk her Drz..Aftr the kidnapng scenes night she was wearing pink gown..she looks soo pretty…lookng at her I just missed dialogues fr a few mins..yeah sme tym they r frgetng it’s a fmly shw..
      I am cmpltly agree archiya they r always extended Anika’s humiliating scenes fr 3 days..but she forgiven shivay with in one day..he did evrythng nthng left..I am sure shivaay may learnt frm rudra abt how to make puppy faces..he always shows this to anika and next second she melt easily..

      • Archiya


        |Registered Member

        Agreed Sumi,
        he just says one sorry an r dear sweet anika melts, it wont happen in real life.. sayin sorry is nt a big deal.. just bcoz shivay does nt knw how to say sorry.. they show it as big deal

    • Lax

      I replied to your message in the last page yesterday itself, but I was late to reply. Sorry 😊😊

  23. |Registered Member

    Omg!!!.. precap is awesome…anika sahil nd shivaye😍😍😍😍😍😍…
    But I don’t like her was yackk…she looks nice the way she is…y to do experiments??…

  24. |Registered Member

    I m not getting why is this pinky behaving in such a manner wd anika…
    She is very selfish…i mean it’s ok for her dat tia is pregnant bfore marriage…but is unable to accept Anika on daksh sayings?.
    She is telling everyone dat it’s k..they were engaged but anika nd daksh were also commuted naa…then shivaye puttar kiya toh it’s ok…anika be kiya toh OH MY MATA hogayi…though both r innocent but still…

    • shahabana

      Hellooo sakshi
      What to expect from pinky…she is such a double standard…im feeling pity on sso tooo…bcz poor shivaye his mother doesnt beleive on him..even jaanvi understands him but nlt this pinky
      I too not understanding why they gave that dress to anika…its tooo exposer…they should understood beauty means not exposing

      • |Registered Member

        Yaa di..even I m feeling JAANVI is the one who understands the situation well..even she belives anika nd shivaye both…nd she is the one who is handling everything maturly….sometimes I feel jaanvi understands shivaye more than pinky..

  25. iamsofianeak

    Episode is ok, waiting for the next episode and me too i felt that Anika’s dress is not appropriate , I hope they don’t drag tia’s fake pregnancy for months… guys why IB’fans don’t want the same story of kumkum bhagya ? someone who can tell me bc i don’t watch this serial ! sorry if i hurt someone even when OMRU were in the show , the focus was on shivaye and now too so… hope after they come back , gul make a track for them


    “To let you know that game is not over still.Do no think, you will stop me. I am not alone, Of has there is nothings less ,enimies even, with me others….”

    are the last words of GAYATRY before she got murdered very next moment by some one and in which SSO was going to trapped before he was saved by ANNIKA after giving a fake eliby.


    These are also the words of GAYATRY in one of initial episode.

    Question is


    At the time of her death some one was with her, and allowed her to talk with SSO at midnight time, after telling her last words “….there are some others with me…’ that person with her soon murdered GAYATRY !


    (1) A person with her asked her to talk with SSO

    (2) After that, he himself murdered her

    and atlast a point to be noted

    (3) SSO had arranged the where about of GAYATRY by tracing her mobile

    A person with her knows very well, SSO made GAYATRY MOBILE traced, and that person with him definately wanted to trap SHIVAAY in her murder, because he was confident, he after tracing out GAYATARY’s murder, SSO would definately visit the murder place, and he visited.


      • SHEKHAR

        yaa, may be, but from over the third angle, possibility of TIA’s MOTHER+ROOP union is more, no doubt TEJ is having a jealousy, but he just just has not any option to FILL the vaccume space creayted after SHIVAAY jailing for a long time. So TEJ possiblity is less in that sense.

    • Mouni


      |Registered Member

      interesting shekhar , thats the kind of track l would love to watch , the track where gayatri was still alive was very interesting and also rup and tej mistress , this track needs to be back after tia is gone , the current track is full of drama and cries as in this week sso will force anika to sign the papers but she will be still his wife for the next 6 months even if l believe that there is something fishy about sso and the papers as in the video he signed the after a bit of hesitation and then his manager looked and says “but sir ” and sso stopped him so am thinking maybe its a plan to buy time or to decieve tia she may blackmail him in indirect way …
      the action track about gayatri and rup is very good and sso will have anika to support him then and find the person who is trying to destroy OF so if they drag it l would not mind bcz it does not concern their relationship as a couple and the inspector also seems to have planing against them and l think his vengeance will not stop at prinku
      there are a lot of tracks waiting in IB atleast we know about 3 or 4 of them and maybe there will be more so plz IB writers lets move from tia’s track it took too much time its been almost 100 ep since we know she is evil and day by day they made her look smarter than everyone she reminds me of shiam in IPKKND but she is worse so plz let our shivika expose her before 2016 ends , we need a new track in 1 /1 / 2017

  27. DaSha

    Hello dear friends!

    Crazy idea came into my mind. What if according to this devorce papers Shivay’s property goes to Anika? If Tia is eager for money, but Shivay will turn to be not that rich as she thinks will she insist on marring him? It’s a good way to expose Tia and payback Anika for all her troubles.


      It’s not a crazy one, but briliant one! If it happens, TIA will expose herself in front of MEDIA and also OF!
      It was blinked in my mind, but I just neglected it timely, but after readin your this one, and thinking over it, it looks like a ALL THE SOLUTIONS COMES IN ONE BLOW!!!!!

      JUST BRILIANT IDEA!!!!, but definately not a crazy one as you referred!!!!!!!!

  28. Shiv


    |Registered Member

    New promo shows tia mom blackmailing shivaay to divorce anika !! She is telling abt exposing abt some razz what’s that plz someone tell abt that???

    • Mouni


      |Registered Member

      l read a spoiler that she will blackmail him about anika to force him to divorce her but l am hoping he will have some plan with those papers

      • Lax

        Yeh dekho..!! Ab Koi bhi aira gera aake the gr8 SHIVAY SINGH OBEROI ko blackmail kar raha hain. And he is falling for it. So he does not ve a plan n doing all this under pressure…God…!!!! They are killing his character man. And am sure this so called ” Raazz” ll b something stupid. But one thing Shivay shud know what getting blackmailed is really.
        Shivay U better ve a plan or I ll hate u..!! Nayyy… I can never hate u or IB…!!

      • SHEKHAR

        As DASHA mam predicted, to make all the money, shares, assets in name of ANNIKA, will proved to be a PERFECT PLAN against KAPOOR’s PLAN!

      • Mouni


        |Registered Member

        hi lax , l think he will fight back , he is SSO after all but maybe tia’s mom has something against him that will ruin his life or the OF or anika and he could not share it with her bcz she wouldn’t divorce that’s why he acted harsh and rude to force her to sign in front of tia , am sure he loves her too much to let anything happend to her as he said when daksh kidnapped her ” my life will go before anything happens to you and my life can’t go eazly ” so am hoping he will do something to expose them


      So it is now confirmed , if promo you have seen, that ROOP and Mrs.KAPOOR are partner in conspirency as I said in a comment to reply your comment above . There is no question of TEJ is arised, so far as I am believed.


      • Shiv


        |Registered Member

        Yes shekar u r very right it’s roop tia mom liaison evil plan most probably !!! To sabotage shivaay but why it’s shivaay being targeted not omru that much?

      • Mouni


        |Registered Member

        roop is the big evil in the IB along with the man in prison from the 1st ep
        maybe divorce is just a way to buy time , maybe he did not sign correctly and he wants to get anika out of the OM for now and waiting to his omru to come and help him , dadi also will be great help but l want anika to be the one who finds the proof that will ruin tia and her mom it will be epic

  29. navi

    Come on he is shivay singh oberoi. . How can any1 play with him. He can only suppress anika not those frauds.

  30. Aarosh

    Yayy omru have been recovered and they posted photos on Instagram yesterday and today hope they will soon come to IB

  31. shahabana

    Guyz leenesh is back on sets….im so happyyy….hope kunal also back on sets soon….missing obros….love ishqbaaz

  32. Mouni


    |Registered Member

    oh guys , in insta there is these pics that shows that tia + rumi + shwetlana ( tej mistress ) are together planing against OF and the 3 goes to the doctor to change the DNA results so it means roop is with them too since she is a friend of swetlana
    wth , its like a new show now , come on , how is tia supposed to be exposed while she is having all this back up its like a big gang now not only the kapoors but rumi and roop and swetlana and the doctor ..etc…
    uffff , anika better go away fast lol the OF is leterally under siege from all corners

    • Shiv


      |Registered Member

      Don’t worry yaar our army has shivomru with anika , rumya , oms girl if she comes along with priveer hopefully will give a tough fight!!!!✊👊💪✌️️

  33. shahabana

    Guyz be ready for the shock now all three vamps are together….tia shwethlana rumi…they where planning against obros

    • Shekhar

      Ha ha ha………
      They all three seems a big joker!
      They are not either FL or VAMP, but now not even a good joker!

      It seems, SSO is being in the hands of below level jokers, and they will make him dance with their own pace! , and makes full of fun out of great SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROY, THE WALL!


      This means, atleast TIA’s track is going to be extend till long even after TIA get exposed.

      All three have their own reasons for being against OF, and may be ROOP and KAPOORs are also back, or may be later in.

  34. aarosh

    if whatever they shown on insta are true i am this is the major plot of IB which will reveal almost all the secrets of the show highly excited to watch the uppcoming story i think sowmya and om’s lead(whoever it may be) as well as prinku will join hands with anika as i said in the comment of episode which included anika in o bro movement all young oberois will definitely join hands together sooner or later

  35. Uf

    Hi guys
    new vilan gang mein ek kam hai riddhima. shayad om ki heroine entry nahi kiya iss liye hoga.romi ko dekh kar lagtha hai rumya story re start hongi.but what about om love story.leenesh set waapas aaya hai aage kunal bhi waapas aayengi. i hope inki waapas aane ki baath inki story start ho gaaye.waise ek baath hai guys jisko bhi sana om ki Jodi dekhna interest nahi hai tho abhi gul khan and CVs ko bathadho.thaaki kunal show mein wapas aanese pehle wo log ek good matching actress ko laaye.agar sana sirf anika ki sister ka character kare tho no problem.but uski aur om ki Jodi ko zyaada log accept nahi kar paa rahi hai iss liye bol rahi hum.aur mein tho kahi pe bhi dekho tho dhono ki Jodi mein wo baath nahi jaise shivika,rumya ki Jodi mein ho.

    Aap logo ko ek baath bathavo.jab naagin season 2 start hone se pehle karanvir bohra and mouni roy ki Jodi kisi ko bhi achi nahi laga tha.aur aaj bhi mujhe lagtha dho Jodi koi bhi pasand nahi karthe.Kuch log karthe hai,aur Kuch log tho rudr and shivangi ko Jodi bankar dekhna chaatha hai.i hope rocky shivangi jaise Jodi na ho jaaye om and sana.

    Agar vrushika Mehta ishana ki character mein ya kisi aur ki character mein waapas kunal ki heroin bankar aayengi tho kya aap log happy ho jaayengi main tho pakka hogi.sirf thodi fans ki negative comment ki wajah se nikaala hai ye mujhe samajh nahi aara hi hai.i mean aaj bhi zyada log ishkara ko dekhna chaatha hai aur pyaar se request bhi karthe hai phir bhi vrushika ko wapas kyun nahi laa saktha samjh nahi aatha.uski acting jithni buri hu ya na ho.lekhin uski dance,wo super tha aur usko con girl ki character ki jagah dancer ka character diya ho tho best tha.and ishkara ka last scene ki baath hame ek takkar ki Jodi mil jaathi.guys please aap log gul khan se poocho aisa kya wajah Jo ithni logo ki request ki baath vrushika ko shwo mein re entry nahi karaa rahi hai.aur aisa koi problem bhi nahi hai na Jo solve na ho.gul khan mam ko samjha dho Kuch negative comments ki wajah se saari fans ko hurt na kare.Kuch fans positive comments bhi dethi hai Kuch log negative comments bhi dethi hai.aisa tho nahi na ki saari fans buri hu.first unki complient solve karna chaahiye.aur iss ki baath bhi agar wo vrushika ko waapas nahi la saktha tho ok.use bhi best and om ki saath match karne waali ho na ki wig look ki saath koi bhi actress match ho na asan nahi hai.sana tho heigth kam thi aur vrushika and kunal ka height equal tha.koi medium height waali actress perfect hai kunal aka omkara ki saath.guys please gul khan ko om ki heroin ki baare mein phir se sochne ke liye bolo.

    Aaj Ki episode mein hai na shivika and sahil ka kajra re song performance dekhna math booliye aaj ka episode.i hope aage aise performance rumya and om aur uski heroin ki saath dekhne ko mile.three heroine apni hero ki mood teekh karne ke liye ek saath aisa perform kare tho super maza hogi.three couples and funny song performance hi hi😁😁



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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.