Ishqbaaz 23rd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Anika takes a disguise

Ishqbaaz 23rd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika sees Daksh leaving in the van and runs after him. She hires an auto and follows. Gauri says Anika’s phone isn’t connecting. Sahil’s mum says maybe she has deliberately switched off her phone. Nikhil asks what was so urgent that Anika left her shagun function. She says it maybe something related to Shivaye. Gauri says she just works there. Sahil’s mum says call Shivaye and ask him, she is there. Gauri asks her to stop talking rubbish, Anika works so hard for them, he would be coming. Daksh asks the men to keep cupboard in storeroom. Anika thinks where is Payal. Daksh says thanks for keeping my stuff at your house I wanted to have Priyanka and my room renovated before grahpravesh. Shivaye says I get it, this is also your house, don’t worry. Daksh thanks him. Shivaye gets a call and goes. Anika

says where has he hidden Payal.

Daksh says its a antique closet, be careful. Anika says the tempo didn’t stop anywhere on the way, where did Payal go. She sees Payal’s cloth hanging out and says she is inside the cupboard, how will I get her out…. I have to take risk, its not just about Priyanka’s life, its about Payal and her child’s life too. Shivaye says Khanna, I don’t want Anika around, if I see her, your job is in risk. Anika says how to go inside. Guests gossip about Anika. They refuse to wait for longer time. Gauri says wait, Anika will be coming. The lady says who knows she will come or not. The guests leave. Sahil’s mum throws the shagun plate and gets angry. Nikhil says I know where is she. He goes. Shivaye asks Khanna to be careful, Anika shouldn’t come.

Khanna asks him not to worry. Anika takes a disguise and thinks Anika can’t come, but Shanno halwai can come, Shivaye doesn’t want to listen, I have to become khidkitod Anika. The lady asks where are you going, you can’t go. Anika says why, I came here to go in. The lady asks who are you. Anika says I m Shanno, pedha specialist, I m halwaain… I m a lady. The lady asks her to show her face. Anika asks why shall I lift my ghunghat. Shivaye comes and asks what’s happening here. She asks why shall I tell you. He asks what. Khanna says they say Why as Chooo in Mathura. Shivaye says whatever, what’s the problem. Khanna says she isn’t showing her face. Shivaye says she can’t go in, its a rule. She says you lift my veil, you won’t be able to handle my beauty, I task the ones who wish a sight. Khanna says check once, maybe she is really beautiful. Shivaye says I m not interested, you can see if you want. Anika says you see me once. He says let her go.

She thinks I knew he won’t lift the veil if I tell him, I can go and find Payal. She says fine, I will go. He says stop, I don’t like people who don’t follow my rules, if you insist me to see your face, fine show me your face. She asks how shall I show my face, I m Burfi, get a mirror, your blue eyes can’t handle my beauty directly. He asks what does Kanji mean. She says cat eyes. Khanna says I have got a mirror, see her face. Shivaye sees her eyes, nose, lips and then the huge fake teeth. He says fine, let her go. She asks aren’t I much beautiful. He says let her go. She removes her dupatta from the face. He stops her. She dons ghunghat again and says I m Shanno halwaain.. He says just prepare Shahi Tukda, groom likes it a lot. She says I will make it so well that he will never forget. He asks what. She says leave it to me, see what I make.

Tia asks what, you have kidnapped Payal. Daksh says there was no option. Tia asks why did you get her to Oberoi mansion, if someone gets to know. He says relax, no on will know, I locked her in a closet, Anika would reach anywhere else, she has been banned to enter Oberoi mansion, its safest option to keep Payal here, once I get married, I will see Anika and Payal, there can never be a problem where Daksh is there. Anika comes there. She thinks in which room is that closet kept. Tia asks who is she, what if she sees Payal. He says I will see. Anika’s fake teeth fall off.

Daksh asks who are you, are you deaf or mute. Anika dons the ghunghat and says I m not deaf or mute, but there are deep secrets, I m amazing, I m Shanno halwaain from Mathura. He asks why were you peeping inside the rooms. Tia asks why did you put long ghunghat. Anika says nobody can handle my beauty. Tia says remove the ghunghat. She tries to see her face. Shivaye comes and asks what are you doing here. Daksh asks who is she. Shivaye says halwai, I have checked myself. I know you are stressed about Anika, she can’t reach here. Anika gets the fake teeth and fixes in time. Shivaye asks what are you doing here. She says I was finding the kitchen. He says I will show you, and Priyanka was finding you two. Anika asks who was that ugly man. He asks who. She says he is quite mannerless. He says kitchen is on right side. She asks where is your sister. He says you will get everything, else ask Khanna to get it.

She says fine but that guy… He says Anika… she worries. He says you know Anika right, she would have booked you as a halwai. She says I know her a little bit. He says if you give any info to her, I will send you back to Mathura. She says don’t worry, forget about Anika, I won’t tell anything. Rudra comes and says we decided we will put on a pink rose bud, we will start this with you. He gets Tej’s call and goes. Shivaye asks what to do. He tries to fix the rose. It falls. Anika holds it and fixes it in his coat. Shivaye looks at her. Rudra calls out and says dad wants to talk to you as well, come soon. Shivaye thinks why am I thinking about her, what happened to me. She thinks I have come to find Payal. He goes. Anika says I couldn’t find Payal, Priyanka didn’t get the letter, marriage is tomorrow and I m making sweets here. Maid gets the sweets order. Anika asks what shall I do. Maid asks who is the halwai.

Anika says I m Halwaain, don’t disturb me, I will prepare the sweets. She says its too much, did I come to break the marriage or prepare sweets, if Daksh gets exposed, sweets will be required. She takes sweets and thinks to find Payal. Nikhil shouts Anika. He asks guard to call Anika. Shivaye asks what’s happening, why did you come here. Nikhil says to take Anika. Shivaye says she is not here. Nikhil says she is here. Shivaye says I have fired her and ousted her from this house, why will she come here. Nikhil says if she isn’t here, then where is she, its our shagun today and she didn’t come home. Shivaye says I m not surprised, amazing, she wore the ring on the other hand on her engagement day, and today on shagun day, she is missing, what will happen after marriage, I mean if at all the marriage happens, she isn’t here, I m not interested to know where she is, go and look for her somewhere else, don’t raise your voice in my house again.

Tia asks where is Payal. He says she is inside the almirah. Anika checks it. She opens the closet and finds it empty. Payal runs to Shivaye. Daksh catches her and takes her away. Anika sees something…..and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ateequa

    Todays episode was okay…
    I dont know y but we are really saturated…. The upcoming track is so boring i.e shivaay gonna forcefully marry anika because of misunderstanding and i have got a feeling its like ipkknd where arnav marries khushi due to misunderstanding thinking she’s behind of shyam…. And over here its the same but only the change is priyanka is shivaay’s small sis…. But the upcoming track is same as usual…. Done with this crap yaar….
    I thought ki this ishqbaaz redux will give us a new air to take in but its the same polluted air……
    Atleast of dragging this they can give us some scene of rikara and ruvya…… But lets hope for better….
    Good night guy’s feeling sleepy

    1. Go Ateequa Go !
      Congo on being first .

    2. Hii Ateeqa dear…GAG congrats for being fast..
      Lets see in what condition marriage is gonna happen
      Let the track unfold..

  2. Ateequa

    But in today’s episode I liked Anika disguise so fun☺

  3. Arpita6

    Hiiii mere khidkitod pagals. ….
    Love VS Destiny
    Chapter 26…
    I think this the last laughing season bcoz now for 2 or more weeks we will cry or angry And I know that..
    Ok Chandu Chandu Chandu..I am tired of praising you..???????versatile word is totally perfect for you. I mean yiu can can perform any role…uuummhh.lots of love..
    Shanno’s VIBRATE Walks..??????sometimes i also do this..but she did it amazingly. …….

    And bothing to say today much bas one thing SSO you need Annika’s chappal..for sure..
    Ok let me remind you that you only out ring in Annika’s finger fshe didn’t wear that herself..
    You are becoming meanAnd I know in upcoming you are gonna became more mean………
    So I am preparing myself to watch it.
    You neeed bullet proof jacket.

    And these womens at Annika’s house and also CHACHI..choch band kar aapni.
    And Mr Dand Mis T wanna kill you both.
    But now where is CCTV footage..aab kuch nahi dikh raha????????????????????
    Just waiting after storm phage….

    Guys we have to bear more ghatia side of Sso bcoz IT IS CHALLANGE OF ASWATHI TO NOT MAKE THEM ONE SO EASILY there journey has to be tough..chalo hum yhoda saath dete he..ARE YOU READY GUYS?????????

    Ok today is our FAMOUS PAGAL BUNNY’S BIRTHDAY. .
    Wish you hapouest birthday Bunny..
    Hamari pagalpanti aise bana rahe.

    1. Hello Arpu …….
      how are u dear?

      wahi to problem hai ……..
      jb cctv dekhna chahiye tb Shivaye cctv dekhta ni hai…

      nd ya u r right Surbhi Chandana is really a Versatile actress …….
      her acting skills are awesome ……..

      oh so today is Bunny’s birthday ……

      1. Banita

        Thank you @Ishu…

      2. Hii Ishu I am fine dear…..
        Aur ye Sso ki baat mere ke sar ke uoar ja rahi he…
        Wanna break all CCTV footage.

    2. Banita

      Thank you soooooo much yr..
      Of course humari pagalpanthi kabhi khatam nahi hone wali….
      Loddsss of love @Arpu…

      1. Love you too My Bani..

  4. Hiiii everyone

    How are you’ll??
    I know I’ve been gone for long but I’ve fractured my left arm and I can’t move it I had school holidays and I fell off a swing ? and fractured any happened to my elbow and couldn’t move it but now it’s fine ..

    I’ve been wanting to comment for so long but couldn’t find a way today I had to … I’ve been watching ishqbaaz on t.v. without any spoilers and I’m actually loving this redux looking forward but shivaays behaviour towards Anika ?? but still without any hate love won’t progress nd shanno rani ???? love her watched the episode online she’s too funny ? I hope she doesnt get caught tho ..? anyways take care and missed you’ll ? ..

    1. oh … u have fractured ur arm.
      I think fracture season is going on…….
      first Pushpa di ….
      and now u.
      ya Shanno is too funny.
      ok bye dear.
      Take care
      and get well soon!

    2. Omii I missed you..
      Be careful…eat some healthy food and keep your body strong.
      Otherwise how we will do pagalpanti
      Yeh you are doing right dear..without spoiler if we will watch episode then we will love it.
      And thank god you are foing that..
      Sso has to chnged from beast boy to lover boy..
      But now he is gonna get msny more bash bcoz of his kartoot

  5. Riana

    Shivaay’s new name – Daari wale motichur ??????????????????????????????
    No spiral comments yaar…Loveddd this episode a lot especially shanno’s obsessiveness towards her beauty !!! ??

    1. ridgt Raina Shanno’s obsessiveness towards her beauty was too good .

    2. Riana as much as I am.loving your comment..I am loving your DP like anything.
      Plz keep it for some weeks….

  6. Riana

    HAPPYY BIRTHDAYYYYY BANIII ??????????????…Hope you enjoyed the whole day, i am so sorry i forgot to wish you on wall thats why wishing here !!!!…??????…Stay blessed !!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Banita

      Thank you @Riana….
      It’s okk yr wall pe wish karo ya yanha pe ek hi baat hain..
      Thank u once again dr..

  7. Hello Everyone…
    How are u all?

    First of all……
    LOVE YOU SO ……SO ………SO MUCH ……

    Shanno was awesome …….
    her way of walking …..
    everything was just superb.

    1. Banita

      Thank u @Ishu for ur #Cute sa wish yr…..
      Love you too dr…

  8. Banita

    Hello PKJIANS….
    HRU all???
    D only two best thing of d epi was ,
    1) Shanoo halwain… Peda specialist..???
    2) Dadhi wala motichur??????????????????? ( I think Anika said this name only)…
    Now my rest part will be for CVS….
    Gulneet ,
    I mean seriously feed up with this forced marriage drama , Beast Singh Oberoi nd al…
    PLZZ stop doing d same things only….
    Well I don’t want to come on any conclusion rite now… Don’t know why I don’t feel like there will be any forced marriage of Shivika… There is still no clearance of it na… They are just in Mandir.. but shaadi thodi na hue hain…!!!?
    But if there will be any forced marriage type then I will be surely want to see Guilty Singh Oberoi for more… Not like before he just say sorry nd Anika will forgive him… I want Shivay to put more effort in it….
    But let’s see what CVS want to show us…..
    GN PKJ….

    1. Hiii Bani..more than Dadi wale motichor I loved CHOTIWALE BANDAR?????????…high level of trolling of Daksh….
      And ye done with forced marriage but it is going to happen..
      We have to watch it..
      Trp ka sawal he yarr…
      Sso ko toh chameli padegi hi padegi

      1. Banita

        Haan yr we have to watch it….
        Chotiwali bander?????
        Mane toh notice hi nahi ki thi….
        Love huuhh…

    2. HAPPY BDAY BANI????


      Sorry for the late BDAY wish ?

      1. Banita

        Thank you @Omu….
        It’s f9 yr….
        U TC of ur facture dr…
        Nycc to see u here after many days…
        Love you yr…

  9. I just can’t wait for this track to be over. I want everything to go back to normal ASAP. Lots of things from the previous season is being repeated making the show quite predictable. I just hope soon our old characters will come back and everything can be normal.

    1. Liyana dear..they will back to normal but still it will take time…..
      And hope what we are missing like obro moment or other stuff we will get in upcoming..
      But still execution will be different.
      Lets see

  10. pehle redux track mujhe itna acha nehi laaga….upar se again forced marriage….
    Don’t know iss week mai forced marriage dekhaigi ya nehi…
    maybe we have to wait for mid of.August. maybe then the daksh expose track will start…but seriously if everything is going to be repeated then why this redux…
    mujhe to laagta hai ki shayed hume phirse another 300 episode wait karna padhega shivika ki love story k lye…
    get ready for trp decreasing…cause I don’t think most of the audience are liking this..jab channel se warning ayega low trp ko leke tab shayed akkal ayegi makers ko…
    I am not liking it. koi janta hai ki iss torture wala track kitna din chalega…???

    1. Dear relax yarr ……
      It may be can take some more episodes but 300 episode for progression
      This week we wil get some light episode…
      Bcoz Noks is on vacation and later Surbhi is also gonna take leave
      So maariage may be come in next week..
      And then may be after one week D will expose
      Till then we have to keep patience and watch it .
      If we will watch it on tv sincerely then trp will increase..and waise bhi maariage track will increase trp.
      I have this hope..lers see.
      Till D expose TRP ko jhelna padega…..
      So don’t worry
      Just watch it..( ok I am not forcing you.)

  11. Hello guys oh anika is to clever this mean daksh and his sis will be kicked out from the oberoi mansion but i think that something will happe that shivay will force anika to marry him for revenge and than daksh will be exposed and shivika’s love story will start

  12. Hello guys how clever is anika this episode was good but i think that this mean daksh will do something to win anika and becaus of it shivay will force anika to get marry to him to reveng than the kapoors will be exposed buy anika and shivika’s love story will start and never ends

    1. Hii imane Dear..Annika is clever but D is double corssing her.
      Lets see when he will exposed.

    Plz don’t compare Ishqbaaz with ipk.
    Even I also compared it with ipk and I am regretting for it….still.
    As far I know In IPK Arnav marry Khushi bcoz of both hate and misunderstanding
    In shivika first forced wedding Sso married Annika yes for both MU and hare but MU was ONS and D was obsessed with Anika.
    In This if Sso will marry her Then it wil be totally a Revengeful maariage and bcoz of MU.
    And Arnav MU cleared after soo many days..
    But Sso MU was cleared in just 15 days.
    And this time too MU will clear soon..
    Ok Temple scene is looking same but lets see in what situation they are going to marry….
    So plz dont come to any conclusion…
    And don’t compare…plz..
    Mere pagals..meri baat manlo…

    Even when tia baby track arrived people compared it with ipk. During AARAV track…but it became totally different ..
    So lets see…

  14. Nikita_jai29

    Shanno is good.. But i am tired of this redux

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