Ishqbaaz 23rd July 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 23rd July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivaye refusing for engagement. He says I feel Tia and I should directly marry. They all get shocked. Shivaye, Rudra and Om talk about Anika, and Rudra shows them Anika outside. Shivaye goes to Anika. Some time before, Shivaye looks out in rain and recalls Anika. Anika also stands looking at the rain and is sad. Rimjhim gire jaaye saawan……plays……………..

Ishana recalls Om’s words and her dad’s words. Om sits making some sketch and recalls Ishana’s words. Shivaye thinks of Anika’s words. Anika cries. Ishana and Om take water drops in their hands. Shivaye and Anika hold the grill and stand looking at the rain. The similarity between both couples is shown.

Tia’s mum talks to Shakti, and says Tia and Shivaye’s engagement got postponed many times,

I can’t go here and there, I take along Robin when I need to go anywhere. Shakti says its good, Robin takes out time for parents. Rudra jokes on Robin. Pinky asks Tia to call Shivaye, we will fix engagement date. Shivaye is on call and Tia comes to him. She says you said you need 72 hours for some imp work, now that’s over, can we discuss our engagement date, come on, we will decide, mom has also come. He says we can get engaged later, whats thus hurry. She says my social site followers ask me. He says that’s their work to ask, what’s all they do, I m stuck in imp day, I can’t do engagement till I do that work. She says fine, I will inform mom. She goes. Shivaye gets to know that Anika has encashed the cheque. He smiles and says great…..

Tia goes to everyone and says Shivaye said he wants more time for engagement. Rudra laughs, and stops seeing everyone. Pinky asks how much time more, he can wear two watches if he wants more time. Om asks Rudra to stop joking. Pinky asks what does Shivaye wants. Shivaye comes and says I don’t want to get engaged. They all look at him shocked. Shivaye says I don’t want to get engaged. Rudra dances and Om stops him. Shivaye says because I think Tia and I should directly get married. Everyone smile. Om and Rudra look at each other. Rudra asks why. Tia’s mum asks when. Shivaye says within one month. Pinky asks him to give a grandchild soon. Shivaye recalls Anika’s words. Rudra asks whats happening Om.

Dadi asks Shivaye did you think well, we were talking of engagement and you spoke about marriage. Shivaye says I have to marry, why to delay, I think Tia is perfect for me, I can stay with her. Dadi laughs and says you should give heart to one, without whom you can’t stay. He says I don’t think all this. She asks him to think about himself, person who takes risk succeeds in business, one who loves wins in life. He says I don’t know love, even relation is a deal. She says deal is to win, and love is to lose, there is difference, you have to lose heart to become Ishqbaaz. He says then I won’t become Ishqbaaz, as I can’t lose. She says you will know love when you lose heart. He says I know you are concerned, I feel I will be happy with Tia. She asks what else do we want, we will start marriage arrangements, are you sure. Shivaye says sure.

Rudra and Om talk why Shivaye agreed for Tia. Rudra complains about marriage, and girls. He says its better than I die than marrying, even Shivaye is marrying and doing wrong. Om says you got emotional. Shivaye asks what. Rudra says Anika was with you at dinner with you. Shivaye asks how do you know. Rudra says Om told me, he is a spy. Om says shut up. Shivaye asks Om how did Anika come in between. Om says we are asking same. Shivaye says she is gone, over and done. Rudra says you said same before and she came back like boomerang. Om asks what was she doing at dinner, why does she affect you. Shivaye asks are your questions over, its time for lunch.

Shivaye makes the pizza base. Rudra asks his question about pizza. Tia comes and asks whats happening. Rudra jokes that they are doing pizza’s aura cleaning. Shivaye asks Tia does she know cooking. She says no. Rudra says she is not matching to Shivaye, and asks Shivaye to do that stunt. Shivaye rotates the base and she asks him to do it again. He does again and sees Anika outside. He leaves the flour base and it falls in the flour. The flour gets on Tia’s face. Rudra and Om smile. Rudra asks how did she come here. Om asks Shivaye to listen, before becoming angry young man. Shivaye goes out. Tia is unable to see and asks Rudra what’s happening. Rudra says Shivaye is going to attack, Om is growing hair and I m growing flowers, happy. She asks what.

Shivaye goes to Anika and thinks of her words. He asks you….. Dadi comes there and smiles. She says I called Anika here, for you. He asks what. Dadi says I called her for wedding preparations, she will help us. Shivaye says wait a sec, she will work in this house. Dadi says yes, Priyanka said Anika runs canteen well, she knows us well, you did bad by sending her to jail, so I asked Priyanka to call her, I had to convince Anika, thank Lord she agreed for marriage. Anika says how can I refuse Dadi, I had to come. Dadi says this is her values, she talks sweet, she is so straight, it seems she has no tongue. Shivaye looks at Anika and recalls her words.

Tia says I can’t see anything, whats happening. Rudra says don’t disturb, let us see match. Tia says you guys don’t leave match. Anika asks Shivaye won’t he say anything today, you are silent at home, whats the matter. He says no need to say, you already lost, you have encashed that cheque, next time throw your attitude outside my house and come. She says why outside, I will throw it inside the house, on your face, every day. He gets angry. Dadi calls Anika. Anika says talk did not finish yet and goes. Rudra and Om look on. Shivaye says talk did not finish yet and sees her leaving.

Anika tells Dadi that she got all items. Dadi asks the man to get payment done. The man says Anika made the payment. Dadi asks Anika did she pay. Anika says I paid, but money is of Shivaye. Shivaye looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. MooN

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 today episode was really very funny………. rudra chance illa semma comedy rudra illana no funny scenes ………. really very gud brothers

  2. kanchan

    Those blue eyes will be filled with tears soon,he has to cry and repentrepent a lot to get Anika…
    But today’s episode was really really good….

    I am just worried abt Omkara and why r the promos showing vrushika in a negative role… Will the bond between brothers break or will she change her mind but things would hav changed till then,with om’s broken heart….:(

  3. kanchan

    Anika like always rosked today and dadi thanks for bringing in Anika…

    Will love to see Om and Rudra helping Anika 😉 and yes the expression of Shivaye…

  4. diyaa

    wht a love story…… I just loved this play….. Good going…. And all d bst guysss….. Am a fan of anikha shivay n om ishara n rudra…
    Well going guyssss….. Pls entertainings us lyk this…. I wish 2 continue shivay anikha love lyk thiss…… am frm kerala nd a big fan of this show

  5. jen

    Very nice episode she comes to his house just like how khkushi entered into arnav’s house in ipkknd hope they don’t show the same tract but something different

  6. Dhanashree

    Shivay story is on full speed. Onkara ki story kabhi aage badhegi ki nahi. And y he is so sad and broken inspite of having so many things.

  7. Usha

    Hi all,
    Nice episode. Super entry of anika in to oberoi home. Story seems to be same as iss pyar ko kya na doon?? Havnt you remaind of that serial while watching today episode??
    Khushi too enters in to raizada family to help lavanya kashyap.

    Hate story of arnav and khushi turns to strong bond. Same here.

    Same as arnav, shivayee too want his ego get satified. Both the guys thinks of the girl and recalls the girl ( anika khushi)whn they find time.

    Shivayee eventually shown fall for anika.

    Rest of the storyline may vary with iss pyar ko kya naam doon. But shivayee and anika strory looking same as ippknd.☺

  8. Aqua

    Rain can washes away all the pain and sorrow to give a start of a new day . It is only after a rain when the rays of sun brightens the day, just like that our wounded tigress of yesterday came back with a RoAr today, to face her Baggad Billa.

    Like the very first meeting when Shiv slapped her with his money claiming, “Whatever he can buy he can break” and our Anika subsequently had replied with the same money which was thrown at her… and of course with a lot more bang by shattering his car’s windshield… little did this Billa know that, that was just the beginning of The BIG BANG! hehe

    Just like the first day, our Anika is back with his money , but this time she will pay back for the humiliation with more Bangs in installments, in his very own house…

    Very excited for the up coming episodes 🙂

    • Nadiya Shah

      😀 😀 😀 😀 I luv ur philosophical analysis of yesterdays episode!!!!!
      True Anika is gnna teach her Baggad Billa , a well deserved lesson…Eagerly waiting fr the upcoming episodes!!!!

    • Nadiya Shah

      😀 😀 😀 😀 Loved ur philosophical analysis of yesterdays episode!!!
      The rain gushing down with that awesme Kishore Kumar song”Rhim Jhim giray sawan”,the dilemma of unknown emotions and confusions our ShiVika n Ishkra feel …sigh!!!!
      And not to forget Anika’s kickass attitude to teach her bagad billa a well deserved lesson..its gna be so much fun..:) 🙂 🙂
      Waiting eagerly fr the upcoming episodes!!!!

      • Aqua

        Thanks Nadiya sweetie.
        I’m so excited for this show.
        N Anika looked do pretty with her new hair style.
        I miss soumo it’s been so long since her last appearance😕

      • Aqua

        Thanks Nadiya sweetie.
        I’m so excited for this show.
        N Anika looked so pretty with her new hair style.
        I miss soumo it’s been so long since her last appearance😕

    • Nadiya111Shah


      |Registered Member

      Aqua 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 You r fantabulous gal!!!
      Same hea…Anika luks gorgeous in her new hair style .I feel she has even lost sme weight!!!
      Really yaar, loved saumaya in that episode. It has been a while now, they shud focus on rudra n his angel too 🙂 🙂

  9. Robina Rai

    Hoping a lot in a days to come…iam enjoying Shivaye,at the same time I have feelings for you guys,go on.cheers.

  10. mira

    Awesome episode….. Anika is just so adorable…..shivaay n anika just loved their chemistry… Rudra is so funny….
    Ishqbaaz rockzzzzzzzz………

  11. nelka

    Anika you looked gorgeous . Anika …,ur snob ,shivay will say to you very soon that if my life is my family u are my soul.can not be separated though i died.hahaha……green eyes…with masti eyes.luv u anika,shivay ,om,rudra,sahil and daadi. Sona mohan i think u tried to say that no one can do the anika’s role better than surbhi,am i right?

  12. shahabana

    Very nc show. It remains to me also ispyrkokynmdo. But im enjiyong the show. Super beautiful cast.

  13. anus

    surbhi is perfect for her one can take her role.i like brother’s part very much,especially rudras part. hai diyaa ,i am also a keralite.where did you belongs to?

  14. Mukta

    Waww what an episode…. loved it and precap seems really very interesting….. eagerly waiting for today’s episode…….

  15. Mel

    I think this series is just great.I like the way the actors play their roles.
    specially Shivay, Omkara, Rudra

  16. |Registered Member

    Rudra’s dance was superb,,,,I just love his part in the serial,,,,and the first part where Om thinking abt Ishana and Anshi thinking abt each other was too gud

  17. Antara

    There is no new things to offer between shivat and anika. The whole yhings they are copying from IPK. Also that anika doesnt suit well with shivay. They dont look good together :/ .And more than half of the episode is on them. Makers should show rudra and om’s love story too.. specially ishkara story seems to be very interesting.

  18. agnishikha

    OMG!!! Masterplan dadi superb. I just couldn’t stop laughing when shivaye saw anika. Great work by om n rudra. They are gonna rock. Looking forward to some more romance in shivika.

  19. srini

    Super serial semmaya poguthu me and my sis are the very big fan f this and we r frm tamilnadu ishqbaaz rocks forever and everywhere

  20. Nadiya111Shah


    |Registered Member

    What an episode (y) Sigh!!!!
    Romance n Rain…
    Pleasure n Pain…
    Shivaay n Anika
    Ishana n Omkara
    And above all that beautiful song “Rim Jhim Giray Sawan”in Kishore Kumar’s melodious voice…
    “Le dies”
    This show is really making me carzyyyy!!!!

  21. Navi

    Episode was epic. Dadi says anika ke mooh mein toh zubaan hi nahi hain. .lol. shivay remembers all her arguments.
    Tia was fab. Tum boys kahi bhi match dekhne lagte Ho. . Rudra is an entertainer. Om was as usual fab. Precap is awesome

  22. Alisha

    Anika is looking good with her new hair style..she lookz good in close neck wala dress warna woh moti dikhti thi…this dress suits her

  23. Ooshi Akbar

    thanks for the update anika rocked whatever the matter is but it will be fun to watch shivaye and anika’s fight love regularly

  24. ishika

    God shivaye’s look whn dadi said Anika Ki zubaan hi nhi ha😂😂….okie as we knew it…shivay has actually fell fr her…nw its jst tht he hav to realize it….he wsnt hpy seeing her broken despite th fct tht he did evrythng jst to see that😜……bcz I guess evn when he told om tht I blv I dunia me sb much khrda ja sakta hai wth such an expressn in th last epi….ki laga Vo kahinakahi chahta tha Ki Vo har jay….i hope I m making sense idk😐….bt they r gems of th she atst as fr now no kickass attitude tht Anika has is awsme….n spoiler is tht rudra n om gonna b frnds wth Anika and will hear th entire story of wat hpnd btwn shivika😁 tht wl b fun……plz shw soumya too

  25. Aashna57

    Oh god this serial gets better and better evry day, ishkara and ShivAni s scenes were very nice.the similarities in them were reflected quite nicely,rudra s Dance with ‘HADIPPA’ was very funny, I lovr omkaras hair, it luks gud on him,dont know why do ppl make fun of his hair,shivaye s pizza base accident with Lady baba was hilarious,I tjink I know wat is going on in shatir anikas mind,shr is a ‘baazi palatne wali’ kind of girl,,hats off to ishqbaaz

  26. Aashna57

    Oh god this serial gets better and better evry day, om,ishana and shivaye.Anika s scenes were very nice.the similarities in them were reflected quite nicely,rudra s Dance with ‘HADIPPA’ was very funny, I lovr omkaras hair, it luks gud on him,dont know why do ppl make fun of his hair,shivaye s pizza base accident with Lady baba was hilarious,I tjink I know wat is going on in shatir anikas mind,shr is a ‘baazi palatne wali’ kind of girl,,hats off to ishqbaaz

  27. Sanaya

    I lyk d whole crew except for ishana…I just wished if there could be any other for om…this is my opinion n not in conflict wid u guys

  28. Aqua

    There is a spoiler that our favorite laddo, rudra will get attacked😣😣😢😢😢😢😢

      • |Registered Member

        Loyal viewers of Star Plus’ Ishqbaaaz (4 Lions Films) have already witnessed danger looming large on Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta), with him getting attacked many times earlier.
        Now, a threat will follow Rudra (Leenesh Mattoo), and the fun-loving guy will come face to face with death, but will have a great escape.
        Yes, intrigue will be built in the coming episodes, with the family getting concerned over the release of Ashok’s wife (the man who burnt himself to death in the Maha Aarti sequence) from jail. While everyone will be worried of the lady’s next move, she will come to openly attack them at a public meet.
        As per sources, “The lady will fire a bullet at the event, and it will almost hit Rudra.”
        We hear that there will be huge chaos at the event, when Shivaay will go to tackle the woman.
        Will Shivaay and the woman get into a tiff? What will be the outcome of it?

    • ishika

      Yes o heard it too actually smbdys gonna attck shovay n he will com in btwn to save hm. I saw the in n article😐

  29. mishri

    Maybe it is lyk IPKKND the cast has less oldies and more youths to match with dat drama om nd rudra wasnt thiei ofcourse😆😆😆

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